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Amazon Fire TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Amazon Fire TV app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon Fire TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon fire tv?

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Amazon Fire TV for Negative User Reviews

MehI downloaded this app after the original Fire TV remote breaking as I could not buy a new remote without buying a new Fire Stick. At first I thought it was brilliant- a handy replacement tool. But it is not for every day use. It connects to one TV brilliantly, but not the other TV which is not far from the WiFi router. When it eventually does work, it is constantly trying to ‘reconnect’, but 85% of the time, it says it is offline and connecting. To summarise, if you are using it as an extra to a remote it’s great. If it is the sole device for the Fire Stick, it is not worth it..Version: 2.1.1125

Good initially, but overall disappointing.When I first got it, this was so much easier to navigate through my firestick. Before getting this app, my issue always was me needing to pause whatever I was watching and not able to because I couldn’t find my remote. I got this for my iPad and iPhone and it was great. But two nights ago, something completely random happened and now all of a sudden the app won’t connect to my fire stick, the Sign In button doesn’t work, most buttons on the app won’t work initially either. I deleted the app and redownloaded it and nothing changed. I checked with my firestick tv, my echo, my WiFi/internet and everything was fine, it all came back to this app. I’m really not sure what happened but it’s a pretty annoying let down to say the least..Version: 1.0.18

One major problemIt’s a great app and works well but it has one major fault. I downloaded it a while ago when I lost my remote and it worked fine. I have two fire sticks in my house so I just connected to the one. But then when I tried to use the app it couldn’t connect to the right fire stick. I then had to spend my day searching for the remote. I lost my remote again a few months later and used the app but ended up having the same problem. I tried re loading and even deleted and re installing the app and nothing worked.Version: 2.0.1795

Basically unusableI’ve had this app since my fire tv remote broke a few years ago. It used to be a really great app so I never bothered getting a new remote. Over the last few months there must have been an update or something bc now it bugs out like CRAZY. If I’m trying to scroll through movies, apps, etc or trying to FF or rewind it gets “stuck” as if it were a real button and just endlessly scrolls to the left or right until there’s nothing left to scroll through. It will skip through an entire movie and when you try to get back to the part you were at it gets stuck again and goes all the way back to the beginning. I get one maybe two good swipes or taps over and suddenly it’s shooting down the end of the list and I have to open and close the app at least twice before it works again. If it’s not doing that it’s because it just suddenly stopped registering touch in the middle of using it..Version: 2.1.731

50% uselessBeen using this for a few years and it’s completely useless 50% of the time. Constantly have problems getting it to connect in the first place, as soon as you switch to a different app it disconnects from the fire stick and you have to wait for it to reconnect. It frequently has problems and bugs so has to be uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Completely fed up with using it, but if I want to continue using the fire stick and prime subscription that I paid for, I don’t have a choice. It’s only been getting worse the longer I’ve used the app! The developers have had plenty of time to fix these issues and absolutely no progress has been made..Version: 2.1.69

Doesn’t work with new iOSCan’t get the app to work with latest iOS.Version: 2.1.731

BadTerrible, worked at first but now is useless. Doesn’t ever connect..Version: 2.1.2265

Works great until it doesn’tI use this app because my plastic remote stopped working all of a sudden. It works fine, and I like that it has a keyboard feature so I can type more quickly than searching out individual letters. However, some of the features of the app remote don’t translate to certain fire stick apps, so it can be difficult to maneuver those apps with the slide screen on the remote app. And the app suddenly stops working with my tv and will not work for a day or two at a time before it magically works again. I will be using it to hit play on one show, and when I try to use the remote app a few minutes later it stops working. It shows that you’ve moved your finger on the selection pad, and it shows that the buttons have been pressed at the right time, but nothing changes on the tv screen itself. It’s quite frustrating when this happens, but when this app is great when it decides to work..Version: 2.1.69

Works ok but resets every upgradeEvery upgrade from the App Store causes all saved devices to need the pin entering again and it forgets all preferences like the swipe action option instead of the directional pad. Frustrating as hell..Version: 2.1.2011

Awful AppThis app used to work but now it is awful. Always not connecting to Fire TV even though it says it is connected..Version: 2.1.69

Now requires sign-in to detect Fire TV, can’t connect anywayThe app now mandates that you sign into the Amazon account associated with your Fire TV to start using the remote functionality. Even after you’ve complied, though, you probably won’t have much luck establishing a connection. In fact, I haven’t been able to successfully use the app since they updated it..Version: 2.0.1112

What have you done to this app?!?!I’ve used this app for years it WAS brilliant. But then they issued an update and now it connects ok and RARELY works. The control page comes up with all the options but none of the controls on the remote work with the Firestick. It shows all the controls and recognises you pressed them but it does nothing. The Firestick is fine as it works with a manual remote but you can’t use this app at all anymore. It’s really annoying if like me you USED to use the keyboard section loads! Please sort out an update it’s terrible!!!.Version: 2.1.69

SoundIf it’s possible to as an option where we can change the sound of the tv like more sound, less sound directly as the telecomand it can be better.Version: 2.1.2389

Only use if desperate!This App is great if your batteries on your physical remote go out or if you lose your remote. There are two main issues that I have with this App. The first one are connectivity to the actual fire stick. Sometimes the app doesn’t want to connect to the fire stick or there are issues while using the app. The second issue is the fact that the home button is right above the pause/play button and in order to get the pause/play you have to swipe up from the bottom of your device. The issue is the app automatically times out the pause and play button leaving the home button in the exact same place where you might have wanted to press pause/play. I’ve hit the home button many times thinking it was the pause/play button and it’s so frustrating to be watching a show and get completely kicked out to the home screen. Developers need to please fix that!.Version: 1.0.18

