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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat app received 193 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat? Can you share your negative thoughts about grindr - gay dating & chat?

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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat for Negative User Reviews

Very poor serviceThe iPhone app looks good till you actually start using it. After being in a conversation for a while the messaging system slows down to a level that makes it impossible to use. This seems to happen on such a regular basis that I have begun to wonder whether there’s a rogue administrator making mischief. The system for contacting customer services is atrocious to say the least, with no direct link on the app. To get a contact Email you have to web search. For a company to treat paying customers like this is disgusting..Version: 7.8.0

Rip of the gays why don’t youJust had an update and couldn’t believe that the new feature is to appear on the top bar for 1 hour for £9.99..... really!! I mean especially as we’re in the current financial situation and the virus, greed greed greed greed greed, very bad move, now the top bar always empty lol, well they can’t even get the app working correctly... deffo not value for money... disgrace... they should be ashamed... they obviously think people are made of money... I certainly won’t be renewing my unlimited subscription I pay for unlimited…. UNLIMITED!! But it seems I can BOOST for a stupid sum of money for 1 hour! This app should be banned it’s a big rip off with privacy issues…..Version: 8.11.0

The most buggy app out thereSince Grindr has gone crazy with ad placement it constantly crashes, freezes, clogs, jams, and then crashes my actual phone. I’ve tried everything, clear cache every 5 minutes, delete and reload app, which of course deletes all history. Every update they release says ‘improvements with less bugs’.. Actually all the updates do is ad more advertising, which makes the performance worse and worse. Here’s an idea Grindr: rather than destroy your user experience with ads, make subscriptions cheap enough for everyone to pay. Of course that would go against the greed that Grindr has come to show in recent years. Support is useless. They tell me: ‘send a screen recording’… my message to them: sort out your advertising bug issues and make the app good to use.Version: 8.4.1

Removing paid featuresI subscribe to Xtra expressly because of the advanced filters. As of today my advanced age filter no longer allows filtering by less than a 4 year range. This is the second time that Grindr has removed or substantially restricted paid features from the app with no warning. Don't subscribe, the company that owns the app clearly has no respect for its paid users..Version: 8.19.1

Harder to find peopleIt seems that with every update it gets harder to find people on here without running into a pay wall it’s very unfortunate that people have to pay to find members of their community.Version: 9.7.1

Don't bother downloadingSteals bank details on every click. Ran traces via logging tools. Avoid this app Littered with irrelevant adverts about candy crush, what little functionality they give you is taken away piece by piece forcing you to pay to use. Don't bother with this app and use one that introduces functionality that improves the UX not detracts from it and use a product that doesn't see you and your data as cash cows to exploit. It's gotten so bad they don't even reply to any feedback and when you have an issue it's always your fault with our an explanation. Invest in people who understand the end users and who can fix issues on this garbage platform..Version: 9.3.1

Ridiculous!!I was banned after more than 10 years using this app, telling me they have the doubt that I am a underage , so they asked me to provide proof with an ID document. I provided them with the document where my date of birth is clearly clear ( I am 32 years old ) but they continue to say that I am a underage. Ridiculars. What is the use of this document then??? and after more than 10 years that I’m using the app and after giving a proof of my age they don’t want to unlock my account. They blocked my account and I don't understand how to do it. RIDICLES!! ASSURDI! Never had experience like that. First time in my life. I think they don’t even know how to read an ID. My document is clear I’m 32 years old. IM NOT UNDERAGE. Customer service really bad. Worse experience of ever..Version: 9.2.0

People using my photos AGAINIt’s happened a few time on this site to where it was brought to my attention that a user was using my photos. Im not even on this site and I haven’t been for years. They do nothing for verification and those using my photos were harassing other users. This is troubling especially in contrast to the work that I do. In the past I have come to realize that, If you use this app, expect to meet those with fake profiles and those that solicit money for sex. Next time I will have to take legal action against the app for defamation if they continue to allow the use of my copyrighted photos. Such apps should not be allowed on the App Store. On all personal sites, no one should be allowed to troll with no photo, no info, or at least with out verification. If these sites used verification, it will end fake users and identity theft. Discretion defeats the purpose on this site and catering to those of discretion causes way more problems then the disallowing of it. It’s a personals site, stop allowing those that hide and watch the app soar..Version: 7.21.0

Crashing issuesIn the last week, my Grindr app has started crashing every time I’ve tried opening it, sending me right back to my home screen. I was a couple versions behind, so I thought upgrading it to the most recent version would fix it. It didn’t. I used a third party program to downgrade my app version even lower to see if maybe it was just a recent bug. Nope! Still crashing as low as 7.17.0. I believe this issue is server sided and nothing to do with the app version. And despite having chats backed up, attempting to reinstall the app wiped my chat history AND my chat backup. I don’t really understand what the purpose is for cloud backups if reinstalling the app deletes them. Under what other circumstances would someone need chat backups other than having to reinstall the app? I was in contact with the Grindr help email and they told me this was a bug they were aware was affecting multiple people. I hope they fix it soon, because these reviews are filled with people experiencing the same problem as I am..Version: 8.6.0

