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Zillow Real Estate & Rentals App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Zillow Real Estate & Rentals? Can you share your negative thoughts about zillow real estate & rentals?

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Zillow Real Estate & Rentals for Negative User Reviews

Major issues-but has potentialThis app looks great and has great potential but boy oh boy does it have problems. 1. The information is outdated, (not always but most times...when I show my realtor the house that fits what my wife and I are looking for it is normally already under contract/pending unless it’s just posted on the market. 2. They send out email notifications and you tap on the link....the app just crashes and pops you out to your home screen EVERY TIME! *you have to memorize the address and then open the app the regular way and search that address* what a waste of sending the link in the first place....other apps don’t do this! 3. Text notifications option would be nice with links that work....Notifications only come in email form. Idk about you but I get enough junk email everyday so the notifications sometimes get lost in all the emails I get In a day. 4. When drawing a line In the area you want to search...there is no way to zoom in or out without having to completely erase your line. There needs to be some way you can pause your outline and pinch in or zoom out to make sure the line you’re drawing is exactly where you want it to be..Version: 12.4.0

No better than Realtor after updateI use to love this app and preferred it over Realtor because you had the option of the street view which allowed you to see the spacing between houses better and could get different angles of the front of the house. And I’m guessing that since there is no longer street view available is why a lot of the homes no longer have pictures of the front of the house; just the satellite view and mapping. The front of the house is a very important selling point, why the update got rid of option is mind boggling to me. Using Realtor more now because I need to see the curb appeal. Thanks for ruining the app 😡 Edited review: First let me say thank you for bringing back the street view, that feature is very helpful. But now I’m disappointed again because after the last update we are no longer able to select homes nearby to compare. When using the satellite view with lot lines selected, you can’t open to view any houses close by. The area off screen when you scroll over to it has that capability for a split second (disappears almost immediately after scrolling over). This app use to be awesome but now it seems we can’t have all its capabilities working at the same time. Please get this app working properly again. I’m finding Redfin a better option right now and it has major glitches. Do better please!.Version: 15.2.0

Crash test dummyYou can delete and reinstall all you want, but it still crashes on opening on an iPhone..Version: 16.37.0

Was goodSearching appears to have stopped working in the last couple of weeks. (18 Feb 2020)Sometimes returns just 3 properties and other times it doesn’t clear out the last search properly so the list just continues to grow.Version: 13.1.6

Completely uselessWhy would you release this piece of s.... at least the old version worked. Ok 1 sync messages as it won't sync properly 2 cannot select photos to full screen tapping them doesn't allow you to view the, 3 birds eye and map don't work. Good work, really good work.Version: 10.1.2

Old listings not updated regularly.Great app. but listings are old and need to be cross indexed with another R/E app. Kinda if makes it useless. But the technicals and layout are great. If listings update issue was fixed, I would give a definite 5..Version: 15.27.0

Crashes easilyCrashes so many times, very frustrating.Version: 5.3.1

Can’t sign inTried several methods to sign in and none work. Deleted the app..Version: 15.33.0

Not as helpful as beforeDecent app but has recently been a much worse experience. Partially because there’s no quality standard for seller posting the house, partially because developers seem to be catering more to the sellers than buyers. I definitely want the ability to hide properties again. It was much easier to keep up with actually interesting and new listings when I could remove the ones we know were out of the running. This seems similar to Comcast’s (the most hated company in the US for a long time running) decision to clutter your channel guide just so they can throw in the must upgrade message in your face every two seconds. The other main issue is there have been more and more typos or false listings. Description and details not matching up on a house. Addresses not being correct. Huge price drops done “accidentally” to garner more attention. Outdated listings never removed. Rude realtors not interested in actually helping or asking what we’re looking for, just buy this now or sign up for our flier which is just a repackaged Zillow listing spammed out and not to our preferences at all. Zillow’s become a cesspool and needs some quality control..Version: 12.0.3

H MacIntyreApp doesn’t work. What else can I say..Version: 15.33.0

AuctionGood for finding a house for sale but every 2 houses there is an auction.Version: 13.2.5