Still glitchyThis app works for a short while, I had to download it because I lost my remote. Once it starts getting glitchy however there is nothing you can do to fix it. The remote will refuse to connect to the tv, or the remote won’t respond when you try to use it, and so on and so forth, there’s always a problem. Deleting the app and re-downloading it doesn’t even fix the problem either; it’s still janky. This app only works when it decides it wants to, It’d be nice if developers could fix that problem. Update: the app works better now, however I’m still having problems with it not picking up my first stick even though it’s turned on. It’ll see every tic except the one I’m using, not sure why it does that..Version: 2.1.731

Silk browser is very unresponsiveIf the cursor reaches any of the edges it becomes locked and won’t move..Version: 2.1.2265

It’s okaySlow to connect but works alright.Version: 2.1.2265

BadHow can one make such a bad app? Voice thing is bad. It keeps disconnecting and won’t connect back..Version: 2.1.490

Bad connectionI first discovered the app when a girl friend connected it to change what I was playing, I thought this could be handy! A few months after I got my fire stick the remote stopped working, I thought it was strange, changed the batteries but nothing. That’s when I really started using the app. It worked great at first but as days went on it would take a long time to find and connect to the fire stick. I tried my controller again which magically worked again. About a year later my dog chewed the controller so only the up and left button worked as well as the other so I couldn’t use it on the home screen since the down and right button didn’t work. Again same problem with the app, it can connect right away at times. Sometimes I have to try and connect 3-5 times meaning closing and opening the app. Other than getting connected the app works great! I like the keyboard feature which didn’t work for my iPhone 6s until the 11 generation update..Version: 1.0.16

Not the WORSTThis app is useful when it needs to be. Like if the remote is across the room and I'm on my phone, it's super convenient that I don't need to stand to grab the remote when I have the same capabilities on my phone (so it's perfect for laziness) other than that, the app has connectivity issues. It takes a few tries before I can connect my phone to the firestick. I need to exit out of the app multiple times to reset it and hope it connects. Took me about 6 tries just now? Yesterday it connected instantly on the 1st try. Other days it's all over. Inconsistent. The only complaint I have other than the connectivity (which I can get over) is the fact that you can't control your TV volume. They should have a volume feature built into the app itself to allow manual control of the volume instead of using the TV's volume functionality. I used to use certain players that have volume adjustments built in so I know it's possible. Anyway, not a bad idea just executed poorly..Version: 2.1.322

Poor user experience. Amazon need to fix those issues.App doesn’t stay connected. It sometimes take multiple attempts to be able to connect to a synced Firestick. I expect app to be immediately ready use when launched every time. Copy and paste only work if Firestick on-screen keyboard is opened before you open keyboard in app else paste option doesn’t show. Copy / paste options should always be available regardless of order of opening screens. When will amazon fix those issues?.Version: 2.1.2109

Always disconnectTake a minute or 2 to reconnect every time the phone locks, which makes it useless as a remote.Version: 2.1.2265

Connection issuesRemote keeps disconnecting from firestick.Version: 2.1.2389

Lost the remote, found this app. Should’ve searched harder for the remote.Intermittent connection. Sometimes won’t even display the Firestick’s name, and will disconnect after a while. Long movies especially. But the biggest disappointment about this app is that if you try to rewind for longer than a few seconds and then go to press play-the play/rewind/fast forward menu slides down and you end up pressing the back button which was above. This means that whatever you’re watching just stops and you have to go back into it..Version: 2.0.1112

Useful when it worksNice app, handy when I can’t find the remote or it needs new batteries, but thinking of stocking up on batteries and sticking to the remote since this app seems to have a fair share of problems, one of which it took 2 days to finally connect and turning my phone off and on, deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t help it, at the moment it loads but simply doesn’t work, maybe if you sort it I’ll stick to it but this has been going on for years now so I doubt anything will be done about it and it’s not the first time I’ve complained about it.Version: 2.1.69

Has potentialFirst off, lemme say this is my favorite remote app for the fire tv/fire stick. It responds faster than any of the others I’ve tried, it doesn’t glitch or freeze the way that others do. The voice control doesn’t always work, but that’s whatever. The reason I’m only giving 3 stars is because it doesn’t stay connected, it likes to randomly disconnect even if you don’t close the app. Reconnecting is sometimes difficult because the device doesn’t always register on the device list. It would be cool to see a search by IP function to eliminate that problem, and the connectivity issues could be addressed. But, over all a good app with great potential.Version: 2.1.2109

Was good until updateWas working great until recent app update now disconnects and i have to reset either fire tv or phone for it to work if i switch out and go to another app ie instagram or fb when going back to firetv app stops working.Version: 2.0.1112

The app would be great if it was reliable.UPDATE: They fixed the bugs and the app worked for a few weeks FLAWLESSLY. Now, the app has stopped working completely. I cannot connect to my fire stick since the latest Apple update. It’ll connect briefly and then disconnect within seconds. Now I can’t get into the controls at all. The app works as it’s supposed to once it FINALLY gets connected... after about 10 tries. God forbid you have to use your phone for anything else because it’ll take 10 more tries to reconnect after leaving the app. I accidentally washed my original remote and rely on the mobile remote for control. Honestly if I can, I just leave the app open and drain my phone battery just in case I need to pause what I’m watching ... because it’ll take 10 mins to reconnect if I don’t. I hope they fix this..Version: 1.0.18

Why does this exist?App kinda works. Voice control doesn’t work at all. What’s the point of this app besides controlling your tv with your? That function was good like 8 years ago..Version: 2.1.69

Weak ConnectionMy fire tv won’t connect...I have the same connection but it is weak.Version: 2.1.2389

SucksIt let me connect to my tv for a bit then it disconnected and wont connect again its stupid.Version: 2.1.2265

