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Not a great serviceSecond time back and still issues with service. More recently my order wasn’t filled by the vendor after 50 mins after placing it. The driver couldn't find parking. It was just a cluster... All I received was a refund after insisting on it. How about some compensation for never completing the order and costing me my lunch hour?.Version: 3.1.81

Needs more drivers in my areaI’ve been waiting two hours to get my second order after my first order came incorrectly missing a major item and I received a credit for it. This is not the fault of the driver at all. Now a small order five minutes away at a local Wendy’s is taking over two hours and the app has changed the driver and expected time on me four times. I think it’s a great idea it has great restaurants I’ve had good experiences but today is so bad I really doubt I will ever order from them in this area again unless they beef up the driver staffing starting immediately. Adding to my original review I found out that the DoorDash credit cards haven’t been working at some of the merchants which is why there was over half an hour or more delay today and it seems really unfair to make the drivers lose this business and potential really good customers because of your financial issues door Dash you need to straighten that out with your credit card company once you take the money from us it should be available on your card to pay for our orders. Finally - my second order was wrong too got a partial credit threw out food no dinner. Bummed. Would welcome a response from DoorDash..Version: 3.1.23

Bad dasher.Husband ordered food for our kids after I got back from a 12 hour flight from Europe. Our order from Wendy’s was wrong and when asking the dasher where our chili or second salad was he merely shrugged, said this is all he was given and it was Wendy’s fault and to call door dash. When I went to Wendy’s, they blamed the dasher. Meanwhile something that was supposed to make my life simpler and cost more then it was worth wound up taking twice as long. I received no apology from the dasher or Wendy’s. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to expect the dashers to double check the food the same way I might on the way of if drive through line. This won’t make up for everything, but at a minimum it’s a dashers job to at least ensure the approximate number of items are accounted for. Two salads, two chilis, two fries and two burgers looks a lot different than one salad, two burgers and two fries. I don’t understand how this all works and it’s not my job to understand. I do, however, expect kindness and an apology when there’s an oversight that I not only have to drive out for but also pay out of pocket for - a second time. This appears to be basic customer service that’s missing. Disappointed with this dasher..Version: 3.1.52

GreatI’m really thankful for this app. I use ubereats and menulog a lot, but they have their issues and are usually very expensive. This app gives you 1 month free delivery. I just had my first order and it was great. Interface was simple. I could track on a map where my rider was and he was quick and friendly. I’ll definitely be using it again. These apps are great for me as I live in the city where I can’t use my car. And during the hot days I can’t walk long distances due to medical issues, so I can use apps like this which help me a lot. 10/10 so far.Version: 3.1.77

Food never cameI ordered food and It never came. I believe that the dasher stole it or couldn’t find the place so he left it somewhere else. I wouldn’t recommend this because you still have the smallest chance of this happening. We never got a refund, and that dasher still got a tip from our credit card. I recommend you fire him so the company doesn’t look bad. I can’t even see his name to report him. Should update the app to show names even after the delivery. I never ordered from here before and the ratings looked promising. Now that this happened, I will never order from here, and will make sure my friends/family don’t either. Honestly the worst ordering experience ever. He said he had trouble locating me and left the food at the front door. Nothing was there. And there wasn’t a possibility of it being stolen because as soon as I got that notification I instantly went outside. And my dog also barks when there are people at the door and he never barked. Which leads me to believe that he never was close to my house. I realized how easy it was to just say “I’m arriving” and never do so. I know you think “it could never happen to me” but that’s what I thought too, and it happened. 0 stars..Version: 3.1.36

Great serviceAwesome app so convenient fast and reliable.Version: 3.1.11

Failed orderRestaurant was closed. They tried to extend credit instead of refund..Version: 3.1.08

Problem with TipsI significantly decreased my use of this app for food delivery. In my area, Postmates is probably DoorDash’s biggest competition. DoorDash has a lot more restaurant choices. Unlike Postmates, DoorDash only gives the tipping options at the time of purchase. If there’s a way to change it, I would love to learn how it’s done. How do you know how much of a tip the driver should get or if they deserve one at all. I have had drivers ignore instructions not to go to the door by my garage (where I cannot see or hear them), cold food, food arriving too late... . I’ve had way too many orders with missing items. Why should I commit to tipping up front for this? DoorDash needs to put pressure on drivers to check orders before leaving the restaurant! Maybe start deducting the cost of missed items from the driver’s guaranteeed fee? I wish they could also deduct for cold food. If the food arrives really cold(or melted for cold stuff) there’s only a few explanations. The driver arrived at the restaurant too late or accepted too many orders and items got cold during multiple stops. If DoorDash has too many incidents, drop that driver. Maybe let customers request drivers who have good star ratings, or ones that they liked from prior orders-to encourage good service. Lyft and Uber do it, why not food delivery companies?.Version: 3.1.86

