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Microsoft Authenticator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Microsoft Authenticator app received 174 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft Authenticator? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft authenticator?

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Microsoft Authenticator for Negative User Reviews

Not compatible with Apple Watch (newer software/hardware)Works fine on iPhone. Isn’t working on Apple Watch (might be recent WatchOS issue). Searched a few times online and everyone says the same thing: if it installs correctly (sometimes takes a few tries), you can’t get past the “set up a personal account on your phone” note where you wait for notifications - they don’t come. After one install/reinstall cycle I did get a with notification, but my only option was “dismiss”. I haven’t been able to get this far again so I gave up..Version: 6.5.84

Your review prompt is so dumbI will never give a good review to an app that asks me for a review within two seconds of using it..Version: 6.8.6

Low effortI wish I could have a job where my ugly, busted software got shipped like they are doing over at Microsoft. It must be relaxing to have such low quality thresholds..Version: 6.7.2

Only use it becuase I'm forced to.It's good until you switch phones and cannot migrate the 20-30+ accounts you had on there. Using Authy instead which has platform independent backup options. And I only use this for legacy apps that won't work unless you have the MFA approve option..Version: 6.7.13

Why not keep the watch app up to date?Thus used to be excellent in conjunction with the watch app. However, my organisation has recently improved security by requiring a two digit number to be input in the authenticator. They could have updated the watch app to include a 0-9 entry but no. Very poor show, knocked it down to two stars. Update: had hoped there might be some change, but still haven’t fixed the watch integration.Version: 6.8.7

QRHard to find where the QR code was stored..Version: 6.5.4

Inconvenient to useIt’s annoying that you must manually type a number to really verify it is you for worn accounts, instead of selecting one of three numbers. Also the fact they discontinued the ability to answer 2FA on watchOS is just… dumb. Every time I get a notification on my watch that I can do absolutely nothing with leaves me feeling frustrated and annoyed. Would remove the app if it was not for my work forcing me to use it. Microsoft have also not bothered implementing being able to accept or deny a request from the notification received on your phone, unlike other competing products. It just leaves this application being a pain to use, inconvenient and frustrating. Fix these issues and it would be enjoyable to use the app.Version: 6.8.5

6.4.1+ Interface BloatThis app was great until 6.4.1 at which time they decided to hide the main feature (the login keys) behind each respective account. So now instead of quickly opening the app ti grab your key you need to drill into each account. For those people that access multiple keys each time this becomes needlessly cumbersome. This feels like change for the sake of change without any forethought into how this will impact user workflow. In other words, it feels like a team of developers trying to justify their existence by running out of things to do. Come on Microsoft, seriously? When something just works why can’t you just leave well enough alone? I get that you wanted to add all the other functionality and it is useful in certain scenarios, but at least give users the option of what screen the app opens up to so we can have the old view where we see all account keys in one view..Version: 6.4.3

Beware: Account recovery does not workJust takes you to a blank page within the app. A shame, because the rest of the app works well..Version: 6.3.27

Pedantic squared.I feel Microsoft products are created by engineers for accountants to use. They are safely the most pedantic and non intuitive as a good Rube Goldberg machine. In this instance I’m trying to re- add my outlook to my iPad and because it now has the stupid two phase interlacing of souls I must go through the authentication app. But when the authenticate app asks me to then type in the special secret decoder ring number before I can run into the next road block it secretly already created the next three by telling me to go to the authentication app (which I’m currently on) to get the number for the authentication app (which I’m currently on) to unlock the next phase of my Microsoft jail puzzle (which I can’t do because I’m being asked to get a number from an app that is asking me to get a number from itself). It’s maddening. Why does it have to be this difficult Microsoft? What secrets are going to be stolen from us here at this mom and pop faux blinds sales office?.Version: 6.7.5

IPhone app works; watch, not anymoreThis app used to be great. Somebody recently got the idea to add some additional “security theatre” to it, and now it’s a mess. Used to be you’d get a notice on your phone and after FaceID, you could just approve from the Home Screen. Now, you have to swipe and click your way through into the app to approve. Same used to be true on the watch. Used to be able to approve with the tap of my watch; no more. Now it displays no account information from the phone, and basically just announces the approval, which you have to approve in the phone app. As an added bonus, if you dismiss the approval on your watch, the announcement on your phone goes away too. So, the app functions, but usability is gone..Version: 6.5.4

Does not back up secret keysCaution: You have no backup. Read that again. With this app you do not have a backup of your MFA Secret keys. You probably obtained this app in order to login to Microsoft 365 with MFA. If you are a system administrator type you probably have about 30 Microsoft 365 Accounts. Then you decide to get a new phone and you learn that the keys used to generate codes cannot be transferred to the new phone. This app has the word “backup” but it does not make a useful backup. It will perform the restore just fine and you will see every account you had, and they will all be broken. you will have to log into each and every account individually and create a new MFA device. This app is incredibly dangerous, you should stay away from it. It gives you a false sense of security. It should simply tell you it’s not capable of backing up secret keys for Microsoft 365 Accounts. To be fair, it does back up secret keys for non-Microsoft accounts. If you use literally any other authenticator app, it will back up all of your secret keys, unlike this app. I believe it’s against Apple’s rules to name the names of those other apps in this review, but I can tell you I have personally used them all, and I just got done restoring codes from about six different apps, and only Microsoft is unable to restore Secret keys. This app is a dangerous menace. Do not be foolish enough to trust its claims of performing a backup or you will be sorry..Version: 6.7.15

NEED DEVELOPER RESPONSE - Locked of all accountsAfter upgrading to a new iPhone today, I restored everything from a backup earlier in the day. After installing everything I begin to login to several different accounts like discord, Twitter etc. I didn’t get very far until I got the request to confirm my identity via my Authenticator app. I opened my app to find NOTHING. All of my accounts were gone. I click “begin backup” and get the message that I don’t have a backup on my iCloud account, the same one I had been using for years. I’m completely at a loss. I’ve been frantically trying to contact support from Azure to Microsoft and haven’t found anyone who can or would be willing to help me. I have no idea what to do - this is an atrocious, horrific flaw with this app and I would never have downloaded it if I knew this could possibly happen. I desperately need someone to reach out to me to help correct this issue..Version: 6.3.19

You are costing me moneyI have been locked out of my work accounts because the app is asking me to open the app to verify the account!!! The Microsoft authentication app is already opened and it’s requesting that I open the Microsoft authentication app to approve my email!! This doesn’t work and I have not found a work around or solution in days!! I’ve recently bought a new phone and attempting to install my work outlook and teams apps, but nothing can be approved because the authentication system is broken..Version: 6.7.9

Recent update broke everythingI went to use Authenticator today and it now displays the splash screen, authenticates via Face ID and then closes. Push requests are being received but as soon as I try to approve them the same thing happens. There also appears to be no other way to contact you besides leaving a bad review, even the office and Azure support team don’t know how to contact you. Please help, I have MFA set up for about a dozen customers and I can’t support them..Version: 6.7.5

Useless1. Doesn’t even function correctly, you lot really trusting a app that can’t even fix the recurring bug? 2. App access isn’t even worth the little security you get, if your actually concerned you’ll be paying for a app that actually does the job. 3. Nightmare to login. 4. Cloud backup is just nonexistent (even tho they display it, it doesn’t actually work) 5. Do I really have to say more? If your company/organisation is making you use this, they’re isn’t much you can do but if you’re doing this on your own record… not worth it. Move along, it’s useless more ways than one, and I assure you uselessness isn’t something you’ll want to protect your work/personal “things” with..Version: 6.6.6

Does what it is designed for, but could be betterI use the app each day to authenticate logins. The only problem I have is when the Authenticator is launched via a push notification, it requires your finger print to unlock. However the finger print unlock screen disappears instantly and you have to send the app to the background and reopen it to force the prompt to open again. Easy but annoying work around..Version: 6.5.38

AvisPire application Peut même pas marcher correctement.Version: 6.8.6

No Apple Watch support any more!Pulled out apple watch support?! Thanks but no thanks I won’t be updating..Version: 6.7.5

App never worksWill never send me a code. Locked out of my work email.Version: 6.8.6

Permalocked Account?I’ve been using this successfully for several months after my company required it. A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, I received an authentification alert on my phone. I wasn’t working and wasn’t trying to log in so I thought, “oh no! Is someone trying to hack my account!? I’m glad I have this handy app that will let me deny the request and block them! Ha take that hacker!” The next time I tried to check email in Outlook, Authenticator immediately said that I denied the request, even though it never gave me the option. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling this app and Outlook, called my company help desk, tried the Microsoft Support option, so far, no one has been able to fix it. So, from my experience, if you block unauthorized access to your account, which is the sole purpose of this app, your account will be permalocked and will be very difficult or (so far for me) impossible to unlock. I can still access my work account through my laptop, I’m just locked out of the Authenticator app and thus Outlook, on my phone..Version: 6.4.7

