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Target app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Target? Can you share your negative thoughts about target?

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Horrible RedCard and out of era notificationsI am rating a 1 star and if I could it would be no stars on the account of the RedCard debit card. The App itself is okay and might have get some improvements in the navigation department but over all OK. The RedCard though! So, I understand that one is responsible for his finances and should follow up on them but in today’s world Apps and e-mail ARE the notifications method and to send by regular mail a notification about issues with payments with time sensitive response, and the time to act is usually less than the time it takes to get the mail.. IF you get the mail in first place, it is so RIDICULOUS. I had an issue from my bank side it seems, and by the time I was made aware of it my card was permanently closed and I had 90$ of fees on amounts that are not even half the penalties, the app has no notification whatsoever regarding transactions, no e-mails were sent and when I called to clarify, Target said we sent you by mail, obviously, like most mail, I am sure those letters either didn’t arrive or were thrown with the tons of spam received daily.. Again, one should follow up, but come on Target, in this age with hundreds of transaction on any families bank accounts, the least for you is not to waist your time and us not to waist our money on fees rather buy from you guys, get it together!.Version: 2022.43.0

Recent Update = UX NightmareLike many others, I was a long time user of the stand-alone Cartwheel app, which I considered to have a superior UX and feature set over the brand’s flagship app — this is also why, I regrettably began using this app when it replaced the stand-alone Cartwheel app several months ago. With that said, I’ve handled that this app is focused more on online than in-store shopping, I’ve dealt with the fact that it’s UX pales in comparison to the original and tasks that once took 1-2 taps now take 3-4(or more), and I even looked past several weeks of sign-in issues during the transition period. However, with the latest update, for some reason the development team decided to add sound effects to Cartwheel user actions. This would not have been a problem if the team had been conscientious enough to allow users to disable these sound effects, however after searching within the app and the phone settings I have been unable to find a quick and easy way to do this, which quite simply is bad UX. With the variety of other options available for providing feedback after a user performs an action, I see no excuse for the development team to not allow users to disable in-app sound effects..Version: 9.10.0

10 bag feeI love the app but the automatic 10-bag fee at check out is so annoying to me. I typically place very small orders 1-3 items & normally don’t need or want your bags but this app auto charges for 10 bags ($1). Why can’t you add a “I’m bringing my own bags” option???? It be very dumb to see a 10 bag fee included in my order on my bank statement and then a refund transaction separately (I am now having to ask every time to remove the bag fee when I pick up my orders). You were charging me for 10 bags until I started paying attention to the transaction & questioning your attendants why they use one bag per item. It wasn’t until I noticed in the transaction that you are auto charging for 10 bags regardless of the amount of items purchased. Unless I ask the attendant at pick up to place all items in one single bag only and charge for that single bag OR to hand me my items with no bag you will charge for the 10 bags. I don’t care that it’s just $1 or a single penny, this is how you rip ppl off and I can not stand having to ask every single time to remove the bags at pick up & then see a refund transaction on my bank statement separately from the original purchase transaction. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!.Version: 2022.30.0

Target double sell gift card.I got $250 Target gift card from my friend for my newborn baby's baby shower. I m not rich, I had been to avoid use it because I wanted to use it for diapers. ( Target’s grocery are much expensive than Walmart, but diapers are the same price in any big store ). I redeemed this gift card on Target mobile App on the same day I got it. So this month I still have over $180 in my account. But couple days ago, I was trying to buy diaper on on the Target mobile App as usual since I m a single mom with full time work ( I don't have time to shop inside store), but it ask me to put another payment which was first time had this situation. So I went to ” my wallet ” to check out. There was no gift card anymore. It's so wierd. So I called Target customer service, the lady answering my call said the gift card was used 2 days ago with lots of items ( I can see the last 4 digits of my gift card in the app since I always use it through my phone at home. I never carry it with me. And it was used in another state. This lady insisted that I lost my gift card and someone got it and use it in another state. So she said ” lost is lost, we couldn't do anything for you about this” It did make sense at all. I never carry the physical gift card with me, how can I lose it?.Version: 2020.3.1

Super handy but not always accurateI use this app all the time. To see if something is in stock before heading to my local store. To order something for pickup. To check sales and clip coupons. Amazingly handy to quickly figure out what aisle something is in while shopping at my local store. Super useful especially for moms! However, there are some flaws that are annoying. The app often says something is in stock at the local store, so I head there to find it and it’s actually out of stock. Or I order something “in stock” for same-day local pickup and they end up having to ship it to my house days later because it’s not actually in stock. Also, I can’t stand how there are online-only sales accessible through the app. So for example you might look up a product you want to buy in the app, see the price while you are at your local store, but it is not on sale in the actual store so you have to either pay full price or order it online and wait for it to ship. First world problems, obviously, but fixing these issues would really streamline the user experience..Version: 9.28.0

