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Better than C***gslist, but the algorithm is aggressiveAt its core function of buying of and selling used things, the app is great. Since communication goes through the app there seem to be more user vetting so less creeps and sketchy communication than on CL. I haven’t used the pay-through-the-app function, but that seems like a nice feature if you’re worried about getting scammed, especially if you’re getting your purchase shipped to you rather than in person. However, the algorithm that this app uses to create your home “feed” is obnoxiously aggressive. Click on a random thing out of curiosity or mild interest and then 85% of your feed becomes that exact (or extremely similar) thing. There is also a frustrating amount of the tiles/listings that are paid ads or take you to an outside website. I get they have to pay their bills somehow, but it’s too much. Fortunately they are relatively easy to spot. The most annoying thing though is the notifications: similar to the aggressive algorithm, I’m still getting notifications in my inbox for “___ related items for you!” for stuff I searched for 6 months ago and am no longer interested in. (I already bought my kid a baseball glove 3 months ago, Thanks). And there seems to be no way to edit or delete your search related notifications. Seems like an easy fix, Offer Up!.Version: 4.38.0

I miss LetGo!!!First off, I never leave reviews especially write them. But I miss the old app LetGo. It was a lot more user friendly. I had my own little side hustle using that app with buying and selling electronics. But now OfferUP bought it out I’m guessing and it’s not as organized, shows items you search but they end up all over the place. Stuff posted for sale from months ago or from different states, even when I change the filters to have it local only and have newest first. Also, I’d give it maybe 3 stars. But I’ve posted stuff for sale, sending and receiving messages. Now all of a sudden I can’t message anyone because that stupid TruVerify box comes up. When Ove already verified my FB, Email, Phone Number, and took a selfie of myself. What else do I need? So now I can’t even continue to speak with potential buyers. Last thing is on LetGo I took pride in my account, and how much business I was doing, but since it switched over my 5 star customer rating, various positive reviews, and the items that I had sold showing the quality of the stuff I presented for buyers didn’t transfer to the new app. So now I have to start all over again after working for hard to build up a Good, positive, trustworthy reputation for people to see. I wish they would bring LetGo back, or make OfferUP the same way..Version: 4.7.0

Terrible/non existent customer serviceUp until recently I loved offer up and have used the app frequently to purchase and sell items with great success. Last week things were Still normal but I decided to utilize the apps quick purchase and shipment opportunities to purchase some items from sellers in different states. I was able to purchase three items and two of them have shipped successfully through the app. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse when I was trying to communicate and purchase an item with a seller this week. Every time I went to submit a payment through their app with my card info it said my card was blocked. I called my bank and they said all of my accounts were not blocked and had more than enough amount of funds. I went to try another card and the same error happened. I tried logging out of my account and re logging in to see if it would fix the error and now it won’t let me log in to my account at all! The most frustrating thing is I have two sellers I need to Stay in touch with to make sure I successfully receive their items that I paid for!!! I’ve called offerup numerous times and have been left with a non existent voicemail that says “any messages left at this number will not be received” I’ve also emailed offer up twice with no response. Please fix this problem This is beyond ridiculous!!!!!.Version: 2.69.0

Customer service is down to a automatic replying program even when being sexually assaultedI had someone pretend to be interested in an item only to try to get me to meet them at a bar when I told them I was married and my husband would meet them for the sale they changed their mind and I asked why they said openly they were trying to get me alone in a dark place and when I said they would be reported they said they would just make another profile. When I notified offer up 3 times and even demanded a supervisor or real person I got the same auto reply even as a reply to my follow up to the auto reply, “we are sorry and can see when this happens as frustrating. We will open an investigation but you won’t be able to see the results we suggest blocking them”. So they say they will open an investigation but you won’t know what happens and to block them so you won’t know if they were removed. I also had a item I was selling that recently jumped in value and had a bunch of people call me derogatory names (not the small ones) when I sold it to the first person to pay. I reported. What did offer up reply? “We are sorry this can be frustrating we will open a report but you won’t be able to see the results. We suggest blocking them”. Serious you charge 13% for using the shipping service yet you earn nothing as there seems to not be a single human working there even when they e become the new sexual rapists Craigslist Btw they ask you to email them. They never reply.Version: 3.54.0

Great platform with some flawsI love the app, however, there are still some flaws in the way the services work. For instance, with shipping, some things are misleading and put the seller in an awkward and uncomfortable position. If you drop off a package at the post office without having it scanned in and receiving a receipt using the OfferUp provided prepaid shipping label, and then get notified later that your transaction was canceled because it was sent late. The shipping label does not deactivate, and your package will still be sent. However, the buyer at this point will have already been refunded. You’ll get a notification in the app that states if you already dropped off the package at the post office, you’ll still get paid. After a couple days and you don’t get paid or hear back from OU, naturally you’ll figure out how to contact customer service (for me it was not easy to find a phone number, but I did), to which they’ll say you need a receipt from dropping off the package, otherwise it’s up to you as the seller to contact the buyer and work out how to get paid. Luckily in my case the buyer was honest enough to send me an electronic payment, but they easily could have just said no, and there would have been no way to do anything about it, not even leave a negative review because the sale was cancelled..Version: 3.40.0