Why are the release notes so bad?Imagine: you have a major regression, preventing a whole category of logins, but neglect to note you've made changes in your release notes. Nor do you mention when you fix the problem in a hasty patch release days later. Now imagine you're one of the biggest software companies on the planet with essentially near-limitless resource and you choose to write "big fixes and performance improvements" in your release notes every single time. Fix your release notes. It shows utter contempt for your users..Version: 6.5.83

Works fine until you upgrade your phoneI’ve used this app for last two years with no problems. However, once I’d transferred over to a new phone there was no way of finding out HOW to remove the app safely from old phone. Microsoft says it needs to be deregistered but the app doesn’t show on the account so I’m stuck in limbo. A big corporation like Microsoft needs to do better than this!.Version: 6.7.16

IOS 14 breaks watch appFix the watch app.Version: 6.4.26

Horrible when you change phonesAs soon as you change phones you can no longer use the log ins you had set up your old phone. It is not at all straightforward to fix. While trying to log in without the authenticator app working properly when you click “I don’t have access to the app right now” it takes you through to two different options which BOTH NEED THE APP. Honestly, who designs this rubbish. Would not be using this app unless I was forced to..Version: 6.5.97

Please stop blinding me.When are you going to give us a dark mode so I can stop blinding myself at night time while authenticating? I'll happy up my star count then..Version: 6.4.26

Apple Watch Support RemovedVery disappointed the support for Apple Watch was not improved but removed. Being able to answer / acknowledge access with the Apple Watch is secure and convenient. The trend of MS apps for iOS and macOS being less and less native is not making the product better for users thanks to better DevEx for MS devs but just increase profit margins and worse user experience. Sure, users can be thankful we get the software at least (making us feel like peasants you lower yourself to support). If the dev team reads this please do not feel it as a slight against you, this is very very very much a Project Manager / PO / Stakeholder / TA decision to cut corners and reduce costs despite the product being worse for your users..Version: 6.7.5

Causes phone to run very hot.Whenever I have to use this and then leave it running in the background it causes my phone to excessively heat up and drains the battery. If I remember to close the app and this doesn’t happen..Version: 6.4.16

Application à problèmesJe ne reçois JAMAIS les demandes d’approbation sur mon téléphone. Ils te disent de mettre l’application à jour alors que j’ai la plus récente version. Lorsqu’on clique sur « je ne peux pas utiliser mon application Microsoft Authenticator pour le moment », ils nous demandent d’aller sur l’application quand même 🤦‍♂️. Franchement Microsoft, je ne peux plus utiliser mes logiciels pourtant essentiels à mon travail!! Vous n’êtes pas digne d’une société d’informatique de votre calibre! Si j’étais le gestionnaire de mon entreprise, JAMAIS je ne ferais affaire avec vous!.Version: 6.7.13

Locked app allows approvals :(“Fingerprint [...] will provide a second layer of security...” - NO, it totally DOES NOT on iOS: the approve/deny prompt appears IN FRONT OF the app’s lock screen, so locking the app provides no additional security. Please fix this, preferably without requiring an extra set of touches. Please also add the option for a sound and/or vibration alert when a new approval request is received: currently it’s easy to miss the narrow window of opportunity provided by my VPN login process, because the notification is silent..Version: 6.4.3

GarbageAbsolute garbage app. Doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to..Version: 6.8.6

Who’s rating this 5 stars?This is an app from the devil 👿 It was created to torture us.Version: 6.8.5

Upgraded my phone, lost some accessBeware even though this is synced through iCloud when upgrading your phone you may lose some stuff. Fix that..Version: 6.5.53

JunkWhen signing into the Authenticator app, the app asks to use the Authenticator app to approve the request. Did Kafka design this?.Version: 6.7.13

Microsoft appSo stupid that I need this app to sign into my school email and be able to sign up for my classes. No other way to do it. Upgraded to a new phone now it won’t let me sign into the app on my new phone and is only giving me a 2 digit passcode when you need a 6 digit passcode? Microsoft support is useless so I am having to keep my old phone to hopefully be able to login in. Such a useless stupid app..Version: 6.7.13

First ever app reviewLet me begin with the cliche I would rate this infinitely lower if I could. I have been an avid and strong supporter of Microsoft for several years; first using it in the United States Navy then School and finally in the professional world, but this app and lack of support is ready to have me retract every good thing I have ever said about the company! I am having an issuing authenticating an account at my school. It is most likely the Schools fault. That being said there is no way to verify this as it is impossible to talk to a Microsoft representative over the phone. It is impossible to access support over chat without logging in to your account! I understand there are millions of problems every single day and it would be difficult for the company to address every single one, but don’t scale your company to the level that exceeds the volume of problems you are willing to address. Money hungry tech companies where CEO’s accumulate billions can’t expend the millions to outsource there trouble shooting it’s despicable and for the first time ever I am taking the time to rate an app and boy is this one a doozie. Shame on Microsoft may God have mercy on your positronic souls!.Version: 6.8.6

Beware transferring to a new phoneHaving had to transfer my data from an old phone to a new one, the Authenticator App failed to work on the new one. I am now in the tortuous process of dealing with Microsoft to resolve this in the most over engineered and inefficient manner they could possibly think of. It turns out Authenticator tracks through the phone itself so when you change phones the app does not recognise the new phone and fails to provide an option to enter the authentication number..Version: 6.7.15

Not Working as it ShouldAfter reading a lot of the Most Recent reviews, it seems I’m not the only one in claiming that the app doesn’t work. Codes are not appearing on the Authenticator as they are supposed to, as they USED TO. Perhaps it’s the introduction of the iOS 16.5.1 update, but since then I haven’t been able to log-in to my email. I’ve gone through ALL the troubleshooting recommendations posted on the Microsoft Support page with no luck. All of my notification settings are as they should be, I’ve restarted my phone, I don’t have any third-party apps potentially causing interference. I’ve deleted my account from the authenticator to re-add it and, like others have stated, in order for me to get into my account I have to AUTHENTICATE WITH THE APP— it’s so backwards. Alternative methods of verification, STILL REQUIRE YOU TO USE THE APP. TLDR: Authentication Codes do not show up in the app and I’ve tried everything..Version: 6.7.12

Not working in Huawei phoneThe app cNnot be used in new Huawei phone.Version: 6.8.4

Watch OSWatch approval stopped working for me. I only can approve from the phone..Version: 6.4.26

Sign in loop brokenWhen signing into Authenticator using my Microsoft account I am asked to enter a code from the Authenticator app. This loop is endless and no resolution is possible using the two options - secondary email and phone number. When entering codes from these sources the App says code entered too many times, please try again tomorrow. Can I please have a human fix this issue? Thanks.Version: 6.5.86

A bit complicated when setting up from the appWhen setting it up from a browser, it is fine but still can be better if the app ask the user to open the browser to continue after adding the account. When starting on the app, it should not asking for the email but open the browser instantly. Using this way, the app still show options to choose the type of account like Work/School even the account has been added. And the same with the first way, it says nothing to open the browser for finishing the task. Thanks.Version: 6.5.87

The most annoying part of my job is this appI have to use this app for work. I hate how it scans my face twice. Like somehow the second time would be different. I often enter the number being displayed on the screen, just for it to work. In fact, the reason I’m writing this review is because I can’t access my emails because it keeps saying the number I’ve entered is incorrect. There is no other number, don’t know why it says it’s incorrect. Horrible experience. Would not recommend it to anyone..Version: 6.7.13

Annoying!Now it’s not enough that I authenticate a request. I have to authenticate my authentication with my Touch ID. And then half the time, it refuses to accept the authentication. There is such a thing as exaggeration, guys..Version: 6.4.22

Please fix Apple Watch supportThis app is a great solution for Windows/Microsoft ecosystem users who use iPhone and Apple Watch HOWEVER making it work on Apple Watch requires disabling App Lock whilst using the password auto fill functionality requires enabling App Lock. PLEASE allow us to utilise both these features of the app at the same time..Version: 6.5.86

Locked AppThe app has been great and convenient; as long as there’s access to the internet, it works. But today when I try to use it, it is locked. It requires Touch ID to unlock the app (or enter the passcode but there isn’t an option popped up for that), while my Touch ID is currently broken. So I can’t verify my email from now on until the problem is fixed. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, which allowed me to enter it without requiring Touch ID. I went settings and wanted to turn off the requiring-Touch-ID feature, yet it wouldn’t let me do it because turning it off also requires Touch ID. I try to seek support but it seems difficult to find where I can report my problem, so I write it in the review. Please fix the bug to enable people to enter passcode. Only allowing Touch ID is highly inconvenient..Version: 6.4.22

