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ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound Positive Reviews

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ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound App User Positive Comments 2024

ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound app received 76 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about shuteye®: sleep tracker, sound?

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ShutEye®: Sleep Tracker, Sound for Positive User Reviews

I love itI love it so much I love how wet it shows like how long you sleep so that my mom finally believes that I actually slept she never believe that I sleep but with this app she always believe that because he said slept for two hours and 20 or nine hours she believes me.Version: 2.6.0

Fantastic for sleep apneaI downloaded this app after my mum told me that I stopped breathing whilst I am sleeping. I was waking up 1am breathless and sweating and unable to breath, gasping for air. This app has helped me with tips and monitoring my sleeping patterns to identify what the problem is. This is my second night using the app I haven’t woke up breathless in a panic..Version: 2.4.3

ReviewIt is so good it gets me to sleep in about 10 minutes it always took me 2 hours till I got this app I love it..Version: 2.5.9

Almost perfect, but…I fell asleep pretty much instantly with the light on and the computer still being used. Also I fell asleep waaay before the time I usually fall asleep (I usually fall asleep at midnight on weekdays and 1:00 - 3:00 on weekends). I did sleep past the alarm but that is mostly my fault. I rested very well my first night using it and it did record the noises I made during the night. So, you may be wondering, why did you give it four stars if you loved it? Well, it was completely vertical. When I tried to rate my sleep, I was asked between horrible and mediocre. I tried swiping (I’m using an iPad, btw), but nothing happened. I rated mediocre, of course, as it was the best rating I could choose between. So, that is my review of Shuteye. Pretty much amazing app. Four stars out of five..Version: 1.8.7

No titleGood!.Version: 2.6.0

Love itWish I could afford the monthly payments.Version: 1.7.2

Free play backLove this app but just wish you had after play back side rather then all subscriptions you should have that option not just calming music.Version: 1.5.2

Amazing App with its disbenefitsThis is by far an absolutely amazing app and great. However I feel that the free features are a bit tooo restricted. As much as I know that y’all need to make money and business, I feel that it’s tooo restricted. Secondly, the ‘Melodies’ are a bit weird to wake up to. It’d be better if there was an option for regular, standard sounding alarms bc it’s too… cringey in a way. Other than that the app is amazing. Please try to fix the alarm. That’s one thing I ask for most..Version: 2.0.6

Good app, but just one thingI really enjoy the app. I love the mixed sounds you can use (my personal favorite is the campfire and ocean waves). I also really enjoy the alarm system because it's not very loud and annoying when you wake up. However I do have one thing that I don't like. I don't like that you need to pay to see your health risks. I got the app because the description says that it detects your risk of sleep apnea and other sleep risks. But when I found out you had to pay for it I was a bit annoyed. First of all, you shouldn't have to pay to see your health risks, that should be free. Me and so many other people aren't in a good financial position and cannot afford to pay every month, even at low prices. From a business stand point, I can see that you most likely include this in a subscription to receive money. But at the same time, the health and safety of your customers should be the top priority, especially in this kind of app. Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you consider the things I've said..Version: 2.6.0

GREATTYou can listen to your snoring and whatever etc and no money cost GREAT APP I luv this app.Version: 2.5.7

AmazingNow I know that I don’t snore even tho my parents say I do.Version: 2.5.7

Not quite what I hoped forI wanted to record coughing and OSA episodes during the night to play to my Dr. These episodes last far longer than the few seconds that are recorded and saved. Ideally, I would like to be able to specify the minimum and maximum or fix the duration of the sound recordings. At the moment, this app is good, but not customisable to my requirements. (It is also far too expensive)..Version: 2.0.4

AMAZING!!!!!This app is incredible and i have been sleeping for over 9 hours thanks to this app. The sleep recordings are very accurate and i love the way it tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and when you were awake! i love the camping sounds to help me get to sleep as it makes me fall asleep in less than 10 minutes! i really enjoy this app and i recommend to anyone but mostly people who struggle to sleep. 5/5 amazing well done!.Version: 2.4.8

Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Awesome.Version: 2.3.4

ReviewI think you guys have really helped me for the last 6 months it is helping me get more calm and relax more quickly and I love this app so much I got my mum using it you are a 10/10..Version: 2.2.6

REVIEWThis app is so great. It is a great way to help me sleep and a great way for me to find out what I do in my sleep. The only down thing is, is that you have to pay for a lot of the stuff and have a premium pass. I think you should put more stuff on the app for free!.Version: 2.1.4

ShuteyeHello! I’m Savannah I just downloaded this app and it’s already amazing but I’d like all the features. But I can pay for them. It would be good if it could all be free so everyone can fix there sleep. Thanks! From Savannah.Version: 2.5.0

Very goodLove it! highly recommended!.Version: 2.6.1

Shut eyeThis app is WONDERFUL it helps so much for you to try and go to bed comes with sleep music and make your own sleep music ETC. Such a awesome app I have been trying to find a good sleep app to help me go to bed cause I would get 5 hours of sleep and I need to change that! So I got this app and it worked so much I stared to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep! I would recommend if you want to get more sleep DEFINITELY!! Also I would change that hearing your sound when you are asleep not to VIP/ money because I am not gonna spend that much can you have it not that much money? But yes it helps me go to bed ALOT so please please please get this app it help SO MUCH and it can help you when your sick and can’t go to bed cause of all the different reasons!.Version: 1.9.8

Overall goodSo first let’s talk about the good part. Whenever you hit the sleep button at the bottom of the Home Screen, it will let you put sleep notes and stuff like that as reminders and stuff. Than after that, you can choose the relaxing sound you would like to hear while you sleep. My favorite part in my opinion is that it also lets you choose an alarm and you can get really happy ones and stuff. I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time. Now for the bad part. First off the calendar was one day in the past for me. Like today is Friday but it said it was Thursday. It also did not let you see what you said during the night becuase it kept making you buy the subscription. It shows you ur best ones though- which was just my parents talking instead of me. My recommendation is that they should make a possibility to see what you said during the night without having to buy it. Also to make it to where you can change the calendar. Maybe even a way to where you can make a recording of your voice so that the app can detect it in your sleep, instead of picking up others talking. I would also like if we could put our gender in, that would be nice too. Thank you ..Version: 2.5.7

Great app, but…This app has been super useful for me in tracking my sleep while in the process of adjusting medications! However, there’s one major problem that I have with it: it effectively assumes that the time between you waking up and you stopping the app is just you forgetting to turn it off. This has been a major issue for tracking my sleep quality, because a lot of the time, the actual scenario is “I woke up several hours earlier than I intended to, lay in bed trying to fall back asleep for two hours, and then gave up.” This results in the app thinking my sleep quality as lower on days where I AM successful in falling back asleep than the days where I’m not, which is obviously a major issue when my goal is to track insomnia. Would absolutely change this to 5 stars if the app developers added a way to tell the app whether you were awake but forgot to turn it off or you were trying to sleep the whole time it was running, and adjusted sleep quality accordingly..Version: 1.8.6

Bedtime calmnessMaking me understand how I sleep. When I sleep it makes me feel I could improve my length of sleep. The music calms me down. I seem to sleep quicker and at the moment I seem to be having 4 to 5 hours good sleep my target would be approximately another hour or so coming from background where I worked nightshifts my sleeping was terrible. no I retired but still work. I would like to have longer sleeps. I don’t want to sleep in the daytime which I have done many times. That means I don’t get a proper nights sleep now I’ve got this device I can work on sleeping longer. This is my second time of using this device, it’s looking good. Looking forward to my next night sleep good night sleep tight, doubt, let the big bugs bite..Version: 2.6.0

AmazingI usually fall asleep at 12-3 but asoon as I downloaded this i have been falling asleep at 8:30-9 and nothing wakes lime me up and when I pick rain or other great sleeping sounds I fall asleep like 5 minutes later and when I wake up I feel fresh and I love the alarm it just makes me ready and confident to start the day..Version: 2.4.3

