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T-Mobile Scam Shield App Complaints & User Negative Comments

T-Mobile Scam Shield app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about t-mobile scam shield?

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Terrible app with ZERO protectionI got this app because T-Mobile was promoting it. So I deleted Hiya. Bad move! Scam Shield has not only NOT blocked any telemarketing calls, they have way less features. They ignore reports. Waste of time. I actually get more scams calls now more than ever in my life! Maybe they are selling my details?? ••••••******^^^^^^^^^^••••••••••*********^^^^•••••• The canned response to my inquiry came back to me marked as solved :-/ :-| :-( You mark this solved? Omg you didn’t do jack— not surprisingly just like the app does nothing! Truly amazing, no wonder it was free! but you know what? the hiya app is free too and does an outstanding job.. sorry I bothered to switch...very disappointed in this app and your reply!.Version: 2.2

App is helping spam callers!Ever since I installed the app I am actually getting more spam calls through! The app does not recognize obvious spam calls. I don’t know how it got 4.7 rating?! I can recognize these calls from just looking at the number. All of them have the same local extension. Spammers seem to be a lot smarter than the app programmers! It does not even send calls to voice mails as requested, nor it provides any reports. What a bogus app! Today I got 7 spam calls within a couple of hours. 4 of them came from the same number! They were not sent to my voice mail as requested but rang and rang during Thanksgiving dinner!.Version: 2.5

Compared to other call blocking services…Since the app is free, I can’t claim it’s a waste of money. Should you decide to sign up for this app, keep one important thing in mind: You get what you pay for. That is to say, you pay nothing so you get nothing. Being retired and thinking I would save my money by using this service instead, I dropped RoboKiller and now I receive at least 5+ scam Robo calls every single day. With RoboKiller, only 2 or 3 calls per MONTH would get through. Worst of all, users CANNOT MANUALLY ADD phone numbers to the scam numbers database. Based on experience with this and other call blocking services, I cannot recommend Scam Shield..Version: 2.6

Blocks ALL CallsT-mobile added a disclaimer that the app may “inadvertently block desired calls.” The fact is that it blocks ALL calls. It continues to block calls even when the app is turned off. So it’s a great feature if you never plan to get a call from a person, organization, etc that’s not in your contacts. For most people, that seems unrealistic... After the developer replied... This App does NOT have your back. It’s an all or nothing choice. It’s not always possible to add numbers into your address book prior to a call. For example, you may have placed an online order, reached out to a company or are looking for a job and you will not know the number that will be calling you back. For this app to be truly helpful, this needs to be fixed..Version: 2.5

Good service bad appThe nameID service by itself works great. It identifies spam calls at the network level and blocks them. If you choose Premium service you also get to select various options like blocking nuisance calls, blocking telemarketing calls etc. however, as I previously said, Service works at the network level. The app by itself does nothing. It doesn’t use the Apple call kit and doesn't integrate with the stock iPhone dialer. But I must admit that it's not an issue. You still see the caller name and calls get blocked or sent to voicemail directly. But they could have just integrated the nameID option in the mail TMobile app and not have needed the nameID app at all..Version: 1.3

Not what I expectedI was giving Robo Calls a trial run, then switched to T-Mobile shield to find option are vague, goes to my Voicemail to only get my name and they leave a message which is justas bad. Cost for premium should be free for T-Mobile customers honestly, and I’m confident enough to use as a basic. All honesty Robo Call app is awesome at voicemail and calls are answered as a variety assortment messages to choose from and the joke is on the spammers. At the same time you get all notices of who calling and from where, if not in your contacts it doesn’t get through! Important calls just add to contacts, check out trial run and go from there. T-Mobile can rock the same and give free for T-Mobile customers you would get 100% support. Back to Robo calls and for one year it’s a little over $20 bucks too. A bargain for all you get. Will keep a look out for further updates until then thanks for trying T-Mobile step it up a bunch, I’m just saying..Version: 2.7

Can’t add numbers to the block list in the free versionCan’t add numbers to the block list, which a t-mobile rep stated in response to a reviewer here is included in the free version—not true. I believe it’s a premium feature now, or never has been in the free version. You get 1 or 2 number blocked in the free version in a month while the majority of spam calls still get through. The only feature that is enabled is to report spam calls, something people do in the hope of getting the benefits back. But alas, in this case you are doing a favor to T-Mobile so it can sell that info to others. I uninstalled the app once I realized this..Version: 2.6