Waste of timeMostly grown scary predatory men trying to get with you or if not that other people are just looking for sex which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But one day I wake up and am told I violated guidelines which they never specified which guidelines I “broke” in the first place which is weird how are you going to ban someone and not tell them the reason as to why they were banned I’ve had the app for some time and would always delete it from time to time and I went though the guidelines and none of the rules that they claimed I broke I actually broke, I do have two accounts but it was never to harass someone it’s because I forgot the login to my other account so I made a new one they’re also very unprofessional when I comes to the appeals and generally made me feel like ab horrible person when in actuality I did nothing wrong, skip out on this app and get tinder if you want a real relationship that’s not focused around hookup culture.Version: 9.1.1

This application is bugged filledThis application has a bug in it where, when you try to view a profile it jumps to another. I have deleted cache, signed out and deleted the app and reinstalled several times, I am not a subscriber but wouldn’t even consider paying $300/ year for this given it performance and the lack of support.Version: 7.18.0

Average at bestThe most attractive thing about it is that depending on the city a lot of people use it. So it’s good to meet people. But functionally it is rubbish. It’s always losing messages, it freezes constantly, often messages don’t come through for days. You pay for a membership, then they introduce the more expensive membership with extra features that you expect to get for already paying, but no. You have to keep paying and paying and yet the platform is less and less stable. It really is a disaster in terms of a business for a simple messaging app. If it wasn’t for the fact that a lot of men use it I wouldn’t bother. So be prepared to put up with rubbish..Version: 6.37.0

MoneySo much money, lower your prices.Version: 8.11.0

Xtra is now worthlessGrindr’s Xtra subscription is ridiculous and potentially bordering on fraudulent. Twice now, I’ve renewed an Xtra subscription, but halfway through my paid subscription, various ‘included’ features are no longer available (latest being the ability to open profiles of the last three people who viewed you). Not only does it make such ‘features’ useless, but you no longer get what you pay for. This is actually illegal in many countries’ consumer law… obviously though, not where Grindr is based. “We care about our members” - what rubbish! Overpriced and under-performing. Time to move to one of the others..Version: 9.7.1

Please fix your quality control, Grindr devsThe following is not a helpdesk/end-user problem; it is a long-running QC issue that should not have the buck passed on to us consumers to solve. Pros: The only thing this app has going for it in terms of positive user experience is that there are so many people using it. 1 star for the ubiquity. Cons: Unfortunately, for me, with my iPhone 12, my phone constantly freezes any time I download and use this app. Further, my phone gets extremely hot to the touch, and my battery drains so drastically that I have to charge it any time I’m using this app. These behaviors occur only when I have Grindr running. If I kill the app, my phone is fine. When I delete the app, my phone is fine. I’ve yet to do an iOS restore as a last-stitch effort, but in this nearly Web 3 era and decades of smart phones, how can this one app crash my phone so badly? I’ll tell you: sometimes I can’t even kill the app for minutes; the entire phone becomes unresponsive. Have you read their version update logs? It’s a generic description each time. What are the developers actually fixing with the plethora of versions being released? How about focusing on RAM and CPU usage? Very limited recommendation and I would never pay for it at this point. Minus 4 stars for nearly melting my phone’s internals—I’m guessing it’s the CPU overheating..Version: 8.1.0

Not inclusive of trans womenFor a dating app that states they cater to the LGBTQ community, they don’t really care for transgender women. I used Grindr a lot prior to my transition and never had an issue. Fast forward 5 years later and now a post-op trans woman I decided to try it out again and my account was banned after a few weeks on the app. When I reached out to appeal my ban, Nathan from “Grindr Support” stated that the decision was final, there’s nothing that can be done, and that they would not be responding to any further inquiries about my account. Even though I express to them that I didn’t care to know “who” reported me, I more so wanted to know the reason of my ban for example what exact term or condition did I “violate” to get banned? Being that I didn’t lie about who I was, I never offended/disrespected anyone, nor used fake info, my profile was the cleanest profile on that app. There are some that have their bare bottoms as their profile pics, sending endless inappropriate pictures/messages, and even some literally offering money for sexual favors…..yet, I was the one that got banned. It felt like they didn’t even bother to look into it or actually try to help. At this point I’m getting BIG transphobic vibes. Tinder was a lot more helpful about this issue, I just wish Grindr was the same, but anyways Happy Holidays everyone!.Version: 8.22.1

FORCED UPDATESThey are FORCING you to update. With every update there are less and less guys on your feed and access to les and less features. They constantly limit your feed and create blocks with the explore feature. Its bad enough you have to watch the ADS after every message, they do everything to inconvenience you, waste your TIME, just to corral you into buying premium when you are simply trying to connect with a few people on the grid. If I cant see all the guys in my small town within a 5 mile radius, theres something WRONG with that! Its ALSO discrimination against low income individuals, people of color, and minority communities. especially when they REMOVED the feature that let me find my own people, you cant search by “race” anymore, so if you want to connect with your own people, GOOD LUCK! I shouldn't have to use the EXPLORE feature just to find my own people, and even with that they limit you to 3 “free” searches per day. They basically gentrifying the digital space, so if you poor and cant afford premium, guess what, you miss out!!!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.Version: 8.17.0