Such a good app but far too expensiveIt really is such a good app. Just a shame it’s almost £60 a year. Seems like an app you should pay £10/20 for for a life time. I understand they have got to make money but seems a bit extortionate in price. But it does give good detail for everything that goes on a picks up the right noises when it should.Version: 1.8.8

It’s alrightI do love this and I can sleep better, but I am really upset that I have to pay to listen to my recordings! I would love if the developers added an option where we could watch an ad to get the recording. I would totally do this. I speak for everyone when we say at least let us listen to our recordings! Maybe every night you sleep you get “tokens” and then you spend those “tokens” to listen to your recordings? This app is amazing and I love it, but the main reason I downloaded it was to listen to my recordings. Please consider changing the pay option for recordings. Thank you if you respond or listen. When this happens you WILL get my five star review. Edit: I got a notification that you guys replied but I don’t see it. Please improve the service. :(.Version: 1.9.9

Great App That Helps Me SleepWhen I looked into this app, I saw it only on tiktok, but only heard good reviews on it. I assumed this was gonna be one of those apps where you have to pay for everythinggggg, but in reality I think it’s perfect. It contains free sounds to listen too as well as extras, but I personally use a mix of the free ones and use it every night to help me sleep before school. Ever since I started using it, I’ve been able to fall asleep just like that. The only thing I would complain about, which isn’t really a problem, would be the wheel spinning surprise add thing. It’s used to promote their extras being 50% off but it makes me mad cause I’d be just trying to go to bed but stopped by watching a wheel. It’s not a huge deal, but I wish the adds for their 50% off deal would go away. Other than that I think this is a perfect app to help people track their hours of sleep and to help them fall asleep as well..Version: 2.3.9

Really interesting appI started using this app about 3 weeks ago and I’m finding it really interesting. I’m quite an erratic sleeper and I find that the Shuteye data really picks up on that. I’m finding it quite addictive!! Just two points to note - first is that I sleep alone. I’m not sure how the app would cope if you shared a bed - the second is that I find the green/red graph quite confusing. I’ve never selected the ‘nap’ tag however the graph is constantly showing a long red bar going downwards. I haven’t selected it and I never nap. This needs a bit more explaining. Otherwise a great app for lone sleepers..Version: 2.3.6

SubscriptionReading a lot of subscription comments. Do people realise you need to physically go into your Apple subscriptions and cancel before the end of the 7 day free trial? Or you WILL be charged. Same as any. I always cancel the day of purchase, gives you the end of the free trial to use it and you won’t forget to cancel it if you don’t like. I found the insight really interesting. The recorded stuff was quite funny actually. Also dream recording and the possible meaning of dreams is interesting too! I’ll see out the trial and probably do 3 months. I agree, the alarms are a bit lame. Maybe the ‘slow wake up’ to birds or something that get louder in the half hour period would be nicer..Version: 2.0.8

ShuteyeThank you so much for this.Version: 2.4.2

Speaking as a dedicated member who has faithfully used Shut Eye for three yearsShut Eye stands out with its meticulously crafted interface, seamlessly guiding users through an extensive collection of meditation practices. From mindfulness exercises to specialized programs targeting stress reduction or heightened focus, the app caters to diverse preferences and experience levels. What sets Shut Eye apart is its personalized touch. By analyzing user interaction, the app generates tailored recommendations, ensuring each session resonates with individual needs. This thoughtful curation creates a unique journey for every user, enhancing the sense of connection and effectiveness. Moreover, the app's sleep aids redefine tranquility. Beyond conventional white noise, Shut Eye offers a rich selection of ambient sounds, soothing melodies, and immersive bedtime stories. This comprehensive toolkit fosters an ideal environment for deep relaxation and improved sleep quality, making it a quintessential companion for both meditation enthusiasts and those seeking better sleep..Version: 2.5.7

