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Don’t make me download your app!I can’t stand that you cannot just input your tracking number online to track your package like FedEx, UPS, etc. I shouldn’t have to be forced to use your app to find the tracking the belongs to me! If you give both options my rating would change drastically..Version: 1.11.0

Typical made in China rip offSaw the add on Pinrest with the video showing a big machine swinging a 4 year old girl n been unloaded from a truck by 3 Chinese person and thought the deal was really good especially after getting 40% off the asking price so I decided to buy ($76US=$106 Au) it for my can imagine my big deception when I received a small toy in a shoe box size at a scale of 1:24 when it was advertised as a 1:8 scale!!! Went on eBay and saw the same one for $43 AU so got ripped off $60!!! The one they falsely advertised was for sell on eBay for $1120Au...typical Chinese fake advertising!!! Don t buy ,don t recommend it...and also you cannot contact the seller thru any means even thru PayPal!!! Buy Australian or American or European but don t buy anything “made in China” or you ll get what you paid for!!! Rubbish!!!.Version: 2.15.4

Why!?Why did you have to take a perfectly great tracking app and add a bunch of bloat onto it? Arrive did not get better it got bloated..Version: 2.0.1

Not usefulUsed to be a super useful app to keep track of all my packages, can’t even track my packages on it now unless I buy it through the app. What a joke I’m not giving them free commission to the stores they link..Version: 2.84.0

Big lag on tracking updatesWanted to like this app. And I do like how it picks up tracking numbers and the tracking map is nice. But after a handful of logged deliveries (wanted to give it a fair go and with different couriers), I’ve found the tracking always lags. For instance, Shop app shows the lastest shipment update of a current delivery to be from 48 hrs ago. Whereas if I check the tracking number directly I can see there have been 2 additional updates within the last 24 hrs. My parcel is not where Shop says it is. With such a large lag, the in-app tracking is useless and cannot be relied on..Version: 2.82.0

Not as good as it used to beI loved this app when it first came out. Then you guys started to try to turn it into another shopping service app! I liked the simplicity of just being able to track my packages! So now, when you open the app, you are just bombarded with all this other unnecessary garbage! And the part where you enter your tracking information? That’s harder to do now! I had to go looking for it in app rather than it just being right there. Listen, there are a ton of shopping service apps out there. You are not doing anything ground breaking here. The simplicity of your original app? That was groundbreaking! It was simple. To the point. You know, we are bombarded with ads every single freaking day, on social media, the games we play on our phones, even pop up ads are mixed in with our emails now! Don’t become just another garbage chute of an app that’s just trying to sell people crap they don’t want or need. It was simple before. Go back to that. Why does everything have to be a cash crop? Gross! After I receive my packages? I’m just gonna delete this app. Because if I want to shop-I will just use the official company app or go to the official company site. I do not need you to be my middleman by over running this app with all these advertisements..Version: 2.83.0

Skip this app and use Parcels.Update: I’ll give it to the developers, they made it more accessible to view orders with one tap on the landing page. I wish it wasn’t as small as it is, but at least it’s there. I understand they have to make a profit but I also don’t like feeling like a burden for using the app for what it was originally created to do. I like the listing system you actually use in the orders screen. The current one is awkward to use, especially because the tracking is usually not exactly up to date in the app, so I know I will have to open each shipment to open the safari view. Having the current status larger and more defined than the item name makes it hard to select a specific one. Thanks for listening devs! The app used to be fun and really useful. Now it’s just a huge marketing scheme and difficult to get things done that used to take one or two taps. It now takes around 5 or 6 and some features no longer exist. They keep changing the UI every couple of weeks and it gets worse and worse. I don’t want to see a google earth view of the package route. I don’t want to see Ads on the app. I just want to see an overview of all of my packages when I open the map. No other garbage. Skip this app and use Parcels..Version: 2.81.0

Was way more intuitive when it was called Arrive.Really don’t like the new version.Version: 2.0.0

Useless appI don’t understand the point of this app. It was promoted as an easier way to track your order. But the tracking info for my order in this app was based on a DHL tracking number, which was in turn based on a USPS number, and in the end the package was delivered by Canada Post. All that means that the tracking info in the app was always significantly out of date. It also never sent notifications about key milestones along my package’s journey. Literally just a waste of storage space on my phone..Version: 2.53.0

Good but American-centricThere is no way (on my phone) to filter items showing available to Australia. So far, everything I liked was not available. How do I search for Australian items? Also, is there no way to immediately search for something specific? I would give a one star for that, but shipping tracking is very good and convenient, worth five stars for that. So in total I gave three. Edit: After the developer’s thoughtful response, could I suggest to please state that clearly here that all features are only available for Americans, because a lot of people got confused with this..Version: 2.60.0

Pretty useless for me but well put together appPros: - Can shop through the app - Can track packages through the app - nice interface and easy use Cons: - Updates on packages can take up to a week which doesnt really help with tracking items.. - many companies go through shop for orders which is really annoying cuz it doesnt tell u the tracking info nor the tracking number which i need to track my items more efficiently. - I’m not sure if others use the shopping through this app but i personally think a good amount of items and online stores are more expensive than the company itself selling their own products. There is no reason for me to use it except to be forced to granny-track my packages, though there are others who may use it for online shopping which is convenient but still Aliexpress remains my top favourite online shopping app. Good work on putting the app together. Don’t let this discourage u though as the development is very well done. I do wonder if the tracking time can be improved though?. 👏🏼😊.Version: 2.118.0

Needs a few things...Great app, except for: 1. Needs native iPad Support and macOS support (M1). 2. Once you decline syncing with your email accounts (such as: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), it keeps bugging you every few days to sync your email accounts. This is very annoying. 3. Needs some user-first privacy focused features..Version: 2.26.0

What happened?This app used to be great, it would have all current information on my packages, even the orders I placed through other sites but now I have to check other tracking apps to get the latest information on my packages & most of the time I have to “mark as delivered” even before the app has updated the package as sent? I am sooo disappointed with what was the fastest & up to the minute tracking on this app that I only use it to mark my packages as delivered since it just isn’t doing what it used to do at the beginning of it’s launch. I loved the fact that you could actually see in real time where my packages were in the world map & couldn’t get that on any other app but that has become null & void since it doesn’t keep up to date information now. Please fix this app!.Version: 2.13.1

Missing featuresHi there, This is meant to make things more convenient and it is a good start. However... reason why I use it is to keep track of the little bits and pieces I buy and only receive half the time. This means I am looking to fix orders that always go wrong. 1. You have a contact button but it only creates a new email. There is no order number or anything that goes into the new email which makes it hard to type the issue. 2. The text on your order screen is not copyable - which means I can’t copy and paste the order number. 3. You track Gmail accounts which is great but unfortunately I don’t use gmail. So why don’t you make an email address that we can forward our emails to. You then identify the email address and process it accordingly to that users account (like “TripIt” does for intineraries) If you added this - I would be using your app daily instead of once every 2-4 weeks - and would be more likely to use you as a checkout method when given the option over PayPal. (And will modify this to 5 stars).Version: 2.3.0

Not accurateI purchased clothing from a store back in March. It’s now October snd they still haven’t arrived. The app says they were delivered, but fails to provide an order from the supplier. The supplier email attached to the app doesn’t even let me email them to ask questions. I have yet to see what this app has even done. My second purchase from a supplier has been pending for 2 weeks..Version: 2.13.1

Problem with payments with checkouts link with shop pay checkout, and bad customer support service.This app is very great, but lately I haven’t been able to make any purchases. Every time I try to checkout, an error message pops up saying “There was an issue processing your payment. Try again with a different payment method or check out as guest.”. I tried everything to fix it, I tried using multiple cards (including my gfs), deleting all my cards and re-entering em, checking out as guest or making a new account, I double check billing address & even tried shipping it to the same billing address, & called my bank but nun. I even tried going to a "Rockcitykicks" website and purchasing with shop checkout but still didn't work. Idk if it's be it's still ran through the shop app or what. I was able to make the purchase through PayPal. I tried contacting shop support but they just told me to do everything I already tried. I told them I tried everything already, and suggested that maybe my account or cards are flagged. I also maybe suggested the app is glitched somehow bc this all started to happen after my orders got canceled from another store “wishalt”. They never replied after that and I emailed them three separate times. Very cool app and helps you save money with “shop cash” but bad customer service..Version: 2.138.0

