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On time and on set locationAll deliveries were on time and delivered at our door. Had an impressive approach for a newly settled application..Version: 4.110.2

Can no longer get refunds for missing items??Doordash customer service was absolutely ridiculous last night. We won’t be using doordash again. Don’t wanna take a risk. Not sure if they changed their policy or what. We had missing items. Normally you can simply select which items are missing and get your refund. Well this time they made it SOOO difficult for us. They made us go through a customer service agent and they seriously told us we had to take pictures of missing items?!! Really?? How is that even possible?? We even provided the receipt and everything.. Which they, doordash customer service should have access to already. They just kept telling us they could not help us at all. The dasher also did not take a picture of the order after it was dropped off which 99.9% of the time is what they do. Seriously do not know what on earth is going on with doordash. They said there would be an “investigation”. But that we cannot get our refund even though there are missing items which like i said several times here, usually is simply handled by just selecting what items are missing and then you just get your refund and then it goes to doordash credit. We don’t know what’s going on or what happened..Version: 4.84.0

Need more discountsNeed more discounts.Version: 3.1.95

Great app if you want to waste your money and time :)On multiple occasions I have had issues with doordash across different states, restaurant, time of order placed, the issue is clearly with doordash and the dashers themselves. I’ve had dashers deliver food to the entirely wrong apartment and swear up and down they delivered it to the right apartment even if the delivery photo clearly shows a different apartment number. I’ve had orders missing food many times, I once had a order from chipotle where I ordered a steak bowl with rice, beans, the works, and they literally gave me lettuce and meat with nothing else with the excuse their doordash system never send the orders to them correctly. I’ve had orders with ‘technical difficulties’ get cancelled an hour after I placed the order and got all the confirmation notifications saying ‘order confirmed by ___’ ‘order being prepped by kitchen’ only for doordash to turn around and claim ‘technical difficulties’ and tell me ‘place another order at a different restaurant’ as if by that time most restaurants had closed. All around a horrible app and a waste of time and money. Customer support is awful and half the time doesn’t even reply back, or will refund you $1 for a missing item that cost $10. Best bet I reccomend uber eats or literally any other app..Version: 4.38.1

Some adjustments neededI have had some good experiences but honestly more than often I’ll get a situation where a Dasher will say they’re “picking up my order” which looks to be accurate, but then it will continue saying that they’re “picking up my order” while they’re driving in two, sometimes three different directions. Worst case I had once was a dasher who had said they were picking up my order and made FIVE seperate stops before finally chasing it to say “heading to you” and when my meal finally did arrive it was beyond cold. This has happened on so many occasions now, and the first time it happened it used to state if they were completing an order near by and that I understood, but now it seems that the dashers are just getting greedy and trying to take on as many orders as they can, never mind the impact that has on the person ordering. I’ve only had 1 case where there was a positive and when the original dasher left from the pick up spot they swapped them out for a new dasher and that one picked it up. However that was once and this is becoming a regular occurrence every time I make an order on this app. My only suggestion would be to give the option to cancel the Dasher, especially if they’re not stating they’re completing other orders near by, so it gives the person ordering the opportunity to get someone else more trusting to deliver..Version: 5.16.2

Really good! One small problem, though.DoorDash is great, I find it to be better than all the other food delivery apps. Drivers are assigned quicker, customer service is good and there are a good amount of discounts available. Heck, I got a $5 voucher as an apology from a customer service worker! Sweet! The only thing is, grocery orders can be frustrating. This is not entirely DoorDash’s fault though as supermarkets should not be advertising items that are unavailable. The problem I have is when you order meat or produce from a supermarket that is charged per kilo (instead of per individual item), you are always charged for your order twice. This is because the first price you see when you first choose what you’re after is only an estimate, and obviously you are charged this price. HOWEVER, once there is a new price, you are charged that price AGAIN, and you’ll have to wait about 5 days for a refund of the first price you were given. That is pretty bad. If there will be a real price for the weight of certain items maybe you should just charge us after the driver finishes the order! I really don’t like this feature. DoorDash is very good besides that..Version: 4.98.0

Asking for verification code but none was sentTried it via text 3 or 4 times. Received it several minutes later. Had to get it via email. Also tried to order via the website but it would not allow me to submit the order..Version: 3.1.15

