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Download problemI’m having issues with downloading some videos from recently played. I go on the online player, like the browser, and then the videos are in my recents folder, but there is no option to download them :( Please help or fix !.Version: 3.12.8

Best of best!Best of best!.Version: 3.10.7

Youtube low resolution problemRecently.. only 240P video available when watch YouTube videos.. But open YouTube in safari, there’s a 720P option.. any fix? I bet YouTube only recognize nPlayer browser as a mobile website. If YouTube can offer a desktop link of the video, it will offer 720P resolution.Version: 3.12.11

Best video player, bar none.I’ve been using nPlayer for a year now. It’s fluid, flexible and fast. Does a great job of streaming from almost anywhere (I use Google Drive the most) and very easy to sideload videos without using iTunes. Worth every penny..Version: 3.10.13

Very good but…Superb player but not keeping up with SanDisk development. The iXpand Flash Drive Luxe (256gb) is not recognised by the programme. Needs to be fixed as now a very popular flash drive.Version: 3.12.12

The best player I've hadPlays all file types, has native subtitle support. I've tried a whoooole bunch of media players for my iPad and this is hands down the nicest. Unobtrusive, customizable gestures. Uses picture in picture and airplays to my chrome cast (or Apple TV) so I can keep using my iPad for something else while watching. So good!.Version: 3.6.3

FeaturesNeeded a reliable media player that did picture-in-picture and had good speed controls for watching my lecture videos, this is the only one that really worked as desired. Can be used nicely enough with split screen. I can share downloaded videos from my browser to this app easily - I love that nPlayer asks whether to just play the video or save to its storage, no other app I’ve used does this. The interface is easy to get used to, I’m glad I purchased this app even though I don’t need the fancy extra features yet..Version: 3.8.6

Works perfectlyNot the most attractive UI but has played everything I have thrown at it without fail..Version: 3.8.5

Add music playlists from localThis feels like kind of a low bar, but this is the only app I could find capable of adding a music folder from local storage, selecting all files at once to place in a playlist, and shuffling the playback of that playlist. Kind of mind-boggling that that’s hard to find. I was happy to pay for the no-ads upgrade. You can even sort the playlists into folders, which is a nice touch. If I can make two suggestions: it would be nice to be able to point to the files without duplicating them (though I think that may just be a limitation of iOS) and I’d love to be able to sort any music I add by artist and album in addition to by playlist or folder. I’m also not entirely confident the playlist deleted from storage properly when I tried to do so in the app, as the music was able to continue playing in the player. I hope it’s just a delayed, temporary-cache-type effect, as it would be a real problem for me over time if they built up in the background (I want to rotate music on and off the device)..Version: 3.12.8

King of iOS video playerThe only video player meet all my needs on IOS. Wish it can have Apple TV version. I’m happy pay again just for Apple TV..Version: 3.7.4

ExcellentPlays any format, local, network files. Comprehensive settings. Have tried many others, some come close, but this one comes out top by a mile..Version: 3.6.4

APE music stucksEven free players can play ape smoothly. Why nplayer cannot..Version: 3.8.2

ExcellentI am impressed. The network components work very well, including FTPES support. OpenSubtitles support is excellent. In short this has a few more features than infuse but also costs about a fifth..Version: 3.12.1

Best video player app on the marketAbsolutely love this app. The video player UX is insanely well thought out. I miss not having these controls on my other video apps. Also, there are a ton of options for cloud storage services..Version: 3.10.5

Adblocker missingEverything works great and will be even better if you guys add an adblocker to the browser. Very hard to navigate through the ads on almost all websites.Version: 3.12.12

Best app periodI’ve tried a lot of apps but nothing comes close to this one. Highly recommended.Version: 3.10.13

I wish there is Apple TV versionThis has been the best player on iOS but still I wish there is tv version, I went to official forum a lot times there was development but it was not prioritized at all..Version: 3.8.1

