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Snapchat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Snapchat app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Snapchat? Can you share your negative thoughts about snapchat?

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Snapchat for Negative User Reviews

BRING BACK OLD BITMOJISTrust me no one likes the 3d bitmojis..Version:

Can’t believe it.I loved this app like many of you for years. I got this app when I was in 5th grade. Like everyone else in this world this app is how everyone on the planet communicates. Nobody uses text messages anymore. This is the app used to communicate. In fact, if you don’t have it people look at you as if you’re an alien of some sort. Everyone from young to old has this app nowadays. But where it goes wrong is with the permanent bans. I have never ever posted anything bad or illegal in my entire life. Not once. I posted CBD which is totally legal. And it wasn’t even me selling the CBD or anything like that. And I was permanently banned. Without warnings or strikes or anything. My entire account that had my entire life on it. Pictures. People I’ve known forever. Gone. Without cause or explanation. No support team to help me. Nobody to talk to. No appeal to be made. It’s unfair that people can post nude pictures of themselves. Or pictures of their body and not have anything happen. Or post illegal substances that they’re selling and not get into trouble. But me, with a clean slate. Never had a strike. Never did anything wrong on the app in my life gets banned. Fix it. Please Snapchat..Version:

Snapchat need to give warnings first or loose accountSnap chat locked my account after someone had my phone and got me banned on Snapchat and Facebook without warning when I got my phone back Snapchat has locked my imei number so that I can’t have a new account ever they aren’t allowed to breach our privacy with our data and Imei number after email and email telling them what happened still locked lost my deceased sons memories and all I’m so devastated over this there’s no communication either I’ve asked for my data to be sent to my email address to no avail pretty mad ..Version:

Hmm.I’ve been using Snapchat since the beginning and have loved how easy it has made for me to communicate with friends & family in a much easier hassle free way! That I have loved! However a little over a week ago I went to get on Snapchat as normal and was signed out, upon attempting to log back in I was given a message saying my account has been permanently banned.. like really!!! I figured it was just something with the app itself but nope still won’t do a dang thing. I proceeded to search for hours on how to contact Snapchat but to my avail a company as large as this one does have have good solid communication centers to deal with issues when they arise for its users, and that saddens me. What saddens me more is I reached out over twitter and absolutely nothing, I had photos saved to my memories from family & friends that have passed or I no longer have contact with. And as of today as still currently locked out of my account with absolutely no idea why. Sad sad sad!.Version:

3d bitmoji…I’m sorry but the new 3d bitmoji is ugly af the 2d version looked waaaay better 😶.Version:

It’s very good, but…I think the app is AMAZING in general. On this app you are able to contact your friends, family, significant others very easily. Not only can you message them, but you can call, send photos, videos, very quickly. You can also have this score with the people you know called a snap streak, which I think is very awesome, but there is just one downside that I think is not right. I noticed from going to one of my friends profiles, we have saved many photo, videos, and some chat attachments, but there’s also something else I noticed. There wasn’t a voice message save section, the voice message feature is very cool and I love it and there are many memories in those types of messages. I don’t like scrolling through chats, because it takes a long time. It also wastes time to scroll so long. So I really hope that Snapchat will eventually come up with a voice chat save section feature..Version:

Annoying to update - constant bug fixes !Used to love Snapchat, however as you can’t send videos without using the newest update and there’s is an update every two days - it becomes frustrating. Understand there’s a need to fix bugs but so often! Frustrating..Version:

InfuriatedI have had snapchat since 2014. A few months back my account was hacked and the hacker posted something that violated community guidelines. I’ve tried everything to get it back but somehow the most popular social media messaging app in the world doesn’t have a PHONE NUMBER TO CALL🤦‍♂️I’ve tried emailing I’ve tried using their support page and it’s always the same thing. I’m told that I will not be able to get my account back for so and so long. I have lost 8 YEARS worth of memories I used this app RELIGIOUSLY. First thing I did when I woke up was check my Snapchat. All I want at this point is the ability to create a new account I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never get those 8 YEARS of memories back but all I have to say is if you have never had snapchat DONT GET IT. The customer support is non existent and it’s just as easy for someone to hack your account as it was mine and boom all those memories and everything go right down the drain. I used to love this app but I don’t foresee the device ban being lifted so yeah. Stay away..Version:

Laughable Incompetent CompanyYet again another update BUG FIXES where nothing has changed still bugs in the app this really is showing the Incompetence of Snapchat Inc ignoring Users feedback is playing with fire as you will soon see to say Snapchat Ceo Evan Spiegel is a billionaire he might have the money but its quite clear he doesn’t have the brains to actually employ People that know what they are doing instead employs dim wit Incompetent People who have no idea how to improve an application Mr Spiegel you need to give your current employees the boot and get People in that know what they are doing and have the brains to take the Application forward Doesn’t deserve the one star given in its current state long term user lost and Snapchat + Subscription CANCELLED as a result of the Incompetence of Snap Inc App now DELETED too Good Riddance to Snapchat won’t be long till others follow suit the Attitude of this company towards its users is going to be its downfall it stinks does Snap Inc I would advise others to delete the App Boycott SNAPCHAT.Version:

Snapstreak.Overall I really good app! Love all the different filters and the spotlight addition! It’s really nice to have, I have one issue though, my and my bestie have had a snap streak for 13 days, however last night we were on a timer so we were texting to help it go up, it got to about 8 o’clock at night and still nothing happened, this motioning we came and we were still on a streak!!! Then we started texting hoping it would go up but then it disappeared?! Can you tell me why this happened as we are both very upset as it is very unfair!! We were working hard on your app for that streak and you just decide “no, it’s not gonna go up.” This was happing also on the 9th and 11th day streaks, they weren’t going up until somewhere after 9 pm and that’s ridiculous. Please fix our streaks if possible..Version:

UPDATESThese updates are brutal. my favourite thing about the last update was the ring light instead of having your eyes blinded by the flash. they just took it away in the new update. BRING BACK RING LIGHT.Version:

I beg of youPls remove the goofy 3d Bitmojis and stop logging us out then I will give this a 10 star. I say this out of respect (I won’t next time if you don’t remove the 3d Bitmojis).Version:

Please help!!!’I logged out of my snapchat account so as my son could log in to his account on my phone. Since doing this I am now not able to log back into my account????? I’ve tried to even reset the password but for some reason I am not receiving the verification emails or any email from snapchat at all, so I am unable to access my account that I have had for many years and have many years of memories on there. This saddens me to think I may have lost all of those memories!! I have an iPhone so my login details are actually saved in my phones security so I am not sure why it is saying I can not log in now. Trying to get in touch with Snapchat is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do, I get the security has to be number one but wow!! PLEASE HELP me gain access to my account again!!.Version:

They don’t pay attention to reports or crude content.This is an app all used by many people. Young and old. Today I attempted to report an account that had blatant nudity on it. No, it wasn’t fashion, or lifestyle. It was people fully naked and exposed having sex. This was an account found off the reel category. I reported it and was very quickly responded to with an automatic email that said the account was fine. I checked the guidelines and it specifically said that the videos and account broke the rules. This was all the proof I needed to see that they don’t enforce their own rules or care about what content is being put out on their app. Absolutely teririble..Version:

Support System Needs a Fix!My account was permanently locked, meaning I cannot log back into that account or make any new accounts. Due to this problem whenever I email the Support Team I never get an email back about what can be done (such as allowing me to make a different account). Every email I have sent about my concerns was immediately followed up with an automated email about how I cannot get my account back although that’s not what I was emailing about in the first place. With college coming around the corner I will suffer immensely due to the fact that Snapchat is the main form of communication on any college campus. I hope that Team Snapchat sees this and follows up with an email and an expiration for why my account was permanently locked without a warning or a temporary lock first. I am now stuck with no Snapchat and no chance to get a new Snapchat. I’m very disappointed in how the support system is set up, it needs a change. I have sent 20+ emails with concerns about what to do and what happened with no response other than the confirmation email..Version:

Hate itSo I was actually a big fan of the app Snapchat until one day I woke up to find that my account of 6 years has been permanently banded for no reason at all and I have tried to contact Snapchat but they said that there is nothing they can do. So I have accepted the fact that I lost my whole account all my friends which I’m not close to in real life but would talk to then occasionally over the app. All my memories of my little sister growing up and a lot more. And on top of that I want to make a new account so maybe I could add my friends back but apparently once you are permanently bannded on Snapchat you cannot make any new accounts so I’m basically device band on Snapchat and I’m unable to make a new account..Version:

They need to remove half swiping.Remove half swiping because it make my friend less confident about a girl he was talking to. It makes people loss their confidence because they choose when to reply and I prefer real life because you can leave people in real life on delivered for 8 hours..Version:

This is getting annoyingPLEASE STOP WITH THE 3D BITMOJIS. PLEASE. You need to trust me when I say that LITERALLY NO ONE LIKES THEM. They are ugly and stupid. It was bad enough when you made them do stupid poses when when clicking on our profiles, but now you decide to change them every where else? They are literally repulsive to look at. Please for gods sake get rid of them and put back the old 2D ones, because they were so much better. Idk who it is on snapchats design team that is making these horrible decisions but if youre reading this, I hope you get fired..Version:

Why did you mess with my bitmojiHoly my bitmoji looks absolutely nothing like me why did an update to this app completely change my guys appearance and make his look stupid like change it back now Snapchat Jesus Christ.Version:

Won’t let me install the appI have downloaded Snapchat a couple of times on my iPhone but it has NEVER done this before. I have tried multiple times to try and install the app but it will not let me. Instead of asking for Face ID to install Snapchat, it asks for “verification”. I will then proceed to put in my Apple ID for it to only show “billing and payments” where I therefore have to add my credit card which is ALREADY connected to my phone. I have even tried changing my App Store settings in the settings app but it didn’t work. I have even tried to delete some pictures and apps to clear up some storage to download it but that didn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated!.Version:

IP GlitchHey Snapchat for some odd reason u have ip banned me for no reason I can not access my Snapchat account neither make myself a new one i have been trying to contact your support network but no responds I have unlocked my account but it automatically locks me back out I have had my Snapchat for 12 years it’s really annoying I believe someone has reported me for no reason I have never done anything wrong like it’s not fair honestly please fix this glitch bug etc if u can thank you.Version:

Getting banned repeatedlyMy account was compromised and banned. I contacted support and got the usual bot reply. So I made another Snapchat account so I could stay in contact with friends. This was IMMEDIATELY banned also. So then I made another one, which was banned once again. I’m not impressed by this as I have contacted support twice but get a bot reply. Not impressed..Version:

HorribleMy boyfriend sister and i have all experienced the same thing in a short amount of time as well as one of the other reviews! I was logged into my account and i was sending snaps to my buddies, ( not to mention it was streaks up to 956 streaks, and with 45 people) and right after i sent them i was knocked out of the app, i figured it was due to my boyfriend logging into my account but no. i was logged out and permanently locked out of my account with no warning or temporary lock. i quickly text my boyfriend through imessage and realize the same thing just happened to him. i tried and tried and tried to make a new account but nothing worked. however my boyfriend was able to make a new account. i am very upset because i just lost all streaks and to make things worse i cannot log on and retrieve my memories. but if you make it quick, you might possibly be able to log onto your account after 24hrs of being locked out. we also contacted the snapchat support team and nothing works, we got an automated email back or nothing at all. if i ever get back into my account then i will retrieve my memories and then right after i am just going to delete the app entirely, ITS A MESS!.Version:

Poor performanceThe app will no longer allow me to add people. I have not reached the limit on how many people I can friend. It appears with the message “something went wrong”. It will not allow me to add friends off quick add, friends stories, recently added me etc. I have a strong internet connection. I cleared cache. I restarted phone. I deleted and re-download the app and nothing resolved the issue. I reached out to Snapchat multiple times about the issue and never received a response or had the issue fixed. This is poor form and honestly disgraceful. No point having the app if you aren’t allowed to add people. Get your act together snap..Version:

Some things that need to be changed back to the way they wereMany things in Snapchat have stayed the same as they were at the start of the year but the majority of them have changed. Sometimes change is a good thing but on this case it’s just made it worse. For example making everything into the 3D version makes everything look bad as there is too much shadowing on the bitmoji. Also changing the notifications to no longer group together is really annoying. So having these things change back to the way they were would make my rating go back to 5 starts instead of just 2..Version:

Farm LandI play farm land daily and today I got on farm land for at least an hour farming everything from corn to onions to grapes I had gotten just about everything someone could get in farm land I had honey comb grapes oranges apples lemons tomato’s onions beets fish eggs milk yarn and cherries etc I had around 2000 tomato’s at the time like I said I play this game daily and after that my phone was at ten percent so I decide to get off the game I go cash out all my things in the bottom right corner with the guy with the truck who cashes out everything I got 800k exactly and then I put my phone on the charger after I get my phone I decide to go back on the game and when I get back on my coins say zero so I’m thinking to myself this must be a mistake but it’s not I exit out the app get back on and my coins still say zero I have never experienced such monstrosity it’s ridiculous I play this game almost every minute of the day I’ve gotten at least 100 people to play this game with me and if anything you guys should be giving me extra coins yet here I am having to leave a review on it because I am so at loss for words I am hoping you can resolve this issue until then you don’t wanna know.Version:

Can’t log inYour stupid app is useless for Logging me off the app. Rip my memories🤚🏼.Version:

Disappearing snapsWhy the hell are my recorded snaps disappearing when I leave the app for a moment a some times and not at others? It’s 2022..Version:

Snapchat memoriesI’ve been using this app for years and all my snapmap memories aren’t syncing I’m deadass so upset, please someone help.Version:

Good app - SnapchatI love using Snapchat especially when my cousin comes over and we take funny pic together. Snapchat is an amazing community, I’m 16 and it’s perfect. I love chatting with my friends and boyfriend. All though one issue: one time I accidentally friended this random stranger and he sent me pics and hot pics. He was actually pretty cute but I was freaking out and then he sent to me: it’s me Lucas from uni and I want to take ur boyfriend away from you so I can have u. I told my boyfriend and he said it was good cause he was cheating on me. So I ended up dating the uni boy even tho I was in high school. Problem is ok now. Things are going great and I now have 7063 followers. Lovin snapchat guys! 👍✌️😄 peace out ✌️! -Bailey Kentacuson.Version:

STOP MAKING UGLY UPDATESLook i like snapchat, i’ve used it from 2016 onwards, as i’ve grown up in secondary school it has basically been the main source of communication for everyone but omg can you please STOP MAKING THE APP UGLY first you changed the icon and made it thick, then the 3d bitmojis, then how it flashes yellow when you take a video??? see i could stand that at an extent as snap was still basically the same app but now i’ve just seen you guys make it look like WhatsApp where you can change the background of messages ? it’s horrible (like 100k people agree if you looked on tiktok). Keep snapchat how it is, you’re making the app look ugly and make us just not like it, yeah make cool updates which make snapchat more fun like the flashbacks or the snapchat games, and how you guys fixed calling so i can text as i’m on call w someone, that’s what we want! not ugly updates which make us repulsed to be on snapchat, whenever a new one comes out everyone’s stories are just « omg this is horrible what have snapchat done » like i haven’t already seen it. god if i could update backwards i would. it has gotten to the point where so many of us have just turned off automatic updates and refuse to update the app, which isn’t good as it makes your big fixes and app updates useless. just keep true to your aesthetic and stop trying to make snapchat like other apps..Version:

I dont even knowSnapchat is a great app but i have a bunch of suggestions and a huge problem i just started dealing with 1. so i’ve had snap for a long time and i used it EVERY SINGLE DAY and had literally no problems until a few days ago. so basically after school i got on snap to text my friend and it said “Snapchat is a camera app. 😜 please access camera in settings to continue. so i was really confused because i just got on one day and it said that. my friend was with me and was like “check settings”. so we did and it had NO OPTION FOR CAMERA and i was ( am ) so annoyed. the only way i can get on snap to do something else is if i get a text or any type of notification from snap. i tried making new accounts and i even deleted my account to try and nothing changed. i looked up on safari how to fix it and it had NOTHING. please fix this issue because it’s super annoying and you’ll lose people liking your app because of this issue. 2. also make it were it doesn’t say someone screenshots chat or screen records because it’s really annoying. i’m trying to get some gossip but i can’t because it’ll say i screenshoted chat and then i can’t. OTHER THAN these issues this is a good app and i love the filters on there and it’s basically the only place i take ( took ) photos..Version:

TAKE AWAY 3D BITMOJIS!!!!They’re so ugly and completely change the bitmojis face that you made. Terrible..Version:

Too many addsEvery 20-30 seconds of a story that you’re subscribed too- it’s a 5 second unskippable add. Worse than YouTube. Ruins using the app outside of messaging. Snapchat sucks these days.Version:

Hacked then permanently lockedFound out someone was taking provocative pics of me on my snap chat and using them to make money or lure others into doing so, id have to change my password a few times to stop it form logging me out. Doesnt matter i would keep getting messages that i violated terms and would have not one single story posted in my app. I had some men report actually me as posting these things or bc i woudlnt follow thru w what they paid a hacker for. I messaged snapchat about this and worrying about being blocked. I was also getting reported for posting in certain stances or even for just wearing a bikini as a fat girl. Snapchat can allow KIM KARDASHIAN to post their bare bikini photos as profit but if i do it i am violating terms sexualizing snapchat? I tried to talk to them via app and via twitter. It is not a real person ever dealing w this app. My phone its self has been banned so i cannot even remake a new account. Its crazy to me how we MADE THIS APP FAMOUS and its ads and money from the public keep them going but they can control what we say and what we post. And god forbid something is wrong or messed up there is no help..Version:

Bad and good reviewSo over the past few years of having Snapchat it’s been absolutely great no issues no problems nothing but the past few days there has been an issue every time I try to scroll through multiple stories it kicks me out the app so I have to go into one straight a time and it’s really annoying and when it kicks me out it’s glitch is my phone a lot and I would like you guys are five out of 5 but I don’t think I’m going to this time because it’s literally glitching my phone but on good terms I love how the app is so useful handy also if you could try and get to me somehow and tell me how I can fix a problem please do but I’ve already tried to update it and there’s no update yet so I’m not sure what to do my account is lilly_lovell23 Thanks 😊.Version:

Uhm Snapchat rlly-?!I’ve had my acc for almost 3 years and I was doing nothing wrong I was talking to my friends and sending streaks to get my snap score up. When I finally decided to go into a different app my dog was deciding to give me a hug which I thought was rlly nice so I went on snap to take a photo of us together and for some odd reason it logged me out so as everyone would do I tried to log back in but it kept saying that it was unavailable to log back in so I got a friend to do it for me and when she tried to log in it said my acc was permanently locked-?!?! So I went back into my acc and it said the same thing-? But I hadn’t dont anything wrong so I’m very upset about that because I had some really nice memories thst I now can’t get back. So thank you very much Snapchat for that I really appreciate it 😻.Version:

Too many glitchesThe most annoying thing is the fact that every time you are sending a voice message, if you don’t keep clicking the screen to prevent it from blacking out, you will lose your voice recording. Every time the light fades from your phone, the voice clip you’re currently recording is completely lost even if it was 5 min long. Countless times I have given up trying to record something because of it. Been going on for years and I’m surprised Snapchat doesn’t even care to fix the issue. Also, when you upload several posts, many times it stops uploading the rest of your story and you lose the entire story. Imagine being an influencer and all your snaps get lost because it won’t upload and it won’t let you save them either. Just says “uploading 0%” for each snap that it didn’t feel like uploading and you will never ever get them back if you hadn’t saved them prior. Who has the space to save each snap story before posting it in case stupid Snapchat doesn’t upload them? How y’all not addressing these issues but keep finding other stupid meaningless “upgrades” that don’t even make a difference..Version:

Absolutely terrible experience I have lost all of my photos and friends and so much more do to thisI lost my account for some reason, I’ve reevaluated the tos community guidelines I’ve even gone through snap chat support and have sent several emails regarding my issue and I haven’t even got a word back yet. I have lost my job because of the confusion this caused I’ve now have friends and family who are mad because “I don’t speak to them anymore”. I haven’t done anything wrong on snap the last message I sent was “I love you stay safe and let me know when you get home” so if that’s against community guidelines than I’d say that’s extreme censorship for no reason. I’ve had my significant other even send in emails through the only way to contact Snapchat . I’ve used snap for my personal and my start ups (start ups being a Rv rental business and a modeling agency). Additionally I’ve herd a lot of people in South Carolina and Georgia it’s been happening to them for whatever reason. I know it wasn’t guidelines or tos so the only other thing was it making a mistake on my 3 accounts (1 personal 2 business) of it being “suspicious” additionally I’ve never had to wait longer than a week to get a reply from Snapchat and this isn’t the first time this mistake has happened it happens on my last phone too.Version:

Great idea awful appGreat app and love the concept however it’s just a nightmare to use! It’s definitely not working how it used to and it’s not down to my phone. Half the time I have to delete and reinstall the app because i don’t receive notifications and it adds random filters i don’t want when trying to send a snap which means i have to retake it!!!! Really really bad and constantly having bugs like now I cannot send snaps or chats to anyone on the app despite trying 4G and being connected to good wi-fi and it’s not just me who has this issue other people I know do as well. Please sort this out snapchat. I’ve noticed this is since they have added the snapchat+ feature to the app which I don’t have so if this is a marketing way to get me to pay for it I am not..Version:

It Wont stop crashing!!!! Glitching out!!I love Snapchat and use it daily but these past 2-3 months have been horrible with the crashing/glitching out it’s been doing ,I have been keeping up with all the updates for Snapchat for the past 2-3 months and nothing has been fixed for the glitching… I have the newest iPhone so it’s not my phone. Everytime I go on to watch my memories it crashes and kicks me off the entire app. Anytime I go to see the pics I took on Snapchat or any videos , it crashes as soon as I start watching ir viewing them. When I wana post a video from tiktok it crashes and kick me off the entire app. Only good thing so far that has been happening is I can still Snapchat and send selfies to people but anything and everything else just keeps crashing!! I have already made several “bug reports” on the app it’s self, and went to the “app is crashing” option when I sent the report and I made my comments and I’ve done this at least 6 times already. And yes I have kept up with all the updates; and it’s even worst then before with this last update!!.Version:

Device banned me for no reasonTerrible app, terrible customer support as it is all automated, I used to love Snapchat until they banned my account for no reason and not allowing me to make a new account or sign in to any other account on my phone without it being banned immediately.Version:

Support is terrible.I’ve had my snapchat for 10 years going into next year, and is my main communication app for everything. i have memories on my account i have had for over 10 years and memories of my dog who unfortunately passed away a year ago a few days back. my account got locked on the same day or just after, with no warnings previously whatsoever, no suspicious apps or anything i’ve used with my account and i’ve been BEGGING for snapchat to appeal to my emails and dms because this while it sounds cringey i’m sad i lost my snapchat, it’s because i’ve had many memories on that and friends i communicate with on that. i’m begging for someone, an actual human being instead of a bot to respond to this, Snapchat Support is literally full of AI that send automated emails from keywords..Version:

DOWNHILLI feel like every update is pretty much a downgrade. Snapchat needs to start listening to their users when we say we HATE the 3D bitmoji. For the full body it was fine but i hate how it took over the selfies too, it is very annoying. PLEASE BRING BACK 2D FOR THE SELFIES !!.Version:

Updates annoyingToo many updates constantly.Version:

Snapchat honest reviewSnapchat is probably the best app for social media. Its fun to use and keeps you entertained with many updates. But there are many downsides i got banned for no reason on snapchat and i lost all my snaps my ohotos ive lost friends that i have known for years lost my eyes only and snapchat did not let me take any of that. I got permanently banned for no reason and i emailed them 5 times and still no reply. Snapchat should atleast tell u if ur about ti get banned. All my ohotos of my dad are gone and my mates that i fant seee now wich is very annoying and made me very sad. Ive been using snapchat since 2018 ans never had this problem. But i cant do anything ive emailed and tweeted at them and i dont seem to grt any help. And if you get permantly banned do not go to any instagram page that claims they can open your snapchat..Version:

Great App but Not Very HelpfulI’ve had my Snapchat account for over 3 years, it contained all of my memories, and conversations with my friends that I cherished. I loved this app for a while now until this one day. I woke up as usual, and did my regular routine. I open Snapchat and suddenly it says that my account has been permanently locked. I am in absolute shock, I never intend to break any Guidelines at all. I did nothing wrong, I was responsible with my account which caused the confusion. I searched for Snapchat Support, desperately trying to get back my account. It wasn’t much help, since all the “help” said was to read the Guidelines. Which I did but did not benefit the situation. That’s when it hit me that I must have been hacked. Obviously, this was the only explanation. My account out of the blue suddenly becomes blocked for no particular reason? I instantly contacted Snapchat saying that my account was hacked, I needed a response and waited patiently. Nothing, Snapchat didn’t acknowledge the fact that my account which I’ve had for over 3+ that contained ALL of my contacts, ALL of my memories was out of my reach. I understand that Snapchat cannot help if someone’s account is locked, but it still frustrates me to loose an account that made me happy. I almost wanted to cry in anger from the situation. I still haven’t gotten a response, email, or anything from Snapchat about my account. Stay safe guys, save your memories and be careful..Version:

Ad deathWhat is with the insane amount of ads? It’s become ridiculous at this point. Some subscriptions you get 10 seconds of content for 5.99 seconds minimum of advertisement. The worst part is that they’re un-skippable until the time has completed. Is it that hard to add a feature that actually skips the ad after the required time once you’ve already tapped the screen? Or a setting to auto-skip ads once required time is reached (but a button you can tap if you are interested to see the rest)? Way to force people to be glued to their devices and feed the social media addiction that is so prevalent. Like, sometimes I want to enjoy Snapchat stories/subs while I’m busy with my hands but I can’t because it will be stuck on a repeating advertisement or a repeating, 3-minute movie trailer. Smart design but also terrible and I hate you guys for it. I’m sure your investors love it though! I’ve had Snapchat for about a decade and while I love a lot of the features that have been added, it’s just become another social media moneymaking machine. They seem to care more about the profit than the user experience, which is a far cry from where they started. At least Facebook/IG stories doesn’t force their advertisements down your throat, three taps and they’re skipped..Version:

Snapchat banned me for no reasonThey banned me for something another account did on my device but wasn't even my account.. they banned all my accounts on my device just because of one account .. it's just not really a reason to ban all my accounts because another account did something on my device but fyi it was my cousin. because she was copying something she found on tik tok and didn't have a phone so i let her use mines .. little did i know that she was gonna get banned and she was gonna get my accounts banned with it.. i have sent snapchat 4 emails and they still haven't yet to reply with a real person .. i literally cried just because i lost my account and basically losing all my streaks and my snap score. and it's the fact that i can't even create a new account because they will deactivate it.. i literally can't use snap at all and i would have to delete it because of somebody else actions.. not mines..Version:

Horrible updatePlease get rid of the 3D bitmoji it’s soo ugly we all like the 2D one just fine especially when making it a selfie. Literally any hairstyle in 3D turns out awful..Version:

Absolute jokeI had an account which had years worth of memories on and all my contacts then one day I decide to go on and realise it logged me out so I tried to log back in but every time I tried to log in it said the same thing “your account has been deactivated” and I’m so upset I lost all my memories from years ago and every time I try to make a new one it won’t let me! I’m so annoyed. I’ve tried to make a new account on a different phone and that was fine but when I try to log into it on my phone that account gets deleted aswell. I have done nothing wrong at all, didn’t break the terms of services at all. And I can no longer keep in contact with my friends and family. I have emailed Snapchat and tweeted them loads of times and still no response. FIX MY ACCOUNT! And fix the app..Version:

Don’t like discover pageI’d really love if the discover page was optional. No matter how many times I try to hide toxic stories from coming up they always do. So much content focusing on womens bodies and stupid celebrity drama that Id really rather not have to see when using the app..Version:

:()Fundamentally this App is Strange. The Concept of sending photos of your face back and forth with someone for no reason is… weird. Also is very indicative of this apps history (snap was originally made for sending nudes, hence my eyes only and timed snaps). Anyway its a strange app with like three common bugs that somehow haven't been fixed. But also the concept works how ever bizarre it is. It also does a bunch of cool things to make people addicted to it 🤪(streaks, snapscores). App is like, cool ig. I mean, I cant say i don't use it..Version:

Lack of support and morals in Snapchat teamI have used Snapchat for years and lately I have noticed a lot of changes and allowance of promotion of porn and false information. Recently I have had an account banned and I had requested a consumer review of the account but Snapchat lacks the ability to stay in touch with its consumers. I also believe Snapchat allows the promotion of “private content” I thought this app was also for children? It’s very easy to access explicit content on snapchat without having to request to follow anyone or subscribe. Another one is sex bots. In my experience in snapchat I have blocked and reported many accounts that have deemed as sexual predators, these accounts still exist and it seems snapchat lacks the discipline to take care of these issues. I know another user name that has its data stolen from snapchat and when a email was sent to the support team about this issue they insistent on keeping the compromised data. This user name was wrongfully banned from snapchat. I do not recommend this app for any adolescent or even adult as they will compromise your data and likely sell it to the dark web..Version:

My account was permanently locked because I was hackedSo my account was locked and I have lost memories from 2016 to now, i was hacked and couldn’t log in or uninstall the app for 2 weeks, then I tried to log in and it wouldn’t let me. I have had Snapchat for 6-7 years and have never broken any terms and conditions until I was getting email after email saying my account had been reported even though at the time I wasn’t able to log into my Snapchat account because someone had changed my password, so I tried to get my account back by emailing you and there was no answer no one ever got back to me so this is why I’m leaving a public review instead. I made a new account and had that for a few days but then that also got locked because I’m not allowed to make any other accounts. My friend recently got her account locked for no reason permanently and even though you say you can’t unlock permanently locked accounts hers got unlocked. I don’t see how this is fair and I would like a response..Version:

‼️🚫Appalling App🚫‼️Yesterday evening I was snapping my friend like normal and was kicked out of my account straight away, I then proceeded to go to google to see how to unlock my account and was sent to the Snapchat help page, when I went to unlock the account a message then came up saying “your account has been permanently locked”, 3 years on this account and I’ve lost everything including photos with friends and family that are no longer alive, the costumer service from Snapchat when I then opened a case to try and figure out what had happened was an absolute joke, I’ve had no explanation as to why my account has been removed, also had an email of suspicious activity on my account which I informed Snapchat of but they just keep ignoring it, do not use this app to keep photos as I’ve been using Snapchat for nearly 10 years and now this has happened, don’t let it happen to your self because the heartless people running this company won’t help you recover a single thing‼️‼️‼️.Version:

ANNOYEDI am extremely upset and annoyed at snapchat. I have been using Snapchat since 2016 and have never violated a community guideline. On the 14th of September 2022 I was scrolling on my Snapchat when suddenly none of my stuff was loading, I decided to log out and too my surprise I have been permanently locked out of Snapchat. Not only did I have many friends on there but I also had memories built up over the years saved that have now been lost and never to be seen again. I have tried contacting snapchat support and they have been zero help. I understand when people break the rules you have to teach them a lesson but what about all the people that have been banned for no reason??? Appalled by snapchats lack of help and empathy..Version:

TERRIBLE Support CenterA few days ago I was permanently locked out of my account with no warning and with no explanation. I have not violated any guidelines nor do I have any third party apps. I tried contacting Snapchat on every possible social media platform to which they responded: sorry we can’t help you anymore here; go to our support website. So I did. I selected the option of “my account has been locked,” described my situation and was sent a message saying “your account has been permanently locked.” That’s it. Then I tried clicking the “my account has been compromised” option. The same response. There is no other way to contact the support team for personalized help. Only got automated messages and not even an explanation as to why my account was locked. I tried to make a new account but couldn’t because my account is still active technically even though it’s locked so I can’t verify my phone number or email. I have put in a data retrieval request in hopes of getting my memories and friends back but I have not heard back from them yet. Then I will have to delete my account through the support center so I can use my email and phone number to make a new account. Apparently this has happened to a bunch of people recently for no apparent reason. We are livid..Version:

Snapchat fix thisMe and my friend were messing around and my friend reported me as a joke and it said I got temporarily banned and I couldn’t log back in so I had to create another account but then one day my friend logged on with his account and it logged me out like it usually does but it kept saying I was temporarily banned and I tried creating another account but it wouldn’t let me after a couple days of trying the app suddenly said due to suspicious activity or the amount of times logging in you have been temporarily logged out and it hasn’t changed since I’ve tried everything but it won’t fix itself please read this and fix it.Version:

My opinion on SnapchatThe app is amazing works perfect and smooth when you have it but recently I have ran into a problem that a lot of others have found a problem aswell and that is being the fact of a false device or ip ban the problem with this is you don’t get told what one hs happened and why so you could go with a false ban. Ontop of that because it isn’t clarified what ban you have it could be as simple as a SIM card change all the way to a phone switch to use the app and a wrong choice could leave you with a new phone and still being banned due to your sim or a new sim and top up for nothing as it needs a new phone..Version:

Snapchat😂😟I like snapchat alot and how i can communicate with my family and friends, its super cool how you can snap back and forth plus doing streaks. Something also i really like about snap is posting on your stories so you can snap about yourself and making new friends and what you do in your daily life. There are a couple things that i dont like about snapchat is how there are these predators on there looking for children to do nudes and bad things on the internet and i like how you can report the photos and chats its just i really want the kids and teens on snap to be careful and talk to the people you know cause some people arent what you think. There is another thing i wanted to mention that i dont like is when you want to post a vid in your story but the time limit is only 1 minute. I think the limit should be around 3-5 minutes because some people like to post tiktoks on their story and tiktoks can be longer than a minute sometimes so its very tricky to add something like that. For whoever is watching this. BE CAREFULL!!🥰🫵.Version:

StoriesIt’s annoying when watching stories the bit from the bottom pops up all the time to reply to the story when tapping through them! Does my head in!.Version:

Love this app but it’s got some issuesI’ve used Snapchat for many years, since the launch of stories. Its been my go to choice for social media, but there are some gripes I have that I’ve encountered over the years. Firstly, the ads/news. I feel like Snapchat would benefit greatly from having less ads between my friend’s stories. I understand that this app has to be monetized to keep the company afloat, but the frequency they come up is kinda ridiculous. Also, snap news is a mess and I’m not really a big fan of that feature. My second real gripe is recent. The ring flash has become the default flash on my front facing camera. It just doesn’t perform as well as the original flash, and the fact that I now have to click out of it whenever I want to take a picture using the old school flash is kinda frustrating and makes it take longer for me to send my snaps. Please just put the default flash back where it belongs :(.Version:

Asking for contact permissions every timeIt keeps asking me to allow access to contact every time I open it. Please make it stop. That is the most annoying thing about the app. I don’t want it to access my contacts so stop bothering me every time I open my app (.Version:

Not Happy !!For some reason you guys have locked me out of the app due to “suspicious activity”.. I don’t understand why when I tried to contact you guys that I had been hacked but I kept getting automated response. Honestly it’s a waste of time. I can no longer contact family members overseas due to this faulty app..Version:

EmbarrassingI love snap but the update is rlly wack i cant see my bsf list the bitmojis r 3D and ugly and i hate it a lot plus i wanna change my name but i gotta wait another year ??????.Version:

Please take these into considerationAt Bitmoji party back Add a game section in the bottom Make us leave the leave a group without it saying (———) left the group Add a special button where the same group won’t keep on adding you again and again Make 3D bitmojis optional Make Bitmoji stickers optional everywhere on many texts please Make a reply section like Pinterest has Thank you and great app I think it’d also be fine for younger kids.Version:

Some glitches ang suggestions for the app :)Have been using this app for years and love how it’s grown but recently have run into some issues in regards to memories. If a video has multiple clips it breaks it up into sections and you can’t edit the sections even if u try to delete them or cut them off, it does nothing and the video remains unchanged when I post it. I prefer how it used to be where u could just see the whole long video and trim off the ends (and save multiples of that in case u don’t want to post the whole thing) another issue is now I can’t save multiple videos on my device, im not sure if this has to do w snapchat or the fact i’ve updated my phone. but once I select more than one video it removes the option to save it on my device - and if I select 3 or more it won’t let me post it to my story. these weren’t issues before and considering I use snapchat as a camera roll and also for content, I would really appreciate these updates being changed! otherwise I love the app also I was wondering if y’all would ever make it possible to download an archive of all your memories (or even make it a option you pay for) because i have memories dating 6 years back and I would love to always have access to them regardless of service or not and also for like when I get older, it’d be really appreciated not only by me but probably most of your users! this is just a suggestion ofc but would be awesome.Version:

The discover page ruined SnapchatTerrible videos are always being promoted in click bait ways, no way to avoid seeing them. Snapchats chat and video/pictures works great, as well as the stories. But the discover page completely ruins all of that.Version:

Terrible Customer ServiceYesterday, I was permanently locked out of my Snapchat account. 1) Snapchat does not even inform you what action specifically made them lock your account. 2) They block you from submitting a case/appeal if you are permanently locked out, and in my case as well as thousands of others, I know for a fact that I was wrongfully locked out of my account and I can’t even reach out to Snapchat customer support. This makes me believe that Snapchat really doesn’t care about its users. 3) I have thousands of memories dating back to my childhood that I often look through, but now I can never access them again because of this heinous error on Snapchat’s end. I have thoroughly looked through all Snapchat’s Terms of Service and reasons for permanent lockout, and none of them applied to me and I know that for a fact. The only possible thing I could think of was the fact that I was on a public wifi at the time of lockout, but even then, I wasn’t even using the app when they locked me out. Snapchat needs to do better and supply better customer service for me and the thousands of others this has happened to so we can continue using the app to message our friends and look at our old memories. I am extremely upset and disappointed..Version:

Good app, but can be better.I mean don’t get me wrong it’s a good social media app with a lot of security, especially to help keep you don’t know from adding you, but there’s only one things that annoys me about Snapchat. You can’t delete multiple conversations at a time, so you have to go one by one through your chats, and to delete a friend you have to go into their account and select remove as friend and it then asks you to verify that you want to remove that person, and you have to do it for everyone. You could have over thousand friends and you’d have to remove 200 people it’s very frustrating and tedious. I want Snapchat to add a way to quicker way to delete chats/ friends or select a bunch of people and you can delete them at the same time..Version:

Keeps going downhillSnapchat is one of the main ways I communicate with the people close to me. I do love the basic features they offer: sending photos to friends, filters, best friends list , stories, etc. although within the past couple years it seems like every new update is just unnecessary. The only one have actually enjoyed is the front facing flash selection. But imo there’s no need for maps or a discover page, spotlight page of people I don’t even know, and seriously why did they make exporting photos and videos so much harder now? Pleaseee make it simpler. For the past few months I’ve had to click edit, share/export, then save to camera roll. It just shouldn’t be under edit, why did we take away the export button on the first screen showing the photo. Another request I have is to make the subscriptions and discover page smaller or further down and have the friends stories larger because that’s who we’re actually in the app for. Love you Snapchat, but you don’t have to be every other trending app out there. Stick to the roots and they will reap you plenty..Version:

It’s ok, inappropriate for the age limit thoIt’s quite good except the videos-there are a bunch of inappropriate videos for even 13 yr olds to be watching! And every time I tap on the chat I accidentally end up saving a message which gets annoying. Also the list of quick adds are like!.. a bunch of people I’ve never heard of before! How do u come up With that list anyway? But the rest is pretty good. Snaps are great but there’s a lag in the system so I snap people and still don’t get a streak I mean seriously! And my daughter has this and it’s like impossible to find out how to put in the parental control on it I mean seriously where is it?? And the fact u need to ask them to put it on there phone!.Version:

Amazing app!!!Fantastic.Version:

Terrible!I have an old Snapchat account that I’ve had for years now it has many pictures and memories on it however I put most if not all of these pictures into “my eyes only” as it was hard to look at them and not cry or cringe or both. Just recently I’ve wanted to get them all back because I realized they’re precious memories no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately I forgot my pin for “my eyes only” and I’ve tried multiple combinations but nothings working! I saw I could press “forget password/pin” which usually helps reset the pin or password you’ve forgotten, but I can’t press it because if you go through with trying to reset the pin it will delete all of the pictures within “my eyes only”. I’d really like this to be changed because I know there has to be others that had put precious memories in it thinking they were too embarrassing and later realized they’re not really embarrassing and wanted to get them back out but forgot the pin for “my eyes only” only to realize if they reset the pin all those memories are gone! This is a really crappy feature that NEEDS to be changed as soon as possible because I really want those pictures and memories back!.Version:

.The app is good and all but whenever I'm using it my screen blacks out like every second an it's really annoying, even when I'm on call it blacks out.Version:

????Snapchat used to work perfectly for me until a few weeks ago, every time I try to log in nothing is loading and none of my messages have been sending and even when I receive messages from a friend I cannot save them or even open snaps. I have to keep getting off and on but it still doesn’t do anything until I restart my phone, but still after that, it works for a few seconds and my messages send, but then it stops. I’m not sure why it’s doing that but please fix it it’s quite upsetting when I’m trying to talk to my friends about something important. It’s nothing to do with my I internet as I have no problems like this with any other apps I use. Ty..Version:

Everyone is getting ban for no reason.I have had Snapchat for YEARS. 7+ years at this point. I don’t post much to my story the past few years because a lot of people in my life, and people I know online are getting ban for absolutely no reason. Snapchat support will not help you, you either get an automated response, or NOTHING at all. Real disappointed. I personally have a lot of photos in Snapchat that mean a lot to me, and I would be devastated if they were gone. I know a lot of people feel the same way, yet the photos are GONE. Nothing you can do about it. You can get a new phone and make a new account, but they’ll ban that account too. Snapchat actually device bans people. So if you even login to any Snapchat account on a phone that has been device ban, the account is immediately suspended. It’s even gotten to the point where they will ban your IP address. You can get ban for sm0king w33d in a legal state, but dr1nking alcohol is totally fine 🙄 Snapchat has become an absolute joke over the years. Not to mention the lawsuit in illinois over the issues Snapchat has had with peoples biometric data ☺️ Time to back up all your memories to be safe. Get ahold of yourself Snapchat. Absolutely no privacy whatsoever..Version:

Get rid of the 3d bitmojisLiterally noone asked for this and it's ugly asf.Version:

Baffling, nonsensical, unintuitive, maddening to use.1, you can’t keep a history of text messages. Stupid if you need to keep track of logistics over social arrangements with others. 2, no obvious way to upload pictures taken with your camera from iOS camera roll. Sometimes one wants to take a nice scenery pic and crop it a little or correct the exposure but no, it’s a camera app where you can’t upload your own pictures. Absurd. 3. The content, is head shakingly low brow, lowest common denominator click bait trash. It’s all celebs, disturbing images, frivolous nonsense with very little to any serious cultural or artful or ‘nice’ content with any deep educational value. Shallow, vapid nonsense. Our children are doomed. 4. One gets randomly added by women all over the US and Canada. Some who then insult you and then disappear. Look, im always open to network with more women with an option for relationships but SC *needs a sex/location/age filter*! 5. Any pics one does upload, (say a pic of oneself) disappears after 24hrs! As a comms application, Snapchat is not fit for purpose, and only appeals to and encourages the basest most shallow instincts in people..Version:

Why.Snapchat, you have helped me in ways i cannot speak enough of. i thank u for ur support although this needs to stop. i thought we were like this 🤞🏽 but u betrayed me. i shake out of fear, i get sweaty, my heac bangs everytime i open your app to pray that it doesnt keep logging me out. i have tried plenty times. i need you snapchat don’t abandon me i beg. i will forever love u more then any app but please make my acc normal. i shoukdnt have to be absolutely petrified and trembling because of the risk of other people getting notif i left them on open, ect. i love u but please other wise this will exceed. i am a 28 year old who has 7 years law experience with a master degree , i suggest you feel threatened otherwise i will take this to another level. love u 😍.Version:

ACCOUNT LOCKED!!!I have had snapchat for almost 4years now, i loved this app and i spent so much time on it, i had so many people that i don’t see anymore on it and that’s the only way we keep in touch because we don’t have each-others numbers (snapchat friends) and the other day, i went onto snapchat and it had automatically logged me out so i automatically assumed someone had signed into my account, however i didn’t think anymore of this and tried to log back in (then change the password) well it turns out that i couldn’t log back in because snapchat have locked my account and i have done absolutely nothing wrong, i have memories of my dead dog on there that i have now lost, i have tried to unlock my account and it won’t let me, and i’ve contacted snapchat support and they haven’t helped in the slightest they just send an automated message that sends me to their website that i’ve read multiple times to try and recover my account… I AM APPALLED BY THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND SYMPATHY SNAPCHAT HAS!.Version:

Too many spam accountsI’ve been receiving record high amounts of spammy and suspicious accounts and messages. I report and block all but clearly Snapchat is not doing enough to stop these fake accounts attempting to add me and send me porn links..Version:

Incessant suggestions bring down the core appAt every single opportunity, Snapchat try’s to get you to add new people. And often these suggestions are placed in ways where I will accidentally click them and add strangers – especially the suggestions located under your chats. If Snapchat would get it a rest and stop trying to convince me to add more people so I spend more time on the app, it would be a significantly more enjoyable experience. The current interface reeks of pathetic desperation which begs for my constant attention so they can get more ad money. The core concept of the app is fun, and a long time ago Snapchat was way more fun. But it’s watered down by obnoxious and poor attempts to capitalise off my attention and convince me to stay on the app just a little longer, which I imagine only act to drive people further away from the app. Also, Snapchat+ is cringe..Version:

Very good but there’s a problemI enjoy using snap to snap friends and chat with them however for the last month and a half snap has been weird. For some reason sometimes my snaps don’t send and it happens when I am on a different app and click on a notification from snap this is when it won’t work and it won’t work in till i turn my phone off and on. Other than that snap is a great app I just hope they can fix that bug.Version:

EnduranceDefinitely a great app to have despite the copious amounts of hiccups there are along the way with the odd occurrence of bugs, but otherwise have endured them over the years and so far so good and still hanging in there. 3 Stars purely for the fact that bugs and glitches occur often and often cause a little displeasure at those times. In spite of all that I still like the app, but hate it when the bugs hit.Version:

UnlimitedThey should let us send unlimited snap at a time instead of just 10. someone should also make a i ❤️ hot dads as a filter just like the i ❤️ hot moms.Version:

3D bitmojis = 👎🏻PLEASE bring back 2D bitmojis. The 3D ones are creepy and overall look awful. The 2D ones were cute and actually made your bitmoji look good. nearly every review is saying the same thing i am so snapchat PLEASE fix this..Version:

Wth scRight so i was just outside with a few of my friends and decided to take a picture with one of them. i took out my phone tried to press the photo button and instantly my account got logged out. At first we all laughed as i tried logging back in but we quickly noticed “permanently locked”. i was in shock. I had done absolutely nothing wrong and it permanently banned me. i had years worth if memories and things i will never be able to get back. anyway i made another account and once again, after adding all my friends back. It permanently locked my account. i made another account and it locked me again. I actually cant believe it. I tried contacting snapchat and its not working. Im going to try again and if it works i will be delighted. especially to get some precious memories back.Version:

Ss and screen recSnap chat is great don’t get me wrong I love it but the screen shots and screen recording it’s annoying because what if someone’s cheating and you need to screen shot the chat of you being told and then they ask don’t screen shot!! And when you get sent a snap from an ugly person and u wanna ss it to make fun of him or when your screen sharing don’t get me started on the screen sharing it’s annoying because then people text you saying why you screen rec and it pisses me off so get rid of the notifications please,from your dearest user ben dover.Version:

Only regarding the 3D bitmojiTERRIBLE, ugly bad, the 2D ones look cooler, and better, and not dumb, please please please please please please please please get RID of them please :) rest of the app is good 5/5.Version:

Good but..I absolutely love this app. My friends mainly contact on it which is why i got it. I love all the filters and the videos. A couple of issues though, you can prevented sharing location but if you want to look to see for example if you’re friend is nearby, it will keep messaging you to turn on your location which is rather concerning as i often get caught out by it and have to go into settings to turn it off again. Another issue is that when you’re watching videos there is no way to restrict content that might come up, so if you’re a child scrolling through reels then you might come across so concerning content. overall I think snapchat is a great way to communicate and use some hilarious filter but, be carful when going through the location section and reel content..Version:

Snapchat remove people buttonPlease make a button so you can group remove people it will make life so much easier.Version:

Snapchat is a dying app anywayI had a whole review typed and ready to go but it lagged and deleted everything I wrote. A current trend the app is doing since they can’t admit to their foolish mistakes. This app does not care about you but would rather kick you off due to a new update. This past week thousands of users were permanently blocked off Snapchat. All users explaining how they did nothing wrong and everything is gone as well their friends. I’m going to cut to the chase. Tiktok is a great app to call people out and spread awareness. Two good things, Snapchat is on tiktok and most people have tiktok. So what I'm saying is everyone who got booted needs to make a video stating their case of what happened to them and use the hashtag #snapchatban in the description as well as tagging Snapchat. With enough posts there is bound to be one that goes viral therefore making the hashtag viral. With thousands of people who are angry, Snapchat will have to respond or else they face being cancelled. Which honestly would be a good thing because another new and improved can take over and run Snapchat into the ground. Snap is growing more and more toxic, let us end this stupid app!.Version:

New Snapchat+I don’t exactly know how our phones work but I do understand that they are basically a tracking device and collect information on our lives. As a normal person I don’t have the time of day to read through all the pages of terms and conditions of every app. This causes me to simply just agree and move on with my life. As a avid Snapchat user who uses it purely for communication, I can’t quite see how the Snapchat+ will make the experience any better. Especially with the new features for ghost trail, story replay and others that give information on people without them sharing it to you. If feels awfully invasive and manipulative towards the idea of it being normal to know everything and anything about everyone. Sure, you can just turn on ghost mode and move on. But as a communication app, why should someone have the capability of stalking someone’s every move. I’m no phycologist but this doesn’t seem like its good for our minds. Feels more like another money grab and phycological game to make people feel like they have more control over there lives..Version:

OverratedAll my friends use it and I downloaded it to see what it was all about. The addition of quick add is a fun feature but it gets annoying when people you don’t know are always trying to quick add you. Personally I’d only talk to people I only know in real life. That’s with the addition of the chat deleting after 24 hours. So somebody could send you something or say something and it could delete in 24 hours. And the addition of Snapchat telling you when somebody is screen recording, or took a screenshot, which is a feature I quite like. All together, Snapchat is just another messaging app, heavily overrated and I’d rather just stick to WhatsApp.Version:

Get rid of 3D bitmojisThey’re ruining the app.Version:

RUBBISHI have just recently brought a new second hand iphone 13. My snapchat account when k first logged into it had become BANNED although i never used snapchat on this phone before.. I have tried to get help from snapchat many times, however they just told me they could not help… HELLO? YOU ARE THE DEVELOPERS OF THE SPP??? Also i tried to make a new account and it had banned that one too?? I have looked up many ways to log into it, and every single site is telling em to buy a new phone.. I JUST BRIUGHT THIS PHOEN FOR £500 you would have thought that snapchat worked on it? and if it didn’t that snapchat would be able to atleast help me with it and get rid of my banned acccount — i have unlocked my accounts several times but they keep getting banned again. Snapchat do not help with anything it’s a rubbish app.Version:

Snapchat don’t care.I have messaged Snapchat in the last couple of months with no positive feedback. When I first make a complaint they always let me know it has been received. I complained that there is a bug, I can’t message a lot of my friends and vice versa, then another friend said I screenshot his post which I didn’t, and there is something wrong with my views, I have been on this application for a long while to know how many views are receive, why aren’t people able to see my post, and another person complained that the posts are just loading and they can’t see the post. I don’t know what to do really. I don’t think you Snapchat really care about people with a low following like me. I would appreciate if you could look into the problem for me. But I know nothing will be done, I look forward to hearing back from someone soon..Version:

3D bitmojis 👎👎👎Dear god, give us the option to turn off 3D bitmojis..Version:

It’s a great app but there’s one problemIt’s a great app and I use it all the time to text my family and friends. I’ve had this app for about 3 or 4 years now and a problem like this has never happened to me til now, I don’t know what happened but there’s one problem that I been getting lately, I keep getting kicked out and when I go back into the app, everyone and all my friends I have added their profile disappears and it says I don’t have them added when I do, and it’s not letting me text them. Also when I try to post a story it kicks me out and it fails, and that’s not even it, when I take a photo and I try to save it, it fails and says “You can’t save this” or something like that, please fix this and No it’s not my wifi because I’ve checked multiple times and my wifi is great, it’s the app. It use to be 5 stars but I’m gonna have to give it 3 stars now because this bug is really annoying and it’s getting on my nerves, if it keeps happening then I’m putting 1 star. I use this app all the time but this bug is just so annoying, please fix it..Version:

FIX THE 3D BITMOJII can speak for majority of people on snap that we dont like it and want the 2d back... or have an option to have what you want. Cause alotta people including myself dislike it strongy. Other than that great app :).Version:

Quit quick addHi enjoy using Snapchat but am sick of the hundreds of quick add people I get every time I use it I get another 59-60 strangers showing up please make this option to receive quick add as optional. I'm tired of having to hide them all the time.Version:

5 years of memories lostI’ve had Snapchat since 2017, I woke up one day and it said my account was deactivated so I tried to log back in but it said it was permanently locked, my friends texted me on another app to ask me if I blocked them but I didn’t. I tried making a new account but it kept on being glitchy and saying “something went wrong try again later” so I swiped out of the app and clicked it again and it look me back to the log in/sign up screen, so I tried to log back into my new account I just made but it said “account not found,” I found out that once your account is permanently locked, you can’t make a new account on that device. I still like Snapchat and still use it on my old phone but it’s becoming a hassle, Snapchat needs to fix this and find a way to get my account back because I had 5 years of memories on that, from 4th grade to 10th, I had memories of my friends and family that I will never get back, Snapchat is stupid and I cannot believe this happened to me in just one night and now all my memories from the past 5 years are gone..Version:

Perma locked for no reason.I was permanently locked out of my account for no reason. I have contacted support, and still have not been given a definitive answer as to why. I never had a problem with Snapchat up until now and I just want to fixed. Before I get an auto response on this- I do not have any third party apps, plug-ins or “tweaks” as Snapchat support calls it. I have never had any third party apps, plug-ins or tweaks..Version:

UGLY BITMOJII literally never write reviews but I hate the new BITMOJIs I wanna make 1000 accounts on the App Store so I can write a million reviews about how bad it is PLEASE bring back the old ones oh my god it’s so bad.Version:

Stop recommending “friends”For the love of god please stop suggesting people I may know or people I should follow. I don’t know any of them even though it says I might, and I don’t want to see it as a suggestion next to my stories that I follow. I have the notifications turned off for it and your app STILL recommends the same people to me every day even though I’ve exed them out. It’s super annoying. Also when I ex them off it follows some of them? I don’t want to follow these people, make it stop..Version:

VERY UPSETI have never gone against there guidelines or terms and conditions i had my account for 5 years and they permanently locked my account for no reason all my friends and especially my memories are all gone never to be seen again i can’t even make another account because they’ve banned my actual phone from ever having snapchat the only way i can have this app again is by buying a new phone and making a new account since i can no longer have this app on my phone snapchat is no help what so ever im extreme upset about this whole situation. DO BETTER!!.Version:

SOOO MAD THIS IS TERRIBLEMe and multiple of my friends got locked out or banned permanently out of our accounts no warnings and not even from someone reporting our accounts. ever since this update this app is just going down hill. my friend tried to get in contact to get her account back and so did i and the response was there is nothing that can be done about it!!! we tried to make a new account and those got banned too but im not bouts to get a whole new phone and everything for an app sooo… i hear this is happening to a lot of actual users but how come spam sex workers don’t get there stuff banned or get to keep making accounts but we people who just want to share pictures with our friends or videos at a concert get ours take away ???? so ima keep watching the down fall of this app as it is happening right now and i will very much enjoy it cause im not in school anymore and now all of my memories of it is flushed down the drain very important events too so good luck fixing this one snap !!! and hey watch out on tiktok more than only people i know are having these problems!! #cancelsnapchat #bansnap.Version:

WARNING ! DO NOT TRUST SNAPCHAT.I would just like to say that I used to love Snapchat. I had it since the year 2013 and had countless memories saved within the app. On August 17th 2022 , my Snapchat account was permanently locked for no reason . Literally from one day to another when I opened the app , I was logged out of my account. Immediately I thought someone had logged into my account and that was why I was logged out ( which is impossible considering the complexity of my password) but when I tried logging in, it said my account had been permanently locked and gave me no reason why. I feel very disappointed with the Snapchat corporation because if they had felt I violated their terms , I would at least like to know what it is I did wrong or violated instead of just closing my account without warning nor giving me a reason why . . Secondly If it was something I did , how did they acquire the knowledge? Was it Artificial intelligence scanning through our data? Or a human looking through our data and pictures? It makes me feel very uncomfortable to think how much of my privacy has been invaded ? I’ve emailed them numerous times already and have not gotten any emails back at all which is strange considering Snapchat is supposed to get back to its customers. If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it.Version:

Right nowTake out spotlight it’s pointless.Version:

Hacked, so many memories lostI have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can't unlock it. what doesn't make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can't help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can't help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won't have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on "snapchat support" which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say "figure it out" considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can't help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me..Version:

TerribleI have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can’t unlock it. what doesn’t make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can’t help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can’t help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won’t have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on “snapchat support” which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say “figure it out” considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can’t help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me..Version:

I don’t like the quick add, it’s annoying!I am really annoyed with the quick add feature. Apparently having it turned off doesn’t work. You keep allowing strangers and people I don’t want to follow keep popping up on the “quick add” section. I want it removed or a feature where it actually turns that off for some of us who don’t want it and prefer a little more privacy. I don’t see why you have to force the issue in how we add friends. I use Snapchat for my friends and family, not for random users. I would like for that feature to be removed or respected when I select the toggle to off!! I also don’t want random people’s accounts popping up on my Stories tab. I don’t like it at all. If I want to add someone, I’ll add them myself. I really don’t want random accounts coming up and me having to “hide” them just so new ones can come up again later. That process is frustrating. We should be allowed to choose who we want to follow and not random people, that frankly I don’t even know. And not ALL mutual friends or possible friends are my friends. Sometimes people you know who you don’t want to follow come up and I don’t like that. Please fix this because it’s not cool or fun to force this issue upon us..Version:

TerribleAwful app, randomly locked my account last night, first said it was temporary so I waited till this morning to log back in, and I got back in for about 5 minutes before it kicking me out and locking me out again, then when I went to unlock it through the app it said it was now permanently locked. I have not broken any of the guidelines or rules I’ve been very careful to stick to them since my last account of 5 years was permanently locked for me posting mouthwash tabs from Lush on my story (Snapchat said I was selling drugs) this time I haven’t even got anything posted on my story so I have no clue why it’s locked me out. And now when I got to create a new account or log into one of my really old accounts it’s immediately blocks the email or number I’m using and locks any of the other accounts..Version:


Bad customer serviceMy accounts were blocked for no reason I tried to email to get them back but clearly snap only helps those who mean something to them which is nobody , i won’t be using this app ever again as i have no way of retrieving my accounts and snap was my main source of contacting my family ,now everything has been ruined , thanks for ruining my Christmas Snapchat , there’s a reason why nobody uses it that much anymore the bugs are annoying as they used to mark people’s stories as new despite me watching them already and put people in friends with in the subscription part. Next time you think if you should download this just go to instagram it’s snap without the bad customer service and lack of empathy..Version:

Exposure to fans only girls and pornographic vidsToo many “fans only girls” are bombarding people and quick adding sending pornographic unwanted vids and pics of themselves. With the amount of traffic to this “fans only” you kind of stop using Snapchat.Version:

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