Doesn’t workI bought something online and received an email that I could track my order through the app. So I downloaded it and gave all my details and verified. There was no tracking information about my purchase. There was an option to enter the information manually but there was too much stuff to enter. I removed the app and just track my order the normal way via the courier link the vendor gave me. Much easier..Version: 2.107.0

Shocking privacy issuesHand over all your email privacy to be a customer? Really?.Version: 2.85.0

Your app stinksZero functionality.Version: 2.0.0

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS !! SCAMI have recently ordered an item within the last couple of weeks ( nearly a month ) . This was bought on TikTok and I have not received it yet. Why is that ? Do something. I have already wrote down some concerns and complaints as it being a delay to arrive at my destination, I have also paid for this item already. I yet still have been waiting for this to arrive and it has not even showed up. Has this been a mistake? I will continue to file more complaints as the days pass by, making your reviews drop low and so will your profile. I ponder that this situation can become a worse than it is should be. This current situation is overwhelming and can lead to a possible crime. It’s either you give back my item , or give back my money before you get as I wrote done so - bad feedback everywhere - ..Version: 2.102.0

ShamefulThey are associated with a company calling themselves which is a FAKE company!.Version: 2.15.1

This new version isn’t betterI’m very disappointed in this new Shop. Archiving an order is now hidden deep in the app, which is NOT convenient. It was better when you could just slide it. Also, could you show the date it was ordered? That would be very useful..Version: 2.0.0

One big adWas super happy with the app and how easy it was to track everything through it, and the amount of ads in it was totally fine - I’d say maybe a 70/30 split for orders you’d placed and ads. Now it seems like it’s an 80/20 split, with most of the app being ads so that you can “continue shopping”, and the order visibility has been scaled right back. It’s a shame, because this was a great and genuinely useful tool. Now it’s not really all that much more effort to just search emails for tracking details..Version: 2.49.1

Good StartThis app has a lot of potential. It has a pleasant UI and works quite well. The bad: It would be nice to have a way to uncheck deliveries as I have hit the big button marked delivered by accident and there is no way to revert this that I know of. Also some deliveries do not show up even though I’ve received a notification saying they have been shipped..Version: 1.0.1

Unable to track my package.I’m disappointed that it’s been over two months since I ordered my product. This app tells me I should be able to track my order. However, no matter how hard I’ve tried to figure it out it doesn’t track my order so I have no idea where my order is. Even if it took a year at least I would know where my package was..Version: 2.23.0

Good app but questionable moralsAs an app, it’s fantastic. But I couldn’t help but notice links to black-owned business, woman-owned businesses, LGBTQ+ owned businesses, Asian-owned businesses, Latinx owned businesses and indigenous owned businesses. Essentially, they’re advocating you to shop anywhere but businesses that are owned by a white male. As a struggling white male, this is very disappointing and disturbing to see. I can’t help but uninstall this app. How about highlight businesses? Not businesses owned by certain types of people. Please, stop this: it isn’t a good road to go down. There’s no wonder why white males account for 70% of suicides. You might think what’s the big deal? But examples of what this app is doing can be found everywhere and believe me, it all adds up..Version: 2.35.1

Total lack of accuracySee title.Version: 2.0.1

It’s okay.While the app is enjoyable and having everything you need under one app makes is easier to track packages, in the last few months there has been issues with package tracking. While this issue is more annoying for the impatience of myself, the issues could use a fix. Package I ordered Thursday December 21st 2023 was NOT a Christmas gift, but was expected to be delivered by Christmas Eve. No big deal it was not delivered on Christmas Eve, the issue was saying it was IN my town waiting for be delivered. Tuesday morning shows up and now it is waiting to be shipped… how can the package be in my towns USPS office one day and then be back in CA the next? I have looked at the actual websites tracking and it not once updated to say it was at my towns local office but says it has been shipped, in fact it was shipped the same day it was ordered. This has happened to 1/4 of the packages we have ordered over the last two months. Now shipping or tracking will show up, then the day of we get a notification we have a packaged delivered, others says a package was delivered in a completely other town, yet won’t tell you the info on WHAT the package was. Whether it’s USPS,UPS,FEDEX,DHLs issue or Shop’s issues, it would and could be a five star app if these issues get fixed. From now on, I won’t expect packages to be delivered when they said they are but I still will continue to use the app..Version: 2.137.0

Full of issuesSuper glitchy lately. Every vendor I’m tracking a package from is labeled as “oldschool men’s department”. I don’t even know what the heck that is but it’s listed for almost every package I’m tracking. Accuracy is off and the notifications happen hours after the actual events. Good app in theory but this one just doesn’t work..Version: 2.85.0

Very bad customer serviceI ordered this treehouse bed on 31st December 2023 and paid £20 delivery charges as I picked my delivery day, the bd never wasn’t sent out because of a bank holiday witch I understand but then for the company to tell be it’s on it way, when it wasn’t was unbelievable, I was messed around something so with noa & Nani, I order the covers for the windows and door the day after and still awaiting for them to be delivered again I paid £10 gir them to be delivered on the 3rd January I’m still waiting for them, when the guys delivered the bed he’s wasn’t looking when entering my house and broke my lobby ceiling light! No apologies or anything over all the bed is lovely but the instructions are very confusing as surely the slide should be on the same leaflet and the bed as once bed is build and you go onto the slide you have to take one side of the bed off to attach the slide.Version: 2.138.0

IT’S A GREAT APP…. When it worksThis is a good app to have when you’ve ordered a bunch of things from different sources it’s a nice hub to track all of your orders… when it doesn’t log me out. Unfortunately, I have to give it 2 stars because it consistently logs me out every day (sometimes multiple times a day) causing me to have to log back in repeatedly just to track my packages and at that point I might as well just open my email app and use the tracking number emailed to me by the vendor. You also cannot delete any tracking emails because it scans your email inbox for tracking numbers causing your inbox to become stuffed and cluttered with old tracking information. It also doesn’t do a good job at telling you when something is delivered, sometimes I’d get a notification telling me something was delivered days after the product arriving. Like I said, it’s a great app… when it works. The updates they keep pushing on this app definitely doesn’t fix any bugs because some packages are not even being tracked or detected even though I can pull up the tracking information in my email. I’m on an iPhone 13 with the latest iOS update in a major metropolitan city. At this point, this app is only useful because it auto fills your info when you buy from online vendors that support payment via Shopify..Version: 2.70.0

Response from ShopJust received bizarre, patronising & to be honest rude email from Shop Inc:- Thanks for your review of the Shop App. Though the Shop App helps with tracking your online orders, it doesn't play a role in the management of businesses you may order from, nor does it play a role in their product management. As the reviews posted here are meant to be for the functionality of the Shop App, and not for product reviews, it would be best that you reached out to the business directly to share this feedback with them regarding their product. For your information Shop Inc, I've actually no idea what you are talking about, I clicked on 'Review Order' option next to 'Past Orders', that's the only review I've left on the Shop App - in relation to a purchase. I'm well aware of the difference between a review for a shop & the review of functionality for an app! So perhaps there was a problem therefore with your app that day? Could that be a possiblity you think?.Version: 2.146.0

Added Barriers with each UpdatedI’ve been using this app for a couple of years and only for the use of tracking all my packages in one place. It’s convenient in that aspect. You’ll get an updated status on your packages in route to you within the app and also a quick link that will direct you to the shipping website to further confirm the status of your package. There are times, when the app won’t reflect the actual location or update of your package en route but you would have that direct link to show you where your package is at. What I’m noticing now with these updates is that ability to directly click on the link to the original shipping website. What used to be a simple task, is now barred with these extra steps/barriers to actually get to that direct link. With the current update, I now have to click on my package, then click on a small link associated with the tracking number and then click on the actual direct link to the shipping website. That’s three pages/clicks I have to perform just to make it to the direct shipping link. Before this update, it was just two clicks. And before that, just one click. Why make this difficult? What started off as a great experience I had with this app is slowly deteriorating with these updates. I’ll see how this goes for now, but I’ll be looking for another app in the meantime if I still have to jump through all these loops just to gain access to the direct link to the shipping website of my package..Version: 2.137.0