App crashingApp crashes on launch can’t 2FA into anything due to this..Version: 6.7.13

Absolute garbageHad 4 accounts on the outlook app including work accounts, registered 1 account and got locked out of all 4 because they weren’t added to this stupid app, of course once you install it it takes over everything and you never have an opportunity to enter your password so end up in an endless loop of “please enter your password, opening the app, no account here, open outlook, please enter your password…” if you decide to take control and lock me out of all my accounts I’ll just delete it and go elsewhere. Screw Microsoft. I’m switching my accounts to proton after this..Version: 6.6.6

Great app until most recent update - no longer works with Apple WatchReally useful app. However, with the current update it no longer functions properly with Apple Watch (8). The ability to select ‘approve’ is blocked / appears underneath other text, so the only selection available is ‘not approve’. Please fix..Version: 6.7.9

Glitch??Myself and many others seem to run into the same issue with this app — you open a Microsoft app to sign in, and it reroutes you to Authenticator saying to input the security key presented to you… the only issue is: it’s already Authenticator. So how are we to “open Authenticator” to type in the key when 1) the app is already open 2) you’re shown the key but not allowed to type it anywhere? So the question stands: how are we to open the app when it’s already open? How are we to type in a key when the screen showing the key won’t go away? I use this App for work and I’ve been unable to sign into my accounts due to this issue and it’s been causing all kinds of counterproductivity..Version: 6.8.6

Deleted all passwordsWorked fine for years, set up on my new phone, and started slowly migrating over to iCloud. Then at the beginning of this week I went to load one of my non-migrated passwords and it was just gone. The app will load, unlock from Face ID, select the "saved" password profile based off of the domain/app you're trying to autofill, and no password is filled. Going into the app and selected password profile, and it shows asterisks showing that it's "hiding" the password. Selecting "show password" shows an empty password block; select any other password profile, select "show password", and they're all gone. Fascinating, thanks for producing at least an hours worth of work for me now to recover and reset around 110 passwords across different domains. I'm done with this now, and not going back; best of luck everyone else..Version: 6.6.8

It NEVER READS MY CODESIt NEVER reads my codes.Version: 6.8.6

Just frustrating every timeDoesn’t work well with multiple IDs in the same organisation, constantly causing issues where the popup is for the wrong ID. Always have to scan FaceID twice for some reason. Entering numbers shows a full alphanumeric keyboard instead of just a faster number input. Sometimes I have to authenticate the app itself with a prompt from itself, don’t know how that makes sense..Version: 6.7.16

Absolutely atrociousI downloaded this app after my account was compromised in hopes it would prevent it from happening again. Recently my account has been hacked again and I thought this would prevent that since I would need to approve it, but low and behold, this app did absolutely nothing to prevent it. My account was compromised and my information was leaked, including my bank information which the hacker proceeded to take over 200$ U.S.D from me. I had no clue this was happening and in fact I never received any emails on a foreign sign in, nor did they send a notification or attempt to prevent the sign in by using the authentication system they have, this app is absolutely horrible, dont download this app. Save the extra storage space on your phone instead of downloading this garbage..Version: 6.7.9

Needs a refreshTwo things: A. It needs to better align with the iOS design language. For example, when I pull down the list of accounts it should display a search box. This a pretty common design language across iOS apps. A hold down should be a refresh. B. Most other password managers support Apple Watch. Where is the support for Apple Watch? Why? Well because of OTP support. I am all in on OTP in Authenticator but I am thinking of moving to another app because I can get my OTP for certain accounts on my Watch so I always have them handy. Not for all sites but just those that have high frequency of OTP prompting, I use away from my phone, and don’t store extremely sensitive content..Version: 6.8.5

F This app.I’m weeks behind on work and unable to communicate with essential people; this is purely based on this underdeveloped, overlooked piece of crap authentication app. I simply just want my details to be where I can access them and not have some stupid pop up telling me I’m not really me?! Honestly, as such a big company I’d expect they’d understand the severity in being to access work documents at any point from anywhere, but instead no, you reinstall the app, sign in and Shazam you’re treated with “2FA” that won’t work because it asks for irrelevant info, that simply isn’t accessible info for the account user, such as myself. So overall, thanks Microsoft, thanks for making the student life harder than it already was👍.Version: 6.7.9

An app that makes my life terribleI’m on my holiday and I have been unable to get access to my work email on my cell phone thanks to this app. When I log into my 356 account, it tells me to verify my identity on the Microsoft Authenticator. When I log onto the Authenticator app with all correct login information, it absurdly asks me to verify my identity by approving a request on the Authenticator app. Come on, I am ALREADY ON THE APP! How on earth can I approve a login request of the authenticator app from the authenticator app? I tried to look for an alternative way but it provides me with only two options, all of which require the authenticator app to verify my identity, which mean I can never get access to the account using my cell phone or computer..Version: 6.7.13

Number does not matchEnter matching numbers 3x in a row and it says they don’t match. Clearly a massive bug to be fixed..Version: 6.8.6

Stiil fails to sync with Apple WatchGot an Apple Watch? Wouldn’t it be cool to respond to Authenticator requests from that computer on your wrist instead of digging out your phone and logging into it instead? Would make the password-less dream a lot easier. Except Microsoft Authenticator still has the bug where the linking process of accounts from the iPhone app to the Watch app fails, over and over and over. It starts with a little screen on the iPhone saying it’s beginning the sync, but that goes away quickly and the Watch app eventually times out and fails. I’ve tried everything, and my reading on Microsoft’s forums says I am very not alone. Yet software from far lesser companies than Microsoft are able to pull off this data syncing trick just fine. Maybe send your devs to WWDC and talk to some Apple engineers about the problem? I don’t get it..Version: 6.5.98

Disorganized and faultyOnce I made decisions on notifications, two-step authenticator settings, and account information, there was no way to change any of it. Now I can’t receive any codes, and there is no support line for me to reach out to other than a bunch of FAQ pages that lead me nowhere. The app also denies that my account exists, even though it’s been registered on the app for over a month. The settings are minimal in their adaptability, and every link leads me to yet another online page that gives me nothing. It has never been so difficult to access my own account, which was perfectly accessible until the organization telling me to use this app also demanded I change the password, which is what kicked me out in the first place. This app really doesn’t like change..Version: 6.5.87

Absolutely UselessI’ve been sitting here trying to sign into my email for an hour but the endless cycle of needing to be in my email to authenticate it but needing to authenticate it before logging in is ENDLESS. ALSO the fact that it takes you to the app to show you the code, when you need to put the code in that same app but you cant close the screen or else it stops the whole process. I’m trying to log into my school email and i’m going to miss important deadlines because it won’t let me look at it at all. i’m trapped in a never ending hole. please fix this asap..Version: 6.7.13

Horrible designNew phone everything from cloud loaded still can’t access any of my accounts because it’s so poorly designed there is no backup way to recover stuff. I had work emails on this that I spent weeks without waiting on IT to use again. Genuinely never use this app if you don’t absolutely have to..Version: 6.7.13

Complete and utter garbageMicrosoft Authenticator is by far the most frustrating part of getting a new phone. The piece of trash can't figure out settings (e.g. iCloud) have changed without hard killing the process and reopening it. It also doesn't actually sync over if you get a new phone. Awesome, now I need to get multiple accounts reset after wasting an hour fighting it to try and sync right and logging in literally like 5 times to just make it able to "sync" (the same thing happens with Visual Studio, Outlook, Azure, basically all of their garbage continuously). At least it told me what accounts I have; that's super useful, to know the accounts and be unable to do anything with them. Can't get hacked if I can't get in, checkmate hackers. I didn't expect much from Microsoft since I have to work with and support their products (and seeing as Windows 11's big selling point is ripping off the macOS 10.3 dock), but I'm still disappointed..Version: 6.5.87

What is this for?Two level verification and authenticators are a mystery to me.. ( an irritant as well.. ) How can I review and rate something that I don’t even know what it’s real value and use is? Maybe that indicates that the builders of authenticators have a lot more clear simple communication to be done to have users understand the value that they bring and the problem that they solve. ( I know why I use a double lock deadbolt on my front door,, but why have an Authenticator? ).Version: 6.7.15

