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Just Press Record App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Just Press Record app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Just Press Record? Can you share your negative thoughts about just press record?

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Just Press Record for Negative User Reviews

Limited useI downloaded this to use as a transcription tool for long voice memos (interviews) which I imported. This app is probably good for short, clearly spoken memos spoken directly into the microphone but as a longer-form transcription tool, the results were pretty much unusable, even in passages where one person was speaking clearly. I realise this isn’t really the target use of the app and it was amazing it even transcribed this much speech at all, but for anyone else hoping it might be able to perform this function, keep looking..Version: 35.1

Absolute trash for the priceFor $8 I was expecting the app to be at least be semi literate with the transcriptions. It spits one one continuous line of text which has no punctuation or capitalising at all and has to be edited before it can even be readable let alone make sense. Random words and completely inaccurate transcription is an utter waste of time. I’m genuinely angry I paid money for this. Would be easier to record with the normal iPhone voice recorder and manual transcribe..Version: 3.3.7

HopelessI tried to use this app to transcribe. The result was nonsense random words - not even close. Embarrassingly bad. Storing and sharing meeting audio is a pain, and the design of the app makes it easy to accidentally stop. You the can’t start recording again- you need to start a separate file..Version: 3.2.4

Great app but missing a critical featureFYI: watchOS 6 now supports Voice Memos on Apple Watch with full iCloud and Complication support. PLAYBACK ON APPLE WATCH IS BROKEN, PLEASE FIX IT [Update] This issue still has not been addressed (watchOS 5&6) as of September 20, 2019. Noticed that this app has not been updated in a while so presuming this could be due to Apple adding Voice Memos in watchOS 6? There is one critical feature that is missing since its inception. This is my typical use-case for this app: - Record something quickly when I do not have the time to create a note or a reminder - When I have time, I process the recordings (e.g., create Reminders, Notes, etc.) - Therefore, I need to be reminded if there are any recordings that I need to process - I have to create a Reminder just to remind my self to process the recordings! THIS APP NEEDS A BADGE SHOWING THE NUMBER OF RECORDINGS PRESENT Also, I don't really see the purpose of the "Watch" tab. I use the app on my Apple Watch; what would be useful is to be able to delete the recordings on my Watch using the iPhone app. I also use the iCloud sync, and right now, I need to manually delete old recordings on my watch. Hope these make sense; if not, please let me know. Thanks!.Version: 35.1

Transcription is uselessI bought this app with the hope that I could record and transcribe interviews. It’s fine for recording, but the transcriptions are worthless. The accuracy is awful, especially if there’s any background noise at all. The accuracy is not even close. It misses entire phrases. It doesn’t matter how clear the recording is or how articulate the speaker. There’s no punctuation unless you dictate it. As an example, I dictated this review in a quiet room on an iPad Pro. This is the transcription: I bought the seven that I can record and transcribe interviews it's fine for recording the transcriptions of worthless the she is awful special yeah. She is not even close Mrs. entire phrases it doesn't through the recording using her or how articulate the speaker is no punctuation as example I dictated this iPad Pro this is the transcription.Version: 3.0.2

The transcription is uselessEven when talking very slowly, it only picks up every 3rd word and often gets this word incorrect. Do not purchase..Version: 3.2.4

Absolutely terrible transcriptionVoice recording is ok, no real difference to the inbuilt voice memo app on iPhone. BUT transcription is truly awful and unusable. Major recognition mistakes about every three words. Also takes forever to work through even ten minutes of recorded speech so useless for research interview recording which I wanted it for and actually consulted the developer about asking about security. In all fairness they could have warned me it’s not up to this task. I am frankly amazed by the positive reviews because in my experience this is a total fail..Version: 36.1

Apple Watch Sync Doesn’t work!I bought this app because of the feature allowing you to make recordings on your Apple Watch. The problem is, the recordings don’t sync to my iPhone. Accordingly, the app is useless to me. A waste of money..Version: 3.1

Don’t bother transcribingI concur with other comments, the record feature is convenient and super easy, but the transcription feature is nowhere near where needs to be in order to be usable let alone useful. I like the ease and convenience of the sync between the watchOS and iOS versions though..Version: 3.1.2

