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Bank of America Mobile Banking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bank of America Mobile Banking app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bank of America Mobile Banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about bank of america mobile banking?

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Bank of America Mobile Banking for Negative User Reviews

Can’t useI have this app installed on my iPhone 7+. It used to work well on the bell network in Canada, now I can’t open the app, keeps asking me to re-try over and over and over. Why do telecom companies put a wall up so we can’t download apps from the US store if u have US credit cards and so on. Very annoying..Version: 8.2.12

ApplicationApparently too many glitches.Version: 22.03.02

Awesome but needs some fix in’Yes so I love the app and all the features that come with the app just like any other banking app. The pros is that it has added security and you are given offers for local deals. That is a huge bonus for me and also the feature where you can send and receive money through Zelle. Now the cons I have especially recently is the notifications doesn’t seem to update in a timely manner. Meaning I’ll go and click on the bell and the notifications will be blue, so I click on them and my bell doesn’t have any alerts. However I can go back on there an hour later and those same notifications will pop back up unread. It’s quite annoying seeming mine is now at 20+ notifications that “hasn’t been opened”. Another issue I’ve had is trying to receive money on Zelle a few times. I’m not sure if we can only receive money from an a like account or someone who also has BOA or what. If that is the case it would be appreciated if you all considered expanding that, but if that’s not the case then maybe you guys should consider making an easier process for someone receiving money through Zelle..Version: 20.08

App use to work fine. Not any more.This app worked flawless for a long time until the last few updates. Now it grinds away trying go load pages, freezes and gets stuck in screens. Horrible now. Went back to my laptop and flawless banking..Version: 20.05.2

Please fix it!!Completely removed the app and reinstalled. Had to set everything up again. But at least now FaceID had been working for a few days. Hope it lasts. You shouldn’t have to go through all this because of an app update!!! As Ashlyn the developer suggested, I installed the new version. This did NOT help. Face ID scans, accepts the scan then immediately says “connection error - cannot complete your request at this time”.So I have to sign in with my password. I go into settings to try to turn off Face ID (which is set for the wrong set of accounts now) and it will not turn off face ID. I get another message that says “connection error cannot complete your request at this time”. BTW – face ID still works for my other apps that have face ID. Please fix this - this is annoying. Passwords disappeared. It took at least 7 tries to reset them. Kept having to receive verification codes in a seemingly endless loop. And FaceID is no more. I used it for my personal accounts and not for my business accounts. But after this app update, it switched without my doing it. Now it won’t turn off in my business accounts so I can turn it back on for my personal accounts. It always says can’t complete your request. Try again later. Never works!.Version: 21.01.02

PLEASE BRING BACK EASY SIGN-INPLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring back the ability to sign in with fingerprint! I had to upgrade my iPhone at the end of last year. I was able to sign in using my fingerprint like I did with my iPhone 5, but that soon changed. I’m assuming there was a software update for my phone because at some time in Jan 2018, I was no longer able to sign in. I had a heck of a time with it and tried getting help through customer service (phone call) AND visiting a local branch to try to figure out how to get the option to open the app with my fingerprint, again. The branch people were just as frustrated as I was and said that you all were probably aware of the problem and working on it. We’re almost 9 months later and still no fix in sight. Frustration #2: I had to come up with a new password and it has so many stipulations on what it can or cannot be that I ended up choosing one that Apple produced for me. Do you know how frustrating it is to have to recall this new, convoluted password EVERY DANG TIME I need to access my account from the app?!?!?! With all said, I like the ease of use of the app once I’m in it. But I rarely use it any more. At least I’m now able to see my balances with a tap, but it sure is perplexing why you allow that but I cannot make a deposit without having to sign in?!?!?? Bizarre.....Version: 7.8.8

Confusing web site.I am a Canadian and deal with several Canadian banks and all of them have sites that are easy to navigate. Your bank of America site is frustrating to say the least..Version: 20.02.0