Fix the damn BugI’ve been trying to log into Outlook to check my school emails, but it says to open the Authenticator App and enter the code shown, but when I OPEN THE AUTHENTICATOR APP IT SAYS “OPEN THE AUNTHENTICATOR APP AND ENTER THE NUMBER SHOWN TO SIGN IN…..????!!!!?????!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is absolutely so stupid and a waste of my time. I’ve got emails to send and emails to open. Please fix this immediately..Version: 6.7.15

I despise this app with my whole beingMy university logins require me to validate my logins with this app. My course page, timetable, student records, uni email etc all require this app. Twice now I have had to get new phones (old one got worn down and broke, next one was stolen). Each time it is an absolute nightmare to log back on. I still have not been able to do so. See once you get logged off the app you enter the paradoxical, catch-22 authentication hell. I am unable to log onto anything because I need to verify through the app. I am unable to log onto the app because I need to verify with the app. I am unable to verify with the app because I am unable to log onto the app because it requires me to verify with the very app I am trying to log on to. I don’t know who designed this but anyone with an iota of common sense can see the glaring problem here. In addition I have also heard reports of password leaks, and general hacks. If it were not for my university requiring this app I would happily never use it ever again..Version: 6.7.13

Worked great until last updatesPush notifications no longer work on my iPhone or my Apple Watch since the Last sets of updates. The Apple Watch notifications hasn’t worked in months. The notifications are set to on for this app. Come on Microsoft..Version: 6.5.80

Steals All My InformationStares i have an unlicensed product when this has been paid for nor did i get any renewals i am unable to write and you make me sign in multiple times when im already signed in. Sells my information. Has zero respect for me allows hospital to use my email multiple times as i get after visit summaries all hours of the night to same email when i had no visits. When i write in my hospital portal it saves all my drafts and puts my signature in as if they are synced. Allowed my old hotmail address to be hacked and when i shut it down it allowed it to be reopened using my name and stolen phone number connecting it to my name at another address with a back up email of a chinese email carrier. I had an Asian keyboard someone remotely put on my device. Also made a faje profile of me. Allows my parents emails to be hacked & has allowed my writing to be stolen and given to other people..Version: 6.7.11

Skip button doesn’t work for autofill promptSkip button doesn’t work for autofill prompt.Version: 6.7.15

Locked out of my account nowI'm currently locked out of my account because when you press the "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now" option, it just brings you to 2 more options that ask you to have the app. This app worked fine until my phone broke, so I had to get a new one. I have NO access to my old Authenticator and this new one WILL NOT let me sign in even when I press the "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now" option. How am I supposed to log in when I have no access to the old Authenticator?? I tried seeking help from Microsoft's website but NOTHING has helped. I can't log in on the website to get the customer service chat because the Authenticator is not working. I cannot contact a single human being at Microsoft to help resolve this issue of the app dragging me in circles when I try and tell it that I have no access to the Authenticator app. How does it make sense that when you tell it you don't have access to the Authenticator app, it brings you to only 2 options, both of with REQUIRE an Authenticator app. Please save yourself the trouble and don't download this app..Version: 6.7.12

Not workingNo codes producing. No option for entering numbers. Not working. So I can’t open my work mail in my phone..Version: 6.7.15

App consistently crashesSince the latest iOS update the app no longer launches. I’ve updated the app to the current version and the problem persists. At this state it is unusable..Version: 6.7.11

New phoneI brought a new phone a few months ago but am no longer able to get my work emails. I went away on holiday and surprise! this was the time I needed my work emails connected. This has driven me up the wall, the Authenticator continues to say “open Authenticator” when I’m already on the app. This needs to be fixed asap, it should not be so difficult to get my emails. Logins won’t work on my laptop or IPad either..Version: 6.8.1

Phone app is fine, Apple Watch app DOES NOT WORKI thought Microsoft were supposed to be tech giants? The wizards of making all that fancy computer stuff work? Hah, clearly this is no longer the case. A simple google search shows this app hasn’t been working on Apple Watch since September 2020 (WatchOS 7 update month) and no surprises that Microsoft haven’t bothered to fix it yet. The watch app constantly freezes when trying to link to the phone app. Then, if you delete and reinstall the watch app, it lets you progress a little further with the linking of the apps, before getting stuck on a screen saying: “Get started by adding a personal Microsoft account on the phone app” But of course I’ve JUST ADDED A SODDING PERSONAL MICROSOFT ACCOUNT ON THE PHONE APP TO GET TO THIS POINT WITH THE APPLE WATCH. Seriously. It’s 2021. Have we not been through enough rubbish over the past 12 months to just warrant us owning technology which works as it’s supposed to? Now yeah, I can approve sign ins on my phone. But it would be handy if I could do the same with my watch, as you advertise I can, which is a massive lie..Version: 6.5.22

Not working after latest Apple Watch updateHope there is a new version coming. Authenticator on Apple Watch is no longer working..Version: 6.4.26

Another poorly-designed Microsoft appWhile Authenticator more or less works as intended, it’s a typical Microsoft app - which is to say, almost entirely ignorant of any software outside the Microsoft universe. It’s built like Windows 98 is still a thing. For instance, when you upgrade your phone and re-load your apps, Authenticator will lose all of the logins you have loaded ... except the Microsoft ones. All those third-party 2FA logins will have vanished in the night like they never existed, and will need to be setup again from scratch. For reasons known only to Microsoft, they choose to believe that the Internet and cloud services don’t exist. They see no purpose in saving the third party logins to their own servers and making the process transparent to users; instead, they seem to think any login to a non-Microsoft site is a form of disloyalty and should be expunged. As it turns out, you can backup your logins to your iCloud account - but the option is buried in the bowels of the app, and in my case at least, throws an error every time I try and activate it. YMMV. All in all, this is a perfect 2FA app ... if you’re still using Windows 98..Version: 6.5.14

Worst App Ever CreatedNot sure how this has 4.7 stars, clearly some bot work going on by Microsoft lol. It’s so obvious because all the real reviews hate this pathetic excuse of an app. If you’ve been asked to download this app for your work/school be ready for daily pain suffering and wasting your time. The app is so glitchy it’s not even funny. New glitches every day preventing me from logging into my important work. Just now, it started asking me to put the code displayed in the app… WHILE ASKING FOR THE CODE ON THE SAME APP. you guys are absolutely disgraceful and hope you face the consequences for being lazy on the expense of your consumers. Microsoft proves time and time again that they can’t make an app interface for their LIFE despite their huge budgets. Imagine the fact that it’s been over 2 years and I’m still waiting for these guys to fix an app an 18 year old could’ve done better in one try..Version: 6.8.6

I’m in an paradox HELP!!I am on holiday in a different country, so my organization requires me to login again to check my Outlook and other apps. After I sign in, it wants me to go to my authenticator app, and the authenticator app tells me to click a number inside the authenticator app, but I’m inside the authenticator app so how can i click another number on a different page of the authenticator, when I choose to use another method like messaging my phone, it says they need more information and when I press next it just sends me to the login screen again, which I login it would bring me to the authenticate screen again. It’s a never ending paradox and I literally cannot do anything, I can’t email my organization’s tech support because I cannot use my organization’s email??? This is just horrible designing.Version: 6.7.12

WhatTry to login my email which pushes me to open the authenticator app to verify my identity and then once in the app it tells you to go to the authenticator app to and enter the code that’s on your screen except your already in the app sooooo….Version: 6.7.13

Not working AT ALLWhen I sign in to my school account and it tells me to enter a certain number on this app, NOTHING shows up on the app for me to put in that stupid number! My app is up-to-date and my wifi is working just fine. IDK why I have to have this app from the beginning, ugh..Version: 6.7.15

TrashWhen I first got my school account, microsoft authenticator insisted that i get an account to ‘protect it’, so I did. Everything was going well except for the issues that my high school doesn’t allow phones in the school so when we had computer days so we could work on our history projects, I wasn’t able to do anything. And then, I decided to delete the app so that it would just get rid of my accounts on this authenticator and it didn’t. Now, every time I try to check my school emails it makes me go through the authenticator that i am no longer able to access, effectively making me miss important emails and giving me no access to my account at all. If i could i would give this 0/5 because none of their recommendations helped me..Version: 6.5.94

GaySucks.Version: 6.8.6

The worst.Even though I have the latest version of the app the process that’s used to authenticate hasn’t worked for me. Also something that’s very annoying is when you are trying to sign in it will make you sign up through the authenticate app that you still need to have access to to actually authenticate your sign in. So it’s like if I’m signing in through the app why add that if you’re not gonna make it possible for me to actually go through the process. Doing it through the authenticate app should bypass that since I’m doing it through the authenticator. But that’s all. I hate the app. Also I don’t have this for my personal Microsoft account so when I try to sign in it takes me to the app which I don’t care for..Version: 6.7.5

