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Pump reviewI will be buying again this product my hair loves it I have tried a lot of products and my hair feels looks the amazing I feel more comfortable and confident in myself I love this product.Version: 2.88.0

Simpler, dark brown.First time purchase but, hopefully not the last! Super easy to apply and wait a bit (I waited 30 mins) and then wash & condition your hair. Pretty much really what other products also require. The difference being is it is so easy to apply; it took two full brush lengths for my short hair. The other difference was washing it out - it didn’t look like the last battle of the Somme took place in my shower. It rinsed out super easily and ‘cleanly’. I used a standard conditioner on my hair. Once my hair had dried,I was pleasantly surprised how good the result looked. It’s been a few days now and, so far, no horrible surprises. The only down side is that the product is pretty expensive and you’ve no idea of how much remains in the twin aerosol..Version: 2.85.0

Great app but could rotate view betterThis app does a great job putting all your purchases in one place. Sometimes it doubles up (getting the purchase and the delivery/tracking emails and entering them as separate transactions) but that’s forgivable. What really bugs me is the inability to use the screen rotated to 180 degrees; still portrait, just with the home button (2018 iPad Pro) at the top. If I have the charging cable attached or I’m charging my Apple Pencil, this app makes it so these items are sticking out towards me. Given that I use the iPad mostly sitting up in bed with my morning coffee, that’s a completely unnecessary annoyance. Happy to work in portrait mode - just give me two options..Version: 2.7.0

Yeah mateGreat for tracking multiple orders👍🏻.Version: 2.41.0

Best service and deliveryEquipo is amazing. My order arrived in less than 24 hours. My charger didn’t work properly and without any problems they sent a replacement immediately. That also arrived in less than 24 hours. The people I dealt with were efficient and kind. I would thoroughly recommend this company..Version: 2.82.1

Great App For Free!I was a dedicated Slice user for years, but switched to Arrive when the former introduced a pay scale. Arrive isn’t quite as visually appealing, but it’s also not an app that you will spend a lot of time looking at. Once you’ve authorized the appropriate email accounts, it does a very good job of scouting messages for tracking numbers and adding them automatically. (If it misses a few, they’re typically linked via a shipping notification email and the tracking number isn’t explicitly listed. Can only expect so much.) I like that I can rename my shipments to a more descriptive/meaningful title. Notifications are timely, which allows me to keep an eye out for deliveries and not worry someone may grab it before I get the chance. On rare occasion, the app will show a delivery as late and I will have to manually mark it as delivered; I don’t think it’s due to running low power mode as I almost always do this (i.e. I receive notifications in this mode, also). It is uncommon enough to not be personally bothersome. If I were to suggest any change, it would be helpful to directly link to the official carrier tracking page after clicking on the tracking number from shipment detail info. Nonetheless, a really useful app (free or not), and a steal for free..Version: 1.3.2

SHOP REVIEW!Love this App! Let’s me know almost exactly when to expect my package and informs me of delays which is great! Great time saver for sure! The tracking map is fun to watch also! 😁.Version: 2.52.0

BruhSo I got a slime package and the website I was on told me, if u wanna track download shop! So I did that and I also downloaded another one called AfterShip, anyway just a few days ago my slime arrived!! And I look on the tracking apps to see if it has actually tracked them, THIS APP STILL SAID MY PACKAGE WAS IN FRICKIN AMERICA (I live in Australia) and the AfterShip one said it was delivered. And I know I didn’t put the wrong tracking number in cuz I checked a billion times. So yeah oh and btw this isn’t an app for AfterShip lol.Version: 2.87.0

Shop app is literally the bestI was hesitant to use this app for no reason at all other than the fact that I’m suspicious of new apps. However, this app tracks ALL packages arriving to me and I can input tracking data to track packages that I am sending! There is no surprising me with packages any more plus, I do a lot of international orders, so it’s nice to see the approximate arrival time as it passes through customs to time the delivery of gifts perfectly. I NEVER leave reviews for apps, but I must say that not only is this app a tracker, you can use it as a payment method with split payments like Klarna or Quadpay. I love watching my packages on a map in real time travel across the country and I love using this app as a payment method as well. I had meant to leave a generic, short comment but people need to know about the awesomeness of this app and all it’s AMAZING features. It’s especially helpful for those of us who are vendors on any platform so that scammers can no longer claim their order was not delivered - because there is and you can see it on the map. I don’t know what new features this app could offer that would make it better than it already is. I recommend Shop to all!.Version: 2.88.0

Beautiful beautiful Snag tights!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great selection of tights to choose from and many other products too. Price is fair and the postage isn’t too much either. I love the way that the tights are packaged and my snags have a special basket of their own now as I have approximately 8 pairs. They have the ability to fit all shapes and sizes and add something wonderful to any outfit. They also are easy to wash and you won’t even know that they have been worn before. I’m always complemented on my tights when I’m out and about in my wheelchair or on my mobility scooter. I’ve recommended snag tights to many ladies that are all shapes and sizes. Snag tights delivery day is a fab day. I’m looking forward to my next order arriving, as I’ve gone back to the 80’s when I was a pre nursing student and I used to wear black and white stripped tights with any outfit (the witch snag tights), so I’ve treated myself to a pair, and I can’t wait to wear them. Thank you Snags for giving me a new lift, getting my wardrobe to be updated and helping me at 49 to be ME!.Version: 2.38.1

Shop appExtremely handy to monitor all expected deliveries off one app!.Version: 2.54.0

Great serviceI’ve just received my parcel, I had a message to say the driver was running alittle late ( great to be kept updated ✔️). I live in a country lane with no street lights and at this time of year our house can be difficult to find. With this in mind I received a call from your driver who was very polite and he asked for directions as he was in our lane and unable to locate the house. I found this great service and would definitely recommend it..Version: 2.82.1

This app needs a search sectionSo I only downloaded this app so I can track my order. So I started exploring the app and wanted to see if they had a certain thing I was after, but there is no way of searching for it and it’s very annoying, you only get to look at recommended items. Plus the fact that the app really wants to look though your emails I am glad they don’t enforce that and give you an option to Sign In with Apple instead..Version: 2.37.0

Excellent App - Does What I Need/WantThe main purpose of downloading this app was to track parcels and send notifications of progress/updates and it does exactly that! I love it and I think it’s pretty spot on. So far, 5/5 packages have been sent and delivered with tracking in real time. Thank you Shop App! Extra bonus points for the dashboard which yes can be useless to some, or useful for others and promoting business you might not have heard of before or considered shopping from. As I use it mainly for tracking parcels, this feature is additional as it gives me additional features than what I use the app for..Version: 2.113.0

Best Tracking APP !When using this app I find it easy to navigate and it is well designed for optimum use with features such as shop in app, track parcels in real time with software connected to your email. Notifications with every shipping update and a chronological list of orders and tracking information with the built in map where you can track in real time. I would 100% recommend this app to my friends, family and the public. I’m a huge supporter for this app..Version: 2.16.2

I only just realised that this app existed. So far so good!I loaded up the app so I could track my deliveries and then realised I had heaps of purchases which I could have tracked previously. It’s always nice to have notifications of where your deliveries are. I like it so far and think I’ll definitely be keeping it. It has so much information on your deliveries including an itemised menu of what is coming, not just the sellers information. I like it!.Version: 2.4.0

2 ParcelsVery good app I monitored 2x parcels at the same time , very handy for the international parcel from Japan to see a live map 👍.Version: 2.95.0

Shop works but...Effective tracking on parcels you order BUT it also offers to scan the inbox of your email account to save you from copying and pasting the tracking number. Frankly I’d like an option where I could use Shop without this. I know pretty much anything can be pulled from my phone but I like the illusion that I choose. Shop’s scanning of my inbox smacks too much of Big Brother in “1984” So an opt out of the automatic scanning would make this much more consumer friendly for those of us who like to pretend that we still have some measure of cyber independence. Thanks..Version: 2.15.2

