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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner? Can you share your negative thoughts about yuka - food & cosmetic scanner?

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Some products are not good as it showsI have been using the app and I noticed that the rating or some products are no healthy at all specially those who are made whit oil, so the app said that are good or excellent but then you read the ingredients and are so bad. "Take, for instance, the Imperial ground cinnamon by Sysco. Despite being labeled as pure cinnamon, it contains added oil. How can a product marketed simply as cinnamon be rated as good or excellent when it doesn't meet that basic expectation?".Version: 4.37

A hypochondriac’s worst nightmare, AVOID FOR UNNECESSARY ANXIETYAs much as part of me finds this app interesting, i really don’t think that governments would allow products on shelves if they were damaging, i mainly use this app to look up cosmetic products e.g. moisturisers shower gels, etc and just the anxiety it induces is not worth it, even things listed as low risk still have allergen potential, apparently most things aren’t 100% score, in fact a majority of stuff seems to be under poor or bad. The better recommendations are often not accessible in local stores in the UK so perhaps there is a geo setting that needs to be introduced to the app. And maybe even lists of places where you can purchase the better recommendations in well known big grocery stores. Also, I’m sure parfum/fragrance has allergen potential yet that is listed as no risk. It takes me long enough to choose the products i use. Now this app just makes me second/third guess everything and adds unnecessary worry and delayed time to my schedule.Version: 4.27

The rating system is horribleThis app is the worst, it will make you feel guilty for eating almost anything & the reason why makes absolutely no sense. In my opinion, it promotes eating disorders by the caloric content rating. A snack is meant to be 300 calories or less, but according to this, a 180 calorie protein bar is “too caloric” so they suggested a different kind, the other kind had half the amount of protein and 190 calories. How are you going to rate a food “bad” for having “too many calories” and then suggest an alternative that has even more calories and less health benefits. Also, a 180 calorie protein bar with 21 grams of protein is not “too caloric”. Also a lot of their sources on additives are not science backed like they claim, they claim a number of things are linked to cancer when they aren’t. They will promote some products as “good” when they’re in fact not, and then demonize others so that they can provide a suggestion. Highly suspicious that this is due to them being paid by those suggested companies, as they’re most of the time either equally as healthy or even worse. Please don’t download this app, the fact that they claim it’s science backed is a complete lie. If you find yourself using this app before buying food, look up the term orthorexia, because this is a sure fire way to get it..Version: 4.34

Quality check neededI really like this app, and can see its potential value. However, I think more work needs to be done to increase that value and usability. Like others have said, a lot of products are not in the database, which is understandable and will take time to build a large database. However, what I am finding is that there are discrepancies in the listed ingredients of a product in the app. A few items that I have scanned are deemed “bad” because they are (in the database) listed as having “sodium phosphate” amongst other additives. When you look at the actual ingredient list on the packaging, those additives are not listed. Now I don’t know if these were items added by a user but a more thorough quality checks needs to be done before you deem an item as “bad”..Version: 4.0

DisappointedI’m from Australia, and I’ve just downloaded this app to test out a product only in Australia. The problem is, it’s taken 2 days for the FIRST product. It still isn’t ready which I think is just sad. Why make a app that can only recognise stuff from America? It takes way to long, and if your an Aussie trying out this app your probably in for more then a 2 day wait. This app has good reviews but this is a problem I’m pointing out for all my Australian people. You couldn’t fix it? This app is pretty good for good structure, and representation with helping you if your on a diet. But the waiting is my problem I have..Version: 4.17

Does not focus on ingredients and poor alternativesFirst the good: the app is fast, scans quickly, user friendly, and Tracks what you’ve scanned. It also talks about questionable chemicals The Problems: the biggest problem is that it does not focus on ingredients, only the nutrition label. Does not even give you a picture or a list if the ingredients, not even for the alternative recommendations. Friends, Ingredients Matter! Ingredients are the first thing we should know about the food, before the calories, grams of sugar, amount of protein and fats. You can’t just read the amount of protein on a product label and know what you’re putting in your body. Not all ingredients are created the same, so the type of sugar matters, the type of fats matter, the quality of these ingredients matter, and how the body processes and uses the nutrients. This app will point out that there is too much sugar in a item, then go on to recommend a food with artificial sugar, which is so incredibly damaging to your health. It will recommend food with highly processed/refined oils, and foods high in glyphosate (which you can’t even read on an ingredient list) you just have to know what foods are heavily sprayed with chemicals, which is why people need good advice from apps like this, not more bad choices to replace the already bad choices..Version: 4.24

