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Support is Very helpful, Venmo is notI have been using Venmo for multiple years over thousands of dollars of transactions. I have been extremely satisfied with the service - until today at least. After trying to make one of my typical payments, I was repeatedly told my payment was declined. I contacted support and was connected with Janette A. who was extremely helpful and polite. However, all she could tell me was that one of my payments had been flagged and as such a hold had been placed on my account. She could not tell me what payment was flagged, or what the timeline was for clearing the hold. This is very frustrating as somebody on a timeline and reliant on Venmo to make a payment that I should not have any issue with. I would like to stay with Venmo, but this seems like a serious shortcoming within a system that touts itself as “fast and easy”. I will update this review if the issue is resolved. UPDATE: Venmo has finally removed the hold from my account. I only know this after repeatedly trying to make payments over the past week or so, and one finally going through. While I am glad to be back, the communication has been terrible. Update from 1 to 3 stars..Version: 8.16.3

Zero Stars if I could! Beware! Venmo holds your money!Venmo (subsidiary of PayPal) can arbitrarily hold any monetary balance you have in your account and comfortably not feel obligated to give you any reason at all for doing it! The customer service (I spoke to Sam L.) is literally the worst I have ever experienced. After explaining that it was extremely urgent that I receive funds instant transferred to me from my friends that were trying to help me out, the agent coldly kept stating (or cut-and-pasting) that the “user-facing” customer support team had no access to reasons why a transaction could be declined. They said it was a computer algorithm that decides and they [conveniently] have no access to that information, nor can they transfer or let me speak to anyone in their entire support team who can override or otherwise tell me any valid reason why... meanwhile I am unable to help myself in an emergency situation due to their policies, which should be completely illegal. When I asked for some empathy and possible compassion or at least an honest transparent reason for this situation, I was told that “Venmo should not be used in emergency situations”. Like I have control over when those things happen. My response is: Venmo should not be used at all! Terrible business practice and policy Terrible customer service Read the fine print folks, your money is at the mercy of a computer algorithm created by a self-serving and predatory company!.Version: 8.6.0

TrashVenmo is literally one of the worst apps you could possibly get. I tried to send money to my account instantly and it wouldn’t go through. The excuse I was given was because of “suspicious activity”. Basically whatever they deem “suspicious” is grounds for your account to be frozen, delayed, and or locked completely. Pretty much any large sum of money is apparently “suspicious” so I wasn’t able to get my money out even after I said oh well I’ll just do the standard transfer and wait the 1-3 business days. I had to send the money to a friend and have him do it instantly and send me the money on cash app. I’d honestly advise using cash app over Venmo easily. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t have so much baggage with it. You just type the amount you want and you can send the money to someone instantly and take that money out whenever you want to. Customer service was awful and they didn’t believe the account actually belonged to me and had me go through at least 4 different security processes on the phone to make sure it was actually my account even though I explained in detail only things an account holder would know about their own specific account. They tried to make it way too complicated to use and it’s honestly a hassle anytime you actually want to use the app. I deleted it so fast after getting my money out and I’m never using it again.Version: 7.39.0

They really froze my account and trying to hold my moneyOkay hello my name is johniqua so it says that Venmo is holding my money okay after my money is returned I’m not using Venmo again. I understand I violated some kind of rule or whatever. I clearly explained what happened plenty of times 4 times in a row sent my ny stat Id picture twice. I don’t get it I couldn’t put the money on my card I clearly explained that then it says I can’t use my account how in the world is it that sending money is so difficult. when you try to get your hard earned money back to you. which your the rightful owner of someone tells you they’re gonna hold it oh heck no. I will like my money returned to me no one has to ever worry about me using this app again. I’m sure I will never use this app. I will be darned if someone freezes my account then I give my Id and tells me they’re holding on to my money as if I’m a little kid who just got there allowance and is spending to much money I understand not you fault I chose this app and have to deal with whatever but if I knew I was causing trouble sending the money back to my boyfriend and requesting it back because we both couldn’t find a card to place the money on I would’ve been asked my sister to use her bank card to put my money on man why the heck why do I have to go through this so I really can’t get my money back.Version: 7.31.0

Constant issues with Venmo freezing my moneyThey’re holding money paid to me by friends of about 183$. I tried transferring to my bank account and it shows my account is frozen. I can’t transfer it my account and can’t pay someone off the limbo balance. I’ve contacted customer service, email, live chat, read all the preprinted information which doesn’t help since all those are about money owed. This is money for me that’s just sitting there. I’ve sent them a copy of my drivers license to show it’s me. Signed up in Facebook where I only have one account. It’s still saying to contact customer support! What else am I supposed to do. It’s signed up to a new bank account at a credit union. So I correctly entered the routing number and proper account. It’s still frozen. No answer. My account is verified through email. We are at a stand sat I’ll since January. I just want my account open and give me my money. So I ask my friends if it came back to them? Pay me again but in cash? I don’t know what to do at this point but I’m losing money because nobody can pay me in Venmo. So many dinners where nobody has cash so we all Venmo. I’ve lost money friends are trying to reimburse me. I never see it account is still frozen. Since January. 😑 my bank can’t speak to third party and it’s not my bank with the issues..Version: 7.51.0