Not reliable and hardly ever worksI downloaded this app because I lost my remote thinking my problems will be solved but its making it very difficult to connect for instance you can’t use this app with out connecting to WiFi which is no issue since it’s on my phone but you also cannot connect the firestick either unless it’s connected to the same WiFi on your phone but in order to do that it requires you to have to be able to access the settings so that can select the WiFi network you need to connect to which you cannot this is extremely horrible and I wish the developers fix this issues now I have to order a new one just cause %50 of the time It either is having connecting issues or the firestick loses the WiFi connection which requires me to go back through the entire process I wish I could give it zero stars .... PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.Version: 2.1.1125

Lacks Some ButtonsIt’s nice to use your phone as a remote as it is always with you. This app is ok but lacks standard functionality, one of which is the volume control… I still need the tv remote to control the sound volume. Hope this will be fixed on the next update..Version: 2.1.2265

Disconnects all the timeI should love fire tv. But I don't. The concept is great but nothing seems to work with it. The remote that came with it hardly ever works (need to remove batteries and reinsert all the time) so I decided to use the app instead. It's just like the remote. Disconnects if I don't use it for a few minutes and then won't reconnect. I have to close the app and retry and more often than not I have to redo this more than once. It had completely disconnected now so I deleted the app and reinstalled. And now the app doesn't load at all. I have fantastic WiFi in my house and the tv stick is only a few metres from the router, as am I. So it's nothing to do with the WiFi. I'm sitting here with a tv stick that I currently can't use. At all!.Version: 2.0.1392

HorribleYou always have to wait and sometimes wait 30minutes.Version: 2.1.1184

It’s not just me!I finally had enough and decided to write a bad review to see if maybe it will get the developers to fix the app, but in reading the very first featured review I saw when I came to the AppStore, it seems you’ve already been told about this problem, and for whatever reason, have yet to fix it. My remote works fine for one button press and that’s it for up to 15-20 minutes. My iPhone app does the exact same thing so if I want to watch a Netflix program, I have literally had to click Netflix with the iPad, then while it’s getting ready to use again I try and type in what I want to watch, then when I’m done with that, I have no choice but to sit and wait 10 minutes for either the iPad or iPhone to work again then repeat the process, till I am finally able to get to a show and push play before it freezes again. Which, being as it’s only job on the world is to change channels and it can’t do that, then you’re quite lucky I gave u two stars instead of one. I gave you two because this used to be a good app. I would like to see it like that again, so maybe pay attention to your 2.8 stars and do something about this..Version: 2.1.69

Please do something about thisVery often the app becomes unresponsive and won’t connect to your fire stick and you will have to uninstall and reinstall it sometimes twice before it works again..Version: 2.1.322

Shockingly annoyingSo many issues with this app. Even when I have perfect internet the app will still say loading and not let me use my tv for ages. I’ve recently changed wifi networks and I haven’t been able to use my tv for like a week because this app won’t let me pair back to the tv, meaning I can’t change the wifi connection on the tv and therefore won’t let me use it. Very rarely works okay, overall pretty rubbish app..Version: 2.1.2109

Great app but needs fixing!!Recently started using this app as I went away but forgot the remote to my fire stick. Thought it was really good, however after a day or so of using this app, it has started to auto connect to my firestick but once this has happened it won’t do any of the actions that I’m pressing. It shows that it recognises me pressing the buttons etc but won’t do anything on my fire stick. It won’t even allow me to click off to try and re connect. I only manage to resolve this by deleting and then re installing the application. Which is long winded to do considering once you’ve done this the same happens again!.Version: 2.1.69

Bad connectionI lost my fire stick so I downloaded the app, at first it worked fine, it took a little while to connect to my firestick but other than that it was fine. Now whenever I go onto the app it doesn’t let me connect which is dumb in the first place because it should stay automatically connected but it just says no connection which I know there is because my WiFi is working. This app is so annoying and clearly making us annoyed so we just buy another firestick instead of using the free app.Version: 1.0.16

Won’t connect to device and bug fixes have ruined the appThis app will initially connect and then just decide that or no longer wants to work. Frequently open the app and it can’t find my fire stick even though I’ve set it up and just refuses to connect. This happens I would say about 90% of the time and I’m not exaggerating, essentially rendering this app useless and wayyyy more hassle to use than is worth it. New recent big fixes have also removed my fire stick from the connected devices list and I now cannot find or connect to my fire stick so this app is completely useless.Version: 2.1.322

Maybe get a new fire stick before useThis made my fire stick lag way to much it took like 20 seconds to do anything and I don’t think it’s my phone because I just bought it a month ago, I recommend just sticking with the original remote or getting something else.Version: 2.1.2265

Loses Connection 24/7Horrible. I own 6 Fire sticks and have purchased twice that over the years for friends, gifts, etc. If you lose the remote or it stops working (has happened to 2) this app comes in theory is great. When it works it’s awesome; very simple to use. However, it RARELY WORKS. At this point I don’t know if it’s the app or the version of my Firestick, but it CONSTANTLY loses connection. Usually I click the proper stick and it just never connects, but recently the app itself has connected to the remote and then just timed out. It’ll kick me out, I’ll go back into it and the screen follows my touch, but never translates it to the receiver. I tried to give in and just buy a replacement remote, but $30 for a REMOTE is psychotic. They want consumers to buy more Fire TVs so they make them the same price as a replacement remote. Pathetic that you would rather inflate your numbers in Fire TV sales than sell a replacement remote at a reasonable price..Version: 2.1.69

Fire TV remote reviewThis app sucks never works super hard to connect to your TV one second it says it’s connected another second it needs reconnecting poorly run poorly installed poorly constructed.Version: 2.1.2389