Interesting but deceptiveThe information you show about products is useful, but boiling all that down to a single ‘health’ score is super deceptive and can be incredibly misleading. People will read into that score to mean what they want and not what it actually is telling them. You should instead encourage people to analyse each category and why it matters and why they may choose to consider or ignore it. Compare almond milk to oat milk for example: oat gets a much higher score so you’d think it’s ‘healthier’ and order your coffee. But it’s almost 5 times as calorie dense as almond which should be one of the major consideration for most. “Healthy” is so incredibly subjective and you take very few steps in this app to clarify what you mean by that. Also some of the issues you seem to have with certain additives have all of two over 10 year old citations. Is that even still relevant? What metric do you use to decide if something is worth mentioning or not? You’re also using inconsistent measurements between products. I’ve seen kcal, kj, and cals used pretty interchangeably making it really difficult for anyone to accurately compare one product to another. You really should standardise all your metrics..Version: 4.27

Not bad but why has fluoride been overlooked?Great little app to make you aware of some of the damaging additives added to our foods. However missing fluoride and marking it a (no risk) when there is so much evidence and so many scientific studies to suggest otherwise is a cause for concern. Makes you wonder if it’s to do with funding or if some of the secrets the big companies don’t want you to know are somehow brushed under the carpet. I’d say use the information with a pinch of salt and still do some of your own research on the more sensitive subjects.Version: 4.21

Nice idea but…Downloaded the app and scanned 1st item: Crisco Veggie Oil, Wow. This scans as “Good”! Really? Check the ingredients list. It’s Soybean oil a GMO product that’s part of the bad oils group which are being used in 1000s of products and at practically every restaurant in the US. These are being marketed as ‘healthy’ because the FDA approved them. These oils are slowly poisoning our society, causing inflammation with every bite. They are terrible for your BRAIN, heart, and hormones. The FDA serves a purpose but is also part of the broken food system currently making Americans increasingly fat, tired and sick. Just a little research reveals that these highly refined oils, when heated up - as in for frying/ cooking… they increase inflammation in the blood and increases your risk of heart disease. SUGGESTION: Add a feature to your app that allows people to create TAGS for ingredients THEY want to avoid. That way, the many people who prefer food selections based on their own research about what’s “good” can make use of it. This version is useless to me if it gives a thumbs up to these terrible oils..Version: 4.27

Needs a bit of workMetrics are inconsistent, and many alternative products do not align with the scanned one. Why recommend non vegan / allergy friendly chips, when the scanner chips are? And plain oat milk, as an alternative to flavoured? Obviously that’s healthier, but people want to get a healthier substitute of the same product. Dark chocolate isn’t gonna be like a dairy free white chocolate. And the alt recommended has dairy 🤦‍♀️ A sauce, is not an alternative to a sprinkleable spice, either. Some of the “alternatives,” need a lot of work, however many are pretty good, I’ll give you that..Version: 4.28

Great concept, needs a better UIThis is hands down the missing peice to nutrition facts in the modern food/household goods supply. The detailed explanation and source references to common additives is invaluable for distinguishing between "healthy" and safe food and household products. Because the product database is crowd sourced, there are still significant gaps when trying to find data-- but the concept is solid. I would like to see product identification by a SKU/vendor cross reference, as sometimes the same product may appear in multiple stores under different SKUs. The UI needs a lot of work to make quick-referencing products easier. For instance, favorites and my products are isolated lists and should be combined. My products only works if the user scans and enters information themself. I would also love to see an integration with apps like Shipt or Instacart so I can quickly add/filter items I frequently order. Bottom line: This is worth the annual subscription fee; just be patient with the UI..Version: 4.13

