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Bring it to the UKPlease bring this app to the UK. The best we have here is Uber Eats, though they don’t do 24/7 and they have a very limited restaurants delivery only. Thanks..Version: 4.0.6

CANADAPlease come to Canada, preferably Winnipeg!!!.Version: 3.9.38

BRING TO SCOTLANDY'all need to bring this over to the uk ... I'm dying over here.Version: 3.9.13

Great!The app is like Uber for food deliveries, so you can either sign up and make some extra cash running orders, or get someone to deliver any food, from anywhere. You are not limited to the choices in the app. As for the app itself: stable, neat design, updates keep coming on time. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.9.5

Laval, QuebecPlease I’ve heard so many amazing things from postmates. We need one here in Laval. I’ve tested you guys out when I was in LA it’s amazing! Please come here!.Version: 5.3.18

Great food ordering appVery well-designed and easy to use. Makes finding food and ordering quick and a pleasant experience..Version: 3.9.18

Please go to Canada!!!Pleaseeee come to Canada!! I was watching Jknews and they got a pretty good deal. Sad thing is that I’m from Canada😞.Version: 5.3.25

CanadaPlease consider coming to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area..Version: 5.3.14

TacoTell Taco Bell to make another location first near Weston road then come to Canada eh.Version: 5.4.9

Great appPlease make this available in Bradford UK.Version: 5.3.14

Please come to TorontoPlease come to Toronto.Version: 5.3.28

Make this available in the ukPlease make this available in the uk!!.Version: 3.3

Begging you!!!Please! Please! Please! Make this app be able to have access for people in the uk! Please! Apart from that it seems such a great app!.Version: 3.9.17

I love this app.I love the disign,the colors,it's greatThe app is simple easy to use looks helpful.I love this app.I love the disign,the colors,it's great.Version: 3.9.19

LeManz from TikTok sent meI’ve used postmates a bit in the past and I came across a tiktok of a dude named Tyler LeManz who had made over 500 deliveries for postmates. Y’all should give him some mercy and carrier bags so he could continue to deliver for postmates..Version: 5.5.6

Post Mates in Australia maaaaaateADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA PLEASE!! AND HURRY ❤️.Version: 3.9.25

Bring to the uk !!This is a great app nice delivery’s but please bring to the uk that would be lovely.!.Version: 5.1.3

AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺Please bring to Australia we neeeeeeeed not just in one part of Australia but all parts of Australia like Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and more plzzzz🤓🤓🤓🤓😐.Version: 3.9.29

CanadaCome to Canada !! I want Noahj456’s 100$ credit !!.Version: 5.3.19

Please bring this to Australia🤔 please.Version: 3.9.26

Overall terribleHonestly, I tend to put up with the constant incorrect orders and burnt food, but since postmates stopped reimbursing me for bad business I hate this service. The drivers are late and don’t read the instructions before hand. The original estimated time will be one thing and I’ll receive it HOURS later. That wouldn’t be an issue if they’d allow you to cancel the order, but they still figure it’s good business to charge you full price (and sometimes a cancellation fee) for THEIR drivers being late and me not being able to accept the food. I wish I could upload a picture from last experience. My food was so burnt that it was inedible. They told me it was against their policy to reimburse me, or even contact the restaurant for an unburnt item, which uber eats most definitely would have done. Sadly I now live too far to use their service because I definitely wouldn’t deal with Postmates otherwise. The time before that one of their drivers seemed to be under the influence and after an hour of circling my neighborhood “lost” she arrived crying and yelling at me saying that uber doesn’t pay her enough and calling me disrespectful because I asked that she call me after 30 minutes of being lost. I have screenshots of the texts she sent me before she arrived and after too. That was also something they did nothing about. This company is horrible with even worse customer service..Version: 5.3.10

Be warned!First off I’d like to say although I had my issues the company was quick and able to make up for the mistake made. This was the first time I used this app and I’m not gonna use it again. I don’t really know who to blame. The app or delivery person. I made an order of three items but I received far more then what I ordered. I ordered two soups, one large and one medium. When we received the soups there were five styrofoam cups. Two large and three medium. I was surprised to see so many cups. Turns out the guy ordered five soups! Two large and three medium. Instead of paying what should’ve been $30 I ended up paying $86. I couldn’t believe it. Now if you’ve used the app you’ll see that they put your order in a list type for example 1.sandwitch 2.soup 3. Soup. So what the guy did was that he ordered one sandwich two large soups and three medium soups. I can’t understand how he would’ve seen those numbers as amounts of each item. I also don’t like the fact that it says you won’t get an accurate price and total until the person picks up your food. Should’ve known better and seen that as a bad sign. One more thing I have a charge of $9 and change on my bank statement. When I added that to the $77 I was charged for the order the amount comes more then what is shown on my email receipt. I don’t know what the heck is going on but I definitely won’t be using this app again..Version: 5.1.5

Goooooood!Seems like a great app, maybe when you update it can you make it be able to deliver in the UK it would make it 100x better thankssss😛!.Version: 3.9.13