Really? Is this the best they could come up with?Firstly, I was looking for a way of using my iPad as a keyboard for the Fire tv. I hate using the remote to enter text, and using the microphone was hopeless. I’ve seen it with an Apple TV and assumed it was possible. The app seemed ideal, but, call me impatient but within 5 seconds I hated it. It gives you a huge ‘mouse pad’ like area to navigate the screen on the tv, and is overly sensitive, why can’t they mirror the screen? I was watching the tv and thought I could understand the controls whilst my wife was watching a film. Nope, but then I suppose real time interaction is expected. I’d rather search on my iPad for what we want to watch and then fling it at the tv. Too much to hope for. I guess I’m the wrong generation and simple is no longer accepted..Version: 1.0.18

Could Be So Much BetterWe went away and took the Fire Stick but forgot the remote, I hoped there would be an app for it and was pleased to find this. My expectations should have been lower. First off It was nice and simple to connect to the stick but once connected I found myself having to use a large area of the screen as a navigation pad, this made it both clunky and overly sensitive causing me to swipe rapidly past what I wanted several times almost like using a mouse without a mousepad instead using a piece of paper. I was chuffed to find that there was a keyboard which is far better than the usual remote and click click clicking which I’ve always found annoying. However to my surprise the keyboard refuses to type certain letters rendering the facility practically useless. So overall it’s ok in an emergency but really think they need to sort out the basics like the keyboard working & overhaul the weird navigation. I would use it in more than just emergency situations if that were the case..Version: 2.0.1795

Could be better...App seems to work ok. Love to see volume controls added so no need to grab the tv remote for that. Would also be great for sound to be sent to AirPods via our iPhones and have access to manage volume..Version: 2.0.1283

GlitchyCouldn’t find a way of contacting developer for support and website is not helpful. When typing on the keyboard some letters do not work, e.g. r and s do not work in small letters but do when Capitals. Also, it would be useful to allow a copy and paste function in the keyboard. Overall, it’s ok. Useful if you can’t find the remote but a bit buggy so expect to have some problems connecting or with lag and then when it does connect it jumps ahead cause you pressed the button several times..Version: 2.0.1112

The most infuriating app I’ve ever usedNever EVER works properly. Most of the time I have to delete the app and re-install it whenever I want to use it (after shutting it down and re-opening it a million times, attempting to re-connect and making sure my phone is connected to the same WiFi). It is literally THE most infuriating thing to try and use. I know I sound like I’m being dramatic but trust me this app is absolutely awful. Only plus is it’s handy if you have no remote and the patience of a saint. Have very very low expectations and you shouldn’t be too disappointed!.Version: 2.1.239

Would give it 0 stars if I could.I rarely give negative reviews but this is such a poor app. The remote that came with my Firestick wore out & replacement basic remotes are not available. The only option was to pay £20 for a voice remote which I don’t want or need. So I decided to try this app instead. Often it won’t connect at all and even if it does it might well have disconnected by the time you want to pause / stop. And if you’re lucky enough to get a connection to be able to pause, you probably won’t when you want to press play again. Utterly useless..Version: 2.0.2617

Don’t like the new versionThis app is so useful! My remote stopped working on one of our fire sticks, so I just use the app and it’s great, but I did an update yesterday and now I can only use the touchpad remote and can’t find how to change it to the simple remote. Please could someone let me know how to change it as the touchpad remote is awful!! I’ve gone though all of the settings, but I can’t see where to change the options..Version: 2.1.2011

Updates seem to be more of a problemOver the years, this app has been less and less effective. As of this version, I constantly have my app opening with the UI, it’s responsive but it does not control any devices. I cannot exit out of the UI to select a fire device. When I close the app and open it again, it quickly shows the devices and opens the UI of the remote again. I also reset a FireTV, 3 or 4 generations ago, and I could not connect, even the plastic remotes had a difficult time. Thankfully one of them worked or I would have had a new paperweight. I bring this up because after the fire tv reset it, when it was turned off and the app was working, my device wasn’t available, after the reset and the device turned on, it showed in the app, couldnt connect to it though. Also could not setup any older type devices. Not sure how this app works but it needs a lot of work.Version: 2.1.69

What is it for?I don’t know how to use this or what it is for!.Version: 2.1.322

Please fix keyboardKeyboard is not popping out whenever I want to type. Please fix it!.Version: 2.1.2265

JeGross corporation.Version: 2.1.2265

Can’t log in with 2FAImpossible to login on my iPhoneX with google Authenticator. Every time I flip between the apps to paste the code in, this app logs me out and I have to enter in my username and password again..Version: 1.0.16

Mediocre at bestThe app has always been relatively buggy - if you close the app sometimes it won’t reconnect for no reason, sometimes it won’t connect to the firestick at all, etc. But recently there is a new bug where it will connect to the firestick, the remote will appear on your phone screen, but nothing will happen when you press the buttons. The only way I’ve found to resolve this is to unplug the firestick and plug it back in. The app will then work for half hour or so, then the same problem occurs..Version: 2.1.69

Hope y have a poo dayU suck can’t get in!!!.Version: 2.1.490

App stops respondingI’ve had this app for awhile now & up until recently, it worked reasonably well w/ only minor issues. Around 2 weeks ago, the app would just randomly stop responding. I’d be in the middle of choosing something to watch & it would just stop. I’d have to close it out & reopen it. Even then I’d only have about 10-15 seconds before it would quit again. I found that deleting & reinstalling the app fixes the issue...temporarily. I usually have to delete & reinstall the app at least once a day, if not more. I’ve been searching for another Firestick remote app for my phone & as soon as I find one that actually works, I’ll be deleting this one for good. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is b/c when it does work, I love it. Unfortunately, the work/doesn’t work ratio isn’t waaaaay off..Version: 2.1.69

