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Target double sell gift card.I got $250 Target gift card from my friend for my newborn baby's baby shower. I m not rich, I had been to avoid use it because I wanted to use it for diapers. ( Target’s grocery are much expensive than Walmart, but diapers are the same price in any big store ). I redeemed this gift card on Target mobile App on the same day I got it. So this month I still have over $180 in my account. But couple days ago, I was trying to buy diaper on on the Target mobile App as usual since I m a single mom with full time work ( I don't have time to shop inside store), but it ask me to put another payment which was first time had this situation. So I went to ” my wallet ” to check out. There was no gift card anymore. It's so wierd. So I called Target customer service, the lady answering my call said the gift card was used 2 days ago with lots of items ( I can see the last 4 digits of my gift card in the app since I always use it through my phone at home. I never carry it with me. And it was used in another state. This lady insisted that I lost my gift card and someone got it and use it in another state. So she said ” lost is lost, we couldn't do anything for you about this” It did make sense at all. I never carry the physical gift card with me, how can I lose it?.Version: 2020.3.1

CommentsI love that I’m able to get most items while I’m shopping online but through this pandemic, I haven’t been able to get groceries with my other items. I have only been in 1 grocery store & 1 pharmacy since March 1. By not being able to get groceries when I pick up my other items, it has forced me to shop elsewhere. Furthermore, when it comes to toilet paper, disinfecting spray and wipes, let me put it in my cart & pick it up. Limiting the quantities is fine. If the product is out when your employee is picking my order, then send me a text or email asking about a substitution. If I don’t like the substitution, be able to remove that item from my order when they bring it to my vehicle. If an item is out when they’re picking, just communicate that via email or text so that I’m aware that it wasn’t available when picking. It would be nice to have the capability of choosing to pick up the next day & have the opportunity to modify my order up to a designated time. I know I don’t have to pick up my order the same day, but it would be convenient to be able to alter orders that aren’t being picked up within the same day..Version: 2020.8

The scanner in the app no longer works!Absolutely terrible Target news!! After several bad experiences in the store this weekend I called corporate to find out why the Target app wasn’t working. Turns out they updated the app and the in-app scanner will now only show online prices making the scanner in the app basically useless! We now have to go back in time to several years ago where you have to bring stuff to the in-store scanners to check a price. The reasoning I was told on the call this weekend was that it would make the shopping experience easier by providing the online price to match to... EVERYTHING in my cart that I scanned was significantly higher online than in store. 😡😡I am so disappointed. The Walmart app allows you to easily switch from the online to in-store price so I don’t understand why Target is taking a step backwards. I am hoping Target will change this back or at least give the option to see both in the app. It’s often times hard to find a working scanner in the store and some remodeled stores don’t even have scanners. Target- please reconsider as this change has made shopping way more difficult!.Version: 9.49.0

Inaccurate availability for itemsMy trips to Target have gone from 1-2 times a month to 2-3 times a year. Three years ago product availability displayed accurately 99% of the time. That’s all changed; multiple trips I couldn’t find items that showed available. An employee couldn’t even find an item when I asked -I walked away from the items in my cart and out the door. Two months ago after seeing disinfecting wipes show available for three days I finally called and was told “no that’s wrong we don’t have any”. I watched for a few more days and the availability never changed. Today, three different cleaning products show available; I called and the recording said if you’re checking on stock level sorry we can’t help you. I wasted my time driving to the store since none of the 3 items were on the shelf and when I asked the customer service desk she tells me I can call in and to ignore the recording. She also tells me that it shows available for items because they don’t know when they’re getting their delivery. Huh? I didn’t buy anything today and I’m not coming back to Target..Version: 2020.13

Super handy but not always accurateI use this app all the time. To see if something is in stock before heading to my local store. To order something for pickup. To check sales and clip coupons. Amazingly handy to quickly figure out what aisle something is in while shopping at my local store. Super useful especially for moms! However, there are some flaws that are annoying. The app often says something is in stock at the local store, so I head there to find it and it’s actually out of stock. Or I order something “in stock” for same-day local pickup and they end up having to ship it to my house days later because it’s not actually in stock. Also, I can’t stand how there are online-only sales accessible through the app. So for example you might look up a product you want to buy in the app, see the price while you are at your local store, but it is not on sale in the actual store so you have to either pay full price or order it online and wait for it to ship. First world problems, obviously, but fixing these issues would really streamline the user experience..Version: 9.28.0