Not the best app i’ve seenIt functions okay. Has all the features most bank apps use. Online check deposits, zelle, switching between accounts. However it does lack fluidity compared to other apps i’ve used such as chase and amex. Switching between business and personal accounts for example is extremely buggy. Unlike chase you get two tabs one says Personal and the other Business. Also check deposits can be annoying if you have multiple checks. You manually have to click deposit, take photos of front and back, enter amount, submit and then repeat the process per check. A feature that should be integrated- deposit multiple checks without having to restart the process for every individual check. Have some sort of group deposit mechanism. Also a feature to manually type in the account number or routing number if it’s illegible would be great! Some signatures get in the way and the built in camera app has trouble reading required info. Also an estimated, current balance, ledger balance in app would be better than logging onto a desktop website to see what you have. I don’t want to rant so to sum it up, this app doesn’t have the smaller quality of life features I’d like to see from such a major bank. I only wrote this because i’m hoping a dev would read and take this into consideration and not to bash BOA they’ll always be great. I just expect a little more focus to detail..Version: 22.08.0

I live in CanadaI need to add my Canadian phone number but the app doesn’t allow it.Version: 22.12.0

Zelle huge error through BOA appI sent a transfer through zelle. I got an error message. I sent the transfer and got a confirmation message. Then I see BOA and zelle have sent the third party the money twice! I filed a grievance, made a claim and have been denied. I am out 1000$ and I did nothing wrong. Totally crushed. It’s ruined my faith in support from the bank and Zelle..Version: 21.10.02

App Just Spins!!!Response: followed instructions but app still not working. Update to my update: No I am not using a vpn. Yes I’m able to access my account through the web browser on my phone and computer. I’m able to access the bill pay/Zelle, and transfer money function using the app by long-pressing the app but when I click on the dashboard to view my account it just spins and eventually crashes. Update: I was told their would be an update that would fix the issue of not being able to access/open the app but the latest update is still not working. I have iOS 15.2 on my phone and the app still just spins when I click it to open. Please update the app so I can check my balances! I have to use my browser to go to the BofA website to check my balances which makes the app entirely useless. I never write reviews but from reading the other reviews this appears to be the only method for potentially getting a resolution. I downloaded app, set everything up, but every time I click on the app it just opens and spins on the dashboard. I can long-press on my Home Screen to open to “pay bills” or “send money through Zelle”, but for whatever reason I can’t get to my dashboard. I have to use my browser to go to the bofa website on my phone which sounds crazy to me..Version: 21.11.02

Use anyone elseBank of America is absolutely terrible. I have multiple banks/accounts/lines of credit…just moved new a Bank of America branch so Decided I would run my next business through them. Checking/savings set up no problem. Credit card has been lost for weeks. I’ve sat on the phone for hours listening to one story after the next on why they’re unable to do anything to help me. Card wasn’t here on time so I called and asked them to send another overnight like any bank of the 21st century…we can’t do that. Card not here a week later…more time on hold we’ll get you another card on the way and yes we can overnight it. Three days later where’s my card. Well I see they put in the mail today will definitely be there by Friday. Friday no card more hold time where’s my card. I don’t know. What’s the tracking? I don’t know our tracking system is down. Call today my cards not here. Well it should be there by 7 pm…. Can’t ever talk to a supervisor. Multiple times after bei G hold for 15+ minutes on hold the call drops and have to wait again. There’s no option to have them call back when someone’s available, just waste waste east more of my time. I would never ever bank either Bank of America again. When I get back from this business trip I’m closing all accounts. Stay away. They’re terrible. I never thought anyone could make chase bank look good but wow, I can’t wait to go Deal with their service which seems white glove vip compared tho this trash..Version: 22.06.0

