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I am - Daily Affirmations App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

I am - Daily Affirmations app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using I am - Daily Affirmations? Can you share your negative thoughts about i am - daily affirmations?

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Loved it until...Downloaded this app to check it out and loved it. Paid for premium within like 5 minutes of getting it. Use it every day and it has made a huge positive impact on my life. Downloaded and paid for premium on each person in my house’s device as well. Then they started advertising in app. My problem, advertisements for other apps by this company have started popping into my feed. 1. This is something that you usually pay for the premium version to escape ads. 2. The very premise of the app and of affirmations is that what you see, and read (and then possibly say) effects you. Having ads for the developer’s other apps in the middle of an affirmation practice is wrong. I’ll be watching to see if this sticks around. I preferred this affirmations app for its clean and simple style both in looks and in use and the quality of its content. I’ve been using it several times a day and recommending to everyone. If updates remove the ads, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll find another program and replace it on our devices..Version: 4.0.3

Notifications don’t workSo, I love this app! The quotes and affirmations are amazing and really uplifting. However if I don’t open the app every single day, it will not send me notifications even though they are turned on. This is really frustrating, especially if you have paid money for the app. I’d expect it to work and notifications are a very basic requirement. I still want to receive the affirmations if I don’t open the app every single morning..Version: 4.0

Not syncingI added my own affirmations on iPhone with a hope that they would be synced to my Apple Watch but how weird it is that this doesn’t happen at all. The only way I could do is restarting my watch, it will then sync all my affirmations I added into “I am” on iPhone Looking forward to a support from this app’s developer!.Version: 4.49

I like itI like this app, my friends and I share our affirmations a lot and it’s been good. And I’d pay for it too, but not twenty bucks. But if you continue to use the free version they bug you to keep reminders. I know it’s not a big deal but jeez “tap to continue getting reminders” is annoying and I don’t need it. I get those every other day, and when I open the app to favorite an affirmation I get twice as many. Twenty bucks is way too much to get that to stop - especially when the affirmations are often in categories that I don’t have selected. Maybe they’d stick to my topics if I paid for it but still, not worth 20 bucks. ******* Here’s an update to the first review. I finally paid for it so I could get better affirmations and stop getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications all the time. So the affirmations aren’t any better; they repeat the same ones just as much regardless of the categories I choose. Plus I’m still getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications. The only thing different it seems is the wallpaper selection has improved. I’m not impressed..Version: 4.24

What is going on ?Hello, November 26, I bought the application “I am” and paid for 1 year. And I don’t know why, it ask me to go back to the app to continue receiving my affirmation. Very frustrating. I paid for, so I don’t understand why the app still asks me if I want to continue receiving message??? I asked a question and never got an answer ? Very strange way to do business….Version: 5.37.4

Broken widgetIt was really nice having affirmations on my home screen for a while, but now I’m paying for a grey box..Version: 4.6

I amI like the app but you ha e to pay all these things to get more and I can’t so this is not help full.Version: 4.20.2

❤️This made me go back to the mental hospital from trying to kill myself 😘😘😘.Version: 5.5.2

Pls ReadHello Monkey Taps and other readers of this review, I am 11 years old and just finished year 5. My teacher had this app and she would put up a daily affirmation each day for us to put in our gratitude journals, so I decided to try the app for myself. At first I LOVED it, but after a while it can kinda get boring since similar ones kept coming up over and over again. I decided to add a widget to my IPad with all my favourite affirmations on. At first, I thought the widget was so cool. I even convinced all my friends to get the app. So today I went on my iPad, but my widget was gone and it said ‘open app to keep affirmations fresh’ so I opened the app and added a couple more affirmations to my favourites list bit it still wouldn’t work :( So, I think the apps alright but it can be quite glitchy. Thankyou for reading :).Version: 5.29.0

IOS 15I looooved this app, I had a widget that would refresh every hour or so but when I updated to iOS 15 it stopped working :( I tried everything to fix it but just doesn’t work anymore…..Version: 4.4.1

Ads!!Here I am using affirmations to start my day and I find an affirmation that resonates then all of a sudden up pops an ad! An ad was so incredibly invasive in that moment while I was trying to let the affirmation sink in. Do better!!!! This would otherwise be a 5-star review. The free version was limited but still enjoyable but now you guys ruined it with the ad popups. To the point of deleting! I had been toying with the idea of paying for the rest of the app but you simply just ruined it..Version: 5.37.4

PayYou Should pay , just 3 days free. Also you can find free un instagram.Version: 4.58

Try something elseForces you to pay after 3 days Affirmations have spelling and grammar errors Would be great as a free app but not worth money..Version: 4.33.1

Gives me positive vibe and thoughtsI love those quotes. It gives me happiness and positive thinking. It would be even better if it is more colourful instead Of just green background. I love these quotes.Version: 4.3