If only I could give 0 starsWow, this app used to be somewhat decent a while back and one day it just suddenly changed. Nowadays there are constant bots, spammers, fakes and drug dealers/escorts that are somehow getting onto the app and ruining the experience for everyone. The “Guidelines” that are supposedly set for people’s profiles are clearly fake and prioritise certain people. I’ve been denied putting certain pics up due to being sexually suggestive or otherwise (someone explain to me how a drink is sexually suggestive?) whilst many other people get away with being nude or doing sexual acts or even having pornographic content in their profiles. I’ve reported quite a few of these people due to the unfairness and yet they still have those pics up, in fact some have even added more grotesque one’s and yet nothing. The App is a waste of time, money and storage I don’t recommend this to anyone, I suggest looking elsewhere..Version: 7.5.0

Pretty toxic cultureEasily one of the worst 2SLGBTQ+ hookup/dating apps around. The culture is pretty toxic, and there’s no way to report abusive behaviour if the other conversant blocks you first. You’re just a product on here. Your data sold to powerful firms, and your body poorly advertised to other poor blokes ‘n folks- And that’s even before the ads are accounted for. Do yourself a favour: go support your local affirming bar and social scene in person instead..Version: 8.13.0

Not Refreshing?I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app. My other apps work fine. Whenever I try to star or un-star a profile a red banner appears and then nothing happens. It’s very frustrating!.Version: 8.21.1

Constant erroringSince the beginning of this year, at least once a month, my Grindr errors and restarts my entire phone. When my phone is finished rebooting, I am no longer able to open my Grindr and have to delete and reinstall the app. If I haven’t backed up my chats recently, everything is lost. Makes me want to stop using this app, but unfortunately I’m the small area I live in no one uses anything else. Otherwise I’d be done with Grindr. The first time it happened I lost years of conversation, all because it only auto backs up chats when on background refresh, and why would I want that active?! Somethings the glitch happens if I scroll down the browsing list too quickly, local and exploring, sometimes when I click on a message. Please fix this.Version: 8.6.0

Grindr support is garbageThe support team for this app are either bots or just the dumbest humans to be employed. They have no idea how to fix an issue. When they get stuck, just simply just stop responding to you. I’ve contacted about 6 different support persons, to which I receive the same generic responses and then silence… Talk about ghosting, these guys take the cake. Utterly disgusting approach for a company. You guys should be ashamed. And they respond to my comment here telling me to contact the exact same email that have been either ignoring me or telling me they don’t know how to fix the issue. Stop pretending like you care about anything other then money!.Version: 8.21.0

Not worth downloadingThe performance of the app is buggy with photos in chat being corrupted and not loading after a period of time affecting communication. Every feature has become a feature you have to pay which limits the free users experience, old features which were once free are now paid. The ads have increased capacity to monetise which doesn’t make sense to reduce free access as money is made from in-app advertising, banners, offerwall, video ads, affiliate marketing. Would not recommend as other apps provide a better experience.Version: 9.6.0

So expensive with many ad botsYou pay for ad free and then you get messages from ad bots non-stop..Version: 7.18.0

Exploitive0 stars if possible after their response. OG review: Grindr is almost a requirement of the lgbt community if you want to connect in a safe way. They know this and take advantage. They constantly changes features and adds more ads in order to entice people to buy their increasingly overpriced services. (ie. taking a feature that was once free and restricting it until it’s almost pointless) The amount of ads actually causes my phone to overheat, it is the only app that does so. in addition to this, the ads themselves seem to violate the policies set out by the app store as they don’t have clearly labeled things to close them all the time and in most cases open the app store when you hit the x unless you wait for about 5 seconds after the x shows up. response from company is generic and pointless. If any of that is true explain how you’re helping the lgbt community by limiting the newly updated to 9 profiles when it used to be much more. grindr is the most popular gay app, therefor you have the best chances of finding a community on it, so explain how having prices that are more than double (not even for unlimited) compared to other dating apps is not taking advantage of a community who faces violence and hate crimes when trying to interact off the apps. exploitive is the nicest word to describe anyone making any decisions at this company..Version: 8.15.0

You really are a joke.So a cross dressing guy tells me to go and die of cancer because I say no to him then are you find out who he is from various other apps and I say I know you and I think you’re disgusting for what you say so he reports me and I get banned. It’s an absolute joke you are fine taking my money for all these years and then I have an argument sticking up for myself from bullies and you banned me because of it, maybe cos I’m white cis male and he’s a drag queen . Either way, Paedophilia is fine on your app that whatever you do don’t stick up from bullies they hate that. I hope this app gets taken off the store because you treat your long serving customers with such disrespect it’s laughable..Version: 8.11.0

My account got banned for no reason and Grindr support is nonexistentI went to a guys place 15 miles away and when I got there he had told me to “kms”, then proceeded to block me. I was obviously shocked so I decided to warn other by putting his user in my about me and warning others about him. The next day I had found out I had been blocked, I was confused and looked it up. There’s apparently no other way to get your account back unless you file an appeal, so I did. The Grindr support that reviewed my case didn’t care and told me the decision was final. So I just gave up on that account and tried to create a new account but as soon as I was down creating the account, it would say the account was banned. I’ve tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, trying different ways to create a new account, you name it I’ve tried it. All to no avail. I proceeded to reach out to Grindr support team once again but they again told me they couldn’t do anything and pretty much dismissed my problem. I had been getting tired of the app for a while but that just did it for me. What got me was how unhelpful the “support” team was, and how they literally didn’t care about what I had to say or anything. This was two weeks ago and I have not found a solution to my problem and a member of the support team even told me they will not respond to any of my further emails..Version: 8.3.0