Fab little online company!From looking at the easy to read and order website to delivery of these beautiful items, it was soooooo easy. I love the uniqueness of each piece, that they can be personalised with your own precious words and Tara is just so incredibly helpful in making your choice of item so special. As for the way they come delivered!! Well, the detail is gorgeous!! I’ve bought many times from Tara and have just bought another special item for a very dear friend..Version: 2.34.0

Quite goodGood app but definitely selling data since it’s free though.Version: 2.86.0

Great serviceI revived this within 24 super fast so amazing thank you.Version: 2.82.1

Tena Mild Incontinence ShortsI suffer from mild incontinence after a prostate biopsy in 2019. Continued use of Tena pads although fine at first began to irritate after three years continuous use. I tried everything to stop the irritation but found relief after just a few days of wearing my first pair of these briefs and consequently have purchased three more. They are expensive at around £20 each but well worth the money and I find that 4 pairs is all I need with no need to purchase pads again. They look like normal boxers also which is great.Version: 2.86.0

Sandbanks puffer jacketExcellent customer service from sandbanks had a couple of issues as they’d sent it off to DPD. Not their fault, DPD fault for delivery with no communication, due to DPD had to wait over a week for delivery, didn’t get a time slot didn’t get help off customer service (they were terrible) didn’t get any help wages lost wise for having to lose a day holiday due to DPD incompetence due to not knowing when it was arriving, said it would be 4 days later for delivery Asked if I could speak to DPD manager they wouldn’t, lass on phone admitted company was a joke and was no help whatsoever (her name was Bella) at Birmingham branch for anyone who uses them Sandbanks went out there way to get it delivered the following day… Sandbanks = excellent service DPD = won’t ever use them again More than happy with sandbanks Alistair.Version: 2.82.1

Shop. I didn’t know I needed it.This app works well for me it can tell me my previous purchases which helps when repeating orders that are similar making it easy for me to compare, check the invoice and more importantly remember what I got. It’s neat how it tracks the order which saves a few button presses. I haven’t used it to actually shop. Probably should have given 4 stars but I just can’t complain..Version: 2.101.0

Never Miss a Delivery AgainI downloaded this app a few years ago when it went by a different name. I never would remember to check my email notifications for items I had ordered regularly but never really had an issue. That was until an order of mine either wasn’t delivered or was stolen, I will never know. I was devastated as I was really looking forward to receiving that package. It was at that time I decided to look in to delivery notification options and found this app. It’s easy enough to install and link to your emails. If you have a single email that you use for shopping and junk then this is perfect. It searches you emails for order confirmation emails and tracking emails and updates you on delivery status of each package from the carrier. You can also go directly to the carrier’s website with your tracking information from the app. If you don’t want the app to scan your email you can use the manual entry feature as well. My only issue is sometimes the tracking emails and confirmation emails do not sync so I’ll have 2 records for the same order. But other than that I can track all my packages easily in one place and I have never missed an order. I was even able to catch a carrier in a lie because I checked the door less than a minute after they said they had delivered the package and it wasn’t there, all because I had this app. TL;DR - Great app to use if you have multiple deliveries you want to track. Easy to use and everything is all in one place..Version: 2.54.0

Overall good app - recommendThis app is definitely helpful to track multiple orders and packages; especially if you order the item you are buying through the ‘shop’ payment method on some websites… There have been times where the app hasn’t tracked certain packages, although overall it has really helped and streamlined my online shopping addiction!.Version: 2.30.0

Coconut Bowls, Utensils Cups and StrawsI recommend any or ALL of these items if you care about our planet and our world. The bowls are great for breakfasts, snacks or just eating yoghurt or ice cream. The cups are ooh sooo lovely to drink from. I have made a great set for the car and travels. Also I have renewed my picnic set, with all this wonderful and sustainable items. Comments we receive are both complimentary and encouraging for the environment. Go well CB’s you are amazing..Version: 2.25.1

Courier issuePackage (too big to fit) was stuffed partially into letterbox and not left on doorstep. These are electronic items and prone to damage. Courier needs to deliver to door and not be lazy. We were home at the time so no excuses..Version: 2.85.0

Honestly every app should use this to track packagesThis app has made tracking packages so much easier. There are a couple things that could improve it, such as, the tracking updates. Don’t get me wrong, this app is usually better at updating your packages location if all your information is correct and saved on the Shop App, but other times, it takes at least a week to two weeks to update on where it is. So, yes its definitely worth it to use Shop when given the choice while shopping online, but depending on how far it has to travel, or if your information is correct and saved on Shop, it may take a few days or may take over a month. Some of it is definitely out of the apps control due to shipping speeds and with the pandemic and what not but I am highly impressed with Shop and know they’ll keep working on making improvements to the app so I’ll just keep updating to: 1. get all the info you need to track your package 2. Search and shop local businesses right from the Shop app, and see all information about your order for tracking it every stop until it’s on your front porch!.Version: 2.20.0

Aulash light moon shape whiteI love the new addition to my salon as I don’t have much space so I feel the light has been easily tucked away and it is easily moved out the way so your clients don’t bump their heads when getting up off the bed. It’s also easy to adjust the lighting and the light is really nice and bright as well. The shipping was super fast and I’m very happy with my purchase. Would recommend this to any salon thinking of getting one of these..Version: 2.77.0

Convenient: EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE!Such an easy app- download it, sign-in and from then on it will update you with where your packages are without having to go into your emails, enter tracking numbers, going to different delivery companies’ websites etc. It doesn’t bombard you with the notifications either, just a quick update when it’s reached a significant point (eg dispatched). Flashes up on your screen, you press ‘OK’ and that’s it- EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE!!!.Version: 2.108.1

Really Good App!This app is amazing, instead of having to constantly click on multiple pages to get to see your tracking, this app shows it right away. It’s way easier if you use the same email with your orders as the one you use to use the app, it’ll automatically show your orders. It has a nice feature (if the company provides it) it shows a map & has a dot where your package is & shows a pretty good prediction of when your package will arrive! Has a lil nice notification of updates. Only thing is tho not many companies don’t provide much detail so the app doesn’t always show the map or the package details so it just says what company it’s coming from & is it’s shipped or still being processed & the order tracking number but not a picture/name of your purchase & details of exactly where your package is or a map of it. So it’s not the app’s fault but rather how much effort your provider puts in their details. I 10/10 recommended this app! PS: To everyone saying the app isn’t good due to not having a map/details of it or because your package never came in, it’s not the app’s fault like I said. It all depends on wether or not the company you ordered from puts details within the package order & updates them as they go..Version: 1.11.0

Somewhat Helpful - for merchants w/o tracking updatesThis is a nice app for merchants that don’t provide their own delivery updates. However, I’ve found that merchants that DO provide delivery updates, they are always more accurate than this app. Notification of delivery from the Arrive app will come anywhere from 10-30 minutes after the actual delivery has taken place. I love this app for telling me around when my mail has been delivered, especially when I’m not at home. As far as tracking you can track your packages with the carriers generally just as easily...I don’t know which tracking number goes with which I have to look back and forth at the different merchant sites anyway, when using this app. Sometimes there’s a corresponding picture of the product, which is great! But not always. More information would be useful, such as, the merchant’s name, product name, even if the picture isn’t available. What I find strange is when I first downloaded the app it WAS quicker than the merchant’s I don’t know what happened...more users loading the system? So I guess it depends on what you are using it for. It works for my purposes and I would recommend it if you don’t need to know immediately when something is delivered..Version: 1.3.5