Ugh money moneyHere’s some affirmations but don’t mind the ads and the constant bombardment of upgrading to premium! I’m so over these “positive mindset” and “health improving” apps that are really just cash grabs. Lame..Version: 4.59

Needs SyncFirst, I love this app. With that said, however, it’s had a few glitches. I am a premium subscriber, and about a year and a half ago I opened the app and ALL of my personalized affirmations were gone, along with all of my favorites. I was told there was no way to recover my data. So I went through the process of re-adding some of my affirmations. When I got my iPad last summer, I added more on there, because it’s easier to type there. However, there’s no sync feature so all the affirmations I added (over 500) on my iPad aren’t available on my iPhone! I’ve sent several requests for this feature, but all I ever see in the updates is ‘new affirmations and themes added’, which is fine for people who use those, but I consider device syncing to be a core feature. I am considering letting my subscription expire because this has been bothering me for way too long, and I keep getting ‘we’ll work on it’ or ‘we’ll consider adding this in a future update’ from customer support..Version: 4.57.1

It’s 𝑜𝑘.This app is ok. It’s good, but there are some things that can be improved. For example, the affirmations. One of the affirmations said “I am a magnet for money.” Another said “I am sexy and attractive.” One said “I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.” Another said “I treat myself like I am my biggest fan.” Ok. First, what is up with the money stuff? This seems like a Buddhist app and if y’all are Buddhist you should believe in the Four Noble Truths. (They explain how wanting things like money leads to suffering.) Not very Buddhist of y’all to put those affirmations 🤨. Also, I know this is a positive affirmation app, but this is going a little too far. I am sexy and attractive? I treat myself like I am my biggest fan? This app is suppose to rise your self-esteem, but not make you too confident like you are the best person in the world! What about being humble and kind? Despite the bad things, though, it’s fine. The good affirmations are helping me feel better about myself and becomes better person. But you should really change those bad affirmations that I listed..Version: 4.23

“Free” app…for three days!!The concept of this app is great and I like the fact you can specify what you are wanting to get out if it but (there’s always a but) it should not be listed as a free app. Giving you a THREE DAY trial and then charging you for it is not exactly a free app. Sorry, I have deleted this from my phone now and will find something else that is actually free. We pay too much for apps and games etc to make our phones work as it is.Version: 4.24

Pathetic app.Why should I have to pay to have affirmations said on a screen?.Version: 5.32.3

It’s alright, but I’d like more from a $30 pricetagThe app is pretty buggy. I often get the same affirmations pop up twice in a row, and sometimes they don’t come through at all - or two at once. It also disrupts audio playing from your device. It cuts out music for a few moments and then it starts playing again, all distorted and muffled until you exit the app. There’s no option to mark affirmations that aren’t relevant to you, only to ‘like’ them. There are categories, but I’d like to be able to further tailor the experience to my own personal circumstances periodically. Seems you can block individual words, but that’s a weird way to go about it. Someone had a good idea for this app but whoever actually built it was inexperienced, I think - or at least took shortcuts. And on top of that they double subscribed me - my subscriptions in the App Store show that there were two separate subscriptions applied. One for $30 and one for $23. Seems like a mistake, but a bad one….Version: 4.50

Not compatible with iPadI installed this app on my phone and it works beautifully. I also wanted to set it up on my iPad. I have tried everything and I just can’t set it up. I can’t customize my background; the option is there but I can’t save the photo. I can’t set up reminders either because the app isn’t showing up under notifications. So basically all I have is an icon that won’t alert me of anything..Version: 5.34.5

ContextNothing special for this money.Version: 4.3

You have to payThey only give you 3 days free and then you have to pay 😪.Version: 4.0.5

Not completely freeMost affirmations are behind a paywall and the free ones are pretty basic. Better off googling the affirmations you need for the day. The UI is quite stunning and it’s a pleasurable experience, however if that’s not so important to you I’d say look for another app..Version: 5.31.1

No trial?Got an exclusive offer saying "Try it for free" but with no trial period, just paying for the year upfront... disappointed that I can't get a preview before deciding..Version: 5.39.2

I want to love it BUT 3 stars for average experienceI want to love this app coz it does have a cute layout & good affirmations & notifications BUT imagine you just woke up trying to get into the right mindset & after looking at 1 affirmation ads start popping up. I understand you need ads to make money but the frequency & how fast it pops up defeats the purpose of a mindfulness app…….can I do 5 affirmations before you start it’s so frustrating I just end up closing the app..Version: 5.35.0

Takes too long to startDownloaded the app, started answering what felt like a million questions with some of the slowest animations I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even finish the set up, after a while of setting my preferences (and before I’ve even used the app once) I get asked to start a subscription. I close that window assuming I’ll be into the app, but no! More set up. Deleted before I finished the set up. Awful UX..Version: 5.18.0