Your every mine is viewed in $$& for the ownersYears ago, while the app still had trouble and had some decent utility. Since it’s last sale and acquisition, it has been stripped of all useful features, and 100% a paid to play whether that’s views or your Vizza Bility to others, or even how they prioritize who you click on who you don’t. 100% of it if you don’t pay their outrageous, almost $50 a month fee you won’t get a chance. And on top of that other people you may like to meet also are not seeing or able to message or contact you. It has just become worthless and they should take a hint. The reason your revenues are falling and you are desperate for new ones is because you’re destroying the platform and so less and less of us are using it. Make a better product and people will come back. You can lead a horse to water, but not make it drink, but the thirsty animal will always gladly find a safe watering spot.. to the owners 1000 thumbs down. This app is not even worth the battery life to glance at it..Version: 9.13.0

Going downhillSeems like every time I’m forced to update grindr it gets worse. More ads, more intrusive ads, more restrictions to try and force you to pay insane prices for Grindr extra, more bots and fake accounts. I keep getting turned off the app more and more.Version: 9.6.0

Will ban your account and ability to create any other accountsI’ve given this my utmost effort, and really did not want to give a bad review. The Grindr support team is not very helpful, and has not responded to me in almost a month after a 4-month battle to try and get my accounts back or restore my ability to create a new account and use the app. I was banned in March of 2022 and instantly reached out to support with an appeal, with my main profile being unbanned. However, was told that I needed to submit an appeal to all of the accounts I had, which was one other account through my Apple ID. After submitting a second appeal for my Apple ID account I was required to know the date of creating my account, which was unknown to me since I had not used it in a long time. I was told that there was nothing they could do since I did not know when I made the account and have since not received an email back from my email sent on June 10th, 2022. It is July 4th. This all sprung from a claim that I was underage even though I had sent pictures of my drivers license to prove it, which apparently isn’t enough. I’m still unable to use the app whatsoever or create a new account without an instant ban. I’m not the only person with this issue, and others have had this issue even after purchasing a subscription and completely losing the money. Beware..Version: 8.12.0

Gets worse & worse every week!Grindr is practically unusable these days. Even setting aside the fact they’ve deliberately defrauded customers by taking away features that we’ve already paid for (like clicking onto profiles who’ve viewed our pages & making taps totally pointless), on top of that, I, a paying customer, rarely get a day without the main page failing to load with an ‘Unable to refresh’ error message. This should automatically trigger free extra membership days as I’m again not getting what I paid for! You should never give Grindr your money ever again, I sure won’t. Been a paying customer about 10 years but they show no respect or loyalty to customers. Awful. Hope they go bust, they’re the enemy of the gay community these days..Version: 9.3.1

Worsening by the secondThis app is full of spam bots, scam artists, (who I think pay the developer to let them on. Because how else can I see the same guy every week using porn stars pics), it drops messages, disapproves face picture, people cat fishing, and ads every time you click on a profile. So many escorts. No one is verified 90% are catfish’s.Version: 9.1.1

AdsThe free version has abusive ads..Version: 8.15.0

App seems to wildly change a few times a yearIt seems like the company behind Grindr changes focus at different times throughout the year. Late last year, the app was getting a bit buggy. Seems over Christmas the number of ads on free accounts has decreased, while they’ve been fixing bugs. Now the app is pretty stable, no bugs, so the number of ads has ramped up to the insane level of long video ads, every couple of minutes, with heaps of ‘give us money so more people see your profile’ pop ups. My guess is that in a few months we’ll get some new feature that will be hit or miss, make the app buggy again, until by the end of the year they remove the ads again, fix bugs and the life cycle of Grindr goes on another year..Version: 9.5.0

UX atrociousThe user experience is getting worse. I’m on a paid account yet I get constant in-app spam to pay $15 to boost or upgrade to Unlimited. The new interface design violates the basic rules of UX. Now you scroll vertically to see photos until you reach an album then it’s back to horizontally. The actual user data isn’t available until you scroll to the very bottom. Further, tapping back from a chat gets you lost in repeat screens of the same chat rather than getting back to the main message home page. The whole UX team needs to be sent back to university if they ever studied UX in the first place..Version: 9.8.1

TerribleThe latest version is terrible. Tap on a profile photo and the app presents you with a blank profile image. If you click on the small profile pic in the header when chatting the pic will load (like the app just realised you might want to see it) but then if you want to get back to the grid you are forced to cycle back through the chat screen, then the profile pic screen, repeatedly like some horrific gay Russian doll nightmare. Not to mention the weird hard split between the profile info and user pics which seems like someone drunkenly drew a line somewhere in the bottom half of the screen to delineate the two. But yeah I guess us gays are beholden to this thing so keep taking my $30 per month by all means 🫠.Version: 9.8.1

Better off free, beware of spamGlitchy app riddled with spam. Subscription way over priced for such a buggy app..Version: 7.18.0

WARNING! Delete your accounts now for your privacyThey can ban you, leave all your information on servers including name, email, contact number, your device ID information. I don’t care about a ban but once a company does it, they need to remove all you data. Their terms of service applies for life in their head rather than for the time they’re providing a service. The worst part is that my account is still live and I’m unable to remove pictures of me! Keep getting notifications so my profile is still clearly visible! Contacted their help team but they’re appalling and just didn’t respond. I’ve given Grindr 7 calendar days to comply with my request and delete all my information or I will be issuing court proceedings due to unlawful retention of personal information (GDPR Breach). Be careful because once you’ve given them your information (my device info surprised me the most) they will hold it for life. Not ideal for this type of service…..Version: 8.23.0

