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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited app received 53 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about textnow: call + text unlimited?

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BugsFull of bugs doesn’t work at all.Version: 20.18.0

Great appQuite a good app for use on telegram to farm that cash 💰💰💰.Version: 8.14.0

Awesome serviceThank you for this free service I for one certainly do appreciate this when my actual paid phone service is on “vacation “ I live in country and service out here is nearly impossible to have but thankfully for extra security of phone service and WiFi this app has not failed me even ONCE voice is actually clearer than paid service I’m currently using due to contract so when expensive contract phone I currently have is up I certainly will be using paid for part of this Text Now app for my future phone service Great service for people struggling with so most costs and free phone and text app is so needed and is blessing for many so again thanks for this free service that makes it possible for so many that can’t afford it otherwise See you soon as paid customer.Version: 9.5.0

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The best phone service everI came across this app and it literally changed my life now I can speak to family and friends that are overseas and never had an issue I love love this app.Version: 21.8.0

5 starsHey there if you haven’t already discovered text now it’s time you did. It’s easy to use you get to pick the number you want and you can earn points to use towards international calls. Yeah it’s even got great stickers for just another anything you text about great emojis and you can even use your favorite gifs to. Use your contacts and block those annoying telemarking calls. There are adds but they are worth it with the great service that you get for free text and talk. Don’t forget you can always add on for actual service with text and talk for low low price if it’s just 1 month 3 months or even a year it’s easy to join easy to use and get help when ever you need to I recommend text and TextNow all the time right now. It definitely deserves 5 stars. Thanks TextNow!!.Version: 20.0.1

I would recommend thisI have been needing to call my friends for a while. There for I needed a phone number. I didn’t have a source to get that from so I was looking for apps for it. Text now came so I gave it a try. I have been using the FREE phone number to call my friends. You can use this for messages and even face time! You can also set it up so when you text a new person they can see who you are to tell you if you have the wrong number. The thing you can get is a signature which isn’t in the pictures or description. There are many more things I could list here about this. So again, I really recommend this and you should get it! Please respond 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂.Version: 21.10.1

Best phone App available!!Besides text now completely deleting and banning one of my phone numbers which are used for over a year just up and deleting it besides that incident since I’ve gotten another account and this new phone number everything is smoothly again this is the absolute best texting phone app if you want to text and keep keep in communication with people without giving them your actual real phone number. You do not need credit so I have to pay for anything the ads are a little annoying and I did pay for them to be gone completely with my old account but like I said it got completely deleted out of nowhere by text now and so didThe ad free thing I had paid for and now they want you to pay monthly instead of a one time fee forget that.Version: 20.26.0

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Great App!This app is great! One of my Forbes doesn’t have a number so we can communicate off this app. But I have one request. Could you add a FaceTiming option? It’s not a big problem, because we can call! But great app overall! Thank you!.Version: 20.8

Almost a 5 StarI have used this app for years and it is my only communication app or rather phone app. This is all o have to stay connected with anyone. It has always made me happy for what it is. Every once in awhile I have a problem with something nothing major or life threatening it will usually clear up or get fixed within a day or so without even saying anything about it. Recently the last update it would not open it crashed time again I did everything I could with app and my iPhone. For three days I was without communication with ppl. But one morning thee it was sitting with my apps working. There are littlest things that might not be the greatest but this app is by far the best around of its kind. I do pay for the no ads and keep same number. This app is worth it..Version: 21.10.1

TextnowTextnow is really great! You can not get the same FREE service anywhere but Textnow. I’m very great full and happy using Textnow. Ty.Version: 21.13.0

New Zealand?Can you make it compatible for New Zealand? Thank you ^^;.Version: 8.16.0

So great and clear soundI would highly recommend it.Version: 21.12.1

Textnow can’t Live without but can live with itI’ve been using Textnow for sooooo many years. I must say. The other apps are stupid cause you abs to earn credit. It’s the dumbest thing I ever seen. Maybe it would be smart if there was no Textnow. No cell phone bills. That’s the best. But I’ve gotten mad at it many times too. Instead of watching the add. Just quickly close it and open it again and they have been talking about these SIM cards for years. I’ve been trying so hard to get one. I think it might be a bunch of wu. But I love you Textnow. Don’t worry. I will never leave you.Version: 21.14.0

Text Now ReviewI absolutely love the text no app! It’s convenient and steady. FMy family and I have used it for 5 years! What I like about bout text now is the fact that no matter what , I can always access it through any device I choose to use whenever I choose to use it! Another great thing about text now is when I do have to access it through a secondary device all my info and previous messages are still there! That is super convenient being I lose everything especially phone numbers and messages! But text now keeps all that stored and it’s accessible to me 24/7. Sometimes paying my and my family’s phone bills can be very stressful at times because it’s expensive and I’m not able to get all of them payed at the same time. So having text now as a back up or second number. I along with my children Can assure my friends and family that they’re still able to contact me through texting or calling. Thanks text now!🤗.Version: 9.17.1

