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Pinterest App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pinterest app received 112 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pinterest? Can you share your negative thoughts about pinterest?

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Why have you done this ?This app used to be perfectly functional but now it is completely dysfunctional . The purpose of Pinterest is to save “pins” and sort them into “boards” so that you may have an organized place to save various pictures/ links of different themes . Now , every pin you save automatically saves to something called “profile” and if you want to sort it into a specific board you have to go out of your way to change it which is a huge pain . In addition , you are no longer allowed to look at your boards so even if you sort your pins into them you’re only allowed to look at the pins all mixed together in an big ol’ mess . On top of that , now whenever you search for anything it automatically searches for only things that are for sale and you have to manually change it to search the whole of Pinterest . I have spent so much time struggling to find pins I was searching for only to realize it was searching in the “shopping“ tab and that was why I couldn’t find anything . So , essentially they took away the core purposes of the app for no good reason . When will companies start to understand that corporate greed is not going to make them money and is instead the best way to drive your business into the ground ? Please just put this app back to the way it was ..Version: 9.24

The ads man...Y’all really need to chill on the ads. I can’t even listen to music while in the app anymore😭.Version: 9.27

Good app, but a few features need to be re-added!I really like the app, but I actually liked it more a few updates ago - why on earth has the filter been removed from the search feature? It was so useful to filter whether you were searching by pin, board, or user. Now we can only search by pin. Please bring this filter back! The other thing that has been removed is the ability to view a homepage of people you are ‘following’ - I followed them for a reason, so it made total sense to have a feed just of pins from ‘followed’ users/boards. Why has this been removed? Again, great app, but these two features were ones I used every time I was on the app, and I cannot understand why they would be removed. Please consider putting them back!.Version: 9.16

Please bring back the swipe right and left feature!I don’t know why this feature would ever be removed. It’s akin to Instagram removing a scroll feature on the main feed - it makes no sense. That was the browse feature of the app. Having to click in and out if a pin to see if you like it is time consuming and makes being on the app far less enjoyable. Please stop ruining this app. This feature was already removed from web browsers years ago and that was crappy enough, now it’s only available on the phone app. I will quit Pinterest all together if it’s removed from there..Version: 9.30

Love the app but there’s a problemI love the app but recently when I go into the app the screen turns white or black completely and stays like that and I have to restart it/clear the app and also somethings when it does occasionally work when I stop at a page ex. When I want to read something it freezes and I have to clear the app again until it works rarely..Version: 6.43

Love the app, but it is not perfect AT ALL ...LOOK i love pinterest, i started using this app regularly in 2020 but dear GOD are there a lot of flaws. A main one that a lot of ppl seem to agree on is the amount of ads... look pinterest we get it y'all have to eat to but there's A LOT of ads, and they overshadow the actual pins since there's so many of em!! Another issue i've had is how i can't customize which boards i wanna see in my home screen.. it's always up to the app to decide which boards will appear in my homescreen. Sometimes it will let me actually click done and it still doesn't appear!! I don't even have the option to remove boards from the homescreen it's rlly annoying ...(idk if this is a glitch on my acc or if it's pinterest doing this). Another MASSIVE issue for me is when the home screen refreshes even though i don't swipe down?? I've lost so many great pins bcuz of this option please remove it.... make it like other social medias where the home screen doesn't refresh unless u swipe down... Also according to others in the reviews, there used to be an option to search up boards by names... whyd u remove it?? that is such a great option?? Also plz let us report people for other things that aren't spam for the love of god.... There are a lot of pretty good updates like the sections update, picking ur board cover update and more, but the flaws are really annoying....Version: 10.21

What happened?Every update I get so disappointed. Ever since the try feature got removed Pinterest has been getting worse and worse. Notice how the good reviews only are from years ago, when it didn’t go downhill.Version: 10.8

End your soundless testingPlease hear out the complains, they're valid. The Pinterest Team recently forced a "new feature" on their users (which everyone absolutely loathes) and it's made using the app a real pain. It's an automatic save to a ghost board called "Profile", and to put pins in the boards you want them in, you have to go ahead and resave them once you find out where this board is. Online forums and their email support's inbox are full of complains, and still they refuse to give us an option out of their feature testing. The issue is they added more unnecessary steps to saving pins into the boards you want them in, and every time you try to delete this "quick save/profile" board, it magically reappears. If it were an option, it'd be fine. But it's not, now you have to go through these extra steps for EVERY PIN, and it's unavoidable. Many users are already talking about giving up the app, and they will unless Pinterest regains its senses and offers an option out. Then it would be actual testing, and you'd get a sound statistic of whether it's a necessary and/or appealing feature. Otherwise, Pinterest's great days are long behind them. Tic-toc..Version: 9.23

Great app when it worksAfter being an avid user for years, this week I’ve experienced the lack of support Pinterest offers. I cannot upload to Pinterest and the help options are irrelevant so no help from the help centre. I’ve deleted and redownloaded 3 times, Ive checked settings etc etc etc and without any way of asking the right question I’m left frustrated and without any resolution. A thumbs down from me. ☹️.Version: 6.44.1

STOP refreshing!There is literally nothing I hate more about this app than the fact that if I conduct a search or look at my pins, regardless of where I am on the home page, it will refresh. I should only get refreshed, new pin suggestions if I refresh manually. Otherwise I’ve lost numerous potential pins because this app believes that every time I leave the app or leave the apps main page I want to refresh my pins. This is the single most annoying part of this app by far..Version: 8.15

GET READY FOR GARBAGE!Want an app seems worthwhile but is guaranteed to inundate you with garbage on a daily basis? Pinterest is for you! Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things Pinterest’s algorithms will decide you’re really interested in something completely irrelevant. If you want to follow grown-up subjects like art or graphic design Pinterest will make sure you see nothing but fingernail painting and revolting foods. Interested in architecture? Pinterest has you covered with hundreds of pins showing home-schooling plans and dodgy financial advice. Like book design? You’ll see more hair braiding and weight-loss tips than you can shake a stick at! And the advertising! Always on target. Pinterest knows you’re sure to decide on your next car or make other major financial plans on the basis of companies they promote. You’ll see plenty of pins about vacations you can’t afford and products no sensible person would buy. But don’t bother blocking them (or anything, really) - they’ll be back next week whether you want to see them or not. And the support team TOTALLY has your back! Pinterest takes your concerns seriously, with responsive feedback that ignores your complaints, blames you for problems, and retaliates by doubling down on content you’re guaranteed not to love. Pinterest? Might as well be Insta. Or FB. Or nothing at all. P.S. All these problems are worse since I posted this review! Nice way to treat a user!.Version: 10.21

What have you done?Oh dear, Pinterest. What have you done? I used to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest. It was my favourite app on my phone. Now I barely bother to look at it. My feed consists of adverts and pins that I’m no longer interested in. I used to love that I could browse through different categories - where’s that gone? How can I find inspiration when there’s nowhere to look? I loved looking at the humour section and used to chuckle away all evening but since the adverts were introduce there was nothing worth seeing. The same with the quotations section. I always used to find something that resonated with me and then suddenly it was full of banal rubbish with hardly a decent quote in sight. Pinterest used to help me find trends for my business too - you could see how many times an item was pinned or liked (don’t even get me started on how the ‘like’ button disappeared. Sack the person who implemented that) but even that’s gone now. Come on Team Pinterest, get your act together. It was a great app. You need to make it great again.Version: 6.58

Unnecessarily loud adsDeleting app until there is a mute option for ads. I get why adds are necessary, but if I have to mute my phone just to scroll, it’s not worth it. I can just use Instagram..Version: 10.8

Liked the app until …I have been enjoying the Pinterest app for a while, but when I am presented with a screen requesting my personal information (in this case my birthday) in order to be able to continue using the app, it makes no longer want to use this app. I have removed the app from my devices, and I hope others do the same..Version: 11.10

Constantly pushes salesThe app now constantly pushes sales for similar products to what you’re looking at with annoying white dots all over the photo and pop ups. What was a simple browsing experience now requires a lot more taps. Stop ruining the experience with your greed, Pinterest..Version: 9.20

Please fix this for the love of ChristIt is annoying (and frankly enraging) that when I exit a pin on my board, it brings me all the way to the top of the board. Who thought this was a good idea? WHO? It’s so annoying. Please fix this. I’ll pay you to fix this. Hell, I’ll do anything. I love to go through my boards and see the pins I made and when it brings me all the way to the top, I have to scroll ALLLL the way back down! Please please fix this guys. Please. God love ya. Fix this..Version: 11.2

Quick SaveI don’t know what’s going on with the new quick save feature but it’s not worth it. It seems to be interfering with the rest of the app experience. Since it’s introduction, I’ve been unable to see my boards and pins and have to constantly delete and re-download the app to make it work again and see my boards and pins..Version: 9.19

Menu buttons intrusiveI love Pinterest and use it all the time to scroll images and screenshot text based content. However the new update has really large and intrusive navigation when viewing a pin. The fade and the white controls at the top blocks content and dulls the colour. The View/Save solid bar at the bottom on long pics makes the viewing window way too small. Please make these controls less intrusive so we can properly see and enjoy the pins. Really enjoying the sorting feature to sort older large boards into sub boards. Much easier to reorganise..Version: 9.38

