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Will use as a last resortThis is the perfect place to catch a virus on your computer. The majority of the links redirect you to virus filled websites. Looking at pictures is nice but if you want further information on where to find things in the picture, beware! If they aren’t broken links, they’re corrupt!.Version: 9.2

Bev D.My daughter got me started on Pintrest! It is an awesome program! Breakfast and Pintrest - doesn't get any better! Now I find so many pins with advice for things that I have absolutely no interest in, continually over and over again.Version: 6.34.1

Can be betterI have about 300 pics in one pin and I went to organize it but everytime I move stuff up and down it ruins the already moved stuff. I can’t even categorize it by color, it’s so frustrating. It just moves over like bubbles as you try and drag the picture up and moves all the other pictures in a different place. Completely ruins the point..Version: 9.1

Switching accountsThere is an issue when jumping from account to account on mobile. it won’t let me access one account. every time I select it, it just brings me to a different account..Version: 9.1

Won't let me view repliesI really like the app, but occasionally it just... won't let me look at replies to comments.Version: 9.8

My Go-to AppI love Pinterest, it's helpful and useful for everything from decorating a house to planing a hens. There are a few glitches here and there; some of the things "picked for you" can be a bit off and it's a bit frustrating when you search for something once and suggested pins flood your feed for the next few weeks of the same category (if a party you have been pinning ideas for has passed, you didn't want to keep seeing things a month later). I wsh there was better memory on the search- every time I close Pinterest it loses my place (on my iPad), even if I go to my emails for a minute, I come back and it resets everything . I do miss the "Like" button too but otherwise it's my morning wake up routine and my bed time tradition- it gets the creative juices flowing so thank you!.Version: 6.35

Removed Best FeatureAt some point an update removed ability to refine your search to just boards, and so now finding the pins you want is almost entirely fruitless. This was the ONLY way I ever searched because it worked a far far better than just searching for pins. I still use the app but barely, because now when I search I’ll rarely ever find anything usable amongst all the irrelevant pins it brings up. Despite this feature not existing anymore, there is still a page on their website telling you you CAN search for boards. This mislead me into wasting a fair amount of time emailing back and forth with customer service, thinking something was wrong with my app..Version: 8.44

Always Crashes!I use Pinterest lots, even though over the years it seems to get worse honestly :( There are ads everywhere, and every time I’m on the app for more than 10 minutes it will crash and I have to reopen it. I keep making sure that it’s updated and everything, so I really don’t understand why it keeps doing this. I don’t see any reviews about it though, am I the only one who’s getting this??.Version: 8.3.1

Great until the Latest UpdateNot a fan of the latest update.. . It doesn’t give me a chance to scroll and look at anything. Please fix..Version: 8.30

Saved pinsWhere are all my saved pins ?????.Version: 8.3

Regarding an issue...I’ve been a user of Pinterest for over a year and a half now and honestly I can say hand on heart I haven’t had any major issues with the app up until recently. This may sound stupid and as if it’s nothing but the only thing in my feed recently has been pictures/edits of Ariana Grande and sometimes Billie Eilish, now, I have nothing against either one of these performers but I wouldn’t say I’m their biggest fans either. I don’t know what has caused this, I’ve tried everything to get my feed tuned back to stuff I’m interested in but every time I return to the app it’s the exact same. Not trying to cause a problem I just want this issue resolved before I lose interest in the app completely. Kind regards.Version: 7.40

What have you done?Oh dear, Pinterest. What have you done? I used to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest. It was my favourite app on my phone. Now I barely bother to look at it. My feed consists of adverts and pins that I’m no longer interested in. I used to love that I could browse through different categories - where’s that gone? How can I find inspiration when there’s nowhere to look? I loved looking at the humour section and used to chuckle away all evening but since the adverts were introduce there was nothing worth seeing. The same with the quotations section. I always used to find something that resonated with me and then suddenly it was full of banal rubbish with hardly a decent quote in sight. Pinterest used to help me find trends for my business too - you could see how many times an item was pinned or liked (don’t even get me started on how the ‘like’ button disappeared. Sack the person who implemented that) but even that’s gone now. Come on Team Pinterest, get your act together. It was a great app. You need to make it great again.Version: 6.58

Starting to dislike Pinterest overallThis is more about Pinterest itself than the app. Every fourth or so pin in my feed is an ad now, so the platform is pretty much useless to me because all I can think about as I’m scrolling is if I’m looking at another ad or not because I kept accidentally clicking them, which then takes me to the ad provider’s website page and away from my Pinterest feed. This to me almost feels like a strategy Pinterest is using: more ads = more people clicking the ads = more revenue. While I understand the mindset behind ad revenue and don’t disagree with it, Pinterest incorporates way too many ads to the point that it’s excessive and not as fun of a platform as it used to be. I can barely look at the pins by users I wanted to actually follow without seeing the same ads over and over again. I don’t know if it’s as many ads on the computer or not, but I definitely won’t be using this app again anytime soon. I’m disappointed in what Pinterest has become, and a happy medium needs to be found for how many ads are in user feeds. I’ll be using Instagram as my source of learning about new products and experiences from now on, benefits I used to get from using Pinterest. While Instagram has ads, they aren’t nearly as frequent and irritating as those on Pinterest..Version: 6.60

Go back to old update!The new update makes the app so much harder to use. You can’t even scroll down to a certain broad when you want to pin something..Version: 8.44

Love the new updates but is still needs a lot of improvementI love the fact that now pins say who uploaded them. this is a really great feature to help smaller accounts start to gain followers and also helps big accounts continue to grow. however, the new update has also brought some features i strongly dislike as well as lacking so features that i think would be very useful. why can’t you search for boards anymore? being able to type in any search term and browse the pins, user profiles, and boards related to that term has always been a staple search feature, so why was the board searching feature removed? a lot of the time looking at boards was so useful because it allowed me to find exactly what i was looking for. only being able to search pins has made it a lot harder. additionally, the removal of this feature has done nothing but hurt small accounts. my account has ~12k followers and i find that my accounts growth has slowed down significantly. the removal of this feature is detrimental to small accounts as users will now only see the most popular pins for each search. honestly i’m super disappointed in this update and hope this feature will be restored in the future..Version: 9.2

Glitches GaloreThis latest version has a lot of glitches attached to it. I will search something and be scrolling for a little bit and then suddenly it will glitches and the screen will go white and stay like it unless I exit the app, and then I have to search the same thing g all over again and find where I was up to just for it to do it again. Another glitch I’ve found is I used to be able to search something quickly jump over to another app and back again and my searched pictures would still be there, now I do it and it goes back to home screen. Which is annoying especially when I’m looking at a specific photo..Version: 7.0

I have been faithful but you have hurt my feelings.Recently I got an email to say that a comment I had made on a pin was considered harassment and had been removed. I was warned about it again. I cannot recall ever intentionally harassing anyone and if someone took offence at something I said, at least I should be able to see the pin in question so that I can decide if my comment is truly mean or just someone being overly sensitive. I have been on P since the beginning but I feel like quitting after this. Also you say your policy is against nudity etc. But it is riddled with it. So maybe before I get attacked get breaching the policy, you should just have a look at others who do as well. I have reported several blatantly sexual / nude pics tonight. There are far too many to report them all. A couple I saw border onto Child Exploitation.Version: 6.60

