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Amazon Fire TV App User Positive Comments 2022

Amazon Fire TV app received 72 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about amazon fire tv?

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Amazon Fire TV for Positive User Reviews

How apps should workAs title, works perfectly. Connects properly, no messing about and the functionality is simple and solid. Means you don’t need the supplied remote handy for different sticks you may have in the house as you can register multiple sticks and switch between them. No dead battery worries or Bluetooth connection problems that can sometimes happen with the supplied ‘hard’ remote..Version: 2.1.1431

Great remote substituteMy remote had stopped working after several years so thought I’d try the fire TV remote which was very quick to set up and worked immediately saving me from huge frustration! Would highly recommend it has exactly the same interface as the remote but perhaps even easier!.Version: 2.1.1649

Great!!I got my Fire TV Stick about 3 years ago and a few months later after that, the remote randomly stopped working, even after switching the batteries out. I even replaced the Fire TV Stick itself so now I have two lol.. my brother has one as well and introduced this app to me and ever since I’ve been using it. It works great for me personally. The only “issue” that, might I add, occurred once was when the tv would switch off the fire stick and go to the “no signal” screen indicating nothing was plugged in or connected, which was weird because it WAS plugged in. I’m not sure if it was the TV or the fire stick itself, but whenever it did switch back on the fire stick, it would go back to the no signal screen a few seconds later, and the app had trouble connecting. I don’t put the blame on the app itself tho… SO TO SUM IT ALL UP… 10/10 would recommend! :).Version: 2.1.2265

TheBest.Version: 2.1.2265

The best “remote” ever probablyThis is the best app I ever downloaded “I lost the remote to my tv and I saw this app on my dads phone and he loved so I would probably like it to and I fell in love with it right after I read all the reviews on this app you should download it if you ever lost ur remote to ur fire stick tv but to some people this might seem bad because they might just think it is because some People might read others feedbacks but it’s not true even if someone says it’s bad try it out ! Don’t listen to other people you could download this app for free! Try it out ! “ - ⭐️✨😀.Version: 2.1.2265

It is worth havingI lost my remote so I'm having to use the app. I prefer the app as searching for shows or films with a keyboard is so much easier that selecting a letter one by one. The only negative I can say about this app is that if I don't use it for a certain amount of time it will disconnect. Also when trying to reconnect, it can take a minute or 2 or sometimes the name of my fire stick doesn't show at all. However, to solve this I usually exit off/close the app and reopen it and that normally works for me. My fire stick name not showing does not happen every single time I use it but it is a regular occurrence.Version: 1.0.15

Does what’s it’s supposed to butTbh it does what it’s supposed to but sometimes I find that when I’m watching my fire stick it just randomly pauses the film/series and disconnects from the TV and for me to get it back to connect I have to get up and turn the TV off by the plugs and it’s a lot of effort and I don’t wanna be doing that so yk u can fix that From uncomfyWh0re❤️.Version: 2.1.731

Love this appWorks flawlessly for me. I’m surprised how people are complaining. The most convenient control form me is the ability to type on my phone instead of the remote supplied..Version: 2.1.490

Handy when you lose the remoteI do find this app handy for when I can’t find the remote, but it doesn’t seem to connect when trailers play or when trying to click off a programme before it automatically plays the next episode (on Netflix). It’s so frustrating. No problems with connecting when I’m browsing or during a programme/film, only when it ends. This needs to be fixed for a higher rating. EDIT: this problem was fixed! Or at least I haven’t had this problem for about a week maybe two so I’ve noticed improvements... but since last night the app won’t connect at all. Tried checking for updates, tried restarting my phone... not working! Hopefully it’s just an update that’s not been made available yet making it mess around. I’ll keep checking for updates and will edit review if/when it’s working again..Version: 1.0.16

Select buttonWorks well but the select button could be improved to be more like physical remote. For example a long press should have the same result as real remote..Version: 2.1.2265

Great app (Almost)Lets face it. We either lose that fire tv remote in the first week or drain the batteries leaving it down the sofa. This app is great for typing searches instead of scrolling around an on screen keyboard with remote. Quite annoyed they have added this US only recast function to it - shouldve just made recast a separate app and left us to our remote. However, after ridiculous bugs in the last version of the remote not reconnecting when you would switch apps on your phone (ios), the update today seems to have stabilised everything again. Lets hope they dont break it while trying to fix something with recast. Split the app guys!! Thanks.Version: 2.0.1392

Amazon fire tv appWorks well on 1st generation direct stick from iPhone 6s pro.Version: 1.0.18