Bit of a curate’s eggI’m ambivalent about this app. On the one hand it’s very convenient to have details of all my purchases in one place, with update notifications regarding delivery and such, but on the other hand the location information is rarely, if ever, accurate. I’m variously in The Netherlands, Kansas or random parts of England. Another massive flaw is that once delivered the item listing goes from showing what was ordered and from which company, to just showing the couriers name. No other details at all. Which is pretty bad. In an ideal world I’d have been able to give 3.5 stars but went with four because it is useful. But it could be So. Much. Better..Version: 2.19.0

Excellent Service!This Company has to be 100% every time for as long as I’ve used it. Delivery is always on time, I’ve always been kept updated when my products or orders are arriving and expect nothing less from a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Company. It’s not very often you get a company than can deliver all of the above that’s why I don’t even hesitate to give a Five Star Rating every time. Well done to all involved in running such a loyal, trustworthy company and always gives me peace of mind when ordering or receiving goods from you. Keep up the Fabulous job you all do so well and would definitely recommend you to Family & Friends (of which I do already). Wishing you all Good Health and Happiness going into ‘2022’ and may the Excellent Service I receive every time continue. Kind Regards Mrs M Watson Northamptonshire England..Version: 2.40.1

Pretty neat stuffLove this for the hip and happenin’ drops! really hoping one day they do a sick deal with WB to get some ltd edition HP merch, that would be magical.Version: 1.4.0

Great app!I had to rate this app, it’s so useful and updates automatically. It turns out I do shop at a lot of stores that use this style of checkout, so for me it has been great. Tracking updates are accurate and overall it’s simple and easy to use. I use the same email address for all purchases so I haven’t had any problems like others have experienced with multiple emails. I would recommend this app to anyone who shops online regularly..Version: 2.17.0

Great service appI have used this app many times as when i purchase something it directs me to this app which shows the delivery side of things. So far so good. Shows status of purchase and when order was placed, delivery details and provides updates when items will be delivered… Have to say that info has been spot on so keep up the good work! 👍.Version: 2.65.0

My parcelThe updates were pretty delayed but other than that it’s very easy and simple and i like it.Version: 2.82.1

Art Shop Til You DropLove shopping at Hobbyland and the way it ties in with the Shop App. Easy shopping and can keep track of dispatch and shipping. Thank you.Version: 2.56.0

Sergio Tacchini shop app trackingPretty outstanding I was meant to receive it for days after valentines and instead I’ve received it to days before Valentine’s Day which I’m very impressed and I really appreciate because I wanted it for Valentine’s Day keep up the good work the last time I looked at it it was in Honolulu and Louisville that was early hours dis morning the next thing I know is I hear knock knock knock at the door and I see someone standing there is a courier standing at my door with a large box and you said I was a bit baffled I thought maybe I’ve got two orders coming and I didn’t know that I paid for two because I wasn’t expecting it today so I’m stoked and over the moon thanks for keeping your end of the bargain earlier than what you said... Skie aka Skylineah....Version: 2.17.0

HelpfulI really like this app but I find myself confused every time I use it. It would be helpful if there was a step by step on how to follow and where to click being in the group of elders, being confused while trying to learn & do ALL THINGS COMPUTER, can be truly frustrating. Once I figure it out each time, I get a huge relief and a sence of accomplishment though. Should I delete each item after it’s delivered? How long should I keep it on the list? Does this just show USPS or does it also track all the carriers used these days? Perhaps that’s what and why I get confused. I’m signed up to all the different carriers and each is different. I prefer texts and simplicity but I’m always getting both texts and e-mails and notifications from each carrier on both as well. Wish someone I know could take the time to explain everything or make me a cheat sheet to follow. I never shopped online until COVID19 came about so I’ve been learning how to use my phone & I-Pad using both for everything. I’m a high risk for dying if I catch COVID so I can’t go anywhere. I’ve only been out of my home 3 times for doctor appointments so can you imagine how mushy my brain is getting. Thank you fir your help and this space to chat. Stay safe and keep your peeps in your bubble safe too. Bye now..Version: 2.15.4

An excellent and natural user experienceThis app has positively wonderful UX / UI. Those responsible for it deserve to be commended and they should feel very proud. So, to the folks behind this: thank you. And please continue to design and build intuitive and delightful user experiences. To any director overseeing the development of this product: I imagine development takes longer, given such evident care. Know that the impact is real and that people do notice that care. Do continue to allow for timelines and schedules that have most likely been longer than other such apps given the attention to detail here. You are doing something right here. Thank you. The upshot is that this app is a joy to use. The experience itself is so intuitive that the UI / UX fades into the background. I find that I stop thinking about it as I’m not hitting the typical snags or head-scratchers that many such apps have. I find that I’m not being annoyed by its performance or distracted by its transitions. It feels natural. And I know that creating a natural experience takes enormous care and attention. Now, as for the behavior itself: it pulls and tracks all of my many packages and notifies me when events against those packages are generated. And, as I’ve described, it does this very well. I trust this app and I trust that its information is up-to-date and correct. Again: I trust this app! And you, reader, should too..Version: v1.4.1

Fantastic delivery tracking app!This is one of the very rare times that I’m willing to write a review, but it’s because I’m very impressed by the simplicity of Arrive that I just need to share my thoughts with anyone who haven’t used the service before. (Sorry if it’s a little lengthy) I do a lot of online shopping and Arrive has helped me save a lot of time as well as taking the stress of constantly monitoring deliveries statuses from different carriers away. I have an account with pretty much all of US’s major logistics carriers(FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail + some international delivery services) so I can always be updated of my shipments, and honestly it’s a hassle and it can get hectic. But ever since I started using Arrive(which was suggested to me by an ad), all the purchases I’ve made and their current status are all organized into one easy to use app! As long as you have a gmail account that you use to make your purchases, Arrive will automatically sync the information into your account. And if you have a lot of completed deliveries piled up in your “main folder”, they have an archive that you can store them in for future reviews. And if you don’t use gmail, you can always add your own tracking information and you’ll be notified when your items are delivered, it’s very simple and easy to use so I highly recommend everyone to try it out!.Version: 1.2.8

Good, BUT needs more user controlI signed in with my google account and so far it has worked how it is supposed to, super easy to have all the tracking numbers in one place! And it updates automatically, adding shipments before I even realise they’ve shipped. My only complaint is I would like to have more control over the content (for example, delete shipments that are “pending” but I’ve actually received the product months ago— seems like others have had this problem too). Hoping the creator will update this in time and give some more customisation options (so far the only thing in the app settings is whether you want “confetti” upon delivery— adorable, but I’d rather have more control over how my shipments are displayed). I’d recommend the app overall and I’m looking forward to future updates. *edit* updated my app literally 5 minutes after posting this review, and I was able to archive the shipments I was having trouble deleting so they are no longer on the home page :) Changed from 4 to 5 stars as that was my main problem.Version: 1.2.9

Awesome AppIf you do any online shopping, whether it’s a little or a lot, nothing is more frustrating having to scroll through and find each email, write down each tracking number, and then individually enter each one. With ‘Arrive’ all you do is sign up with your gmail account that you use for all your online shopping, and it automatically updates and adds each order to the app. Only thing I hope the app adds with some more time, is the ability to use any email provider you prefer. I know a lot of people that would then be able to download and use this app as well, if it accepted all/any email provider. Other than that, I cannot imagine not having this app on my phone. Now I don’t have to write the tracking down, and go into the coordinating shipper app. They all auto sync right to the app because of the email address I use. It’s so easy and super organized! I definitely recommend downloading this app even if you don’t do a lot of online shopping. It just gives you one less thing to worry about. Oh and the best part is that it attaches the order/receipt to it, so if there was a problem that occurred, you would be able to get all the information right within ‘Arrive’. I think this app is going to be especially helpful during the holiday season..Version: 1.1.5