Recent Errors & Lack of Cust. ServiceI used to use this app multiple times a week, and it worked great! Cutting down on my time shopping, allowing me to take advantage of great deals, and a really easy checkout experience. However, it’s just gone downhill. With recent updates to the app, I can no longer use my wallet barcode or look at recent purchases without it asking me to login again. But then I start receiving errors and it will not except my login credentials. I’m told that my credentials are invalid, even though I can use the same login details to get on the website just fine. I have attempted to reset my password & did so successfully two times, still didn’t work. Now when I try and do a password reset, I’m told there is no account with my email. To top it all off, there is a big gap in customer service, and no support for the app whatsoever. I am redirected to the website, upon which there are no options regarding assistance for the app or general account information. I have attempted to call, sat on hold, and then was hung up on multiple times. So disappointed! Target is losing a lot of money from me right now..Version: 2021.22

The app is useless!I have been using Target card and app for like 3.5 years. I ordered hundreds of goods online and paid all with my Target card. Yesterday, I went to to Target store and bought some groceries. Then I opened my app and showed my wallet to cashier. Cashier scanned it to do the purchase but system doesn’t accept. It repeated several times and finally she asked help from a supervisor. The supervisor checked my phone and told me my Target card is not verified!!! I exclaimed how it is possible? I did online shopping yesterday with my Target card through the app! How my card is verified for online shopping but not verified for in store shopping through the same app?! I also did in store shopping with it like 6 months ago before the major upgrade. The supervisor just answered you need to use your card details to verify it. I didn’t have my card with myself so there was no way to verify it. Finally I asked my friend to pay for my groceries with her credit cart. That was a shame! I really don’t know who decided the implement this ridiculous, nonsense, unnecessary feature to the app! How a credit card could be verified for online shopping but not verified for in store shopping? What is the point to get this app when I need need to have my Target card everywhere for shopping?.Version: 2021.23

DisappointedWow I truly luv shopping at Target. I get most of my things from there and even their furniture has been pretty decent. Their app however… does not provide the same type of service level apparently. Just learned shopping for same day delivery, though truly grateful for it, isn’t as beneficial as I thought. The app makes me choose a store to shop from, yet apparently when I put order through, the shopper goes to the Target in “my zone”. Never knew that until I had the need to actually cancel an order midway being shopped for bc although on my end it had said items were all in stock, yet when shopper went she wasn’t finding anything. As it turns out she had gone to a different Target than from where I put my order through which is why the items were not available. I have two Target closest to me and it is from where I shop in person and could be a service Shipt provides services from. No wonder the shoppers have had difficult finding some items; but it hasn’t been to point where I had to cancel order midway bc NOTHING was being found, until this last time. Target says Shipt dispatches the shoppers, Shipt says Target has placed a “zone “ on the account. So basically I can only order from one Target even though the other one may have the items I need. That’s not worth me paying $99 a year for if the service will not be provided in full and I am limited to one Target store. I then as the customer am not able to truly shop for items needed..Version: 2022.2

App is not user friendlyI love Target but the app is SO CONFUSING. I am tech savvy. I can figure out all my apps. However, for some reason, the Target app is so confusing and I always need to get help on it. I’m sorry but that’s why I rate the app only one star. I’m sure others feel the same way. The main reasons are because there is a “list”, a “wallet”, and a “cart”. There is a scanner to scan product but it’s not big and visible on all screens so it’s hard to find. When I go to the store, I want all the discounts I can get. I scan an item I want. Sometimes it tells me to add to list, sometimes it doesn’t and it just gives me an option on the quantity and when I select one for the quantity it still doesn’t add it anywhere! When I go to pay, they scan my barcode but then nothing shows! even though I scanned everything. Seriously, it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing but the app truly is difficult and confusing. Your need to make it more simple. I want to scan an item and say how many I want and automatically get the discount if there is one. I don’t want to have a wallet, a list, a cart, and a discount list. Walmart’s app is simple, JCPenney’s app is simple, even Family Dollar’s app is simple. Please make it more user friendly so I don’t have to hold up your cashier having to figure out where my items are on the app. It happens every time. Thank you!.Version: 2020.4