Loved it, but now I’m confusedI loved the app, efficient, tracking my orders perfectly (and boy I order a lot on Shopify-backed websites!). But now it’s “Shop”?! The previous branding was nicer, made more sense and was good at one thing: tracking deliveries. Whoever decided to rebrand made a mistake, but we’ll see where it goes in the future..Version: 2.0.0

Works fine, but the latest update...I’ve been using Arrive for the better part of a year and it’s been pretty great. However, the UI was recently redesigned - not for the better, I’m afraid. The main screen lists the deliveries but doesn’t have any update or location information; in order to see any of that you need to drill down on each one. Otherwise, all you see is “waiting for details” or “on its way”, which pretty much tells me nothing. It’s also very bulky considering how little information is actually displayed - a “compact” version would be better IMO. I also wish there was a way to get more status update notifications, rather than just the delivery notification. At the very least an “out for delivery” notification would be nice, just so I know to keep a lookout for the truck..Version: 1.3.2

Disappointing updateLet me start by saying before the change from Arrive to Shop I would have certainly rated this higher. Unfortunately the change has removed some of the basic, and most important imo, features. Things like being able to swipe to mark delivered or archive a delivery, auto detecting when I have a tracking number copied to enter, etc. are pretty basic for an app of this type and was surprised to find they no longer worked for me. I am hopeful the developers will consider putting these features back but in the mean time I’m actually exploring other apps. On the plus side I like the interface/UI and the wide variety of shipping providers available to track. Oh and the new carbon offsetting feature sounds great! Unfortunately removing functionality still means the positives can’t outweigh the negatives for me..Version: 2.0.0

Hi smileI just clicked on my hismile order & it’s showing up as being delivered. I have not yet received my order. The delivery driver keeps saying he’s tried to deliver the order & we haven’t been in. We’ve been in the house all day every day since Friday where he 1st posted a photo of two streets behind ours & states he’s been unable to deliver or leave in a safe place. I emailed evri giving instructions on how to get to my house from that photo. He then posted another picture the day after on the Saturday of the bottom of our road. We order online multiple times a month & never have problems with deliveries. I’m unsure why he doesn’t know how to get to our house number which is obviously at the top of the road he posted the 2nd picture of. My hismile parcel hasn’t been delivered so when it states in my orders in this ‘shop’ app that it has, this is a mistake. Hopefully I will get my order soon..Version: 2.121.0

“Are you sure option”Good app to keep orders but would like it to have a “are you sure option” when placing orders. Too many times I have accidentally placed orders because it pays immediately.Version: 2.35.1

So much less user friendlyI used to love this app! And it's still definitely okay, it's just WAY less user friendly than it used to be. So much focus on the 'shopping' part of the app means that the tracking side of things is just... way more awkward. Tucking the 'add new parcel option' behind just the orders tab and changing the place it used to be into a shopping assistant makes adding a parcel super annoying, and the fact that you have to specifically tap the meatball menu on the parcel tracking number (instead of just. tapping the tracking number box) seems like a pointless change to me. I also hate that adding a new tracking number doesn't automatically import all past tracking details for that specific number into the app, though that might be a service specific issue.Version: 2.144.0

Tracking not up to dateNice concept but if the tracking isn’t kept up to date compared to the courier apps then it provides little additional benefit. I had two parcels, one with DPD and one with Hermes and the tracking was way behind the courier apps. DPD shows driver in transit near me and which delivery number you are - nothing on Shop. Still showing 4 hrs away. Parcel delivered, no update in Shop - still showing as 4 hrs away. Hermes parcel app shows more detail on sorting centre arrival, out for delivery today. Nothing on Shop. Still showing as just ‘in transit’. Concept really doesn’t work if you can’t get up to date / realtime tracking..Version: 2.49.1

Scam company that does not vet their povidersThis company does not vet the providers of their products. They do not guarantee delivery or refunds in any way, shape or form. Do not use this app. I will be deleting this as soon as possible, if the product I purchased ever shows up. The company SHOP allowed to advertise calls itself pyjamas Canada it is actually in China and I’ll be lucky if I even see the product and I’m out $140 bucks..Version: 2.85.0

Handy but has map errorsOverall the app is handy for alerts as to when packages will arrive and at what stage of processing they are, however I’m in New Zealand and the map portion shows that my parcels are being delivered to a suburb of the same name in Australia. I’ve read through a few reviews and see that this is a common error. Would be awesome if this could be fixed.Version: 2.137.0

I Hate Your New AppI do not like this new app. It is not user friendly, I can’t find anything anymore. My tracking number is gone. I can’t find the link I used to go to to see the status of my shipments. It’s complete trash. Please go ba k to the original app. If I could rate this app with a -1000 I would Piece. of. Garbage..Version: 2.0.1

No ideaIt would be nice to know what some of my packages are. You have a tracking number with no details on anything.. how are we suppose to know what it is?.Version: 2.1.0

App was much better when it was “Arrive”I’ve had numerous problems since the app change over , hardly gives any details for tracking info anymore , no visual update for map area (where you pkg is located), notifications only occur when it’s been delivered now, no ETA’s on items , basically your only benefit to this is you have your tracking number handy , so you can go back to Amazon to check the status on your pkg, seems redundant to me.... Wouldn’t download this app anymore , back when it was “arrive” , it was amazing ! I’m never one to trash software in reviews , but when you had gold before and are now given lead, that doesn’t jive with me. If any developers are reading this, please restore the format that was there before, it was fantastic ! Thx.Version: 2.15.4

Don’t want to use my Google account...Opened up the app, and it asks me to log in with Google. I don’t use my Google account and don’t want to connect it to the app, but I don’t see a way of bypassing that....Version: 1.0.1

ConfusingI’ve downloaded and deleted this app a few times over the years. I’m currently in a delete phase. It’s just weird- when I’m waiting on multiple international deliveries, it will be my holy grail for around 3 out of 5 deliveries. The other 2, it will create multiple records- tell me I must be home to sign, but never update and not specify which company is delivering. That is, it creates ongoing anxiety. It will tell me a signature is required- so i wait. Things arrive but don’t need signatures… have I forgotten a delivery? Nothing is updating on Shop… So it’s both helpful and traumatising. I’ve deleted it for now. It feels like work, just trying to understand what the app is doing..Version: 2.57.0

This is not working at allBeen waiting for this bottle for more than 21 days and now finally arrived and try using it but I think it doesn’t work at all. It says that we need to turn on and it will bubble up for three minutes but this body only show blue light and doesn’t have any bubbles at all so I don’t know if it’s working or not if it’s supposed to do that or not just want to know if this is a real one or it’s just someone that is making money out of people.Version: 2.140.0

Do not trust thisI ordered something through this app, they take no responsibility for the people the work for as long as they get a fee it’s clear they have no customer service value or human value. I ordered something through SHAINYUKK and this was never sent! I have not been able to contact the app and the website for this shop has been taken down. I have children and this store prayed on insecurity to gain money and this app clearly does not care!! I thought doing it through this app would be safe and make naively thought I would be protected. This in not the case! Do not use unless you want to be blind-sighted and Manipulated into feeling safe! No care for the person on the other side of the screen. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! If it’s not PayPal I wouldn’t use it.Version: 2.58.0

ScamBuyer beware! The shop app is a scam. I bought 4 leggings for my wife on December 12th 2023. I emailed SOPShopCenter (the store where the leggings) were bought and asked them if they would be here before Christmas. They originally told me it would be but if not they would gladly cancel and refund my order. I waited a week after Christmas for them to come. Still nothing. I tried reaching out to the customer support team at Shop. ( they do not have a phone number). They told me it’s not their problem. SOPShopCenter ignored daily emails from me for 3 weeks about asking them to cancel and refund my order. I finally waited the 30 days to file a dispute with Shop over a merchant on their store stealing money from me and not delivering what I paid for. They told me to ask my bank to get involved and they have no contact information for the store in question. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau over this. They are looking into the matter. Overall I would say stay far away from this app. Too many shady stores on here. Shop itself has no customer support number or any real people you can talk to. Most frustrating process I’ve ever had. It’s not even about the money. It’s the fact they have stores scamming people on their app and they won’t get involved at all. Please don’t make the same mistake I did..Version: 2.140.0