Canada supportWhy is this even in the Canadian AppStore?.Version: 11.0.6

Value of Homes Not AccurateUpdate: Zillow did respond to my concerns. Answer was logical as to how home values are arrived - but - our home continues to change in value from neighbor homes. Why? If values are taken from sold homes of similar type in our neighborhood and unbiased, why the huge discrepancy? Zillow’s software surely can only give results from standard base line data. If homes are similar in design and make up, the values should be within reason - not a difference of $8k to $10k. Perhaps Zillow should only show a range of value - low to high - of homes within the area (neighborhood) instead of a single value? Previously: Not sure how homes are valued. House on both sides are valued several thousands different from ours and no improvements or repairs have been done. Our home has been taken care of, landscaping, upgrades, energy saving additions, etc. The problem with services like Zillow is it tags a home with a $ value that doesn’t do the home owner any good or help when selling - expecting to sell at its market worth. The real estate programs shouldn’t show any $ value on homes not listed for sale and only homes that are listed should have asking prices..Version: 11.1.7

Like looking at available homes but info is not reliableSpent HOURS on the site, read all the home listing / price drop / misc emails they send me. Now b/c my husband is a real estate attorney I am not allowed to complete the survey they emailed me? Wow. Not wanting to hear from someone with access the true market? Well, here you go: 1) Zestimate feature is not considered reliable in the industry. 2) Neither is the monthly mortgage payment. 3). Search function is not always helpful. There have been times when I’ve tried to search for a home by the address or street and found no results when Zillow is sending me emails on the exact home that I’m not finding via their search function. 4) Why are homes on the site with no photo’s? If not available on day 1 or 2 that’s acceptable but to never put them up? 4) Schools should be correct - not an estimate. Parents want this information to be correct, not an educated guess. 5) And lastly, home availability is deceiving. Many homes show up as “for sale” until you click to view the photo’s and it changes to “pending”, “sold” or “off market”. Come on Zillow, get your information correct and respect your users time. I have no interest in wasting time looking at homes that I’m not able to buy..Version: 12.0.5

Good but...Good but we need the option for GBP in the U.K.!! C’mon guys it’s 2018 🙄.Version: 11.1.11

So. Many. Emails.I really, really, really, really, really hate all the emails I get from this site. I don’t want all the peripheral junk emails you send me just because I save a home to my favourites. GET RID of the re-subscribe function immediately. Your app is great but the spam emails you send me are ridiculous. If I want emails from you I’ll subscribe..Version: 11.1.6

Not really helpfulI don’t even care about the logo. The fact is that they don’t list most of the details around the houses. Weather they are this or that and what kind of loan is approved for what house. Also most realtors that use this app are only worried about the most funds they can get out of someone. I’ve talked to three different realtors and all see to worry about is the amount I would put down. Weather my loan was conventional or not. And claiming the houses had several offers and come to find out that those offers didn’t exist and the houses I wanted to purchases or even remotely wanted to see are still on the market til this day. So watch out everyone if you know what to look in a house like myself and know the actual worth don’t deal with some of these realtors they are trying to get the most from you and only care about themselves instead of working at it and selling a piece of property not even worth for the ridiculous amount they are asking for. Just a reminder if you don’t have the loan they want or the cash up front you can’t view their property as stated by Alexis in pa. So even if you have a loan if it doesn’t match up you ain’t getting a tour or the house. Also you will get lied to and then told one thing which you know isn’t going to happen. Been waiting three days now. Still haven’t received a email about any of the locations I have inquired.Version: 14.34.0

Buggy Notifications and AppOverall, it's a decent app but the notifications are awful. They are NEVER accurate. This morning, I had the notification badge tell me there were 10 properties new or updated. I go into my saved searches and three searches had listed a total of 10 notifications. I clicked on one that showed 7 and there were actually 2. One new listing and one update. This is consistent behavior for the app and it's extremely annoying when you're house hunting. I should be able to determine what triggers a notification. I get notified when there is “a promotion” for new construction. Well a particular builder keeps promoting their properties, line at least once a week. I don’t need notifications for an open house. I only want to see notifications for new listings. If I have Saved Homes turned on, sure, price changes, an open house or anything special for a saved home but when the regular search includes a few hundred homes, I don’t want to be alerted for a $1,000 price drop of a home I have little to no interest in. Finally, the app has been buggy lately. I can scroll through results but I can’t click on or view a property. I have to restart the app often..Version: 13.0.4

