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Poker Income Bankroll Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Poker Income Bankroll Tracker app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Poker Income Bankroll Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about poker income bankroll tracker?

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Poker Income Bankroll Tracker for Negative User Reviews

DecentIt's okay i guess keeps you up to date win your bank roll.Version: 0

ConfusedHow do u use this? I've just downloaded it and have no idea how to configure it with my online account. Please help. The general layout looks good though..Version: 0

Terrible support!!!!I was looking forward to using this app,but, cannot seem to get support to respond back to my countless emails on loading data into the app. I want a refund..Version: 14.1.2

No UpdatesHasn’t been updated in 2 years. Does not work with new iOS, just crashes when I open it. Backup/Restore option didn’t work when the app was working..Version: 14.3

Great except you can’t backup your dataI will update to 5 stars when I see a fix to this issue. No response from the developer, and now I see similar comments dating back years about this issue..Version: 14.3

Crashes on startup on iOS 14.4Needs to be updated..Version: 14.3

DO NOT BUY!!!!I bought this app for $4.99 and it never worked properly. Customer support is non responsive. Buy a happy meal with your 4.99 you will be satisfied..Version: 14.2.2

Angry Chauster using v14.0.3This app was once good to use and in the past when I had problems and emailed for support I got responses and helped within a couple days and back in Dec 2014 when my poker app won't allow me to enter and just crash when I click on it, I emailed several times for help and got no responses, lost my whole year's poker stats. Not very impress with service and don't recommend anyone buying this app since there's so many bugs and when u now email them for support no one bothers to help..Version: 14.0.3

App or website won’t openAfter the latest update my app won’t open and I’m not able to go in the website to restore anything. It says error loading page every time. When I downloaded the ultimate version it worked but I may lose all of my data now..Version: 14.3

GoodIt's ok..Version: 10.9

No Longer OpensThe app simply does not open anymore and appears to no longer be supported. I can’t access years worth of data. I’ll change to 5 stars if this is fixed..Version: 14.3

OkCome on. Add a new feature every now and then. Glad you added iPhone X support but gee, that’s like SO easy to implement. Please give us a real update. Bug to fix: Stop showing us the current (running) session in the graph! It’s shows a huge loss because of the buy in is considered a loss..Version: 14.2.2

BrickedLatest iOS update bricked the app and now it crashes at launch. 3+ years of tracking data lost..Version: 14.3

Hmm???.Version: 11.5

Can’t make long notes or read last notesI used to be able to make a journal in my notes section but now the notes section doesn’t work correctly. I can’t even read all my notes from when it did work. I’m on an iPhone and now I can only read or type until I reach the typing screen on my’s a glitch but could/should be easily fixed by the app owners. It used to work fine!.Version: 14.2.2

Not very usefulThe app is not as good as expected. I think Poker journal that I used previously was better. This one doesn’t have an option to add re-entry or re-buy while entering a completed session. That is a drawback..Version: 14.3

App wonI used this app for a year and it was great. But then it updated and a week later my app wont let me in. I have tried everything to get it back. I think I have just lost a year worth of poker results. Not impressed..Version: 0

Bad appWasted 13$ and now del.Version: 10.4

AngryThis apps timer for keeping track how long you have been playing is buggy. Now last night all my data is lost as I can not open the app, the screen just freezes. I don't recommend, I should have gone with poker journal!!.Version: 0

Hands tracking is buggyI use Poker Income Pro's "Players and Hands" feature to collect statistics on my opponents in live limit Hold'em games. I use a competitor app to track my results, because Poker Income Pro forces you to delete games in order to delete players. The "Players and Hands" section allows you to track player actions (raise/call), which are summarized as statistics (chiefly VPIP and PFR.) However, entering the player actions is painfully slow on an iPhone 3gs. In a tight real world game with machine shuffler, there is not always enough time to enter each player's first preflop action. The "Players and Hands" section is full of ways to crash the app or reboot the iPhone, like when you try to take a photo, view a photo, enter the cards shown, or go to a previous hand. (Photos work better under the Players section.) Live games frequently become corrupted with blank zombie players that have an unchangable name of "null". When you mark one player as sitting out, the app can become confused as to where the big blind is, so often you are unable to enter valid actions or else able to enter invalid actions. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no help. I even tried the "Ultimate" version. It is just as buggy. My conclusion is that for player statistics tracking, Poker Income Pro is ridiculously buggy and nearly unusable. If you are only interested in tracking session results, consult other reviews..Version: 11.8

Stopped workingWorked great for years, now all of a sudden it won’t work. The app closes immediately after I open it up..Version: 14.3

Useless nowBought full version with my iphone6 and it worked fine. Got the IphoneX, now the app wont download to my phone....Version: 14.2.2

Poker income proNo support if something goes wrong. My app froze on me and I lost all data..Version: 14.0.6

Bricked App - No SupportYears of data inaccessible. Latest iOS update bricked the app. Not able to access old records now. No support. Of course there's a another version (ultimate) you can pay for again... scammy..Version: 14.3

Does not appear to be supported anymoreDoes not save cash games. Used to work great. Useless now..Version: 14.3

BACKUP SERVER ERROR LOADING PAGEI want piece of mind with this expensive app. however, when i try to do anything on the backup/restore page it says Error Loading Page. there is no way to sign up or sign in meaning no backup or restoration of your data. this is a 5 star app and i will change my entire review once this is updated. getting concerned this app hasn’t been updated in over a year though..Version: 14.3

No longer supportedThey don’t support or update anymore.Version: 14.3

Lost data, freezes, no supportLost 2 years of data twice now, and had to rebuy the app each time. And of course, no one to contact for support and the data is not backed up.Version: 14.3

OkApp is ok, has a few nice features, relatively easy to use. Would be nice to be able to choose which bankroll you are using when setting up a game, and set default bankrolls for different locations, i.e. An online bankroll and a cash bankroll used for different situations. I dont understand why you can even have multiple bankrolls when you cant choose which one to use when. Also, the chart is a waste of time, and a pie chart would be nice. One more thing, the reports could be a little more detailed. I.e. Showing all tournaments seperated into groups based on buy in size etc Landscaoe would be nice.. Still a decent app, lookin forward to updates..Version: 9.0

DELETE AS SOON AS U CANUseless App Ever seen , dont know why Itunes still let they sell these products . Waste 10$ , Horrible.Version: 11.3

Lots of bugsWay too many bugs with time, location types, and so on please fix up this app as it really has a lot of potential and I will give my full 5 stars.Version: 7.8

New IOS update pleaseApp does not work with the new IOS update. Please fix.Version: 14.3

Nice but buggyActive cash/tournaments don’t reliably show up. Unable to sign up to save my data...repeatedly gives an error message when I enter my info. Has to be better programs out there..Version: 14.3

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