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High Praise, but why change the feed on ‘following’ to single pix?I note the feed for ‘home’ is thankfully the same as before, with multiple pix across the page, but the feed for ‘following’ is single, large format pix., making it difficult to consume many photos for time spent. Please, please change this back! That said, I have been a long-time Pinterest user and have seen it go through a lot of changes. I have to say they have been pretty responsive to requests, overall. You can now opt between suggested pin feed, or feed from people you follow. You can once more arrange boards to suit. You can also choose how you want to view boards, 3 across, 4 across, or a page of small thumbnails. Also, as many Secret boards as you like. Something for everyone. It used to be far more social, as far as associating people with their pins, even when they were re-pinned...although problems sprang up with people being very protective about the artistry of their boards and discouraging people from pinning more than a few pins a day, and so things changed. I agree with many that the promoted pins can be a bit much, and I would prefer not being automatically taken to a site. Still, it is a great app and still allows for lots of creativity and enjoyment..Version: 7.8

A bit annoyed and confused..I cannot send private messages with ease. Without also sending a pin. I have to repeatedly press the messenger bar in order to begin writing a message, and then continually press the send button until my message is sent to that person. I don’t know what is wrong with it but please fix it soon. I am a frequent user of Pinterest and love the app and sending private messages is my primary thing I usually do on Pinterest. Please fix the private messenger function. It’s very confusing. And very inconvenient. It was working this morning and I have tried to re-install the app, and restart my phone but nothing has worked. Please, please help..Version: 6.40.1

Full of ideasI love it to search related ideas and make mood board for each projects. I really highly recommend this free app to any one love pictures..Version: 8.41

Pretty goodI really like pinterest - it’s aesthetically pleasing but not self-absorbed like instagram, it’s got memes i’ve never seen on twitter or reddit, it’s not as buggy or cluttered as tumblr... it really is good but i would like to suggest two improvements that would make it perfect for me :) #1 when you press the home ‘p’ button, it shouldn’t refresh! it is so annoying when you go to add a section to your board or organise so you can save a new pin... only for it to disappear forever when you go back to the home screen. even if this was a toggled feature i would greatly appreciate it if the only way to refresh would be by dragging down at the top of the feed. it would be better if the home button on the bottom banner worked like the ones on tumblr and reddit - pressing it brings you to the top of the feed or where you last scrolled to in your feed (working in opposition to each other). #2 deeper organisations on boards - i would rather have more folders and sections in one boards than hundreds of boards. of course this could be restricted to a certain amount of subfolders, but i think this would be more a quality of life improvement :).Version: 7.13

Suggestion to the app developersI love this app for finding and organizing all sorts of crafts, recipes, home tips, etc. but it is really irritating to continuously have a bar popping up at the top of each webpage asking if I have found what I want. Most of the time I am pulling these sites from my own saved pins so yes, I have found what I wanted because that’s why I use your app, to find what I have saved here. That, and when I am choosing a pin from a search I notice that this question bar loads before the page even loads and takes up part of the page. At that point it’s just annoying to be asked if I found what I wanted because I can’t see the webpage yet and certainly don’t know what is within the page yet to know if I did indeed find what I wanted. Please consider altering how and when you ask your users if they found what they wanted. Maybe the pop-up could be altered to only pop up when a search from the home page is done. Also, maybe change it to pop up 30 seconds after the user clicks a link so they have a chance to see what is on the page before being asked for feedback. Overall, I still love your app and use it all the time. I just want to stop seeing this pop-up every time I open a link I’ve had saved for years. Thank you..Version: 7.8

In loveI use this app a lot to plan characters and for art inspiration, and ive found that i just save way too many pins than i can handle. I would absolutely love the option to have sections in sections, to further seperate ideas and themes, instead of having to make a whole new board..Version: 7.19

Pin button too close to hide buttonI love pinterest but the pin button is too close to the hide button, and i cant undo it once I accidentally hide the pin when i go to pin something. Otherwise its a good app.Version: 7.9

A few problems?I haven’t been on Pinterest in a while, but I can say that I very much enjoy the photos and ideas it recommends. As anyone would, I do feel a bit creeped out at how quickly it changes my ‘preferences’ just because I used it for work or saved an image I would otherwise ignore. But here’s the problem: It is really, really time consuming to save each pin to a certain board. I’ve tried playing around with it a bit, but every time I tap on the ‘save’ logo I see a pop up telling me it has been saved to quick saves. There is actually another square on that that says change, but if I try tapping it it just saves it to quick saves again a few times and then alerts me there has been an error. Does anyone know what is going on? A part of an update? Even though this is happening (and I don’t know if anyone else has this problem) I would still recommend this app to everyone, no matter your interests! I’m all for the motivational quotes, and the artwork I see is truly stunning! Also, who doesn’t enjoy some dead memes? Way easier to navigate than the site, honestly..Version: 9.8

A stunning view of the worldNever thought there so many elegant pictures of our lifestyles, cities and interests. The richness of our world. Captured with vivid clarity. A daily flick through images that might brighten my day. I made it a key part of my life..Version: 6.62

PinterestAny subject at any time with beautiful clear pictures. If one is interested in crafts of all types - it,s just mind boggling! Also if one clicks on a link, it goes from page to page in endless delightful graphics! If I use it I am lost in it for hours! Love it!!!.Version: 6.72

Some issues with last updatesI’ve had this app for years and it worked perfectly and i loved it!!!!!!! However, since the last updates ( which sometimes it is too much) the app freezes all the time and the only way to have it running again is uninstalling and installing again.... a real pain actually. And please do not change the swapping feature, now when I want to hide something I don’t like, I keep opening it because it’s too close to the pin..... apart from that I still love it and it’s a source of inspiration!.Version: 6.39

Wish it could be five stars...... but the app keeps freezing and crashing! My iPhone is completely up to date software-wise, and I’ve downloaded the latest version of the app, so that’s up to date, too. Now, I love Pinterest. It gives me ideas and let’s me enjoy my different fandoms and all kinds of stuff. I can get lost scrolling through my homepage for hours! Except, far too often, I’ll be happily scrolling along, pinning things to different boards, and everything freezes so I can neither keep going, not go back, nor exit the pin I was on to see the rest of the page. Sometimes I can go to another section of the app, like search or my profile, but a lot of times the screen goes black and won’t respond until I exit the app. And then, if I simply re-open the app it’s still frozen. I have to close out of it completely and re-start the app to see anything or have any interaction, and by then I’ve lost the pin I was on and I just have to hope I can find it again. It’s very frustrating! I’ve rage-quit Pinterest, something that seems impossible, but that happens at least once a week, because the freezing and the blank screen happens several times a day..Version: 8.44

Very very annoying bugsThere is this very annoying bug that I've dealt with ever since I first got Pinterest and it's where I'll be scrolling through with the pins in full view so that I can only see one at a time and then the app will just freeze and then crash just like that. And whenever I reopen it it's just stuck on one pin and I can't scroll anymore. I also got the app on my phone and a different bug happened where if I was scrolling like I was before then it would freeze and then it would repeat the last pins I just saw without me touching the screen. These bugs are very annoying and I've been using the app for almost a year now and these bugs have been there from the start..Version: 6.48

Suggestion please respond and considerI absolutely love Pinterest and have used it for many years now, discovering new inspiration every day. The app really motivates me to do and fulfil certain things and I love the creativity in the apps design and idea. However, I would like to make a suggestion that would greatly benefit many users. When you click edit on a board you are given the option to merge boards where your pins and board name are moved to another board as a section in that board. Could you please make an option to move just the pins of a certain board to a new board without creating a section. It would make saving pins a lot easier and would greatly improve the satisfaction of the app. Please make it happen..Version: 7.22

Cover all basesThis app is a good way to socially find images and like minded individuals, but it doesn't allow for those who have a more obscure and slightly fetish taste. It would be good if there was a section purely for the more... Adult of followers, but not too extreme. May be draw the line at certain types of clothing/ costumes, whilst maybe showing the natural human form. Plus, maybe gear the “Home” section to show more of the images like what the individual member is following, instead of just guessing. My home section is currently filled with unwanted junk. Maybe there should be settings that refer to an individuals preferences, and to whom the individual wishes to see these images. More personal choice is needed..Version: 6.46.1

Love it! Just one idea...I love how I can search for creative ideas, the quality is so good. Could their be a section/ tab like the for you page but where it’s your own pins and you can rediscover your own pins instead of having them all in order in the actual pin section. I would love that!.Version: iOS 7.43

J'adoreC'est un site très intéressant est une grande variété je l'adore cinq étoiles pour Pinterest xxxxx.Version: 6.34.1

Section within a SectionI’ve been consistently using Pinterest over most other apps for many years now. While there are some flaws here and there (and I honestly don’t know why you guys keep changing the “reaction” feature) but most of them don’t take away from the experience. As a suggested improvement to help with organisation, can a feature be added to create a section within a section? This is an app where you can save thousands of images to a single section within a board, and it becomes difficult to see the older stuff..Version: 10.32

Bring back the like buttonI love Pinterest soo soo soooooo much it's a great way to find and store ideas as well as finding quirky little funny things. This app is amazing. But they took away the like button. Please please please bring it back. I loved the like button and was hugely Disappointed when I found out it was gone. Please bring it back!!!!!.Version: 6.34.1

