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Vrbo Vacation Rentals app received 46 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about vrbo vacation rentals?

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Easy to useSuch a pleasant experience dealing with VRBO - easy to use sums it up..Version: 2021.07.1

Vrbo appSo easy to use, I also made a typo when setting up an account. Customer service were so very helpful. App is easy to use and clear.Version: 2021.09

Cool FeaturesSo I am writing my review on the app and my experience while staying at our Vrbo cabin! Our family decided to stay a couple nights in a charming cabin just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We booked through the app and it seemed really easy to make all the arrangements. The owner of the property was quick to respond via email about some questions my husband had and send the information we needed to unlock the door to get in! I would say it’s pretty cool that you can make these kind of reservations through an app on your phone! So neat! We get to our cabin, park, get our two little kids out of the car and head inside our cabin! Get inside and find that the place hadn’t been cleaned from the last guests who had stayed there......We were in awhhh....So we tried to reach out to the property owner ASAP and let her know that the place was not ready for new guests! We waited a short time and still no reply. So we decided to contact Vrbo instead. They were very nice about it. They reached out to the property owner who then contacted us shortly after. Long story short, the property owner refunded our two night stay. We still had to pay taxes on that and was charged a cleaning deposit still of $100. Anyways. Vrbo doesn’t take financial responsibility for refunds etc. Its not their fault at all this happened. Anyways..Version: 2019.19.2

The best way to travelWe have stayed in about 10 home away/ Vrbo . Have stayed in some amazing places . Thank you.Version: 2019.27.1

Excellent websiteWe have booked our holidays via this website for years now and have never had any problems. Easy to use and even during COVID times was easily able to cancel and swap accommodation.Version: 2021.04

Great ServiceUsed VRBO for years. 99 % success. ( only one bad experience ) Thanks.Version: 2020.02

Our rental was disgusting, Home Away/VRBO didn’t help usWe weren’t allowed to check in to our house until 45 minutes after check in time. It was gross. Hair all over the back porch from someone getting a haircut, the floors were filthy, there was vomit in an upstairs bedroom, just to name a few. The boats we were promised were not available, the hot tub that was supposed to be ready wasn’t even filled and there were no chemicals. Homeaway said we needed to work it out with the owner. we tried for two days to work it out with the owner. He was unapologetic. We tried for two days straight to talk to someone at customer service. We were told they don’t have managers??? I should not have been forced to stay with my family in a disgusting rental home. Nevermind during a pandemic. They didn’t do the bare minimum. The house was not ready to rent and hopefully they will pull the listing. NOT impressed with how they didn’t help us when we got stuck in a dirty home for our one and only family vacation this year..Version: 2020.12

Easy to useEnjoyed using it!.Version: 2017.12

Mobile phone bookingI couldn’t complete my payment on my mobile phone but accepted on my iPad.Version: 2021.02.1

Calendar ConcernsThough VRBO has a great plethora of options, client filters are not always applied when viewing properties. We have a home which will be perfect for our needs as well as “checks all the boxes”. I have tried to book using the calendar provided on the app, however it only allows clients to choose between the day the home is viewed and July 2020. When attempting to bypass the calendar options and request the dates manually, we are directed to “choose a green date on the calendar”. I have sent the owner a request for possible dates beyond the limits placed by VRBO. As a family, we have vacation homes we share,(as each has seasonal, cultural and activity based, diverse water locals etc...), we are not likely to list these on VRBO. Having seen firsthand how clients are frustrated by aforementioned, and know I have bypassed the app and messaged the owner of same, I do not understand why we would pay for something we are presently generating revenue via alternate social media platforms at no cost..Version: 2019.04

Gary BaileyVery easy payment process Would recommend.Version: 2021.17

Good appWish there were a few more filters. We are always looking at houses with a games room in Florida. Needs to be a filter for this. Would save me a lot of time. Otherwise great app..Version: 2021.07.1

VRBO Better Than AirbnbI am traveling abroad with my daughter and the say arrangements got mixed up due to incident at prior locations. So we had to book a new location and could not book any Airbnb listing due to account issues on Airbnb. So I reached out to my family back in the states to have them assist with booking on Airbnb. Unfortunately all five of us were informed that we had to make new accounts on Airbnb. One person was told that they have to wait for their background check to come, all others were not informed of the reason as to why they would have to make new accounts. More importantly my daughter and I were in distress at 3 o’clock in the morning due to Airbnb not giving us a legitimate reason as to why no one booking was excepted after we provided our IDs and credit card payments. As a matter of fact it appeared as though once we provided our identification we were informed that we have to make another account. For safe travels you should use this app vacation rentals and NOT AIRBNB..Version: 2021.12.1

Excellent APPI have used this service several times and have always gotten excellent service. It is so user friendly and gives me peace of mind that my information is secure and everything is professional. I only book a vacation from VEBO and recommend it to everyone..Version: 2019.27.1

As good as it getsUsual first class service and peace of mind knowing that you are booking with a 5 Star organization..Version: 2021.03.1

