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T-Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

T-Mobile app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using T-Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about t-mobile?

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January tenth in Lincoln Nebraska #GreatRepWhat can I say? From one business owner to another. January is a keeper!!! We were in Lincoln Nebraska visiting my daughter and her husband, Who had just opened two new lines, Plus equipment with you two days before. She also gave my daughter information on maybe if I brought my five company lines over we could save more money. So after talking with my daughter I decided to see what January could do. When it was all said and done with a few hiccups, I was able to bring all five of my business lines to you with new equipment and save money, now that’s good business!. January showed patients where most people would have a meltdown! She is smart she is focused and she is very funny! She also has integrity, She told us what she could do and made it happen. When we all look back at this experience we will have a good feeling about it, And save money. 👍 Like I said that’s good business. And when it was over she said thank you and welcome to T-Mobile..Version: 4.8.10

Fix this is a shame!!This app has a lot of issue. Doesn’t work right. One of the biggest phone company shame on you guys. How is possible that a app can only work with your phones. And my factory unlocked iphone? Why i have paid a lot for a phone to be unlocked from apple?!.Version: 4.3

Very disappointedAlthough I like T Mobile branding and their supposed ethos, and I think they are forward thinking with the eSIM app etc, I am an investor and am very disappointed with their customer support and treatment of me. They advertise “no robots, real people,” but so many times I have been left on a prerecorded loop, is that much better than a robot? This app here has never worked even once for me. I have to get on a desktop to do anything, because the mobile web app isn’t very functional either. The 24/7 chat support doesn’t live up to expectations, Verizon is infinitely better. Finally they advertise that you get a local “team of experts,” committed to serving your needs and that they will “even show you a photo.” Well, after some security concerns in Mt Holly, NC, T-Mobile I did request a photo to put faces to names and they refused. I am pretty sure my SIM card has been compromised by T-Mobile employees themselves. So disappointing because I do like their plan options and they have very good service. It could’ve been a good fit in the long run but they never allowed the relationship to flourish. I strongly advise against using eSIM for T-Mobile. Considering the fact they are owned by a foreign entity, not that I mind Telekom Deutsche having my data anymore than Google or Verizon, but they have different standards and laws and I don’t know to what extent they adhere to ours.Version: 4.33.0

It does not work at allOne of the worst apps I've ever seen..Version: 4.9.112

Bill paymentI went to the T-MOBILE store on Signal Mountain Blvd. and requested to have my bill pulled from my checking account every due date. Was told it was confirmed and now it was taken care of. WRONG! I called to check to see if all my bills had been pulled out of my account, only to find out that T-MOBILE was the only one who hadn’t. I called their 611 number and was told that it was setup now and they confirmed it was done. Well, guess not. I called a third time and the girl informed me that it had been setup but not put in to be pulled every payment yet. Then she informs me that we can do it but, they would have to pull two months payment in one month to get it set up and regular. And they would have to give me a new due date which is when my rent is due. No ****** way. I’ve been with T-MOBILE for 7 years and in the last 4 years have started having problems with them. I am DONE! Time to move on! They misinform you about everything and no one there knows crap about how to do their job correctly.Version: 4.9.101

T-mobile doesn’t take care of the customersI made the mistake of switching to t-mobile about 2 months ago and completely regret it on of the worst mistakes I have made I checked with them first on service coverage and they said they have excellent coverage in the area’s where I live and travel . I checked their maps and yes it even says they have 5g coverage where I live I would only be using 4g due to IPhones limit but still they make a commitment just like the customers do! I get home and I have 1 bar of service in my house and outside some areas of town If I am really lucky I might get 2 after numerous calls they send a In home signal booster only to find out it will not port with my Internet router provided by Xfinity so T-Mobile says it’s the ISP fault. Eventually I find out that they have 1 tower in the entire city. And it’s not close enough to be providing any service whatsoever. Now when I tried to call technical support I get a recording that says that they are having technical difficulties please hang up and try calling later. NO KIDDING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THE ENTIRE COMPANY HAS DIFFICULTIES AND SEEMS DISHONEST FROM THE START..Version: 4.9.92

2 phones were never sent, canceled by phone, & they now want to charge restocking fee.There should be no restocking fee because the 2 phones were never sent. The t-mobile store manager was going to cancel the phones and he failed to cancel them in the morning on Monday or it would have been canceled Sunday. one was canceled on Sunday. He did not explain that there were any restocking fees if the phones were canceled or that if you bought a phone it counted as a upgrade. We do not agree with your tactics this should all be explained with the new service it appears we are starting out with a phone company that does not explain it’s sales or plans. After all the time we spent changing our plan we feel that all this should have been explained the phones were never sent. We should not pay a restocking fee. Apparently you do not check your computers. You charged us for service on our trackers that did not work and were returned and the cost of them. We returned them the next day they only stayed charged 8 hours. Returned on Saturday. We really question your ethics..Version: 4.9.96