When it Works it’s GreatI have three different fire sticks in three different TVs around the house. It is therefore easy to just use your phone to control them via the app. However for whatever reason when you move room to room, the app sometimes cannot see the firestick you want to use, or it freezes and you can’t use; extremely frustrating. However when it works it is great..Version: 2.1.490

Easy fixI usually don’t do reviews but here it goes... this app has always worked great for me especially since I have lost the physical remote. But recently for about a week or so when I attempted to watch anything the app would not let go up,down,left or right I could however click on the setting button and it would immediately take me to settings but again I could not go up,down,left or right and when I clicked the home button it immediately went to the home button but I still couldn’t move around. I came on here in the reviews to see if anyone was having this issue I had attempted to unplug and re-plug the fire stick and I was still have the same issue. Today I decided to contact support through the app and selected call me, so I immediately got a call waited less than 1 minute and they actually helped me. She was able to take control of my screen and see what I was talking about she had me troubleshoot by reinstalling this app on my phone than unplugging the fire stick from my tv wait 2-3 minutes than plug it back in and to my surprise it WORKED i guess waiting before replugging helped because I had unplugged the fire stick before but not that long just like a couple seconds so yeah hope someone can find this helpful..Version: 2.1.490

Fire TVI downloaded this when my remote needed battery changes and now instead of using my remote I use my phone, I have this a 4 star because when I first downloaded it, it was a bit slow but now it works perfectly. It’s also not hard to set up and it detects the remote almost instantly. I would really recommend this to anyone who loses their remote often or is to lazy to pick it up, forget that I would recommend it to anyone in general!.Version: 2.1.2265

Very good but really needs volume buttonsMy fire stick remote was lost by my little brother and I and unfortunately my volume of the tv was left at 0 percent so this app is great to still use the tv but I still can’t hear anything. Please consider adding volume buttons to this app because it would make it just perfect. Thank you.Version: 2.1.2265

Great!!!!I have 3 fire sticks, and all of the remotes don’t work anymore but this app gave all three of them a second life. I was about to buy a new one again then noticed this app and it got all three of my fire sticks working again now me my kids have them. it needs to be on the same wifi network as the device you get the app on or it will not work very easily.(then you need to do sign in process which is harder). But i personally couldn’t be happier!!!! love the app!!!!!!.Version: 2.1.1826

Excellent!!!Just set up the app for my Fire TV remote and it’s awesome! Pairing the app to the Fire TV was seamless. The app itself works extremely well and I prefer to use it in place of the actual remote since it just feels easier to navigate through the Fire TV options using both hands on the phone instead of one when using the physical remote. Also, if a reconnection is needed when reopening the app it does so immediately. It's important to make sure your connected WiFi network remains the same on your phone as it is on the Fire TV WiFi connection. I suspect that poor WiFi connections and conflicting networks are the reasons why some have complained about their reconnections to the app either not working or taking too long. No problems here with that. The voice commands functionality works great too, just speak what you want to watch and you're set to go. Ability to turn the tv on or off by voice is very convenient too. More to explore. Well done!.Version: 2.1.2109

Works GreatWorks a treat with Amazon Firestick 4K. The keyboard and mouse gestures are a real time saver. Great free app. Thanks.Version: 2.0.2617

Missing featureLove the app but missing a volume option.Version: 2.1.2389

Serves the purposeGive it 4 star because I sometimes need to restart the app for it to pick up the stick but when it does pick up the app it's easy to use and has quick menu on the top. I obviously use it for Kodi and works sound for that too. EDIT Restarting the app not the equipment resolves the issue sometimes you have to do it 3 or 4 times I would recommend getting this app on all of ur devices that are compatible as it's sometimes just easier to pick the iPad up or the other photos me instead of the restarting business.Version: 1.0.17

AwfulI was going to say it was good and I just regret that now I wrote good things went I saw all the negative reviews I was surprised but I get where that is coming from this app is awful it a disaster it works then bugs idk why it’s so slow u guys need to fix this but it was good at first sorry for the negativity it just needs to stop bugging that’s it..Version: 2.1.1125

Sensitive problemI’m trying the app cause my original controller broke and my universal one has problem with the back button but let’s get to the point this app is very good for me but the developers should look into the sensitivity levels of the buttons for example if I have my tv volume at 1 and I hit the + volume on the app just one time the volume of my tv should go up only to 2 but most of the time it keeps going all the way until it’s all the way to the maximum,it happens also with the arrows when I’m trying to switch apps with i hit whatever direction keeps going to that direction indefinitely so for me I’m just using as the home button and the back button the rest i can get around with the universal controller I bought.Version: 2.1.1184