Weird interface and layout of the appThis new feature of where you have to type in what you want into the search bar is weird. For example, “homes in Austin, Texas” what is the point of having this feature?!? You have the filters for a reason. Also, I’ve seen the property tax be different from other apps like Redfin and brokerage websites like Remax. It’s annoying because you don’t know what the actual amount is. They also tend to make it hard to find information such as utilities and acreage. Super difficult to find this info on the app. Redfin makes it easy to this info without have to struggle and read through so much. With the removal of street view, there’s no reason to use this app. You can copy and paste the address into google maps and use street view from there but it makes the process so repetitive and tedious. The zestimate is also so off. Idk how they get these numbers but it’s hard to sell when your zestimate is so low and you price is higher rightfully so. Zestimate doesn’t take in account for renovations so the price never updates. So it’s constantly a low zestimate which screws over the seller because the buyers are going off of old, non-renovated zestimate figures..Version: 16.27.0

Used to be One of the Best House Hunter appsI had previously rated this app as 4 * but I have ad to drop that down. It seems lately that when some of these app developers update the apps that it isn’t an improvement but rather the opposite. Such is the case with Zillow. They used to have a place where you could find your saved searches, but not anymore. It’s pointless now to save a search because you can’t go back to find it if you create a different search. Therefore you need to heart any places you like because you won’t find it in a saved search. Also, you used to be able to delete any places, houses, condos etc that you weren’t interested in so as to clear up all the results. Again, not anymore. It makes it quite cumbersome to drill thru all the results when it takes you back to the beginning of your search for whatever reason. Now with that all being said, there are still things I really do like about it. They seem to have the most results for an area than some of the other apps. They also have more stats on a house and are usually up to date as to whether a sale is pending on a place. So while they went backwards a bit, they are still fairly good compared to others..Version: 12.5.8

Super glitchyAlready-viewed properties continuously show up dark red on the map instead of lighter “grayed out”..Version: 12.4.1

Needs a Dark ModeToo bright all the time. An app of this calibre needs a dark mode please..Version: 16.21.0

McmI am searching a MCM style house is there a way to sort that?.Version: 15.37.0

Lot linesMaps>lot lines> user should be able to zoom the map in and out.Version: 11.1.21

I am leaving ZillowFirst, Zillow removed the button next to the ❤️ button that allowed you to remove a house from a search. You made us open the property and then Hide it. You have now removed this. This means I see the houses I have already rejected repeatedly in my searches ie. a huge waste of my time. I am no longer going to use Zillow. Not surprised your stock is down 18% since you don’t listen to users..Version: 12.0.5

Take a look DONT get your hopes upI notice that on both my iPhone and iPad the Zillow app will occasionally say no internet connection even when I have one and can use it on other apps flawlessly. Even weirder it happens at the same time on both so if it goes down on one device and I switch it happens on the other one too....so I give up and start looking into other apps and websites. There are no settings for internet connections or reboot or resetting the app. But there are way too many options for notifications lol. That’s a little funny. Anyway hope an update in the future I’d the s quick fix but u have spent more time elsewhere losing more and more respect for the app especially when I found out huge inaccurate the sight Is. It’s a good first step for window shopping houses from a distant and getting address and local school info to investigate. So that’s a plus. BUT PLEASE keep in mind the only reason I’m writing this to customer support as well as my review is due to frustration from the continuous problem above..Version: 13.1.6

UnusableThis app used to be great but is now unusable. Won’t load any location in a reasonable timeframe and dies completely when using PIP from streaming apps. Zillow what happened ?.Version: 14.52.0

RegistrationTried to register an account on your app. Typed in email then it prompts me to sign in via google. Do so and press continue and it prompts me to use google again. Looking for a house in Hawaii USA I’m a Brit in the U.K. App is ducking useless, why have it when you can’t create an account. Deleted and now using a different and more easier app.Version: 14.5.0