Unable to login on my phoneDear Admin, please what’s going on? I was unable to login on phone. Is telling me error: “please check your internet connection and try again” Please kindly do the needful. Thank you..Version: 21.1.0

IPhone 12 mini UI bugPlease check the UI bug on iPhone 12 mini when using call feature.Version: 21.13.0

J’adore mais…Bonjour j’adore cette application mais il faudrait améliorer la qualité d’appel car ons entend pas trop bien quand ons parle à nos amis par exemple!! Sinon super travail.Version: 21.13.0

AmazingGreat application to call Canada and US for free.Version: 9.28.0

I have this number for while keep getting notifications to use number or I lose that numberI have the number for while but why I am keep getting notifications to use the new number or I will lose that number I am using that number every day. Can you help me thanks ..Version: 21.12.0

TextNowNice features and easy to use.Version: 20.17.0

Bak to 5 starsWorks great again thanks to update. I mean how can one complain wen not paying a cent to call internationally😉And whoever asks why this app is in Australia it’s because it works for us too don’t worry wat it’s says I’m an Aussie n use it everyday for months to call the states! All I’m saying if there’s a will there’s a way......Version: 9.8.0

TextNow works great with SIM cardHave been using TextNow for years. But now finally ordered the TextNow SIM card which is really only a Sprint SIM card. You punch out the nano SIM card from the mailer that you receive via USPS, and then you insert that SIM card into your unlocked (or sprint-locked) iPhone. Then go into the TextNow app in your iPhone to activate. You will still need this app to make calls and send texts. But if you have no WiFi, then TextNow uses 4G LTE. Turn off WiFi and was still making calls. But you cannot do regular internet with the TextNow SIM card if you only use TextNow for FREE. Have to pay extra if you want cellular data for doing regular internet when no WiFi. Anyways, now have my extra old unlocked iPhone SE turned back on as a working phone again..Version: 20.34.0

Stellar serviceOverall the quality over WiFi is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by how clear and easy to hear the calls were. The service was easy to set up, understand, and use! I am not the most tech Dav savvy person and I was able to set up and use the text now without help from my teenagers! That says a lot about the Intuitive nature of the app. The only thing I would update would be changing a phone number on a person. I had used the service daily and they still changed my number saying I hadn’t used it in a month! I loved that because I seed my phone with the address book in it the app automatically transferred my phone numbers into the text now apps phone app so could use the numbers immediately!.Version: 20.4

Quite goodI’ve just had it for a couple weeks and have not used it that much, but have had no issues making calls, receiving calls, sending/receiving texts, or voicemail. I like the purple color of the texts. Ads are a bit intrusive. I’ve got other VoIP numbers but it’s a great idea to have multiple services for backup, different uses, or for troubleshooting if one of them doesn’t work. The iPhone purchase prices section in the App Store is unfortunately totally unclear. Multiple duplicates but with different prices, descriptions cut off, and no mention of how long each subscription lasts, if they are actually subscriptions. I would be willing to pay something to get rid of ads but can’t consider it for now since I don’t know what any of the options are. I can’t use it as my primary number for now because it’s missing a couple key features - it’s own contacts and end to end encryption, even if only for other TextNow users. I have a huge number of contacts that I’m not in touch with anymore and am not giving my TextNow number to, so I don’t want to import my phone contacts. Would also be nice to have a $1/month plan just to prevent your number from being reassigned without activity, but keeping ads..Version: 20.21.0

Deletes messagesI am a premium subscriber paying yearly subscription. It has had worked in acceptable manner for me. I could not say great, because their system was deleting all the images, received or sent, just after few days. Now, for few days, all of a sudden, they have started deleting ALL the messages. The messages I sent/received until last night, all are GONE. There is no way to see what text did I receive yesterday or what text I sent to anybody, neither on their web application no the desktop application. Very disappointed. Now I have to cancel & sign up with another texting app. As to my subscription, I have used less than 6 months & the cost of remaining term will be just waste of money. I hope somebody at the company sees my review & makes an attempt to correct it. If that happens, I will make sure to update here change my review back to 5-star. Update: Oh wow! Amazing. I am extremely impressed that the developer heard me, resolved the issue & responded me. Now that is called *service*, outstanding service. Although messages have been restored; photos, images, etc. would still not show up. Please see if that can be fixed as well..Version: 20.19.1

