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Shop: package & order tracker app received 91 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shop: package & order tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about shop: package & order tracker?

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Don’t make me download your app!I can’t stand that you cannot just input your tracking number online to track your package like FedEx, UPS, etc. I shouldn’t have to be forced to use your app to find the tracking the belongs to me! If you give both options my rating would change drastically..Version: 1.11.0

Pointless, over complicatedWhy make me install an app that’s full of pop-ups instead of just showing me where my package is like a normal website does? [update in response to developer reply] Thanks for your condescending explanation of a standard UI convention. You are right that is like to see where my package is, however your app tells me that it hasn’t shipped yet despite the fact that it was delivered yesterday. I recommend you try spending more time on making your app actually do something useful and less on trying to defend its many failings here..Version: 2.15.4

TrashApp is trash, says my package is in transit for 3 weeks but hasn’t moved. Says it’s somewhere in California. I messaged the supplier and they said it’s in Canada. App doesn’t help one bit.Version: 2.23.0

Alright I guess, but two issues1. Not always up to date, I had a package come about 20 minutes before the app said it came 2. My current order says in the app that it’s being processed late at night instead of now, (mid day). The package I ordered is being shipped from my local area and in the same time zone, even the courier’s website is in the right Timezone but for some stupid reason it says it’s processed at 10pm instead of 12pm (lunch)..Version: 2.31.1

Was way more intuitive when it was called Arrive.Really don’t like the new version.Version: 2.0.0

Latency with notificationsI don’t understand what the use case is for this app if the notifications are not triggered in a timely manner. For example, every time I’m expecting a package Aust Post (or other shipping carrier) will notify me of the stage of shipment and subsequently when it’s successfully delivered immediately soon after. Yet with Shop, there is a always a delay of 30 min - 1 hour from the event. It appears on the surface that this app is merely unnecessary middleware. Can this be improved with subsequent iterations?.Version: 2.35.1

The worstThis has been the most useless app I’ve ever had the misfortune if being forced to use to track a flower order. I still don’t know the status, had to email the florist and text the intended surprise recipient to find out the delivery status. Completely useless app. I’d give it zero stars if I could ..Version: 1.11.0

No. Just...noNope. Don't like you. Took an app I found useful and ruined it..Version: 2.0.0

No care left with package.I live on 3 acres with three barns a garage and a house I have a tiny little fencing around our back door for our big dogs but the two front doors are open for easy access on our wrap around porch that has cover. Explain to me why the person delivering my expensive nail product put it in a giant puddle on the INSIDE of the fence with our two large dogs instead of the dry concrete on the outside of the fence where the dogs are not at clearly this person has never grown up with dogs because they chew. I’ve contacted the company I purchased nail supplies from but I have a hard time believing they’ll give me the same product free because the people who shipped it put my package left it in a fence with a Siberian Husky and Rottweiler. Make no sense. The glass bottles were broken because the dogs were kicking and chewing the tiny box. And when I rewatched my video they had left it in a huge puddle when there’s flat dry concrete infront of the fencing that goes all the way infront of our garage. This is not hard but people do not care about other people things and this is for my job I need this by Monday and I won’t have it becAuse it’s all broke and I’m out of the product today I needed 😢 I don’t even know how to fix this..Version: 2.43.1

Doesn’t show tracking informationI was advised by an online retailer that I needed to download this app to track my order. So I downloaded it. The order showed up ok on the app with status “Order Placed”. I then received an email from the retailer that it had been sent then an email from DPD to say they’d got it, however the status of order on this app never changed. My item arrived a couple of days ago and still said Order Placed, I had to mark the item delivered myself. So what’s the point of this app if it doesn’t give you delivery information as it says it does?.Version: 2.16.2

Recurring delivery details need sortingI ordered from an online retailer a couple of weeks ago to send a gift to my daughter. I had to download this app in order to track the parcel. I ordered myself something a few days ago and once again they were using Shop. The form came up again with my daughter’s address, which I amended as she lives 37 miles away and this was a purchase for me. Despite amending the delivery address to the same as the billing address, it insisted on replacing it. When I completed the transaction I realised it had ignored my amendments. I rang the retailer, who was no help at all. Hopeless all round!.Version: 2.15.1

It’s only just been delivered...What is it about these companies? They expect you to use the product, as quickly as they take your money. It’s only just been delivered, and they want me to a review, which I find very annoying. When I have found the time, to valet my car, I will let everyone know, what I think. And that won’t be until Mercedes can tell me where the Auxiliary battery is located, in my car, which appears to be a German state secret. Google Mercedes W176, and watch 63 different videos, which will still leave you none the wiser. :0(.Version: 2.23.0

No security, no support for consumerFollowing a complaint of theft/fraud, without delivery of goods paid for, I engaged the app’s “support” to no avail and two poor responses. Risk Support Advisor did not answer questions posed, did not investigate, did not escalate despite direct requests. Referred me to my payment method institution. Referred to Privacy Policy as protection for seller. Reference made to Shop / Shopify as ‘The Shopping Centre’ and when asked what would warrant a serious matter or breach of policy to investigate further, ignored the question. Using the analogy of a Shopping Centre, if a crime has occurred the Centre support investigations with security, CCTV footage and wanting to create a safe environment for shoppers. With that in mind, Shop/Shopify cannot guarantee the same in a digital platform, offer no insurance or recourse. Ignored when asked what would constitute a serious breach of their policies (ie. Theft, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Data Security). Did not take matter seriously. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. DISAPPOINTING. NO SECURITY. NO ‘SUPPORT’..Version: 2.10.0