BugPlease fix the app. It keeps sending me notifications that items are back in stock (app notifications and emails). I click the notifications right away and the items are not actually back in stock. I received about 10 notifications for the same item today. It’s frustrating. A previous representative on the phone confirm that this was a bug and then numerous people were calling in. This has been going on for a few months now and not just with high demand items. I do understand the other people have items saved to notify them when they’re back in stock. My husband is an engineer so I understand how things work online. But this is not just for big items. It’s for pillows, books, candles etc. it’s not happening with every item I have save to notify me but most of the time it is not working. I called again today to be given the runaround and the woman did not understand and kept saying will someone else probably bought it. Like I said I was already notified that this was a bug and needs to be fixed..Version: 2020.20.1

Do not add your Redcard to the wallet!If you add the red card to your wallet, it ruins the entire checkout process if you have coupons or target gift cards. It automatically processes your redcard payment when you scan the barcode at checkout, even if you were just trying to scan it to apply the cartwheel discounts. If they scan the cartwheel app prior to processing your coupons, it pays with your redcard and you are out of luck with using the coupons. The same goes for the gift cards. I even provided my gift card prior to letting them scan my cartwheel app. They scanned the cartwheel app after “processing” my gift card and the cashier informed me that the gift card did not go through once she scanned the cartwheel app and it applied the full payment to my red card!! She informed me that the only way you can use a gift card and the cartwheel app (if you have your red card in the wallet) is to add your gift card electronically to the Wallet within the cart wheel app prior to checkout. It just seems to ruin the entire checkout process if you have your red card applied to your wallet in the cart wheel app..Version: 9.54.1

Very bad store pickup experienceWhen I arrived at my local Target to get my “pickup in store” order, I found out that only two of my nine items from my order were available for pickup. Turns out, the other items were being shipped to me. I was confused because I thought I specifically marked those items for pickup, even searching using the app’s filters for items only in my store. The app failed to communicate to me that the items were going to be shipped instead of picked up. So I promptly cancelled the other items in the order right in the store from the app. I even double checked they were cancelled by viewing the details of my order again the seeing a cancelled “x” symbol next to the items. Many hours later today, I get an email from Target that “my order is on the way”, and my card has been charged and the items are being shipped to me. This is really lame; I didn’t want groceries shipped to me, my apartment doesn’t even accept packages so I guess I get to wait in line in the post office in a week to pick up groceries I wanted today. Really lame experience. Turned me off from Target’s app; it’s too bad because I was excited to try out pick up, too 😕..Version: 9.28.0

All order ahead options are being taking away for a lot of productsThis app has bugs. Not just breaking down at times, it’ll also tell me something is available for pick up and then when I click to add to cart it will say “oops check ...” basically that’s it’s not available for pickup even though it lets me select it. It will tell you an item is out of stock when you’re checking if something is available at a different store or if it’s available for pickup at a list of different stores and it’s 90% not true, its there if you actually go to the store- what it means is the item is not available for pick up/drive up. Pick up and drive up are meant to help people who really need it to save time and can’t/aren’t available to run in the store, whether it’s a disability/health issue or some other personal reason. At the start of COVID there were way more things available for pickup/drive up now the list is quickly dwindling. And there’s no rhyme or reason to it. I get you wanna have stuff for the people who visit the location but surely target is a big enough corporation to figure out a way to satisfy all their guests..Version: 2020.19.2

Shipping optionsWhen you’re choosing the “order pick up” or “shipping” option you have to go to each item individually to choose how you want to recieve your items. Its inconvenient!! Why not just put one button that says “pick up entire order” and another button that says “ship entire order” and still have the option to individually go in and have things picked up or shipped separately(as they do it now)if thats what you want to do. I think that would make more sense and it would be more convenient. I feel sorry for the people who have 20 or so items. When i first ordered i chose order pick up Thinking it would cover my entire order but I was wrong, about an hour later I went to check on the order just to make sure it processed and noticed one item was being picked up and the other six were being shipped. I had to cancel my whole order and do it again so that all my items were abled to be picked up!!! Target please improve your online experience:).Version: 9.30.1

Easy to shop, but very hard to verify pickup locationIt is really hard to find the address of the pick up location. And I’m not sure why, but it didn’t save my location. Maybe there was an update between uses. I made a small purchase and when I went to get it discovered it was at the target 20 minutes away instead of the one right by my house. I live in a big city, so they all have the same associated city name, which is ALL that displays through the whole purchase process. In fact if you want to verify which address is currently selected you have to dig to figure it out in a rather unintuitive place. The app should really show you the whole store address at some point in the check out process. That being said shopping is super easy, and I love those features. In fact I would rate the app a 5 if it weren’t for the address issue. That bumped it down so much because online shopping is the easy part. The pick up is the hassle. And now I have gone to 2 targets to pick up one small order. My efforts to save time ended up costing me a whole lot more..Version: 9.34.0