Don't WorkI purchased this app purely o record audio on my Apple Watch. Out of 50 attempts only 1 recording has appeared on my ICloud Drive. Works OK on IPhone but I didn't purchase it for that as there are many free audio recorders for the iPhone that work well. Have had 2 emails from supplier but no suggestions to fix. My rating is that it is useless and a total waste of money. Not happy..Version: 1.2

Complication not on Apple WatchI bought this app specifically for use on my watch, but it has not appeared on my watch. Why not?.Version: 3.3.1

Works great until you get a notificationThe app works very well, one of the best. BUT as soon as your watch gets a notification it stops recording. So it seems very useless to me if I find out it stopped recording from a notification..Version: 2.1.4

Great recording, lacklustre transcribingFirst of all, this app can record audio so well. I was surprised how clear the audio was from a recording from the Apple Watch. However the transcribe feature has been a bit disappointing. For my recent recording of a 50 minute meeting, the transcribe feature completed and spat out about 5 words. I can’t run the feature again to see if it can fix it and the words don’t even form a proper sentence that might have been from the meeting. I’ll keep using the app for the recording feature but what actually sold me was the transcribe feature. I really hope it gets better....Version: 3.0.3

Transcription BrokenI purchased my new iPhone 6+ and found this great app for transcriptions and all went well. However, an update either on Apple’s or the developer’s side broke the transcription feature for this app. What the app does accomplish is 10% of my record file, usually my audio files are no more than one hour in length and I am no more than 5 feet away from the lecturer I wish to record. Currently I have an iPhone X running iOS 3 13.3 and this Transcription feature has never worked properly sense my iPhone 6+..Version: 36.1

Not worth itThe transcription feature is worse then just having auto dictation on your phone.Version: 3.2.4

Wasn't what I neededI purchased this hoping it would help transcribe some of my meetings. The challenges are that it mixes coversations when multiple people are talking and the transcribe function takes a very long time. Several times I left the app open in the backgroud but accidentially swiped the app close, out of habit of always closing open apps to preserve battery life. Once closed, I had to begin the transcription over again. It did capture some of the previous transcripition, but it always failed to pick up where it left off or even start fresh. I then had to erase the partial transcription and start over. I liked that I could copy the text and paste into an email or note..Version: 3.2

Very good - needs one improvementThis is a great app and works as advertised. The only problem is with the Watch complication. The complication only requires a single touch to start the recording. As a result of this I am getting numerous, unnecessary and annoying recordings throughout the day. It’s extremely easy to unintentionally or unknowingly touch the complication, which then results in a recording. This often happens 5 or 6 times a day. Operationally, it would work better if you tapped once on the complication to open the app and then a second tap to actually start the recording. For anyone who is a fan of starting the recording immediately that you touch the complication, there should be an option for this in the settings menu. Then you have a choice. Otherwise a good app..Version: 3.3.2

Transcription is not goodJust tried to record and transcribe a thirty second piece on the train using The mic from PowerBeats3, the iPhone X, the Apple Watch 2. - PowerBeats was picking up a conversation from the guy across from me, not me. Transcription not possible. - iPhone X picked up mostly me but was way too quiet. Transcription not possible. - Apple Watch 2 made what sounded like a very good recording of me, but the transcription was so off that it was completely unusable. ---- This evening I tried with the iPhone mic at home in a quiet space and the recording was much better but the transcription was not good. Still too many errors; the UI doesn't allow you update the text or correct the transcription process in any way. It doesn't even add any punctuation by itself..Version: 3.1

Crashes on Apple WatchFor a few months now, this won’t open on the Apple Watch. Just immediately crashes every time. Reboot does not fix it..Version: 42

Don’t bother.The quality of the dictation is so bad you’d be better off transcribing manually. Skip this app..Version: 37

Doesn’t transcribeWhen I talk , it records but won’t transcribe.! This is why I purchased app, to turn my voice recordings into text. Hopeless..Version: 35.1

