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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare? Can you share your negative thoughts about ulta beauty: makeup & skincare?

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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare for Negative User Reviews

.I prefer to purchase my products from Ulta versus Sephora since Ulta's rewards program is far superior in my opinion. Yet, in researching products prior to purchase I primarily use the Sephora app because, again in my opinion, Sephora's app is WAY better than Ulta's. While both apps are user friendly and easy to navigate, Ulta's app is lacking in some areas. Sephora provides multiple photos of products as well as photos of the product(s) shown on different skin tones. It seems odd to me that Ulta would only provide one photo, especially pertaining to items where photos of the inside (makeup bags, etc.) would be extremely helpful! The second most important area would be the reviews section. I, like most people today, always look at reviews on items before I make a purchase, and I ALWAYS check the average star rating out of five. That is something I reference on any and all products I purchase online, and Ulta does not have this feature. Another thing in Sephora's review section that is great is the details they give you surrounding the person who actually wrote the review. You can look for reviews with similar features to yourself and that is very helpful! I hope at some point Ulta will upgrade some of these things on the app so I can use only your app for both research and purchase!.Version: 5.4.1

The Ulta app needs to be fixed...I have even deleted and re-downloaded and the Ulta app several times and it is still extremely slow and often, my searches will not even pull up the pictures of the products while I am able to do so on the Ulta website if I go directly there on my phone browser rather than using the app. I do not have this problem with any of my other apps on my phone have and my internet connection is fine. In my experience, apps typically work faster than utilizing the website with my phone browser which has not been my experience with Ulta. I can’t imagine how much business Ulta has lost if others experience these types of issues. These problems caused me to utilize Sephora. My Sephora app works wonderfully and I went into a Sephora store for the first time recently givel all of my Ulta app issues. Sephora actually has enough staff to help you in the store unlike Ulta where I can rarely obtain assistance! AND the two staff members at Sephora were extremely knowledgeable and accurately helped me choose well-matched shades of foundation from two different brands which has never happened before. I typically get foundation home only to discover a mismatched color. I guess I should be thanking Ulta for their terrible app leading me to Sephora? You’d think that for such a large corporation that Ulta would make IT a priority but apparently not. I highly recommend making the switch to Sephora; they are superior to Ulta in so many ways!.Version: 5.2

The favorites category needs to be fixedEver since the new update of the app the favorites category has gotten much worse. Before when you added a new item to favorites it always put it at the bottom. Since the fix that has changed but to see your older favorites you can only click on recent favorites or A-Z or Z-A. I wish they would be in the order that you’ve added them like before(except your most recent would be at the bottom) When I go to remove a favorite on A-Z it will automatically take me back to my recent faves so I have to continuously click on the A-Z option every single time I want to remove something. Which is very frustrating. It also takes longer to load. The older way wasn’t the greatest but they new way is so much worse. Please fix this problem Ulta or put the favorites back the way they used to be..Version: 8.3.2

Discrimination With AccessibilityWhoever did the UX design for the web to app transition either had zero concept of accessibility or there was a business team/management pushing them to achieve higher number of downloads to the point the designers lost the accessibility concept! I was trying to shop online then I realized I cannot look at any individual item on Ulta anymore! You can look at their collection list but no particular item when you click on each of them! As of right now they force me to install the app by not making the pages for individual products visible on the mobile browser if I am using my phone’s internet browser! This is a form of discrimination in my opinion! What if someone’s phone didn’t have enough storage for an app installation and they didn’t have access to a regular computer? They should have a hard time? Even worse would be if a physical store or a particular item was not accessible to them or they had difficulty to physically shop too? They should be having extreme difficulties for simple online shopping? Wow.Version: 7.6.2