HappyHave done my 3rd order through DoorDash now, have been very happy as it’s been quick, and I get more updates then I would with Uber East or Deliveroo...came on here to review and saw there was a lot of bad ones...I guess I haven’t had any issues yet so I haven’t dealt with customer service but so far am really happy and surprised with the amount of drivers that use the app because they pick up the order so quick. Not like an experience I had with menu log waiting ages for a driver to commit!! Not as many options restaurant wise as other apps yet too..Version: 4.3.0

User friendlyUser friendly app Good service and as marketed.Version: 3.1.20

It’s a con jobHi how can you tell me my order was 3 minutes away then say I canceled I never did when the driver try to phone me it was international number +65 I couldn’t phone back yet you still take money I told you in comments about my situation but you ignore & do nothing honestly I think you are a Scam you shouldn’t do this to people in contacting Ombudsman to find out who you are not very happy just tell me one thing why do all the cooking & not deliver so bad people never I use you again & when will my money come back I will keep checking now I go elsewhere & you say recommend sorry bad customer service.Version: 4.1.0

Scam “Card details are not safe“This company is a big scam block my account by saying your account is using on 5 devices, i ask them to find out how is is possible as i have only 1 phone even including my housemates we have 4phones , they have mentioned you cards also attached with 5 accounts .Rather than find out loop whole in their system the block my account . Not recommended at all..Version: 3.1.71

My Second DoorDash DeliveryMy second experience with door dash. I understand this is unprecedented times so I’m trying to be lenient-but I checked the reviews and didn’t want to try this service due to other people’s experience. However my sister encouraged me to give it try but so far my experience has not been good. I’m not sure why the person ordering and the person delivering the food cannot speak and/or text each other in the app after the food is delivered. I received a text stating door dash was approaching then I receive a notification to rate the delivery. I tried to call or text using the number on the text but it didn’t work. Plus the person delivering our food left our food at a neighbors house across the street outside in the rain. My husband walked around the neighborhood checking if the food was delivered to in incorrect address as it took a while to contact someone at DoorDash. My husband eventually found the food after sitting outside in the rain for 30 minutes. Meanwhile I was trying to connect with DoorDash however communication was sporadic. I hope moving forward our experience will improve as it can be expensive eating out however also want to help local restaurants..Version: 3.1.98

Need more discountsNeed more discounts.Version: 3.1.95

I love youThank you for your work. I am very inspired by your activity. Great job, bud..Version: 3.1.98

Poor ServiceFirst time to order, the driver dropped my food to a wrong address!!! I paid $40 for my food and it vanished! Maybe their driver ate them---i don't know 🧐.Version: 3.1.95

It’s okayI love the variety of options on this app, but there are so many frustrating things about the app itself. I’m not going to talk about the over priced tips, or how you have to tip before you even receive your order which can’t change if you’re dasher is great or crappy. There isn’t even a comment section to give feedback on the dashers because I know a few have eaten some of my food while delivering it to me. The “your favorites” section of the app is crap because it has restaurants on there that I had once and hated. Not only is there no option to actually add a your favorite, there’s no way to remove them from the section. Every time I go to “your favorites” that place is always the first in line which is also very irritating. If a restaurant is closed on a day you look for it, it shows up as “no result” even though I can go through my previous orders and find it that way. I will say I am appreciative of how responsive the support team is if the restaurant messes up, or the driver hands off the my food to someone else. They are quick with a refund, but they don’t refund your tip even if the driver doesn’t do what he is being paid to do. I would be a much happier customer if the issues surround the “your favorites” section was fixed and the drivers could be held accountable for their mistakes..Version: 3.5.0

Horrible platformI ordered almost 2 hours ago. No food, no way to cancel. They tell you to contact customer service for ETA and they simply don’t pick up the call. If they don’t redeem themselves I’m more than obliged to move my business to other great food delivery services..Version: 3.1.15

No troubles so far 😌Thanks for the awesome deals you’ve been giving. Have only ordered twice but both times have been breezy, quick and complete. Keep up the good work 👍 nice to have options besides uber and menulog as not all restaurants are listed across platforms. Any bad experiences with any of said platforms for ordering I’ve had, I.e. missing items, lateness etc. have been the restaurants fault. But of a grey area when the restaurant should pick up the slack but the delivery company has to front the complaints. This is where refunds and compensation gets messy. But again, no complaints so far with the dash ☺️.Version: 3.7.0