Used to be helpful, but app updates broke itI used to recommend this app to my friends, because it was simple. It tracked my packages and was pretty quick in getting status updates and notifying me of package delivered. But with each app update, the focus is now shifted to shopping within the Shop app and not about tracking my orders. I'm guessing this is intentional, as my order tracking is now minimized on the main screen and the "Shops we think you'll love" and all these other shop this item we think you'll love or this retailer takes up most of the screen real estate. I couldn't care less about shopping within the app. It annoys me that I have to hit Order updates to see my whole list of things I'm tracking, whereas, I used to see it on the main screen. Anyways, as a package tracker this app is also failing with each new update. My packages status in the Shop app are a few days delayed and sometimes they don't even update itself anymore when the package is moving in transit and delivered. I used to see the same status on the Shop app, as I would on a carrier's tracking site. Now, it rarely syncs, Shop app shows old information. I have to manually mark them delivered myself..Version: 2.83.0

Useless appI shouldn’t have to download an app in order to see tracking information, but if I do then I expect the information to be more than a vague percentage. It doesn’t give you any useful information, such as where the package is currently at. It’s just “your package is 15% shipped!! 🤪” as if that is helpful at all. Horrible bloatware.Version: 2.123.0

It used to be a great app, not anymoreThey probably laid off all their hardworking engineers and developers who actually cared the functionality of their app. Because after recent update, there’s no way for you to see you tracking info after the parcel is delivered. Like what…??!! How am I supposed to know where it is delivered to in order to retrieve it? How am I supposed yo know if it is at my door step or at mailroom or at mailbox?? It used to show all tracking as is and present all crucial info to you. I guess some old man/lady manager guy from the business or marketing department who owns their own house and have a servant who collects their package, must be thinking “oh I never needed to know all that technical info, David’s got them all taken care off.” And boop the function is now gone for some “minimalistic” designs. What absurd stupidity! Shop gave it, Shop’s gonna take it away…. Well, if the app stops being great, people are gonna leave and stop use it. After all I can still log on to single apps to see my tracking, the Shop app was never a necessity, just a nice improvement of life feature. But I guess the feature is no more. Treat your engineers well, and listen to the users, rather than your rich fat head business man. If you’re reading this in a suit, I’m talking about you DA..Version: 2.82.0

Not as accurate as it used to beI don’t recall which version this began with, but the tracking is fairly consistently not the most up to date, even though the information from the underlying source is correct. And it happens across package delivery services. I’ve started to use the actual package companies’ trackers rather than clicking my way there via the Shop app. A useful feature would be to allow users to modify packages as much as we used to be able to. For example, I place an order with Store X, who tends to use ShipStation. Once the package is shipped I have two entries in my package list- one from Store X and one from ShipStation. If I want to declutter my list I have to either delete the entry from Store X or from ShipStation. I cannot edit the original Store X item with the tracking information, which would be the easiest way for the user to eliminate duplicate entries. If I delete the Store X entry I no longer have that information saved in my history. I can modify the ShipStation entry with additional information about who sent the package, but it’s limited to naming. It does not pull the original order information from Store X into the ShipStation entry. So, at this point, between not showing the most up to date tracking information and not being able to modify (or merge) packages, this app is only a 3 star app. Fix those issues and it would be a 5 star app..Version: 2.100.0

DisappointingThe app never told me no updates didn’t tell me it was already delivered it still says it’s in transit, I had to market as the Delivered then did a little confetti like it was the one that announced it been delivered I was the one that had to tell the app.Version: 2.15.4

Dependant on BreedThis product was a bit of a risk for my partner and I because of how expensive it is, and the fact that our Husky has managed to slip out of his harnesses no matter what brand we buy. So we decided to give it a shot and spend the money to try this out, although the first couple of times using it he didn’t get out, (we’ve only had it for about two weeks) by the third day of having it he managed to slip out of it, it’s not broken or anything so still usable on our walks, and I do think it would have been great for certain smaller, less mischievous breeds, but unfortunately for myself and my Doggo, this one hasn’t worked any better than any of the other ones we have tried. Hopefully other people and their pets have a better experience, but if you have a large dog who just knows how to slip every harness, be aware this may not work...Version: 2.132.1

User UNfriendlyOne of the strangest Apps I have used in ages. I tried accessing it through the Tracking link in my supplier’s Order Acknowledgement to see that the order had been delivered two hours previously. Great…..except it hadn’t. I was invited to use the App directly. The Landing Page was not at all clear and seemed to be involved more in pointing me to buy goods (from somewhere, I didn’t bother to find out where, I just wanted to know about my delivery). I did what I thought was necessary to register only to discover NOTHING. I tried using the Mobile App to which everything pointed and also my desktop computer, which needed a little more thought as I don't they they expect one to be using that route. The App knew nothing about my order at all. I tried repeatedly involving having to confirm my email address each time but I eventually gave up. I found a Virtual CHAT link on the supplier’s site and discovered through that that my order was “awaiting fulfilment”, so what was correct? I wrote an angry email to the supplier and left it. Imagine my surprise when this morning the order arrived and SHOP proudly asked me to do this review. At least I have my order..Version: 2.114.0

Veriy for legitimte website before collabrationThere were website named "luxury sheeny" which are promoting your app name to track the orders and didnot reply any of the emails related to tracking number. That was scam and want to give heads up you should check on your behalf too. Thanks.Version: 2.26.0

Best I can say is this app is…odd.I’ve been forced to use this app a few times to track a shipment from a company I like which uses this app to track my shipments. Each time I jump on board and try to trace all of my outstanding shipments to see if the app has improved. The concept is good, but the actual tracking is strange. It tracks the packages accurately in time, but not location. It will show my packages all over the country and even out for delivery in a random location. The item will actually arrive at my doorstep as indicated, but their mapping shows the location across the state or even across the country from where it actually is. I got fooled the first couple of times and contacted the shipper, but then realized it was only the app screwing up location tracking. Weird bug that hasn’t been fixed over the past couple of years so I guess it doesn’t bother anyone but me, lol. Three stars because it actually tells me when my package is arriving and notifies me when it does. Only three because I don’t like the initial moment of panic I get when it tells me someone three hundred miles away is about to get my kid’s Christmas present..Version: 2.83.0

SCAM!Ordered 2 six stack collapsible plastic shelving in December 2022 and until now never received them, I tried contacting the seller Scottkings several times and he responded once telling me to be patient and the other time responding in Italian??? And the last time he replied that it was in the country and the courier had still not delivered it for some reason, I asked for the courier’s details so I can call and find out but didn’t get a response. Lost my money, and didn’t receive my order if they ever existed. Big scammer, don’t use then as it’s a hit and miss. Just checked shop site again and it seems they changed their name to FORTREE. Don’t trust them big scam artists, the tracker always shows items not found, it’s like they vanished!!!.Version: 2.96.0

Might be great for new orders but not for existingWay too hard to connect app to existing orders from merchants. I tried downloading the app, but was never able to get my existing order to connect to it. Tried forwarding my order email to the unique email address I was given, never saw or heard anything back. Useless bot unable to track using the order number provided by merchant. Nowhere to go from here for service as no people seem to be involved. Totally frustrating pack of rubbish..Version: 2.137.0

Updates and notificationsSince the move from Arive to Shop updated tracking information has been slower or not at all compared to the official delivery service app notifications. Also, I no longer receive push notifications even though all notifications are turned on. Please fix..Version: 2.0.1

Never deliveredThis product does not exist....the company is a fraud ...stay away..Version: 2.13.2