WHAT WAS THE REASON!!???I usually love Pinterest but the new update that takes away the refined search button makes the app intolerable to use. I really cannot even begin to fathom why they would possibly take away such a good and widely used/loved feature?? Like what would possibly be the benefit? I tried to look for a more direct way to give feedback on this, because I honestly doubt the people who are making these choices care to read an App Store review, or care at all if the recent updates are anything to go by - but I came up short so this will have to do. But I am BEGGING you to put that feature back for the sake of mental wellbeing. 2020 has me walking a very fine like and I clearly don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with this ridiculous change right now. PLEASE put it back..Version: 8.44

It’s really good but it is way too slow.I have used this app for like 3 years now and I don’t use it. I used to love this app like a year ago but now I just don’t like it as much. It just takes ages to load anything and I have a really good internet speed so it is definitely Pinterest. It has changed so much now. I think that Instagram is way easier and I can also do a lot more on there than Pinterest. I will probably delete my account due to how slow it is and how much I have not used it in the last year. You might as well get an Instagram account and make it private because you can actually follow people such as Ariana grandé and Billie eilish. Also pretty much everybody has Instagram. I just think that Pinterest is really outdated and not so popular due to not many known users on there. I also hate how you have to keep blocking ppl that you don’t want to follow u. Can’t you just decide for urself and make ur account private or public. GET WITH THE TIMES PINTEREST!? I kinda hate Pinterest now so. Thanks for reading my angry and demanding review.💕.Version: 7.29

Rubbish update :(Loved the old homepage lay out seeing loads of ideas at once! The new one image lay out is barely different to instagrams and it now feels much more like a social media app than a project or ideas or arty kind of app. My homepage has a lot of images on that weren’t that interesting so this new lay out also doesn’t allow me to sift through the stuff I’m not overly bothered about! I loved Pinterest for the reasons of that it didn’t feel like a social media site and was so different to every other app, it felt much more personal and obviously creatively inspired and motivated ,so it makes no sense to change it so it is similar to other apps already out there ????!!! This is super disappointing, I’m quite angry to be honest and it’s safe to say I won’t be using it anywhere near as much as I used to..Version: 7.30

Where’s the likes?Can y’all please put the likes back on the comments.Version: 8.39

Ads, Ads, Ads, and no longer descriptions.I love Pinterest. It’s amazing. Such a fantastic idea. The app however is annoying. It used to be amazing. Now it’s all Ads and there are no longer descriptions for the Pins, so you have to click on them, rather then just scrolling through. I used to spend my evenings finding awesome ideas. Now I can’t be bothered even looking at it because of all the junk..Version: iOS 6.67

Not like it used to beI have been a Pinterest user for many years, but of late, it’s becoming less functional and I don’t open it as often as I used to. I am an elderly male and I see pictures of objects and people for which I have absolutely no interest but I can’t get rid of them. I see For You pages of nonsense and pop up notifications about female fashion and cosmetics, for example. I tag these as irrelevant but I can’t kill off Updates I’m not remotely interested in, such as Blouse Designs. Ideas for you is another load of nonsense. I have no problem with these categories. I just want to be able to delete the ones I never asked for, or those for which I have no further interest.Version: 9.8

Good, but InconsistentI love pinterest and I think the new layout is quite interesting... However, there are many essential qualities of this app that I’ve carried issues with for a long time now. The inconsistency of their effectiveness, for one, is major. Sometimes I’ll get a notification on my phone saying someone has commented or saved one of my pins... But after opening the app and checking the notifications tab I’ll find nothing at all. This doesn’t always happen but usually it does and I find it super annoying. Another example of this issue with inconsistencies— or perhaps simply an issue in general—is when I DO manage to receive a notification from someone liking or responding to my comments on pins. Upon clicking on this notification I am not directed to the actual pin itself— but merely a non-interactive image of the pin with the comment section below it. Once again, it doesn’t always happen but is especially frustrating when I want to save this pin to another board or perhaps haven’t saved it at all and wish to do so... Yet I am unable to and my only resort is to take a screenshot and search it up on my own terms. (Even then it’s almost always unsuccessful.) Like I said, Pinterest is a great app with good means— but it is small annoyances like the ones aforementioned that keep me from calling it perfect..Version: 7.39

Ugh Please Stop!Sooooo I had the app then deleted it because of all the things popping up saying 'this girl was found dead ten seconds after she took the photo send yo ten of your friends or the person in the background will visit you at 3:00am' And also can you please stop sending me emails and notifications it is very annoying please please stop!.Version: 6.54

Not made for the new iPhonesLove the app on my iPad but it can be so frustrating to use on my phone XS. When clicking into links they are up too high and end up sitting on either side of the notch and behind the time and battery ect. This makes them unable to be used so basically I click on a link then can’t go back or get out of it. I have to reset the whole app..Version: 6.80

HATE the new layout!!I absolutely love this app to death but the new layout ssssuuuucccckkkksssss!!!!! Please change it back!!!.Version: 7.36

Can only tell tech support about listed problemsPinterest is pretty good unless something isn't working right, but just try to tell them something is wrong if it doesn't happen to be one of the very few problems they've decided to list on their help page. Apparently, Pinterest thinks everything is perfect and any difficulties are user problems because the available options are only about how to use it right. There seems to be no email address, etc. to which to send problems that they don't want to hear about. Well, too bad. Here's a maddening problem: If you are viewing anything that has to do with Taste of Home recipes after a minute or so a T of H ad will appear on the left and a larger one on the right. Together these block out a significant part of the screen. (I'm using an iPad 2 Air with iPadOS 14.2). You can close the ad on the left by touching the X in the upper right hand corner and it goes away completely. However, the larger one on the right simply turns off the ad and leaves a big white rectangle where the ad used to be, which continues to obliterate the same amount of the page as the ad did. There's no way to get rid of the white box. This does appear to be a problem with the app since the ads don't even appear on the T of H web page. Drives me crazy...almost as crazy as not being able to find a way to report the problem!.Version: 8.44

FrustratingThe only problem is, I barely ever see pins from boards I follow. Majority, if not all, pins are recommendations. I unfollowed a category of boards (example; food) and I’m still getting recommendations in relation to the example. Edit* it’s been two months or so since writing this review and nothing has changed. I did a small experiment where I unfollowed all of my Marvel boards last month, I have not searched any Marvel related pins but my wall is still bombarded with Marvel pins. I now, only follow aesthetic boards and I see no pins from the boards I follow. Edit** I decided to make a new account with entirely new boards and pins. I’m suddenly getting pins which I have not searched for nor have I pinned. It’s frustrating that I’m getting pins I have not shown interest in and not seeing any from my following boards..Version: 8.24

REPLIES WON’T SHOWI can’t see replies on comments; if I tap on a ‘see 18 replies’ button, it only shows 9 replies. I can’t even hold a simple conversation in the comments section anymore. I didn’t have any of these problems before you decided to update it again. Yeah, why is it that none of the updates seem to fix anything? All I’m asking is that you either reply to this review with some advice, or fix your app. I’m not the only one having this problem..Version: 9.10

Very disappointed with the latest updatesI was a very early user of Pinterest and have loved it for years using it as a great source of inspiration, resources and collection for ideas for my many interests. However the latest update with trying to use sections within a board are absolutely useless. One can spend ages ticking the pictures to move to a new section, only to find that the pictures have not moved and lo and behold one has to move the pictures again after ticking them again to move to the new section and finding the board from the alphabetical list! I have no idea why this new idea was implemented because it is absolutely useless. I like the idea of having subsections within a board so I could create smaller areas of interest but going back over a previous board that has been started has become a time-consuming task. Pinterest please fix this up ASAP!! Or you will have more disgruntled users..Version: 7.3