Lots of Wrong InfoDon’t get me wrong, this app is so needed in this toxic world. That said, their current system doesn’t seem to work well. It seems to me that certain brands are able to put false info or a lot of users mess up when they’re adding a product. I’ve bought maybe a dozen products and noticed that over time, they went from green to orange or red, without the product changing..Version: 4.35

I’m deletingI appreciate that you read my comments and hope you will create a more transparent and unbiased app..Version: 4.1

New Update 11/11 Not GoodMy sister introduced this app to me, but apparently has a different version because when I just downloaded it, we realized my version is lacking the features that we both liked the most on her app. For example, we both scan the same product - a simple aquafor lotion - and the view is entirely different. It does not show you recommendations, nothing is categorized, you have to manually drop down a list to view ingredients and it doesn’t show you the actual rating system for those ingredients. Hers is SO much nicer and I can see why she likes it so much. It’s a shame because I was so bought into it after seeing hers that I downloaded and became a premium member and I immediately regret that choice now knowing my version isn’t the same and this app now feels useless because the features that were most convenient aren’t easily accessible anymore. It’s a shame that they got rid of some important features that align with their purpose. Until they fix this recent update, don’t download this app. Maybe it’s a new bug, but I won’t be using it until it’s fixed! Please fix this app!.Version: 4.23

Incorrect Product’s / Ingredient’s - No easy way to correct.I love the concept of this, however amongst my many scans, I have come across incorrectly labeled ingredients. For example, M&S Coconut water comes up as Easy Boil Noodles, and Corsodyl Mouthwash comes up as excellent - but that’s because it’s missing the main ingredient- which even the product lists as ‘May cause irritation and sensitivities’. There are more too. The most frustrating thing is that the only way to correct this is by sending an email through the mail app - which no one really uses anymore. There’s no email address, no online email form - it’s go through the mail app or nothing. And to do it - you need cookies enabled (for the mail app) - and who enables cookies these days? The app is good, but it could be excellent. If they could fix these barriers to entry then I think it would be a lot more user friendly - and overall a much more accurate app because it would be easier to correct incorrectly described products..Version: 4.31

I don’t see the valueJust about everything I scan has a very low rating from products in my home to things I randomly scan on shelves. You might as well just say everything is bad for you. It almost seems like this app tells you good things or gives higher ratings about products they want you to buy. I scan one aloe Vera gel that lists on its own bottle that it’s free from retinyl palmitate which is clearly a good thing, but the app recommends me another gel that says it does have retinyl palmitate and says it’s no risk and gives this gel a very good rating. Too many things just don’t add up Also, I tried adding an item that they didn’t know. Took time to type out all the ingredients listed, the product and brand for the app to tell me it couldn’t add it or give a rating. A product that has several ingredients that massive amounts of other products already on the app also have in them, yet, they couldn’t tell me if it was good, bad or otherwise 🤔. I’m not sure why this app has such a high rating.Version: 4.25

Not usefulSuch a scam.Version: 3.37

Ne prend pas en compte le bio et sur note la viande et le laitBonjour, Pas fan de l’appli malheureusement des fruits/légumes bourrés de pesticides et de la viande ou du lait seront très bien notés. Pourtant, nul besoin de rappeler que pesticides/viandes/lait sont néfastes, ça a été clairement prouvé, plus d’excuses en 2020. Donc votre appli ne pousse pas les gens à arrêter de consommer ce genre de produits, vous y contribuez en qque sorte en y attribuant de bonne notes... une petite maj pour prendre tout ça en compte et promis je mettrai une bonne note :).Version: 3.18

Just use Google lolI scanned two of my cleansers on here, one of which didn't have the best rating on the app. So I decided to google the ingredients it said were bad, and the ingredients cause no harm? Nor has the cleanser ever caused problems for me before. So I'm not exactly impressed. Also you have to pay to be able to search your prouduct without using the scanner. I kinda thought it would be free just in case something you own has no bacode. (That or they can't find the product) Just use Google. It's free and there's multiple sources.Version: 4.28