The titanic of appsI got this app against my wishes, but it was needed to ‘track’ an order of a really cute shirt i bought. me and my friend both bought shirts from the same store at the same time. She was able to track her order and had her shirt sent to her within 2 weeks with updates from the app. i did not get any updates and have no way of tracking my package i have contacted both the original store and the Shop app help section and it has not been helpful i am now very stressed and concerned with the whereabouts of my shirt. most the shops on here are great it’s just the lack of actually knowing where my order is and the lack of help that is a problem.Version: 2.116.0

Unacceptable delivery time frame and damagedI have on numerous accessions since ordering seven of these bears for a little girls birthday party have emailed to ask when they would be delivered will no reply, I then went on the advert to say how come you answer every positive comment but not mine, and then you answer to say on route, after spending £100 with you that was taken from my little girl as far as I’m concerned I don’t know why you carried on ignoring me, some have now been delivered but not all of them. This is after the party, I would not recommend anyone buying these, they are poorly packed and one has a dinted face, so even if they was here in time one of the kids would be unhappy, I felt like returning them at the door when they was delivered but I would probably not see the bears or a refund due to the company does not communicate at all, only happy to take your money. If I saw them in a shop I would not pay more than 3.99, you would ar least expect them in a box if for a present. I would like a reply from this company at some point, but I won’t hold my breath,.Version: 2.134.2

New Update SucksThis new update is really bad. Changed the entire look of the app. The entire app is now not functioning properly. Orders that were delivered are saying in transit. They no longer have proper images or anything. I am not a fan of this merger or whatever they just did. No longer a fan of this app. Going to move onto a better app..Version: 2.0.0

Rubbish and a scamOrdered from a website that I haven’t used before, but did security checks and it seemed legit. It said to download this app for delivery updates and I did straight away because I’d seen this app advertised on other websites that I have successfully ordered from before (but never used this app). The app instantly said my order has been dispatched. Fastest dispatch that I’ve ever encountered. The store that I bought it from state that it hasn’t been dispatched yet. The delivery due date has long gone and I have emailed the seller for clarification and tracking, but am just ignored. If this app is legit and safe (don’t think it is) then surely it has a duty to not work with companies that are scams. Plus, it clearly doesn’t track anything. It just hacks your emails and security information that is in them. I’ll be reporting this app and the site to my bank and the police!.Version: 2.38.0

You are awfulI put an order through and my country wasn’t on the list but shop pay still put the order through and told me to pick up order in Belgium when I live on the other side of the world. I now have to fix this mess. Don’t use them can’t get a simple order right. Thanks is for getting it wrong wasting my time and spending my money..Version: 2.61.0

DelayedMy shipment updates are always days late. Always says my packages are still out of country when it arrives at my house. Therefore am never able to be home to receive any of them.Version: 2.85.0

Awful at TrackingOverall decent app that I’ve been using for years. However in some instances, it has no idea how to read tracking information on some sites and gives false information instead. It provides inaccurate times when arriving and leaving facilities, it had even said my package was in South America despite there being no correlation to that on tracking information or the order origin and destination. It also failed to recognise that my package was no longer in the country I bought it from. So to put it simply, never use this app to track your orders, no matter how nice the app looks, you’re better off just checking the official tracking website for it..Version: 2.90.0

Change the name back!!The name Arrive was great! The new name sucks. I don’t want an app named “shop” on my phone. Lame!!.Version: 2.0.1

Extremely Poor Service - From the SupplierThe product has finally arrived at its destination - over a month since it was ordered. Had it not been for a birthday, I would have cancelled the order and arranged a refund. The communications in the interim were apologetic, but we’re of no substance, nor had any affect on the delivery process. Once a link to a delivery system was provided, it could not be re-pasted into the website (which was a general delivery sit - not one belonging to the specific carrier). Throughout, the communications have been vague and the tracking systems clumsy. The final email was a joke, lacking any sincerity. Finally, your star system does not allow anything less than “one”. Although the responsibility for this Lisa’s with the provider, Shopify should consider the knock-on affect on their reputation..Version: 2.118.1

More hassle than it’s worth.I’m obliged to use this to track delivery from one of my online stores (they only provide tracking through this app). I thought I’d give it a go to track other deliveries, but I spend more time trying to set deliveries correctly than if I just used a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the tracking feeds. Right now I have 6 deliveries in the app. 2 are a duplicate. 2 are unable to retrieve tracking information (one of which I’m fairly certain has been delivered, but isn’t labelled in a way that lets me know what it is). 4 *i think* are already delivered. I’m sure there are ways to fix this, but what’s the point then? Interestingly one also fails because the tracking I have is actually another tracking service, and so I can’t even add it manually because it’s not a recognised ‘carrier’. The shop portion of the app is not really helpful to me; I’m not an impulse buyer, so frankly having stuff rammed in my face isn’t helpful..Version: 2.118.0

My Card Not working??So as far as me buying from other online stores and using Shop to pay through and track my packages it’s been pretty good, however I tried to pay for something through the app itself and my card was rejected but it took my money. Now the purchase was pending but I definitely didn’t like the fact that even with it telling me my “card info wasn’t correct try again with another card” it still took my money and I tripled check and then added another card and the same thing happened! So hopefully I get my money back on my card but if this is a in-app issue I would like for Shop to look into it I want to keep using your app but not if it’s just gonna reject my card while still taking my money out. Okay Update! I basically got a new card and tried that card and it work. It’s weird cause I tried another card that belong to a different user and different bank so I’m not sure if it was me… or if it was Shop but either way the problem was resolved and my order went through successfully!! I appreciate Shop reaching out to me to try and help it shows that they’re really going through their feedback and want the best for their users which I can definitely appreciate so thank you!! I’ll continue to be a loyal customer as long Shop continues with their ultimate service!!.Version: 2.82.0

Honest reviewI know purchasing a couch online can be scary and it definitely was. We read all the online reviews and I read the whole Forbes article before jumping the gun. So, here’s my honest review. The couch itself it’s nice. Looks appealing, the water resistant is nice but I disagree with most of the good things I read from all the reviews. I’d say the best thing as a dog owner is that it is 100% washable that has been a blessing. Dirt from paws I wouldn't technically say just wipes off which was disappointing. The back of the couch! Why is so low?!? You can feel it through the cushion and becomes very uncomfortable even after the very nice customer service sent 2 more packs of stuffing for each cushion. The couch and cushions are fraying already (we’ve had it for less than 2 months) and cover it with blankets when dogs are on it. Lastly, the recommended firm/medium cushions, they get quite uncomfortable. We reached out a second time to customer service before the 10 day return deadline asking if there was anyway we could change our medium firm to the medium soft cushions and we’re told we could not. I strongly wish they could have done that for us because we are not very happy or comfy on our couch. So it’s a nice couch that can grow with you but if it’s not comfortable do you want it to grow with you?.Version: 2.143.0

App opened my phone to scammersSince I installed this app and bought through it I have had scammer text messages daily. The first 2 specifically were phishing using the fact that I had a delivery coming. This company needs to check their backend safety. My phone number is now wrecked w trash coming in constantly. I have since deleted my phone number from the app (which it will text you delivery info on - not worth it) and I recommend not using the app. The store didn’t even say they would look into my complaint. It was all run by bot with no care. Poor. Something has gone wrong. Watch out. It could happen to you too….Version: 2.35.1

The worstThis has been the most useless app I’ve ever had the misfortune if being forced to use to track a flower order. I still don’t know the status, had to email the florist and text the intended surprise recipient to find out the delivery status. Completely useless app. I’d give it zero stars if I could ..Version: 1.11.0

Customer serviceI gave SHOP 1 star as I messaged and emailed this company numerous amounts of times trying to find out where my order was after payment. I was so annoyed and thought it was a scam as to this day, NOBODY still has responded to my messages. I nearly got PayPal involved for a refund and if it wasn’t for the tracking app by Australia post showing that my order was still coming, I would have pursued to get a refund. Meaning SHOP would have sent me my items for nothing! All it takes is a bit of reassurance to your customer and communication. Thank you for my items, they’re great but I’m not confident on buying from shop again.Version: 2.119.0