Switching food delivery service ASAPIf you are looking to try a new food delivery service DO NOT go with postmates. I ordered from a restaurant and decided to go with pickup, trusting the restaurant would give me all of my items I ordered I got home and realized I was missing an item that was $10. I immediately went on postmates and tried to report the issue- they said I had to call the merchant and they had to be ones who file this issue since I had picked it up (fair enough) so I did, the merchant then stated they had called postmates and let them know and Would be getting my $10 refund back. Fast forward to the following day I noticed not only had my total not been fixed I had an additional email from postmates with an ADDITIONAL mysterious charge of $10 to my account- so now we’re $20 over my total. I emailed postmates letting them know of this issue and absolutely NO ONE has helped or answered any of my questions especially about the mysterious $10 charge. Now they have stopped responding back to my emails and never got not only my $10 but $20 refund they OWE me. Their customer service is a complete joke and I will be cancelling my services with them and will be switching to doordash and ubereats immediately..Version: 5.5.11

Very disappointing.I have been using this app for more than 2 years. I pay a monthly subscription for unlimited. All went well until today my postmate did not get me my food. The app shows the food is still waiting to be picked up at 8:24. The restaurant takes at least a 15-min drive and the traffic ain’t light on a Saturday night like this. I thought this might be another delay. I decided to check it again later. The next thing is that the driver miraculously showed up at my doorstep and then he left, without a phone call, with my food. Fix your app please. I don’t even care if you charge me for the food because the driver might have waited for more than 5 minutes( and sure, sitting in the car for 5 long minutes without calling to check might be the normal procedure for postmate). You can’t push “your postmate is 5 mins away”, “your postmate is arriving soon” and “your postmate is outside” at the same time. Those pushes are designed to let users like me to know when to pick up the delivery, and pushing those at the same time is not helpful. If I were to have the time to stare at my phone every minute and check if the delivery has magically arrived right outside, I will go out and dine instead of eating food in plastic/paper boxes..Version: 4.3.7

AUSTRALIACan this app please be in Sydney Australia.Version: 3.4.3

Easy to Use But More Payment Options RequiredLove the app, easy to use. U guys should add more payment options..Version: 3.9.8

Come to canada !!It would be really cool if you guys came to hamilton ontario canada like come onnn guys.Version: 5.3.18

THIS IS SO GREATPls make this available in australia i know i would use it all the time.Version: 3.9.27

WHY NOT HERECome to Montreal Canada !!!!.Version: 5.5.6

Food delivery that works!!The app does precisely what it says on the tin. Got food delivered to a park!! It arrived on time as well 👍🏻 Try it for yourself 😊.Version: 3.9.27

They’ve fallen apartSo when I first downloaded the app probably I year ago I thought it was great. Fast forward to the last few times I’ve used it and now I’ve gotten orders that are completely wrong. When you go to certain restaurants (BWW for example) they clearly don’t have the correct options when ordering even what type of sauce they want so the order came through completely screwed. And then there was this morning, I made an order for breakfast because I didn’t think we’d have time to go to the actual restaurant. I see a transaction go through for over $50 on my Apple Pay and assumed everything was good. After 20 mins I open up the app again to check for an update and yet I’m faced with an order summary the same way it looked before I made the order. I contact support and another 30 mins later I get informed that the order was cancelled... okay. They continue on informing me not to worry because my account wasn’t charged or that it would be reimbursed within 7 days if it did. After an hour. I expected the food to get delivered within 30-45 mins and yet they couldn’t even manage to deliver me a message when the order didn’t go through for longer than that. Ubereats it is..Version: 4.0.2

I NEVER get what I orderedTwice I have used the app to order food. Both times, my delivery was incorrect. The first time, the drink was visibly incorrect as it was a fountain drink vs a freeze, also a taco, and nachos were missing. Major fail on the entire order, and it should have been simple. It wasn’t that large, because I was charged a small order fee that was not refunded. I was using a promotional free delivery so at least I didn’t pay for that. I received a credit, not my money back and I don’t believe it was for the entire amount of missing items, I was so exhausted with the constant changing in rep replies, I just let it go. Attempt 2, an entire meal was missing from the order, and the quesadilla was burnt so bad, it was inedible. Is this their fault, no, but Taco Bell had I paid them directly would have replaced it. They credited me .59 cents for that, I have no idea where they got that amount. They refunded the missing meal, but I went to bed without dinner, I was exhausted and starving! This time I paid a delivery fee that they refuse to refund. The thing is, I paid for delivery of items you failed to deliver. Therefore the paid service was not rendered. It is poor business practice, and unethical to keep my money. Also, what good does the credit do me, when I’d now rather drive to get my items than deal with this again?.Version: 5.1.0

Great deliveryCame quick on time and cheap would recommend anybody buying this app as it's brilliant! Cheap for what it is as well. Well now to my Wendy's :).Version: 3.8.3

Would love to have UK supportThe idea of this app is great and I can definitely see myself using this on a daily bases if it became availble in the UK. Simple and elegant UI and great user experience make it so easy to browse what I want..Version: 3.9.18