ProbsCan't search boards?.Version: 9.28.1

GlitchIt’s having issues, when you click on a pin. It doesn’t open it goes to “More like this” instead.Version: 11.15.1

Ads are ruining this app!I have loved this app for a long time and will continue to use it for recipes etc. But it’s SO disappointing that they have sold out and ruined the pins with annoying dots with links to sell stuff. Pinterest was supposed to be about ideas and sharing things. Not just ads. The constant annoying ads are definitely ruining the app for me..Version: 9.29

Plagued with advertisements: garbage experienceI came here just to let you know that this used to be an OK app and was great for following various interests, but now it seems that corporate greed has taken an unhealthy investment in it and you can’t scroll more than a few images without having your intelligence insulted by stupid advertisements for stupid gimmick products. Don’t bother with it. The experience is ruined. I can almost feel what little IQ I have left literally leaking out of my eyeballs as I use it..Version: 10.20

Have I reached the end of Pinterest?I think I've reached the end of Pinterest! I keep seeing the same content over and over again. I only follow around 3000 people's Ms follow more every week. I have 9000 followers--which my number of followers slowed down significantly when they changed the feeds and algorithms. I can no longer see the people who follow me--even though my number of followers go up, it's no longer adding profiles to the followers section. I am so sick of seeing advertisements and sponsored content that have NOTHING to do with anything that I would ever want to see from Home Depot (I think we all kinda know about Home Depot at this point) to Pantene hair commercials. The settings for automatic video play do not work. And dare I use the "show me more like this button"; CLEARLY Pinterest's taste level has a bug since it usually looks NOTHING like what I've just pinned. I preferred the only method of see who else has pinned this pinned so that you could start following others with your same taste level and subject matter. Pinterest has become almost as bad as Houzz for the masses and has become very hard to curate sophisticated collections of idea boards. I use Pinterest to work with my clients and promote my business. There are very few settings that you can change and I am so tired of seeing the same content over and over again! Oh wait, I already said that--well now you know how it feels!.Version: 6.36

Could do with some crucial fixesOk so I enjoy Pinterest for being able to organise a lot of pictures for inspirational stuff. However, since the update there seems to be a glitch where the screen appears as if it’s stuck between two pins, and I can only see half of the image and scroll underneath like normal. It’s hard to fix up again and I end up losing whatever images I wanted to use because restarting the app seems to be the only solution. On top of that, there seems to be a seperate glitch where if you try to rearrange pins on a board, a single image might be flagged or glitchy in some way and you can’t rearrange any pins if that one is touched or moved at all, which leads to “error” and causing everything to go back to where it was, or crashing the app. I WOULD go back and delete the pin to prevent this, but there is no way if indicating which pin this is, or why it’s even doing this in the first place. It becomes tiresome quickly Otherwise, fun app that accommodates to my need for visual stimuli.Version: 7.41.2

Disappointed with moves away from original productPinterest continues to make more changes that move the app further and further away from why I use it: to find, save, and share ideas. I finally decided to write this review because the primary “+” button now isn’t for pins but for Instragram-like “stories”. Now you have to hunt to find the right “+” button under profile to add a pin from a website. Additionally, users no longer have control to edit the title and description of pins. Just notes to self or comments. I used to use this heavily for describing my modifications to recipes or notes on what I’d like to do on a particular project with my wife. The loss of control is frustrating. Lastly, Instagram’s approach to advertisements is anti-customer. I understand the need to monetize, but PLEASE don’t make the interaction so challenging that it “traps” your users in the ad. Two examples of this: 1) you can’t swipe down to dismiss an ad like you do any other pin - you have to reach up to the top-left of your screen and tap on the small back arrow, and 2) swiping up opens the ad instead of showing similar content - so then you have to tap “done” and the back arrow to get back to normal content. Instead, you should make the interaction/navigation similar to all other content. Your ads are “landmines” and I get so frustrated when I tap on one. Doesn’t have to be that way..Version: 9.34

ALL of my accounts deleted by pinterestI LOVED pinterest - it was my favourite app. then yesterday, when i tried to log into my account, i found that it had been deactivated. i have seven accounts to i tried to log into one of my others to let my followers know but that, too had been deactivated. ALL of my accounts were deleted by pinterest. randomly. i contacted them many times to no avail. i even made two new accounts to contact my followers but they wer deactivated the second i tried to log in again. i am so devastated - i worked so hard on every single one of my accounts and for them to just be deleted? i had worked so hard - i had thousands of followers. i hope that this is a glitch that can be fixed, as i cannot think of a reason why each NEW account i make is deactivated too..Version: 9.26

Ads are getting worseVideo ads with sound make the app slower and interrupts/pauses if you’re listening to something while browsing.Version: 9.33

BadI have heard good things about this app but I have never gotten the chance to even experience it. Because I have tried over and over and over again to try make a account but nooooooooo pinterest doesn’t let me and I am in the age group to be able to make an account and all I wanna do is scroll on pinterest and chat with my friends but I can’t do that and this isn’t the first time I have had issues with trying to make an account I tried the start of December last year but nope and now I have tried again today and still no if this doesn’t get fixed I will start to warn people about this and tell them they should talk to you guys about it and I don’t like being mean and I don’t think that is mean I just want to get on to pinterest and that’s a good thing for you guys but there is other a bug or something going on that you guys have not realised about and idk why it’s not working I have checked all the information and everything I am doing is right soooooo idk Kind regards.Version: 10.10

PinterestOn the whole ,ok, but don’t like it bouncing away from pins I am just trying to capture. Love the picture view, have bought stuff just on great photo looks, but having some issues with setting up my own business account. And some stores seem to overwhelm users with their multiple ads / pins. However, biggest issue I have is while trying to set up business acct, it gives instructions to add metatag and html file, but the instructions when followed lead to message bar and external contacts only. Tried so many times that I finally deleted app and tried to reload it but Pinterest says my business email is taken by another user. THAT’S ME! Logging in from web browser gets me nowhere useful, so please contact me and sort this out, it is driving me crazy..Version: 7.4.1

Noisy Ads!UPDATE - why do you continue to update with more annoying things. It’s like you saw my review below and thought ‘let’s annoy her more’. Now it’s noisy video ads. I’m scrolling through and suddenly there is this blast of just NOISE from a pointless ad!!! Why????? My friend and I used to joke (with a huge element of truth), that Pinterest was our salvation...our meditation room. When we were stressed, or needed to unwind, we'd go to Pinterest. I've given up lots of my favourite relaxation channels lately; magazines, TV, radio, Facebook....all for the same reason....TOO MANY ADS!!!! I am SO fed up with ads...I can't stand their overuse and I've made it my mission to not purchase things that over advertise. So I am livid now with the amount of ads on Pinterest now. It used to be the odd one or two, but I am now finding roughly every 6th image is an ad. I am constantly selecting the 'I just don't like ads' option, but this seems to prompt more. I really hate this and Pinterest is no longer a pleasure. If there is an option to pay to get rid of them, please let me know...I will consider paying so I can enjoy the service again. But please....enough!!!! You really do cheapen yourself by resorting to the amount of ads you show!.Version: 9.29

ALL Ads & Algorithm. NO (real) friendsThe Sponsored Pins are out of control. I see sponsored content more than I see my own friend’s post (and I mean face-to-face friends). On multiple occasions the sponsored posts have opened without any intentional interaction on my part; just from my scrolling through the app or when searching for something. But I have to put an effort just to see what an individual friend’s personal activity/recent pins. I feel like a creep. And now I’m getting told “Hire an interior designer from [sponsor]” when I’m just tryna look at a bookcase! That’s too far. I’ve been on Pinterest since it’s was invite only and now it’s overcrowded with multi-level marketing schemes and aggressive sponsored ads posing as real pins. I miss seeing my REAL life friend’s posts, not just what some AI algorithm thinks I want. And what’s up with the pop-up asking “did you find what you were looking for?”, why do you need an answer when I don’t even know what I was looking for? It’s just as uncomfortable as having a sales associate invading your personal space and following you around the store tryna make a sale sell when you’re just trying look around. That behavior is what keeps people from making a purchase or coming back again. Now I’m concerned with how my data is being used. Don’t pull a Facebook Pinterest, I’d hate to see you go down like them and lose the trust of your users..Version: 6.71

Updates are becoming ridiculousI used to love Pinterest but the updates in the past year have become increasingly impractical and honestly ridiculous. - Bring back the ‘Explore’ section, because that is what Pinterest is about, isn’t it? Bad call to remove it. - When I get a notification saying that a comment of mine has been liked, if I click the comment it takes me to the post but removes the option to send the post or save it anywhere? What is the point of removing this feature? To make the pin take up more of the screen? Undo this please? - The group board features are botched and I’m not sure if my complaint only applies to one (the ‘SAGA Group Board’), but in the ‘Activity’ tab everyone has to scroll down to get to the recent activity as some notifications are permanently stuck at the top. I thought that this was just a bug and would be squashed soon but this has remained a problem for over seven months now. A request - For Business profiles, can we be able to arrange which pictures go in which slots (in the banner at the top) and be able to focus them on the right parts instead of them being cropped oddly. I would be like to be able to organise them and make it more aesthetic please. Overall a good app, but slowly declining in quality..Version: 7.18