Illegal stuff and I can’t orderThis app used to be the best and then they went and changed it. Now, I’ve been using the same shipping address for over a decade when ordering from ulta. And suddenly my address isn’t valid anymore. So now I can’t even order! Coupons don’t work either. And I used some points ($35 worth) and it deducted almost $100 worth. Also, I placed an order with a beauty steal and other items using a coupon. To my surprise, the coupon worked (for once). When I placed the order it showed I got the price of the beauty steal and the coupon discount applied to the other items in my cart. I screen shotted the final order after it was placed because it wasn’t showing my order history in the app (another issue). Sure enough, after I received my order, I noticed they changed the amount of the beauty steal to full price so I was charged a different amount without saying a word or sending me an email. Almost sure this is illegal? Been a diamond member for years but I am DONE with ulta. The nearest location is over and hour away and they don’t carry things I like in store anyway. I hate Sephora but at least they are consistent and don’t have some kid running their app..Version: 8.4

Going Back to Brick & Mortar OnlyI’ve had the app for few years. I used it an embarrassing amount for COVID/boredom shopping, no problems, and Ulta gladly took my money. Recently, Apple Pay has stopped working. I’ve tried for several months and end up deciding I don’t actually need the stuff, which is true. When I double click, it spins and returns to my cart. I’ll receive an email saying that my address has been updated for each time I try to use Apple Pay, but the purchase does not go through. Another challenge has been getting hung up in checkout because “items cannot be shipped to my address.” Most companies will flag these items so I can (sadly) remove them from my cart. Not Ulta. I called customer service and the very nice rep said she would check each individual cart item for me. I thanked her, but also let her know this is not how I plan to shop every time. In the end of our 20 minute call, I scrapped that purchase, plan to delete the app so I don’t go through this frustration, and will unsubscribe from emails to reduce shopping temptation. I love Ulta, and will still shop in stores, but you no longer get my easy impulse buys via the app..Version: 8.6.1

What happened to this app?I used to love using the Ulta app. The interface was one of the most friendly ones on the market. But slowly it’s been glitching more and more: items appearing to be in stock but saying out of stock when you try to add it to bag, getting a “no reviews yet” message when it clearly shows that there are hundreds or thousands of reviews on a product, sometimes even products refusing to load at all. Now with this new update, it’s the worst it has ever been. Now I can’t scroll along the points bar to see what reward amounts I’ll get when I level my points up. Now I can’t see any orders beyond the one order I placed this month. Now I can’t add new items to my favorites list at all. Now I have multiple items disappearing from or refusing to save in my “save for later” function in my bag, even though all the items are shown as in stock. Now Ulta’s app is one of the worst on the market. I sure hope they fix all this mess soon, for their sake. 💸.Version: 8.3.1

AnnoyingThere are genuine issues with this app. The “search” is almost completely useless. Sometimes even if you search the exact brand name and name item you’re looking for, it won’t come up and will have hundreds of ridiculous recommendations that are sometimes completely irrelevant. Adding to your “loves” category has not worked for almost a year. I usually liked to use it to remind myself of everything I’m getting in a trip but I haven’t been able to add to it for a while. Now I just use the cart. If you leave a normal, bad review for a product sometimes it won’t get posted for whatever reason. But then there will be reviews that aren’t even for that product on there, or ones that have been transferred. While I do think that if you shop at Ulta you need the app, it’s been extremely frustrating lately. It’s really convenient to have access to what they sell and see the ingredient lists for everything when finding new products to use. There’s also always a lot of deals that are sometimes only available within the app. You can prepare for your trips to the store with the app by checking and making sure your rewards and coupons are redeemed. They also can’t decide if they want to allow the user to see how the points system actually works so they keep changing it in the app..Version: 8.5

They need to add all the services to the booking featureEVERY TIME I need to book a brow bar appointment the process is long and tedious because they never have the brow appointments available when you actually are ready to book your appointment on the app. Brow services, and their starting prices, are listed under services but as soon as you go to the booking feature everything EXCEPT brows is available for selection. So I end up having to call which is EVEN MORE FRUSTRATING because you just get put on hold and bounced around and it’s not the best experience if you happen to get someone on the phone who isn’t the friendliest or may be having a rough day. It seems like such a simple thing but Ulta still has yet to figure out that if you’re going to list all of your available services on the app then you need to make the app user friendly enough for your customers to actually book ALL of the services they partake of. PLEASE FIX THIS! It’s too simple a thing to STILL not be addressed. Thanks in advance..Version: 5.2