Good service, no local numbersThat’s TextNow in a nutshell. You get free calling and texting, and it’s hard to beat the price of free. Then again if you do want to beat the price of free, you can subscribe to AdFree+ and get more features while ditching the ads. Customer service has been okay in the three weeks I’ve had the service. Only one con I can find, and it isn’t the audio quality. Yes I wish call audio was better but considering TextNow built the service so it works even on throttle cellular data connections, I made my peace with the audio quality. The big problem with TextNow is that you’ll have a hard time finding a local number. Getting a number from Nevada when you live in Washington doesn’t sound that bad, unless you’re job hunting and companies hesitate to call you to avoid long distance charges on their landline office phones..Version: 20.29.0

“I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up “When I use this app there is either always a long delay or we cannot hear each other. Before I went premium the app seemed to work ok for the first few days. After I went premium it became horrible. The best I can hope for is maybe 2 to 3 minutes before everything begins to crash. It is extremely frustrating when you pay for something and it fails to work right. I have not had a single call since I went premium that performed properly. There is alway a delay, I can’t hear you, you can’t hear me, or perhaps we can’t hear each other. Any fix or reply would be nice. Why there is an overall 5 star rating I don’t know. But I would like to receive that 5 star service but I am getting zero star service..Version: 9.30.1

I’m worriedIt works and stop automatically.Version: 20.32.0

Text NowThank you for being there for me when I didn’t have a dollar in my pocket .Your selfless amazing help saved me my heart n my self esteem by giving me my own number for free when asking anyone to make a call or a text was like asking for their kidney Thank you I will never forget how invaluable you are God bless . Best Regards Shelley Gaumond.Version: 21.11.1

Have been using app secretly for YearsI thought it was too good to be true at first. I have a US based mobile phone number from NY city. It is so useful for all the websites and call Centers in the USA. Never regretted buying the annual subscription.Version: 20.16.0

I love TextNow.comHi, I have been using TextNow for many years. It is 100% reliable for my needs. I would say it’s a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Marc LeBlanc.Version: 9.3.0

Good appGood but too many ads.Version: 20.15.0

Love it!Even if I’m in Australia it works perfectly! You can put to America and Canada by putting 621 but yeah. Me and my friends don’t have ACTUAL numbers so this is great!.Version: 9.18.0

Very nice experience since many years thank youVery.Version: 21.11.1

No longer worksThe app no longer gives you a number..Version: 20.9

Amazing but...I live for this app! Occasionally, you can use the number for other apps as well! I personally like using this number that I have on here for apps instead of my personal one. But for all good things there comes a bad. Random people have gotten a hold of my number and started calling me at random times. They will literally non-stop text and call me sometimes. I have no clue how they’ve gotten my phone number. But besides the random people texting you time to time, if you have the patience to deal with it like me, I definitely recommend this app. If the people do contact you, just report and block. Thank you for reading my review! If you’re considering getting this app, I think you definitely should. Note that not all the numbers you get on this app will work for other apps, I learned that when I made another number :).Version: 20.21.0

Cool butWhy the hell people texting me even though they don’t have my number?.Version: 21.11.1

Amazing!I don’t have cellular data so I don’t have a phone number. Although, this app meets my needs! I’m scared to lose my phone number but let’s wait and see! I also LOVE the global news section! Keep up the good work!.Version: 21.14.0

Amazing quality!!I had text now app for a long while and then I caught wind of their free cell service, I ordered a sim card and I installed it in my iPhone and activated it. Once I activated the sim card I went down the street and I was able to make and receive high quality audio calls and the texts send and receive fast, you truly get free cell service yes $0.00 with no WiFi I am able to call and text this is a wonderful thing!! I decided to transfer my cell number over to TextNow and it was a smooth and pleasant process that took less then 24 hours!! I transferred my number from Straight Talk to TextNow. There is no cell data included with the free plan but that’s ok with me I’ll just use the internet on WiFi, although if you wanted cell data TextNow has affordable options. What’s the catch you say ? There are ads that pop up from time to time when you call or text but besides that there is no catch!! I highly recommend this it’s great.Version: 20.13

4 starsSo I had this one problem but the rest of it is wonderful! So my problem is is that I had more than 3 unknown numbers that kept on texting me about a dating app and sex requests. I did not enjoy getting those texts cause they are straight up annoying. Not only that I would get one of those numbers at least once a week. I hope they have changed that but I am not going on there again until I have seen that this has been changed.( I had the app a year ago and deleted it last year and haven’t gotten it since). All of that aside what’s fun is that when I had it you got to change your message color and you got to pick a background for each chat you have so if you were texting your parents you could have your parents photo in the background..Version: 20.24.0

Really like it, but for one thingI’ve tried many text/calling apps and have found TextNow to be the best interface around. I use it as a work line for texting, so that people don’t have my personal number. I also put the number in my work phone “simulring,” so although I’m taking the calls through a landline, I have a log of the incoming calls ringing in on my TextNow app (I mute the ringtone, so it’s not distracting). My only plea (that gives it 4 stars instead of 5) is that at the end of the day, I have to manually delete each and every call/text individually. There is no “select all” function that lets me mark and delete them in mass. This should be a no-brainer and an easy fix for the developers. Please make this feature available and I’m yours forever. ☺️.Version: 20.33.0