Bev D.My daughter got me started on Pintrest! It is an awesome program! Breakfast and Pintrest - doesn't get any better! Now I find so many pins with advice for things that I have absolutely no interest in, continually over and over again.Version: 6.34.1

I have three things that I would like fixedFirst of all Pinterest has WAY to many adverts on it now. Every time I go onto Pinterest a million of the exact same ads just it me in the face and I don’t want to use Pinterest anymore because of it. The second thing is that when I try to zoom in on pins the screen just freezes and I have to go out of Pinterest in order to continue using it. The third and final thing is that when I try to reply to a comment, the ‘add’ button is covered up by the bar at the bottom of the screen. This is very annoying and means that I can’t reply to any questions or thank people for nice replies and stuff like that. I don’t like using the app as much anymore because it just isn’t what I would expect (nor want) from an app as big as Pinterest. really hope that these things get fixed and that I can enjoy your app once more. Hope you understand and help me to enjoy Pinterest again. Thanks, Leah.Version: 6.71

Love it! However...I am completely in love with Pinterest. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t spend at least an hour or two scrolling through pins. However I and some of my friends are experiencing some problems, like not being able to send messages to each other directly in the inbox. And it seems we can’t send each other more than one pin within a span of 30 seconds because a notification pops up saying it’s trying to “combat spam” even though my friends and I are TRYING to spam each other with pins that we would absolutely love. I don’t know whether this is a bug problem in terms being unable to send each other message within the inbox section, but it would be very much appreciated if you would please look into these 2 issues so I and many of friends and other people can have the ultimate Pinterest experience. Thank you (:.Version: 6.41.1

I have been faithful but you have hurt my feelings.Recently I got an email to say that a comment I had made on a pin was considered harassment and had been removed. I was warned about it again. I cannot recall ever intentionally harassing anyone and if someone took offence at something I said, at least I should be able to see the pin in question so that I can decide if my comment is truly mean or just someone being overly sensitive. I have been on P since the beginning but I feel like quitting after this. Also you say your policy is against nudity etc. But it is riddled with it. So maybe before I get attacked get breaching the policy, you should just have a look at others who do as well. I have reported several blatantly sexual / nude pics tonight. There are far too many to report them all. A couple I saw border onto Child Exploitation.Version: 6.60

Lost its individuality.I always loved Pinterest since 2014 when I was 14 and I’m 21 now. Since then I’ve considered it a ‘safe place’ free from ads and the traps of marketing where I could gather ideas and get creative without the pressure of social media. I have never made a review, but this app is just too close to my heart and it hurts to see it fall down. Recently, it’s just the same as other platforms. I can now rarely find a good recipe or a creative outfit. Every other pic is an advertisement for a waist trainer or TikTok influencers. I wouldn’t mind too much if it was less frequent like it was before but now it’s every other pin. It’s distracting to the point where I can’t find any good pins. Instead of it being a curative list of pins in your style, it’s tiktoks of influencers showing you the most recent trends. I can now barely find any pins that appeal to my style. It’s all those short videos or tiktoks that are just ads. The videos distract from the picture pins so I end up not seeing what I came to Pinterest for. It’s an ad fest just like Instagram and TikTok where the strategy is to get you hooked on watching those short useless videos for hours. I deleted TikTok and Instagram for a reason, and now all apps are turning into it. Pinterest has almost completely lost its individuality and I’m sure it’s just downhill from here. It’s a shame, but if it continues this way I’ll be forced to get off of it..Version: 9.38

Why did y’all get rid of photo comments?I actually love this app. I use it for so many different things, like a sense of community, memes, tumblr posts, and also inspiration for various mediums of creativity. I just drew a photo posted of someone and, when I went to post the picture of my drawing I realised that the photo option was gone. I went to google this, as I figured it was a little bug that could be fixed by a quick workaround but no, pinterest has just taken away this feature. I kinda thought the point of this app was for inspiration, as so much of the app is diys, recipes and crafts. one of its best features was posting pictures of people’s takes on these ideas and pictures, and, to be frank, I’m quite annoyed that its gone. im sort of reconsidering having this app at all, even though I have an average of like 8 hours or something ridiculous on pinterest a week, as I will find it difficult to use without the option of sharing my try- this could be a dealbreaker and I would love for it to come back. I also havent seen it explained *why* it was taken away? like what is the actual reason? im genuinely interested. thank you for reading..Version: 9.42

Why?! With the ads, no ad free version and now you change the saving options!I have been so disappointed and frustrated by the ads, especially the video ads! First people who have visual problems there should be a way to at least turn off the motion of the ads, like an accessibility feature! Then before I even scroll down there are three ads a page if not more! I wish there was at least a paid version for people who really dislike the ads taking over Pinterest. This has almost put me over the edge with giving up on this app. Now worst of all you incorporate an unorganized button in the exact spot as the old save button... why?! The entire point of Pinterest is organizing a catalog of things you like. Why create a board that is unorganized and if it’s really for quick saves then MOVE THE BUTTONS! Leave the normal save button when you chose a board then hit save and switch the new “chose a board” button to the QUICK SAVE BUTTON! Don’t change the entire way to save pins based off of this new quick save feature!! Add a button and leave the original way to save untouched. Please at least create an option to turn off quick save option in settings!! Also a paid version for ad free or at very minimum an accessibility feature for vision impaired individuals for the movement of all the video ads!!! Please, please consider this or I’m unfortunately going to have to give up on Pinterest. Thanks for any consideration..Version: 9.8

Seems to repeat itself too muchI used to have pins on different subjects which made it so interesting. Now, if I search for a chocolate cake recipe or a sweater pattern, all the pins I receive are related to these two searches. It is not as varied as it used to be and it is disappointing. The algorithm don’t have much imagination..Version: 10.9

Great App, Unsolved IssueI have used this app for a long time to love it, I used to use it for almost everything. You can find different things for it, like, clothing, food, hairstyles, nail inspo, shoe inspo, almost everything. But then I got this thing a while back about “Teen Safety” something about how your account is private if you’re under 16. Which, I understand, I understand the thing that if you’re a minor then of course, make the account private, but to deactivate a specific BOARD, is petty. It wasn’t used for anything bad, it was just for my friend and me to save random memes that we thought were funny. But then out of the normal Pinterest decided to make it non-accessible. I was shocked and honestly worried that it might lead to my whole account being deactivated, which I then decided to contact them about. And I haven’t been happy with the app since. I got pretty angry with it too. It happened to my friend’s account too. She couldn’t reach my new account or my old one. I wasn’t able to do the same either. It was a really random thing too, we haven’t done anything out of the community guidelines or terms and conditions, and we didn’t break any rules. Then Pinterest decides to do this, it was petty as heck. I didn’t understand it and I still don’t. If my issue isn’t fixed then it isn’t, but if it is then great. Thank you..Version: 11.13

Please stop changing thingsI’ve loved the Pinterest app for years, but I’m so tired of the updates ans redesigns. This used to be such an accessible platform for people of all ages and backgrounds, and now it feels like you guys are just pandering to young people (and I say this as someone in her 20s). My feed and searches are littered with stolen TikToks which is just annoying. I like seeing SOME TikToks and other short-form clips mixed in with more traditional posts, but now it’s like 90% of what I’m seeing on my dashboard. Sometimes I search for things and get literally nothing but TikToks, other times I don’t get any, and it just seems like a half-baked pointless algorithm. Can’t we just go on TikTok if we want to look at TikToks? Then there’s the features that keep disappearing even though we were all using them. You took away the option to like pins, and now we can’t post pictures of our tries? I loved that feature. In fact it was one of my favorite parts of using Pinterest, getting to share how things turned out and see how other people did. Why take that away?? And the ADS. By golly it feels like I can’t scroll down an inch without getting an ad. Is anyone reading these reviews? I feel like we’re all saying the same things and nothing ever changes. I miss the old Pinterest. It was better, and I feel confident in saying that because it’s being echoed all around me. Please listen to your user base!.Version: 10.41

Unable to report sexual/harmful accounts.EDIT: (january 21, 2023) When I look through my boards and then hit the go back button, it refreshes and takes me back to the top. Extremely annoying and unnecessary. Please fix this!!!! It almost makes the app unusable. I love this app but i’m rating it one star in hopes this catches the attention of the developers. The amount of accounts popping up that are filled with sexual content, including some accounts that have boards of CHILDREN and the boards have the most horrible sexual titles ever, is horrifying and very concerning. I wish there was a way to report the whole account for sexual content/pedophilia/children in danger, etc… but when i try to it says pinterest ONLY removes accounts that post misleading content and spam or unsolicited commercial messages. I would really love for this app to be a safe space for all, but it seems impossible at this point. There are so many pictures of young girls and children on this app, and when you see the comments it’s full of these perverted accounts and there’s no way to be able to report the account as a whole, only the comment itself, and who knows if that actually does anything to ban the account. Please please please, give us a way to report these accounts for endangerment, explicit content, etc… and let us receive updates on our reports. Pinterest should be safe for everyone..Version: 11.1