Come to Canada pleasePlease come to Canada -Toronto.Version: 5.21.0

Almost 5 starsLove the review. Only thing that sucks is if you open another app and try to go back and forth between the two, the postmates app doesn’t remember where you were so you have to find the store you were ordering from all over again..Version: 5.3.12

Postmates is unreliableThis is a review of Postmates itself, not the app. I ordered from a local Italian restaurant via Postmates and received all parts of the order, except for the pizza. I immediately called the restaurant, because there was no way to contact the Postmates driver who dropped off the food. When I spoke to the restaurant, and the pizza was ready and sitting with the rest of the food to be picked up, but the Postmates driver did not pick it up. He apparently did not check the contents of the order. It’s pretty obvious if a pizza is missing from a bag of food. When I spoke to Postmates, the representative was incredibly unhelpful in trying to resolve this matter and stated that the only way to obtain the pizza that was sitting, ready at the restaurant was to request a refund and re-order the same pizza, so a new driver could be dispatched. This is unacceptable. If it is the driver’s fault that the order was missing, he should be responsible for picking up what he left behind. Furthermore, a subsequent order would have taken significantly longer. I have spoken with the restaurant, and they use an alternative delivery service, so I will not be using Postmates again. Others should be aware that Postmates does not value their customers, and other options are available..Version: 5.1.8

Sushi StoryI love the food at Sushi Stori! It’s fresh and tasty. The postmates guy was quick and efficient. Unlike Grubhub which was really complicated and had to try 3 different methods of payment and it still wouldn’t take my order. I’m happy with Postmates! Thank you..Version: 5.21.0

LocationPls expand Postmates to other countries like uk.Version: 3.9.24

UKIve seen the uses of the app through you tubers i watch and sadly you dont deliver to liverpool UK where i live, can this be changed this service would be ideal or people over here.Version: 5.3.25

Invaluable when travelling to the US!Get stuff delivered from your favourite places, even if they don't have delivery GET CHIPOTLE!.Version: 3.9.8

Can’t recommend this app/siteApp AND website needs development growth. If your order is cancelled for random reasons, the order simply disappears from your history, thus leaving you clicking through every order you may have to figure out which one it is. Also, when I had two orders over 2 hours late, no refund or credit was offered. Drivers are frequently rude on the phone if they can’t find a location. Growth on many levels required to have good customer experience..Version: 5.3.12

COME TO SARNIA ONTARIOCome to sarnia plz plz.Version: 5.5.7

PLEASE CONSIDERPlease bring it to Australia.Version: 3.9.23

AUSTRALIA SYDNEYPlease add the location Sydney for this application.Version: 3.7.8

Bring this to Australia !!It would be great in Sydney, Australia!! Please! 👍🏼.Version: 3.4.3

Plz come to CanadaHeard about you from Skadoodle’s stream and sadly realized no services in Toronto :(.Version: 5.4.0

MtlHi come to MONTREAL PLSSSS.Version: 3.9.37

Wrong so oftenI just went through and counted - I’ve used Postmates to order food 20 times over the last 1.5 years, and 5 of those orders were wrong or I never got the food and had to order again. So 25% of the time, this service is infuriating. It happens so often, when you get the wrong food and complain, they don’t even talk to you - they just give you your money back automatically. So if you want your food you have to order again and wait again. BUT it is the only way to get food from some restaurants we want delivered - like when my wife and I want chipotle delivered during the pandemic and we’re busy with work and a screaming 1 year old. Other than that...the app itself works great and is easy enough to navigate and use. But a bad experience 25% of the time inevitably means 1 star. Our order never showed yesterday, but told me it was delivered - and my wife was just like, “why do we use this app again???” Update: ordered again after writing this review, and it was wrong again. So 6 out of 21 times = ~30% of the time the order is wrong. To be clear, it’s almost never the restaurant’s fault. Their drivers pick up someone else’s order or just don’t show up with your food. It’s maddening..Version: 5.19.0

Come to canada!!Pleases come to vancouver area!!.Version: 5.21.0

DisappointedWhy am I paying for the Unlimited if you guys don’t wanna take full responsibility for your drivers actions they mess up our orders and then when we report it (Postmates Support) favorited thing to say is .... *“After continuous research, unfortunately, we will not be able to take further action regarding this matter. Due to the frequent refunds on your account, we are unable to give any compensation for the next 30 days until further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience.”* !!????.... like do you really think it’s our fault your employees are ordering our food and messing it up or completely not delivering our food at all!!? Like I lost track of how many Postmates drivers have ran off with my food and Postmates only response is the one above its obvious that these people are strangers and all of them are NOT good and they’re going to mess over people food or simply not deliver it and take it, so how about you stop making your customers feel like it’s their fault that their food was incorrect or not delivered or half of their order is missing.....because its not it’s YOUR responsibility to take care of what happens to your customers food that is supposed to be delivered especially your Unlimited Members..Version: 5.1.17

ProblemPostmates doesn’t deliver to where I live yet ( Brora uk). Please can you fix this because all I wanted was a Starbucks other than that I think this would be a good app 😄😁..Version: 5.1.13

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