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TV Remote - Universal Control App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TV Remote - Universal Control app received 175 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Remote - Universal Control? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv remote - universal control?

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TV Remote - Universal Control for Negative User Reviews

Universal Remote Not WorkingThis doesn’t work on Veon smart TVs. I’m disappointed really..Version: 1.2.0

Don’t waste your money with this appI selected the free trial, the app connected to the tv but didn’t actually work. I canceled the subscription the same day and it still charged me the yearly fee and said my subscription will end in a year. Not happy at all. I’ve put in a request for a refund and this app seems very dodgy..Version: 1.2.4

Doesn’t workCrappy app Will not connect to my TV Hoping to get refund.Version: 1.3.0

Not workingNot working.Version: 1.3.0

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work at all Horrible app.Version: 1.2.4

Bug issues - crashes searching for TVsI’ve just spent the one off fee and purchased it and it won’t even open . Can you solve this or give my money back immediately Thanks.Version: 1.2.4

TERRIBLEI signed up for a 3 free day trial and they took $60 out of my account, i need that money for food now i have no money left! DO NOT BUY THIS APP.Version: 1.3.0

Stupid appIt needs to get a permission from remote control so why do I use it if I had a remote control!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.0

😠Waist of money. I want my moms Why Back.Version: 1.2.4

You need to pay to useYou really don’t have access to much. They might as well just charge you before you download the app. It feels like a misdirect giving the app for free and charging once you downloaded it and can’t use it fully. For example volume requires you paying. I gave it stars for having a couple of buttons work..Version: 1.2.4

Horrible app with zero supportThis app is horrible. Plain and simple. It works selectively and on select TV’s. It will control some of the options on my TV but it will not perform the most basic function of turning the power on. Zero help from developers whom I have contacted multiple times with no effort to fix the problem. There are other apps out there that actually work including the Roku app that costs nothing. This is not worth the very high price tag..Version: 1.3.0

RemoteI think the adverts happen way to much but it works quite good I say that just less of the adverts and it will be great 👏🏻.Version: 1.2.9

Needs Premium. Don’t download it. everyone hates it.Needs Premium for control with hard connect. Don’t download it everyone hates it. Extra bad app! Never download it if you got it delete it it's extra bad!.Version: 1.3.0

FalseHighly disappointed. They want a subscription for the price of a new remote. You must decide before you even know it’s compatible. I paid 7 dollars and it’s useless to me complete cash grab.Version: 1.3.0

Not happyI asked for a refund before the on the 4th day because this would not work and I’m still waiting for a response it’s a $48 useless app.Version: 1.2.0

No I am not enjoyingIf I could give a minus star I would. My grandson miss placed my remote, I’ve downloaded other remotes before that work with no fees… this one had a fee, but I thought if it worked why not? It said easy cancellation… it didn’t work and no. Not and easy cancelation. It needs my tv remote to make it work. Lol if I had my remote I wouldn’t need the app! And now I can’t find how to cancel the trial! Make sure you have the remote to your tv before you download this app..Version: 1.2.4

Rubbish addsAbsolute joke all the pop ups I wanna use the tv remote app not look at my phone closing adds.Version: 1.2.0

Bug issuePlease fix the issue of the app crashing as soon as it’s opened..Version: 1.2.4

RubbishDownloaded and paid the one off fee, app completely useless and does not work.Version: 1.3.0

UselessUseless, subscribed and then when you try to unsubscribe a message saying ‘problem please try again later’ 🙄.Version: 1.3.0

TerribleI thought it’d be a great idea to download a remote on my phone since my kids constantly lose the remote. I wasn’t planning on paying for any of the packages because I didn’t care about being able to open apps on the tv all I wanted was the ability to change the channel and control the volume... you know the bare minimum.... well all you’ll be able to do is find a channel from a Home Screen because literally every other button requires you to purchase a subscription..Version: 1.3.0