TerribleI ordered Raycon E25 wireless earbuds online, and was sent to a link for shop. I put in my details and set it up, it was good at fist and notified me when my order has been shipped although a few days later I started to wonder where it was as I needed it before Christmas so I emailed raycon personally asking then regarding my purchase the employee was extremely helpful and gave me another link which showed me the estimated date it would arrive. It finally arrived on Christmas Eve and I jubilated, all in all don’t Use this app.Version: 2.15.4

Don’t want to use my Google account...Opened up the app, and it asks me to log in with Google. I don’t use my Google account and don’t want to connect it to the app, but I don’t see a way of bypassing that....Version: 1.0.1

Privacy risk and poor user interface without a gmail accountIf you do NOT want privacy and enjoy letting these guys read the contents of your private emails, this is the app for you! Very rarely do I see an app that wants access to scan the personal contents of your email account (this app wants your gmail account, and all the other email accounts your gmail account is linked to, they really don’t want another email address, and will keep nagging you for gmail until you give it). Don’t have a gmail account? Expect limited functionality. My advice: READ what personal information this app wants access to, and remember that data breaches in private corporations happen every day. Don’t believe them when they say they “protect” your data ... hackers have no such self-imposed restrictions. Also, the app is very poor at making your order accessible (unless it’s on gmail) for updates, so despite all the inflated ratings here, I urge you to examine this app critically and not to belief the hype. Deleting! ***UPDATE: Given the answer of the Developer, I am even MORE convinced this app is BAD NEWS. The Developer just acknowledged limited functionality without a gmail account, and told me we should accept their “assurances” that our private emails will not be read because they’re “filtered”, and they only read emails with certain keywords linking them to shipping details? Really? So we should make ALL the contents of our emails available to you guys, and trust you won’t read them because you PROMISE you won’t? And what about your disgruntled employees and anonymous hackers who tap into this vast amount of data ... will you promise they’ll be honourable too? If anyone reading this doesn’t remember the Equifax hack, where millions of personal credit files were hacked, or the numerous hacks on other shopping sites, dating sites, etc., and you trust these guys to protect your privacy, then you really DO need to have your head examined. They may be well-intentioned, but they are simply INCAPABLE of making these kinds of guarantees. I am also not sure that the federal and provincial privacy commissioners would be on board with the amount to data this developer requests access to, in order to use an allegedly TINY portion of that data for tracking packages. I will refer this issue to them. And lastly, I STILL do not believe many of these inflated, glowing ratings on this app are genuine. I can’t prove it, but I just have a hunch these ratings are padded. The critical ratings are very specific and detailed, whereas the glowing ratings are nebulous “I love it!”’ or “Best app ever!” types of comments. Colour me VERY sceptical..Version: 1.9.0

Ruined appThe app is ruined by filling the Home Screen with “Spotlight” items/ads, and burying all but 1 package behind a “View all” button, rather than showing the packages on the Home tab and hiding the Spotlight feature behind a button for people curious for other items to buy. Edit (after developer response): Thanks for the response, but what you said contradicts the design of the app in its current form (which is different than it was prior to the last 2-3 updates). You say it’s to provide the best mobile tracking app, while also (as in a secondary functionality) helping users to connect with their “favorite” stores. In reality, the primary function seems to currently be as a shopping app and the secondary functionality is the package tracking ability - the inverse of what you said in your response. To add to my complaint about the app, I also hate that the app automatically “follows” companies you purchase products from via ShopPay, as if to assume a user will purchase from them again and it isn’t just a one-time purchase. There should at least be a toggle to ask users whether they want to follow companies automatically or not..Version: 2.48.0

Was once greatThis app was great when it was just Arrive. They changed the name and added a bunch of useless features (I mean, we don’t need another social media let alone one for only shops). What’s next? Instagram-like stories on this app? Stick to package tracking pls.Version: 2.0.1

ShamefulThey are associated with a company calling themselves which is a FAKE company!.Version: 2.15.1

App was much better when it was “Arrive”I’ve had numerous problems since the app change over , hardly gives any details for tracking info anymore , no visual update for map area (where you pkg is located), notifications only occur when it’s been delivered now, no ETA’s on items , basically your only benefit to this is you have your tracking number handy , so you can go back to Amazon to check the status on your pkg, seems redundant to me.... Wouldn’t download this app anymore , back when it was “arrive” , it was amazing ! I’m never one to trash software in reviews , but when you had gold before and are now given lead, that doesn’t jive with me. If any developers are reading this, please restore the format that was there before, it was fantastic ! Thx.Version: 2.15.4

Another app designed to do something that it knows it can never doI have tried to track 30 parcels with this app, not a single one was trackable. I couldn’t even see which country my parcels are in. The fact retailers are pushing this app to customers makes me think this is the best scam on the internet right now. It’s just about collecting data on what you’re buying and selling that to advertisers. The parcel tracking is a vague lie (because you can’t track, the retailer isn’t the carrier so how can the app know who the carrier is?) to get you download it. Big waste of time and storage.Version: 2.17.0