Terrible when you need assistanceI used Offer Up for about two years. I had mostly good interactions, about 60% of people will inquire then disappear but that’s nothing against the Offer Up App. My issue is customer service. It’s non-existent when you need help. They make it nearly impossible to contact them when there’s an issue with the app. I had a terrible experience with a seller last year who ripped me off on an electric bike that was missing pieces. I sent a detailed message to offer up and asked for assistance. They did nothing except tell me that they take issues seriously and would look into it. Nothing happened and the seller still has an active account. Then as a seller, my account with two years experience and five stars was deleted because I posted something with hemp oil in it, hemp oil! Not THC or CBD. They locked me out of the account and never emailed me to let me know. I thought my account was hacked but thought it has to be the muscle rub. I tried for two days to contact support but there’s no support. I was so upset. Facebook Marketplace is so much better and if you have issues, there’s actually human beings to assist. I lost so much respect for Offer Up after realizing they avoid customers like the plague. They could have at least reached out to me when I posted the muscle rub with hemp oil, and they could have suspended the seller who ripped me off for the bicycle, but they did neither of those..Version: 4.0.35

Getting item canceled probably by the seller or offer up.So i wanted to buy some shoes and while i was verifying some answers the guy told me “when your ready offer” i felt like it was a scam i offered the money next thing you know i waited a couple minutes then a message pops up saying the item was canceled by the seller i had this happen 3 to 4 times already i was accused for violating community guidelines which the person probably lied about and “offer up” agreed to that, my money wasn't sent back to me so i guess the seller was a scammer the seller probably has this kept going since the day he posted the shoes in my balance i only have 91 dollars. I bought it for shipping the guy declined to not meetup so I'm guessing he wanted the money online i already sent a message to offer up. Offerup is like facebook marketplace really not certified need more security to make sure on what happens to the item or the money i am really upset and don't want anybody experiencing this right now what I'm experiencing. The shoe was going around for 300 i wanted to offer 250 he agreed to it and total was 271 from sales taxes and shipping. Messaged popped up about offer up looking on the review the people that review items on offerup aren’t really authentic on what they do they agree to everything i have 3 accounts now disabled and cant get in them never using this app again..Version: 4.55.0

I loved the app but…I loved this app and appreciated how the developers has created this app. There’s so much interesting and exciting stuffs to buy for good deals. However my experience with the sellers is otherwise unpleasant. There’s many experiences that I find it unappreciative and I understand there is a lot of odd people out there to work with. For example, I saw the new item and made an offer, the seller did respond but with very strange and ominous message which I immediately find it to be suspicious. I told that seller I decided to not proceed ahead with the deal due to uncomfortable of that message. I was blunt about this to the seller then that person sent me horrendous messages. I ignored that person the right away. Also when I made an offer, the sellers are obliged to let users know about their offers already sold or take down the posts. I’m sick and tired of seeing so many similar vehicles sellers posted even after they claimed they sold it. I told this girl in Worcester after she posted white Impala on offer up after she told me she has already sold it then few weeks later, posted the exact same car. I made an offer with suspicious and she claimed it’s sold ‘again’. I told her about the same thing weeks before, she said she never do such a thing like that. This is the problem. The “sellers” like her should be banned from offer up for gaming around with the users. It’s not cool. I will change the rating when it’s being improved..Version: 4.12.0

Let Go of Let-GoSure, I’ll rate the app, since your automated system asked. Frankly it pretty well is 1/2 as good as it used to be. Since merging w let go it obviously observed a bunch of undesirable “let go” traits. The biggest one that irritates me is the way the posts are displayed in the feed. The old OfferUp search and layout was pleasing to the eye and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Even worse now the app changes the pictures for the listings by cropping the images so you can’t even make out exactly what is being posted for sale. AND to make this issue a problem even further is that once you click on a listing to see what it is the image is cropped even more. What good does it do to take clear close-up images for our listings if the app is going to pear the image down so buyers won’t even click on our listings cause they can’t tell what the product even is. I have screen shots I’m willing to show and discuss further if anyone were to care and contact me regarding this issue which will surely eventually drive users away if a decline hasn’t already been noticed. We’ll, or rather you’ll see I guess. The other gripe I have is of how painstaking it is to edit our favorites lists/boards. Can you please make that way less annoying. I have enjoyed OfferUp for years, I would like to keep enjoying using it. Please revert back to your old ways and let go of all things Let Go..Version: 4.5.0

