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ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound app received 156 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound? Can you share your negative thoughts about shuteye®: sleep tracker, sound?

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ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound for Negative User Reviews

RubbishThis app is useless, when l first downloaded l sent off a question two weeks later still no reply. I used the app for 3 nights without to many problems there after each morning it would tell me the recording was not accurate due to having a fan or or other background noise. Late each afternoon it would remuneration to exercise, by this time l was already getting ready for bed. The interface look impressive but the app is a waist of time..Version: 2.4.2

Not impressed with the chargeI signed up for the 7 day feee trial and then noticed that the $97 came out of my bank account that day! I went in and immediately cancelled my subscription (well within 24hrs of signing up) but the charge still stands which is really rubbish. Now I am stuck paying for an app that I won’t use as it’s not what I was looking for and out of placket $97! Beware users…...Version: 2.6.0

UselessStuck on creating your sleep report after every attempted download, disappointing.Version: 2.6.0

Fake free trialInside the app, it said that we had a 7-day free trial when purchasing (which, for decent apps, means that you can cancel it before the 7th day if you don’t like it). However, after you subscript, there’s no way to cancel it, neither the app offers ANY form of communication with them. I’ve tried to e-mail them, but no response so far. Just no customer service whatsoever. I would like my money back..Version: 1.5.5

Needs an auto on functionThe good thing about the app is when it works. It gives you interesting information. The problem is it’s mostly wrong. I think most people put the TV on before they fall asleep. That is counted as snoring. If I’m starting to fall asleep, I don’t want to have to stop myself, wake up, grab my phone and put on the app because then I’m up. There are other apps like “auto sleep” that you don’t have to do that with. I’m already having trouble falling asleep, so having to get myself to grab the phone to start the app defeats the purpose. it’s interesting that when I look at reviews, I see the exact same review from when I purchased the app. apparently, the developer only wants to show positive reviews and not try to improve the app. it counts the TV on as snoring, animals, and all sorts of noises so this app really is not for me. But they won’t allow you to get your money back so it’s just a waste of $20..Version: 2.3.4

Useless for the most partWhile this app has a few nice things like music, white noise and the ability to record your snoring and farting, it can’t possibly know when you are actually asleep or in REM sleep; so their sleep statistics are truly misleading. It’s cute; but it isn’t what you think it is. In the end, this is nothing more than a novelty. When it comes to rating the app, you will be bombarded with annoying pop-ups that give you two options: 1) Rate it highly 2) Continue to be bothered by persistent pop-ups. Because if this, you absolutely cannot trust the high marks this app receives in the App Store. That alone should tell you that this app is not entirely what it purports to be. This method of rating must absolutely be changed. I only wish I had a convenient way to report this misleading rating scheme to Apple. Until a change is made, the app owners will continue to mislead prospective subscribers. For that reason alone, you should be leery about downloading this app. (My question to the app developers is why don’t you trust your users to rate this app without only giving them the option of giving it a high rating in your pop-ups?).Version: 2.1.7

Wake up alarmOne star just because of the fact that developer decided to turn on (really annoying) wake up alarm on this app by default. This is an app for people to track their sleep - because they (probably)have problem sleeping. Why would someone decide to wake me up every day, even during a weekend, on randomly choosen time?.Version: 2.3.7

About 65% accurateI’ve noticed after using the app every night that it frequently records that I’ve been lying awake in bed for a number of hours when I’ve actually been asleep. It also registers if I wake up but not when o size and fall back asleep for 30 minutes in the morning. I’m also unclear if it registers mid day naps (even when used) and contributes them to your total. So it’s ok and clever tech but if you sleep with someone it’ll confuse your results too..Version: 2.6.0

NopeI’d like to know how it thinks I’m asleep when I’m up moving around carrying my phone with me. There needs to be a way to say “no I didn’t fall asleep in 17 minutes, I’m 43 and have never fallen asleep in 17 minutes, even when I haven’t slept at all the night before because I have raging insomnia.” At first I thought it was tracking my husband who falls asleep in seconds, but nope. We slept in separate rooms for a week. How am I asleep when I’m adjusting the phone volume or switching to a different recording to play? There’s no way to leave feedback when you wake up about how you slept or anything, just the three stupid emojis. Waste of money. After their response is like to update. Says if I don’t make much noise moving around it won’t register it. Let me clarify. I live in a house with 6 children. It is NEVER quiet. How much noise do I have to make? “Call the cops bcuz there’s an intruder” noise? Seriously. And again, I’m playing games on the phone the app is running on…yet I’m sleeping. The phone is being moved around…yet I’m sleeping. And apparently I sleep drive, cuz we went to the gas station once. Whatever. This app is pointless..Version: 2.0.2

Doesn’t allow playbackWell used this app for a day and can’t hear any of the so called recordings app sucks.Version: 2.6.1

Don’t make people pay !!!You have over 10 million people using this app and your telling me you want someone to pay for premium like you get money from people downloading your app like I thought it was supposed to help our sleep but you got pay for most the stuff like what’s the point about that you don’t care about our sleep you just want money and some people can’t afford it have you thought of that.Version: 2.4.0

It’s not freeIt’s advertised as free, but you have to pay a yearly subscription to unlock and it’s way overpriced - even with the 50% discount everyone gets if they don’t agree to pay full price..Version: 2.5.9

Too expensiveI already wrote a review but I went to go delete it after and it said offer just for you under delete and I decided to see if I could get it free although I was doubting it and I spun some wheel and landed on a jackpot and got 50% off how useful I am not spending that money rn just use ads please.Version: 2.1.8

Great Concept but.......I like the concept however I find the app is way off. I paid for the year so it is what it is. I wish there was a way to make your own notes to help correct recordings or gathered data to differintiate between one or more sleepers. Unfortunately the app tends to pick up my husbands snoring over mine most of the time even though he is further from the phone. Also it says I fell asleep within 10 minutes last night when I was literally awake for most of the night I even picked up my phone a few times to look at the time or check another app or something but it apparently thinks I was sleeping!!! At one point my husband & I got in a small argument about moving over because the other was hogging the bed but the app logged it as sleep talking!!! I just wish there was a better way of gathering data!!!.Version: 2.4.2

FrustratedNo response from the support team to the technical issue. Followed up and no response :(.Version: 2.6.1

A few kinks but I really like itI really like the app so far but I don’t see how it will work for me personally. I’m open to suggestions as maybe there is something I’m not aware of. So far, it’s combining the sleep of my husband and I. The tracker shows I am in deep sleep when in fact I’m wide awake listening to my husband snore. And it recorded him coming in from work and taking medication as me teeth grinding and in deep sleep. Nope. While I am able to mark the recordings as errors, it would be nice to be able to make a quick note of why it’s an error (not my snore, I’m awake, that’s a pill bottle). It seems to me this feedback would help shuteye better identify the noises it hears to track better. I’m exhausted from little sleep and yet it states I was asleep 6:17 of the 7 I was in bed. In fact I was awake much more and walking around at a time it tells me I was deep sleeping. I’m confused but there must be a better way..Version: 1.9.7

Not that greatFirstly, the app pesters you for a review. Secondly it pesters you for a review. Thirdly, the app pesters you for a review. When you eventually give in - a negative review (seems to be 3 stars and under) is fielded by their servers and thus not published. As a result, the ratings on this app are all absolutely skewed! I was so vexed by this I went out of my way to open the AppStore and write this. The app is OK, but only OK. The reports are nowhere near as accurate as say Sleepwatch or Snorelab. Considering the cost of this app is more than both combined, it’s just another fancy UI bloated with a combination copycat features that are mediocre by comparison..Version: 2.0.7

TerribleDoesn’t work properly. Terrible night sleep last night waking up constantly and apparently I had a good nights sleep…. I didn’t have my dogs with me, I was cold and couldn’t sleep. Other nights I think it’s monitoring my dogs and says I have a bad nights sleep. Don’t have any faith now. No warning to finish the trial which it automatically charges the highest level. Have cancelled and definitely won’t be continuing. Very disappointed. Would zero star if possible..Version: 2.5.6

Not worth itI used this product for a week and found it to be very inaccurate. According to the program I was in deep sleep at 4.30 am, when I fact I was up getting ready for work. The program has no way of telling if you are actually in your bedroom and asleep. It assumes you go to sleep immediately, which for me is not the case. Then it records and tells me I’m talking in my sleep when I’m actually still awake! The program cannot distinguish between a human snoring or a dog snoring. Some of the recordings may have been me, but I do t snore when I’m awake, it’s my little dog who says in my room at night. I will not be subscribing!!.Version: 2.6.1

Unable to cancel SubscriptionI have used app which is good however I want to cancel as I signed for a year and there is no option to cancel. I have emailed developer and replied with screen shots as there is only option to choose a different payment plan and not to actually cancel. Still no reply this is ongoin months I have emailed apple..Version: 2.3.3