It’s okayI love the variety of options on this app, but there are so many frustrating things about the app itself. I’m not going to talk about the over priced tips, or how you have to tip before you even receive your order which can’t change if you’re dasher is great or crappy. There isn’t even a comment section to give feedback on the dashers because I know a few have eaten some of my food while delivering it to me. The “your favorites” section of the app is crap because it has restaurants on there that I had once and hated. Not only is there no option to actually add a your favorite, there’s no way to remove them from the section. Every time I go to “your favorites” that place is always the first in line which is also very irritating. If a restaurant is closed on a day you look for it, it shows up as “no result” even though I can go through my previous orders and find it that way. I will say I am appreciative of how responsive the support team is if the restaurant messes up, or the driver hands off the my food to someone else. They are quick with a refund, but they don’t refund your tip even if the driver doesn’t do what he is being paid to do. I would be a much happier customer if the issues surround the “your favorites” section was fixed and the drivers could be held accountable for their mistakes..Version: 3.5.0

Good Service but Bad ApproachGreat service for having a new baby and not having any food in the house or time to go out but please change this one thing. We live in an apartment building on the 4th floor with other town homes and apartments around us and write clear instructions for drivers on how to get to our door. However 3/5 times, the drivers clearly don’t pay attention and just drop the order off at the wrong building outside or at one of the town homes which doesn’t even match our address at all or the number we’ve provided. We try to call them and message them if we believe they might be lost or to check if they’ve found the place okay but they ignore any type of contact. When it is left at the wrong address, we try to message the dasher but they ignore that as well. The thing I’d liked changed is tipping the driver before even getting our order. The driver should not be getting tips or even base if they pick up the order or not because of the tip. We as users should be given the option of a dasher tip after we have gotten our food. It makes absolutely no sense to tip someone before a service. When have you ever gone anywhere and they’ve asked for a tip before even getting any service provided? Please change the option of tipping to after the food has successfully been dropped off..Version: 5.1.0

User friendlyUser friendly app Good service and as marketed.Version: 3.1.20

So far…not so goodPlease send my dinner! Im starving :( had I not called the driver to chase it up I never would have found out I was cancelled. Had to reorder and it’s been over an hour. Would go down there….but now I have DoorDash credits so I’m stuck. Fingers crossed I get to eat tonight!!.Version: 4.44.0

ServiceBeen awesome service, the free delivery free is awesome for a month but even the money and delivery service is better than the alternatives, would highly recommend!!.Version: 4.93.0

Great serviceAwesome app so convenient fast and reliable.Version: 3.1.11

Good (overall)In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for certain foods and those who prep it. It has been said that “anyone can cook”. But I realize, only now do I truly understand what those meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking around the world. I will be returning to Door dash soon, hungry for more..Version: 4.80.0

CamCheap than Uber eats took a bit longer on my first time last night.Version: 5.23.0

ExcellentExcellent customer service experience. Had issue with previous order, agent tried their best to resolve it and was quick and easy to access! Thank you guys.Version: 5.27.0

The ironySo doordash been stealing money from and it’s nothing I can do about it they are upset that a tell them everything wrong with my meal like for instance if I ordered 12 tacos and get 11 why would I just say oh it’s fine also if I get 1 1/4 of chicken from Boston market but they clearly give me 1 and tell me they’re out of everything else why are y’all upset with me basic business etiquette y’all random employees is gone to mess up so yesterday I ordered a meal and a gallon tea from Popeyes I only received the tea i called my dasher she said they was out and she tried to call but she never put in the app the food wasn’t accepted like you are suppose too I was not compensated for my food they sent a email saying since we refunded you for past orders we can’t do it no more HIGHWAY ROBBERY at its best in situations like this to know nobody cares about my money so you can only get compensated for a few orders after that you have to deal with it if it’s for ya kids oh well if it’s for your starving grandma they won’t care door dash made me realize AMERICA companies are built on scams I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way if it was black owned company the business would of been on the news asap stealing is stealing.Version: 5.0.0

Dasher picked up my order an hour ago.I have used doordash for a while and things are getting worse lately. Dashers try to get too many orders and resulting unacceptable delays. I have been watching the dasher map and noticed he goes to different direction frequently. Not cool.Version: 3.1.08