Problem with multiple work placesI work in two work places and have two of them set up in Authenticator. They seem to clash and once one is working the other doesn’t. this has happened three times, and each time my work IT fix it the authenticator for the other place won’t work again. Tried reporting a problem but Apple doesn’t want to know because it’s not a purchased App. Anyone else have this issue?.Version: 6.7.5

Good however has a little bugInterface looks a good, however I’ve noticed that the passcode doesn’t change after its first countdown cycle. You have to leave the app and come back for it to refresh and give the correct number at the same countdown level. I’ve had to use the Authenticator app a few times and apart from this issue, it seems to work as intended..Version: 5.6.1

Garbage Non-Functional BloatwareThis app never functions, constantly slows down the sign in process, never remembers the user. If you can avoid it do not download it. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES GET IT. This product is terrible. Microsoft figure this service out please..Version: 6.8.6

SuxxCan y’all fix the app already. Every time I try to log in it says use the code sent to my authenticator app so I open it and there’s no code and it says no new notifications. It’s been doing this for 6 months and apparently I’ve ran out of verification codes to send to myself because that’s the only way to confirm so I am now locked out of my university classes. Might be the worst app I’ve ever used..Version: 6.7.15

Useless when in “enter number” modeWorked great (with Apple Watch support) until company switched us to “enter a number each time” mode (to avoid threat actors spamming requests for approval). Now - no support for Apple Watch in that mode - and half the time it fails due to various weird reasons (from timeout despite approval being within 10 seconds of request, through to “notification could not be sent message”. Ironically in the CIA security triangle, by making it this hard, this app succeeds itself in preventing availability….Version: 6.6.8

Another Microsoft FailWould be nice for the app to work every time. It’s annoying enough that I need the app to connect with school work to confirm that is me, to access apps that I use everyday and I still need to use this Authenticator all the time! If it was me, Microsoft shouldn’t be allowed to use security apps to identify people since they lack performance in all the apps they created..Version: 6.8.6

Despite having the Authenticator, my account was still hacked.I think they even used the Authenticator against me to have easier access to my account even when I changed the password, I don’t know for sure though. All I know, is that while using the Authenticator and updating my password multiple times, it still happened to me. It’s a pretty scary experience to have, when they even send an email to your hacked account (like emailing themselves), and especially scary because I thought the Authenticator would make it impossible to do it to me. I also find it scary how there’s bots trying to constantly hack accounts, and I wish things would be safer online. (It showed me even more people trying to login when I had the Authenticator installed, it looked like it was protecting me, but it didn’t in the end.) I doubt anyone would believe me, because there’s mostly 5 star reviews. But that’s what happened, despite keeping it all updated. I had to recover my account and I hope it’s safer now..Version: 6.6.5

Bug with notifications not availableIPad on latest 17.2.1 needed full settings reset (to fix another issue). After full settings reset, with device away from wifi, and mobile data turned off only for selected apps (including this Authenticator app having mobile data off), the App did not prompt to enable Push Settings, and now there is no way for the App to force Push Notifications into Apple Settings. Please fix!,.Version: 6.8.2

Je déteste!Il n’est pas fonctionnel tout le temps, pour entrer sur mon compte professionnel il demande un code, je n’ai pas de code et demande par l’application et il n’ouvre pas pour que je puisse autoriser donc je n’ai plus accès à mes produits Microsoft 😡.Version: 6.8.6

PoorPoor for the following reasons: 1. Although the app shows up on your apps using iCloud, it doesn’t backup. If you get a new phone, all your accounts in the app are lost, including your Microsoft ones. 2. You can backup your accounts, but have to use a personal Microsoft account. If you have a company account, that doesn’t work. Using a personal account on the app really messes up Microsoft apps on your phone that use your company Microsoft account. 3. Doesn’t work on Apple Watch, and hasn’t for some time. A shame, as very handy to authenticate with a click on your watch. Much better alternatives out there now..Version: 6.5.96

Not able to select certificate while adding work accountHi Team, Facing issue while adding my work email account/teams , i am able to login and then after i am getting an option to select a certificate but i am not getting any pop up box of selecting certificate. I am trying it in my iphone 13 pro. Please help..Version: 6.6.7

Couldn’t be worseThis app will log you out and malfunction regularly. If you are using this for work accounts, be prepared to randomly not be able to do your job. The app will log you out and then ask you to use the app to verify yourself to log you back in, which obviously you can’t do if you’re logged out. There is apparently no other way of logging in either. And that’s when it even admits that you have a Microsoft account, which it occasionally won’t do. This has happened 3 times now. Updating and removing the app doesn’t help, I’ve tried. Sometimes it’ll make you endlessly authenticate something on a loop forever. Forget about being able to use it if you upgrade your phone. Everything is gone after that. I’ve never seen an app work this poorly. Unfortunately, my company just adopted it as a log in process, so I’m trying to convince IT to find a way to remove it from my process, like the older employees have because it’s just too frustrating..Version: 6.8.3

Not very friendly to new userThis app leaves very little to no room for small mistakes when i failed to meet the time requirement to confirm authorization. Then when i finally got through one device, it was time out for the other. So basically i have to start all over again. Imagine it happens in real life situations..Version: 6.8.3

Doesn’t work on Apple WatchMy organisation recently changed to this Authenticator app from a competitor which never gave me any problems. My main issue with this authenticator app is that is doesn’t work with Apple Watch. Why have an Apple Watch app for it if it doesn’t work? Every time, the notification pops up on my watch, I tap approve and it says “failed to communicate with your phone” even if I have my phone right in front of me unlocked. I like to keep my phone well away from my desk to avoid distractions during the working day, but because this app doesn’t work with the watch I have to constantly be back and forth getting my phone. Please fix the Apple Watch app!.Version: 6.6.5

The app keeps crashingI am using Iphone 6s+ with iOS 14.8, and the app constantly crashes up on the launch. Please fix it ASAP!.Version: 6.6.9

Needs a search feature.Overall this is a decent app. It does the job well, especially for Microsoft services (naturally). BUT with everything nowadays wanting MFA, this app has become increasingly difficult to use because there is no search or quick way to find the account I’m looking for. I have about 50 accounts at the moment and I now dread having to open this app because I know if what I need isn’t at the start or end of the list I could spend what feels like forever scrolling, hunting for that one account I urgently need while the timer on screen counts down… so much pressure! Microsoft, isn’t it about time you added a search? I’d have through this a no-brainer low effort high value addition compared to some of the more recent updates. Give me search and I’ll give you 5 stars..Version: 6.5.87

FrustratingI hate this app with every fiber of my being.Version: 6.8.6

Freezing and hanging issuesI’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice this week and it continues to freezes after I complete the back up. Even if I don’t use the back up. It’s stuck in the unlock page even though it says it’s unlocked..Version: 6.8.6

Super annoyingI was having an email need to check back real quick the app just keep asking me to sign in which it was always signed in. It keeps showing we will need this authoriser to continue the process but the link on the page wrong automatically switch…..Version: 6.7.9

Constantly crashingI constantly have issues with the app where it crashes immediately upon opening repeatedly. As this is happening nearly every single day, I often have trouble accessing my university accounts which I need for my studies and work which is unacceptable. I’ve never used an Authenticator app that crashed so often, and it’s absolutely unacceptable..Version: 6.7.12

Awesome but not easyMy users complain and I think it’s due to the UI, I’m 50/50.Version: 6.3.7

Needs PASSCODE ProtectionThis app needs PASSCODE protection. How can an authentication app be considered secure if no PASSCODE is required to access it?! When a two-stage login process sends an authentication code to my cellphone via text message, that cellphone requires a passcode to unlock in order to get that authentication code. That is an order of magnitude greater protection than is offered by this app..Version: 5.5.0

UselessJust gets stuck in an eternal loop of asking you sign in. You literally had one job…...Version: 6.5.98

App not workingApp used to work and now doesn’t seem to work at all. Won’t let me type in a code or let me receive a code.Version: 6.7.12

Horrible systemMy work email requires Authenticator to log into emails remotely. to log into Authenticator I need to either approve the request on Authenticator or type in the code from Authenticator…… which is impossible cos I’m trying to log in…..Version: 6.5.87

TerribleAnnoyingly dysfunctional. Makes everything harder..Version: 6.7.13

Please don’t discontinue Apple Watch support 🙏I use the Apple Watch app multiple times a day (my organisation enforces a 1hr timeout on our MFA logins for Azure AD and a range of other services) and it has become a crucial part of my workflow. I know it can be buggy and I’ve experienced my fair share of “unable to communicate” errors but the utility far outweighs these issues. I really hope Microsoft reconsiders this decision and will continue to support watchOS 🙏.Version: 6.7.2