HackersRecently just had someone hack my account and had someone calling me claiming to be from Venmo trying to get me to send the money back.... $1,300!!!!! They got into my Venmo account somehow and changed my email and number on the account so i can no longer gain access to the account they then processed to send $1,300 to another random girl. Luckily i called my bank in time to have them cancel that card connected to my Venmo account so they couldn’t touch my bank card, but that’s not the point the fact that’s someone got into my account so easily and got access to that information is crazy to me. All while this was happening i was trying to contact the real Venmo customer service and they were closed! I couldnt react nobody !! I created a new account just to look up my old account to see the activity on that account and i was able to trace at least 20 girls that the money was being sent to through the scammers and the fact that Venmo is so blind to see what’s going on and probably still doesn’t even know so ridiculous!!! You think for a app that has so much important information about their customers they would have 24/7 customer service. I sent a email to customer service and have yet to hear back. Delete your card from this app since they obviously show they don’t care who gets access to your bank card..Version: 8.4.1

Shady Hidden FeeThey deducted $5 from one of my transactions because they told me I was in a $5 dollar deficit from a transaction that took place over a year ago. I was never given a notification nor an email saying that the payment method didn’t go through and I owed Venmo $5. My Venmo wallet even said I was at $0.00. Not “-$5.00”. So they waited until I made a transaction and I noticed it was $5 short. The only thing they told me was a transaction I made a year ago with a specific account didn’t work, my bank couldn’t provide a routing number or account number for that account they said I used. That account in question HAS NOT BEEN AN ACTIVE BANK ACCOUNT SINCE 2016. So of course it’s not going to be a usable account. Which begs the question, why would I use that account to make a payment and why was it not declined from the very beginning? I even tested it by transferring $1 from that account to my friend, and it immediately declined it like it should have. All I’m saying is Venmo and PayPal have some very shady ways in collecting revenue from their customers via hidden fees. They basically gave me the run around about it. I wouldn’t be so disgruntled if I was given a heads up prior to the transaction that I was in a $5 deficit to them. But there was no notification and my Venmo wallet said I was squared at $0.00..Version: 7.45.0

Hacker ParadiseApp works fine but your information is not protected... you need to set your account to private. If you don’t do this and then you make a large transaction, bots/ hackers will target your and spam you with friend request and money request. How is this information shared with other accounts? I don’t know for sure but I do know that your transaction are not as private as you think. Hackers will target your account if it’s not set to private... of course Venmo will feed you to the wolves and leave the privacy setting open and free. This will leave every new user vulnerable to spam and attacks by users who scam and cheat the system. They will basically take your profile picture and Tweak your user name a bit to make it look like you.. then they will ask all your closes friends/ family for money. And guess what? They will get away with it because Venmo doesn’t protect your information or care about it. They only care about your money flowing through their pockets. So what if your account is under siege? As long as the money flows they don’t care. Customer support says to make everything private and hidden. But my argument is that it should be hidden any ways... I feel so stupid for trusting this app! I’m just going to delete my account and go old school (Banks/ cash only) You should all do the same !.Version: 8.15.1

They Share Private Info.So I got a new phone and as such, ended up locked out of my Venmo account. I reached out with my email address on file, confirmed my private bank information, and after two weeks I cannot get any response to be let in to my account. They’re saying they need an image of my ID without any information covered as if the verification I provided already isn’t enough, but I am a victim of domestic violence and as such, requested written confirmation that an image of my ID would not ever be shared with anyone else before I provide it. THEY REFUSE TO GIVE IT TO ME. They will NOT put in writing that if my ex, who I named specifically, reached out for info about my account, they would not provide it - why won’t they agree not to give my personal information out to anyone else? This is SO scary, SO troubling, and enough for me to take my business elsewhere which is such a shame as I was considering migrating over to them entirely. I have followed up with them again in hopes to regain access to my account and once I do, will be pulling all my information and money out of it and requesting to be wiped from their database. I would never recommend Venmo to anyone and I will be taking this information anywhere I can so others are aware of how dangerous it is to trust Venmo with their private information..Version: 7.28.0

Venmo is a horrible companyThere are so many issues with Venmo it’s completely ridiculous. Their app is a complete joke. Every transaction I’ve ever done has had issues. Basically you get a generic error that says it’s your bank that’s the problem and that they are rejecting the payment. Which is completely untrue. That happens like 20 times and then randomly on that 21st time it goes through an hour or two later. The customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. They deactivate accounts without giving a reason or even attempting to contact the account holder first. They just deactivate the account and say we are not going to give you a reason (claiming that this is to protect their other users because knowing why is somehow a security risk). They don’t even let you respond. “If you have any questions on this decision, this matter is closed and we can’t help you”. All the funds in the account they put under hold and you will likely never see them again. They are basically a bunch of thieves taking money from good people who made valid transactions that they deem invalid for their own made up reasons that they don’t want to share. When they see an opportunity, they cash in. I could keep going on with their bad business practices but my advice to anyone is just stay away. I personally wish I had never used their service, if you can use something else. Unless of course you like throwing your money in the trash or burning it..Version: 7.46.0