Search AwkwardWhen using the phone keyboard to search, there is no “go” button to say “I’ve finished searching, now search what I’ve typed”. Instead, you have to tap out of the keyboard menu, and back to the main menu, press down multiple times, and then click enter to finally search what you wanted it to in the first place. It seems awfully long-winded, especially for an app thats aim is to make typing easier..Version: 2.1.1649

Constantly buggingVery annoying app.Version: 2.1.2265

GahIt works fine sometimes but most of the time the up down left and right buttons hold instead of tap so pressing what you want is near impossible..Version: 2.1.2265

My reviewIt was working perfectly fine. It wasn’t slow, love the fact it has a keyboard to help you type when you search up stuff, but lately it’s just been kicking me out the app non stop,, at first I thought it was my phone until it happened to my friend a couple days later. I opened the app, and it kicked me out so I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it again, it carried on kicking me out the app so I restarted my phone and it still kicked me out the app, I have no clue if it just me or others, but this needs to be fixed other than that it was ok,so I’m gonna rate it 3 stars.Version: 2.1.2109

AwfulHave redownloaded 3+ times and still won’t connect. So irritating and not reliable.Version: 2.1.2265

Help!The app suddenly no longer has volume control?!.Version: 2.1.2265

Pretty terrible.Title says it all. Sometimes it can’t find the Gen 2 Fire TV Cube (a flagship device!) at all. Sometimes it finds it, claims to be connected, but doesn’t send a single button press/tap to the device. Definitely can’t wake up a sleeping device, and the device itself can’t be configured not to sleep. On top of that, even when it IS working (very rare) the button layout is unintuitive and difficult to use. Why don’t physical volume buttons control the volume? Why are the home/back buttons SO tiny and placed where you can’t reach them? Has anyone on this development team ever seen the Apple Remote app for the ATV devices? Go check it out, we’re all breathless with anticipation for you to see what a functional app looks like. Can’t give zero stars, so here’s one. Time to level up this internship project if the Fire ecosystem wants to be taken seriously..Version: 2.1.239

IOS 13 update breaks Fire TV Recast setup flowWe recently moved to a new home and I needed to setup my Fire TV recast in a new location. I had all sorts of problems connecting from the Fire TV app on my phone (iPhone XS, iOS 13) so I assumed I needed to reset the Fire TV Recast and start from scratch - no big deal (I thought). After trying and failing to connect, then rebooting, reconnecting, etc. the ‘NEXT’ button kept freezing during setup within the iOS 13-compatible Fire TV app during the “connect to the device WiFi” step during setup. I tried and repeated this step for 30+ minutes before giving up. I then tried to set up the Recast using my wife’s phone which was still on iOS 12 (Fire TV app for iOS 12 on iPhone 7+), which worked immediately on the first try. [note: other than Fire TV Recast setup issue on iOS 13, the other features/functions worked after we set up the device from another phone].Version: 2.0.2846

Freezing a lot latelyThis is my go to app now that I don’t have an actual remote for my tv. I’ve been using this app for what has to be about 2 years and these last few weeks I’ve given up on tv altogether because the app is tripping. I’ll be connected, get to scroll or click a few times then it’s disconnected. Reconnect, put in PIN number from tv, make 2 more swipes, and it’s disconnected again. 1 tap to the left = 3 to this remote, speeding past what I want to click on, try to turn the sound up a bit and it’ll go to max and I have to either wait until it reconnects or get up and turn it down from the tv, it’s just alot of playing and glitching with this app now. I don’t have the patience for this, I’ll just turn my tv off.Version: 2.1.2011

Remote issueMy remote doesn’t work anymore and I use the app on my phone but I need to restart it every time I want to do something .. I didn’t have this problem before .. but over all I love it.Version: 2.1.2265

App is awesome. But, there are glaring issues that need to be addressed.Great app. I love being able to use my iPhone to type and search while surfing Netflix. The one issue I am having difficulty with is that, and this is strange, but, the r and s letters do not type out on screen. What I mean is if I type SEARCH into any field, this is what it looks like EACH because the S and R are not being in-putted on-screen. My phone works fine. It’s the app that won’t translate those letters. Fix this and I’ll change my review to a positive 5 stars. Also, I’m taking a star off because I’m sick and tired of this fragile app not allowing me to use my phone. Doesn’t happen every time, but enough times and of course at the most inopportune moments. My batteries in the remote died. Tried using my phone to navigate the options of the app. Huh. The fire stick isn’t showing up on the available fire stick options. Guess I’ll have to unplug it yet again. Seriously, that’s the ONLY WAY TO RECONNECT. It’s not my phone either. This issue reaches across multiple devices..Version: 2.0.1112

This app is a NO ...This app is convenient especially for me because my remote disconnected from my firestick and completely malfunctioned. (Only reason i gave it 2 stars for the convenience) So the app came in handy for me to be able to watch my firestick (for a moment). However it continuously discounts from my television and then won’t reconnect, so then I’m disabled from watching on my firestick again. I’m just glad I have an actual remote being delivered because this app is trash. The accuracy of the touch of buttons and big screen in the middle to portray the up down left right is completely off. I really wouldn’t suggest the use of this app unless you desperately need to, like I had to because of my remote malfunctioning. But I CANT WAIT to get my remote in the mail because I can’t keep trying to reconnect this app to the tv, and the only solution it says is “make sure you’re signed in under the same account as your firestick tv” 🙄 I am but it still won’t reconnect. A waste. I suggest to do some modifications update/upgrade on this application.Version: 2.0.1112

Sound control and mute control stoppedSound control stopped working. Reset remote. Can’t get past sound control set up. Fire stick no longer working..Version: 2.1.2265