Kind of useless…?It’s just an app that gets into your emails to find tracking numbers and tells you what you already know. If you want to know if your package is on its way, you’ll receive an update from whoever you ordered it from by email or text or whatever anyway - this app doesn’t tell you anything more or anything less. For example, if you have an email from the shop you made a purchase from saying your package has been dispatched and it tells you to download Shop to see more details, Shop will literally just say ‘dispatched’. Other than that it’s just full of advertisements for sponsored stores. I don’t get why I had to download this to be honest, and now the app knows who I buy from, where I live and my email… :/.Version: 2.134.2

Cant leave reviews on the appI dont mind the app. I only really use it to track stuff. But i want to leave a review on an order from a shop because its been nothing but perfect everytime and i think its natural to not want to risk buying from a new supplier. You can click the stars but when it comes to typing it just dosnt respond and basically crashes the app. It dosnt close the app it just stops the screen from working. You can press the home button and come out but thats it. Its an iphone 8. I just want to raise it so it can get fixed. Ill change to 5 stars once i can leave reviews on stuff ive bought. Just think they deserve the review because theyre a great supplier of my noodles 😂.Version: 2.147.0

Shop AppLet’s start by saying this is not a review on CGL (Catalyst Game Labs), CGL is great and has done right on multiple occasions. This store is great and I can’t wait to see what they release next. This is a review on the Shop App. All I’m going to say is the Shop App could be better, it seems that Shop does not track packages very well if at all and relies on the user to feed that information to it. This is frustrating because most shipping logistic companies charge for the ability to plan your interception of your package from the business you ordered from. To make it more complicated, you can buy from shops over seas resulting in international logistics to be involved and this makes it a nightmare to track your order. Is it understood that I am in another country by their local post? Am I going to get my order at all? If so, should I expect a month long communication black out till my order arrives on my door step? It would be nice if there was an advantage in this area when using Shop. It feels like I’m dealing with an unnecessary middleman for the middleman. That being said I do enjoy the UI of the app and the various storefronts available as well as the ease of ordering from these shops. I hope this is helpful to anyone. Sorry for the rant..Version: 2.150.0

Doesn’t keep trackI downloaded this app to help me locate my packages easily and know when they are coming but it’s never accurate. I’ve ordered 3 things and this app tracks them at first then it says that they are “in transit” when I’ve already received the package. For example I got a package yesterday and it’s been saying for the past week and still says that it’s in China? The package is already at my house but the tracker is still showing it’s in China. Same the other 2 packages that are local packages that are in the same country as me, it just says they’re in transit but when I get the packages it still says that on the app..Version: 2.106.0

Waste of timeApp promised to track all my shipments. Finally said items shipped but nothing else. Received items days ago and app still just says item shipped. So much for tracking package as promised. Don’t waste your time on this useless app..Version: 2.53.0

Purchased a coffee machineVery hard to get hold of and provide support as brought a coffee machine but then the website etc went down. The only reason I brought from that store was because they were on shopapp :( what is going on ? Do you not check out your vendors before giving them access ? Over $100USD gone and no support. Will stop using now as not worth it, however other products have been great.Version: 2.95.0

Parcel tracking is not greatHalf the time it tells me my parcel is being delivered to a place in Woburn Massachusetts USA. I live in Lower Hutt Wellington (near a suburb called Woburn). So seems to sometimes ignore my correctly addressed suburb, city, postcode AND country. Unable to log a bug - the chatbot suggested posting a review in order to log this issue (why can’t I place feedback via the app? That option wasn’t where the chatbot said it would be within App Settings menu). Otherwise I find it quite handy to have most of my online shopping in one place. Hopefully they can sort the address issue out..Version: 2.109.0

My purchase from shop.I have recently purchased a camera roll keychain from shop and am highly disappointed. All I wanted was a cute gift for my best friend to cherish for Christmas, at least that’s what I thought I would receive. What I had discovered when I received the keychain was none other than dissatisfaction, when pulling the tab to see the photos I was nothing but pleased and delighted but the problem lies within trying to roll the photos inside the keychain again😔 The fact is that I could not role it back up again unfortunately no matter if I was careful or try to slide it back in some way or another with or without force it was just too flimsy and not at all functional. Look I know it was a cheep little item which maybe I shouldn’t have expected to meet any standards whatsoever but all I wanted was a quality product which I most certainly did not receive. NOT HAPPY JAN! I am saddened to say this is not a place I would recommend to others nor make any future purchases :( I am sorry that you have to receive a disheartening message from myself but I had to express my concern with this product. Kind regards, Chelsea..Version: 2.84.0

FakeDon’t buy from them. It is totally fake.Version: 2.122.0

Used to be great, now, not so muchThe idea of this app was fantastic and we’ve used it for a lot of purchases. Having access to a lot of vendors with tracking information and an optional buy now pay in installments feature was such an alluring experience. Our first purchases with the app were great but in this last year things have seemingly gone down hill. Tracking information rarely seems accurate, major delays in receiving orders and in one or two cases, never receiving our order. In those cases, good luck getting any help from Shop. It’s nearly impossible to get any assistance. I still have a product I purchased 3 months ago but never received. I’ve attempted to contact the seller 4 times and Shop twice…not a single response. We’ve also had issues with the loan options with Affirm. We were approved for a large ($4,200) purchase and shortly after we were notified that the product we ordered wasn’t available but might be in a months time. So we agreed to hold and wait to see when the product is back in stock. We waited the month and heard nothing and we’re lucky to find the product locally so we reached out to the vendor to cancel the order. In the meantime, Shop and Affirm inundated us with payment emails and now expect us to pay because the vendor didn’t refund the correct loan amount. Once again, getting in touch with Shop (or Affirm) has been a nightmare..Version: 2.135.0

Not satisfied!I ordered from here once before and had just a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I got the nice shirt I ordered but it was not finished(name) like it was advertised. But little things happen! So I decided to give it another chance knowing I wasn’t gonna get the name as advertised, I put that aside. Well after getting a delivery date I patiently waited for my new bowling shirt. Well the delivery date came and went and I got another email with a new delivery date 8 more days later. I was getting a little impatient by then but ok! Finally my shirt arrived 4 more days past the 8 days. But I was happy to finally get my shirt. This time the name wasn’t even as good as the subpar one I bought first!! Then the problem really got worse when I started to try it on!! It was like a child’s size shirt!! I’m a big guy so I always order a size bigger than I wear. But this shirt wouldn’t even go over my head!!! My head I’d NOT that big. I’ve never gotten a shirt that wouldn’t even go over my head. Well I held the shirt up and even if it had fit over my head it was way to short! Somewhere there was a big problem because it had a label seen in that said 2X but I compared it to one of my large shirts and it wasn’t even as big at my large. I am NOT A HAPPY WARM AND FUZZY CUSTOMER! As a matter of fact I’m no longer a customer..Version: 2.152.0

Never received an order that was marked as shippedNever received an order that was marked as shipped. This was pre COVID-19. Then I contacted the vendor who told me the order hadn’t been shipped. Then he disappeared. I still don’t have the product. This is a completely useless, pointless app..Version: 2.0.1

Some Legit Stores and Some ScamsI ordered a item off of a reputable store/website that i never purchased from before. When i placed my order it later told me i could track the details through shop app. I did. I received the order and everything worked out great. I later wanted to shop for a different item directly on the app itself. I seen different stores listing the item at the same price as one another. That was the first red flag 🚩 . I click on the links to take me directly to their websites and each of the 3 websites had the same items for sale for the same prices. That was the second red flag 🚩Then as i read their return policies and shipping policies, they detail how they aren’t responsible for costs and they give you info to contact them. I then searched the addresses they all gave, and they end up being residential homes in different states. The phone numbers they provide don’t work. That was the third red flag 🚩. I then started to notice that in the search bar, reputable legit retailers have star reviews next to their names. And ones that don’t have reviews to their names obviously don’t because they are scam sellers. Shop app itself isn’t a scam but their are some sellers on there that are. So find out online about the store first. If they don’t have a physical store somewhere in the USA that you can walk into, then i wouldn’t attempt to purchase from them on the Shop app. Be patient and do research..Version: 2.145.0