Email RecordingThe recording function works well. The transcription against my Australian accent was completely useless. I did have some humour value but was so far from what was said to be easier to sit and type it from scratch. Then I thought I would email the recordings .... big mistake ..... after it had sent 12 of the same email I hard rebooted my phone. The entire phones data was corrupted and 4 hours later after restoring from backup I got my phone back... so not real happy..Version: 3.3.7

Won't Record PhonecallsI bought this app to record phonecalls, but now discover it can't do that at all because of the way iPhone OS operates. This is only explained in the full website, not in the App Store..Version: 2.3

Was liking but no longer trust itRecorded a long session but after it didn’t have cloud connection do it decided to just remove the recording. Why wouldn’t it put locally instead. No long trust it will work successfully..Version: 35.1

Needs one important feature for me to use this.What is of needs is a edit or continuation feature on a recording. Even on the regular iPhone record app I am able to edit and continue the recording. Currently by using this app I can press pause, But once I stop and save I have to then start a new recording. If this iPad that future I would love it because then I would be able to make many notes on Essentially one recording and then have it transcribed and export into a single file. Until then I’ve actually just spent $10 on an app I’m not using..Version: 3.1

Transcribe greyed out and doesn’t workI bought this to do one thing, transcribe. Having recorded an hour long audio, I went to transcribe and the button is grayed out with no help text or explanation why and no info in the faqs. I have a 1980s tape recorder that does the same thing as just press record..Version: 41

Very poor at transcribingCan record your voice ok on Apple Watch or iPhone as long as no loud background noises. The transcribe feature is absolutely terrible. Over half the time it has transcribed the wrong words and it even masses words together that looks weird. The transcribe feature is a complete false advertisement and I am disappointed that Apple allows this to be on the App Store.Version: 3.2.4

Transcribe feature not working!!!Hi, i tried transcribe option many times but it’s not working. I recorded a sample lecture and tried to transcribe it but it doesn’t work. Could you please let me know if transcribe feature works as mentioned in the app features. Also the reason I purchased this app is for the transcribe feature. Thanks.Version: 3.2.1

Transcibing does not work at allAlthough the recordings are ok quality, the transcribing function only worked once and then stopped working. I have emailed about this issue but did not receive a reply, that’s a sign of poor customer service..This is the first time I have paid for an app because it looked like it was worth it, but do expect it to deliver what it promises and if not at least a reply to my email!.Version: 3.3.7

Doesn’t work on my Apple WatchWould like a refund.Version: 37

Transcription takes forever and is of very poor qualityTranscription takes forever and is of very poor quality..Version: 3.3.7

Basic items needsNeed to save a recording instead of losing it when a notification or anything comes through. need to be able to search the transcriptions like lead to believe. need to be able to listen to all recording through instead of having to click on individual files,...even if just one day at a time..Version: 2.3

The Transcription Doesn't WorkI purchased this app to record and transcribe my lectures. And i.t hasn't been able to transcribe a single one. Very disappointing and a waste of $7.Version: 2.1

Stopped working when I needed it mostThe alarm on my Apple Watch went off while recording a very important piece of info and recording ended without saving. Unreliable..Version: 35

DisappointingAs a journalist, transcriptions are important. Messing up the exact phrasing can have serious consequences. So when I found this transcription software I thought great! Over the last week I have not been able to use 1 transcription nor any part of a transcription I made with the app. It wouldn’t transcribe entire sentences, would creat incoherent phrases and basically was completely unusable. If I wanted to have to do the transcription myself I would have just used voice memos. This was a complete waste of money. Fortunately it was only $5. And that is the most positive thing I think I can honestly say..Version: 41.1

No support for 1st generation Apple WatchThe reason I purchased the app has disappeared. Don’t be lazy find a way to support the people who bought your app early on. Support 1st gen apple watches..Version: 34.1

No precisionIf this is AI learning then I’m disappointed and terrified as it comes back with text that is nonsensical. Inserting words that are often bizarre. If I was to edit out all these mistakes it would be quicker to just simply write it out in the first place. I just paid for something that is effectively useless in an functional sense other than creating silly interpretations for fun. I am not amused though..Version: 36.1

Useless for recording callsUnable to record any phone calls even if using speakerphone mode. This is stupid beyond belief..Version: 3.2.4