Not user friendlyIt’s been a nightmare ! No one can understand it. Did it for my mum specially but it doesn’t do anything.Version: 1.3.0

Tv RemoteJust a waste of $30 really I can’t even connect it to my tv it says it needs tv to accept but nothing comes up even though phone and tv are both connected to the same wifi zzzz.Version: 1.3.0

Too many adsHow can a digital tv remote have ads???! Tried to rewind through a movie and encountered so many of the same ad..Version: 1.1.8

TrashHave to pay for everything dont download.Version: 1.2.4

Works once, not againIt worked for literally 2 min and after that it would say connected but wouldn’t actually do anything. Waste of time..Version: 1.3.0

Not workingI am not happy why it’s just toke my money but don’t work and can you sent me back my money please thanks.Version: 1.2.4

TerribleDoesn’t work still need the remote to allow it to Connect ever time I turn my TV on. Still need the remote to turn the tv on and to change channel.Version: 1.2.4

Scam app. Tells you they’re gonna offer free trial them charges youI just got charged 50 bucks and the app doesn’t even work.Version: 1.2.9

TerribleIncompatible with my TV but of course you're not even able to test that without activating the "free trial". Annoying, inconvenient and a terrible customer experience having the ENTIRE APP FUNCTIONALITY locked behind a $50/year pay wall. Avoid!.Version: 1.2.0

Waste of timeDoesn’t work, despite saying it’s connected. Tried multiple devices. Don’t bother.Version: 1.2.8

Garbage!!!Horrible to use. It doesn’t even make sense and does absolutely nothing..Version: 1.2.9

TrashYou download this app and use it for the intent of working your television. It won’t let you adjust the volume unless you purchase the subscription. The subscription is some 48 hours and after you get charged $30 (the price of a regular remote). You try and cancel subscription before the 48 hours is up only to be charged before then. This is fraudulent misrepresentation. They do not respond to your e-mail and rob you of your money. Just save your money and buy a universal remote at the store..Version: 1.2.4

PoorI purchased the app… Paid monthly subscription, installed it but it doesn’t connect to my tv although it says it has, th controls do not work at all, I think this is a very poor app and there are no FAQ for Toshiba TV’s only for Samsung.Version: 1.3.0

DO NOT TRYI used the free trial for 5 min after it didn’t work on my tv I canceled the FREE trial and it charged me for a yearly subscription!!! This is so wrong in so many ways ! It does not work yet it’s a FREE trial but yet they charge you for a year the moment u cancel !!! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM.Version: 1.2.9

Subscription?So i wanted to trial this app but as i downloaded it also charged me immediately. Looking for a refund now because I didn’t get the free trial i selected 🤦🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.2.4

Don’t botherUtter trash! Don’t even bother! Can’t do anything without a membership and if you are going to pay 100$ might as well get the remote off Amazon for 20$ and save yourself the money🙄.Version: 1.2.9

MehTv remote has like ads every minute or so but you don’t have to pay for it and it’s alright to use..Version: 1.2.9

After paying for yearly subscription the app no longer working????No good.Version: 1.3.8

Doesn’t work - bush tv & iPhone 11Recognises the device, says to press promt on screen with remote but no such prompt appears.Version: 1.2.4

ScamDon’t download this app it cost money to just use a remote just buy a new remote this apps need money for using a remote so annoying this app is bad!.Version: 1.2.9

Don’t!I’ll retract this statement of facts change but currently after three emails to their “contact” I still don’t have a reply to my request to stop my free trial period for this product that doesn’t work for me..Version: 1.2.4

DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!Downloaded it for my sons TV, purchased a subscription and it doesn't work on any of the smart TVs in our house... Absolute rubbish......Version: 1.3.0

Terrible took extra moneyI wanted the FREE trail , I downloaded app it took 45 $ then didn’t work because my phone is a iPhone without info red lights now I’m out 45$ in 2 min when I un subscribed.Version: 1.2.0