Great choicesPlenty of accommodation to book in all areas.Version: 2021.08

Haute Bohemian HideawayKelowna’s best kept secret, a cozy cottage downtown! We loved our stay, the place was spotlessly clean , lots of towels and best of all he beds were comfy . Decorating was something out of a magazine ,it was perfect . Check in was easy and being my first time using VRBO the owners were super helpful and responsive to any questions I had . The Guest book was also very well laid out and tried several of the suggested restaurants too! Cheers,Melissa.Version: 2020.02

OkCould be better if the address is also mentioned as you got to know the exact address of the property in order to plan better. Otherwise its easy to use the app..Version: 2021.15

Very responsive and helpfulAll of our experiences to date, with VRBO, have been positive. Owners are very caring and responsive..Version: 2021.04

Great App for ApartmentsI love this app, easy to use, lots of selection and clear / easy to understand. Booking is transparent and all the terms are clear..Version: 2020.22

Old handI’ve used this company several times to book short breaks, new website but very easy to use.Version: 2021.10

Booking agencyLovely site to use for booking accommodation . Has boards where you can pin upcoming trips and send the details to other parties. Easy to use. Clear pricing. So good I’ve booked our staycation and got a good price for what looks like a lovely property with great reviews..Version: 2021.07.1

Worst then poor costumer service -Zero costumer serviceIf u get less or not what u booked or needed And need to figure what to do Guess what ,good luck getting help I went to Florida to celebrate my dads 80 birthday My daughter and my mother ,paid top dollar for a property just to have the pool to our own , Guess what pool was shared with 2 other units Instead of 3 bedrooms was 2 bedrooms .. Called ,waited 45-1 hour ,costumer service said Call host ,i did ,how was he going to come up with another one ,in the couch .Called again ,waited 35-45 min ,then i was told to speak with a different department which they was going to call next morning Well i had to decide what to do now ,but i waited one day sleep or didn't sleep at all to be honest No one called ,No one did .. called again my call gets dropped ,tried the app ,i was stuck .. I got so up set and mad ,i didn't know what to do Go to a hotel …I'm i getting a refund ,I'm i partially so i can rent another property or hotel ,stuck ,no one to talk to to resolve the issue but i had to sleep on the couch for 6 night that we paid 3900$ apr That was my experience and no one has yet called ,offered anything .. I hope no one or should any one spend money and plans so much to have fun and turns into such a bad experience because incompetence ,no one to call or talk to ,ridiculous.. “Consumer rights “.Version: 2021.10

Can’t use the app to bookStick with the website app is useless.Version: 2020.03

AmazingSuch a great app, so quick and easy to find something to suit any budget..Version: 2021.05.1

Easy PearySo easy to make a reservation! The site is so easy to use and you can contact the rental owner with gyrations at any time - love it 😊.Version: 2020.14

Good appEasy to use. Good selection of properties. I like the trips boards and that I can view properties I have stayed in the past. There is a glitch with the images - sometimes they won’t exit and I have to exit the app and press and hold to get back to search..Version: 2021.20

Cranberry CabinThe picture on the VRBO app doesn’t compare when you drive up to the cabin and see it in person! Out host Captain Tony and wife Nancy welcomed us made s feel more like great friends than guests! Upon walking into the private entrance I was in awe of how beautifully decorated it was with the rustic cabin decor! The bathroom was breathtaking with the amount of detail in making the entire cabin look just where it belongs,in the mountains! Plenty of room in the living area to watch tv and the bed was very comfortable EVERYTHING was PERFECT! Do not have concern that they live upstairs never heard anything, very quite and private! We enjoyed their company,we cooked banana boats for ourselves and them they were such joy to spend time out on the porch and talk! Perfect Hosts! Enjoyed their 2 mini schnauzers Sophie and Marlin, they were fun to watch! We were greeted each morning by chipmunks a ground hog and a baby rabbit along with birds and the sunrise and sunsets are beautiful! This is my ideal vacation spot quite and tranquil not only to relax but reflect on the beauty! Tony and Nancy we will be back before you all retire! Again thank you for making this our #1 vacation spot! Hope to see you all soon! Chip and Karen Little.Version: 2021.12.1

Easy and convenient.The system is very efficient. Thank you it makes travel and finding accommodation a dream..Version: 2021.09

A fantastic tool for any travelingWe have been using VRBO for many years now, and our experience has been in all cases absolutely flawless. Thank you very much!.Version: 2020.01

Price trapThe lead price should be the price paid per night..Version: 2020.02.2

VRBO makes vacationing a breezeWe have used VRBO to book holidays all over the world and have consistently had positive experiences. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 2020.09