FlatlineAll I get is flatline saying I was not sleeping when I was..Version: 2.6.3

Ripped offThis App advertises a 7 days trial, but I was charged after 5 days!!.Version: 2.6.1

Not as accurate when there are two of you in bedI liked using this while I was single because I knew any sounds it picked up were me. Now that I’m married, it picks up my husband’s snores. So the score doesn’t accurately reflect me, it’s like a score for the two of us. For example - when I was single, my score was high 70s, low 80s consistently. Now it ranges from like high 20s to high 40s. I wish there were a way to mark recordings as ‘this was my partner, not me’ or something like ‘this noise was from outside’. I used to sleep during the day and it would pick up lawn mowers and call it snoring. If you mark something as a mistake, it should fix the score. I also wish you could mark ‘I’m sick’ and have that affect the score. I obviously snore more when I have a cold. I don’t think ‘blocked nose’ is all that accurate..Version: 2.5.7

ScottQuite a pointless app, the sounds are way too loud and if you turn them down then it will also turn down your normal alarm and you end up sleeping through it, the noises it picks up and says is teeth grinding and apnea is the sound of my accommodation creaking or a door in the house closing I know this from playing back the noises and living with the same noise for ages, app it not for me especially given the extortionate monthly price, should be free realistically as it’s next to pointless.Version: 2.0.6

NightmareWouldn’t allow me to do week trial made me buy the yearly subscription it stops recording anything after a certain time even tho I don’t switch it off for example twice I’ve woke myself up talking (I live alone so know it was me) yet the app didn’t pick it up at all first night I set an alarm it didn’t go off good job had another alarm set I’ve used different apps for sleep tracking but wanted to try this one as I had heard and read good reviews but deffo wish I hadn’t wasted my money on a yearly subscription just for a 3 day usage only tried it for that long to give the app a chance deffo do not recommend please don’t waste your money.Version: 2.5.9

What a jokeThis app is saying that I’ve fallen asleep in 8-22 minutes. But I literally lay here all night tossing and turning. It says I’m “snoring” when I’m wide awake clearing my throat. I have allergies. The only sound this thing has gotten correct was the “animal sound”. It is not tracking sleep accurately or any of the sounds. It said I was snoring the other night and it was my roommate using a blender in the other room! This app is a waste of time and money. I even tested it by talking. Every so often I would just say, “I’m awake still, so if this is saying I’m in deep sleep it’s not accurate”. I said that about five times and it did not record one time of me talking. (I thought it’s supposed to let you know if you’re talking in your sleep. It should allow us the entire recording and not snippets some Ai picked out that are not even close to being snoring or talking or deep sleep. Shoot, last night it didn’t even realize I was not sleeping and I was tossing and turning. But it didn’t pick up those sounds either. I am extremely disappointed and want a refund. Please and thank you..Version: 2.3.7

THEIVES, MONEY TAKEN EVEN WHEN CANCELKED WITHIN 7 DAYSHow on earth has this app managed to gain 4.7 stars. I came across this app as I have trouble sleeping, sometimes it’s because I have money worries! I signed up to the free 7 day subscription, realised I would be charged if I didn’t cancel it, spent hours trying how to contact them, as they make this impossible, I managed to find an email address tucked away on their app, making it really vague on how to contact them on purpose! I sent an email stated to cancel my subscription approximately two hours after subscribing, EVEN THOUGH I CANCELLED WELL WITHIN THE SEVEN DAYS THEY CHARGED ME £50, I was so angry that this company could do this even though I cancelled they STOLE my money without any authorisation. This company is an absolutely SCAM, please please do not subscribe to the 7 days free, it’s a hoax, please read the reviews, I was foolish enough to believe it was a genuine app, but it is run by FRAUDSTERS and should be closed down. I was charged £50 just for being curious into how the app worked, they are pocketing on vulnerable and innocent people and should not be allowed to run this app. This app and the people running it are a disgrace !.Version: 2.3.7

C’est trop dispendieux et l’appli ne se met pas en françaisJe ne recommande pas.Version: 1.3.9

ScamI just sign up first for 7 days free trial to check if it’s good but they charge me $83.99 right away after I’ve sign up so I cancelled right away and they didn’t get my refund!!!!.Version: 2.6.3

Too complicated to set up, no “free” results.1). There are far many questions / features to set up the app. There must have been a dozen questions during setup. I seriously only want just one or two questions! Trying to be awake enough to set up the features actually woke me up and prevented sleep. 2). After the first night’s sleep, it gave a message that I needed six more nights in order to give results. By that time the “free trial” would have ended and my card would have been charged £50, so I cancelled the subscription. Pity, but I did not have £50 to spend on an sleep app..Version: 1.9.7

DisappointedI like all of the features but it’s disappointing how you have to pay for it and so many ads show up!.Version: 2.6.1

InaccurateI used it for a few days using the free features and found it quite accurate and said I was sleeping 4 - 5 hours a night, which is true and the reason I wanted the app. However. As soon as I decided to pay for the year subscription it decided for the first time in decades I had slept for over 8 hours. I know this isn't true because I was awake for quite a while during the night and even messaged my daughter at 5.21am, after I had been downstairs for a wee then did some online window shopping, all when I was supposedly asleep. Wish I had stuck with the free version..Version: 2.4.6

SketchyWhy does this app have so many 5 star reviews without further comment? Let me tell you. When you are using the app it prompts you, like many others do, to leave a star review. The choices are “no thanks” or that you like it. When you press the button that you think will take you to the App Store to rate and leave a comment but by not choosing “no thanks”, it doesn’t take you there and just logs a 5 star rating. I question the ethics and validity of the rating. So I’m counterbalancing my unintentional rating you tricked me into, by leaving one star. 😂.Version: 1.4.8

DisappointedI don’t understand how every time an app says you get a free trial, it’s not really a free trial. I would at least like to know how the whole entire app works before perching. All this app allows you to do is record yourself sleep for free just so you can wake up in the morning and PAY to hear YOURSELF, what is that.. I believe if I am entitled to a free trial it should include every feature that the app has in my free trial so I know what I’m paying for..Version: 1.5.4

These apps are kind of a big scam.I like the idea of being able to listen to what you’ve said, done, and if they’re’s anything you should be worried about or call a doctor about but you can only listen to barely any of the clips as the rest are hidden until you subscribe which most people either can’t or don’t want to, for me both. And the clips it normally shows are around 3 seconds long. I’ve clicked on clips of sounds I’VE made in my sleep and it wouldn’t let me listen until I pay to subscribe. And all the features that apparently you would be able to use if you paid look really nice. i’ve looked through other apps like this one and they all displayed in app purchases so I bet it’d be better to just put a fully charged camera on your nightstand. Major disappointment because I don’t know why you think you can record my voice and not let me hear it unless I pay. So, unless you want to pay, I suggest to not get this app..Version: 2.4.0

Too many errorsI don’t find this app very reliable or accurate. I regret paying for a year and wish I could get my money back..Version: 2.6.1


Rip offTo pay all of that money????? NO WAY.Version: 1.7.1

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITI downloaded to try the week free trial and wasn’t able to cancel, was charged $109,00 and I didn’t even enjoyed the app, now I’m-$109 and have 1 year subscription for an app I won’t use, pretty lame..Version: 1.7.4

Lost all recordingsPast 3 night there was an interruption of some kind and lost all recordings. Don't waist your money..Version: 2.5.3

Not worth the money, but interestingI’ve been using this now for several months. There’s a couple of things that really make me frustrated. One is in the recommended activities to do before going to bed. It has a guided meditation that you can’t select a different one. It has just one standard one that I am supposed to do nightly, and I cannot stand that one. I wish I had more of the other options that I could use to improve my sleep score. Also, when there’s a seasonal time change it counts the hours of sleep incorrectly. And, when myself or my husband because we are both using it have insomnia in the middle of the night there’s no way to pause the app to demonstrate that we are actually wide awake for a while. often it records instead that that was a period of deep sleep..Version: 2.5.6

Can’t mass delete recordingsI’ve been using the app for a while and I appreciate the information it gives. The sounds especially are great. My real issue is that there is no way to delete all recordings easily. If you don’t delete regularly they take up space and at a certain point it’s not realistic to go and delete it all. I tried to contact support about this but never heard back. To get rid of recording and free up space I had to delete the app and data which deletes everything and not just the recordings. This seems like a pretty rudimentary feature to add. It’s because of this I have to rate it low. 2.5/5.Version: 1.5.3

DO NOT DOWNLOADDownloaded and got charged for premium. Cancelled and they removed access to the paid version after charging me for a full year! Disputed this with Apple and received a refund to find that they CHANGED ME AGAIN WHILE I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE PAID FEATURES. This app is super sketchy, I’d avoid at all costs.Version: 1.5.9