Yes! This really IS the best player on ios for videoI have tried them all and there are always a few features lacking with other players. This one ticks all the boxes for me. Plays any file, can play selections in random order, adjustable post processing, great scaling including pinch to zoom... Features way to numerous to mention in a short review. I got the paid version and very happy with it. No glitches or hang ups so far on iPad pro. Keep up the good work....Version: 3.10.10

Everybody talking about this app.I am looking for the video players app. But too many app on the App Store, so I did googling. Find one answer. “Try nPlayer.” Eventually you will use nPlayer..Version: 3.10.14

Cast function doesn’t workCan only airplay audio to my Roku stick which is disappointing. Infuse can cast to it flawless..Version: 3.12.11

This honestly is the bestThis lets me download files that iTunes doesn't support to the iPad, great for long flights. The extensive codec support is essential. Unfortunately there are still places where they use simplified Chinese when the device is in Traditional Chinese, but I can live with it..Version: 3.11.0

Plays anything, great somewhat customise able interfaceWell worth the money if you need to play videos of multiple formats and from multiple sources..Version: 3.10.5

Almost perfectThis is by far the most capable and stable iOS media player I've ever used. The only feature I really wish to have here is support for Replaygain tags. Other apps support it, but their interfaces are not nearly so polished as EmPlayer..Version: 3.9.0

Great appThis app just works. What I like is the ability to choose a playlist and it goes seamlessly through the whole list..Version: 3.12.12

Great player but videos player over my network keep freezingI love this player and all of the options, but lately I cannot play any video files over my network without the playback freezing after 5-10 minutes. This issue only seems to affect nPlayer as other players do not exhibit this issue. Please fix this issue!.Version: 3.12.11

Best video player on iosLove this app, specially is network sharing functions, i can view my video on laptop via LAN without to copy to iphone. and it has browsers too)), i can download video on internet to my phone! and mores other than i can say!.Version: 3.9.0

FeedbackThe best playback app on ios i’ve used. one feedback: when it’s switched from menu bar to slide menu and goes to “browser” tab, it’s hard for me to go to other tabs. I don’t know if it’s a special case for me..Version: 3.12.8

FeedbackOverall one of the best player with multiple functionality embedded inside the application. Only thing that annoys me is it doesn’t mirror the subtitle in the mirrored screen but displays in the iPhone only..Version: 3.10.7

Music doesn’t play when screen is lockedIt’s a good app.. the reason I dislike it though is because when screen goes black or locks . The music will no longer play. That makes me frustrated and dislike it. I might have to get another music app because of that. I have an iPhone XS. My other music apps I have installed have no problem playing with the screen locked..Version: 3.12.11

The best video player app out on IOSThat is my definite answer. This app provides me everything I might need on an iOS video player and more. I am super happy that it’s still being developed because for a while there were no updates and some bugs were crashing an app during use. But now the dev started to do constant fixes making an app basically perfect. The only thing they could do better is the browser it seems lacking in some basic functions. I paid for the premium version because that’s how much I believe in this app. Awesome job!.Version: 3.10.7

The bestI’ve tried them all and definitely top app that I tried. I liked it so much I actually paid for it. Use it all the time and has been the most reliable with most features..Version: 3.10.6

The Only Working iOS Media PlayerOthers either don’t play tracks without issues or only allow you to access remote content. This is literally the only working media player. 0 issues aside from an edgy UI.Version: 3.12.8

Great AppIt is great app for music player including FLAC files on iOS devices. I wish it had Apple Car Play capability..Version: 3.12.12

Has to be the best media player for iOSSupports all codec combinations I’ve thrown at it, has acceleration for all supported codecs. Can access network (DLNA), and share to Chromecast at the same time..Version: 3.12.11

Great all in media playerFor those looking for an app that will allow for downloading for offline usage(jellyfin/Emby) from their media servers. Works great!.Version: 3.12.11