Search needs improvementNot everyone plans their lodging around their vacation dates; some people plan their vacation dates around lodging availability. Need to enhance search where a user can specify a duration of stay (e.g. 7 days), can specify a date range during which they would like for that stay to occur (e.g. June 5, 2021 through July 31, 2021), and maybe even go so far as to allow the user to specify which day if they week they would prefer their stay to begin or end on. Currently, users have two options: specify the begin and end date of the stay and browse available properties, then change the date range and browse available properties again to see if there are any properties available on another date range that were not included in the first result set; or search without dates and manually review every property listing for availability. Many properties have seven day minimums with check-in and check-out on Saturday only, but many are flexible (e.g. 10 day stay that begins on a Tuesday). To limit search capabilities is a disservice to both the customer and the owner..Version: 2021.03

ReviewI wrote a 4 star review and was told it was live, it was not! However all the 5 star reviews were! I hope this is an error and not a deliberate ploy to deceive potential purchasers! Also, key lock number given by yourselves was different to the property Managers, why?.Version: 2021.07

Cancellation policyDo not use VRBO!!! I booked a property that had great reviews. However when we got here getting to the vacation home was a death trap See Ya Round in St Thomas . It is located on an unsafe mountain road. I had a Full panic attack! Owners refuse to refund not even a penny! Lost almost $3000! This is a scam! They take your money and if upon arrival you are not satisfied you are out of luck for the Entire amount!!! This was supposed to be my birthday celebration! Total nightmare!! Lost so much hard earned money to this owner scamming guests that can’t possible know how bad it’s going to be until you get there!! We as the consumer have no rights. No protection from these vultures. Please do not book with See ya round villa in StThomas. Please do not listen to all the wonderful reviews!!! This is the biggest scam of a lifetime!!! I have traveled a lot in my lifetime. Never ever had an experience this bad! This entire organization VRBO and these owners are ripping people off. My birthday wish is that this entire organization and the owners of See Ya Round villa in St Thomas go out of business!!!.Version: 2022.07

Lying Con Host Matthew SeatonI booked a home with Matthew Seaton before Feb 1st. They took the entire amount out at that time. Our date of rental was May 28th. He had my money for over four months.I requested the key at 6:38 On May 28th I received a notice from VRBO that my trip was canceled and refunded. Then the owner sent a message that the previous guest has COVID and he could not rent it. After crying all night, I felt he was lying. I drove to the location and found families having a great time. They saw me and invited me to talk. They said they rented on Airb&b two months before. They said if it made me feel better that it was filthy and not like the pictures showed. I asked if I could take picture to prove it was rented. They said of course that this should not have happened to me. I guess he just double booked and whoever arrived first got to stay. I have used VRBO several times with great experiences and I have a place rented in July. I feel this man should be banned from rental Companies especially VRBO.Version: 2021.11

Used beforeI have used this site several times now and alway gives me confident that up to press no scams.Version: 2021.03.1

HorribleNegative 'stars' This is the final time you'll hear from me. Your support with a difficult owner/manager is dismal ... during a pandemic ... thanks for nothing. I couldn't be more disappointed and angry. Geri M Smith wow can't even leave a review...Version: 2021.02.1

Villa for 2021Spent a great deal of time searching for villas in Southern Dunes for next year as my place has already been booked. Using VRBO was a great time saver to review places in this community. Booking was easy and confirmation immediate. Thanks for helping get settled for next year!.Version: 2020.04.1

Easy bookingHave used Home & Away for quite a few years now, usually twice a year. Never experienced any problems with site or owners. During COVID a booking in 2020 couldn’t go ahead but have credit carried over for two years and now rebooked for 2022. Fingers crossed this will go ahead..Version: 2021.17

Brilliant siteAs long as you know the area you want to visit it’s so easy. This is the second time we’ve used this site and we have found 2 gems and just what we were looking for..Version: 2020.21

Top Vacation Rental siteOur family has used VRBO several times over the years and we have never been disappointed. This is the #1 vacation rental site!!!!!.Version: 2020.01

Great appEasy to use, good platform for booking private accommodation. A useful alternative to air bnb where I’ve experienced several last minute cancellations by owners..Version: 2021.24.3

Great AppEasy to book and pay.Version: 2021.24.3

Can't save your search on ipadGood site, but I can't save my search criteria, so have to re enter everything every time i put my device down.Version: 2020.22

Picture Perfect Cabin!My husband, myself, our son, daughter in law, and 2 granddaughters (8 & 10) spent4 nights at the cabin. We thought it was pretty close to perfect. So convenient to have the creek right in the backyard where they all fished and rode the tubes. Our dog couldn’t hAve had more fun either! The property is private so they had lots of room to run around. We did the gem mines, we hiked Wayah Bald and went white River rafting. At night we sat by the fire pit and soaked in the hot tub. The kids were thrilled to see so many fireflies! I highly recommend any of the area activities. The Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) was the company we went to for rafting-our guide was amazing! A must do! The cabin is very comfortable and is stocked with everything you need. The nearest grocery store is 30 min so best to bring a few things if you can. Scotty and Barbara were great hosts! We had a problem with the oven and they went out and bought a new one that next day! We came home and it was already installed. We’re not even home yet but have already booked for next year!.Version: 2021.12.1

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