Not greatMy sweet little dog decided to take it upon herself for eat my remote to my fire stick. I thought no biggie I’ll just use this app. At first I had no issues, and it was great. Now I stay steadily annoyed with it. Starting with the minor annoyances, anytime I leave the app and come back in it takes a while to connect; which isn’t a big deal but is still annoying. More recently now, half the time I try to use the app it takes forever to load and then wants me to reconnect my tv with the app multiple times. Now I am having issues with the app even connecting at all. It will tell me to make sure my device is plugged in and all that, and you usually either have to wait while or start unplugging everything. Nothing is wrong with the device. It stays plugged in, and I’m tired of unplugging my WiFi, and unplugging the fire stick, and re-downloading the app, etc. Having read some other reviews it appears this has been an issue for some and it would be nice it would get resolved. First world problems, I know, but it’s still annoying..Version: 2.1.2265

Keyboard no longer workingUse to rely on this function. Option is there but keeps reverting back to main screen..Version: 2.1.2265

Inconsistent and unresponsiveAfter removing the app several times it still freezes, won’t recognize my device or is unable to connect. It worked once for a few hours then became completely useless..Version: 2.1.2265

Remote app is glitchyThe remote app is ok if you can’t find anything else but a lot of the time it’s super glitchy and works inconsistently. Doesn’t go where you want it to go ect.Version: 2.1.2265

Stops working and constantly needs restartingIt continuously stops working. Don’t get a call or need to use the restroom because you never know when it may stop working and you have to, like I did tonight: restart the app several times followed by delete and reinstall it to get it to work.. for over 30 min before I could finally get it to work. Really fun when it does that while fast forwarding and finally works at the end of the show so no need to go back and watch what you missed! My favorite is when it craps out when trying to pause and r rated movie when your 10’year old walks in because he is having trouble to sleep. Our puppy hid the remote and we got the app to avoid getting a new remote but I give in.. this is awful. Don’t bother. Just buy the remote and save yourself hours of time.Version: 2.1.1076

Please read this I need friendsIt’s just doesn’t work like because just whenever I entered it it kicked me right out so that’s why I gave it a one star because it’s a piece of junk I mean it barely works honestly I’ve had a lot of problems with it in the past and it’s just not for me or you so please don’t download this app your life will be ruined forever and I meanEver so do not download this game if you do your life will be torn apart so please whatever you do choose a different app to control your fire stick TV or you might throw whatever you’re using it on I’ve done that like three times and can I tell you why because of the stupid app that’s why it’s really getting on my nerves oh that’s right it’s just destroyed my last nerve i’ve now just started deleting the app and re-download and honestly nothing is perfect i’m not giving it a five star or four star or three star or two star or one star I know it might show that I gave it one star but that means zero..Version: 2.1.2265

Not a bad app, but not a great one eitherTo be honest this isn’t a bad app, the idea is great and it is very convenient and f you have lost the physical remote like me. However, the app tweaks a lot. Sometimes I have to leave my phone on the app for a period of time just to continue using the app for my fire stick but even then the app will disconnect from my tv and take a long period of time to reconnect and if I’m lucky it’ll reconnect quickly but on the other hand it’ll continue to connect then tell me it can’t or continue to say reconnecting. It is really frustrating because I can’t stop my show or change to the next, even with my fire stick being on, connected to wifi and currently playing a show the app can’t seem to find my device. I read other comments and reviews like mines just to find out everyone else has the same problem and have been having this issue for quite some time now. I hope in the future this will be fixed because it is rather irritating..Version: 2.1.1649

Practically UnusableIn the modern age where everything is a tap or button press away, I never thought I’d be forced to use such a nonsensical, awkward, and simply inoperable tool to flounder my way through an app which I’d previously thought unintuitive enough, but the mobile remote function is about as far from convenient as it gets. Its design is painfully obscure to use, making menu navigation maddeningly impossible. Inexplicably, neither a screen interface appears on your phone nor does a cursor appear on your smart tv. It’s clumsy, offering no reprieve from its terrible mismatched jigsaw puzzle of functions that seem to argue with you as you try them out in vain, systematically destroying your patience and sanity one step at a time. It’s about the only thing advertised as ‘free’ whereupon installing it you realize the steep price was your time and effort, and suddenly looking for the microscopic, equally unlabeled remote lost in the physical world is no longer so Herculean a task. Truly one of the quickest regrets I’ve ever experienced, this app’s utilization, borne from necessity and not desire, will surely cause me to seek therapy..Version: 2.1.69

Seriously needs repairingIt works for about an hour then just completely unresponsive, buttons on the app recognise I’m pushing them but nothing happens on the tv and can’t get back to the connect screen. sometimes I cycle through my 3 devices with this app and one MIGHT work fingers crossed, total farce. If I unplug the fire stick then plug it back in it sometimes fixes it, sometimes not. I often have to use the Netflix app to play/pause what I’m doing which never fails, you guys should send them an email asking for help because this has been happening a while and tbh I don’t know what I’ve paid for and wouldn’t buy a fire stick again. The remote did the same thing for about a month before just totally stopping working but I think it’s definitely a software problem..Version: 2.1.69

Worked fine Until 2/21 updateThank lease fix this Fire TV Remote!! This app has always worked just as intended until the update about a week ago. Now, after I’ve had Fire TV on for a bit & it asks if I’m still watching but when I open the app my fire TV (usually only one device, mine) shows up as in the cloud and not on active wi-fi. I close the app out, re-open, select my device and it just shows “connecting” until it finally says “Cannot connect”. I even reset my phone, turn it off/back on, disconnect from wifi/reconnect but I’m unable to get back in my device to “continue watching because it shows in the cloud (not on wifi) while my other device shows on wifi as normal. So, it’s not an internet issue, as one device shows on network & one doesn’t and it’s not a loose Fire TV connection issue as all my fire devices are permanently attached to and behind the TV, on wall mounts without cords accessible or in the way of traffic & zip tied in place. This is an internal remote connectivity issue with the remote & the device. Please fix this as soon as possible..Version: 2.1.1184