Good but not greatVery handy app but still to many instances of properties appearing that are actually out of area of interest..Version: 5.1

Stop including 55+ communities in searchesMake it apparent the home is in a 55+ community. The homes are very appealing and to get excited and then find out my age disqualifies me from being able to purchase it is a constant disappointment. It’s insulting, which honestly fits right in with the discrimination the 55+ community oozes out into the neighboring communities, where you can be any age as long as your money is green. Not only can you not purchase the homes there if you’re under 55, you can’t use any of their walking trails or parks, or even dog waste bags. These shouldn’t be included in normal searches. I have to check boxes for things I’m looking for. Why can 55+ be a box for the people to check that want and are able to buy one of those homes. It wastes a lot of my time when I’m looking for real estate. Not everyone is familiar with the models, so saying a Meridian plan is available means nothing to novice searchers. Then you also include the school ratings in those listings which further confuses things. You can’t have children living in any of those homes so why do the school grades matter in those listings? It’s misleading, time wasting and frustrating. Everyone is so concerned with discrimination but it seems like this ageism type of discrimination goes under the radar. You’re wasting people’s time with these listings..Version: 14.34.0

Went From Best to WorstAn example of a company being unresponsive to customers over the years, and failing. This used to be the best real estate app out there. It used to give you an advantage over realtors to see the valuable info, or potential discrepancies with listing prices. But now they are outdated and out paced by the others. Info and status takes longer to update than on competitors. Z-estimates used to be spot on, but now they’re 100k below market in the neighborhood I’m looking at (20%!). This damages the market. They are measuring value based solely on house square footage. So if a house is 20% smaller than comp sale, it estimates 20% lower value. No other factors considered, like same neighborhood, larger lot, pool, the fact that NO HOUSE in the city is selling for less, and it’s a seller’s market. So buyers see this estimate, and there’s huge discrepancy between their expectations and the listings which go immediately to pending. Then they lose out/ chase market. Also, I know people have been complaining about the non-close-able listing list that takes up half the screen for at least 5 years. More like 10. I know because I complained to them back then. Is it really that hard to hide the list?! Their competitors listened. Get the competing app. This one’s obsolete..Version: 11.1.0

The app doesn’t load housesEvery time I click on a house to view I get an error message. This same issue has been happening for about 1 week..Version: 16.12.0

Love Zillow....hate the appI LOVE Zillow and all the options they offer when looking for a please to call home, whether it’s temporary or permanent. But I only have a good experience when on my laptop. I got the app on my phone thinking if I’m bored, I could just pull up the app and search through houses in my specific filter. This is not the case, well for my app at least. I create a filter (2 bedroom, any bathroom, home type: house, and the rest is any) and it’s shows I have 16 options! Awesome! So I start looking and click on one house, look through pictures then go back to check out another. But it changes. Now I only have 4 options? I’m confused but I still click on another house, I look through the picture there and then when I go back again to look at the other ones, there are NO RESULTS. I don’t understand how this is happening and I feel like everything I get on the app it glitches out. Sometimes it finds houses and the next minute, there’s none. I really wish it didn’t do this because I love looking at house!! Zillow is amazing but I personally have app trouble!.Version: 11.0.18

Won’t let me create accountI’ve tried to create an account both with gmail and apple and the app doesn’t respond. Why is this rated so high?.Version: 15.20.2

This app is trashUseless.Version: 14.45.0

Does not work on IpadThe app open and keep loading forever without showing anything. Completely useless..Version: 16.48.0

No Canadian listingsI really don’t understand why this appears so high in the Canadian App Store when it’s largely useless here. Yes, I realize for a small minority of Canadians looking for American property it works, but I downloaded this app to help me find a home in Canada, which it absolutely cannot do. At the very least, this needs to be a disclaimer or pointed out somewhere in the app description, if it’s going to have such a high rank in the Canadian App Store..Version: 11.0.3

No Canadian coverage?Whaaat?.Version: 11.1.14

CanconNeeds better Canadian content..Version: 15.19.1

Waterfront onlyThree. Stars because properties that get sent to me are not waterfront when that was one of my filters and the only thing I want to see..Version: 16.9.3