App is atrociousCannot even place a simple order on the app without having to call the main number. Listening for 22 mins of loud speaking person and garbled music I end up reaching a whisperer Lisa in India who overspeaks everything said. Redialed again and waited on hold another 16 mins to get Ariel who gave me the wrong data plan choices and obligated me to call yet again someone else. Super fun to wait on hold another 20 mins and listen to someone gush apologies but still be clueless about the basics of looking up an order. Demanded I provide the order number and wanted me to check my email while on the phone because she didn’t want to waste time looking it up herself!! Because I didn’t place the order on line I was unable to get the free shipping. That was not helpful. App itself is garbage. It repeatedly links to ancient data or completely incorrect data. Looked on app for my order placed today. Clicked for more details and it brought me to an old order from May 14- 3 months ago. Woman said she’d open a ticket and I just laughed. Deleted the app permanently and now will gladly go to ANY other vendor because TMobile doesn’t need my business..Version: 4.9.101

They’re moderately greatI would have given four and a half stars but I called to change my number one day speaking to the 611 customer service and she went onto to say that it was good I was making a new chapter in my life and then gave me a number with a prefix (XXX)666-xxxx then stated I hope your not superstitious but I don’t get it how she said it was the only number it existed I knew she was lying and then I still paid 15 dollars for two lines to get the number changed. Ridiculous I been with them for 5 years and have 5 lines but I guess that didn’t matter either. Service is ok I don’t go a lot of dead zones anyways and they do try to train every my matters. Usually if I speak to management I get what I want. Oh and in the United States only. The Philippines people usually don’t care to please you but if you get transferred back to the US the Americans will help you more because it’s a US based company with US residents paying their payroll. Anyways I like the t mobile deals better than any other carrier. Other than that I can go to another carrier but I’m lazy or unless I’m provoked to I will otherwise this works. But not the best..Version: 4.1.2

Frustrated New Customer (Nest Secure)Let me first say that I’m not a T-Mobile cell phone customer. My cellular service is with another provider. However, I just took advantage of their partnership with Nest last night in a T-Mobile store and purchased the Nest Secure (home alarm/home security system and indoor camera) and T-Mobile provides the cellular backup, in the event that I lose WiFi. Having said this, I was provided with a T-Mobile phone number and I set up my acct online so that I can monitor my billing and usage. Now all over the website it’s suggesting that I download the app, for easier access; however, when I download and open the app, it says my phone doesn’t have a T-Mobile SIM card, so I can’t access the app at all! What kind of nonsense is this?!?! I still have an acct that’s been registered on the T-Mobile site, which has a phone number assigned to it and password, yet I can’t sign into the app to manage my T-Mobile acct b/c I don’t have a T-Mobile SIM card in the phone I’m using! Simply put, this is stupid and extremely limiting. Rant done!.Version: 3.4.0

Glad we switched but didn’t get what we where originally promisedWell I enjoy T-Mobile but I have to say the first day we came in we where so mad with att horrible service and being priced so high so we went and talked to these guys who told us we could buy 1 phone get 1 free and they would pay off our att phones and our price would be $60 cheaper than we where paying . Next day we come in talk to the Manager to get set up everything has changed we where misquoted and didn’t meet certain qualifications on turning in our old phones ( never told that before ) and the bill went way up because we now have to pay full price for the new phones so I am happy we left att but now we are paying more than we did with them and the internet speed and connection is way worse if I’m not using my home wifi or work wifi most things take a long long time to load. All in all we felt like we got played by used car salesman with the whole bait and switch method but we got put in a tough spot and had no choice . We spent over a decade with att paying over $200 a month and we will do the same for T-Mobile if they show they are better than them but currently we are not very impressed Staff is nice but prices and deals currently do not seem to be in our favor..Version: 3.5.0

Tmobile App is Crap! its a rare occasion I am able to get any functionality from e AppThe app is most times useless, because its near impossible to get it to work. Plus, trying to pull up my account info in my iPad browser, is also a hit or miss, over the years. I dont even know why I pay for my tablet line, when it it always says throttled, when I turn on DATA to try this long annoying process to get into my account without my computer? It looks like if I just want to shop the sight populates that info. ; but if I try getting into myTmobile, the screen is most often blank and never loads. I use 3 different browsers, and none of them can show my account info; so Every Time I end up using up my DATA trying to access my account to no avail. I have finally decided to save myself $20 monthly and get rid of my useless tablet line; because, for the amount of value I get, or do not get from my tablet line shows paying for a tablet line is just not worth it..Version: 3.5.0