It works when it wants too.This will do in a pinch while you wait for your new one but it crashes all the time and half the time you got to reset the app to get one or two functions at a time..Version: 2.1.2265

ShockingGiven the simplicity of its function & purpose, and the budget and resources of the company that’s made it, it is by far and away the most disappointing app I’ve ever used. Slow, crashes with regularity, clunky…. Just terrible..Version: 2.1.2265

50/50Please update it and stop the app from being unusable half the time with the screen being unresponsive. I’m using an up to date iPhoneX..Version: 2.1.69

Volume buttons missingVolume button is missing the only reason why I downloaded the application is for that but it’s not available.Version: 2.1.2265

No volume featureIt’s a simple function just add the volume function.Version: 2.1.2265

Latest updateI have never left a review on any app ever and I’ve had an iPhone since 2013. This app started off great. Our batteries die often in our actual remote so I just downloaded this, back in August I think. As of the most recent update, everything has been crap. Firstly, when I try to search with the keyboard on here, R’s and S’s will not type. Now, the thing won’t connect to my fire stick. It’s been so frustrating because the WiFi connection is absolutely fine. And all apps are working on the firestick with the WiFi, but the app won’t connect to it. Says there’s no internet connection, but there is. It keeps doing this and after about 100 tries it’ll connect, and then disconnect itself. It’s frustrating and this has all only started after the last update. Please fix this..Version: 2.0.1112

Does not workDisappointed that the App does not work. Although the fire TV is discovered, it fails to connect on the same WiFi network. Re-installing the app also does not help..Version: 2.0.1283

Worst connectivityAmazon very bad performance in software and connectivity. Lots of bugs haven’t been fixed for long time..Version: 2.1.2265

Fire stickAt first I liked the fire stick until it was getting to be annoying and annoying like when it wasn’t working when the batteries were fine and when I didn’t press buttons it was playing buttons by itself. Not only that I think it needs to be a bit bigger cause I never know where it’s at 🤪🤣🤣 anyways either than that I would recommend it oh and I think when it’s getting older your Alexa works. I would say my brother’s favourite 🤩 is playing games on it. Thank you 😊.Version: 2.1.2011

Only works 50% of the timeI’m not one to write reviews but the app is so bad I have to. Whenever the app is able to connect to my tv, it is a fine app. It might be a delay from when you press a button from when the tv responds but it is tolerable. HOWEVER, randomly it will say “connecting” and I’m unable to do anything. I close the app and restart it and it’ll still say the same thing. I’ve been trying to connect for HOURS and it still says connecting. I know it is not a WiFi issue because I’m not having problems with anything else. Apple TV’s app doesn’t do this “connecting” for more than a second. It’s been an ongoing problem with this app and honestly you’re better off just getting a new remote. I hope they will actually fix these bugs cause this is ridiculous. It’s been at least 3 months with this issue..Version: 2.1.2109

Good app but always deconnect from the TVAlso once a day I need to acknowledge that the app will scan my wifi to find the TV and them entering the 4digits to connecting to the TV. Without that, my review would be 5/5..Version: 2.1.2265

So soI’ve owned this for more than a year but I find myself using the physical remote much more than this, due to the inconvenience of not having volume control or the on/off power button. I still need to have the physical remote next to me for certain maneuvers. Not worth it, too confusing to having to use 2 remotes. Other than that, the controls are pretty good, I prefer the touch pad for getting the job done faster, but many times it’s so fast, that it zooms through the entire screen, having you miss the target, you can’t control the speed either. From this point of view, the directional arrows pad takes you where you need to go, but in a slower pace…..your choice. Still, not having the power and volume control is a big let down for me..Version: 2.1.2011

Connection issueThe remote brokem, sowe use our ipad to control it, but most of the tim3 i5 doesn’t work.Version: 2.1.2265

HorribleBtw I think they’re changing the reviews so if this suddenly has 5 stars it wasn’t me! I’m noticing many negative reviews with 5 stars? Makes no sense. Connectivity is fickle. Some days it works and some days no. When it does work and actually connects the buttons constantly stick to on and continuously scrolls through the thread I’m going through it WORSE it continuously increases the volume when I’m trying to increase the volume and won’t respond to my attempts to decrease it, it just goes all the way up to 100 and then disconnects from the tv again!!! A NIGHTMARE. The only reason I’m using this is because the remote constantly stops working. Which is a common problem I see from the reviews. I’ve only had my fire tv two years but I’m giving it up and purchased a new LG due to the crappy remote and app. What’s the point of the tv if I can’t control it? It’s 2021 and I can’t even count on a single remote or app to work. Pathetic..Version: 2.1.1649

Pretty good when it’s workingGenerally speaking, I like the functionality of the app. Easy to use, fairly straightforward interface... My issue is it flakes out all the time. I frequently lose communication with one or more of my devices, and it has trouble regaining connection. The regular remote still works fine but the app will fail to connect for several minutes or even hours. Beyond the connectivity issues, the app will occasionally freeze up. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall several times. It is very frustrating. This is true on multiple devices (Fire TV devices and control devices). I’ve checked the network several times too. It’s the app. If it established and maintained connection well, I’d give it 4 stars. As it is, though, I can’t recommend it..Version: 2.1.731