It’s not amazing but it’s not awfulOk so I tried to use this last night but first the alarm didn’t go off until I went on the app and also I didn’t know that you had to pay to get to hear the sounds you make this really upsets me because at sleepovers and my sister says it too that I sleep talk and say really random things so I thought it would be intresting too but other than that I love the app and the sounds to listen to when your sleeping I do have some suggestions1. maybe you should just do the whole app for free because you shouldn’t need to pay to listen to your sleep 2make it so the alarms you set you can set them to different days Thank you for reading this.Version: 2.0.4

Not great for meI purchased this app as a way to listen to my sleep talking - which I do nightly. It doesn’t record reliably. In fact - it hardly ever records my sleep talking accurately. Also - be wary of the reviews - as once in the app it gives you the option to ‘review if you love the app’ only. Disappointing as the recordings are far from accurate. I’d like a refund..Version: 2.5.9

Discrepancy in Shut Eye Purchase: Unexpected Full Subscription ChargeI've been enjoying using the Shut Eye app; it's been really helpful. However, upon purchasing, it was advertised as a free trial, but I was charged the full subscription fee instead. I'm uncertain why this occurred and would appreciate it if someone could investigate this issue. I initially intended to only trial the app, so I've requested a refund due to being charged for a full one-year subscription unexpectedly..Version: 2.5.8

I don’t know about the appSo I thought you didn’t have to pay but you do a monthly it’s 3.99 I think and yearly it’s 39.99 but it’s 7 days free so I think this app is in the middle.Version: 2.6.1

Not accurateBy the second day of use I knew the app wasn’t accurate. Yesterday I had struggling to fall asleep and I even looked at the time on my phone and got up. This morning, when I looked at the app, the records showed I was deep sleeping at that time while I actually fell asleep way later. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just not working for me.Version: 2.1.6

InaccurateBought this a week ago. Does a good job recording snoring etc, but it’s inaccurate in its measurements. Even when I fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed, the statistics say it took me 38 minutes to fall asleep. I know for a fact this isn’t true as my partner was keeping an eye on it and confirmed I was out in about three minutes. It also doesn’t measure for apnea, which is what I was most curious about. It doesn’t even have a section for it, which I find misleading, as every ad I’ve seen mentions apnea specifically. It has a good range of relaxing sounds, so it gets a two for that, but I wish I could get my money back..Version: 1.8.8

GimmickyRather a bit gimmicky. If you paid for the extra parts then it may give you some more information. It’s not very reliable either. Initially I put it down to two of us in the same bedroom which may point to why the quantity of sleep wasn’t very accurate. However the one night I was on my own it said I was awake for most of the night. With only actually getting less than 5 hours sleep the night before I know that I slept soundly and probably snoring my head off, the app said I had 2.5 hours of sleep. Yes install have a play but certainly don’t rely on everything it tells you..Version: 1.5.4

It’s good but not accurateIt’s good and the night sounds are a big selling point. Yet it is too faffy and not easy to maneuver. Also for the life of me I can’t see how I can amend the inaccurate entries like I was able with other apps. I sleep for 8 but it tells me I only slept for 4! I can’t fathom why so I’m left hanging.. if my partner gets up or I shut the alarm and sleep more, how can I amend the data?.Version: 2.5.6

Problem, Please Fix!!!So i downloaded this app but there is a problem in the statistics section where it says ‘this is an example of a demo report, swipe up’ but you cannot physically swipe up, nothing works. Until this is fixed, I have to give this a 1 star as I cannot use the app at all. Please fix this as it seems like a super cool app and I would really like to use it..Version: 2.0.7

Not very convenientI was trying to get hold on someone ,to cancel my subscription ,not convenient for me using this app considering i have to set up /start the alarm every night for work..Version: 2.5.3

Sorry, but this was rubbish.Firstly, yes, the free trial is a bit misleading. I altered the subscription period to 1 month in case I didn’t like it and forgot to cancel. Didn’t want to be slugged for a year. Turns out the 7 day trial is available to yearly subscribers. As soon as I altered it I was charged up front. Bit salty about that. I chose shut eye because the advert showed a bradypnea score but I couldn’t find that function. The white noise was great, particularly the rain. But I couldn’t access the timer function. It was blanked out. Finally, the morning statistics just don’t reflect my sleep at all. Last night I was up out of bed 4-5 times to deal with a child. I spent a long time lying awake listening to same child thudding around the house. Shut eye picked up none of that. The graph showed no awakening all night and apparently I sleep better than 85% of users! Might be good for snorers.Version: 2.3.4

Neat idea, but it needs a LOT of workThe app sounds great, until you check your recordings. What it calls bruxism was clearly a pump sprayer (Dr. Spray’s Somna, in fact). What it calls talking in my sleep is usually clearly snoring. Every night I need to submit multiple recording identification errors. And God forbid you try to restart the white noise soundtrack it can provide. Every time it registers the remainder of the night as a smooth, gentle curve down to deep sleep until you stop the app, despite me awakening several times and using the restroom. You can’t pause the recording either. You have to end the night in the app. But if you restart the app when you return to bed, it eliminates your prior data and recordings. Had I known this going in, I would’ve fought the auto-renew of the “free” trial for the one year subscription..Version: 2.6.0

Free trial?I downloaded the app to try the free trial but I was charged for one year immediatly. How can I get a refund?.Version: 2.6.1

Doesn’t record sleep time properlyI’m not sure how this records when you’re actually asleep, but I often have a really deep sleep with no waking and the app tells me I’ve been up for hours through the night. Other than that I think it works really well, recording sounds et cetera. It would be nice if the alarm could start quietly as it gives you quite a fright with how loud it is from the beginning..Version: 2.1.4

Tracking is uselessThe music, sounds, and stories are very nice. In fact they’re the only reason I use the app. The statistics and analysis of sounds made during sleep are just some half-baked attempt at AI. It’s useless and not at all accurate. The analysis of “time in bed” and “time asleep” is laughable. Example…actual time in bed was 11pm to 8am. Didn’t wake up. No trips to the bathroom. But, the app determined that I got up at 4am! This type of error is’s ALWAYS wrong. Conclusion. App is one of the nicest I’ve found for music, sounds, etc. However, all of its sleep analysis is MADE UP..Version: 2.6.1

Rip ofWhen I saw the trailer of this app it mentions nothing about paying and when I went download it it said nothing about paying I had to listen to waves to go to sleep i knowu might think that’s relaxing but I’m a very light sleeper but I did it cause i want to see what I did in my sleep only to realize I had to pay! First I refused to pay since half of the recording was deleted and all the times were wrong it said that I went to sleep ay 2:30 AM when I’m certain I went to sleep at 12:00 something and it told me 8 woke up at 6:40 but I woke up at 7:30 very upset with this app might of been better if I paid I don’t know but I’m not doing that so I can’t review it probably!..Version: 1.5.4

Wasn’t impressedIt doesn’t track your sleep in the slightest. It told me that I fall asleep the minute I start the tracker which I can assure I didn’t. It can’t detect when you’re awake or asleep it just assumes that the whole time you’re in bed and the app is running you’re asleep. I did find the recordings useful although the teeth grinding detected turned out to be the bed creaking when I turned over because I couldn’t sleep. It rated all my sleep cycles as excellent even though I woke several times during the night and calculated I had between 5-6 hours good sleep which wasn’t accurate either. Basically it’s just a good sound recorder in my opinion nothing more. Glad I tired the free trial as I’d have been very disappointed has I found this all out once I’d paid..Version: 1.8.8

Not interestedYou have no way of saying do NOT want to subscribe to this app.Version: 1.6.0

Stop asking for a review!OK, this may turn out to be a very good app, but it is annoying to ask for a review before my first night’s sleep with the app and then again during the night. What’s worse is the app offers a one click review giving the user a choice of ‘not now,’ or ‘I love it’. This ‘convenience’ makes me rather doubt the enormous volume of five star reviews as I was also tempted just to click it to stop being bombarded. First thoughts is it provides a huge amount of data, some of it just for fun like recording farts for your morning enjoyment. There’s also many articles about sleep, one of which quotes a Dr Phyllis Zee, calling her ‘him’. It’s clear Dr Zee is a woman, which isn’t that encouraging about their commitment to accuracy. I’ll review it after my 7-day trial - honest. Now, please leave me alone to fall asleep..Version: 2.5.7

Terrible experienceI don’t usually write reviews for apps, but I’ve had such a bad experience with this one that I had to share it. I have contacted the developers 3 times requesting to cancel my subscription (because for some reason you can’t cancel this one through Apple like you can with every other app subscription). So you have to do it through the app itself which is annoying but not a huge deal, until you try to do that. The FAQ has a question about how to cancel. The answer is essentially, email us and we’ll do our best to solve your issue. Apparently my issue of wanting to cancel doesn’t fit their description of an issue, since it’s now been another month and another payment, with multiple emails into their stated email address and I have heard NOTHING! Not even and acknowledgement that I reached out. That’s a total scam and I would never give these people my money after this!.Version: 2.4.2