Perfect app!They are with you every step of the way with notifications. Very convenient if you want to monitor your delivery service..Version: 1.11.0

EshopkitsI swear guys this the most beautiful app you can trust and buy from I love it look the items might take 1-2 weeks to arrive but it’s all worth it at the end I have bought about 15 items from them and all arrived in perfect condition it’s a very beautiful app cheap and also things you can’t find around in any other shops and I recommend everyone to trust this app it’s not a joke not like other apps I promise thank you eshopkits.Version: 2.30.1

Luv Luv LuvI’m so grateful to the customer service I received. My daughters birthday was 12/15 and i wanted to purchase a hat for her. Wasn’t sure of her size and wanted to get it delivered on time and not have her be disappointed and have to return it because of the wrong size. Well I thought to ask customer service if they could review prior purchases of my daughter for her correct size. My daughter has several beautiful hats from GigiPip. They immediately got back to me with her size, I ordered the hat but would not receive it until 12/27. After my purchase GigiPip got back to me asking if there was anything else they could help with. I responded that I would be so appreciative if they could deliver the hat before her birthday. Well I received a message “ we’ve arranged to deliver your daughters hat”. I was so thankful for their superb efforts to help me and to speed up the delivery. They are a great organization that sincerely cares about the satisfaction of their customers. Forever a GigiPip go to for my daughters hats. Thank you GigiPip..Version: 2.84.0

AnchorsExcellent delivery on time arrived when said also I found other companies would not deliver to my remote location because of small lanes this company did deliver and product was delivered in good condition polite driver Lee to care of parcel bye taping box which had come un done slightly but contents was good the only thing I did the only thing that did not come was the free Pringles crisps which was offered free which I will ring about probably cost of call will be more than the crisps are worth apart from that very good.Version: 2.72.0

Extremely HelpfulI am a card collector and have packages arriving every second day so this app is very useful to keep on top of what’s arrived and what’s still coming 10/10.Version: 2.50.0

Purely Gourmet HamperGreat prompt delivery.Version: 2.30.0

Best thing since sliced breadSuch a brilliant and useful app. This helps me immensely with both online shopping and keeping up with tracked mailings for work which I now do from home. In the age of covid19, online shopping is all the more a commodity if not an essential. In-store shopping now feels exhausting, I feel a constant sense of guilt while doing so, and a lot of the time items I need are sold out specifically because of covid19 delays, etc. That said, I shop from a variety of online stores and am able to keep up with all of my purchases, deliveries, returns and work mailings using this app. No more trying to figure it all out in a variety of texts, emails and online accounts. The even more brilliant part of this app is the cross-referencing that offers clickable links for tracking numbers, order emails, and contacting the seller! WHAT?! Not to mention the ability to easily see items purchased, tracking activity and history, etc., and manage payment options. Highly recommend :).Version: 2.17.0

Great user experience and fantastic brands5 stars.Version: 2.95.0

Medium sized backpackBrought for my daughter for Christmas. She will love it not just because of the quality but the ethics around it. Excellent pre purchase customer service. Hilariously the delivery person thought, as the weather was shocking on delivery, that a good place to keep it dry would be one of our recycle bins 🤷🏻‍♀️. My husband came home and efficiently put the bin out for the bin men 🤦🏻‍♀️. So it was out there for a couple of hours before my husband realised there was a delivery 📦 inside it. Hallelujah, the bin men hadn’t been. 😝😝😝. Definitely a resilient piece of kit. 👍👍👍. Note to self for future delivery orders - please don’t put the parcel in the bin!!!😂😂😂.Version: 2.82.1

App used to be great… it’s now 1% of what it once wasI initially downloaded this all to be able to track all my purchases in one app and it did just that, exceeded many of my expectations and allowed me to conduct transactions with speed and ease. Now, unfortunately, the app is cluttered with so many ads and unwanted shopping related recommendations that it’s hardly what it was when I originally downloaded and what initially made it so great. Now the interface is confusing hard to navigate and viewing my purchases and tracking orders is hidden away in some obscure menus in the app. It’s a real shame. Shop used to be an essential app I would recommend to everyone and now I have nothing positive to say about it, Nobody wanted the shop app to become an ad filled social media shopping platform but that is sadly what it has become and it is truly unfortunate. I hope they return back to their roots some day or at least make the tracking orders screen the default home page and easier to access..Version: 2.53.0

My loaves and fishes.Thank you for the opportunity to share merchandise and COME AND SEE. It is such a lovely way to just help pay it forward. You get blessed and me too. I get to share what you are doing. I had Occassion to speak to a consultant re my internet provision. This young man Davis. Fixed my computer problem and this gave me an opportunity to share about the new series two of The Chosen. He told me he saw it in his country of Phillipines as a friend said to him come and see. He thanked me for sharing this information about The Chosen. He had introduced it to his own mum two years back and was excited to hear The Chosen had this continuity of a multi season. But this next comment brought tears to my heart. I was about to say goodbye and end the phone call. Davis said. You have helped me more than I help you Karen. Thank you. I love making connections and this was a really a moving conversation with this young man. I love the difference Jesus makes in our lives. God Please continue to Bless this TV show. And The Chosen team. More power to you team..Version: 2.23.0

I prefer the watermelon flavourThis was my second order. First order I had the watermelon which was great teste. my sister saw some benefits but not for me yet however I will update you in further ordering. This pineapple flavour is very light texture when drinking and less sweet I didn’t like it so I will be re-ordering the watermelon one as I liked it on my first order and now ordered on my 3rd time. Thanks dr v love all your products but please do sale festivals we had Eid and we both could have benefited. Also do a bigger discount than 10% for a repeat customers. Ps: Covid hit hard on us in UK and we need your products so please consider ways to help us and thanks in advance🤗👊🏽🫶🏽👏🏽.Version: 2.115.0

Second to noneWhere to start? … maybe with this,.. I’ve tried so many coffee and coffee alternatives over the years I’ve lost count. I definitely did not expect to find the best coffee to be an instant coffee let alone a delicious (mushroom coffee). My brother and I have been Jeep owners for decades and camping all over the country. One day meeting my brother at a beautiful camp by the Elk River on a cold winter evening as we were getting set up. He was telling me about this new coffee he found while watching a YouTuber who also did Over-landing made a mushroom coffee. He pulled a can out of his Jeep handed me the can. I looked it over and said,…”let’s try it.” So we heated up some water over a fire and made two cups. After we was about halfway through we both agreed this was the perfect coffee for us! It was quick & easy for those of us that want our coffee now not later … lol. We have been very very happy ever since we met :) Dr. Straight’s Coffee is … “Second to None!” Thank you! Josh Montgomery.Version: 2.100.0

ShippingTracking app was a bit off time however I loved the delivery service , very kind! And the shipping was fast ! As promised x.Version: 2.63.0

Love the way the app told me my parcel was delivered could rush put to get it.Looking forward to seeing how well the huski works..Version: 2.87.0

AwesomeLove using this App, easy shopping. Seems safe so far..Version: 2.46.0

Great App and ServiceThis is a great app and does exactly what it’s supposed to. As someone who shops online often, its a pain to go back and forth from one site of app to another to track packages that are coming from different carriers. This is where the beauty of this app comes in. I can input every tracking number I have for each carrier and then check and receive updates for each from one source without hassle. It’s a beautiful thing. I would have give it 5 stars but for the fact that it sometimes is a little bit behind on notifying me of my package’s shipping progress. I know this because I’ve compared notification times between the Shop app and the carriers’ apps and have observe an occasional lag. Yet this makes sense since obviously the carrier would know first the business of their own processes. But if you want ONE app to efficiently track ALL your packages from different carrier’s in close to real time - look no further. You won’t find a better single source for all your tracking needs. Thank you, Shop app, for such an awesome service..Version: 2.28.0