Apple Watch appPlease let it authenticate through watch app. Right it’s just notification nothing else can be done through watch app..Version: 6.8.6

Slow declineThe current version of the app has finally crossed the last line of bloat. It now blocks access to the app if you don’t agree to allow it to collect and report data on your use of the app in the background. While they don’t say what they are collecting, that is a secondary issue to the fact that a TOPT authenticator does not need and should not connect to ANY network connection. Those codes are supposed to be offline to protect them, and they don’t need network access by design. So now we can’t use the app or view our existing codes unless we agree to activate invisible data collection that opens the app up to a host of potential bugs and attacks. All so they can collect data they don’t need constantly from users that aren’t having a problem with the app. The companies that make the iOS “telemetry “ tools have introduced bugs into the apps that incorporate them already. They will do it again, and some of the users of these apps are protecting important assets or systems. App deleted. Best of luck unless you replace the always on spyware with a local log and an upload report prompt..Version: 6.7.5

Please make it available on Vision ProPlease make it available on Vision Pro.Version: 6.8.6

Endless annoying loopMy college requires that I have this app. When I changed phones, all of a sudden I can’t login to the Authenticator app. It continues on a loop of “please login to the Authenticator app” as I’m trying to log into the authenticator app and I have no access to the app so it just makes no sense. One option is to enter the number on the app but there’s no number there and I have updated the app. The other option is to login on the Authenticator app, but there is no prompt asking me if it’s me logging in because I’m not a logged into the Authenticator app. This app is ridiculously annoying and I’ve been trying to work on this for like 30 minutes now and has already drained at least 25% of my battery and my phone is heating up. Update* Because this app is so faulty, I’m not even gonna use it anymore. Instead of using the authenticator app to verify my login, I opted to use the Call method. So the Microsoft company will give me a call to verify my login because I cannot deal with the authenticator app anymore. Please fix this, so you can improve the efficiency of the app, and reduce any aggravation this app may induce upon the consumer..Version: 6.7.7

Never want to use this app againWas forced by the employer to use it. Difficult to use. Very annoying when trying to log into the app..Version: 6.7.17

Great app with a fatal flawI’m looking into alternative apps as I’m writing this review. This has not worked on my Apple Watch 7 with WatchOS 8. I tried everything that was suggested. I disabled App Lock, I deleted the app and reinstalled it on the phone and the watch, I tried several different authenticated accounts, etc. I don’t want to take my phone out of my pocket every single time I need to approve an Authenticator request. It’s easier for me to just switch to another Authenticator app. This worked a long while ago with my Apple Watch 4, but Microsoft is absolutely and ridiculously half-baked in all of their efforts for their products. I still use a lot of their products but am trying to find alternatives for every single one. Except for games, I’ll still use MS to play games on their OS..Version: 6.5.88

Authentication LoopsOne of the biggest problems with this app is that it gets stuck into authentication loops - I try and sign in on outlook for example, and it instructs me to opening the Authenticator app. The Authenticator then provides me with a number that I then have to instructions to enter into the authentication app which I can’t do because the number is from the authentication app itself and there is no way of entering it on the Authenticator app. If this is to be fixed then the app should be made to let you enter codes into it that are from the app itself..Version: 6.7.13

Better feature: option for us to opt out of this app. WORST!I tried logging in for my account to activate this. Asking me to get the code or to approve from the app that I am trying to log in. HOW DUMB can it be??? No notifications to ask for approval but straight decline or approved but not working. Maybe stop working on features and give us a choice to opt out..Version: 6.6.1

Sync is awfulIf you have acompany email account it won’t work, and if you have a personal one it won’t pull your accounts through.Version: 6.5.67

UselessI have a the latest version on my iPhone 15 and it shows NOTHING. All I can do is see the accounts that have been added and add additional accounts. I have no numbers for two factor authentication and I have nowhere to enter codes either. This app is completely useless and has frustratingly now locked me out of ALL of my student emails and coursework because it doesn’t do the ONE THING that it says it does. Biggest bug I have ever witnessed..Version: 6.8.3

Don’t recommendTerrible application.Version: 6.5.93

Embarrassing appI got a new phone so I had to log back into my email accounts and it would then ask me to open the app and enter the code on my Authenticator app WITHIN THE AUTHENTICATOR APP like if I can’t get access to the app that’s the whole problem. A joke of a cycle..Version: 6.8.6

Great app but…This is by far the best Authenticator App on the market. However I just got an Apple Watch which has the ability to use this app. Unfortunately on the watch, you have to recreate the logins in the app. Meaning you have to delete and remove the login in the app, then re-add the login on the app(on you phone) so you can add it to the watch at the same time. If you’re like me and you have a bunch of logins, this is very tedious. Needless to say, I will not be using this app on my watch until this is fixed. Please fix this issue and allow the app on the watch to sync directly to the app on the phone so all logins are already there. This is the only reason for the 3 stars..Version: 6.5.85

AnnoyingCareful it doesn’t delete your account because you will never be able to access that again. I got a new phone and the backup didn’t work properly so I wasn’t able to access any of my accounts until I was able to get to my old phone which still had the saved info.Version: 6.5.80

Into the loop we go!Got a new phone. You forgot the password. Asked to reset password. You need the app. The app requires the forgotten password. Then asked yet again to reset the password. And into a limbo. Crazy like the movie!.Version: 6.1.11

Don’t upgrade - it’s a downgrade.As someone who works with Microsoft, and has implemented Authenticator for all employees, the removal of the Apple Watch app means I’ll Now migrate away from the tool, at cost and time. This feature is absolutely essential to our ngo workflow and it’s incredibly disappointing to see Microsoft remove the watch app Portion, which surely didn’t take much updating or time commitment. Yes I have a phone, we all do, but the watch added a huge convenience my team aren’t willing to forego. So that’s the end of Microsoft Authenticator. For us..Version: 6.7.3

Sign in request approval improvementSign in request keeps on lagging one minute it works and then after it dosent. Please make it consistent. I find that crazy there’s still this problem even tho I upgraded the app.Version: 6.5.82

Apple Watch app useless for meI’m writing this review solely about the Apple Watch app. I used to be able to authenticate login requests directly from my watch, so I could leave my phone in the other room, or at least not have to physically open the app every time I needed to log in. Now my organization moved to using the type of authentication where you have to enter a number from the login screen into your authenticator. Unfortunately, this renders the watch app useless as you can’t enter that number on the watch. The thing is, there’s no technical reason for this. Typing numbers on the watch is easy. But the app doesn’t support letting me do that. So logging in with the app, which used to be a very quick and easy occasion, is now a huge pain point in my day. If you update the Apple Watch app to have this functionality, I’ll happily revise my review, but unfortunately this app is now one that feels like a struggle as is..Version: 6.7.15

Absolutely awful.Doesn't work. At all. To log into the app it wants me to use the authenticator app to verify me... Logging into the authenticator app??? Don't have a second authenticator app so how do I approve a verification request through the authenticator app while trying to log into the authenticator app??? Because of it it logs me out of my university accounts every couple days and now I can't get back into them and have deadlines to meet but cannot access any of my stuff at all?! How am I meant to meet deadlines if I keep being kicked out and can't log back in because I need to use this app that wont work?.Version: 6.8.2

Not GreatWorks well enough for generating/storing 2FA codes but there’s a lot of problems. - Backing up is unclear and extremely unreliable. - Apple Watch support doesn’t work, either fix it or kill it. - App is overly confusing to use, especially with multiple Microsoft accounts (Personal and a Work account). I expect way more, the app isn’t terrible but it certainly is the Windows Vista of available Authenticator apps..Version: 6.5.86

As always, Microsoft made a terrible piece of software.Today, my Authenticator app broke on me and won’t let me sign into my office account to download a file that I need for work. It is making it very difficult for me to do my job, and I am relying on it to let me finish my tasks for today. Very frustrating piece of software and Microsoft has literally no tech support as their phone hangs up on you. Very irritating. If your organization has the option to use anything else, I would strongly recommend against using Microsoft products and services. I know that some places are so deeply ingrained in their products, which is unfortunate, but if you have the option, use some thing that is not going to lock your employees out with no way to fix it on their own (and with no customer support to help)..Version: 6.7.5

Lost all my passwordsIt was great to use this app until I switched to a new iPhone and found out that despite having the iCloud backup activated in the app settings and the phone settings, the only account that got transferred to a new phone was the Microsoft account and there was no way of recovering the rest. By the time I realised that I’ve lost all the other Authenticator keys, I’ve already wiped my previous device. Now I’m locked out of several accounts and in touch with their customer support. Useless..Version: 6.5.84