GlitchLove the app, it’s super helpful. But my app won’t load and I tried it on another device and it done the same thing. I need to do an update so hopefully that fixes it, even though the update is quite new and this has been going on for about a week..Version: 6.58

10/5 stars!I have been using this app religiously everyday. I love it and can not go a day without looking at it. It has helped me to plan my wedding, my baby’s first birthday, my work outs and countless other things. Highly recommend to everyone! You will for sure find something that fits you. Only problem I have is technical. With the new design while scrolling through the open extended version of the pin, I am thrown out of the pin. I think it’s happens if I increase the pressure of my scrolls. Is there a way to turn this off? Other wise 10/5 stars!.Version: 7.13

It’s great, but I have a suggestionI love this app. I have had it and used it for years, so much time is spent just scrolling and pinning for as long as possible. This app is definitely in my top 5 apps used daily, but recently I’ve been noticing other apps that have a sort of ‘night mode’ for when the app is being used at night in order to not damage or hurt your eyes I guess. I am quite fond of this ‘night mode’ feature as it allows me to look at my screen in the dark without potentially blinding me in the process, I suggest that this feature would be a great addition to the app and I’m sure many others would agree..Version: 6.46

High quality pictures, great teamDefinitely an app I would recommend, both for social media and reference purposes. Great community, great users and great team. The pictures on Pinterest are just different from those from Google images. You’re somehow able to find more quality pictures on Pinterest than on google, so I’ve found myself using Pinterest to look up references and etc stuff like that more often than google. The help team, amazing, they solved my problem in one days and I was back on Pinterest just like that. My community tab wasn’t appearing, they gave me some tips, those tips didn’t work, I told them, and a few hours later bam, they send me an email saying they’ve worked out the problem and solved it, and indeed, my problem was solved. Fast reply and efficient..Version: 7.10

Loving itPinterest is literally the most amazing app I have ever had I love how it shows stuff I am really interested to know to see and always is giving me great ideas and hacks to try !!!❤️.Version: 6.77

I love it but.... some stuff has to change.I used to love Pinterest. As a baker and writer I loved looking through so many recipes and and different posts. I still love the format and everything about the app. But I have tried to post my opinions in the comments, no bad language or anything and Pinterest won’t let me. People are constantly swearing and typing inappropriate stuff but I can’t post my own opinions. I will keep Pinterest because of my hobbies, but it if uncalled for to not allow someone to post something they want or believe in. People are constantly voicing their own opinions but I can’t. It is not up to you to tell me what I can and can’t say, I understand that it is not totally designed for voicing your opinions but if you have a comment section, allow people to say what they want. Just fix the problem more social media platforms are falling into, you can’t stifle everyones voice, it’s not right. Pinterest is an amazing app for anything else, bakers, crafters, and writers or anyone else with hobbies should really enjoy the app. Thank you Pinterest for fueling my imagination and crafting, for years and hopefully more years to come. Just fix the one issue and it will be a five star app, and Pinterest will be unique from everywhere else people go for crafts and posts and whatever hobbies they are into..Version: 8.44

Du gros bonheurOn m'a dit un jour "quand ça va pas bien, mets des belles images dans ta tête".....Pinterest sert a ca ! Mais il permet aussi quand ça va bien, de rêver, de se remplir la tête de beaux projets et de défis les plus stimulants, les uns des autres. Je suis une fan finie !! 😁.Version: 6.34.1

Im really happy!!Okay so, ive actually been using pinterest for a couple years, but ive only recently started posting since December 2020. Im really happy with the app, and im glad im a part of it. One issue is though, ive made a board for my followers to join and make vids for fun, but i cannot accept their join request (as ive set it so u have to request to join) but it just doesnt let me. I got from mail, find the request, view request, then it just either freezes and crashes, or it stays on pinterest but says board cannot be found. I have no idea how to fix this and tutorials on yt are for how to join, not accept, which is a pain, so idk how to fix it. I hope someone can help me but other than that, its a def recommended app from my pov <3.Version: 9.8

Great appHave been using this app for a few years and it is easy to use, great tool to have. I’m a big recipe collector, so just love it. What would be even better is if you had the option of pinning a note to your collection. For example if I have changed / added to a recipe, but I don’t want to provide this feedback to the original source via reviews / comments, but as a reminder to myself, I have no way of doing this. It then means I have to either digitally write on another app put in a reminder or handwrite a note and store it somewhere. Something for the developers to think about. This would apply to anything that I collected, not just recipes..Version: 7.1

Love Pinterest ❤️❤️❤️Amazing inspiration for literally everything in life!.Version: 6.34.1

Amazing App!!This app can help you in many different aspects of life whether you are looking for simple healthy recipes, travel ideas, tips hacks, or inspiration! You have can search anything you want and it will show you what you are after. The thing I love most about this app is that you can create your own profile, so you are not only receiving inspiration, but also giving! You create many different boards with different topics depending on your own interests, this way other people can also find your profile and receive tips, guides, and many more. I definitely recommend this app to all people who are in need of a little inspiration in the lives!.Version: 6.80

Quick SaveGET RID OF IT! It’s pointless, useless ans stupid..Version: 9.20

Lesley McGibbonJust love Pinterest my rating would have been 5 Star except for the recent update. If I attempt to hide a pin “inspired by one of my boards” it only gives me the option of stopping pins inspired by that board - the problem is when the pin offered is an Indian on horseback for my Maritime art board. Well I certainly don’t want the Indian on horseback but I do not want to lose the pins inspired by that board by hiding an irrelevant pin - fix please Pinterest. Pinterest you have done it again - my favourite app, but you have now removed the descriptions and attributions under the pins so I have ended up with boards which are a sea of nameless pins. In so doing you have removed half the pleasure of having pins. Where there is a description it is often totally wrong or useless e.g. box or vase or painting - who made it? What is it properly called, where is the attribution to the artist or manufacturer? Can we have the descriptions and attributions back please. I know they are there if you tap the pin, but why are they no longer under the pin on the board?.Version: 7.39

Pinterest - an Invaluable aid to writingPinterest is an invaluable tool when I’m writing birthday and event cards. I constantly receive complimentary comments on the choice of words in the various birthday, thank you, condolence and “just thinking of you” messages I send. I get a warm feeling of satisfaction because the recipients believe I’ve been particularly creative with the messages they receive from me. Whilst I don’t admit to it being Pinterest which is the source of the inspiring words, I feel rewarded to see how much appreciated the words are. . . . and it’s Pinterest which really deserves the appreciation..Version: 10.41

Still great!I love Pinterest and the app has made it so convenient for me to be able to save the things I like onto boards. Not only that but I can always find creative inspiration for my next art project or meal! It’s like having an online memory box where I can look back years and see how my tastes have changed and evolved. Plus I’ll stumble onto an old project, recipe, or general pin that I like and be able to use it again! The only thing that I would change about the app is a feature that has pulled up in the newest updates. For example, when I search “brunch ideas” there is a button on the lower center portion of the screen that says “Refine”. While I can appreciate the concept for it, it’s more of an annoyance to have it on top of where I’m scrolling to look at pins. I think it would be a better fit at the top of the screen in the same section as the search bar so that it eliminates the issue of a button covering part of my pins. It’s a small issue, however it can become quite cumbersome when I don’t want to refine anything. Even if there was a way to turn it off/close it when I don’t want it, that would be great! So far I haven’t been able to find out how to do that. Even with this, I still love the app!.Version: 6.79

Great but 1 HUGE problemI have LOVED pinterest for years and have used it everyday. It is probably the app that I spend the most time on when I’m on my phone. However, I ran into the problem today. About 40 minutes before this happened, I was on pinterest and there was not a single problem. After the 40 minutes passed, I went to check on how my posts were doing. when I clicked on the app, it brought me straight to the log in or sign up page (I always stay logged in so this was really weird). I didn’t think much of it until I tried to log in. It stated that my account was deactivated. It also stated possible reasons why this may have happened. None of those reasons were something that have happened on my account. Let me remind you how much I have on this app. The thing is, when you are setting up your account, you are supposed to put in your real email (but I did not). I didn’t do this because on my previous account I did use it but it wouldn’t let me log in. so I created a new account which is the one I just had this problem on. The reason I am talking about not using my real email on this account is because pinterest stated that it had emailed me and I could contact that if I needed to. So I did not get an email on my real account. I also tried to create a new account but that did not work. I also tried filling a form out trying to get my account back but so far, I haven’t had much luck. I was completely unaware that this was able to happen..Version: 10.25.2

AMAZING (But.....)I’ve had this app for about 2-3 years and it’s still great, the app is amazing for many reasons -You can find literally anything for literally anything 😂 -Organisation is on point -Never gets boring -Updates get better and better! (But...) I honestly love this app but... the new update is frustrating, when you tap on a pin and then press on it again ( If it doesn’t take you to a website that is) the ‘More like this’ banner (would u call it that?) Is annoying! If there’s a way to GET IT GONE, (Is there a way to turn that off in the app settings) help me please, or can you please just get rid of it, another problem is the section on the bottom of your screen ( the one where u can choose to go to your boards, look people on Pinterest up, or see notifications ) my does this thing were is raises itself higher when I press a pin, and then I’m stuck on searching pins and I can’t press off that option on that section. If there’s a way to stop this from happening do please help or am I doing something wrong? (May just be my phone or the app because it’s on my phone I don’t know) Other than that I highly recommend getting the app!.Version: 7.37