Not greatMy last few online orders were a nightmare. Part of my order showed up for pick up and part of it was shipped. This I found out when I got to the store to pick up. I told clerk I specifically ordered pick up because I didn’t want my product to freeze. He told me I could return if I wanted. It never did ship. My next order I received an email that my order was ready to pick up, when I went in a few days later, the clerk said my order was cancelled. A crazy thing happened though, she asked what it was and I told her and there just happened to be one of my items sitting there at the courtesy counter. I guess someone else didn’t want. My last order I put on my red card for free two day shipping and all of my items shipped except a pair of boots. It said in my cart the boots could not be shipped to the address given?!? Now I have to make a special trip to the store for one item, which may or may not be there in possibly 4-7 days if it’s not cancelled, while the rest is coming to my door. What I thought was to be a convenience, has turned out to be anything but..Version: 9.34.0

App became worthless with shiptI LOVED The Target app up until recently. They now offer almost every item ONLY for shipt and not for regular shipping. I don't want a personal shopper, I would rather pay shipping, but that's not an option. And you need to tip your personal shopper which I think they should have a standard price you pay for the service so everyone is happy. Customers can know how much they will be charged that is fair and consistent and shipt employees will know they are getting paid fairly as well. I HATE the ambiguity of tipping! I fully believe workers of every kind in every profession should be paid fairly, but tipping is inherently ambiguous! It leaves so many options available that may be very unfair across the board. Like one person may tip $50 and one tip nothing, and the customer who wants to pay fairly may have no idea what a fair tip is. And if some don't tip then those that do feel more burden to make up for those who don't. The whole system is a mess! I won't use it at all. And I was doing most of my shopping at Target, but I will not support ambiguous business practices. If target changes it to where there are set prices that don't involve the mess that tipping is, then I'll use this app again. But for now I'm shopping elsewhere..Version: 2020.20.6

Even now many features are missing....why?😑The rating is for the app only. Love this store and when they added pick-up & drive-up, I was so happy. When I saw the app was missing features that would make filling my cart fast & easy, I figured they’d fix it in time...but they haven’t. I’m taking about simple things even our grocery store has on their low-tech website. Such as a list you can build (of items you buy frequently) in a column format with a link at the bottom that says “add to cart”. Empty boxes by each item for you to check, (whether 5 or 25) then click “add to cart”...done. The list doesn’t disappear (like target’s list), it’s always there for you to return to. Now Target does have your “favorites”; however they’re big pictures you have to click on one at a time to add to cart, and no “view all” option, so you may have 5-10 pages you have to keep loading. Lastly when you finally have your cart filled, there is no link to easily switch the whole order between pick-up and drive up if you change your mind. You have to tediously go though one item at a time...yet there’s plenty of space at the top for this link! Sigh. Target please please add these simple features! Thx so much for listening ~.Version: 2020.0

Recent Update = UX NightmareLike many others, I was a long time user of the stand-alone Cartwheel app, which I considered to have a superior UX and feature set over the brand’s flagship app — this is also why, I regrettably began using this app when it replaced the stand-alone Cartwheel app several months ago. With that said, I’ve handled that this app is focused more on online than in-store shopping, I’ve dealt with the fact that it’s UX pales in comparison to the original and tasks that once took 1-2 taps now take 3-4(or more), and I even looked past several weeks of sign-in issues during the transition period. However, with the latest update, for some reason the development team decided to add sound effects to Cartwheel user actions. This would not have been a problem if the team had been conscientious enough to allow users to disable these sound effects, however after searching within the app and the phone settings I have been unable to find a quick and easy way to do this, which quite simply is bad UX. With the variety of other options available for providing feedback after a user performs an action, I see no excuse for the development team to not allow users to disable in-app sound effects..Version: 9.10.0

Needs a payment wizard when setting upThe initial of attaching a payment method to the Wallet is confusing, and the process is not clearly stated. After transferring to a new phone, I found it difficult to understand if my payment method (Red Card) was properly attached to the Wallet and working. I suggest a “payment wizard” or helper be added. This should be automatically launched when a customer logs into an existing account that has a payment method attached. (Put up a “Attach Now / Later / Never” dialog). There should also be a radio button in the Wallet screen to add a payment method if none is attached. Finally, the workflow is unclear when using the Scanner function on an iPhone 7. The product info window covers up part of the Scan box. This User’s inclination is to close the product info page, and that exits the scanner (which always frustrates me!) The Scan box should be moved higher on the screen to make it clear the user can just scan another item. Fix your screen layout on classic iPhones!.Version: 9.52.2

