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Satisfied but a few issuesI am overall very satisfied with the app and take it basically every day. However, I have had 2 issues recently that if fixed would make it AMAZING. I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. I have no problem walking a few blocks, however sometimes the place I’m walking to is not possible for the driver to get to without going very out of the way. There have been a lot of updates to traffic patterns in NYC in the last 6 months and I don’t think uber gps has been updated with these. (Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th street - this is my typical pickup location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving around the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear). The other problem which is a recent one that has happened the past 2 days is that I get matched with a very convenient driver, walk to the pickup location very happily and then they cancel. The next drivers (multiple) I am matched with are extremely far away (up to 10 minutes) and I am forced to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am now late. Drivers should not be able to cancel when they are that close to picking up their rider, especially with uber pool where that person has most likely walked decently far to get there..Version: 3.349.10001

Over ItIt’s been a good run but I’m over it. As of recent, I keep having to order my rides 20-30 minutes early to get to work on time and even then, I don’t get to work on time. People are so in a hurry to accept a ride that they accept rides knowing they are 30 minutes away and in the middle of dropping off someone else instead of letting the ride go to another person. I watched a person PURPOSELY drive in the opposite direction of my pick up location after they dropped off the other passenger (this was after I waited for about 15 minutes). It went from 13 minutes away to 28 all because the person seemed to keep driving home instead of just cancelling. That’s ridiculous! The day before that I had another driver who decided to accept a ride knowing they were 30 minutes away and I ended up cancelling because even when 15 minutes passed they still hadn’t dropped off their other passenger. I tried to hold on because I love Uber and it’s perks, but it’s not worth it with the recent surge of crappy drivers. There’s no support number and I couldn’t even report the person who drove in the opposite direction of my pick up location. I’m done. Account deleted. I’ll be with Lyft from this point forward and I hope to have no issues..Version: 3.441.10005

Option in settings for miles/kilometers and currencyWhen I am using the Uber app in a different country, such as Australia and Mexico, as I have been to both in the past three weeks. I really wish Uber would give you the option of seeing miles instead of kilometers, and also American dollars currency. I would have used Uber sooo much more it having that option to change in settings. For example, I used it today in Mexico. I wanted to go to a certain store. I put it in the Uber app, and it showed around $40, I thought it must be really far. Looking at the map, it showed kilometers. Then I noticed it was showing the cost in pesos. I had no idea how far it really was, or what it would charge me in American currency. SUCH A PAIN. The ride ended up being not so far, and only around $3 American. Then the top popped up, I clicked on $5 thinking it was a couple of dollars. Later my daughter figures it out and tells me that the $5 only ended being like twenty four cents. I felt so bad. UBER really needs to make a setting that you can choose what you want your miles/kilometers and currency to show. I seriously would be using it more here in Mexico, but too difficult because I can’t see what it’s really going to cost me, and clueless on how far of a distance it is..Version: 3.356.10001

I hate the updateI love Uber and usually have great experiences but the new update keeps placing my initial location at the wrong place and keeps changing where it thinks I am. This means my set price is more than it should be because even when I say my correct location it doesn't update the price even though I'm way closer than it thought I was. Also you should be able to complain about drivers who cancel on you. I waited ages only to have the driver call to ask where I'm going then cancel because he decided he didn't want to take me there. There was no way to actually complain about him and as soon as he cancelled his info was gone so I couldn't grab his details..Version: 3.268.10002

😊 Uber RatingUber is doing excellent but I think it should be cheaper. because we have to add tips for the uber drivers. after adding tips, the amount is same as a taxi would charge. And I wish Uber would allow Uber riders to choose the Uber drivers they would want rides from. that would be excellent..... I commend Uber for providing excellent service. & I can see Uber is improving all the time because I see new changes each time. I like the stop feature. that's clever, excellent. I'm not complaining. I'm simply giving some suggestions..... other than that, that's excellent service...... I wish there was Uber for everything. because there are people who are independent but still sort of disabled, who don't have any help from family or anyone because everybody is busy working. sometimes they need someone to do errands for them for groceries. if an Uber worker could do some groceries or miscellaneous tasks too. that would be awesome......some people don't have a car to work or lost their car temporarily. it would be nice if there was a special rate for individuals who need to get to work who can't afford a rental for two, three, four months......just like when Uber created uber eats which is very good! 🤗.Version: 3.322.10004