So convenientI am really enjoying the convenience of this app.Version: 2.55.0

Everything in one place!I love this app. I can track all of my deliveries from one place with up to date tracking and notifications..Version: 2.79.0

Love it but have a couple suggestionsHi there! First of all, I think your team is done a wonderful job with this app. It’s proven to be a great place to track my orders :). If I could make a suggestion, I would ask that there be a way/option to “bookmark” certain order so that they stay at the top of the list. This way, I think it would be a lot easier to track higher priority orders without having them get lost in the shuffle, especially for folks with a higher volume of orders (i.e. me). One other suggestion would be to include a way to tag orders. It might be nice if we could associate maybe a color with a specific vendor that we often use, so that it’s easy to identify them in the list, or if we could distinguish between incoming orders vs returns. I’ll leave it up to you guys to determine how much freedom the user would have to create categories, but it would be nice to see some options here. Anyway, again, nice work on this app! It obviously wouldn’t be the end of the world without these additions, but they would be nice to have nonetheless :)..Version: 2.38.1

Good but not as good as its competition...This is a great app, don’t get me wrong I think it works very well, but it’s just not as good as AfterShip in my opinion. The main reason I say this is it doesn’t give ETA’s on your packages. There isn’t really a excuse for why it isn’t. If you track something through UPS or Fedex they usually have ETA’s posted for you to see when it will arrive. It’s just not as helpful. Plus the interface seems kinda clunky and slow, where as AfterShip is very fast and already has everything loaded and updated when you open the app, and since both of the apps are real time (and they both are) there isn’t any real way to tell who’s shopping is more accurate. I have tested both very extensively, and they both match up. I just feel like AfterShip is a bit faster. Regardless both apps helped me a lot with my personal business. As a streetwear and designer reseller, I want to know where everything is at all times and when it will be arriving to me or to a customer, and this app was able to get that done for me..Version: 1.9.1

Excellent service.Australia Post has just delivered our Thermomix from the Thermomix Service Centre. Australia Post messaged an App to us after we dropped the Thermomix off at the Service Centre, and we were able to follow the delivery every step of the way. This morning the App displayed a delivery time with a 2 hour window, our package was delivered within that time frame and then we received a confirming message that our package had been delivered. Very impressive service all the way. Helen.Version: 2.99.0

Great app just some issues with trackingLove the app I feel like I can always keep an eye on products I purchase. There is just one thing that’s kind of reoccurring I don’t know wether it’s just on mine or other users get this problem but I have had parcels tracking just stay in the same place for a long time like a glitch in the system. When I receive my parcel it still says in transit or ready to be shipped would totally recommend others to use this as it is great would just like info maybe on what the problem may be thanks..Version: 2.91.0

I got what I wantedPretty satisfied.. I couldn’t find assassins creed rogue sealed (USA) version of the game for a decent price and I was skeptical of getting off this site since I haven’t before and I was really hoping to get what matched in the pictures and sure enough I got exactly what I wanted and I really wanted this item.. I’d give 6/5 just because Im really satisfied and the shipping wasn’t crazy long and it was fair… There is even an option to get quicker shipping for a higher $ however I didn’t go that route and still got it decently quick so that’s a huge plus. Im also very happy that I was able to email shopville with questions I had. They got back to within less than a half hour with an email and they answered my question perfectly. I do recommend using this site but if you are skeptical you can always contact Shopville with questions before purchasing what you want. obviously that’s most websites but what I like about Shopville is they got back to me quick. Hopefully everyone else gets what they want from this website. Best of luck to all!.Version: 2.89.0

What did you do to itHey guys, really loved the app but something changed recently. Now instead of it saying what was ordered it just says order placed. When I’m tracking 20-30 different orders it’s a giant pain to have to go into every order to find what I’m looking for rather than having it listed in the title. Fix it!!.Version: 2.50.0

Best shopping experienceDelivery was fast . Shipping updates were prompt. I love the total shopping experience..Version: 2.70.0

Tom’s reviewIt is sometimes hard to track packages on various different apps but the Shop app is really easy to use. It has all my past orders so I can look at my history of items which I find very handy. The different stages of my delivery makes it obvious when it will arrive, even if it is a bit delayed. The app makes me feel the package I have ordered is safe and secure, and that it will not be tampered with it stolen. I have recommended the app multiple times to other people such as my friends and family due to its flexibility and easy layout..Version: 2.44.0

Improve Status UpdateLove this app but I find that some of the items that’s been delivered to me few weeks ago is still on “In Transit” Status. Not sure if its the vendor’s responsibility to update it but this make me question the accuracy of the status on some of my orders. I think it would be good if you could allow the customer to mark items as “delivered” where appropriate to ensure accuracy of orders to allow for better checks and balances..Version: 2.85.0

Best Tracking App I’ve UsedSo far so good, only used this app 1.5 times (still got second order on the way), both within the space of a week but seems very good. Easy to add parcels to track, gives updates as the logistics teams process and ship, shows parcel locations on a zoomable map and gives a confetti celebration when parcel has been delivered (ok so the last one may not be entirely necessary but I like it, it’s a nice touch). As for the other features, I’ve not had time to try them yet..Version: 2.25.1

Problems...So during my experience with Arrive I had no problems up to now, I mean they’re small problems but they’re annoying. I went to rate the app on the App Store and unfortunately it kept saying “You cannot leave a review when you don’t own or have not purchased this app” which made no sense, sense I did own the app... so I decided to remove and install the app again ( and if you see this review, it means reinstalling the app once getting that error message works ) unfortunately my items that were on my tracking history were not there once logging back into my account... but that didn’t bug me too much sense I got an email from the shop I bought from and they sent a button that takes you back to the arrive app so you can track it... But others might lose/ accidentally delete an email or a pinned link to get the tracking information... so it’s hard to get that information back once you re- login... but I have some good experiences with the app... I personally like the quick notifications telling you what’s happening to your package... the confetti that shows up once your package is shipped and the no crashes... some tracking apps ( ones I’ve used ) usually crashed or lag but this one doesn’t..Version: 1.4.0

Maps could use some improvementOverall a nice app and i like to be able to see where my parcel is on a map but for goods which are travelling long distance I find it really difficult to zoom out far enough to see how far the parcel has travelled in relation to where it is headed..Version: 2.36.0

ServiceAbsolutely brilliant service.Version: 2.47.0

Useful but not always accurateI find this useful for tracking my online orders all in one place. However it’s not always 100% accurate with location information, which makes it useless for tracking. I sent a tracked parcel to a family member in another part of the country. The app started off by informing me that I had delivered it to a sorting centre in North Dakota (I’m in North East England!) and then after tracking its progress through the English Royal Mail locations it tells me today that the parcel has been Brazil. Thankfully my relative also informed me that he’d received it. The North Dakota address frequently appears in the app for Royal Mail deliveries..Version: 2.15.4

Soho Commercial Citrus JUISER Hand PressJust gave my new juicer a workout on a bucket of oranges from my front yard. This would be normally labour intensive and laborious work, except today it took fifteen minutes with minimal effort. It is aesthetically pleasing if you like the industrial look, which I do. I’m very happy with the purchase, price and delivery of the machine and would thoroughly recommend it if you need such a device..Version: 2.72.0

Great shipping and serviceThe item worked great and arrived safely thank you.Version: 2.96.0