Touch ID Login is a mess; keeps logging outThe New 21.1 version released on January 29th is a mess. Updated biometrics is terrible and keeps logging me out. I’ve had to re-enable Touch ID 3 times in one day and it never stays logged in for more than 6-8 hours. This was never an issue before the update. Problem seems to be related to going from a WiF environment to an LTE environment. BofA needs to get their act together on this ASAP. Update: 2/2 - App is still a complete mess with touch and Face ID broken after latest update for iOS. I’m running 14.3 which is the most current. In my case, the issue is, it resets when going from my home wifi to an LTE network. That is, when I enable Touch ID at home it works consistently until I leave the house. When I go out and about, I’m on LTE and I always have to re-enable Touch ID. BofA needs to stop responding with insulting fixes like re-install the application, or check to make sure that Touch ID is enabled. Touch ID was working just fine for years until your developers messed everything up. This is an issue on BofA’s end and it needs to get fixed ASAP because it’s annoying and frustrating. I can’t use my mobile device at any ATMs unless I log in. Please address this ASAP..Version: 21.01.0

Its too bad😩18 years, and im leaving, 3 stars would have been 5 here but ERICA IS EH, she does not recognize much linguisticly, but the real reason I’m leaving Bank of America after 18 years and I didn’t want to but I currently have credit line with Chase! Chase gave me a credit line after getting crushed by covid, losing everything down to just 2 sets of clothes😥now I need to bank with the same bank I have credit with because I don’t wanna go back-and-forth Between banks, i recomend BOA for sure IF YOU DONT HAVE CREDIT REBUILDING TO DO, they gave me 3 balance assist loans, ask about em, paid all three early, but BOA doesnt want to transfer chase credit to bank of america 0 interest credit card,WHICH WOULD BE A GAME CHANGER IN MY LIFE, a miracle actually!! covid hit my industry bringing us to our knees, (food and beverage) im climbing up that hill, CHASE IS HELPING me reastablish my credit, never used em and they are helping me! REASTABLISH, cant help but to think 0 interst would be a miracle, but bank of america doesnt want to be that miracle, my nine year old said lets switch banks!!! We were hoping, but hoping wont get that extra money for sneakers, transportation, BOA IS PRETTY GOOD BANK OTHER than ignoring credit needs after covid and Erica is close to eh, 2 stars for her, I reccomend them but not a good fit for my credit needs and clearly they dont think so with me either,😒🥺 good bye BOA WE HAD A RUN😒NO NEED TO RESPOND😒.Version: 22.05.0

Bank of America RatingsFor the most part I like working with Bank of America - especially on-line. However, I was raised in a banking family where customer service was HIGHLY important. That was one of the things that drew me to B of A a number of years ago, and THAT is the one thing that makes me consider leaving B of A. Through the banks focus on the almighty dollar and their lack of concern for their patrons, they have closed the only two B of A banking facilities in our town of Prescott, forcing us to drive to the neighboring community of Prescott Valley if we need personal service. This can be highly frustrating and inconvenient, especially if the need is immediate. AND, appointments have to be made if you want to access your safe deposit box. Again, HIGHLY inconvenient and unsettling as no one is at the bank in charge of that vault. B of A seems to have forgotten that it’s Joe Q Public that entrusted the bank with the care of their personal monies, documents and wealth. If all of the individual patrons would move their accounts elsewhere, B of A would be significantly hurt. B of A has significant resources, but your so called greatness originated with the individual patrons. It would be wise to treat your patrons well as we can go elsewhere. I hope you’ve heard of the Biblical “David and Goliath”; that can happen to you, too, unless you treat others well..Version: 22.06.0

Your latest update is shady….I’ve been through many iPhones and many versions of your banking app. But on your last update I go to check my upcoming bill and I see the date. But I can’t see the amount. I thought it was odd at first. So now I have to click on the ebill button to see how much the bill is? That’s odd. I didn’t download the app to play tapping games, I have gaming apps that make me go threw hoops to achieve a goal. Paying a bill is NOT a game. Once the bill is paid you have no problem showing the amount paid. This small change may not seem like much and it might get you a few more clicks on your app but you need to seriously reconsider playing “peek a boo” with peoples time, effort and money. I can bank some other place where tapping games are not played. Be professional and clean. Don’t make it look like you’re trying to hide the amount under the link “ebill” to try and get some extra late fees. That’s just shady business practices. One more thing, I’m writing because you just forced me to “tap” an extra link in your mobile app. I haven’t gotten a late fee, today I guess I’m going to have to play your tapping game until you undo shady act..Version: 21.11.02