It’s silly asfI give this app a 1 star review cause I need to pay to just put my volume up?!?!! And the ads load super crazy it’s like I can’t do anything with the app and I have to pay 30 POUND WHAT!?!?!!!! Just to turn my volume up and down an to change channels I just got ripped off for such an app!.Version: 1.2.0

Not FreeApp doesn’t work when it’s free. Keeps flicking to the subscription screen. Very misleading, do not download unless you want to pay for the app..Version: 1.2.4

Remote AppTerrible sound not happy.Version: 1.3.0

Does not work, loaded with adsSave yourself the hassle and $$!.Version: 1.2.4

Worst app. Wasted money.What sort of app tells you you can unsubscribe but then doesn’t allow you. The app doesn’t even work on my smart TV. What a waste of money and time..Version: 1.2.0

MNot working.Version: 1.3.0

Tv remoteNot letting me control my TV at all, you also have to pay just to turn up the volume if it did work.Version: 1.3.0

Don’t buy!!!!!Everytime I try and type in the pin it just crashes waste of my money don’t buy.Version: 1.2.4

Doesn’t work without remoteLost remote so downloaded this, but you can’t even use it without allowing access with the physical TV remote which defeats purpose..Version: 1.1.8

Doesn’t work on sharp smart TVsDoesn’t work followed all the steps and nothing my tv is a sharp smart tv the all also did not work on my fore stick.Version: 1.3.0

NulJ’ai juste fait essai gratuit et on prélève l argent, il ne fonctionne pas l’application c nul.Version: 1.3.0

Renewed my subscription earlyApp doesn’t work when free; i was checking my emails and found out the app had taken money for a yearly subscription not only early, but also after i had contacted them and said i want to unsubscribe. I never leave reviews but this app was so bad i just had to put it out there.Version: 1.2.4

DO NOT DOWNLOADAbsolutely the waste of time to download it does not work i tried on 2 different tvs I got both of them it does not work for. Would rate this no stars.Version: 1.2.4

Didn’t work on my TCLAlthough it says it connected fine and the remote comes up it doesn’t work on my TCL TV. UI looks good if only it worked..Version: 1.2.8

Slow and does not remember unitsHave to pair with each gadget every time you use it..Version: 1.2.0

BadIt is extremely delayed and none of the actions canceled each other. Most times what you press doesn’t register anyway from the app to your TV but if it does you will have to wait for the movements to register (up to 10 seconds each press) and sit through the movements in the order that you pressed them. Lastly, you have to pay for simple things like being able to use a keyboard or the little search tool on your own TV (a feature a lot of TVs already have). There are pop up ads for every 1 minute or so while you are using the app…which I would think they would make enough money with ads instead of having people pay for simple features. Bad..Version: 1.2.4

WowTerrible.Version: 1.2.8

Charged when I didn’t want to keep it!Only worked half the time and I’ve been now charged the whole 45$!!! I can’t afford it. I thought it was a monthly charge… I would like a refund and an explanation as to why I’m now out 45$ before asking me if I wanted to keep it!.Version: 1.3.0

Made my tv loud for no reasonThen told me I needed to it for half the app, y’all know there’s the original roku app that works perfectly! Good day.Version: 1.3.0

RunawayScam.Version: 1.2.4

Doesn’t workI’ve been trying to look for how to cancel my my free trial subscription before I’m charged as the app doesn’t work. And there is literally zero contact information or any way to do that. Please delete my trial immediately..Version: 1.2.0

Does not work on older TVI purchased this app because I thought it would work like other universal remotes. It does not. You have to have a smart TV in order for it to work. The information does not make that clear and there was no way to get a refund. This developer refuses to refund, and apparently does not care about purchasers. All they wanna do is make money at the expense of people like me who have had a TV for a very long time.Version: 1.3.0