Never Again!!I usually shop at Sephora store and online or on the app. However, this past holiday season I noticed that Ulta had some great deals on a couple of products that I was interested in. I ordered my items on Jan. 3rd and received my first package 3 days later which was great but for some reason they had to split the order into 2 packages. The 2nd package never arrived and when I attempted to exchange my powder for a different shade at Ulta beauty store, they refused to let me exchange unless I paid the “difference”. I had paid a different price online but I was attempting to get the exact same item in store… just a different shade. I have never had an issue with any store when doing an even exchange. I think it’s ridiculous because my powder isn’t even open and still factory sealed and I have my online receipt. I will never again do business with Ulta. I have been a loyal customer to Sephora for years now and never have had any issues with online orders or in store. If I could rate 0 stars for Ulta then I definitely would..Version: 8.0.1

Serious flaws with the credit card/online orderingI love Ulta! I used to love that items could be sent to me from there. Over the past few months I have had every order rejected. After several (I believe 3 could have been 4)messages sent inquiring why my orders are continually rejected. Yes I have money available, card is active, no holds, stop payments, or any logical reason card services can find as to why, I cannot order online or the app. I am unable to go to a store for many reasons including some items are only available online. I spent 1 hour and 18 minutes on the phone and hold. I was transferred to 4 different people. Only sort of answer was to many identities. I have toddlers not teens, my husband doesn’t use Ulta, etc. I asked what this means, they cannot answer, they don’t have the details, support team might find something we will email you, no fraud department either. One person had me place an order just to test what happens with the card. Goes through on card services end but is immediately canceled via the app. There is no one who can help. Beware the app. It may decide you can’t order anymore, and no one can give an answer outside of 5-7 business days please reach back out if not resolved. All responses via messages and two people I spoke to gave this answer. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also last person transferred to answered then radio silence, not disconnected because I waited 10 minutes before I hung up..Version: 7.5

Now can’t even order?? points never correct, can’t view reviews…I’m not sure what’s going on with the app but it’s been over a year now with the glitches. Now I can’t place any orders. I’ve missed out on the entire 21 days of beauty sale so far. It’s a widespread issue and Ulta hasn’t made a statement to its customers? Ridiculous. <p> In General over the past year: I can never see more than four or five reviews of an item, no matter what I do, and that’s if they load at all. prices on an item’s page are routinely different from what they are on the search results page, My cart glitches out and items either aren’t added to it, or items I moved out of it months ago, have been moved back into it again. <p> Also the interface is not engaging. It requires a lot of scrolling and clicking to find what I need and your search function is AWFUL. I know I’m missing out on some great products simply because I never see them in your app. <p> Lastly, my points are never correct, your prices have skyrocketed, and your shipping used to be quick but now it takes a week to get a shipping notice and another week for delivery. I was SUPER loyal but I don’t think I will even make Diamond for next year. It’s cheaper to shop elsewhere even with rewards. Brand websites have sales and offer deals. Plus using this app is such a chore now. I actually made a Sephora account too, and downloaded their app. Which works btw. I miss your old app so much :-(.Version: 8.3.2

2022No longer supporting a business that treats its employees like criminals. I’ve never worked for this company but I have seen enough and heard from enough former employees of the disgusting practices. There are larger issues in this world that we should focus on rather than assuming a working class citizen is only out to steal from their place of employment. How thoughtless can a corporation be? Ulta takes the cake for being incredibly thoughtless in its loss prevention witch hunt against its own employees. They throw out perfectly good makeup all the time but their own employees can possibly be humiliated in front of customers over a dried up clearly over-loved makeup product the employee happened to have in their personal belongings? As a woman, you won’t catch me without my travel size products that I carry in my purse. If an employer harassed and practically searched/seized my personal property the way they do their employees there would be no need to ever have worked there. Ulta it is 2022. Loss prevention is the least of your worries when it comes to losing your customers, isn’t that what keeps this company going? I’ll support small/local women own POC business before I ever shop at Ulta again..Version: 7.6.2