They so badIt’s so bad that charge for everything.Version: 2.3.4

Ok at bestI don’t care for this app. The white noise options are way too many and I have sleep sounds I prefer which can’t be played in the background. The sounds can only be played for 120 minutes as well. They are also recorded as loud noises and give a negative score for your sleep. 4 consecutive days it told me it needs 4 more days to get an accurate score which would put it out of the trial period. I guess that’s one way to force you to pay for it. You have to keep your phone plugged in and near your head which isn’t healthy and even apple has recommended you the phone away from bed. I don’t use an alarm or use my phone for at least an hour after waking but this app encourages both. It not for me. Speaking of alarms though theirs is ok. The ukulele sound is cute and the puppy visual is cute. Gif be better off with other sounds and meditating though for good sleep rather than relying on this ..Version: 2.5.3

IneffectiveIf there is more than one person in the room when sleeping - false information can be attributed to the wrong person. When I slept at home for 4 nights I was told I was snoring for 3+ hours a night.. I went away for work (by myself - no one else in my room) and magically only ‘snored’ for 2 minutes. It’s absolutely pointless to download this if you share a room..Version: 2.2.4

Accuracy + other glitchesFirstly, expense - £58 for a year makes it about £5 a month, which is not terrible. Nice sounds and stories. I like the pre-bed time relaxation ‘exercises’. Having tracked my sleep for a week I get a suggested bedtime and waking time, and have to say am feeling better for it when sticking to it. But.....accuracy has to be questioned. It records my partner snoring, my dog snoring (!) and me but that’s not ‘accurate’. Could this app really only be truly accurate if you sleep on your own? My absolute favourite story was the Children of Odin but this no longer plays despite the thumbnail included in the library. Is this another glitch or has CoO been deleted? Very disappointed. Very recently, the screens on the app have been oversized on my iPad making them unreadable and unnavigable. I have tried launching from App Store as well as closing and relaunching directly from iPad. No joy. This is bad. I’ve updated but no improvement. It’s worth a try - people just need to set a calendar reminder for the trial expiring and cancel via their device. Not hard. But the current glitches are not great and devs need to look into it. My money been taken so they owe me!.Version: 1.6.5

Bought the full app and it now crashesAfter buying it on offer for the year it crashes through the night when I’m asleep and goes off so it doesn’t track properly. Disappointed as think it’s one of the better tracking apps. I have had another one for a year or so but I would say the features of this one are much better so hopefully it stops going off mid sleep..Version: 2.3.3

Average not worth priceDoesn’t work if you have a heat pump or live with any other living beings…..Version: 2.4.6

ShutEye Sleep Tracking Needs a BoostI downloaded ShutEye hoping to gain insights into my sleep patterns, but unfortunately, it hasn't quite lived up to my expectations. While I definitely got some shut-eye last night, the app simply didn't register it. When I woke up, I was greeted with a prompt asking if I wanted to stop tracking because I apparently hadn't slept for at least 30 minutes. This was more than just a minor glitch; it felt like a slap in the face from an app supposed to understand one of life's most fundamental needs. The irony of staring at a blank sleep report after a full night's rest left me questioning the app's core purpose. Sure, maybe the algorithms need tweaking, or perhaps something in my environment threw things off – whatever the reason, the lack of data left me feeling more lost in the dark than before..Version: 2.5.7

My sleep buddy snoresI’m currently on the free trial and so far I’m liking it. My sleep buddy snores , a lot, and the app is registering that as me so my results are extremely inaccurate. Be good if there was some kind of voice recognition to set up in initial stages so that it records that as but can differentiate from the actual user. And what actually happens if I’m facing away from my phone and my breathing is not detected? I’m assuming that’s how the sleep stages are monitored? Not sure I want to subscribe for the app because of this reason. The rest is great..Version: 2.6.1

Con Artist Company!First of all, using the “puke” emoji to describe people with Sleep Apnea or those that snore is unprofessional, rude and completely inappropriate. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about how they treat their customers. The premium is $80/year?!?! What a joke!! For what? Using my device and the data it generates to read that data back to me?? Avoid all the bought reviews. Do not download!.Version: 2.6.3

Not accuratePicks up noises just fine but categorizes them completely wrong. Absolutely useless if you don't live absolutely alone, will pick up random noises and mark them in whatever category. Snoring in pets, pets in snoring. Doors shutting as teeth grinding.. On and on. Seems to have a max of 15 recordings in "other" category. Seems to not be picking up all night bit pick and choose what noises to save. Sleep and awake time showing by app is not accurate. Seems like it just shows a random diagram from you click start to when you click wake up. Been multiple times I've been awake for hours and app shows asleep after 10-15 min, even tho I know I was awake. Expensive even if it worked but definitely a complete waste of money since it doesn't work..Version: 2.5.8

Inaccurate and awfulThis app is not accurate in the slightest. I paid for the full year subscription because I got a 50% discount when I logged in. However, after having for only two weeks I’m disappointed and am regretting buying. I use both my phone and this app for the tracking sleep. I also have a history of struggling to fall asleep and waking up several times throughout the night. My watch picked up on how long it took for me to fall asleep and every time I woke up. On the other hand, the app said I fell asleep in 5 minutes and never woke up. Ik this isn’t right because 30 minutes after trying to fall asleep I checked the time, and I remember waking up during the night. This app only goes off sound, there’s no way for it to get an accurate account without heart rate and movements. The only feature I do like is the sounds, and the only good part to come out of the subscription is how many of them there are. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.Version: 2.5.0

Does not identify true awake statusI have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall back asleep for hours. Often times I will get on my phone to scroll or to look for music/white noise to help me fall back asleep. This app would be so much more helpful if it could tell when you have picked up/unlocked/or are using your phone. I was awake last night from about 2:30 to nearly 5 and for over an hour of that time, though I was actively using my phone, this app recorded it as deep sleep. I will also wake up and try to turn on sounds within this app to encourage me to fall back asleep and it doesn’t even seem to recognize that use as wakefulness, despite me clicking around in the app. Until that issue can be fixed this is a mediocre app at best, especially if you’re unwilling to pay for premium features (like me)..Version: 2.0.0

I have severe Sleep ApneaI have severe sleep apnea, so a friend of mine suggested I try this app to see what happens when I sleep. It worked for 3 nights. Last night the app shut itself off. I restarted it at midnight and come morning I could not even open my phone. It told me the app crashed and it locked me out of my phone by saying phone is unavailable try again in 1 minute that 1 minute turned into 5. I was able to shut my phone down buy pushing every side button at the same time. To be honest I expected this app to be so much more. It doesn’t give you a sleep score and when it tells you that it tells you when you talk in your sleep and so on. It gets it all wrong. This app needs a lot more improvement in order to tell when your awake or Animal noises is me struggling to breathe. I guess the way I look at it is this needs a lot more work because it can tell you if you have sleep apnea or not. The first night it said I had mild sleep apnea but the next night was severe and the following night it was call a doctor immediately. Just so everyone knows I am aware I have severe sleep apnea. I can not wear those masks over my face I feel like I’m suffocating..Version: 2.3.6

Lucky Spin BSLove the app up until today. I purchased a one year subscription at a 50% fee after my 7 day trial. The app has helped alot except now at day 149 (not even half way) each time I try to click on a recording, a lucky spin screen hit me first which then lands on a pot luck 50% off subscription offer. I’m not ready to resubscribe nor do I have the time to play games while waiting for my sleep analysis results. Thought the app was amazing up until this point……more than a little disappointed..Version: 2.3.4

Took money out of my accountI installed this app to help with my sleep, I clicked on the 7 day free trial, there was no message to confirm that’s what I wanted, I then get a message to say that I’ve been subscribed for $97, basically had money taken out of my account without my confirmation, it’s all the money I had in my account till payday next week, incredibly unhappy, hopefully apple resolves the issue. Edit: Apple has issued a refund thankfully.Version: 2.0.4

Not worth the priceIt just didn’t work that great. I only did the free trial and canceled right after signing up so it didn’t auto charge, but there were three nights that it said I slept all night, no recordings. I know that’s not the case…one of those nights my baby woke up twice and the monitor went off and one I woke up coughing a few times, those did not trigger the app. Also, I always check the time on my phone when I’m up in the middle of the night. One of the nights I accidentally dropped my phone one inch to the table, and another I accidentally pulled the charger. The app disabled, I restarted it, but it deleted the sleep from 10-3 and recorded my sleep as only from 3-6:30. I searched everywhere for the first half but it was gone. The sound feature also only works in increments of no more than two hours. It’s definitely not worth the price..Version: 2.6.0