Be a decent human being and tip your drivers fairlyI love this app so much. These drivers are LIFE okay? Like shout out to yall forreal! Ima single mom and I struggle with insomnia stemmed from ptsd. When I couldn’t even leave my house because I was either too depressed or because of symptoms related to my ptsd this app became my go to. Even though my ptsd has drastically improved from where I was last year I still use it those nights when I get this weird craving out of nowhere or a sweet tooth but im stuck at home with both my kids asleep at 3am and got my satisfaction within 30 mins. Only had one problem with service and it wasn't the drivers fault it was the restaurant! I always tip "other" cuz like it shouldn't even be a question lol. If I cant afford that for what they do, I suffer (IMMENSELY lol) and wait to get it myself the next day. If you tip the bare minimum please sit back and think about how you wouldn't be getting what your gettin when your getting it if not for these drivers and reconsider your final decision . Think of them like servers at your favorite restaurant. Your tips are how they make their money. Why should these drivers be any different Getting out of their beds at 3am for our silly cravings were too lazy or incapble of getting ourselves..Version: 5.44.1

Every time so far!!!!How do you think your dashboard perfect that the food is still hot by the time it gets here not like Uber eats who deliver from just down the road, but the food is so cold by the time you get it. Thanks, DoorDash blessing in disguise.Version: 5.28.0

Much better than Uber!Only purchase once but right now I’d pick door dash over uber any day, service is good, good promotions. Let’s see how it goes..Version: 5.40.0

Delighted with Doordash deliveryWe missed A1 Roast when it closed its Petone store during the pandemic. Just found out today that Doordash delivers from their Naenae store. Was initially put off by an earlier review but as they do the first delivery free we decided to give it a go. Our roasts arrived on time & we just gave them 1 min in the microwave to bring up to piping hot. Well done Doordash. Will use again..Version: 4.98.0

Good but needs some improvementOverall the app is very good with a wide range of restaurants to choose from, but I think at this point Uber Eats is still the best delivery service. This is because they are really quick and their app is super efficient. They give you regular updates so you know exactly where your delivery is at and when it will arrive. Door dash is not as efficient and they take so long that by the time the food arrives it is stone cold. I notice that the door dash drivers complete other orders before mine, which would contribute to my delivery going cold. Would like to see improvement in these areas but otherwise door dash is pretty good!.Version: 4.112.2

GoodEasy to use, double dash allow shop from multiple shop.Version: 4.109.1

Worst delivery and customer service ever!!Do not use!!I have been a frequent door dash user and over the last month there customer service and service has been an absolute nightmare! The last 6 orders I've had with them have all been missing main entrees, sides and orders as well as items being made incorrectly even though I specify exactly what I ordered which I understand it's food service but when you haven't ate dinner an you order food you expect to receive the food you ordered and if you do not then I expect either for the order be corrected or a refund but after calling this last time because my order was missing 5things and the rest was made wrong. This order was 40 bucks for taco bell and when I got in touch with customers service they were rude and said that I have reached my limit on refunds. Which makes no since I didnt have to have a refund I just wanted what I paid for and if that's not possible then I wanted a refund for it and they stated they couldn't do wither and that there was no supervisor and no help at all. Deanna was the customer supports name and she was horrible. I refuse to pay for something I did not receive!! That's theft basically this is ridiculous an I will never us this service again!!.Version: 4.25.0

I love youThank you for your work. I am very inspired by your activity. Great job, bud..Version: 3.1.98

World-class appIt’s like UberEats ; another world class app offering its amazing service in NZ. More drivers would benefit both of these great apps and reduce the wait time even more. Thanks team!!.Version: 5.14.0

Reliable, easy to useFirst time using this app was a bit apprehensive however once ordered from desired food it arrived quickly and items were correct! Very similar to Uber Eats..Version: 5.15.0

BEST LOCAL FOOD DELIVERY APP !!I searched for a food delivery app this one came up first so I thought I’d try IVE used twice already and my 3rd of the days only gonna kick it up a notch! Top stuff door dash can I please have a delivery job ??.Version: 4.111.0