Message feature not workingPersonally, I love Pinterest. I would rate it five stars, however, since the new update, my message feature hasn’t been working. I found that this is the case for my friends as well, as we can’t see users we would like to message and it shows up as blank. When you search up a user to message, it shows as “this conversation could not be created.” Did you guys delete this feature or is this a bug? This is on iPhone by the way, on computer you can’t see the message option at all. Please add the feature back! Or please fix this bug, thank you so much. 🙏🙏🙏.Version: 11.9

Tired of my home feed refreshing all the timeI’ve never made a review before because I didn’t care enough to before. But I have so much dedication to Pinterest, my issues with the updates have begun affecting my attitude for the app. I’ve been on Pinterest for probably a decade and no update has me more upset than the constant refreshing of the home page. I use all the platforms so I know that if you change from the home feed to your profile or to the search tab back to the home feed, the home feed automatically refreshes... when I even open the app sometimes I see a pin right away that I’d pin but for some reason it refreshes!! This is so irritating. Please fix this to wear it only updates the Home Screen if you pull down the feed from the top for a second. Like Twitter. You can’t even scroll through the feed sometimes without it randomly updating. Also the ads Pinterest.. come on. They’re every third pin! I get you have to pay the bills but more often than not your ads are irrelevant to my search. Speaking of searching, why is it that when I search one thing my home feed will suddenly be filled with that one search? I didn’t follow the topic, I didn’t follow a new board, I don’t care to see it on the home feed I have sort of curated myself. This has been a lot of complaints and my rating is low so that you get how irritated I am. But any other time you’d get a 5/5. I love you Pinterest, rarely change..Version: 9.23

Is there a reason why y’all decided to become tiktokI miss having the sections to browse my other boards. having a main page and a watch page is not fun! also bring back photo comments weirdos ! not everyone needs to b tik tok! stay in ur lane!.Version: 9.34

Over all the stuff that I don’t follow but am forced to look at!I use to love Pinterest. It was my favorite. I chose what I wanted to look at. Then they started changing things and changing things more and more. Made us have to look at their stupid ads and suggested posts. Now it has gotten to the point to where 90 percent of everything is ads and suggested posts-guess what I don’t want to see what you have suggested. I want to see what I want to see-what I chose to follow. There is no way to remove the crap and even if you report and remove the incessant ones, they just add that many more. Here’s a little tip-I do not want to see and have no interest in pins that are in a foreign language and I have to look at them constantly. So I’m really getting over Pinterest. Add in the fact that I can’t see who pins what anymore-I like seeing when the people I follow that I like have pinned something but now I can’t tell because it’s blank where a user use to be listed. Every update it gets worse and I find myself getting on Pinterest less and less. I am quickly losing my interest in Pinterest. They need to go back to letting people control what they look at. I could understand having some ads but the amount of content on my board that I didn’t follow has gotten way out of control. If it doesn’t get any better and I keep getting pins in foreign languages then I will just quit using it. I hope it improves soon. If not then I will stop using it..Version: 6.74

Unsubscribed but still sending me alertsHave had this app for quite few months now and at first it was something of a novelty but it’s constant alerts became tiresome as it essentially repeats the same things over and over; no doubt some people find it rewarding. Have uninstalled it recently owing to a virus problem that was undoubtedly hidden in one of these sites it highlights. I was helping my wife research hairstyles and as I found one that may have been interest to her I forwarded the link via Watts app; it appears that the link contained a possible virus as an alert came up on her iPhone as she opened it; her phone fortunately automatically set to destroy the virus which appears to be successful; my phone thankfully didn’t get any virus. I have uninstalled the app and also unsubscribed via the email alerts it sends daily only to find Pinterest continues to contact me. I’ve unsubscribed numerous times now but to no avail..Version: 8.24

The the heck?….New update one day ago and now I can't see or access my boards. If I try to save a pin I get a notice that 'it will be saved to my profile' or I can change. When I hit change it will pull up and show all my boards but it disappears as soon as I pick the board to save to….back to a useless blank……major error in the update. Can't find any help on the website at all. UPDATE: just got an 'update' to the app….STILL DOESN'T WORK…CANNOT ACCESS ANY OF MY BOARDS..Version: 9.20

Amazing until recently…I’ve been using pinterest for so long and i spend so much time on pinterest so it’s kinda frustrating because this has never happened before. i upload/post things on my pinterest feed and i never get notifs when someone comments on my stuff so whenever i look randomly that’s when i find them. yesterday i was scrolling through my posts and i noticed i had some comments so i went to go like them and the “liked by creator” never showed up like it usually does. i thought nothing of it and tried highlighting the comment and a message came up on my screen saying “something went wrong on our end. sorry about that.” i replied to the comment and when that person responded to me, i tapped on the notif and it brought up MY post but had a DIFFERENT user name on it when it was MINE. and now whenever i look at what’s supposed to be MY comments, OTHER creators comments show up but again, with MY pictures that i upload. I’ve logged out, deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still continues to do this. i recently uploaded something and when someone commented, i liked their message and the “liked by creator” showed up but it still won’t for my older posts. i tried ignoring it but it’s really frustrating and i hope pinterest fixes this soon. i really don’t want to delete everything and re-upload it or delete my account entirely..Version: 11.8

Bring back boardsYou can’t search for boards anymore and it’s getting ridiculous. a while ago the ability to see what board something was being saved to was being removed, but for me, this new update is the last straw. that used to be the one feature i absolutely RELIED on for pinterest, and now it’s gone. on top of that, i don’t like how the new update changed the interface for pinning a pin to a board. it makes it nearly impossible to pin things. if things seriously don’t change and this app goes back to being more practical, i’m going to have to stop using it because it is far to frustrating. which is incredibly unfortunate because i’ve loved pinterest for years..Version: 8.44

It’s kind of getting worse each updateSo i’ve had this app for years and it’s amazing, i use it for art and other things. the thing is, i only want to use it to look at photos and find inspiration, when i press on some pictures it comes up with loads of websites so i can buy the item!? if i wanted to buy a skirt i will go on google and search for one, i don’t want to buy anything from pinterest and it’s annoying that it comes up with recommendations of what i should buy when i only want to find clothes inspiration. Also, for instance i will be referencing a drawing pin on the home page and when i click off it and back on, it refreshes the whole thing and i lose the pin i was looking at! it’s a very small thing but it’s really annoying, i don’t want it to refresh whenever i press on something else. i’ll just refresh it if i need to. please make some changes about this thank you.Version: 10.43

Very disappointed with the latest updatesI was a very early user of Pinterest and have loved it for years using it as a great source of inspiration, resources and collection for ideas for my many interests. However the latest update with trying to use sections within a board are absolutely useless. One can spend ages ticking the pictures to move to a new section, only to find that the pictures have not moved and lo and behold one has to move the pictures again after ticking them again to move to the new section and finding the board from the alphabetical list! I have no idea why this new idea was implemented because it is absolutely useless. I like the idea of having subsections within a board so I could create smaller areas of interest but going back over a previous board that has been started has become a time-consuming task. Pinterest please fix this up ASAP!! Or you will have more disgruntled users..Version: 7.3

Last update is crapLast update is crap, unable to open or explode images even check up on details like recipes, just opens other set of images repeatedly as you tap on new ones . Needs to be reverted to previous version else would be useless. Version 11.15.1 still crap, cannot explode photos to get details and or links to informations or to download for making own list independent of internet to use at our convenience.Version: 11.15.1

This used to be my favorite app!Like the title says, I absolutely loved the old Pinterest. The update last year maybe made it a whole lot harder to navigate. I was accustomed to searching for boards so that I could easily follow other people who shared my very specific interests, but now that option has been gone for months! I’ve been meaning to write this review since then, but this newest update from a few days ago expedited it. Another of my main issues is the shopping aspect. In the older versions, it was more geared to crafting/diy/budget ideas. Now, I search for something simple like knitting ideas, and all I get back are shopping suggestions and priced items for sale. And there’s even a shopping section! I understand the need to evolve and bring in new demographics, but I feel that a lot of Pinterest’s original draw and identity has disappeared. Now, it behaves more like an Instagram or Facebook feed, filled with advertisements and shopping. It’s very disappointing to me that Pinterest has become so much like all the other dime-a-dozen social media apps and sites, since I initially fell in love with it years before because it avoided that world I hated. It felt quiet, calm, secluded, like a library or a yarn store, and I could do my own thing with topics I loved across the “board.” I am really, really bummed about all the changes and am considering deleting, which would be a major change. Please, please bring back some of the original features!.Version: 9.23