Love it!I’ve had ShutEye for a while now and it’s amazing! It tracks when you talk, fart, snore, burp, and much more! It also tracks when you woke up, in deepest sleep, lightest sleep, and when you went to bed! It has a bunch of white noises most need a subscription but even if you don’t have one there’s still some free ones! 😁 It also has a survey every night which makes me feel at home and comfortable for some reason. 😅 It also makes you feel like your friends with the all even tho it’s an app 😃 I have no subscription but is able to enjoy the app freely! ☺️ It can also help you if someone breaks into your house and it’s recording, cause now you have proof! 😉 I feel it’s an amazing app and should get more attention!😄 Also these reply’s are saying that it’s horrible and stuff but I truly love it and think it’s an amazing app created! 😊 The creators helped a lot with sleeping, I wasn’t able to sleep easily but this app helps a lot! ☝️ I’m not a bot..Version: 2.2.6

FantasticThis app has helped me sleep better and get in a schedule waking up with more energy. I recommend this very highly n I’ve only used the free portion of it. I’m excited to try the full version it’s everything I honestly needed. Thanks to the makers it definitely has helped me out a lot. Keep up the great work thank you..Version: 1.3.5

Good but needs improvementThis is a really great app it’s helped A lot since I do have trouble sleeping the listen options are great but sometimes all I get when I check my sounds during the night is my family getting ready in the morning.Version: 2.1.2

This app is amazing❤️❤️I personally love this app because it has everything I need white noise and also sleeping track so keep track of what I’m doing in my sleep so yeah its amazing ❤️❤️.Version: 2.3.7

It’s fineThe app is actually pretty cool, I enjoy a lot of the features it comes with. The music and sounds offered actually help me fall asleep which is surprising and I have interestingly found out some things about my sleeping pattern. Now I will say though, as every other app, this one also is not perfect. I was careless the one night (no like literally my fault 😂) and set up my tracker in the middle of the night after waking up and falling back asleep, the app now thought that I had only slept for 4 hrs and I wasn’t able to actually change the time to the time I had fallen asleep so now I had “poor sleep” and suggestions on how to sleep better 😂. Same thing happened today, but opposite, I woke up in the middle of the night to give my son some medicine and grabbed my phone to check the time, I guess the app took that as a “ok she’s awake cause her phone shook” and I have now only “slept for one hour” which I didn’t realize until I actually woke up. I wish I could just change the time or disable the “shake to stop tracker” feature..Version: 2.2.8

Love it so far!I have spent one night, and it recorded my dog barking, talking, and more! I can’t wait to use it more! So far it’s helping me learn that most of the night I am in light sleep. Honestly that’s probably because of my dogs. The reason I took off of one star was because the wake up alarm. I love the idea itself, just I think it would be a bit better if there was a five minute timer before it goes off again instead of one minute. Also even when I tap WAKE UP on the screen a minute later it still goes off. Also I don’t think it’s enough to take off a star but, I would like it if you didn’t have to subscribe to see all of the videos of your sounds that you made while sleeping. Overall it’s a great app and I’m excited to learn more about!.Version: 2.5.7

Hey hey heyGreat for going to sleep in <3 BYE BOYS HI LADIES WMA Boy, why u so obsessed with me? 😮‍💨😮‍💨 Santa 🎅 tell 🏧 me 😏if 🤨you're👆 really 💞there 😮‍💨.Version: 2.5.6

My review𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚒𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎. 𝙸𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚘𝚏 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎.Version: 2.6.0

Great appI had to come back in and revise my review. I apologize to anyone that read it, this is a great app you just need to play around with it. Although I did feel rushed with the seven days because I forgot to use it a couple of times. So I think they should give you seven days worth so in case you miss it a night or two it doesn’t go towards your seven day trial. The only reason why I deleted this app is I can’t keep up with all the subscriptions for every app or TV Subscriptions all adds up and could possibly be a cable bill. I did like hearing the different settings of you snoring or the background noise. I did not know how to listen to the meditation for bedtime while recording for the night it didn’t work. Other than that this is a great sleep app.Version: 2.0.4