Promoting homosexuality has nothing to do with rentalsI was disappointed and annoyed by the change of the Zillow app to the multicoloured logo as homosexuality has nothing to do with rentals. I feel harassed by Zillow as they are pushing their immorality on me when I only want to find a place to rent. For those reasons I deleted the app..Version: 14.34.0

Please rollback recent changesEver since update I keep getting “please verify you are a human” over and over, cannot sign in and cannot get past captcha screen at all, no matter how many times I verify. Phone is up to date on iOS 15, app is up to date & has been uninstalled and reinstalled to troubleshoot. Please fix..Version: 15.17.0

Does not show condos in the Ottawa Ontario areaI’m not getting any results.Version: 16.4.0

It crashesNice app, but I crashes right after opening it..Version: 16.26.0

Extremely glitchyApp is hard to navigate without it shutting down, freezing and information disappearing. Used to be okay, however, not the case as of lately..Version: 15.28.0

Not a fan of the latest update; Zestimate algorithm feels Orwellian.1. I feel like it’s now harder to see the HOA fees when you’re browsing, and those can make a huge difference in the affordability of the listing. Also, I feel like it’s harder to change the mortgage estimate (it used to be easy to zero out the insurance payment if you could see that was covered by HOA — it’s still easy to zero that out, but now I can’t figure out how to make it recalculate the monthly mortgage once I make changes). Also, the new app icon kind of looks like someone sat on the old logo/icon? Not sure if that’s what the effect they were going for... 2. Since Zillow relies on an algorithm to harvest listings from MLS sites, it’s not always as accurate as an actual MLS site (it often misses when properties are sold, for instance). 3. The Zestimate algorithm continues to puzzle me... it doesn’t seem to have much basis in reality, and when my house was on the market the Zestimate would fluctuate wildly, yet the sudden $30,000 drop in the Zestimate wouldn’t be reflected in graph of the recent Zestimates. It was like the 1984 version of the real estate appraisal... 4. BUT, I use Zillow to browse anyway because it’s free and it’s a relatively intuitive app — if I see something I like, I ask my real estate agent about it, and they send me the official MLS listing with the more accurate details..Version: 12.3.1

I got scammed!Whatever you do, DO NOT submit an inquiry through the app! I sent some inquiry for a few homes that is up for rent with my e-mail and phone number, ever since then I keep getting multiple calls and texts from different numbers claiming they are the owner of the homes. I responded to 2 of them and they seemed legit at first until it came time to view the homes. It turns out the two people I have been in contact with claimed that they are the home owners of one of the homes, both kept trying to get me to sign up for a different app (I had to pay for a subscription!) and I couldn’t get access to view the homes. They kept trying to get me to fill in an application and pay a fee anyway without being able to view the homes, I asked them if it would be refundable because they kept promising me that I am the first and only to fill in the application so it’s a high chance I would be able to rent and move in the following day. I never heard back from them since, they scammed me out of $85! I called the number from the Zillow app and they said it was a scam and can’t do anything to help get my money back..Version: 16.23.0

Good place to view value of homesI enjoy seeing Zillow’s Zestiment on homes where I have an interest, either now own or and interest in buying. However, it often is inaccurate on properties I own or know about. On Zillow I have limited ability to change the estimate and the change is just for my viewing when it comes to comparable homes and therefore public zestimate. For example one home zestimate is $40k less than the house next door but I can’t use it to calculate estimate. The homes are very similar. Another home is historic but the zestimate compares it to homes listed or recently sold, often with less quality, instead of comparing it to other historic homes, where materials used in construction are of superior quality. Historic homes don’t often come on the market in my area so Zillow would need to expand the search area and/or use the zestimate of historic homes of similar quality not listed or sold recently. Bottom line the zestimate can’t be depended on for real value; but I still enjoy keeping up with homes and their estimated values. I would love for Zillow to add commercial properties to their inventory..Version: 12.3.0