Used to be great but now...Pinterest is no longer geared towards the fun, interest-driven collector and fantasist; rather it is becoming more and more tailored to be a selling tool. My board is full, and I mean FULL, of images of zero interest on subjects that have zero appeal. I have spent hours trying to hide them but this just seems to encourage more of the same as though Pinterest thinks it just needs to try harder to persuade me. The result? Zero inclination to log in. For example, I am an avid lover of big, shiny diamonds, antiques and period homes. Conversely, I loathe emeralds, flat-pack furniture and minimalism. What do I get in my daily feed? The latter. Also, being a childless woman of over fifty and in a wheelchair, I have little desire to be inundated by jean-clad, bare-midriff girls (why the widely spread legs, by the way), superhero themed party games for teeny tots or by pretty walking tours. So, I spend ages hiding each and every one in order to 'train' my daily feed only for even more of the same the next time I log in. (And why oh why did they add the skull jewellery? Punishment?) Which, of course, is tres annoying and now instead of wiling away three days at a stretch fantasising myself into another world, I shut off the tablet and have to put up with the one I’m in. So, come on Pinterest, stop trying so hard to sell to us and go back to entertaining us instead. I liked you then..Version: 6.62

I cant see new ideas anymore, it makes me not get on this app like everMy favorite part of this app was the fact that I could go to explore and find new ideas, hence why I always have so many boards. New ideas would pop up in the explore and i would love it and go crazy looking for new ideas from pinterest by looking through the explore every chance I got but you guys got rid of the explore. Now when i click one pin even by accident i get 50 more pins for the exact same pin. Sometimes It would be one simple recipe of pie and now i have 30 of them everyday. So then you guys created an option where I can not get specific suggestions from what I clicked but even when I unfollow what I clicked it doesnt matter because my feed is literally still exact suggestions from my boards I created. So i feel like i dont get anywhere with this app. I am literally on instagram all the time because I can see different new things not different versions of the same thing especially ones I pinned already. Its fine when im searching for something but after a while I get the point and I get off the app. I wont even bring up the ads. Sorry but Im done with this app. I sure i wont be the last. Your new users dont know what their missing but seeing the same sweater everyday will get boring for them too eventually. Bring back explore so we can see new ideas, stop thinking i want to see 80 different versions of a pink Christmas tree..Version: 7.35

Extra StepsTypically i really like pinterest - the boards are easy to make, its usually pretty easy to navigate, and in general i like spending time (i get sucked into a pin rabbit hole i swear) on the app - but since a few updates ago ive been super irritated. i dont know why you got rid of the old navigation system for pinning things, but i cant imagine anyone is enjoying the new one. the extra steps needed make pinning things irritating, and i feel like the change was a step back rather than a step forward. ive seen many similar complaints so you should be aware of the issue. if i had known it was going to change, i frankly would have avoided the update..Version: 9.24

What’s up with the ads?! Please go back to how it wasI love Pinterest, hours could easily go by without realising as I browsed the app, finding useful tips and beautiful pictures. It’s always been a fantastic and resourceful tool as is. When you first removed the ‘like’ button, it was a bit frustrating as it was useful but I soon got used to its absence. Then you said you will be getting rid of the explore page which is again frustrating because sometimes when you don’t know what to browse, you can select from the available categories and get inspired. But now worst of all, there are a ridiculous amount of ads that I’m not interesting in seeing and when I say ridiculous amount, I mean every 4th image is an ad. Why are you changing Pinterest?? It was a beautiful and smooth system, now I’m just getting frustrated with what’s being shown and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Please make it go back to how it was originally. I’m all for change as long as it’s good and so far especially with this ad nonsense it hasn’t been. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!.Version: 6.62

Pinterest update , again!Below you will find my first review, this is an update! It’s now more than a year since I fell in love with Pinterest ... however... I’ve just been tempted to click on yet again the latest update and once more am sorry I did. I’ve been clicking on items that were suggested for me, and am being forced more and more towards Instagram. What? You guys own it or something? I have absolutely no interest in Instagram or opening an account, and if this continues my enjoyment of Pinterest will be spoiled and I shall stop using it! ——————————————————— Earlier...... I've only been using this app for a few weeks, so having no prior experience of previous versions I have no axe to grind. However after reading the current reviews I am very reluctant to click on any button that says update! Using this app I am able to indulge my passion for needle felting, painting, textile art and quilting. It's a fabulous tool for collecting ideas, tips and information. I have no connection problems (yet!) I use BT Infinity Internet service and my Ipad2 still running ios v9 . No speed issues here . My view about updates is that companies employ developers to work on their sites, and to keep them gainfully employed they are always doing updates...why? Because they can!.Version: 6.38.1

Fix the quick save- for the love of godUsed to be perfect until the update which removed the "top choices" section. Now the app is so inefficient it's almost unbearable. Really takes the joy out of using this app and I can't see myself using it much longer if it doesn't get fixed. The great thing about this app used to be how intuitive and easy it was. Now the update has taken away both of those things- might as well just save things to my computer files and drop the app entirely..Version: 10.3

Not working rightCan’t open pins. Just keep getting “more like this” pages..Version: 11.15.1

Following Tab back ASAP!The genuine users, have been asking for over a year now, for the “following” tab to be reinstated! We need to have an active home feed, where we can see most recent pins from people we CHOOSE to follow! All this “picked for you” is absolute garbage, completely irrelevant and repetitive. Pin 1 picture of a cupcake, receive 50 of the exact same pin all the way down the feed. The algorithm is so off balance, it’s actually laughable now. Have reached out to “support” and just receive the usual generic response, “we’ll suggest this to the developers “ . Yeah ok then. This used to be my favourite app, I barely even bother with it now, for anyone upset at not being able to create an account, go to Weheartit or Tumblr. Developers are only interested in the reviewers who massage their ego. Boards are not refreshing now either, despite being set to “most recently pinned to” place is full of bots and disgusting content, even when you block someone, they can still get on your profile, so what’s the point in being able to block? Total joke. 1 star is generous. All the updates you do, yet nothing changes. Bored now..Version: 10.40

Please make it so we can download the images directlyI absolutely despise whatever you did to that download option. Now we have to save it to a pin and then download it. I’m quitting this app and tell my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my son, my daughter, my wife, my cousin, my aunt, my uncle, and my friends to quit this app. Fix it now or wait there will be consequences..Version: 9.33

Where is the mute button on this thing and why doesn't it work??Despite both my in-app and phone general settings showing that not a single sound should come out of this app while I'm using it, it still somehow manages to scare the **** out of me every time I scroll past an ad that blares out whatever nonsense it's offering. I didn't click on the video, so why is it talking to me? Furthermore, why does whatever audio I already have running in the background on my phone (podcast, music, etc) get cut off when I scroll past a video? Again, every in-app sound is supposedly muted, so why is any of my pre-existing audio interfered with without me deliberately clicking on the video to view it? It cuts off and doesn't come on again after I've moved past the perpetrating video, so if I happen to have a bunch of videos lined up in my feed, I'm constantly getting cut off, manually restarting, getting cut off again, and manually restarting over and over again until I close the app and move on with my life. I've already written about this problem online and received a frustratingly empty reply message..Version: 9.40.1

Ad to content ratioFor every 2-4 searched pictures there is 1 large video ad. Boo! This app sucks; just use your browser..Version: 9.28.1

UhSo why was the option to search for boards removed? absolutely useless change that impedes the app..Version: 9.23

Used to be my favorite app.. but now i can’t even get into it!I got pinterest back in 2019 and started a account. i had many memories and boards and things saved. Well a week ago, pinterest deactivated both my accounts since they were linked. I Lost all access to my pinterest, board and saved. i cannot create a new account bc it doesn’t allow you if you are using the same email. now i have nothing. no way to go into pinterest, no way to see my old accounts. my personal account had so many pins and my business account have over 28k followers. i was devastated. and it’s very common. So many other have lost their account due to pinterest newly deactivating accounts. they didn’t even warn me. MY ACCOUNT WAS JUST DEACTIVATED OUT OF THE BLUE. no email to ask me to get rid of pins that went “against community guidelines” or anything. i lost everything. 5 years of pins SAVED 😣 i sent a request for wrongful termination but they haven’t responded and it’s been 7 days. Pinterest was such a positive place where i could save ideas and share ideas, now it’s not what it was like. i’m really upset. i lost my accounts, my pins and my favorite app. if you could somehow create a way to let people sign up for more than one account on the same email, that would be great! or just not deactivate so many accounts. tons of my friends lost their accounts too!.Version: 11.12

Bring back “Search By Board”!!I’ve used Pinterest for years and love the ability to be able find ideas & inspiration! I mainly use the mobile version of Pinterest because of how smooth and effortless it is (along with the fact I’m always on my phone!) and I find that just searching for terms doesn’t yield varied results, so about 90% of my time I search things and select “view by board” to browse the collections other people have made! Being able to see other people’s “finds” or their own uploads is a perfect way to fill up my own boards. If I wanted to search for a certain aesthetic or look for certain types of recipes for example, how else would I find good boards to follow so that I can see their posts in my feed? However, when I last updated it, the feature that allowed us to search by board on mobile is gone!! I can’t even hit a picture and be able to trace it to the boards it shows up on. All the pins on my main feed I can’t even see where they came from. I expand my results not by hoping Pinterest’s own algorithms pick up what they think I want to see, but by what boards and pinners I follow!! Please bring this back! The fun of Pinterest is in cultivating all kinds of resources or pictures in one place, what good is that if I can’t even have the option to view the ones others have made?.Version: 9.1