Good app but trackingShop is a pretty good app it’s good that it keeps all ur info so you don’t have to constantly type it out and you can ship either in app or one a prodcuts website (if it uses shop pay) Only problem I have is the product tracking. Most of the time it doesn’t update or even show an order. Earlier this year I ordered a book and Australia posts updated faster than shop. The book arrived at my house and yet shop still said it was being processed only problem though, I can deal with it lol.Version: 2.56.0

Not usefulFedEx tracking shows me all the details from the last week. Arrive shows my order but says it hasn’t received any tracking info. Useless and is being deleted..Version: 1.2.10

Could be betterDownloaded this and was anticipating a really good way to see all my packages in one go and be able to track them easily. Only thing is that over time I have used two different email addresses for varied accounts I use to shop so had to continuously log out of one and into the other to track parcels. This app only automatically downloads tracking information on things bought using gmail email address, I have both yahoo and hotmail so was having to manually put my tracking information in to get the live updates. Some of them never updated me and I had the parcels delivered and it still been ‘waiting for further information’. Not as reliable and great as I anticipated it to be and I’ve since deleted the app. If this was able to track multiple packages with more than one email address, and do this automatically using yahoo and hotmail accounts. I would be all over this. Lots of great reviews so feel like I’m missing something here but did try to persevere for a while and didn’t get very far with it..Version: 2.15.4

Tracking never up to dateI resent the way Shopify forces you to download this app before you can track your item. It automatically loads your packages from other retailers as well but the tracking is useless because it doesn’t update quickly enough. I have to go back to the retailer for an accurate update. The idea is great but if the information is inaccurate it’s completely pointless. I’ve downloaded and deleted it 4 times now because it never improves. *In response to the developers comment… I don’t have an issue with any online store. I was reviewing the app. I run a store through Shopify myself and unfortunately we are forced to use the Shop app as an add-on if we want to provide tracking to our customers. It would be useful if it provided up to date information but it’s simply not fit for purpose*.Version: 2.118.1

Loved Arrive. Hate Shop.Hate the new design. I don’t need a shopping app. I just want a good tracking app.Version: 2.0.0

Company’s can scam youHopesea scammed me and Shop couldn’t help me. No tracking was provided and when I complained they told me to contact the seller, when I wanted a refund after 2 months waited for my item I bought to be tracked let alone shop up I was told to contact the company I bought it from. The company I bought it from generates emails that say to be patient and wait. Refusing to refund me because my item is on route. But without a tracking number that’s actually legitimate then that can’t be proven..Version: 2.13.1

Can’t seem to use to trackDownloaded only because I had to track an order and it’s completely useless. Says I have orders which are long delivered pending delivery but no sign of the actual order I’m after. Wish they would just give you a link not insist you use this app..Version: 2.108.0

Terrible service!I ordered my parcel which was for a secret Santa and I paid extra for express delivery, which was meant to be within 3 working days. ELEVEN DAYS later my parcel has finally turned up !! I’ve never used this service before and most certainly won’t be using again or recommending to anyone else to use. The tracking service is almost non existent and doesn’t give regular updates or time scales! So disappointed and I had to actually buy something else for my secret Santa as didn’t want to let the person that I had bought this for down. I’m now MORE out of pocket and no refund offered for the extra money that I paid for express delivery! Shocking experience and service !!! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!.Version: 2.135.0

SCAMTHIS APP IS A SCAM If I could give zero stars I would. I have been dealing with a refund for over a month now. SHOP makes it hard to impossible to communicate with them. Once you finally get through (electronically only) they take days to respond ONLY to send you through loop after loop. I explained thoroughly that I placed an order and paid in full (one transaction) ON THEIR APP, to Cup Heaven who sell Stanley cups. I never received the cup and have yet to hear from Cup Heaven (the company SHOP) allowed on their network to sell products. All of the contact information for the Cup Heaven is invalid. I reported them several times, written several emails and everything except call the president, yet SHOP has don’t absolutely nothing to assist. I did receive an email directing me to contact the seller (Cup Heaven) even though I stated all throughout my email that I have tried to contact Cup Heaven with no success that’s why I was reaching out to SHOP. Nonetheless, SHOP is supposed to “track” my purchase plus I submitted my order number and yet they still did absolutely nothing. At this point I believe that BOTH companies are a scam. I have no product, my money was taken, and no one being accountable for this. They are going to push us back to in store purchases only in this household. And of course I will tell everyone that I can about this horrible experience..Version: 2.147.0

No. Just...noNope. Don't like you. Took an app I found useful and ruined it..Version: 2.0.0

Hum not sureKeep crashing and only use google e-mail.Version: 1.0.3

Used to be goodUPDATE: I turned off tracking notifications because they haven’t been accurate for months. UPS and FedEx text alerts are far more helpful. I keep Shop around for the widget that shows all of my packages on the way, but that has been messed up for months as well. It shows every package as “arrives today!” even if it hasn’t shipped yet of us days out from being delivered. It looks cute with the product photos for things purchased using a Shopify site, but cute doesn’t make it useful. Kip of just a waste of space in my Notification Center now, unfortunately. ORIGINAL: Before the major update that merged this into the one Shop app, the tracking element of this was fantastic. Now, I don’t receive notifications on time (delivery notifications come several hours after I receive packages), package tracking isn’t accurately updated on the home screen (it rarely shows the expected delivery date or location on the map, I have to click into it and look at the shipping agent’s tracking info instead), and now I’m unable to even add new packages to be tracked. I tried synchronizing the app with my gmail account previously, and that caused a whole slew of problems, so I gave up on that. This is a fantastic idea, but the streamlined execution is just not there anymore. I keep updating, hoping things will improve, but it’s pretty useless now that I can’t even add new packages..Version: 2.53.0

It was fine until it became a brandI just wanted a tracking app! It was great. The app grabbed tracking numbers from my email and it was lovely. Simple. Exactly what I signed up for. But now it’s a shopping app with a payment system? What? No. How did we go from tracking packages to this? No thanks. Deleted the app. You’ve overstretched and it’s not a good look..Version: 2.0.0

I’d give it 5 stars but!This bed is beautiful!!!! I wanted the grey one and it said i had to was x amount of weeks so I ordered the cream instead. Bed turned up it was grey! Which I was buzzing about but no what I preferred. Also the parts that keep the ottoman bit up don’t fit… so I’m not sure about that as I can’t use the ottoman part yet till someone can help me but all in all I would give 5 stars because this bed is beautiful!!!! It just need better instructions as some of the screws or told me to use as too big! And wiggle about the bed is sturdy!! Though so I am very happy to keep it it was the just ottoman instructions :/ delivery was amazing! Took a week! So thank you 🩷 also any tips on the ottoman part please help 😂 it’s all together correctly just to two parts that keep the bed up so not fit.Version: 2.144.0

Haven’t received my item yet not sure whyPlaced an order for an oil slick (rainbow) coloured compact jet lighter around half way through December 2020 and still haven’t received it I’m not sure where the company or the place that sends out the orders is located and if it is being delayed as a non-essential item since it’s just a lighter and had to pay around $27-$28 AUD for it which I am gonna give to my sister who collects lights as a Christmas present or now a late Christmas present, honestly I just wanna know if it’s in transit or in a warehouse somewhere since the app just tells me that the order has been placed with no other info, seen the add on Instagram and thought that it would be a cool Christmas present, but can’t really put blame on the company for delayed shipping with Corrona and everything, apps pretty cool though.Version: 2.16.2

A chocolate teapot would be more useful?Downloaded this app immediately after placing an order online for a piece of equipment that I needed urgently. The app immediately showed the item as 'shipped' although I doubt even an Olympic sprinter could have pulled the item off the shelf, packed and dispatched it in the few minutes between placing the order and downloading the app. If they did, it was very impressive. The app not so much. It stayed on 'shipped' even after the goods had been delivered i.e. no tracking updates whatsoever. Not sure why there's an option for the customer to mark an order 'delivered'. Other tracking apps are updated by the courier on delivery. Seems like as much use as a chocolate teapot. Deleted..Version: 2.31.0