It stops working.The app is great, until after a couple of minutes it says reconnecting and then fails to reconnect and forces you to delete the app and reinstall it; otherwise, the app is great..Version: 2.1.2265

Fire stick appAfter my recliner sofa eating my remote into very tiny pieces . I was told about the app. I’ve always got my phone in my hand so unlike the little remote that always got lost I never lose this controller.. since having it I have told many friends as they were unaware of the app .. so in three words: I love it.Version: 2.1.2265

How is this still not fixed???Update: Seriously why hasn’t this app been updated and fixed??? It hasn’t worked on my phone for at least 2 weeks. It’s ridiculous!!!! Previous review: The app is useful and easy to navigate WHEN IT WORKS, which it only does about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, it will either be unable to connect to the fire stick OR it will connect/open and allow “buttons” to be tapped but does not control the tv at all. It’s extremely annoying and not fixable by closing & reopening nor uninstalling & reinstalling. It just randomly starts working again, sometimes after 2-3 days of not working at all. If it worked even 80% of the time I’d be happy....Version: 2.1.69

Love my firestick👍.It's great.Version: 2.1.2265

Works fine but needs vol controlMy firetv remote mostly croaked after six months of daily use. Mostly because the power button and volume rocker still worked but none of the other buttons did.. I was ready to buy a replacement but remembered I had this app on my iPhone, so I ran it and it works perfectly. The only thing it lacks is the volume up/down rocker, but I can use the mostly croaked remote or the tv’s remote for that. I do miss the tactile feedback of the physical remote, since I didn’t have to look at it to use it. Mashing “buttons” on a glass screen is a different experience. And that’s all I have to say about that. 😏.Version: 2.1.1076

Remote does to frequentlyThe app itself gets 4 stars. But the TV/TV Remote definitely a 1 star. App is great to fall back on when tv/tv remote not acting right. Glad we do have an app to assist. Thought the idea of this smart tv Element with Alexa was an good idea, so I bought the tv on clearance pretty much half price. I really realize you get for what you pay for. To keep up with the modernization of what is going on, they just push items out way too fast. Usually I look at reviews before I purchase something but this was on a whim. I feel like I’m changing batteries in this remote once a month, why is the question? I feel like I have an defective tv and remote. I have only had this tv for 4 months within the first month I had to have the remote replaced, so I’m on my second remote. I just give up with this tv.Version: 2.0.1283

Great alternative remoteI don’t know if everyone experiences this but my Fire remote often stops working for no reason, so this app is a great alternative. If I’m on my phone while watching tv, I’d rather use the app now. Works pretty well. The only annoying feature is when launching the app, it often asks me to choose a device. This means I lose a couple of seconds each time but this is relatively minor.Version: 1.0.18

Amazing.I never expected this to work when I forgot my remote on a trip away. You just need to synch the stick to your phone hotspot before telling it in Settings to connect to the preferred wifi. Then connect the phone to the same wifi and Hey Presto! Works like a charm..Version: 2.1.1826

One suggestionThis is a amazing app for me because I lose my remote all the time and when I don’t feel like looking for it I just use the app. It does glitch sometimes but the developers are human and can always make everything perfect. I have one suggestion that I I don’t know if it is possible or not but could you add the volume buttons and the on and off button my fire tv remote have all the buttons on it but I don’t know if it is possible for the developers to make this happen. If you can make this happen it would be helpful but I do understand that it could be difficult or even in possible :).Version: 2.1.1076

Still can’t loginI’ve not been able to log in since iOS 12..Version: 2.0.1283

ComfySo comfy when you can’t locate the remote..Version: 2.1.2265

4.9 out of 5Absolutely perfect, as soon as i can/ can figure out how to change the volume 5/5 Perfect.Version: 2.1.2265

I lost my remoteI lost my remote so this was a lifesaver.Version: 2.1.2265

Bad Remote or Not - This App is Perfect!Thought the batteries went dead in our Fire TV remote we’d only had a couple months, replaced the batteries, troubleshooted, contacted support, tried everything under the sun to no avail. Discovered this app and was back in business! It’s actually easier to use than the remote because it has a keyboard so saves a lot of time when searching for something, and I love how you can swipe up to fast forward 10 minutes, or swipe right to FF 10 seconds - it’s been SO much better than using the FF button that takes wayyy too long to buffer through everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!.Version: 1.0.15