The worst service and worst appI had the misfortune to work in an area that only was serviced by T-Mobile and Verizon. Verizon is, or at the time, was very pricey and T-Mobile was more affordable. But since then, the prices have gone up. The app is deliberately difficult to comprehend. Obviously they took all the knowledge of manufacturing user friendly sites and purposefully sought the opposite at every turn. The app hasn’t improved in over 6 years. At all. Customer service, when you have hours to wait, are very polite. But they know nothing. I always ask, for what I have, and what I need (and I am patiently clear with them regarding my exact needs because they are so polite) am I getting the best price from T-Mobile. They are honest and always say they really don’t know. I’m no fan of any major cellular service. And don’t get me started on how idiotic T-Mobile Tuesdays are. I’m not a teenager so I dont have the time to save a few cents on something I never need in 48 hours or less. But I do need cellular service for an iPad Pro and maybe my Apple Watch. I’d kill digits since I need my phone nearby for the better watch apps anyway. But no one at T-Mobile knows. Anything. Again, kudos for polite staffers, but I was born already too mature for your useless app..Version: 4.9.96

Don’t recommend this carrier / Service & Bills monopolyI have been with this phone carrier for mor than 3 years and I’m very disappointed with the service and bills charges. Every month I’m always concern on what changes are going to show in my bill due to this company don’t have a contract, they basically play around with your money adding or increasing your phone insurance as if your is brand new, it doesn’t matter for them. Regarding this last issue about the phone insurance, I spoke with one their representative to try to understand if my phone is 3 years old they still charging me as it’s a brand new phone and basically she said that she will contact me back after she discuss my situation with their supervisor and I’m still waiting for her to call me back...it was two months ago... obviously I tried to reach them multiple times and they just keep putting me on hold and bouncing around, I guess until I give up and continue paying the highest insurance for a crappy phone. Also regarding service, it’s the worst, phone turns off, no signal on certain areas, sometimes phone calls do enter or I can call anyone. I have been a customer with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T in the pass and I had never experience anything like this before. Basically I’m decided to pay off my balance of the phone and move back to one of these carrier for a better service even though I would have to start paying a new phone all over again..Version: 4.9.41

What is wrong with T-Mobile?There is nothing on this app that works. When something does appear to work it links you to the web site which states they are ‘updating and optimizing your experience’. Must be an awesome update because they have been working on it for months. Any idea when your app and web site will actually work T-Mobile?.Version: 4.29.0

Don’t get into a bind with your billWe all know things happen beyond your control, I have been with T mobile for Almost 5 years, I had a situation where my Mom died and she let her insurance lapse,so I took my bill money and bury my Mom, than on top of that someone hack my cking account and I had to shut down my bank account after 21 years of the same account, I called them and told them what happen and could I get a week to pay the bill in full was told they could give me 48 hours after the due date, I give them 400 a month for services and just recently has been going thru, never been late until the last 3 months and this the thanks I get for 5 years of services now was told they will be shutting off my service after 48 hours of the due date, so now I will be taking my business somewhere else, talking about kicking you when you already down, I bet no one will see this review, and I have never written a review but this one I had too, my heart is really heavy, thanks T mobile, never had my service cut off in my whole life, but always a first, just like my bank account situation.Version: 4.8.25

Sprint to TmobileDisappointment. I went to the T Mobile store to get a new SIM card to move my account from Sprint to T Mobile. I spent a long time at the store with a young man named Andrew. He thought of everything did all the steps for me saw I had insurance coverage through Sprint so he had move move the coverage from the Sprint system to TMobile. The problem is this APP. tells me I am a Sprint customer and keeps switching me to Sprint. So I can not use this App even tho I am their customer. I hate hate hate calling customer service on the phone they disconnect me and do not call me back after I waited35 minutes etc. the stories go on. My issue is when I had Sprint they were no issues. I made no customer service calls. But since Sprint was acquired by TMobile. Lots of customer service calls. Unable to get calls to go through. Dropped calls. People can not hear me. They say I sound like I am talk on a tin can with a piece of string. I do not know how that is possible I am sitting the the same chair in my house not moving. No prior issues. But , since I am on TMobile 5G my service is no longer the service I bragged about. 😪😪.Version: 4.31.0