Poor performing AppI have had this for years and I must say I am very disappointed in the functionality in the last 3 months, slow, sluggish and since the last update major operating issues, I tap on a profile and goes to the very first profile and is half screen. Come on Grindr we are all paying for this service you need to get it sorted for your customers. Stop upgrading and adding new features you think will improve the users experience. I’m speaking for myself and most likely others STOP making changes!.Version: 7.18.0

.Kinda gay ngl.Version: 9.9.3

HorribleI have been using this app for several years for what this app is used for. Then on the day I decide to purchase a one month membership to get the Xtra features I was banned without notice. I thought it to be a technical glitch so I reached out to the support for them and asked for reasons on the ban and they said all I have todo is appeal the ban. I went a week without word back, and reached out again and again. Then I received a email back that only said that I now have a lifetime ban and that I’m screwed because I purchased it, but better cancel my subscription or they will keep billing me. The only thing they said why I was banned was because of community guidelines. I asked for clarification on what I violated because I had no nudity, no foul language, no in appropriate speech, and as a person I don’t talk bad about other people. This is a horrible app, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And they are no help in trying to rectify the situation. The language that they used in there correspondence with me makes me feel like I am a bad person, and being punished for something that never happened. I have been warned about random people getting banned for no reason then get excommunicated for absolutely no reason. Shame on the company Grindr, Inc. same on what you do to loyal customers and I hope this prevents you from marking any money off of your next victim. The essential stole from me and now won’t tell me why. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!.Version: 7.15.1

New ZealandLike wow ait used to be free but now it’s not.Version: 9.3.1

Banned for being MYSELFJust a trans woman on this app... this app has no consideration for women like me . Since we all know men have sexuality complex issues— straight men come on this out of discretion and expect anyone to take care of there needs- I politely reject the ones I’m not into—- they can’t take rejection and boom, I get banned!!! I wrote to Grindr team explaining them these men are f_____ and it’s not my fault that I have a voice and standards etc, they do not unban me but rather ignore me... it’s obvious that this team rather put d__ first than humanity.... it’s too bed cause these men still back to their wives... they will never be Grindr teams bfs.. anyhow just overall disappointed..Version: 7.18.0

$$$I have been on this app on and off for a few years, the last couple of times I paid for the extras. Just signed up recently and getting frustrated that you can only send a few pix on a daily pix or a message jump up that I must upgrade. This is getting ridiculous, because Grindr already got so many advertisers on their app that pops up every couple of minutes. Hope their will be a better app in the near future so we can dump this one..Version: 7.13.0

7/1/23 - The only app without blockingThe irony of the endless updates is found in the fact that with each, comes new bugs to supplement the bugs they’ve NEVER fixed (of course the ones that make all the difference in the experience). You’ll notice the canned update notice has never changed. The inability of ANY “block” to actually apply when you use it remains the largest issue, the strange limited and never updated “tags” that ignore reality & slant in a very single-minded & one-sided perspective (ie, non-smokers can look for non-smokers; but smokers cannot search for other smokers, T4T is the only T option. Meeting places assumes nobody has ever met at a cruising or other spot & worst of all, the ENDLESS hookers & other “Professionals” surfing for paying customers). Paying for membership doesn’t improve anything. Finally, Grindr should understand and face that 420 is LEGAL almost everywhere and METH isn’t & “lost chats” on 25% of profiles is as uninspiring as the “Hey”, “What’s up?”, “Are you looking?” that inevitably begins 90% of all DM’s in this cultural wasteland of Twitter, Snapchat & Onlyfans “influencers?”, “Tina” profiles, pic collectors, people selling something or expecting donations, flakes & fakes. But other than measuring distances by “as the bird flies” and even then getting it wrong by up to 50 miles, the rest of it is okay..Version: 9.12.0

What’s the point of TAGS?Either I’m confused or other people are confusing me because I thought TAGS were features that you had but NOT what you’re into. For example if I were an ‘elephant’ I would TAG that in my profile in case others were into elephants but if I was into elephants than I shouldn’t tag that right? Because what happens is when I search by tag for people who are ‘elephant’s it comes up with a whole heap of ppl in my same position looking for that rather than having that particular feature. So it’s pointless. It seems to confusing for most - really it’s just taking up room on my tiny screen and I’m sure taking up memory, just be delete it all together..Version: 9.15.0

Terrible appI barley use this app and one day I went on it to just browse see who’s new or whatever charted with people I had chatted with before you know the usual that I get off and went back on and my account was banned for nothing than I tried making new accounts and every single one has been banned before I could even make the profile. I’ve reached out to them abt the issues and they didn’t help me at all.Version: 8.12.0

App for the wealthy$500 CDN for a 1 Year Subscription. ARE YOU NUTS? Make it A LOT more reasonable, like $75 -$120 a year and I would subscribe. In fact I’m certain more would as well..Version: 8.11.0

Used to be goodGrindr has become a money sucking machine. Trying to charge outrageous prices for an app that keeps crashing and cannot even save your messages. It really doesn’t feel like grindr wants you to meet other people. It feels like grindr wants to make money!.Version: 8.22.0