Very Convenient/Easy to UseMy dogs chewed up our remote, so I found this app to use in the meantime! It is also super easy to figure out as well. The blank touch pad was a little confusing at first, but it’s not difficult to navigate. I do think the app would attract more users if there was some kind of circle dial similar to the Fire TV remote or at least 4 directional arrows so it’s easy to specify direction you are clicking instead of having to tap on the blank center touch pad. There was another remote app that has this, but it wants you to pay to subscribe and does not seem to be as good as this app. The only major downside of this remote app and other remote apps I’ve looked into, is that they don’t seem to have volume control options, so I’m still going to have to buy an actual remote because of this. If it wasn’t for the volume issue, I would be happy just using this app from now on..Version: 2.1.69

Saved us!I’m super thankful for this app because my 1 year old is in the stage of taking objects and hiding them and since he can’t speak, we are left to guess and search for things. Well this time, I’m convinced he threw our fire stick controller in the trash since we have looked everywhere for it and it is nowhere to be found. I panicked for a moment and decided to look up if there was even an app for my sort of problem and there was! Now, we don’t have to buy a controller. We can simply use our phone to control our fire stick. Also I like the idea of not having an actual remote because then my son would try to eat it and lose it again. Love this app and so thankful for it too..Version: 2.1.1826

Didn’t workI downloaded the app but it didn’t work. It couldn’t find my phone, just kept trying to connect. 0/10 would not recommend..Version: 2.1.2265

No volume controlWished there was a volume control.Version: 2.1.2265

Works goodWorks good.Version: 2.1.2265

Help me Watch TV when I lose My RemoteAnd I love it🤩🥳😫😩🧐🥳😔😏🧐🥳😏👩🏾‍🦰🧚🏼‍♂️👩‍👦👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👧🧣⛑👑🧢.Version: 2.1.2265

Great app and very intuitiveLove this app. Works brilliantly on my FireTV stick. Tried a few others that were useless or tried to charge after luring you in. This app is clean and easy to use - use on my iPhone X and works like a dream . Highly recommend..Version: 2.1.1125

VOLUMEEEEEPlease just add volume control PLEASE.Version: 2.1.2265

Better than nothingBetter than the useless remote supplied with the stick where the battery lasts a few hours. But very annoyingly needs to reconnect every time the phone goes to screen lock - after 2 minutes. Reconnection takes a minute so no good for pausing to take a call or answer the door. Let’s have an option to keep it connected until I want to quit. Also the sign out button is in a very bad place! So easy to accidentally press. This should be buried in a setting. So Ok but could be much better, and should be, given the supplied remote is useless..Version: 2.0.1795

Needs to be easier to connectI was watching a film and I had to stop it for takeaway and my phone came off then I tried reconnecting for 10 minutes and nothing happened so I asked my brother to try and nothing helped and it took 10 minutes to get back to the film.Version: 2.1.1184

Actually usefulI lost the remote to my fire stick a few months ago and ever since I used this app It disconnects every now and then for no reason but it always reconnected afterwards so it won’t be too seamless..Version: 2.1.2265

Does the thingHad too much lettuce and lost my controller indefinitely. This does the trick..Version: 2.1.2265

Fire TvOne of best app remote. It will give 5star if they will add volume control option in it..Version: 2.1.1184

便利で使いやすい。音量の調整機能をつけてもらえるととても嬉しいです。.Version: 2.1.2265

No option for volumeI wonder why the app doesn’t have the option for increasing decreasing volume...for which one has to find the remote to do it ! It’s Annoying.Version: 2.1.490

1st series Fire Stick still goingI have the 1st Fire Stick that came out, which is standard compared to the new 4K versions and the Fire TV box. The memory is not big but considering everything, its still going strong. For its age and limits, it gives me all the different and diverse multimedia outputs I need. Yes I have to clear the built up data every so often but thats what comes with it being so old. If I’m content with this out of date version which most people would see it as than think how crazy an up to date one would be..Version: 2.1.1076

ConnectionApp is brilliant the only issue is that it won’t always connect and I’m forever getting angry cause I can’t watch tv I lost my remote and only have this app so I can’t watch anything without it , I’ve tried closing the app countless times and reopening it, I’ve tried deleting and re downloading also. My wifi is constantly on so the tv is on and my phone has wifi but the app refuses to connect to my fire stick for whatever reason ? It’s driving me unsane because it’s every day 😱.Version: 2.0.2846

I used to love this app…This was a really good app until recently. I am just home from work and needed to use this app once more to chill and watch a film. It worked for a couple of clicks and then took me to reconnecting and then straight off ot all together. The wifi box is in my room so I'm assured that both are connected to my wifi no problem. Have tried this for the past hour. Just so frustrating now..Version: 2.1.2265