Be very carefulUsed in December 2022 with no issues so trusted the app. However , I used the app again in august 2023 but my order didn’t turn up and after sending emails ,that went unanswered , i did some further checking and found out that it was a scam company. I notified the Shop app of the scammers and was told that they’d investigate my allegations, I found out that the real company had already informed them that there was a scam company on their app but i was surprised that the scammers were still there being allowed to scam more people! I’ve had to ask for a refund from my credit card issuer and request a new card in case they tried to take more money from me. I thought that the Shop app would have been more reactive in protecting customers on their app and that they should have better checks in place to prevent scammers/ fraudsters from using their platform..Version: 2.123.0

TrashApp is trash, says my package is in transit for 3 weeks but hasn’t moved. Says it’s somewhere in California. I messaged the supplier and they said it’s in Canada. App doesn’t help one bit.Version: 2.23.0

SCAM APP!I accidentally bought two UGG boots from what is seems to be a scam website, to track my order, I need to download this app. But I am still unable to track my order, I asked for help, helpless or no respond! I want to cancel the order, it said to contact the store but they did not attach any contact information! Try to find out whether if my boots are from a scam website or not, I searched UGG boots, and it came up the same scam website! I thought it’s UGG official website having a massive winter sale going on, but no, I spent £150 for nothing, not even fake ones. This app supports scam websites, they did not make sure the contact information was valid. No service at all, you don’t know who to go to when u are facing a problem!.Version: 2.138.0

Great in theory, poor executionThis app is such a great idea— in theory. A platform where I can track all of my deliveries from different carriers in one place? Sign me up! Well... unfortunately the execution is less than perfect. I’ve been using the app for about 9 months now and have identified two main complaints: 1) The tracking updates are ironically never up-to-date. Every single time I am tracking a package, I always have to visit the actual carrier tracking website to find out where my package is... Shop usually doesn’t update for several hours! Very unreliable and frustrating, especially when you’re waiting for an important delivery & it ends up sitting outside because you had no idea it already arrived. Not cool! 2) Despite linking my email, the app can never seem to figure out how to pull the tracking information from my order confirmation emails. I always have to input manually. Less annoying than the tracking issue, but still disappointing. Other apps I use have mastered this, so I would encourage the Shop developers to fix this. Overall, 3 stars from me. I want so badly for this app to work, especially now, since we are all stuck at home ordering deliveries more frequently. Unfortunately it’s just not there and doesn’t do a good job of what it advertises. Might as well copy and paste the tracking numbers into Notes and do it myself....Version: 2.0.1

Do not use!I’ve placed an order with shop and I had been waiting for order now about 3 weeks.. I have emailed the contact email about tracking services the last 3 weeks and I still haven’t received one. Angie the woman I am emailing is asking and repeating the same emails as before hand which is taking longer. I’ve had no proper response and no other than it’s finished processing and will take 2-3 weeks and then I email again after 2-3 weeks and be told again that it’s still finished processing and will take 3-4 weeks and nothing has changed and I still have received my order I have paid for route shipping and express delivery but still haven’t received my parcel!.Version: 2.103.0

Getting worse and worseThis app used to be good before it was bought out. Now it feels like one big advert and shopping tracking app. Many packages I order come from out of country and then change couriers but now apparently I can't update or change the courier to Canada post. Shipping updates barely refresh and I find myself linking into the courier site more and more. Some purchases don't register as being the same item and when trying to update or delete them they just show sales or invoice information not the actual shipping/ tracking info. I gave 2 stars because I am using it to centralize incoming items but as a tracking app I'm Less and less impressed to the point I might just delete it..Version: 2.13.2

GUI changes defeat purpose of appFirst you make it so that the actual package tracking page is not the default landing screen. Now the live maps showing your packages location & basic overview have been replaced with a static box icon. I hate this. What I used to be able to see at a glance is now buried and instead used been replaced with what are essentially ads for the things that I already bought. I use this app to track my packages in real time & very much enjoy the live map feature. I don’t want to have to tap through several pages to see it..Version: 2.50.0

A cashmere jersey that didn’t have a single strandThis jersey was advertised as cashmere, there was not even a tiny bit of any kind of wool, it was 100% synthetic. It was described as made in England, it was made in china. It said if you wanted to return it, it had to be sent to china and arrive within 2weeks and you had to pay. None of this information was available until you had received the item. It is a total scam. They have taken off the description as cashmere. They then advertised that the family business was closing down, I am not sure they have and the same jersey has popped up on other web sights with the same descriptions. You can’t leave reviews and lack of information is exactly the same. I feel an idiot for falling for it but it is the same old thing, if it is too good an offer, it IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Don’t touch them with a barge poll!!! They are a scam and there is nothing you can do, also the following week my card was used to join a gym £70, I cancelled immediately, was it them? I can’t prove it but they haven’t had a penny more!!!!.Version: 2.137.0

Has some address bugsI’ve been using this app for a while now and it’s a great way to keep track of orders, and an easy way to complete your details for orders, however I find the delivery address often shows on the app as incorrect. For instance, I’m in New Zealand but have had several orders show my delivery address as being in Paraguay, even when there is no similarity at all between delivery addresses. I also find that even though items are delivered and show as delivered with the local carrier, this doesn’t always sync back to the app. These two little buggy items currently keep the app from being a four or five star fully useful product for me, but I look forward to them being fixed in a further app update. EDIT - I’ve also noticed that quite a lot of the stores are internationally based, this is a problem when you’re in New Zealand and the lead time on a product is SEVENTY DAYS! We need a way to geographically pinpoint sellers, like on Etsy, to get past this. So the shopping within Shop Pay function gets a big thumbs down for me..Version: 2.113.0

Invited to use it to track an order - usability traincrashI’m pretty mystified by the 4.8 rating here. I bought some trousers from Spoke and received and invitation to download the app. Turns out I’d downloaded it some time before to track and order. Issue 1: It asked me to log in. I’m very disciplined about using 1Password but didn’t have are record so assumed I used Google or Apple to log in. Issue 2: You login only to be presented with a mess of adverts - I just hate this. I make a guess on which login to use and see the order I from a few years ago. Looks like guessed right. However my trouser order isn’t there. I go to the Spoke web site and see they are still in production, so there’s no package to track. When it comes to tracking orders, this app just does not respect it’s user time and effort. I can’t be the only person who is fed up with every application looking for opportunities to sell you more stuff without actually delivering a frictionless experience for the core function you are looking for?.Version: 2.130.1

Overall great but still room for improvementThe app overall is fantastic - it’s main function to track orders and deliveries, which has been sidelined in recent updates, is still its best feature. It doesn’t need the amount of content that has since overrun the dashboard - which I find isn’t actually relevant to me as some of those stores don’t even ship to Australia - but at least today’s update has added open orders to the bottom nav (about time). My main gripe is that if I wanted to search new shops and favourite new items from those shops, there’s no way to add them. There’s a search function (also in the bottom nav) but why isn’t there an *actual* search bar? As far as I can tell the only way to add new stores is shop there and add the order to your tracking list, and *hope* that the store will come up on your feed..Version: 2.77.0

Amateur Hour!I used to like this app but two things have changed my mind completely. First, the fact that I have to delete my entire account and open a new one just to change my email address is absolutely ridiculous! Clearly ease of use for customers is not a priority. Second, after doing that and putting in my new email address, the app asks me to verify my account via the new email. I have not received any verification email! Now I can’t see the order I just placed! This is a terrible, amateurish setup! Once I can cancel my order I’m going to delete my account and this app permanently! There’s too many other user-friendly delivery tracker apps to put up with this nonsense! UPDATE: April 30 Shop’s Support Team is terrible! They couldn’t understand my issue so I had to explain it over and over! Then they said they had no way of locating the order I placed THROUGH THEIR APP! The fact that this app allows you to place an order and have the money be taken out of your account before they even verify your email address is a very shady business practice! The fact that there is no password creation is also troubling. I have asked the support team to delete all traces of my account in their system. There’s just too many red flags here!.Version: 2.53.0

Where’s the tracking?I see the order. Where’s the package now?.Version: 2.1.0

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