It was a good app…This app is the best by far to buy and sell. When I first got this app, it was just you chatting with actual owners of used items. However, the feed is now flooded with stores selling their products on the app. That’s not a bad thing of course, but if you’re like me seeking for actual owners willing to sell a particular item cheaper than these businesses, searching and finding such item becomes very difficult because all you see are stores selling the same item because they upload so much of that same item. It would be great if I can toggle between seeing items by businesses or individuals or both. Update: This problem still persists and is even worse. Went to search for an iPhone model and all I could see were almost same pictures on almost every post from the same user handful of users. These businesses spam the results to where it’s difficult to find others. It’s very aggravating. At least they shouldn’t be allowed to upload so many of the same item - it’s spamming. My suggest like before, there should be some form of identifier which shows that a user is business with an actual brick and mortar store. And there should be a way to toggle between the results from these stores or regular people or both. They’ve been a lot of other changes that have been made that not beneficial to us as users. However, this is all I care about the most.Version: 4.23.1

Not a 5-star app for buyersIf you’re an upper middle class woman who wants to sell things locally but is paranoid that Craigslist is dangerous, that the buyers will either kill you or Trojan-horse your email or social security number somehow, this app was clearly created for you. As a buyer, this app is terrible. The problematic behavior is now on the seller side. You inquire about an item and no one responds. This has happened to me with one item after another, and I’m asking specific details about the items, not using the generic insta-response “Is it still available?” There are items here that have been posted for *years*. Items that were posted in the last day or two where the seller doesn’t respond. Why are sellers ghosting people trying to give them money? In all seriousness, are the items posted fake? There’s no shortage of ads. The designers of this thing have got to regulate sellers somehow. Time limits on posts that have to be manually renewed. Seller accounts that, if they do not respond or mark their items as sold, are warned and then shut down. Even better, allow shoppers, not just buyers who have completed transactions, to rate sellers. The app seems to work OK functionally. I understand that to pay the bills they feel they have to place ads and sell your data. But this is a step down, not up from what’s already been available. I will be happy to use other alternatives, including older ones..Version: 4.28.1

Customer service really takes their timeI have been an OfferUp customer for about 5-6 years and I had a second account with them that got stolen. I wasn’t able to get my account back because they changed the number and at that point I just didn’t care enough because I only used my primary account and didn’t have any important info on the second one. Months later I’m getting no views and no one is responding to my messages. Instead of contacting me or letting me know anything they just banned my account because it looks like whoever stole my second account was trying to scam people. In all my 6 years of having offer up and keeping my account at 5 stars not once have I tried to scam someone and the least they could have done is contacted me. On top of it they pretty much blocked my whole IP address because no other account works for me I even tried it on a friends account and I find it ridiculous that they went to this extent without even letting me know. At least if you’re going to do this let the account owner know so I’m not sitting here like an idiot posting things and wondering why no one is messaging me. On top of it they will still send me messages on how I should promote my items in order to get more views?? I’ve emailed them 5 days ago with no reply don’t bother using this app if you want to be made to look stupid..Version: 4.9.1

Do not use this app!Do not use this app! They favor buyers way too much. Here is what happened to me, they took my item away and did not give me the money for it; just because the buyer opens up a buyer protection case. The fact is that the buyer who I talked to said he did not really like the color of the headphones and do not want it anymore. My item matched 100% to the name and I even have pictures on the listing. I sell a lot of stuff on many apps or EBay. When the buyer opens the buyer’s protection, he claims that my item is a counterfeit without any proofs. The item I sell is 100% authentic; they come in with serial number both on the box and on the headphones itself. I have sold many Beats Headphones, and it never happened like this! This is very unfair to the sellers, buyers can just say my item is counterfeit without any proofs and my $300 item gets taken away? If this is the case, I will never sell or buy with Offerup ever again. My item is legit, it comes in with the original box from Beats and it has the serial number on both the box and the headphones itself. This is totally unacceptable, I understand if buyer does not like the item, but at least I would want the item to be returned to me. Also there are too many scams people, low ballers, and difficult people to deal with in this app. I would be better of just sell on EBay. Offerup also has high fees with you ship your item. I will never use this app to buy or sell again!.Version: 2.67.0

Great app!! Customer service needs work.Offer up is an excellent app. It’s very easy to use. It’s fun to use! Customer Service however— needs a little work as of December 2017. I had an issue with a paid for feature called “bumps” which put your items above other sellers ads so your items are seen first. It’s a really nice feature. I paid for two but only received one. So I sent an email to the address listed on the app. I didn’t get a reply, so about a week later I sent another email. I still didn’t get a reply. Then by chance while using the app, a question came on screen asking if I liked the app or something on those lines. I explained my situation regarding the issue and how there had been no reply. I asked to please have Customer Service contact me. Within a week or two the issue was fixed. It was frustrating to not find customer service contact info on the app (most apps have this) causing me to have to go search for it here where apps are sold. There’s a “frequently asked questions” area on the app, but no email address or contact form. It was also frustrating not getting a reply. About a week after the issue had been fixed, (they didn’t tell me, I just happened to find out) customer service finally contacted me. At that point I no longer needed help. It would be great if there was a contact form or email address on the app and getting a reply would be good as well. That aside, it’s a great app for buying and selling items. I found it very easy to use!.Version: 2.17.0