ALL Ads & Algorithm. NO (real) friendsThe Sponsored Pins are out of control. I see sponsored content more than I see my own friend’s post (and I mean face-to-face friends). On multiple occasions the sponsored posts have opened without any intentional interaction on my part; just from my scrolling through the app or when searching for something. But I have to put an effort just to see what an individual friend’s personal activity/recent pins. I feel like a creep. And now I’m getting told “Hire an interior designer from [sponsor]” when I’m just tryna look at a bookcase! That’s too far. I’ve been on Pinterest since it’s was invite only and now it’s overcrowded with multi-level marketing schemes and aggressive sponsored ads posing as real pins. I miss seeing my REAL life friend’s posts, not just what some AI algorithm thinks I want. And what’s up with the pop-up asking “did you find what you were looking for?”, why do you need an answer when I don’t even know what I was looking for? It’s just as uncomfortable as having a sales associate invading your personal space and following you around the store tryna make a sale sell when you’re just trying look around. That behavior is what keeps people from making a purchase or coming back again. Now I’m concerned with how my data is being used. Don’t pull a Facebook Pinterest, I’d hate to see you go down like them and lose the trust of your users..Version: 6.71

The Algorithms Have Really Gone DownhillI have used Pinterest for over ten years. I have loved this app/website. There is nothing else like it. Over the last couple of years, though, my feed quality has really suffered. I used to see new pins based on every one of my interests, which I had carefully cultivated. I could go months without seeing the same pin twice, and my feed was full of variety and color. Now, my feed seems to be based only on recent activity, so if I only pin to three boards over a few days or a week, I will only see content related to those three boards with maybe 1/20 being outside of those topics. If I only pin from my home feed, that means that I’m reinforcing this funnel until my home feed looks the same every single day. If I pass over a pin without saving it, it can show up in my feed again and again, making things feel stale. I’ll also see pins related to topics I don’t like, but even though I hide it, that topic will show up in my feed again and again as if I had never touched it. Also, when I do a search I’ll only get a few pages’ worth of related pins before it starts looking like my home feed, with results that have nothing to do with what I’m searching for. I still use the app because there’s no other available resource like it, but it’s no longer my favorite place for inspiration..Version: 7.21

STOP refreshing!There is literally nothing I hate more about this app than the fact that if I conduct a search or look at my pins, regardless of where I am on the home page, it will refresh. I should only get refreshed, new pin suggestions if I refresh manually. Otherwise I’ve lost numerous potential pins because this app believes that every time I leave the app or leave the apps main page I want to refresh my pins. This is the single most annoying part of this app by far..Version: 8.15

Ads constantly interrupting my musicI really love the app, but i’m quite annoyed by the ads always stoping my music so that they can play whenever i’m scrolling throught anything! Even if i’m scrolling quite fast it just mute my music before putting it back on.Version: 8.37

Not the same anymoreI’ve been using Pinterest since the beginning, when it was invite-only. I planned my wedding with Pinterest, I stumbled onto so many cool ideas and life hacks and interesting people... Pinterest legit made my life *better.* Now I hardly use the app at all. It’s almost all ads, and I hardy ever see content from the people I follow. Even worse is the search function, which is... pathetic, to say the least. Pinterest used to be fantastic for helping me find inspiring images and links for just about *anything* I was looking for; now searches only yield a handful of results, all of which are ads, *none* of which are actually relevant to my search. I’ve been using Google image search a lot more now. Pinterest has become essentially useless to me. I’m not seeing content I like, I’m not able to search for content I like, and with so many ads, the “social” aspect of this so-called “social media platform” is nonexistent. Seriously, what’s the point? I’m holding out hope that developers will take critiques like this seriously and restore some of the functions that made Pinterest such a great app, but... I’m losing patience. If things don’t get better I’ll probably just delete the app and save space on my phone... why keep a useless app around?.Version: 6.40.1

Not happyWhen my app was updated I could no longer get into my account. I still can’t despite asking for help. FAQ lists do not help, they are just irritating and never seem to answer my questions satisfactorily. I set up a new account, thinking my old account was lost forever; then on another device I found my old account but noticed it still had my old email address on it. I tried to change the email address only to be told that my email address was already in use. Of course it was, I had opened another account when the first one ceased to work! So now I have an old account I can’t use because it has the wrong email address attached to it and a new account with only one board on it!.Version: 6.47

None of my comments are being saved to my pins!I mostly love Pinterest and the app, but there is definite room for improvement. Severely dislike the new way to search! Please go back to the way it was before this last update. Also, the constant refreshing means that as soon as I focus on a pin I might want to click on it’s gone. Please allow us Pinners to manually refresh our feed! Probably my biggest complaint is the lack of ability to edit the title or description of the pins we pin via the app. It was there and now exists only on the full site. Now I’m having to go back through EACH pin I’ve saved in the last few weeks and edit EVERY ONE on my computer. PLEASE fix this! The comments are where we, as Pinners, get to add our own thoughts to the ideas we are pinning and it’s the way we can search our own pins to find the ones we’ve saved. It is an essential function of the pinning process! That is the point right? To actually use the pins we save? Looking forward to having this bug squashed soon! Lastly, if I could have Pinterest the way I really liked it best I would return the like button and remove the tried button. I don’t really care who has tried a pin that I save. If I needed to gather several ideas quickly I would go through and like several pertinent pins so they were saved and go back to pin them later when I had time to add my own descriptions. Feeling nostalgic just now! Please bring back the likes! Thanks!.Version: 7.31

Unsubscribed but still sending me alertsHave had this app for quite few months now and at first it was something of a novelty but it’s constant alerts became tiresome as it essentially repeats the same things over and over; no doubt some people find it rewarding. Have uninstalled it recently owing to a virus problem that was undoubtedly hidden in one of these sites it highlights. I was helping my wife research hairstyles and as I found one that may have been interest to her I forwarded the link via Watts app; it appears that the link contained a possible virus as an alert came up on her iPhone as she opened it; her phone fortunately automatically set to destroy the virus which appears to be successful; my phone thankfully didn’t get any virus. I have uninstalled the app and also unsubscribed via the email alerts it sends daily only to find Pinterest continues to contact me. I’ve unsubscribed numerous times now but to no avail..Version: 8.24

Updates are becoming ridiculousI used to love Pinterest but the updates in the past year have become increasingly impractical and honestly ridiculous. - Bring back the ‘Explore’ section, because that is what Pinterest is about, isn’t it? Bad call to remove it. - When I get a notification saying that a comment of mine has been liked, if I click the comment it takes me to the post but removes the option to send the post or save it anywhere? What is the point of removing this feature? To make the pin take up more of the screen? Undo this please? - The group board features are botched and I’m not sure if my complaint only applies to one (the ‘SAGA Group Board’), but in the ‘Activity’ tab everyone has to scroll down to get to the recent activity as some notifications are permanently stuck at the top. I thought that this was just a bug and would be squashed soon but this has remained a problem for over seven months now. A request - For Business profiles, can we be able to arrange which pictures go in which slots (in the banner at the top) and be able to focus them on the right parts instead of them being cropped oddly. I would be like to be able to organise them and make it more aesthetic please. Overall a good app, but slowly declining in quality..Version: 7.18