Love this appLove this app! Can spend so much time on this app. Only problem is that there are so many posts that I can’t save due to it being linked to “spam”, why have the photos on the site then how about just removing?.Version: 7.28

Best visual tool for creatives EVER !!!!!As a makeup artist, costume designer, prop creator, photographer and studio owner, Pinterest is the best tool ever created for the creative artists of this world. Every creative within my industries genres, use Pinterest to inspire one another, share ideas, create beautiful mood boards, and create unique looks inspired by the images shared by millions. This may sound cliche and OTT, but my job would be so much harder without Pinterest in my life, it's my go to app for creating magic in the photography world and my life would be dull without Pinterest in it !!!! 5 star review for a five star app.... don't hesitate to download, you'll soon become an addict..Version: 6.35

The latest updateI used to love the Pinterest app, and I still do, BUT on the new update: when you try to save a pin or something, the recommended boards come up from the bottom and you can’t scroll down more than your 3rd or 4th board, which is really annoying when you want to save something in a board that hasn’t been recommended at the top, I honestly don’t even remember updating it and since then I’ve been using Pinterest less and less because I used to love it, please could the developers read this, although it might just be my phone- I’m not sure but either way it’s made my Pinterest experience less enjoyable, sorry.Version: 8.41

Thank you Pinterest for being my visual assistantAs a landscape designer increasingly use Pinterest boards for design projects. Being able to effortlessly set up new client project board and keep it private while building up the visual references over months is the best assistant a creative person can hope for! And sharing with clients where they can make comments as they look through 'their board'. Pinterest is in a great format to use in the go, on site and at work. Number of followers of public boards is helpful. Pinterest is a wonderful showcase of industry colleagues work and suppliers around the world. Can also head 'off piste' and check out a new hair style or seasonal outfit, even what to cook for dinner! Thank you! Lynne.Version: 6.34.1

Amazing! just a few errorsThis app is absolutely AMAZING! i have gotten so much inspo from it and have even lost a few kilograms in a few months because of some of the content regarding weight loss and workouts. despite this, i think there are a few things that need a little tweaking: so first off, sometimes all i want to do is post a meme in the comment section or something but i cant! please, PLEASE add the photo feature back in the comment section! second is just a minor inconvenience that i dont know if anyone else has. sometimes when i get a message or update, the pop up notification thing starts glitching and flashing and stuff. third and last, i think we should have a full list of who we follow. i needed to find this one makeup artist and i couldn’t find her because she hadnt posted recently. anyways, i hope someone from the pinterest rean read this and if so, thank you so much for doing so! great app, keep goin’ regards- ✨thekidgotinagain✨💖💜💙.Version: 10.2

The new layout is so uglyI love this app, and have been using it for awhile. But this new update layout is very ugly, it would be great it you guys made it back to its other layout, this new layout feels pointless, and makes it harder to navigate. Edit: Now on top of the bad layout that still has not been reverted, you have gotten rid of the feature to see what boards pins are saved too, which is an awful, awful decision, as now I can’t find boards I like that help me expand my related boards. So now I just have to find profiles and hope they have stuff I like, which should NOT be how I find boards I like. These updates are ruining the app more and more and it’s making me enjoy it less and less. I could get use to the new layout, but taking away the feature to see boards that pins were saved on is crossing the line, you are making this app a hassle to navigate and you won’t even listen to anyone’s feedback no matter how many reviews and emails you get. I’m almost done with this app, I’ve given it much more time to fix than it deserves at this point and you people don’t seem to care to fix it’s horrible problems that YOU cause..Version: 8.11

Pinterest is the jack of all tradesSo I love love Pinterest and I always have!! But I recently got the iPhone 10 max and now it just constantly freezes up when I’m on Pinterest for a while and my phone doesn’t do this on ANY other app or any other time. So I have no idea why it keeps doing this... but it is pretty aggravating. Other than that though this app is the GREATEST!! I come here for- it used to be just for like crafts and food, but now I have come to use it for makeup ideas, for like if I have a khaki jacket and I want to see what other looks and styles and colors may go with it (that matches what I may have in my closet) I go on here for an idea of what the possibilities are to wear with it. I recently used it to find out what kinds of dresses and outfits to wear to a Christmas party.. so you can get ideas and picture yourself in the clothes, you can have a idea of what you’re looking for locally. And of course this is where I go for beautiful quotes to add on Instagram. Or funny memes even to describe super specific situations 😂 you can use Pinterest to find basically anything! Gift ideas, crafts, DIY, recipes, home decor ideas, outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, if you want a hair cut and you are looking for different styles... like you name it and they have it! Oh yea and Starbucks drinks to try!! That’s my favorite!.Version: 7.40

Great App but Needs Some Work...Hi! Before I go into my suggestions I would just like to say I don't leave ratings a whole lot so I don't know if there is a proper way to set up my comment LOL. Anyway I think this app is AWESOME. It runs really well and the quality is just amazing. There is one improvement I have. There are A LOT of pins that have some serious vulgar language. Now I understand you can't really tell people to stop swearing but maybe there is a way to block these pins? Of course I know you can block pinners but maybe instead there is a way to block the pins that have vulgar language instead of blocking the pinner. So you are just blocking one of their pins and not all of there boards. Maybe like a child-friendly mode? It is just really annoying when you are just scrolling through your home feed and boom there is this pin that swears like crazy. I have already turned off recommend pins and unfollowed people that pin pins that have vulgar language but I still run in to this problem. I just don't want to see that stuff. Anyway I don't know if this is possible but if it is I think it would be an awesome improvement. Again this is a great app and I totally suggest downloading it..Version: 6.40.1

Just a couple things need fixing :)I absolutely love Pinterest, I’ve used it for years. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 instead of 5 stars is that recently (meaning a few weeks ago) I realized I can no longer “try pins”. At first I just thought it was a little glitch but seeing as other people have updated the app and said the option is gone is kind of a bummer. I mean, Pinterest is an idea app and a diy place where you share your ideas and how they turned out with other people. How are you supposed to show how it turned out without the try pin? I’d love it if this feature came back. Another thing that disappointed me was that I saw another review saying the sections inside of boards were taken away? Of course, this review was left a year ago but still, I’ve been hesitant to even update my Pinterest in case this is still happening. I use sections inside all of my boards because sometimes I’ll have a board for my house but I section them off from bedroom, bathroom, etc. and it’d be really difficult to find what I’m looking for if that’s taken away. Anyways, I know I just went on and on about all the things I wish could be fixed but honestly it’s not that much and I really do love Pinterest, it’s my favorite app. :).Version: 10.6

Love PinterestI've been enjoying Pinterest for a few years now and observed and in most cases enjoyed the changes the developers have given us. But there are a couple of things that I miss. One is the ability to search either Pinterest or the net for things of interest from the main search "spy glass" on my feeder page. Now I only have the option of searching Pinterest. Another is that when pinning I used to be able to see some of the history of the pin and who had pinned it previously. That gave me the opportunity of looking at those pinners and their boards to discover people and boards I may wish to follow. It is nowhere near as easy to discover this now. In regard to my own boards, I would love to be able to sort my boards into groups of similar subjects ... ie a main board with sub boards to keep all pins related to that topic together..Version: 6.36.1

How my day just gets better!Since really joining Pinterest, not just sneaking onto the site now and then, I have become a bigger person in heart and soul. Not just counting the extra fat on my bottom that seems to grow bigger and bigger because of the ‘Rona virus and me just sitting on it. Any fat around my waist is also because of the that virus but here I need to put blame where blame is due. ON ME! But just a little on Pinterest too...because I become glued to the site for hours on end, looking at pictures of wonderful foods...I swear they just leave the internet screen and absorb right into my body. Really it doesn’t happen that way. Joking people, just joking. But not about the becoming absorbed in the subject matter. It is such a wonderful site that takes me away from everything for awhile. Thank you Pinterest, a heartfelt thank you for all the deliciousness I see, the beautiful art, the intricate sewing, the gorgeous quilting and paperwork, the ‘everything’ to see with just the tap of a button. How fortunate we are to view things from our very own country and the countries of other like individuals. What an honor. I am honored. Thank you..Version: 9.0

How could you not love it?Pinterest is awesome and the app is super convenient!.Version: 6.34.1

Sorry for short un-detailed review!So, I haven’t had Pinterest for long. For the amount of time I’ve used it, which is around 6 months at least, I have had no problems whatsoever and the app has been running smoothly and been easy to use,,, until today. Unfortunately I’m having a large problem to where I cannot even open the app without it crashing me out instantly. I don’t know if this has just been me but I have downloaded the app on two devices and it has worked on neither. They are not connected. So far that is the only complaint I have as I enjoy using this app and again, have had no other issues with it, but I may have more in the future. I apologise for how un-detailed this may be, but as if writing this I am extremely drowsy and again, have no other issues. Sorry if whoever is unable to fix this issue, it may just be my devices but I have no idea, but thank you for reading anyways. I’m also sorry for any mistakes in this writing..Version: 8.16

