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One of my favourite apps!So simply to use. Admittedly the voice-to-text isn’t that great at times, but it give u an idea and record so you can jump to the spot in the recording to hear what was actually said. Especially love the ability to use it on my watch!!!!! such an amazing feature! just about never writte reviews, well done on a great app!.Version: 41

Provides security so I can feel safeJust Press Record Application. Available for Mac also iPhone and iPad plus Apple Watch. Great for security purposes having a recording device on your wrist especially after having been in a domestic violence altercation with my father. If something happens again I will have the option to record him so he can not deny what he did to me..Version: 3.3.1

Stable mature productI bought this app quite a while back, and subsequently been updated numerous times and is my go to application when I have something very quick to say that I want to transcribe later. Or, I have something much longer to dictate that Siri would tend to interrupt and break the flow of the recording. This app doesn’t interrupt my thought process and flow, transcription later is fairly accurate, likely ranging somewhere between 70 and 90%. Having a quiet background and speaking clearly and slowly into the microphone produces the best result.Version: 3.1

Great app, just missing...... a way to remind me to take action on my recordings. I’m always on the move and I need an app that takes down my thoughts, transcribes them, and sends them to my phone. In all these the app works perfectly and I can’t find something that does better, even at this price. But having these transcribed notes on the phone, I still need to remember to work on them. Enabling notifications (badges maybe?) would be extremely useful. Even better - integration with services like IFTTT so that I can get reminders or email alerts..Version: 3.2.4

Best app of 2017This is what I have been looking for for ages - something which quickly takes audio file notes and then transcribes them automatically so I can action, send or post to appropriate place. This makes going in back to back meetings where the only breaks involve driving possible! Fantastic..Version: 2.1

Must haveBut: • could you change label name to shorter JPRecord or JPR? I like my font large on iPhone X and current name gives those three dots... you know, those tiny annoying things :).Version: 3.1

Really useful appI have been using this app almost daily and it has been really useful. Looking forward to future developments.Version: 43.4

Great app transcribes wellThe app transcribes very good and I don’t always speak eloquently. It picked up my FIL’s voice quite well and he has a thick accent. The Apple Watch app needs an option to avoid accidental recording. Otherwise.Version: 3.2.4

Very happyThe voice recording (audio file) is amazingly clear. While the transcribe function isn’t 100% accurate it is as good as Siri - if there are two similar words or it’s a bit faint it might get it wrong but I would estimate 90-95% of my recent meetings have been transcribed correctly..Version: 37.1

Nice app easy to useI really like JPR for recording and reviewing work meetings. Two feature requests: 1. Controls (play, pause, speed, etc) available on lock screen. 2. Ability to record phone calls for conference call meetings..Version: 3.2.3

Works As IntendedIt is unfair that the developer is not more able to demand reviews, because of all the apps I've used this one is one of the more deserving five-star candidates. Caveat that I do not need the transcription feature, I can honestly say that, beside a slight lack of functionality compared to Apple's stock Voice Memos app, this app nonetheless puts the latter to shame. Why can't the stock app be this simple to use, user-friendly, flexible and accommodating to my recording workflows? Why is taking recordings on demand, then finding them and editing them in the file system on my Macs such a hard problem to solve without this app? Get this app—it just works as intended. Great work, guys..Version: 42.2

Fantastic App!Best and simplest app out there. It just works so well..Version: 3.3.1

I’m happy I bought itI was on the fence on getting this one... went back and forth for awhile. Once I finally pulled the trigger, I am glad I did. It does just what it says it will. It allows recording on the Apple Watch without being tethered to the phone. This is a huge win, and extremely usable for capturing thoughts on the go. I’m an electronic musician, and it’s nice to be able to sample audio from my wrist for using later. I also love that it syncs to iCloud Drive. From a desktop Mac, you can easily browse the file structure and clear files out or move them. Great purchase!.Version: 34

Works Well ... suggestion ...App works well and Apple Watch app very handy. I like having the complication on my watch face, but I find that I accidentally start recordings by accident. My suggestion is to have the Apple Watch complication be a press and hold for a second to start recording..Version: 43.0

Simple to use and great appAbsolutely love this, I use it as a complication on my watch and love that I can record with one press on it. It’s also simple to play back on the watch and I have found the dictation transcript on the iPhone to be very good. Highly recommended.Version: 3.3.2

Couldn’t ask for any betterFor anyone pondering the merits of the app prior to downloading - STOP!! It is one of the most simplistic, yet feature-laden apps I have come across! So hesitate no more, and when you are as pleased with the app as I am, make a purchase and support the developer!!.Version: 46.1

Good for recording callsYou can just put your watch next to your iPhone on speaker and let it pick up the conversation for recording. For legal reasons, I would let the other person know they are being recorded though....Version: 35

Very Pleased!!!I use this regularly with my blue yeti microphone and have good results every time. I am very pleased!.Version: 40

So simple yet accurateJust Press Record has such a simple interface, works so cleanly, that at times I have a hard time believing it’s actually running. It’s a great app. The most useful function for me is it can import an audio recording made by another recording device and Just Press Record will transcribe it, accurately. Other applications that do this are very expensive. Of course the clarity of your voice and how you pace your dictation are crucial. I dictate punctuation. After 30 years using dictation, starting with Dragon, I have learned to keep my voice slow, steady, and flat without inflections. That yields more accurate results..Version: 42.2

Well worth the price!Instant stealth recording on my Apple Watch! I use it to record my young kids when they laugh and play or tell me their dreams in the morning! I’ll listen to these memories in many years! I did not find how to edit and trim audio files..Version: 3.3.4

Fantastic transcription. A badge would be niceWith speech to text I can so easily tell one voice memo from the other. Excellent! It would be great to have to option to show a badge of how many voice recordings are in the app - I like to keep mine clear and this would show me when I have any to process..Version: 35.1

Great Update - Just missing one key feature!This is a great update! The UI makes this app much easier to use, the ability to pause a recording on the iPhone is a huge plus for me and the Apple Watch app looks great (but no ability to pause here?!!!) The one feature stopping me from giving this a 5 star rating is the fact I can’t edit transcriptions. Apple gets some words wrong which make it unusable - an ability to make a few quick edit would resolve this (and help Apple learn and get it right the next time). Great work Open Planet Software!.Version: 3.0

Get this!I love this app! As a writer, it has literally saved my wrists from RSI and carpel tunnel injuries. There’s no limit to how many transcriptions it can do. Other apps charge per minute, but this app is ONLY a one-time fee! Pay once and you’re done. Just how it should be. I love how it syncs using iCloud. And if you get the Mac desktop app, then all of your audio and text can be accessed there. That makes it so easy. I usually use my Apple Watch to record while on the go. Then either use my iPad or iPhone to do the transcriptions. With a simple copy and paste the text is now in whatever project I’m working on..Version: 35.1