Best media playerThis is the one to get. Forget worrying about storage space. If you have a popular cloud storage program, just store your stuff there and access it here by downloading when you need it or stream it..Version: 3.10.7

The bestThis app is the best I am using it for 4 years..Version: 3.12.12

This one does exactly what I neededI have an extensive collection of music on a network storage drive. I looked and looked for a simple player that would access and play the media on my NAS. This one does it so well that I actually paid for it rather than just using the free (ad supported) version. If you have media on a network accessible drive, this is the app you should try. Grab the Lite version. Try it out and if you like it as much as I do, pay for the upgrade..Version: 3.12.11

Manage and play big collections with easeI use it for several years of personal travel and memories videos. Easy to sort, search and make playlists for places and subjects. Keeping them in the Files apo On My Device avoids needing to download when showing..Version: 3.12.8

Love the app overallFirst I'd like to say this app is more accessible than it was the last time I downloaded it lol. I'm using this with VOiceover. However, I do notice that when I play a YT video with sound boost and things enabled, it buffers. I'm sure it isn't my internet, because I have nice fast internet. Also, I've noticed the video will stop playing when I leave the app. Otherwise, love this player. I love how I can boost the sound, and use preamp and the equalizer. Makes things sound so much clearer. I haven't tried downloading anything as of yet. Not really sure what I have to do to download. Glad I bought this app..Version: 3.12.11

Plz fix bugReturning to previous folder has been a disaster since I upgraded to the newest version and selecting multiple folders keeps coming up even when I didn’t do anything ..Version: 3.12.12

Really good for years!Bought for years and works really well, like it. Wondering whether H265 support or not on this app..Version: 3.12.12

Excellent player ..butExcellent overall player, but, -I might missing something- the player cannot cast to my roku ultra..Version: 3.10.5

Awesome!Awesome player . Very good render on tv from airplay.Version: 3.12.3

Great app. Best media player out there.Excellent Chromecast and AirPlay support. Only streaming video app that lets switch to air playing the app’s screen instead of just the raw video. Or change the AirPlay resolution. (Tap the cast button while airplaying to adjust) Some people might have trouble with this but if they do that’s because their media files aren’t supported! It’s not nPlayer’s fault. You can only cast files that can be decoded by the device you’re casting too. So if you’re file is weird, like it’s HEVC, has unusual dimensions, ogg audio, etc “, you can’t cast it, I do wish the keyboard support came back. A recent update broke the backward forward keys. It’s still the best!.Version: 3.12.12

Great except the soundSo I got this app for the boost in sound for downloaded videos but the problem is whenever I use Picture in Picture mode, all of the sound boosts stop. It’s very annoying. Aside from that, I love the app..Version: 3.12.12

BrilliantAt last an app that works and can access videos on external Files on the iPad without having to download to TV. It plays one after the other without interruption. The screen ratio list is great for hotel room flatscreens. I’ve searched a long time for app like this..Version: 3.12.12

Going back, and forwardThe seconds and minutes of a video in this player a bit off, especially in when going back by few seconds, it goes back more than that, and same with going forward..Version: 3.12.11

Perfect appsWorks good with VoiceOver thanks..Version: 3.12.8

Need more featuresA good app, all that's missing is a sleep timer for audio files and maybe an audio car mode with bigger buttons because I use this app for audiobooks. Pro tip, click on the album cover of the mini audio tab to open full screen audio option with variable play speed.Version: 3.10.5

Black bars showing up in the media screenThe top section of the screen turns black on the media screen just before playing after the latest update..Version: 3.12.12

My Favorite app hands downI love this app, I cant say enough good things a out it. Its command central on my Ipad for all media. I have a flawless and direct stream to my cloud server as well as all my local content. The UI is straight forward easy to navigate with large fonts, no its not racy but boy it gets the job done! Well done guys! Special tip, this is one of the few apps that work seamlessly with lighting memory sticks, plug it in and you will see it appear right in the menu like any other media folder. No need for special apps, so basically I have a 128gb Ipad now.Version: 3.12.11