Don’t like the new designI’ve been using the Pinterest app for about four years and it’s had a little change to the design in this time. I understand wanting to update the look but moving the save button is SSSSOOOOOO annoying as all I know is the save button being in the top corner, now when I tap there out of instinct to save it takes me to the website of the pin which was not my intention. I’m also not a fan of the black edges but that’s just me being picky. My issues are purely due to lack of ability to change and aesthetics, other than that the app is exceptional, in the four years I had it it hasn’t crashed or glitched once, I use it most days and absolutely love it..Version: 7.32

My goods and bad of PinterestI like Pinterest because it is fun for kind to find things for them to do as crafts and it is good for adults so they can find some fun and creative things for like competitions like making Easter eggs for my child last year she one first place and so was my son and we copied the great ideas from you and I and a lot of more children and audits love it to. Now the bad stuff to start with their good ideas are good but once in my sons class a few years ago he fdone burger Easter eggs and all of his class done the same and it was not very good but apart from all of that it is all good so keep up the good work.Version: 7.9

No filterFor the past couple months I haven’t been able to filter my searches. I can’t look for boards or people related to my searches and it’s real annoying since I like to spend time looking at boards similar to mine. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but it’s still the same on all my devices. The search bar goes all the way to the end and the filter button is just gone. Is there a way to fix this? I looked at the customer support link and there’s isn’t anything that really relates to this problem..Version: 9.0

Been using for years, so why now?I’ve been using printerest for a few years and I’ve NEVER had any problems with it. Apart from recently I have a few, there is a new ‘ideas for you’ box when you search for things. Im fine with it but not when it comes up thinking I want to search for ‘dirty images’ or ‘smut 18+’ or ‘stoner problems’ I noticed a partern that it comes up with things referring to the pins you click on. I honestly don’t ever remember on clicking things like that at ALL. Even if I ran across something (what is againts the TOS) I reported it. So now I’m not the biggest fan for the ideas for you update. Another thing, I updated around 30 minuets ago and it told me to put in my age and said I’m not allowed to use it if I’m UNDER 13. I just turned 14 this month so I TRUEFULY answered with 14. Next it tells me I’m NOT allowed to use it because I’m under age. Please do something about this. Otherwise I love Pinterest..Version: 6.51.1

Pintastic!I love this app and have been using it nearly 8 years, I used to love pinning on my pc but it’s even better being able to pin via the app. The app is giving us some superb updates, I love being able to organise pins into sections within a board, although preferred boards in alphabetical order. Also it’s great being able to zoom in on a photo however not liking that when doing so the bottom of the photo gets covered up with similar or even identical photos of the one I’m viewing. A couple of technical issues as well, first the app keeps freezing when viewing a zoomed in photo, then you need to close the app and start again. Secondly when scrolling through any of my boards it will reduce the size and not allow me to open any pins. Hopefully these will get sorted in a future update..Version: 6.47.1

Pinterest is the bestI work with students at a Year 11 & 12 level, with varying degrees of capabilities in art Art class setting. This is the most incredibly valuable tool in order to support and increase inspiration in both my own personal art practice - and in order to explain and increase depth of thinking. Whether we are chasing black and white photographers, assemblage art and artists, meshing together a mix of ideas to come out with a cohesive end product - and of course inspiration. It is a great way to educate the many foibles and pitfalls of 'intellectual property' which up until now has been difficult to trace. Pinterest is the ultimate..Version: 6.37

Inappropriate contact…I was searching up cars on Pinterest I clicked on a pin of a car I liked them I scrolled down to the related pins and there was multiple pins of women wearing sexual bimbo clothing, I reported some of them and they kept reappearing and it wouldn’t let me hide them nor I would report them the pins just keep on reappearing, I clicked on the pin of a car that did NOT relate to the sexual bimbo clothing, I’m not trying to be rude but it’s true I clicked on a pin then I scrolled down and there was inappropriate contact, cars have got NOTHING to do with sexual clothing, is this why Pinterest is having problems lately, but it’s strange really strange? Has anyone had these issues before where people click on a pin of (cars) for an example and they scroll down at the related pins and they saw something inappropriate not ok?.Version: 10.0.2

AMAZINGI use Pinterest all the time! It’s let’s me share my art with the world and find inspiration for my art! I also enjoy attending little art contests that sometimes take place! I’ve hosted one myself! This is a great app for inspiration, memes, art and finding people like you! I’ve made a couple of Pinterest friends! Finding people with same interests as you and being able to have a conversation with them can spark some great ideas for projects and/or collaborations! And, hey! Just self promoting here. Go check out MY account! Badgerpelt! I Post art if you’re interested! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗOk! DEFINITELY recommend getting this app! Five stars from me!.Version: 9.2

Great MasterI visit this app everyday religiously and get so many ideas for every need. The only drawback is if you are browsing on browser and you want to open some link in app, you can’t do that. Other than that I just love this app. Thank you to all developers and masterminds :-).Version: 7.15

Pinterest is amazing!I love Pinterest it’s such a great app. It helps everyone share ideas and their creations. I just think it could be a little bit better if there could be different categories for followers. For example I wanted to add more people to a group board, but have lost track of who I’ve added to that particular board. Pinterest would be even more great if people you follow and your followers could be organised by most recent (you followed them or they followed you), alphabetical and even the highest amount of followers they have to the lowest. Thanks so much!.Version: 6.42

Love it but wish I could remove adsI can’t remember what I did for ideas before pinterest. It’s my go to app for home insp and design. I do get sick of the repetitive ads that seem to generally be advertising cheap clothing/products. Would be happier to pay a small membership to avoid those!.Version: 7.25

I love you but not the latest user-interfacePinterest has been my favourite app for years! I use it for recipes, photography, planning events, you name it! However, I found the latest design (for the app) unpleasant to my eyes. Not to be rude or egocentric. I just really love you guys and wanted to leave an honest review from a regular user and you never know if other people feel the same way. The rounded containers and the black edges catch my eye’s attention and gives me a sense of disorganisation. You know when you have a notebook and a pen in a table and the pen is not aligned with the notebook? Is that sort of feeling. It doesn’t necessarily means it is disorganised but it is the sense that it gives temporarily. I’ll continue using you regardless, and I do recommend you to my friends and family if they are looking for inspiration, recipes or other because I know they won’t regret it! Hope you take this review well..Version: 7.37

Love itI recently got Pinterest. I love it. It inspired me to do more diys and to start a bullet Journal. I got to be more connected with my soul thanks to Pinterest. I highly recommend Pinterest. Today, mental health is something teens need. If you go to quotes on Pinterest there are so many helpful quotes. I loveeeee Pinterest.Version: 7.18

;)This app is really worth having ! I've been using it for a while now & so has my mum. It has been very helpful these past years, from beauty tips to great cooking recipes ;).Version: 7.1

Great appI love this app so many ideas and cool drawings but one thing they could change is that story pins are available for everyone on either types of account.Version: 9.3

Great app just some minor problemsI love Pinterest it’s actually one of my favourite apps so many good ideas and it personalises the content to your previous searches and previous things you have saved. I have found lots of good ideas on this app and it is actually really helpful, however there are a couple of minor problems. Such as the fact that Pinterest disabled my account when I had done absolutely nothing wrong and said I had gone against their spam policies when I wasn’t even on the app very long. But, they sent me and email which explained why they had disabled it but as I had done nothing wrong there was a link that you could explain why you believe they were wrong and they reviewed my account again within 12 hours, this time is probably different for other people but I just thought it was quite a good time for that. They then sent another email saying that they agreed that they wrongly disabled it and they reactivated my account. I think the only improvement that they could make is making sure they double check accounts before they disable them. But overall it’s a very good app and is really enjoyable..Version: 8.40

Great!Love this app, would be good to be able to hold down an image and save to phone instead of clicking on image and going to save. Other than that perfect app!.Version: 7.25

A moment of peaceI tap on Pinterest on my app on my phone and I get lost in a world of all things that are wonderful to me. I’ve been on Pinterest since it got super popular and introduced many relatives and friends to it who also get lost in there own little happy worlds, in a positive way unlike Other social media’s can be a moment in time that’s lost or a negative feeling has been taken away from the moments online. With Pinterest those positive enjoyable moments come back to us in future moments where we use something we’ve seen in a positive way: to help someone, to problem solve, to experiment with from an educational piece we’ve learnt. Pinterest is a very happy place for me to visit, thank you to the founders for making me happy 💖 xxxxxxx.Version: 8.24

LOVE it!!!!!All the varieties it has to offer and especially all those FAB recipes!!!.Version: 6.34.1

AwesomeI have been using Pinterest for over a year now it’s AMAZING I use the app all most every day it tells me a little more about the word finds cute pics the become your background and let’s me make boards that will only ever happen in my dreams. I LOVE IT.Version: 8.44

Open mindAs a retired educator of 44 years I have felt bad about students not learning the “basics”. I am a firm believer in lifetime learning however and have found the internet, especially Pinterest and u tube to be an amazing resource. My hobbies include woodworking, welding, customizing autos, boats, motorcycles, oil painting, silversmithing, etc. no day passes that I do not find something valuable. After camping and hunting for a lifetime I am shocked about how many tips I find to make these hobbies more comfortable or economical. Think about being turned around in the woods or a city. Ask seri and you can get out the most isolated spot. Drive along and see a sign in Spanish or some other language and you can get a translation, The benefits are endless and Pinterest is a wonderful tool. The biggest problem I had with public school students was the question “where are we going to use this?” If you are in an unsatisfactory, dead end job then education is the rescue. Education does not have to be classical academic. It can be welding, home building, concrete work, electrical, auto repair, beauty school, or what ever you are interested in. Pinterest can answer a lot of questions about whether to proceed into a field. Keep an open mind!.Version: 8.2.1