Just got T MobileThis is what you call working? Another carrier’s free app has you beat. The only free feature is the “known” scam block based on if the same number calls repeatedly. Did the app actually upload my contact list? I have no idea of knowing. Nowhere in the help or settings does it say these services are only available to customers who pay an additional fee. All options are blocked and inaccessible. In fact the app needed to be removed mid attempt to add names to the allow list and reinstalled for them to show up. I cannot add more than four names to the allow list. I cannot block anyone who calls before or after they call. Emailed support and received no reply. With a competitor half of my calls were blocked as I could select to only allow callers in my phone contact list..Version: 2.6

Not impressedThis product has two versions: free and paid. I tested free version for two months. It blocked maybe two teller marketer calls. Most of its features are disabled tempting you to pay extra to get additional features of paid version . I did not see the benefit to these as I felt the free version is pretty blah and only offered to intice you to get paid version. Ive uninstalled app and frankly havent notice a increase in amount of scammer calls getting through. This "free"product is just a attempt to get more money out of one - as its useful features are all under paid version..Version: 2.4

Scam call blockerI’ve been using it for about two or so weeks and I have constantly received phone calls from random numbers across the USA. Usually in my state however some have been in different ones. I’m fine with a few scam calls getting through, but every time I check the app to see if it’s prevented any scam callers it’s always been at zero. I’m assuming it’s just my bad luck that these numbers aren’t on the list. There’s no good way to report them either because there is no category for no one actual speaking on the other side. I can’t really give the app a good rating since I am on my using it for preventing spam calls and it doesn’t even do that for me..Version: 2.4

Not the most effective appI previously had Robokill which worked well -until T-Mobile became my provider. I had issues with phone calls going straight to voicemail to previous provider’s system and was told by T-Mobile to delete Robokill to prevent this. Robokill is very effective for half the price of T-Mobile’s premium service, thus I won’t purchase at $48! The free t-mobile does very little as a “spam only” blocking service. I get a ton of telemarking & other types of calls which are not blocked. Cut the price of premium to be competitive and I would most likely give it a try..Version: 2.5

Does block spam, but T-Mobile charges for some featuresUpdate: okay, three stars. It is automatically blocking some spam calls, but that’s just it, I can’t manually block those spam calls (that do get through) from the Activity tab - it is grayed out. Only Magenta Plus customers get these features at no additional charge? It’s a shame this is advertised as a real call blocking app, but the more useful features cost Essential and Magenta customers $4/month, per line. It’s the carriers responsibility to control these calls. Instead they want to charge the customer more, so you can actually use the service you pay for..Version: 2.5

App is essentially useless without premium productThe scam service is already running behind the scenes and the app just shows you the calls it’s blocked. I don’t need the app in order to block calls, it’s already doing it. There is a feature in the app where you can set certain categories of calls to block, and this may be the best feature, but it’s not available without an additional paid service. Overall the app “appears” interesting and useful, but it really doesn’t actually offer any additional services or features without more money. So typical. I uninstalled immediately..Version: 2.0

App Is Not Working At AllNot sure where the 5 star ratings are coming from, but I’m a paying customer with T-Mobile and this app is completely useless, it apparently needs a lot of work. I’ve had the app since it became available and 0calls have been blocked, the only incoming calls it shows are the ones I got the day I downloaded the app, on the manage page I can only add favorites and my only option for that are the two incoming calls from when I downloaded the app, and in Category Manager where you can choose to send calls to voicemail I can’t do anything at all. This app is completely useless, I’m not even sure how to get premium on it, there’s no options for that so I’m not even sure it’s a thing..Version: 2.0

Privacy? How are my Contacts protected?Note that neither the word “privacy“ nor the word “contacts“ appear in the knowledge base about Scam Shield. T-Mobile does say, however, that Scam Shield settings are uploaded to T-Mobile‘s servers… does this include my entire contacts list if I give T-Mobile permission? How exactly does T-Mobile protect the privacy of my contacts? Does T-Mobile share my contacts with third parties or other vendors that it uses to provide the Scam Shield service? Where are the Terms and Conditions found where I can read them later? These are important questions and I could not find answers to them anywhere!.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work for meI’m still blocking the same amount of spam calls I’ve been getting for months now (always about my car warranty) that comes from some variation of my own number. I’m not sure if there’s a factor about the calls that determines if it should be blocked — ex, they’re all automated calls and not dialed/voiced by real people — but I’m still blocking every spam number that comes through, while the scam shield only blocked two since I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad that it works for some people, perhaps there’s a step I missed somewhere, but it just doesn’t work for me..Version: 2.0