Sincerely grateful…I use this app several times a day for my work and it has really helped me out. Thank you for developing it and thank you for the updates which keep it working well..Version: 44.0

A perfect app for me and with the BEST customer support.I installed this all 18 days ago and found it functions as described and meets my expectations, with one exception. That is when recording with AirPods transcription hangs, with an endless spinner. I reported this to the developer and received a next-day response. After looking into my report, the support person concluded I had reported a bug and that they would look into getting it fixed. That commitment was made the following day, 09/25. Fourteen days later, 10/09, version 3.3.1 was released which fixed the problem I reported. Recordings that had hung were transcribed as well as new AirPod recordings. I am pleased and overall, I think the response was excellent. In addition, the next day, 10/10, I received a follow-up email from the customer service representative who responded to me before informing me of the release and the thought that my reported problem had been addressed. I am pleased to say I answered in the affirmative and expressed my appreciation and congratulated them for “Great work.” The Open Planet Team is clearly deserving of this 5-Star rating. Special thank you to Diane of that team. Best! I am, James.Version: 3.3.1

So usefulYou would think that just using the stock app to record voice memos would be good enough, but it's not. The automatic transcription with the ability to jump to any point in the audio by tapping the word is invaluable. Also, the Apple Watch feature of starting a recording as soon as the app is launched it's very convenient..Version: 43.4

Great App - Missing record phone callsGreat App, there are a few items missing that would would of made it 5 stars, the main one for me being the inability to record incoming and outgoing phone calls (unless I’ve missed it some where or it been adde to an update I’ve not upgraded to) Being able to title the recording so I don’t need to listen to them all to find the right one, also some form of tags or foldering so I can group recording related to each other. There are a few more, but I will stop here for the time being. Still a great app, especially it’s uses through the Apple Watch..Version: 3.3.7

Very useful and easy to useOver the years, I have tried several recorders. Biggest problem with the other recorders I have tried is that the recording suddenly stops and it did not save. Just Press Record does as the name implies. Press one button and it just records. Press stop and it saves. Works well with the Apple Watch. The recording goes directly to my iPhone. Please note, that you need to go into the app settings to enable saving to phone. The recordings are very good if you use the high bit-rate. Even at medium, the audio is quite good. If you wear hearing aids, you have an extra option to set the microphone source to either the iPhone’s mic, the watch, or your own hearing aids. Using the hearing aids as the input source is great as you will not get the “shuffling” sounds when the phone is in a pocket, purse, bag, or even on a table when it is moved around..Version: 45.0

A good recorderI’m looking for secret recorder for conversation. It’s great that I can press one shortkey on Apple Watch to record but if the red spot not poping up on the screen will make things easier. It’s too obvious. Maybe you can make the small icon shortkey change the color or blinking when it’s recording ?.Version: 3.2

Awesome app.I absolutely like this app. I'm using it right now to write this review. It seems silly, but it's totally awesome to have constant dictation working , Recording in the background even. I can just keep talking and talking, and when I'm done recording I can get a transcription of what I said. This is the only apple I've seen that doesn't offer a subscription just to use their transcription features, or doesn't continue to ask you to purchase even more other software, or have annoying ads on it. Just a one time purchase, and you're good to go. I absolutely like the Apple Watch version of this app. I can record anytime I want to , From my watch, easily and quickly. I also like that the i WhatsApp is accessible with voiceover, as well as the iPhone app. I am blind, and having this app around to transcribe long pieces of what I want to see without stopping, without interrupting i am currently thinking or what I want to see, it's totally awesome. This is totally the best app out there on the App Store. It uses Apple's speech recognition functionality. Which means you have to say punctuation marks etc. when you're dictating. Just as if you were dictating on a text box with your iPhone..Version: 36.1

Great app but hard to rename filesI really love this app. I use it daily and it does what I need it to. My biggest complaint is that it is very hard for me to click precisely on the file name to rename a recording. I usually have to try several times which is very annoying. I have small fingers and have not had this problem with other apps. The transcriptions are not the best either but they do help to make the recordings searchable by keywords. I also know not to expect miracles from transcriptions (yet) but the renaming thing I feel should be fixed..Version: 3.2.3

Most Valuable AppI have to say this app has been a game changer in my life. Thanks to the ability to use it via my watch, I was able to legally record & document interactions that otherwise would have been denied in court. These recordings are literally the difference between life & death. Also the fact that it’s free is also the whole reason I was able to use it bc during that time I was unemployed. Recordings are crystal clear & accurate..Version: 42.2

How RefreshingFinally, an app that lives up to its name. Just Press Record. That’s it. Nothing else. That’s all you need to do. Even my mum could handle this and she has problems even turning the TV on.... This recording app has saved me time and stress. It works especially well on the Apple Watch as well as my phone. I’m REALLY pleased with it and thoroughly recommend JUST PRESS RECORD..Version: 3.1.2

My absolute go to appI have used this app for a few years now. It is my absolute go to app; I use it every single day. It works great on my iPhone, my iPad and my Apple Watch. Wherever I am with a single tap on my Apple Watch I can make a note of anything that comes into my head and which would easily get forgotten. Once I get home I go to my iPhone or iPad and listen to each of the voice memos I’ve made and take the appropriate action. This app is beautifully designed. It’s both simple and highly functional; a great combination..Version: 3.3.3

Good app but freezes up when deletingI've been using this for a few years because of the Apple Watch app. I thought it would be made redundant by the updated Apple voice memo app but this one has features that I find useful - transcription (with text highlighting), ability to speed up and slow down the recording, and widgets. My only problem is it keeps freezing when deleting recordings. I have to keep force quitting and trying again..Version: 41

Brilliant!I was really dubious about this app but it is well worth the £4.50. Simple layout with real-time feedback, so you can even proof read as it is transcribing. I highly recommend!!!!.Version: 41.3

Excellent AppLove this App. I now no longer need to carry my dictaphone to remind me of stuff I should remember to do for the business. It’s also great for catching conversations with the kids which are, in some ways, more beautiful & pure memories than photos or videos. Could you add an Apple Watch haptic buzz every 30 seconds while it’s recording? I accidentally left it recording yesterday and it ran my watch down..Version: 3.3.7

TranscriptionsHow do we use the transcription service? It doesn’t give me the option to transcribe everything and I have my settings to transcribe everything in the app settings. Otherwise, seemingly good audio definition so far..Version: 3.1

Near perfectWould be perfect if it had two things: 1. If it didn’t show the pink banner at the top of the screen when recording and the app is minimized. This is an impediment if you want to be stealthy. 2. If it showed, for the length of the recording, a plot of the audio’s loudness. That way if I am making a long recording i can simply skip to the audio spikes, which would signal there is talking etc. instead of having to listen through the entirety - even when nothing is being said or happening..Version: 3.3