Very badVery very bad.Version: 1.3.0

Not one 4 or 5 star review 🤣🤣This app isn’t worth the money and the funny thing about this app is that it has 0 good review 😆😆.Version: 1.3.0

Roku💁🏽 Your app started screwing up after you took out your money I want a full refund I’m gonna be putting and also for refund for my partner from his phone got both apps on yesterday which was October 14 year 2021 I have already spoke with Ebay support and toldDamn the issue and the problem after payment and I want to thank you in advance for cooperating with us have a good weekend..Version: 1.2.4

Took money even though I had opted for a 3 day free trialI picked the option for a 3 day FREE trial, then £24 a month after that. It has taken the full amount straight away..Version: 1.2.8

Charging for a remote is ridiculousHaving a subscription fee to use a remote is ridiculous. Not to mention it doesn’t even work!.Version: 1.3.0

Took my money doesn’t workTook my money an it doesn’t work even when connected to smart tv.Version: 1.3.5

Doesn’t WorkThis simply didn’t work for my Hisense TV, which is unfortunate. It says it works for most major brands and I believe Hisense is one of them. They also seem to have a lot of fake reviews which lead to a good look..Version: 1.2.4

ScamI tried paying for full access to the remote because it can’t control volume if you don’t. It turns out you can never control the volume and the ability to restore the purchase goes away after you pay them once. Furthermore the app only works for a couple seconds at a time before you need to turn it off and turn it on again. I would give this 0 stars if I could. This app is a scam..Version: 1.2.0

It doesn’t workIt really just doesn’t work. What else can I say..Version: 1.3.0

This thing is annoyingIt doesn’t let you turn the volume up or down without spending money.Version: 1.3.0

Canceling subscriptionDespite no obvious way to unsubscribe, you can via your account under subscriptions in the App Store..Version: 1.3.8

Watch for pop upsDuring my first use my TV was for some reason set to maximum volume, something we never do on purpose. In my haste to try and lower the volume on the app, a series of pop ups appeared prompting me to upgrade the service and I ended up accidentally upgrading. I figured I could find what I did in settings and undo it but there’s nothing there. I know the clicking is on me but I’m hoping this process isn’t intentional. I’m waiting to hear back from support. EDIT: after reading some reviews, it seems this may be by design. I’d avoid this..Version: 1.3.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!DO NOT BUY! Worst app I’ve ever used. Clearly designed by children with 0 experience in anything, let alone making apps. There are 100 better apps to download that will actually work.Version: 1.2.0

Subscription Only - Found out after install that it comes off your Itunes accountVery Dodgy - Trying to push people int Auto-Subscribe via Itunes account. Only found out after install so what a waste of time!!.Version: 1.3.5

I’m suing this app for making it to hard for a 14 year old to useMake your app easier to use.Version: 1.3.0

Trashy appWow what a wast of my time using this useless garbage pathetic app…honestly this app is trash.Version: 1.2.9

How bad is itWake up and do other stuff because you need premium. That’s why I don’t get this at all at all at all at all echo echo echo echo echo.Version: 1.3.0

TrashLiteral trash. Gave me an ad every 3 clicks and I’m not paying money just to get rid of all the ads that shouldn’t even be there in the first place, the only thing it does is actually connect to the tv but the controls feel messy and like total crap, wouldn’t recommend.Version: 1.2.4

To remoteDose not work I want a refund not happy with the App Store about this do not charge me for any thing else totally shocked.Version: 1.3.0

Solid but I need more taps per adLove the app, makes the tv a new world when the batteries die. Though I assume I’m given ads based off of how many taps I make, I would just like less ads and aye not to knock the chip off your shoulder but everything is better without a premium subscription, I mean it’s a remote. Solid app, good job —Sudds.Version: 1.2.9

ReviewI love the app it’s a solid 8/10. However I don’t like the fact I have to pay full access to do all the things such as turning the TV on or off. It’s literally an app for a remote. Like this isn’t a time machine it doesn’t need to be so fancy. Again love the app but she definitely needs some fixes.Version: 1.2.9