Great app but with some serious flawsI have been a Bank of America customer for almost 15 years and I like using the app. My major MAJOR concern is making credit card payments! Right now there is no way to set up auto pay to pay the statement balance in full every month! If you like to pay the statement balance in full, you can only pay it once and can’t set up a recurring payment. This is a MAJOR ISSUE! The recurring payment only works with custom payment amounts. This is just plain robbery. It’s as if the bank doesn’t want you to pay the balance in full, therefore making the users have to go in manually every month to pay the statement credit in full. You know that some users will forget to go in and pay, in which case you’ll be hit with a late fee plus a negative report on your credit. As a software developer myself, allowing users to pay their statements in full each month should be easy, especially if you really. want to help users like you say you do. Citi bank has this feature. To developers, please have this feature in place ASAP. Otherwise, You’ll lose customers to other banks..Version: 22.08.0

Super greedy and worse bankI’ve been with BOA for 13 years I hate them. because of Covid - 19 , my financial situation is barely there. I used to be able to cover everything I needed to pay one way or another. But lately it’s become increasingly hard to and as a result, I have been getting more NSF and Returned Check Fees. I am receiving unemployment every two weeks that is less than $400, and BOA feels they deserve to take about a 1/3 of my check every two weeks to cover those fees. I’ve called multiple times and have been denied a refund for them, citing they are legitimate charges. But considering how things have been going all over the nation and the world, you’d think they’d have a little compassion but they don’t. They can clearly see when I get paid and for how much but they don’t care. Instead they offer me to open up a different account that doesn’t allow over draft, but that’s it. Well I can’t get that because I’m also currently homeless and you need an actual physical address to open that account. So I’m screwed regardless. I could really use that money for essential things I need and for a place to sleep, but instead BOA decided that their needs are far more important than mine. Who would have thought that my own bank would be the reason why I ended up on the streets. Thanks Bank of America, greatest bank ever. 😒.Version: 20.09

2facPlease allow international number for 2fac.Version: 22.08.0

Since update Bill Pay severely problematicI have used this app, on IPAD and Iphone for many years. Since your latest update, sometime in or around January 2022, the Bill Pay section has changed, and it is terrible. I can no longer see which bills I have set on AutoPay, and I can no longer pull up a list of payments I have made to a company over the last year, which I have always used around tax time. All I can see is the last payment date. This is made it pretty much unusable for me, because I make payments to companies at different times - I often need to see the last few payments easily. It is a mess! It is also not programmed correctly for IPAD: when I bring up the payment box, where you choose which account to pay from, and the amount of the payment, there is overlapping text, making it hard to tap in the right spot, necessitating a lot of back and forth. Did your programmers not TEST THE NEW CHANGES ON AN IPAD? It is like when amateurs back in 2005 would make a website, but forgot to test it on different browsers, and when you pulled it up the text was overlapping. Just a total mess. I use my IPAD to pay bills as well as much more complicated financial transactions on other financial websites. This is a disgrace! The old version worked very well, and I could get all kinds of information easily. Someone please take a look at this. It is useless for me for Bill Pay..Version: 21.11.02

Team refuses to listenUpdate: ashlyn replied to my email inquiry. Will raise the rating if issue becomes tangible First, a super longstanding bug, within the alerts section from the menu tab is a history of alerts. They refuse to clear. It says swipe left or press-to-hold. That hasn’t worked for well over 2-3 years of reporting this. I’ve called customer service countless times and provide countless screenshots. As recently as 6 months ago they guaranteed that the next version would fix this. Nope, continues to be broken. I’ve continued to provide myself as an outlet to show that the bug still exists but no dice. Secondly, no matter how many times users clamor for dark mode, all you ever hear is “stay tuned”, “we’re passing this on to our developers”. Not every feature request from every user can realistically be met, but with how popular this request is, it’s a shame there’s not a single tangible comment they can provide. Are they at least trying to prioritize this for some point in 2021? Would be such a win to hear anything, but that will not happen and when 99% of major apps have already incorporated this years ago, it’s unfortunate that we support a bank that can’t keep with the technology on the mobile-front.Version: 21.01.02