Love the Concept… butI love the concept, and have purchased many great items which is not only cheaper but reusing helps me reduce my contribution to the mass produced capitalistic waste of goods choking our planet. I wish there was a better monitoring system. There are so many stores on here with ads for furniture, appliances, clothing - and I don’t mean the actual officially generated ads that keep this app free, I mean stores posing as people. I also have to mention the algorithm. It needs to be adjusted. I like being shown similar items that I want - but there should be a way to see how long you’re on that post once open. Sometimes I click on something because I can’t tell what it is from the tiny pic (and often bizarre camera angles and zoom-ins) and immediately go back because it’s something I don’t want - the algorithm still personalizes my feed, showing me more of those things. Lastly, I wish you could pick a setting to view the post feed. The way they’re arranged the pics are so tiny and it’s hard to make them out. If there was an option to choose how to view; 3 across, 2 across, 1 across - it would be so much easier to see - plus I would no longer have to click on it to see it and my algorithm wouldn’t get messed up!.Version: 4.40.0

ReviewI am a dedicated follower on this app. I mostly enjoy using it & on my regular account I have many deducted followers too. I have had ALOT of issues lately. Apparently someone reported my regular account I post under that I was “scamming” them, which is total nonsense. Unfortunately some customers or potential customers do this because they don’t get what they want etc. and this is 1 main issue I have which this app is that it blocks/bans the account without investigating whether the accusation is true. I had to contact this app 3 times since starting to fix my account. This last time which has been in the last few days, offer up has I guess reviewed my account which is Piece of the 🧩 with almost 900 followers and over 7 thousand sales, and they sent a email saying they “fixed it” which it looks like it is reinstated however we had to send two emails now because it isn’t fixed it still won’t let me log in for some reason. So I’m addressing offer up on this forum now so maybe it can be “completely fixed”. My husband posts as well so we are using his now which is this profile “William” but I would very much like to issue concerning pei e of the puzzle to be resolved & quickly. Thank you for your time..Version: 4.19.0

Used to be great.I’m writing because I’m so disappointed after they changed the format to only show you stuff you have clicked on and not what each individual is offering at the time they post it. As a result I only get to see a small fraction of items and not everything available for sale like you would get to see on Craig’s List for example. Often times I’ll click on something because I can’t see it clearly and I’m curious what it is. Then it turns out to be something dumb like golf clubs and I don’t golf. But with their new algorithm they show me a bunch of different golf clubs for sale. The worst part about this is they repeat the list of items you have already looked at every hundred or so items. I can only browse for 10 minutes then it goes to the top of the list of items I already viewed some items change if I click on stuff because they shove those similar items down your throat after clicking on something but that’s when I put my phone down. I used to hang out looking at random stuff people were selling for hours. I found it very interesting and entertaining. I’ve bought and sold over a hundred items on this app. I wish they would go back to the old way. I liked looking at random stuff and I sometimes found something I forgot I needed but anymore it’s so limited and restrictive I feel like moving on to a different app just out of frustration and boredom..Version: 3.52.0

Used to work great, somehow got worseThis app used to be very functional and easy to use. Now there are all sorts of changes that make it harder to navigate and less user friendly. There are no longer a selection of popular types of items like furniture/clothes/cars & trucks. Instead everything is divided into main headings and subheadings so you have to click through a bunch of menus to get to the section you want. On the cars and trucks section for the distance slider, the setting for 200 miles no longer works, only 80, 100 and nationwide, which is annoying. The app also no longer works with VPN. There used to be a function where you could press and hold on a listing and it would show you the title that the poster put instead of the automatic title the system gives when you put in information about the item. This could be useful when people didn’t fill in info correctly or didn’t put any description. On this newest update I found that all my saved items have been jumbled up from over 3 years of saving and are out of chronological order which makes things impossible to find without spending a long time. Additionally when you archive an item people who messaged you before can still message you and then the item gets un archived and other people start messaging you again. This app is slowly becoming a nightmare to use and I really wish the developers would rollback some of these useless changes..Version: 4.8.0

UpdatesEdited review: The messaging is still glitchy with latest update, but is no longer the most annoying thing on the app, so in a sense congratulations I guess?? Since the latest update, the "Watching" section has changed to creating boards, I'm assuming to compete with Pinterest, which is completely unnecessary. In consequence, the coding got changed and now I have over 300 "saves" I have to delete in the "Quick Save" of things I saved over 2 years ago that have since been sold or unlisted. This wouldn't be as annoying if as soon as something was "unhearted" it didn't go back to the top of the list, which it now currently does. Whoever did the coding for this section obviously doesn't use it or doesn't care if it's clean with only available items or has an insane amount of downtime on their hands. Not sure why but a few days after an update it gets glitchy. For example, the last update was 5/9/17 and now I can't share an item. The messaging portion of the app needs help. Maybe start from scratch, I don't know, but it's always glitchy, recent update or not. It doesn't automatically load a new message especially when you're in that thread, you have to go out and go back in the thread. I get the cash register noise and I have to go to the messages page and slide down to refresh messages to get the new ones to come through. Especially annoying when you're trying to coordinate with a buyer/seller..Version: 2.11.12