Great appHave used this app a few times from my watch while driving. Absolutely fantastic. Having access to all recordings via iCloud Drive could not be easier. Love the large record button in the watch. No room for error. Great job..Version: 1.2

Very solidIt works as or better than expected. We had one issue on the iPad Pro where I was switching between apps while doing a recording and the audio was garbled. I suspect this has more to do with iOS’s handling of the mic. If you want to record, dedicate a device - phone and watch are perfectly viable. We lost some great data as a result and it would be great if they would add an alert that the app needs to be in the foreground to do its thing. A painful lesson but I am not going to fault them for this..Version: 3.3.5

Fantastic Recording App for Apple WatchThis is a well designed and good looking recording app. If I had a compliant it would be that sometimes my copious amount of wristfat would wrap around the minuscule watch screen and press record while at work and I would glance down, brow glistening only to see that the app had been hearing everything that was said for the past hour (everything). Despite this minor annoyance which arguably is the fault of my genetic makeup and an obsession with bean burritos the app is great!.Version: 3.3.1

Absolutely brilliantGreat quality recordings.Version: 41

Fast, accurate voice transcriptionsThis is a quick way to record a voice memo and automatically have it transcribed. Works great. I’ve set up a Siri shortcut to “take a note”, which launches Just Press Record and automatically starts recording. Works great on the Apple Watch too. I’ve added the complication, so it’s a single press to start recording. Would love to see an option to automatically send me an email transcript of every recording. That would make it very nice for taking notes while driving..Version: 36.1

Absolutely love it!!Highly recommend!! I need an App that can transcribe records for my study needs. This app is exactly what I want. On top of that, this App is awesome because it works SO well on my Apple Watch. I won’t miss any important moment anymore. Thank you. I can’t express my appreciation enough!.Version: 42

Great but more organization options missingOverall great app. I do wish there were more options for organizing recordings other than just in folders by date. I would like to keep separate folders for personal and work with the ability to have nested folders for each or tags. For instance, saving a recording regarding Client A could be saved in work>client a>date or project. Or it could be saved in my Work folder and be tagged “client a” with additional tags as needed. Using tags you could also flag recordings that you need to follow up on with additional information or recordings that you need to share with others once the transcription is checked, etc. Organizing recordings by date may be helpful for some, but personally I don’t want to have my personal recordings intermingled with work related recordings..Version: 3.3.3

Great App, need ability to edit transcriptsGreat for dictating notes and reminders. Of course the transcribing isn’t always perfect, nor do I expect it to be. My issue is that there is no way to edit the transcription in the app. Meaning you need to share the transcript with another app (the developer suggested Notes) in order to edit any words that were not correctly transcribed. The developer said that this feature may be added in the future, although they have no immediate plans to do so. Not a deal breaker for me, just extremely annoying. Just think it’s something people interested in this app should know..Version: 3.1

Awesome, I love itI love this app for VoiceOver. Can you please in future updates make VoiceOver be able to be heard while recording because I miss messages and it’s got really really awesome quality. I love it very much..Version: 46.2

Reliable & Sturdy AppI am writing this review because when I was updating this app, I was kindly asked to review it. This app doesn’t have popups or interruptions. I podcast & record on the go. I was having some issues with the stock recording app on my iPhone. I have recorded segments over an hour in length using Just Press Record. With the other stock app on my iPhone, I lost multiple recordings when pausing & recording, pausing & recording over the course of the day. I have never had that happen with Just Press Record. I have never lost a recording & use it very regularly. Daily. Very reliable. Intuitive & easy to navigate. Different recording qualities & microphone options with different phones. This app is one of the best I have used & I rely on it for my podcast. Very happy with my purchase!.Version: 43.3

Consistently ReliableI’ve been using this for 2y since I bought my Series 4, and the native voice note app for WatchOS wasn’t introduced up until recently. There is no option to record from a Bluetooth mic on the native voice note app, like from my Beats headphones, which boggles my mind that Apple didn’t think of that. These guys with this app clearly DID think of that and to me it’s a make or break deal. Which is why I keep using it, user friendly, reliable and although I rarely use the transcribe option, it’s a nice bonus. Thanks to the team behind this!.Version: 40.1

Amazing app functionality! Just needs complications support for Apple WatchThis is an amazing app and so handy for me where I need to record audio at a moments notice. While it loads up really quick I still believe it needs complications support so that I can access the app quicker. The app runs really smooth on Apple Watch and instantly uploads to iCloud Drive! Amazing! Will get 5 stars once they add complications support and iron out some known bugs..Version: 1.0

Updated watch app is brilliant!On Apple Watch Series 3 the app starts instantly from a complication, immediately begins recording and continues recoding in the background!.Version: 3.0.2

Reliable, easy to use audio recorderI’ve been using “Just Press Record” for about as year, and it has been exactly what I need for recording ideas for my book as I go on my morning walk, and also for recording talks by guest speakers at Rotary. It works seamlessly and intuitively with Siri on my iPhone, and the transcription of text and transfer to my PC is easy and straightforward. The developers have obviously thought carefully about how this app can be used in real life situations..Version: 43.3

I’m dumb struckOh wait, I’m gob smacked. Although I have not tested this in the most trying conditions namely driving with car motor and road noise and the air conditioner on, it’s going to be better than the experience I’m having working with my iPhone recording software. My first test came out exactly as I spoke it. And! This is the big deal: it will transcribe what you said right there on your iPhone or iPad. I was ready to buy special transcription software or hardware. I am so glad that there were enough reviews on this app for me to check it out. It turns out I’ve had it on my iPhone and my iPad for a long time. I never eve opened it or tried it. I’ll be back after I tried this in the car with the air conditioner on..Version: 3.3.7

Needs push or copy transcript featureI love this app - the operation is fantastic but extracting transcripts is slow and the copy transcript feature buried within sub-menu options. Please develop an ‘auto-forward’ setting that will push a copy of each transcript to the Reminders and/or Email apps. Alternatively having a ‘copy transcript’ button on the widget that allows you to view your list of transcripts would do almost as well. Thanks much for developing this great app - it’s well worth the investment!.Version: 45.0

Great AppNothing to complain..Version: 38.1

Decent voice recorderHonestly I am satisfied with the app. The only hope is that you will be working on improving the transcription feature, and the app should be just indispensable..Version: 45.0

Great on watchWatch app is fantastic - swipe to a face that has the Just Press Record complication, tap on it, and app automatically begins recording EVEN when not connected to my phone. Version 3.x has brought some improvements to the Watch app and to the iPhone BUT has dropped support for swiping to delete recordings and folders, thereby making the process of managing large numbers of recordings a bit of a pain - you have to tap on the recording, then tap on delete, then tap on delete recording, then tap yet again to confirm deleting from iCloud.Version: 3.3

