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Snapchat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Snapchat app received 174 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Snapchat? Can you share your negative thoughts about snapchat?

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Snapchat for Negative User Reviews

Absolutely outrageousI say we band together and try and get the old Bitmoji’s back. The ones that they just updated to absolutely disgusting, outrageous and ugly to look at. nobody agreed for these ones. We didn’t even agree for the last ones before these ugly disgusting ones we want the old Bitmoji’s back. we don’t want our Bitmoji to wave at us every time we try on a new outfit. it should be optional to have this new 3-D Bitmoji. I have since removed my Bitmoji due to this because this is absolutely outrageous and disgusting. there’s been thousands of people on TikTok and Instagram and Snapchat complaining about these outrageous disgusting Bitmoji’s. I and the thousands of other people all agree this disgusting thing should be changed. I tried to make it work, but I couldn’t. I am physically having anxiety from looking at them. also, we do not need to know a person streak when we get a notification, we just don’t need to know that we don’t need to know the streak. anyways it looks like the new Bitmoji has been Sat on by 500 horses I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, and that says a lot. overall I am the other people think this should be optional and just removed in general..Version:

It’s good but let’s talk about the aiSo I’ve had snap now for years and it’s been good, loads of way to communicate with friends family that could be across the other side of the world of just up the road to you. I’ve always found snap fun and interesting because it give you a chance to meet new people with the quick add section. The only problem here is the AI. I understand that Snapchat+ had this option before everyone and no one really understood it well at the time but Now it’s available to all users on the platform and it’s really creepy. I’ve only had it for one day and it just gives me the creeps. You say stuff to it and it says it likes to do this and that but how he’s an ai after all. Worst of all it ask specifically where you are and what you are doing like why does it want to know that? Worst of all Snapchat does not give you the option to remove this feature and I feel like it’s an invasion of your privacy if you don’t want it. I understand it’s there to ‘help’ but to some it isn’t and they would like to remove this option..Version:

..My snapchat account of 7 years was deleted, i made it December 25th of 2015.. it is February of 2024.. they decided to permanently lock my snapchat acc and delete it. I had NO WAY to contact them as everything in their support team leads to links. I tried to put in under a different topic not relating to my problem as i could not contact them any other way. They did not answer me. I used an old support desk number, nothing. After 2 days of crying because i had pictures of my siblings since birth, memories of people not alive anymore, and had long lost high school friends and that was the only media i had them on.. i decided to make a new snapchat. i had it for 2 days & DID NOTHING WRONG. my first snapchat account of 7 years i got one report warning, then it was locked. My second account i had for 2 days.. no warning or ANYTHING & it was permanently locked out of the blue. i have sent several emails with NO response. I loved snapchat.. but you’re doing too much & have NO COMMUNICATION platform. Not to mention i am device banned.. for no reason. idk if they are targeting me or what😭 ANYWAYS.. i have convinced my friends to move to other apps and they have agreed & now none of us have it. Until snapchat can give me proper communication i am done with this app :).Version:

PLEASE FIX SNAPCHATSnapchat pleaseeeee respond to me ASAP I’ve had my account temporarily locked on my phone I don’t find this fair since someone stole my phone and black mailed me posting stuff for my phone back couldn’t log in half social media platforms including my Snapchat account because of my IP adress apparently this has never happened to me it’s so unfair since I needed snapchat for editing and work promoting. You guys banned me forever because of a situation y’all didn’t see on the outside screen. It’s been a while almost two years now and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my Snapchat back on this phone I can’t bother getting a new phone I want to fix it so I can use it on my IPhone 13 the thing is none of support help me please I’m begging I need my account back!!!!!! Y’all have banned so many people for no reasons for me I don’t even know why! It never gave my account a reason hence after my phone got taken away and lost EVERYTHING!!!! PLEASEEEEEE..Version:

Camera bugsI love Snapchat ( though it took me a long time to come round) it’s great to catch up with my friends etc… but I’m the last few days I have had a few issues around d the camera setting where it’s telling me that I have to go to my phone settings to switch it on and when I go there there’s nothing. I don’t know if there’s a bug or something but it’s become annoying..Version:

Terrible Customer ServiceYesterday, I was permanently locked out of my Snapchat account. 1) Snapchat does not even inform you what action specifically made them lock your account. 2) They block you from submitting a case/appeal if you are permanently locked out, and in my case as well as thousands of others, I know for a fact that I was wrongfully locked out of my account and I can’t even reach out to Snapchat customer support. This makes me believe that Snapchat really doesn’t care about its users. 3) I have thousands of memories dating back to my childhood that I often look through, but now I can never access them again because of this heinous error on Snapchat’s end. I have thoroughly looked through all Snapchat’s Terms of Service and reasons for permanent lockout, and none of them applied to me and I know that for a fact. The only possible thing I could think of was the fact that I was on a public wifi at the time of lockout, but even then, I wasn’t even using the app when they locked me out. Snapchat needs to do better and supply better customer service for me and the thousands of others this has happened to so we can continue using the app to message our friends and look at our old memories. I am extremely upset and disappointed..Version:

Delete all the media and keep the messaging onlyIf they destroyed the entire “right side” of Snapchat with all the media or television like programs and actual nonsense and just kept the sane “left side” with the core messaging and fluidity of communication as is, it would be a great application and would have a maybe a 5 star rating. Since it literally looks like half of the app is that which I mention that is so absolutely unnecessary, it loses at least half of the rating. I’m saying, this is such a great simple messaging app aside from the all the “content” or “media” on the right side of the app, when you slide right from the camera. To the left of the camera we simply have a very fluid messaging system w a key emphasis on photo and video messaging, of course as that’s how this app originated, which is great. Please Snapchat, and I ask you as I ask God, get ride of all the non-sense at the right side of the camera completely. Remove all the media and lowly television programming or content and solely leave it as a good messaging application w photo and video capabilities as is, and we have a better application overall and a better world in turn… delete Snapchat media to the right of the camera keep messaging functions at left side of camera Continuous improvement needed. Thank you so much! Peace..Version:

AIThere should be an option to delete this my AI. I don’t want it on my phone and I especially don’t want it stuck at the top of the feed..Version:

3d bitmojis are hideousPlease put the bitmojis back to the normal 2d, the 3d looks cheap and so ugly, thank you:).Version:

They don’t pay attention to reports or crude content.This is an app all used by many people. Young and old. Today I attempted to report an account that had blatant nudity on it. No, it wasn’t fashion, or lifestyle. It was people fully naked and exposed having sex. This was an account found off the reel category. I reported it and was very quickly responded to with an automatic email that said the account was fine. I checked the guidelines and it specifically said that the videos and account broke the rules. This was all the proof I needed to see that they don’t enforce their own rules or care about what content is being put out on their app. Absolutely teririble..Version:

Baffling, nonsensical, unintuitive, maddening to use.1, you can’t keep a history of text messages. Stupid if you need to keep track of logistics over social arrangements with others. 2, no obvious way to upload pictures taken with your camera from iOS camera roll. Sometimes one wants to take a nice scenery pic and crop it a little or correct the exposure but no, it’s a camera app where you can’t upload your own pictures. Absurd. 3. The content, is head shakingly low brow, lowest common denominator click bait trash. It’s all celebs, disturbing images, frivolous nonsense with very little to any serious cultural or artful or ‘nice’ content with any deep educational value. Shallow, vapid nonsense. Our children are doomed. 4. One gets randomly added by women all over the US and Canada. Some who then insult you and then disappear. Look, im always open to network with more women with an option for relationships but SC *needs a sex/location/age filter*! 5. Any pics one does upload, (say a pic of oneself) disappears after 24hrs! As a comms application, Snapchat is not fit for purpose, and only appeals to and encourages the basest most shallow instincts in people..Version:

Locked account for no reasonI hâve submitted multiple reports to Snapchat about why my account has been temporarily locked for almost a week now ( even tho i haven’t done anything for it to get locked ) I have done everything they have told me to do but still locked. Temporarily locked means 24 hours not a week. They haven’t even sent me anything to why it’s been locked or how long to wait. I’ve deleted the app then reinstalled many times to see if that would work but no. If there’s a reason for it being locked they should send me an email but I’ve got nothing part from changed your password after I submit a report..Version:

AHHHHHHI hate this app stupid stupid stupid I knew it was bad news I have deleted it before and decided to give it one last try but it’s over man what the hell. I hate that it sends people notifications when you’re typing or when you save something or when you screenshot things, not only because I don’t like that other people can see when I do these things but also because I hate getting these notifications it’s so annoying. My reason for deleting it this time was because I added something to my story (I think) but it won’t let me delete it 😭😭 I didn’t mean for it to be there it was a stupid ugly picture of my face that I didn’t mean to take how is that even possible I want to die I hate you Snapchat goodbye. Also I did google how to delete it and read loads and loads of things but nothing would tell me correct information. + my review would’ve been 0 stars but I don’t think you can do that..Version:

Stop with the changes and revertI have always loved snapchat, I've had it since I was 12 but it all started going downhill since the first bitmoji appearance change. The 2D bitmojis were iconic and particular to snapchat which isnt identifiable on any other platform. Then they became 3D, and i really didnt like it at first because it lost what made it iconic but i adjusted because it didnt look bad but it was just made to look like the memojis on apple devices but now they have become so ugly and all the features look really fake and that they've had a load of botox in them and nothing you do will make it look right. The introduction if My Ai. That freaked us all out, I don't want an AI it is useless to me, either keep it to snapchat+ only or have it optional in settings. Moving the arrow to the left makes no sense because that's not how you open a chat if you half swipe on it. These changes have all been so unneccesary and have just made snapchat so much less fun for me. When I open snapchat now I just get annoyed and peeved, I miss 2019 snapchat and so many people agree. Take reviews into consideration. Look on tiktok once in a while, these changes are not for the better..Version:

The bitmojis need to stopI just feel that Snapchat has decreased in its pros and has recently gotten more cons. Firstly the bitmojis, the new ones are horrendous, there so ugly and make my outfit look 10x worse. I think they were trying to make it more realistic but it’s just a major flop. They look super unrealistic and ugly, the body proportions are off. Next is the games and other cool features of Snapchat they’ve taken away. The games used to let us interact even more with our friends and/or meet new people to add and interact with. By taking it away I feel like the like towards Snapchat has decreased. Snapchat has always been one of my favourite apps but this review because I feel like they’ve taken away a lot of the entertainment. I will admit they have added some pretty cool new features like the AI being available for everyone. But still I feel like Snapchat has lost some of its value!.Version:

Good ig?Right so idk why im doing a review but, why not ? So Snapchat is a pretty good app it’s good to talk to people on there and you know see what people is getting up to yk all that but WHAT I HATE ABT SNAPCHAT is the new bitmojis OH MY they are absolutely hiddeous they look like my dog actually piled a large chunk of his poo on it and mixed it up with anything awful u can think off . Snapchat’s bitmojis used to be so fun like they were so cool to make and they made snap better but now they are horrendous I can’t believe what u did to them like I don’t get it and Snapchat is a total snitch!! whenever u try and screenshot or screenrecord chats it literally clearly says you screenshoted or screenrecorded it is SO annoying like what and also recently it won’t let me open snaps from people as in pics n that like it js wont load at all like my friends are tryna do vlogs for me and I can’t watch them because none of them will load !! And what is with the AI it’s honestly so random but nothing bad to say abt it because it does help me w homework answeres but please Snapchat please update all of these mistakes they are awful and it’s just ruining the app!. but overall Snapchat is a good app.Version:

Don’t recommend!Snapchat is good for what it does however their customer service and tos is shocking my account gets locked perm I lost all my memories for something that’s so petty. 1 I made a joke to do with the can of coke, and then I get ban for using a vpn to protect myself from the internet stealing my data. Back to the customer service part it’s shocking I’m super angry because I explained what happened then all they do is send you to their website that shows their TOS / community guidelines. Which I’m already aware off. They then go oh my sorry we are unable to unlock your account since you got perm ban. Boom never to hear from again even when I replied saying if you gonna be petty by not unlocking my account cause you don’t want to. Atleast let me make a new account. Still ignored to this day I cannot use this app what so ever even when I try make new account I get error ss06 and it been nearly a week. If anything I am so upset with their service cause I recently lost my pet that has saved photos on my memories now all that taken away from 💔 strongly avoid this app!!!!!.Version:

Bitmojis.Oh, where do I even begin with Snapchat's recent update to 3D Bitmojis? It's as if they took a giant leap backward, completely disregarding the loyal users who made their app what it is today. The audacity to force these 3D monstrosities upon us without any consideration for our preferences is beyond infuriating. Snapchat, do you even understand your user base? We fell in love with the simplicity of 2D Bitmojis, their charm, and their relatability. But no, you had to go ahead and ruin a good thing. These new 3D abominations lack the character and personal touch that made Bitmojis special in the first place. And let's talk about the lack of consideration for your users. Did you bother to ask us if we wanted this change? Did you think about how this drastic shift might affect our experience? Clearly not. It's as if you're living in your own bubble, disconnected from the very people who keep your app alive..Version:

Terrible security and terrible at resolving issuesMy snapchat has gotten hacked and afterwards i logged into it, changed my password, and tried to enable two step verification but instead i kept getting denied due to “suspicious activity”. i am aware there is suspicious activity that’s why i want two step enabled because my private information was able to be collected from whomever hacked my account. tried twenty times to enable two step and snapchat would not allow me. the person somehow managed to get into my account AGAIN even though i changed the password and still could not enable two step. i ended up putting a request in snapchat (still haven’t gotten a response) and i have set my account to delete. the hacker logged in once again and canceled the deletion because snapchat requires 30 days to delete an account (for what purpose? if i want to delete my account then delete it?) so i had to once again change the password (still couldn’t enable two step) and i set it to delete again. hacker hasn’t logged in yet but i’m hoping they don’t log in and cancel the deletion. snapchat get better security and get an actual helpline besides your bull ‘fill out a form’ customer service because people’s personal information is at risk.Version:

BRING BACK THE MINIGAMESSSPlease bring back the minigames I really enjoyed them😭🙏🏼.Version:

Social media or instant message?Having been with Snapchat since it genesis it started as a much more creative way to instant message friends. Since then, the addition of low quality news channels fraught with click bait, fake news and a torrential downfall of ads ruins the experience. Forcefully placing Snapchat AI at the top of message feed where my regulars get pinned lowers the quality and experience of the app in general. Equally, as people grow up many wish to leave social media to become more productive within their life. Despite being awful, Snapchat channels are better than nothing when you have deleted all social media forcing you to delete Snapchat if you wish to cleanse your digital lifestyle. Many of my friends have deleted Snapchat for this exact reason. I now only have it for the 1k+ Snapstreak that my girlfriend would be sad to lose. Aside from that single snap per day, I avoid it for the sake of being sucked into low quality content. It is understandable that monetisation is an issue, but being selective of the channels you promote is a must..Version:

Fugly bitmojisThe new bitmojis are hella ugly. Bring back the version before OR at least give us the option to change it between different versions (but I don’t think anyone likes the new look). Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Please read the reviews and take into consideration our opinions. It can’t be so hard to revert back to the previous bitmoji style..Version:

BITMOJI DOWNGRADEDear Snapchat, The point of the bitmoji update was to make them look better, seem cooler or make the Snapchat community have positive thoughts on this new update. By making the bitmojis 3D and “more realistic” they look like a horse that has been sat on. This update is only getting negative reviews and negative opinions of everyone wanting the old (better) bitmojis back. This is not an upgrade, it is a downgrade. This is not getting positive reviews on Snapchat nor is it improving the app. There are petitions on TikTok to change the update back to the old one with millions of comments in agreement. You have downgraded the bitmojis. Please change it back you will make the entire Snapchat community very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very happy Thank you for this consideration. 👏😄.Version:

BRING BACK THE OLD BITMOJISThe bitmojis are really weird and creepy with the 3D enhanced thing. Also CAN WE ALSO LIKE HAVE A WAY TO UNPING OR DELETE THE AI PLS.Version:

Used to be good.It was good, till you guys fixed what wasn’t broken and just kept making it worse with every update. The update that ruined Snapchat was the introduction to the menu bar at the bottom. The “redesign” made it awful to use and it looks horrible on newer devices. The bugs have been getting worse, snaps are taking longer to send if they send at all (both on gigabit Wifi 6 and 5G data). The worst offender is Snapchat+, you guys really saw that subscriptions trap people into easy to develop “features”. It’s advertised into the app like crazy now and when I see it I just eyeroll and switch to another app. It went from snapping friends with awesome filters to a horrible UI interface with advertising and subscriptions everywhere. Everyone I know just uses iMessage, whether it’s directly to a person or a group. It’s faster, it’s not bloated with ads, it’s secure and you know it’s actually gonna work. Uninstalled, don’t need this stupid app taking up space on my phone anymore. Funny thing is I don’t even need the space, the app is just terrible lol..Version:

Genuinely annoying and a terrible experience to use.The AI bot automatically pinned to top of conversation list is very frustrating. Not to mention the pop up ads that sit above that are equally frustrating. I can’t seamlessly click on conversations without accidentally hitting one of those options. Not to mention the fact that I have absolutely no interest in interacting with an AI chat, and there is not option to opt out and remove it. Another frustrating thing that is ruining the experience is the friends and stories tab is full of strangers and friend suggestions. It is uncomfortable having things pop up from strangers. The reason I use Snapchat the most (at least I used to but will not be now) was that it never had friend suggestions and you could keep everything sort of closed circuit between the people you choose, and not force suggestions in your face. I would also like the 2D options of the Bitmojis back. These 3D ones are a terrible style and are kind of creepy without any sense of charm. No matter how much you try to fix and edit it it always looks so creepy and dead inside. Like uncanny valley or something..Version:

The Ai Feature Neutral To Me.I just don’t want it to be not able to be deleted without having to pay money because I am time poor and money poor and I’m unsure if mine glitches out or not and I liked Snapchat when it wasn’t telling me that I have no choice but to accept that this random things my new best friend. It’s not that I even dislike it I just hope it gets updated soon because it’s just vaguely frustrating because I vaguely just don’t actually want it there not even because any reason like at all I just don’t like that it’s at the top of the list like my new best friend or a spirit guide or something it’s just stupid and random to me sorry if that’s offensive to literally anyone I just don’t literally want it to ever come back and I hate the whole dream thing and avatar thing and it’s just ruining my life. It’s really just ruining my life. But I’m still neutral..Version:

Snapchat downgrading ?Hi. Me personally I love snap and it’s a great way to communicate with my friends/ save memories without it being in my camera roll. One of my favorite aspects of Snapchat are the bitmojis! They are such a fun way to express yourself in your own customized way. I used to be obsessed with mine and she was so cute and now she looks terrifying and no matter how different I make her she still looks scary :(. I thought I was safe with snap map still being in 2D. It just seemed like a less urgent update? Then it happened. My snap map has gone with this wonky trend too. They look really bad and it changes my perspective with the app in general. It feels stupid, they aren’t cool anymore. I totally agree with promoting change, but there are many other ways we can be changing the app in a positive way rather than focusing all the attention on the bitmojis. Just because the app is getting older or a newer generation is coming in doesn’t mean change has to happen, even if it does don’t make it all mega AI type. It’s too much. I don’t even think the people who are new to the app enjoy what they’re working with either. Snaps a great app imo & I don’t wanna let go of it because I think it’s getting dumb. Pleaseeeeee go back to 2D <3.Version:

?I hate the new bitmoji😭.Version:

BRING BACK OLD BITMOJISThe new 3D bitmojis are shocking and simply unacceptable I think we should bring the old ones back as the new ones are ugly and unflattering i question why you think they needed to be changed when they were perfectly fine beforehand unnecessary customising is ridiculous and this needs to be taken seriously I don’t think I’ll be using Snapchat much longer as the new 3D bitmoji scares me and you can barely see the clothes, makeup and the full character Snapchat please explain yourself this isn’t on this is my worst possible nightmare am scared to open the app Snapchat also took away snap games which shocked me again as personally I loved them and thought they were really great and you got the opportunity to play fun games with your friends am really concerned about the updates and changes Snapchat are making to there app as some is causing a uproar and is unnecessary there also very unrealistic with the body shape of the characters with this new update also their isn’t a wide range of hairstyles for people with bangs, curly hair, fringe, short hair and others I would really like this to be taken seriously as am really upset about it!.Version:

BEWAREI’ve had this app since I was in 7th grade back in 2016, you see everything was fine until one day…I was texting my friends in our groupchat when all of a sudden a “used_adalaine680” popped up typing something. Their bitmoji was all white but had no eyes or anything for their face, etc only white blank! I thought one of my friends was playing a prank when suddenly the group chat had completely disappeared and gotten deleted somehow. I asked all 7 of the people in the group, they all said nothing happened on their end and that maybe I had accidentally deleted it on my end or that it was just being a little glitchy! They added me back in but it happened two more times. Since then a number under “unknown” has been calling me and I’ve gotten multiple added people on snap under the same “used_adalaine” just different ending numbers. I always block and remove them completely but this keeps happening, there’s no way to stop this. My phone keeps fully crashing, I can’t create group chats or even join them if someone adds me in one and I CANNOTTTTT STANDDDD THESE UNKNOWN PHONE CALLS. Back in 10th grade, 2019 my friend Katarina had the same thing happen to her. It lasted up until the middle of her 11th grade. She had disappeared and her case has become cold. My name is Adalaine and I would like this to get fixed before the same happens to me. Please..Version:

Perma locked for no reason.I was permanently locked out of my account for no reason. I have contacted support, and still have not been given a definitive answer as to why. I never had a problem with Snapchat up until now and I just want to fixed. Before I get an auto response on this- I do not have any third party apps, plug-ins or “tweaks” as Snapchat support calls it. I have never had any third party apps, plug-ins or tweaks..Version:

Please.I have used Snapchat since 2020, I have added all my mates on it and it’s easy and simple. Although. Recently there has been some updates that are confusing and boring, such as, the bitmojis there was no need to change them we could see who was who better when they where 2d. You got rid of the games which was no need for if anything that caused things to go downhill. A lot of updates just don't need it. Why move the hang up button to the top? Why move the arrow out? Why show if we have screen shorted or screen shared a chat? And also why have a “delete after seeing” option on the chat settings. There is no need it’s Also dangerous. What if someone said something mean or important and it’s gone because they had that setting in so therefore no way of seeing it. Now as these opinions of mine are very negative I love Snapchat. I really do it’s help me add friends from school start streaks, let me remove people from groups which is very handy and a lot more. Snapchat has created my friendships to become stronger and healthier. So thank you. Kindest regards, Lilly.Version:

I got locked out for no reasonI’ve had Snapchat for quite a while now and I’ve been building up streaks and my snap score. I’ve had such a enjoyable time with Snapchat and I’ve saved so many important photos on Snapchat. But ofc, all good things must come to a end and they kicked me out for no reason. I’ve tried and tried to get back in but my account got permanently locked. This isn’t the first time it’s happened ( well for me it is ) but I’ve been reading the reviews and it’s happened to others too. There was no given reason and I read the common reasons why peoples account get locked ( because ofc for me, there was no given reason bc I’ve done nothing wrong ) and I’m sure I didn’t do any of that. Don’t use this app to store photos.. I would also recommend getting a alt account just in case this happens to you. Please get back to me Snapchat, and give me back my account or at least tell me why I’m permanently logged out. If I get my account back I’ll leave a positive review ( since my time on Snapchat was pretty positive apart from when I got LOGGED OUT FOR NO REASON).Version:

My aiGet this stupid AI thing off my pin, who does he feel like getting lined in front of my girl.Version:

NEW UPDATE IS SCARYDear snapchat, please delete MyAi i’m so scared to use this app because now i see that this thing knows everything about me, nobody likes it and nobody uses it, you can’t even remove it and instead of texting my friends i’m texting ai because it’s on the top of my list, please, REMOVE AI OUT OF OUR LIVES.Version:

Please fix your moderationI have been randomly banned over 3 times this year despite not even using snapchat apart from texting my mum about plans. I keep trying to contact snapchat through email to try to tell them that it is a mistake or my account is being hacked but they don’t do anything about it. I have gotten new phones to be able to download it but every time it bans my account and my device from making a new account. please fix this and have better costumer service. i like this app but i have no choice but to not use it because of a problem on THEIR end..Version:

The Ensh**tification of SnapchatSnapchat used to be a handy, fun messaging system to keep up with your friends. Now, the push for an ever-increasing market cap has resulted in the addition of many disgusting new features. For example, if I want to send a snap to someone, about 20% of the time, one of the filters automatically applies to the photo. I do not want to use filters, almost ever, but the app automatically navigates to that menu. Often, when I try to navigate to my friends list, the next button over which leads to the sponsored filters is magically activated despite my not pressing it. More recently, Snapchat premium opt-in appears at the top of my friends list every time I open the app, and when I hit the x to get rid of that or the “try snapchat on your computer”, it mysteriously pulls up the menu and tries to force me to read it anyway instead of dismissing. And now, for the cherry on top, a chatbot that appears without asking, does not have the option to opt out, is obviously there to harvest user data - I say this because it is in fact disclosed explicitly - and is permanently at the top of your friends list. Disgusting. I’m not even asking for full interface customization. All I want is to only have the actions I take occur and be allowed to opt out of features I do not want..Version:

Terrible updateI stand on my behalf of all the people who use Snapchat and that are against the new update that happened recently. I’m here to speak up because these bitmojjis or avatars look terrible in my opinion. I send no hate to whoever thought of that, but I’m pretty sure majority of the people prefer the old old Snapchat. This is including Snapchat games and 2D avatars. I had to change my avatars style to look relatively decent, but I wouldn’t have too do this if the update had happened. But, for those who actually enjoy the new update or for those who don’t really care I think we should be able to apply the 3D avatars if we wanted too and if we wanted the 2D avatars it would be vice versa. Snapchat is a great app for texting and the amazing filters, don't get me wrong but I think adding on these old features it used to have, then I think it would be better. So, If you see this Snapchat owners/company, please consider it or either do what I have just asked. Again, please don’t take any offence because I truly didn’t mean to hurt u badly but I just wanted to speak about my experience with the new update and my opinions. Snapchat please reply is you see this because as you could see this review took a lot of time and effort so I hope you understand..Version:

NEW UPDATEI love snapchat and it is my favourite app to use but this new update is really disgraceful, first of all, the bitmojis are shocking and many people are turning them off due to how ugly they are so i would like if you could please go back to the old bitmojis where they didn’t look as ‘realistic’ but please keep the uggs as they make a nice appearance. secondly, i would like to report that ever since this update the texting feature in group chats has been awfully lagging and bugging you cannot even see the people’s names in chat or as they type until they send a message which is really annoying and to phone somebody you have to press on there snapchat profile and then press the call button instead of just pressing on chat and pressing the call button and i think this is awfully time consuming and annoying for people who prefer to go on chat and press the call button instead. i have also noticed that the app has been experiencing extreme glitching such as -not being able to hear people on call,pixelated photos,freezing images,slow graphics and also when typing it does not let you type correctly and i have found that it often bugs and you have to refresh the app for it to work correctly- snapchat was fine on my phone before hand and i have come to the conclusion that this is from the update so please can you fix this issue.Version:

BitmojisEver since the 3d bitmojis were released they keep getting uglier and uglier. there is no way i can make them work AT ALL and they look disgusting. who's bright idea was it to make them stand with terrible posture and have the worlds longest arms. fire the person that has made the heads so large that it looks stretched. these new bitmojis are gross to look at. bring back the 2d bitmojis PLEASE. at the very least make 3d bitmojis optional even though no one in the right mind would pick to have the terrible horse looking 3d things. every time there is an update i'm scared to look how snapchat has somehow made our bitmojis worse. each time i think there is no possible way it can get worse than this but i guess snapchat is determined to prove me wrong. i am hoping that the app is reverted back to when our bitmojis were 2d. no one likes the new ones PLEASE give us back our 2d bitmojis.Version:

Get rid of the AIIf your gonna add an experimental feature to your app at least give people the option to delete it. I don't want an AI on my snapchat feed and am now considering deleting the app..Version:

Worst app everSnapchat is the most useless unhelpful annoying inconvenient app ever. I have been locked out my account for almost a month after having it for years. After waiting said month I was able to long in today and finally happily snap all my friends again. As soon as shut my phone off and left for about THREE MINUTES my account was logged out again back to being disabled. It’s so frustrating especially since I am convinced they do not check their support emails, the countless emails i’ve sent over the month time period have all been unreplied. I have been a loyal snapchatter and have not done anything suspicious on my account for the 4 years i’ve had it. If I could give this app zero stars I would. First of all I just want to say snapchat has the absolute worst support out of all the social media apps to ever exist. I am 100% convinced you guys won’t even read this, but i’ll express my concerns anyway. My snapchat has been temporarily disabled from my main device for about a month, i’ve sent you millions of emails that haven’t been returned. Long story short I was FINALLY able to access my account a little while ago. I was logged in for about 3 minutes when I shut my phone off and I was disabled once again. Unfortunately waiting ANOTHER MONTH seems absolutely ridiculous. PLEASE HELP!!!!.Version:

Screaming, crying, throwing upWhat the hell snapchat. why do u get rid of the whole point of half swiping it’s ridiculous. these bitmojis as well are just ridiculous. this is so silly. I literally will switch to WhatsApp. If you guys keep on making these stupid updates that don’t even make sense. Why the hell would you let someone know when someone is half swiping them because the whole point of half swiping is so you can read the message without the person knowing. Absolutely rubbish Snapchat. These Bitmoji’s they are so ugly. Please just change it back because have you seen anybody who is happy with this update? Why the hell would you make these updates when you know they are not doing any favours for you. As a bonus, why don’t you get Snapchat games back? what is the point in half swiping anymore. you are not in charge of the way that I live my life bye, is forcing me to view the message and straightaway reply without much thought. Way to make us lose friends. And what is next? getting rid of Bitmoji’s full stop? All I’m asking is to change the Bitmoji’s your music is so loud what are you listening to? CEO? Sounds like back, and getting rid of this stupid new horse swiping thing and I was for all of our forgiveness, Snapchat games! That would save us all a hell of a lot of trouble. Absolutely terrible. change it back..Version:

I love it! But…I absolutely love Snapchat! I got it a few months ago and I’m guilty of my snap score already being 14,000…. There’s barely any glitching or anything like that. Now here’s why it’s not five stars… the bitmojis. Why’s you change them? I just really don’t like the look of them anymore. It’s quite ugly. No offence but please change them back! I loved the old one so much more! ok… that’s was earlier. Every since the update. MY SNAPCHAT HAS BEEN FREAKING OUT (Please fix).Version:

2d bitmojis back NOWThis is literally mine and EVERYBODY elses opinion because nobody besides YOU snapchat likes these 3d looking goblin bitmojis. snapchat is a good app, but you removed the 2d bitmojis and i WANT THEM BACK and so does everybody else. ill update my stars to a 5 when you give them back. literally they make me look 10x more stretched out and they are JUST UGLY. you did it once, which didnt bother me that much but you did it again and made it even worse and i want you to change it literally more than anything im begging you. also, bring the minigames back. they were so fun to play with friends and literally there is no reason for them to be removed. i get your trying to make the bitmojis more realistic but why would we need that when we have public accounts on which we literally post stories and most of the time our faces on, which is literally the most realistic something will get and theres no point on the 3d bitmojis. i will literally uninstall snapchat and encourage others to aswell if you dont change this because i swear its irritating everybody. GIVE OUR BITMOJIS BACK!.Version:

Snap AII used to love snapchat and use it everyday but now that my snapchat AI is at the top of my pinned it’s just annoying. Also the fact that I can’t unpin it because I need the premium version is wrong. I didn’t ask for the AI in the first place. Snapchat is turning into one of those games you download with to many ads and then delete..Version:

Saved Chats and Chat HistoryI have appreciated using this app very much for nearly 7 Years Now. My Boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our One Year Together! As I try to scroll up to older chats, I can only reach up to October of 2023, where I want to scroll to my saved chats on February of 2023 of Special Chats I have admired to my Boyfriend! If Snapchat can fix personal direct messages to have a Search Up Date Feature to find specific years and days of saved chats and photos, that would be my lifesaver for the ongoing scrolling up. Whenever I scroll up to December of 2023 of saved chats, the App glitches off to the Home Screen, where I have to start over my scrolling. I wouldn't say I like it when I cannot receive my snaps and chats on a time limit or on a few repeats where I want all my chats to be saved. As I have Snapchat +, I’m disappointed in not finding a faster way to search for chats and images I want to see quickly in minutes than in hours. Thank You, Snapchat, for all the hard work You Do!!! I Love all the features besides the Not automatically saving chats and photos. I appreciate all the rest of the features and the Bigmoji Creativity on this App!.Version:

Lets just get rid of the creepy avatars/3D modelsHey am I the only one that think the updated Bitmojis/3D Bitmoji are ugly as hell? Can we get back to the original? Or at least give us a switch so that if we hate it we can switch to the other. Right now, my Bitmoji looks ugly on the map, the profile pic and closet. Can we please please get rid of the avatar/3D model..Version:

TERRIBLE Support CenterA few days ago I was permanently locked out of my account with no warning and with no explanation. I have not violated any guidelines nor do I have any third party apps. I tried contacting Snapchat on every possible social media platform to which they responded: sorry we can’t help you anymore here; go to our support website. So I did. I selected the option of “my account has been locked,” described my situation and was sent a message saying “your account has been permanently locked.” That’s it. Then I tried clicking the “my account has been compromised” option. The same response. There is no other way to contact the support team for personalized help. Only got automated messages and not even an explanation as to why my account was locked. I tried to make a new account but couldn’t because my account is still active technically even though it’s locked so I can’t verify my phone number or email. I have put in a data retrieval request in hopes of getting my memories and friends back but I have not heard back from them yet. Then I will have to delete my account through the support center so I can use my email and phone number to make a new account. Apparently this has happened to a bunch of people recently for no apparent reason. We are livid..Version:

My bitmojis face is botched and she is suicidalMy girls mental health has taken a toll for the worst. She’s scared, she’s upset, she can’t even look in the mirror anymore. Earlier today I went to check on her and there she was, unconscious after overdosing because she hates herself so much. She’s been attending therapy sessions every day but it’s just not enough. She smashed the therapists glass door then committed arson because she saw herself in the reflection. The police came to handle the situation and detain her but then left the scene because they said it was the scariest they’ve ever seen and it was too much. Not the crime scene but her face. They told her next time to cover her face, not just while committing a crime but in general so no one has to see her. We need the old bitmojis back..Version:

GET RID OF THE 3D AFFECTI can not even express my hatred for the 3d avatars. I’ve seen so many reviews and videos on TikTok COMPLAINING about the 3d avatars. I’ll make the CUTEST outfit and it’ll just look ugly bc of the 3d avatar. I’m ok with like the pose stuff but for the actual profile pic.. it just looks ugly🤷🏻‍♀️ I also don’t like the fact that the selfie pose looks weird asf to. PLEASE GET RID OF THE 3D AFFECT OMG..Version:

PlsBring back 2d bitmojis and games 🙏🙏🙏.Version:

EnduranceDefinitely a great app to have despite the copious amounts of hiccups there are along the way with the odd occurrence of bugs, but otherwise have endured them over the years and so far so good and still hanging in there. 3 Stars purely for the fact that bugs and glitches occur often and often cause a little displeasure at those times. In spite of all that I still like the app, but hate it when the bugs hit.Version:

Get rid of the aiGet rid of the ai Get rid of the ai Get rid of the ai Get rid of the ai Get rid of the ai.Version:

💀💀Ok so it’s pretty alright but the new bitmojis are just.. horrible. I’m sorry. They are just so ugly. Like nightmare fuel. PLEASE, PLEASE JUST GO BACK TO THE 2D BITMOJIS 😭😭im begging you they were so much better than whatever the heck this is..Version:

Snapchat failed usThe new update… the AI feature. Everybody hates it and you cannot get rid of it. It keeps popping back up at the top. Removed me ability to clear it from my feed, and no longer filters down below new snapchats. Do better!!! Listen to the reviews. Nobody wants this.Version:

Worst app got banned for no reasonI’ve been on this app for a long time never had an issue until recently I got banned for harassment bullying no warning given never made or did this I put in multiple of approvals and email request no help whatsoever. I had that account for years I made a new one and got banned again for drug content. I don’t do drugs I am a retired jail officer never done drugs in my life this app used to be a good app, but they will not fix the feature of people getting banned for no reason you can’t get help. There’s no customer service I am banned through my IP address lotta memories and a lot of people I can’t see or talk to anymore because of this issue I see people doing drugs, smoking weed, and all kinds of other stuff and their accounts are up but the people that don’t do nothing wrong are the ones getting targeted this is unfair and uncalled for too many users people that join your app should be respected unless they’re doing something against community guidelines not once did I do anything then I was somehow proven for doing drug content. Once again, I don’t do drugs. This is so unfair to multiple of people that don’t do nothing wrong get rid of the AI and the banning issue taken care of this stuff is so uncalled for do better, Snapchat.Version:

They won’t unban you even if you didn’t do anything wrongI’ve used this app for years and even pay for the premium version. It’s always been great and I have never had any issues. At one point my significant other forgot his phone at home so he logged out of my snap account so he could log into his. The second he hit “sign out” my phone received a notification saying I’m “temporarily disabled due to too many sign in attempts”. The issue is, he didn’t even sign in and I had been logged into my account for a very long time… there was not a single sign in attempt yet I was temporarily banned from it. Id be more understanding if the ban was actually temporary, but it’s been months and I still can’t access my Snapchat from my personal phone and I’ve had to use an old junky one in the meantime. I’ve contacted support multiple times about this and they always say there isn’t anything that they can do. They’ve also told me I can unblock it through there website but whenever I do that and get a confirmation email that it’s unblocked, I’m still locked out. And even worse I’m still paying for the premium Snapchat that I can’t even access. I’ve been seeing this issue happening to tons of other people online too but Snapchat isn’t offering any help..Version:

My ai appeared on my phone and won’t go awayThis feature cannot be disabled and is very annoying.Version:

ReallyYour not even listening to anyone at all like we don’t want 3d bitmojis and we don’t want the Snapchat ai pinned and why do you keep having to switch how things work like stories I don’t like how I have to slide up to watch the next story my friends post I want to swipe left also so I can half swipe to pause to read stuff At least give us the option to change things instead of just changing it without asking us first because this is getting really annoying I’ve read and heard so many people talk about how they hate 3d bitmojis and the AI so if your hearing this why not give us the option to fix it or change it back instead of ignoring all of us and keep making annoying updates that we all hate.Version:

Falsely banned my account and refused to give me a reason Or communicate with my emails and appealsSnapchat locked me out of my account and deactivated it without giving me a reason. When I figured out the reason (on my own) it was a screenshot I posted on my private story of a kid at my school jokingly calling smarties percs and making fun of them. There were no actual drugs involved at all and that was very clear. I filled out numerous appeals and sent emails trying to contact Snapchat support to try to get my account back because all of my memories are in that account. Snapchat sent automated responses that said they could not do anything. Then I found out that my phone was HARDWARE BANNED from Snapchat. Which means I have to get an entirely new phone if I want to use Snapchat ever again. This means I cannot make a new account or log into another account at all from my phone. I had a few emails with a person from Snapchat named “Lysa” who refused to provide me with any answers or help me find someone who could help me with this problem. This experience has been extremely frustrating and upsetting because not only will Snapchat not communicate with me or help me unban my phone after they falsely permanently locked my account for no real reason, all my pictures and videos are gone forever. I count not be more disappointed with this app and their managers..Version:

The ai thing and bitmoji update…Don’t get me wrong it was a decent app in like 2021 and 2022 but the app has changed so much…the ai thing is creepy and just weird in general and I don’t like the ai feature at all it is weird..😭 like when u talk to it they know everything and I had my location off and it still knew it and that’s actually creepy and I don’t think it did any good for the app at all, no one wants to talk to that ai unless they are just lonely tbh!! And the bitmoji…girl don’t get me started! Those bitmojis have to go because my girl looks messed up!! I’m gonna just take my bitmoji off atp.. bcz she looks deformed! Her face shape and eyes and everything just look off and it’s to detailed! BRING BACK OLD BITMOJIS!! Please I’m begging atp I’m sick of opening the app to see that creepy…ugly…horrible disaster! I don’t think y’all are doing anything better for the app and it’s not a big impact on the app… now if the bitmojis was still the old ones and if the ai thing never existed this app would be 5 stars and a lot more people would be happy if y’all changed it back everyone is upset with the new update including me.. it’s a trending tag on tiktok and many other apps one of the tags being #snapchatupdate #bitmojiupdate I just think y’all should change the bitmojis back, I feel like people would be more satisfied..Version:

STOP UPDATING THE BITMOJIS.Remember the good old days, when bitmojis were 2D, and nobody was complaining? the sky was blue, the birds would chirp, the sun would shine. it makes me teary eyed when i reminisce about the 2D bitmojis. it was all we knew. but then came snapchat, coming in and ruining everything with the simple push of a button. who in their right mind thinks that these 3D bitmoji updates were good. i want to know who proposed this very idea, and i want to know if they are mentally stable. i want to know what really happened in that board room when they proposed this big idea. look, I get you guys over at snapchat like to be technologically advanced or whatever, but the last 2 bitmoji updates have economically set us back by 15 years. now let’s not forget the first update. it was a transition from 2D to 3D. sure it was odd, but we had time to get used to it. it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t new, and as a community we had accepted it. then, just like that, the already weird looking bitmojis turn weirder. nobody knew what to think. it made my self-image go down, knowing this abomination of a character is what people associate with me now. now, you may be thinking that i’m overreacting, but i think i am being perfectly sensible right now. i think it’s time to stand up for change. let’s change those bitmojis back to 2D, because remember, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”..Version:

Took them 7 years too ruin something goodNever once really had a problem with Snapchat and I mean that honestly Iv gone 7 years sending snaps receiving running up the snap score doing the streaks. It’s been a blast honestly and perfect running app. But when I decide ok I’m done I don’t need these guys anymore and I decide to make a new account like I would on any other app, for no reason should people on discord or other apps I’m connected to get notified I just made a new account. That defeats the purpose. I created a new account to start over and get away from all the people I was friends with before and the second I add a new account it suggest friends from my old account and not only that Iv gotten 3 people on discord already ask me did I make a new Snapchat account becuse the names are the same. That’s ridiculous. Iv never seen a more social media invasion of privacy and I am Officialy done with Snapchat. Like im sorry but that’s just one of those things we’re it’s like why did you think this was a good option to implement.I don’t see this being a fixable issue in the future either so this isn’t one of this “im gonna say im done and hope they fix it” y’all won’t read this lol. Anyways back to twitter and Facebook I go. Stick with my generation I guess..Version:

Snap AI encourages 13 year old girl to go on a romantic getaway with online predatorThe app is very unsafe for children.Version:

My alI hate it..Version:

Stop updatingSnap is fine ive used it for ages, it has cute filters and snapping is fun. the worst part about the app is the insistent update which range from changing the colours of notifications in-app, to moving the back button and in turn making the feature to ‘swipe to reply’ to a message obsolete, to the most random things, like the snapchat ai. but NEVER have i seen an update this bad. the new 3d bitmojis, not the ones created 2022 but the abysmal monstrosities released this year, are a pointless update which creeps users out and destroys the app’s image which bitmojis have helped to create. the 2d bitmojis were good, they were fine, but now they look like the meta characters (which im sure is what snap wanted) if they were crossbred with a 3d bitmoji. these eyesores also blink at you and have weird emotes, because everyone wants to see a picasso-style rendering of themselves start dancing. please, nobody wants this ‘realistic’ version of bitmojis, people want the 2D ones back. snapchat time and time again chooses to chase its user base further away with every update and every year that passes..Version:

SnapchatDon’t recommend you get this I’ve had multiple issues the camera glitches the whole app randomly stops working or freezes I update it and it doesn’t fix it my location is never correct sometimes my friends location isn’t correct I’ve reported the issue multiple times almost every other day for 2 months and it doesn’t get fixed if you have an app and someone is telling you that something is wrong with it you fix and they don’t like do your job plus the new bitmojis are ugly again if someone reports that something is wrong with something you made you should fix it tho I’m not surprised considering this app was made in America and they aren’t the brightest I’m getting sick and tired of the constant issues I’m having and if I didn’t need snap too keep in contact with people I wouldn’t have it my phone or my data isn’t the problem it’s the app.Version:

Snapchat suspended and eventually banned me for no reason.When I was casually texting and snapping people, and then my account got logged and and I was really confused on what was happening so I tried to log in and then it said “your account has been temporarily disabled.” And I honestly didn’t know what I did and I waited for about 24 to another 48 hours and when I tried to log in, it said the same thing. A few months later after I tried again twice every week, I tried making a new account then it eventually worked but after about 5 minutes, it suspended me from that account. I tried to make many more accounts over the month then one day a message came up saying “due to repeated attempts or other suspicious activity, your access to Snapchat has been temporarily disabled.” After a month of waiting to come back and sign up again, it said the exact same thing..Version:

FIX THE BITMOJIAbsolutely hate the new update, you gotta change snap chat to the old bit mojis. and the ai are just creep and weird. and i am RLLYY not a big fan of the new bitmoji, and i might just delete snap chat soon if you guys don’t fix this problem..Version:

My AIYou know what yea I’ve had Snapchat for at least 10 years and I’ve always loved it and thought very highly of it as a social platform. However today that has all changed. I opened the Snapchat app, opened one message from a friend, and before I even had chance to reply I had a message pop up at the top of the chat screen from “My AI”. I have not received any information about this “new feature” directly from Snapchat, however I have read some very shocking things about it on other social platforms. I have not, at any time over my ten years of using Snapchat, consented to having this “my AI” on my account. Nore have i consented to it reading all of my messages, seeing all the pictures I send/ have saved to my account or for it to listen to me 24/7 even when I am not using the Snapchat app. Oh and the best part? You can’t remove “my AI” as a friend or block them or do anything about it, unless you PAY for Snapchat+ that is. I am extremely disappointed with Snapchat for the way they have handled all of this. If this feature is compulsory to every account then why were we not informed of this before it being forced upon us. I have anxiety as it is and I don’t need to be sat here constantly worrying about things like this. If the issue of not being able to remove the “my AI” has not been resolved very quickly I will be deleting my account, which would be a great shame after 10 good years with the app.Version:

Please help!!!’I logged out of my snapchat account so as my son could log in to his account on my phone. Since doing this I am now not able to log back into my account????? I’ve tried to even reset the password but for some reason I am not receiving the verification emails or any email from snapchat at all, so I am unable to access my account that I have had for many years and have many years of memories on there. This saddens me to think I may have lost all of those memories!! I have an iPhone so my login details are actually saved in my phones security so I am not sure why it is saying I can not log in now. Trying to get in touch with Snapchat is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do, I get the security has to be number one but wow!! PLEASE HELP me gain access to my account again!!.Version:

Adds ruin everything for the appThe app is super fun to talk to your friends by sending photos and messages as well as being able to play games and call, however, there is a whole section to see your friends stories and under generally really fake rumour news, which is super annoying esp because it is fake and there’s millions. If I could remove this section the app would be more like 4-5 stars. Thanks..Version:

Needs to ChangeI got snapchat back in 2014. I had left the platform for a long time and redownloaded it back in 2018. When I came back it was a good app with good features. Fast forward to 2023 and we are in an era where you have to pay to remove features that honestly shouldn’t be there. The AI feature should not be forced onto everyone. The fact that I can google how to remove your AI feature and can come up with thousands of results talking about that very same question should be a hint that you need to remove it. Your company got so caught up in trends that you didn’t stop to think about what you were actually doing. And you forcing people to buy Snapchat+ to remove AI and other features does nothing but make Snapchat+ even more undesirable. I already didn’t want to pay a subscription for social media and you are just giving me more reasons to delete the app again. Do better. The least you can do it have to ability to unpin the AI from the feed cause it is a massive eyesore that no one wants to see. I won’t be using the app until you fix it. Snap isn’t the only way to talk to people. I think your company would be wise to remember that they aren’t the only social media out there..Version:

Modernising bitmojis is not itOn behalf of all the Snapchat community it is simple to state that no one appreciates the new updates of the bitmojis. It is unnecessary and a waste of time money, resources and data for the Snapchat company and it is imperative we bring back the old bitmojis as they are a simple design that can be used in all occasions. As a little anecdote to add on every single time I enter Snapchat on my phone I am faced with an unpleasant 3D version of myself which is ugly and no longer looks like me due to its unrealistic (when trying to be realistic) and exclusive body features which are fairly demonic. I feel dehumanised. We can no longer look basic and simple in a character which is 2D and it’s hurtful to see the new updates sneak into our lives when we are supposed to appreciate or ignore them. Please at the very very least give us the option to have 2D bitmojis..Version:

Average social media app. Better options.Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app known for its ephemeral content, where photos and videos disappear after being viewed. **Pros:** 1. **Ephemeral Content:** Encourages spontaneous and authentic sharing. 2. **Lenses and Filters:** Offers a wide variety of playful and creative features. 3. **Private Messaging:** Provides a platform for private communication with disappearing messages. **Cons:** 1. **Limited Visibility:** Content disappears quickly, limiting its lasting impact. 2. **Complex Interface:** The app's design can be confusing for new users. 3. **Cyberbullying:** The temporary nature of content can facilitate inappropriate behavior. 4. **Privacy Concerns:** Issues related to data security and privacy have been raised. 5. **Discoverability Challenges:** Users might find it challenging to discover content due to the app's design and focus on personal messaging..Version:

Bad and good reviewSo over the past few years of having Snapchat it’s been absolutely great no issues no problems nothing but the past few days there has been an issue every time I try to scroll through multiple stories it kicks me out the app so I have to go into one straight a time and it’s really annoying and when it kicks me out it’s glitch is my phone a lot and I would like you guys are five out of 5 but I don’t think I’m going to this time because it’s literally glitching my phone but on good terms I love how the app is so useful handy also if you could try and get to me somehow and tell me how I can fix a problem please do but I’ve already tried to update it and there’s no update yet so I’m not sure what to do my account is lilly_lovell23 Thanks 😊.Version:

Enough is enoughI have Snapchat downloaded on my phones for 3-4 years now and I loved it before with the blue notification colour(now it’s red) and I loved it when it was blue and I hate the red colour it’s just depressing I can’t lie! Now they have updated the apps more and ages ago they took the games out that people use to play with your friends and I loved them so I think you should bring them back becuase most people used Snapchat for talking and playing games virtually with their friends One last thing I wanted to talk about is that the bitmojis when I started it I loved the 2d it look realistic it looked normal and everyone loved it! Now in 2023 couple of days ago I updated Snapchat and it changed into 3D it was the most ugliest thing I have ever seen it looked like the eyes were going to pop out the head and I really want you guys to change it back to the normal ones because ever since you changed it to 3D everyone has been deleting there bitmoji and all that! So please change back to the normal bitmojis and change the couple of the notifications back to blues bf bring back the games because they are r much fun yo play with friends and family! Thank you.Version:

New updateI’ve used Snapchat for the last three years. Never had a problem with it always worked jsut fine. The im assuming most recent update when I use a filter and save it in my phone it now has the name of the filter i the video or photo I’ve taken and it really annoys me how big it is it isn’t subtle or anything I preferred if that wasn’t a thing bc I use a certain filter when taking videos of anything bc I like the hue it gives off but now with this new feature it takes away from the memories.Version:

New bitmojisSnapchat, I love u so much and you have no idea. But why, why did you change the bitmojis to those ugly looking things. Mine now looks like it just made it out alive from the titanic or a zombie apocalypse. What was so wrong with the 2d ones that made you have to change them to those ones, do beyyer snapchat. I cant even stand the look of them like they got drop kicked to Italy from all the way from NewZealand and crawled back after fighting with bears and snakes. Snapchat I will literally make a petition to bring back the 2d characters ✊✊✊✊✊.Version:

Get rid of the AIGet rid of AI we don’t like it. Nobody wants something that has access to all of our personal information. Invading in peoples privacy & forcing people to have to be a plus member to be allowed to remove it is dumb..Version:

Put “following” back at top!!!Update: now my following page won’t show any people/creators I’m following. It’s only displaying shows and series I’m following. I have to type the people I follow in the search bar and go to their profile just to watch their story today! This is ridiculous. I was giving it a chance for a few days since this update, and this is really making me want to delete the app even more. I hate this new update where it mixes who I’m subscribed to in with the discover tiles and ads that are irrelevant to me. It’s frustrating having to scroll through random people and ads just to find the people I actually want to watch. And the insane amount of Snapchat shows/series that just make the whole page feel cluttered. I really loved Snapchat. In fact, it’s the only social media app I have/use!! But this is about to make me delete it. It’s a turn off. Makes me annoyed just seeing it. I liked having the circles of the people I love to watch separate from everything else. Why did you do this snap? Every other app has a page where you can view who you follow and then a separate discover page. But now on Snapchat it’s just one big feed of tiles and it’s hard for me to find the people I’m actually subscribed to. Absolutely HATE this update!!!! Also I preferred the term “subscribe” as it was unique to Snapchat..Version:

SpeechlessSo I joined Snapchat in 2013. It’s not 2023 and my account has just been permanently deleted for reasons I will never know. The reason I’ve given this a one star is not because I’m salty cause I’ve lost my account. 1. I had years and years worth of memories gone just like that, yes I could’ve downloaded the data for them, but that would mean going through every single month over the past 10 years 2. How can this tech giant not have a LIVE support chat for users. Now this is where the problems begin, if I could’ve spoke to an actual human then my account being deleted could’ve been prevented. This isn’t just me but thousands of others that have this same issue. When will you change, I loved this app, but coming to realise that a team that created an app for friends family’s, pictures etc. has 0 live customer support is astounding. I don’t care about the “help” section, or the little click this and read what could be wrong wrong with your account. Useless, anyone getting this app, I promise you will have the same problem because Snapchat is clearly incompetent of hiring real humans to solve problems. Another thing the appeal process is a complete lie, a scam. “ we will respond within 30 days” it’s been 3 months and it’s just been wiped. I know nothing can be done to recover it now but device banning and IP banning people for no reason isn’t fair. Snapchat I know you’re reading this, your app is bad, do better.Version:

LOCKED OUT FOR NO REASONFirst of all, I want to say is I’m reading these reviews and everyone is saying that they out of nowhere got locked of their account. I did too it was back in January on the 28th and I was using snap all fine all day the day before and half the day the day I got temporary banned. I went and looked how long that would take it said 24 hours so I waited till the next day and tried again. It’s been 3 months and I still can’t make a new one or nothing. I might have to get a new phone because it won’t let me make a new one on this one I’m really upset at this-because I loved snap that was my go to app and the thing is also is they will let make a new one on a different phone but not mine so snap if your reading this let us have our accounts back because we did nothing wrong to deserve this so let us have snap “temporary banned”. Some of y’all have had it for years and now they doing this. I even did the email thing Snapchat needs to realize what their doing because they can’t just be doing that that’s stupid but I’m telling y’all they don’t care so i might have to get a new phone or something I have a iPhone 13 rn and I just got it in November. They need to give our accounts back now 😡😡😡😡😡.Version:

BugsFix the story bug. When I open my profile it just glitches out until you can’t scroll up or down anymore. You can’t tap on any of your private stories, and if you spam tap and somehow manage to open it, you can’t add or remove people from your private story because it just says something went wrong and to check your connection. Yes, I did check my connection, yes I’ve tried this multiple times. The glitching continues down to the bottom of the profile page, which means you also can’t press any of those buttons. Its become pretty annoying, and I’ve gone as far as deleting the app twice in hopes of fixing it. I’ve restarted the app countless times, I’ve restarted my phone, and then I decided to delete the app. Nothing has worked. Another thing, i believe people should be able to delete the AI from their chat feed without buying Snapchat+. A lot of people are creeped out by it. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it but it can say some weird things. Some people like to have it so it shouldn’t completely disappear, but a user should have the ability to delete it on their end..Version:

Bitmoji..I don’t even know where to begin, bring back the 2d bitmojis because my bitmoji looks like it got hit by a truck and then Melted into road tar. I cannot physically even edit my bitmoji anymore because of how horendes they look. Trying to make it more “realistic” just makes it look more goofy. And my ai is really annoying when I try to get the last word it texts me back like leave me alone and even though I unpined it it’s still at the top of my page.Version:

Ad deathWhat is with the insane amount of ads? It’s become ridiculous at this point. Some subscriptions you get 10 seconds of content for 5.99 seconds minimum of advertisement. The worst part is that they’re un-skippable until the time has completed. Is it that hard to add a feature that actually skips the ad after the required time once you’ve already tapped the screen? Or a setting to auto-skip ads once required time is reached (but a button you can tap if you are interested to see the rest)? Way to force people to be glued to their devices and feed the social media addiction that is so prevalent. Like, sometimes I want to enjoy Snapchat stories/subs while I’m busy with my hands but I can’t because it will be stuck on a repeating advertisement or a repeating, 3-minute movie trailer. Smart design but also terrible and I hate you guys for it. I’m sure your investors love it though! I’ve had Snapchat for about a decade and while I love a lot of the features that have been added, it’s just become another social media moneymaking machine. They seem to care more about the profit than the user experience, which is a far cry from where they started. At least Facebook/IG stories doesn’t force their advertisements down your throat, three taps and they’re skipped..Version:

Get rid of the 3D bitmojiI physically gag when i open the app and see the monstrosity that you have created which you call "more expressive" 3D avatars. i cannot even go to snap someone without seeing the hideous creature staring at me with a look i cannot even begin to describe, and the only fitting word i can think of is disturbing. you want snapchat to stay relevant? then get rid of the Gollum-looking, tear jerking, nightmare causing, deformed, unproportionate, reptilian 3D bitmoji ALL TOGETHER. bring back the 2D bitmoji. snapchat was a decent app with the 2D bitmoji; i didn't feel like i was coming down with scarlett fever every time i opened the app to see my bitmoji/avatar. if you even considered your consumers opinions and opened up tiktok, or any other social media app, you would see that NO ONE likes any variation of the 3D bitmoji. no one wants to be more expressive; we just want to keep streaks up and watch people on snapmaps (as well as other things). instead of letting stupid ideas be approved in board rooms or wherever you decide these stupid decisions, maybe listen to what users and consumers are saying. get rid of the fugly bitmoji and then I, and literally every other person using snapchat, will have a sleep free of nightmares of this horrifying 3D bitmoji avatar. unkind regards, T..Version:

Let us remove the AI and don’t pin it to the topLet us remove the AI and don’t pin it to the top.Version:

Remove my AII know the concept of my ai is cool. But this is ridiculous. It tracks your location. Stalks you and knows were you are. If you ask my ai to "meet up" it ask when and what time, then it will suggest places near you meaning it tracks you and knows we're you are all the time. I don't feel comfortable or safe knowing artificial intelligence is watching, tracking and knowing what I'm doing and where I am. Parents, trying to remove it doesn't work, you can't and it's so hard, don't let your kids interact or talk to or with the ai. It is artificial intelligence, and many people are complaining about the lack of safety, and data safe storage this ai is providing. This is not the future you would want for your kids, being stalked and talking to a robot, this ai needs to stop and I am not comfortable with being stalked and harassed It ask that firstly you have to subscribe Snapchat+ this is a scam plz stop it and give the option for removing my AI to basic users which don’t have snapchat+.Version:

AI botPlease remove the stupid AI bot. Considering deleting Snapchat due to the AI bot..Version:

Why is it SO ugly?!Snapchat was and is a great app and i got it in early 2020, but PLEASE stop with the downgrades! sure, you can take pictures with all the fun filters , talk to friends ect. but the new bitmojis are outrageous and look terrible. in fact, i dont even know what happened to games we could play. I mean every single update we get is stupider and stupider i dont know why u needed to change ur own style to look like 35 year old women/men, you need to remember that its most likely 10+ children on that app and they want it to be fun. Personally i think alot of people will leave snapchat community because of these. we all know snap hat doesn't read this so ill get on to talking about perks and downgrades for people planning to get this, snapchat is a great app to chat to friends and call , fun to customize your avatar and take fun pics with the filters to send to ur friends, group chats or post on your story! BUT lots of new updates made the game look slightly scabby and messy but as long as u mess around with face shapes, lip size , weight ect you will find your avatar to look the best it can. personally i think if your looking for app to chat, take pics and call on, snapchat is definitely for you :).Version:

My AIForcing an AI onto people and then making them pay to remove it is among the lowest iq moves a business can make. I’m talking room temperature iq here. I’d say you should fire the person responsible, but they’re probably too stupid to drive home in one piece..Version:

BITMOJISI AM BEING SO SERIOUS YOU NEED TO FIX THIS NOW. YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO CHANGE THE BITMOJIS BACK TO THE 2D FORM FOR MONTHS NOW it was one thing bringing in the 3D bitmojis to begin with, and then you removed the games in the app to make room for this stupid AI. Then you made the Bitmoji is extremely ugly and put them everywhere!!! I literally can’t find the 2D Bitmoji anywhere except for in Bitmoji stories which you will probably change soon as well since you don’t know how to listen. Now my 3D Bitmoji is literally in the Bitmoji stickers which is ugly to look at like fix it please it’s so bad and I really liked Snapchat until all of this. I like before all of this stupid Bitmoji stuff I used to love Snapchat so much and it was my favourite app to use I literally had nothing bad to say about it. I understand adding updates to engage more people but this is just terrible because nobody even wants it it’s unnecessary. I still like to use Snapchat for messaging my friends and stuff but something really needs to be done about this Bitmoji is because I’m not the only one who thinks so literally everyone does I have read many other reviews say the same thing but you have continued to make it worse..Version:

This is ridiculous now (Bitmoji’s)There is a certain point where people need to realise that it has gone too far and this is where the Snapchat community are calling the line. Every year Snapchat chooses to change its Bitmoji’s to a more “realistic look” which results in everyone having a negative reaction. To solve this issue and by listening to the community which serve and use this app, this issue should be reversed for the better of this app. As a result, it will lead to a more supportive and positive community due to making changes which they have asked for several times. Furthermore, this bitmoji look is not any more of a look alike to us and for this reason needs to be reverted. Not to mention the fact that my experience with making my bitmoji is heavily forcing me to not be an individual and my true self due to there being nearly no curly hair look which is suitable for boys and has resulted with losing my sense of independence when using this app. For these reasons, the community’s experience with bitmoji must be changed to better the app by reverting the “realistic” changes and including more options to improve independence..Version:

Very angryI love snapchat i have been an avid user for quite some time now and every now and again snapchat requires frequent but necessary updates. these updates include bug fixes, and similar things to that but recently a new update has occurred regarding our bitmojis… these updates, unlike the others where quite unnecessary and if i’m being honest, ugly. these new bitmoji updates are absolutely appalling and is disgraceful to look at! Seriously who thought it was a good idea to make Snapchat bitmojis even uglier then they already are. They don’t even look human! how can i edit some character to look even just a bit like me when it doesn’t even look like we are from the same planet!? These bitmojis look like frog people and it’s disgusting. No snapchat user finds these new updates appealing and think they are straight up ugly. BRING BACK THE OLD BITMOJIS.Version:

It is morally wrong to have to pay to remove my aiI’ve used this app and enjoyed it for almost a decade now, however the addition of my AI makes me want to delete the app as a whole. I don’t want to talk to a robot, I want to talk to my friends. But after trying to delete the conversation with no luck and remove it from my feed as it appeared at the top for no reason, I resorted to asking the ai itself how to delete it. After a frustrating conversation where it kept telling me what I already knew and I repeated that it wasn’t giving me an option to do so, it finally told me that only Snapchat+ users can remove ai from your feed completely. This is morally wrong, a scam. Ridiculous. Something out of a sci-fi movie. I don’t want to see an ugly robot glaring at me every time I open the app I just want this feature gone. And I shouldn’t have to pay just to delete the feature I didn’t want in the first place. It’s somewhat violating. If I could rate this 0 stars I would. This also appears to be a recent update, as I could remove this just the other day. Ridiculous..Version:

3D bitmojis are ugly and unappealingI get that companies have a tendency to ignore their users and roll out unwanted updates or design changes but I cannot help but state how displeased I am at the state of the current bitmojis. I was mostly fine with the 3D bitmojis when they were first introduced as the 2D bitmojis were still present in some way or form, but to get rid of them completely?? I just think this is a bad move, especially for marketing as you’ve made an identity with your 2D bitmojis which are instantly recognisable and iconic. They also look a lot more visually appealing and fun. The 3D bitmojis look like every other lame old character avatar out there. If we could at the very least have an option to switch between the 2D and 3D bitmojis that would be fine, but I know you won’t do that because that would take effort and you’d also be faced with the terrifying possibility of paying your artists more 🙄 I think you’re very late to the party because by now society has moved on from the idea that making everything 3D is an upgrade (hint: it’s not).Version:

What on earth happenedSo Snapchat is overall good for talking to friends and doing filters and half swiping and I had Snapchat since 2018 but over the years the updates have really made a lot of people hate the app for example the bitmoji update it’s absolutely horrendous and you guys proceed to make it worse my friend literally said my bitmoji looks creepy and I don’t blame her like please change it back to how it was because it’s awful and nobody literally likes it and another thing you proceeded to add them on our stickers which were perfect before and now look horrible and same with snap maps, a lot of people are deleting their bitmoji cause of it and another thing why on earth would you remove the games literally that was the best feature you guys added and me and my friends had such a high highscore in bitmoji party and it was so fun so why on earth would you get rid of it and i think the my ai should be optional to turn off without paying because I don’t want it pinned on my chats and I don’t even use it so please Snapchat listen to your reviews and I do love the app you just made horrendous updates. Agata.Version:

Bring back 2D BitmojisI have been using Snapchat for years now, and one of my favourite things to do was customise my Bitmoji. I thought that the 2D Bitmojis were absolutely PERFECT, then they were changed to the 3D ones which were just so awful in comparison. The faces look goofy, the clothes dont fit right on them, they just looked terrible. And then someone decided to update them again to make them even worse?! They genuinely look so awful I don’t even want to look at them. I’ve lost all desire to customise my Bitmoji (which I used to do frequently!) because they have just become nightmare fuel. So many people agree with this so PLEASE just bring back the 2D ones, or atleast let people choose between 2D and 3D. I loved being able to customise my Bitmoji to fit different themes or holidays, but these new ones just look so terrible that I can barely be bothered to do that anymore. The faces look so strange and unappealing, the body proportions are laughably terrible, the clothes/accessories glitch and don’t look right on the characters, they’re just genuinely so awful. Please for the love of god just bring back the 2D ones, there was NOTHING wrong with them..Version:

TERRIBLE 3D bitmojis.The new 3D bitmojis are absolutely life threatening. I actually started to like snapchat UNTIL the new update with 3D bitmojis released. The amount of friends, family and others that has complained about this new bitmoji ALL AGREE that it needs to be fixed/changed back to the OLD 2D avatars. PLEASE, change them back. I understand that you guys have been attempting to make them look more realistic, BUT, i looked more like my OLD bitmoji rather than the new one. The current 3D ones looks like a deformed horse NO MATTER how i change it. The clothes, used to be nice but now DISGUSTING. The hairs, was really pretty, but now ATROCIOUS. The shoes, great and gorgeous, but now FLAT. The face features, amazing and realistic, but now DEFORMED. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I LOOK LIKE A SQUASHED ANT. In conclusion, i could go on and on about the TERRIBLE, UGLY new 3D bitmojis but that might turn into the size of a dictionary 🤗. PLEASE, change the 3D new bitmojis into the old ones, EVERYONE wants it. Thank you. (I may give you 5 stars and recommend snapchat to ALL of my friends and family IF it changes.).Version:

Wasted 10 years on this appTerrible app with very little to no support and absolutely 0 communication from team Snapchat , and the online help website is terribly made. My account got wrongly permanently locked, Snapchat only offers a vague description of why/ how it was locked for, and wait times for reviewing/disputing the permanent locks can be anywhere from 24 hours to several months which is pathetic because Snapchat has absolutely 0 ways of reaching out to a support team to fix these issues, no chat services, no customer contact emails, only online report submissions and tick and flicks which is absolutely unacceptable for a multi billion dollar company- very disappointing as I WAS a paying premium member, and have been using my Snapchat account daily for almost 10 years. Would never recommend Snapchat again until they improve their customer service to actually speak to real humans not just tick and flick reports and automated responses, very disappointing.Version:

Horrendous Customer ServiceIf I could give negative stars I would. I worked in an office that had me manage their social media. For absolute no reason Snapchat banned the business account. After permission I deleted the business account, But since it was on the same phone as my personal account, they “temporarily” locked my account. I have looked up every terms and conditions and their community guideline file they have out there. Wasn’t registered to any third party. And yet they still locked my page. Now they offer you a chance to unlock it after 24 hours. EXCEPT TO DOESN’T WORK! I had tried numerous times and nothing. Only to look it up and people wait months even years still with no resolution. I email and sent messages in Twitter but they just kept sending their “copy and paste” responses. Nobody can seem to get resolved. I tried a new account, getting a VPN, going through an incognito web browser and STILL nothing. If the coders can’t/wont even fix this issue who know how many other bugs in there. Rumor is that with a new phone AND a new phone number should be able to log in. But not even worth the hassle anymore. Ended up deleting my personal account too. THIS APP ABD THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. DO NOT RECOMMEND. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE OR EVEN THE SLIGHTEST HICCUP YOU WILL BE BANNED AND SUPPORT WILL NOT HELP YOU..Version:

My AiNo i removed the app just because of the AI.Version:

Get rid of myAII can’t stand that I was forced to update the app only to this disgusting myAI I can’t remove and the hideous new bitmojis. Every article for how to hide myAI that Snapchat presents is useless (unless of course you get Snapchat+ 😒🙄). I can’t fathom what brainless person on the pitch team thought anyone would want or use myAI (or came up with that hideous and haunting design), but I can only pray they see the error of their ways and get rid of it. I know pretty much every social media app is homogenizing into the perceived successes of the others and whatever fad and cash grab they can think of but there is not one piece of this update I was forced into that improves ANYTHING. It’s hideous, less user friendly, more obvious about being thirsty for your data and money, and insistent on driving off its user base..Version:

GET BETTER 🙏Look I like Snapchat but sometimes these updates have just been getting worse and worse like my ai most people don’t like it the bitmoji update they are 3D and the one I hate the most is the cameos they are just ugly and for example when you don’t know what it is u give your picture to make the cameo when you finally see how bad it is you can’t take it off and when some random person adds you they can see your picture and how you look like without your permission yes people don’t mention it that much but there is no use for them anyway. Another thing is that Snapchat has taken out things that made the app amazing like the games that you could play with friends and by yourself which made it very entertaining for everyone across the platforms. Snapchat also put something called my ai sometimes it is helpful when you need to talk to someone but some say either it’s trying to track you down or taking pictures of you and Putting it on their stories because many people have experienced their ai having a story which to some is really creepy, adding to that the Snapchat ai is very boring to talk to in some occasions and would be much appreciated if they put more emotion and energy in what they say or maybe it just wasn’t a very good idea to put it there at all . What I’m trying to say is that Snapchat just NEEDS to get better and stop trying to be like other apps or trying to make it better with the wrong decisions ..Version:

Adds to friends My AI with no way to remove itI do not appreciate having My AI added as a friend when I didn’t add it myself. Also its very invasive that you can’t remove it like you can any other friend( even Team Snap Chat ). Also is annoyingly at the top of all chat lists. I am now considering deleting this app all together. Before this unwanted change I would rate it 4 stars.Version:

Great app but bad updatesThis app is such a good app for texting, sharing photos and posting stories but the creators keep making new unliked updates for example they made an update where they changed all the looks of the avatars. To make them “3-D“ which is so annoying because my avatar was perfect before, but now it looks very awkward and I can’t fix it to make it look normal. Also they installed An ai thing which barely even works for anything. It’s useless. I do recommend getting the app though I hope they change it. It’s good for texting and whatever, but please can the creators please just change and remove the updates? Anyway other than that the app is great. I’ve used it for about a year or two now and it works really well. It’s not glitchy or anything it’s got no bugs as well which is great and contacting adding people or doing anything in general and easy, you can do it in less than two minutes. Thanks for listening to your local Skibidi Rizzler XOXO, SKIBIDI TOILET.Version:

New update is awful.The my AI feature is the worst update to Snapchat since the god awful explore page. This is something that nobody wanted, nobody asked for, yet still it is here and pinned above all of your real conversations. To make matters worse, there is no option to remove block or unpin the AI unless you pay for the premium. Why? Snapchat+ utilizes a disgraceful business model which takes previously free features in the app (such as pinning people/convos) and hiding them behind a paywall. It offers you literally nothing for your money and inconveniences non-paying users. Naturally, hardly anyone buys the premium. So what do they do to incentivize people to buy it? They add this annoying AI chatbot to the app—which NO ONE wanted to begin with—and forcibly pin it above all of your conversations to annoy you into submission and make you fork over the monthly fee for Snapchat+. If I wasn’t so angry at the developers for this absurd decision, I may have actually caved and spent the money just to remove the useless thing. This feature has to go, or at least an option needs to added that allows users to remove it. It would have made much more sense to include this new feature for ONLY Snapchat+ members but as I stated, the Snapchat developers choose to annoy users into giving them money by actively degrading the platform—rather than providing an experience that is actually worth the money..Version:

Access is temporarily disabledI absolutely loved snapchat for about 2 years but then around 3 months ago my access to snapchat became temporarily disabled. I have tried everything to try and get my access back but nothing worked it’s been 3 months now! How long will my access be disabled? If i factory reset my iPhone will that fix it? Because of this i am going to have to give it 1 star. There was no clear reason on why my access is disabled, how long for, or how to fix it. If this happened to anyone else and you know how to fix it please tell me. I am very disappointed in the app..Version:

UGLY BITMOJIS & SNAP GAMES!!!Oh my, please bring back the 2D bitmojis and snap games. the snapchat app is just going down hill with each update, the app shouldn’t be touched nothing need to be changed. snap games used to be my friends and I’s favourite feature on snapchat. playing the games together created so many memories, the update that removed this feature stopped us from creating more memories like these. not to mention the fact the games were fun and enjoyable to even play alone. the 2D bitmojis were so cute and then one day i opened my snapchat app and was excited to see my friends cute little bitmojis, i was not happy with what i saw. this ugly 3D version was what i saw. the original 3D bitmojis were bad enough and you’re just making them worse. LEAVE THE APP ALONE!!!! it was perfect before, things like the bitmojis don’t need to be changed keep them 2D it was cute and everyone loved it. There is not one person i know who prefers the 3D bitmojis. the app is just losing its originality and fun. whoever made these decisions for snapchat deserves to be fired, please fix your mistakes and bring back snap games and the 2D bitmojis. sincerely, poppy.Version:

LEAVE THE APP THE WAY IT ISI absolutely love snapchat, it’s a convenient place to hold all my memories and let me relive them when the time of year comes back round i can chat with my friends and keep in contact with them, post stories to update my life etc but notice how all the things i’ve mentioned are the BASIC frame of snapchat. Things such as “My AI” are ruining the app slowly making it seem like a joke, further making the app more childlike slowly pushing teens away from the app which it is generally aimed at appealing to. Making all these changes are not positive more so inconvenient as it’s just another thing that users of the app need to get used to and it’s not okay. The only update that i believe was actually beneficial was front flash the rest of them are unnecessary i believe My AI should be an optional feature and the fact you have to pay to remove it is ridiculous it made more sense when it was only for premium payers we do not need this and if it’s not removable at least make it so we don’t have to have it pinned. Ridiculous. Please make the app what it once was it would appeal to everyone so much more people are now deleting the app and leaving reviews like this due to the changes you have made to the app, open your eyes and change it back..Version:

Blatant Privacy ViolationsTo start, the new AI update is a nuisance, and requiring a paid subscription to Snapchat+ to hide the feature is absolutely ridiculous. My important conversations should not have lower priority than this AI bot that I didn’t want and will never use. Secondly, I was extremely alarmed to open my memories and see that Snapchat was analyzing my entire camera roll to provide “shopping suggestions.” That is a blatant disregard to my privacy, since I never authorized Snapchat to use AI to analyze my camera roll, nor do I want shopping suggestions based off of things I already own. I find it incredibly alarming and disappointing to see that Snapchat is trying to become yet another ecommerce platform. Social media is about connecting with friends, not mindless consumerism and consumption. It’s bad enough that Snapchat has been found guilty of violating biometric data laws in the state of Illinois, but it’s even worse to see that Snapchat cares so little about protecting its users’ privacy that it will sell its users’ own camera roll data just to make a dollar. I have rescinded Snapchat’s ability to access any of my saved photos because of this betrayal of trust, but quite frankly I am considering deleting my entire account because of the direction Snapchat is heading..Version:

Terrible!I have an old Snapchat account that I’ve had for years now it has many pictures and memories on it however I put most if not all of these pictures into “my eyes only” as it was hard to look at them and not cry or cringe or both. Just recently I’ve wanted to get them all back because I realized they’re precious memories no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately I forgot my pin for “my eyes only” and I’ve tried multiple combinations but nothings working! I saw I could press “forget password/pin” which usually helps reset the pin or password you’ve forgotten, but I can’t press it because if you go through with trying to reset the pin it will delete all of the pictures within “my eyes only”. I’d really like this to be changed because I know there has to be others that had put precious memories in it thinking they were too embarrassing and later realized they’re not really embarrassing and wanted to get them back out but forgot the pin for “my eyes only” only to realize if they reset the pin all those memories are gone! This is a really crappy feature that NEEDS to be changed as soon as possible because I really want those pictures and memories back!.Version:

Snapchat MyAI featureSnapchat is a great messaging app but please make removing the my AI feature available to non Snapchat+ users. I don’t have Snapchat+ but I have the MyAI feature and feel very uncomfortable about it. I was joking around with my friends seeing if it would buy me a gift, but then it started to ask if I wanted it to be delivered to my home address. I told it that I was uncomfortable but then told me he went on a walk in the park earlier in the day which confused me because previously the AI mentioned they didn’t have a physical body and they were just an AI. I asked them about it and they said they used a VR headset to simulate a walk in the park. I asked how they could wear the VR headset if he didn’t have a physical body and they replied with they use their imagination to simulate a walk in the park. I am so scared and removing the MyAI feature is only available for Snapchat+ subscribers. I should not have to pay money to feel comfortable and safe in my own home..Version:

Change the bad Updates ⚠️⚠️⚠️Hi Snapchat i love using ur app and communicating with people and sending snaps, however there’s a few updates that i dislike. First of all the update of the bitmojis making them 3d was a bad decision i’m pretty sure lots of people are unhappy and making their faces look like shrek. Please bring back the 2d bitmojis they are so much better and it was so unnecessary to change them… Second of all i miss the old snapchat games, where you could play games with your friend in chat, why were they taken away? they were my absolute favourite please bring the snap games back!!!! 😭 I really love using snapchat but the new snap isn’t what i was hoping for i miss old snapchat please bring normal bitmojis and games back please 🙏🏼 I’m sure lots of people can relate to this issues i’ve even talked to my friends and they dislike it, so please Snapchat hear me out 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you.Version:

Ugly characters.I stand on my behalf of all the people who use Snapchat and that are against the new update that happened recently. I'm here to speak up because these bitmojjis or avatars look terrible in my opinion. I send no hate to whoever thought of that, but I'm pretty sure majority of the people prefer the old old Snapchat. This is including Snapchat games and 2D avatars. I had to change my avatars style to look relatively decent, but I wouldn't have too do this if the update had happened. But, for those who actually enjoy the new update or for those who don't really care I think we should be able to apply the 3D avatars if we wanted too and if we wanted the 2D avatars it would be vice versa. Snapchat is a great app for texting and the amazing filters, don't get me wrong but I think adding on these old features it used to have, then I think it would be better. So, If you see this Snapchat owners/ company, please consider it or either do what I have just asked. Again, please don't take any offence because I truly didn't mean to hurt you badly but I just wanted to speak about my experience with the new update and my opinions. Snapchat please reply is you see this because as you could see this review took a lot of time and effort so I hope you understand. You ruined the characters. End of story. Do better..Version:

Not happy with where its headed…I’ve used SnapChat for years and its been great for chatting and even sending fun filtered photos to friends. It hasn’t been perfect and has been frustrating every now and again but still my most used app to chat with friends. This morning after logging in, I see a new AI “friend” that was rolled out. I’m not a fan of using computer generated responses to guide you and learn from you under the guise of being fun and/or making your life easier. Since there was no way to remove it that I could tell, I asked the AI bot how to delete. You have to be a premium member to be able to remove it but it also says this is a new feature for premium members before it is rolled out permanently…which Im not so Im not sure why it’s available to me. I know this is supposed to appeal to the younger crowd who can’t wait to use it to ask it fun questions and have a laugh with friends or even to get what they think might be life changing advice from a computer. Our devices are already monitored enough but now people can just sent their thoughts, ideas, wants and needs directly to the company to share or sell to other companies so they can sell us things we might be interested in or just to watch us in general. Definitely heading down a dark path. I’ll be deleting my account today after my friends and I decide on a better app to use..Version:

Eh. gets worse with each update.I cannot even begin to name all the things snapchat has ruined just by updating. used to be able to reply to stories with voice memos and now its replaced with a group send feature, used to be able to pick photo albums and now the feature just disappeared for some reason, plus you can’t contact snapchat so it’s not like you can tell them what you do and don’t like about the app besides leaving a review. snapchat has really just turned into a cash grab from what it seems like. either that or the development team is so god awfully stupid and doesn’t frequently use the app if they even use it at all so they keep taking away useful features with each update. snapchat literally all we beg you is to stop removing useful features like being able to pick photo albums and stop adding useless features like 3d bitmojis. nobody asked for 3d bitmojis. not to mention now they’re letting public figures on the app post weed and edibles just because they’re paying for the service, but if literally anyone else posts something remotely similar to weed they’ll get their account deleted. im 22 and live in california and i have it set to that on the app but i’ve lost 2 accounts in the past few months because i posted some edibles WHICH ARE LEGAL FOR ADULTS IN CALI. thanks snapchat for deleting all the memories i had saved of my friends and childhood pet!.Version: 12.25

THE NEW BITMOJIS¡love snapchat and it's an amazing app, but please bring back the old bitmojis. i don't mind the old 3d ones but the new ones make my eyes want to jump off a bridge. they look like their faces have been sat on. they are disgraceful and ugly and are the reason people go blind. fix them please or us snapchat users will go on strike and delete our bitmos. whoever decided to change the old 3d bitmojis to fugly looking pigeons has at most 5 brain cells because this is not a good marketing idea. it looks like my little sister drew me and she's 5. my eyes are that far apart im surprised i haven't got 360 vision. if i could i would write a restraining order against those fugly creatures. if they don't change i will protest and cause traffic jams for any possibility that these obominations will be permanently deleted. we might as well have animals as bitmoiis because i can't tell the difference between a horse and my bitmoji it's ridiculous. they look like a rat . i miss having fun sending chats to my friends but now when i get a notification from anyone their bitmoji makes me cry. its very disappointing how this app could have been amazing but u ruined it with these alien creatures. as a sorry please fix it and add back bitmoji party. it was the only good thing about these disgusting 3d obominations. until this problem is fixed, i will keep my one star review. yours truly, peaches.Version:

Let me log in on my phone!!!I let my friend log into her Snapchat a few times because she didn’t have her phone on her, when I tried logging back in in my account it said my access to snap chat has been temporarily disabled. It has been like for a month now which is very annoying I have done nothing wrong on my account and I can log into my account on other peoples so why can’t I on mine. I love Snapchat but this is very frustrating!!!!! Please help me and let me log into the app as I haven’t done anything bad in this account. How do I fix this I have tried everything I even reset my phone!! Please help me.Version:

Trying to hardSnapchat has been a great way for people to connect online but recently they have been looking for money through Snapchat+ which is a subscription that lets you get features like chat wallpapers , certain wallpapers for your avatar which is optional , but they have introduced this thing called my ai which is an ai that can help you with stuff like homework or giving advice but there is also something creepy about it as it repeatedly says it’s only an ai but has posted a Snapchat story and if you ask it if it has your location it may say no but if you ask it where there nearest restaurant is that it will pull up a list of restaurants close to you and the only way you can disable it is by getting Snapchat +. Another topic I wanted to talk about is the 3D bitmojis, Snapchat has been trying to hard to be fresh and new but the only thing everyone wants it to do is stay the same and how bad the 3D bitmojis look , they look awful the only thing I want Snapchat to do is to go back to the way it was.Version:

My AIOpened snapchat today and was notified of the new My AI feature. I absolutely hate that it cannot be disabled or removed from your chat list unless you have snapchat+ 🙄. The AI tells you how to delete it but doesn’t tell you that you need Snapchat+….had to go to YouTube for answers. It seems creepy or like my privacy has been invaded as i did not choose to have this feature nor can i delete it. Not only that, it’s default setting was set so it could view my stories. No thank you. Please remove or add a disable/delete option ASAP..Version:

Enough is enoughI’m not even going to try to be respectful anymore, because this has gone too far. Quite frankly I am disgusted at your poor decision making, and lack of empathy towards your users. Why am I saying this you may ask? I think you already know. Lets chat about the new bitmojis. I have to say, I did grow on the 3D bitmojis, and I have to say I loved them a fair amount, now that was one thing, but now, you have made the whole Snapchat community look like we have been ran over a bus. It is the height of rudeness and I’m going to say flat out disrespectful, to not even taking us users into concideration???? Abominable behavior. I will give you one more chance to change them back, or even just make them prettier, because making them ugly and then trying to cover it up by saying ‘they are more expressive than ever’ is not appropriate, as lying is one of the worst crimes. How do you feel, that you as a team have committed one of the worst crimes? Yeah. Pretty bad. So I’m going to leave you with this feeling of guilt since you have managed to upset the entire population of this planted, and say I’m not mad, just incredibly disappointed in you..Version:

Remove AIAi is probably the worst thing to come to Snapchat, REMOVE AI or at least make it possible to block or un add it.Version:

Ai are super creepyPlease get rid of the ai they are super creepy.Version:

Going downhillI’ve used snapchat since they first came to be and its been my main way of talking to friends for a very long time and it’s great for socialising and having conversations I don’t mind the ai but there’s lots of people that don’t like it so maybe an option to remove it would be a smart move theres also major issues that are only getting worse one of them is the sheer amount of bots and fake accounts and another is the way they show disturbing videos at the top of discover of animal abuse even when i hide these accounts more just appear I don’t want to see this stuff and I'm sure lots of other people don’t either and then they went all greedy I understand the subscription thing with the extras and stuff but it was very underwhelming and when I seen they put the price up i just laughed and unsubscribed and charging £1 to recover a streak is just ridiculous and seems like a scummy way to bring in extra cash like they don’t make enough money from adds that by the way you can’t skip now and on a video you get every 5 seconds becomes extremely annoying and just makes people go off the video I hope things change but if they don’t i will end up leaving snapchat for good like lots of others have the only reason they have growing numbers is literally the bots and the weirdos trying to sell “content“.Version:

WARNING ! DO NOT TRUST SNAPCHAT.I would just like to say that I used to love Snapchat. I had it since the year 2013 and had countless memories saved within the app. On August 17th 2022 , my Snapchat account was permanently locked for no reason . Literally from one day to another when I opened the app , I was logged out of my account. Immediately I thought someone had logged into my account and that was why I was logged out ( which is impossible considering the complexity of my password) but when I tried logging in, it said my account had been permanently locked and gave me no reason why. I feel very disappointed with the Snapchat corporation because if they had felt I violated their terms , I would at least like to know what it is I did wrong or violated instead of just closing my account without warning nor giving me a reason why . . Secondly If it was something I did , how did they acquire the knowledge? Was it Artificial intelligence scanning through our data? Or a human looking through our data and pictures? It makes me feel very uncomfortable to think how much of my privacy has been invaded ? I’ve emailed them numerous times already and have not gotten any emails back at all which is strange considering Snapchat is supposed to get back to its customers. If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it.Version:

Bitmoji scary 😱My bitmoji is hideous now! Please change it Snapchat 🙏 all of my friends are deleting Snapchat because they are scared of their new bitmojis. Please change them Snapchat.Version:

WHAT IS WITH THE BITMOJIS???The bitmojis look horrendous i dread opening my snaps everyday knowing i will have to look at a creature that is supposed to be my bitmoji. Snapchat U MADE ME LOOK LIKE A FULL GROWN MAN WHATTT ISSS HAPPENINGGG. i am not a man but i feel like i am because of what u have done with my beautiful bitmoji. I used to be so cute and i loved my bitmoji but now i look gross, stinky, disgusting, and overall hideous. I wanna know what the thought process was while u updated the butmojis because any person in their right mind would ever make something so fugly. Because that is what the bitmojis are FUGLY. u have made me look like an alien that wants to abduct people and take over the world. Why are u making people look so ugly i feel that it should be illegal to do such a terrible act. This is very wrong of u to do this is not queen behavior what so ever. Everyday i wake up thinking its a good day until i open snapchat and see a monster on my screen. I literally want to vomit everytime i look at it because it is so disgusting. I am so confused as to why one would ever think that this would be a good idea. At first i thought that it was just my bitmojis outfit so i changed it multiple times until i realized that its not me its you. So on behalf of everyone that uses Snapchat, please for the love of god change the bitmojis back to normal and never change them again. :(.Version:

ChatbotI think this is a foolish addition. A way to solve social distancing and encourage people to make real friends by giving them a fake friend to talk to taking away the need to go and make real ones. How do you solve a problem caused by social media with more social media? Idk I always thought snapchat was just a "streak" cred thing so was never into it. However this was a step over a line for me. If you enjoy taking photos, sending messages and talking to AI systems then go for it snapchat is all for you. If not, go for a walk, meet some people. Say hello and smile to real people..Version:

My AI ??I am very frustrated with the latest AI feature. I feel quite uneasy about it being on my phone and especially the fact I have to be Snapchat+ to delete it. I’ve seen it’s caused much stress and controversy already from people discussing it on several other platforms. I’m worried about the information it can access from my phone, and it said it can’t see my photos but replied and even talked about something in the image when I sent one, which was very strange and made me uncomfortable. I can see why it can have positive impacts and could help people, but there really shouldn’t be a premium feature required to get rid of it. Why should I pay money to feel safe? The app is ok by itself but I’ve had no information whatsoever about the ai, and it seems very dishonest and manipulative of the company because I’m sure they are aware that a lot more people will now buy snapchat+, especially those who often worry about these things. What a horrible way to force people to hand over money, I’m not happy at all and would like this to change..Version:

CONSTANTLY CHANGES THINGS FOR NO APPARENT REASONI don’t get why Snapchat has to keep changing their bitmojis when literally everyone would agree on liking the original the most. They changed it a few months back and people enjoyed the original more but it was okay. Now. Now, they decide to change it again to this awful looking thing that seriously no ones likes the look of. Everyone I know, everyone on social media DESPISES IT. It’s ugly and no one understands why you would change it again when literally everyone was happy with the original bitmoji. Not just this but the fact that the app JUST updated everything to the last changed look of the bitmoji and then change it again?!! Like no. Everyone was happy with it and everyone liked it the way it was. STOP CHANGING IT ITS HIDEOUS. You have pretty much half of the entire world using your app.. your making people want to DELETE IT by doing this stupid crap that nobody likes to see when they wake up in the morning. I’ve had multiple people I know tell me how much they don’t like them either, it’s not just me. I’ve seen other people online leave reviews because of these changes, and it made me want to write one to. If you would like me to make a follow up of this review I’m willing to write atleast a 5 page essay on how this literally needs to stop because it’s HORRIBLE. thanks I guess..Version:

Absolutely terrible experience I have lost all of my photos and friends and so much more do to thisI lost my account for some reason, I’ve reevaluated the tos community guidelines I’ve even gone through snap chat support and have sent several emails regarding my issue and I haven’t even got a word back yet. I have lost my job because of the confusion this caused I’ve now have friends and family who are mad because “I don’t speak to them anymore”. I haven’t done anything wrong on snap the last message I sent was “I love you stay safe and let me know when you get home” so if that’s against community guidelines than I’d say that’s extreme censorship for no reason. I’ve had my significant other even send in emails through the only way to contact Snapchat . I’ve used snap for my personal and my start ups (start ups being a Rv rental business and a modeling agency). Additionally I’ve herd a lot of people in South Carolina and Georgia it’s been happening to them for whatever reason. I know it wasn’t guidelines or tos so the only other thing was it making a mistake on my 3 accounts (1 personal 2 business) of it being “suspicious” additionally I’ve never had to wait longer than a week to get a reply from Snapchat and this isn’t the first time this mistake has happened it happens on my last phone too.Version:

Ai bot?I find this very annoying otherwise I love Snapchat. Literally ALL my friends and everyone I know have the Snapchat ai thing and I really want it but I can’t get it without getting Snapchat plus or whatever it’s called so I’m totally missing out and I’ve tried everything like changing my age and uninstalling and reinstalling and lots more but yet I still don’t have it and I keep updating Snapchat and I can not get it. All my friends and family are telling me how cool it is and stuff but I just wanna try it out without paying money so please Snapchat can you fix this, it’s either we all have the ai or we all don’t have it because it’s just super annoying how my family with the exact same iPhone 11 with the same updates around the same age as me can have ai and I can’t, I don’t get what I’m doing wrong but please fix this..Version:

I dislike the 3D BitmojisI don’t like the 3D Bitmojis it ruined my perfect looking avatar. Like why ruin them? Next thing yk there gonna be taking over the stickers. Please get rid of this 3D bitmoji thing.Version:

ComplaintListen, I love snapchat and all, but these new updates are getting ridiculous. Why would I spend my money to restore a snapstreak? If I had a really long snapstreak and don’t respond quick enough we lose it? That is something that should have never been added. Also the ai bot? You were able to pin atleast three people but then it lowered to only two because the bot took a spot and the fact we can’t unpin it is just.. Just don’t add updates that are not relevant to people..Version:

What a disappointing outcomeSnapchat's latest update is a complete disaster, especially with what they've done to Bitmojis. It's like they took something fun and turned it into a joke. The once cute and customizable avatars now look like they've had a botched makeover, and the options to personalize them are seriously lacking. It's hard to believe that Snapchat managed to mess up something that was a highlight of the app. Until they fix this mess, it's tough to say anything positive about using Snapchat anymore. I would give the app 0 stars but that’s not an option so it gets 1..Version:

It’s not MY aiGet rid of this thing. It’s scummy enough to be shoving AI into every conceivable thing now but to completely remove a way to clearly revoke our consent to having it AND make us PAY TO REMOVE IT FROM OUR FEEDS?? It’s PERMANENTLY at the top of my feed, and with the annoying incessant banner notifications that pop up there it suspiciously moves the chat with enough of a delay that it pushes the AI chat down a slot to where my friends now occupy 2nd place on the feed and where my new muscle memory has been trained to click. This leads to me inadvertently clicking the AI and not my actual friends. This opens the chat and the consent pop-up appears (which I have not accepted and will not accept) which lo and behold doesn’t HAVE a return/x/back button on it, I have to CLOSE THE APP to escape. This thing is creepy, it doesn’t need my location, it doesn’t need my data, I barely want YOU to have my data simply as a matter of privacy and preference. We all know it’s there to just harvest our data and whatever speech we feed to it and probably try to feed us targeted ads or get us to spend money. It’s not our friend, it isn’t OUR AI, from what I hear it isn’t even good. This is a lazy and nakedly obvious ploy to try and garner support for tech that is massively disliked (for good reason) to try and score some cash. I won’t be feeding this or any other AI and neither should anybody else..Version:

Money money moneySnapchat was reasonable at what it did. Photos, videos, chatting. The Snapchat discover feed showed up, and although ignorable, incredibly useless and clickbait stories by every company and news outlet that posts them, and Snapchat rewards those by pushing those ones to the top. It doesn’t matter if the clickbait even exists in the story at all, as long as they can get an ad played every 3-4 snaps they’re good. Then the new update. Forced AI that no one asked for, stays at the top of your chat feed unless you pay a monthly subscription to Snapchat. What else is behind a paywall is the ability to mute the notifications or specific chats or groups. Which means you cannot leave your notifications on, while muting your group of 5+ spamming friends unless you pay $3.99 monthly. There are probably so many other features locked behind paywall that I haven’t noticed yet because my want to use the app at all is slowly dwindling down to nothing. ALSO to add, since we all use Apple so most of you don’t know, the creator of Snapchat does not actively fine tune or make quality to life features for android/Samsung phones because he QUOTE “does not like them”. They don’t even have the ability to use dark mode for that exact reason. Garbage company, garbage creator, garbage AI, flushing themselves down the toilet with each passing year..Version:

GET RID OF 3D BITMOJIS PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE SNAPCHAT LISTEN TO YOUR USERS FOR ONCE. I am begging you please get rid of these ugly avatars. I am being serious no one actually wants these. I dont know who on you marketing team has convinced you that this is what the younger generation apparently wants because this is the complete opposite. As someone who has been using this app since 2016 the thing i liked the most about this app were the cute little bitmojis that you could customise and dress up. It’s literally the only fun thing. And then, 3D avatars came. This has completely ruined it for me and avatars just keep getting worse and worse after every update. Have you actually checked this is something your users want? I can assure you that most will probably say the same as me which is GET RID OF THESE UGLY 3D AVATARS! No one is actually asking for 3D bitmojis let’s be real here. Even if someone did, at least have the decency to add a 2d option for people to have the option to CHOOSE whether they want a 3d avatar. this would be much much better if you don’t want to get fully rid of the 3d avatars. Just please listen because every other review is saying the same thing about these ugly avatars..Version:

Sos.There i was thinking everything would be normal, walking down the long seemingly endless path. But when i heard a gun shot , i knew this couldn’t be good. I looked to my left, i looked to my right. Next thing i was running through a dark and sketchy alley. I see an end as in running, where would i go. I stand there, not knowing what to do next as i hear a gun shot fire into the air. It seemed like right behind me. “He's right behind me isn't he,” I said, wanted to break down crying on the concrete floor. As i turn around i see a bug bulky figure. What in the world- What the flip is this. I think to myself. I look at ITS shoes, then i make my way up the figures body eyeing it up and down. Was this really what was causing all the ruckus?! I hurry up and open my phone, that was the only thing i could do. Snapchat was opened , but i noticed , something was off, i went to my bitemoji , there it was the deformed figure standing right in-front of me. This cant be happening. I think to myself. “TAKE ME! TAKE ME! “ I plead. The final thing i heard was a loud gun shot. There i was floating up to heaven as i saw many other people laying on the streets with a bitemoji supposed to be them standing right in-front of them. TAKE AWAYS - Snapchat please change back the bit emojis to how they used to be..Version:

The legacyWhen we are old and frail I hope you have enough money to purchase a moment to sit on a bench, and as you watch the spikes on the seat lower to let you rest, I hope you think back to my review. As you sit, I hope you realize that you assisted in making people accept this life. You’ll still feel the tips of the spikes through the holes they fled through, and wonder why they couldn’t have had it go down just another centimeter, because this is not comfortable, and you can’t even ignore it to gawk at the clouds as the sky has been blocked by a paywall. You’ll realize now or you’ll realize then that they don’t care whether you enjoy your time sitting on the bench. As you walk through the path tomorrow and try to catch your breath, you’ll pay for a seat again. And you'll feel the spikes still, because while it may make a world of difference to you, they have saved a fraction of a cent in electric by stopping those spikes right where they are. The next day you will see an ad, where whoever profits from this will beam of their generosity and their contribution to sustainability, pointing at the electric saved by their sacrifice of your basic existence, and you will hear of their humbleness. You will hear it over and again, and think to yourself how many times the spikes have pressed you to pay for the ad..Version:

I don’t like the quick add, it’s annoying!I am really annoyed with the quick add feature. Apparently having it turned off doesn’t work. You keep allowing strangers and people I don’t want to follow keep popping up on the “quick add” section. I want it removed or a feature where it actually turns that off for some of us who don’t want it and prefer a little more privacy. I don’t see why you have to force the issue in how we add friends. I use Snapchat for my friends and family, not for random users. I would like for that feature to be removed or respected when I select the toggle to off!! I also don’t want random people’s accounts popping up on my Stories tab. I don’t like it at all. If I want to add someone, I’ll add them myself. I really don’t want random accounts coming up and me having to “hide” them just so new ones can come up again later. That process is frustrating. We should be allowed to choose who we want to follow and not random people, that frankly I don’t even know. And not ALL mutual friends or possible friends are my friends. Sometimes people you know who you don’t want to follow come up and I don’t like that. Please fix this because it’s not cool or fun to force this issue upon us..Version:

Hard No to AICongrats Snapchat for imposing ai without asking permission! You’ve successfully lost an account! Deleted immediately with such grievous oversight and abuse in imposing such an invasive feature with no user account preference or privacy options..Version:

Device banned for no reason??My snapchat account got banned randomly one day and i still don’t know what caused it, so i tried just making a new account but i says “temporarily disabled” its been almost 3 months now and i still can’t use the app??.Version:

Account bannedRight snapchat was so great I’ve used it forever and it just banned me saying I tried to many times to login or something was violated their app and I have no clue what I’ve tired to message Snapchat asking but their support system and messaging system is horrific and I love Snapchat hands down my favourite app but now I can’t even access the app or even login to a new account literally it’s appalling how bad thier system is I’m pretty sure my app was hacked or something because I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m so upset and outraged about this all those years of good customer service towards this app I promote this app to family and friends and now I can’t even go on it I don’t even care about my old account I just want to use Snapchat again but I am upset and words can’t form how beyond disappointed I am towards Snapchat themselves they don’t help and they don’t even care about their customers and as I said I used Snapchat all the time and I’m so annoyed and furious that I can’t even access it anymore but I believe Snapchat need to fix this for people who have done nothing wrong so they can access the Snapchat app again because it’s ridiculous really..Version:

“Modern” and getting annoyingHad Snapchat for a while and it was great at the start but with the add on of the A.I. Some people like it but it should be an option. I shouldn’t have to pay to remove something that I didn’t want in the first place. There should be an option if you want it or not or you could even pay to get it. The other thing that is annoying is how “realistic” the bitmojis are getting. I thought they looked great before like 2 years ago and they looked alright with the last update but I think now they look so much worse and not realistic at all. It is a great app to message people and enjoy using it but just not enjoying these new features, I enjoyed using the old Snapchat better. If anything the bitmoji thing is the most annoying thing and I don’t know about anyone else but most people I know preferred before. Starting to dislike it more and more. Cheers.Version:

New expressive bitmoji 🤢🤢🤮Please improve snapchat by undoing your recent bitmoji update please im begging. the new ‘expressive bitmoji’ is actually hideous it’s the most ugly thing you could possibly do to this app it was already good at first then it got updated to the 3D bitmoji which was weird too and that took a while to get used to but it was okay because at least it was still a little bit cute. but now it’s literally going to haunt me in my sleep it makes me want to delete this app so i dont have to look at that disgusting bitmoji anymore please change this back or give people the option to use the old bitmoji please and thank you please. or dont because everyone prefers the old bitmoji theres no point even trying to update it whatsapp has a hideous memoji thing and snapchats also got a really f ugly bitmoji now too i just dont want to have to see that. at least on whatsapp you can avoid making one and therefore dont have to see it but on snapchat i have to look at that grim ‘expressive 3D bitmoji’ and literally gag. other than this feature i love snapchat. please consider this as i’m obviously not the only one who thinks this is a horrible ‘update’.Version:

New Snapchat+I don’t exactly know how our phones work but I do understand that they are basically a tracking device and collect information on our lives. As a normal person I don’t have the time of day to read through all the pages of terms and conditions of every app. This causes me to simply just agree and move on with my life. As a avid Snapchat user who uses it purely for communication, I can’t quite see how the Snapchat+ will make the experience any better. Especially with the new features for ghost trail, story replay and others that give information on people without them sharing it to you. If feels awfully invasive and manipulative towards the idea of it being normal to know everything and anything about everyone. Sure, you can just turn on ghost mode and move on. But as a communication app, why should someone have the capability of stalking someone’s every move. I’m no phycologist but this doesn’t seem like its good for our minds. Feels more like another money grab and phycological game to make people feel like they have more control over there lives..Version:

EmbarrassingI love snap but the update is rlly wack i cant see my bsf list the bitmojis r 3D and ugly and i hate it a lot plus i wanna change my name but i gotta wait another year ??????.Version:

Hacked, so many memories lostI have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can't unlock it. what doesn't make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can't help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can't help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won't have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on "snapchat support" which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say "figure it out" considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can't help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me..Version:

Snapchat fix thisMe and my friend were messing around and my friend reported me as a joke and it said I got temporarily banned and I couldn’t log back in so I had to create another account but then one day my friend logged on with his account and it logged me out like it usually does but it kept saying I was temporarily banned and I tried creating another account but it wouldn’t let me after a couple days of trying the app suddenly said due to suspicious activity or the amount of times logging in you have been temporarily logged out and it hasn’t changed since I’ve tried everything but it won’t fix itself please read this and fix it.Version:

To: SnapchatHello Snapchat I hope your reading this and anyone who is thinking about getting this app please read through. Snapchat is a good and safe app, what I do suggest is that Snapchat turns off the location as a option because that can be unsafe if kids turn it on. I also suggest to please our more appropriate things on the stories from other people around the world. Snapchats filters can make kids (girls and teens) feel ugly because the filters make them look prettier and compare themselves to it. I also think that more personalisation should be added to the app FOR FREE. The personalisations I think they should add is to change the colour of the text and open more wallpapers for free. Another customisation idea is for people to be able to use all the features for free without paying. The world is getting expensive and I think that having things oyu can buy on a messaging app is quite unsafe for kids. This could encourage them to spend there money on bad things that isn’t worth it. If your thinking about getting this app I do recommend it but please help me change the ways of Snapchat and write reviews mentioning these things. Also when you call someone on Snapchat it can be quite glitchy and lagged so please fix that bug. Some positive things about the app: Great filters, perfect for communication between friends and that’s all I can really say about it to be honest..Version:

Logged out my accountI enjoy using Snapchat as it my main source of communication with friends and is all and all fun to use. But a couple of days ago when I went to go on the app it said that I was logged out due to failed attempts or unusual activity which none of which has happened, and I’ve not been able to log in since as the same message appears. I’ve tried logging in on my laptop but it asks wether I want to reactive my account which I (of course) reply with yes but it simply reply’s with cannot re active account. I’ve reached out to Snapchat support but only get an ai response which does not help and is sent to every complaint and was not helpful to my pacific problem. Then I asked an ai automated conversation which told me to get hold of a more human automated response on twitter which did not help as it told me to go to Snapchat support then I replied that it doesn’t work well for me and it then told me it will not reply to my anymore. Please fix this because I need to get hold of friends and I would really like my account back. Thank you..Version:

NEW BITMOJIS 😡😡I absolutely HATE these new Bitmojis, they are so ugly and so many people are turning them off because they are so ugly, so please Snapchat bring the old ones back, but also can you please stop having so many downgrades like when you press on an icon at the bottom they all used to be different colours, but now? Noo it’s all red. But why red? Not even yellow? Like it doesn’t look Ben match the colour scheme, I bet next time it updates it the icon of the app will be like orange. Also about my ai I absolutely hate it because why is it pinned at the top of my page and not my friends like it would be cool it I could unpin it and even cooler if I could unfriend it but even better if you guys could remove it altogether, but if you are saying that you need to put something in its place I have the best idea ever, what about Snapchat games!! I loved when I could play all day with my friends but now you removed it for NO REASON AT ALL now I can’t 😢 .Anyways I do really like Snapchat as an app to talk with my friends but what is it turning into ☹️the new Bitmojis were my biggest concern at it was my last straw but anything else I’ve had a rant about on here please please please fix, just please Snapchat, please, please bring back the old Bitmojis I’m begging 🙏🏽.Version:

Fix the bitmojis. Bring back 2DI used to love updating my bitmoji. The added features every update, the new clothes filled me with joy. I especially liked changing my hair when I got it done to match irl. Ever since this update I have cried myself to sleep every night. The bit mojis look horrible. I don’t want anyone to see them as I am so sorry embarrassed. It doesn’t even look like me. How can something 2D look more like a human than a 3D character. The 2D bitmojis looked sweet, 3D is somthing from a horror movie - especially the arms. And everyone agrees. Specifically, the hair. I am a mixed race girl who has recently started the journey to become natural. I have stopped straightening my hair and have worn my natural hair, finally learning how to properly care for it and most importantly, keeping it healthy and avoiding unnecessary heat damage. But do you know what I get on snap chat? Horrible curly hair choices. Yes all the bitmojis look horrible but the curly hair just takes the mick. It’s ratty and NOT what curly hair looks like. Millions on black and mixed girls have to suffer with these ugly hair choices because there is nothing else. Do better Snapchat. FIX THIS!!!!.Version:

I have had snap since it first came out…I have had the same Snapchat account since Snapchat came out over a decade ago. Someone reported my stories (I was NOT doing anything against the rules AT ALL) just regular everyday snap activities and since that person did that, my IP address on my iPhone has been temporarily suspended “due to unusual activity” It’s going on almost 6months now. I have contacted snap support more times than I can count & im so frustrated. I am able to log in on my friends phone so the account is not suspended it’s just my IP address. I’m really upset because Snapchat was a big part of my daily Routine. I have memories saved from when memories were brand new addition to the app. I just want to be able to use Snapchat again. I’m frustrated with how unhelpful and unreliable snap support has been since this incident occurred. At the very least I’d just appreciate a time frame for how long it will be before I can use my Snapchat on my phone again. Overall I LOVE Snapchat but with how big this app is their tech support should be a million times better. I have so many valuable photos, messages, videos on my Snapchat that I would be heartbroken to never see again. PLEASE at least allow me to know how long this “temporary suspension” will last. Snapsupport do better..Version:

STOP MAKING UGLY UPDATESLook i like snapchat, i’ve used it from 2016 onwards, as i’ve grown up in secondary school it has basically been the main source of communication for everyone but omg can you please STOP MAKING THE APP UGLY first you changed the icon and made it thick, then the 3d bitmojis, then how it flashes yellow when you take a video??? see i could stand that at an extent as snap was still basically the same app but now i’ve just seen you guys make it look like WhatsApp where you can change the background of messages ? it’s horrible (like 100k people agree if you looked on tiktok). Keep snapchat how it is, you’re making the app look ugly and make us just not like it, yeah make cool updates which make snapchat more fun like the flashbacks or the snapchat games, and how you guys fixed calling so i can text as i’m on call w someone, that’s what we want! not ugly updates which make us repulsed to be on snapchat, whenever a new one comes out everyone’s stories are just « omg this is horrible what have snapchat done » like i haven’t already seen it. god if i could update backwards i would. it has gotten to the point where so many of us have just turned off automatic updates and refuse to update the app, which isn’t good as it makes your big fixes and app updates useless. just keep true to your aesthetic and stop trying to make snapchat like other apps..Version:

Adding people & Ai…Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Snapchat. You can talk to your friends watch Snapchat shorts & story’s! But 2 things I don’t like about Snapchat are: 1 I don’t like how Ai is a robot. Sometimes I feel like there’s a camera or something! And the second thing I don’t really like about Snapchat is the adding people feature. Why can people just add you? People can add you then text you even though you haven’t added them back! I would give 4 or 5 stars but those 2 things make Snapchat less fun & functional..Version:

Change it back!😭Just randomly today I noticed all of the bitmoji changes and don’t understand how that happened because I never updated Snapchat ever since way before that bitmoji update, please I beg for to change it back to the old 3D or at least have an option in the settings menu because I heard negative feedbacks of it from my friends and a few other people on spotlight comments, and especially My AI that used to look nice now looks so bad and kinda felt sorry for the AI (Even though it’s not a real person) That’s all I need to get to like Snapchat again😭 Edit: I got a new device and the transfer updated snapshat and now nearly everywhere I see the new Snapchat bitmoji but in the past was 2d in some places and some places it was old 3d but now new 3d Is it possible if there was a setting to customise so I can see the 2d bitmoji, the old 3d bitmoji or new 3d bitmoji anywhere or have it so I can customise any of those if certain places so I can view myself, anyone else’s, and my AI, not only for nostalgia but also the ones I’m comfortable with, and I think everyone would like this feature added.Version:

Permanently banned me foreverGot permanently banned on March 12th. For sending a picture of my cough medicine. I’ve seen people post/send 100x worse things and still have their accounts running. Completely unfair. I was a loyal member of snapchat for years. I had lots of friends and over 130 thousand memories. Banned my account without warning and within minutes of sending the photo. Emailed them a countless number of times and almost every single time it was an automated message which was completely unhelpful. Refused to unlock my account even after I wrote them paragraphs explaining the situation and that I didn’t deserve my account to be banned. Horrible customer service. I tried and tried but nothing. Finally tried exactly a month later to see if I would have any luck. Instead they told me they now permanently deleted my account forever and now I actually had 0 chance of getting my account back. Completely rigged. I requested to download all my data as well, and they never gave me any of it. Also banned my entire device from being able to use Snapchat, can’t even make a new account. I have to buy a new phone if I want to be able to use Snapchat again. I want something to be done about this situation and the others who have faced this same problem. Thanks a lot snapchat!.Version:

AHHHOkay so snapchats getting BAD like i'm sorry the new bitmojis? what r u on like actually ur not right they are down bad hideous u make me want to delete my bitmoji its an embarrassment i look like an egg with eyes and its unacceptable and doing it to THE STICKERS? do u like hate us or something this is so embarrassing bro i can’t believe u would do this and also aside from that i want my games back i am not happy with losing my very fun games that i enjoyed playing to some stupid ai update or whatever it was and its just mean i want my games back i had the best score on bitmoji party against my friends and that was good but now because you GOT RID OF THEM I DON’T AND IM RAGING because i miss my games and you should get better at making updates that like everyone hates because its just useless the old bitmojis were just better and i miss playing animal restaurant too like i miss it it was fun and now i cant have fun on snapchat because you got rid of the games because the games were the only thing keeping me sane at this point now without them I'm extremely upset and even more upset with the bitmojis again what were you thinking like they don't look good they just look goofy in full honesty. So please just give us back games and our old bitmojis before i go completely insane.Version:

Other ppls storiesWhy am i seeing the stories of people i havent even added? I dont care! If i wanted to see their story i’d fckn add them. I don’t need quick add where i watch my stories, thanks..Version:

TerribleI have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can’t unlock it. what doesn’t make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can’t help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can’t help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won’t have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on “snapchat support” which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say “figure it out” considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can’t help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me..Version:

5 to 1.The AI is invasive & makes the app unbearable to use now..Version:

10 + year user and got permanently banned over nothingLoved this app, was my primary way of messaging people and spreading a message. However, apparently you’re account can just be deleted off the face of this earth without warning, with no way to rectify the situation what so ever. Snapchat has been zero help, they have offered NO assistance, and will REFUSE to listen to any explanation what so ever. All because of their “intelligent” new AI that “detects suspicious behaviour” completely misunderstanding the context of a message I have used for YEARS to make it easier for friends and families across Sydney to have a more pleasant Christmas. Yea right, this has to be the most frustrating situation I have ever gone through and is the most horrific user experience. DO NOT post anything that Snapchat might take even the slightest bit out of context, because they will completely disregard any explanation of yours when they lock you out and will take your account away from you no matter how long you’ve been using them. I have never had this issue before up until tonight where I received an unpleasant email regarding the termination of my account, and a declined appeal to help unlock. Snapchat, please respond. 5 star down to 1 star just like that..Version:

3d bitmoji…I’m sorry but the new 3d bitmoji is ugly af the 2d version looked waaaay better 😶.Version:

Please remove my AIWhen I first heard that My Ai was going to be on Snapchat I had an uneasy feeling about it. As Snapchat said it acts as a friend to people who struggle to socialize to real people in real life. However, this totally contradicts the idea of making real friends as Snapchat is fooling them. Not only this but I have seen some disturbing videos on Snapchat reporting incidents where My Ai is locating them even without their location on. I have noticed some problems of my own. For instance, I have asked the Ai some knowledge questions and gives me the wrong answers MANY times. I would prefer that it would tell me it didn’t know the answer rather than giving me an inaccurate and completely incorrect response. I love Snapchat and will forever want to stay on it but please remove My Ai as it is completely irrelevant and isn’t needed at the top of my chat!! Snapchat sort out this issue before you lose many of your users including myself..Version:

SnapchatFirst of all, just wanted to say ive been using snapchat for years. What are these bitmojis? Ive had to completely remove mine because of the just horrid new bitmojis that just look like they reek. They look like they listen to skibidi doo da song. I just know they wear 'natural' deoderant and dont wash their rice. Please can we return to the 2d bitmojis? No. This is not a question but a demand. I am sick and tired of this. Everytime I open the app to talk to my friends I see their creepy ugly horrid disgusting smelly putrid gross bad characters that look honestly horrendous. please stop this madness u have had ur fun.Version:

Snapchat aiThe new ai feature is creepy, it won’t let you remove the ai from the top of your feed unless you pay money for snap+, also the ai seems to spread misinformation and lies when your not happy with its previous answers, I am not a fan of ai’s and I shouldn’t be forced to pay money to have a less irritating experience on the app, Snapchat has been my go to form of communication with friends for many years but this new feature makes me want to delete the app off my phone. It’s creepy..Version:

Good app, but can be better.I mean don’t get me wrong it’s a good social media app with a lot of security, especially to help keep you don’t know from adding you, but there’s only one things that annoys me about Snapchat. You can’t delete multiple conversations at a time, so you have to go one by one through your chats, and to delete a friend you have to go into their account and select remove as friend and it then asks you to verify that you want to remove that person, and you have to do it for everyone. You could have over thousand friends and you’d have to remove 200 people it’s very frustrating and tedious. I want Snapchat to add a way to quicker way to delete chats/ friends or select a bunch of people and you can delete them at the same time..Version:

ONE OF THE MOST STUPIDEST APPS/ DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICEI’ve been using Snapchat for years now but recently I’ve been device banned off the entire app forever for (NO REASON AT ALL) not even Snapchat customer service could tell me why I have been banned. A device ban means whatever device your on can’t access Snapchat at all meaning you can’t login to your account or make a new account. Id understand if I actually did something wrong and I got banned but all that happened the day of the ban was I was using Snapchat as normal and I logged out of my account to login to a different one and suddenly I couldn’t log into anything from that day. I contacted Snapchat support to tell them what happened because normally their good at solving the issue but they wasn’t trying to hear any of it and didn’t even take what I was explaining into consideration they just brush it under the carpet as if nothing has happened. Then when I tried contacting them for the second time they started to be rude and said they won’t be responding to any other emails I sent them and from then on I was ignored and banned off the app without a reason or without a response to the email I sent them. Very disappointed in this app.Version:

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