❤️ love PinterestI absolutely love nothing more than browsing through Pinterest! I get so many great ideas especially for the when the kids are in school holidays. Want something special for dinner I always turn to Pinterest and the beauty tips are just fabulous! Ive turned quite a few friends into Pinteresterholics :).Version: 6.35

Pinterest thoughtsI think the Pinterest is an awesome app, although I've only just gotten this app I'm on it 24/7 ( but only when I'm free, I'm a dancer and I still go to school so... I'm on it as much as I can!!!) xoxo.Version: 6.45.1

Pinterest user since 2011I can’t imagine not having Pinterest. I could be without all other websites and social media, but the creative side of me needs my Pinterest fix. I’m able to organize all of my ideas which is great for me because my mind runs 90mph with these ideas every day either way. I love my secret boards. I love trying new things. This year I have a new raised garden bed and redoing my front yard. One of my favorite things about it is that I can make Pinterest my MAIN Wishlist/Registry I don’t have to make a bunch of different registries for events... I can add people to a board and pin things from ANY website. So I don’t have to remember all those passwords for those individual sites. (Example: You’re having a baby and want to have a Target Registry, Babies R Us Registry, Buy Buy Baby Registry, etc etc...) Instead of doing them all separately you can just pin all the products you want from those websites directly to ONE BOARD on Pinterest. You can add your friends and family to the board or you can just send them your board link. They can follow the link and look at everything you’ve pinned in one place and make a purchase. You don’t need to create registries anymore. Everything I need is available on Pinterest. Thanks y’all!.Version: 7.21

It’s greatI looooooove Pinterest! You can basically find anything that your interested in. I get a lot of inspiration of hair, makeup, shoes and nails. It also helps me with dance because you can find tons of stretches. I would recommend this to teachers as you can find things for and to do with your class. All you have to do to find an interest, search it 🔍, and then type for example “cute dogs”! Then it will come up with millions of examples that you can save to your board. Another cool thing is that you can follow people that have the same interest as you, then you can see there pins and then save them to your board if you like it to! Overall I definitely recommend this as a 10+ app. Hope you liked my recommendation!.Version: 7.25

FaceTime?So first I love love love the app it is like the best thing ever like Halloween party’s boom plan it all thanks to you cool good idea boom you helped so much and I do really really do mean it so yeah the best first ever oh and my bestie well one of them has the app we together are abscessed she has like 200 and something not like me but anyway she rules on this app but...we both would like something like thanks for the texting like that thing is amazing but FACETIME rules to so yeah maybe just maybe could you add that like it would mean the world so we could FaceTime it would rule rock you name it so yeah oh and it is a review so I would so so so so so so so so so give it a... FIVE(for begging it was that) Bye for me and my friend love the app BYE.Version: 6.73

Good but problems on my account.So when I got a new account ( my previous one had 48 followers) I didn’t see anything to connect my new phone to my old account which I was a bit bummed about but the part that gave it 4 starts was the fact my friend followed me when I made my account so that means I had one follower. However, it didn’t show I had a follower it said I had none. So then on her account it said she wasn’t following anyone. She then sent me a photo and on her photo it said 1 follower on my account? It’s just a bit confusing but other than that it’s a great app and would recommend to people who want to show their aesthetic to other people. Hope this helped. :).Version: 8.44

AdoptionI live in The UK where, unless you seek counselling or attend an adoptees group (which are few and far between), as an adult adoptee I felt so isolated and unable to talk to anyone, even family members. How fortunate I was on discovering Pin Adoption quotes and issues. It has made a great deal of difference to me knowing that there are those of us out there who share many of the same feelings as I do. Sometimes they just get me through the day. Americans seem to be able to be more open about these issues than here in the UK. It is such a super sensitive issue. A big thank you goes to all those who put themselves out there with their thoughts and feelings which have at least made this woman’s life just a little bit more bearable..Version: 6.78

Glitches upon glitchesBasically I cannot comment at all. I use this on an iPad so idk what it’s like for phones and pc but I cannot see my comment unless I use it portrait mode okay cool but then I’m order to actually post said comment I have to switch to landscape but get this. It never ever EVER ACTUALLY POSTS. It just freezes and crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have tried deleting and redownloading, I have tried signing in and out, I have tried using different accounts, manually updating you name it NOTHING EVER WORKS. On top of this it doesn’t even tease me with the option to add an image to my comment that is completely entirely not even there so I can’t even TRY that which even if I did it wouldn’t work but cmon PLEASE FIX YOUR BUGS. also NOT a bug but please fix the issue where your Home Screen automatically refreshes it’s pointless and annoying and I have lost many pins bc of this stupid feature that nobody asked for and everybody ever hates. Your app used to function, what happened to that?.Version: 10.28

Please stop changing things all the timeWeekly updates to fix the bugs is good but it’s really unnecessary to make little changes constantly. For one, I can’t refresh a board/section by dragging the page downwards anymore, because doing that now just closes the board/section and I have to reopen it to refresh it. Obviously that’s not a huge inconvenience but I just think it was better the other way. One big problem though is that for a couple of months now the app hasn’t allowed me to move more than one pin at a time. The option to select the pins I want to move is available but there was no button to actually move/delete them. Then last night that option finally appeared... and now it’s gone again just a day later. I really love Pinterest, and the app is, in my opinion easier to navigate than the desktop website, but all these constant little changes are annoying. You know the saying, don’t fix what isn’t broken. Aside from those little things, this is a really good app..Version: 8.16

Great, but could use some improvementsPLEASE MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE SECTIONS WITHIN SECTIONS!!! I have talked to so many people about this and they all agree that it would make the app so much better. Basically every week since I first downloaded Pinterest I check to see if that was in the update but it never is. PLEASE consider. The only other complaint I have is that the homepage always refreshes when I don’t want it to. If I’m in Pinterest and I get a pop up saying that my battery is low or there’s WiFi connections nearby, it will refresh. Or if I swipe down to see my phone notifications, Pinterest will refresh when I swipe back into the app. This even happens when I barely even swipe it down at all. Very annoying. Other than those things, however, this is a great app and very addicting..Version: 9.19

Good concept but slightly annoyingI enjoy the idea of Pinterest but mostly to create my own boards for my own reference. I make them public but have no collaborators because I prefer to maintain my boards myself. I find the “ideas you might love” section on my boards to be distracting and also alter how I want my boards to appear. I’ve tried but can’t find a way to switch them off or get rid of them and would really appreciate the option to do so. Update: I keep asking for this option and I’m seriously frustrated at not being able to have my boards appear as I want them without input from Pinterest. I’d really appreciate YOUR FEEDBACK on why this seems to be mission impossible! I’m OCD and need my pins lined up in neat rows, even though I love the concept of Pinterest but I’m giving up on it soon, it’s doing my head in.Version: 6.47

Why are all the ads from scam sites?I love browsing and I would probably shop more items too, but 99% of the ads are from dropship companies that have terrible reviews for non-delivery and/or awful quality. Some quality control of advertisers would help me find things I actually want to buy..Version: 6.77

Home page is irrelevantIt’s an alright app, the only bad thing I can think of is that you can’t remove hashtags or topics or however the pinterest algorithm works, so if I search up one thing, suddenly my whole feed is filled with things that I stopped being interested in years ago. Even when I ‘hide pin’ similar pins still appear in my feed. I wish there were a way to filter through topics so that my feed could be more in tune to what I actually want to see when I log into the app..Version: 6.80

Worst update everWhy tf y'all take away the individual sections for boards bro add them back plz 😫🙏.Version: 9.38

Great app but a few problems 💛💛Hello I loved Pinterest as soon as I got it and I still do but the reason why I rated it a 4 star is because I kept having these 5 billionth search thing come up and the first time it happened I thought it was really cool that I was the 5 billionth search but this started to happen every time I would press on the pin to get more information on it and I am not sure if this is just happening to me or others who use Pinterest but I would still recommend It to anyone and the reason I am finding this a problem is because I am not sure if it’s fake or not because it seems a little sketchy! Hope you all have a lovely time using Pinterest 💛💛.Version: 8.40

Love the app, hate the updatesI love Pinterest but if you’re going to update the app and give me options of things to do, don’t take it away! I used to be able to like pins if I didn’t have a board to put it in. I can “react” to certain pictures but I can only use one reactions option and it’s not for all pins. So now I have a bunch of pointless boards so I can still see things that I like. I loved having the option of sections in boards because if I have a “house work” board I can do a section with the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, etc. It was a while since I updated and when I finally did, I wish I hadn't. I went to create sections for my travel board based on places to make it easier to plan my own trips and I can’t! I’m actually mad about this. And something that isn’t really a major issue but kinda disappointing is that when I come across a pin that I like and want to see more of, I tap on it. But sometimes it’s just an add and it takes me to a website. Which I guess I can see more by going through the website but I can usually access the website if I voluntarily tap on the picture after getting a preview. This is also the only app that closes out on me. I know it’s a free app and it takes a while to give the app its full potential but this isn’t really a new app anymore. Keep updates!!! When you bring in a new feature, don’t take it away from us! Some of us are (more like were) using those.Version: 8.7

