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Easy accessThis load board makes moving and booking loads easy with being able to see appointment times and pick up and delivery locations before you book. No need for factoring, UBER pays within 7 days most of the time. Customer support is awesome. I like not having to front the money to pay lumpers fees. They take care of that right over the phone. The only 2 things I wish was different is the ability to bid on a load in the app and to start the detention in the app. (You do need to pay attention to the rates. They do start off low sometimes.) I believe this app is a must have in an owner/operators business toolbox..Version: 1.45.10000

Ability to place a bid/offerPlease, please add the option where we can place bids/offers though the app, many times there is a right load at the right location, however the rate is under the . Currently the only way to place a bid is to call in and talk to a live person which might take a while to get a hold of somebody, it just a waste of your and our time..Version: 1.47.10000

Just AwesomeI used the Uber Freight App since the month it came out. It was great then, and it has evolved to a level of perfection that is second to none! They have a great network of shippers that is growing rapidly. In case there should be an issue that can not be resolved within the app, there is a highly motivated team of professionals available 24/7! ohh, the wait time in case you call... most of the time you talk to a team member right away. no wait! look at the loads, see one you like, at a rate you like, book it with a click in a second. I would not do it any other way anymore! Ferdinand Heres Heres Transport LLC.Version: 1.45.10000

BEST LOAD BOARD APP EVER!This is the BEST load board app ever! It is great for new people learning how to work the load boards or need help with rates! I worked with Shachar and he was very easy to work with, not rude or fast talking just pure HELPFUL! The app people are also nice and friendly to work with and email back FAST! I am so HAPPY they contacted me about a local load and had me download this app! Download it and take the time to call and set up account you won't be disappointed!.Version: 1.6.0

Personal shipperI couldn’t find any place to ask a question. Hopefully this will work. I was trying to sign up to ship just a very small personal load from Arizona to New Jersey. All I could find was a form to fill out for a company. Is that all you do?.Version: 2.6.10000

OwnerUber team! Please add bidding option to this app, you have to be competitive with other load boards providers. Each time I want to book a load, I have to call Chicago office and negotiate. And now I noticed that most of the brokers in your team becomes ignorant, don’t want to negotiate and hand up the phone. Every time run in a problem with pickup or delivery, Uber team is useless! You guys were Number 1 in the passed, now it’s really hard to work with you, because lots of deception and NO help. Please solve this issue! Thanks.Version: 1.57.1000

Needs some improvementThe app works good. It needs a button for “LOADED” and “UNLOADED”, like some other brokers have on the apps. That will tell you the status of your load, and not just a location where you are. And will eliminate annoying phone calls from India where they can’t speak English without heavy accent. You have no idea what they are talking about. Like many reviews mentioned here, the customer service is the biggest problem with Uber Freight. It’s impossible to resolve any issues with a load no matter what the issue is..Version: 2.41.10000

Updated version is not showing load properlyI have updated my app and it started not showing load information. Looks like phone screen broken. Then hit on the load its shows proper information. Uber need to fix this..Version: 2.43.10000

OwnerI've been with Uber for about 3 years now. And I have to say my overall experience has been good. Off course a few bumps and inconvenience along the way but that expected from a new company. I love the way they pay the no haggle on loads is the best for me. Now work on getting some good road trip loads without a lot off wait time in between and where married. I pull for a few places but only if I can't get my U er load..Version: 2.55.10000

AwesomeI love this app, makes it easy for me to book ahead, they seem to always be on top of the game, done about 4 loads with them haven’t had any issues. Thank you Uber for making things easier..Version: 1.11.10000

So far so good!I love that you can see all the load details. It cuts down on wasting time calling brokers to try to negotiate rates. Or bidding!! With Uber it’s straight to the point. The loads are normally worth the rate. But lately... not so much. At least for the longer hauls. I hate that they show you loads picking up so far away. Would be nice to set your deadhead limit. We haven’t had a problem with customer service. I have a rep (Monique) that I work with when I have an issue and she is AWESOME! Super chill to talk to..Version: 2.8.10001

Set password before to log inEasy to use but there is a issue, any body can log in as administrator using the administrator phone number, as administrator of my fleet, i need to set a password at the time to log in.Version: 1.46.10000

They need a option to put a after phoneI love working with them but my only problem is they can only put a cell phone number as dispatcher they can not put a company dispatch and after hours phone numbers . And they keep calling me all day all night 27/7 to ask me a update. Even if i am not dispatching at that moment..Version: 1.62.10000

Improve Detention RequestsMake it easier to request and receive detention instead of making it more difficult. If a carrier does not call at the 1hour and 30 minute mark there whole detention should not be dismissed because the detention was still served. However if it’s UBER policy to be contacted at 1.5 hours of being loaded or unloaded and carrier contacts UBER at 2 hours then Uber should have the 30 min from the 2 hours of holding to get the carrier out the door and any time after that 30 min can be paid detention. UBER IS BETTER THAN THAT. Or so I believed..Version: 1.64.10000

Payment verificationThe app it self is very user friendly. Only reason I won’t give it a 5 star rating is because when they pay out they don’t specify what loads are being paid. They send emails with the rate confirmations that but when they sometimes payout 3 loads in the same day and I have 3 other loads pending to be paid it’s hard to tell which of the loads is being paid out. Basically what I am recommending is that every time they pay out that they can also send a confirmation of the load they are paying with it..Version: 1.46.10000

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