Love the app…However i wish there was a cheaper version 😔 would love to be able review my sleeping states withput having the pay an aem and a leg for the app..Version: 1.8.7

Waking up tired, now I know why!I’d always been a person that would occasionally snore. That was until December 2021 when I got hit in the face by a steel bar. I saw an add for shuteye and downloaded it straight away. This app is so easy to use and the information it stores is excellent. It is helping me to understand why I’m waking up feeling so tired. And will give the consultant the information he requires. Highly recommend this app..Version: 2.0.5

Great sleeping app but one problemI love listening to the noises that happen on my sleep but I don't like how you need to get seize to be able to hear all of the recordings because a few nights ago I listened to a recording and it sounded like something scary was in my room like the devil and there was a lot of other short lived recordings that go further down the line but I can't listen to them because I don't want to purchase anything to do so. So please unlock all recordings because I need to know what is really happening in my room. PS: I know you need to make money somehow but you can at least unlock the noises or speaking or both. Overall this app is great and is helping me sleep better just like you promised it would😁.Version: 2.3.7

Pretty good, only a couple of thingsStarted using the app last night, and it’s working pretty well. In the morning, I’ll get to see what I’ve done in my sleep, and all that. However when I’m awake I constantly see rating pop-ups that pauses music and so on. Another thing, I know almost every sleeping app is going to say something along the lines of “upgrade to full experience” or something like that. Yet, (as it is my first time) trying to find things to put on/listen to was a little more of a challenge than I expected it to be. I will try using it again tomorrow and see how I can navigate through what I can access and what I can not..Version: 2.5.7

I love this appThe white noise is the most calming thing ever. I don’t need to be scared of any danger in my sleep now that I have this app. Me and my friend have had the best sleep since downloading the app. I do wish that their white noise had more options without having to pay money.Version: 2.6.1

Best app everI LOVE your app Thank you my mom loves it.Version: 2.6.1

This app is really good butThere should be a longer free trial ( 2 weeks-1 month ) because not everybody knows if they really need it or not because what if there wasn’t much that came up like you snored once and even if your report comes out with multiple things it also doesn’t mean your going to do the same thing again so you should try to make more things free or make this cheaper I know that you get half off but this is still very expensive but not just that like what if you were really tired during the week and you installed the app after that you would probably get the subscription and by the next week you would feel better but you would also have no need for it and you already paid so I’m basically trying today that we should be amble to get a longer subscription or pay for only the stuff we need.Version: 1.7.8

I need a refundSo i accidentally bought the 50% yearly subscription without realising it didn't come with the free trial so im sorry to ask but i really do need the money back i cant afford $49 right now sorry.Version: 2.3.4

Shuteye Saves My SanityA dramatic title I know. I have been an insomniac for over a decade. I’ve tried every “remedy” suggested by medical professionals, friends, & family and although some improved my sleep, I would still wake regularly during the night, and not be able to go back to sleep. So when I found Shuteye, I was skeptical. I’ve tried it for 3 nights now and I have slept better than I have in a decade! Thanks Shuteye, my sanity is saved 😊.Version: 1.7.9

Pretty goodI am amazed by the apps ability to do exactly what it says it can. I’m in the middle of my free trial but almost certain I will purchase a yearly subscription. The reason I gave only 4 stars is because the user interface is not the best, and in my short time has had a couple of bugs. If you say you want to start a sleep tracking accidentally, it doesn’t give you an option to cancel so you have to force close the app and open again. It also got stuck on the weather forecast for me when opening once. I don’t need a weather update when I open a sleep app. I have a weather app or Alexa for that. I think it’s neat it tacks the weather with your sleep to help provide answers to troublesome sleep but that is all I need it for..Version: 1.9.8