They stole my money!I applied for a house and they didn’t even do a full application they denied me less the a house after applying, yet never contacted my boss at work my apartments to verify rental history. Yet I paid for a full application! Yet the flash checked my credit (I have great credit) so I was furious about putting a mark on my credit and they didn’t even do a full application! Then I call and the blamed my denial on same “rental score” ONLY ZILLOW DOES! I called multiple realtors and they all said they NEVER heard of that type of “rental score” and that’s definitely Zillow scamming people because that’s not what actual rentals base approvals or denials on! Not to mention the lady who helped me on WHO WORKS FOR ZILLOW couldn’t even tell me when that score meant! She kept interpreting every time I asked what that score was! I told her to give me a definition of the score and she said “idk” I told her to give me her manager who could explain and she REFUSED to give the manger or tell me what that score meant! They stole from me and there was no way they did a full application because I applied on a Sunday night and was denied by 3 am!!! How’s that even possible that someone looked at it and got a hold of every one on my end? That’s right they didn’t! DONT EVER ISE THIS SITE! I’m out $100 because of this scam!.Version: 15.30.0

Great app for finding listings one giant problemSo zillow charges a fee of 29 dollars for a one time hard credit check, what they don’t tell you is even once you apply for this credit check people who still list apartments or homes on here (charge there own fee for a credit check) and it’s non refundable. On top of that almost every listed household or apartment facility has a third party application process where there’s literally absolutely no point in paying for the so called hard “credit check” or going through the. Ollie application process, I spent a few times paying for the credit check and got absolutely no where no one on this app wanted my accounts credit check they wanted there own, which I find extremely sketchy. My family and I and still haven’t found anything because no body takes down there listings so it makes it hard to find anything its time consuming process because no one reaches out to us at all, I wouldn’t suggest to waste your money here just look at the listings and call either the apartment facilities or the realtors there’s no point in spending your hard earned money here to me this is a loophole scam..Version: 15.27.0

Update app to be more flexibleI really wish the app would let us set the categories (history of taxes mortgages similar homes schools nearby etc) in OUR order of priorities.I hate that I have to scroll all the way down EveryTIME to see what actually matters to me..Version: 15.13.0

Useless unless you are based in USANot sure if the reviews are genuine… anyway if this app works must be working only in the USA…I am based in UK and this app is useless to me.Version: 15.43.0

Saved homes sort and filter not workingI couldn’t find a place to submit feedback or ask for support specifically for the app unfortunately so I came here hoping the developer will see it. The app for the most part is decent and does what it aims to do, which isn’t very complicated. The one thing I’m frustrated with lately is that the “newest’ and “recent change” sort on my list of saved homes is not working in the iPad or iPhone app. I compared it to what I see on the Zillow website. The website is accurate- my saved homes shows me the homes I’ve saved recently in order from most recent to oldest. In the app, the homes listed under my saved list populate in a order that makes so sense. I am home shopping and have saved many listings over the years, but many more recently. I have a very hard time finding the ones I save in the last few days because my saved list shows random houses I saved years ago instead of my newest listings. Please fix this. Having a saved feature isn’t very useful if I can’t easily sort my saved listings and find the ones i need to look at..Version: 11.1.16

What happened to removing houses from search ??You used to be able to remove houses you did not want from a search with one tap. What happened to this ? Not being able to eliminate houses quickly makes the search function almost useless. Please bring it back !!.Version: 12.0.0

CrapVideo upload does not work..Version: 11.1.2

No support for AustraliaLiterally no results in my city with all filters off. Useless..Version: 13.14.0

AwfulEverytime you click to see the pictures of the house and property info screen pops up trying to get you to do a video tour or be contacted by a realtor and you can’t close it or get it to go away. I want to see the pictures of the property first before I commit my energy to anything else, there should be a way to collapse the screen so you can view the pictures of the property without an invasive screen in the way. The listings of land for sale pictures are not blocked at all only the listings with structures on them. I’d rather use the full site than get frustrated over and over with this app..Version: 16.38.1

Great pics!Should be able to refine searches better. Thanks.Version: 15.12.0

Apple maps, really? Large failThe iPad version of the app uses Apple Maps which can NOT show transit. Get into the 2000s here people, not everybody drives always.Version: 15.19.1