Works okay but I’m concerned about privacyThe app does a good job of notifying me about purchases and deliveries. However, when it started notifying me about purchases that didn’t involve shopify, I became concerned. Having just scratched the surface and seen mention being made about scanning incoming emails to see if they looked like online shopping orders, my concerns are increasing about what this app accesses and, in turn, its links to things like Facebook.Version: 2.24.0

Typical made in China rip offSaw the add on Pinrest with the video showing a big machine swinging a 4 year old girl n been unloaded from a truck by 3 Chinese person and thought the deal was really good especially after getting 40% off the asking price so I decided to buy ($76US=$106 Au) it for my can imagine my big deception when I received a small toy in a shoe box size at a scale of 1:24 when it was advertised as a 1:8 scale!!! Went on eBay and saw the same one for $43 AU so got ripped off $60!!! The one they falsely advertised was for sell on eBay for $1120Au...typical Chinese fake advertising!!! Don t buy ,don t recommend it...and also you cannot contact the seller thru any means even thru PayPal!!! Buy Australian or American or European but don t buy anything “made in China” or you ll get what you paid for!!! Rubbish!!!.Version: 2.15.4

Where’s the tracking?I see the order. Where’s the package now?.Version: 2.1.0

Loved it, but now I’m confusedI loved the app, efficient, tracking my orders perfectly (and boy I order a lot on Shopify-backed websites!). But now it’s “Shop”?! The previous branding was nicer, made more sense and was good at one thing: tracking deliveries. Whoever decided to rebrand made a mistake, but we’ll see where it goes in the future..Version: 2.0.0

Used to be goodUPDATE: I turned off tracking notifications because they haven’t been accurate for months. UPS and FedEx text alerts are far more helpful. I keep Shop around for the widget that shows all of my packages on the way, but that has been messed up for months as well. It shows every package as “arrives today!” even if it hasn’t shipped yet of us days out from being delivered. It looks cute with the product photos for things purchased using a Shopify site, but cute doesn’t make it useful. Kip of just a waste of space in my Notification Center now, unfortunately. ORIGINAL: Before the major update that merged this into the one Shop app, the tracking element of this was fantastic. Now, I don’t receive notifications on time (delivery notifications come several hours after I receive packages), package tracking isn’t accurately updated on the home screen (it rarely shows the expected delivery date or location on the map, I have to click into it and look at the shipping agent’s tracking info instead), and now I’m unable to even add new packages to be tracked. I tried synchronizing the app with my gmail account previously, and that caused a whole slew of problems, so I gave up on that. This is a fantastic idea, but the streamlined execution is just not there anymore. I keep updating, hoping things will improve, but it’s pretty useless now that I can’t even add new packages..Version: 2.53.0

Lack of empathy for the consumerThis app is simply a platform to allow consumers to get ripped of. How can a platform that allows sellers to interact with the consumer, have ZERO policy for vetting sellers to weed out the scammers? We have lost £70 with no chance of seeing either a refund or the product we ordered? Shopify who developed this platform have given me more excuses than a 1920’s Tea Dance. Disgraceful!!! I cannot raise anyone at New Store Christmas who are using this platform. The app informed me of my delivery being shipped but no tracking number and no empathy for my frustration. Utter sham and nothing more than a fence and a vehicle for scammers..Version: 2.16.2

Tracking numbersIt shows you tracking numbers but it doesn’t tell you who’s it from half the time, it’s really hard to keep track of what’s what. You have to go look at your emails and find the tracking number to know where something is. Also you have to mark it as delivered yourself instead of it knowing that’s it’s been picked up like Australia post..Version: 2.9.0

Tracking doesn’t workShop was the tracking option on two recent orders I placed from separate companies. Neither tracking system worked. I waited around 3 weeks for both parcels (not shops fault) but this meant I wanted to track them to ensure they weren’t lost in transit. The app didn’t tell me where the parcels were and I was also not informed when the parcels were delivered. Completely pointless downloading app, gave me no information and didn’t help me track orders..Version: 2.15.4

Not usefulFedEx tracking shows me all the details from the last week. Arrive shows my order but says it hasn’t received any tracking info. Useless and is being deleted..Version: 1.2.10

New Update SucksThis new update is really bad. Changed the entire look of the app. The entire app is now not functioning properly. Orders that were delivered are saying in transit. They no longer have proper images or anything. I am not a fan of this merger or whatever they just did. No longer a fan of this app. Going to move onto a better app..Version: 2.0.0

Doesn’t handle multiple accountsYou only seem able to add one shop account at a time. I have multiple accounts, and shop doesn't let you combine them, or track more than one. I get constant notifications that something has shipped but then I go to open the app and it’s like sorry you can’t track stuff under another address - an address I can’t add to my account because it’s ready used by other accounts, which I can’t add because it can only do one at a time!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.42.0

Change the name back!!The name Arrive was great! The new name sucks. I don’t want an app named “shop” on my phone. Lame!!.Version: 2.0.1