Great qualityI bought this app so I could record a conversation with someone that has a tendency to “gaslight” people. There were going to be no witnesses to our conversation so I thought I should record it. I turned on the app ( it’s great because the lights go out and there is no blinking icon to signal someone that you are recording them) put my phone in the outside pocket of my purse with the bottom end (microphone) pointed up. It recorded perfectly! No background noises, just voices! Amazing quality!! Easy to transcribe!.Version: 36

Useful but...It's good at it's core - recording. But it's terrible at transcripts! Just get a normal recording app if you only care about recording..Version: 3.2

Great applicationWorks as advertised, no hiccups, thanks to the devs for an app that is very useful..Version: 43.1

Excellent.This is a very polished app that works exactly as advertised, I would recommend you dismiss some of the reviews that you see here if you’re thinking about getting this. Sync works unbelievably well, my audio recordings on my Apple Watch instantly appeared in the app on my phone, it was actually one of the better sync experiences I’ve had. And translating it into text is brilliant, I was shocked when I accidentally discovered that feature as I did not read the intro. Naturally you’re going to have to go in and edit a little bit because all of our voices are different and no dictation service is going to get 100% accurate. This is very normal. This is really a very functional and effective solution for recording, especially on the go, and it looks very nice, they did a beautiful job with the user interface. Do not even remotely hesitate buying this and using it..Version: 3.3.7

Absolutely the best dictation, and transcription appI have probably told over 200 people about this app. Face-to-face. That’s how much I love this. The basics of this app is that you can record any of your thoughts quickly. And then transcribes it in the background, not requiring the cloud to do so. It will do it locally on your phone, so your privacy is respected. You can then use that text in whatever word processor, or email that you want. This app, also saves the original audio. It doesn’t get rid of it, like in almost every other dictation program. Even the native dictation feature of Siri, does not save the original audio. The advantage of this, is that if there is a dictation mistake, you can listen and correct it yourself. Also, it is helpful if you want to record a business meeting, or negotiations, of course informing those other people, and then if there’s any disagreement, you can easily share the original audio. In short, this app is amazing, and you have to get it..Version: 40.2

Works well but no edit?!Wonderful to have a dictaphone via the Apple Watch however there is no edit or trimming anywhere to be seen which is big disappointment! Any thoughts of adding the feature?.Version: 3.1

Great app, Watch app rulesGreat app.Version: 3.1.2

Great for live gig & rehearsal recordingI play in a band and use this app to record our gigs and rehearsals via my Apple Watch. Easy to set up and use and you get really good results with good quality audio. Well impressed!.Version: 3.2

Just RecordThis App is Amazing. The playback of the recording is so clear on my Apple Watch 4 using AirPods or on the iPhone. So handy to have when you want to record a message or note quickly. Warren..Version: 3.0.3

Big fan - Love the cross-device functionalityI’ve been using this app to save audio files and transfer them between my devices, and it works like a charm. I record audio for online courses, and the audio is fine, but I prefer using higher-quality apps to record with … if this added a “high fidelity” recording mode, that gave richer sound to spoken word, that would be awesome … I think my number one request however, would be if it could include “noise cancelling” as a feature? That would save me a ton of time having to manually scrub content in other apps, and then use this app as the app to move the audio files around. But even just using it for that is pretty awesome (and it’s also handy to use the Apple Watch to record quick thoughts with). Great work!.Version: 46.0

Great with Apple WatchThis is a great, simple, easy to use app the with the latest dark mode update looks fantastic on the iPhone X, and also has great integration with the Apple Watch for simple recordings. Just hit the button and it automatically starts recording even in the background. It really needs a few things though. 1. A better tutorial explaining how to do things like rename files. 2 of the 3 features I was going to ask for are already features! And I just now found them as I’m writing this after weeks of using the app. 2. It would be nice if there was an option in the app to “just press record” like on the watch where opening the app goes into a 3-5 second countdown timer and then starts recording (so it’s easy to cancel if you don’t want to) this should be an option though. 3. My third was going to be about playing back recordings on the watch, which unless this update just added that I didn’t see you could do. This app just got even better AS I’m writing this review. Awesome..Version: 3.1

My favorite appThe one app I tell everyone about. Has changed my life. Have it on phone, watch and iPad..Version: 3.2.1

Almost love it!I want to love this app but I have just a couple issues. Some of my recordings I can’t change the name, no matter how hard I press on the default name they give the recording. And Speaking of how they name the waves, it’s confusing, they should at least use the current date and time I do not understand their numerical system. Also recording from the watch is cool, but that too, you got to hit the record button a lot sometimes, just to get it to record. And sometimes it takes a while for the recordings to go from the watch to the app. Transcription isn’t the best, it only transcribes the first part of the recording even with the setting set to record all... I wish they would let you tag the waves, that would be cool..Version: 3.3.1

Still a great app - but please, bring back the old icon!These folks obviously care about building a great app, as evidenced by the constant improvements. Giving 5 stars, as this latest update continues to work well & look great. However, I implore you, please bring back the old microphone icon! Too many complications on my Watch are just circles; I don't know recognize your app anymore! Please bring it back! Thnks.Version: 2.3

Amazing! Wow! A must have app.This is a must have app for iPhone and especially Apple Watch! Only disappointment is I haven’t discovered it sooner. Top credit to the developers and thank you for such a great app..Version: 3.3.3

Great appNicely designed app.Version: 43.4

Way better than Voice Memos - Worth the costAll I can say is that this is the best thing since sliced bread. It knocks Voice Memos into a cocked hat and is well worth the modest cost. I look forward to using it and discovering it’s all of its features..Version: 3.3.6

Fantastic: indispensable for staying organizedI’ve never reviewed an app until now but these guys are a small outfit trying to help people so I’ll give ‘em some love. The app just WORKS as they claim it does. I added it to my watch face as a complication for quick access so I can make a note of something I need to remember when I’m unable to pause and tap out text with my thumbs. The transcription from audio to text isn’t perfect yet but I have not found an audio to text transcriber that is perfect… or that’s this inexpensive. So for a one-time $5 fee I won’t complain. Good grief that’s what it costs to add guacamole to a burrito at some places lol.Version: 46.2

Great but missing one thingI love this app. I record a lot of my voice overs for presentations and then send them to myself to attach to the slides or videos. Love the update and choice of formats! Please build in the ability to select multiple recordings and to be able to send them in one go, or even selecting an entire folder to send..Version: 2.3