C’est du capYuka a dit que lindt avait 0/100.Version: 4.34

No no noThis made me not wanna eat anymore.Version: 4.35

ConfusedIdk what to believe at this point why am I hearing that the Yuka app isn’t accurate and the ingredients in certain products aren’t actually studied properly and they just add information that’s most likely misunderstood. I downloaded this app for a reason so I know what I’m putting on my body and hair etc. I used to do my own research but I came across the app so I proceeded to go to the App Store. Just gonna delete the app now cos what else is there for me to do if the products I’m scanning aren’t true facts and I’ve been looking for good products to use on me that aren’t “reliable”..Version: 4.28

Don’t show the real risk of the ingredientsBe aware! This app doesn’t disclose the real risk of the ingredients. Several ingredients are classified as safe and they are not, such as fragrance..Version: 4.29

Don’t buy this appDo not buy this app. This app is very misleading and makes products and foods seem more or less dangerous than they actually are. This app relies on high amounts to base their answers on. For example, for skincare products, they base it on high concentration levels of the ingredients even though skincare products are legally not allowed to sell products with such high amounts of ingredients that can be toxic in high level consumption. To make that ingredient not toxic, brands only allow small amounts to make it safe for human consumption. This app doesn’t consider the exposure (the concentration of the ingredient). Many products are considered hazardous but are still safe to use. Thats because they’re only hazardous/harmful if used in high concentration, which are never used in cosmetics. And for foods, the app only rates foods on how caloric they are, not how good they are for humans. Many’s foods will be rated badly just because they are higher in calories, even if they’re natural and entirely better for humans. This is called fear mongering! Make better decisions instead of relying on an app to tell you what is “better”..Version: 4.31

Great if the product is already in the databaseGreat if the product is already in the database, but trying to add new products just results in frustration. Take the photo, add ALL the info it asks for only to repeatedly get an error message (despite strong wifi at my location). I gave up and will have to rely on the info already there..Version: 4.24

Oak milk vs all purpose food filmIt is food film not oak milk. Please see my photo. My comments: Congrats and am feeling good with your scan platform started on my daily coffee. Motivated by Julie from her welcome email. Your adherence to global guidelines is imperative when deploying AI fie global users, improving group of users and empowering users to take an active role in interaction is the important step including consumers and manufacturers. At the same time, besides passively seeking answers, users should engage AI in dialogue instantly, fostering a collaborative relationship that encourages exploration and comparison of different programmers and software to provide you with timely data for analytics, ultimately enhancing progress and convenience as well as encouraging better product more sales revenue from manufacturer of which more R&D to be deployed for greater sales whilst improve consumer daily life. The true demand for smart technology remains some uncertain, so user experience is crucial in driving adoption, emphasizing the need for intuitive design that avoids incessant complexity. Thanks for reading my comments. I am a veteran of global supply chain logistics specialist based in Asia now in Canada. Should you need further comments please let me know. Organizing right materials to production line and products to market at the right time requires good product for consumers. It may expand your platform to end-to-end scale for global users as mentioned. By now and best of luck to your mission. Best wishes Paul Yip.Version: 4.35

Pas efficaceNe reconnaît pas 90% des produits que j’ai essayé.Version: 3.16

The app is good in a lot of ways, but….Basically the app makes a lot of assumptions about nutrition that I, and research of the science of nutrition, don’t agree with. For example, the app will give butter (which recent studies and human consumption for thousands of years have proven it lowers the risk of heart disease and obesity) a low score because of saturated fats and then gives something with seed oils, rampant with oxidized omega 6 which is the fat that clogs your arteries, a higher score. The app also assumes that for example, salt is bad for you. As a ranch hand for a while I understand how dumb of a statement that is. Because if you don’t provide salt blocks to cows they start licking dirt in a desperate attempt to find salt and then die. Salt is a necessary nutrient. Period. Because of all of this, I use the app purely for looking into additives and chemicals, and not for nutritional advice, which an app like this should focus on anyway, because different people need different nutrients, and lots of people are turning to different lifestyle diets to accomplish their goals which according to this app are very unhealthy. (For example I exclusively eat beef, butter, dairy, broccoli, and Diet Pepsi 😂).Version: 4.31