Love this PinterestI really enjoy everything about it....Version: 6.34.1

ReviewI have been enjoying all the different subjects, ideas and crafts I found on Pinterest. Great selection!!.Version: iOS 6.55

Addicted but needs a lil work!!What Pinterest should add is like a download for videos. It’s annoying when I really like a video but have to screen record it all so that I can show my friends and stuff. If you could do that I would be grateful, and not only me but pretty much everyone! .Although I’m so addicted to this. I love just looking through. And as I said, I got addicted. I spend hours on there, and it feels like 30 minutes. There is always something knew. And when I finally convinced my friend to get it, she said he home area was bassicly her mind. It’s a great way to chat with your friends, I love sending them pins I’ve found. This is defiantly a must need. Ps. This is also a great way for inspo and ideas..Version: 9.20

PinterestLove this app soo super much it works so well never once has it glitched I definitely recommend this app for anyone that lives creative things and hacks but it also has heaps of aesthetic photos and lots of other cool things Thanks guys.Version: 6.68

This app is amazing!I only got this app today, but I’m actually in love with it! I play a lot of gaming, such as Roblox and the game I play is Bloxburg. My friend told me about this app because it has a lot of stuff to do with that game! And I find that really impressive! I’m not sure why people are complaining about the ads when u can just, scroll right through them. I’m having no trouble at all. Also this app who ever created it seems really helpful. As soon as u got on all u need to do is fill in details and then, ur in. But what I like also about it is that it asks u about what are ur, interests and stuff u like. So I rated a 5 star 🤗.Version: 7.8

Long-time user but hate some of the updatesI’ve loved Pinterest since a friend got me onto it, it’s perfect for my writing work and image references. I’ve stuck it out through the rough patches cause it’s just that handy. Small things here and there I can live with, but the most recent update has got things going pretty screwy and making it hard to use the mobile app. The most recent update took away the side-scrolling alphabet letter list on the board selection. I have A LOT of boards spread across TWO accounts, and I tend to move very fast when I get on a spree. And when I say a lot, I mean I’ve tapped out at the original board count before and i just keep going up! So you can imagine how time-consuming it is to have to manually scroll through Ever. Single. Board. to find the one I want to pin to. Please bring that back. Also, on the mobile app, the board selection tab while pinning is slippery AF. It’s so incredibly difficult to manually scroll cause the list keeps trying to slide itself closed at the bottom when I scroll up. If I’m trying to access boards not already in the top three selection, just throw the whole list open and keep it in place until the user closes it themselves, don’t let it go trying to close at it scrolls up or not open all the way when I’m trying to scroll down..Version: 8.44

Love Pinterest! BUTLove this app so much! It’s now my go-to... but few things have changed that’s annoying. Bring back the old newsfeed pls! I can’t see who pinned it unless I click on the actual pin. Seems all over the place now, can’t it be by recent pin. I want to see only the people I am following. With notifications, I think is a bit unnecessary because we already see what they pin on the NF but how come I also get notified by some friends pins even if I don’t follow them but I have them on other social networks? If I want to see their pins I would follow them. Also pls bring back the ‘like’ button. I just miss the old newsfeed 😩.Version: 6.38

A reviewOkay, i quite frankly love pinterest, but recently they’ve taken off the double tapp to ‘quick save’ feature. this really annoys me, because i simply cannot just scroll through my feed and add pins to my quick saves. this feature was really handy because you could go through after and sort through the quick saves board and put pins where you would like them to be. dear people who’ve created pinterest, please bring back the quick save feature!!!.Version: 6.75

Good overall, except for some major comments bugsHello!! Each update the UI gets much more readable and easy to use, which is a definite win!! Everything is more organised and clean :D however I have been experiencing some MAJOR comments bugs. I’ve tried the basics, such as restarting the app, redownloading the app, re-signing back into my account, going through the desktop version, and every single time comments have disappeared. They’ll show up in my notifications tab however when I click on them and it takes me to the comments chain it isn’t there, nor does it reappear. Sometimes entire comments chains are unopenable entirely. I’m not certain if this is a common issue or not, but overall this is my most common and frustrating gripe with the app. All else is fine, and gets better with each update!!.Version: 9.9

Am addicted to this app, but was better beforeI love this app and I am honestly on it way to much😅However, I hate that they took away the tried section on pins. We can l No longer post picture or videos in the comments. In my opinion, that was one of the best features. I loved putting my art in there and getting advice and seeing others and giving advice. It’s also fun to see people try singing videos and such. I wasn’t allowed to post and a lot of people are the same way, so that’s a way to share that isn’t actually posting. I understand what issues can occur, such as bad or inappropriate photos, but you can’t really escape that. There’s a reason reporting comments is a thing. Another thing, the home feed is always refreshing without me wanting it to. I will see a pin that looks really interesting and go to tap it but it will refresh randomly without me even swiping down and I lose it forever. Very frustrating. Other than that, I love this app. Edit: each update brings more issues lol. Not the report/edit/delete button on comments is gone. And I keep finding profiles of pedophiles and I try to report but the only option is for spam. I report anyways but I would like more options for reporting profiles like on comments. Still want picture comments back.Version: 10.28

PinterestLoverI have had Pinterest for more than three years now, and I love it. In fact, like many millions of others, I am a Pinterest addict. I haven’t been crazy about some of the changes made to the app, but I’m still pinning madly. I do have one comment to make though, about the age group for which Pinterest is recommended. I have seen images and content offensive to adults. Definitely not suitable for children under 15, and some, shouldn’t be viewed by anyone younger then 18. The new order of comment paragraphs is confusing, with the last at the top. Instinct is to read from the top of the page, but now you need to go down to find your first comment.I find it amusing that you inform me you’ve deleted a pic because of copyright, and show me a photo of a bowl of soup. What was the actual complaint about? The photo of a bowl of soup? The ingredients used to make the soup were stolen? Ha ha, guys, your random computer generated pics to send as cover for what you actually deleted, are hilarious. But when you send a pic of something I would not have pinned in a fit, that’s a bit disconcerting....Version: 7.2

5 Star PerformerPinterest is a wonderful tool for saving and sharing ideas, images and information. So simple and user friendly it gets 5 Stars from me..Version: 6.34.1

Great appThis is a really good app that helps you find great inspiration and ideas. I also love how it is not all about the followers in this app like it is for a lot of other apps. You get to really customise you profile and easily change it when ever you want. Adding on to all of that you can message friends, and if your child is getting into social media this is a great app to get them ready. You can view everything that you’re child is liking and following from your Pinterest page which is another plus. Just like other apps there are cons and one of them is the types of people on Pinterest that are not the good kind and also there can be hurtful comments etc. Otherwise this a great app.Version: 6.80

Good asMost of the people who use this app seem pretty chill and the app is consistently made better with each update- like the ppl who make these updates deserve hella credit- Tumblr take notes.Version: 6.35

Why i like pinterest!! :))Pinterest is an amazing opportunity to see awesome memes, pictures and jokes of ur fav tv shows, but also a great way to see cool costume and DIY (try it at home) ideas for ur every day life! u can interact with friends and followers, make specialised boards, and just browse through many great posts that people make. I would definitely recommend Pinterest to those who would be interested in that kind of thing, but even just anyone who has a favourite tv show or loves healthy food snack ideas! Nothing I can criticise on, just maybe the age rate is a little bit harsh when it comes to 13, because it’s not really like regular everyday social media. But other from that, well done Pinterest! -Cecilia Mary.Version: 6.58

Bring back A-Z list when saving pins please!Pinterest is my happy place, but ever so slightly less happy in this latest iteration where you have, for some inexplicable reason, removed the A-Z that runs down the side of the page. Now, when I click on a pin I want to save I have to scroll through my entire list of boards rather than being able to quickly jump to the letter of the alphabet in which the relevant board sits. Yeah, so this only adds a few seconds to my ‘journey’, but those seconds are precious! Plus if I scroll too far I can scroll back up again; rather, it just kicks me out instead of letting me scroll up and then I have to start again. Please consider reinstating the A-Z, or at least the ability to scroll up and down my list of boards. Many thanks 👍🏼.Version: 8.44

Everything but the ads!Love Pinterest, but loved it more without the repetitive, non interesting ads that never cause me to buy anything. In fact, I purposely don't purchase through a Pinterest link.Version: 6.34.1

This is AmazingPinterest is amazing I use it everyday I use it for my art ideas and I use it for ideas. For me it became a bit addictive and I spent to much time on it but it’s an amazing app and I recommend it to everyone..Version: 7.36

Love it but this update...Pinterest is great I love being able to sort out things I like into boards. However the new update layout is not great I prefer the old layout much more. When you click on an image to view you can’t really see the whole thing because the bottom bar comes up and it just looks terrible. Please change it back. That’s all thanks..Version: 7.36