Pretty darn good, wish it had a few things.This app is easy to use and the results are spot on 99.9% of the time. I've had no issue with speech to text translation. It's really accurate. I have only two complaints. The first is that you have to do the recording and transcription in the app itself. I think the greatest feature would be if I were to open my email app or other app and then have a way to invoke the functionality of just press record inside another app. The way it works now, is that you have to use the app and then copy the paste and text into the app that you want to put it into. It works very well though and I like it a lot. I will use it often. I am also using it right now to write this review. I also wish they had a desktop windows version of this. I would use it in the same manner. To type all my emails and other documents using just press record. The other thing I like about it is the fact that it will record forever. A lot of voice dictation apps like the built-in windows 10 one, will stop listening to you after a certain time. Or if you mute the microphone and unmute the microphone a couple of times it will freeze up or stop working. At least, that is what happens to me on multiple windows 10 pc’s for me for years now..Version: 42.2

Life saver!I have a teenage son with autism that just entered public high school. We are having to jump through hoops to get accommodations made and we have to document everything. At our last virtual meeting I was having trouble recording the meeting. I forgot I even had this app but I found it and used it to record the meeting. It worked perfectly. When I sat down to see what I could write down/note from the meeting I discovered it would transcribe the entire meeting. It’s going to take a little work to sort out the wording and who is talking but I am SO GRATEFUL I had this app on my phone. Even better I found I formerly had the desktop version as well and re-downloaded it to my laptop. Thank you so much! I’ll be using this a lot from now on..Version: 45.0

Love itI love this app. I use it all the time for recording music ideas to recording important detailed information when I can’t write it down. It works awesome with an iPhone for picking up sound. So you can hit record put down your phone, and then start taking apart something and just narrate what you are doing so you can go back and follow what you did step by step. But it can pick up what I say clearly from across the room. The ability to reorganize and rename files/file names is awesome . I can record and classify what I’m working on into file folders so that I can locate what file I’m looking for in seconds. It backs up to iCloud or google one/drive and is retrievable from all of your devices. This is the one app I must have on my phone at all times and I would be upset if it wasn’t available anymore. Having said that if they moved to a subscription model like all of these other idiot apps out there - that would be the line where I would download all of my info and delete the app. So to any of you ‘greedy app developing subscription pirate money grabbing monkeys’ follow this developers example...because if your app is not on my phone it’s because I read the ultimate swear in your description....the ‘S’ word. I even hate the word description because it sounds like subscription....that’s how much I hate subscriptions. I call people ‘subscriptions’ when I really don’t like them....’you’re nothing but a subscription’ and they recoil in fear and hurt from such insults being uttered. Well, this app will not cause that undue stress to users. I recommend it 100% - and it also comes with the seal of endorsement of the people’s anti-subscription movement.....power to the people..Version: 3.3.7

RecommendedIt works well, the app never pleads for a review and they don’t harvest data. More apps should be like this..Version: 43.0

I love it. Since the update even better.This app just keeps getting better and better. It's at the point now where I wouldn't really get an Apple Watch if I couldn't have JPR! New features and bug squashes happen all the time; I swear you'll find endless uses for this app, even if you're not a musician/audio tech. But if you are I can assure you this app won't disappoint. I feel like they bribed me for the way I keep gushing over it, but the only "bribe" they made was this incredible app that I am so glad I paid the reasonable asking price for. My older review follows: I was surprised to learn that there was no 1st party support for recording on Apple Watch.. and then I was surprised to learn that not all the watch 'recording' apps actually recorded locally on the watch and therefore would still be useful even if out of range of my iPhone. Once I saw that I was more than happy to pay for JPR and even though it's only rarely I need to record something I am always so glad I have it. The UI is super easy to use, it fits in with Apple's apps just like you want iOS/watchOS apps to do. And even before the update (which really locked things in) I never lost a recording or even had trouble getting them across from the watch. Since, it's just a dream app that really brings significant additional value to one of my favourite Apple devices, if only because its widdle face is so kerrrruute! Erm, where was I. Man good job nobody is recording this....Version: 3.1.1

This app should come with every iOS by defaultThis is one app which should come with every iOS out of the box. JPR (Just Press Record) completes my iPhone 8 Plus and Watch series 3. Sync between the watch and my iPhone is seamless. Voice quality from JPR is on par with Rode and some of pro recording apps. Now some issues - Don’t know if it’s just me, most of the time the app crashes the moment I click on “Transcribe”. - Transcribe functionality is a tad bit iffy and I totally understand that it has nothing to do with the app however you can not edit the transcript which makes the whole functional use less. Yes, you can edit once you have exported the transcript to email/message/whatsapp. It would be great to see the in appedit transcript feature in future update. I am not going to mark JPR down because of these issues as it still is a 5 star plus app. Highly recommended..Version: 3.0.2

ImprovementsAs a musician, this app is an invaluable tool! Really appreciate the intuitive compilations because it’s makes my process very streamlined. Play back on the phone is pretty seamless, but trying to listen to recordings on the watch isn’t viable bc the recording stops as soon as the screen turns off. This is my only complaint. Thanks developers!.Version: 41.1

Amazingly Simple and can’t beat the price - No Subscription!Was looking for an easy to use recorder with text conversion and this really fits the bill. So easy to use, can access from multiple iPads and everything is in the cloud. Could not be happier. A one time fee , no subscription , doesn’t get any better than this. Love it, makes doing minutes for meetings so much easier. Thanks to the developer, keep up the good work!.Version: 45.0

Simplicity of use and back upThis is a good app because it's simple to use, backs up to the cloud automatically, arranges those backups into folders by date; plus the transcription option can be useful as well..Version: 2.3

Great AppThis makes my life so much easier! I record all of my ideas into my Apple Watch which syncs with my phone. Both the iOS and watch apps are minimalistic and to the point. Is it possible to get a lock feature on the iPhone app so it prompts you for a passcode or fingerprint when opening the app to keep recordings private?.Version: 3.2

Beautiful simplicity, but...I would really like to see the ability to create folders and organize recordings other then by date. To have everything in its own folder by day is handy until you can get around to organizing the way you want. Unfortunately you have to go into iCloud if you want to create custom folders. Seems like something that should be able to be handled within the app itself. Please consider this, if that was in place I would give this app five stars for sure! Everything else about it is absolutely wonderful. I love the Apple Watch app, it works very well..Version: 3.3.3

A wonderful AppThe app is great. It has a lot of potential. Transcribing is almost flawless. The only problem I've got is editing the words transcribed when the recording is longer. The problem is, there isn’t a lot of space to edit long recordings. It is a nightmare moving around the text. Tweaking this will make a lot of difference to writers..Version: 3.3.3