Jim from Gainesville FloridaI scored this app really high because the app makes it very easy for people who do not drive to be able to appreciate the different stores businesses and restaurants and others in our community. I’ve also used the DoorDash out of state, and in other localities around Florida. My only concern is that number one they closed their ADA or assistance for people disabilities line and that is kind of challenging. When I need to get help with something. Also when updates happen frequently I find that I have to call customer service and work with someone who is definitely interested in helping but may not always have strong English skills. So we spend a lot of the call explaining what the problem is and how it might affect the blind community especially uses this app and I would hope that you would work more closely with the organizations American Council of the blind national Federation of the blind and their affiliates that work with technology do you continue to make this app even more accessible and inclusive. I gave you a four. But please know that if you are able to fix some of these loose ends and be a little more inclusive of your body visually impaired and reading customers I will review five stars. Thanks for a great app let’s just make it just a little bit better. I’m dictating this so please forgive any errors..Version: 4.56.0

Travelling from UKThe United Kingdom. This app has been amazing and the pass is worthy every cent.Version: 6.2.0

Doordash even stole Keys. Doordash doesn’t hold their Enployees AccountableAlthough I made a huge unfortunate mistake of leaving my keys in the door after getting home from work, tired, with handful of things, my doordasher violated me. The doordasher stole my keys!!!!!! As soon as he arrived we heard him remove the keys from the door, knock, then run. After opening our door we found our food sitting on our mat, as we had prompted for no contact. When realizing he took our keys we submitting a complaint to doordash as well as submitting a police report. The detective assigned to the case contacted doordash hoping to communicate with the dasher, however doordash will not release his information. Understandably, I get wanting to protect the employee, but I don’t understand not diligently working to make sure the issue at hand is resolved nor happens again. If they have not fired that dasher, they inevitably have a thieving employee ready to prey on the next customer. ADDITIONALLY, we learned that doordash is too unreliable when two days later we received the complete wrong order, we tried to immediately contact the dasher to inform her we had the wrong order and she was potentially delivering another wrong order, but doordash had blocked the number already. Although we received credit for the inconvenience we have learned that trusting doordash is far too much of a stretch for us..Version: 3.1.94

Mangere Reviewer.So far so good. Probably not a lot of drivers in this area but we've recieved our food promptly and all has been great. Even bonus with free delivery in the first month and referal bonuses. I'll Probably become a dasher one day for the south side and be dashing all over feeding our people..Version: 5.29.0

Have a read:This is the second time this week I’ve received stale and cold food. The first time I placed my order it was to a restaurant 5 minutes away from my house so not a far drive, right. So I placed my order it said it would arrive within 30 minutes at the latest. 50min goes by and I call the dasher because I noticed on the order tracking he was driving all over the place and 20 minutes in the opposite direction to the restaurant. Then after and hour and 20min later I finally got a resolution from their customer service team and they said they’re sending a new driver to pick it up. I kid you not almost 2 hours later I get my order and it’s cold and stale completely inedible. They did credit me money but why did they not get them to remake the meal if they know how long ago it was ready to be picked up. Just so you can better understand my frustration by this point I have a meal I was unable to eat and couldn’t find any open restaurants because of the time. Tonight I have ordered again and my nachos is completely stale and not even warm with a side of cold churros 😌🤞.Version: 4.46.0

WORST FOOD DELIVERY SERVICEWow. I’ll start by saying that my food has arrived late and cold on several occasions. I have been using Uber eats religiously ever since. Tonight, I was in the mood for chili’s, which only door dash offers delivery for. I REGRET IT. Why did I ignore my past experiences and give DoorDash another chance?! I am so mad at myself. LISTEN TO THIS: I ordered my food around 9:00 pm. An HOUR later, a driver finally decides to take the order. HE COMES FROM A CITY 25-30 minutes AWAY FROM MY HOUSE. The food arrived at 11:00 pm. COLD AND SOGGY. Not only was the food late but I PAID FOR PRIORITY DELIVERY AND THE DRIVER MADE TWO STOPS BEFORE MINE! Not one, but TWO STOPS. I contact customer service and after spending 40 dollars on food, they offer 13 dollars refund and 5 dollars “credit”. I paid for the food, I paid for the delivery fee, the tax, the maintenance fee, and the TIP. And all you can offer in return is 5 dollars credit? Door dash charges 7-8 dollars in alone in fees. That 5 dollar “credit” won’t even cover the fees. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I think it’s horrible that I paid with my hard earned cash for a service that is mediocre. How could you not notify me that my driver would be making two stops before mine but charge me for priority delivery? Horrible company.Version: 4.23.0