This app is trying to steal from youI purchased two separate swimsuit pieces last week at my local target for an upcoming vacation. Was shopping on Target’s app a couple days later for a few more vacation items and saw the same swimsuits pieces I ordered were now BOGO free. I reorder them with a bunch of other items to be shipped to my house. I took the swimsuit pieces I bought at the store in as they were still unworn with tags on. At Guest Services, I pulled up the in store receipt from my Target mobile app. The team member told me I received only half what I had paid back. I asked why that was and he said it removed the discount. I said I didn’t apply a discount to this order. That I had found the item on sale to be shipped and was returning my full price in store item from just last week, within the return policy. He said “yeah, it does that, it chooses to give the lowest return price back.” I was shocked. I said, even if I didn’t utilize that receipt barcode? “Yes.” He was able to refund the rest on a gift card, which was appreciated, but I will be letting everyone know about Target’s unethical practices. Especially when there’s a push to forgo the physical receipt which I’m sure prevents them from screwing their customers in this way. So have your Target loyalty rewarded by letting them try to use your data against you. Buyer beware..Version: 2022.24.0

FrustratingI’ve never had issues before the holidays. But the holidays are the most important times. I’ve been dealing with the same issue on my cart for five days in a row. Calling customer service every single day. Every time I tried to place my order it would give me an error message. I couldn’t find any errors in my cart and neither could customer service. I will say that once you get transferred from customer service and get to the gift card specialists they are much better at helping and they do just that. They were wonderful. But the original customer service was very frustrating to deal with. One of the guys I spoke to was just ridiculous. He removed an item from my cart and placed the order without telling me. When I tried to tell him I didn’t want him doing that he canceled the order before I even finished my sentence. In doing that, it took away one of the deals on one item on my cart which made it much more expensive. It was later fixed by a gift card specialist but the whole process has been extremely stressful to deal with. I’ve just decided to try purchasing each item separately which seems to be working. But this has been a very long ridiculous process all together. Hopefully you guys have an easier time with this. I only give two stars because the gift card specialists were wonderful. But the lack of stars is due to this whole process and dealing with the customer service. Not all of the customer service people I spoke to were frustrating. But most were..Version: 2022.49.0

Drive Up Service is flawedI cannot comprehend how an app that 1. Tells me my drive up order is ready, 2. Requires me to communicate that I'm on my way, and 3. Requires me to communicate that I am at the store and which parking spot I am in, but it cannot communicate to me that the store is refusing to bring out drive-up orders. I would encourage the app developers to consider that some people have specific reasons for choosing drive-up as opposed to coming into the store, and they'd rather not be told to drive to the store and be led on just for a random customer to walk by and tell them that the store is not bringing any orders out. And the store associates don't care about it, they just blame the app. My only issue here is that I'm using an app that requires me to communicate to a store that is unable to communicate back to me. They should really be notifying customers that they are not doing drive-up service. In the scope of things, this doesn't ruin my life. It's just not handled well by the store. Shrugging it off and saying they can't do anything about it doesn't mean there's no problem. For me personally, I have a lot of health problems so choosing drive-up is heavily influenced on that. I get that this isn't going to affect everyone like it affects me but I wanted to share my experience in case it does..Version: 2022.11.0

Unreliable for In-Stock ItemsI’m old-school and still purchase physical CDs. So when release day comes, I like to check the Target app and see which albums I can get ins tires. But I’ve been burned multiple times the last couple of months so I’m finally leaving a review. I never know if the CD will actually be carried in the store so there’s the first problem. Sometimes the app will say “not sold at this store,” so I’ll purchase it online for shipping because Target is the best price or they have an exclusive version. But that will take multiple days for delivery (not sure why when I’m pretty sure using your Red Card used to be free 2-day delivery). Then I check the app the next day and it shows the album in stock at my store. WHY!! Why say “Not sold at this store” if it’s only because the employees are slow and haven’t put it on the shelf yet? I would have waited and went in to get it the next day but now I have to wait until mid-next week for it to be delivered. It’s also been the opposite where the app will show it in stock, so I head over there to grab it, but it’s nowhere to be found on the shelf. So I order it for pickup later in the day, only to have my order cancelled because my store doesn’t carry it at all. I’m better off just going to the store each week and deleting the app from my phone. It’s a waste of time. If it’s not going to be reliable then what’s the point?.Version: 2022.37.0

Great when items are actually in stockApp is great for ordering in store pick up or drive -up. Easy to navigate and look at Circle deals. However about 85% of the time some of the stock listed in the app is not available after you place order. There sometimes are other options or substitute-but that’s only helpful if getting an alternate product is okay with you. Many times only a some items end up being available, not all, and you are obligated to buy the items that actually were in stock. I often would prefer not to have to pick up a partial order and would rather cancel everything if some items are not available. So may end up wasting a trip for only a few or one item that was in order. Target used to be reliable in stocking items in the store and their stock is completely unreliable-they should do more real time stocking. Also, I have gone to the the Target when items ended up being not “in-stock” and actually were. If the stocking problem was not so huge, this app would be great..Version: 2022.24.0