Recent update makes app obsoleteI’ve used the ULTA app for years and became a Platinum member because the app was so easy to track promotions, save Favorites, and see new product releases. Unfortunately, the recent app update from Summer 2023 has not allowed me to make ANY purchases, add favorites, or use “Save for Later” option during checkout. The app crashes, does not let me check out with Credit/Debit card, AfterPay, or an ULTA gift card making the app obsolete. I missed a few promotions due to this but I waited for it to get fixed or another update to fix the glitches. Once I had to go into the store to buy an item, the shopping experience was underwhelming to say the least, unable to find specific items, out of stock inventory, so I’ve decided I’m just unloading the ULTA application and moving on. It doesn’t serve its purpose and not enough of their customers experiencing this problem for ULTA to care to address it. I’ve tried escalating it but their Customer Service Dept is useless. Nothing is resolved and the problem persists. If I can’t check out, then I cannot buy or make a purchase; simple as that..Version: 8.5

Love Ulta, but the app is unintuitiveRegarding the UI, compared to the website it is really difficult to navigate. When using filters, you can’t select items within a broad price range, say, I might want to do from $1-$100. However, you can’t do that. You must pick from categories such as $0-$10, $10-$20, etc etc. And you can’t select multiple at a time, or it offers a weird random one. And you also can’t select multiple filters at a time, you have to select one at a time, go back into the filter menu, even within the same category that you’re trying to filter. AND you also can’t deselect single filters, you can only clear all of them! I will definitely not be using the app for casual browsing, which is a shame, because most people spend more time on their phones nowadays, which might make for more business. Only if I have something specific in mind will I be using the app unless the UI, and especially the filtering system gets an overhaul..Version: 7.0

Feature needs to be added.I love ulta. i have been buying from here since i knew what makeup was. i just recently used the app to purchase a few things and i am extremely dissatisfied. the address on my order was incorrect, so after i had placed the order, i thought “oh, no biggie!” and went to change the address of where my package was headed.. only to find that i cannot change the address once the order is placed. i contacted team members for days, the delivery service, read the help menu through and through, and finally this morning after days of me trying to contact and find solutions, i get a message saying the package is on its way back to where it came from and i would be refunded in 5-7 business days. (so at least a week.) i explained to the team member who contacted me that i needed these products asap and that’s why i had been going through so much trouble for days. she told me this was the only thing she could do. whatever. i wont be getting the items i bought because there is no feature in the app, online, or through a team member to change the address of where the package is being shipped. i really strongly suggest a feature in the app where we can update or edit the shipping address for a package that the customer paid for..Version: 8.1.1

2 weeks later 🙄I will honestly just buy directly from the supplier, from Belk, or from Sephora. I contacted customer Service about not receiving my order and being not being able to track it. They told me they had to wait 8 days. I was contacting them on the 8th day and told them that. So, after 8 days of not receiving my order and the tracking not being updated, I was told to come back in 4 more days if I still didn’t have it. I did and they said my order was lost. I needed this by the 29th. They told me they could reship my items but could not guarantee they would be here on time. So I either waited a week for my money to appear in my account as a refund or just hope the items get here on time. THEN, I check my new order and one of the items I ordered wasn’t even shipped! After all of this, Ulta could have contacted me about a replacement item for the one they didn’t ship unless they blatantly just forgot and offered me free expedited shipping. Terrible customer service all the way around. Again, I only used Ulta for the convenience of buying different brands at once but there was NOTHING convenient about this experience..Version: 6.9

Do not shop onlineSupervisor on the phone male named Alex was very unhelpful. If you shop online you will run the risk of getting your packages late. Then. When requested a refund you will have to go through a 30 min wait of them trying to explain that it’s still shipping. You will have to request supervisor after supervisor to get your GIVEN REFUND. I hadn’t received my packages on time so I called to cancel all of them and get a refund. After the first cancellation of an item to be received the 22nd of May yet wasn’t received that day, I called to cancel all my orders. She cancelled the one that was already shipped and late, stated it would be 3-5 business days. Then when I stated I need my others cancelled she stated she “can’t cancel them because they’re already shipped” that’s a lie because THE ORDER WE JUST CANCELLED WAS ALREADY SHIPPED. SO SHE LIES TO ME. I HAD TO REQUEST ANOTHER SUPERVISOR. IM ON HOLD CURRENTLY SO WE SHALL SEE IF THEY CANCEL AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH ULTA BEAUTY AGAIN. I HAD THREE OF MY OWN ORDERS AND THREE MADE BY MY BOYFRIEND. ALL ARE BEING CANCELLED DUE TO THIS ORDEAL ULTAS ONLINE SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS PUT ME THROUGH..Version: 6.4.1