Everything thing else seems to work right, but...Problem I have. Some replies I can click on to open up, and some I can’t. Here’s an example: I made a comment, and I decided to continue what I wrote by replying to my OWN comment. Probably a day or two later, I CAN’T OPEN IT! It doesn’t respond, and the only way it sort of reacts is when I hold my finger on it but still doesn’t open! Please fix this!.Version: 9.8

Completely commercializedThis app is impossible to navigate because anything you click on is coated in ads. Most annoying are the video ads which scroll in front of the web content. This sucks my data and i avoid using Pinterest when I can avoid it..Version: 8.5

Bring back “Search By Board”!!I’ve used Pinterest for years and love the ability to be able find ideas & inspiration! I mainly use the mobile version of Pinterest because of how smooth and effortless it is (along with the fact I’m always on my phone!) and I find that just searching for terms doesn’t yield varied results, so about 90% of my time I search things and select “view by board” to browse the collections other people have made! Being able to see other people’s “finds” or their own uploads is a perfect way to fill up my own boards. If I wanted to search for a certain aesthetic or look for certain types of recipes for example, how else would I find good boards to follow so that I can see their posts in my feed? However, when I last updated it, the feature that allowed us to search by board on mobile is gone!! I can’t even hit a picture and be able to trace it to the boards it shows up on. All the pins on my main feed I can’t even see where they came from. I expand my results not by hoping Pinterest’s own algorithms pick up what they think I want to see, but by what boards and pinners I follow!! Please bring this back! The fun of Pinterest is in cultivating all kinds of resources or pictures in one place, what good is that if I can’t even have the option to view the ones others have made?.Version: 9.1

New update sucksCan’t search for boards anymore? i can only search pins or profiles, if i want to search boards i have to use desktop. what gives.Version: 9.1

Commenting on pins needs to be fixedI’m not sure if it’s the same on computers, but on mobile, the comments really need to improve. When you want to reply to someone’s comment, you can, but if you want to reply to someone’s comment on another person’s comment, you have to manually put the “@“ and write out their whole name. And most of the time this doesn’t even work because their name either has a space in it or their name won’t show up for some reason! Another problem with the comments is that when you reply to someone’s comment and someone tries to reply to you within that comment, you get the notification saying like “oh, so-and-so replied to your comment,” but when you click on that notification, it won’t take you to the comment, so there’s no way for you to see it unless you somehow know exactly which pin your comment was on, then go on a whole scavenger hunt to find that one pin that you probably didn’t even save. I really hope this gets fixed because I really like have conversations with people in the comment section. And on top of it getting fixed, I want Pinterest to add a feature that lets you see all the pins you’ve commented on, like how Twitter has the “Tweets & Replies” option..Version: 8.43

Have I reached the end of Pinterest?I think I've reached the end of Pinterest! I keep seeing the same content over and over again. I only follow around 3000 people's Ms follow more every week. I have 9000 followers--which my number of followers slowed down significantly when they changed the feeds and algorithms. I can no longer see the people who follow me--even though my number of followers go up, it's no longer adding profiles to the followers section. I am so sick of seeing advertisements and sponsored content that have NOTHING to do with anything that I would ever want to see from Home Depot (I think we all kinda know about Home Depot at this point) to Pantene hair commercials. The settings for automatic video play do not work. And dare I use the "show me more like this button"; CLEARLY Pinterest's taste level has a bug since it usually looks NOTHING like what I've just pinned. I preferred the only method of see who else has pinned this pinned so that you could start following others with your same taste level and subject matter. Pinterest has become almost as bad as Houzz for the masses and has become very hard to curate sophisticated collections of idea boards. I use Pinterest to work with my clients and promote my business. There are very few settings that you can change and I am so tired of seeing the same content over and over again! Oh wait, I already said that--well now you know how it feels!.Version: 6.36

Self promosI’ve really been enjoying Pinterest for the past few months. It’s a nice way to pass the time, and I’ve tried a few ideas on there - mainly baking using recipes found on the app. However, I seem to get a lot of irrelevant ads that I keep trying to tailor without much luck. The most annoying thing of all? ... “Hey guys I know self promos are annoying but I’ve been working really hard on my boards pls if you like this aesthetic check out my account it would mean so much to me to get to 100 followers by December!!” PLEASE there has to be way to filter these comments?! I see them on nearly every pin I look at and it’s putting me off using Pinterest. It’s not small businesses advertising themselves or anything useful, just bratty little teenagers who feel they deserve their ego stroked by racking up followers. It’s spam and I’m fed up with seeing it. Ta x.Version: 8.40

I cant see new ideas anymore, it makes me not get on this app like everMy favorite part of this app was the fact that I could go to explore and find new ideas, hence why I always have so many boards. New ideas would pop up in the explore and i would love it and go crazy looking for new ideas from pinterest by looking through the explore every chance I got but you guys got rid of the explore. Now when i click one pin even by accident i get 50 more pins for the exact same pin. Sometimes It would be one simple recipe of pie and now i have 30 of them everyday. So then you guys created an option where I can not get specific suggestions from what I clicked but even when I unfollow what I clicked it doesnt matter because my feed is literally still exact suggestions from my boards I created. So i feel like i dont get anywhere with this app. I am literally on instagram all the time because I can see different new things not different versions of the same thing especially ones I pinned already. Its fine when im searching for something but after a while I get the point and I get off the app. I wont even bring up the ads. Sorry but Im done with this app. I sure i wont be the last. Your new users dont know what their missing but seeing the same sweater everyday will get boring for them too eventually. Bring back explore so we can see new ideas, stop thinking i want to see 80 different versions of a pink Christmas tree..Version: 7.35

I love this app; but...I cannot get enough of pinterest. It’s my go-to for inspiration and ideas. But there are SO many advertisements as of late! They take up such a ridiculously large portion of the home page. They’re the size of large pins, and I have to scroll through so many! 😿 It’s to the point where my entire screen will just be full of ads, and I have to actively look for the pins that I want to see. Yes I can just press “hide ad” but there are just too many of them to be doing that every time. I would be open to a paid option where I can pay a one time fee to browse Pinterest ad-free. I will keep using it as I love using it- but I just had to put my honest feedback somewhere. Toodles! 👋🏼.Version: 7.0

I have three things that I would like fixedFirst of all Pinterest has WAY to many adverts on it now. Every time I go onto Pinterest a million of the exact same ads just it me in the face and I don’t want to use Pinterest anymore because of it. The second thing is that when I try to zoom in on pins the screen just freezes and I have to go out of Pinterest in order to continue using it. The third and final thing is that when I try to reply to a comment, the ‘add’ button is covered up by the bar at the bottom of the screen. This is very annoying and means that I can’t reply to any questions or thank people for nice replies and stuff like that. I don’t like using the app as much anymore because it just isn’t what I would expect (nor want) from an app as big as Pinterest. really hope that these things get fixed and that I can enjoy your app once more. Hope you understand and help me to enjoy Pinterest again. Thanks, Leah.Version: 6.71

Switching between accountsAfter switching between my accounts, it won’t let me use my main account. Also bring back the ability to search for boards.Version: 9.2