Very convenient but notifications on watch erase the recordingMy title says it all. When it works it's great, but if you get a text or something during a recording on the watch, the whole recording just disappears. The only way to make it usable during long recordings is to first put the watch in DND mode. Why can't the developer either make it so that notifications don't stop a recording, or at the very least save the recording up to that point? I'd also love a stealth mode - I don't always want to draw attention to the fact that I'm recording a meeting for instance. Maybe just a dark screen, or better yet, record in the background once I press the complication! -- UPDATE: Thanks for the response. I'm looking forward to the update! Until then, would it be possible to auto save a backup every 30 seconds or minute, just in case a notification comes in? Then we won't lose the ENTIRE recording. Thanks for your help. -Matt.Version: 2.3

Great phone app - outstanding watch appOnly app I use for recording since I found it. The watch app complication means ifI feel uncomfortable in a situation I can instantly start recording, simple to delete recordings if not needed.Version: 36

Simply BrilliantIt's a brilliant app. I can't get over how good the audio recording is or the quality of the transcription. I hadn't realised that voice recognition had got this good. I thoroughly recommend this app..Version: 3.2

Just press recordI have been looking for an app like this. I am a blind person and just press record works well with voiceover. It will be useful for attaching recordings to my journal entries and stuff like that. I have discovered 1 slight floor. If you want a stereo recording you have to go to the settings mode within the app and click the stereo mike button off and on again then leave settings mode and press record. If you don’t do this the recording will be in mono. I could have missed something to be fair. I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars and look forward to lots of fun with it in the future and also serious stuff to. Many thanks..Version: 43.4

Great and usefulThis is a great app especially when using with an Apple watch. In a meeting press the record button on your phone and the meeting is recorded sent to your phone and transcribed. I gave it a 4* only because it keeps launching by accident on my watch. I would like to see an option to confirm start recording and possible haptic feedback to remind you there is a recording going on. Should be optional because not all will agree with me. One other feature i like you can begin recording from your watch then return to your selected watch face with no indication you are recording..Version: 3.3.2

Best app for getting ideas saved quicklyIt’s true that Just Press Record does not have the best transcription, but that’s because it’s free. There’s a reason most transcription services charge: doing it well is hard, and often requires human beings. I never bought this program to transcribe for me, I bought it to save my ideas quickly and on-the-go, and this does exactly that, all while looking beautiful at the same time. Oh, and they don’t charge for iPad and iPhone separately, they just give you the great app on the other when you buy one. Don’t listen to the haters, this app is hot, and worth every penny!.Version: 3.2.2

Great app - one tweak requestedI find this app one of the most useful except for one quirk. To play back a recording from the watch face complication, I have to make a useless recording that I have to discard. Why? Because the app starts auto-recording when I press its watch face icon. I have to stop the recording and then scroll to playback. Just Press Record support explains that I can click the crown, find the JPR icon among all the icons there and click it to open JPR without auto-recording. But that is too clunky. I would rather be able to go directly from the watch face to record or play back. If the developer provides a better solution, I will rate Just Press Record as five stars..Version: 3.3.7

Settings to Make Stopping Recording More DifficultThe overall app design is fantastic. It does everything it says it does from the iPhone and Apple Watch. The one thing that would make it KILLER to me, would to make it optionally more difficult to stop recording. For example, options to require hitting stop 2-3 times to prevent accidental stopping. Even more innovative, require a passcode to stop recording. That could make this app perfect for recording interactions with unwanted people, maybe an abusive ex, maybe interactions with police. They then couldn’t easily stop the recording. Great work and great app though!.Version: 3.2.4

Perfect!Does everything it’s so pose to do perfectly! Thank you for this awesome app..Version: 3.3.5

Simple and easySimple to use, syncs perfectly and one doesn't have to mess around in iTunes like you do with the stock memo app..Version: 1.2.1

If you don’t have it, get it now.I don’t write reviews normally, I have had this phenomenal app for years. On my Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. It’s as good as, if not better than stock apps..Version: 3.3.1

Fantastic appMy work is on-the-go and this app has been just what I need to document as I go. Accuracy seems quite good and it has been a real time saver. Highly recommend!.Version: 43.1

App will not appear on Watch S2No matter how many times I restart my watch or iPhone 7 Plus or delete the app on the iPhone I can’t get the app to appear on the watch..Version: 3.0.2

Fantastic appI've been using 'Just Press Record' for a few years on both an iphone and the Mac for transcription and it has been such an incredibly useful app to me. Aside from the solid transcription accuracy I really appreciate the extra attention to detail the developer put into the design. It's easily the most pleasant UI experience that I've seen in a recording/transcription app. And the transcription works really well if you voice your words clearly and at a slightly slower pace than you might normally talk. I used to use Dragon Dictate and this is in roughly the same ballpark of accuracy. The only suggestion I have is give the user the option to choose Apple's on-device transcription API (vs. sending the audio to apples servers). But I’ve been extremely happy with Just Press Record. And I’ll continue to use it daily. It's a bargain..Version: 41

Excellent recording app for my Apple WatchNo complaints here, this program works and it works almost flawlessly when I need it. Easy to use too, just press the little red button on my Apple Watch and I can record the entire conversation privately right on my Apple Watch. The translation feature works about the same as other apps out there for me anyway, some words it gets, others it doesn’t, I think it’s my Dutch accent that’s hard to understand. 😀.Version: 41.2

Program excellent, But could use a critical improvement…It would be fantastic if an option could be added to automatically dump transcriptions and recordings right into an apple note. To make it actually visible on my Mac computer. And easily viewable on my devices. Reading files in the app is clunky. Having to expand them to read them becomes a nuisance. Viewing on a Mac computer is all but impossible. Totally useless as a practical matter. Another good improvement would be to fix the option to send both a transcript and a recording somewhere. That is not working properly. I just get the recording another text..Version: 41.2

Very good!!Dude who doesn’t like iCloud only recordings... they’ve moved on and it can go to iPhone if desired. Forget that. I am at the pub with blaring music in background and it was a clean recording and able to dictate my audio. This is my new best friend when I set up on my Apple Watch..Version: 3.0.1

Missing 1 or 2 ThingsFirst off, I love this app and it’s quick start features. I don’t completely regret the purchase. But for 5$ I kinda wish for more. Perhaps level readings/control and the ability to rename the recordings quicker. It seems I have to tap the file after, then tap the generic name it’s given to edit. Not very intuitive. The stock voice memo app asks right away for a name, which I find annoying and obtrusive. Just looking for something in between that is easy and quick. Otherwise, I like that it puts them in a folder by day and automatically uploads them to iCloud for access on other devices..Version: 3.2.4

Amazing - great appThis app has changed the way I work, I am more efficient & as long as I transcribe or listen to my inbox regularly I have no excuses for letting anything slip. Mainly use the watch app. Also thank you Open Planet for not having horrid splash screens telling me to review & please keep updating..Version: 3.1.2