Great App! Needs TweekingI love that I can order my food and have it brought to me, when on any other occasion, I would have to drive to get food. But the drivers need to have more strict consequences when they don’t deliver correctly. I’ve ordered from Taco Bell 4 different times now. There was only one instance where my dasher didn’t do what she was being payed to do. She came with my food before I got the notification that she had picked it up. Then when she got in her car I was spammed with notifications in the order that they should have come (Your dasher has picked up your order and is on the way, your dasher is approaching, and your food has been delivered.). The next problem I had is with scheduling. For all of my orders I made, I was at work, busy. I had scheduled the orders for 5p and the dasher came an hour early. The Taco Bell immediately started to make my order and I got my food within 10 minutes of me placing the order. Which was at 3:50p or so. The food came perfect. I had what I ordered exactly. The only thing that I would like to see is improvements to he scheduling option so that it better fits the needs of the customers. Also for drivers PLEASE make sure to mark when you’ve done the actions (picked up, approaching, etc). Other than that, great app!.Version: 3.0.88

Would leave -5 stars if possibleMy first order was good with Door Dash however I will be never using them again. I sent my friend a sms link to get $10 store credit. We ordered food using this account after activating it and the credit was never given to me. After talking to the customer service team I was extremely disappointed. They were extremely rude and were no help at all ending the conversation halfway through..Version: 3.1.87

Super pricey and a lot of issuesTheir fees have increased so much it’s not worth it. Tried to order food from a restaurant and had the dasher call me to tell me the restaurant was no longer in business! The dasher was sent to an abandoned location! A good company would know that before allowing customers to order and sending their driver there. I used this service a lot while I couldn’t walk or drive (after surgery) and now that I can I’d rather save money and pick it up myself. So many times I’ve ordered and a meal is missing or wrong because it’s not checked before delivery. Trying to get refunded is difficult, usually they would credit the account instead of my credit card so I’m forced to order again to get my money in some form. Trying to place a complaint when something goes wrong is next to impossible. Also they would advertise a restaurant with no delivery fees and when you’d try to order it would always apply the delivery fee. The convenience of Door Dash is nice in theory but you pay two to three times as much as when you get it yourself. I’d love to help the dashers out with making money but I just can’t support this company with their ridiculous fees and what feels like hidden tactics..Version: 3.1.72

CakeMore cake please, and photos of the cake currently listed. Many thanks..Version: 3.1.93

Mrs j CorkanEasy to use fast delivery time food hot and tasty.Version: 3.1.44

Pretty goodGood value but keeps logging me out.Version: 3.2.7

Great, but price/menu differences and need cash option.The app and service is good over all. The menus tend to be well organized with functioning filters. My biggest compliant is the price quotes on their menu; if you go online to a restaurant’s actual menu and compare the prices from that which doordash is charging you, you will often find a dollar to two dollars and some change difference. This is before you even pay a delivery fee and all taxes. Sometimes you are given a “discount” applied to your order to make up for the price difference but it does not always add up to the exact amount; the user is left feeling that they are overpaying due to built in hidden fees. This is also not necessarily them featuring the prices of one specific location over another, as some of these restaurants are not chains and only have a singular location. Additionally, it would be nice to have a cash option; they could still require a card or account number to hold to keep people honest but allow them to complete the transaction in person. I know some worry about the safety of carrying cash but there are ways to provide security without completely negating the option for all deliveries..Version: 3.1.77

Asking for verification code but none was sentTried it via text 3 or 4 times. Received it several minutes later. Had to get it via email. Also tried to order via the website but it would not allow me to submit the order..Version: 3.1.15

Moved from uberThis app is better with its delivery( faster and better)which is why i have left uber eats. well done doordash!!!.Version: 3.1.62

Better than Uber Eats and othersFirst of all, that’s finally a delivery app that goes as far as 7 kilometres away. In my Uber Eats (“famous delivery app“) there’s almost no restaurant, only the ones that are within 2kms! This app has got way more restaurants (because they go further away) than other apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo and cheaper deliveries. Delivery fees are like $3.5 for 7km in Doordash VS $7,5 for 2km with Uber Eats... Doordash is better than Menulog in comparison. And Menulog is better than Uber Eats and Deliveroo..Version: 3.6.1

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