Annoyed7 day free trial doesn’t exist, they charge you!!.Version: 2.3.4

This isn’t accurate…I bought a year subscription to try it out since the one week free trial isn’t enough. After having it for 40 days, I’m not impressed. It “tracks” every little thing. The recordings aren’t accurate and you can’t correct the information yourself except delete the recordings. Says I have bruxism when I wear a mouth guard to prevent bruxism. And the recording literally heard nothing. Not exactly sure how it knows when you’ve fallen asleep or gone into deep sleep without tracking your heart rate or movements. All it’s doing is listening for sounds. Last night it said I fell asleep in an hour. I know that’s not possible because I was extremely tired and normally fall asleep in <15min. on regular nights. Don’t waste your money. If you want a real sleep tracker, invest in a Garmin or an Oura ring. Might be more expensive for a one time upfront cost, but at least you’ll get accurate consistent data. I’m only giving this 2 stars because I do like the sounds features. Other than that, the app is useless and unless there’s a way they can start tracking your HR there’s nothing this app can do to improve. Response to developer: no my phone is not shutting off prematurely. I always have it plugged in at night. Yesterday it also said I was awake for two hours in the middle of the night. When I know for a fact I wasn’t..Version: 2.3.4

No 7 day trialI clicked on the 7day free trial to see how it all worked and the app charged me for a years subscription which was over $100. Be careful not to get tricked as I was.Version: 2.5.8

Pretty Good Recording QualityGood: This app does better than others I’ve tried at actually recording noises during the night. They are usually miscategorized, but that is not a huge issue. Neutral: It does an okay job of actually tracking sleep. It’s accuracy is far from perfect. It often “misses” my wake ups during the night, for example. But it’s at least as good as other trackers I’ve tried and maybe a bit better. Bad: It’s impossible to change their suggestions. It asked me what my ideal sleep schedule would be. However, my ideal is not realistic (since my job wants me there at 8 AM not 1 PM!). I didn’t realize I would never be able to change. The app now thinks I should go to bed at 1:30 and get up at 9. I could that for a couple days before getting fired maybe. It is very naggy. Get up when you wake up that’s 30 minutes earlier than usual? Nag. Go to bed earlier or later? Nag. I get that consistency is good, but this seems to be totalitarian in outlook. Speaking of totalitarian, the text suffers from a subpar English translation. It’s easily understandable, but just different enough to make you recall that it is, in fact, translated. It makes me wonder how safe my data is. Summary: I probably won’t renew this when it comes due. It is okay, but for me the lack of customizability/flexibility outweighs the decent recording ability. I will look for another solution down the road..Version: 1.5.2

Be ok if it detected my sleepI would love to pay for the full version but it’s not tracking my sleep it detects my partners (in that respect it’s been helpful to show him his snoring and weird noises he does in his sleep) however be nice if it monitored my sleep even sleeping with EarPods it still picks his sleep patterns up it even picks up the kids sleep talking and I do find it amusing that the hamster chewing the cage from the hall gets recorded as teeth crunching lol on the positive side it proves I don’t snore as they all claim I do lol.Version: 2.6.0

SkepticalAccording to this app I have been getting less than 3hrs of sleep every night for the past month albeit me waking up and feeling fine all day, and now it’s telling me I have a medium risk of sleep apnea. How can an app that just simply listens to you sleep be giving such determined advice. Very skeptical that it just throws out numbers and warning to scare you into paying, one way or another.Version: 2.0.4

Sleep tracker needs workThe good: the app has a large library of articles about sleep as well as a plethora of stories, music and sounds that you can listen to to help you fall asleep. The not-so-good: The sleep tracker. On the surface, it’s pretty cool. It records the environment so you get a recording of things like how much and how loud you snore, as well as hearing anything else that went on during the night. It’s also supposed to track when you’re asleep vs awake as well as telling you how much time and when you spent time in deep sleep or light sleep. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Last night for example, I woke up multiple times. Physically got out of bed two of those times, and even picked up my phone a couple times to check the time. When I awoke for the day and checked my sleep log, it said I was out cold the entire night. That’s not helpful and frankly makes me question the accuracy of the deep sleep vs light sleep data..Version: 2.3.4

Not goodIt gets your sleep wrong so badly. It says I’m awake and I know for a fact that I was not! Then it will say I’m snoring but I don’t snore?!?! And I know that for a fact too! I don’t use it on the nights that I have my brother here but I’ve confirmed with him as he’s up all night practically if I snore and he confirms that I do not..Version: 1.4.5

EkamjotThat’s not bad but not good.Version: 2.5.7

Charged me on second dayThe app says that there is a period of 7 days for trial. But they charged me on 2nd day. Without any permission or notice..Version: 2.6.1

ReviewYou need to buy premium for the good clips there’s better apps then this but it’s not to expensive for it.Version: 2.6.1

Doesn’t seem as accurate as it used to beSince updating the app it doesn’t seem to be correctly logging my hours; example I slept from 9.21pm to 5.19am last night, absolutely 100% did not wake up throughout the night, but the app is saying I only got 5h, 48m of sleep and score of 72%. App was saying I was awake between 12AM-1AM but I wasn’t. Noticing more and more the last couple of months it doesn’t work as it did a year ago..Version: 2.3.4

DisappointedThis app does not track accurately. It constantly tells me I don’t have enough sleep, tracking total sleep of 1.5hrs a sleep for 6 of the 7 trial nights. It picks up my dogs snoring not me and when I cancelled my subscription a yearly amount was still taken from my account. I have emailed the contact on their website 3 times and still have no response. I would not recommend at all..Version: 1.4.7

Be carefulI downloaded this app and tried out the free trial very briefly. The app tells you that it’s a free trial and then $16 a month. What it doesn’t tell you is that you’re automatically billed for the whole years subscription at $98! I was happy to try it out for a bit longer than the trial and let the first payment of $16 come out. I was gobsmacked to see $98 had been drawn from my account for it. The app is not worth that in the slightest! It’s incredibly sneaky and deceitful and it’s clearly trying to catch people out. I’ve not come across an app like this before. I’ve raised a refund request with Apple to hopefully get my money back!.Version: 2.0.9

ReviewI love this app but is such a shame it’s so expensive. I would use it every single night if it was cheaper !.Version: 2.2.0

Keep taking your money even if you cancelI was supposed to get a free trial but they took my money. I canceled right away and sent a claim to Apple who reimbursed me. The day after, Shut Eye took it again even if I had canceled. The results are not accurate at all. Stay away!!!.Version: 2.6.1

Shuteye sleep trackerLeads you to a scam jackpot cite.Version: 2.5.7

Data collected is not always accurateI’ve only been using this app for a few nights and while the concept is great and I like reading the data in the mornings, the following has not been accurate: I wake up twice per night, go to the bathroom and come back to bed. It captures my awake time, but it records the noise as bruxism. This should be an easy fix. The app should know there wouldn’t be bruxism during awake time. It also once captured a 2 hour period as awake time, but I was definitely sleeping. I would like to see another improvement: when setting up the app before going to sleep, I wish the app would ask for the next day’s wake time insteayof keeping the previous day’s. I had to go to bed very late to pick up someone at the airport and the app woke me at 7am on a Saturday. I’ll continue using this app for a few days, but I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it..Version: 2.4.8

Sneaky BillingI downloaded this app for the free part. My credit card was billed $90 without my permission. Now it’s a fight to get a refund. Very sneaky!!!!! I don’t recommend downloading this unless you want your credit card billed. This is bad business!!!! My free subscription was until March 16. The card was billed March 7. Impossible to reach anyone to discuss this issue. No phone number and no email..Version: 1.5.7

Don’t DLI download it this because it was advertised with a free trial at the end of the trial we would be charged however, upon opening the app it did not have what I needed so within 10 minutes of use and walking through the app, I was already starting to be charged and they are still trying to charge my car today every day even though I have unsubscribed from this subscription I have emailed their support and have yet to receive a response finding a way to communicate with this platform has been very difficult. I sure hope they see this review as I had no choice but to leave a star even though it should have none due to the lack of communication with those they are trying to collect money from I do not see it fit to be charged for 10 minutes of a free so what actually makes the trial free? It was not easy to navigate the app at all and trying to resolve a problem is even harder. I will continue to email this company until they quit trying to charge my account for a fee. We’re only having the app for 10 minutes and then there for canceling the subscription.Version: 2.4.4

ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUSOk so i downloaded the app. I set it all up before i went to sleep. Then i woke up in the morning. First i realised that even though it has been on charge all night, this app still reduces the battery level WHILE ITS CHARGING. This is really annoying especially if you have somewhere to be in the morning (school, work etc). Then i unlocked my phone and went onto the app. It gave me an entire thing saying “Well done you have successfully completed your first night with shut eye”. Then i click past all that. To listen to anything you have to pay and you cant see if you have done anything else except snoring ( talking, teeth-grinding etc). I find this absolutely ridiculous and i will not be downloading the app again. Ever. P.S- I would rate this app 0 stars but I cannot publish it without rating so thats that..Version: 1.9.3