Rubbish - loses connection, can’t testRubbish app - you can’t test it without paying for it, and it keeps losing the connection, needing to be re-paired..Version: 1.2.0

Changed me without telling meIt charged me for a year when it said I was getting the 3 day trail….Version: 1.3.0

It’s okSuper delayed on fire tv so I accidentally click wrong things.Version: 1.2.0

It sucksJust use your normal remote it’s not worth it the ads drive me crazy.Version: 1.2.9

It works. But not worth 39.99😂😂 39.99 a year for a remote on Amazon for less than 20?.Version: 1.2.0

Doesn’t workLet’s me connect and tells me to subscribe to use and it doesn’t work. Can’t do anything absolute rip off.Version: 1.2.4

Waste of time!Anytime I try to select the button, it asked me to pay..Version: 1.3.0

DOES NOT WORK DID NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONThis app is a pile of rubbish didn’t connect to my tv I cancelled my subscription after my 3 day free trial for them to repeatedly try and take money from my account no reply as to why they continue to do this. Do not down load this app.Version: 1.3.0

Does not workI have been in contact with their support and followed all instructions. The remote still won’t work. I have requested a refund! This is ridiculous.Version: 1.2.4

BeviNot good it does not work tried down loading resetting on my phone it’s been two days no response . Don’t attempt it ..Version: 1.1.8

SCAMDownloaded, realised it wasn’t what I wanted so I deleted it, £30 has just disappeared from my bank. Unless you can afford to throw £30 away don’t download. Have requested a refund through Apple but nothing so far..Version: 1.2.0

Doesn’t workUseless.Version: 1.2.8

HorribleYou have to pay for everything to turn the volume up and down and even change the channel it’s to much it’s horrible.Version: 1.3.0

B.sDoesn’t even connect to my smart tv… I paid 30$ for what …..Version: 1.3.0

Worst thing everDoesn’t even load, keeps turning off DO NOT BUY THIS waste of time and money not worth it.Version: 1.2.4

NopeWho the hell is going to pay a monthly subscription for a tv remote?.Version: 1.3.0

Doesn't WorkGot this as my son is always losing the control. Doesn't work all I can do is turn the tv volume up and down nothing else. It should let you test to see if it works before paying.Version: 1.2.4

Does not work at all and paid a monthly subscription fee..If your going to try it, do the free trial then you can cancel after three days..Version: 1.3.0

Awful AppAfter selecting “3 day free trial” the app was downloaded and then makes you connect to the tv via WiFi. If the tv was not already set up at other WiFi the remove app WILL NOT WORK AT ALL. Then when you try to cancel it it is wayyyy complicated. I have an iPhone- after lots of searching here is how you cancel your subscription: 1. Go to settings 2. Click on your name 3. Click on subscriptions 4. Click on this awful app 5. Click cancel subscription..Version: 1.2.4

Hard to cancelI downloaded this app to use on my neon smart TV but it didn’t work I have sent two emails to cancel my subscription but haven’t heard anything back, there is no obvious way to cancel ..Version: 1.2.4

To much adsDoesn’t work don’t use your money on it.Version: 1.2.9

Don’t botherIt’s trying to make you pay, I thought it would allow me to use for a bit if you had a broken control or lost one. Good luck to them.Version: 1.2.0

TrashYou have to pay money to actually do stuff I really don’t recommend.Version: 1.2.9

No good fix itWorked for 1 day and now shuts down doesn’t even allow me to open the app. Shuts itself wasted $30 and doesnr work ???.Version: 1.2.4

Volume is disabled unless you purchaseAds on a remote is ridiculous to me. Having to purchase in order to have full access to a remote is ridiculous. It’s a remote! I’ve already paid for the TV and it came with a remote that barely works. The reviews on the Roku remotes are horrible. It does get the job done. Thank God the volume on the actual remote still works..Version: 1.2.4