It’s OKIt’s handy, and it seems accurate much of the time. My first issue with it is that it is not always easy to match the right delivery with the right tracking item (not enough info in the Shop listing). The second is that I don’t like that it often marks items as delivered when they haven’t actually arrived yet. I would like the option to confirm that the delivery has occurred before the app marks it as delivered. Thirdly I haven’t seen a satisfactory handling of orders that come in separate deliveries. So overall, handy most of the time but not really “there” yet in terms of being a truly great app..Version: 2.12.0

Total complete crap.I don’t know why companies insist that a customer use this instead of just providing the customer directly with tracking information. This is just a middle-man app because the company can’t be arsed to inform you themselves. It doesn’t work anyway! I try to sign in using my email, then Google then my Apple ID. None of it takes me into the app & instead insists that I keep trying to sign in. It makes me wonder if there’s something slightly fraudulent about this app. It’s total crap..Version: 2.15.4

What happened?This app used to be great, it would have all current information on my packages, even the orders I placed through other sites but now I have to check other tracking apps to get the latest information on my packages & most of the time I have to “mark as delivered” even before the app has updated the package as sent? I am sooo disappointed with what was the fastest & up to the minute tracking on this app that I only use it to mark my packages as delivered since it just isn’t doing what it used to do at the beginning of it’s launch. I loved the fact that you could actually see in real time where my packages were in the world map & couldn’t get that on any other app but that has become null & void since it doesn’t keep up to date information now. Please fix this app!.Version: 2.13.1

Good but not always accurateWhile this is a decent app, the tracking of packages is not always accurate or reflecting where the package currently is. This happens quite a bit with a number of postal agencies world wide. Whether this is from the app itself or from those other agencies I can’t say, but it’s certainly the one thing that’s preventing me from giving it a higher star rating..Version: 2.38.0

I Hate Your New AppI do not like this new app. It is not user friendly, I can’t find anything anymore. My tracking number is gone. I can’t find the link I used to go to to see the status of my shipments. It’s complete trash. Please go ba k to the original app. If I could rate this app with a -1000 I would Piece. of. Garbage..Version: 2.0.1

New Update Ruined EverythingThe review I wrote before this one was a five-star review raving about how simple, efficient, and amazing this app was. But the new update made things way more complicated than they had to be. The new update involves the app not only promoting shops over tracking orders, but now the organization of my orders are completed messed up now. It used to be that all my in-progress orders would appear at the top of the list and all my delivered orders moved to the bottom (since they were delivered, I don’t have to look at them anymore). This was perfect. Now the update has messed up the list and my orders are categorized based on the date I placed the orders, so some of the preorders I have been waiting on that used to sit at the top of my list have been moved so far down the list (literally months and months and MONTHS ago) I have to scroll for a bit of time to find it. The list of now a confused mixed of “delivered” and “in transit” orders. And there is no way to change it. Overall, I am so disappointed that this app prioritized promoting shops and in doing so sacrificed the easy of use for its loyal users..Version: 2.47.1

Unable to track my package.I’m disappointed that it’s been over two months since I ordered my product. This app tells me I should be able to track my order. However, no matter how hard I’ve tried to figure it out it doesn’t track my order so I have no idea where my order is. Even if it took a year at least I would know where my package was..Version: 2.23.0

Your app stinksZero functionality.Version: 2.0.0

Haven’t received my item yet not sure whyPlaced an order for an oil slick (rainbow) coloured compact jet lighter around half way through December 2020 and still haven’t received it I’m not sure where the company or the place that sends out the orders is located and if it is being delayed as a non-essential item since it’s just a lighter and had to pay around $27-$28 AUD for it which I am gonna give to my sister who collects lights as a Christmas present or now a late Christmas present, honestly I just wanna know if it’s in transit or in a warehouse somewhere since the app just tells me that the order has been placed with no other info, seen the add on Instagram and thought that it would be a cool Christmas present, but can’t really put blame on the company for delayed shipping with Corrona and everything, apps pretty cool though.Version: 2.16.2

Tracking Updates are Non-Existent and InaccurateI downloaded this app for the holidays so I have a place I can check and see when I can expect all of my packages to be delivered except it hasn’t been working... I don’t know if it is a problem with the carrier or the actual app but I ordered a gift way back in the beginning of November and while I’ll admit the company was extremely slow in getting it out, once it shipped it said it was in the same location for over a week. I reached out to the company who I ordered the gift from to ask if there had been some kind of glitch and didn’t ever get a response from them. Yesterday, exactly a month later I received my package. As of right now, I’m waiting on another package and having the same issue. Again, I’m not sure whether it is this particular app or the carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc), it may even have something to do with the influx of orders due to the holiday, but it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having this app and being able to track your packages. I will say however that I love the fact that you are able to see all of your purchases and (supposedly) be able to track them in one place..Version: 1.2.7

DisappointingThe app never told me no updates didn’t tell me it was already delivered it still says it’s in transit, I had to market as the Delivered then did a little confetti like it was the one that announced it been delivered I was the one that had to tell the app.Version: 2.15.4

Bit pointlessHandy to have everything in one place but that’s about as far as it goes. Doesn’t show anymore than the couriers own tracking (obviously) and is more often than not hugely inaccurate with package locations in completely different cities. Unless you’re ordering several items a day and you’re happy to know nothing more than the package is out for delivery the accuracy issues make it not worth using. You end up double checking everything on the couriers tracking..Version: 2.21.0