Stop making unnecessary changes!Stop taking out features people actually enjoy and fix the bugs that have a continuous presence throughout the app. Do better..Version: 10.8

Long time userI’ve been a regular pinterest user for almost a decade now. I rarely have a day where I don’t check my Pinterest. I mainly use it to curate aesthetics and find inspiration for my life. It’s very soothing and artistic to me, and the only social media I’ll use. However, I feel as though Pinterest has recently gone down hill. There’s an overwhelming amount of ads. To the point of every other pin is an ad. Most of them are irrelevant to me and my feed is no longer aesthetically pleasing, just full of junk. And I’m not opposed to tasteful ads- I’ve even bought multiple products advertised to me on Pinterest that had beautiful ads that matched my interest and weren’t overwhelming. But there’s just too many now and too many pointless ones. It makes Pinterest significantly less enjoyable. I also don’t understand why Pinterest no longer shows you who pinned the pins in your feed, and when you click in you can’t click on the original user who pinned. It’s totally confusing and counterintuitive- I keep trying to click the icons of people to view their profile but I can’t. The best way for me to do it is to scroll through the hundreds of people I follow to find them. It’s a huge pain. Please make peoples profiles clickable from their pins like they used to be. I’m satisfied with most of the other features of this app and glad to be a part of the community!.Version: 9.19

All the descriptions and tags are invisible in the appI rely on the descriptions and visible tags to know what my pins and others' pins are about and that's gone from the app. This makes all the pins useless to me because I can't see what the images are - they are just a group of images that I can't use. Can you PLEASE put the descriptions back and allow users to increase the area of text that's visible? Even on the desktop version most of the description is not visible on the board so I can't see what I need to make the item of the image at a glance. Please allow users to make choices and stop taking away the things that make Pinterest relevant and useful. And the constant updating and the lack of any HELP for info on using the app or registering any complaints or feedback in the app is annoying. Please fix the app so we can see what we’ve put as descriptions - five pictures of similar things are NOT worth 5000 words, the words are necessary to work out what the pins are. And allow help and feedback within the app..Version: 8.19.1

Pinterest bugWhy does it take me all the way up the board when I exit a picture?.Version: 11.1

Some major downgrades, regularly changesLate Feb 2022 edit: Grids in home feed are back on mobile which is great! Thank you. However, as long-time user, I really hope Pinterest brings back the Following feed. What’s the point of following profiles where you’re only functionally subscribed to their “stories”? / 2021 Review: Pinterest, I’ve loved you for many, many years but…what are you doing? First, you went all ~Insta~ mimicking their following feed without any option to back to the classic grids which used to be a well-loved distinct feature to now completely killing the following feed on the mobile app. You even killed the curated ideas feed based on our active boards which was at least quite useful. Stay you, please, or there’s little to no point in using Pinterest if you’re gonna try to look like other apps, especially when Instagram now has Collections..Version: 10.5

Not great lately…I’ve always loved Pinterest and usually it would be 5 stars, but I really haven’t enjoyed my experience of late. The most jarring thing is that I follow many boards and accounts that are relevant to me and updated frequently, yet my feed never shows these pins. I’m constantly clicking ‘Hide’ because I’m being shown pins I’m not interested in. There used to be a tab where you could see all your followed posts, but now there isn’t - so where are these posts? What exactly is the point of following boards/accounts now? The next jarring feature is automatically forcing my music to stop every time an ad plays. It’s super frustrating and I’d be fine with all the ads if it weren’t for this. I know Pinterest can do better as I’ve seen better from it, it just needs a few tweaks to make it an app people love again🤞🏼.Version: 9.42

SwipingIt would be nice if the “swipe out of a board” feature was removed because the slightest swipe when you’re scrolling down a board just exits you out of the entire thing which makes it annoying to have to keep going back onto the board and getting back to where you were..Version: 10.28

Yet again writing another bad reviewI am sick to death of the adverts. The app used to be amazing my absolute favourite, it was calming and relaxing to scroll through as compared to Twitter or Instagram. But now!? I find it extremely stressful and cramped, an ad every 4 pins are you guys for real? Not only is it visually stressful, but you can’t even listen to music scrolling through the app anymore because of the amount of ads with sound. There is so many people reviewing this app saying the exact same thing, and yet with every update you add more and more adverts. Going on the app makes me angry because it gets worse and worse and you guys don’t listen to the fans. You clearly don’t care and just want the money. Corporate greed at its finest !!! Like the reviews say if you don’t start listening soon you’re going to lose people..Version: 10.2

Disappointingly mismanagedI’ve used Pinterest for years and years, and I’m convinced they are intent on running themselves into the ground. Never have I seen a company take everything good about it’s product and with each additional update incrementally destroy it. Frankly, it’s mind-boggling. Every feature the users enjoy is done away with or modified to become a shadow of itself. It’s a shame because they have something there, only they don’t seem to know what to do with it. It’s probably greed driving their decisions, but while they may squeeze out a quick buck, they’ll turn away content creators and users until they’re left with a buggy, dried up old husk of a site that no one visits anymore. What a shame, Pinterest..Version: 9.21

Horrible new featureApp was great until they put the horribly annoying feature that puts where you can shop for the items in the picture. It ruins every picture I click on now. Horrible feature, would be less horrible if I could turn it off though..Version: 9.29

I love this app; but...I cannot get enough of pinterest. It’s my go-to for inspiration and ideas. But there are SO many advertisements as of late! They take up such a ridiculously large portion of the home page. They’re the size of large pins, and I have to scroll through so many! 😿 It’s to the point where my entire screen will just be full of ads, and I have to actively look for the pins that I want to see. Yes I can just press “hide ad” but there are just too many of them to be doing that every time. I would be open to a paid option where I can pay a one time fee to browse Pinterest ad-free. I will keep using it as I love using it- but I just had to put my honest feedback somewhere. Toodles! 👋🏼.Version: 7.0

I Hate Idea Pins.I have loved pinterest for years and use it almost every day. I enjoy that it is more simple and unique and doesn't have updated features every few weeks trying to compete with all the other social apps. However, I absolutely hate the new idea pins. If I wanted to group pins together I would put them in a board or a section of a board - I don't see the need for idea pins. They are pretty much all I am seeing in my 'more ideas' and 'posts like this' sections and it's really turning me off the app. I wish you could filter searches to just show photos/idea pins/video etc and turn off idea pins coming up in your suggestions. I often see a single photo that I would like to save in amongst an idea pin but i dont want to save all the photos so I have to just scroll away and hope I see that photo again one day to save it layer...I just dont get it and it clogs up my feed. Also please bring back the ability to search for boards by name on the app, it is still a feature for desktops and I wish they kept it on apps too..Version: 9.29

Used to love itThis used to be one of my favorite apps. I got my husband hooked on it as well. But now it seems that ads are taking over. Too many buyable pins that have nothing to do with anything I’ve ever looked at or saved. And way too much pornography for a site that claims they don’t allow it. I highly doubt that a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread and that links to a xxx site is considered “art”. I agree that in artistic instances nudity would be acceptable, but on a site that I am supposed to be able to hand my phone over to my child to play on, these things shouldn’t be on there. I get that it’s the same risk you run with using the net, but these things show up in home feeds when you’ve never looked at anything remotely close to it. My husband showed me a funny gun meme and as her scrolled through the “more like this” several naked women came up. If the pinning rules aren’t going to be enforced, there should be some sort of family filter you can click on. I’ve also noticed over the past couple days, my husband has a recents tab in his boards page that I don’t have. This is actually pretty handy if I’ve looked at something but didn’t pin. Seems like if I try to go back and find something I’ve seen earlier in the day, it’s impossible to find again. With a few improvements and enforcements it could be better..Version: 6.38

My Go-to AppI love Pinterest, it's helpful and useful for everything from decorating a house to planing a hens. There are a few glitches here and there; some of the things "picked for you" can be a bit off and it's a bit frustrating when you search for something once and suggested pins flood your feed for the next few weeks of the same category (if a party you have been pinning ideas for has passed, you didn't want to keep seeing things a month later). I wsh there was better memory on the search- every time I close Pinterest it loses my place (on my iPad), even if I go to my emails for a minute, I come back and it resets everything . I do miss the "Like" button too but otherwise it's my morning wake up routine and my bed time tradition- it gets the creative juices flowing so thank you!.Version: 6.35

This app needs to fix safety issues for minors ASAPOverall, this app is really great and I love Pinterest. While for a long time Pinterest was mainly for a certain crowd (almost all adults) sharing recipes, crafts, and similar, there’s been a wider variety of content including memes, fandom stuff, tiktoks, etc. which have a much younger crowd. This isn’t a problem in itself, especially since they don’t interact much due to the algorithms. However, some things about this concern me A LOT regarding the safety of kids. I see a lot of kids posting photos and videos of themselves in reaction to content and this has me scared for them. Not just teenagers, but CHILDREN. Really young children. Ive seen so many times kids giving out their age and location in the comments for everyone to see!!! This is dangerous and there isn’t any way to report this either!!! I understand that there is no way to completely prevent kids from being on this app, but there needs to be ways to prevent kids from posting information and photos and videos of themselves in the comments like they are. The ability to react to posts like this is great if it were just adults sharing recipes, but this NEEDS to be addressed. As someone who grew up on the internet unmoderated, I had to discover the hard way how creepy some people are. I was lucky to not have had anything major but I could easily see some creep pretending to be 14 or something and messaging these kids..Version: 9.11