TerribleIve always have problems logging back on. I am the primary account holder but the app says im not. I have to always speak to customer service to solve this problem and once they solve it I am not set to as a primary account holder at all. So then I have to do the whole process again with different people and they always told me I am not set, when we do the whole process again I cant even log back in or they require a pin that i have enter and created numerous time but always say sorry theres some issues! And send me to a blank white page. I cannot go any further. I have spoke with so many that they have try to help me and even in their system it says I am the primary account holder with the correct pin but on the app it would not set me as one or let me go any further! They even have to get some people to work on this technical issues and couldnt work it out on their end. I hate this app! Because of this i cant access or manage my billing or edit any of my account information! Terrible app! Its been months and nothing has change! Terrible update and bad app!.Version: 4.9.12

Frustrated... 📞I used to be a T-Mobile addict but I’m getting little frustrated with the service, or rather lack of.. I travel for a living and spend many days on the road. The international coverage is nice BUT more often than not it’s at dial-up speed. 😤 All that’s missing is the fax machine sound dial-up modems used to make. 📠 It’s quite embarrassing actually.. I have iPhone 6S with the latest iOS and network settings. T-Mobile shouldn’t advertise “international coverage” but rather - “international dial-up-speed when-you’re-not-in-a-hurry coverage”. Not 3G, not 2G not even Edge. 28kb dial-up speed is more accurate. Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Dubai, Bahrain, New Delhi, Shanghai, Berlin... yeah, basically the same. Yes, the phone calls work great and are of great quality. Online access? Not so much... Domestically half of my T-Mobile WiFi calls drop? Not sure why, showing a strong signal, both WiFi and phone signal, it connect, then it drops. I feel like T-Mobile is so big on having great deals for new customers that they’re forgetting the current customers. Basically they seem to be focusing on quantity versus quality. I hope I’m wrong. Haven’t given up on T-Mobile yet but sadly it ain’t what it used to be... 😔.Version: 3.4.0

App doesn’t loadI have been a customer of TMobile since I was in the sixth grade under my mom’s plan. And I’ve had no problem with the service, but it’s been such a hassle to go through either google chrome or safari just to be able to pay my bill. The app is supppsed to be for not just convenience, but as a quick method to see all your account information without need a web browser to load for eons. Whenever I try to access the app, it stays on the loading screen for well over 10-15 minutes. I’ve restarted the app and restarted my phone multiple times and it just doesn’t load for me on an iPhone SE. It’s to the point where I’ve decided to delete the app until this bug is fixed, because it’s been one for months upon months without any resolve. Rather than spending money on buying chairs or something you don’t really need. Work on fixing the actual bugs like the loading one for instance, rather than the layout of the app. The bugs should be worked on being repaired first as they are an issue, people can learn to use an app layout in a matter of minutes. We just want the bugs to be fixed so we can use the app again. Even after the recent update to the app last week, it still doesn’t load, rinse and repeated all the steps and it doesn’t load. My phone is even updated to the most recent iOS and it still doesn’t work. I give the app one star because this issue hasn’t been fixed for months on end since it started early to mid this year..Version: 4.3

Service is friendly enoughBut market leads the the way providing nothing really real in real time I get very poor signal we’re I live there upgrading for marketing,, odd that I down loaded a measuring signal reception to see what service provides the best signal in my area and t mobile was rated the best, I have disconnected service at times rarely get the internet on my phone , there signal booster works some what, guess will check into getting a outdoor antenna signal booster, but need to do more research or eventually maybe go to a different carrier, research the price, et. I use to have cricket service never had difficulty, but wanted more down load speed and the accessory app said t mobile was better so who or what can I believe, customer service is friendly but I got miss leading information which put me into a bind and still not resolved since of October of last year and it is ongoing I say where is my new signal booster as I was to get it in December, but as said I assume I could get a yagi outdoor signal booster probably be better then the t mobile signal booster how do I find out, then it reference to getting a free one or paying for one,,,WOW... so I got various miss leading information then how do I qualify the truth.Version: 4.9.35

Doesn’t workApp doesn’t work. At all. Has never worked..Version: 4.9.108

Worst customer service I’ve ever experiencedI am currently in the process of switching from Sprint to T-Mobile I received an email that my account with t-mobile has been activated but when I tried to type in my email it would not let me log in. I ordered my new phone a couple days ago and should get it in the mail sometime this week I called their customer service line to try to have them help me figure out if my account is activated and what my log in is but they kept asking me the same question (if I have the phone or phone number associated to the account) and I kept repeating myself over and over until I just got so fed up I hung up and basically just said forget it. Then I go on their website to see if I can talk to someone through their online chat option and he was giving me problems and made it seem like he wasn’t even reading what I typed and I had to keep repeating myself over and over again until I finally just gave up again. I thought Sprints customer service is bad T-Mobile is NOT any better T-Mobile is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life.Version: 4.8.25

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