DK Thomson, Abbeville, SCI am tremendously happy with Firestick and this led to me purchasing multiple units to suit our habits . I do have one concern however, the television watched daily by one or both of us is hindered by the control unit , which was found to be faulty and is no longer serviceable. Nothing my wife tried in her quest to return it to service worked. We’ve not had this particular unit very long at all, only a few , or less than six months. We are retired and in or Seventies, without young children and this is the first control unit in memory to stop working. I feel there should be some leniency allowed in such cases and will appreciate any assistance given..Version: 2.1.1076

PerfectIt lags at times but the scripting,coding and main idea of the is sooo is so smart. And cool.Version: 2.1.2265

RemoteExcellent app Love love love.Version: 2.1.1431

Exellente appJadore mais jaurais aimer quil i aille un ajustement du volume comme sur la telecomande 🤘🏻.Version: 2.1.2265

Turn it up!If only there was a volume control!!!!!.Version: 2.1.731

AwfulOur fire stick remote was broken so we found this app. When first used my iPhone acted as the remote which was great but once a programme was watched the app wouldn’t work and was useless. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall to get it to work again. The same thing happened numerous times. Gonna have to buy a new remote. Waste of time!!.Version: 2.1.69

Apple Watch Support?Great app, but would love to see Apple Watch App equivalent (just with key controls even). That would make it 5 stars!.Version: 2.1.1826

I’ll bring my Fire Stick!I don’t have that on my TV…Read Above☝️.Version: 2.1.2265

Works Better Than Actual Firestick!😃Accidentally carried my firestick to work. So upon returning home with no contoller, I decided to download this app. Now I find myself using the app more than the stick. I’ve found it to be more responsive than the stick. As of lately, I’ve been experiencing a lag in operation when using the actual firestick. Until now I was thinking it was a software issue or the batteries getting weak. Especially, since I have a very early model firestick plus it was a refurb on top of that. This app, however, works very smoothly. Everything runs like new. I am very happy I found it..Version: 2.1.2109

AMAZING!!!Don’t listen to these jerks this app is AMAZING and it is a life saver when you can’t find the control. Just get the app and you won’t regret it The makers of this app are unbelievable so give yourself a pat on the back! PLEASE don’t shut down the app!!!! My last words for this app is... AMAZING GREAT OUTSTANDING GOOD AMAZEBALLS SUPURB GLORIOUS I LOVE THIS APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Thank you for reading Ps. I don’t know how any one can get through this review it’s horrible 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.1.490

HorribleI have never writing a review but this was so bad that I had to. I don’t think I’m the only one but I got this app cause I lost my Toshiba fire stick remote, so I started searching for an app to help me with the problem. And I settled on this, I started using it and was working pretty well but after 2 or 3 days it wouldn’t work. So I kept trying a week later and it finally worked but for only one day. So what I figured out was this app for me even though I was connected to the same internet and everything as my tv is that every week for one single day it’ll work. So I would not really suggest this app if looking for a good one, so yeah this is not a good app. I hope this finds you well, goodbye..Version: 2.1.1184

Good but recently has bugHad this app because all our fire sticks have stopped connecting. Used this app for a few months and it was great. However, the last 2 weeks it will automatically connect to a fire stick but nothing will work. It registers that you have touched the remote on your phone but nothing happens on the fire stick, and it wont let you exit on the app to choose a different fire stick. The only way to resolve this bug is to remove the app from your phone and re-download it. It then works for a few days before this process happens again. Please fix this!!!.Version: 2.1.69

Keeps on disconnectingSo in our house we have 2 fire sticks, one on the main room tv, and one in my daughters tv, my daughter has lost the remote so we installed this app but it also has the fire stick for the main room and for some reason it keeps on disconnecting from the one in my daughters room almost every time, thus resulting in her not being able to use her fire stick we have tried everything refreshing the app, even deleting it and re-installing it.Version: 2.1.1184

Fire TV appLove love love this app. Works so well.Version: 2.1.1125

Works greatApp works perfectly to control my fire tv. Also Easy to use..Version: 2.1.2109

Great... until recentlyThis app has been a lifesaver until recently. I’ve found that when I use it recently (despite no problems in the past) it’s very glitchy. It doesn’t always work, and sometimes if you click a button for example vol up or down, it just goes all the way up or all the way down. Same with directional buttons. Not very responsive recently, not sure why, and slightly disappointing. But up until now, it’s been great!.Version: 2.1.1184

AhmedDark chocolate with the vanilla bean and the vanilla ice vanilla cream pie as well and the frosting was perfect for a cup of tea with a little bit of sweetness with the frosting and vanilla vanilla ice ice frosting ice cream ice frosting ice and vanilla from my work done with my cup and my coffee and I will start the next day I have a good time for the day I love it it was good for the rest of my day and my work done I love the fire tv.Version: 2.1.2265

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