Shipping address didn’t update in the systemI moved from California to Texas recently, I usually go and pick up my orders. They didn’t have what I wanted at my local store so I decided to place an order online. Since I recently moved I always check the shipping address because I haven’t shopped online at ulta since I moved. Long story short I updated my address I placed my order and everything seemed fine. Honestly I didn’t check the email that got sent to confirm the order because I made sure to update all my information before placing the order even my credit card and billing address, which I have the email to prove. Anyways, it was time for my order to be delivered check the tracking and realized it was delivered to my previous address, went into the app to check the address info in my account and it was the correct address. Contacted ulta and they said they cannot refund or do anything because it was my fault. Although while I was on the phone they saw my precioso address on their system and me in the app saw my current address. I’m really upset my order is in California somewhere and I can’t get a refund nor my products..Version: 6.4.1

Not a fan of all these 2020 updatesUPDATE 19 August 2023: Again, another update that keeps this app at 2 ⭐️. Saved Favorites are not front and center, so why bother keeping a list of things you buy often or wish to buy in the future? The all-white theme gums too bright and a dark mode would be amazing. UPDATE 20 January 2022: The app remains 2 stars. I don’t love that it doesn’t remember you when writing reviews. I wish you could interact with reviews on app (helpful/not helpful). The in-app Chat with support is awful - if they send a link you click, it kicks you out of your chat, so you don’t get any help. Overall disappointing. The app used to be pink and colorful and worked well. In the last few weeks there have been many changes and some aren’t great. I’m not a fan that the cart/bag moved from the bottom dock to a tiny icon at the top right. I love that my status to Platinum or Diamond is on the home screen but it’s stark and very white now. I like the For You screen displays items previously purchased multiple times but I wish I could remove items I won’t buy again..Version: 8.3.1

Ulta All The WayAs a beauty lover and makeup collector ( let's be honest, I'm addicted lol) Ulta is the best! As someone who is constantly looking for the perfect routine, ulta comes in handy. They stay current with new releases and give more incentive to shop than Sephora. The point system is literally the best and I never feel bad about making multiple purchases. The ration of high end and drugstore is perfect! I nolonger even shop at Sephora because most, if not all, of my favorite brands are already at Ulta! They continue to bring more brands and it makes it so easy to have a one stop shop experience. The app is amazing as well and makes things so easy! Seriously, you can't go wrong with Ulta and the credit card really does make things so much easier, though I guess you don't truly need it! I just a triple bonus for me with helping my credit, making purchases super quick, and racking up those points!! Ulta, you're the real MVP!!.Version: 5.6.1

RUDE MANAGERI did not realize this particular Ulta didn’t provide curbside. The stores on either side of it do - Target and Old Navy. I am disabled and was in a lot of pain and did not want to have to step Up that cement step as it wrenches my back. Nor did I want to stand in line, nor enter the store. I explained my situation to the sales person who answered the phone. She said she would get the manager to help me. The manager got on the phone and I had to explain my situation ALL OVER AGAIN. The manager was rude and curtly told me “we don’t do that.” I said “then cancel my order and I’ll never shop at Ulta again.” She said ok and then hung up on me. Nice to know you are not interested in helping your disabled customers. Instead of trying to figure out some sort of solution, ANY solution, her first response was “we don’t do that.” So, I’ll keep my word and take my business elsewhere. And I’ll be sure to tell all my friends on social media that the Natomas Ulta doesn’t give a crap about the disabled..Version: 7.0