Can't sign inSigning in with apple or Google doesn't do anything..Version: 16.3.0

TerriblePlease don’t use this app. I put in several requests to view houses. Ask why no one was getting back to me. No answers ever. Sorry for you..I went with another app Zolo. They are wonderful and found me a house. He gets the money..Version: 16.26.0

RatePoor app, never connects and cannot do what app says!!!.Version: 11.1.14

ReviewThis app has been frustrating at times. The house will be down the street, two miles away, or even all the way across the county from where the map shows it. When it is correct it is awesome! I love to see the inside views and the asking price while on location without having to call anyone. I HOPE they will continue to challenge themselves to IMPROVE this app. Plus! When you are totally not interested in a property, it would be great to be able to delete it from "My List". Just an added wish from a daily user. A MAJOR FLAW is the standard algorithmic equation for determining a homes value. WARNING! If you update an older home and do an extensive renovation, Zillow will not push against their own algorithm to make it reflect the work you have completed. Warning! If you do extensive and costly renovations, you will be dealing with a MUCH lower valuation from Zillow for the property as it existed prior to the extensive renovation. You can state all the renovations and changes that you made BUT! Your new potential buyers will constantly use the old Zillow price against you for negations. It is exhausting! You also get low bids constantly from others after you renovate looking to scalp your post renovation property for nothing due to this flaw in Zillow. This is an easy fix but Zillow doesn’t care. They make excuses and state it is the best they can do. Accuracy is the key......Version: 13.2.3

AwfulDoes not show you the results you are looking for, yet type the search into the website and it takes you straight there! Do not advertise that it is easier with the app on your website, and then have an awful app that can’t even recognise the town that your website does..Version: 12.1.0

SeriouslyUtterly disappointing! Was working fine before but everytime I try to view a property the page cannot load please refresh the page. Did reinstall same error persisting..Version: 16.13.0

DO NOT MAKE AN ACCOUNTThey will spam your email. When you block they still come through..Version: 14.13.1

Still Needs ImprovementZillow does not worry about facts and their information can be very inaccurate. I was advised by my realtor to avoid using Zillow because of inaccurate information. The Zillow website is very user friendly, but just beware it can be misleading. After I bought my new home I “claimed it” on the Zillow website. They are showing I purchased the home for much less than I did, but they will not correct this information. I called the tax office just to be sure nothing bogus was going on. It turns out my info and the tax office is the same. So long story short, Zillow is not concerned with showing us inaccurate information. Update: After several email exchanges, scanning and submitting documents proving I was providing factual information, Zillow corrected the information I was disputing. The person who helped me seemed polite and helpful. So I changed my review from a 1 star to 3 stars. The reason for 3 stars is I still have several problems with what happened. First off, I still do not know why false information was provided. Second, I do not know why it was so hard to have the information corrected. Third, and this is my biggest problem...I have asked Zillow repeatedly where did they get their incorrect information, and Zillow has never responded to my question..Version: 11.1.14

Fake/expired listingsApp is glitchy / shows old listings from years before marked with todays date.Version: 16.28.1

Worst costumer service ever!!!!!!!I went through zillows because I saw it had good rating. Please do not be deceived. They never call back. I called the office and each time the people there are rude as of they are doing you a favor. I pay for credit reports, not them paying for me! Costumers bring business to this people. Then the person showing the home asked for an application after I payed zillows already for a credit run. I payed 50 dollars and from what I could see on their site the day o applied, no applications on the house yet. But now I am being asked for an application again after days went by which puts me one of the lasts one one the list ?? Where is the money? What did I pay for??? I called the office…no call back. None at all. The person showing the house told me my application needed to be refilled and that they don’t have access to zillow’s information. They are a third party. My money is gone and no one is taking responsibility for it. I have no house and cannot apply to another home because you can only apply for one house at a time. I have less than a month to move now and money missing from my account to who knows who, or what. Please stay away from zillows !!! Please this is fraud and they need to be reported..Version: 15.22.1