Too many ads! Deleting after 10+ yearsI have used Pinterest for over 10 years and just deleted it permanently. Literally every 3rd “pin” (or picture) is an advertisement for some company or brand that has nothing to do with what I’ve pinned or with my interests. There is no way to turn ads off or to see less ads. You’re way better off just going to Google to get ideas. They used to have a ‘categories’ option where you could choose Art, Beauty, Crafts, Recipes, etc. but they removed it completely. This makes no sense and makes it very difficult to navigate the app. Removing this feature also makes it nearly impossible to find new content ~ isn’t that why Pinterest was created in the first place? For new ideas and inspiration? I used Pinterest for art inspiration but this became increasingly difficult to obtain to the point where I couldn’t find anything new or interesting. But there were always tons of new, irrelevant ads and videos from companies! I also NEVER see what people I follow pin anymore ~ it’s ALL “suggested” pins from Pinterest which are based off of a single picture I pinned. So if you pin a picture of, say, a cute plant holder, the next time you log onto Pinterest your entire feed is pictures of plants and ads for teeth whitening kits (?!). I’m sad that a great idea for a creative app has been ruined but it has. Save yourself a headache and go to Google images..Version: 7.8

Don’t waste your time like I didI’ve spent an uncountable amount of hours making Pinterest boards for school projects and out of spare time interest. Tonight out of nowhere I lost 2 massive boards with 500+ images on each. In total, over 1,000 of my images have completely and utterly vanished from nowhere. The help centre doesn’t provide any beneficial advice. You can’t even email them because you literately have to re-login in like 3 times and it freezes. Bare in mind I have an iPhone 8+ which is running on the current iOS. I’ve currently spent and hour trying to fix this and reddit can’t even help me out. Don’t put time, effort and care into this app. You will only experience a bitter taste when your work disappears without reason..Version: 6.68

Crashing non stopThe app has randomly started crashing if I spend longer than a minute scrolling. When I reopen it doesn’t take me to where I was which is super annoying! A lot of then scrolling back through things I’ve already seen.Version: 8.3.1

Used to be great but now...Pinterest is no longer geared towards the fun, interest-driven collector and fantasist; rather it is becoming more and more tailored to be a selling tool. My board is full, and I mean FULL, of images of zero interest on subjects that have zero appeal. I have spent hours trying to hide them but this just seems to encourage more of the same as though Pinterest thinks it just needs to try harder to persuade me. The result? Zero inclination to log in. For example, I am an avid lover of big, shiny diamonds, antiques and period homes. Conversely, I loathe emeralds, flat-pack furniture and minimalism. What do I get in my daily feed? The latter. Also, being a childless woman of over fifty and in a wheelchair, I have little desire to be inundated by jean-clad, bare-midriff girls (why the widely spread legs, by the way), superhero themed party games for teeny tots or by pretty walking tours. So, I spend ages hiding each and every one in order to 'train' my daily feed only for even more of the same the next time I log in. (And why oh why did they add the skull jewellery? Punishment?) Which, of course, is tres annoying and now instead of wiling away three days at a stretch fantasising myself into another world, I shut off the tablet and have to put up with the one I’m in. So, come on Pinterest, stop trying so hard to sell to us and go back to entertaining us instead. I liked you then..Version: 6.62

Can’t search for boardsNewer updates have removed the option to search for boards..Version: 9.3

Bring back boardsYou can’t search for boards anymore and it’s getting ridiculous. a while ago the ability to see what board something was being saved to was being removed, but for me, this new update is the last straw. that used to be the one feature i absolutely RELIED on for pinterest, and now it’s gone. on top of that, i don’t like how the new update changed the interface for pinning a pin to a board. it makes it nearly impossible to pin things. if things seriously don’t change and this app goes back to being more practical, i’m going to have to stop using it because it is far to frustrating. which is incredibly unfortunate because i’ve loved pinterest for years..Version: 8.44

Used to love itThis used to be one of my favorite apps. I got my husband hooked on it as well. But now it seems that ads are taking over. Too many buyable pins that have nothing to do with anything I’ve ever looked at or saved. And way too much pornography for a site that claims they don’t allow it. I highly doubt that a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread and that links to a xxx site is considered “art”. I agree that in artistic instances nudity would be acceptable, but on a site that I am supposed to be able to hand my phone over to my child to play on, these things shouldn’t be on there. I get that it’s the same risk you run with using the net, but these things show up in home feeds when you’ve never looked at anything remotely close to it. My husband showed me a funny gun meme and as her scrolled through the “more like this” several naked women came up. If the pinning rules aren’t going to be enforced, there should be some sort of family filter you can click on. I’ve also noticed over the past couple days, my husband has a recents tab in his boards page that I don’t have. This is actually pretty handy if I’ve looked at something but didn’t pin. Seems like if I try to go back and find something I’ve seen earlier in the day, it’s impossible to find again. With a few improvements and enforcements it could be better..Version: 6.38

Why does it cover selected images with other, smaller images?I get that Pinterest is meant to curate images based on images I've looked at, but why is it now covering images I'm looking at with other images a bit similar to the one I'm specifically trying to look at while I'm still in the process of trying to look at it? Surely the whole point of selecting an image to look at is to actually look at it? - Not to have it partially obliterated by other images? If you've ever been to an art gallery or looked through a photo album, the optimum way to take in & appreciate an image is by *not* covering bits of it with other stuff. People who have been to the Louvre in Paris say that viewing the Mona Lisa is ruined by the fact that there are other people constantly getting in the way. This recent update guarantees that things are getting in the way..Version: 6.41.1

BuggyPinterest is my favourite app to find unique and creative ideas, tips and tricks and quotes. However, Pinterest has become buggy since the start of 2019. 1. When clicking on an image and then clicking an image below it that is suggested as similar content. If I exit the second to go back, it glitches me back to the top (the first image) instead of leaving me where I left scrolling. 2. Often at times when I’m neck deep in the layers upon layers of suggested after suggested image, the app glitches and the home page goes completely blank and the only thing that loads is my profile. I have to manually restart the app by swiping off it. 3. When zooming in on a picture it freezes and is stuck on the zoom. I have to manually swipe off the app to get it to work again. All of these are extremely frustrating. I lose my place when neck deep in pictures and I can never find the same picture again cause the search results change slightly with every search. I lose pictures I want to pin. Your app clearly isn’t functioning properly and loses the sole purpose of it, if people are losing their places and not getting to pin what they want. Please fix this..Version: 7.18

Cant scrollSomething is wrong with Pinterest. When I try to save something to a specific board, it won’t let me scroll to the one I want. What I mean is that it won’t lemme choose from all of the boards. It will just let me choose from the three that the app chose which is random. Please fix this!!!.Version: 8.44

Please let me upload multiple pinsI just find it really slow when I’m trying to upload multiple pins I have on my phone to upload onto Pinterest. Like even if it’s you can only upload 20 at a time would be a blessing. Thank you.Version: 7.27

Tampering Once AgainHow many times do I have to write in about the same issues? My views use to be 199,000 and then they drop to 100,000 or below. Views do not diminish, they Increase. Why are my views constantly being taken away? I was back on the regular display today (Featured Boards) and then they went away once again. This is very unprofessional. Also, my impressions have a count of zero on a lot of photos. Can you put my Featured Boards back, as this other layout of yours is boring and plain. You said this would be fixed months ago. Are minorities welcome on your app? I will have to forward my concerns to Apple. Your issues on this app are never fully resolved. I put in a lot of work on this site. The customer service is not consistent. Every now and then you will get reliable help (Eli) Most, act like they are unconcerned..Version: 8.38.3