I WAS SCAMMED ! DO NOT USE !!!!I posted a phone for sale and a woman texted me inquiring about buying a cell phone from me and insisted on me using PayPal so once she got my information she told me that she sent me $180 and that I needed to Check my email FOR an email from PayPal , The email from PayPal was stating that the money had been deducted from the woman’s account and sent to my account but it hadn’t been deposited into my PayPal until I sent a tracking number for the shipment of the phone to a specific email and once I did that immediately the $180 would deposit into my PayPal which never happens ! Once I left my post office with the tracking number i attempted to send the tracking number to the email and the email bounced back two times telling me that the email that I was sending the tracking number to did not exist, so then I went to the PayPal FAQ’s and I clicked on “ I see a payment but why haven’t I received it “ q question and they said that I had been a victim of a scam because people are able to create a forged PayPal email stating that you have been sent money but you need to send a tracking number in order for your money to deposit !!! so do not use this app because people are scamming with PayPal !! i literally wasted my MONEY and time and LOST MY PHONE AND there’s NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT !!!!! IM SO UNHAPPY IF I COULD PRESS CHARGES I WOULD !.Version: 3.81.4

No contact information for customer supportI almost feel like I should give them one star but I’ve been able to do a couple of successful transactions on offer up hence the two stars. Been trying to send a message to customer support but it keeps directing me to their help page which just has a bunch of topics that are not specific. I don’t know if it’s because the app is poorly made that’s why it doesn’t have an option to send more pictures in the messaging page which forces you to send your phone number to a seller if you want more pictures of an item you are interested in. This is especially problematic and contradictory since offerup discourages members from exchanging phone numbers. But how can one get a more detailed description of an item? Or are we supposed to simply take the seller’s word about the product. I tried reaching customer service to make inquiries but it kept taking me back to the help page which like I said simply covers a bunch of topics and leaves no specific information on how to contact anyone one. The closest I got were links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Some people like me are not on any of those platforms for personal reasons and I find it puzzling that offer up will rely on social media outlets to communicate about some sensitive matters with its consumers. I hope someone from offer up reads this and looks into the matter or better still contact me. This write up was a last resort to trying and reach out to someone from offer up.Version: 4.0.22

My location also ScammersI live in a rural area and the location it shows is not correct. The main reason I wrote this review is because since I'm in a rural area and all there happens to show on my feed for this so called "selling" app is fake people who don't even live around my area. They also decided to put their fake phone number on the selling item and want you to message them on that. I was hoping to find some people around my area actually selling stuff on here, but sadly I haven't found one real person on this app. Forget the one star it doesn't deserve stars for the fakeness this portrays Edit: I had to put in my input about selling on this app. Now I never thought I was going to use this app to sell something but I did and I shouldn't have. Now I have experienced selling stuff on other apps and this one is plain stupid. I don't know who the genius behind this app thought it was a good idea to make it where if you add a debit card the funds are not available for 5 business days. Now this app decides you have to have the money in your account for their app. Now all this does is create a more annoying problem and that's waiting for your money to hit your debit card or bank account. It's already frustrating enough that they hold your money on the app instead of automatically transferring to your debit card. I don't recommend selling on this app nor am I EVER selling on this app again. Does not deserve a star.Version: 4.24.2

Poor customer support.I reported many suspicious postings, cars in particular, and all the responses I got from customer support were generic, ready written texts. No action was taken since the suspicious posts continued. I'm looking to get an inexpensive car for my daughter and I keep coming across the same car under different posters in different locations. When I ask the seller for more info I get a response asking for my email address. I reported all of this with no action taken. It seems OfferUp doesn't care about the safety of its members. After a full month now nothing has changed. I keep reporting suspicious posters and keep getting this generic, auto response same wording responses from OfferUp. It is very easy to see these suspicious posts, the ones for selling cars with ridiculous asking prices in particular and the ones which ask for your email address. Even after flagging the suspicious posts, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to see them, nothing is done! Another month went by and unfortunately nothing has changed. The malicious, suspicious posts continue. I report some of them but these posts continue under different "sellers". It is beyond me to understand why offerup doesn't delete these posts as soon as they appear. It is so obvious to recognize these suspicious posts. Anybody who's looking for a car beware!!!.Version: 4.13.0