Disappointing updateLet me start by saying before the change from Arrive to Shop I would have certainly rated this higher. Unfortunately the change has removed some of the basic, and most important imo, features. Things like being able to swipe to mark delivered or archive a delivery, auto detecting when I have a tracking number copied to enter, etc. are pretty basic for an app of this type and was surprised to find they no longer worked for me. I am hopeful the developers will consider putting these features back but in the mean time I’m actually exploring other apps. On the plus side I like the interface/UI and the wide variety of shipping providers available to track. Oh and the new carbon offsetting feature sounds great! Unfortunately removing functionality still means the positives can’t outweigh the negatives for me..Version: 2.0.0

STOP PUSHING GOOGLE!!Started using this app and it had great potential, the odd problem with not recognizing shipment numbers or delivery companies, but none the less was looking like it could have been a good app. I’ve deleted it now as it was telling me I should update my profile with a Gmail account, and unless I do, it will have a big red dot over the profile to tell me I’m missing something from my profile. Why?? I don’t want to create a gmail account, and why should I?? Do your customers a favour and give them the option ‘not’ to have anything to do with Google..Version: 2.15.0

Doesn’t workNo local data.Version: 2.0.0

Loved Arrive. Hate Shop.Hate the new design. I don’t need a shopping app. I just want a good tracking app.Version: 2.0.0

Love and hate this app!Love the order tracking of this app. It’s immediate and accurate and easy to follow. Hate? I hate that somehow this app has taken over my 4 pay options? When I purchase from a particular store I automatically receive the request to wmter my pin that is sent to me. However Shop Pay refuses to give me approval. So knowing I’m not approved for a 4 pay plan do you know how annoying it is to keep being forced into the Shop Pay 4 pay plan option that is never approved? I’m not sure how this option even got connected to the store I buy from but it honestly makes me angry every time I see the almost spam like request to enter a pin. Got a response from the developer to my comment. I appreciate the quick response. To be clear however I’m okay with not being approved by Shop Pay. I use Klarna, Afterpay and Sezzle with no issues whatsoever. My issue is that with as great as this app is which is pretty much a 5 star app, it is frustrating that shop pay continues force the pin on me. I would think if a person is rejected the app should stop trying to force an approval continuously. Even if it’s with the store that’s doing it, it’s still Shop Pay that continues to pop up requesting a pin. It’s a turnoff..Version: 2.43.1

Not accurateI purchased clothing from a store back in March. It’s now October snd they still haven’t arrived. The app says they were delivered, but fails to provide an order from the supplier. The supplier email attached to the app doesn’t even let me email them to ask questions. I have yet to see what this app has even done. My second purchase from a supplier has been pending for 2 weeks..Version: 2.13.1

Literally pointlessDownloaded this because I couldn’t get royal mail tracking website to work on my phone and the online store I was using to track a purchase suggested it - took years to get through to a page with my orders and then had a load of historical orders which had been already been delivered. Had no update or location on the parcel I’m waiting for and now the only one actually showing as delivered is the one I’m still waiting for. Exactly the opposite of what I needed and a waste of time..Version: 2.23.0

Missing featuresHi there, This is meant to make things more convenient and it is a good start. However... reason why I use it is to keep track of the little bits and pieces I buy and only receive half the time. This means I am looking to fix orders that always go wrong. 1. You have a contact button but it only creates a new email. There is no order number or anything that goes into the new email which makes it hard to type the issue. 2. The text on your order screen is not copyable - which means I can’t copy and paste the order number. 3. You track Gmail accounts which is great but unfortunately I don’t use gmail. So why don’t you make an email address that we can forward our emails to. You then identify the email address and process it accordingly to that users account (like “TripIt” does for intineraries) If you added this - I would be using your app daily instead of once every 2-4 weeks - and would be more likely to use you as a checkout method when given the option over PayPal. (And will modify this to 5 stars).Version: 2.3.0

Hopefully Will ImproveA great app in theory, having all your delivery info from all providers in one easy to navigate place. The app itself is very well designed and easy to use. However it's most likely hampered by the availablity of information given by the third parties in the quest for this aim. Whether that's the availability or capability of said third parties with GPS information or only having 'out for delivery' as the go to information, limits it's appeal. This app will only improve it the delivery companies themselves improve their own tracking data..Version: 2.17.0

Hum not sureKeep crashing and only use google e-mail.Version: 1.0.3

Why!?Why did you have to take a perfectly great tracking app and add a bunch of bloat onto it? Arrive did not get better it got bloated..Version: 2.0.1

Downhill Since App Changed to ShopifyAs mentioned in many other reviews, this app really went downhill after Arrive changed to Shopify. Not only does Shopify want access to your email (invasive!), it doesn’t even read your emails correctly! What’s the point of invading my privacy like that and NOT get shipping information right??? For example, my package arrived today and the tracking number reflected as such. But Shopify insisted that my package would arrive 4 days later. Where is Shopify getting this information??? Further, the map updates are all wonky. The map says my package was “delivered” but the map shows that it was delivered in “Oakland, California.” I don’t even live in Oakland! Please fix your maps! It’s incredibly irritating when map updates are not accurate. Overall I resent the fact that this app forces users to give it access to their email but more than that, the app doesn’t even read your emails correctly!!! If you’re gonna invade my privacy, the LEAST you can do is provide me accurate information based on the data you’re farming off of me..Version: 2.8.0