Give us new featuresThe app use to be better they took away some features . We use to be able to select the exact age we were looking for . But now there’s like a 4 year gap in between ages for example I can’t just be looking for 25 year old to make my search easier I can only do 25-29 , and there’s also no race filter feature and no it’s not racist to be looking for a specific race , that’s just someone’s preference , but there’s a weight filter, height filter, body type filter , lowkey the unnecessary filters I feel like race is someone biggest preference more then someone’s height lol. I can’t even have multiple albums anymore Atleast not for free for my 🍆 pics and one for my 🍑 pics and one for my face pics they use to have this option free . The app literally downgraded it self by taking away some features and making you pay for some and the fact that bottoms can show their whole nude 🍑 on their profile pics but tops can’t even use photos of their print in their shorts is very bias . Please do better lol ..Version: 9.0.0

UpdatesEvery time you do updates there is a issue, since the last update was up load to my phone can not ever log on. How much do you test updates before uploading them?? Like not very much get your act together if you want people to pay for your service So now it been 5 days since dealing with customer support still no access to the service I have paid for. Customer support said the were fixing the issues as they were aware last email sent to them for update still no response great customer service I also would like to know what are they going to do with my paid service as it was fault I still do not have access??????. I bet there responds on here is contact customer support what a joke.Version: 7.0.0

Tricking into subscriptions?It seems that you might be doing this, some subscription option pops up and if you go to close the page it’s easy to inadvertently push “touch id” and the purchase goes through . Seems a little suspicious to me.Version: 9.5.0

Banning Without Fair HearingAccount banned for no reason. No reason given. No conversation about why. Aren’t we supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? If accused of a crime surely you are entitled to know what it is before being given a punishment? And where is the chance to give our side of what clearly is usually a two-sided story. I have researched and found people banned for something as simple as not replying. I myself have been trying to help create a kinder (#kindr - where does that apply in arbitrary bans without recourse) by explaining to ignorant people that perhaps they should show kindness by responding or treating people with respect instead of abusive messages. And yet I get a ban. And I’m not the only one. Grindr wants to create a more “caring” community. Perhaps educate and help people to learn if they have broken some rule that they do not know about. Perhaps a little more engagement from customer services can help to change behaviour rather than just outright bans..Version: 7.13.0

Grindr is grinding itself awayGrindr go ahead and chew your own leg off. You are eating away at your product and customer base and goodwill. You should never have sold out, that’s when you went downhill. Foremost the price. Y’all lost your minds when you thought people would pay your original price for “unlimited”. You squandered those of us who had been paying for “Xtra” on that. I’d go with $99/year but even that is grossly pushing it and forget that $150+ mess you keep angling for. Connection has been better lately but messages are still hit & miss coming through at times. Like how long now have we had instant messaging? Other apps seem to have conquered it a decade ago but you’re still working on it. Also the catfish and the bots on there are out of control but you won’t let people verify themselves and reflect that confirmation in their profiles. Identity and data theft is rampant. The negatives are outweighing the positives lately and you seem perfectly fine with that. Just keep grinding away at yourself..Version: 6.36.1

ZERO ACCOUNTABILITYGrindr does not protect its community. They DO NOT uphold their own community guidelines and the photo moderators are a joke. A profile has been reported over ten times for a prominently displayed unobstructed view of an erect penis as its public profile photo. It is clearly pornographic in nature and explicitly banned in the community guidelines. And yet the photo moderators keep letting the user post it. In app reports result in zero action. Emails to the grindr help desk get stock responses claiming the issue has been rectified without addressing the fact they keep letting this happen. They take the photo down then let the user post it up right away. Complaints to grindr go unanswered. What is the point in allowing users to indicate they do not want to receive unsolicited nude photos while simultaneously subjecting them to the same images?!? DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT THE COMMUNITY. Now cue a stock response from the app developers not actually addressing the complaint…. UPDATE: Developer Response…. Did you even read the complaint? If you will not address the actual complaint why even pretend to respond?.Version: 7.22.3

Greed!I like many, have used this app on and off for years and have consistently seen the free parts of the app slowly disappear. The latest update is really concerning. Not even allowing you to see Taps after a few hours is ridiculous. PLEASE be a little more generous and give back SOME privileges of the app. I’ve paid for this on and off but the price you want for a year is ludicrous. Especially with the state of the world at the moment. Reconsider how much you’re allowing patrons to use for free and resist the urge to gouge us for not very much in return. I fear the app is eventually going to be unusable for free forcing people to pay. Given the option between paying for petrol, heating or Grindr, I think you’re making it a very easy choice..Version: 8.20.0

WeirdWhy am I automatically supposed to pay?.Version: 8.3.0

App is garbage, iCloud backup not workingBeyond all the issues with bots, trolls and data theft by the company. I am unable to restore my iCloud chat backup. For the longest time I was actually unable to even load the app it just kept crashing. So I got an idea that eh what would I lose if I uninstall it? I got my iCloud backup. Well apparently something changed with the app that my iCloud doesn’t recognize it as the same app I made a backup from. It instead thinks its a different app entirely. When I check my app history it does indeed show I have downloaded 2 different apps from the app store. My guess is the people at Grindr were tired of trying to fix the bugs that prevented it from working with iOS 14.x and just rebuilt the app in iOS 14.x. But then Apple issued it a different ID that doesn’t match the previous one. Fix it!! I got hundreds of chats and photos in that backup that I want back! Update: App ever since iOS 16.1 has been worse. Now it just constantly says “Unable to refresh” and my friends tiles show them as offline thousands of miles away when I know they aren’t. I hope this gets fixed!.Version: 8.22.0