It’s my money and I want it NOW!!Really!? 2-3 business Days just to transfer your money from your Venmo account to your bank or debit card? That blows. I suggest everyone try the Zelle app as soon as someone sends me money through Zelle I get a text from both Zelle that someone transferred me money and I also get a notification from my bank telling me they processed a check for the amount I just reviewed on Zelle. So I don’t even have to go into the Zelle app and say transfer to my bank, IT DOES IT FOR ME! So nice and convenient. I have nothing to do with the Zelle app I am just impatient and want my money that someone sends me right away and to have it accessible and ready to spend using my own debit card from my own bank instead of having to get a Venmo card just one more card to carry around in my wallet. I don’t use Venmo to make purchases or pay friends back for pizza or anything I use it to just collect money for my businesses and the services we provide. So again it’s my money and I want it now, I don’t want to have to wait 2-3 days for it to get into my own personal bank account or be charged a fee to do it right away like other apps do like the CashApp. That’s just absurd take a percentage of my money Bc I want it now!!! Again Zelle is where it’s at, it’s the beezkneez!.Version: 7.29.1

Venmo card has been nothing but griefAs far as transferring money to another person the service works pretty well , just like CashApp or PayPal. The Venmo card has been a horrible experience. For the first few days I had and used it I experienced no issues. Today it was a entirely different story. My card with adequate funds on it was declined everywhere causing much embarrassment. I finally reached out to Venmo and after several attempts got someone on the chat option. They basically told me they were being declined for security and could do nothing to assist me. Under normal circumstances I could understand and actually be thankful for a financial institution protecting my best interests but my card was declined at Kohl’s department store, two gas stations and even the ATM. The representative hand no remedy to give me beside cashing out to my bank and using my debit card. That would have been fine but the instant transfer wasn’t an option so 1 to 3 business days is now what I’ll have to wait to access the funds. Long story short if you want to send someone money who doesn’t mind waiting to get the actual money in the bank for a few days then Venmo is a fine option. If you want access to your funds quickly or the ability to use a debit card issue free use PayPal or your bank. Today’s issues put Venmo on the bottom of my list for fund transfer services for sure and the person I chatted with just solidified that I am making the correct choice..Version: 7.43.0

Venmo is LITERALLY the worst!!!When I first started using Venmo a year ago, I had zero problems. Friends and family would send me money and I would use “instant transfer” to my bank account since that was the quickest way to send money and I would receive it with NO ISSUES! All of sudden I am getting problems with the instant transfer. I have contacted Venmo myself and let them know the situation thinking they could fix the problem since it’s on them, but they are just useless and they offered me a “better solution” to the problem which was waiting 2-3 business days for the money to be sended to my bank account. HAHAHA NO. So apparently now their system is “declining” my instant transfer funds and there is nothing they can do about it. How could you not do something about this!? It’s your company declining my transfer! If anything YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE TO FIX THIS. All I am trying to do send MY MONEY that I need to in my bank account, and yet I can’t touch it. This is absolutely ridiculous. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me with the instant transfer fund, but now that this is happened to me a second time, I am done. After I figure out a way to get all the money onto my bank account, I am deactivating Venmo. I will never use Venmo again. If you read this, please don’t waste your time on Venmo, because like they told me, there is nothing they can do about it. I am extremely disappointed and upset. Goodbye Venmo. 👎🏼.Version: 7.41.1

Refused to Get Me My Money BackVenmo has no good system in place for fixing scenarios where you accidentally send a payment to the wrong user. When I did this I immediately commented on the payment to the wrong user explaining the situation and asking for my money back. I also sent a money request to the user I incorrectly paid explaining the situation again and asking for my money back. The user took a while to respond and when they finally declined my request for my money back I immediately contacted Venmo support about the situation. Instead of starting with saying there was nothing they could do since too much time had passed since the incorrect payment was sent, support wasted my time over numerous days requesting extra information, requesting information again that I had already provided, and finally acknowledging that I had proven the payment went to the wrong person but there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. Instead of telling me that obvious response immediately they sent me down a rabbit hole and wasted my time first. They acknowledged that the user wrongly kept money that was not theirs and yet they refused to do anything about it. Even if I didn’t get my money back they should have at least suspended or removed the account of the user who abused the situation, but instead Venmo did nothing. Don’t waste your time and money on this app, they will do nothing to protect their customers from bad users..Version: 8.12.1

Cash app is overwhelmingly superior.I’ve only had one transaction over Venmo and it’s already proved unusable. I was sent money by a friend on Venmo, against my raised objections. I already use Cash app, Zelle, PayPal frequently, but they sent it via Venmo anyway. I go to transfer the money to my bank account, and I get a vague error message. I successfully connected my bank account, but when I went to send the money, I got a vague error message. So I contact support through chat. I’m 34th in line to speak to a representative. After waiting 15 minutes, the chat window closes on its own. I reopen it, but have to get in the back of the line. I try again the next day. Same thing. A week later, I try again and get connected with a representative. I explained the situation, and the response was literally “the system is showing an arbitrary error for reasons that we representatives are not allowed to see on our end.” That’s right, the system had an error for reasons not shared with customer service reps. After some back and forth, the representative figures out that the error is because my bank info is on another Venmo account- my wife’s. Apparently Venmo does not allow a bank account number to be on more than one account. So, my wife and I can’t use the app at the same time. It’s just ridiculous. TL;DR just use cash app!!!!!.Version: 7.41.1