Great service.Drivers pay attention to where they are delivering. The food is always hot. Thank you! 😊.Version: 4.99.0

Easy to useEasy to use the app and I find it cheaper for the delivery, fast and the range for the restaurant to order is more. I love using it!.Version: 4.98.0

2nd time SHAME ON MEMy first time using Door Dash was on Thursday and my family and I were so excited that our favorite restaurant was on the list. I was studying for an exam, my husband works the night shift and my daughter works from home. We just didn’t want to leave the house and figured trying Door Dash for the first time was a good idea. We placed the order and the food came according to the time anticipated. One was missing and the side items were wrong. I sent feedback and they applied credit but because the restaurant is always busy I waited an hour so I still had to go to the restaurant and pay more money. I waited 2 days later to give them another chance but a new restaurant and the same husband food was missing. I checked the order with the dasher and said my husband’s order was not in there. I sent another complaint they applied a credit again. Customer service number showed up on my caller ID twice but each time they hung up before I answered so I called them and explained the inconvenience and I didn’t want another credit but they need to test their system before offering to customers. I’m deleting the app and will use my own car to pick up my food..itnwas a waste of time and money to use their service. Save your money/time and be your own dasher!!!.Version: 3.1.68

Delivery cancellation at the last minute when waiting for 45 min and food was almost hereVery unsatisfied with this service, the last few times food has arrived cold, we haven’t complaint as we try to be understanding, however today our order was cancelled at the last minute after waiting for 45 minutes and when DoorDasher was almost 5 min away, we received a call saying our order had to be cancelled and payment would be refunded to our account straight away, then we got an e-mail saying saying that money would actually be refunded in the next 5-7 business days. Unacceptable and annoying as it was also an Easter present for my partner!.Version: 4.29.0

Beware of driver name OTMPerson never dropped off food and toke a black photo. Never answered me either. Thankfully door dash gave us back our money but not to our bank account but as credit on their app. For the first time ordering I can say it definitely was a sucky experience! But I like their quick response. Our door also has light and cameras. Unfortunately the next driver placed the bag of food so close to the door that I couldn’t open it without it rolling down the steps and she seen me (the passenger) struggle and still drove off. She literally could of got out and helped but I guess she waited for me to say help when I looked up to say help she already was driving away. Tho I would of not waited for someone to say help and offered it, I still feel this was a better driver than the OTM which I found out means “On The Move” meaning someone making moves being sneaky and they sure was and got away with it. Other than those two experiences I’m ok with giving the app another try. I’m in Philly PA so people out here going to try to take advantage the best way they know how and think they entitled to it smh I just wish there was a way to protect us from people like this who they hire.. I’m ordering again today so let’s see what happens now….Version: 4.109.0

Don't recommend the app for BusinessTypically, this has happened to my business alot. The features werent not accessible and hard to use especially you have any out of stock items. Secondly, for the confirmation time, our store hasnt opened yet and there are already orders waiting for us with very limited amount prep time. At the time we tried to confirm with longer prep time, the app didnt allow to show that and still keep the same prep time. This is non sense. Also for the issue with order, for some orders, the order is out of stock and it would be easy if the app would allow faster access to let customer know instead of calling customer..Version: 4.55.0

Excellent service but very expensiveDoorDash is an excellent service to have, especially that it broadens the number of restaurants that one can get delivered from. The only drawback is its very high price. I understand that it's a business, and you have to make a profit. But it does make DoorDash the kind of thing one will only do maybe once every few months, and when in a certain mood and flush with funds and otherwise desperate and don't want to shop and/or prepare food. I will say that the customer service, based out of San Francisco I think, is absolutely excellent -- if you're having a problem, they will solve it, whether that means cancelling a request that never came and crediting your account, or changing a request, or getting in touch with a hard-to-reach delivery person. This, for me, sets DoorDash apart from other modern web-based services -- particularly Uber (not UberEats -- I've never used that, so I don't know). On the whole, I'd say it's an excellent luxury, but one has to be prepared to pay for it. Also, on more than one occasion, the driver cancelled AFTER he'd picked up my food -- in every case, Door Dash took care of it -- but it's still a pain in the neck -- they should have to suffer real consequences when they do that -- like a month where you can't work for Door Dash..Version: 6.3.4