Best app for castingI got this app specifically because it supports: - casting to Chromecast WITH subtitles but WITHOUT having to transcode. VLC (desktop or mobile) cannot do this. - casting from DLNA and/or SMB share as well as a host of other services - clean(ish) UI - ad-free/unlimited version without In-App purchases Bonus feature I found: app can even cast directly to my Toshiba TV. The only drawbacks are that gestures are a bit too sensitive and there are too many available gestures on smaller iPhone screens, but gestures can be configured from the Settings page, and the video player has too many controls around the screen. I'd rather they be limited to top and bottom. Worth every penny..Version: 3.9.3

Unable to cast on Smart TVAfter iOS 16 update, I am u able to cast videos to my LG Smast TV (running Web OS) anymore which I was able to do before iOS 16 update. There used to be two icons, one for AirPlay and the other for casting. The Airplay icon is still there, but when I use airplay, there is sound but no video on the TV..Version: 3.12.12

Comprehensive and the bestThis app is so useful, streams all sorts of stuff from all sorts of sources and even provides a download manager for stuff you browse using the built-in browser..Version: 3.12.3

Great playerExcellent player Two features that would be nice: sleep timer and default to software decode so that dts headphone x could default on even if streaming..Version: 3.10.7

SuperbThis app is fantastic, especially for the iPad. Well worth the low price, especially compared to some of the more expensive players. It supports Picture in Picture and even has a browser so you can browse while watching a small video window for file types that aren’t supported by iOS for PIP. The interface is very thoughtfully designed and extremely customisable. I use it to stream videos from a hard drive over WiFi, but it’ll do just about any combination of videos, pictures and audio files from any source..Version: 3.12.11

Best iOS video playerStill the best standalone iOS video playing app. 5/5.Version: 3.12.12

The best video playerWorks well, really well. I was happy to pay a small amount of money to get something that works the way I want it to..Version: 3.12.11

Cannot cast rmvbApp is very good. Stream pretty fast. But not all format can be casted to chromecast. Rmvb is one of them..Version: 3.6.3

Almost a 5 star appReally good media player. I use it mainly to access a dlna server on my home network. Only issue, and this is where a star is lost, is that the sort by track name does not work. All tracks are sorted alphabetically..Version: 3.12.8

Screen off play audioWhy not work on screen off time audio play ?.Version: 3.12.12

The best I knowFound only one flaw, you can’t add and play audio track which is separate from video.Version: 3.12.12

Perfect!I had been using av player for many years but it seems the dev has gone awol. I was looking for a replacement and I have finally found it in nPlayer. So powerful and super fast on my max I love it!!! A+++.Version: 3.10.10

QuestionWhy some of the videos play minimized and some don’t?.Version: 3.10.11

Superb Network media playerI'm sure it’s a great player of local files, but the really easy access to network drives is what makes this player exceptional. I also like the interface: swipes for volume and for scrubbing forward & back are very intuitive..Version: 3.12.8

Very GoodNever written a review for any app,,,was having trouble with new tv,,,Sony 65, and airplay so I thought I would give this app a try,,,only had couple of hours and it’s great, no more problems casting movies from iPad Air 4 to tv, am using chromecast from app to tv...picture outstanding as well as sound,,,using ext hdd with iPad, buy really is good....Version: 3.12.11

Perfect for Power UserI can literally find all custom tweaks I want in this affordable app, such as enabling multiple subtitles or playing Dolby Vision videos with QuickTime decoder. Fascinating and robust player indeed!.Version: 3.12.11

Love itThis is a great video app, with a terrific UI controls. Also, the developers are super responsive to bug reports, etc. my only wish is for an Apple TV app, but until then, go get this app. You won’t be disappointed..Version: 3.10.10

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