Ads“Ads help keep grindr free” If true then why ask me to pay for premium service to access all your amazing features? If ads keep free shouldn't all features be free? Including the premium ones..Version: 7.20.0

Wasted potentialI’ve been using this app for a year and it has worked in getting dates its just very hard like because i have to sift through all the people who are hundreds of miles away just to find one thats close to me like the ratio of not far to way too far has to be like 1:15 that’s terrible and there’s no way to stop it because unlike every other dating app grindr doesn’t have a distance limit you can set, and the dumbest thing that always experience when using this app is when I use explore and use my location or a place 20 minutes away profiles show up but most if not all end up being hundreds of miles away, this is so frustrating and really infuriating because such a big problem can be fixed with such a simple solution just add a distance filter to the plethora of other ones that are there and this app would probably be better than every other dating app, but I know that grindr is never gonna fix this issue so honestly it’s just a waste of time ninety percent of the time..Version: 7.18.0

Not happy! 😠*Update: Oct 22 - Still crashing and new updates are removing Xtra features. The latest now directs you to upgrade to unlimited to view your Taps and the WHO Viewed Me no longer shows any profiles since it moved from 24hrs to 7 days. No fix date from Grindr and no apparent urgency to resolve the issues. Very dissatisfied Xtra PAYING customer 🤬 Update: The developers have been pretty good recently keeping me updated by email and a note today to say the issues are sorted with Build 8.8.0. Fingers crossed for stability 🤞🏻Now to negotiate a credit for my lost access. I have changed my rating from 1 star to 3. My previous review will remain below: The latest update is pure trash. Randomly crashes and then you cannot open the app and are left with no option but to delete and reinstall. This action causes chats to be lost and the chat back up is getting flakey too and not logging back ups. As an Xtra subscriber this is unacceptable..Version: 8.19.1

Gay appToo much gay people.Version: 9.7.1

Limitations and crashesSo you’ve limited the fresh page to 9 profiles when before it wasn’t much more than that anyways, or at least profiles within 10km. Also your app crashes and is full of bots. Yet you think it’s worth the insane price you’re asking for xtra or unlimited! Ridiculous..Version: 8.14.0

Banned for no reasonLike many other people commenting here, my device has been randomly banned for no reason. As per Grindr’s standard Modus Operandi, they would not provide me a reason why, hiding behind their scripted response of “privacy and safety”. Any further attempts to communicate with “customer service” are simply ignored by them. So basically, your account will just be arbitrarily banned on their whim and there is simply no way you can defend yourself. Meanwhile, the spammers, scammers, abusers and drug dealers get to run rampant on the app with complete impunity. It just isn’t good enough. Don’t bother with this app until they start un-banning real users and cracking down on the fakes. It’s not worth your time and hassle. To the developers: you really need to fix the unfair banning of users issue. It is properly out of control!!.Version: 9.5.1

No safetyMultiple times I’ve reported and blocked a guy from Grindr and he continues to make new accounts and continues his abuse and harassment at me and others, I’ve contacted you guys on multiple occasions too many to count! And nothing has been done. I don’t feel safe on Grindr..Version: 8.23.1

The recent updates have completely ruined the app!The recent update has completely ruined the app and it’s completely unfunctionable now! It’s very slow and just crashes every five minutes and it takes about 10 minutes to send a message! It won’t load peoples profiles properly as soon as I click on a profile it takes me straight back up to the top of the screen and I have to go through the profiles individually to the particular person I want to message! It’s ridiculous and not to mention how many ads you have it’s so unnecessary and irritating! I’ve been using this app for 8 years and it’s never been this bad!.Version: 7.18.0

Overpriced app that crashes regular where you have location issues.Used this app for many years. In the early days it was good. Some good free features that have since been replaced or reduced to paid only feature. The subscription prices are way out of most people’s price range. The most annoying part of the app is that it doesn’t work without knowing your location! If you are say on a cruise ship and connected to the ship WiFi then the app can’t see your location meaning you can’t check your favourite list, people who tapped you or local guys! Even worse if you get disconnected whilst it is checking for a location the app often crashes and unless you have backed up regularly you lose all your chats! Avoid this app..Version: 8.18.0

Poor experienceAfter downloading the app again after being off it for several months I was banned without any explanation whatsoever. I read through the guidelines and terms of use and know for a fact I did not break any rules so I emailed support for an explanation and was advised by staff member Kelly that due to privacy they would not provide an explanation... what privacy? It’s my account for crying out loud, who’s privacy are you protecting? I’m not asking you to tell me who reported me if that’s what happened all I asked for was a reason for being banned I was also told that this decision was final and as such any further queries would not be responded to which is ridiculous. How you gonna ban me then not offer and explanation and then refuse to discuss the matter. I did not break the law or any of your guidelines nor was I rude, abusive or display any toxic behaviour whilst using the app and yet I’m unable to appeal or get any sort of reasoning for your actions. If by chance I did break some rule I should at least be advised as to what I did that warranted this decision The whole situation is absurd and I am disgusted by your response.Version: 7.5.0