Boomer oh ya lovelyI love this app makes me money in a way.Version: 21.11.1

Good appLove it.Version: 9.14.1

Whutz IttooyaThe updates made the app worse, for what ever reasons. I have an apple phone and I enjoyed the app and what it has to offer. Now that the app has a new look and some nice features. However, the app freezes now more than ever drop calls, and more advertisement. I’m not sure but let’s get it together. Every since the update. The app freezes, closes out and failed calls are more frequent than ever. When I first got the app, I felt this app was the best...better than the others that offer free and WiFi texting. The look changed, “SWEET”......but all the features the app holds such as texting....I can text more than four words then the app freezes.....can’t make a phone call, call failed before the call even got connected and went out.Version: 9.1.0

Could be betterI am not sure if it is my phone, or the phones of my contacts. At times, even when I seem to send them messages, they inform me that they do not receive them. Or when I call them, they say they do not receive a record of me calling them. I like the style and interface of the app, it is very appealing, but it is just these small inconveniences that make the experience troublesome. One feature that I would love to see is that when you send someone a message/text, that there would be a little notification that says “John has seen your message” or a simple little “seen” notification. Like on Instagram messaging. That would make this app much better, and would restore my confidence in it. It is a great app, and I would take it over any other competitor, just fix these things, and add that feature, and I would eagerly share with more of my friends and family. Thank you! 😁.Version: 9.11.0

Already paid for the internet? Why pay for phone service too?This app costs nothing too set up. Seriously. No credit card signups or monthly memberships. I remember when this app first came out! The calls are clear now. Every now and then a call is dropped or fails. That happens with just about every major provider right? Only difference is this one doesn’t cost a dime. Ha! It is a blessing for sure. Didn’t make sense to me.....pay for internet service AND phone service? Nah! I mean whAts the difference? It’s all just invisible stuff floating through the air right? Just cuz you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there....this app helps clean up some of that invisible clutter lol. Thank you. Stay blessed. 😇.Version: 21.14.0

Quick and easy to deal withI’ve been using this app for a couple of months now, and I feel very happy with the results it’s a wonderful tool when you have a small business or you just need a different phone number. The only thing I didn’t like is that apparently the person who had my current number before had a lot of debt, so it took me a while to get rid of all those unwanted calls from Debt collectors that I was getting on daily bases at all times. Other than that I’m very happy with the service, I’m still learning about it, for ex. Now I know that pictures or videos that I received by text are only there temporarily also I know that in order to don’t lose your number you need to upgrade to premium to lock your number or use the service because your number can be revoke due to inactivity. Other than that you service is good, props to the team of TextNow..Version: 9.20.0

Do you wanna raise downloads and revenue over 100 times?ⅤPlease contact me at whatsapp & Skype&Telegram&Wechat유:+(8615282351612 Or Facebook^: aso880 .③Everyone can enjoy 3-€day trial now!‥∞,if you have any need,'Worldwide promote your apps and rapidly increase downloads and revenue above 50 times]! We are app marketing experts with rich experience⑩.Version: 21.12.0

Simply the bestDefenitely the easiest and absolutely free txtng and calling app.Version: 21.13.0

Too Much AdsThe app itself is great but now I have realized it has too many Ads. In comes in the way of my work. I use this app to communicate with my patients and aides and they can use the third-party number to contact me. It’s perfect because when I’m off the clock or on lunch break I can just log out so there’s no disturbance. But these Ads are disturbing my work. Some Ads make me wait 26secs I don’t have time to do because I have to do my job immediately. And I have to close the app and open it back again. Before there was not as much Ads as there is recently. It’s interfering & I’m not too happy about that. But overall the app itself is great via call and text. All I ask is that there’s less Ads/pop ups and remain the way it was with the Ads. Thank you..Version: 20.39.0

Calling won’t work, can’t receive textsSo I have been using TextNow for a LONG time, and I can say it is one of the best messaging apps I have ever used, I can use it for friends who don’t have their number registered with iMessage. But I have to point out a few things wrong: when I try to start or receive a call, either the caller can hear me and I cannot hear them, or the other way around. I would like to have this fixed because calls can be very important and it is quite annoying. Next thing, sometimes I can’t receive texts. If I was having a conversation with someone, I have to leave their chat and go to the main ‘home’ screen of TextNow, and wait for them to send a message or for it to come in. It does not happen all the time but I would like to be able to not have to refresh the page etc, to receive messages. I hope this review was understandable and I tried my best to be clear with the issues I am having. Thank you for listening..Version: 9.4.0

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