Can't believe all the positive ratingsI've been seeing these BoA commercials advertising their mobile app, and I just had to finally write a review. So I opened up App store and saw that the app has gotten 4.8 stars?? This is really strange because this app is easily the worst app that I've used. Chase bank, Capital One, Discover card are all so much better. Setting up online bill pay, which is the most important function of a banking app is so hard. For one, you can't make an automatic payment of the statement balance; you have to specify the amount, which makes no sense for automatic payment. And then when you think you've scheduled it, its a convoluted journey to confirm the payment. Third, reviewing past charges is so limited. Fourth, the little automatic chat function doesn't help you with anything you need; it's just another advertisement for their credit score check and opening more accounts. All of the same goes for BoA's atrocious website. I don't know what banking with Bank of America is like because I don't have any other accounts. But since online banking is pretty much the most important way to bank now, I simply would not want a Bank of America bank or investment account..Version: 22.03.02

Email/Text Alerts don’t always work!I am a person who likes to be alerted whenever there is a charge on my credit card even when I might be expecting it. However, after several calls and complaints to Bank of America about this issue, I still do not get the text and email alerts on a regular basis. I had a recent $2000 charge on my credit card which fortunately I expected. But neither the text or email alerts came through even after confirming that I had them properly set up! When I contacted Bank of America about this they said they would have someone look into it and contact me. I even submitted a support ticket but no one ever called me to resolve it properly so I am now anxious that I am missing alerts about new charges. The other issue is that I no longer get credit card payment due date reminders emailed to me. They have confirmed that I have my alerts set up properly but they still don’t know why I’m not getting these. This is just frustrating and does not instill me with confidence in this company. — My response to developer: This is inconsistent and not just a text notification issue. The alerts have been set up from the BofA website not the phone. So not sure why the app has anything to do with this. Also, reinstalling the app did not help. This is also an email alert issue not just a text issue. This points to a BofA system problem since email alerts are not phone dependent..Version: 22.08.0

Absolutely the worst bank out there when it come to fraud protectionDon’t expect any help from this bank when it come to protection of your money. It’s safer in your mattress.. My Iphone was stolen, password protected and everything. My biggest mistake was having this app on my phone though. The thief was able to hack into my Bank of America app, and use Zelle (some money transfer service built into the app) to transfer $2300 directly out of my bank account. I have never used or set up Zelle, apparently it’s just built into there app. I followed up immediately calling less than 14 hours after the transfer was made reporting it as fraud, after I got an email on my laptop. They told me they couldn’t stop the transfer, and I would have to file a fraud claim. Which I did, police report whole 9 yards. After a few weeks, they proceeded to tell me that they couldn’t honor it because it was verified by my phone. Well, clearly stated in the police report that it was stolen… Just know when you put this app on your phone, you are basically saying who ever has your phone, also has complete access to all of your money. Absolutely terrible Bank, I am disgusted in there treatment of customers. 1 star is far to many, and I’m an 11 year customer. Should have switched along time ago..Version: 22.02.0

App is great, “Erica” needs workSo the app was my favorite finance app: all the info in one place, easy to view and navigate. Until the “Erica” feature was launched. I’m not sure what the value-add is; I don’t want to talk to my phone about my banking, or spend time typing in questions, when you can get to pretty much everything with a few taps. The biggest pain point is that there obviously wasn’t much thought put into the Erica UI. There’s just this big red button that hovers over your screen, and - get this! - there’s NO WAY TO GET RID OF IT. Either it’s in the way of the balances you’re tying to view, or you drag it out of your way with every screen you go to. Not to mention that its default position is right where people who hold phones in their right hands swipe to scroll. One accidental tap and you’ve got this thing talking to you. I get it, some people like to talk about their banking out loud (and sometimes even in public, which doesn’t seem like the best idea). And some people get into Siri-like interfaces to apps. This one feels like someone at BofA decided they needed a shiny AI app so they could be like the cool kids, but forgot to budget for finding out what their consumers actually wanted..Version: 7.8.8