Great, only a little room for improvement...I’ve come to love this app. I can track lots of packages for free (unlike with the Parcel app), I haven’t seen any ads yet (again, unlike the Parcel app), and the design is very nice to look at. I like the shades of blue. The map aspect of tracking works better here than in other apps. I had issues with another app not plotting points on the map in China. This one does a better job and depending on which carrier you choose (e.g. you could track via USPS or China Post EMS for some packages), it may show you either Chinese or English text. A few suggestions for improvement are: make deliveries editable so you can change the carrier if you make a mistake (right now, I think you’d have to create another listing instead), improve the updates (refreshing the statuses doesn’t always do anything, I’ve had packages arrive but not show that even after refreshing), please add the SpeedPAK carrier (I’ve had several packages sent through this carrier when ordering from eBay), and make a view mode where there are no maps, so that you just see package locations (you’d see more at once that way). Overall, I’m very happy. I’m also grateful for being able to track so many packages without seeing ads (which are a pain and do show on other free apps). Thank you and keep up the great work! 😊.Version: 1.2.6

Brilliant serviceGreat service! Impressed with express delivery. Product is good on the face. No Currently cloudy to test sun block protection feature - but I’m sure it will do the job. Thanks Ella & team.Version: 2.48.0

Foil up and down Trapeze pantsThis is the first time I’ve bought these pants in this brand. I love the lightweight fabric and the pockets. Also like the option of wearing them up and down, so they are very versatile. Wasn’t sure of my size so I bought a size 12 black (fits perfectly) and a size 14 true navy (a bit looser but can still wear them) I will enjoy wearing these pants anytime, but especially on those very hot days! Thanks.Version: 2.83.0

“What A Month”After a month of waiting on this package to make it’s way overseas, it was exciting to watch every stop it made, once it reach the states. It could use more details, such as a direct address so those of us who like to check everything don’t have to google search the streets to see the location for ourselves. Also, twice, the current location bullets were not in the correct location on the map. The first time wasn’t so bad, since the location was only across the street. The second time was when the delivery was complete. The marker was well over a mile away from my address, even though it was delivered correct. I wasn’t home all day, so I made the appropriate calls and was fighting agitation all day at work wondering if my order made it to my place or not. Each misread location wasted my time in efforts to get to the bottom of it, so I hope that your accuracy with markers becomes a priority, if for nothing more than perfect customer service and our peace of mind. Unfortunately for me, in the end, what I had ordered wasn’t what was sent. So my first experience with your tracker involved fraud, which has nothing to do with you at the end of the day. So again, the app is great. It just needs a bit of tweaking. Thank you!.Version: 1.6

Would recommendI got this app because I bought a present for my dad on a website. I was a bit worried when I heard nothing about my package until 4 days later when it said everything that had happened all at once. It was really helpful and reassured me where it was at all times. Only advised I would give is assuming it’s delivery date. This would help a lot so that I know I’m at home would really help me because I worry about it not coming before Christmas. Other than that it’s a fantastic app!.Version: 2.15.4

Travel strollerStroller arrived. Couldn’t wait to play. Unpacked only had to attach the wheels at the back, super easy, extremely easy to put up with one hand, and fold away with one hand, got a secondary black mattress haven’t put in yet don’t really know if needed ring Cover fits perfectly easy to put on and put also came with a net like a mosquito net. Haven’t worked out how to fix it on but doubt in the UK I would ever need it really easy to wheel a manoeuvre. Very sturdy love it.Version: 2.126.0

One stop shop 😎It’s great to have a record of all my orders particularly as I start Christmas shopping and seem to have packages coming in from all over the world. The option to also discover new online shops that are relevant to me based on my purchases, has been great to discover new businesses that I can support and resonate with my values and style. Really enjoying this app thanks guys. 😀.Version: 2.81.0

Works wellKept me up to date with product delivery.Version: 2.92.0

Skechers Diamond StarzAbsolutely amazing service, both in shop at Sylvia Park, Akld, advised that another size could be ordered online and delivered free of charge to me, If not right they could be returned into shop and credited Picked, packed, picked up same day midday Friday from Napier delivered Monday morning to my door in Akld what more could you ask for Happy to say they are perfect and I’m absolutely wrapped with them Thanks to everyone involved Dianne Stubbs.Version: 2.59.1

The best customer service everBesides having a fantastic range of products and some really great specials they’re the best for customer service I’ve come across in a long time. Nothing is too much of a hassle for them, they’re more than happy to help out with all my stupid questions when vaping was all so new to me and free post to Australia over $50 is fantastic! Plus I just got another $10 off my order for their dripcoin rewards system. I have tried other vape stores but now I just shop with them as I’ve found they are the best in every way, (especially in the kindness department).Version: 2.1.0

Kindle e readerTop price under 200 for the latest paper white reader, bought and delivered great services.Version: 2.54.0

Saved hundreds of $$$So I’ve been using Shop for a few years and have had more than a few frustrating issues in that time, but for the last year or so, Shop has offered 10% off my next purchase at one of my fave stores. I am an online shopping addict and have bought waaay too many items from stores like Tiger Mist. But it’s very easy to justify a purchase when I’m getting 10% off each time. I’ve literally saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars, thank you Shop!!! 😁.Version: 2.87.1

Great serviceHi they have great products and excellent service.Version: 2.46.0

Tracking status still frozenThis is hands down the best looking and most user friendly tracking app out there, but it doesn’t work properly. It automatically read the shipment information from my gmail account and added the tracking information with the correct tracking number that I confirmed in the details tab, but the tracking status does not update. It’s stuck on waiting for details from fedex... I see other users are enjoying it seamlessly so this must be a bug. When the developers fix this bug I will change my review to 5 stars. I will continue to use this app to see if it is fixed. Funny thing is I only found out about this app while purchasing Mochi ice cream from Mochidoki’s website. After my purchase was complete, the status page showed a link to this app that would track package and progress of my frozen ice cream. What a coincidence that it doesn’t even work with the website it was advertised on. Edit: Even after the latest update it still doesn’t function properly. My packages status is frozen, I have a package that’s has already been delivered since yesterday saying out for delivery and another that’s out for delivery saying it’s at a sorting facility out of state. Come on developers fix this bugs please!.Version: 1.3.3

Mr Nathaniel Luka David PhillipsI didn’t receive the ball by I just know that my Mother is going to be ok, that’s all I want in life. The person I love the most to be ok, is that too much to ask? I’ll change my rating to 666 stars but I didn’t get my ball, I’m a baller too haha. Kobe inspired me to get this bread so why’s it Ryeif in the world. Thank you guys, I seriously love helping people, like it’s my life work. So please send love via my Instagram page: nathanphillips__ Snap: natphillipss Tik tok: 7klanguagesnichosefacts Thanks guys, take it easy PLEASE 💯🤝💸🤫.Version: 2.23.0

Absolutely could not live without this app!With a new baby on the way - it’s been hard to keep track of all the different packages and stuff we have been gifted and ordered. Also every company and seller uses different carriers so with this all were able to put in every tracking number from FED EX, UPS & USPS! It makes my life so much easier! I know when it’s supposed to be delivered and when it has been delivered if I’m not home when it is so I can alert someone at home or a neighbor to get it before someone else does. You never know nowadays with so much theft with packages. I can see this making my life during the holidays so much easier as well. I try to stay away from the holiday rush as much as possible so this will also help me keep track of all of my packages throughout the busy holidays, keep them safe and out of thieves hands! Great idea to create this app Arrive! My life is sooo much easier now because of this simple solution of putting all the tracking numbers from all carriers in one place!! 5 stars!.Version: 1.3.5

HandyGood to keep track of orders in one place.Version: 2.1.0

Best MeatMost probably the best quality Wagyu in Australia and definitely in Western Australia. There is Wagyu and then there is Futari Wagyu. You may think you have eaten Wagyu before but I’ll bet you it’s probably not to this level. The live stock are cared for expertly and once processed the meat is handled, packaged and delivered in a professional manner. The team at Futari know their stuff and their product is an entirely respectful continuation of the traditional Wagyu breed. おめでとう ( Omedetō ).Version: 2.38.0

