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Snapchat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Snapchat app received 162 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Snapchat? Can you share your negative thoughts about snapchat?

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MehDon’t get me wrong, i love snapchat. it’s my main form of communication, socializing, and seeing the lives of my friends. but, it does have its moments of issues. my main one is the fact that my chats and snaps open on their own. it’s extremely frustrating because my friends will text me on another app for communicating or even double text on snapchat asking me or telling me i’ve left them on open, which i NEVER did. i didn’t even get to see the texts and/or snaps they’ve sent. another big issue for me is the fact that my discovery and story viewing section of the app glitches continuously through out the day. it makes my subscribed stories disappear for a solid 5 minutes even after closing and reopening the apps, leaves up stories i’ve already watched, and the discovery channel (due to the horrible discovery snap algorithm) is a bunch of half naked pics of influencers or stupid stories i’ve shown no interest to saying it’s “for me”. i also know these have been ongoing issues for many of my friends, and many verified accounts i’ve become acquainted to. i have used snapchat for years, and as much as i don’t wanna stop using it, these issues are horrendously obnoxious..Version:

Okay Ig 🤷‍♀️I mean I like snap and all and I use it a lot it’s just been messing up my phone a bit. So you see whenever I open Snapchat it’s gets kinda glitchy and I don’t like that when I open it and exit and then re open it and go into my camera roll on snap it won’t let me select more pictures and videos until i exit and clear it from my data and have to re open the app and it’s just a pain so yeah and the new update I mean it’s okay kinda annoying I liked the original snap and I mean it’s not that bad there’s some things better like it’s easier to hack to do screenshots with out the other person knowing oh that’s another thing I don’t like that it lets the other person know you took a screenshot of there snap or chat it’s just annoying because than they ask why and you have to make up some excuse but another thing is whenever I try to send a video to someone from like Tik tok to snap if it’s over 11 seconds it’s won’t let me and then I have to save the vid to my camera roll and do that whole exiting entering thing I was saying earlier. But over all i use snap a lot and I like it there’s just a few things that could be done differently. Thank you snap chat and have a good day everyone!! ☺️.Version:

Logging outMy Snapchat keeps on logging me out. Once I have logged back in the people I have added don’t show up and my chats is just a blank white page. The only thing that shows are my stories which I can’t open. It logs me out at least 4 times a day with wifi and without wifi. I have a iPhone 7 and use my friends Samsung s10 and it does the same thing (I am using the brands to show that it doesn’t matter what I am on) I have created a new account and i still have the problem. Snapchat please fix this it is so frustrating and makes Snapchat a very annoying app to use. Also looking through all the reviews (5 star to 1 star) every single person has a complaint or a problem and all the problems were recently. Snapchat worked fine before they decided to continuously do updates and put millions of ads. Honestly I am quite disappointed..Version:

What’s happened?So I updated snapchat about an hour ago and then as soon as it was done and all updated I went back on the app then it started to glitch i tapped on the app icon on my Home Screen and about 2 seconds after I tapped on it, it went back to my Home Screen I just had enough of trying so I went onto another app (TikTok) then all over my for you page there was videos saying don’t update Snapchat so it wasn’t just me with this problem I would like to know what’s been going on with Snapchat as I love the app and don’t want anything to happen to it i have made loads of great friends but there’s been times where it has been glitching and not working I powered my phone of multiple times to see if that would work but it still had the same problem I’m afraid that I’m going to loose my streaks with my friends I’m nearly on 100 day and I don’t like to loose them as I’ve never got that far I hope you fix this bug over night thank you Snapchat, Jess.Version:

Please fix iPhone XS Max zoomed in cameraIt makes it really zoomed in and blurry PLEASE FIX!!!.Version:

HONESTLY WORST SUPPORT TEAMI’ve been using Snapchat for a while now and have never once had a problem with it. UNTIL 2 days ago when for some reason I got kicked out of my account and locked out the weird thing is I went on the website and tried to unlock it and it said I was permanently banned but when I try to log in it says I’ve been temporarily banned. The thing that pisses me off is that the Snapchat Support team has done nothing to fix this. In one of their latest tweets they said the problem has been fixed but obviously it hasn’t since I’m still locked out. Snapchat honestly needs to get a grip and actually fix these problems and most importantly listen to their users I have emailed Snapchat but just got an automated response telling me what I already know I have tweeted to them voicing my troubles along with many other users but still we are not heard. After the tweet claiming that the problem was fixed it’s as if Snapchat has forgetten about its users until it affects enough people where Snapchat’s has to address it. All I’m saying is I want my account back and I want no more troubles with Snapchat ik it’s naive to think that but I think it has to be said for an app that’s this popular. Honestly I’m just angry because it feels like I can’t do anything but sit here and hope they fix it and that is we’re my main problems is..Version:

Literally ew.Can you please get rid of the newest update. It makes the app look cluttered and gross. I’m considering deleting it because of the headache it’s giving me. I feel bad for whoever designed it because it wasn’t good..Version:

Please update to work with iPhone XS MaxPictures are coming out zoomed in and very low quality!!:(!! please please fix this!!!!.Version:

HELPMy account has been locked for no reason and when i created a second account it locked it too... i can’t use snapchat anymore because of that...when i try login and i enter the account it logged me out 1 second after i login.. please help... my username: riooo_71.Version:

New version buggyI’ve happily used snapchat for years now, and used to be a beta user, however this option has now disappeared from the app store? So i Would usually provide this sort of feedback through that but am unable to now. Anyway, since the lst update I have found the volume button doesnt work in the app, I am unable to adjust volume when snapchat is open. I have to close it, adjust my volume then ho back and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesnt and just have to turn off the sound completely which works. I also have had an issue with watching videos ln discover channels the screen goes black and i can still hear sound playing but cant see anything. To fix this i have to hard close the app and go back in and find what i was reading through or watching again. Please note i dont have these issues with any other app and am using iphone 8+ with the latest ios and app version installed..Version:

Photo quality deteriorates iPhone 11It’s really upsetting to see that Snapchat downgrades the quality of photos taken using its camera right after the capture button has been pressed. It’s a really significant downgrade too that makes photos look blurry and like they were taken with a phone camera from 10 years ago. Often people use Snapchat as their main camera, so that they have the option of sharing their memories instantly whilst saving them for later at the same time. Can we please have this fixed in an upcoming release of the app? I’m sure people wouldn’t mind the snaps taking longer to send/receive if it meant the original photo quality could be preserved. Or at least don’t downgrade the quality so much. I used to use Snapchat on my iPhone SE before upgrading to the iPhone 11 and I much preferred the Snapchat photo quality on that phone. This isn’t right Snapchat. Please fix it soon..Version:

Amazing app but needs extreme fixes.Not only me but people I know have been locked out of their Snapchat with no explanation, it obviously isn’t an issue concerning what we have done to ‘break community guidelines’ (which hasn’t occurred), but rather a problem surrounding Snapchat itself. This is proven through the fact that we can log into the account that has been ‘banned’ on other devices, we can even login on our own device but are not long after locked out again. This issue really needs to be fixed as it makes it extremely difficult to access things like important pictures or messages. What’s even worse than this is how we are being accused of breaking community guidelines after reporting the issue, this shows how lazy team Snapchat is in terms of finding a solution or even making an effort to see if what we are saying is the truth (which after reading what I’ve said, you can tell that it clearly is). Do better Snapchat..Version:

New updatePlease get rid of the new update. Ever since it came out there have been so many problems with snapchat. Example: can’t log back in, can’t send snaps, snapchat keeps crashing. Also sometimes when you’re trying to scroll down it goes onto snap maps. It also doesn’t look very nice. Please just bring back the old snapchat..Version:

New Update April 18th 2020Hey Snapchat, If you are reading this you have recently updated the app and with this update you have taken away some of the features I love about the app. Bringing in the bottom bar, I don’t think we need a bar telling us where everything is because I love using to the swipe and after this it has become super hard for me to swipe. Removing swipe to chat, with this one I don’t want to tap on the person I want to sent or chat to, I really like to swipe onto the person and so do many others. Not having to swipe up for location, I mean this one isn’t so bad but it is annoying because I don’t like to tap onto the other icons and since now you have to tap onto the location instead of swiping up it has become really annoying. So Snapchat could you please change it back but fix all of the problems because there has been many glitches on the app that we have all noticed. Thank you so much..Version:

NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!Snapchat is by far my most used social media platform and lately i’ve noticed that there’s something from with the snap score part of it. it hasn’t been updating other people’s snap scores properly and other people i’m friends with have noted the same thing. for example my from saw my snap score as 360,000 when really it’s around 410,000. please fix this in the next update if possible 🙂.Version:

Awful UpdateI think the new update has actually reversed progression of Snapchat, making the app a much worse version of its better counterpart before this awful update. The looks, the interaction and just the compatibility I had with the old superior Snapchat has dissolved. I recommend turning of automatic updates so you do not get this update. Snapchat need to realise the horrid mistake they have bestowed upon us and give us our old and beloved app we once knew and cherished. Not only has this backstroke in progress hindered my like-ability for Snapchat, it has also forced me to start using facebook messenger and instagram dm which in my opinion were definitely minors in comparison towards Snapchat. I hate to say that I now use Snapchat less and less each day. Every time I open the app I loathe the horrendous black bar which replaced the minimalistic, much loved icons. I hate the new maps location and the fact I now have to tap on people to open messages and no longer get the satisfaction of swiping a message open from left to right. My heart mourns the old Snapchat and I beg for the greater good that this pitiful excuse for an improving update gets removed once and for all!.Version:

Poor customer serviceI’ll admit I used to love snapchat when I first got it several years ago however now not so much. Firstly since around September I have been unable to view my snap maps and each time I try the whole app crashes for I don’t no what reason. And so I messaged snapchat support to help with this issue when it first occurred and here I am in April still haven’t got any help. I’ve messaged on several occasions and each I have got a automated response that is no help and to look out for further emails. No emails have been sent further and I’ve had zero help on this issue and it’s very frustrating as I use snapchat everyday. Also the new updates are getting worse as time goes on it needs to go back to simpler lay outs, and ino I’m not the only one who thinks this. But yes the main issue is poor customer support so I don’t think I’d recommend this app to others to be honest. As a loyal customer for at least several years I would of liked to have been given a lot more help and support from the snapchat team..Version:

Going good to bad.I’ve had snapchat for for years not, using it almost every day. I’m now considering deleting. Why do you insist of fiddling with it. Just going from bad to worse with updates. Really annoying. If something’s good leave it! If your bored and running g out of things to do for the app. Go and stick your head in the oven. I usually send snaps to my family back home as one story, so it nice to update them on my recent activities. Now I have to send her individual 5second clips. You are going backwards..Version:

New Update LayoutI think almost everyone can agree that there’s no need for people to know if a picture was from your camera roll or not. It’s bulky and ruins some pictures or videos made for aesthetics or well any reason in general..Version:

WowSnapchat was good. This new update is trash. The amount of un-skippable adds I have to go through every 10 seconds to watch stories or even the Snapchat verified stuff is horrendous. If it doesn’t change I’m 100% uninstalling I don’t need Snapchat to text people and that’s pretty much all it’s good for. Upsetting..Version:

Black bar 😾Bro please get rid of the black bar at the bottom i’m literally begging you it’s so bad pls.Version:

Worst updateWhere do i begin, i’ve been an avid snap user for years and seen Snapchat change over the years. It was okay after some updates until this update. You guys do anything to update and change except usernames. The bitmoji is the worst idea you guys have ever came up with, it’s starting to look like Xbox 360 avatars. No one likes the new updates and changes you guys keep bringing, instead we prefer the old one. Stop updating the app, people are starting to leave snapchat to different platforms because of stupid updates like this. I really am expressing my disgust for the new update and I am appalled, it’s the worst thing. You thought you did something to the app, stop changing it. Leave it alone, many users love it the way it is rather than updating and changing it randomly without us knowing. Due to this, i’m starting to dislike the app and move to another better platform of social media. Do better. If you really love your users, you should listen to us as we use the app and our opinion matters..Version:

Glitchy UpdateSnapchat has always worked really well for me, but the latest update makes it unusable. I can’t load filters without it crashing and I can barely stay in the app long enough to send a snap..Version:

Not itApp was decent until the last update, it looks disgusting and the layout makes me want to delete it. Go back to the last version without the gross black menu along the bottom..Version:

The updates are the issue for the bugs!!Since the most recent update I’ve been booted off my Snapchat account for no reason, also my account has been temporarily blocked for no absolute reason! My boyfriend’s Snapchat account has been permanently blocked in which he can’t make another Snapchat account. The updates are a bit much now as people don’t have time to adapt to them anymore, and when we do adapt and get comfortable there’s another new update change… I don’t think there’s a need to focus so much on updates there’s a new update every year basically and god knows how many updates in just one year. I think focus more on fixing the issues of the app rather than worrying about update after update as clearly they bring more issues along. Also for everyone who has permanently lost Snapchat accounts due to the poor update Snapchat community owes everyone back their Snapchat accounts that have been permanently locked as there’s people’s personal memories on there etc. If you can’t do that well I think it’s time you find a way to do that as soon as possible, make that your PRIORITY as you OWE it to those people the MOST!!!.Version:

Keep getting error saying oops cannot find matching credentialsI still can’t sign in Ik for a fact my password is right I even changed it to try I restarted my phone uninstalled app restarted it and I keep getting the saying as soon as I press sign in “ oops, cannot find matching credentials” can u guys fix that for me please? I need to get onto that account there is really important stuff on there and this has never happened before.Version:

Not compatible with iPhone XRPhotos are very low quality and super zoomed for no reason only on the Snapchat app. Needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s been like this for a very long time. Unacceptable..Version:

Snapchat QualitySo ever since the dawn of time, i have used snapchat always. And have had multiple phones, and always used the app on every phone i had. Why? because i like it, like speaking to people from around the world. But what’s started to bug me, is that phones are upgrading massively 4k cameras etc etc, but you’re behind! You’re being like tiktok massively downscaling the videos for your sake. And it’s why over the years people are generally getting annoyed with it, because the majority have iphones above 6 and they all have amazing cameras but you’re just not allowing them to have that potential of showing it off! My only suggestion is that you give us users the option(s) Low 720p Standard 1080p High 4K allow us to select what we want, i would rather have that and wait bit longer for them to send rather than 720p blurry videos its embarrassing!.Version:

UsernameI love the appp so much but recently updated the app and i got this UGLY bar on the bottom of my screen! It’s kind of useless and i think it’s a waste of space and energy! for love of gosh just take away the bar!.Version:

IPHONE XS MAX AND IPHONE XR FRONT CAMERA PROBLEMI bought a new iPhone XS Max recently and I would expect for how much I bought it for I would get amazing photo quality BUT NOT ON SNAPCHAT !!!!!!!!! The front camera is the worst for taking photos it’s all blurry, zoomed in and it drains all the colour from your face and skin (makes you look sick and horrible) please note that this is in any lighting and it’s mostly worse for night time photos in my room, I hope an update can fix this problem and it’s not just my phone 😭 even the iPhone 6 takes better photos on there than this 😡😡 please fix it for bigger phone models.Version:

Snapchat Needs improvementI was really impressed with Snapchat back in the day, in that it enabled photo messaging and added filters to help with those of us who may have a bad skin day, keep our blemishes hidden by a smoother so when we send our friends a snap it doesn’t show our embarrassing acne spot to our possible crush, etc. The new updates to Snapchat are disastrous. First; I can not clear an entire conversation column and have to go one by one through the messages to clear them. Also you can’t look up your friends; how is anyone supposed to organize their friends list if we can’t even see who’s our friend without searching them? If you have 20 or so friends you are basically spending 2 minutes of your time trying to clear your snap window. Second; the stories; filled with biased propaganda and absolute garbage. I enjoy subscribing to some of the channels but the fact that most of these channels feature some of the most controversial topics and are completely one sided is unfortunate. I would like to see more middle liner content, and keep politics out of the playground unless your going to equalize and allow those who may not swing to the left side of the scale, be able to enjoy the features as well. Please read and consider Snapchat.Version:

Story interface is made worse with every updateFor some reason, Snapchat has decided to change the story interface once again, completely changing how you skip and scroll between stories. Before, you tap the right side of the screen to go forward, or swipe to the right to skip that particular story. For some reason, the most recent update made it so you still tap left and right, but now you have to swipe up and down to navigate between stories. It’s a minor change, but makes absolutely no sense and makes the UI more difficult to navigate. Like many large tech companies, snapchat employees hundreds and clearly has run out of changes to make so they continually “reinvent the wheel” and make the UI more confusing every update. I assume part of the story changes are to get users to scroll into discovery stories (paid stories run by companies) in order to make more ad revenue, which makes sense, but is nonetheless infuriating as discovery stories are nothing more than tabloid news. I only use the app to talk with friends, and am considering moving all those chats to another platform since Snapchat is so frustrating. If you haven’t used Snapchat before, now is not a great time to get into it. Most social media companies have adopted aspects that used to make Snapchat unique (stories, disappearing messages, bitmoji) and Snapchat has done nothing since then to distinguish itself, besides becoming more annoying to use..Version:

The new icon is assaulting on my eyesI don't use Snapchat much because of all the ads and awful click bait content that shows when I'm trying to access stories, but I've stayed because of a few close friends who use the app. However the new icon is assaulting to my eyes and makes my home screen look terrible. It's too intense and i don't want to see it, so I think this is going to be the last straw for me and I'll be deleting the app. It's a pity because it really was a revolutionary idea when it came out, but it just moved in the wrong direction.Version:

ShenThe best app (when it is working), my way to contact everybody and is useful, only thing about snapchat is my account has been locked because I was hacked, in result of this i emailed snapchat. They do reply which is good but the replies on the other hand are not helpful. They told me they can’t give me my account back then black listed my phone from snapchat, i then had to buy another phone to be able to create an account again resulting in me loosing all my memories that I have stored on snapchat. This hasn’t only happened to me and over the past month I have been witnessing loads of accounts being locked for an unnecessary reason and snapchat being able to “do nothing about it” in which they need to be better at as a team due to the lack of people wanting to use snapchat anymore as everything they save eventually and people they speak to, can all disappear because snapchat doesn’t want to help our cases. Other than that the filters, the app, the updates aren’t too bad and it is an alright app..Version:

Distraught againI am now distraught AGAIN....Because I loved snapchats camera and effects, I recreated a new account after my old account being hacked by someone and thankfully getting it back (without any help from snapchat). Now, I my account got permanently locked 10secs after posting a picture supporting a friends’ business that seemed to go against SNAPCHAT guidelines that I didn't know of. It wasn't even on my main story. It was a private post for close my friends. I don't even have the option to make a new account just to use for the camera because it recognizes my phone number and email as soon as I tried to make a new account. I just wanted to sync and save my years of memories with friends. I wish Snapchat would've gave me a warning of the restriction while the post was loading, or just banned me for a while. I couldn't even get my data of memories to download. I'm just so upset and I had a break down when this happened AGAIN. I see from the comments I'm not the only one. I just had to block a sugarma from snapping me, but my accounts gets locked. Nobody even reported my post because I got locked out 10secs after I posted it. Snapchat needs to give us access to our accounts again even if we can't post to the public anymore. I just want my videos and pictures back..Version:

Account issuesFirst of all i wanna talk about snapchats customer service issue Its ridiculous i sat here for 30 -40 min on the website trying to figure out how to fill out a request to submit a complaint and i still cant find and ontop of that i cant call you guys to figure out whats the issue Now to talk about the actual issue I have been locked out of my account twice now(iv read the rules bu the way) and according to the rules i havnt done anything wrong? Once in a while ill add like 5-10 people bak or on quick add? Or post a whole bunch of videos on my storys but thats fine ? But this time i was permanently locked in the middle of writing a post. I went to see the issue of why i was permanently blocked but when i clicked to unlocked it said to click “here” so i did. When i clicked it everything crashed. I did this at least 10 times and everytime it crashed either telling me my browser was acting up or my internet wasnt secure. So i went on my phone to do it another 5 times and still didnt work. Yall need to fix this along with getting a real customer service area going on.. this is a waste of time going to the website when u cant get REAL help lemme also say iv been using Snapchat for probably 6-8 years and iv only had this problem this month. Yall also need to add a feature to change ur user so people dont have to start all over.Version:

My snapchat accountWould’ve been a 5 star before this started happening but everyday my Snapchat gets permanently locked for absolutely no reason I haven’t done anything wrong they list a bunch of reasons which may have been the cause but I just haven’t done any of them things. It lets me into my account once a day for about 2 minutes then kicks me out. The only thing I can do in that 2 minutes is reply to my friends and look at people’s stories that’s the only thing I can’t accept friend requests, verify my account which is what they are asking me to do, post on my story, snap people I can only message them or anything like that the only things I can do is message back for about 2 minutes and check stories all in that space of time. My memories with all my friends are still there but it won’t let me save them or anything it just says error when I click on them. I don’t want to lose anything on my account but it looks like I don’t get a say in it since I’ve sent thousands of emails but nothing ever gets done. So annoying.Version:

Unban My AccountSnapchat has no way to help or determine users like myself who have been permanently banned for no reason of their own. My account was hacked, and was banned permanently immediately after, something that was completely out of my control and not my fault however snapchat has given me very few options on what i can do next. I am no longer able to create a new account without changing my phone/phone number/SIM card - a lot of effort to go to. I ended up losing all my memories/saved photos and found this situation extremely distressing as due to the fact i can’t make a new account it is difficult to keep in contact with a lot of my friends. Unfortunately due to my experience i cannot rate this app highly, and i hope there will be future improvements to it. For situations like these, I believe it would be good for the company to give users the opportunity to unban their account once, as many users have had this issue where they cannot get into their account through no fault of their own..Version:

BugSnapchat keeps logging me out my account, accusing me of using third party apps. I’ve had my account since 2016 yet done nothing or installed Snapchat ++ my account works fine on my older phone but fails to work on my new one?? I don’t see the problem, I’ve reset my phone multiple times and I mean completely reset it and uninstalled the app itself and waited a few months but yet, still nothing?? It’s been going on for long enough and yes I have tried contacting Snapchat but no reply yet. Fix this, thanks :).Version:

GlitchingI’ve had snapchat since 2016 and it’s always worked perfectly fine never had any problems until this year, my phone is an 8 plus so it’s not an old phone. This year I have had problems with the app crashing, glitching, saying I’ve left people on open when I haven’t, saying that people haven’t opened my Snapchats when they have (friends of mine have also been experiencing this too), not letting me do curtain things on the app, not clearing chats when I want it to and I am honestly 110% over it. Snapchat needs to up their game and go back to how it used to be rather then adding all the fancy stuff like snap games???(which is an unnecessary addition to the app) not as much stuff on the for you/discovery pages as most of it’s also very unnecessary. I have left complaints to snapchat via their website and nothing’s changed seriously considering getting rid of the app all together🤷🏼‍♀️.Version:

Bring back the old layoutAbsolutely hate the new layout had to delete Snapchat 5 times!!!!!!! cause none of my snaps were there and they kept coming back on the old one but when I swapped up to shut the app down GUESS WHAT the new layout came back and I lost all my chats AGAIN I am honestly thinking of deleting Snapchat I don’t get snaps from my friends with this new update and I can’t get anything back I’ve tried, bring back the old layout and I’ll actually like Snapchat again and ILL HAVE MY SNAPS BACK HOPEFULLY!!.Version:

Love/HateLet’s start with it logging me out. Sometimes I will go away for maybe less than 30 minutes and come back and I’m logged out, or it might even say your account has been locked, I’ve had to unlock my account maybe 6 times already, and I had only made it in July, (well a new account since my other one was permanently locked). The chatting is another thing, sometimes it will take up to 5 minutes for my snaps or chats to send, also when I save them it doesn’t say I did it just keeps on saying save to chat. I wish that they would load immediately and the chats would automatically save. I also would like if we could pin more than 3 people!. Snapchat Score, I don’t like how I send snaps and my score doesn’t go up right away, I have to exit the app and open it again for my snap score to be accurate, it’s aggravating. Everything else I am in love with, the dark screen, the astrological profiles, the bitmojis, the stories, the settings, everything else doesn’t bother me it’s just those things that do bother me and it bothers others too, it would be nice of you Snapchat to fix some of these things, not just to make the app better but to make the people happier who use it..Version:

Change the UpdateGo back to the old update, new update is lagging, take away the black bar at the bottom it is useless and the old update is easier to use.Version:

LOCKING FOR NO REASONI have been a Snapchat user from the early days of 2013 which is a long time, a long enough time to grow an Addiction towards the app but this isn’t where my problem is, my problem is that Snapchat constantly locks my accounts when ever I try to log in on my iPhone 8 Plus (I’m using the model to show that my phone is still a new phone) i have emailed Snapchat support over 6 times and they’re unlocking my account, I know this because I can log in to my account on my iPad Mini 2 (again using model as reference to age of device) I have had multiple friends with this problem and we have all had to make new accounts which again have been locked, we know all use instagram as a form of communication since Snapchat doesn’t want to fix the problem. After reading the reviews on the App Store it doesn’t seem that anyone else has complained about this problem through the App Store but I can see that people’s app are crashing and playing up maybe Snapchat needs to go back to a basic format instead of flooding us with ads and all this fancy unnecessary stuff for the app to function properly, last time I checked snapchat was about communication with friends Snapchat should make another app for their other snapchats like the videos in the explore page not sure if that’ll help but the app seriously needs an overhaul.Version:

UsernamePlease let us change our usernames, we weren’t thinking straight in grade 6.Version:

Locked Account For No ReasonMy account has been locked multiple times for no reason since the new update and it is extremely frustrating as I am following community guidelines and not doing anything wrong. almost every time I unlock my account it locks again and is absolutely annoying and it just shows how terrible the app really is and that there is something wrong with the coding of the app. I find that as soon as I log into my account I am immediately locked out and I have to go through a long process of unlocking it and I find this feature absolutely ridiculous as it doesn’t even make sense as I have not done anything wrong and there is no place in the website where I can report a malfunction and state what is happening to my acc as the multiple choice questions that are given are absolutely useless..Version:

Snapchat is still brokenI can’t seem to get Snapchat to work again after the incident with the two girls on Snapchat. I’ve updated it, reinstalled it, deleted it, logged out and back in, restarted my phone multiple times, but nothing is working. After reinstalling it a minute or two will go by and randomly out of no where it will shut off Snapchat, then when I try to click on it again it shows me the Snapchat page but it’s faded away, and then clicks out of it. I don’t know how to describe what’s going on but I’m not sure what or how to fix it anymore. Most people’s Snapchat’s are working again now but mine still isn’t. Please update me if anything changes, I really need some help..Version:

Snap doesn’t workI have been patient for i’d say the past 6 months to a year with the new pointless updates and the way snapchat looks. Im sick of it constantly updating because every time it updates snapchat gets worse and worse every time. there has been little bugs for the past year on and off but since the 3D bitmoji came, it seems to have brought viruses. now that can’t actually be the case so what is going on? i’ve lost patience and i’m ready to delete the app. it logs me out of my snapchat, when i have it on dark mode, it kicks me out of snapchat when i click on the icon, then when i come back in it’s light mode and all my snaps are unpinned. when i take pictures and send them, they say there sending them just delete. my memories are starting to delete, and nothing is sending to anyone and it seems like I have some sort of virus on my phone. I shouldnt!!!! this only happens on snapchat why is that? I’m sick of snapchat, and I’m honestly ready to delete it. Nothing works, it kicks me out, changes from light to dark mode when i try to access the app, deletes all of my notifications, deletes my memories, when i’m listening to music, it kicks me out of snap and also turns off my music! I can go on and on! and i shouldn’t be able too!!! i miss the old snapchat..Version:

Not compatible with iPhone XRSeriously considering deleting the app because it is nearly useless on the iPhone XR. Photos are way to zoomed in and poor quality. Please fix this..Version:

Absolutely no support when problems arisesI’ve lost the login details of my account, some time ago now. I was a teenager at the time and didn’t really cared about the email I used, I entered a fake one at the time. I then used the app for years and totally forgot about this *detail*. Recently I changed my phone number, resulting in the fact that I couldn’t login anymore in the application. Obviously I couldn’t reset my password with the email I provided... I emailed Snapchat support multiple times and got terrible answers from them, basically, we can’t help you. I’m just concerned by the fact that someone, somehow, can access my account and my private pictures by using my previous phone number or e-mail... I asked Snapchat to at least delete my account to protect my privacy, I myself tried to find some solutions to prove my identity, I can confirm that’s it’s my account through pictures, Instagram, Facebook, a copy of passeport and whatever official documents they need to delete my account. THEY JUST REFUSED TO HELP ME. Snapchat, how do you protect my privacy here? Be very careful with your login information as they won’t help you if you can’t login anymore, they won’t even block the account. That’s sad. They’re not here for their customers..Version:

Bug issuesI have been using snapchat for a couple of years now and have never run into any issues. Until now, these isues started about 45 minuetes ago when i tried to open the app and it booted me off with no explanation. I tried a few more times with the same result, so i powered off my phone and tried again but still no change. so i deleted snapchat and re-installed it. this time it would let me open the app finally. i then tapped log in, put in the details, and pressed enter. only to be faced with a little line of red text reading, 'please check your connection and try again'. i checked and i was infact connected to wifi, my wifi is pretty good, i have never expwrianced any problems with it so i looked at some recent rewiewd on here made by fellpw snapchat users, and they were not happy either, well you have probably seen, many others saying they have had problems with recent updates. all i want to do is talk to my friends on snapchat, especially during these times. thank your developers for reading this.Version:

Disappointed but not Surprised.Snapchat has been my go to app for contacting friends and saving photos to my memories to go through later on. However, I’m getting sick of the lag. I was reluctant to get the latest update as everyone keeps moaning about it but today the lag has been tremendous causing my phone to heat up and the app to freeze. I caved and got the update. Nothing’s changed though, still having the same issues. Can’t say I’m surprised. I love to use the GIFs but they take 400 years to load and most of the time, disappear somehow once clicking on the sticker selection. Also, when taking vids, I’m getting annoyed with glitch in between 10 second clips. I film singing vids and it just makes them sound stupid. What is the point in these 10 second clip rules? Why can’t it all just been filmed as one? So pointless. Stop updating the app with irrelevancy and sort out the lag overall, especially when it comes to GIFs, and video glitching please and thanks..Version:

Snapchat NEEDS CUSTOMER SERVICE!This is so frustrating. Getting your account terminated with no explanation, like people have YEARS of memories and all of that just gets wiped away, and for what? The fact that users can’t even APEAL the termination and have an actual humans see if you ACTUALLY deserve account termination. I posted a LEGAL SUBSTANCE on my story, and not even 10 seconds later I get terminated and blacklisted for life. This is actually super unfair. No warning, no explanation , just poof. I wish Snapchat actually cared about the user of this app. Users that have dedicated years of using this app, years of memories and built relationship through the App. PLEASE CONSIDER PROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. smh..Version:

Snap review igI’m always on snap chat but lately for about the past month I have had to make new snap chats because I have been locked out permanently because of sum third party apps that I have and ion even know that it’s talking about all I have is snap and games and why should it have anything to do wit other apps on my phone Snapchat use to be really good but now I’m not sure and not really liking Snapchat.Version:

My difficult 30 minutesYes hello I’ll get straight to the point. I was on Snapchat chilling as you do and you know where you can read those news stories in Snapchat? Yeah well don’t. I was looking through news stories when something took my attention so I went to look at it. I started reading and I reached the point we’re I wanted to finish my read but I was halted. Why? Because of the terrible system Snapchat uses to display their news stories. Constant pop up ads and slow connections gave me constant frustration. Not only that but it had those multiple part stories that you have to constantly click next to read a bit more of the story and that combined with the slow connection and the ads popping up IN FRONT of the click next button gave me an immeasurable amount of anger and frustration. Honestly I wanted to end my life. That is why I’m writing this to whittle down my anger and to warn other of the danger. Snapchat is 4 stars and everything but this is my slice of hell. Whoever made this system needs to be canned now. Anyways hope I have warned enough now. Bye..Version:

AhhhhhMy problem started around a month ago. At first when I went into the app all my buttons stopped working and the flip camera switch disappeared. Couldn’t go to profile either. Now after countless times of deleting the app and re adding it I’m over it. I also completely deleted my account and made a new one a few days ago, thinking that would help. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Every time I would go into the app after re-adding it all the buttons would work, but the moment I exit the app and go back into it no buttons would work. I would have to swipe left to see my friends from the camera screen and the other way to see friends stories. Now (20th of October) after deleting it and re adding it No buttons work! And someone sent me a snap but it doesn’t show it. I can’t even update Snapchat, because it won’t give me the update option in apple store. I use Snapchat on my IPod touch. 12.4.2 version. I don’t know if it’s my iPod or Snapchat. But other people on their phones can use it..Version:

I was unlawfully Perma bannedI was banned without warning and lost 6 years of memories. I have a medical problem with severe memory loss as a side effect. This has emotionally devastated me as I had thousands of pictures and videos that are now permanently gone. They gave no reason other than “I violated terms of service” which I did infact not. I lost all contact to my friends as I moved hours away from my hometown and this was the only way for me to have human interaction with my past. I just wish I could get a response as to what I have done so wrong that they perm deleted my account and made it so I can’t make a new one. I can’t afford to buy a brand new phone and get a new number to make a new one which would only solve one of my major 5 problems. I know the policy is that they will not unban a deleted account but I genuinely don’t think I did a single thing wrong. I know this is a “millennial problem” but Snapchat was a huge part of my life. If it was a problem with some of the memories deemed “inappropriate” to Snapchat’s guidelines, I will gladly remove said pictures and videos but again I don’t think I had anything that violated those terms. This has to have been a mistake. Please I am begging you to allow me to remember my past and have some contact from my friends and family..Version:

To many issuesI’ve used snap for a few years and have never had as bad issues before. It constantly lags when I first open it, and chats wont show up constantly, and it often says I left someone on opened but I had sent a message back to them, it’s getting really annoying having to apologize to my friends for the stupidest stuff, like maybe fix your bugs and issues before trying to copy tiktok. I personally do not use tiktok because of how toxic the community is, and now I keep seeing everything copy that god for saken app, Instagram has done the same thing. Literally everything on the snap reels or whatever is just stuff shared from tiktok. And don’t get me started in the ads on the stories, I get when you’re looking through friends stories, you can just skip those, but the stories from anything else is HORRIBLE. Every 5 seconds there’s a 5 second ad! The stories aren’t even worth looking at anymore because of how many ads are in them! Snapchat has honestly just become terrible, I only use it anymore because I talk to so many people on it, and I don’t wanna lose my streaks. If you are thinking about getting this app, don’t. It’s not worth it..Version:

Snapchat boycottI have used Snapchat daily for almost 8 years. I had my original account since the app first launched and my account was terminated without any sort of warning or reasoning. I had memories of dead friends, dead relatives, and dead pets etc. I had content stored on my account that was priceless to me. I also had contacts with people I have no other contact with outside of Snapchat and everything was taken away with a matter of minutes. Recently a lot of my friends have been disappearing on snap for “violating” the very foggy and unclear terms of service and this is where my account was flagged for termination too. I am a medical marijuana patient and have been for the Majority of the time I was a snap chat account holder. I had posted a picture of my medicine with the caption, “‼️medicinal use only, Not For Sale‼️” and within minutes of being posted for my FRIENDS to see I was deleted from existence from snapchat along with all of my memories, contacts, conversations etc. it’s sickening. I have tried to reach out to support to rectify the wrongful termination of my account, how SNAPCHAT HAS BEEN THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH IN REGARDS TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I have loved this app for nearly a decade, however, they have lost a tenured consumer of their app and I will continue to let all of my friends know, it’s time to boycott Snapchat..Version:

I CAN’T UPDATE!!I have had snapchat for many years now and I tried updating and it wouldn’t let me it just says sorry come back later and then I come back and it says the same thing!! I am really annoyed because in my group of friends they always send these snap games and I can’t play them because it won’t let me update so I’m really annoyed about that. I really want the snapchat creators to fix this problem, this might not happen on other snapchaters but for some reason it happens to mine. If u are thinking “or well maybe u took the card off so u can’t update or get any game or anything” well I have checked and I can get games and update my other games but for some weird reason it doesn’t update snapchat! I love snapchat it’s one of my favourite apps but I’m very annoyed now it has done this for the pass 3 mouths! Maybe it’s just a glitch but I really don’t think so! I have told my friends about this and they don’t know what’s happened I have tried and tried and it just would work. This has never happened to me in the passed so I don’t know what’s going on. Snapchat creators please reply so if u know what’s happening u can tell me. Thank u..Version:

The update was a mistakeI’ve used snapchat for a long time and the recent update is almost enough to make me stop using the app altogether, as well as many other users. it’s design and function is absolutely confounding and the new “improved” access to snap maps is irrelevant and an unnecessary feature - there is no way to access chats without opening snaps, which impedes on the quality of the app: often i’ll find myself checking the chats FIRST before opening the snaps, making it easier to contact friends or understand what they have or are about to send - however this option has been taken away, now most videos are disregarded as users will tap through to get to the text. understandably the core function of the app is messaging via pictures, however Snapchat’s lack of regard for user needs and compatibilities really does take away the ease and accessibility of the app, making other platforms like Instagram, which allow both text and photo messages to be accessed respectively, a more viable option. Please revert back to the previous design and functions - the app is losing credibility.Version:

The new update sucksI’m sorry but this new update is absolutely terrible. I miss the old Snapchat where everything was easy. I’m not a fan of the bar on the bottom and how you can no longer swipe down to see the map. Everything it’s cluttered and doesn’t look organized. Just being honest, sorry. I want old Snapchat back.Version:

Banned for no reasonI had my snapchat account for years and one day I woke up and i was banned and I had no idea why, I tried emailing snapchat, contacted them on twitter and I am still banned with no explanation. Snapchat has banned me from even making a new account on this phone and that is a way i contact a lot of my friends and a lot of memories were on there and i can not afford a new phone just to get snapchat. I tried for about two months to get my account back writing emails and messages trying to get my account back or atleast be aloud to make another one but my phone is fully banned from having a snapchat account as soon as i make one it gets deleted within minutes and i think it should be fixed or I should at least get an explanation to what I did wrong because in my eyes i didn't do anything wrong, I didn't post anything bad or inappropriate on my story and i wasn’t doing anything wrong on the app so it is unfair my account gets banned out of no where and i loose all my memories from years ago..Version:

Horrible customer service and terrible companyI have been an active user of snapchat for years and have never broken any TOS. Randomly, out of the blue without any sort of warning or anything my account is terminated, completely deleted. Not even locked or banned, just straight up deleted. I checked my emails and it said my account was deleted for breaking TOS however did not tell me what I did or even give me any warning. I used snapchat everyday for years and had photos and memories of me and people i’ve known who have died and i have lost those photos and will never get them back. After trying to contact customer support so many times it’s obvious they do not care about their users as all they have is an automated robot that replies to every email you send and replies with the same automated message as every other time. They have no phone number to call and their twitter is just as useless with another robot that replies that tells you to email them for support (the same email that only gives automated responses). I am extremely disappointed and will likely never get back the photos of my relatives and friends who have passed or any other of my private messages or conversations i had on snapchat.Version:

IPHONE X’S ARE NOT GOODSo i have the xr, and my camera is fine. but on snapchat it’s zoomed in and blurry. it’s so bad that i can’t even take one good picture. fix it soon please. like. really soon..Version:

Zero customer supportI recently bought a second hand phone from CeX and since then it instantly banned my account that I'd had for over a year and refuses to let me make any new accounts, this leads me to believe that the phone I bought has previously been device banned, there is simply nothing I can do as Snapchat has no customer support or way that I can talk to someone and explain the situation, only offering answers to why I might've been banned. Although I know it is a problem with the place I bought the phone from which I will try to get a replacement one it's simply unfair that I'm not even able to make any new accounts and and that have lost have a years worth of pictures and conversations on my old account lost due to no cause on my end. I have never had any community guide line warnings on there I only use it to talk to my friends and organise business. I'm extremely surprised there is not an actual way to communicate with Snapchat outside of messaging them in the app itself which I obviously can't do because I can't log in. The only solutions I can find anywhere for a device ban is too simply buy a new phone which is frankly a stupid solution and there should at least be a customer support email if not live text line..Version:

My account was locked by mistakeI love the app but my account was locked on Thursday around 5:30 and I still haven’t been able to get back in please help me I thought I would be able to unlock it within 24 hours but it hasn’t worked I tried to use the link that was sent to me to restore my account but it didn’t work and my account is legitimate I don’t think I have done anything to break regulations other than posting a meme that could’ve been slightly offensive but it wasn’t even mine and if that were the case it disappears from your story within 24 hours so I don’t see the issue and your website is a joke because you don’t actually get to talk to anyone from customer support it’s just a robotic system where are you say what the problem is and it takes you to an article and it doesn’t even give you an email to contact Edit: it was locked on Thursday at 5:30 PM and it is now 10:36 PM on Saturday and I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and hit the unlock button and got my account back but Snapchat help should be more readily available I want to talk to a real person I don’t want to deal with searching through an article database or a robot.Version:

Crashing and updatesPersonally i love the app. i’ve been using since 2015 and they’re have been some changes both good and bad. i think we all remember the end of 2019 when there were rumors of the app shutting down. well that was the start of the end for mine and most of my friends/families snapchats. the update that changes the bottom of the layout within the app i still haven’t been able to download while my friends had it last year? anyways that’s not really a big deal because they all said it crashes their snap almost every day and messes with their stories. and recently, even up to today, snapchat has been sending snaps to the wrong people or sometimes sending one without even being on the app. it causes a little panic attack because you have to think “WHAT DID I JUST SEND THEM?!” and i fully understand that there are plenty of new accounts being made everyday slowing down the app but there are other apps with WAY more people that are carrying fine. i would just like to the snapchat excel like it once did before any of the new layout change updates or changes to colors. However one of the apps best changes was bitmoji. they really changed the way people view the app and make it a lot easier!.Version:

Deleted my accountI’ve had snap since 2015 and i had so many memories (about 2000+) and my friend had posted something on my story that obviously went against community guidelines so i had immediately deleted it. so after about half hour of my phone being off i saw that someone snapped me. i went to go open it and it had signed me out. so i thought that someone had signed into my account from somewhere else and i didn’t think much of it. i went to sign back in again to see if it’d let me sign back in and it said that my account was temporarily locked and to go to the snap website to unlock my account. i went to the website, did the recaptcha test and signed in to unlock it. i pressed “unlock account” and then it said “your account it permanently locked”. i’ve never been so disappointed that i really lost my account over something that i didn’t even post in the first place. along with that account being locked, every other snap account i had on my phone also got locked as well. i just want my memories back at least because i had all of my concert vids, all my party vids, and i basically documented my entire life on that app only to be deleted within a few minutes. please let me have my memories back at the least. also on a side note: i think it’s absolutely STUPID that the snap team can’t do anything to unlock accounts. u guys were the ones who created the app in the first place why would u have that option ?.Version:

ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY DELETED FOR NO REASON?Okay, so for about a year i've had my snapchat account. no problems at all. i had another one before that but it was a really immature user so i decided to get a new one as i started taking snapchat more seriously. then i have this account for a year. i just started getting memories from a year ago and i finally got comfortable with my snapchat. the other day i went out and i was using snap. i closed the app and went for lunch. while waiting for my food i go into snap and my account is LOGGED OUT. i got super confused and tried logging in. my password wouldn't work and i was so mad. my friends started texting me asking if i unadded them or blocked them. i was so confused and they told me my account was deactivated. i was so mad and i thought i got hacked. so i got home and emailed them. i got no email back but 5 minutes later i get an email saying my account is permanently deleted for violating terms of service. LIKE WHAT!? so i have my new account and i'm scared to death that if i ever log out i will get locked out. also, my BEST friend got permanently locked out the exact same time! so we're super confused and he's currently on his 5th account IN TWO DAYS because they keep getting locked and terminated for no reason! fix this right now because i'm sick of this..Version:

BugsThis app is amazing but there are a few things I would live to be fixed. When I send a snap most of the time it will go through straight away and the other person will receive it and reply to me but recently when I have been sending snaps some of them will say it has been delivered but the other person doesn’t get a notification that it has and my Snapchat does not come through on their phone.Version:

Update review 🤢I am sorry but please go back to the previous version. I have had Snapchat forever and this is the worst possible update. I do not need 5 screens to show everything! I seriously am so disappointed the black tool bar at the bottom is not useful at all. It does not need to be there and it was so much better to just swipe 3 screens. I do not need a screen to find my friends on snap maps it was so much easier to use the camera screen and swipe up. I’m sorry the update is just not aesthetically pleasing anymore. The black room bar at the bottom is pointless. The 5 different screens is just too much!!!! It was so much better when it was 3!!!!! Also the wag that it’s like zoomed in on the chat bar is so weird. Also like where do I search for more filters! It’s not at the end of the filters line anymore! Also the discover bar is pointless. Like why is there even a screen like that it was way better when u valued just press a button and go there from the stories tab. It honestly wasn’t even an update it just made it way worse. Why add more stuff when the previous version was perfect! PLEASE go back to the previous version!!!!! It was so much better with the 3 screens, and get rid of the black tool bar it’s so stupid!!!! I’m disappointed and want the old one back :(🤢👎🏻.Version:

Highly requested update idea??Snapchat is one of my favourite apps, always use it to get in touch with friends and family however many people have made a snap account such a long time ago that now they have decided to want to close their old account and open a new one; for example myself at the moment. The problem is, all the memories (photos and videos) cannot be transferred between an old and new snap. This means that people end up not using the app as much in the future because they know that if they want to open a new account later on, that they will be unable to transfer their memories. If an update can come to the app where you can transfer your memories between an old and new snap; that would be amazing and it would benefit both your customers; who would not need to feel any hassle when transferring their data across accounts, and for yourselves as a business, as you would be retaining your customers. Apart from that, the app is perfect..Version:

New updateUm for some reason my portrait mode did not come with the update but some of my other friends got portrait mode. Please fix this..Version:

Great app until...They have permanently locked six of my accounts for no reason. The most recent one I had 140 streaks with 6 of my friends and a total snap score of around 8,000 or more. Then I dropped my phone and the screen stopped working so I couldn’t keep my streaks with my mates. I logged in to snap on my mums phone then they temporarily locked it and when I unlocked it they permanently locked it. Honestly bad quality for a social media app to have. And it not only happened once but 6 times! That’s 6 times too many. I’m not making another account cause it’s just gonna happen again. Other then this that keeps happening it’s a good app. But this bug, glitch or whatever it is just ruins it. Such a shame this keeps happening. I might use the app again if they fix it and I get my account back but it’s absolutely ridiculous how this has happened six times. And I was finally thinking it wouldn’t happen cause I had the account for a couple mouths. I would give it less but since the app is decent I’m gonna say 1 or 2 stars... maybe.. But Snapchat, please fix your app lads. It’s starting to get absolutely ridiculous mate. Disappointing since I was starting to like the app a lot but the app keeps doing this..Version:

Probably not for preteensHonestly, I love SnapChat, don't get me wrong. I truly do. But as a teenager, it is the perfect place for kids to be harassed and bullied online. - From personal experience. It can drain a child's mental health so much and it's just a horrible feeling. Your child could be the sweetest person in the world and people will bully them online. Even over what they post. If your child has an account, I suggest you do too or have some way to monitor your child and make sure they're okay as people also like to send unsolicited pictures without being asked to by anyone..Version:

Locking my Snapchat account.I’m quite disappointed with the snap chat team. I created my snap chat account 10 years ago & I’ve never had an issue with it until now. I was logged out of my account & when I tried to log back in it said my account was temporally Locked due to Suspicious activity. I went onto a page it advised me to , an said I can unlock my account. Now when I type in the details to have my account unlocked - it says successful , but then when I try to log back in . It continues to say my account is Locked . I have reached out to snap chat through email 5 times and I’ve had no response to what is going on with my account. I’m very disappointed as I’ve got 10 years worth of photos / videos that have been saved on my snap which are sentimental to me. I’m lost on what I can do in this situation as I’m quite annoyed. I’ve never had an issue or been spoken to by snap chat previously. So what is going on with my account ? The snap chat team seem to be quick to remove accounts but can’t answer to emails that have been sent every 24hours because I’m getting no response and I’m having high anxiety due to this..Version:

FIX THE APP!!!I’ve had this app for the LONGEST time! but recently i have been having a HUGE problem. about 4-5 days ago my snapchat would not let me save any pictures because “i didn’t have enough storage”. i checked my storage and i definitely had enough. every time i tried to watch a story it would glitch to another one and wouldn’t even let me watch that one. everything took forever to send and my notifications for me receiving something came in later than they were supposed to ! so i tried to update it , that didn’t work. then i tried to log out so i could log back in to see if that would fix it. now it won’t even let me back in. it shows me in the camera but then it throws me out. some people i know have been dealing with this same problem as well. i’ve had someone else logging into my snap so they could send my streaks. i log into it every now and then off of someone else’s phone so that i can see what’s going on and watch people’s stories. i can’t delete apps on my phone because of a password my dad set and then forgot so there’s no way i can uninstall and then reinstall the app. snapchat i love you but fix yourself!!! please do it soon , all of my pictures and memories are on there , and that’s the only way i really talk to my friends..Version:

EssentialThis app is it essential that I believe everyone should have downloaded on their phone some people say that this app is dangerous really they are just using it the wrong way if you open your eyes to Snapchat it’s just a harmless way to discover new people and text your friends and get closer to them... What I will say though is that the new Snapchat games just don’t work for me I’ve been on other peoples phones where they have worked in an instant for mine I know the situation is pretty ridiculous but it gets stuck on a 50% all the time and it’s really frustrating when my friends are playing games and I can’t join please fix this issue if you can It would be really appreciated... Other than that I really enjoy playing with the Snapchat filters especially the new ones where it turns you into a boy or a girl it’s really fun and it’s really open my eyes to new ways of texting people thank you so much Snapchat for creating such a masterpiece 👌.Version:

CHANGE IT PLEASEThe new update is HORRIBLEEE, it won’t let me half swipe to see msgs like idk what you guys were thinking when you were making that change and whenever I wanna msg someone I’d usually jus slide to msg them but nooooo you guys had to put the stupid map there😡in conclusion I think you should change it back cuz I’m sure I’m the only one who hates this update😑..Version:

Just an opinionI’m bored right now but I really think this app is a problem for everyone in my opinion, so I’m going to talk about it. Snapchat is nothing special people, it’s just an app causes addictions to people being on their phones more. Not saying the app is bad but it’s also not the best. Everyday I’m in class and I see about almost everyone on there phone because of it, for what? All people think about nowadays are followers, looking cool for their crush who they don’t even talk to, and getting on there phone. It blows my mind how people can’t be on their phones for at least 5 minutes. Not saying this generation is terrible but this generation, has been the worst. People are so selfish rude etc and technology has glued everyone on it. I had Snapchat because I thought it was for the “cool” people, instead I got on it every single day and got my family glued to the app. We all got rid of it because of it we were in our phones all the time, that is not good. Technology is controlling our lives, if you understand everything I’m talking about then you know how crazy and sad that is. I’m sorry to all the girls out there who think they’re popular and pretty because of it but don’t try and look good for your crush or anything like that and don’t be fake, just be who you are. That’s kinda rare in this world right now..Version:

New update sucksThe latest update version is bad 👎🏽.Version:

Snapchat Where Do I Even StartHated The App At First, But in the end I love this app and I’m obsessed with it. There’s a few bugs/lags and glitches but there fixed quickly. But today after 5 years of me owning snap and using one single account, I’ve been permanently locked for no reason, this has happened to thousands possibly 100’s of thousands of people. It’s the hardest way to get around it and even when u didint break tos ur still banned, this doesn’t happened to all but happened’s to some, Snapchat has to fix this! It’s all over reddit/YouTube/Insta/tiktok everywhere, Snapchat could be so much better if they had a better website, a proper email to email things to and not have a bot write the same thing over and over again that’s not useful! That’s what I have to say about snap.Version:

Snapchat!Don’t mind that Snapchat is an okay app but what’s going on!?!?!?! It’s shutting down the app isn’t installing and honestly the app is going all funky and weird??? What’s wrong It’s not only me because it’s been happening to my friends too and everyone of my friends app just shut down and when we uninstalled and tried to reinstall it won’t work honestly this is bad because this is how I talk to my friends everyday and I have a lot of people added in there that I don’t have there numbers nor any other social app. Snapchats one of the my number one source but recently it’s been really bad. I don’t want to assume it’s everyone app that shut down but me and my friends app shut down completely and we’re trying to re install but it won’t and when I tried to open it before I deleted the app it didn’t let me in is kept crashing. Is this happening to anyone else or just me and my friends am honestly worried it might have gotten hacked but that would be impossible since I have never given my account to anybody. I hope this is just a glitch or Snapchat crashing. But i really am hoping Snapchat is just updating. Can someone help if this is just a me problem and has happened to you before???.Version:

Blank screen, why?I’ve stood by Snapchat since the start, even when all my friends & family left, I stayed & made them come back, I can’t survive without snapchat, it’s like my daily source for news, social & most importantly: keeping in touch with my loved ones on a daily basis as we use it as as our main source for messaging & video each other. My only gripe is: every other update released causes me major issues, either I can’t view or post stories, stories vanish completely, address book disappears etc, the past 3days (since your last update release) I can’t even access the app, it goes to a total blank screen with a grey bar across the top, I can’t access ANY function within the app, it’s just locked on that screen for the past 3days & it’s driving me crazy. Yeah googled it & have seems lots of other users complaining of the same issue. What can I do? Please help me.Version:

DisappointedI have been using Snapchat since about 2014. I haven’t had an issue until a day ago when my account was “temporarily locked”. When I received the email, I carefully read the reasons why my account could be locked. I do not, nor have I ever had a third party app installed on my phone. I also have not violated any community guidelines. My email and phone number have been verified for a while now. There was absolutely no information on how long this lock was supposed to last in the email. I also attempted to unlock my account through the link provided in the email, however it said it was unable to process my request. So how am I supposed to unlock my account? I have tried various forms of communication to try and get this issue resolved, with absolutely no help except repeated information on why my account could be locked (even though I stated none of the reasons are true) and sending the unlock link, which again, still doesn’t work. The lack of service and support provided by Snapchat is so very frustrating. And it’s not just me. Twitter and these reviews are flooded with people disappointed in their experience with your so called “support”. Please do better. It’s embarrassing for your company that so many people have reached out and yet nothing has changed..Version:

June update 2020Hi snapchat, i don’t think the new update is necessary and i have heard multiple complaints about it, as i believe majority likes the old update better. The bar down the bottom is annoying because u can’t use your full screen to take pictures as it has been limited for phones user the X model even though for the old update the text couldn’t be below what they could see which i don’t see an issue with. i can no longer slide into the chats to reply to multiple snaps individually and it is hard to open them all and remember everything to reply to at once if that makes sense. i delete the app to get the old update back but the second i refresh or click off the app it turns back to the new update and it’s quite frustrating. it looks neater and more presentable the other way, please change it back, i believe you’re losing business over it..Version:


Disappointing development and customer serviceI’ve used snap chat for many years without any issues. However due to recent updates my account has been temporarily locked 3 times. I have read the reasons on the website as to why this has happened and none apply to me, I waited 24 hours and was able to unlock my account and I logged in once I logged in for 5 mins I was logged out and told my account was temporarily locked again. I reached out to team Snapchat on Twitter which is the only way to contact them and they kept telling me they couldn’t help me and sent me the same generic message again and again. Many other people were experiencing the same issue and Snapchat updated the app and I was able to login to my account without unlocking however again 3 hours later I was logged out and my account was locked again. I reached out to them again and they gave the same answer that they cannot help me and redirected me to website that states the reasons that it may have happened all which do not apply to me. Their customer service is disgusting and their supposed policies to keep everyone safe are a shambles..Version:

My Snapchat is buggedI AL SO MAD, I was just permanently locked out of my Snapchat for trying to unlock it from being temporary locked, it lets me log in for about 1 minute and then logs me out and tells me I’ve been temporarily locked, it’s been happening for weeks and I tried fixing it today, got rid of my third party’s did everything Snapchat told me to do and then it permanently locked me out!? I didn’t do anything wrong I didn’t violate your community guide lines I did nothing wrong! I got so much memories on my Snapchat and if I get kicked out for the most stupidest thing oml.Version:

Fix the camera qualityIOS 14 update sucks and ruined camera quality on sc.It looks normal until you take the pic it turns light and not as clear as it was. Fix it or I’m just going to use IG!!!.Version:

Absolutely annoyed and upset.I am very annoyed because Snapchat broke it was not letting me open snaps nothing was loading and it was glitching ! So I decided to DELETE the app and download it again and once I did that I tried logging in again and it said SUSPICIOUS LOGIN, if it’s my pass and my user why would it be SUSPICIOUS. I also made the account when I was young so the email was random and I didn’t know until NOW, my snap score was at 100,000+ NOW I HAVE TO RESTART ?! I am absolutely annoyed with this and can you guys change this suspicious login thing please, it hurts me that I have to make a whole new account and LOSE all the people I was FOLLOWING. my streaks EVERYTHING. Snapchat I hope you take the time out of your day just to change that please ! I will wait until you guys reply to this before I make a new account but please your not helping anyone by doing that. Your just taking more people away, so may you PLEASE change it. I’m asking kindly and nicely. 🥺 Kind regards, Anonymous1223.Version:

Ugly updateThe new update is really ugly and I don’t like the layout or how you can’t swipe to open a chat before opening a photo or video anymore I liked it when there were three options the circle for the camera, the chat button for snaps and the little button for stories and discover and when you swiped down on the camera to get to the map. the new version looks like a down grade. please change it back I don’t like it at all.Version:

Horrible!!I’ve been locked out of my account for no reason! I waited the 24 hours like the all said to do for it to be unlocked again but then when I went back 24 hours later it STILL was locked. I’ve tried using the website to unlock it and I’ve even messaged them, but no reply. I have Snapchat memories that I want back but clearly I won’t be getting them any time soon! Very disappointed and frustrated..Version:

Horrible update, camera issuesSTOP UPDATING SNAPCHAT! I understand “bug fixes” but stop changing the layout of the app every month! As far as I can see from many 1 star reviews they are all about how bad the new layout of the app is. Snapchat used to have a clean, modern layout which all users loved however it is now updated to an ugly, Samsung looking layout that none of the users enjoy. You are tuning users away from the app completely just because you can’t think of anything better to do than update it. Change is fine, once a year or so BUT NOT EVERY MONTH. Please listen to the users and return to the last update. As well as this horrible update, when updated to iOS 14 the camera goes white and slightly blurry as if to put a filter on every photo and video you take. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Listen to your reviews as I’m sure they were made for a reason. 😡.Version:

Poor quality photosApp needs to be updated to collaborate with iPhone XR. Pictures are coming out very low quality. Please fix!.Version:

Kinda badWhen i look at a story it still says i haven’t opened it which is annoying because i am in this girls private story and i enjoy her private story except she posts a lot and so essentially i’m tapping for like 5 minutes trying to get through especially when my wifi is bad which is annoying. also u need a dark mode option because when i wake up in the morning to see if any hot guys snapped my i’m literally blinded bc it’s so bright when my screen is dark as heck. maybe the layout could be prettier also because it’s kind of ugly and it scares me. i don’t know maybe stop doing a bunch of changes and fix what u messed up. no offence though ur making money. i respect..Version:

Help.I used Snapchat everyday. it’s incredible and I love how fast it is, I love the way the app works and functions it’s fantastic. so 5 stars for that. Until last night, I open my memories and EVERYTHING ALL my memories from the past two years (the most important years) have disappeared. I saved everything on there, all of my memories my life. All the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the fun, all of it Gone. Up until September 2017 when I didn’t use memories for important stuff. PLEASE. Is there ANYWAY to get all my memories back. I’m furious and extremely upset. My whole life was on there..Version:

Went from 100 to 0 real quickBefore this new update, i loved snapchat!! however, the new update has given the app a different layout and it is ~icky~. the black bar at the bottom is unappealing and it is just a big step backwards from what is was before. the worst thing about it???! you can’t swipe on conversations. this means you can’t get a glimpse on the chat before actually entering it and letting the other person / people know you have read the message. this is VERY INFURIATING. for people on both sides!! trying to formulate a response without leaving them on read? can’t do that anymore! it is a basic snapchat right that has been snatched away from us. it honestly just makes the desirability of the app DROP. I can do everything else on that i could on snapchat on other platforms. it’s very disheartening to have this change!! please fix this!! :((((.Version:

Not workingI rated your app one star because ever since the recent “bug fix” update, I can’t load my snaps, tap on settings, or go to my stories. Today my snap page says that I don’t have any snaps and I have to delete and reinstall Snapchat every time I want to send streaks! It is really annoying and I need you to fix it really soon..Version:

No reasonI was recently banned from Snapchat for no reason at all. I have no clue what terms of service I violated because it will not tell me as to why I was banned. I use it to communicate with all my friends and it’s the only service that actually works in the school as far as reaching out to friends goes. I don’t even care if I can get my snap account back I just want to be able to use the app. I’ve had no previous bans before this. Just straight up deleted my account and terminated me from ever making another one. All the memories I had stored up in that account just for them to be wiped away for no reason. Thanks for ruining my week. I have a suspicion that i was spam reported by a person who was constantly making new accounts to reach out to me. If so, why would I be able to be reported by an account that was only made mere seconds after it was created? Please help me resolve this issue because the moment I try to contact you I am met with a bot. I understand that it would be hard to manage an influx of messages of people like me that were banned. But it is not justifiable that I was banned after just one mere violation that I do not even know I did. Not because I didn’t read the rules, but because it was not discussed what I did to deserve a first time violation which resulted in a permanent ban from making snap accounts ever..Version:

It’s a decent app but...Honestly it’s a decent app not gonna lie, but I do have some complaints and suggestions those being: it would be more interesting to be able to customise your charms as in the ones where it shows who your best friends with or who you share a birthday or star sign with, another suggestion would be that you are given the choice of selecting who is your best friend because I have a lot of streaks with random people and we’ve never chatted maybe the odd request of a screenshot of my story or so but besides that nothing and they end up on my best friend list and it just annoys me. The complaint that I have is that the app keeps glitching and notifying me that somebody's typing when their really not or that I’ve got a notification from somebody but when I check the app and look at who’s snapped me it’s empty, it’s just irritating for me and as I’ve read over the reviews, and so for the others. But overall I’ll say it’s a good app to socialise with your friends and all that🤷‍♀️ Update: yall be doing update after update and the app won’t even open let alone work.Version:

Terrible updateI dont know why snapchat added the new black navigation bar it’s honestly terrible please remove it.Version:

Need to change layoutPut it back to how it was. i hate the new layout it sucks so much i don’t wanna use snapchat anymore.Version:

Permanently locked out of my account.I was permanently locked out my account last week even though no terms of condition were broken and I didn’t have any strikes on my account. Simply logged out and went to log back in and it’s locked. Six years of memories and the only communication with half of my family gone. I’ve tried for days now to speak with anyone about the issue but there’s not a single human being or call line to help. Everything is automated responses over and over again. This has not just happened to me but hundreds of others over the past few days as seen throughout the Snapchat support Twitter. I can’t even make a new Snapchat on this device?? Meaning if I ever wanted to use it again I’d have to buy a whole new phone and for what? A system error? We are still in a pandemic and most people don’t have the money to spare for something like that right now especially when it’s so crucial to have some form of communication whilst social distancing. 0 stars. Please rectify the situation.Version:

DisappointedMy friend and I have been keeping a streak for one year now. About 3 days ago we were snapping as usual but when we reopened the app our streak had disappeared. Assuming it was a glitch we re-loaded our apps but our streak remained gone. I waited a 2 days to see if our streak would come back, but it didn’t. I emailed Snapchat and asked them if they could restore our streak seeing as it wasn’t either my friend nor I’s fault, but I got emailed saying they could not help me. The girl emailing me ‘Theresa’ was no help and usually I wouldn’t care over a snap streak but it has been a year long streak and I would like it returned. Rude customer service management and glitchy app. Theresa should be fired, she had a rude attitude and look down upon me. If I was her manager I would be giving her a strong talking too and tell her to pull her head in and do her job. Please return my streak. And Theresa, watch out..Version:

LaggyTo be honest it is a great app but lately the lag is real I haven’t been getting notifications from my friends for like two hours after they’ve actually sent it to me when there’s like send me a message I can’t see it for ages and then when December like a video and stuff and pictures I have to wait for it to load and it takes so long to load it’s really Laggy don’t get me wrong it is a really really good app to keep in touch with friends and family but lately it hasn’t been as good as it was I’ve been using Snapchat for a very very long time and if I can put it back then yes it didn’t have all the brand-new updates but I would choose to go back and use the old Snapchat before it was really laggy i’ll say it again it is a really good app to keep in touch and if you can get around the lags then download it but just keep in mind that it is going to be a bit like it especially the amount of friends u have on it 😀👍🏼.Version:

50 / 50This apps cool, not gonna lie! theres many things to do such as; • exploring new things • snapping • chatting with friends etc. Probably one of the best media apps i’ve come across so far! But the very few things that seem to annoy me, are actually quite common in your reviews. I’ve seen many people complain about the problems I’M about to complain about, so i’m sure they need fixing right away... The first thing that annoys me is, the new updates. You obviously don’t test them before adding, which is annoying. The app crashes way more than it used to, i’m getting lots of lag through out my phone, etc. This update has probably ruined my phone, but yet i still refuse to delete the app. The second thing is, the bugs. This app has a lot of bugs / issues. Such as, crashes, problems, lag, major issues, etc. i honestly think you need to fix that, immediately. it’s ruining the fun experience, and making snapchat more boring, as it’s just left on my phone, without me using it anymore. I go on it sometimes, but thats very rare to be honest. Other than that, great app! would highly recommend. but, make sure to read the reviews before installing, just to know what you’re about to go through / witness. Not that major, yet, it’s still quite annoying. Thanks for reading! (sorry for bad english; i’m mexican..).Version:

New updates affecting accountsI have 2 Snapchat accounts. My personal one and one I share with someone else. So I go back and forth between them often because they’re used for different things and have different friends etc. after the newest updates about a week or 2 ago, my personal and the other accounts look like they merged. But they haven’t. It’s confusing. Now on my personal account it shows I have friends from the other accounts list but I know for a fact my personal doesn’t have those people as friends. But also when I look at their profiles it has the blue check indicated they’re added to me but on their snapscore it just says loading instead of their number score. And vise versa on the other account. So while they’re on my friends lise they aren’t actually friends with me which is confusing. Same with blocked list. People I have blocked on my account but not on the other ARE blocked on the 2nd one too and still vise versa. This is extremely frustrating because I have the accounts separate for a reason so for them to be together is irritating. The solution is deleting Snapchat and redownloading and it’s fixed BUT the moment I sign out of one and sign in to the other again, they’re merged again. I don’t want to have to keep deleting Snapchat every time I log out of one and go into the other.Version:

Inappropriate pics and snapsI was just on Snapchat when people started friending me and of course I friended them back and a day or two after they send me a message and video and snap pictures of nudes and even make a profile used to do things containing nudes, people have $ex and showing all their private parts and Snapchat has done nothing about because they keep trying to friend me back at this moment I just gave up and blocked them. Snapchat really needs to do something and actually stop these people from doing it..Version:

FIX SNAPCHAT 🥺Hey Snap team! I love Snapchat, I’ve had this little beauty of an app for years and years now but unfortunately recently Snapchat has been playing up. There’s been times where I can’t open a chat, stories won’t load or I’ve watched stories but they come back up like I haven’t. Myself and my #1 Snapchat friends heart keeps playing up, even though we’re both each other’s top best friend and have checked multiple times when it plays up, it’ll go from red, to smile face, wait till the next day to yellow, randomly back to red and back to the smile face and then red again and so on? Is there glitch here? It’s super slow at the moment to. Would love a quick speedy update that can fix these so called problems as I’m not the only one and is heading close to deleting the entire app. Thanks 😃.Version:

UsernameBe able to change username please !!.Version:

MehNever known an app to get progressively worse with every update. 95% of my chats have disappeared and it suddenly goes from chats that people have sent me 8 hours ago, to people I talked to over like 36 weeks ago. Every time I log out, I lose even more chats and it seems like peoples messages aren’t coming through to me... I’ve tried everything that I’ve found on the internet to get the app to work but no luck. Ironic how this only started happening since updating 😂😂😂 Also the automated system that locks everyone out of their accounts is deeply flawed. the fact it doesn’t even delete peoples accounts, just locks them out forever, should really worry advertisers on the app as clearly Snapchat’s users numbers are inflated and people have like 4 backup accounts so they can just use them when their main has been locked lol maybe it’s time to follow Twitters foot steps and have an 18+ version of your app that prevents under 18s from seeing adult content as clearly you’re never gonna get rid of people who like to trade and snap adult stuff unless u do a tumblr and kill your own app lol.Version:

GlitchingI love Snapchat and have had it for years with years worth of memories, BUT every so often my Snapchat will go off the app completely with only being on it for 2 seconds literally. I could be listening to a video from one of my friends and it would go off the app and I could not replay it or listen to the rest of it etc, this has been going on for almost a week now and within those days has been nothing but frustration and irritation trying to contact my friends and family but only being able to stay on the app for 2 seconds max time, I don’t see the point in trying to stay on the app when it just keeps going off. I have tried logging out and deleting the app even turning my phone on and off again but nothing has worked. Again I absolutely love Snapchat but this needs to get fixed ASAP as it is very annoying!.Version:

Kicking me outI had a snapchat since 2017 and now 2022 it wants to kick me out won’t let me make a new or wont let me long-in to my snap. I go on it I can’t talk to my friends on it anymore cuz it acting up you guys need to fix it. Idk what the problem is my sister think it’s snap so I had to delete for good now I can’t talk to none of my friends that I had on there what the heck is the problem. I literally had my whole life memories on the app and when I woke yesterday I went to snap to send my good morning streaks…it kicked me out I try 6 times to long back in my account it keep saying (opps can’t find a match) or (this account has been temporarily locked) I had all my old snap accounts on there I meet new peeps and all my friends and family on there had good conversations funny memories on it and now I can’t get none of it back. Y’all snap creates needs to get yo snap fix now my friends thinks I got mad or something and block them literally all I really want is my memories back I had one picture on it of me and my grandpa/grandma now all them are gone snap is so STUPID all these people that had snap for the longest time and some people and had a lot lot of memories more than you think and they got kicked out for what nothing now we all can’t get our snap back I made a new account got in it and when I was adding my friends and fam it kicked me out. why make an app just to kick people out for nothing?.Version:

What’s going on? + SuggestionSnapchat is normally fine but in recent updates I’ve noticed that snaps are slower, chats don’t show up but a notification comes through indicating I’ve got one and it’s making me think about deleting the app. Funny thing is this isn’t just happened to me but a lot of other people when I asked them if they had the same problem, it’s so annoying when this happens. And a suggestion, could there be an option for convos that when turned on automatically saves messages? It’s annoying having to constantly tap and it would be much more convenient..Version:

Terrible buggy appI used to love Snapchat and used it frequently to send videos to friends and keep in touch with people. Recently though the app has caused me a myriad of problems. My snaps will take nearly a week to send. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and good wifi / 5g and never have problems with any other app so it’s definitely a Snapchat issue. Each ten second video will take days to send and I like to send my friends a stream of videos but these then pile up and it reaches the point where nothing will send at all so I lose all my streaks (despite having been snapping the right people every day) and the app becomes unusable until I delete it and re download it. Then the cycle begins again. I shouldn’t have to do this once a month because the app doesn’t work the way it should. I also know I’m not the only person with this issue. Please do something about this. At the very least provide the option to delete/cancel sending something that hasn’t sent yet so I can manually clear out the queue..Version:

ListenToMeThe new update is so ugly and it doesn’t allow me to peek before I decide to reply to a chat which is annoying. You guys can ‘fix bugs’ without making the layout horrendous. 0/10 do not recommend the updated version..Version:

HorribleAbsolutely horrible I’ve had my snap account since what ? 2018 I’m pretty sure well anyways this new update caused a glitch and in the middle of the glitch snap just sent me an email saying my snap account had been deleted and is not recoverable so not only are all of the pictures I had on only snap chat are gone Ex: all of my dead grandparents and those pictures nobody else had and some life long friends that I only had one snap chat are gone as well and will never get them back so after over five hours of trying to get back into my snap trying to contact someone in snap chat sending emails and trying to find a help line with a human involved news flash that doesn’t exist when it comes to them so I gave up and lost all hope on my old account so I made a new one verified my phone number and email on it and started to get followers back for the next 12 hours finally got some of the people back some of my main friends and all of a sudden my account had been locked !! Without me doing anything wrong literally within the same day of me getting the new Snapchat it got locked so then I tried to find where I can get it unlocked and turns out you can’t!! So now I don’t know what to do because this has gone on for two days now and I’m just defeated and have no clue where turn and nobody is helping me.Version:

Dislike the update.You now can’t open people’s chat messages if they’ve sent a snap or video. I find this inconvenient as sometimes I’m not in a position to watch their video but I need to message them or I want to open their message. I prefer the map to be more discrete too, it’s now got a whole tab and I really don’t feel like the bitmap shouldnt be that integral to the app that it’s dedicated a whole tab to it. The rest is fine, just don’t like the placing of the map because it interferes with the messages now. Also why is the screen smaller? And blurred at the top? I’ll give it a 3 because I’m always on it and I love the filters but I’m also addicted, hence why this review is so long hahah. No but seriously, this update is no good and I’m usually open minded. I won’t get used to it because it was perfect before.Version:

Picture qualityPlease update so the picture quality on iPhone X models are not blurry. XR has an amazing camera but Snapchat makes it look bad.Version:

PLEASE FIXFor the past couple days snapchat has been crashing randomly and quite a bit. My phone is old but all my other apps still work fine except snapchat. So recently i updated snapchat to see if that was the problem. But that made things worse. Snapchat crashed about 10 times in the 1 minute. And then when i was able to actually take a photo and type something. My friends list had all gone and only group chats appeared. Then it crashed again, so i tried to do the same thing. But this time both group chats AND all my friends were gone. So i had to slowly one by one send my friends streaks by clicking on their name. Which took about 30-45 minutes to do because snapchat crashed all the time. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING. I have updated my phone and snapchat. So i dont kbow what the problem is.Version:

UpdateHate the new update change it back please. No one likes it..Version:

Please send help 😡 They will not contact me!If I could give less than 1 I would 😂 I used to LOVE being able to use Snapchat for my promotions, to take funny videos of my kids etc, they loved it! But I am very very disappointed with Snapchat at the moment!! A few weeks ago my account was terminated out of the blue at 11 one night. (Shortly after having exchanged words with a neighbor who I suspect reported me even though what was said was said elsewhere and what was said by me was not rude in no way, shape, or form.) I’ve sent an email but got an instant response saying my account was terminated and once an account is terminated they can’t help. There is no phone number, no email whatsoever to get in touch with their support center. I had went without Snapchat for years up until a few months ago when I decided to make a new one to promote my business and to see videos and pictures of my 10 month old when he’s visiting family members. I am very very furious I have not been able to get this resolved. I’ve reached out to their Facebook support page and got nowhere there as well. If I make a new account it automatically locks..I’m very disappointed with the customer service Snapchat offers. If someone sees this and will help me fix whatever issues are going on with my account, yeah I would highly appreciate that!!!!.Version:

Freezes my phoneI have an iPhone on the latest iOS update, but my phone overheats when I use Snapchat, and freezes for 2 minutes each time. So because of this app I have to buy a new phone. I’ve got my battery replaced screen replaced to see if that would fix it, but no. I’ve tried making a new account and that didn’t work, I even deleted the app to see if it would work, still it keeps freezing my phone, which then shuts down..Version:

WHY THOUGH?!?I don’t use Snapchat that much but I briefly logged out of mine to let my friend send a snap from her account and when I tried to log back in it was “temporarily locked” so I went to the site to see why and it said I “violated” their “terms”… however I haven’t used that account other then sending a few messages every month or so. I only recently started to actually use it for photos with my baby sister on my mums behalf. Therefore I honestly see no logical explanation as to how I “violated” terms… I’ve had this account for years and when I tried to unlock the account with the link they gave me it permanently locked and deleted my account with all the photos of my sister and everything. I have no way to get them back or anything and this is just annoying…. Honestly though…. Why is this even a problem that the app is having. For such a big company I’d expected better..Version:

SnapWhen are we gonna have Snapchat with dark mode.Version:

So called bug fixesI’m very much fuming with the service Snapchat has provided. How can you make an app that locks accounts but you can’t unlock them? Yesterday when snap was crashing I tried logging in multiple times, everytime I did it automatically logged me out. I the uninstalled the app and reinstalled it back, only to find the same thing happened not only that but then my account was temporarily locked. I messaged Snapchat support team and also read why it could be locked. But nothing was relevant as I hadn’t done anything other than log in, I don’t have an third party apps I’ve had Snapchat since 2014 and I’ve had no issues until now. Snapchat also deleted my business account and I’ve now lost all of my customers. That account was only used to promote my food menu, and other peoples businesses and now I’ll never get that back. Unless Snapchat does something I’m going to have to go to HQ to get this fixed. I need my personal account back because I also have some other clients on there and all my memories as well. And the fact there’s an unlock button that doesn’t even necessarily work is baffling to me. I wouldn’t recommend this app it’s VERY UNPREDICTABLE!!!.Version:

Annoying bugHey guys, I love Snapchat I use it everyday all the time but recently I’ve stumbled upon this bug that won’t load my stories or when I click memories nothing happens and when you look at your story and you had put something on there prior it shows it’s not there it’s annoying so only temporary fix I have found is delete and re down load please look into this as it’s very annoying - iPhone 8.Version:

Memory/Image RecoveryHello! I just wanted to say that I personally love Snapchat. I use it more often than iMessage. Though I have to say that the fact that there isn’t a recovery option for memories really bothers me, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has run into a problem like this on Snapchat. I had a memory that I held dearly to me. I was editing my memory small segments at a time. When I was editing, there was a small segment of that memory that I didn’t want to keep, so I had tapped delete believing it would delete that portion only, not knowing that it was going to delete the entire snap itself. Having made it two years ago, I hadn’t realized till now that I didn’t save it to my camera roll at the time being. I was wondering if there’s any way possible to incorporate a recovery option into snap, or maybe even make it possible for us to recover our memories without saving them to our camera roll? Though if there is a way to recover memories without having saved them to my camera roll, I would really appreciate the tips and feedback. I lost all hope for saving the memory after seeing that it is stated on the Snapchat support page that there is no way of recovering unless backed up on the camera roll..Version:

The Locked AccountsOk, lately I have been seeing a lot of talk about account being temporarily or permanently locked. And…I think the system is flawed. I can count on one hand the amount of people who actually read the terms and conditions, and I didn’t even know what a third-party was until my account got temporarily locked. Did I learn my lesson? Yes, of course. But not only that, I also learned that all of my streaks will be ruined since the app won’t let me in for the next 24 hours. 24 hours is way too long of a time especially considering how many people keep streaks with others. Adding onto my rant (so sorry this is just very frustrating to learn out of nowhere), the concept of an account getting permanently locked to an individual whether they did anything or not is quite broken. Considering how many memories are saved in the app I’m not surprised at how many people are complaining about moments, memories, and time lost in the blink of an eye. Is it important for the people who actually do wrong to be punished? Of course, but the way it’s been happening is not effective, at least from what I’ve seen. I could be wrong, but I think I’m done. This would be an important thing to consider if Snapchat doesn’t want to lose any users..Version:

Ugly updatesI love snapchat but they always update it and it’s as if they are trying to annoy the users with their stupid updates that ruin your whole snapchat experience. I rely heavily on Snapchat but I just updated it and the whole memories format has changed from a good looking photo album style layout with different shapes for different picture types and is now set out like a long boring list as if it’s a camera roll. Horrible. Snapchat always ends up ruining its best features. Don’t mess with MEMORIES the old layout was enjoyable to scroll through you could see all picture clearly now everything has been made smaller while scrolling and all squashed under month titles it’s just ruined the experience of going into memories. You have also ruined my eyes only there is no difference between memories and eye only they are now both stupid lists. My eyes only was all the same and had a secretive vibe to it now it is in the exact same tasteless layout as memories. Change them back SNAPCHAT. On behalf of over 57 contacts all saying the same thing as well as myself.Version:

Hacker issueHi. Ive been using snap for a while now and haven’t really had any issues. Its a pretty good app and fun to talk to people on but there was a problem with my mothers account a few days ago. It was hacked by someone and was sending inappropriate content (mild pornography) to all of her contacts. I also heard this happened to one of my friends who has now deleted her account because she is worried she’ll be hacked again and a couple of my moms friends as well. I really hope this issue gets addressed so that snapchat can ensure a secure and safe account for everyone. Also one other thing I would like to address is the ‘(person) took a screenshot of chat’ feature. I certainly understand the thought going into this feature but it can cause some issues. Accidental screenshots is something I do quite often and can irritate or arise suspicion in the person who has received the warning. Another issue is sometimes there are important conversations that I would like to share. E.g. someone going through an issue / evidence for suspicious behaviour/ some content of online bullying or harassment. I really hope this feature is taken away. But besides that the app is pretty good.Version:

They block your account for no reasonI loved snapchat as I travel a lot and have friends all across the world it was a great way of contacting them, making fun videos with the filters, making great memories and keeping upbeat with lockdowns and while friends are going through treatment to help them feel like they are not alone and bring a smile to their face. Until for no reason you account is locked and your phone won’t allow you to even make a new profile as it just locks that as well and when you contact Snapchat and fill in their forms about being locked out you don’t get a reply just banned! For someone like me that is in a semi isolated location due to work, where I have no friends or family for thousands and thousands of miles or even in different countries this has been really terrible as Snapchat was my go to app that I used for around 8 years and to wake up one morning and I’m locked out my account with no help in getting back onto or even allowing my phone to make a new account before they ban it again is sad and disappointing as many friends and family I can no longer contact and because of this is causing stress as for some people like myself that rely on apps to not be alone, Snapchat has caused just the thing it sets out not to to. The app was made to bring people together but for me with my account banned and my phone banned/blocked it’s done the opposite.Version:

GlitchesI’ve been on this app for years now and never really had any major problems but today I was just about to go on Snapchat and it suddenly just takes me out. I thought it was a bug so I just tried to go back on it But it kept taking me out! My friend then texts me and asks if my Snapchat it not working either. So obviously it’s happening lots of people so I just decided to delete the app and re-download it and see if it would work. So I did that then I tried to type in my password and it kept saying I had no internet connection so I tried using my data but that wouldn’t work either. So then I decided to delete it and download it again but when I went to download it, it won’t let me!! I hope this gets fixed soon because I used this app an awful lot and have lots of friends on it so I really really hope I don’t have to spend a long period of time with out a Snapchat. Please fix this!!!.Version:

New updateWhoever designs the layout of snapchat needs to be fired ASAP! they never take the consumers reviews and ideas into consideration and create updates that dont reflect any of their consumers values 🤦‍♀️ i honestly get closer and closer to deleting this app everytime i see a new update. who asked for these updates???? nobody. plz take into consideration what the actual users want. ive always let the bad designs slide but this new update seriously did it for me. i can gladly say you'll never see me using this app again. the way the bitmojis are displayed on friendship profiles is actually concerning. not sure if some employees kid designed this new update but its honestly horrible. nobody told snapchat to do this. its also pretty disturbing whne you think about how all the older users are leaving this app... to me it seems as though the updates are made to appeal to the younger users especially this new update. truely only a child under the age of 12 would find this app amusing and entertaining. ironic since you need to be over 13 to use this app 🥴 what has happened to social media 🤦‍♀️.Version:

UpdatesHello, I saw that you guys have come up with a new update and I’m not a fan of it. I was reading the reviews and a lot of what we ask for have not been incorporated. Updates such as; dark mode, live-streams, the changing of usernames, adjusting to the iPhone XR photo quality, being able to hold onto a snap & mark it as read or not, a button where you can “send to all streaks” instead of clicking on all their names, would’ve been great. I’m hoping for a better update soon pleasee and thanks.Version:

Get rid of the black bar and move snap maps backI just updated Snapchat and I’m not a fan, like seriously I googled how to uninstall an update to try and go back. The new black bar that is as the bottom is such a pain as you can no longer see where the actual bottom on your snap will be you just have to guess. It’s annoying and an eye sore, it’s not needed as it wasn’t there before. The new location of snap maps is also annoying is was wayyyyy better when you could either access it by swiping down when in the camera or through your profile. Where it is now makes it so that you can no longer partly swipe across on a chat as it will just take you to the map, it’s also annoying as when you click on an chat it seems to jump into the chat rather then smoothly slide across as it is designed to do. These new features where not specified in the update description and they are just bad and not needed, please get rid of them or tell me how to uninstall the update. Literally other then that I love the app, I’ve been using it as my main way of contacting friends and is a great way to keep in contact especially when we can’t see each other due to COVID-19..Version:

Good but still has a massive bugI have used Snapchat for a long time and have loved it. When it works it is by far my favourite social media app. But for the past few updates it keeps freezing when I watch a video sent by someone. It just freezes then lags as I close the video. Despite shutting down the app it won’t let me open the video as it will freeze after around 5 seconds. The only way I have gotten around it is a) by individually opening each video which now is not working for me as they constantly load (it’s not my wifi as I am still able to send lots of videos easily) or b) by logging out then in again. However this is very inconvenient and annoying as it then precedes to delete most of the videos sent after a day or more so I am only left with ones from normally around 10 hours. It is extremely irritating as videos sent from people are just deleted and it appears that they were never sent when they were. Despite all these updates they have not addressed it. This has been going on for around 7 months for me and is still going on. Please fix it !!.Version:

Stop doing dumb updatesThere’s updates snap users have wanted since time and we write what we want in the reviews. You guys just keep changing the format of snap and keep making it uglier and uglier. Pls stop.Version:

White bar and won’t loadI have to uninstall and reinstall the app at least once a day as a white bar appears on the top of the app and nothing loads until I uninstall and reinstall it, this app is the only way I can talk to my missus so this is frustrating the hell out of me, it annoys me even more with the fact that you guys did “bug fixes” in the latest update, this has been happening for at least 2 updates now..Version:

IPHONE XR QUALITYI literally love snapchat, it’s a major way of communicating right now. BUT ever since i got the iphone XR camera quality or picture quality has been below the dirt. Smooths out my face or super pixelated, zooms in so much bc the screen, and looks like a potato took my picture. hope this is fixed soon :(.Version:

Fix it.Hello and I’ve been on Snapchat for ever. But not once in my life have I seen the screen black and a little grey. I don’t know what to do and I’m not sure why Snapchat did that. Even all my friends were confused on it to because they have NEVER seen that before. Why out of all people it happened to me? Snapchat is my happy place and now it’s ruined you see I would delete the app and redown load it but I can’t because I don’t remember my password. I could make a new password if I could ACTUALLY GET IN SNAPCHAT. Please fix this thank you :) also I don’t understand these bug fixes because it’s never helped my Snapchat not once. After all these updates and bug fixes my Snapchat as been way slower. And with the screen I updated my phone for it I restarted my phone and I’m scared to delete the app with some reviews I read about us not downloading it again? Please fix Snapchat and let us change our names and give us dark mode. And stop locking people out of accounts! That’s happened to me three times and for what? I’ve been on Snapchat for years no one deserves that stuff because then you have to start all over again and it’s annoying it really is. Take away the new update to there is no use for it and just fix Snapchat Jesus. I’ve waited all day and today is a new day fix it. Snapchat was working perfectly fine until this happened.Version:

SNAP BROKE MY CAMERAI was on snap and randomly it stopped working, which is per usual. I closed the app and went back on, but this time my camera was black and wouldn’t turn on. I went to my normal camera app and it was the same thing. It’s been over a day now and my camera is STILL broken. I tried resetting my phone, I deleted and redownloaded the app, I have tried everything. Now, this could be an issue with my iphone. HOWEVER, my friend with a Google Pixel had the SAME thing happened to him after he used snap! His camera broke and everything, which makes me think that snap is causing a glitch in my software. PLEASE do something to stop this, it’s very inconvenient and I might have to get a new phone if it doesn’t fix on it’s own. Snap has a lot of features that are completely useless. The games? Little icons that show up on certain locations on the map? Stories you can subscribe to? Endless amounts of filters? It’s too much for one app that is already based around sending pictures. Some of the features added do not enhance the experience of snap and instead causes more technical issues since so many features are running. Important features should be a priority and if it is causing technicals issues then FIX it or get RID of it. I am FED UP with the constant amount of issues this app has..Version:

UnreliableSnapchat is my main form of communication and has been for years now. About 9 months ago my snapchat camera wasn’t working, i tried everything to make it work. I decided to delete it and re-download it. When i was logging in it kept saying my accounts been temporarily locked- this went on for weeks. i emailed snapchat so many times and nothing was ever done to help me. i had not gone against any of the guidelines! i gave up and made a new snapchat, i logged out of it to attempt logging into my old one which didn’t work. i was so upset because all my memories from 3 years were on it, so i logged back into the new one and i was now locked out of that one too!!!!. i made a new one and i’ve had it for a months now. Yesterday it started crashing too! i can not open videos from people, not click on stories and not click on photos sent in the chat. I’m so upset that i have to feel constantly worried about my snapchat. I really recommend saving all your photos and videos if you don’t!.Version:

Change it backI got an update and I have an iPhone but it makes my phone look like an androids and I strongly dis like it I can’t slide on to chats anymore it’s really inconvenient and frustrating.Version:

It’s the best ,one big problemI quite like this app/camera as you can get games on it, filters on it and everything! I didn’t really like the new update a couple months ago about in March, it’s kinda changed snapchat so if you can could you maybe delete that? Thanks and once I think I got hacked/or logged out of my account, at that time I was using a fake email and fake password, I had no common sense then. So now I think a random stranger has my account and my personal details and private pictures of some (something you won’t want to talk about) I emailed snapchat and this is exactly what they said: Sorry! I can’t help you with that, you have to try on your own, please enter your personal details here. (me not knowing them as they were fake) please try and find the person and send a photo of them if they have the app,yours sincerely snapchat: so that wasn’t helpful 😔 other than that I definitely recommend snapchat it’s so fun! There’s no bugs at all (for me atleast) go download the app now! (Ps: please reply to me saying what to do Snapchat) thank you for your time!.Version:

Iphone xrCamera quality is awful on this iphone. super frustrating, please update.Version:

IPhone 13 mini problemsI have just gotten myself an iPhone 13 mini and when I have sent photos through Snapchat my friends have showed me that the quality has decreased significantly and there is a large border around the photo making the pictures look quite bad, is there an update coming to fix this? Or is it just because of the phones small size?.Version:

SorryI use to love using Snapchat, but now I don’t like it as much! The most recent update is terrible, the app now seems to not function properly! I can not save many things on chats, it’s takes so long to load😠 I can not answer any calls from anyone on Snapchat or FaceTime! I’ve deleted the app and then installed it again but the problem is still there! I’ve refreshed it and nothing😓 I don’t know what to do from here😔 it seems to me that there is still a bug in the app😩😩.Version:

LET ME USE YOUR APP ON MY IPHONE 11I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM AS SHRILLEX - THE REVIEW BEFORE MINE THAT WAS POSTED MONDAY. Yesterday at approximately 3:00 pm i was logged out of my snapchat account and would not let me log back in, so i tried to log in on multiple devices and would not let me. so i logged into my backup account i have had for a while now and it LOCKED that account seconds after letting me login. so i thought to myself this is ridiculous i shouldn't be dealing with this and made a new snapchat on my phone which it let me do and let me login and add friends and talk to them for maybe FIVE MINUTES before LOCKING MY NEW ACCOUNT as well. i figured it was just a one day lock or something so i waited 24 hours before trying to login to snapchat and still nothing for any of the accounts. so i went to snapchats help website and turns out they PERMANENTLY LOCKED MY NEW ACCOUNT I JUST MADE AND MY BACKUP ACCOUNT. and it tells me it cant even find my main account that i have had for YEARS. i have over 2000 photos and videos AT LEAST that are not saved on my phone. so i am upset about that, but i am even more upset at the fact that snapchat won't even let me use their app on my iphone 11, like it won't let me login on snapchat nor will it allow me to make a new snapchat. this is ridiculous and i am VERY UPSET. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version:

Ar6143Before the recent update I would have chosen 5 stars but here's the reason why this time I didn't, on the old snapchat things were easier to use, for 1 everything was layed out in a better position and was easier to use for many generations but now I struggle to use it as so do many of my friends between the age ranges of (16-22). The main reason I am writing this and I know most of the people I talk to on your app agree with me, before this update occurred you would be able to send voice notes that recorded your face now, I'm not sure if they have been taken away or they're still there but I feel like me and my friends have tried everything to try and send one as these are the main way we talk to one another especially in our snapchat groups. I think snapchat should definitely bring these back and shift everything around a little bit to make things easier rather than harder. Other than this snapchat is a great way of communicating, having fun with friends and saving a load of memories that can go back years..Version:

Terrible customer service and highly faulty systemsI Logged out of my account and tried to log in the space of 5 minutes and all of a sudden my account has been temporarily locked. Asked the support team on twitter and also used to website but it keeps telling me that ive either spammed, sent inappropriate snaps, or used a 3 rd party app all of which are untrue. This is not just a problem for me but many of my friends who have had to make new accounts because of how faulty and terrible this service is. Still waiting for an update or a actual human being to help sort this out rather then robotic auto responses..Version:

Full of simply Annoying BugsI love snapchat and have been a longtime user however theres just a couple of experience-ruining bugs that make me want to tear my hair out. (Preface: im fine with all the screenshot notifications and that, if people dont like it they should use a messaging app that doesnt hold them accountable.) The main bug i run into is sending a snap that is never received. I’m on an iphone 7 and this happened on my iphone 6s aswell, i will send a snap to people and when scrolling through the snap send/receive history and see some still labeled as delivered where there are one labeled as opened later one. On top of this after asking my friend, he told me he receives some of my snaps in bulk (not an internet issue). So very annoying and when im msging certain people i will get very concerned a snap didnt send or i didnt receive one of theirs😂.Version:

LOTS OF PROBLEMSWell I have been using Snapchat for a long time but I have never had these problems I was on Snapchat and then I got out and when I went back in there was this notification that covered the screen and it said oops Snapchat is a Camera related app and that I needed to give allow accessFor it to send my photos and then there was a button in the bottom and it said take me to settings and I pressed it when I went to settings I couldn’t find anything I had to delete Snapchat and now I can’t get it back again I really don’t like this app any more I hope your Snapchat fixes this because it’s a huge problem there’s also a lot of bugs in the system so I don’t know what’s up with Snapchat these few days also to whoever is reading this I hope you stay safe during this time of COVID-19 :).Version:

I WAS HACKED!!!I’ve used snapchat for many years as one of my go to apps however recently I was hacked alongside many many other people through Snapchat!!! They get as far as even managing to get to your Apple ID and all other socials and personal info! They even manage to send fake emails pretending to be Team Snap! I’ve contacted Snapchat Support through their online form many times but have got no response! I’ve messaged and tweeted them through Twitter and just keep receiving automated useless responses! This is a serious matter as it’s a chain reaction and keeps happening through each account hacked!!! My personal stuff are being exposed all because there’s not a single HUMAN that runs this app that can guide me! Soooo many people are complaining of the same thing and it’s ridiculous for such a well known application to be this unprofessional and careless about its users!!!!!! So so so so disappointed, and my anxiety is at its all time high with all the stress of this I’ve been dealing with for the past two days! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. PLEASE..Version:

IssuesI love Snapchat and I use it every single day then you’re probably like “ well why did you put 3 stars” here’s why... Few times here recently I had to logout to let someone else login and when I logged back in most of my recents had disappeared. They’re still my friends but their name doesn’t show up. I have to go and search for them to message. A few people even just added me and sent me snaps I didn’t get the chance to open them and their name and snap disappeared it’s like they had never even snapped me. Again I love snap it’s honestly the only app I use but this is really becoming a pain. I have never had a problem with logging out and logging in until here recently. Also, my snap score isn’t going up it goes up on mine but if I have someone look at my snap score it’s like 60,000 lower than what mine says. I know a lot of people have been having problems with the snap score the past few weeks. I’m also not getting any Snapchat notifications and I only know when someone snaps me if I go on Snapchat. It doesn’t show any new one’s and after a few minutes they just appear. So if you guys could fix these issues I will gladly give you 5 stars..Version:

EhThis update is UGLY. the bar is UGLY. all we want is to change usernames, not relearn the interface.Version:

Where are the little video voice notes gone?Before the recent update I would have chosen 5 stars but here's the reason why this time I didn't, on the old snapchat things were easier to use, for 1 everything was layed out in a better position and was easier to use for many generations but now I struggle to use it as so do many of my friends between the age ranges of (16-22). The main reason I am writing this and I know most of the people I talk to on your app agree with me, before this update occurred you would be able to send voice notes that recorded your face now, I'm not sure if they have been taken away or they're still there but I feel like me and my friends have tried everything to try and send one as these are the main way we talk to one another especially in our snapchat groups. I think snapchat should definitely bring these back and shift everything around a little bit to make things easier rather than harder. Other than this snapchat is a great way of communicating, having fun with friends and saving a load of memories that can go back years..Version:

Why is there no customer service?Yesterday I was letting my friend use my snapchat as I usually let him do to contact people and friends since he doesn’t own a phone right now. However, while he was using it I believe he posted something on my story or a private story that was against snapchat’s “Terms of Service”. Because of this my account was permanently deleted and I was IP banned on my phone. This is heartbreaking because I have used snapchat loyally for over 5 years and had 5 years of memories in there that would be devastating to lose. I’ve been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder that causes amnesia which makes it difficult for me to fully remember some of the best times of my life. For me losing my memories in snapchat is like losing those memories for good. I didn’t even get a warning… no three strikes… no nothing… after 5 years one post and my snapchat is gone and I can’t even create a new account. This seems extremely irrational and unfair, I was really hoping that there was some way I could get my account back or at the very least my memories, however, every time i try to contact customer support they send a robot to help me that gives the same response no matter what I say. This isn’t only unprofessional but it’s truly truly upsetting. I would rate the app zero starts if i could.Version:

IPhone XRPlease Snapchat it would be pretty ideal if you released a fix to the iPhone xr and other iPhones that have issues with the camera on the Snapchat app honestly it’s ridiculous that it’s been a year or 2 since these phones were released and there is no fix or solution to this problem absolutely ridiculous Shame on you Snapchat.Version:

Logged me out and deleted both of my accounts with the new updateHas anyone been able to get their account back if so please tell us how…… They had a new update and after that my Snapchat was glitchy when I would open it it would keep closing out so I deleted it and re-download it then after it glitched a few more times it would not let me login at all and said that my accounts got banned for violating the terms of service which did not happen and now all three of my accounts are deleted with some of the only pictures I have of my daughter and family members who passed away and I am trying to figure out how to recover my memories from the accounts and how I can make a new one with the same phone as it says that it banned accounts on this device i’ve read through the comments and I’ve read over 150 other people have had the same problem Snapchat please help us!!!!!! We all I need to get on Snapchat about them restoring our accounts this is not OK we cannot let them get away with us if anyone has had any luck getting a hold of them with an email or any other way could you please post it in the comments so we can start sending messages and if anyone has had any luck in getting their account restored or their memories back please let us know how.Version:

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