Drivers are great but map is horrendousAll of the Uber drivers are professional and easy going. But I must say they follow the map on the app religiously even though it is ridiculously wrong at times. Start in North Sydney to go to Eastern Suburbs - map tells driver to go North on the highway (completely the opposite direction). Eastern Suburbs to North Sydney - map tells driver to go past the North Sydney exit to take following exit, then come back South for no apparent reason (wasn’t traffic or construction). Most recent time, I could see the drivers map and it wasn’t even the same as what the Uber map was showing me on my phone. I would write directly to Uber on this but they don’t appear to have that ability in the app to write feedback (or I’m just missing it).Version: 3.419.10001

Generally goodThe app is generally good, but there seem to be 2 problems. The worst of these is that very often a driver seems to be allowed to accept a job whilst on the way somewhere else - and somewhere further away, not on the way towards me. And even though UBER knows this, they keep it a secret from us users so we don’t have the necessary info to decide whether to accept this situation. Let me clarify. I open the app and I see drivers very close, presumably they are available, right, or why else show me. The driver that accepts might be 3 minutes away, but then he is 4 minutes away, and then I watch as he drives further and further away. The point is that now if I cancel, I will get charged! This cannot be the best way to do this! If UBER had told me that this driver has not made his drop off yet, I could have chosen whether to accept or not. But they don’t seem to like me choosing. Also, the pickup points are always at least 20-30 metres away from where I am, but sometimes more, so when I try to change the pickup point, it tells me that it is outside the area! And I have not taken a single step since switching on the app! So do I cancel? Or do I walk?.Version: 3.302.10003

Generally a big fan of Uber - few things to think aboutI use Uber almost every day and find it a huge help in getting me places I can’t during a hand injury, which makes driving tough. That being said, perhaps Uber can provide some guidance to drivers to not start a ride before the passenger gets to the car (I have had a frequent increase in drivers starting the ride when they arrive even if I’m still walking outside from my building or stuck in an elevator for an extra minute). This is tricky because the app stresses checking the license plate before getting in the car, but if the ride has started, then I can’t confirm the make/model of the car and the license plate. As a single woman hoping into stranger’s cars, I like being able to confirm that I’m riding with the right person before entering their car. Could you please provide guidance to drivers not to start a ride before the person gets in the car (ideal option) or add car info so that it is easily accessible once a ride has started so that if they do, I can still confirm I’m in the right car (back-up option)? It would definitely make me feel better being able to confirm, especially now that the app pushes confirmation of license plates so much..Version: 3.357.10002

Pleased for the most partMost of the time I use Uber over Didi and Ola as there are more drivers on here, mostly been pleased with my drivers, usually arrive very quickly. However I think the Uber Rewards system could use some work if it had better rewards. The rewards on it aren’t significant enough to encourage more usage. Maybe even adding free delivery occasionally to Uber Eats, more frequent discounts etc. Feel as if I should be rewarded a little more if I’m choosing Uber over other competitors. Overall though, quite pleased with Uber..Version: 3.508.10002

OptionVery personable and polite service and also dropped me at slightly different spot from booking, as requested. One criticism is driver took a longer route to save time as it was rush hour. I wasn’t asked about the alternative route and consider it actually lengthened the journey time and length a little. I could be mistaken. But I would have liked the option to choose the route..Version: 3.351.10002

Resisted, now convincedResisted using Uber until conventional taxi companies told me there was an hour and a half wait. Uber arrived in 12 minutes precisely and I could track my rides progress towards me. What’s more the ride was clean friendly and efficient and just under half the fare I would usually pay. Uber all the way now for me..Version: 3.340.10001

Left row sit for 23 minI booked a trip and was confirmed that a driver will be there in 6 min, than 5 min suddenly 8 min and after all this waiting time I was advised driver can not come please try again! I did and the same extended waiting time happened again ! Finally After 16 min I got a message that the driver had arrived! Only I could not see any one at the confirmed pick up point and apparently the driver left not being able to find me! Each time i was changed $ 7 cancellation fee!! I called Über Not sharing; the confirmed arrival time of 5 min extended to 10 min! I had a medical treatment appointment at 3 pm! I started to call for a ride st 2:21 and finally arrived at 3;3o ! I had to pay the full fare and had only 15 min treatment left of a 45 minute treatment costing me $ 80.— I aspect that all the charges will be refunded to me and by right I should get the paid 30 min. Treatment refunded as well !!.Version: 3.322.10003