Yay for carbon neutralityI can’t remember even signing up for shopPay, it was very well integrated with the checkout process for the online shop I purchased from, as a way to track where the order was during its shipping journey. Only learned just today that they ensure carbon-neutral shipping. Yay! Will be telling friends and family to sign up if it’s offered at online shops they use..Version: 2.68.0

Easy & convenientThis app makes online shopping easy and convenient, because all my deliveries are tracked in one place. I worry about what’s happening to my data with all this centralised tracking. But if you don’t care about that, it tracks packages from multiple carriers, including international and makes it really easy to follow what’s happening when you make a lot of online orders..Version: 2.67.0

An ok app for its intended purposeFor starters… disregard some of the very low score ratings for the app. Some idiot users have left low scores for the item they purchased and not the actual app that is used to track it. How these people even manage to use a mobile phone is a surprise to me!! The app itself does what it’s meant to. It’s nothing special or not really bad. It’s just a simple tracing app that keep you up to date with a parcels movements from the chosen courier or service it’s sent by. Pls note that if there are no updates then it’s not the apps fault it’s the courier that isn’t scanning the item along the way. All the app does is show you the info that it’s sent by the postal service updates..Version: 2.103.0

FedEx is the only way to send a packageOh hi drive clear to the other side of town just to go to Walnut Creek FedEx they are so helpful Candy and just courteous people and it doesn’t matter if it was 5 years ago or a week ago every time I walk into the Walnut Creek FedEx I always go to the counter because I am not computer savvy at all I explain to them what I would like to have done and they always with a big smile no problem do this or this and will have it already for you not to mention the other day I was in a lot of stress trying to get this paperwork sent out notarized and they were just absolutely calm mean nice to their time explain to me the best way to do it I had brought my own very expensive paper and they took the paper put it in the machine print everything out charge me and said it would be there around Thursday 8 PM well it got there two days early and that’s even better thank you again FedEx Walnut Creek your forever customer Doreen Medinas.Version: 2.47.1

At long lastI am extremely happy that this application has been designed. I have had problems tracking parcels in the past, but since I installed it I know when my deliveries are due and also who the carrier is. I have often wondered why there wasn’t a site you could refer to about estimated delivery details then I placed an order with an online clothing store and was referred to Shop, at long last my prayers were answered as it listed all the previous delivery information. I am still fairly new to the site but it still gets a massive thumbs up from me. 5*’s from me and I would suggest that others who have restricted mobility download Shop if you shop online like myself. 👍🏼👏👌.Version: 2.15.4

Wow!!I’ve just received my 2nd pouch of bovine protein collagen peptides and held off giving a review till now just to satisfy myself I’m happy, and I can confirm I’m very happy. I opted for this because I suffer with IBS and my bloating reduced considerably within the first couple of weeks, and the IBS related surprise/unfortunate episodes I was suffering with have subsided dramatically. My hair feels thicker, my nails are now growing. I’m also peri menopausal so these changes are a massive bonus. Haven’t seen much change in my skin yet but I have always looked after my skin so that improvement my take more time to show. I am now a regular user of this product and will advocate this to anyone who I feel would benefit. I won’t be sharing it though, people I know can buy their own! 😁.Version: 2.77.0

Love the app, implement the installments section!As someone who is constantly shopping and with the holiday season coming around I’ve really found the app helpful to keep track of all the gifts I purchased in one place. I’ve even started using the shop selection to pay in installments instead of using another four payment plan Apple like Afterpay or Klarna. I love that I can pay in installments but I have no way to keep track of how many payments I have left for a specific purchase because the app has no way to show the progress of my purchases and payments! I noticed it before but it became quite apparent after I tried to check the installments in the app from a notification I received, but it just gave me an error page. I can’t wait till they implement the installments page in the app and I won’t need to use any other four payment apps as everything is all in one place! The app can only improve from where it is now and I already love it!.Version: 2.38.1

I like what I’m seeing!!You know this app isn’t perfect yet but it’s very close. I must say I’m really enjoying it and I’m a happy customer for sure. Pros: I like that I’m notified when packages are in transit and I like that I can control when I’m notified. I also like that I can click on the tracking info/shipment and there is a way to bring me to the main webpage I purchased my product from. I like that it gives me an estimated time of arrival in the beginning of the shipment process and updates as the shipment is in transit. My favorite feature is the GPS map for sure, this is convenient in estimating visually when you will receive the package for the day. Cons: not all of the product names show up with the listed shipment. So if you are like me and your waiting for several packages to arrive, you may have to click on the shipment and visit the site to view which tracking number aligns with which product. I’m assuming the vendor has something to do with that, but it would be cool if all listed shipments had pictures of the items purchased. Lastly, the status updates are not always correct at the time you view the shipment. This isn’t a huge deal for me, but it would be great if this weren’t the case of course. Overall great app with some room for improvement!.Version: 1.11.0

Shop app always alertEvery delivery that I am expecting is logged into this amazing app, I know how good it is when something is very slow to arrive, as there is a trail of information on every delivery, even ones you may have forgotten about as they are so slow, but shop app doesn't forget. Originally I thought it was probably a gimmick but I soon changed my mind after first few deliveries became visible right on my phone..Version: 2.15.2

Disappointing:(I got sent a link to this app after i made an online purchase, i downloaded it hoping i would be able to track my package as it makes its way to my house. however, i never got any location details on my package, all i was ever told was that my package had shipped, but it never gave me information on where it was. look, i’m sure that it’s not the app’s fault for this but it was rather inconvenient as it didn’t do what it was meant to do..Version: 2.15.4

Love and hate this app!Love the order tracking of this app. It’s immediate and accurate and easy to follow. Hate? I hate that somehow this app has taken over my 4 pay options? When I purchase from a particular store I automatically receive the request to wmter my pin that is sent to me. However Shop Pay refuses to give me approval. So knowing I’m not approved for a 4 pay plan do you know how annoying it is to keep being forced into the Shop Pay 4 pay plan option that is never approved? I’m not sure how this option even got connected to the store I buy from but it honestly makes me angry every time I see the almost spam like request to enter a pin. Got a response from the developer to my comment. I appreciate the quick response. To be clear however I’m okay with not being approved by Shop Pay. I use Klarna, Afterpay and Sezzle with no issues whatsoever. My issue is that with as great as this app is which is pretty much a 5 star app, it is frustrating that shop pay continues force the pin on me. I would think if a person is rejected the app should stop trying to force an approval continuously. Even if it’s with the store that’s doing it, it’s still Shop Pay that continues to pop up requesting a pin. It’s a turnoff..Version: 2.43.1

Great Tracking AppThis is a great tracking app for all deliveries from various different companies and can even track globally - I like the way that for most deliveries it automatically detects these details and updates them for example I order from companies like Wish and SHOP picks up on the delivery information as soon as it’s on the way from Hong Kong, also if for some reason it hasn’t detected your delivery then you can manually update the tracking number on SHOP and it will automatically detect the parcel company and request the correct location details. I’m sure there maybe other apps that do a similar thing but I am really happy using this.. and best of all it’s FREE and doesn’t flood me with adds like most other Free Apps..Version: 2.21.0

Perfect Tracker… When Able To TrackWhen i first got this app, it was made solely for tracking but now the updates have changed the layout. This causes great struggle to track orders when it doesn’t automatically connect as the whole section is removed unless something is actively being tracked. This also prevents personal orders being added as the order updates section doesn’t exist. When tracking orders, it sends active updates and allows the orders to be tracked on the map to show where the package was and now is..Version: 2.88.0