Too much battery drainThis app used to be good but recent updates must have changed something. I'm disappointed to find it now rips through the apple watch battery at 25% per hour! This is on an AW4 in airplane and theatre mode. On top of this there is no auto save feature when the watch is nearly flat. Currently if the battery runs out the recording is lost. This app is not so good anymore..Version: 34.1

DisappointingThis app promises a lot but fails to deliver in the one thing I needed from it — transcription. My hope was that I could dictate short pieces of text, like blog posts or scenes from a book I am working on. Unfortunately it’s not up to the job. Just Press Record is obviously designed for very short text snippets, probably no longer than a reminder, the sort of thing you might say to Alexa or Siri. An example: I dictated a short blog post that popped into my mind before I went to bed. I didn’t want to forget about it, and having the phone transcribe it seemed like the perfect way to capture it quickly. In the morning I set the app to transcribe the text. I took almost two hours (during which time I had to keep waking the device, because transcription stops when it auto locks), and drained a little more than 50% of the battery (and this with the speech-to-text engine downloaded, so no network traffic). All to provide fewer than 700 words, approximately one third of which bore no resemblance to what I actually dictated. Fixing the text by hand took longer than it would have taken to just type it out in the first place. I know transcription is hard, and that the app uses Apple’s built-in engine to do the job, but they should really make it clearer that the feature is severely limited, and not really suitable for more than a dozen or so words dictated slowly and in perfect acoustic circumstances..Version: 3.2

Just hoping for moreAs an audio recording app this is good but doesn’t offer much more than the standard Apple Voice Memo app. The main benefits are that JPR also has an iPhone widget and a Watch app. Unfortunately, in my experience the transcribing is pointless. It’s often much easier to just use Apple’s included dictation service. If you’re hoping for an app that can record audio in a meeting for example an then transcribe it into text that makes any sort of sense, then look elsewhere. I’m hoping the transcription service improves in the future..Version: 3.3.7

Transcribe doesn't workTranscribe feature does NOT work for meetings. Forget it..Version: 3.2

Bought it and it doesn’t work anymore on my WatchPerfect app until last upgrade: My Apple Watch (first gen) isn’t supported anymore... The developers should have kept a version for early users... and buyers :( Now I have to find a competitor/alternate app to use with my Watch....Version: 34.1

Works as long as you don’t update it.If you purchasing this app and it works just be happy and don’t update it. I purchased it to use on my Apple Watch but after the last IOS update I mistakenly updated the app. After that it was no longer available to use on the watch. Apparently the app will work if both watch and iPhone are on the latest software versions. This is a fairly common issue and a quick email from the developer would have solved everything.Version: 3.0.1

Original AppleWatch support dropped 😥I LOVED this app. The ability to make recodings/dictations with my (original) AppleWatch was GREAT and I used it daily. This app is at the top of so many “Best Apps” lists... It was incredibly convenient to make recordings when my phone wasn’t near by. With the latest update, support for the original Watch was dropped. This really disappointed me. I have not been using the app since. 😕 It is nearly impossible to roll-back and I’m just not going to put the time into it. I understand this probably has to do with a new SDK or whatever... but the functionality of the previous version with the original Watch was perfect. I don’t plan to upgrade my watch until Winter at the earliest. I’m sure JPR is great with newer watches... I’ll just have to find another solution..Version: 34.1

Not for lectures.I got this primarily for transcribing my lectures. Which was a bad idea. The device refuses to transcribe anything over 30min. What it will transcribe of my lectures before an error message pops up (even after going to the FAQ and following their recommendations to not have that error) makes absolutely no sense. I do agree that it is quite a simple and easy app. I think it’s overpriced for a voice recorder alone. Not to mention the desktop version, which is bought separate of course (which I assumed would have more power to transcribe a descent size lecture) cannot even transcribe anything. Also, while I understand that It is supposed to be ‘simple’ I’m sure that more features, like the ability to cut down or split a recording, can be implemented nicely. The two stars are for perfectly working on simple memos and that is all..Version: 3.1

Easy to use but could be betterThe transcription is not very accurate, and could be improved. Some screens are not very polished for a 4.99£ app was hoping to see some quality UI and accurate transcriptions. Kind of disappointed..Version: 3.1