Honest uber driver!Just when I thought this World lacked good and honest people, I met a driver named simply “Ever” he was a nice and personable and talkative and just a genuine person. After dropping me off at my home I realized I had left my cell phone along with my credit cards in his vehicle! Right away I asked my wife to call my phone and “Ever” promptly answered. He knew the reason why my phone was ringing off the hook and he answered. He was not very far from my location and imidiatley returned the phone and wallet back to me. I am so appreciative to him and the person that informed him of the possible lost phone in his back seat. So not only do I want to thank Ever but also the person the informed him of a lost phone and wallet tonight. THANK YOU UBER, THANK YOU “EVER” and thank you to the person who actually informed my driver that someone had left their phone and wallet behind. It’s hard to find more honest people now a days and when you find people like this it gives you hope and makes you recognize that there are still very good and honest people still in this world! So Thank you Ever and the person who informed him of my loss tonight and thank you for your honesty. May god bless you🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼😳.Version: 3.336.10001

Essential service but dodgyUber is my go to transport solution for personal and business trips in any city in the world where they operate. Unfortunately the lack of ethics of their founder CEO does permeate the business so you will need to watch out for dodgy charges, drivers who accept jobs while busy doing other things and drivers who cancel pickups because a richer job comes up..Version: 3.271.10001

Well impressed!!From my own point of view, I have nothing but positive thoughts about this service; perhaps I’m biased; being a first time user. I have been suitably impressed with all the driver’s I’ve interacted with, by delivering me to my destination in the shortest space of time. Therefore I’m proud to give this review in this sea of negativity.Version: 3.382.10007

Keeps charging company accountGreat app overall, but having two accounts (personal and a company account) within the app is really annoying. The default must have switched to my company account the last time I updated the app and since I never consciously changed it, I ended up with several personal trips charged to my company account until I noticed it. It’s great that you can switch so easily between them but I don’t appreciate the automatic swap of the default option, also you miss the icon on the top right way too easily so I think it would be very helpful if the app would quickly warn you every time you’re using the company account..Version: 3.266.10002

Yeah !Works great. Thanks for the update to the gps setting.Version: 3.260.3

Hmm...I have been an Uber customer for over a year now and although I’ve continued to use it, there have been multiple problems I’ve encountered. Reckless driving, drivers asking me if they can drop me off in a different location to what I requested, drivers not knowing where to go etc. plus the live location on the Uber app never seems to pick up my location accurately. I’ve had drivers go to the wrong location because of this which has left me in a very stressful situation. It’s handy for when you’re needing a quick trip somewhere, however it all depends on who you have as a driver is my opinion. Uber has been really good with refunding me for all the complaints I’ve put forward which I respect and this is why I am rating 4 stars..Version: 3.320.10004

Uber sending car to wrong pick up addressMy ride today was $8.00 but later I discovered I’ve been charge four dollars & few cents for waiting. It wasn’t my fault if Uber send the car to the wrong address, I’ve been very happy & sometimes I understand that peak times they double the price. Now I’m not happy about the service at all. Very disappointed 😘.Version: 3.344.10002

Tap tap tapQuick easy reliable while cost effective..Version: 3.316.10002

Driver very disappointingWe have never had a bad trip with Uber ! Until today ! Our driver was a very grumpy very very unhelpful and told us nothing about Prague at all, we would ask him a question and be almost angry with his answers . Very disappointed indeed as we know what most other uber drivers are like. Sad sad.Version: 3.355.10002

Great app, be cool if rating notification to you to the correct page straight awayOnly prob is sometimes after a ride I click my notification to rate the driver quickly before catching a flight, and it doesn’t take me to the ‘rate page’ just reopens the app. So if I’m late (which is often) I won’t have rated the driver straight away, and sometimes forget to do it later..Version: 3.348.10002

Cancelled Trip by driver who never showed upI didn't cancel the Uber driver did my wife was waiting to be picked up and when he never arrived I clicked on the Uber app it said the driver cancelled the job and I then had to reorder. I don't think it's fair to charge me for a trip the driver cancelled and he never tried calling me or said anything. My wife called me after waiting more than 15 minutes and nobody arrived I am otherwise very happy with the Uber service and I don't even have a bad comment about the driver who cancelled for whatever reason I did have to turn off my location cause Uber kept trying to send me the car instead of letting me choose a pick up address. THAT MIGHT BE ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE BUT VERY MINOR ISSUE ,The driver never showed up and waited he just cancelled my wife was out front waiting?? Yours sincerely Michael Ogden.Version: 3.347.10001