This Isn’t PossiblePeople, stop believing this nonsense! I gave this two stars instead of one because I enjoyed the white noise options. However, when this app says you were in deepest sleep for the two hours you were *awake and moving around*, it’s bull. I made noise, they can’t claim I was “too quiet”. And the patterns of sleep were nearly identical every night, which is suspicious. There is NO WAY for any app based on sound to know where you are in your sleep. That’s ridiculous. And please, Shut Eye team, don’t give me your pat responses I read elsewhere like, “We’re sorry you had this experience.” (No, you’re not.) Or “Thank you for bringing it to our attention and we’re doing our best to resolve this issue.” (No, you’re not, because you CAN’T. Sound simply does not indicate depth of sleep!) Now, if you just sold all the great white noise sounds for one fixed price, I might actually do that! EDIT: As you can see from their response, it’s a ‘bot reply. No humans are engaging here. It says they’ll “take my suggestion into consideration”. There is no suggestion. So not only is an app based on sound no way to truly measure the quality of your sleep, they don’t even have humans paying attention..Version: 2.3.3

It’s good butI wanted to see what I said while I was sleeping but I can’t t bc I have to paid and I know theres a 7 day free trail but then you have to pay it’s cheap the one per month but I don’t like paying the ones per month or the one per year.Version: 2.6.1

TrashEverything hidden behind yet another paywall..Version: 2.6.1

DisappointedOne has to be super careful with subscriptions! No dollar amount was shown to confirm before downloading what I believed was a free 7 day trial period then i deleted the app after a week because i didn’t want to keep using it - then a sneaky charge shows up in my bank account! Do you think i could find where to get a refund after immediately cancelling? Of course not - this is gorilla marketing!.Version: 2.6.0

Fake free trialI downloaded the app for the free trial, didn’t even create an account and I was charged immediately same day for the app. They told me my “free trial” ended and I would have to contact Apple for a refund. Still waiting..Version: 2.6.0

GoodThe concept is very clever. I personally find the app a bit messy - too much going on at one time. Also sorry to say does not pick up lack of sleep due to menopause. It told me I’ve got arthritis - but I haven’t - it’s just menopause! I’m surprised that this isn’t even mentioned anywhere. The app told me I had a good nights sleep when in fact I’d spent most of it lying still not sleeping. I guess the microphone can’t pick that sort of thing up..Version: 2.5.3

Must read - UnacceptableThis is completely unacceptable! It makes you pay premium for hearing sounds from all nights , and doesn’t let you see analytics from 30 days or more ago! I will not be downloading this app again and don’t recommend you do either! also, completely inaccurate! I fell asleep at about 10:45, apparently I went to bed at 11:33. I know this is not just my problem either, my family and friends received the same issue. I think that I have only one thing to say to these scammers of developers, and that’s get your prices to free! They are stupid Anyway. Sorry about ranting but this app will never be downloaded again by ever, even with all developer response. I hope they take this seriously.Version: 2.0.2

Rating has droppedSo I literally raves about this App. I loved it I told everyone I knew about it and encouraged people to subscribe to it etc and then all of a sudden something got changed and where as my friends (who also subscribe) and I used to be able to share our recordings with each other now whenever we try we end up sharing a link to an advert to subscribe to the App that we are already paying for. I’m so disappointed and unless they make them shareable again I think I will be stopping my subscription..Version: 1.8.6

Free trial period is a lieI clicked through based on the 7 day free trial. It automatically billed my credit card. When I read the app FAQ it had some nonsense about automatic billing happens when you have previously used the free trial. I HAVE NEVER USED OR EVEN SEEN THIS APP BEFORE. it’s a trick, don’t click! Read several similar reviews - each time the developers provide an email to contact - it bounced! How is Apple ok with a fraudulent company!?.Version: 2.6.1

Ridiculously annoying pop up window asking for feedbackApp is ok, it doesn't seem to be as stable as 'sleep cycle', but too early to comment on this since I only used it for a week. After I press sleep button it waits for 2 - 3 secs, and a 'rate us' window pops up shinning with bright white light the moment I turn away from my phone and trying to fall asleep. The window does not disappear on its own, you have to get back to the phone and press 'next time'. And it shows up every single day. It's ironic, that it's a literal sleep app that's preventing me from falling asleep. Well, you wanted your feedback - here you have it..Version: 1.9.8

Don’t want my farts tracked !!!Update: saw the new ad today, so excited for you that you’ve finally found someone as excited about farts as you are. Way to go!! 🙄🙄🙄 I downloaded the app to give it a fair shot. The most annoying thing ever is that whoever developed the app is still stuck in the anal phase. If you take abnormal psychology, they teach us that 4-6 year olds are really excited about poops and farts. Then they mature and move on. Some people, especially victims of sexual abuse, get stuck at the point where they’re abused, and aren’t able to move on. This developer obviously is dealing with this, and thinks that EVERYONE is totally excited about pooping and farting. We’re not. We’re just annoyed at dealing with the adult who is stuck at age 4-6 and keeps throwing it in our face. I have no desire to track my farts. No reason whatsoever to listen to them, think about them, or let anyone else obsess about them. I’m so tired of the fart ads. If I could block ANY advertisement, the sleep/fart tracking app would top my list!!! Other than being stuck in the anal phase, what could possibly be achieved by tracking your farts????I completed the free trial. Still don’t understand why y’all are so obsessed with our farts???.Version: 2.6.0

I just wanna see what I did not pay money this app is the worst!Nothing to say it’s just awful.Version: 2.5.7

Takes agesI got this app to help me track my sleep, but it’s been stuck on the “creating your sleep report” screen for the past three days as long as I’ve had it open. won’t let me do anything else. Please fix this issue for future users.Version: 2.6.0

Overall decentThis app is decent and can track when I am in deep and light sleep. It is interesting to hear the noises that is made when I am asleep in the night but the downside to this is that you have to pay for many aspects to the app which is disappointing as no one wants to pay any amount of money for a app which is for a bit of fun and interest. The app frequently also can’t track all my sleep so it often only says I get 2 hours of sleep which is inaccurate and faulty. With a few changes to the app I believe that It could generally be good and interesting to track your sleep with free access to everything!.Version: 2.5.7

Freezes every single time!!!It’s amazing with all the multi features and especially the smart alarm with the cute dog but it would be nic wig you could customise how loud it is, and whenever I open the app it freezes minutes after!!.Version: 2.3.6

Not worth itThis app hasn’t gotten my sleep correct since I purchased. It’s fun hearing myself talk in my sleep, but the rest of it is garbage and not worth the money.Version: 1.3.5

Not impressedI’m really not impressed with this app. To start off with, I always play rain/storm sounds while I sleep. The first night I turned on this app, it was fairly decent. I have a bull dog and he snores louder than a grown man, which the app recorded as me, but I expected that. On the second night, I hit the button to start recording and laid my phone down on my nightstand. Well, the pop up for rating the app I guess came up after I started. So nothing was recorded that night…. Then, the last two nights, I suppose it’s the sounds of the rain or thunder that are throwing off the app because it’s saying I got very minimal sleep. I would think that it could tell the difference between me actually being the one making noises all night and the sleep music, especially considering the app has sleep music as well. I really wanted to love it. Wish it could pick up just a little more accurately..Version: 1.9.6

Meh. Just "okay"I have the same issues so many others here have mentioned: It tells me I took 45 minutes to fall asleep when I know I was out cold in under ten. It doesn't register when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep for an hour or longer. It doesn't register when I get up in the middle of the night and walk out of the room. Customer service isn't great. I reached out because I couldn't access some of the premium features I'm paying for and the suggestion was to uninstall the app (thereby losing my data) and reinstall. If it were free, I wouldn't mind so much, but it's not. And to the point someone made about a longer free trial? If I'd had a longer free trial I likely would not have subscribed because I would have seen the repetitive flaws—I'm betting some marketing guru somewhere knows that. I won't be renewing my subscription. I had such high hopes too.....Version: 2.0.7

Can’t cancelSeems to work fine, impossible to find any information on how to cancel subscription..Version: 2.5.8

DisappointedWhen I decided to use this app a half price add popped up so I took that offer. I don’t get to use much of the information as it is all locked. So I paid almost $50 for nothing 😡 Why offer it for half price when you don’t get to experience the whole of the information 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.6.2

ScamThe free trial bills you for a year , stay clear of these scammers.Version: 1.8.7

Tricks you into year long subscriptionWhen I first downloaded the app it talked about a 7 day subscription that could be cancelled without any obligations. At the end of that 7 days the app automatically purchased a year long subscription I didn't want for over $100. What a scam..Version: 1.9.8