Delivery orders/shiptI prefer instacart but decided to use shipt through the target app tonight. Delivery cost a lot more and I was not able to add to my order after placing it. If I forget something while using instacart I can add to my order. When I was contacted by the shipt shopper Pricilla, she confirmed she would add the cold jello and pedialyte which was for my son with the stomach bug. I haven’t been able to leave the house. I’m not sure what happened to Pricilla but then I was contacted a second time an hour later that my shopping begun and Vivi was my shopper. Once my order delivered I saw that the two crucial items were not added on. That’s when I realized I went from one shopper to the next and my message was not relayed and I was not directly notified that I was given a new shopper so I didn’t catch it. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so now I have to either take my son out with the stomach bug, busiest time of year OR fork over more fees, taxes, delivery cost and tip…just for the two items:/ but ultimately my son does not have the pedialyte and he’s already thrown up 4 times today so I’m going to have to go the extra mile to figure out something tonight to keep him hydrated.Version: 2022.50.0

Overall, okay appI LOVE Target. I’ve never had a negative shopping experience at any of their stores. However, it isn’t as fun to shop on the app as it is to shop in stores. I wish there were more options to filter/sort out your searches. For example, I wish they had an option to only show IN STOCK items and remove out of stock options. It’s frustrating when I see an item I like only to click on it and find that it’s out of stock. Same with sizes. I wish there were a way to filter women’s sizes and again, remove out of stock items from my search. Also, shipping dates/times aren’t always accurate. I ordered a balloon garland for my graduation and according to the app, I was supposed to receive it on a Wednesday by 5pm and I received it on Thursday at 9pm. The same thing happened when I ordered some bottoms. I was supposed to receive them on a Saturday by 10am, didn’t receive them until Sunday at 7pm. Aside from these issues, I do appreciate being able to order items I need from the app and choose to either pick up or have them delivered to me. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars for the app..Version: 2022.20.0

Even now many features are missing....why?😑The rating is for the app only. Love this store and when they added pick-up & drive-up, I was so happy. When I saw the app was missing features that would make filling my cart fast & easy, I figured they’d fix it in time...but they haven’t. I’m taking about simple things even our grocery store has on their low-tech website. Such as a list you can build (of items you buy frequently) in a column format with a link at the bottom that says “add to cart”. Empty boxes by each item for you to check, (whether 5 or 25) then click “add to cart”...done. The list doesn’t disappear (like target’s list), it’s always there for you to return to. Now Target does have your “favorites”; however they’re big pictures you have to click on one at a time to add to cart, and no “view all” option, so you may have 5-10 pages you have to keep loading. Lastly when you finally have your cart filled, there is no link to easily switch the whole order between pick-up and drive up if you change your mind. You have to tediously go though one item at a time...yet there’s plenty of space at the top for this link! Sigh. Target please please add these simple features! Thx so much for listening ~.Version: 2020.0

Terrible customer service !!I recently was sent a baby shower gift of the delta white Jordan changing table which the first order that was received was damaged, so I went to the Cross Keys Sicklerville location and had a “manager” re order me another changing table same exact one and when it was received it was color “gray” and the totally wrong one. So I had to move again go back to the target location in Sicklerville and order yet another one. As of this week another one was delivered Oct 7th and today as I am trying to assemble it, the entire white wood was discolored and so yellow and dingy looking! Once again I returned to the target Sicklerville location to return my damaged order and no apology nothing just handed me another gift-card ! So for a fourth time here I am re ordering another Delta Jordan WHITE changing table! And I am BEYOND furious being my due date is only a few short weeks away and I still have no changing table not to mention the 4 times back and fourth returning to the store to take back and re order this item !! I am so disappointed in target online and they’re customer service!!!! I am a frequent target shopper and as these last couple times I dread even going back into there!!!!!!.Version: 2020.19.2

Over-engineered…Like so many apps and online experiences, this one is needlessly complicated. What do I want to do with a retail store app? Buy stuff. It takes me at least 3 taps to get to the “barcode” so I can just give them my money. For some reason, the app engineers think you want look at offers and suggestions and other stuff when your ready to check out at the store. Just put the number one thing I want to do with the app on the “home” screen. If I want go spend time fussing around with coupons and add ons and other stuff, ok, but don’t make it get in the way of just paying. And returns? Remember how easy that was with a physical card? They just swipe the card, scan the product, and boom, you get your credit. With the app, I have to dig through my purchase history to find the specific item I want to return, for each item I want to return. If I have 5 items purchased at different times, yep, I gotta do that 5 times! I want the app to replace my physical card, not carry around both! Hey app engineers… K.I.S.S. Look it up if you don’t know what that means..Version: 2021.48

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