Doesn’t work for usDoes not work with our system, please cancel our subscription..Version: 1.2.4

Too expensive for what it doesExpensive App and it really doesn’t do anything a free remote doesn’t do. Rip off!.Version: 1.2.9

Can’t connect my TvCan’t connect to my TV not enough instruction.Version: 1.2.0

ScamScam.Version: 1.2.4

Remote issuesLost the remote and now need the remote to allow perMission for the remote app. Ridiculous..Version: 1.2.4

Nothing but addsSucks.Version: 1.2.9

Won’t work.Sucks!! Can’t send a review because all the names taken lol wat a joke of an app.Version: 1.3.0

FUMINGI got the offer for a 3 day free trial in order to be able to turn my volume up and down on my tv, just to look and see I’ve BEEN CHARGED £30! This is rubbish, I am livid and want a refund but I am unable to get one. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 1.2.4

I don’t even know what to say about this.The worst app.Version: 1.2.4

PointlessI downloaded this remote because my tv remote has gone missing. But this remote can’t connect without using the physical remote..Version: 1.3.0

ScamOnce you install it it connects perfectly but you have to pay to use the remote control so it is pointless..Version: 1.2.0

Do not useDo not use this app, was a complete waste of time and all they wanted was to sign me up for payments. Please note to developers: it would be useful to see the app working with the TV before asking for payment!.Version: 1.2.4

DisappointedI just downloaded this app and opened it to give it a try. I didn’t pay anything yet, and luckily I did because it cannot find my TV at all. I am in the same network from phone to tv and still nothing. This app must be a fake, for me that is. Beware, it might not find some brand of tv. Mine is a Insignia fire tv. 😩.Version: 1.3.0

Doesn’t work!I can’t add my tv as it doesn’t have internet on tv yet the app description says works with most TVs!.Version: 1.2.0

Trash lots of adsLiterally an add every time you click something trying to make you pay for the premium 39.99😂😂.Version: 1.3.0

Not happy!Downloaded this App. While l was deciding if l wanted the 3 day trial or to pay one off of $30. The app started up itself! I now don’t know how to use it, as no instructions and tried to contact them, cannot access them. I’m so frustrated with this and now want to remove it but don’t know how… And now keeps asking me for a nickname and says all are taken! I want this removed and my money back!.Version: 1.2.0

RidiculousnessDont say its free when its not. kinda scammy even if u say its not. WHY should we need a monthly subscription just for a remote? i see yall have an answer for everything. whats contacting you going to do when its already a ripoff. yall dont care. wolves to the sheep must be your motto or else it would be free or a one time charge. if we are incapable of buying a physical remote, in the meanwhile lets capitalize with bogus subscription charges.Version: 1.3.0

Doesn’t workDidn’t work for me..Version: 1.3.5

Do not use!I bought the app it diddnt work. Cancelled it. They’ve just charged me £29 for nothing! No way to contact them or get a refund.Version: 1.2.0

Downloaded didn’t work deletedThat’s about it..Version: 1.3.5

FakeThis app is a magor scam, you pay 5 pound to press a button that literally does nothing you may aswell go on google images press on a tv remote n that has just as much chance as turning your tv over as this scammble app.Version: 1.2.4

Don’t waste your timeSubscription to use a damn remote. Dev you need to get a grip and cut this nonsense practice, not every app has to be a subscription especially something like this is totally unjustified. Also the app is unusable with ads setup like that. I get we all need to make a living but this is a joke. Ps. from a fellow app dev 1 star..Version: 1.3.0

Seriously?It shows inappropriate adds and I pretty much don't like it plus, my head is feeling weird from these ads..Version: 1.2.4

Don’t waste ur moneyI subscribed, connected to my TV and not one single setting on app is actually working! Waste of money to be honest don’t even bother.Version: 1.2.0