First try did not workFollowed exactly what the app said to do and apparently I only got 24 minutes of sleep. I’ve cancelled that membership cause no thank you..Version: 1.9.4

Not EXACTLY accurate trackingAlthough this app has helped me identify a snoring issue, it is not accurate in tracking when I am actually asleep. For example: it tracked that I fell asleep in 9 minutes, when I was actually awake. It showed I was either in deep sleep or light sleep when I had actually gotten out of bed. I started speaking during these times and started getting clips of me “talking in my sleep” saying things like “I’m awake now”. I’m pretty dubious about it’s ability to know that I’m asleep, let alone the depth of sleep I am in. ::::::::follow up::::::::::: I received this response from the developer: "Hi Muzzie, one reason for the discrepancy might be that the app records time spent asleep, not time in bed. Taking this into account, if you still feel Sleep Tracker has shut off prematurely, this might be caused by insufficient phone charge. Please be sure that your phone is plugged in while using Sleep Tracker. " lt seems that this is a response to a completely different review, as I never said the sleep tracker turned off. What I said was the sleep tracker could not discern if I were awake or asleep, as evidenced by the fact that it used clips of me saying things like “I’m awake now, just for the record” as examples of me “talking in my sleep”. It reported that I was asleep when I was clearly awake. Not once, but several times. So again, not this app is NOT an accurate tracker of sleep patterns..Version: 2.3.7

SCAM!! Don’t Trust Excellent ReviewsThis app says free trial. Like all products you have to sign in and authorise a payment for auto renew after free trial ends. I did this last night before going to sleep. Took full payment straight away for the year ( albeit “50percent discounted” ) It forces you to make a excellent review. Please read the review carefully first. They take your money guys. The app recorded my sleep as 4 hours. Apple Watch recorded my sleep for 7.5 hours. Sends 10 notifications to you through the night when sleeping to give them an excellent review. I don’t know who I’m more annoyed at them or Apple for allowing this because it’s everywhere promoted by Apple. Shocking realisation!! For over 15 years I’ve had all faith and security in Apple and that’s gone too for them allowing this..Version: 2.5.9

Overpriced & Company Impossible To ContactThis app is quite good if you’re in the market for a sleep recorder and diary. However, it seems to be a notorious scam online as many people have been charged before their free trial ended. The company is impossible to reach to cancel the subscription, for any help & queries, complaints and for a refund. I personally contacted them many times by email and received no response. I also tried to get in touch with their Facebook but had the same issue. Looking on Facebook, many have had the same issue and the company refuses to acknowledge their attempts to contact. Shows zero respect for customers, they have zero customer service and no contact number to try and speak to someone or anyone. Not to mention there are other apps that do the same thing for far cheaper, this is an expensive annual fee for something most people would spend a few quid on monthly or pay a one-off. As they’re impossible to reach, it sheds some doubt on the promises of data safety and security. So I suggest you look elsewhere for an app with more clarity to keep yourself safe, avoid overpaying and the ability to contact someone if ever you encounter a problem such as many have with this app..Version: 1.9.8

The app is not accurateI suffer from insomnia. Some nights when I woke up frequently and couldn’t get back to sleep easily, the app gave me a high sleep score. While I was awake (sometimes for over an hour or more), I was looking at other stuff on my phone which I should not. But then on other nights where I slept better, it gave me a lower score..Version: 2.6.0

I want my money backI WANT MY MONEY BACK PLEASE.Version: 2.5.6

Paiement setup is a scamInstalled 7 day trial and then stopped using it 3 days in. (Left on vacation) Came back to a 90$ pre-paid subscription. Now i cannot cancel subscription and modifying it just adds to the prepaid time. I have the feeling of having my money stolen from me. Id like to opt. Out..Version: 1.7.1

So close to being a perfect sleep appThis is such an awesome app. I forget how I stumbled upon it but it’s a good one. Not great but pretty good. I am currently using a competitors sleep app at a premium level and I really like it but Shut Eye looked interesting so I took it for a test ride. I love all the sounds and stories and that stuff. I love all the reports. Pretty darn accurate. But here’s the deal breaker for me. I need to use a sleep app that knows when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m up in the morning. You have to manually tell this app you are going to bed. And then I need to manually turn the alarm off (every night) because I don’t need to be waking my wife at 3:30am. And then I need to tell the Shut Eye app that I’m up. And I forgot a few times to say I’m up in my trial (which I wish was 14 days since I forgot to start the app two nights and never saw how the app really works before the trial expired) Nope, I need an app that talks to my watch. I need an app that wakes me on my watch with a vibration, not have an alarm go off that wakes my wife and the dogs. I need a sleep app that is smart enough to know I’m in bed and an app that is smart enough to know I’m up for good. If this app ever syncs with my watch I’ll pay a lifetime premium for the app. But as it is, I can’t use it. I’m used to my current sleep app that works all by itself with no manual input from me. Sorry..Version: 2.1.6

Obnoxious intro experienceJust deleted the app because of all the time the app wasted explaining to me about how great the app is and all the amazing things you can do with the app. It took so long to get through, I gave up and deleted the app. I already read the description, all you did was tell me what I already know. The parts with questions were not specific enough for my needs, either. One question asked if I regularly slept for 6 hours, 6-8 hours, or two other options I can’t remember. None matched my answer which is “all over the place” and even if I had to pick an answer it would be “around 7 hours.” Of course it also tried to sell me on the premium version. Sure it had a free trial but how often do we all end up forgetting to cancel and then get charged? Life is hard enough. Just let me use the app. I know you want to make money, but I just want to set the app up to track my sleep..Version: 2.5.6

Misleading subscription termsI don’t normally post on these things, but I feel that the approach taken when configuring the fees is misleading. I fully understood that after the 7 day trial that it would go on a subscription basis. There was three options: monthly, 6 monthly and annually. I naively assumed that it would be monthly… However, by default it’s set to annual which means that if you don’t fix the period, then you’re locked into a year’s fee which was not made clear in the description when I subscribed..Version: 2.1.8

InaccurateIt offered a free 7 days trial which was not the case. No one to contact about that. Also it is inaccurate in detecting sleep. Says you have been awake for hours when you have clearly been sleeping. This might be improved with an Apple Watch app. I would like my money back but can not find a way to do this. Do not buy!!!.Version: 2.6.1

Overall, fineI am so greatful for this app as I was told that I sleep talk from family members and was never able to hear it myself. I am just confused on this one section of the app. I am on iPad, so when I press the “statistic” button to see what I did throughout the night, it will not let me click on ANYTHING except for the “sleep recorder” button. I’ve tried pressing on it, resetting the app, but nothing has worked so far. In fact, I even used the sleep button yesterday. I don’t know if it didn’t record it or if something’s wrong that I need to change. I also saw that it said that it was Thursday November 18th? I’m super confused on that… I woke up at 6 in the morning, checked the app, and fell back asleep so that’s why I couldn’t check it on the spot. Overall, great app! Just a little complicated..Version: 2.5.9

Accuracy is pretty poor…I’ve been using this App for over a year and upgraded to Premium. It does record any snoring but also records your partner and even the baby’s white noise as snoring too. It says you’ve slept all night when you know you got up once or twice to use the loo. I didn’t renew my subscription as it’s just not worth it for something this inaccurate. I’ve been awake since 6:30am this morning and have just got back from dropping my little boy at school and the App has just ‘woken’ me as it thinks I’ve been in a deep sleep all night… about sums it up really! 🤷‍♂️.Version: 2.3.4

Subscription cancelled but still chargedUnfortunately this app does not suit my purpose but that’s why there is a free trial period, right? Beware. When I subscribed for the free trial I cancelled the same day so as not to fall into the trap of automatic subscription. However I have been charged the subscription fee and genuinely feel like I have been ripped off!! Disappointed and angry..Version: 2.6.1

So awfulHad me in deep sleep when I was awake. I got up to use the washroom in the middle of the night and it didn’t record it as a noise or footsteps. Recorded 15 noise events and when I listened to them it sounded like rain. It wasn’t raining here last night. This is just ridiculously bad..Version: 1.5.0

A scamIf you just want to use the free days then it gives you it and when you try to cancel it takes the money off your account anyway. It also said I got a total of 5 hours across all seven days when that’s not true at all. Though when it picks up sleep talking has a laugh so not all bad..Version: 1.6.0

DisappointedNothing would please me more than to give 5 stars for this app, but it hasn’t worked for me from the start. I’ve asked repeatedly for a refund, but I just keep getting passed from pillar to post and getting nowhere. I would have been so happy if this had worked, but I cannot recommend this app under these circumstances. It just keeps telling me that I’m awake most of the night and says there’s too little sleep to calculate anything, even though I know I have had enough sleep to calculate. So all I can say is be careful it’s too difficult to get a refund from them. Also this is an update as they didn’t even put it in the reviews, and no doubt this one won’t reach there either. I’m a pensioner and can’t afford to waste money this way. 😥.Version: 2.6.0