Would love a free versionWould love to see a free version of this app even if it’s pared down and minimal. Let people pay for upgrades or choose basic free use..Version: 5.33.0

No lifetime option?Couldn’t find the lifetime premium option as advertised in in-app purchases. Subscriptions give me anxiety, so you lost a customer.Version: 4.1.5

3 days freeThen $26.50 lol.Version: 5.21.4

Widget issuesOngoing widget issues since purchase and recent update make it hard to recommend at moment.Version: 4.12.2

Maybe I’m just tiredI used to enjoy this app. I was able to create a few of my own positive affirmations that several people enjoyed. I decided to ditch the IPhone for a while and went back to my beloved Galaxy and forgot about the app. Long story short, I have returned to the sheep herding IPhone but also rediscovered I AM … now I can’t create anything. I have watched enough ad videos for a lifetime membership at this point however I will not pay. Mental Awareness Month and I am struggling with every aspect of my life. My depression and anxiety are at an all time high and I’m not new at this game (I’m 51 so I know a thing or two). I know one of my greatest stressors is due to my illness and inability to work. Can I justify paying for an app to help me when I can’t figure out how I was able to before I had to pay? Sure I can, but not while looking at my daughter’s shoes and knowing my priority is to help her depression and anxiety by helping her not worry about shoes … so that both of us and hopefully neither of us fall into the abyss of suicidal ideation. I will miss this app, but it won’t kill me. I’ll probably die tripping on a Lego..Version: 4.59

Requires a paid subscriptionThis app isn't free. When downloading I assumed there would be a basic access for non paying users, but there isn’t. It requires users to sign up for a subscription to access the three day trial period. As a newcomer to affirmations, I think the three day trial won’t be long enough for me to decide if paying for a subscription would be right for me. From the little I experienced, the app has a pleasing UI. I may reconsider a subscription in future, but not until I know affirmations prove beneficial enough to commit to a paid subscription..Version: 5.37.4

AdsNot very useful or calming with ad distraction..Version: 5.31.1

I’ve just signed upI am on day one of the free trial. This apps looks pretty good. My one concern is that I often do 70 affirmations for 7 days when I really want to manifest something, I am not sure that I have the option to write 70 affirmations in one day in this app. Tonight I will try it in the section that allows you to write your own affirmation…hopefully it will allow me to keep writing the affirmation 70 times each time as a new entry and just number them as I go. If it works I will definitely subscribe..Version: 4.5.1

Terrible, except for the aesthetic of the messages and widgets.So I been pretty depressed and in absolute pain recently, mainly that I have terrible teachers and only one class with “a friend” and scoliosis and other problems. This does not work how you expect do you think just some random motivational quotes will make you happier then the rabbit in Looney Tunes that always gets in trouble? No it doesn’t and for me it actually kind of made it worse because I some reason personally gets mad at inanimate objects all the time, literally every day I probably throw something like a pen across the room. And it just made it worse, this review might not be going anywhere but this definitely makes a huge note to people if people look at the reviews on this app. If you have depression or just down recently, probably go to a gym punch a bag or a therapist. Depends on your age but that’s pretty much helps most people tbh, it sounds like any other movie or show when a dude is mad at a heartbreak and feels better when he’s in a boxing ring, or someone lost a job and went to a therapist. But it’s true it does help to beat something. Overall the app does nothing I only rated 2 stars because the aesthetic, but it’s annoying with the ringtones and it just gets me mad even more..Version: 5.19.2

ScamAt first I thought it was a nice app until it made me pay I hate when apps do that.Version: 5.33.0

Isn’t workingAfter I tried it for a month, I really loved it and upgraded to a one-year plan. Now, after half a month into the year plan, the lock screen reminders don’t work. They have been working perfectly until some days recently. By “not working”, I mean although I set up the frequency of “very often”, the reminder that is currently on my screen doesn’t change. It has been that exact reminder for 3 days..Version: 5.0.3

FrustratingThe app itself is amazing but every time you scroll, or press the heart button you get a pop up add for the exact same app every time. The app is 80% adds..Version: 5.27.0

This app has huge potential to do better and I am counting on itI don’t like how this app refers my name in third person in affirmations and there is no option to change it. Also, why do I have to turn on the notifications every few days? Every time I select one set of affirmations, the app sticks to the selected option for few hours and by itself returns to default affirmations..Version: 5.2.1

Unable to pay, I’m a minor.I really hate to be literally one of the very few people to have negative review on this, especially when this is app specifically for good intentions and has made people satisfied.., I was really looking forward to this, really; and I don’t want this to come off as a personal issue but your app is eligible for kids including ages of even 10 or preteens, I’m a struggling middle schooler who doesn’t have access to purchase the trial.. I was not expecting one as i considered this a very simple side app, I became more excited by the huge amount of good reviews, made for people and others of all kinds to support their needs and problems, but it just really sucked to see another therapeutic app that’s asking for money that I’m unable to give because I’m still just a kid, That sounded like a pity- I’m sorry, it was only my opinion considering it’s a very good, but.. thanks I suppose.Version: 4.31