Worse selling site since upgradeWas an excellent selling site. It was! No more! They took over Let go and has issues. Then about month ago they tried to upgrade the site. I said tried. For no reason you are logged out of the site even when you’re on the site. You will post something and think it’s available for viewing but you’re the only one who can see the listing. Now I have to post then sign out look up the listing and seeing it is available for viewing. Usually I have to post 3,4,5 times before it shows up for viewing. I change one little word so I can track which one shows up. Couple days ago I found out everything I had posted was wiped out from viewing. Only I could see the listings. I only found out because a returning customer asked where everything went. After reposting several listings I was suddenly logged out again. When I logged back on everything I just posted was gone. Again nothing could be view. Couple hours later listings could be viewed. It was everything that was posted prior to the letgo takeover. Some listings were removed weeks ago they were back. Listings that were sold and removed were back and listed as available. I could write and write for hours about the issues with this site. Furthermore There is no way to contact a human only through email and usually you get a lame apology and no useful information and that takes days for that lousy response. If you have stuff to sell use a different site even if it costs more..Version: 4.0.22

So many advertisements and targeted content.I’ve used Offerup for a couple years and have been very pleased with the selling aspect, however this last year or so has changed my opinion of the app enough to submit an updated review. I get notifications frequently from Offerup itself urging me to post more items, bump a listing, or update my preferences. It’s very annoying and turning of notifications only stops you from receiving message notifications, these keep coming through. Also you can no longer search for something without it completely ruining your browsing experience. The targeted advertising is atrocious. Search for a refrigerator? After you go back to regular browse there’s a half dozen ads per scroll regarding refrigerators and even when searching by most recent magically people are only selling refrigerators. It’s total trash. The app used to be about helping people sell their items, but they have recently sacrificed user experience for targeted ad’s and freemium services. **UPDATE** Now there are phantom notifications telling you someone has messaged you, recommended items, etc and even when you clear them from your notifications, the app icon has a notification badge that does not go away regardless if there is a notification or not. That means you won’t know if a notification is real unless you open the app and see, instead of, you know, giving you a notification when you have a message….Version: 4.11.0

Worst appNo customer service and get scammed all the time. I tried too buy an item did not violate any community guidelines and got my account disabled. I know I didn’t violate the community guidelines because I mentioned the item too a colleague since I couldn’t buy it and he decided too buy it for himself. He just tried too buy it and got he’s account disabled. Every person I mentioned the item too had the account disabled without reason. It happened too a couple of people and I’m supposed too believe that just because they wanted too buy the item they would get their account disabled. Don’t do shipping on offer up. Half of the items are trying too scam you or worse. They hacked offer up and now me and a couple of friend had their accounts disabled. When I mentioned this too the customer service staff they said that I violated the community guidelines and offered no type of solution I was the one in the wrong without a reason. I guess getting you’re site hacked and being a victim makes you the person at fault for everything. Didn’t even try too figure out why my account got disabled no type of customer service or support for me or any of my colleagues. Very bad costumer service and very bad security. I would not recommend this app too anybody. Find some other app will be safer and you won’t have too worry about being scammed or hacked..Version: 4.50.0

Data mining app with limited functionalityIf you’re looking for a basic app that collects your data, and limited functionality, this is for you. Examples of things that don’t work well: 1) when you want to end a listing, you’re required to say who you sold it to, or that you sold it elsewhere. Sometimes I just don’t want to sell it. Should be an option to not provide them more data. Furthermore you have to separately archive the item - seems like it should be done automatically or have the option to archive more than 1 at a time, as a basic function. 2) when there’s a rude user messaging you, and you report them, it goes into the ether. They can’t tell you how it’s resolved. You’d think they can look into the problem and let you know how they handled the issue. Seems like a basic courtesy. 3) you can’t turn off notifications for their “helpful” suggestions. I want notifications of other users who are messaging me, not “suggested” promotional items from OfferUp. When I escalated this issue, the response was to turn off all my notifications, which turns off notifications from other users too. When I pushed back saying there should be an option to stop those “helpful suggestions” notifications, they kept reiterating that the app isn’t designed that way. Again seems like they do not care about the end user experience and simply want to funnel you into basic pathways so they can collect as much data collection as possible..Version: 4.53.0

DON’T GET SCAMMED!OfferUp is willfully allowing scams to be promoted on their platform. These scams can be found listed in every category, but mostly the cars and trucks category. The scams say something along the lines of “2008 Toyota Tundra AWDWheels Perfect conditions.” These degenerate scammers then try to take communications outside of OfferUp by listing their email in the description and saying it only costs $1000. What a steal! Poor innocent seniors and adults as well are being cheated out of their money because OfferUp provides a platform for these scammers to flourish in, without doing anything to remove their items. A good recommendation would be that you can only list a car for sale if you become a TruYou member. That would eliminate a lot of scammers easily. I do not support OfferUp because they could care less about these evil people trying to lure innocent buyers into thinking they are getting a good deal, but then ghost them, and there is no way to get your money back. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if a deal seems too good to be true, it is! Check the sellers page for what they have for sale, and you will most likely see 60-80 listings for the same exact item, just listed all over America so they can attract innocent victims nationwide. OfferUp is letting this happen. With no way to punish the scammers or track them, it’s not worth supporting. I opened the app and was greeted by almost 20 different scams just on the home page. This is a crap app..Version: 4.3.0