It was fine until it became a brandI just wanted a tracking app! It was great. The app grabbed tracking numbers from my email and it was lovely. Simple. Exactly what I signed up for. But now it’s a shopping app with a payment system? What? No. How did we go from tracking packages to this? No thanks. Deleted the app. You’ve overstretched and it’s not a good look..Version: 2.0.0

Not sure all stores are legitOrdered a lamp from a company called Luna-Flora, tracked the package through this app to see it leaving China and ending up in the Netherlands. Tried to contact the store (Luna), and they don’t actually exist. No website and only a gmail address for contact, one that doesn’t respond. This item was bought early March and apparently deliver a week later. Nope. Defo not the case!! Not sure how you as a company approve stores using your app, but I think some more due diligence is required on your behalf! Such a shame as the app shows lots of promise!.Version: 2.21.0

Never deliveredThis product does not exist....the company is a fraud ...stay away..Version: 2.13.2

Latest update killed a great appI loved “arrived” and used it all the time. The new name/update has killed everything good about it. I can’t even tell what’s in the package that’s being tracked anymore, nor can it link me to the email it’s pulling tracking info from. So I just search my emails again. For example, it can tell you something from amazon has shipped, but not what it is. Something the old app could - it used to even link you to the order. Not anymore..Version: 2.0.1

Great in theory, poor executionThis app is such a great idea— in theory. A platform where I can track all of my deliveries from different carriers in one place? Sign me up! Well... unfortunately the execution is less than perfect. I’ve been using the app for about 9 months now and have identified two main complaints: 1) The tracking updates are ironically never up-to-date. Every single time I am tracking a package, I always have to visit the actual carrier tracking website to find out where my package is... Shop usually doesn’t update for several hours! Very unreliable and frustrating, especially when you’re waiting for an important delivery & it ends up sitting outside because you had no idea it already arrived. Not cool! 2) Despite linking my email, the app can never seem to figure out how to pull the tracking information from my order confirmation emails. I always have to input manually. Less annoying than the tracking issue, but still disappointing. Other apps I use have mastered this, so I would encourage the Shop developers to fix this. Overall, 3 stars from me. I want so badly for this app to work, especially now, since we are all stuck at home ordering deliveries more frequently. Unfortunately it’s just not there and doesn’t do a good job of what it advertises. Might as well copy and paste the tracking numbers into Notes and do it myself....Version: 2.0.1

Works fine, but the latest update...I’ve been using Arrive for the better part of a year and it’s been pretty great. However, the UI was recently redesigned - not for the better, I’m afraid. The main screen lists the deliveries but doesn’t have any update or location information; in order to see any of that you need to drill down on each one. Otherwise, all you see is “waiting for details” or “on its way”, which pretty much tells me nothing. It’s also very bulky considering how little information is actually displayed - a “compact” version would be better IMO. I also wish there was a way to get more status update notifications, rather than just the delivery notification. At the very least an “out for delivery” notification would be nice, just so I know to keep a lookout for the truck..Version: 1.3.2

I don’t want to sync a Gmail accountDoes a fine job at tracking parcels. However, there is an annoying red notification dot on the profile tab which you can’t get rid of unless you sync a gmail account. It’s small but infuriating and I just want a way to indicate that I have no interest in syncing a gmail account and do not want to be continually pushed to do so..Version: 2.15.2

Shop appI used shop app to purchase a drone accessory, a power bank. The store name AirSelfie. I placed a order and got charged but tracking the order is horrible, all you get is the shipping address being delivered to and no other information. That’s not tracking anything. You can’t see if it’s been shipped. I email the company twice and still no response. After 4 weeks I contact my credit card to had them do a investigation so I can receive my money back. This app may work for others or perhaps a different store but truth be told I’m done. Not using or purchasing anything ever through this app. Personally I think is more on the store side. But the app doesn’t show anything useful to track my order like the last location etc.. not even if it had been delivered etc. It’s been two months now from the date of purchase and still no new information. I did get my money back but that’s because AMX is a great credit card to have. Good luck for all who use this app. I really hope it works but stay away from AirSelfie store. Poor service and they don’t reply to emails. As for me I’m staying away from the app as well ..Version: 2.33.0

ScamBuyers be were, they don’t seem vet the companies they are letting use this service and no way to communicate this with them. It’s a terrible portal and waste of time. I dealing with this company telling they are out of stock when there website tells its in stock and they inform me they are refunding me. This is the reason they haven’t sent out my items on time. They tried to call me but won’t send and email until I emailed them asking “what’s going on with my order” only to receive more phone calls with no voices messages. I thinking they are scamming me and they are using this tracking service to do it..Version: 2.38.0