Out of Date PropertiesI have used this app a few time the last few years and I can't believe the number of times the real estate agents come back to me and tell me that the property was sold months ago or that the price of the property was incorrect and way higher. Zillow must pull information from other sites but not good enough to pull the correct information. I have now deleted this crappy app and have got with other competitors. If you do choose to download this app I would like to warn you to not get your hopes up until a real estate agent gets back to you.Version: 10.4.0

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaZillow PLEASE get into the Winnipeg Manitoba Canada market!!!.Version: 16.20.0

Phone numberWhen you are trying to contact from the UK you cannot provide a phone number from USA/CANADA when you don’t have one Needs to be optional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 13.3.0

Signs me out every day - have most updated versionThis has been going on for over a year. Every day I have to manually sign back into the app. It is beyond frustrating and I’m now using other services..Version: 16.18.0

MisinformationI have had my condo on here with the wrong info. First time I had it corrected they ended up deleting all my comments for my unit all my descriptions were gone. Then it got fixed fir a small period of time after I rewrote all my descriptions again and then all the sudden my zestimate changed to about 20k lower and my neighbor who has a similar unit only 80 sf smaller had their condo zestimate 20k higher. I’ve been trying to fix that fir awhile now. Then the walkability score I thought was low as I park my car on weekends and walk to dinner, the bars, the grocery, the shops, my errands, entertainment, cleaners, pubs, eateries. The schools are walking distance also but I have no kids so that’s not important to me. When I click the walkability link it brings up another page with someone rises address on it. It sure isn’t mine. So I asked that to be corrected again today. If your going list my Prperty just list it correctly. I really don’t want to email you a few times to get it corrected over and over. Please just correct as I provided proof of this and have yet to see any response or change in my listing. It’s a shame as Zillow was my favorite listing app for years now I’m starting to get disenchanted with them. Sorry but I’m tired of asking for my information to be updated and correct otherwise why have my property listed on their site..Version: 14.3.0

Waste of timeDon’t waste you’re time lol.Version: 15.15.0

Virtually no responsesThey need to set up a better system because I will message apartments 1-2 hours after they’ve been listed and I think out of 1000 places I’ve messaged maybe only 20 have responded back. And half of them stay listed as available. It’s super frustrating and irritating.Version: 16.43.2

Terrible functionalityWhen I try to view my saved searches, it always shows results in recently changed. When I try to switch to another sort method, such as newest, nothing happens. Also crashes constantly..Version: 16.27.0

Does not work in the UK.Just doesn’t work in the UK . Have tried to search in all areas of the UK , with no results. So is this just for the USA market?.Version: 13.0.2

No responses to requests on 3 different listingsI request for tours and request for questions and never hear anything back and then the listing is off market. Just requested a tour for a place that was on there not even one day, contacted them, I was sent a generic message that they would get back to me through text and the next day the house is off market. Frustrated with the lack of communication..Version: 15.19.1

Too much SPAMDevelopers: you Need to remove endorsements, marketing spam resulting from the installation process. I use the app then delete it entirely to avoid the spam in favour of other apps that don’t have this problem..Version: 11.1.14

Impossible for Canadian relocation in USWe are moving to US so our IP is Canadian and make the application impossible for us. As Canadian you can not use zillow. The realtor in charge of our relocation talked to the owner and the owner wanted us to apply via Zillow. The “learn more” link to learn about IP goes to dead link oops “The page you were looking for doesn't exist You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved Take me back to the home page”.Version: 16.52.0

Crashes regularlyThis app has a better UI than most real estate apps but it’s super laggy and constantly overheats my phone and then crashes. If I happen to open it at a friend’s place it sometimes asks me if I own the property, which seems kind of invasive. Why do you need to know if I own that place or not, when I’m the one providing the search parameters for areas I’m looking for property in? Unnecessary and a bit creepy imo. It also often puts listings I’ve already viewed as new. I wish there were more options I could use in my search too..Version: 16.7.2

There was a problem loading your homeI don’t know what happened but all the sudden the app doesn’t let me view anything. Every tap I make I get a pop out saying “there was a problem loading your home. Refresh your screen to try again” I’m running the latest software update on my phone and the app. I’m also on an iPhone 13 Pro. Let me know when this is fixed but for now I’m deleting..Version: 16.13.0

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