Gary FleischerTried to get cash back credit card. But impossible to verify where problem was in application.. did not let me complete.Version: 21.10.02

Can’t pay my BOA credit card bill through Bill PayHow hard is it to make a SIMPLE app?! After the most recent update, I wanted to pay my BOA credit card bill through this stupid app, and I’m not allowed to pay using the former straight forward method, instead, it forced me to add my BOA credit card as a payee in the Bill Pay section, which is so stupid: why do I have to add the BOA as a payee when I’m already using the BOA app?!?! OK, fine, I did it since I don’t have a choice, however, after all these hassle, I found that I’m only allowed to pay from my newly opened BOA checking account, which I have no money there! I can’t pay from other checking accounts, I spent almost half an hour exploring this over complicated stupid app, and clearly there is no other way to pay except through Bill Pay, and there is absolutely no way to pay from any other checking accounts beside the BOA one! I have 5 credit cards from 5 different financial companies, and I use 5 different apps every month to pay my bills and do other stuffs, clearly this BOA app is THE WORST I ever used! To many useless features that no one will ever use, and the user interface is not just bad, it is awful! Whoever develops this app and this awful UI should be ashamed by yourselves! THIS APP IS A DISASTER!.Version: 8.2.8

“View all” and search is very sparse!Arbitrarily showing only 3 months of transactions on the accounts transactions search page is not useful, especially for savings accounts. Loading 25 more, and then 25 more, and then 25 more, similarly is a poor interface (after I’ve already clicked “view all” NOT “view a handful” or “view only 90 days’ worth without an option to search beyond the pittance that’s already been loaded.” Please just provide the same viewing and searching features that are available on the computer (or that were already available many years ago when online banking was in its infancy—why are our iPhones LESS capable vis-a-vis BofA than a computer from 2010?). Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the online statements in PDF, but the iPhone app _should_ also be made useful for quick searching, etc., of past transactions. Trying to go month-by-month in PDF statements is not fun on the iPhone, when the broader view/search technology would be easy and obvious to implement. It’s bad enough that you keep the inane “view all” button at all, as if the majority of users looking for recent activity only want to see six to ten transactions....Version: 8.0.6

Touch ID Disabled with New UpdateWith the new update my touch id sign in was disabled. I'm currently abroad, I don't have my card on me (abroad for a longer period of time) so there's no way I can sign in or use the forgot user id/passcode option to get a new password to sign in which requires a card number. I don't remember my password. I mean there's a reason why I've set up and I use the touch id. Apparently, developers working on this app are quite limited in their thinking. The better scenario is that hopefully someone just screwed up. Otherwise, they really should know better. The touch id removal is not the first time it's happened and it's absolutely annoying, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Also, with the latest update the app passcode field is completely frozen when you initially start the app. It takes about 2-3 minutes before you can tap in the passcode field. In general, even before this latest update, the app actually has some usability latency when switching among different sections of the UI. That's been there ever since I can remember. Not sure how this app has such high ratings. I guess fake reviews by their staff? If so they should rather focus on making a better product and fix glitches in their updates asap..Version: 21.01.02

Auto paymentYour auto payment feature is unacceptable. For some accounts you do not allow payment of statement balance or minimum payment amount which makes it impossible to automatically pay each month to avoid a late payment. You actually require a dollar amount and that can result in an overpayment which we then have to request to be refunded. That did happen to me. So I shut it off and as a result I was charged a late payment for being a few days late paying because I could not access my account to pay an unexpected charge that went through the account. Which leads to my next complaint about the website. I could not remember my password and therefore could not get a reset as I did not have my credit card available. Instead of allowing reset like other credit card companies by answering chosen questions, you make us enter the account number which I did not have because I could not access my statements which are delivered online. Since I did not have my card with me, I had to call in... having to try to call back multiple times as your lines are very busy. By the time I was able to get a person on the phone, I was 3 or 4 days late paying and you had charged me a late payment. I always pay on time. You have years of history with me paying on time, yet your customer service refused to refund the charge even though I have years of history paying on time and only was late because I could not get into the account. Your online experience it terrible..Version: 21.02.0