Terrible customer serviceGod forbid you have any emergencies with your money because you’d be better off sitting on your couch doing absolutely NOTHING, it would have the same end result as if you try to get help from this company. My account was compromised and they have yet to do anything at all about it. If you want to speak to a customer service representative and live people when you have an issue that will be too much to ask because that’s not available. They don’t have an emergency hotline so if you do have an issue you have to send an email and they will MAYBE get back to you in 24 hours if they feel like it at all. I’ve sent 3 emails in the past THREE DAYS so yes more than 24hrs and not one has been responded to. A lot can happen in 24 hours AS IT IS, especially if your problem is as urgent as your account getting hacked into and someone else having access to confidential information. And they don’t have a number for a live agent to call, so you would think that they would be prompt on their emails. Wrong. Even though I got the major stuff sorted directly with my bank I still have someone making changes to my profile on Venmo. Read all the reviews about their terrible customer service it’s all the same, especially if you go online. Do yourself a favor and use zelle or literally any other app..Version: 8.3.1

Wish I could give zero starsI have money that was sent to me for bills on my Venmo and when I tried sending it to my bank it immediately locked me out and said my account is frozen... I’m not sure why but it won’t even let me do anything from this point in my account. I went online to your “help” page and followed the instructions for a frozen account... it ended up being a dead end. I then called customer support and they wouldn’t even tell me the issue with my account, just said it’s going to take 5-7 business days for an “account specialist” to look into my account. I don’t mind that, all I asked was if I could send that money back to the original sender or just cancel that payment. They said once a payment is sent through there’s no way to get it back to the sender, not even through customer support. So basically I have money sitting in my account and I can’t even touch it because my account is frozen? And they won’t allow me to speak with anyone before the seven business days. Absolutely shocked and mortified with this apps customer service skills. Very obvious that they don’t care about their customers experience and they have zero safeguards for protecting the financial aspect of this app. There should be some way to send that money back to the sender so I’m not sitting here waiting for nearly two weeks just to access those funds, or allow me to speak to an account specialist over the phone. Once this situation is handled I’m never using this app ever again..Version: 7.37.0

Froze my account for no reasonI recently got a Venmo account this month, and it was all going pretty smoothly for myself when I found out my account had been temporarily deactivated for some unknown reason. Keep in mind I only had my account for 9 days, but the day before my account was deactivated I transferred my Venmo balance to my bank because I had a feeling this would happen. I looked into the situation further and I saw people rarely got their accounts back... which results in Venmo holding your money for a total of 180 days! This is where you shouldn’t download their app when I tell you that Venmo’s TOS states that every transaction can be considered a violation and therefore be subject to being flagged. They can literally flag your account if they want to and they don’t have to a reason for it. Thus, holding your money waiting for you to verify with an ID... BOOM your account is locked with your money in it without anything you can do. If you don’t believe any of this google it your self. Venmo has a big history for deactivating accs with hundreds upon thousands of dollars being in held from users. All I want is my account back and to make sure my money is being transferred safe without having to worry about my account being terminated for no reason on your side..Version: 7.36.0

Convenient but still frustratingVenmo is a convenient money sharing app since it’s the one most people use but man oh man does it have some serious hang ups. It automatically shares your transaction history with all of your friends. It pulls these friends from Facebook and your phone and makes that list public as well. So anyone of those people can see everyone you know and who you’re paying for what. Also as far as I have found there’s no way to turn off the friends feed or make your personal history your home feed. It defaults to the friends one meaning every time you open the app you see an endless list of your mild acquaintances’s financial transactions. Rachel from high school must be getting married cuz she just Venmoed a wedding photographer and a dj. Your old coworker Tom just paid someone you’ve never heard of for burritos. Carol just paid Jennifer for some wine. Good for them. Glad they’re still having that wine Wednesday. But like who is this for? I hate it. I just wanna slip my friends some money when they grab me food or pay my portion of the rent without going to the bank. Who wants to see how their friends are spending their money? Why even mix the social aspect into it? Get it I guess cuz cash is so last decade or whatever but be prepared to find it as annoying as any other social networking site..Version: 7.45.0

Good concept, Horrible implementationI like what Venmo does—I don’t care for the social feed aspect and I keep all my transactions private, but sending money to friends to split a bill, paying rent, sometimes even getting paychecks for freelance gigs is smooth and easy! That said, Venmo is the worst piece of software I interact with on a regular basis. The app completely freezes for anywhere between 10-30 seconds immediately on opening, and at any point after, whether typing in a payment or navigating menus. This has persisted for a few years now, while keeping the app up to date, and across 3 or 4 iOS versions. Venmo actually runs more smoothly on iOS 10 on my ancient 4th gen iPad than it ever has on my iPhone 6s, suggesting that it’s only gotten worse over time. to make matters worse, they killed off the web interface, so the only way to use it is through the terrible mobile app. I usually don’t write long reviews, but my user experience with Venmo is simply so awful that I’m spending less time to write this than I spend waiting for Venmo to stop freezing over the course of a couple transactions, so if anything comes of this I guess it’ll be worth it. If the app actually functioned, this would be an easy 5 stars; as it is, I’m stuck using the worst app on my phone simply because it’s popular..Version: 8.9.0

