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Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies App User Positive Comments 2023

Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies app received 9 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hulu: watch tv shows & movies?

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Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies for Positive User Reviews

4 star for now...I agree with a lot of others this app is great and I love it, the main issue is the layout. If it wasn't as easy to accidentally click on a new show (from recommendations that become a half screen option button when turning from normal to the horizontal screen) or click on skip forward or back with the entire screen I would find it much more enjoyable. I end up at scenes I didn't want to be at or even starting an entirely new show with an accidental click. (It's hard trying to manage an infant who loves my phone screen or even just basic movement without switching to new shows and over time can be quite irritating) I hope it doesn't seem like a nitpicky thing but it makes the difference when choosing a streaming app to watch on. When you're also short on time or clicks to make a baby or anyone else happy/satisfied and entertain those few clicks can be the difference between peace and chaos. Thanks for the read I hope it makes a difference! (: otherwise a very easy and smooth app for a great platform that I have used for years, I hope to use it for years to come! :D thank you devs for the wonderful effort and diligence you've put into it!.Version: 8.0.1

Love it but a few problemsHi there for people who read this please do download it even if there are a few problems.(and because of what I say) This app is perfect for me because their is a ton of anime and other shows though I do wish they speak English or Spanish because thats what I understand but other then that it is perfect. NOW THEN THE PROBLEMS. Sometimes the adds are way to long and I sometimes have to take breaks for off the phone because of school and then even after the add it sometimes replays and I don’t want that and when I was trying to watch an anime (Fairytale) it said we are having problems please try to refresh your screen and I did but it kept on saying that. Those are all the problems that I have so please try and fix them I will appreciate it thank you bye and have a nice day..Version: 7.18.1

GoodI like the app it has many shows and many more to come also has many features but paying that much is a little much for the app and a small problem is that when you tilt your phone you can see other shows but it is easy to mis click and hit another show it can be Annoying after a while but a useful feature is the play next episode button it helps a lot in shows but there is sometimes a glitch where you watch the show but doesn’t put you at a different episode when you have already watched the episode you’re on but great area thing to look at recommendations I like the layout a lot and I think this layout should be the the main layout for all entertainment apps.Version: 8.0.1

Amazing AppI find this an amazing app and do not understand why there are so many bad reviews. There are tons of shows to watch of many different genres Cartoons, Dramas, Action, Comedy and so much more. I’m sorry if you didn’t choose the right plan. There have been no troubles for me except one thing for kids I find it annoying that you can’t select a age until 13 my 10 year old can only watch shows for little kids and has been begging me to let her have TV-14 but that has inappropriate content for her. So please please make you be able to do different age ratings for kids under 13 such as TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, and TV-PG. I find this a problem because my daughter can only watch kid shows. I also caught my 4 year old watching sailor moon and I am positive this is not age appropriate for her. PLEASE CHANGE THIS..Version: 7.7

Please fixYour ads on some shows make using the app frustrating. Unexpected error occurs, I go to press play again and then the program is over and skips to an earlier episode, I back out press play again and sometimes it restarts and I have to fast forward through all the parts I watched. Other times the sound is completely off with the picture and I have to completely restart the app. I’ve also noticed that during some shows you’re missing part of the content which can be frustrating when it pops up in a later episode. Please work out these bugs, I pay for premium and I shouldn’t be experiencing issues like this nor should anyone that pays for your service.Version: 8.0.1

Well made app for the most partFor a mobile app it’s done quite nice, in my opinion easier and quicker to use than something like the mobile Netflix app. However there are some strange caveats. The app sometimes whites out (on my home screen the app will be there but the logo disappears and I can’t even load the app by clicking on it). This usually resolves itself after a bit. This is the only app I have that exhibits this behavior. Additionally, if you’re watching a show and lose internet connection, especially during an ad, the episode might start from the beginning when you get back to a good connection. It’s happened to me once and I’ll see if it happens again. Other than those two bugs it’s been a pretty smooth experience..Version: 7.3

As an avid user, here are two suggestions that would make a huge difference for me.1. Add a customizable “skip intro” button for all tv shows/series. Every tv show series’ main page needs an option to set a custom amount of time for the skip feature and also allow adjustments to the button prompt time window. This also would apply for the “play next” button. You can avoid episodes playing the next one too soon for shows with small bits at the end. You should also be able to have multiple segments for shows that play early end credits with scenes after. 2. PLEASE MAKE A CHANGE TO YOUR ADD ON CONTENT! Right now, trying to navigate HBO Max is a nightmare and needs an overhaul ASAP..Version: 7.23.2

Brand new customerOmg, not political ads! I am a brand-new customer. I took advantage of the $0.99 offer for a year. So far I am quite happy with the service except for one thing. I don’t have a problem with the commercials since I knew it would happen due to the offer price. What I don’t like is the same commercials over and over again. It seems like when watching a program with several episodes, there is a repetition of ads which is, quite honestly, not going to get me out there for those products. There are a few older dramas (and probably sitcoms that aren’t already in syndication) that I would like to watch, namely “Cold Case,” “Boston Public,” “Falcon Crest,” and “Picket Fences.” I’m sure that there are more, but I cannot come up with them at this time. I’ll keep watching. The old shows are usually much better than the reality shows like the Kardashians and Real Housewives that are on now..Version: 5.34

SO MANY GLITCHES!Great app, but there are a lot of bugs that need to me fixed. First off, the skip, I tried to resume an episode I was watching and every time I would go to skip back to where I was, it would restart the episode. Also, the ad problem needs to be fixed, it keeps playing the ads, then replaying them. Like it would have the ads run as normal, then replay them for no reason. Also there needs to be an easier way to change plans. Skipping is rather annoying as well because every time I skip forward or back it sends me back to where I was! It has even started to black out my screen at certain points in movies and TV shows. I’m very upset about this because all I want to do is watch a show, and it won’t let me! Please fix all of this!.Version: 7.0

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