Too many “Unknown Transcription Error” msgsI’m very disappointed app would not record unless right beside the source. Even when it did record beside the source (a radio) when later transcribing app would say “unknown transcription error” every time, so only a couple of sentences transcribed before error message and it stopped working. Will delete app today. Wasted money!.Version: 3.1

RecordThis would be good for me as I’m always recording my neurologist appoints then when get home to listen and too fast to listen to write down on paper.Version: 3.2.4

DOES NOT RUN on the first generation Apple WatchI am so disappointed! The only reason I paid for this app (which had to be bought in a bundle and not in its own) doesn’t work on my first generation Apple Watch! That is the only reason I purchased it. I had to find this out the hard way by going online as I couldn’t work out why the app wasn’t showing up. It’s a MONEY MAKING SCHEME! You should mention this before people buy it. I will be requesting my refund!.Version: 35.1

Needs batch deleteIt’s a pain and annoying that I can’t delete multiple recordings at once.Version: 40

Transcription not reliableThank have tested the transcription on a 30 minute meeting which was a purpose of my purchase. During transcribing, the process stopped/failed several times and the result was really poor, with only about every fifth word correctly identified. I understand it is probably using Apple transcription services so the author cannot do much about it....Version: 3.1

Can not find the app on Apple Watch 3I installed the app yesterday on my iPhone X But I cant see the app on Apple Watch 3 I hope there is a solution for this ,otherwise the app is useless for me Thank you.Version: 3.2.4

Not working on apple watch 5Won’t open. Save your money..Version: 36.1

Horrible App and Waste of money!I was very disappointed with this app. Minimal functionality, requires ICloud to be enabled. Unfriendly dashboard, and when you try to record it doesn't even function properly and just freezes. I wish I could get my money back!.Version: 2.1.3

Something Went WrongThis used to be a good transcription app, good enough to spend $5 for the full version. That was months ago and I had put the app and my writing to the side. I picked it back up recently, and now the transcription is AWFUL. It went from being in the mid-90% range to being somewhere in the 70’s. I can’t believe the things it’s misinterpreting. Additionally, what transcription it does provide is painfully slow, and constantly gives an error message. Now it doesn’t even let me edit the text that it’s getting wrong, or copy and paste into another document. This app has become completely useless..Version: 35.1

Works Great MaybeBought this app and tested it a few times. Recorded to my watch and sent to the cloud no prob. Transcribing worked as well. Day 2 sat down to a recorded statement with my insurance adjuster and decided to make my own recording with my watch. Verified several times during the interview that it was recording. When I tried to review the recording later, it did not exist. Nothing was saved. The App failed when I really needed it. This app cannot be trusted..Version: 3.1

One big flawIt would get a 5-star if it didn't stop recording (on the Apple Watch) when you got a phone call (even if you decline the call)..Version: 3.3.3

Sharing to email is super slow... hours ...The transcripts of any audio recording (even one that’s just a few lines long) take foreveerrrrrrrrr to come through via email. As in, hours later and still nothing. Typically, it takes until the next day. This is just for the transcript, not the audio, so it’s not as though there should be any large file attachment holding it up. App developer, PLEASE FIX. Also, please fix the transcript editing to where you can scroll down while highlighting text... can’t right now..Version: 35.1

Poor quality recordingI bought this app to record a eulogy that I was asked to give at a dear friend’s funeral but didn’t feel I could read live. Unable to try it out, I went by online reviews. Yes, very easy to use and save in an easily transferable format but the recording quality was awful - so much background hiss that it rendered it unusable. I finally downloaded Voice Record - a free app for iPads and recorded in much better quality. This app was a complete waste of £4.95. Real shame because it’s functionality is excellent..Version: 3.2.1

False advertisingPurchase this app to use on my Apple Watch and I can not see the app anywhere on my watch . I am running the latest watch OS and IOS 12.Version: 3.3

Watch appLove the idea but the watch app is a bit temperamental when it comes to start and stopping recording. 3D Touch would be better or even just a double tap to start rather than having to rest on it for a second or two..Version: 3.2.4

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