Online banking is quick and easyOnline banking is quick and easy especially for seniors! I pay all my bills this way. Saves on having to mail the bills, stamps, trips to Post Office if I am close to a bill payment deadline! Best of all is the ability to check my balance 24/7 and not having to wait for my monthly statement to find fraudulent or extra vendor fees charged to my account! Always knowing my balance helps me stay true to my budget. The ability to deposit checks online saving me trips to the bank is great too! And, check amounts appear in my account just as quickly as making the deposit in person at the bank. All this helps keep me at safer at home away from social distancing and contracting CORVID-19! However, I subtracted 2 stars because I am not able to sign up for the 1.5% cash back program offered when signing off! I am on an Apple iPad using VPN which may have caused this problem! The B of A app has had problems with the Apple iOS in the past. And did not allow me to logon using VPN the first month I used it. Both these problems have been resolved the past month. But, might still be holding me back now!.Version: 22.12.0

When it works, it’s great but....This is the glitchiest app I use and it’s frustrating that a mammoth of a financial institution cannot invest in a more robust mobile application. Almost every time I try to use mobile deposit, it hangs up. Usually this happens during the photo step. Often though, I get all the way to the end and try to finish the deposit and I get a pop up message that it failed and to try again later. Sometimes it fails all day and I have to wait until a day or two later. I turn off my phone and try refreshing it that way. I look for updates. Nothing will correct it. So I’m sitting on checks that I can’t deposit unless I go to a branch and that sort of defeats the purpose of a mobile app. Admittedly, I’ve considered switching banks because it’s happening more often now than it did a year or two ago, but I don’t have time to read reviews to see if any other banks have better technology. This is among the most frustrating apps I have. I get anxiety every time I need to deposit because I almost can predict that it’s going to take me all day to try dozens of attempts. It’s like I have to set aside a good time to go to work at it. My brother and daughter use the same bank/app and we recently shared our frustrations so I know it’s not my phone. (Sigh).Version: 8.0.6

MediocreThe app is not greatly designed and isn't as easy to navigate as other banking and credit card apps. Erica is beyond annoying and hardly ever helpful - except when I'm trying to find a feature that has been hidden away (like changing alerts) then it will take me to the screen I need. But the screen I need should just be easy to find in the first place. Even though I've turned off every alert for Erica, it still gives me a little notification light when I log in that I either have to live with or click on Erica to get rid of. I've also had issues with perpetual mobile notification alerts that never go away. I've tried searching everywhere in the app for some message, update, insight, something... even deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times and the notification comes back on my phone when the app is redownloaded. I also really wish I didn't get notification to "pay a bill" when the account is a zero balance. It gives me a minor heart attack every time when I don't use the card, and then I get my "YOUR BILL IS DUE" alert, to frantically log in and see it's a "$0 bill statement" that I have to mark as paid. No other card I have with an app does this. I only use BOFA when I absolutely need to - if my Discover card isn't accepted at an establishment. And I'm probably going to look into switching from BOFA to Chase..Version: 22.12.0

Painfully slow to openI don’t know what’s wrong with the BofA IT department or equipment, but this app has become painfully slow to open, if you can get it to open at all. I have no other programs that are as difficult or slow to open as this one. Didn’t used to be that way. While loading speed has improved, now I can’t get the app to work with Series 3 Apple Watch. Have spent long periods with Apple and B of A trying to solve the problem. Have re-started and re-synced everything multiple times. A Google search shows that’s I am not the only one with this problem. Every time I click on B off A logo on watch, it says go to B off A app and authorize the watch. I have done this multiple times. I continue to get the same message. The app does not seem to save the authorization, as every time you go back to the authorization page it asks you to agree again. The app says you can use your watch but it doesn’t seem to communicate that to B of A’s system. Update: This app is still buggy. It actually worked for a while, then just stopped working. I restarted watch, reloaded app, both on phone and watch, then app tells me congratulations I can use app on my watch, but watch says to start by going to app and agreeing to terms, which I have done countless times. BofA needs to fire their app developers and hire new ones. I have had no other problems with other apps on my phone..Version: 21.02.0