Best app you’ll buy this yearIf you're like the rest of us and find yourself losing an idea or thought that you forgot to write down, a song name you can’t remember, another to-do item that slips your mind, etc...look no further. Especially if you have an Apple Watch, this is the quickest and most intuitive way to solve a multitude of problems and even get ahead on your work on the go with the dictation feature. Transcription from voice to text is ridiculously accurate, even in a Starbucks or someplace with background noise. I am currently studying for the bar exam, and it is incalculable how much time this app has saved me in the process. Finally an app purchase you won’t regret..Version: 3.1.1

Good app but missing a featureI use this app for some of my recordings, I say some because I still use another app as it auto backups to Dropbox, if JPR can do this I will switch. Great app to record from my Apple watch. Fully accessible with VoiceOver..Version: 3.3.7

Simple and smartI use JPR every day to record everything from meetings to voice notes. Love it..Version: 43.2

This is so close to being perfectI love this app and use it every day, the only problem is that I do prefer to use my AirPods to record. As I take my Apple Watch out with me without my phone I can’t use the AirPods to record directly to the Apple Watch. Apart from that this app is absolutely insane!.Version: 42.2

Simple and accessibleThe just press record app is I want full addition to my iPhone. The interface is simple, and completely usable with voice-over. I am totally blind and use my iPhone as a memo device. Just press record enables me to record when I am out, and to take notes. I have not tried doing this, but it appears to be possible to alter the recording source. Hopefully it will be possible to alter it to a Bluetooth microphone. Anyway for now this app really meets my needs..Version: 2.3

GREAT for writers!I LOVE this app! I've been doing NaNoWriMo and using it (hands free!) when I have to be in the car. Those are the days I get way over my 1,667 words done. One of the best things is that I can hesitate while trying to think of what I want to say next, and it doesn't shut off––a VERY important feature for someone trying to write orally. I had an issue with spacing after punctuation and almost instantly received a personalized email - they’ve been very responsive. I don’t tend to spend money on apps, but this one was well worth every penny for my needs..Version: 41

Almost perfectWould be 5 stars if it could auto generate titles based on content of recording.Version: 45.0

My number 1 voice recording appI love using this app to record on the go on my Apple Watch :-).Version: 2.2

Super Easy, Works WellJust like I said, it’s super easy to use, and it works well. Works great on the Watch, too. One-button recording on my wrist - what could be cooler?.Version: 3.3.5

Best recorder already - I’d pay for upgradesBest app of its kind! Wish it could be set auto on/off with a timer. If I could set it to record with a start and end time, I’d happily pay for that upgrade. Too many times I’ve forgotten to turn it on or shut it off..Version: 3.3.3

Just awesome!Brilliant little app. If you have an Apple Watch, this is essential. One tap on the Apple Watch (complication) and it’s recording away. The mic on the Apple Watch pics up everything. So useful for meetings or anywhere else you need to keep a record of events. I love that it records on the watch, auto uploads to the iPhone and then uploads to iCloud! (Although watch to iPhone can take some prompting if it’s a big file). A 40 minute recording was only 18mb. So so useful..Version: 3.2

Blind 360Not going to mince words here-but I do not regret purchasing this app at all! I’m blind as a bat but I was able to figure this app out after I downloaded it a few days ago. It met my expectations. It’s really cool & thoughtful of the app developers to make sure that it’s fully supported by voiceover. Too bad not many developers Think about people like me who have a disability. It’s user-friendly and like I said well worth the price. Just have a few suggestions-In future updates maybe it would be possible to make categories for the recordings. Create folders within folders. Append to existing recordings even if some time has passed before you decide to add to the recording. Add more export options. Make more import options. Lastly, add more to the languages selection. I’m Filipino and sometimes I have to dictate or talk to someone or record a conversation in Filipino but it’s not supported. Otherwise it’s a great app and you guys did a good job. Kudos and a big thumbs up! Hope you’ll hear my suggestions out and consider them. Have a great day!😃😉.Version: 3.3.3

Lets seeGood voice recorder and editor. its also amazing at transcriptions.Version: 42.2

Top DrawerThis app works very well and is easy to use. Linked with my Apple Watch, I can quickly and surreptitiously activate the recorder and have a recording of important conversations. High marks!.Version: 46.1

Much better than iPhone Voice memo appI did a test and recorded a 60 second recording from my Apple Watch using Just Press Record while recording simultaneously on my iPhone 8 with the built in Voice Memo app. Of course the recordings from JPR on the Watch transfer to the phone. I listened to both from my phone and JPR trounces the iPhone voice memo app in sound quality and clarity. Hard to believe that the quality of a recording from a WATCH! is better than the phone, but it is and it’s not even close. JPR is particularly useful and functional for the watch. Very pleased. Highly recommend..Version: 3.2.4

Not perfect, but perfect for my needs.I work from home and go into plenty of meetings and personally like to capture meeting minutes for my reference and to document later action items. This app has allowed me to just press record and refer to the voice to text transcriptions for items I may have missed. While the transcription is not perfect, this app is great considering that it does not have any subscription model and you just have to pay $4.99 for its entirety versus other apps I’ve researched in the AppStore. Do yourself a favor and stop looking at other apps and get this instead..Version: 43.4

GET RID OF THE GRADIENTSMaybe this is a nitpick, maybe I’m being obsessive about it, but gradients are a bad look for this app. Especially the one that appears when you turn on the dark mode, just over the record button and input device display. It makes the app look dated by several years. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the app’s dark mode. I love dark modes, that and the speech transcription were why I bought the app in the first place. But I think the app’s UI design could be a lot more successful if the gradients were replaced with flattened UI elements, as is the usual iOS aesthetic..Version: 3.3.7

Use it everyday!Absolutely the best app for recording anything, highly recommend. I’m in the service industry and a lot of the time driving so when I receive a call over bluetooth in my truck, I can just hit the complication on my watch and get the details of where I’m going next without having to pullover and write it down... One hick-up I’ve found, which is not a big deal at all is when I delete a recording on my watch it deletes the recording but I still have a file for that date showing in iCloud in files app even though it’s empty..Version: 3.2.4

Brilliant AppThis app is top quality, I have recommended it to a few of my work colleagues and they have purchased it. My only complaint is you should be allowed to add names to you recordings so you know which is which, eg interview today or conversation with Mack etc. If this could be done this would be the perfect app. I am not knocking this app in any way it still is brilliant. I will give it 4 stars due to the lack of what i mention,.Version: 3.0.3

Great appGreat app easy to use make taking notes on the road a piece of cake..Version: 3.1.2

Touchy on watchWorks well and I also have it on my watch modular face. However in that mode you can easily trigger an unwanted record. So an option for an extra press record would be good..Version: 3.1