VENMO IS ON SCAMMERS SIDE !!!So I was scammed by a scammer 4 years ago ,she purchased my Chanel purse in person and Venmo me $3000 and it showed on my balance .When I got home and tried to transfer the money ,MY ACCOUNT WAS FROEN ! I reached to Venmo customer service and they never solve the problem!All they told me was “Venmo is not for business “,THEY RETURNED MY MONEY BACK TO THE SCAMMER AND LOCKED MY ACCOUNT !!THEY WERE ON SACAMMER’s SIDE ! I END UP WITH LOST OF MY CHANEL AND FROZEN VENMO !I spent 3 months trying to solve this problem!I Was so sick and tired to explain to DIFFERENT MANAGERS OVER AND OVER AGIN !!! So I gave up ,deleted Venmo and never think of it again. Today ,1of July ,it’s been 4 years , I tried to make a new account with different number and Email because my friend only accept Venmo, but my account is still frozen I couldn’t add any bank account or card .the customer service says that they’re forwarding me to another team to handle this which takes 8 to 10 business days. Overall ,been scammed is not Venmo s fault ,I have responsibilities for it ,but as a VICTIM in this case , I am really disappointed at how unreasonable they are ,only follow the policy and rules .Why can’t ppl work at Venmo be understanding ,kind ,like other bank s customer service ????Freeze victim ‘s account doesn’t makes any sense !!!!!!.Version: 8.0.1

Instant transfer fails!When I first downloaded and added the app I didn't have any problems. So I had my family download the app too. Then all of a sudden my instant transfer option was not working. The only option that would work is the standard 3 business day option. I called my bank and they said it wasn't them because Venmo didn't even attempt the transfer. When I contacted Venmo they had no idea why it was happening, they actually said that! Then they said that it does happen at random and I was the lucky one! Then they told me the only way I could transfer to my bank was by using the standard 3 day option. This is ridiculous! I only downloaded this app because of the instant transfer option. My KIDS were out of town and I needed to get funds to them immediately. Once again Venmo FAILED and couldn't make the transfer...only showing "Sorry your transfer did not go through". I tried to test it out and by sending someone else funds and it was all a hit or miss! One said he could transfer then of course could NOT. Either way my kids did not get their funds when they needed it!!! I had to drive 2 hours right after I had a baby to get it there because Venmo FAILED me again! Only use Venmo if you're not in any rush to see your money in your bank..Version: 7.20.1

Let me in an unsafe situation, lost my job as a resultVenmo doesn’t even deserve a star. I recently got a Venmo debut card and the other day decided to make it my viable option to use for expenses and daily living. On the first day August 2nd this card worked fine, as the second day approached I noticed the card decline at a gas station, I didn’t understand and had them run the card again. Declined again. I then called the number on the back of the card only to find out that you can not speak to a human on the weekends. You can only chat with a mobile agent at 7AM Pacific time. So I had to sleep in my car as I was an hour away from home and had no other financial means. I tried calling the number on the back of card but no one is available you can only activate it deactivate the card. When I was able to chat with a mobile agent through text messaging they said sorry for inconvenience but there is nothing we can do. I had $1000 plus in the account and was unable to get gas, they did not care about my welfare and did not has e a supervisor or anyone that could assist or was willing to assist. As a result I could not get gas in my car and was unable to make it to work where there is a zero tolerance policy for tardiness. I lost my job, my safety and peace of mind due to Venmo.Version: 7.38.1

Froze account for no reason!I had been using venmo regularly to pay friends and such then one day my account was frozen for no reason! this was a while back and i continue to get quarterly emails(part of me does hope that my account becomes unfroze, but alas it still is.) They apparently reserve the right to freeze your account for any reasons and they do not have to offer any explanation. This happened near the beginning of the pandemic so it made it especially difficult as I was not only working as a nurse during the pandemic, i was dealing with having COVID myself and cash was tight and not advised at the time. I emailed back and forth multiple times and even complained on twitter to which they again they said they were going to terminate my account because of what i wrote even tho i had already been terminated from venmo without a valid reason! I can still login without issue and do not know how to completely delete my account which is extra frustrating. And don’t even bother calling the number provided as they don’t actually have a customer service that can answer any questions to the issues above. I just wanted answers as to why the termination occurred and I would have had accepted it whatever it was but months later and there’s been nothing..Version: 8.13.1

Disappointed and frustratedHad a friend want to send me money but they only use Venmo so I decided to download and set it up everything went great setting it up including the bank account until it came time to add my debit card for payments and instant transfers. It wouldn’t allow me to add my bank debit card or my credit card. I called my bank and they said they work with Venmo and my card should be working no problem. So I tried to contact Venmo today and they are closed to phone calls so I couldn’t talk to a person I could only email and or chat (txt) with them and they told me it was flagged and could not be added and that they couldn’t tell me why and said they weren’t provided that information and it was done by there automated system and there was no explanation they could give me and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked who would be able to give me that information and then they said there is no information available.. now I have to wait and transfer to my bank account in hopes they don’t try to flag that and hold my money. It’s not $20 bucks I’m trying to get out of my Venmo account either. If Venmo will correct my issues or even atleast give me an explanation I’d be happy to update my review but as of now I unfortunately have left this type of review..Version: 7.27.0