Authenticator app deleted and backup didnt workThe app just suddenly disappeared from my phone one day and when trying to recover my accounts, all my backup was lost! The only thing i can think of the reason why this happened was I had installed company profile and other company shenanigans on my phone. Since i wasnt accessing company apps anymore, i deleted all of them. I didnt give any permission for this app to be deleted. What’s worse is I backed up my accounr but somehow i didnt get anything recovered! It even shows the correct latest backup date and time. So i dont understand???? Bad enough the UI/UX just looks so clunky and confusing, esp when backing up…. I had been so happy to use this but now this is a headache. I cant even trust this app wont ghost me one day or backup my authenticator accounts. :/.Version: 6.5.63

RidiculousI have changed my phone and I now cannot sign into my email accounts using this app. I have tried and tried and tried. The issue is you ask me to sign in on the Authenticator app and then ask me to approve sign in using the Authenticator app which means that I have to cancel my login to reopen the app by which time my login request has timed out. It’s the most ridiculous, stupidest, most convoluted way of logging in and even then I still can’t access my email accounts?! What a bloody joke this app is?!.Version: 6.6.9

Fix it come on nowSimplify having two Microsoft accounts as recovery or as primary accounts change notification jargon to improve security by not notifying what each notification is for- use two primary accounts and both of them are not work or office emails then you’re going to have a hard time loading all of your codes from each of those emails into one app easily accessible by the owner of those emails and authenticator account it is ridiculous backwards, and opposite of what I’ve heard from customer service and Microsoft stop giving people the runaround the stack needs fixing that You care about making money somehow or do you care about having a useful app? Instead of making the people happy and spoon feeding them each notification with exactly what it is. Perhaps you can disclaim initially and declare that you will only notify for security reasons but you’re alerts your banners they should be either customizable or we should be able to hide them?.Version: 6.8.5

Most annoying thing everI don’t write reviews at all, but this app has got to be the worst thing ever. I have to use this app for my work unfortunately and I have never been so frustrated with anything more than I am with this. Almost everyday no matter what I do this thing makes me sign in which is not required by my work everyday. When I complete the steps needed, since it decided to log me out it’ll make me go through the exact same thing at least 5 or more times for absolutely no reason. That’s frustrating, especially when I have time sensitive things I need to do but can’t because the app is trying to make me sign in when I’ve already done it at least 6 times. If I wasn’t required to have this for work this would not be something I would ever have on my phone..Version: 6.6.9

Horrible Authenticator for iOS usersGoogle Authenticator works flawlessly, every time. So 2F Authentication can be done well for iOS. Microsoft just had a very poor execution of it. I was suddenly booted from my email (outlook365 from my web browser) as of yesterday. I’m told to accept the request pushed to Microsoft Authenticator. No request is there. I use alternate methods (all of them) and no matter what, I’m still routed to again accept a push notification that I'm not receiving. I tried looking in iOS settings and everything looks fine - push notifications are enabled, etc. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, no luck. There are NO guidelines online. Several people have written on Microsoft forum with this problem and no technician has answered. I, of course, cannot write on the forum because I cannot log into my account. This is just a terrible app because it provides absolutely no troubleshooting help at all..Version: 6.5.97

Worst Customer Service. Do not use this appI got a new iPhone and the app did not recognise this new device. I am locked out of all email and Social media accounts with zero methods of contacting the staff. It’s a stupidly common event that gives you no support to recover it. If I get any response from this review, it will be the first communication in 7 days that this company has given to me. So upset and disappointed..Version: 6.5.85

Banner notifications not workingThe app no longer sends a banner notification when attempting sign in. Have to manually enter the app to approve. Small thing but annoying.Version: 6.5.82

New version is annoyingThe new version requires you to unlock the app after unlocking the phone, which seems pretty redundant and has broken the Apple Watch app, which I rely on because it's so convenient. Or at least was :/.Version: 6.4.26

8 digit code only.My work requires me to sign in with a 6 digit code. I changed phones and am only getting an 8 digit sign in code. I cannot access my workday. This is not just me. Why is it soooo difficult to get answers???? I need 6 digits!!!!.Version: 6.7.11

I hate this appYour apps on the phone really sucks. I was trying to open my school account. Then my school will direct me to your apps and then your apps will ask me codes without seeing the code first and the only option I have are. If it’s not me and the yes that doesn’t work because I have to provide codes first..Version: 6.7.7

UselessUntil the most recent iOS update I was able to log into my Microsoft Outlook work email account without any issues. Now, every time I attempt to login it pulls up the authentication app I receive an error stating my sign in was successful but does not meet the criteria to access this resource. I do not know what this means but the issue is I can no access my work email. I’m hoping this a software update bug that will be resolved soon. You cannot access this right now Your sign-in was successful but does not meet the criteria to access this resource. For example, you might be signing in from a browser, app, or location that is restricted by your admin. I recently found out from a colleague that my company’s IT people purposely restricted our access to check email outside of work for security reasons. It isn’t a software bug but was done by design. Prior to this change the app seemed to function normally..Version: 6.8.4

BugApp no longer working since last update. Flashing on screen and not loading. Can’t get into anything..Version: 6.8.7

Codes don’t work!I have used the Microsoft app for sometime now all of a sudden the usual message that is sent to my app doesn’t appear and all that’s there. Are these numbers that keep switching over when I enter the number it says it is not recognised the Microsoft app does not work for me any more I don’t know what’s happened to it. They used to be a Bluetooth pop-up that would show a message that would match the same one on the screen on my computer now I don’t get that at all what the hell is going on I can’t log into anything!!.Version: 6.8.1

Good but needs some work!Good app but.. would like to see a few improvements to this app: 1) Dark mode 2) Add passwords without website url needed 3) Ability to scan for weak passwords and reused I know that I can do number 3 using Edge but would like it all in the Authenticator app as this is where I manage my passwords and security. Also would be great to be able to add a password without needing to add a website url. Sometimes I like to add passwords for my phone or other things which don’t always contain a url..Version: 6.7.11

Useless and horribly stupidIf I could put zero stars I would. Stupid useless app that makes it impossible to log into my work account. It worked perfectly well before the use of this app..Version: 6.8.6

Unnecessarily complicates thingsI’m on a 50gb phone and so made the mistake of deleting this 170mb app to free up some storage. i now cannot login to my outlook account, despite redownloading the app. just won’t connect my outlook to the dumb app. super !!! why on earth you would make users download a whole new app just to use another app is beyond me. on top of that, it being over 50mb. no option to send a text to verify identity or use a backup email. no idea now i’m supposed to login to my uni email now. would contact IT but… wait… i would need to email them…..Version: 6.7.5

Watch app doesn’t work.I have the latest update of the watch app running on WatchOS 5.0. I get prompted to authorize, but tapping approve does nothing. I still have to launch Authenticator on my phone and approve from there..Version: 6.0.4

App lockDreadful, this is automatic and not my choice, the app does not set out how to unlock and the bio key is not an option causing me to get my company IT department to recall my phone to unlock the app.Version: 6.4.22

Crashes when I try to add an Outlook accountTitle says it all.Version: 6.6.6

TrashWhen I open this app to sign in my outlook, this app itself remind me: “Open your Authenticator app, and enter the number shown to sign in”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Do you guys get how hilarious it is?.Version: 6.8.7

Horrible conceptI’m trying to log into a work account. I don’t know the password and it wants me to use the app. I have a new phone and don’t have the app- no option for a text message. So I downloaded to app and I try to log in. I need to use the app to log into the app???? I DONT HAVE THE APP??? I find My password online, Even with my password I NEED TO USE THE APP. Authenticator app wants me to use the Authenticator app to log into it. Sounds confusing. Is confusing. I just want to use my phone number..Version: 6.7.6

CODES HAVE VANISHED!I used this App until I changed my iPhone and it now seems that my recovery data has been overwritten and I am therefore unable to generate codes to login to my various accounts requiring 2FA. It seems that there is no way to access the codes in the cloud other than using the app recovery procedure which works but no data is available. Is there any work around to access previous backups ie before I set up my new iPhone? it would be most useful to have this feature if it does not already exist..Version: 6.6.9

Requires me to “approve request on my Microsoft authenticator app” to sign in.Not sure what else to say. Title says it all. Im unable to sign into any Microsoft app (including the microsoft authenticator app) without verifying my identity through the microsoft authenticator app. I assume this is because i have a new phone, and may not have signed up the app on this device initially, however this shouldn't be an issue. There should be another way to verify your identity for THIS app (ie email, sms ect). The only options I am receiving are; 1) “Approve my request on my Microsoft Authenticator app” and 2) “approve my request on my mobile app”. Ridiculous that you have the *use* the app to sign *into* the app..Version: 6.5.14