Very bad!! Says every product is bad and can promote disordered eating!Literally everything I own they said was bad when it’s not as i’ve done lots of research and know the products aren’t bad. Also having this done on food products is very risky and could lead to promotion of disordered eating as you’re saying things are bad but you need to have a balanced diet so yes Nutella is bad but equally it contributes to a balanced diet and you can’t have healthy options of everything because then eating becomes miserable and you won’t enjoy it as much and then could lead to an eating disorder. Would not recommend.Version: 4.19

Dietitian NOT approvedExcellent way to cultivate disordered eating.Version: 4.35

I don’t want to sign upWhy do you need my email address to sign up now? I used to use this app regularly but now it requires account 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 4.32

Great Concept…but…Okay. So I love the concept of this app, and I love the countless number of products registered into its database! It has a great ability to spot the nutritional benefits in everything despite the product. However I’m, personally, not a fan of the good/bad ratings that the products are labeled with. It does make things much simpler to categorize, I’m just not too sure it’s a great idea to villainize foods based on the number of calories they have, nutritional info.. so on and so forth. Just my intake on it^^ I also found that some products I’ve done extensive research on, in regards to health, were considered “bad”. When in reality, they were one of the most nutritionally dense foods I’ve ever found! Purely Elizabeth granola for example! I just wonder whether or not this app actually takes into account a products ingredients and not just the number of calories or how many grams of sugar or carbs are in it. Perhaps the ingredient lists need to be updated…? Please do correct me if I’m wrong:).Version: 4.19

Doesn’t explain the risk based off of the products’ use.This app isn’t accurate, I saw it from TikTok. Yes it gives you information about the product but it has nothing to do with its use and how you use it and doesn’t give tips or information about what happens when you use a certain amount and where. I’m related to 7 people in the medical field and I am learning about this same topic in school. I have dermatologist recommended products and if I scan them it says a very low rating, I asked my doctor about a dermatologist recommended face wash I had that was apparently 0/100 and he explained how the app was explaining what could happen if you consume it and had nothing to do with the use of the actual product. Out of curiosity I went home and scanned some candy and it literally said “too sweet” with the red dot, of course it’s super sweet- it’s candy! The app doesn’t explain how much of consuming the candy or food can cause said issues. For beauty products it just explains the worst possible thing that could happen which is not likely to actually occur as long as you’re using the product correctly. I recommend asking real doctors or professionals to see if a product is right for you..Version: 4.34

Helpful, but not consistentThey need to put more helpful recommendations and alternatives. It’s very stressful using this app because everything you scan is toxic but they don’t offer enough alternatives for people. They only offer a few and if you cannot locate these brands you’re basically stuck. It would be a lot more encouraging if they gave you many other options to choose from some people have allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients so the first few products you recommend might not work for them but I do think that an app like this should try to dig a little bit deeper. I pay for premium and feel like it’s not that special. On the other hand I love using this app because it breaks down all of the ingredients which ones are good and which ones are bad, etc. However there are items that I’ve scanned before that have come up as excellent that later on were changed to being poor products and having bad ingredients. The ingredients on the products did not change so I am wondering why the scoring changed it’s very confusing . I t makes me feel like I’m wasting my money every time I buy something that says it’s clean or excellent on Yuka I will scan it a couple months later and it’s now considered harmful? I don’t get it. There are some products that have remained clean and I’m happy about that because that means I won’t have to be replacing them and spending more money to buy new ones..Version: 4.34

Do not trust this APP!The score is entirely incomprehensible. This application appears to have replicated the Korean app named Hwa-Hae, which was introduced back in 2013. Unlike this app, Hwa-Hae refrains from assigning scores to products and instead provides accurate information exclusively to consumers. I conducted a search for French products on Hwa-Hae, including brands like La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, and L'Occitane. Hwa-Hae indicates that these items contain numerous high-risk ingredients. Curiously, Yuka, in contrast, has chosen not to divulge this information and has assigned these products high scores instead. In all likelihood, these products should be rated unfavorably. It would be prudent not to place any trust in this application..Version: 4.31