Unhelpful and BAD Customer serviceI got the free trial to see if this could help with my bad sleeping habits and track what I do but it would tell me the wrong thing like my dog barking is a fart. So I didn’t find it useful and used it 2 times after 2 nights I stopped using it and forgot to cancel the subscription! I can be very forgetful but I cancelled it once it charged me. I did not intend to continue using the app and I tried contacting Apple for a refund but was told I wasn’t eligible for a refund and asked them to review again but was told they had certain restrictions that they couldn’t tell me to give me my money back. I contacted the actual company by email and no respond over 1 week and I emailed them again and no respond ever! What’s the reason I can’t get a refund on an app I didn’t find useful and did not even use at all ever after it renewed. which was not done intentionally. I would like a refund please. I can not afford to have payed 65 dollars for this. And not ever use the money this seems like basic robbery!! No rude intentions just want my money. Update: I contacted Apple they still couldn’t give me a refund and contacted them personally but no respond in over 2 weeks from them I don’t understand why it’s not possible to refund this charge that I did not want to renew !! Totally regret getting this !!.Version: 2.5.7

Annoyes me and I really have some ideas to make it betterI love the stories and the asmr of the noises. I hate how I need to subscribe to the premium ones. I love the people who talks in the story ( although I would like it better if it was clearly spoken, some words I couldn’t hear) I hate how some calming music need to be paid. Overall, u need to fix this premium thing and i understand that u need the money but we people get annoyed with everything that we need to pay like for our children for example, they say to me “ oh can we listen to the premium stories and music too? We are getting bored of the old ones.” Now, I really enjoy the way how we get 7 days free but even that is kinda annoying because when I’m trying to see what I did and what my childrens did at night, it ABSOLUTELY annoyes me when I can’t see specific things what they did which I think absolutely annoys me..Version: 2.6.0

It’s kinda goodDislikes about it:too many ads too many memberships it doesn’t fully track it still doesn’t charge Likes about it:itttacks ur sleep it tells you some stuff you done in it it works with no Wi-Fi it works when the device is off Things they should add:more things too are what you done in sleep like talking singing creaks turning over.Version: 2.5.8

Garbage and dishonestI grabbed this app thinking it was something else. I asked them directly for a refund their email back to me said it would take a couple of days. I then have heard nothing since at all they kept my money they didn’t allow a refund of any kind. I sent them a second email asking the same thing, this time I did not get a response of any kind. I recommend not using this app or giving this company any kind of money. As if you were unsatisfied with their app you’ll be stuck with it and you will not get a penny back. I am very disgusted and disappointed with these people. In my opinion they are thieves once they have your money don’t ever expect to get it back if you’re unsatisfied.Version: 1.9.8

App causes more problems than it solvesThis is an app that would be used by people concerned about their sleep. I tried it one night. At about 3am I checked the app and was dismayed to read a message telling me that I haven’t slept long enough for any meaningful insights to be provided. This made me more anxious about my sleeping and made it hard for me to get any sleep at all that night. So I deleted the app..Version: 2.5.6

Less sleep since I installedSo first it says I was asleep for an hour and a half while I was on phone.. so to think it accurately records if I’m asleep or how light it is is already a stretch.. premium was beyond not worth it.. recordings were static and inaudible… and I am a person who has multiple alarms but to track my sleep after the first alarm takes forever to reset to show I’m still asleep.. and then I’m wide awake hours early.. today I have an interview I spent 30 mins irritated first thing in the morning cause of your stupid app… way to improve my sleep… I was driving it decided I should be in bed and started recording and counted that as falling asleep time cause my finger hit the notification.. never mind I closed the app.. if you can’t tell what I’m doing how can you tell if I’m asleep.. poor poor quality.. definitely not worth it.Version: 2.3.1

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEYI strongly encourage you not to waste your money. The free trial is not an actual free trial. You will still be charged. It’s a very sneaky and dishonest way to advertise a free trial. My “sleep analysis scan” put out a bogus, autogenerated result that said I had been asleep for 8 hours, which came with several recordings that had nothing on them. Only 2 hours had passed since I had started the scan. The only thing I like about the app is the small library of relaxing sleep sounds, but there are other places to find those..Version: 2.6.1

Extremely inaccurateI used this app last night and it could not more inaccurate. According to the app I slept a solid 9hrs and 58mins…… More like maybe 4hrs. I tossed and turned all night and was awake for most of the night. It also thought the noise of me turning my air conditioner on was me grinding my teeth in my sleep. Yet again back to trying to find an app that is atleast slightly accurate so glad I didn’t pay for the subscription.Version: 2.3.4

Very inaccurateConsistently says snoring time is greater than sleep time. Today they have added extra categories although they hadn’t mastered the three they had. Maybe ask the user if they have pets before including an “animal“ category? Not helpful..Version: 1.4.7

Cool app ruined by degenerate ads.Didn’t even get into the app and it was already harassing me with degenerate time-based “fake discount roulette” tactics to give them money for the whole year. It’s sad because it looks like they put a whole bunch of effort into this app and it was ruined by a cheap marketing team. Deleted after 2 minutes didn’t use once and will never download again..Version: 2.6.2

Not what it saysLess than 24 hours into free trial they have charged me for the one month already. When I go to cancel I only have option to cancel from after the one month they have taken payment for. The recordings are not available. The sleep time is inaccurate. Actually the worst app I’ve ever trialled in any category of app..Version: 2.6.2

Terrible customer service for the monthly costI listened to all the sounds from the night after my first night. From a recording at 4:45am I heard two men whispering in the background and you could hear one of them saying “did you put it in the bag?” And the other said “yea”. Im a single woman living alone. Once I heard it the next day I called the cops and they did a full swoop of my house and confirmed they heard voices in the recording. Being that I heard the sound the next day there was not much the police could do and suggested I reach out to the app to see if they could send me a longer version or the recording etc.. I sent an email to the apps customer service. I heard nothing for 3 days and emailed them again. I then got a response after a week saying “thank you we will pass along your feedback”. I wasn’t giving feedback I was inquiring about my safety and well being and asking for their help as I was fearful someone broke in. For an app that costs $40 a month I’d expect the customer service to be helpful and not robotic and disregard all requests. Is a shame bc I actually enjoyed the app but don’t want to promote or give money to a service that doesn’t care about their users well being.Version: 1.9.8

Sometimes good, sometimes bad 50/50So over the years I have seen a fair few of these apps that record whilst you sleep, now this one seems to have all the modern effects to it, says it’s good everywhere but sadly after a few days of using it it’s really not that good.. for starters I think there should be a setting for “Recording delay” where you can set a timer for it to start recording after you fall asleep, The statistics every time are off because it records as of the moment you press sleep! 2nd problem, there needs to be a part where you can access the whole recording from start to finish, I have sounds missing from my sleep and I’m not able to listen to them unless it’s been selected for listening. Lucky last I would also suggest to stop the forceful “RATE US” every 2 mins I’m getting the notification RATE US and to be honest it makes me want to delete the app, I will rate you when I feel obligated to not when you pop up to ask me to..Version: 2.2.0

My reviewIt’s a good app for sleep but you have to pay for most features so if you like ASMR don’t get it because only one thing of ASMR is free.Version: 2.6.0

Doesn’t track turningAfter seeing the ad for this app within another app, I was particularly interested in the app’s ability to monitor and track turning in my sleep. This was clearly promoted on the add. However, there is no option to track turning when selecting what the user would like to track; Snoring, talking, farting, walking.... The app may be good for those wishing to track all of these, but not for me..Version: 1.5.9

Falsified recordings?I have purposely spoken at night and it didn’t record. It also had me snoring a lot and I didn’t think I snored. So I recorded myself with an old phone simultaneously… I’m not snoring. On my recorder there was no snoring. It’s providing me with recorded snoring that is not mine!!! The reason for such high reviews I think is because each night before you can start the app it gives a pop up asking you to rate the app but only offers an excellent option or a later option. So if you don’t click excellent right away it keeps popping up each time you use it until eventually you might be inclined to click excellent to make it stop..Version: 2.5.6

Free 7 day trial scamUpdate: I tried to email the company on the email address given as a response to this review and it has been returned as undeliverable. What a surprise. They have no interest in sorting out their scan 7 day free trial. Don’t fall for it. I signed up for the free 7 day trial. I had to enter my payment details to get the free 7 days but payment was taken from my PayPal account immediately. I deleted the app immediately and contacted PayPal but my dispute has been rejected and not refunded. SCAM do not try the 7 day trial unless you want to be charged for 1 year membership..Version: 2.6.0

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