Keeps getting worseThe app continues to get worse and worse with each update. When I first downloaded the app 2 years ago I could track all of my packages and receive notifications when they departed, estimated delivery time, out for delivery and when they were delivered. I also had it hooked to my email to track automatically. That stopped working last year which is fine, it's no hassle to copy and paste the tracking number, it takes maybe 10 seconds or less.. then recently they made it so it only shows 1-2 packages up front and the entire main page is products to buy... now with the most recent update it doesn't even show the map or give any information anymore. I loved this app, all of my friends downloaded it because they thought it was cool and now it's no better or easier than just clicking the tracking link through the emails from UPS or fedex plus USPS also has a text service that notifies me if there is a package sent to my address. Such a shame because this used to be a great app for tracking packages and purchases..Version: 2.50.0

This app doesn’t do anythingFor an app called shop. You can’t find anything.Version: 2.1.0

Convenient, but not very reliableMy experience using shop app has been very on and off. Sometimes, it gives me correct tracking information and lets me know my package’s exact location, but other times it’s not accurate at all. Take now for example, I ordered clothing from a website that allowed shop tracking. I quickly checked to see the location update on where it was a few days later and shop told me that my package was already delivered. I went to check if it was and there was nothing. 2 days later, I receive it. This has happened to me SEVERAL times while using this app. It’s not reliable a lot of times for tracking however I do like the whole concept of the app. A lot of stores accept using shop tracking service, but it defeats the whole purpose of using it if the information Shop App is telling you, is wrong. This app has so much potential to be amazing! But it is not at this point yet, they have many improvements to make with it. There should also be a contact button for you to either email or call the provider if your package was never delivered when claimed to be..Version: 2.15.0

Premature delivery notificationsWhile it’s good to have records of purchases in the app and I can check on tracking etc of items that can’t be tracked via AusPost, I frequently get notifications telling me something has been delivered when it hasn’t yet been delivered, and this causes undue confusion and sometimes concern. I don’t know why this happens, but it would be good if it didn’t..Version: 2.49.1

Shop “Soldeli” is not trustworthyThis app works with most of the shops but “Soldeli”. Always mistakenly update or actually even no update. Probably this is not the problem of this app, “Soldeli” shop must have some issues theirselves. No delivery for weeks although the delivery status was “shipped” on this app. All of sudden status back to “order placed” although still no delivery or no hear from them at all. I use this app to track deliveries and find it very useful but I’m not sure about online grocery shop called “Soldeli”... Their website keeps crush and the customer service is terrible (as usual in the UK!).Version: 2.25.0

Could be betterDownloaded this and was anticipating a really good way to see all my packages in one go and be able to track them easily. Only thing is that over time I have used two different email addresses for varied accounts I use to shop so had to continuously log out of one and into the other to track parcels. This app only automatically downloads tracking information on things bought using gmail email address, I have both yahoo and hotmail so was having to manually put my tracking information in to get the live updates. Some of them never updated me and I had the parcels delivered and it still been ‘waiting for further information’. Not as reliable and great as I anticipated it to be and I’ve since deleted the app. If this was able to track multiple packages with more than one email address, and do this automatically using yahoo and hotmail accounts. I would be all over this. Lots of great reviews so feel like I’m missing something here but did try to persevere for a while and didn’t get very far with it..Version: 2.15.4

Needs a few things...Great app, except for: 1. Needs native iPad Support and macOS support (M1). 2. Once you decline syncing with your email accounts (such as: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), it keeps bugging you every few days to sync your email accounts. This is very annoying. 3. Needs some user-first privacy focused features..Version: 2.26.0

No ideaIt would be nice to know what some of my packages are. You have a tracking number with no details on anything.. how are we suppose to know what it is?.Version: 2.1.0

Company’s can scam youHopesea scammed me and Shop couldn’t help me. No tracking was provided and when I complained they told me to contact the seller, when I wanted a refund after 2 months waited for my item I bought to be tracked let alone shop up I was told to contact the company I bought it from. The company I bought it from generates emails that say to be patient and wait. Refusing to refund me because my item is on route. But without a tracking number that’s actually legitimate then that can’t be proven..Version: 2.13.1

Never received an order that was marked as shippedNever received an order that was marked as shipped. This was pre COVID-19. Then I contacted the vendor who told me the order hadn’t been shipped. Then he disappeared. I still don’t have the product. This is a completely useless, pointless app..Version: 2.0.1

GUI changes defeat purpose of appFirst you make it so that the actual package tracking page is not the default landing screen. Now the live maps showing your packages location & basic overview have been replaced with a static box icon. I hate this. What I used to be able to see at a glance is now buried and instead used been replaced with what are essentially ads for the things that I already bought. I use this app to track my packages in real time & very much enjoy the live map feature. I don’t want to have to tap through several pages to see it..Version: 2.50.0

Not very goodThis app is not useful to me at all. I have ordered something and it doesn’t track my order and i don’t have a tracking number all i have is an order number. I don’t know what to do because it says it’s shipped when i’ve been waiting for two weeks. It also doesn’t say the carrier. I don’t know whether to contact the company i bought of off or if anyone could help. Overall, i think it would be an amazing app if it worked for me :).Version: 2.18.0