Reliable APP for years!I’ve been using this APP for a few years now. I have never had any problems with it… so I’m confounded by the problems reported on some of the bad reviews. It’s been reliable and convenient. By biggest problem is remembering to use it at times. They keep improving it. My “wish list” would include the ability to record phone conversations; but I know the laws are different in every state. (I think it’s up to individuals to determined the lawfulness, and get consent from the other party, rather than shut down all recording).Version: 43.2

Excellent for recording and transcriptionsThis app is perfect for recording talks then listening back with transcription. There is a jump back feature if you want to listen to a section again. Easy to share too. Previously used voicememos to record but will be using this app now..Version: 41.1

If you have an Apple Watch, get this App!I get my best ideas about solving the problems of the world while I’m driving or out walking. When driving, I need to record a thought with as little distraction as possible. When walking, I just want to press one button on my watch and start talking. And when I’m having a conversation with someone, I sometimes need to remember a fact they’re telling me, without pulling out a notebook and pen. This app satisfies those needs perfectly. Other apps let you control directionality, noise reduction, etc. and are much better for lectures and meetings. In fact, I use one of them. So I hope Just Press Record doesn’t try to add bells and whistles to compete with them. Its simplicity is its strength..Version: 35.1

UnbelievableUnbelievably good. I say something, and it pops up, already transcribed, ready to be emailed or messaged. Someone complained did not transcribe a meeting. I suggest they take the file and see if Dragon Dictate, the leader in the field, can do any better. I bet it can’t. Well implemented on the (S2) watch. Three taps and I’m recording. A red dot above the clock tells me if I am accidentally recording. Well worth AU$8. Well worth its equivalent in App Store Dollars: $800..Version: 3.2.4

Love it but wish file organization was different.I originally gave Just Press Record a 5 star review but lowered to 4. First it's a great simple easy app that does what I need so buy it. You'll be glad you did. I've tried most of the more popular recording apps with Apple Watch integration and this one is best. I just wish I could choose to have all the files sync to iCloud and store them in one folder. They all go into folders by day. I use this to record mileage and then at the end of the month I go through them and create a spreadsheet to turn in to my work. It would make my life so much easier if the files were in one folder..Version: 3.3.7

Great little app!Love this app as it’s so simple and easy to use especially from Apple Watch. A couple of feature suggestions though: The ability to select multiple recordings for deletion Game mode! Currently using it with a board game to record guesses to it can be replayed in the case of a dispute! The ability to set a max recording time (eg 30 seconds) with a buzzer when the time has been reached would be a great addition!!.Version: 42.2

Great AppIt’s a great app. 4 stars due to some issues I listed below. I’ve been using the app for about a month and it was extremely helpful. I love the fact you can organize your recordings in iCloud, name them and organize them into hierarchical folder structure that the app understands and displays. I love it’s watch companion that even has a complication you can add to the watch face to start recording on the fly. Here are a few needed improvements that would make it probably the best app available for voice recording: 1. Accuracy of transcriptions isn’t best. A lot of misidentified words or skipped words even in a perfectly clear and clean voice recordings. Not sure if this is Apple issue or the apps issue. But perhaps the app could use a choice of voice transcription APIs from multiple providers to be able to get the best quality of transcriptions. I’d be willing to pay for an in-app upgrade if needed. 2. It’s annoying that the app stops transcription process of the app is not running in a foreground. I know that in the past it was impossible do have background processes in iOS. But I believe iOS does now provide a way for background processing. 3. It would be great if the app shortcut to record or to open the app would be available in the iOS Control Center. Just like the VoiceMemo or other buttons and similar to the Apple Watch complication..Version: 41

Great tool for people who are deafAs a deaf person I have found this app so handy. I just press record and am able to read what is being said. It doesn’t all get all words correctly but the few wrong ones are close enough for you to know what has been said. Brilliant !!.Version: 3.0.4

Comes with Watch ComplicationJust Press Record was the only recording app I could find that actually advertised it comes with Complication for your watch face. I recently had an incident at work where a fellow employee threatened me so management has asked me if my watch has the ability to record quickly, then I found this. Thank you so much for having this important feature. Just be careful if you setup a complication on your watch face as I am constantly hitting it and recording hours worth without even knowing..Version: 3.2.4

Great app!I’ve used this to record conversations that I’ve needed later for legal reasons. Or I’ve thought if ever stopped by the police. Or called into a managers office. I’ve recorded all sorts of things on my watch without people’s knowledge. Yes that might land me in hot water, but I’d rather have the proof and be in trouble than have no proof at all..Version: 38.2

ExcellentIt’s a hidden gem. I first bought it before it offered transcription. Now it’s one of my MUST HAVEs. This simple app has solved one of my biggest recording problems. The app works extremely well on my Apple Watch and iPhone. Its simple and does exactly what it advertises. The playback volume from the watch is very low (probably due to the smaller speakers on the watch), but listen to the same recording that’s automatically saved to iPhone from iCloud and the quality is awesome and loud. I like this a lot. I highly recommend this app..Version: 3.1

Surprisingly accurateSimple interface.Version: 36

Must have appThere are several equivalent apps. Some are about £10 per MONTH!! This one a fiver for ever. It seems perfect, no need for another. Neat feature is the partner app that speeds up the play back too. [Correction it does this anyway so you do t need the partner app]. 4* so you see it genuine. The developers and friends always rate themselves 5* ;-).Version: 37

Great for transcribing dreams with Apple WatchJust create a watch face with one big button for Just Press Record. Switch to that watch face when going to sleep and when you wake up...voila! Record that dream that’ll you’ll probably never go back and read. I import my transcribed dreams into Day One app. That way I can search keywords and see how many times I dreamt of something. One thing I realized is I don’t have to rush my speaking when using the app like you do with a Siri command. Long pauses in one’s speaking doesn’t make it automatically stop or anything..Version: 40.1

Simple yet effective.Update 30 July. I use this app with an Apple Watch complication. Often times the watch appears to be recording (not triggered by me) but when I go to the phone there are no recordings thankfully. At other times, if I tap the complication, everything works as expected. Very nice app. Does exactly as you would expect. Push the button and it records. It's also nice that it uploads it to the cloud for all of your devices..Version: 3.2.4

Extremely slick appExcellent app. Would rather a simple slide to left to delete recordings. Just goes to show how good this app is if that’s the only small thing that bugs me. Apple Watch interface is gorgeous..Version: 3.3.4

Simply Fantastic!For the series 4 you are able to place this app on the face. Unbelievable mic pickup. The fact it can store direct to cloud and creates its own folder is outstanding. I haven’t tried nor will I use the transcript function, so no comment. The app installs on all devices. Truly a bargain - Thanks !.Version: 3.3.2

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Smoovie Stop Motion Positive Reviews, comments
Smoovie Stop Motion Positive Reviews

"Smoovie will help you to create a lesson that your children will remember, whatever your subject." * FIVE STARS * - ...