Not many sales on name brandMy review is more of a suggestion than anything bad or good. It would be nice if you would put the name brands on sale or include them in with coupons. The coupons and sales could be better. The main suggestion is to put the Ulta brand next to the name brand so than we can try those instead. For example if I like bare minerals and Ulta has their brand that is synonymous to bare minerals place it next to the brand name and offer sales the current coupon of 3.50 cannot be name brands and you have to spend a certain amount which does no one any good ! That needs to be reconstructed and if the Ulta brands are labeled same as the name brand and / or near them I would try them. The only complaint is the coupon it’s an insult the way it is structured! Thanks hope corporate reviews this suggestion and implements the same as name brand. All the Ulta products I have tried are really good just no way to know which brands they are similar to..Version: 5.6

HorribleI placed an order with Ulta and immediately after placing the order I realized that the address I used was an old address that I had as my primary address. So immediately tried to cancel order or edit it. I then talked to a specialist about canceling the order or shipping it to the correct address. She said I couldn’t cancel the order and that they have to put a request in to someone higher up to re-route the package. First of all, the order was still processing and it says in the FAQ that u can cancel orders an hour after placing it. This was only 10 mins max. She said someone would email about re-routing the package. I got no email and waited a day or 2 and then saw my package was shipped. I then talked to a different specialist about this and she said that their is a request in for a re-rought. Still nothing was done. That being said, my package is being delivered at a different location and now have to go and drive 25 mins out of my way to try and get the package in a gated community in hopes the person who lives there is nice and gives the package back. What an insane experience..Version: 8.5

App, Rewards Mastercard, points- terribleI recently got a rewards MasterCard because I had a few large purchases to make and figured I could use the points toward things I already buy regularly. The points never reflected- I had to reach out multiple times for them to finally escalate the situation then wait a few more days until the points finally issued. Then I find out these purchases didn’t apply to my rewards status. At this point I was so burned out from the last experience with customer service, I didn’t even bother. I had $100 more to go to get to platinum and just decide to make a purchase. So I create an order in the App, where it advertises 5x the points for purchases made through the app. Try to use my rewards card- and it will not place the order. It also only shows 1x amount of points for the purchase. From what I gather by these reviews, I’m not the only one frustrated by this. I just don’t understand why they incentivize using an app that is not at all functional. Customer service cannot be reached and they will never consider going above and beyond for the time and frustration it takes just to get what they promise for your business. Then the employees go on Reddit because they are understandably upset that customers turn to in store reps to complain. Get it together, Ulta, you’re creating some very angry customers and a dissatisfied workforce..Version: 8.3.2

Now asks for tipsAsks for tips for delivery now?? After advertising free same day delivery, it takes the option away last minute when you click pay. it says free in the total until when you actually go to put in your card information it jumps up 6.95 plus tipping the doordasher, making it 12 dollars to deliver it. I know that 6.95 isn’t going to the doordasher if they are ADDITIONALLY asking me to also pay the doordasher, so why charge it other than to pocket it as extra profit? What is that 7 dollar fee going to if i’m also paying the doordash driver a 5 dollar tip? Is it not worth it for me just to doordash it myself and lose the middleman 6.95 fee? I am already continuously less and less impressed with the quality of ingredients in a lot of the skincare and hair care brands ulta has. They still advertise nioxin for thinning hair when it’s top ingredients DESTROY your hair!!! it’s the same ingredients put in heavier duty acne cleansers made to dry out your skin. They also don’t carry Kayali fragrances, but sephora does..Version: 8.5

Long time shopper.I have been shopping at ulta for years and I like the app when I'm unable to go to the store or I want to have the order ready for me to pick up at the store however it has been awful lately and I've made sure it's up to date. Everyday I have to hard kill the app before I can do anything or it shows an extremely old interface and doesn't let me do anything, there are times where it won't let me add things that available to the cart, the most current annoyance though is there is a 21 days of ulta sale going on and I can't purchase anything. It's quite sad because I have an ulta 10 minutes away from me but a few weeks ago there was a fire inside and now it's closed temporarily so the next closest one is 45 minutes away so I would love to use the app, especially during the sale so I can take advantage of the prices but once everything is added to the cart, it won't do anything. It won't let me check out no matter what so I can see the sales but I can't do anything else with me. It is quite frustrating..Version: 8.3.2