PointlessIt asks you to use your to remote to allow the app to control the tv. Kinda useless if you want to use the app because you can’t find your remote.Version: 1.3.0

Zero starsA joke, you must pay to change channel or the volume..Version: 1.3.0

DO NOT GET THIS App not even the trialFirst of all they will charge you a yearly fee if you forget about the trial, THIS APP requires your actual TV remote so if you do not have it, this is not for you, I had to mention this because that’s not said in the app description. So when I got it I thought it would connect just with wifi being linked. You actually need to give permission to the app with your tv remote . Too much for nothing.Version: 1.2.9

ScamScam don’t download.Version: 1.3.5

Click Bait Paid AppI should have read the reviews 1st, If u want to Pay yearly for a Remote app that does what free Remote apps do, then this is for u.Version: 1.2.0

FailThe volume doesn’t work nor does the mute. Oh yea, the off button is non-functional as well. My tv was on when I miss placed the remote and started using this app. So I’m not sure if it will work to turn it on. I’m not a stranger to being my own remote control, but, I put the dang thing a place that makes the controls hard to get at. United we stand, divided we fail!.Version: 1.3.0

Not workingIt doesn’t work and now of course I can’t cancel the subscription.Version: 1.3.0

Terrible app if you want to use any of the buttons it’s at least $17 dollars total rip, make it free^^.Version: 1.3.8

WasteUsed to work great, became super buggy. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset router countless times, still can’t get it to connect to a single smart TV in the house (We have 9). Constantly getting the same prompt over and over, to subscribe or make the onetime purchase, which I already paid for awhile ago.. click on it to make the purchase again… and it freezes up..Version: 1.3.0

Doesn’t workSo when you first launch, it offers your choice between a three day trial then annual subscription for $30/yr or a one-time of $20. I took the latter because I just know I will forget to remove my subscription. I turned on my Sony Bravia and the app detected it correctly. Unfortunately, it then says to use the original remote to allow access. There’s the snag: no such screen appears to do that, and while I’m a tech savvy person I have been unable to locate such an option. Furthermore, the app has a contact us button which doesn’t do anything and the app store support link doesn’t actually show this app. I feel like I was just scammed out of $20..Version: 1.1.8

So much ads, annoying.So much ads, very annoying.Version: 1.2.4

Doesn’t workJust paid £5 monthly subscription just to turn my volume up and down, it doesn’t work, it’s a scams do not download this app please.Version: 1.2.4

Soz but doesn’t workI tried to use it and the control didn’t do a thing.Version: 1.3.0

RIP OFFI’ve just had to pay £20 and it doesn’t even work??? I want my money back.Version: 1.2.4

Good appI like the app but it is a shame that it doesn’t work on older TVs which would’ve been great I mean the ones that were around before smart TVs and all the newer equipment but not that date back before 2000.Version: 1.2.4

WifiAn issue i have is i can’t seem to connect my wifi on my tv because i don’t have a remote, there is a button on the back but it only shows hdmi’s and other stuff so i can’t really use this app.Version: 1.3.0

[email protected]Yes… [email protected] Greedy twats.Version: 1.3.5

ScamDownloaded it and can’t even turn up the volume, every button press pops up an advert to upgrade. Don’t even know it it works with my tv.Version: 1.2.0

Pointless appI downloaded this app with hopes to connect to my tv as my daughter broke our other remote , it picks up the TV signal but needs you to allow access to the TV by accepting on the TV remote, if I had a working TV remote then why would I download an app ....Version: 1.2.0

NopeI couldnt figure out how to use this at all. The 4 digit code didnt even show on my screen. Was not prepared to pay for an app i couldnt use..Version: 1.3.0

TerribleYou can’t actually control the TV unless you pay to get a subscription..Version: 1.3.0

Absolutely rubbishWhat a waste of time and a total pants down shafting to actually use it properly. Wouldn’t connect to tv and wanted a ridiculous amount to work with sky. Doesn’t even deserve the 1 star!.Version: 1.3.0