Awesome experienceThis is my first experience using Uber and I will definitely be using it again in the future. I felt very apprehensive at first , I didn’t know what to expect . This has now changed since using the service a couple of times. Thank you for making the app easy to follow and sign up to. Cheers :).Version: 3.362.10004

Things to focus on!Uber is definitely my go to app for a cab. However, there are things I would like to see improve - body odour is not ok, please try and convey to your drivers to pay a greater attention to personal hygiene or even just use deodorant/cologne - follow road rules, I have had drivers go the wrong way in a one way zone to get to the destination quicker. Fortunately nothing has gone wrong yet but I wouldn’t want to be stuck and waste more time cause of someone’s ignorance..Version: 3.318.10001

Never had a bad experience with UberI have not used Uber extensively in London, but when I have used them, there has been no problem, I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, and the cost is very reasonable. All the drivers have been very polite and friendly and we have had some really good conversations. My last driver was really good because he got me to City Airport from Woolwich Arsenal, when I found out that the DLR line was closed at the weekend, and I was still able to catch my flight. If he hadn’t taken a sort cut to join the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel at the nearest point and we had queued on the approach road instead, we would never have made it in time. He was from Nigeria, but had lived in London for many years. It helped that I had visited Nigeria many times on business, so we had plenty to talk about, but all of the drivers I have used have been equally interesting to talk to. It helps to pass the time and get me to my destination on time!.Version: 3.320.10004

Charged for wait time when Uber at wrong locationI ordered my Uber and was ready at the ordered pick up point but the car wasn’t there. It turns out his Sat Nav had picked up my location incorrectly and the driver was waiting on another street. At night that’s scary enough, and makes me nervous to use Uber for my teenagers. I wasn’t happy to find I’ve been charged extra for Wait Time when the fault was not my own. It would greatly help to be able to check the Pick Up address on the app after ordering so you can check it is correct and prove your case when required!.Version: 3.354.10003

UpdateI really wanted to like this app. I downloaded it on my Holidays (Spain). I booked the taxi to take us to Marbella. For what ever reason the taxi driver went the wrong way, even though the pick up point was clearly displayed. Next thing the taxi was cancelled.I booked another taxi and the same driver picked me up ten minutes later. The price quoted was £13. I clarified this with the driver to which he agreed. When I arrived at my destination I paid him cash, like you do with any other taxi, I even tipped him and gave him a good review. One hour later I received an email saying that 23 euro(20 euro fair plus 3 euros cancellation charge)had been deducted from my PayPal account. So what was a 13 euro fair turned into a 33 euro 5.6KM trip. It was probably my fault, but why is the app a mine field of hidden charges. Why did the driver lead me to believe I should pay by cash! I seriously felt like I’d been mugged. I sent a query and no one has gotten back to me. And to top it off the euro to GBP is lousy. I caught a bus back. Total fair 1 Euro 95 c. I’ll be deleted the app. Shame really it could have such potential. Update: Uber have refunded me the fair. So I can’t really complain. I will give them another try:).Version: 3.352.10002

What a good service, despite all the business challengesAt its base, Uber does a good job of getting you round a strange city. There might be stuff going on in the Uber business that are pretty poor but that can’t alter the fact that they do something really useful that taxis have failed to meet for years..Version: 3.342.10000

I want a simple/small PDF receipt for business expensesI like using UBER, it is so much faster than a taxi ride with the way payment is already completed — BUT for my business expense claims I need a simple/small PDF with the details (not the drivers face and other irrelevant info ... ) just the essential stuff: - date&time, merchant-Uber, price, tax, total and the trip details.Version: 3.382.10007

Remove auto card defaulting based on last tripIt’s great that the app allows more than one credit card to be set up. But it should not be auto defaulting to last card used. It should require the user to choose which card to use to prevent inadvertent charging on the wrong card especially when you have separate personal and business credit cards..Version: 3.318.10001

Uber’s getting too greedy and deceitfulVery disappointed with the way Uber has hidden the surge pricing now. It used to be very clear what the surge amount was and you had the opportunity to accept or decline it. Now it’s built into the fare estimate which is ok if you know how much the basic fare would be and can calculate how much the surge amount is to then decide if it’s reasonable value or not. When it’s especially NOT ok is when you don’t know what the basic fare should be (eg. visitor or tourist not familiar with distances in a new place) and you just have to accept the fare even if it’s a high surge amount. I understand the business logic in having surge pricing but I don’t like the way it’s being hidden instead of being clearly displayed like it used to be. Drivers don’t seem happy with the way it’s going either. Uber was a fantastic idea and still can be if they stop being deceitful and greedy to their clients and their drivers. Please Uber, put the surge pricing back in a prominent place on the app like it used to be. Aussies (especially) don’t like being tricked or cheated and we’ll change to other transport options if you keep doing it the way you are..Version: 3.298.10000