Great but needs better search resultsLet me just start out by saying i love this app. as an ulta employee, i always recommend it to customers who like to know what deals we have going on, like to know their points balance, and like to know earrings on certain products. it also comes in really handy when i’m with a guest trying to find a product that they don’t quite know he name of, but know maybe the brand or product type (lip gloss, face cleanser, etc.). despite all these positive things, there is one thing i struggle with when it comes to the search bar feature. despite looking up items and sorting them by “relevance”, i get a bunch of products that are unrelated to what i looked up. for example, when looking up “lip oil” in the search bar, i got results for a bunch of cream lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms before i came across a single actual lip oil. not every search is like this, but when it happens, it’s difficult to search through the long list of unrelated products to find what i’m looking for. i’m going to guess what happens is that it pulls search results that include the words i type, whether rose words come from the product name, ingredients, description, or wherever else altogether instead of doing it in an ordered list such as product name title first, description second, and ingredients third. i could be totally wrong too but 🤷🏽‍♀️. is there any way this could get fixed so products are more accurately sorted by relevance?.Version: 6.3

Poor LogisticsAddress doesn’t port over to shipment correctly, and coupons aren’t labeled properly. See my story below. Where to begin? On the surface the app looks great. Unfortunately this is not the case. My shipping address is correct in my profile, but once ordered the shipment no longer displays my apartment number. The first time I assumed this was my fault. The order was returned and refunded, no big deal. I double checked my address, re-ordered with a coupon this time (wonderful coincidence) and went back to work. After a bit I remembered to double check my order, and there it was; still missing my apartment number. So I called and asked them to fix this issue. Apparently they’re so fast with orders that it wasn’t possible to fix the issue. Which is awesome if they really are that fast. However, I still will not receive this purchase. I put in a family member’s address and attempted to make the purchase a third time. Well now the coupon is one time use. I look at the coupon and that is not stated anywhere, and the coupon remains in my “inbox” on the app inviting me to use it. This has been beyond aggravating. I have wasted hours of my day trying to fix these issues..Version: 7.3

Cannot use multiple gift cards!As a person that shops at Ulta very often, I expect to be able to use the multiple gift cards that I have gotten for the holidays in one transaction on the app or website especially when the closest Ulta store is about 3035 minutes away from my home because they close down the one that is about 15 minutes away. it is frustrating not being able to use all the gift cards that I have in one transaction and I feel forced to have to spend my money and what is the point of shopping there if you can’t use what you already have! I feel like this is something that this company should have already fixed on the app and the website and if you can’t hire good technicians to be able to do that on the app or the website then maybe you should change some of the things that your support agents can do and allow them to apply multiple gift cards for one transaction! Not forced customers to have to spend their money so they can’t use their gift cards and their coupons in one transaction! Please get it together because if I can’t use multiple gift cards and one transaction online when there is not a close enough store around me, I will just stop purchasing anything at Ulta, and tell people who gift me things do not buy me ulta gift cards again!.Version: 8.6

Great but the delivery is horribleOkay so Ulta is literally amazing. The best makeup app in my opinion and all that jazz right. But the problem lies in the lack of care in the delivery process. The terrible delivery company “Lazership” makes using Ulta a little less appealing honestly. I ordered a package a while ago and I was SO excited for my delivery to arrive. The ulta app had said that it was on its way and should be at my home that day. Keep in mind it was already 7 PM at this time. I waited and waited and NO package. Then I did a little research about lazership and wow what I found was shocking. 1.3 STARS AND HORRIBLE REVIEWS!!! ULTA WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? You are such a great company! Why RUIN your reputation with such a horrible delivery company. Continuing on what I found, I discovered that lazership does not even deliver past 5PM!! Why claim that my package will arrive that day when lazership has closed already. All in all, I am so disappointed in both Ulta and this despicable delivery company. Ulta do something about this immediately..Version: 7.5

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