LOVE but a tiny problemI’ve been using Pinterest since 2015. I absolutely love every new update y’all create, it makes Pinterest such a wonderful, clean, and creative community. I myself create idea pins, and my tiny creations have reached thousands of people! But this new update it’s getting hard to work with. Me, along with some other Pinterest users, are finding it hard to keep up with the story pins of accounts we follow. When you had the idea pins at the top of the home page, it was great to know which accounts were actively publishing content. I do think that with this update, I have been scrolling a lot more on Pinterest and finding new inspiration but many of my followers can’t find my story pins and same with me! I love Pinterest and I’m going to keep using it however it’s frustrating when I create pins that used to get 1.2k views and now my pins get 196… idk if you’ll even see this or do this but I have a few suggestions. Maybe as we scroll, you can come across the profile of a person you follow as it’s own pin- that way people will know that account has new content. Or go back to have the little circles at the top of the homepage, but only put the accounts with the most recent posts. Then you would have to scroll and come across older posts. Idk if this is even possible, but I thought I might as well try 😁 anyways thank you all for so much you do and always sparking my creativity :) - Lily (@moving_mountains).Version: 10.44

PINTEREST IS AMAZINGI downloaded Pinterest a week ago , because I needed it for my art class. I’ve been using it ever since. It’s amazing, and now, instead of google, I use Pinterest to search up DIY ideas. I share it with the world, and has helped me a lot. It’s way better than any other social medias out there. Thank u! 😘😍.Version: 6.42

Unable to open the app. Bug?Why can’t I open the app ? The app is good but I can open it anymore for somehow, I have used it for about 1 year and today it suddenly can’t be opened I tryed all the ways I could but it still doesn’t work it kicks me to the main screen right away. Is this a bug?.Version: 8.24

AwesomeAlways find stuff to laugh at, food to cook, decorating ideas..Version: 6.34.1

It’s good- but I have complaints.Pinterest is a good app and site to seek inspiration and catalogue it for later use, as well as use it for just leisure. But I’m getting increasingly frustrated with each update. First the search engine was removed despite many people protesting against it, then the comments section doesn’t allow you to reply to others (at least this one’s fixed) and now the homefeed is confusing to navigate on the app as well. I didn’t ask for this, and I’m pretty sure no one did. There’s been a trend where new features have been added or removed, and the company isn’t listening to its users. If it keeps up, I’m thinking of moving to another app..Version: 7.21

InvaluableI’ve been using Pinterest for years and it’s been the greatest way to find references for drawing, ideas for outfits, new recipes, funny memes, fan art for series I enjoy and a whole bunch more. I’ve never had any issues with the app over different phones, and I highly recommend it. :).Version: 7.39

Where did the “Like” button go?I’m all about Pinterest. I love the recipe and meal ideas, the seasonal outfit ideas, the cookie & cake decorating ideas and the ability to find awesome ideas for parties I’m planning. When I first started using Pinterest, years ago, not only could you save a pin, you could click on a little heart and like it. Where did that go? Now, on another person’s board, I saw a little lightbulb in the bottom left of the pin that said to tap and hold for reactions. This is great but when I went into my board to check out my pins it didn’t have that feature. I’d kind of like the option to like a pin again, especially pins personal pins, not just re-pinned things. Will everyone eventually get these reaction buttons? I really hope so. I guess what I’m saying is it would be great if someone saw a pin that was of, say, my own personal content, they would both have the option to “Like” it and to re-pin it. It be nice for the person who’s putting their own content on Pinterest to know if their followers like what they’re pinning. Other than that I think maybe you could slow down on the ads a little. I know Pinterest is free, which is fabulous, but ads popping up more than once or twice during a video is really annoying..Version: 8.2.1

Great for visual referencesI love the look of pinterest, how it gives you similar pictures to one youre looking at when you scroll down. Theres a wealth of stuff on here with links to sites if you need. I use it alot for lego builds as there is some real good ideas Its my favourite app to browse and its refreshing not to be filled with selfies but just images of things you might find relevant It does freeze on occasion normally when you try to zoom in. But you can download or save images to a board to look at later After google stopped downloads because some photo stock company got their knickers in a twist i rely on this app and bing for reference photos i can download. Really a great app, honestly.Version: 7.25

PinterestThis is the best app ever and you can search for ideas and crafts and such cute dogs 😛 🐶I personally use this every and instead of using google for ideas Pinterest has a wide and wonderful selection of what people have posted for example Easter is coming up and I wanted to make a card and used Pinterest I am so surprised that it hasn’t ended because it’s amazing and I use so much!!!!!!!!!! You can find so many ideas and it picks up what you have been looking at and gives you a wide selection selection on what you’ve been looking at it adapts to what you like seeing. Want to make ads, run a business well Pinterest has that, manage a business account or just casual browsing on there post photos or videos ALLL OF WHAT I SAID WITH THE BUSINESS AND STUFF IS ALL FOR FREE NO PAY I love IT SOOOOOOO MUCH I really love my whole family uses it and when you sign in all you have to have to sign in is have a google account LOVE FROM Pinterest lover.Version: 9.9

Pop-up notifications too bigI’ve been a fan of Pinterest for many years. I’ve seen the way the app has changed visually quite a few times. I loved it then and still do now. One thing I’d like to change is the way notifications look when I save or delete something. The banner that tells me that I’ve successfully saved a pin to a board, blocks a portion of the next pin that I’m currently looking at. It’s too large (a big white bar) and stays on the screen a bit longer than I would like. I’d like to see a more minimal design: thinner banner, smaller font, maybe less opaque, and disappears quickly. Perhaps it could just be a simple checkmark with the name of the board the pin was saved to. if I was a casual user who only saved a few pins at a time, it probably wouldn’t bother me so much. But I tend to fall into a rabbit hole of inspo and pin so many photos to different boards that the huge pop-up hinders the experience. It would be great if I could move through photo to photo more smoothly. It’s something super minimal, but I really don’t have an issue with anything else apart from this. When there are unexpected issues within the app, I find it’s pretty easy to get around the problem and it gets resolved fairly quickly by the team (very good job on that part). It’s just this banner thing that’s not up to me to change and it’s something I encounter every time I’m on Pinterest..Version: 9.12

PinterestingHave had Pinterest for a while now. Love it. Great for collecting ideas for later use..Version: 6.34.1

Really good but...Pinterest is an amazing app and it’s really benefiting me. I can find cute wallpapers and good life hacks throughout this app. Furthermore, I like how I can save certain posts to my own libraries. However, I think it would be a good idea to add a tab so you only see people you are following, and not unrelated posts. I also think it would be good to add a filter option so you only see posts related to your main interests. For example, I really like My Hero Academia, but I always find unrelated posts on my main page. So I think it would be cool to add a filter option so you could filter interests. A few ideas are: “Anime” “Life Hacks” “Cooking” “Makeup” “Travel” “News” “Aesthetic” etc. Other than that the app is truly amazing and I would recommend downloading it.Version: 8.24

Suggestion approvedLove this app it gives great suggestions on stuff you show an interest in which leads to things you would or may have passed. Keep up the great work and creating happy pinners..Version: 6.34.1

I love Pinterest, b u t!Pinterest is my procrastination inspiration, good, bad, who’s to decide? Anyway, I have minor issues with the app: after a while of scrolling through the “posts” (or immediately as I select a post) the structure of the app would split the screen, able to look and interact with two posts at once. Though rad at times, in the end it’s quite bothersome, unable to completely view a single post. It’s likely a bug, or maybe an issue with my phone, however I have no clue how to send complaints, so here. Review. Great app, highly recommend if you don’t have a deadline..Version: 8.14

So many ideas!Not just about crafts and gardens, so many topics and categories there’s bound to be something that interests you. Warning... you can waste a lot of time on Pinterest!.Version: 6.78

Some issues overall great app and spaceThe issues I have is I can’t seem to comment tried pins on desktop or mobile. It’s like the feature disappeared, there wasn’t any indication of what happened because I’m not the only one experiencing the trouble. It was a nice social feature and I like seeing other people’s tried stuff. Please bring back. It would also be nice to have to carousel feature on mobile like other social platforms where you can share multiple images in one post. This problem didn’t bother me as much. Otherwise this app has so many good features, content, user interface and friendly online presence..Version: 9.39.1

Who needs to buy magazines?Pinterest is just like your favourite house and garden magazine with scrapbook or bookmarking built in. The photos are 90% classy. You can create folders, and each time you log in, their algorithm picks great new suggestions. Also great for recipes and style in every way..Version: 6.36.1

BoardsPinterest is the most used app I have ever been on, and I love making boards and saving images and videos but I just think that, since I and others have many boards, there should be a search bar for searching up your boards to not waste time scrolling up and down through all of the boards trying to find the board to put it in, but overall Pinterest is a great app and I highly recommend people to download it for many inspirations, quotes, memes, hacks, ideas, shopping, wallpapers, etc. <3.Version: 10.25

FollowingThe statement below was my previous rating, till I realized that Pinterest created an old-school space under the "following" tag where I only see images from people I'm following... exactly why people fell in love with Pinterest to begin with. thank you so much for going back to the basics, and even though you still have these whack ads, they're on the "home" section, not the "following" one, so yay!!! please don't muck it up with ads on the "following" section. what you did is genius, and now everyone should be happy. old review: why, Pinterest? why? I don't understand why you continue to push pins from people I don't follow. I don't follow them for a reason. don't you understand that pinterest is visual therapy for many, that is, they log in and get much relief from seeing all the ideas they've pinned as well as pins from people or boards they follow. but then we see ugly images that are supposedly taken from our own interests, and they muck up the whole flow of image therapy. then I have to click "hide" one image after the other after the other until I get so sick and tired of seeing the same ugly pics and just close the app. you guys are whack..Version: iOS 6.55