Letgo worked. Offer up doesn’t.I would sell things so quickly on Letgo. If something didn’t sell there was always interest. I would get messages all the time. Once this switched to Offer up that all ended. I’ve even payed 8$ twice to try to promote an item that easily sold on Letgo with no bite! I ended up selling on Craigslist. Also there is no customer support. They charged me twice for an item promotion and when I tried to reach out to someone to correct the issue I just got a random email not addressing the problem then a survey email right after asking if the problem was solved. Are they all robots over there? What is going on? The time isn’t even worth the effort anymore. Don’t promote items if you are going to use this app. It does nothing. Two stars because I have sold a few items. But I rarely check this app as I have better ones I’m on now. Really missed Letgo. I felt like they were more about keeping things local. So more people saw your posts. Anyway not a fan. Update: After posting this review I was contacted by customer service and my issues were resolved so I will add a star for that. I received a refund and I’m happy about that. But I still feel like since Letgo changed to offer up I get less views. I guess because there are more users and more people promoting their products..Version: 4.2.0

What a jokeThis company banned my account. They say I broke their terms and services numerous times. What did I do? I have no clue. I post just like anyone else and don’t do anything to upset people. If anything I have been harassed numerous times on this app. This is also the second time I have been contacted about breaking terms. The first time I lost my info to my offerup account and the email to recover it. So I created a new account. They came after me for two accounts. I explained it and they deleted the old account. When I ask the offerup support they only tell me my account has been removed and banned. When I ask for what I get the same automated response that says I have been banned for violating the terms and my account has been removed. No specifics nothing. A friend had the same thing happen and he tried to talk with them and they did the same thing. No information on what was done wrong, just sending the terms and lawyer talk about what you can and cannot do. Here is the joke. I have seen numerous people breaking the terms for years and years. One account is for a local furniture store. They post everything in their store a duplicate posts without removing. Duplicate posts of the same item is a violation of the terms. Their account disappears and then one month later it’s back. Meanwhile I’m doing my best to follow the rules and I get banned..Version: 4.59.0

Glad its freeThere is a reason craigslist reigns supreme. Yeah craigslist might charge you $5 for some ads but for me it is totally worth it to avoid all the spam and bogus reply’s to my adds. Offer Up is free and it is easy to upload/creat an ad. I just find it frustrating that lots of information is not required on this platform as it is on craigslist and I feel that I get a lot more fraudulent responses to my ads than compared to craigslist. Offer Up could be seriously improved to surpass craigslist if they gave it just a few more tweaks. How about this for an idea: requiring every user to pay a fee to “join” and then make all the postings free. Just a thought. I am so over all the spam and fake responses or bot calls from ads though. It would be really nice if there was a place to post items for sale that had the traffic that either Offer Up or craigslist offers but does a really good job of screening users to avoid all the unnecessary non-sense. Also it would be nice if vehicle ads were required to provide the VIN number as validation or authentication for posting an ad. It wouldn’t need to be on display for all to see but hopefully it would cut down on the fake ads. Also for vehicles please make mileage a requirement for posting. When I am shopping for a vehicle I want to know how many miles it has on it..Version: 4.22.0

Need to make some changesThere needs to be a way to remove more than one saved item at a time on boards, you have to remove them one by one and it forgets the spot you are at and goes to the top automatically. Also stop sending me more picks for you notifications it can confuse you into thinking you have an actual message or change the color from orange to another color keep messaging the same or make it red. Also make a way to remove my phone number I change my number and now I can’t access unless OfferUp sends me a verification even after I log in. I have email and password I would like to remove my number for my privacy I should have a option but once you use a number you have to keep using one. Meanwhile if you never use one you don’t need to use it as a verification. And stop asking me do I love the app it’s annoying you guys don’t even add features or changes but ask me constantly. Also a way to search by ratings and by how long they been on the app because so many scammers are making profiles the same day and are posting ridiculous offers. Also a better way to narrow down what I want to buy example if I’m looking for an iPhone 11 the 11 pro or pro max models show up when I’m looking for a specific item instead of just putting them in a melting pot make it a way I can specify exactly the item I need. Make some changes and the app would be much better it’s a decent app besides things I just named. Love the fact I can look nationwide very good feature..Version: 3.81.3

I love and hate this app!!!I love to meet in person and buy or sell. But I have never been able to buy things and have it shipped to me. I tried to get an answer and talking to a person is impossible. I’ve missed out on many items at a bargain that I’m forced to buy from somewhere else. I want to spend money on offer shipping but can’t. I do love the shipping program. I save money. eBay shipping is pricey especially when using priority, offer up uses priority but bigger boxes and heavier weights are divide into small med large. The boxes are bigger than usps flat rate and cheaper. It cost 9$ for a flat rate envelope and only 3$ through offer up. The most thing I hate on offer up is all the fraud some ppl try to do. There has got to be a better way to screen for fraudulent sellers and more response from offer up to fix it. If they tell you to send money other than offer up it’s a scam. I’ve had some say they’ll deliver it because they happen to be in my area even if they are from out of state, then they say I’m on my way just send partial payment and just give the other half on delivery. They never come. And no one will reimburse you. That’s the good of eBay they will screen through the transaction and flag it. Other than that offer up is great. Best for local pickup and selling!.Version: 4.30.0