Used to be greatThis app used to be my absolute favourite, spent a ton of time on there. It’s been destroyed by its developers, I have no idea why, but they have taken away every useful feature it had. My feed is now full of irrelevant pins and when I try to search I get the same links over and over, usually to stuff they want me to buy. When someone comes up with an app that does what Pinterest used to do, I’ll download it in a heartbeat..Version: 9.30

It’s really good but it is way too slow.I have used this app for like 3 years now and I don’t use it. I used to love this app like a year ago but now I just don’t like it as much. It just takes ages to load anything and I have a really good internet speed so it is definitely Pinterest. It has changed so much now. I think that Instagram is way easier and I can also do a lot more on there than Pinterest. I will probably delete my account due to how slow it is and how much I have not used it in the last year. You might as well get an Instagram account and make it private because you can actually follow people such as Ariana grandé and Billie eilish. Also pretty much everybody has Instagram. I just think that Pinterest is really outdated and not so popular due to not many known users on there. I also hate how you have to keep blocking ppl that you don’t want to follow u. Can’t you just decide for urself and make ur account private or public. GET WITH THE TIMES PINTEREST!? I kinda hate Pinterest now so. Thanks for reading my angry and demanding review.💕.Version: 7.29

I hate ideal pinsAs a ehm "content creator" ideal pins are horrible. they don't fit with my older videos in my boards and they look weird. I can't add personalized tags and they don't get nearly as many views as my older videos posted before the update... stop trying to be the dollar store tiktok, be pinterest again please..Version: 10.3

I’m not adding my birthdaySeriously. I’m not adding my birthday so you can send me ads. I’ll delete the app first.Version: 11.10

Completely commercializedThis app is impossible to navigate because anything you click on is coated in ads. Most annoying are the video ads which scroll in front of the web content. This sucks my data and i avoid using Pinterest when I can avoid it..Version: 8.5

Always Crashes!I use Pinterest lots, even though over the years it seems to get worse honestly :( There are ads everywhere, and every time I’m on the app for more than 10 minutes it will crash and I have to reopen it. I keep making sure that it’s updated and everything, so I really don’t understand why it keeps doing this. I don’t see any reviews about it though, am I the only one who’s getting this??.Version: 8.3.1

It is okay….🥱I had the app originally downloaded it was soooo good I love it the best ❤️❤️I love the inspiration I’ve stars but It was being glitchy I was just searching for some painting ideas but when it came up nothing so I tried searching for hair hacks but nothing came up I kept trying and trying so I deleted it and I was going to download it again but I needed to update my phone cause I just got it and after like a month later I remember to download Pinterest but I forgot my password so I was going to make a new account and I put my birthday in as usual but it said I was tooo young Evan though I’m 27 so I kept trying to put my age again the I eventually got bored an I new it wouldn’t work so I was messing around knowing it would probity work because I put such an old date BUT WHEN I TYPED 1897 IT FRIKING SAID YOU ARE A BIT TO YOUNG LIKE WTH anyway could you fix this problem please!!!! 🙏thx!.Version: 11.2.1

Unfixed issuesSo I have had the Pinterest app for about four or five years. For a while everything was good, everything worked and I didn’t have many problems. However, recently a problem has popped up that seems unable to be fixed. I am unable to follow anybody, I can unfollow people but for some reason when I go into somebody’s profile and hit the follow button it lights up and tells me that I am unable to follow the person. But when I hit the back button and go back in I am not following them anymore. Contacting Pinterest support proved to be a hassle as I either got a bit or a supposedly real person that was talking about issues on my pins that had nothing to do with the original problem at all. I even tried all the tips given, deleting app cache didn’t work, unfollowing pins and boards did not work and uninstalling and then reinstalling the app did not work. I was honestly about to just give up when I finally got a real person and they said that they were working on it and that it would take a while. I have not heard anything back since and even after multiple app updates the problem is still there. So yes Pinterest has a ton of pins and stuff but when you encounter an actual problem it is almost not worth it to try and contact support because either you get an unhelpful bot that gives you tips you already did. Very rarely do you get somebody real, it took me ten tries to get a real person.Version: 9.6.1

No videos pleaseI love Pinterest, it’s my absolute favorite way to kill time and I’m almost constantly on the app on my phone. I don’t like the new GUI That came with the recent update, however. To me, Pinterest will always be a picture site and I don’t like how all social media seems to be shifting to focus on videos more. I don’t like the new “watch” tab that I’m constantly accidentally swiping into while trying to scroll in bed. I probably wouldn’t have as much of an issue if it the watch tab could be underneath search, or somewhere else. Another thing that’s bugging me is the menu bar. I think the previous design was much less intrusive and unique to Pinterest, but the solid white bar is jarring and boring. (Also if you do move the watch tab, please don’t add a button to the menu, It would mess with the tried and true and beloved system users are Used to and enjoy).Version: 9.28.1

INDIVIDUAL SECTIONSI promise you no one cares about Pinterest watch. Why can’t apps just do what they do best instead of forcing us all to use the same apps all day long it’s ridiculous! You should move or get rid of Pinterest Watch and bring back individual sections and get rid of the loud video ads! What was wrong with photo ads??? Why are you doing this to your app?? What is wrong?.Version: 9.39.1

I love the app but I can’t stand the updatesIve been using Pinterest for about 6 years (off and on). Back when I first started using it me and my mom would find birthday party ideas and things like that but as Ive grown I continued to use it to feed into my current interests. I have been using it to find references for my fan art drawings and used to be able to comment under the pin with photos and videos and share what I created using the pin. It was one of my favorite features of the app and as a teenager that doesn’t use any other social media, I’m disappointed in the numerous updates that have taken away the actual fun out of the app. This is an issue because the app is about inspiration and using other people’s ideas to better your own. But if you can’t show how the idea actually turned out then your less likely to try it. Therefore leading to boredom of the app. I’m not sure the reason this feature was taken away but I do know that it was a big mistake. I hope they put it back in the next update and maybe the A-Z sorter for pins would be nice too? Like how many things are they going to take away- well anyways Pinterest is a great app for sharing your ideas and your creations and if you enjoy that kind of stuff try it that’s why I gave 4 stars. But to Pinterest please stop taking features away so you can add others it gets frustrating when you like something and it’s snatched away from you for no reason..Version: 9.42

Can only tell tech support about listed problemsPinterest is pretty good unless something isn't working right, but just try to tell them something is wrong if it doesn't happen to be one of the very few problems they've decided to list on their help page. Apparently, Pinterest thinks everything is perfect and any difficulties are user problems because the available options are only about how to use it right. There seems to be no email address, etc. to which to send problems that they don't want to hear about. Well, too bad. Here's a maddening problem: If you are viewing anything that has to do with Taste of Home recipes after a minute or so a T of H ad will appear on the left and a larger one on the right. Together these block out a significant part of the screen. (I'm using an iPad 2 Air with iPadOS 14.2). You can close the ad on the left by touching the X in the upper right hand corner and it goes away completely. However, the larger one on the right simply turns off the ad and leaves a big white rectangle where the ad used to be, which continues to obliterate the same amount of the page as the ad did. There's no way to get rid of the white box. This does appear to be a problem with the app since the ads don't even appear on the T of H web page. Drives me crazy...almost as crazy as not being able to find a way to report the problem!.Version: 8.44

1000s Lost PinsWhen I first started using Pinterest I set up a few boards to add to, but gave up with this as I was too lazy to set up the adequate amount of relevant boards for all the ideas I’d found. So, I took to liking most of the things I saw, but when the update that got rid of the ‘likes’ came about we instead got a secret board for ‘my Pinterest likes’ which held all those past pins. I continued using this secret board exclusively - I never did take to curating properly - until another update in early April caused ‘my Pinterest likes’ to disappear entirely. Now, the other few boards I set up originally are all still there and viewable, but the secret board which held over 30k pins has just gone and there doesn’t seem to be any recognition that this is a wider-spread issue, nor any relevant help on the website’s FAQs. It’s pretty much ruined the user experience for me now.Version: 6.48

Review of Pinterest .Pinterest —- As an artist , I appreciate all that you provide , it is an excellent service , . I have been painting for over 30 odd years now , I am a realistic oil painter on canvas , as the years go by , I have found Pinterest , provides that , idea , that I inspiring idea , the inspiration, to create my next piece , hence the varied albums I have with you . The female form is paramount, must of my compositions include the form ,—- I am always looking for new poses , colour , light , style — that is the style of drawing , painting , the tone of the piece . You see my albums go from the old masters to modern artists of today . I studied in Chicago 94 —97 the Dutch Masters , and realism is still my style , but I thankfully adapt my pieces with you pins , to create a difference , —- so I say to you guys , many ,many , Thanks . —- I could send you photos , pieces I have sold all over the world , in my years of painting . Realistic paintings , in the early years , now. , still realistic but with a twist , now I paint —- what I call —- Paintings within paintings . Many thanks once again , cheers Col Snare ..Version: 10.36