Conflict with IOS Block Caller feature!T-Mobile’s Scam Shield will be able to block incoming calls with a busy tone if you individually choose certain numbers and mark it “Block”. Downside to this app is a conflict with the Block Caller feature of the iPhone itself as text messages and FaceTime will still go through. Even if you have activated “Block Caller” on a specific contact number, for some reason the phones blocking features seems to get bypassed?Please prove this review wrong so I can file a legal complaint against iPhone for advertising and misrepresenting a feature that does not work. Am I missing something here or maybe the Developers attention is in need!! Thank you!.Version: 2.5

Used to be goodHad to delete app as it no longer worked. It required that my WiFi be turned off and have at least 2 bars. That doesn’t work well when you don’t have sufficient coverage/service (usually 1 bar both at home and work which are 45 miles apart) and depend on a wifi connection to another internet provider to be able to use your phone. I’ve reached out several times inquiring on when T-Mobile was going to improve their service strength was keep getting told it has been upgraded and should see considerable improvement by month end. That was in June 2019, November 2019, and last was July 2020, I gave up since it appears to have been false information..Version: 2.5

Love the app, but......Love the app, but Im mad that it now cost for the features I had that were included on the call screener app with sprint. Once I switched my sim card in store, I no longer have to the other app. What was once free on the sprint app and network now cost $4 a month on the tmobile network. So disappointing, didn’t this conglomerate of a company make enough money from the merger of the two cell companies and provide better service and have happier customers. Update: Thanks for the prompt response, however your response is untrue in the facts. You can’t use any of those options you mentioned without first having to subscribe to the “premium“ service. Which those same options were free to use with the “Call Screener” app on the sprint network. Had I known this I would’ve never switched out my sim card..Version: 2.6

Is it even working?I’m a T-Mobile customer and turned on my Scam Blocker. At first it seemed to be doing well, blocking a bunch of calls. Over the past month, it seems to have gotten a lot less effective. I’m getting hit with daily scam robocalls from various numbers with the same infamous “call us back to discuss this urgent situation or we will be forced to take legal action against you” scam. No warning from the service that it might be a scam caller either. I block the offending number and the next day, I get the same robocall from a different number calling me (I never pick it up, always letting it go to voicemail). Right now, I’d have to say I’ve been more satisfied with Hiya than with Scam Shield. Obviously nothing is 100% effective, but Scam Shield seems to be falling behind..Version: 2.7

Does not do what is supposed to block when you don’t want people call youI don’t like this app at all and our team Momo needs to understand and respect the people of their company that buys your phone company that if you buy this Apple whatever they should block the number that you don’t want them to keep calling they need to vouch for them and they need to do that to keep in business if not don’t use this app I don’t use T-Mobile do mama need to understand the consumers and customer stead when they have this app they need to respond quickly not to let the people call back at this number because that’s not privacy that’s just breaking the rules contract.Version: 2.5

Long time customerI have encountered a number of sophisticated hacks in the last three years. Was hoping this would give me an extra edge. However, within 24 hours of downloading it, per Customer Support’s suggestion, started getting spam calls coming in within minutes of me receiving personal incoming calls. If I block the call on my personal device, not the app, another call comes in with a different number, and again, one that is not identified as spam. The pattern is unquestionable (three days into it) and the spam calls are not getting flagged as a reported or identified spam call. Upon searching the numbers for reverse look up, it failed to show anything for them. Got more on the browser than the app. As a result of this experience, there are some security concerns I now have. Especially given that the spam blocking worked better before downloading the app, than now with the app sitting on my device, with greater access to info in the device than the previous service..Version: 2.2

0 StarsI find it funny that it will allow me to click on rate you & this will open up, but when I click on don’t sell my information nothing opens what so ever. It’s all on the same page. Mysteriously the privacy policy will not open, privacy center will not open, do not sell my information will not open, legal notices will not open. Umm 😬🤥🤥🤥 It’s all B/S. How does half of your page only work, but the most important half of the page with information about privacy, my rights, the laws, & the ability to ask you not to sell my information that is suppose to protect me does not work??? I find it to incredibly obvious this is not some sort of mistake. What a joke your app truly is !!! 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥.Version: 2.2