Doesn’t sell info & no in app purchasesI was shocked when I opened the app and saw it was actually pretty well made considering it doesn’t have in app purchases. No limits on amount of orders you can track and it automatically pulls from your email. No ads either. Read the privacy policy since I was skeptical about how they’re making their money with a completely free app and it states they don’t sell info for marketing purposes. I’m no lawyer but this was also in the policy: “...we may share with third party service providers data and Personal Information we collect from you or from emails that are sent to or from email accounts that you provide to us for the purpose of supporting our efforts to provide you with the App.” What is meant by support is rather vague but at least with the California law your info isn’t sold. You can also request your personal information to be deleted, but they do keep anonymized data from you. So if you’re 100% protective of your data this might not be the app for you. If you just want a nicely designed app that doesn’t barrage you with advertisements and pay for in-app features, this is totally the app id go for..Version: 1.9.1

GREAT but missing something!This app has almost everything you could ask for in a package-tracking, online-shopping program. The overall experience on the platform is smooth, modern, and very easy, as well as making the process of tracking your packages from all sorts of websites and carriers as simple as your email. I enjoy every moment that I’ve spent using this app and I don’t think there’s any other app like it! However, I did say that this app “almost” has everything, so what could be missing? Well for one and most importantly: Apple integration. I did mean it when I said I enjoy using this app for what I need it for, but I could imagine how much more efficient and satisfied I would be if there were some widgets I can use to glance at the status of my package on my home or lock screen (iOS 16), or seeing the progress of my package going from “Out For Delivery” to my doorstep with Live Activities, or even just asking Siri where’s my package right now? Not only would this make me want to use the app more often, but it would make life so much easier, thus making me happier. Thank you for reading and I hope that you could take my recommendation into consideration. Have a great day!.Version: 2.75.0

Excellent serviceI missed my delivery earlier today by taking the dog for a walk and I received a phone call telling me I missed my delivery. They was brilliant on the phone and told me they would try and deliver it again later. To my suprise 2 hours later the driver was outside my house phoning me. This is the first time I’ve used this service and would highly recommend this service. Very friendly, understanding, polite and professional. 10/10 😃.Version: 2.59.0

Amazing never knew I needed it until I downloadedI love this app I didn’t know I needed it so bad . I used to open all my tracking info on the web and being a student I order so much stuff. I don’t know how they do it but they even have past shipping information and it updates automatically so I literally just had to download it and all my tracking info was right in front of me . Mind you I had like 5 shipments and didn’t have to input any information it automatically did it. That’s the BEST PART. Also I was waiting for Nike to post a tracking number so I can enter it on the app but as soon as they confirmed my shipment it was automatically put into the arrive app so there is little effort you need to put into this app. Another cool thing is they show you the map and the locations of your package when scanned in a facility. This is the app you always dream about and never knew you needed it until you have it . Definitely give stars great app ❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 and I never leave reviews but you guys deserve this one good job ..Version: 1.4.0

A little slow to update and no control over suggestionsApp works well and it’s great to have all your purchases in one handy place It can be slow to update on your packages delivery status etc HOWEVER The most disturbing thing is the ‘suggestions for you’ which for some reason kept showing me knives and handguns for sale even though i have zero interest in any of that. Furthermore there is no way to notify via Shop support about these suggested goods (which to me should not be for sale) and no way to delete them or turn off/modify the suggestions sent to me -most of the reason why i am reviewing here so hopefully Shop Support will read!.Version: 2.105.0

Amazing ServiceItems dispatched & delivered with speed considering the time of year. Communication awesome..Version: 2.85.0

Hands down the best app!!!Not only are you seeing your packages in real time, but the app also helps promote black owned businesses, and also making the online shopping experience far much quicker, more reliable that you aren’t getting ripped off your money and easy to understand and maneuver through the app!! I was hesitant at first but the second I downloaded it told me all the packages I had ordered and when they were arriving, showing my exactly where they were in real time and continue to keep me updated as possible with all my packages. Then just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it should me other stores that I might like had shown black owned businesses that you can shop from, and helps separate all the things you can buy into categories and I think it is a beautiful way to help online businesses grow and be introduced to people outside of the local business area. I found myself buying coffee from Chicago today! Never heard of them until right after I went to check on my package and how easy the process was is incredible!!!.Version: 2.5.1

Bars of soapI think that the soap itself is great. It smells amazing and it doesn’t give me trouble with my skin like other soaps. It arrived at a relatively reasonable time and over all I like it. However one thing has kind of thrown me of course. The size of the soap compared the price is a little off. I ordered one bar of, “pine tar”, and it cost me £17 including delivery. I could maybe understand the delivery, it’s coming from America this costs money. But I still payed £8 for the actual bar of soap itself. I was expecting it to be at least a little bigger. I just hope it lasts as long as I’m expecting..Version: 2.105.0

Excellent app, but...I love this app, because it means I don’t have to go through all my emails to get to the tracking link. It’s basically a one stop for all my orders I’ve placed. The only downside though is that this only works properly with Gmail addresses, otherwise you have to enter each number manually. Also, this app isn’t optimised for iPad, and it would be great to have an iPad optimised version of this app, so that I don’t have to manually zoom in every time. Maybe we will get it someday!.Version: 2.16.1

Like a Shopping App Should BeThis app is just so good to use. Simple, accurate and does what it should. We’ll done to the developers 🏅.Version: 2.82.1

One of my favourite appsThis is my first time reviewing and the Shop app is one of my absolute favourites! Once I automated my Google account as instructed, I now use this app on a regular basis. Being able to automatically pick up tracking numbers and detecting the courier for an active order is a big plus! The most recent updates have also done this app justice, because it used to keep logging me out previously and that was a huge headache itself. One of my very first orders with the Shop app was stuck in China for over a month due to high demands in the middle of lockdown. However, the app was able to frequently update me on it’s status when I was getting increasingly worried about it. Being able to pinch and zoom in and out on the live map helped me give an idea where my orders are located, especially if it one of them took a long time to arrive. My biggest and only pet peeve about the Shop app currently is that it has the tendency to pick up double the tracking numbers for the same order. For instance, it picked up a tracking number from a local store that I recently ordered from and then a few days later, it picked up a second tracking number from the local courier on the same order as the store I originally bought it from. I wish this could be fixed as it really confuses me to tell the difference between the tracking numbers for the same order. Other than that, I absolutely love this app and highly recommended it for those who do a lot of online shopping!.Version: 2.6.0

UselessI had to download this app for a particular order and since then it has given information regarding subsequent orders. It is not timely in the information it provides, even with updates that say that an order is due on a date past. Today, a Sunday , it has sent me a a message to tell me that a delivery will arrive today. I would not recommend it and really wish that businesses such as Australia Post would either ditch this or request that the app platform investigates its functions..Version: 2.15.4

One thingI just wish it would notify you more often and if it actually told you the contents of the package.Version: 1.0.1

Bamboo size 2 nappiesReceived my order of size 2 bamboo nappies they are absolutely amazing and so soft to touch my sons are in NICU so I took them in hospital last night and OMG my twin boys absolutely loves them 🥰 amazing amazing quality and amazing price’s I would highly highly recommend any new mum to use bamboo nappies 🥰 honestly watch your babies little faces once the bamboo nappie is on they little bottom you can see in they face just how amazingly these nappies feel and are to your little ones 🥰 10/10 bamboo nappies and they wipes are out of this world highly recommend to anyone 😘.Version: 2.118.0

ShopShop is pretty good you can shop on and pick the shops you want to shop at and plus other ones you pick out as well Plus they deliver to you as well and tell you when you will be getting you packages and when they will be delivered as well which is very good Definitely 10 outta 10 and definitely will be shopping and buying on here as well.Version: 2.82.1

Keeps all my orders togetherThis app is such a great idea. Keeps all of my online orders together in one place so that I can check everything in one place. Invoices, tracking and it also gives me new stores to try based on what I am buying. This helps narrow down my search and makes things a lot quicker to find. I can also check out past orders incase I have forgotten where and what I purchased previously..Version: 2.88.0

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