Toxic positivity galoreAnyone who says this app isn’t littered with toxic positivity (and ableist prompts) sadly is unable to recognize it when they see them. I constantly get prompts that start with “I choose __” (like I choose to be happy, I choose to be calm, etc). Apparently my depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be cured by just choosing something else! Who knew! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I could remember where I was saving all the screenshots of the bad ones bc there’s also been ones along the lines of “my body is healthy” or “I will exercise everyday” and the like. Uh, I’m disabled with multiple chronic illnesses. My body is not healthy, nor will I perform to the extent it thinks I should. The app was somewhat okay when I first got it a year or so ago, but it’s just getting worse and worse, and sends the same prompts with slightly different wording all the time. It also doesn’t seem to learn to stop sending similarly-themed ones you don’t like after lots of downvoting either (otherwise I would’ve stopped getting a ton of the toxic positivity and ableist ones). So do yourself a favor. If you have chronic illnesses or mental health disorders, you’re probs going to want to steer clear of this app so you don’t get triggered or irritated just about every time the notification pops up. I’m glad I finally deleted this app so I won’t have to see the nonsense anymore..Version: 4.47

Used to be great but GREEDINESS made me delete.They’re going to type a generic “app costs money to make” response…Yeah we know! It’s not about that. It’s that you download based on something and they keep changing it until you lose all the features. Now there are barely ANY unlocked affirmations left. Why would I waste storage on that when I can pay for another app that’s actually honest and consistent doesn’t the start?…I used to love this app, especially the widget function UNTIL suddenly my “favorites” affirmations were no longer showing up on rotation. This had happened before so I assumed it was another tech glitch (you can set a customizable widget but are unable to actually set it to that. So you have to always keep the affirmations manually set to the type you want). However this time I realized it wasn’t showing my favorite affirmations (that I had spent months selecting) because all of them had been added to the “premium” locked categories. Before only a few categories were locked. Now ALL except 3 are available. That means unless you’re paying this app money every month, you’ve now lost access to all your previously curated affirmations. Once I figured that out, it was an easy decision to delete the widget *and* the app itself..Version: 4.52

Widgets always going blankThey keep trying to force me to pay money when all I want is a consistent widget. All I want is consistent affirmations and the one thing that your app is for it actually can’t do consistently. While, every single time I open the app, and every single time, the widget needs a refresh. They show you at least three different ads and continuously advertise their subscription service. I am very close to deleting this..Version: 5.31.1

Too much moneyI really love this app, not only as what it’s intended for but all the other specs it allows. However I don’t love the constant adds. I would pay, but I can’t afford to and a monthly subscription seems a little unreasonable. I wish it was a lifetime guarantee of one purchase. If it was free or less a one time purchase this definitely would have 5 stars. I understand needing income, but I think it’s a little excessive for this type of app.Version: 5.25.1

Great app butReally like this app and the message on it as when you’re feeling down you can go through and read some positive reviews, but after the update there’s no more changing themes for watching an add and I love having the widget in my home screen and I’m one for changing my phone wallpaper often and I like the change the theme of the widget to match but I can no longer do that without paying for the theme change..Version: 4.34.1

Good but for 3rd person quotesI wish there were were a way to stop the app supplying third person quotes (ie ones using my name), I always thumbs down these but it's because I don't like talking about myself, or hearing about myself in 3rd person, it's weird. Other than that the app is good. I'd like an option to feedback to developers without having to come on App Store. I'm a subscriber, for the most part I really like the quotes. Will upgrade star rating if either of the above materialise🤞.Version: 5.2.1

Update ruined themesI use this app twice a day, but since the latest update i have noticed it has reset all the themes to be premium. I have never paid for the subscription as the ads were bearable but i was able to use a few different themes for free or by unlocking watching an ad. It seems now that this “watch an ad, unlock a theme” now resets daily. Bit annoying really, forcing us to pay for the service for a different background..Version: 4.32

OopsUsed to love the notifications until suddenly they stopped. Checked the configuration and everything was good and yet.. no more notifications. I ended up deleting the app. I don’t want to enter the app to read a nice quote, what makes this app interesting and unique is the notifications and if that feature doesn’t work then the app it’s not worth keeping. Pity though, it was amazing when working!.Version: 4.4.1

Widget doesn’t work on the latest update!My widget has gone blank after the latest update 😭 I loved the widget, opening the screen and seeing a positive affirmation! Now it doesn’t work. Fix this for me and it’s a 5* review.Version: 4.6

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