Frustrating Turn For The WorstI’ve used Pinterest from the beginning. I used it for almost every aspect of my life from pinning teaching ideas to holiday crafts to recipes and self care. The recent updates to turn it into primarily a shopping app are outrageously frustrating. I can’t search for anything anymore. I went to try to find ideas for sewing projects, beaded bracelet ideas, IVF organization and it’s all just products products products from big box stores. That’s not inspiration, I know about Target already thank you. They also removed the feature where you could search for other users boards from the app. I used to find the best ideas from searching users boards, like seeing what others had on their “camping” or “mending” boards for example but now you have to be so specific and you can only see sponsored single posts it makes it hard to discover anything new. It’s just unbelievable that now when I search for something like “jewelry projects” or “sewing projects” I just get a million Etsy and Michaels listings for already made projects. Completely useless and I’m so irritated. I’m sad that the golden days of Pinterest were I would turn to it for everything seem to have passed..Version: 8.44

PinterestOn the whole ,ok, but don’t like it bouncing away from pins I am just trying to capture. Love the picture view, have bought stuff just on great photo looks, but having some issues with setting up my own business account. And some stores seem to overwhelm users with their multiple ads / pins. However, biggest issue I have is while trying to set up business acct, it gives instructions to add metatag and html file, but the instructions when followed lead to message bar and external contacts only. Tried so many times that I finally deleted app and tried to reload it but Pinterest says my business email is taken by another user. THAT’S ME! Logging in from web browser gets me nowhere useful, so please contact me and sort this out, it is driving me crazy..Version: 7.4.1

What’s up with the ads?! Please go back to how it wasI love Pinterest, hours could easily go by without realising as I browsed the app, finding useful tips and beautiful pictures. It’s always been a fantastic and resourceful tool as is. When you first removed the ‘like’ button, it was a bit frustrating as it was useful but I soon got used to its absence. Then you said you will be getting rid of the explore page which is again frustrating because sometimes when you don’t know what to browse, you can select from the available categories and get inspired. But now worst of all, there are a ridiculous amount of ads that I’m not interesting in seeing and when I say ridiculous amount, I mean every 4th image is an ad. Why are you changing Pinterest?? It was a beautiful and smooth system, now I’m just getting frustrated with what’s being shown and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Please make it go back to how it was originally. I’m all for change as long as it’s good and so far especially with this ad nonsense it hasn’t been. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!.Version: 6.62

Great app when it worksAfter being an avid user for years, this week I’ve experienced the lack of support Pinterest offers. I cannot upload to Pinterest and the help options are irrelevant so no help from the help centre. I’ve deleted and redownloaded 3 times, Ive checked settings etc etc etc and without any way of asking the right question I’m left frustrated and without any resolution. A thumbs down from me. ☹️.Version: 6.44.1

I love Pinterest but this is getting annoyingSo Pinterest is an amazing app and I love it but some things on here really need to be worked on. I use this app every day to get inspiration for all sorts of things and while I’m looking through pins and I find one I like I’ll click on it to look at it in more detail and the entire app will freeze. So then I have to restart the app and even then it’s stupid because the pin I liked and was looking at is no longer there anymore. Next, when I go to post in a community I’ll click on the “start a discussion..” text bar and the the app will crash and take me back to my home screen. I’ve done everything I could to see if maybe it was just my phone, but no, it’s the app. It crashes when I go to post in communities, every time.🙃 lastly, I’ll be on my feed or whatever tab and then suddenly the screen turns completely white and all the pins and everything off my feed disappears. Normally I can fix this by going to another tab and then going back to the tab that was blank and then it’ll work fine, but it’ll automatically reload the page and the pins I was looking at before the screen turned blank aren’t there anymore. like I said. I love this app, but this is getting real annoying, real quick. Kinda makes me wanna delete it sometimes..Version: 7.5

Pinterest update , again!Below you will find my first review, this is an update! It’s now more than a year since I fell in love with Pinterest ... however... I’ve just been tempted to click on yet again the latest update and once more am sorry I did. I’ve been clicking on items that were suggested for me, and am being forced more and more towards Instagram. What? You guys own it or something? I have absolutely no interest in Instagram or opening an account, and if this continues my enjoyment of Pinterest will be spoiled and I shall stop using it! ——————————————————— Earlier...... I've only been using this app for a few weeks, so having no prior experience of previous versions I have no axe to grind. However after reading the current reviews I am very reluctant to click on any button that says update! Using this app I am able to indulge my passion for needle felting, painting, textile art and quilting. It's a fabulous tool for collecting ideas, tips and information. I have no connection problems (yet!) I use BT Infinity Internet service and my Ipad2 still running ios v9 . No speed issues here . My view about updates is that companies employ developers to work on their sites, and to keep them gainfully employed they are always doing updates...why? Because they can!.Version: 6.38.1

Pinterest once had five starsI enjoy using Pinterest, it's a great way to be inspired. However I prefer how it used to be. I have become used to the changes on the main feed and the people you follow as two different tabs, but please bring back the topic/category menu! It made searching and discovering way more fun!.Version: 7.0

Love the app but there’s a problemI love the app but recently when I go into the app the screen turns white or black completely and stays like that and I have to restart it/clear the app and also somethings when it does occasionally work when I stop at a page ex. When I want to read something it freezes and I have to clear the app again until it works rarely..Version: 6.43

Refined searchI love pinterest so much but the new update doesn’t allow me to search by board, only by pin. please fix this, i miss searching boards :/.Version: 8.44

Just not the sameI have been using Pinterest for many years and I’ve watched it transform from a highly loveable interface to simply a selling tool. While this may be great for businesses, I feel you have removed a lot the features that I loved about Pinterest, and it appears for no reason. I loved how you could see what board a pin came from so you could easily follow and I miss the explore page feature. Now it’s all about what is ‘suggested’ for us rather than what we actually follow (please explain to me why the ‘following’ tab is full of business accounts I’m not even following???). I feel like Pinterest’s main focus now is helping brands and companies trying to sell their stuff to us, so it has less of a community feel. I love the inspiration I get from the app but I just truly don’t enjoy using it as much as I used to..Version: 8.16

I’m being realI hate your app if I could actually rate this it would be 2 in a half or 1 your lucky one app is so unorganised it’s a mess 2 your updates how can I say this’s crap 😃 3 I’m in your website and it lectures me and I’m sure everyone else into buying this stupid app like it’s basically not a choice to download this you wanna read something the website be like (download are trash app) the app is probably like “like you have a choice or something” like stop advising your app cuz you not gonna get nothing from me maybe if you would let me do my thin and let everyone else do the same thing people would actually care about your trash app you even call a five star rating cuz it’s actually not there said it hide my comment idc cuz it’s what everyone else has to say..Version: 8.32.1

Please STOP the Bad RedesignsI love Pinterest and I use it almost every day—which is the only reason I’m taking the time to write this review. Seems like (pretty major) changes to the UI/UX have been constant recently. It’s frustrating to have to figure out the differences so frequently. Beyond that, they’re just strange. It continues to get more difficult/complicated to add a new pin at all (even more so from a web link)—why would you redesign something that makes features of your app more frustrating to use? Especially when you push the browser button so heavily for use on desktops... why make the closest equivalent on the mobile app so hidden and take so many extra “taps”? Visually, the design of the individual pin view is just so odd and nonsensical to me. Why does each section need to be so entirely separate? Why waste so much space with these huge rounded corners? It makes it a visually cluttered experience. Also, sometimes I want to pin a particular image to multiple boards because it fits in multiple places for me. Recent updates have made doing so more difficult and frustrating. I guess maybe I’m in a minority for that one, but generally taking a scolding/patronizing tone with your users seems like a poor choice..Version: 7.36