Ridiculous new policyI have been using Pinterest since I was 12 and absolutely love it. But they recently put in place a new policy meaning that all users under the age of 16’s account is made private and all boards shared with under 16’s will be disabled until all collaborators are 16. This is ridiculous, I am now 16 turning 17 and have had over half my boards, most I use for school, disabled. All my friends and board collaborators on Pinterest are all over 16 as well, yet our shared boards are lost. I am a VCE student and a lot of my subjects require evidence of though process and collaboration, this new feature means I cannot access the boards I use for the subjects and inhibits my ability to provide evidence and injures my study score and grade. I also lost a lot of boards for my passions of art and fashion, which I share with friends, and they are lost too. I’m taking about 5 YEARS worth of pins GONE. Pinterest is meant to be a place where users with common interests, likes and hobbies and collaborate and communicate with like minded individuals. A massive portion of Pinterest users are under the age of 16 and this inhibits and isolates them from a community of common people. This entire policy is stupid, unnecessary and ridiculous. I have written complaints to the help centre and hope this policy is dissolved and removed effectively and soon..Version: 11.13

It’s a great app but please stop taking away features!I’ve used the app for years, and it’s great, but PLEASE stop taking away features. Where you can “try” pins or comment with a photo has been removed, and it’s annoying. One of the original things from Pinterest were that you could “try” things in the comments. Or even just put a specific reaction picture. Seeing people try and recreate crafts and projects or funny reaction pictures feels like it was the point of the comment sections- to discuss the pin. Long story short it’s a feature that shouldn’t have been removed. Aside from that, the updates to the comment sections as a whole haven’t been my favorite. The new “react” feature seems a bit pointless; in the past you could like a comment and it was simple. There was a number of people that liked it and a heart lit up when you liked it. The new feature not only shows other people’s reaction in color- it only changes to “loved” or “helpful” in a dull color, which makes it really hard for people with poor eyesight, dyslexia, etc to discern which comments they have reacted to (since they are already in color) The helpful option as opposed to the loved option makes sense, but it seems more trouble that it’s worth. In short, the lack of commenting with pictures and the reaction mechanics need work. Otherwise, it’s a great app..Version: 10.24

Why update it and get rid of the downloadOkay so I love Pinterest but why update it and get rid of my download button and when I do click on an image it gives me “more like this” no I don’t want to see more I just want to look at the one thing, and when I did try to find a way to download some images I couldn’t, I’m an artist I love references and your app gives me great and lovely quality pictures but if I can’t download or see the entire pic ima be mad pls fix that that’s only why you get 3 stars from me thank you.Version: 11.15.1

Board search function ?I loved this app and used to use it all the time, but i’ve noticed that when you go to use the search function, you can no longer search for boards with what you’ve searched, only see the pins that come up with the result. this sucks and for me, defeats the purpose of the app because that was how i used it, looking at other people’s boards. i keep thinking this is a bug, because you used to be able to select “boards” to search, but update after update, this feature doesn’t come back. it’s very frustrating and making me kind of hate this app because i can barely search for things efficiently..Version: 8.44

I hate the new updateI’m a big Pinterest user. Spend several hours per day and I hate the new update. I spend most of my time scrolling Pinterest on my phone and with the new update it’s hard to save images and to view full screen a pin of interest. Please go back to previous version!!!.Version: 7.36

Not today PinterestIn no way should an app ask for my birthday to cater my ads. It should be based on my pins which it has been since I started using Pinterest. Thankfully I was able to delete my account without anymore information forcefully given to a site using it for god knows what..Version: 11.10

Spam BlockedFor whatever reason, Pinterest keeps blocking me when I’m pinning multiple pins all in one setting. It’s like they block me then i have to wait another 15 minutes to pin again, only for them to block me temporarily again. I don’t get what they’re trying to prevent here. And I’m also not apart of whatever they’re trying to prevent. I’m just here to pin. Also there’s a malfunction where some pin boards have the “more ideas” option, while some don’t. So it’s quite frustrating. Also I would like if they made the app a little more easier to use in terms of pinning stuff and not having to press multiple confusing buttons. Also the app just doesn’t run smoothly like Instagram or Facebook.Version: 10.40

Good in the past, but terrible updates!I have been using the Pinterest app for years now, and these updates may be terrible enough for me to finally leave. First of all, the stories/slides function is confusing and difficult to use. If I’m ever swiping through content it’s a hassle to get through these stories that often have nothing to do with what I’ve pinned in the past, which brings me to my next point: the algorithm. I am constantly getting both suggested pins and targeted ads that have nothing to do with any boards or searches I’ve made! My home feed is full of ads that I am not interested in with very little actual content, much of which is irrelevant as well. It seems like the “hide pin” feature doesn’t even do anything to improve my feed. To me, it seems like Pinterest is struggling to remain relevant in the wake of Instagram and TikTok by introducing new features and changing up how content reaches viewers, but I think I speak for the majority of Pinterest users when I say that people don’t use Pinterest in the same way we use other platforms. There’s no need for flash and flair when Pinterest is already a well-designed social media platform with a specific user base in mind, and making these changes just interrupts the way people use the app..Version: 9.16

Ads, Ads, Ads, and no longer descriptions.I love Pinterest. It’s amazing. Such a fantastic idea. The app however is annoying. It used to be amazing. Now it’s all Ads and there are no longer descriptions for the Pins, so you have to click on them, rather then just scrolling through. I used to spend my evenings finding awesome ideas. Now I can’t be bothered even looking at it because of all the junk..Version: iOS 6.67

Great app, butSometimes when attempting to scroll through a board after rearranging it, the scrolling is oddly difficult—significantly slower and more limited than usual, and when I stop touching the screen it scrolls up of its own accord. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this. The activity page is just awful. Not only do I now not get to see the boards to which my pins were saved, but now they’re swamped with recommended “related” pins—a feature I can already access from an excessive number of alternate means. Let me see the boards to which my pins were saved, and cut the recommendations in the activity feed. No one wants them there. The process to reorder and personalise pins in their boards is cumbersome. To move a single pin I need to click it, click reorder, and then wait for the board to load, and then I have to scroll to find the pin, and only *then* can I move it—and after all that, the preview doesn’t show the end result of the change in the actual board itself, so you don’t know how it looks until you save it. This process used to be so simple; just a tap and hold to drag it into place. Why was it changed?.Version: 7.1

Latest changesNot happy with the latest changes - can’t edit URLs on my pins, that’s been taken away completely - you can only change them if they are from your own claimed website. Not everyone has their own website. So not practical to take this feature away! When I first started using Pinterest it was so diverse and would spend hours looking at and pinning various ideas. Now it seems to trap users in their own filter bubbles, where you are constantly looking at the same sort of pins you’ve already pinned - yeah some of that is ok in a tiny smidge of quantity but not ALL the pins ALL the time. The idea is to get inspiration and ideas for things you may not have even thought about - that was the beauty of it! That’s why the category options on the home search was great too. Do the people who make these changes even actually consult those who do or use it themselves?.Version: 7.11

New update ruins people’s hard workCan no longer check out the videos my sister has created, nor can her followers, in fact we can’t even see the names of the profiles we’re following under 16! They barley exist! My sister has worked very hard on her content, taking over an hour to create a video from start to finish. This new update has taken away the joy of posting videos, people no longer being able to view her hard work and ideas. Even though she is set in business account, there is no point in having a business account when they too (under 16) are revealed with the same consequences. In all desperateness, we tried changing the age of her account to 16+, but in the settings she can no longer even change the age! What?! I am not only speaking from the voices of my sister and her friends, but the thousands of young content creators who no longer have a public profile and have no more motive for Pinterest. I acknowledge that Pinterest is caring for the safety of teens and I deeply appreciate it, but this is not the solution. If there isn’t an update soon, her, along with some friends may cease the use of Pinterest and switch over to a platform such as tiktok that allows her to post all of her ideas and creations which bring her much joy. If you have came to the end, I give thanks for your reading. Pleas to reconsider the update..Version: 11.12

KEYCHAIN ERRORI love Pinterest so much but it has recently kicked me off on my phone and since I have logged in with google I have tried many different angles for trying to get in, however every time it doesn’t let me and comes up with keychain error and I don’t know what the means or how to fix it and it’s like it won’t even try to log into my account.Version: 10.40

DeactivatedI have been using Pinterest for some time now and have found the content interesting most of the time, while there are some things on it that maybe shouldn't be. A lot of content is repeated. While the app is good, I did an update recently and found my account had been deactivated for unknown reasons. My issue is the lack of customer service when I used the contact link to appeal the deactivation. No reason for deactivation was given leaving me a bit confused. I don’t post anything to Pinterest and don’t spam either, so I have no idea why my account was deactivated. Is has been more than 48 hours since I contacted Pinterest vis their contact page. No response has been received, I could not operate a business that leaves customers hanging and wondering what happened. It’s a good thing I don’t have a business that uses Pinterest, it would not be a viable way to advertise if the account just gets deactivated without reason. That’s the only issue I have is the difficulty and time wasted trying to get the account reactivated..Version: 11.8

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