HUGE PRIVACY BREACH: ARRIVE WANTS FULL access to your email account!So the problem with this App is the insane level of privacy violations. When you download the app and are trying to sign up it asks for FULL ACCESS TO YOUR ENTIRE GMAIL ACCOUNT. That means that it has access to everything you’ve ever sent to anyone and if you get emails from your bank it also now has full access to your banking information. And if you don’t have gmail account at all, or try manually enter your gmail instead of directly signing into gmail like they want you to it will barely work and rarely send you your delivery notifications. So essentially Arrive will refuse to work properly until you let them access all your personal information/as well as if you don’t possess a gmail account at all (which is ridiculous because how many people use yahoo/hotmail etc.). That’s why it’s free with no commercials, because it straight up makes far more money from scanning all your emails and private information & then selling it to various companies than it would by making you pay a set fee to track all you deliveries. Never trust an app that requires full access to your entire email account just to function properly..Version: 1.10.0

Not sure if the app works as well as it soundsThe app preview says you can track your parcel in real time on a live map but the app kept giving me delayed and randomly false information. Royal Mail updates were faster. The parcel was returned to sender the ‘Shop’ app didn’t update the info till a few hours later. Sender sent back the parcel to me a few days later the app showed my parcel had been returned to sender again then said it was delivered to Warwick (I’m in London) then 5 mins later, my parcel was delivered to me by Royal Mail. And 15 mins later ‘Shop’ finally updated that the parcel was delivered to me. What?!.Version: 2.21.0

App opened my phone to scammersSince I installed this app and bought through it I have had scammer text messages daily. The first 2 specifically were phishing using the fact that I had a delivery coming. This company needs to check their backend safety. My phone number is now wrecked w trash coming in constantly. I have since deleted my phone number from the app (which it will text you delivery info on - not worth it) and I recommend not using the app. The store didn’t even say they would look into my complaint. It was all run by bot with no care. Poor. Something has gone wrong. Watch out. It could happen to you too….Version: 2.35.1

One big adWas super happy with the app and how easy it was to track everything through it, and the amount of ads in it was totally fine - I’d say maybe a 70/30 split for orders you’d placed and ads. Now it seems like it’s an 80/20 split, with most of the app being ads so that you can “continue shopping”, and the order visibility has been scaled right back. It’s a shame, because this was a great and genuinely useful tool. Now it’s not really all that much more effort to just search emails for tracking details..Version: 2.49.1

Very slowGreat to keep track of deliveries but it’s not even close to real time. I get updates around 8-12 hours later than just visiting the courier or postal services website. I’ve had things updated as being ‘package sent’ by the time it was delivered in the first place. I’ve always had to manually mark the package is delivered. I only for the app to track a package from a store linked to it however now it’s been delivered the app itself is fairly useless..Version: 2.10.0

Useless that it doesn’t cover all carriers around the worldIt doesn’t even have any of the NZ postage carrier. What rubbish app. What’s the point of asking my customers to install this this app to track their packages..Version: 2.0.1

Total lack of accuracySee title.Version: 2.0.1

This new version isn’t betterI’m very disappointed in this new Shop. Archiving an order is now hidden deep in the app, which is NOT convenient. It was better when you could just slide it. Also, could you show the date it was ordered? That would be very useful..Version: 2.0.0

OK if you are in the US!This app is a real winner, unless you live outside the US, and purchase items from the US. I do this regularly, but the shop app takes the first port of call in the US and reports it as delivered. In my case, living in Australia I expect this item to go thru 2 or 3 US points before shipping to Oz. May be 3or4 weeks till it gets to me. Makes the tracking function useless here. Other than this, good app. Would be overjoyed if this could be fixed..Version: 2.49.0

Updates and notificationsSince the move from Arive to Shop updated tracking information has been slower or not at all compared to the official delivery service app notifications. Also, I no longer receive push notifications even though all notifications are turned on. Please fix..Version: 2.0.1

UI ChangesFor multiple years now, this app has made tracking and managing package deliveries so much easier than attempting to keep manually checking emails. That said, I have to say I’m not a fan of the new UI changes. Before, launching the app would take me immediately to a list of all my current packages. Exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Now, I get an abbreviated list of packages and 70+% of the screen is dedicated to basically ads. I have never and will never use this app to browse/shop. That isn’t what I downloaded it for and not how I consume information when looking to make a purchase. If this is some people’s cup of tea, that’s fine. Please at least offer users like myself a toggle option in settings to go back to the old UI where I see my full list of packages on launch rather than a bunch of adverts. As a side note, I’m not a fan of dropping star based reviews in a public forum (especially low ones) on an app I have otherwise enjoyed. That said, there is no easy contact us/submit feedback option within the app, so here we are..Version: 2.46.0

Getting worse and worseThis app used to be good before it was bought out. Now it feels like one big advert and shopping tracking app. Many packages I order come from out of country and then change couriers but now apparently I can't update or change the courier to Canada post. Shipping updates barely refresh and I find myself linking into the courier site more and more. Some purchases don't register as being the same item and when trying to update or delete them they just show sales or invoice information not the actual shipping/ tracking info. I gave 2 stars because I am using it to centralize incoming items but as a tracking app I'm Less and less impressed to the point I might just delete it..Version: 2.13.2

Good StartThis app has a lot of potential. It has a pleasant UI and works quite well. The bad: It would be nice to have a way to uncheck deliveries as I have hit the big button marked delivered by accident and there is no way to revert this that I know of. Also some deliveries do not show up even though I’ve received a notification saying they have been shipped..Version: 1.0.1

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