Didn’t work, difficult to unsubscribeDo not recommend.Version: 1.3.0

Ripoff!!!!This thing is….CRAP I try to move and I wasn’t even do anything even after I connected it to the tv like bruh do t download this this is a complete rip of and waste of time ugh!!!!.Version: 1.2.4

Requires paid membershipTypical app not advertising you require a membership to use. Don’t bother downloading unless you want to overpay when there is free apps out there already..Version: 1.2.4

You have to pay before you know if it worksWhen you get the app downloaded, you have to choose a payment plan before you get into the actual app. Unfortunately, since I didn’t have my original remote to my TV and some certain setting wasn’t a certain way inside the TV, I can’t use the app. I can’t figure out if there is a refund system or not. I don’t know if it’s a good app or not, but the communication before purchase is lacking..Version: 1.2.9

UselessI downloaded for a trial and it charged me the full year subscription. It’s slow and there is a massive lag between the app and tv. Download only if you want to waste $42.Version: 1.2.9

0 stars if I couldCan’t even turn off without paying I get for all features you’d need to pay but really? Downloaded for nothing. Think at least you’d be able to turn it off without having to pay as that’s the only feature I want to do.Version: 1.2.4

It works but I think it should be freeI only try to turn on my TV and it said I had to pay for it👏.Version: 1.2.4

Works but the Roku remote does notRoku stopped working in my bedroom; and the Roku express remote in the living room volume/voice does not work and then the remote stopped working altogether. And yes; I changed the batteries; and not one sentence of troubleshooting actually helped anything. This would be a cost-effective alternative to high-cost cable- IF THE DARNED THING WORKED! I realize-I paid for a mediocre model; but wanted to ensure I didn’t waste money on a higher priced version. Such an unfortunately unreliable streaming device..Version: 1.3.0

Roku remoteIt can be extremely difficult to turn my tv on with the remote but once it’s on it’s easy to use. At times I’ve attempted several times before actually before my tv to turns on. This is the only problem I’ve experience so far and every thing else is easy like changing channels, turn up or down volume, and searching options. A feature that is nice is the touch remote it’s nice and easy to navigate!.Version: 1.1.8

Apps amazing well done to the devs but…This application is amazing and works with the roku based Now TV stick perfectly. But for me to use for one single device the price is ridiculous. The device and remote is 30% cheaper than an annual subscription. I think they should offer a one device policy. Thanks for letting me try the app..Version: 1.2.0

Piece of garbage scam for moneyCrap.Version: 1.2.4

Don’t botherDon’t waste your time app just wants u to pay to use it and while using the one feature that does work every time u click u will get a 30sec add, they just want money..Version: 1.3.0

HorribleTerrible app! Cannot figure out how to cancel my subscription, it doesn’t work! It picks up my tv but nothing works at all! Very VERY disappointed..Version: 1.2.0

UselessI am absolutely unhappy with the app cost too much ridiculous Howell nothing actually really works and I want a refund..Version: 1.2.9

Do not get unless you want your bank account rapedMakes you pay after using it once. Very poorly made wish there was negative stars..Version: 1.3.0

Utter garbage£30 to change the volume? Can’t use it in free modes for incessant ads popping over the screen. Deleted it instantly..Version: 1.2.0

Misleading ScamThis is not free. There is no free access. After finding your TV the remote is locked unless you sign up for a 3-day “free” trial that immediately charges you a non refundable $45. Then the remote doesn’t even work on iPhones. Don’t waste your time or money. This app should be removed from the Apple Store completely. Fairly confident the only reason they have a high rating is because they pay a review farm. I’d rate it zero stars and a poop emoji if I could..Version: 1.2.9

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Is TV Remote - Universal Control not working?

TV Remote - Universal Control works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TV Remote - Universal Control.

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