I LOVE PINTEREST 10/10 Would ALWAYS recommendAs the title states I friggin LOOOOOOOVE Pinterest. It was one of the very first apps I downloaded when I was given my very first smart phone SO MANY YEARS AGO 🥰 it holds a very special place in my heart ♥️ However, these updates.... why? Why Pinterest? WHY!!!!????? You take AWAY features we LOVE, give us features/performance “updates” no one asked for, and you don’t listen to your users when they tell you how much they love old features! You change the app and basically tell people “too bad, get used to it b***h! “ I HATE that 😤 Why did you take off the recommendation setting at the top of search results?? When I look for recipes I LOVE seeing recommendations for other things I might like because 9.9/10 I find something even BETTER than what I was looking for originally. I love going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest recommendations 🥰 but now it’s just “explore” or “shop”. I have no interest in shopping on this app. At all. I don’t come to Pinterest to shop, I come to Pinterest because I’m a struggling young adult who can’t cool for herself and I NEED HELP!!!!! 😫😭😖☹️ I absolutely HATE to see that Pinterest has updated when it happens; I know it’s just going to be another blow to my love for the app...😔😔😔.Version: 8.44

I hate the new updateI’m a big Pinterest user. Spend several hours per day and I hate the new update. I spend most of my time scrolling Pinterest on my phone and with the new update it’s hard to save images and to view full screen a pin of interest. Please go back to previous version!!!.Version: 7.36

1000s Lost PinsWhen I first started using Pinterest I set up a few boards to add to, but gave up with this as I was too lazy to set up the adequate amount of relevant boards for all the ideas I’d found. So, I took to liking most of the things I saw, but when the update that got rid of the ‘likes’ came about we instead got a secret board for ‘my Pinterest likes’ which held all those past pins. I continued using this secret board exclusively - I never did take to curating properly - until another update in early April caused ‘my Pinterest likes’ to disappear entirely. Now, the other few boards I set up originally are all still there and viewable, but the secret board which held over 30k pins has just gone and there doesn’t seem to be any recognition that this is a wider-spread issue, nor any relevant help on the website’s FAQs. It’s pretty much ruined the user experience for me now.Version: 6.48

Used to love..but it’s going downhillI used to use Pinterest for everything, and still want to. But I desperately miss the catagoeries option, as well at least half the links I clock on are misleading. Please fix..Version: 8.5

Where are the comments?Okay, before I explain my issue I need to say a few things. First if all I've never had this issue before. This only started happening after I made a new account. Second of all, the app is updated so that's not a reason why this is happening. Now onto my issue. As I said before, I've never had this problem until I made a brand new account. Ever since I made it I haven't been able to view comments on a pin. There isn't even a comment section on any of them! This is pretty annoying because comments are a big part of any social media app, especially Pinterest because you can't post a tried pin or see other people's tried pins without the comment section. This has been going on for a few months, and I haven't been able to fix it. I tried logging out and logging back in. I tried to delete the app and redownload it and then log back in. I restarted my phone and logged back in. I even tried to make another new account, and nothing worked. People on Reddit have said that they're experiencing this problem as well, and some say that the comment sections will disappear and then come back. I'm just really annoyed by this and I hope that this problem is fixed. Don't get me wrong, I like Pinterest. But I just hate that I can't see any comments. If we can't have the comments back, at least add a like button feature..Version: 9.2

Disappointed.I’ve used Pinterest for years and it has always been one of my favourite platforms, until now... There are wayy too many ads, I scrolled down and within only a few scrolls I was bombarded by endless advertisements. Also majority of the ads are from the same companies! They need to be spaced out and have a larger variety because having the same companies ads shoved down your throat every two scrolls is extremely irritating, it’s become a real annoyance for me and has pretty much destroyed the overall experience of using the app, I have now turned off using it due to the constant adverts which ruin the calm experience I associate with the app. As a fan it’s really disappointing and needs to be rectified..Version: 6.63

Keeps crashingI’ve been using Pinterest for a while, but recently every time I open the app— within a second it’d crash. I tried everything. I restarted my device and even deleted Pinterest and downloaded it again, but to no avail, it still crashes..Version: 8.12

AI algorithm has gotten worse with age & far too many adsI’ve had the app for years now and a couple years ago it was perfect, easily my favourite app. The content was rich and the tailoring algorithm was very accurate, providing me with a great feed. Now, I am flooded with advertisements and less relevant content that I begin to think, is this just another social media platform? Traditionally, I set Pinterest apart from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. but now I feel it’s just the same. Please restrict the amount of advertisements you allow and make the content relate to the searches within the app (not the data from the entire phone). There is such hype around AI and how it can be beneficial to businesses but, in this instance, its completely ruining, what was, an amazing platform. It’s 2019, you’re meant to prioritise customer centricity..Version: 7.0

ReviewI find this sight very hard to get around in. You get lots and lots of email saying free pattern and then you go to it and touch on the free pattern it takes you to some where else and then somewhere else and somewhere else and somewhere else after ages and ages of going somewhere else over and over again I get jack of it and just give up. I don’t like it because you never seem to get to the pattern. I find it one of the hardest sights to find anything on and most of the time I just delete the email with out even looking at it because you just go around and around and never find what you are looking for.Version: 6.80

Amazing, but needs improvements.I’ve been using this app for a very long time & it has always been useful, helpful & overall a phenomenal app. My only issue is that recent the app has been unbelievably glitchy. When I try to look at or save a pin, it glitches out and completely refreshes the page. It’s even crashed once or twice. Love this app a lot but needs bug fixes. Otherwise, amazing..Version: 8.30

Over all the stuff that I don’t follow but am forced to look at!I use to love Pinterest. It was my favorite. I chose what I wanted to look at. Then they started changing things and changing things more and more. Made us have to look at their stupid ads and suggested posts. Now it has gotten to the point to where 90 percent of everything is ads and suggested posts-guess what I don’t want to see what you have suggested. I want to see what I want to see-what I chose to follow. There is no way to remove the crap and even if you report and remove the incessant ones, they just add that many more. Here’s a little tip-I do not want to see and have no interest in pins that are in a foreign language and I have to look at them constantly. So I’m really getting over Pinterest. Add in the fact that I can’t see who pins what anymore-I like seeing when the people I follow that I like have pinned something but now I can’t tell because it’s blank where a user use to be listed. Every update it gets worse and I find myself getting on Pinterest less and less. I am quickly losing my interest in Pinterest. They need to go back to letting people control what they look at. I could understand having some ads but the amount of content on my board that I didn’t follow has gotten way out of control. If it doesn’t get any better and I keep getting pins in foreign languages then I will just quit using it. I hope it improves soon. If not then I will stop using it..Version: 6.74

Board search function ?I loved this app and used to use it all the time, but i’ve noticed that when you go to use the search function, you can no longer search for boards with what you’ve searched, only see the pins that come up with the result. this sucks and for me, defeats the purpose of the app because that was how i used it, looking at other people’s boards. i keep thinking this is a bug, because you used to be able to select “boards” to search, but update after update, this feature doesn’t come back. it’s very frustrating and making me kind of hate this app because i can barely search for things efficiently..Version: 8.44