Terrible customer service + not functioning appI had been wondering why I couldn’t ship on offerup but never researched it till a few days ago. I found some helpful hints online under the help section and I tried them all but it still wouldn’t give me an option to ship my items, so I sent a dm to offerup support and the lady was very responsive and helpful. But she still couldn’t find out why it wouldn’t let me ship so she transferred me over to an account specialist who was supposed to contact me through email, which he did, ONCE. He said his name was Arwin and he asked me if my items I wanted to ship met the criteria so I responded and said yes but it still won’t let me ship. This was THREE days ago. I sent another email after my response just in case my other one didn’t go through but still no response from Arwin. The next day I sent yet another email asking for assistance and still no reply. He emailed me ONE TIME and left it at that. I’m transferring all my items over to a different selling app because Offerups customer service is absolute trash. If they want people to use their app they should think twice about having better service and actually answer and help their customers. I read some reviews after that and saw that this wasn’t the first time they’ve done this. If they want to keep customers they should try harder and have respect for them because I was shown no respect and will never use offerup again..Version: 3.55.0

Where did all my items go!?In the beginning I loved the app. I kept very busy selling. After a month it slowed down considerably. I asked multiple tech reps if there is a problem with customers viewing my offers. The reps said they did something to my account and business would pick up for a very short time. Presently, I have lots of well priced new Halloween costumes for sale and they aren’t moving! I created another account and searched for similar items that I’m selling. Out of the 175 items I am selling, I am only able to view about 30% of the items listed. This was when I narrowed the search parameters down to a 10 mile radius. That percentage was significantly less the further I set out my search radius. In addition, I’m having to deal with a high number of not serious buyers. I waste a lot of time answering questions with zero payout. UPDATE OfferUp also consistently jacks up the sellers fee and keeps it secret. Just a short time ago they charged only 7.9%, then it was 10%, then $2 for any sale under $20... now the fees for anything over $20 is 13%! There are better sites like Facebook marketplace where I get much more business and little to no fees! Even eBay is better than this app!!!!!!!!!!! I only use this app to advertise and if I have no other alternative to make a sale. I will start to sell only locally from now on as well. OfferUp was getting less and less from me but now they are getting zero!.Version: 3.54.0

Don’t sell here. App is buggy. No live support.I downloaded OfferUp to sell a bunch of stuff before I moved. They removed all my posts without notice, and every time I tried to post another item I kept getting an error. So all my posts were taken down, and I can’t post any new ones, so I literally can’t use the app to sell anything. And the only live support I could find after searching their entire website, was shipping support. I was about ready to call shipping support after I continued to have issues verifying my phone number via text message and issues posting a new item, but when they removed all my items, I said F this I’m going to download LetGo (which I recommend). Before all that happened, though, I was getting good views and messages, and sold 2 items! So I invested more time and energy into making a good ad for each one of my items, including good photos, item descriptions, and price researching. So now I have all these really nice ads, and people are interested, then they all get taken down without notice, and I can’t post new ones. Neat. I guess the one good thing OfferUp taught me was to write my ads in Notes and to save my photos, instead of storing everything on the app, which means you’ll lose everything when they randomly decide to remove all your posts! Therefore, I just wouldn’t waste your precious time trying to sell anything on this app, and I’d recommend LetGo. Thank you for reading..Version: 3.58.0

IntegrationThe one thing that should have been at the top of the priority list is giving existing clients access to a support staff! Not done! Reading worthless articles is annoying! Just go ahead and tell me... I will never be able to access my letgo chats again right? This will ruin my legal case! As well as my chances of completing a deal with someone that I have no idea how to contact any longer! Both apps were very good for their purposes! Quite similar too! Why you think it is more important to explain how to list or buy on OfferUp, is a mystery! Frankly, anyone who has done anything on one, will have no difficulty doing so on the other! With the lack of proactive intelligence used and important details left out, I have to say that this merger might go down as the absolute worst integration of two companies/services/information in history! The simple fact that the items about which you chose to educate everyone, are completely mundane and self explanatory, really sheds light on how low budget the operation will be from here on out! This idiocy has really screwed me up! I guess I’m done! The only positive is, I now only have to delete my account from only one place! I can’t help but picture your boardrooms filled with children with crayons, attempting to coordinate and plan out this merger! I’ll stop drilling home the obvious now. You guys have got to be quite embarrassed already! For the 5-10 people who haven’t used either. You’ll enjoy the app!.Version: 3.81.4

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