Horrible platformI ordered almost 2 hours ago. No food, no way to cancel. They tell you to contact customer service for ETA and they simply don’t pick up the call. If they don’t redeem themselves I’m more than obliged to move my business to other great food delivery services..Version: 3.1.15

Great layoutPrefer the layout and ease of use compared to other delivery apps. But good to have many as always good to have competition.Version: 4.110.1

LOVEI love love LOVE how DoorDash greets its new customers with a free delivery fee for their first order. DoorDash is simple and reliable if you need a meal for dinner or if your kids have their friends over and you aren’t able to cook or drive to get the take out. The delivery is speedy and always packaged nicely, the drivers are always positive and deliver the food with care. Door dash is my favourite food ordering app, the app isn’t hard to use and it’s very straight forward, usually I’m always iffy with ordering food online but with DoorDash, I know I can rely on them! They are always so thoughtful when something happens to the delivery. They truely care for their customers and it’s something you don’t see very often. If there was an option for more then 5 stars, it’d definitely be giving more..Version: 5.41.0

Good for consumers bad for dashers.I have been both a consumer and dasher and it’s very convenient for a consumer if you are willing to pay the extra fee but it’s also hard to tip so much extra for the dasher to make it worth while. As a previous dasher I know that it is hard to even call it a side hustle. Most consumers are reluctant to leave a tip and when they do it’s minimal, but I understand as a consumer that it’s hard to pay a big tip when you order something and the price is twice as much as item you paid for just because door dash charges extra. Then you have you tile the driver because trust be they don’t make much without a tip. Please tip big for these dashers if they do a good job so there is more value in it. Remember, door dah doesn’t pay for gas, insurance, maintenance or anything. Yes dashers get a tax write off but it’s not exactly the same. Also, if you are a dasher you may want to try instacart instead if it is popular in your city. Especially in the winter. It’s pays better and it keeps you more active throughout the day. I made way more doing instacart when I was trying both. Around $20 and hour. Again you are an independent contractor so you can get write offs. I personally wrote off all of my taxes as a instacarter and make about 40,000 a year gross income..Version: 4.107.1

Incredibly poor serviceI’ve been using Uber eats local pizza and other services DoorDash is probably the worst app online and delivery service I’ve ever used it took 7 different phone calls each person asking me the same rehearsed answers depitite telling them there was nothing wrong with my card the phone operator was condescending and unusually incompetent.... I’ve used Uber eats I’ve used deliveroo and many other restaurants b4 but I’ve never had anywhere near the issues I’ve had and if the owners or CEO would like a better understanding of why they don’t have the same growth as there competitors look no further than their own software and telephone operators .... it is bordering on slapstick.Version: 4.21.0

So much better than competitorsDoorDash have by far been the fastest, most reliable food delivery service. Definitely my preferred choice that I’m now recommending to my family & friends..Version: 5.41.0

Sooooo Bad:Second order. Chose menu and placed with restaurant. Got pop up asking me to take scan of my credit card to verify. Done. Then placed order, and bank processed payment. But then got a pop up saying there was a problem with the order!!! Was charged but order not placed. Next called Customer Service TWICE. Neither of the consultants spoke or understood sufficient English. I tried so hard to read out my email address at least 6 times using the phonetic alphabet and each time they read it back to me incorrectly. Then told me to take a screen shot of my order on my phone and email it to them and a supervisor “normally calls back in 24 hours.” I said that I was hungry now, not in 24 hours. Now up to 25 minutes with them. Finally lost it and told the guy that this was the worst customer experience ever. He said : “sorry do you mind staying on the line to complete our survey?” Finally hung up and drove to the restaurant to order and pick up the food. I showed them the charge to my card, and they apologised. We trade there regularly. Whilst waiting I deleted the Door Dash app. Do not waste your time with DoorDash. No care factor, untrained service staff. Just pathetic. Menulog, Deliveroo and UBER Eats work....every time....and they have resident service staff in country. Problems are fixed quickly and in the best interest of the customer..Version: 4.19.1

Failed orderRestaurant was closed. They tried to extend credit instead of refund..Version: 3.1.08

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