Great app design, but service doesn’t workI’ve had this app for months and I subscribe to the premium service. I continue to get about 3 calls a day from robo callers and telemarketers. The caller id that is supposed to show you who is calling rarely works. In the past week, for example, none of these calls showed id, only the phone number. It’s also rare that t-mobile catches these calls and flags them. Very rare. I’ve had calls that are clearly flagged on websites such as 800notes that t-mobile just passed through. At this point, I’m likely to drop the premium service and look for another solution..Version: 1.8

Went from 1-2 scam calls a day to a dozen a day when I switched to this appT-Mobile says it’s a complete coincidence but I am at a loss as to how it could be. The “scam likely” Notification I used to get seemed to work great. I’m not sure why they switched to this but they did say that I could report each and every number individually through a multi step process if I didn’t want a callback from the same random number. Since the numbers never repeat I have no idea how that would work. Anyway... I’m not a fan. The excuse that “it’s hard” only goes so far when it was working before, but maybe they found a new way to spoof numbers on the same day I loaded the app..Version: 2.0

Very far from my expectationsI reported an issue few weeks ago, had not heard from their support team. First it ask for access to your contact list to then block people that are on there, even on favorites. Also for some reason it does not filter all calls, or at least not all calls are present our call list - I’m unable to report spam if the call is not in the incoming call list (I’m using the free version). I recently moved from AT&T and I never had any issue with this two things. On top of this I’m getting calls from spammers, more than ever, something that did not happened with AT&T. Sorry to compare but the difference is huge. Also, been unable to block call I’m the free version it makes this app useless for me, since I’m unable to block spammers that call me multiple times per week and this app failed to recognize as spam. In short: at least the free version is useless. I hope that support can respond my emails.... eventually.Version: 2.6

Very disappointed in this appI downloaded this app sometime ago to stop spam and scam Robo calls. Only to find out that the numbers that were being reported or actual legit numbers. I’m not exactly sure what T-Mobile is doing when it comes to verifying these phone numbers. Whenever I’ve called these numbers back just to find out if they really do exist, they are disconnected. One such incidents happened when I called a number back that was used as a spam number. The person picked up. When I explained to this individual that their number was being used as spam I am mediately got hung up on. Obviously this person doesn’t care about their privacy. So be it. T-Mobile, please find out why your scam shield app isn’t working as advertised. Until these problems get fixed, I will not be putting it back on my phone. And don’t tell me also that when I try out the premium service that you will give me a free month. You didn’t tell me that my service would be prorated. Did you forget to mention that in a recorded call on the phone line when I called you?.Version: 2.7

Pretty poor imho...I get a lot of local spamming calls and this app didn’t do much to stop or block them. I just had another one come through and I see it listed 6 times in the ID App - all with the same date and time stamp and it says “local spam” - so why did it get through if it classified it as spam?! And why does it show 6 entries at 8:11 pm when they are all the same call! And why does T-Mobile want more money to give me more features when I already pay them over 200 bucks a month for 4 lines .... come on T-Mobile , this shouldn’t be free to only those on some “certain plan” or those willing to pay an extra 4 bucks a line when I’ve been with you well over 10 years and am already paying you for quality phone service!.Version: 1.3

No explanation on what actually happensUpdate: Now the app no longer updates its “activity log.” According to the app, I haven’t received any calls in 5 days. My main gripe with the app is that it does not explain what it does with blocked calls. There’s apparently a category of calls that the app blocks on its own when you turn on scam blocking. But what does it do with those calls? Are they still allowed to leave voicemail messages? I would hope so, just in case it accidentally blocks in a Import number. But this is not explained, and I have no idea what it’s actually doing. That’s a problem for me. The online FAQ is useless as well, as is the website. No explanation on what actually happens to the calls..Version: 2.0

Why should I report an issue with T-Mobile Scam Shield?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of T-Mobile Scam Shield to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a T-Mobile Scam Shield customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using T-Mobile Scam Shield.

Is T-Mobile Scam Shield not working?

T-Mobile Scam Shield works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact T-Mobile Scam Shield.

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