Out of my price rangeWould be great if cheaper.Version: 2.0.9

🌼🌸shuteye🌸🌼🐚🌼🌸SWEETDREAMS!🌸🌼🐚 When I got this app I thought that it was just gonna be a useless app but I had downloaded the app because it was trending. At first when I clicked onto the app I just knew that this could change some things for me when I 🌻sleep.🌻 If you’re someone that struggles to sleep then this app is for ⚡️YOU!!⚡️ Not only dose this app keep track of you’re sleep but it can also make 🌹ASMR 🌹 noises! If you’re someone that dose not like asmr sounds then you can always listen to other calming/sleeping sounds, they also have meditation sounds, these sounds go for about 60 minutes ! If u want it is optional just to go to bed without any noise around you. If u don’t believe me then try getting the app for you’re self!! ⭐️🌻⭐️GOODNIGHT!!⭐️🌻⭐️.Version: 2.5.9

Great appI recommend this app. Easy to setup and gives a lot of info..Version: 2.6.1

Love!Love this app, I’ve used it for over a year now and use it mainly for sleep medication as it really helped as I struggled to fall asleep, and with the medication I was always asleep before the end of them, however, I am now a little bored of them! I have used them all now multiple times and would love some new ones as it’s been the same few and I’m beginning to find I get bored of listening to them and my mind wanders and I don’t fall asleep so I end up going back into the app to put another on and it’s taking me much longer now to fall asleep! Only 4 starts because I think it’s time for some new ones x.Version: 2.0.9

Sleep appThe best sleep I’ve ever had listening to this music puts me to sleep on average every night before the 10 min mark really really happy and I’ll pay for the year over and over.Version: 2.4.7

Caught Voices from Ghosts at NightI had always had trouble sleeping at night and waking up feeling tired as if I never slept at all. This has always been happening since I moved into this house. After purchasing this app, I quickly became shocked as to what it was capturing at night for the audio. I would hear other peoples voices talking to me keeping me somewhat awake at night. I was never conscious enough to realize this was going on. At first I thought the app was just adding fake audio to make it seem like a special feature so I ended up setting up a camera to record myself sleep in addition to the recording audio from the app. Not only was the app extremely accurate, my camera captured paranormal activity occurring with the audio. My blankets would be pulled off of me, my head would get hit into the wall by force, and I would even get up and stand in front of whatever this was and talk to it. Extremely scary stuff but grateful this app actually worked so well to help me realize what has been going on.Version: 2.1.6

How accurate is it?I give it four stars as I think it’s pretty near to assessing how I sleep. It does pick up noises of anyone else in house but if it a low score I feel crap if it high it was good and it does seem tally up. I’d give it five stars if I could pay £2 a month rather than commit for a year just so I can assess the full features. I do like the alarm it’s very happy for a morning..Version: 2.3.6

GlitchLove the app and have been using for some time. However, I have emailed a couple of times, with no response, about a glitch with the weather. I’m in the UK and last night the weather was supposedly-22 degrees! I don’t think we’ve ever had temperatures as low as that yet I frequently am told it is -30 or even colder sometimes. It’s never accurate and because of a health condition, this part of the app is quite important to me. Is there a setting anywhere that I am missing? And yes, my location setting on my phone is switched on..Version: 2.3.4

Records noise and coughing but too expensiveI love this app as it records noise in the room or noise affecting sleep other than snoring or sleep talking. My neighbour upstairs is an insomniac and frequency we ntly wakes me up walking about and his smoking sets off my coughing which is also recorded. But as I am on benefits I really can't afford this app so I just wish there was a free ap with ads that would allow me to use these features do I can prove how much my environment in this accomodation is affecting my sleep.Version: 1.9.7

AmazingI knew my sleep wasn’t great but finding out it was my dogs barking was interesting. Also now have a dental plate to sleep with as it was recorded that I grind my teeth in my sleep. Couldn’t recommend more.Version: 2.4.5