Travelling optionWill travel in Arizona soon and cannot find where to enter information..Version: 8.2.12

Can’t read check numbersI am trying to deposit a check and the photo is clear as day and the app says it can’t read the numbers at the bottom of the check. I’ve tried so many times and being in Canada is is incredibly frustrating to have to mail a check to make a deposit!.Version: 22.07.0

Too many bugsEdit who knew all I needed to do is take a picture of the check UPSIDE down on a light purple background instead of a black one. Seriously the developers need to address the camera functioning because most people aren't gonna think to try taking a photo of the check the wrong way for it to be read or put it on a light background after being told to use a darker one by the app. Once the check was photographed upside down it allowed me to submit it then it showed the black and white copies in the correct orientation. Tried to deposit a check 1. Took picture of front (all was fine) 2. Took picture of back (all was fine) entered the amount of the check clicked next. Error saying it could not see the bottom front of check and to retake the picture despite the whole entire check was visible and in perfect lighting. I had deposited a check a couple weeks before no issues. I kept trying to retake the picture same error every time from multiple devices after deleting and reinstalling the app and making sure it was up to date. The mobile deposit check feature is useless at this point. There is nothing wrong with the photo of the check and why would your app reject the front picture after accepting it and letting me take the back picture? Makes zero sense. Please fix your app..Version: 21.11.02

NOTIFICATION FOR TRANSACTIONS POSTING, not purchaseWhy do you send me a push notification for a transaction postin to the account vs an actual purchase???? Most banks do it the other way, when it’s important. Instead I get annoying pushes early in the morning and I get paranoid, who’s using my card??? Also, do not like the new fluff flat, blah look. Prefer previous version..Version: 8.3.0

Doesn’t Give You True Picture Of Your AccountThis app is advertised as giving up-to-the-minute information on your account; that is misleading. I have ran into a lot of trouble because of that promise about this app, and that is causing me to move all my banking needs elsewhere having confirmed from Bank of America customer associates on several calls that I should not rely on the app for the real-time information on my account. Repeatedly, I have relied on the information provided by this app on my account only to wake up to surprising charges. Even when I go to bed with a positive balance on the app, I still end up with overdraft charges the next morning, referencing transactions that never showed up on the app. It’s almost at the point where I now feel that lag in giving up-to-date status of accounts on the app is intentional. For Small Business Owners just starting out and juggling finances, this app will ensure you keep you losing money. I’ve started the process of moving my banking needs elsewhere, and it is very sad because I thought Bank Of America really cared about small business owners, and I was wrong. Whatever you do, don’t rely on this app to give you the advertised up-to-the-minute update on your account as advertised..Version: 8.0.6

Pretty much second rate appI tried to set up auto pay to automatically pay the whole balance every month. No can do. The app automatically schedules the minimum payment every month. No way to change on the app. No help - so far - from customer service. Sad. Here is an update: I got a response from a member of the tech team. It said that the developer needed more information on the type of account. Fair enough. But the response took several days and I was unable to respond to the feedback. Clicking the response link went to a leave feedback general page so the whole thread would have been lost. In the meantime I called the general customer service number. They did not have the information so they referred me to a technical support line which was closed for the evening. I called tech support. They told me what I was trying to do (pay in full every month—less interest fees to the bank) could only be done on the desktop app, not the mobile app. So it is a deficiency in the mobile app. To add insult to injury making this change is not effective immediately or even in a few days but not until the next billing cycle over a month away. Poor technology choices all around. Desktop and mobile apps both. My rating of 2 stars has been confirmed several times over..Version: 7.6.8

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