No fire tv 4kWhere is the fire tv stick 4K for australia?.Version: 2.1.69

Works as a backup, but doesn’t match the physical remoteI had to download this because my dog chewed up the original physical remote that came with the Fire TV. I was excited to learn that there was an app version, although once I started using it I was pretty disappointed at the overall usability and performance. My biggest complaint is that it is CONSTANTLY losing connection to the Fire Stick and most of the time I have to close and reopen the app several times in order for it to reconnect. I like that the main navigation arrows are nice and big, but as soon as you slide up the pause/rewind/fast forward controls, the down arrow becomes too small and you end up pushing buttons you didn’t mean to. If you’re like me and you end up breaking or losing your original remote, then this app works in a pinch, but otherwise I’d recommend sticking to the physical remote..Version: 2.1.1076

Works every few hoursWhen you first open the app it will connect and you’ll be able to use it but once you close that app down you’ll be lucky if it works again when you open it back up. I use this because my fire stick no longer connects to remotes, not out of choice. It’s always ‘connecting’, doesn’t matter how many times you close it down or delete and reinstall the app it will still not work until either a few hours later or the next day. It’s just a game of luck really..Version: 2.1.322

Something’s gone wrong.I was really happy with this app in the beginning as it seemed to work well and was better than constantly buying batteries for the remote, however in the past month or so something has gone wrong. It completely stopped working while it appears to have connected to the fire stick even it doesn’t seem to pick up on what you are telling it to do. Its highly frustrating and I really hope it gets fixed as it’s been going on for a while now..Version: 2.1.69

Power button missing on the app remoteI would have given 5 star if Power button on the app remote is available. Hopefully they will include to the next upgrade..Version: 2.1.2265

It’s good exceptNormally I like it but now it’s not recognizing my fire stick.Version: 2.1.731

An option for desperate timesOur dog chewed up our fire stick remote twice now... both times, we were grateful we live in an age where we can control our TV via our phones. However, for some reason on my phone (iPhone 8, iOS 13), once the phone screen locks (like if it goes idle while we watch a show) it disconnects from the TV and the app seems to freeze or become unresponsive. I’ve tried closing the app completely and restarting it, but it doesn’t connect again until I download the app from the App Store and pair it with the TV again. Meanwhile, our firestick plays continuously with no way of stopping it while we try to get the app to work! It’s too bad this isn’t just a little better at maintaining its connection, otherwise it seems like a great option for controlling our TV, but at this point in time I would definitely only recommend this for desperate times since it is not at all reliable..Version: 2.1.69

Fire Stick TVIt’s not the variety of TV that you can get with the Firestick that has pushed me to only give it 3 stars - the amount of content is pretty good! All of your favourites in one place, image quality is good too. The remote is no longer working the Firestick - changes volume only so at present I’m using the iPhone App. Which at best is glitchy. Takes ages sometimes for the app to connect even if I cleared the cache or refreshed the app via swiping up to clear. When it does work it’s great but I really just want my hand remote to work..Version: 2.1.1076

Most frustrating app ever builtPress ONE button then ‘reconnecting’ for 3 minutes or sometimes not at all. Want to throw my phone at the wall. Who programmed this horrible app and how did it pass quality control?.Version: 2.1.2389

It’s good but could be betterI find this handy as I have lost my remote and can not find it anywhere but it’s annoying when I’m trying to watch Netflix and it is very slow when connecting and says try again loads when I’m trying to use it, yes it’s better than nothing but it is not the thing in use of a rush. I have also had to delete the app and reinstall it a few times to actually get it working again I ask if this could be sorted out other than that the app is great :).Version: 1.0.16

TerribleExtremely terrible app. Literally TRASH. It’s so buggy it’s sad. You can pause on something for one second and the whole app crashes. You can just leave the all for half a second and it crashes. Then, occasionally, regardless of anything the app will crash and take at the least 15 minutes to reconnect. It’s never a problem on the phone’s end it’s the app. Constantly have to switch between devices to not have that problem but even then that’s useless. Sometimes it bugs out and basically hyper click thru things as though you’re holding down the button….but you only pressed once. The app basically has all control over any applications is being used since once the app bugs out the application being used will bug out too.Version: 2.1.2265

It’s very good, but needs improvementThis app was very useful when I lost my fire stick remote (idk how I lost it but I suspect it’s in my room), my mom mentioned it to me, and I reinstalled it. (my mom must’ve had the app previously) It took me by surprise of how good it was! I functioned just like my fire stick! (My fire stick was awesome btw ;-;) But there is two things that irritates me. And one of them is when my phone turns off automatically, it would have a little “Reconnecting” thing. This didn’t bug me much, until now. Now, if you leave the app open for a long time, the “Reconnecting” thing will be a bit long. (Not too long, but enough to annoy me) And, there is the last thing I need to complain about lol. If you leave the app for a long time, the thing I just said above is if your fast enough to come back. If you leave it for a long enough time, when you come back to the app, it shows how to connect to your fire stick TV. Now, this happens a lot, and it’s really stupid cause it takes so many taps just to be lucky and actually connect to it. Let me get straight to the point. Sometimes if I try to connect to it, (which means tap on what my TV is called) it doesn’t work. It’s like a frozen screen, but it’s not. And if I hit the wrong thing, which happens often, It would send me to “Add Devices”. Please fix this, it would be better for me..Version: 2.1.731

Was good, now, not so muchSince the latest update, it is glitchy as hell, and takes forever to reconnect when you navigate away from the app. Also, if you type anything, it will always reopen to that screen no matter how many times you restart the app. Don’t get me wrong, once it’s up and running, it’s fine, but the reconnect issue is a pain when you are binge watching a series on Netflix or Prime video. Also when starting a video on prime, it immediately pauses for no reason. As this is the only remote I have now, after 4 different fire stick remotes crapped out on me, I have to live with these issues..Version: 2.0.1795

Frustrating…It will not turn my tv on. I have to manually turn on my tv. It will not turn off my tv. It takes forever to connect where I have excellent wifi connection..Version: 2.1.2265

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