Horrible Customer ServiceI would rate this an absolute 0 if possible. The app is fine until an issue arises. The first issue is that it takes days/weeks to get a response from support. The largest issue however is that on an app that is nothing but transactions from one person to the other they can’t access more than your information. I had a friend make a payment to me. Venmo in error took 2 identical payments of the same amount from my friends bank account. When she flagged the second transaction as fraudulent to stop it from going through Venmo froze both of our accounts. That is completely reasonable. Her bank worked out the issue and was refunded the extra payment that was taken, however the initial payment that was made went through and was moved to my bank account, Venmo saw this as a “we lost $500 and you will need to pay that back before your account will be unfrozen. No, she has $500 less in her account and I moved it to my bank. This is a normal transaction. After over 2 months of limited response and ABSOLUTELY NO HELP FROM CUSTOMER SUPPORT my account will remain unusable. Support eventually told me that what I am saying has no merit and my account will remain frozen. They said they do not have the ability to look and see if she actually made the payment because they can’t look at someone else’s account. How does that work to help any transaction if you can’t look at both people involved. This being said I will take my business to any other platform but this one..Version: 8.11.0

Don’t make a mistake in this app!I sent my brother money through Venmo 18 days ago. He had not used the Venmo for a while. After I sent the money my brother informed me that he was not able to get into his Venmo account because the phone and banking information he used to set up his account had changed. I thought “no big deal, I’ll just cancel the transaction and use a different app.” Well, according to Venmo’s policy, only the recipient can send money back to the sender. The sender cannot cancel a transaction. So we have been going back and forth for 18 days by email trying to upload documents to prove that he is the owner of the account so that he can reset his account access the funds I sent him. I don’t understand why the process of updating one’s account is so complicated. The customer service by email is terrible in that they are not solution oriented. I am extremely put off by the fact that as a sender I cannot cancel a transaction. I am equally put off by the fact that there is no straight forward process for someone to reset their account. Luckily I sent it to my brother whom I know. I can only imagine what would have happened if I sent it to a stranger. I am not doing business with Venmo anymore. And I am recommending my friends not to either..Version: 8.5.1

Payment problemsI have money in my venmo account and it’s not allowing me to pay someone with the money in my account it only allows me to pay with my debit card but I can’t pay with my debit card if my money is in my Venmo this app has serious problems that need to be addressed. Your instant transfer system needs to be fixed I talked to a support person and they told me that somedays you can instant transfer and some days you can’t this is upsetting and brings me to the conclusion that I will not be using this app. I can’t give the app no starts but if I could I would considering that your app isn’t compatible with my bank so I have to manually verify my bank which takes 3 days and then the standard transfer takes up to 3 more days so I cant get my money for a whole week like that is an issue. If I can instant transfer yesterday I should be able to today especially if there wasn’t no suspicious activity or anything of that matter on the card or account. Once I get my money I will not be using this app and I will advise all the people I know that have it to use a different app that actually gets you the money when you need it, I’m also never going to advise people to use the app or download it because of these problems you are hold peoples money and causing problems for them. I would fix your problems before your app falls under..Version: 7.41.1

Don’t Fall for a Scam, Get Hacked, or Send $$$ to the Wrong PersonLike a lot of people, I had nothing but good experiences with Venmo. Venmo made money transferring easy and quick to my friends and family. It wasn’t until I fell for a scam that I realized the dark side of Venmo. Unfortunately I came into a scam that had me of $1000. After realizing the scam I fell for, I contested the transaction with my bank and had the money I lost back in my account. However Venmo froze my account and after contacting them to unfreeze it, the representative told me that the only way to unfreeze it is to put $1000 in my Venmo account to pay the $1000 that Venmo sent the scammer. As I tried looking for a way around it I saw just how diabolical Venmo is. If you fall victim to a scam, get your account hacked, or even just send money to the wrong person Venmo can not and will not fix it. In the event alone that you transfer money to the wrong person, Venmo will recommend that you ask the person back the money you transferred then take care of it themselves. It has become impossible to delete my profile because you have to transfer all your funds, but I can’t transfer my funds because my account is frozen. The next best thing I’m able to do is delete the app.Version: 8.17.2

Transferred Money That I Couldn’t Even Use And Now My Money Is Being Held!I got my school refund on my chime account. I had a new card ordered and had not gotten it yet. And I needed the money, so I sent it to my brothers chime account. He then sent it to my Venmo account because I had that card. ALL of my transactions were getting declined, except a couple that went through. So I sent the money back to my brother, and ask him to try the transactions and to try to withdrawal from his Venmo. Same problem. So we contacted their chat team about it and we had recently moved so we figured it was happening because we moved to a different state. We called about it a couple times. And they ended up freezing our accounts! They asked us to send pictures of our State IDs or Drivers licenses to prove our identity. We did that. I also sent the a picture of our lease to update our new address. They told me that I went against their user agreement and that my account was being permanently closed and that they were investigating my money for up to 180 days to see if they can give me MY money back! I sent them pictures of my accounts showing what I did. And I also kept the chat transcripts and email communications with the company. No luck at all. And they won’t tell me how I violated the user agreement! I need my money! I have kids and bills to pay and I can’t now..Version: 7.41.1