Please read through all of it. There’s a note to the developer at the end.I absolutely enjoy it, it has helped me a lot within my sleep it gives me the important info with in my sleep, tells me how bad my snoring is and if I should talk to my doctor about it, it tells me if I sleep talked, it also tells me about what is happening around me while I sleep it also tells me how deep of sleep I’m in, it also gives you a chance to experiment with different types of sounds and music that you like and stories that you would like, it also gives you a chance to put on smart alarm which basically means that you pick a time and whenever you’re in the light sleep, it will put on that alarm so then you can wake up, and a bunch of people may be wondering, does it cost any money? Yes, it does only for the VIP. Otherwise, it is totally worth it. And if you’re curious about what your dream means. There’s a little dream list and it tells you what they mean I hope you consider getting it. NOTE TO DEVELOPER BELOW👇🏻 Dear developer I have a request could you please add him some more dream meanings and also the little present box has been saying one more day but then the next day it is still there could you fix that? thanks..Version: 2.5.1

It may have saved my lifeHey guys I have to say to the people who came up with this app thank you it just may have saved my life I’d give it 10 stars if I could I tracked my sleep 2 days and it said In them 2 days I had possible sleep apnea 17 times I got it checked by a professional and low and behold I have obstructive sleep apnea and I’m getting a machine next month.Version: 2.0.6

Amazing game but one problemHi! This game is amazing and I definitely needed it. I know most of you think I am part of the app but I am most certainly not. I DO have trouble sleeping and I just got this app so I will update this review later because I am going to sleep soon. One problem is VIP. I really like ASMR but most of it is VIP only. Maybe change that? Thank you for such a great game!.Version: 2.1.7

Lovely - but far too expensive!Thank you for my week’s free trial. It is a great app. I am a narcoleptic and I know that these things are not designed for us but I like them anyway! The thunderstorm to fall asleep to is awesome and I also enjoyed the beach to wake up. I would find the teeth-grinding particularly useful, as I do suffer badly from bruxism at night. Sod’s Law that I never had an episode during the trial. Anyway, I’m afraid I shall stick with the App I have, as it costs me less than £10 a year. The price is the only reason I have only given the App 4 rather than 5 stars. Thanks again for the week’s trial..Version: 1.6.0

It’s good but could be betterOn the ad it showed more options like apnea risk or somthing like that and you could listen to all the sounds you make while sleeping. But in the app you must pay for those features you can only listen to one recording on snoring talking and I’m pretty sure that’s it and I’m the ad it said nothing about VIP. Overall it’s good but wastes electricity for the fact you have to plug your phone in over night. If you spent you time reading my opinion thanks I hope the best for you..Version: 2.3.4

Sleep Test at Home without the need for an AppointmentThis is a great way to get an understanding about one’s current sleep patterns and quality of sleep. It promotes better health with many suggestions of ways to improve your sleep overall and enables you to monitor your improvements over time..Version: 2.6.0

This app is so coolI 🅛🅞🅥🅔 this app because it has SO many features like sleep meditations, white noise, and SO much more. It helps me fall asleep right away without having to watch TV. I also love how it tells you about why your having certain dreams and I think that's really cool. In the white noise, they have so many things like rain, fire place, exhaust fan, ocean waves, seagulls, keyboard, and MORE. I think that you should get this app because not EVERYTHING requires premium like a few things do, but not a lot. Also the premium is only around $2.99 a month! It's so nice. I have been able to sleep so much better from this app. It also tracks your sleep if you press the sleep button in the center of your screen and you answer questions like how have you been feeling (it gives you multiple choice or you can choose other) then, you set your phone next to your bed on the charger and when you go to sleep, it tracks if you talked, snoring loud or tossing and turning. It also tells you your sleep score after six days of tracking your sleep with the app, and it tells you how much light sleep or heavy sleep. It's cool to listen to what you said in your sleep, what you did, or how much you snored. This app is very good for me because i haven't been able to fall asleep. But this app makes me fall asleep right when i turn on the white noise or sleep meditation. ⚠GET THIS SLEEP APP IF YOU HAVE SLEEP PROBLEMS / WANT TO TRACK YOUR SLEEP/ FALL ASLEEP FASTER!!! ⚠.Version: 2.4.0