Des faits qui n’en sont pas (mensonge à tendance raciste !)La seule présence de Glutamate de sodium dans un produit baisse la note de façon extrêmement drastique, clamant que ça donne des nausées et des migraines. Or il a été prouvé que c’est un mythe, propagé dans les années 70 aux États-Unis pour empêcher les restaurants asiatiques d’être des concurrents. Pour une app se vantant d’être basée sur des faits scientifiques, ça serait bien si ça ne partageait pas des mensonges racistes vieux de 50 ans..Version: 3.37

Good but this needs to be addressedI think the idea of this app is good but I'm not sure how healthy it is for people who are obsessed with weight. For example, I scanned my cereal box and it said that it was poor because of the calories (406). Checking the box I had, that’s per 100g. The serving size is 30g which is roughly 122 calories - if someone is calorie counting, that isn’t all that much for breakfast and perfectly acceptable (not poor). I think it would be easy for someone to get obsessed with looking at what foods are considered bad and good and then only buy the good - leading to under eating, being unsatisfied and having an imbalance in diet. Perhaps you want to change the calorie information to serving size?.Version: 4.28

Not very accurateThis app has a great design and is easy to use. I love scanning things around the grocery store or around my bathroom, but I find several things very annoying. There are often duplicates of the same exact product and many duplicates that have wildly different ratings - each with different lists of ingredients. One is rated Poor and another Excellent. How is that helpful? I find that the “ingredients scanner” camera feature is horribly inaccurate and doesn’t always pick up/ include what’s really listed (Ingredients can easily be found by searching for the product listed online, how is this not integrated to fix the discrepancies?). Duplicates don’t get flagged and corrected unless you complain - Why isn’t this more automated or at least consistently looked out for? Certain ingredients like Talc and Fragrance (Parfum) are listed as healthy when they are known to have caveats and potentially cause harm. Because of it’s flaws I can’t trust much of what this app tells me which is such a headache. PLEASE consider finding smarter technology or finding a way to hire more people to keep everything accurate..Version: 4.21

Great idea but..Results are non consistent with the reality: naturally occurring sugar in a product is rated the same way a product that got sugar added by the industrials. Great idea but more works are needed to make this app ‘a must have’.Version: 4.27

Not accurate, baseless scienceThe app cites studies without actually looking at the actual study to make a conclusion. Here’s an example, a product will be bad because it contains a certain "cancerous" product. The study it cites was made on an animal, the sample used was 100x larger and was done directly in the eyes of the animal. It is not representative of the real use case you will have with the product. You’re better off listening to your medical professional or look online at official studies instead of basing everything on the score this app gives. Also, this app will grade any product that doesn’t contain studies about its ingredients as being good… Uranium was once thought to be good, this app would’ve said so in the 1950s since there were no studies that said that wasn’t the case..Version: 4.34

Tons of liesAs a holistic nutritionist I can only assume that these companies are buying their ratings. The fudge bars from Costco actually rate 3/10 for health. Not 100!!! Additionally I had my body wash rated independently and it rated 3/10 while yuka gave it 9/10. Total bull..Version: 4.31

No verification.My family uses the app and they say its useful, so i went to download it but when i put in my real email (tried multiple times and the spelling was correct) but it said it was already in use. i have no other emails to use and im very mad, theres no way to verify who you are and now someone else has used my email or the app just wont work for me. either way im very upset with this because there isnt even a way to contact the developers through the app. there should atleaste some sort or verification method to ensure this doesnt happen to other people..Version: 4.34

Why is there always a connection problem?Since I’m in Australia many of the items aren’t in the app so I have to manually add them. Whenever I do so, when I get to the nutritional value photo, it loads and states that there is a connection error. I have refreshed my wifi and switched to data and downloaded the app again but still it states there is a connection error. Why? I just want to know what simple foods rate as..Version: 4.12

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