Venmo is unacceptable !I am very disappointed in venmo and will probably never use it again. I understand you guys freeze accounts when you suspect something but the process to unfreeze takes way to long. I have $190 in my frozen account & I need this money to help support my household in this corona situation but I am still under review after 2-3 days of sending my iD in. Cashapp instantly makes you take a picture within the app of you iD and you are back to using your money. It makes me very upset that I have to go through this not only do I have to ask people for money but pay them back when my account unfreezes. I DONT KNOW WHEN MY ACCOUNT IS GOING TO UNFREEZE. Yes I already sent my iD I also talked to a Venmo assistant who agreed and said he sees my iD and I have to wait for a specialist to fix it. My thing is why aren’t I already talking to a specialist about my situation not a customer support person who barley has control over helping my situation. I callled not only did I wait and hear your wait music for almost 20 mins when they finally answered and helped me they told me I had to wait for the specialist! Y’all could’ve told me that in a email after I receive my money I will be withdrawing and going back to cashapp because this is unacceptable. Have a nice day and keep safe from corona..Version: 7.50.0

Frustrated and Disappointed 👎I have had three venmo accounts and all of them had been shut down without any explanation. I use this app as a method of payment for my car cleaning services and without a doubt, each one gets shut down without hesitation in a matter of a couple of weeks, very frustrating. Venmo makes no effort to provide me with a reasonable explanation as to why ALL of my accounts have been shut down other than claiming it was their decision and I can no longer use their services. The third time this happened, I decided to call their customer service number to see if they could give me a reason as to why my account had been first locked. I called the direct extension that claims to handle exactly that. Despite waiting on the phone for 15 minutes, I was given literally no answer besides that I have to wait for an email to come (the one where they don’t tell me anything) which would take 3-5 days. Why have a direct line that handles frozen accounts when they really don’t handle anything? What I ASSUME to be the reason for all of my accounts being shut down is that the name on my profile does not match the one on the card. Which for privacy reasons, I choose to only use the first letter of my last name, and when I made my other accounts and had to use my parent’s cards, of course the names would not be matching. Very frustrated and disappointed in both the customer service and the functionality of Venmo..Version: 7.36.0

HORRIBLE money app.I’ve only used this app for a month and I’ve had way too many problems only for them to give a stupid FAQ answer in an email and not give me a LEGIT answer. I tried sending money to a friend and Venmo said it was paid but nothing in my bank account showed that. Waited a week, money still has not gone through and still no statement in my bank account that there was even a payment pending. I assumed something was wrong with Venmo so I sent The payment again. Same thing, no pending transaction for a week. A week and a half goes by and BOTH PAYMENTS GOT TAKEN OUT LEAVING MY BANK ACCOUNT OVERDRAFTED. Venmo was ridiculous in the fact they covered the second payment instead of bouncing back the insufficient second payment. My account got frozen because of this. Fast forward, I paid my Venmo debt and have patiently waited for my account to unfreeze which should’ve been today (5/6). ACCOUNT STILL FROZEN!! AND THEY TOOK MY PAYMENT BACK TO THEM IMMEDIATELY FOR THAT! I’ve waited 5 days already for my account to unfreeze and now I have to wait for someone to email me back to unfreeze it. Once my account unfreezes, I’m transferring any funds on my Venmo back to my bank account and NEVER using this stupid app again. It’s just a headache for NO REASON..Version: 7.50.0

Don’t get this app unless you want endless frustrationsI start this review out by saying, this app can work great. Only for the lucky ones. I used this app for about a year before I became one of the unlucky participants. I followed all the rules, did nothing wrong, and one day my account was frozen for absolutely no reason. I couldn’t send or receive money. I wasn’t even able to transfer the money i had in my account, to my bank account. I emailed the support team which likes to pretend like they’re helping you but they really don’t. Nobody helped me. They told me there was nothing they could do. After frustrations grew smaller, i decided to give the app one more chance. I downloaded it again, created a new account. And a few weeks in...BAM! My account is frozen again. This time it’s because i have “duplicate accounts”. I just want to know HOW i’m supposed to only have one account if they screwed me over on the first one, forcing me to make another. As of right now, I have $115 in my second account and there is no chance of getting it out, due to my account being “frozen”. I have tried emailing, calling, and everything in between. This app and its support team are unprofessional. They stole my money and I’m never getting it back. Do not download this app unless you want to risk being one of the unlucky ones like I was..Version: 8.3.1

