iPhone Voice Mail Notification Management Guide

iPhone Voice Mail Notification Management Guide
iPhone Voice Mail Notification Management Guide © 2024

Setting up voicemail on an iPhone is easy. You can set up a voicemail box with retrieval options, email notifications, custom greetings, and lots more options. Not only this, but playing, sharing, and deleting a voicemail message is also simpler on iPhone. In this article, you will learn how to manage the iPhone voice mail notification feature and related things on Mac.

Set Up Voicemail on iPhone
The voicemail setup process works specifically based on your area and which carrier you’re with. The first time you click Voicemail, you’ve to create a voicemail password and record greetings. Click Voicemail and Set Up Now. Create your voicemail password and select a greeting. Is your Mac Mail not working? Interestingly, you can use voicemail to receive messages.

Activate Voicemail With a Phone App
Access the phone app and select Voicemail in the screen’s bottom right corner. If it starts a call, you are required to follow the prompts to keep enabling the voicemail. However, if it doesn’t start a call, click Set Up Now. Enter a new voicemail password to set up voicemail and click Done. Type a password to confirm a new password and tap Done.

Select Voicemail Greeting
After setting up voicemail, you have to select your voicemail greeting. Go to the greeting page and click Default to use the default greeting. To record a custom greeting, tap Custom. Click Record and capture the voicemail message while speaking clearly. Once you end recording, click Stop, followed by Save. Tap Play to preview and click Save to save the recording.

Set Up Using Voicemail App
Another way to set up voicemail on an iPhone is to use a smart voicemail app. The major drawback of traditional voicemail services is that it consumes a lot of time. It requires so many minutes, even hours, to listen to every message in chronological order. On the contrary, the voicemail app makes reading texts or checking emails easier with a voicemail visual.

Play, Share, Delete Voicemail
One of the easiest ways to play your voicemail message is the use of Siri. You can simply ask Siri to access any message for you. Alternatively, click Voicemail and tap the required message. Now, simply press the respective button, i.e., Play, to play the message. To recover deleted messages, click Deleted Messages, select Message, and tap Undelete.

How to Change Voicemail Settings?

You can easily alter certain settings in your voicemail. To change your voicemail greeting, click on Voicemail and then tap Greeting. For changing the alert for a new voicemail:

  1. Navigate to Settings, click Sounds & Haptics or Settings, and then select Sounds.
  2. Change your password by accessing the Phone option in Settings.
  3. Tap Change Voicemail Password and enter a new password.

Fix iPhone Voicemail Notification Issues
The iPhone voice mail notification feature can cause various issues, which turn out to be a big problem for startups or professional users. Staying unaware of voicemail messages can cost huge businesses. There could be multiple reasons why users don’t receive any notification for voicemail. For example, settings from the carrier side.

  • Reset Voicemail: Start the phone app and access the dial pad. Press and hold ‘1’ to access voicemail. Submit your password for the already set up voicemail. Listen to all new voicemail messages and then end the call. Then, call your iPhone using another iPhone and leave a certain voicemail message. Now, you’ll receive a notification without any problem.
  • Reset Carrier Settings: Navigate to the Settings app and get to the main window. Click the General button and then tap Reset. Next, click Reset Network Settings. After resetting the carrier settings, your iPhone will reboot to engage the new settings. This will quickly solve the voicemail notification issue on your iPhone device.

Fix Red Dot on iPhone Voicemail
Are you noticing a red dot on your iPhone voicemail? This is another issue iPhone voicemail users are encountering. Seeing this dot means you have a new voicemail, but you can’t retrieve it. You may notice this dot after resetting your iPhone to factory settings or changing the SIM cards. To fix this issue, try resetting carrier settings and resetting login information.

Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on Your iPhone
If you accidentally deleted any voicemail message, you do not need to worry about it. You can get back your important voicemail using the reliable iOS data recovery tool or software. Choose the software that provides the handy preview feature to preview the data before recovery. Also, check the iOS compatibility.

The Conclusion
Using voicemail on an iPhone can be inconvenient and time-consuming as well. In today’s life, every person, especially professionals, is too busy in his/her life that answering all the calls becomes difficult. Thankfully, there is a useful option of voicemail. You can use voicemail in your professional career to make the most out of your important contact points.