Sign In Number Not Appearing!Bought a new laptop and when trying to log on using my university email address and it will always requires an "Approve sign in request" and instructs me to "Open your Authenticator app, and enter the number shown to sign in. e.g. "76". The problem is, there are no numbers appearing in the app. I downloaded the latest version. In fact, I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app on my phone or iPad as well. The app simply does not communicate with my devices. I did some basic troubleshooting such as reinstalling, sorting my Wi-Fi connection, and restarting my devices, turning on app Notifications, etc. The app was working before but it suddenly stopped. This is really frustrating as I want to start with my modules and I cannot because of this layer of security which does not work..Version: 6.8.4

Good, but doesn’t work on Apple Watch since WatchOS 7A good and useful security app, which I have used for a long time and thankfully continued to work on my phone since upgrading to iOS 14. Unfortunately, since also updating my watch, I can no longer respond to notifications on my watch, it just says “failed”. The “app support” goes to Microsoft’s websit and will I bother reporting the problem there? LOL No. Not for want of help, or my own laziness, purely for the sake of my sanity because, from MANY past attempts to get support from them, Microsoft have a “wonderful” way of throwing you through endless, circular loops when you request support for anything other than one of their most expensive flagship products or services and also do not respond to support requests submitted by email or via Windows 10 feedback, etc. Just fix it please..Version: 6.4.36

BrokenThe last update bricked my app, so I re-installed it and now it all looks different, and isn’t making a whole lot of sense. I don’t care to spend time researching how to fix it, particularly since I only use it for a single account and use Google Authenticator for everything else. Will be good also to not have to worry about my IT department being notified of fraud every time I reject a sign in request that was likely generated from a timed out browser tab somewhere. The point being that if I always approve every request I get it defeats the purpose of this low quality app..Version: 6.4.7

Application qui fonctionnait si bien pourtant!😣J’ai activé le Face ID dans l’application et depuis impossible de me connecter à la plupart de mes applications qui demandent une authentification avec Authenticator! Quand je vais dans l’application auparavant un nombre apparaissait et une fenêtre pop-up me permettait de l’entrer mais plus maintenant! La fenêtre a disparue et impossible d’entrer le nombre!☹️Je fais quoi maintenant?.Version: 6.8.5

HorrificChanged phones recently. Forgot to get the Authenticator set up on the new phone before resetting the old one. To make matters worse the phone number that the reset text is sent to I no longer have access to. Now I’m locked out of my emails and all of the various sensitive apps and accounts with no recourse available. I have access to my emails on my computer still as it was logged in, I have tried contacting Microsoft via the reset password link, and after providing all of my details/identification plus all of the various email recipients and subject lines am told there is nothing Microsoft can do. DO NOT USE. USE THE GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR INSTEAD. At least that way if something goes wrong, there are more than two options to 2FA. Will not be using any Microsoft apps moving forward..Version: 6.7.16

A nightmare to change phones.I have been through this nightmare twice. First time I was asked by Apple support to do a factory reset with respect to a problem I was having with my phone. The Microsoft Authenticator app credentials didn’t restore and I have been unable to regain access to all my accounts that were protected by 2FA. There was some doubt that I had made a mistake but I have now bought a new iPhone and I have exactly the same problem transferring my credentials from the old to the new phone. The app also offers an export and import capability but this is also broken. It provides a 12 word pass phrase but when you attempt to verify it, it continues asking for a 13th word and it errors out. If 2FA isn’t robust then it is a liability, not an asset. I am now only using the app for authenticating my Microsoft and Office accounts..Version: 6.7.6

App is missing a killer feature…Which means this app is dead to me. I have multiple Microsoft 365 business accounts. I’ve just moved to a new phone and discovered the apps backup and recovery feature will not work for business MS 365 accounts. I now have to manually reassociate all of these accounts… I’m moving my MFA to LastPass Authenticator, which will allow migration of multiple accounts..Version: 6.5.85

This is the worst app I have ever had to use in my entireThis is the worst app I have ever had to use in my entire life! It physically won’t let me log into anything I need to access. The numbers it gives you to log in never show up and non of the verification codes work. I’m locked out from all of my university accounts because the app won’t work. I have made sure the app is up to date, made sure all times are synced and it still won’t send me the verification numbers and codes. The online support is shocking. Would not recommend using this is a waste of time!.Version: 6.7.6

Clumsy unhelpfulContinuously locks me out of outlook and MS Teams. Only solution offered is to use safari instead of apps..Version: 6.4.41

Buggy, painful, annoying, still can’t get into accounts on some of my devices with IT help.I have to have this for my uni email, it is terrible, never working, even when I can get in it is buggy with the notifications, having to go back and forth between codes. No clue why it was made when it is so terribly buggy, no clue why there hasn’t been any improvements made over time. I despise having to use it 😂.Version: 6.6.8

Transferring to a new phone is a nightmareBeen at your got 4 hours and havnt got it ffs I’m soo done.Version: 6.6.6

Weirdest experience on a Microsoft programI have to link my Uni Microsoft account but instead you’ve said to link personal or work/Uni account and I chose to use the work:Uni seeing its a Uni address assigned by my school. I can’t use the documents without my email access and I firstly can’t even open my email and your codes are providing access somehow to the back end of the Azure program I don’t know where it’s gone- I’ve received spam emails and people making personal observations not to expose my stuff to the unmonitored area of Azure SharePoint at the Uni? How am I suddenly instead of accessing outlook on a Uni compatible Microsoft address do you figure to connect me and take me inside the Azure end of the site? What do I do? Your support says call my admin of the Uni. What do you suggest other than that one thing- it’s not their fault they’ve got no idea- sort it out please?.Version: 5.9.1

Not sending verification codesThis app stop sending me verification codes. Once I updated my phone I can no longer access to my work email on Outlook. Also once I added my work email to Outlook it stopped working and it signed me out on my work email so I’m unable to sign into my work email, because it says I need to do a verification for Microsoft and it says the number but it never sends mea pop-up to choose the number to actually access my account. I haven’t been able to access my account for over two days now I can go on a regular computer and I still can’t access it because Microsoft will not let me that Hass to be a glitch or something is a lot of people having this problem please figure this out I’m losing important emails and access to my work email..Version: 6.7.16

UselessMy company changed of it’s protocols and one of which was the need to use this app to authenticate my outlook business account. From what was before an easy set up of my work emails on my phone and tablet, has now be come impossible. Been onto the app support and my IT department and between them, it has not been rectified for some 9 months +. I am one of those who needs access via my emails either by phone or tablet (as I have so many emails a day) and do not have my laptop with me at all times but need to be reactive. Would be no star review if it was an option.Version: 6.4.41

What wrong?This was a good and reassuring way of securing my email accounts, but in the last week it seems not to be any use keeps saying there is problems with one account, have to go sign in on a browser, is it that Microsoft are trying to get everyone to use their own browser or upgrade from free accounts? But either way they seem to have made the authenticator app now useless and why on their own browser account login is there no way to any longer see my iOS devices that use it, it’s like they begrudge you using more than one device if it’s not a windows one which they aren’t.Version: 6.5.67

Won’t respondI’m a BCIT student, and the app has never responded with the verification code on my iPhone. Never have a problem on my iMac, I’d appreciate either the issue to be resolved or some tech support of course would be hugely appreciated..Version: 6.8.6

UselessThis app is horrible. Microsoft offers no support. I can’t log into my account because I have to verify through the app. It won’t let me verify until I login to my account and the vicious cycle continues…. just useless..Version: 6.7.11

A strong negativeI strongly agree with Ramal Eidwod’s review. I had to restore my phone recently. As soon as It happened, I’ve downloaded Microsoft Authenticator app and Outlook which I use as my university accounts. Literally, when I’m trying to sign in to the authenticator app it requires me to approve request either on authenticator app or on mobile app. Seriously, this makes it so uncomfortable. When I try to log in Microsoft Outlook it requires me to continue in authenticator app. Just in case, my semester commences tomorrow, so I guess I simply won’t be able to attend the online classes due to inability to access University accounts in MS Teams and Microsoft Outlook..Version: 6.5.15

Stuck in a loopI’ve been inactive on my emails for a few weeks as I’ve been on annual leave from work and now I need to input my sign in details again to have my emails continue coming to my phone but this automatically opens the Authenticator app and then tells you to open the Authenticator app to type in the number given…. But I can’t do that because the app is already open on that page? Nowhere to input this number to, it makes no sense and there’s been people complaining online about this for ages so I don’t understand how this issue has not been resolved before now..Version: 6.8.6

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Microsoft Authenticator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Microsoft Authenticator.

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