They lie to youI have never had any problems with this company/app but today really changed all of that. I wanted to add money to my account to cover some charges so I transferred almost $90 from my bank account to my Venmo account. If you have used this app before you know when you make a payment to someone the money comes out of your bank the next day. I checked my bank account and it came out so I check Venmo and it doesn’t show up. I talk to customer service on the chat, over email, and on the phone. Over chat and email they tell me it is run as an ACH transfer and takes 3-5 business days to show in my account. I work in a bank with these types of transfers and they never and I mean NEVER take 3-5 days. They take one at the most two days. Furthermore it was not run as an ACH transfer it was run as an auto debit (as if I swiped my debit card). I asked multiple times why I was being lied to and no answers just a run around. The girl at customer service on the phone was really trying to help me but she just didn’t have any information. I don’t know if she was new or if they just don’t care enough about their customers and employees to give them info and training to be able to help people. Don’t EVER put money in your Venmo account. Wait for them to take it out of your account after you transfer it/make payments. They will take your money then lie to you and hold it for as long as they can get away with it..Version: 7.47.1

DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT VENMO!!I sent $388 through Venmo to my mom and they froze both of our accounts asking for verification. We both uploaded our ID’s and were told it would take 3-5 business days to be reviewed by and account specialist. After the review period we were told our accounts were permanently revoked without any explanation. I didn’t mind that part at all honestly because the point of using Venmo is because I though it would be convenient and efficient and it was anything but that! Now this is the insane part. They did not volunteer any information about the $388 they had of my money. When I questioned them through email (that’s the only way of communicating with an account specialist), I was given a vague response about their investigation would take up to 180 day’s and the funds were a part of the investigation so they would let me know at the end of the 180 days if they could return any part of my money back to me!! Now after hearing this I went on BBB website for Venmo she literally every other complain is a story just like mine, some for thousands of dollars. I have no idea how Venmo is getting away with stealing people’s money but they are. There are many different apps like this so use one of them and stay away from Venmo at all costs!!.Version: 7.42.0

Was best cash app untilI had a problem with my ATM withdrawal. Not having any transactions for over 24 hours, when I went to the ATM it declined me even though there was more than enough money in there. Thinking it will be a simple fix ended up being a 24 hour headache with still no resolution, And my money on able to be withdrawn or even used for purchases. Went from the best app to the worst app in one day! The funny part of all this headache, every time I called they said there is no holds or locks on your account everything looks fine. Something you must’ve done at the ATM cause the computer to decline it. They couldn’t clear anything in the system and the best suggestion was wait a few hours and try again. After trying again and again, and calling them again and again. I was still on able to withdraw from the ATM. They don’t know why I was being blocked and said there is no hold on my account. I said to them if I can’t withdraw from an ATM I guess there’s no point of me having the Venmo account and I should just cancel it. Their response was yes I agree that would probably make sense if you’re an able to use it. Never in my life have I heard a company tell you to cancel them. And that was from not only 1, but 2 people. 1 of them being a manager. And the crazy part of it all is still no one can override the computer that’s blocking me from using my ATM card. So needless to say I’m done with Venmo.Version: 7.43.0

Corrupted CompanyMy room mate sent me his portion of the rent fair and square. Two weeks after he moved out he called and threatened me for money. When I refused, he threatened to dispute the rent payment. He filed it as an unauthorized transaction even though he 100% of his own volition sent the payment and the money was owed. Without any inquiry or investigation, Venmo immediately credited him the full amount. They placed my account in the negative (I owed them suddenly $600) and froze my account. I went to extensive lengths to contact with them and bring the fraud and abuse of system into the light. I had verifiable evidence. I was a loyal user. Venmo sided with the toxic roomie solely on the grounds that in the User Agreement it’s our responsibility to not have any disputes or complaints against us during our times using Venmo. It was blatantly obvious what he did. And the only reason they refused to be honorable here and correct this was because it was their mistake for just blindly crediting and it would cost more to fix it than to leave a user locked out and delinquent. There’s no protection. No matter what anyone can just hit a dispute button and suddenly get credited the amount and you will be billed the amount. Completely corrupted organization with dishonest business practices. Go elsewhere. They are not worth the risk..Version: 8.9.0

They hold your money w/o exp. & access acct details illegallySomeone recently opened a dispute against me however she opened the dispute before the agreed date to ship. It makes no sense. So Venmo froze my account and would not tell me any information. They kept telling me an account specialist would contact me...well the lady demanded I ship her stuff before the account specialist ever reached out. I had already verified my identity yet they wanted me to submit more proof to even inform me of the dispute. Long story short Venmo has closed my account permanently without asking for my side of the story and without any explanation at all. When I respond to the emails they just reply and say they cannot assist me any further and The money in my account will now be held for 180 days-again with no explanation as to why. If I weren’t I contact with the disputing party I wouldn’t have even known a dispute was opened. To top it all off the disputing party has informed me that they have a family member who works for Venmo and has been providing her with my account details. I emailed Venmo’s privacy department and the following day my account is permanently closed. Do NOT use Venmo unless you want to risk your money being held for 180 days without explanation. BBB and FTC will be hearing from me next. Employees cannot access and provide my information to another user for any reason- especially for personal, family matters..Version: 8.5.1

Why should I report an issue with Venmo?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Venmo to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Venmo customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Venmo.

Is Venmo not working?

Venmo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Venmo.

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