Latest changesNot happy with the latest changes - can’t edit URLs on my pins, that’s been taken away completely - you can only change them if they are from your own claimed website. Not everyone has their own website. So not practical to take this feature away! When I first started using Pinterest it was so diverse and would spend hours looking at and pinning various ideas. Now it seems to trap users in their own filter bubbles, where you are constantly looking at the same sort of pins you’ve already pinned - yeah some of that is ok in a tiny smidge of quantity but not ALL the pins ALL the time. The idea is to get inspiration and ideas for things you may not have even thought about - that was the beauty of it! That’s why the category options on the home search was great too. Do the people who make these changes even actually consult those who do or use it themselves?.Version: 7.11

Updates? Or downgrades?So now you took away the “Following” tab on the app, which let me see posts from only people I followed, and left me with a nonsense “Today” tab, full of random categories that have nothing to do with my pins. I came to terms with the fact that you broke your own “For You” algorithm years ago, when you succumbed to garbage ads, and suddenly because I’d pinned a plaid shirt, I would OBVIOUSLY like a plaid stuffed rabbit, and cutlery set. I don’t think I can take much more punishment guys. Can we have some real improvement soon?.Version: 9.8

All the descriptions and tags are invisible in the appI rely on the descriptions and visible tags to know what my pins and others' pins are about and that's gone from the app. This makes all the pins useless to me because I can't see what the images are - they are just a group of images that I can't use. Can you PLEASE put the descriptions back and allow users to increase the area of text that's visible? Even on the desktop version most of the description is not visible on the board so I can't see what I need to make the item of the image at a glance. Please allow users to make choices and stop taking away the things that make Pinterest relevant and useful. And the constant updating and the lack of any HELP for info on using the app or registering any complaints or feedback in the app is annoying. Please fix the app so we can see what we’ve put as descriptions - five pictures of similar things are NOT worth 5000 words, the words are necessary to work out what the pins are. And allow help and feedback within the app..Version: 8.19.1

Unnecessarily censoredIt might be that I am just getting used to these type of social media formats, but I was hoping to find more art nudes, interesting photography/photographers, experimental works, and perhaps links to auctions, galleries, etc... I joined having searched for an artist whose only bio was linked to Pinterest. This phobia of nudity or nude photography being considered pornography almost has the opposite intent: de legitimizes formats with the best “intentions” for random queries with no sense of values, aesthetics, social, or otherwise. Access to art is more important ultimately I am learning in this strange social experiment of internet media shuffle fraught with so much garbage. What we permit in terms of violence in both media and society, in pornographic policy making should be of greater concern than exposure to the many forms the human body presents as a muse and as artistic expression itself. As was always the case, Art follows nature. And if not, it is our nature. So silly and tiring does this game then become. I can’t participate in something so full of itself that pretends to be on a higher ground only to literally cover its buttocks ( breast’s, vagina, etc...). Maybe there was something I missed, but it seemed like a very deliberate decision and as a store of images, art, commerce, I can’t in good conscience support it..Version: 7.2

What happened???I love Pinterest & have been using it for years. But, since maybe a week ago, I’ve been having a problem when saving pins to my boards. I can only see random three boards and can’t scroll down to my other boards. Please fix this so I can use the app again & change my rating into a 5 star again!!.Version: 8.44

Could do with some crucial fixesOk so I enjoy Pinterest for being able to organise a lot of pictures for inspirational stuff. However, since the update there seems to be a glitch where the screen appears as if it’s stuck between two pins, and I can only see half of the image and scroll underneath like normal. It’s hard to fix up again and I end up losing whatever images I wanted to use because restarting the app seems to be the only solution. On top of that, there seems to be a seperate glitch where if you try to rearrange pins on a board, a single image might be flagged or glitchy in some way and you can’t rearrange any pins if that one is touched or moved at all, which leads to “error” and causing everything to go back to where it was, or crashing the app. I WOULD go back and delete the pin to prevent this, but there is no way if indicating which pin this is, or why it’s even doing this in the first place. It becomes tiresome quickly Otherwise, fun app that accommodates to my need for visual stimuli.Version: 7.41.2

Great app, butSometimes when attempting to scroll through a board after rearranging it, the scrolling is oddly difficult—significantly slower and more limited than usual, and when I stop touching the screen it scrolls up of its own accord. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this. The activity page is just awful. Not only do I now not get to see the boards to which my pins were saved, but now they’re swamped with recommended “related” pins—a feature I can already access from an excessive number of alternate means. Let me see the boards to which my pins were saved, and cut the recommendations in the activity feed. No one wants them there. The process to reorder and personalise pins in their boards is cumbersome. To move a single pin I need to click it, click reorder, and then wait for the board to load, and then I have to scroll to find the pin, and only *then* can I move it—and after all that, the preview doesn’t show the end result of the change in the actual board itself, so you don’t know how it looks until you save it. This process used to be so simple; just a tap and hold to drag it into place. Why was it changed?.Version: 7.1

Increasingly disappointed with the appEdit/Update: while the constant crash was eventually fixed (thank you) there is the issue of the auto-refresh on the home page. Please fix this. In former versions of the app you would have to manually refresh by pulling down on the home page and it would show new/different ideas to save. Now it autofreshes even if I minimize the app and come back, switch apps and come back, or when I toggl between home and the search, friends, and ‘my boards’ screens. I constantly loose sight of ideas I have for my home or recipes for my newly diabetic partner. And when I go to history the past pins I’ve viewed not only are the ones I had to physically tap on but the links to the limited pins aren’t live to take me back to them. Can’t pin things I can’t see. — Increasingly disappointed with the app as the quality of the user experience has declined with recent updates. The app crashes with each use. In the last two weeks alone I’ve needed to exit and reopen the app with every use, even with the most up to date version of the app. To add, advertisements now appear about every three pins, which decreases the ease of use of the app. When scrolling right to left, unrelated “pins” (advertisements) every three pins is very annoying especially when seeking specific content instead of casual browsing. I see the effort on aesthetic aspects of the app, however, these cannot be fully appreciated when the operation of the app falls short of pleasurable..Version: 8.33.1

Love it! However...I am completely in love with Pinterest. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t spend at least an hour or two scrolling through pins. However I and some of my friends are experiencing some problems, like not being able to send messages to each other directly in the inbox. And it seems we can’t send each other more than one pin within a span of 30 seconds because a notification pops up saying it’s trying to “combat spam” even though my friends and I are TRYING to spam each other with pins that we would absolutely love. I don’t know whether this is a bug problem in terms being unable to send each other message within the inbox section, but it would be very much appreciated if you would please look into these 2 issues so I and many of friends and other people can have the ultimate Pinterest experience. Thank you (:.Version: 6.41.1

Fix a bugI liked Pinterest until the new update My feed would refresh after looking at a post or pining a post making me loose potential post! Please fix it I really love the app ❤️❤️.Version: 8.30

It’s good but there is a few concernsI really like this app, it’s gives me great cooking recipes and funny memes and jokes when I’m having a bad day. Except I receive emails from Pinterest about pins to see and I find it really annoying. At the bottom of the email it says unsubscribe from this email and I press that so I don’t receive any more emails. As soon as I press that it goes to website saying that I have unsubscribed. I press done on the website, and then it takes me to the app...the next day I have a look at emails and text messages and I have got and email from Pinterest! Even though I have already unsubscribed😖 I really hope you can fix this Pinterest!!.Version: 7.13

Why should I report an issue with Pinterest?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Pinterest to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Pinterest customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Pinterest.

Is Pinterest not working?

Pinterest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Pinterest.

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