Uber is like the Bitcoin trend, it will eventually be of little to no value.I too, was sold on the idea of cost effective ride sharing. Until these past two years Uber has been in the news media almost daily, of a sexual assault, or involvement. Beyond that, I was an uber driver that got approved to drive in the Flagstaff market June 2016, while Lyft denied me. After 4700, trips and a high rating of 4.96(5 is the highest) I got waitlisted after Checkr decided to consider the charge that was there in my background when I first got approved. Having said that, my hopes of the future with uber, is out. As well, support, and praising their company. It is simply a get rich scheme they tried on us general population that’s costing them millions of dollars due to lawsuits, not really being covered by their ride share insurance while technically it’s illegal for us drivers to use our vehicles without our own commercial insurance. In addition, it’s illegal to use a personal vehicle for business use under a financial loan. If they find out, just like your insurance provider, you will not be covered and held responsible for violation. Please, general population, do not use uber because technically you’re not covered if something happens..Version: 3.275.10000

TippingWhy can’t I add my own tip amount instead of chosing the options that Uber gives ? Also, why does Uber take a cut of the driver’s tips ? All 100% of the tip should go to the driver.Version: 3.351.10003

Driver ratingsNYC drivers with lower than a 4.7 rating should be placed on temporary probation. Drivers with lower than average ratings are a risk to the company profit too. I’ve been treated rudely, ignored, and basically told by some drivers, they dont want to follow the customer recommendations or request navigation route.. With all the cultural differences in drivers, some drivers don’t want to listen to women & I honestly don’t want to get in a car with a driver with low ratings. Please ask drivers to maintain clean cars, I shouldn’t have to sit on another mans trash. Please ask drivers to ask customer if AIR conditioning and no music/music is ok. One driver didn’t one to turn on music for a 45min ride, I was losing my mind in the awkward silence. All Uber drivers should have iPhone chargers for customers. Uber drivers should not stare down women in the rear view mirrors, or turn ALL the way around while driving to flirt with customers— there simply should be some company rules for workplace harassment inside the Uber car. There should be a feature in the Uber App that allows customers to indicate if / when they are rushing to a destination, so drivers can know in advance if they need to drive more strategically around traffic or drive a little faster within the speed limits..Version: 3.271.10001

Livid at the service…Clearly I need you all more than you need me, it’s frustrating for the riders as I’m sure it is as well for the drivers to have to driver a certain distance to pick up the riders… but my frustration comes from the simple fact that lately everytime i get a ride and they arrive, THEY NEVER HIT THE “I have arrived button” or however that works. I just had a lady I messaged multiple times before she Arrived and she never responded. It’s a lot of occurrences where the drivers don’t communicate or respond back or even let you know they arrived, or if they’re having trouble finding the exact location they won’t even reach out. Ultimately me writing this review is me asking for y’all’s team to at least make it so that the drivers have to hit that “they have arrived” because I now believe a lot of drivers are just waiting and missing rides on purpose so that they get the money or a cut of the money. I have already lost a good bit of money because the drivers aren’t compassionate and only care about making a buck instead of bettering their service so they are seen truly as good Uber drivers that care. MAKE THESE PEOPLE SAY THEY HAVE ARRIVED AT THE EXACT LOCATION DISPLAYED ON THE GPS!!! Thank you.Version: 3.497.10002

Your driver awaits youI have been using Uber for three years now, my son works in the city of London and had been raving about the service delivered by Uber drivers for quite a while. I used a local firm but every time I booked in advance the cab would come late or not at all, so I decided to try an Uber car. The service since I started using Uber has been first class and it is so easy to book a car and I have been in a variety of cars, all have been first rate, five star service throughout and the prices are very reasonable. Oh I forgot to mention, I am a wheelchair use having lost my leg in 2014, Uber can provide special vehicles for wheelchair customers but I have never found the need to use them, I can get myself into the front of all the vehicles generally used by Uber and once the drivers understand how my wheelchair fold up it’s minutes before we are on our way. Uber really is fantastic, a welcome addition to London’s transport system. Why don’t YOU give them a go..Version: 3.271.10001

Always on tracking. Gone!They removed always on tracking, 5 stars!.Version: 3.260.3

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