Avid TargeterI love target. The features are great. Drive up is an amazing tool to have. I’ve used this for years and had no problems. I felt really secure to use this for most of my shopping until this past week. One of my target packages got intercepted and UPS couldn’t figure out why. So I figured either system glitch or someone had access to my target account to manipulate the package. But I had two target packages and only one of them got intercepted by the “receiver.” I changed my account password and even removed my target card and monitored for about 5 days. All good. No fraudulent charges. So I went and shopped for a pickup. Got my pickup. Later that day I saw a huge uptick in my nonprofit votes, which I wouldn’t have minded but you only get one per purchase and this was 10 more votes than I’d had originally I swear!! I’ve been eyeing my target app receipt purchases (online/in store), my REDcard account and my personal bank account for the past 24 hours. Nothing so far but it’s just weird right now with target. I’m thinking about canceling my card. I can’t risk this especially right now. Target do better security!! A major overhaul please!.Version: 2020.4.3

Terrible customer service !!I recently was sent a baby shower gift of the delta white Jordan changing table which the first order that was received was damaged, so I went to the Cross Keys Sicklerville location and had a “manager” re order me another changing table same exact one and when it was received it was color “gray” and the totally wrong one. So I had to move again go back to the target location in Sicklerville and order yet another one. As of this week another one was delivered Oct 7th and today as I am trying to assemble it, the entire white wood was discolored and so yellow and dingy looking! Once again I returned to the target Sicklerville location to return my damaged order and no apology nothing just handed me another gift-card ! So for a fourth time here I am re ordering another Delta Jordan WHITE changing table! And I am BEYOND furious being my due date is only a few short weeks away and I still have no changing table not to mention the 4 times back and fourth returning to the store to take back and re order this item !! I am so disappointed in target online and they’re customer service!!!! I am a frequent target shopper and as these last couple times I dread even going back into there!!!!!!.Version: 2020.19.2

Love!!!!I absolutely love the Target app and the Drive-Up feature they’re now offering where I live. I’m a mother of two toddlers so making a trip to Target can be overwhelming, but now I’m able to do all my shopping online while they’re asleep and pick up (most item) through their Drive-Up service. The ONLY issue I have is that not all items are available for Drive-Up, which to me makes no sense. I mean certain items that may require an adult to show an ID, I totally get, but for example, dish washing soap... there’s a specific dish washing soap that is not available for the Drive-Up service, but every other dish washing soap is available. If a Drive-Up service to a store is going to be available, then it needs to be for the WHOLE store and every last single item that’s inside of it. When I go to McDonald’s drive-thru, they don’t make me get my burger and fries at the window and then require me to come inside to get my drink! I mean that makes no sense. Once every item, or least the items I’m needing become available for Drive-Up, then I’ll change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 9.40.0

App is not user friendlyI love Target but the app is SO CONFUSING. I am tech savvy. I can figure out all my apps. However, for some reason, the Target app is so confusing and I always need to get help on it. I’m sorry but that’s why I rate the app only one star. I’m sure others feel the same way. The main reasons are because there is a “list”, a “wallet”, and a “cart”. There is a scanner to scan product but it’s not big and visible on all screens so it’s hard to find. When I go to the store, I want all the discounts I can get. I scan an item I want. Sometimes it tells me to add to list, sometimes it doesn’t and it just gives me an option on the quantity and when I select one for the quantity it still doesn’t add it anywhere! When I go to pay, they scan my barcode but then nothing shows! even though I scanned everything. Seriously, it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing but the app truly is difficult and confusing. Your need to make it more simple. I want to scan an item and say how many I want and automatically get the discount if there is one. I don’t want to have a wallet, a list, a cart, and a discount list. Walmart’s app is simple, JCPenney’s app is simple, even Family Dollar’s app is simple. Please make it more user friendly so I don’t have to hold up your cashier having to figure out where my items are on the app. It happens every time. Thank you!.Version: 2020.4

First time male over 70 engineer tries to shop on lineI found several things difficult about attempting to use this website to order groceries. First it was not apparent how to select the item once I have found it. I tried pressing the little heart button and watched as my wife laughed at me no that’s not what you’re supposed to choose she said well then what do I use. Oh you use the button that’s way down below that says deliver it. But it doesn’t say how many to deliver.?. No you enter how many to deliver after you get all done we just have to remember later what the number was you wanted! Uh huh. Then there’s actually finding the category of items that you want for instance there are no main categories for canned goods you have to know about the little? That lets you enter a free form where he only that permits you to find things such as canned beans canned pineapple and other such common commodities. Well I even had trouble the very first time after I successfully requested delivery of my very first item I was going to go back and search for a second item..? Honey she said it’s just visit don’t worry, Uh huh...? In reality you have to go all the way back up to the top so look like coming in the front door after you pick up one item in your cart to pick up the next item. I don’t get me wrong I am a faithful target shopper and I will someday figure this all out unfortunately my training as a computer engineer has not prepared me for this brave new world..Version: 2020.17

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