Super Star for the art studentPinterest is super handy for when I need to organise my art resources and references for my design degree! I've got folders for all my projects and the feed page has some really great suggestions based on what I've already pinned. I especially love the Pinterest button that allows me to pin to my boards super easily while I'm browsing different websites. A major asset to my degree, couldn't live without it and recommend it to all my class mates..Version: 6.34.1

LOVE THIS GAME!Ok this game is the BEST EVER! I like this game because, it’s 12+ and it’s a fun relaxing! I can just sit and scroll and be me, I also love how you make the saved folders like; you save a pic and then you can make a folder for it and save it to that! So that’s great but……… the only prob is that this game is really SLOW to LOAD it takes like 10 to 20mins sometimes, so that’s ANNOYING but…….. Overall I recommend this game because everything is absolutely FREE, and it’s absolutely AMAZING! EXCEPT for the little bugs, but that might not happen to you because my iPad is really FULL! So that might be a reason, MAYBE MAYBE NOT idk 🤷‍♀️ but hopefully it DOSE’NT happen to U!! Hope U get the GAME because it’s AMAZING AND FREE AND RELAXING!! 😊😌✨THE MAKERS OF THIS GAME ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND LEDGANDS!! Kind/Happy regard’s Jess.Version: 10.23

Something I don’t understandTo the developers of Pinterest: i have gotten an email from u guys and I understand but can u tell me which pins who removed? Because I just wanna know because some of it I didn’t save or maybe some else did. But thank u for getting in contact with me I understand there was a copyright issue even tho I didn’t know what or Which picture was it but if u can show me some of it than I will know it mine I save or someone hacked my account and post a copyright pictures or idk but again I am sorry for the copyright even tho i don’t know which pins but yeah I understand anyways I love Pinterest even tho I have to delete my account for my own reasons. And thank you for making a app that is really fun and wonderful hope u read this.Version: 8.33.1

Great MotivatorI truly enjoy Pinterest for the myriad of ideas, the plethora of pictures and the intellectual offerings in order to make the array of Pinterest Recipes, Designs and ideas galore. Fantastic motivational system it could be called Pintovator !! Thanks everyone for contributing to my day (and Nocte)👍.Version: 6.70

Great, but...I’ve been using Pinterest for quite some time and I love it - however, it changed and now it’s really annoying when you go to the home page and then to the updates page for a quick check, the home page updates itself without control and you loose what you wanted to look at. Can’t the developers add an option or something, to have better control on this?? I tried to find ‘contact’ in the help page, but nothing... it’s a pity, and the home page gets busy with adds and irrelevant stuff - it’s such a great idea as app and I love the albums I’ve made over the years, but I’m becoming less keen in using it now....Version: 6.70

A small bugI love this app, I’ve just gotten back into it after a few years away. One problem I have is that I can’t see all my boards when I’m saving or moving pins. I can’t scroll down to see all my boards, so I have to save it in another board & then move it from there, if it allows me to see the 1st board I am looking for. This is annoying when I’m trying to reorganise my boards. Only downside of this entire app.Version: 8.44

Best thing everThanks to Pinterest I can express myself throughout creativity and just art boards and just all these boards that I can make and I can express myself through them I think my favorite two boards is probably my Jesus Christ one and my photography because those are two really important things in my life and this is a really great app for all ages and I do recommend it to anyone who is eligible to have it. And I first got it when I was about 11 and I just got an iPod not a phone but my parents wouldn’t let me have any kind of social media so this was kind of like a social media for me and I very much enjoyed it you can fine inappropriate things on there if you search them up I have never search them up but if you click on the wrong link or something it could lead to something so just be mindful when you have your kids on there it will ask you of like things that you’re interested in just make sure that you are looking over that because there are things on there that maybe you should look over with them other than that it’s an excellent app and in less you’re truly searching for something or you just click the wrong link you won’t find anything bad and I truly absolutely for the very last time do you recommend it to all thanks!.Version: 6.41.1

InspirationalFantastic place to visit for new ideas, re-framing old ideas, becoming unstuck, and providing instant thought provoking INSPIRATION! Also excellent reference for viewing places/historical events/items of clothing/household items/health tips, ideas and recipes/animal picture! Just an amazing INTERACTIVE site! Being able to load up your own photos and build up boards of thoughts/ideas/feelings etc! I really hope that this UNIQUE site does not cave in to PC madness gagging everyone nowadays. It is my belief as an Artisan that PINTEREST is the TOP site available today as it COVERS EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! You can literally get lost in it! My view of Pinterest ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯👍.Version: 6.34.1

Love itI LOVE this app. Me and all my friends from school message on it and it’s so fun. I really recommend this app to everyone in the world lol 😂. But I do have a recommendation for y’all. You should defo add a like video chat FaceTime type thing and I wold honestly try to rate it a six. Other then that thingo I love it 🥰 soooo cool if you guys could add my recommendation in the next update 😝..Version: 7.24

Great app, butGreat app, but why are all of my push notifications wrong? I keep getting told of new followers, saves, and pins tried, and when I go to Pinterest, I have the same amount of notifications, but different, such as suggestions for my boards. I’m not too happy about that..Version: 6.38.1

Constant ChangingI have been a Pinterest user since the very VERY early days- when it was by invitation only. There is no doubt that Pinterest was and still has the potential to be an amazing platform- but the constant changes to the experience are too much. I was prepared to accept the annoying suggested pins repeatedly showing me things I’d already pinned... I was happy to accept sponsored posts...even the new full screen ones. The “following” tab was a perfect compromise between Pinterest new and of old- but now on the mobile app you can only see one following image at a time, ensuring you spend no time with your “follow” community and forcing you back to the home page. Once again Pinterest (badly) calls the shots with no regard to the users and their communities who built the platform to what it is..Version: 7.0

Quick save is annoyingI use it a lot and I really like all the ideas and memes and everything One thing tho: The new feature (quick save) is really frustrating and time consuming and actually takes more time than just saving a pin to a certain section of a board. For example Let’s say I have a bonuses about animals, and in that board there is a section/subsection whatever you want to call it, of dogs. Before I would click Save>Animals>Dogs and that wasn’t the most efficient but it was easier to have that option. Now, with “quick save” I have to do: Save>Animals>Change>choose section>animals> dogs That’s longer isn’t it? And I get the idea of saving it then sorting it afterwards but I don’t always want to do that because I’m not THAT organised-I just want to explore some pins and then save them somewhere simple but still easy to find later¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways who knows I might be using it wrong but if I am maybe some sort of instructions within the app on how to use(or disable) quicksave would be appreciated Thanks and pls reply/change that feature, apart from that I love this app!! From: Pinterest User.Version: 9.11

Love the app, but not some of the updatesI’ve had this app, and an account, for 8-10 years, and it’s one of my favorite apps! What I love is: -There are tons of pins, covering vast topics, ideas, images, etc. -The boards are pretty easy to search -I can go into my profile, type in some general words, and find what I’m looking for nearly every time. What I don’t like is: -The app refreshes if you leave it to look at something (unless you have one pin up on your screen, then it mostly won’t refresh, except when it’s been too long), which causes you to lose the pin(s) you were looking at (I recall looking at a pin for a door that was flat, round (think a Hobbit-type door, but glass, not wood), and had panels of stained glass that rotated around the circle/away from the lock on the door when you cranked the door handle in order to open said door, and I can’t find it anywhere. I have tried to look and am out of ideas for how to search for it) -When you go to save a pin, the top 3 boards that come up are the most recent ones you’ve pinned to (it used to be that the app anticipated the top 1-3 boards most relevant to the pin you’re trying to pin in that moment) -I have a Screenshot board (that was something added by the app, as an automatic way to save pins when you screenshot them), and now the app doesn’t do it anymore, so I now have to go through all those pins and sort them into their relevant boards.Version: 10.4

Great app and endlessly entertainingUsed to be 5 stars. Lowered it because I do not like that some ads play sound. I am trying to browse on a bus or something when all of a sudden it blasts out this ad for a tv show. Very embarrassing. I love Pinterest because every time you open it there is something new to look at. There’s a never ending amount of things to see. Your feed is totally customizable so you can see things you’re interested in and avoid things you’re not. If Pinterest shows you something you’re not interested in you just say I don’t want to see things like that and it learns your preferences. You can keep everything you see saved on boards organized however you want. I don’t even have any other apps on my phone for entertainment except Pinterest because nothing else compares!! Also, you don’t have to be a girl to use Pinterest! There’s tons of guy things from cars to fishing and hunting to at home DIY projects. You can use Pinterest for literally everything in your life whether it’s cooking or clothes or entertainment or nature or music, it doesn’t matter.... it has everything!! Do not like the new borders around the pins when you open them..Version: 10.13

AmazingThis app is amazing I use it for basically everything I get meals from here clothes from here I also just like looking at all the nice vibes on here in the evening it’s calming. It’s kinda like google just in pictures. Honestly I don’t know how I would live without Pinterest the only thing I would like is since story pins has been made my home feed has been filled with story pins and I have to skip all of them and it’s really annoying I like just looking at the pictures. There should be a tab in settings where you can turn of story pins from your feed so you don’t have to look at all the story pins that people have made it just over crowds my home feed. Apart from that, this a very simple easy working app. I use it every day I couldn’t live without it..Version: 8.37

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