BRILLIANT - WORTH EVERY CENT!I signed up for the free trial, without the intention of paying for a subscription, however, after 4 nights I now realise how invaluable this app has become and is worth every cent! Only days previously, I had purchased a $500 smartwatch for sleep tracking, and it failed to detect similar readings and it’s data was incorrect! With the ShutEye app, not only did it reveal what poor quality sleep I was having, but gave a detailed sleep analysis and sound recordings on exactly what was going on in the middle of the night - I’m shocked! With this info, I’m now able to put strategies in place to improve my sleep quality. Highly recommend!!!!.Version: 1.7.9

The app is beautifulIt’s beautiful the app’s song and the app is clam, sweet, and perfect for me.Version: 2.6.1

AHHHHBest app ever if your not able to sleep I’ve tried everything the sounds on with app are awesome and I love how it tells you when the right time is to go to sleep and the noises you made or if you snored love love love it.Version: 2.5.7

Why I love itIt helps me sleep and I now know what happens when I sleep and it really helps with my adhd and anxiety when it comes to sleeping and it also helps with the white noise Definitely recommend.Version: 2.5.2

Excellent appI can’t believe what this app picks up!! I am beginning to understand why I’m so tired all the time. A few more days to get a better picture, but amazing so far..Version: 2.5.3

Just a shame…Could not be more happy with this app it’s absolutely brilliant, one suggestion I would make is if it could whitelist some apps so they don’t get accidentally recorded as other things during sleep recording..Version: 1.8.7

I like it, but …Overall I like it, the only thing is the screen stays on all night which can be bright and heats up the phone, if there was a way you could dim or black the screen after some time it would be better for my sleep and phone.Version: 2.6.0

Love it but app hard to navigateIf you tap a icon you accidently start a sleep. You have to go through the whole process start a sleep then have to manually quit the sleep. NO BACK BOTTONS OR CANCEL ON THE FIRST SCEEN. HAVE TO GO THRU IT ALL TO SLEEP THEN QUIT. Also hard to find what you want to find. I set it for a nap yet didn’t know where to find the results to many things on screens NEED MORE ORGANIZATION, DROP DOWN MENUS,BACK BUTTONS AND CANCEL BUTTONS. NEED APP OVERHAUL. Please add info button, WHAT AM I PAYING FOR THE SERVICE NO INFO JUST KNOW THEY SIGNED ME UP OR THEY TELL YOU BEFORE THE INTRO PERIOD UP. ….. my sleep notes inadequate No way to add in the category before I go to sleep I’m watching tv no icon …. I’m retired I have to tap DAY OFF …. PLUS I have a pacemaker cardiac arrhythmias no mention of pain or a category other then restless leg. Severe Arthritis pain both knees and back. That CAUSES either HARD TO FALL ASLEEP or I WAKE DUE TO SEVERE PAIN. LOVE THE CONCEPT …… not sure if I’ll continue unable to add notes with the snoring or they don’t tell you which clip is the apnea clip. Clips for teeth grinding sounds like snoring. No labels everything sounds like snoring HOW MUCH IS THIS APP I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE. I KNOW ITS a lot TO ASK, BUT MAKE IT EASIER TO NAVIGATE and find things too much with th book reading..Version: 2.6.0

SleepingWell in my opinion I do highly agree you should down load this app it makes ur sleep so much more exciting to wake up and see how u was in ur sleep. And it’s so relaxing with the side noises like rain waterfalls sounds very good and makes u go to sleep in a realaxing way so make sure to down load this app because if you go to sleep real late ur gonna need it now go download it 😉.Version: 2.5.9

PerfectionThis app is one of a kind no doubt. Since using this app I have felt more calm and collected and reassured - I’ve slept healthy and well! The best thing is this app tells you almost anything you needed to know like your activity dying your light or deep sleep stages. I give this a 11/10 😋.Version: 1.5.9

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