Ads are now brutal and intrusiveAds are overriding my audio and stopping media from playing in the background while using the app. Overwhelming ads that force you to click to close are obtuse. Prob done with the app.Version: 8.12.0

DangerousI’ve had someone use my photos for about a year and each time I reported them and reached out to support the profile would take days to be taken down. That profile also unknowingly harassed some of my direct reports from work which made for a very awkward conversation - something I never thought I’d have to deal with as a manager. Additionally, they actually offer zero support in terms of preventing this type of behavior. I ended up hopping off the app hoping they’d get bored but they persisted. There is no verified status (tinder has), and no internal system that tracks similar photos being uploaded by other users. It’s actually quite funny that when you post a photo you have a period of waiting where it needs to be approved. Why aren’t people caught at this stage for using someone else’s photos? At a bare minimum if you’re charging that much for ultimate - you need to include some safety features. Ideally, incorporate safety for all users. App works as intended, but is extremely unsafe to use. There is nothing stopping someone from creating a fake profile using your photos and ruining your reputation..Version: 7.2.0

Trash appGot suspended for no reason, no email and no text to my phone number telling me what I was in violation of. It appears that if a certain number of profiles who don’t like you or are jealous of your profile, the ones you want nothing to with because your 18 and there in their 40s they can report it for no reason and Grindr blocks that account including your cellular number. It makes it so you can’t make a new account which is odd on why they need our number it’s not like it’s uses it for two step verification I think it’s a violation of privacy. I wanted to continue to talk to decent people that aren’t Grindr Karen’s or lurking pedophiles, which seems to be an important issue on this platform that Grindr fails to fix. This will be my last time using Grindr and if this review doesn’t get through to you all you have to ask yourself what is Grindr hiding that they don’t want others to see or know. I was bullied to the point others reported my profile for no reason because I wasn’t interested in them. An got victimized by them and Grindr. I’m waiting for a generic developers response!.Version: 7.19.0

Always the same guys onlineNot much variety, you always see the same people online.Version: 7.14.0

REPORT TO APPLEYou don’t even click on anything and you browser opens because of an AD coming from Grindr. This is so against Apple’s conduct that this app might be taken down soon, so keep up with you reports to apple guys. Enough of treating us as clowns with all those out of control ads that won’t stop opening..Version: 8.20.0

Awful. I wouldn’t bother!So, just like so many other people on here, Grindr has just banned me. If you ask them why, you get some vague generic response; “Your profile has been reported for engaging in behavior that breaches our guidelines”. I asked them to investigate and clarify what was happening, But I got a computer generated - which makes it a waste of time querying anything in the first place! You don’t get any kind of warning to say that someone has reported you. They don’t investigate the claim made against you. They just ban you! No questions asked and there is nothing you can do about it. And you instantly loose all the discussions you were having and the friends you had just made. Their vetting rules for profile photos are ridiculously arbitrary - there were much more revealing profile photos than the ones they allowed me to post. All in all, the whole experience with Grindr has been shoddy. To cap it all, their little message at the end of this review to contact them also yields no results. You get the same generic response and end up going round in circles and more frustrated. Who is running this show and what kind of people do they have working for them?!.Version: 7.8.0

Was good but lack of bandwidth for latest features mean it’s now a mess!I’ve been with this app since 2013 & now have unlimited membership but in the past fortnight it’s been dogged with problems. It won’t allow me to view who has looked at my profile, it’s stuck on an old set of profile filters I want to change & it doesn’t show me as online (even when I’m not in incognito mode). Ensuring I’ve updated to the latest version of the app doesn’t help either. All I can do is chat to pre-existing contacts that I’m not prepared to wipe by deleting the app and downloading from scratch. I get the feeling this app needs more bandwidth than it has, to cope with the demand of recent add-on features such as the recent introduction of album. It was good but now I’m literally paying through the teeth for a mess. Not sure I will renew if these glitches remain..Version: 8.4.1

Total crapHow does this app get a 4.4 rating out of 5 when all the reviews are horrible at one star? It crashes all the time. Haven’t been able to open it for more than two months. Support just placates and says they are working on it. Glad I didn’t pay for it. Just awful..Version: 8.10.0

Bugs that crash app/phone and ridiculously expensiveCosts a fortune for any of the subscriptions, without them there’s no functionality, very limited access and overall it’s pretty rubbish and full of adverts. Loads of bot profiles, app also crashes and needs wiping and reinstalling to fix. Has crashed my phone (iphoneX) several times. It’s just turned into a greedy cash cow, and not a good one at that. Also very concerning access privileges, most of which irrelevant to its function. It’s data harvesting (which explains the 2Bn deal recently in the news). Seriously advise deleting and using something else like scruff. App is massively exploitable and don’t even think it’s safe anymore, so many reports of people being catfished/attacked, used by some governments to track people (Egypt is one example) it’s gone full cash cow mode at the expense of its users and their safety..Version: 8.8.0

Worst dating app EVERI’ve dealt with crappy foreign knockoffs that do it better than Grindr. They barely follow their own rules, will ban you for the most benign reasons. Example; I got banned for telling a Chinese guy I’m not interested in asians.... ?!?! How the holy hell is that offensive?? I’m not sexist for telling a girl I’m not into girls? The mods are power tripping over stupid crap like that, yet did nothing when a guy was stalking me with multiple accounts and profiles. I couldn’t even block him because you need to PAY TO BLOCK SOMEONE HARRASSING YOU. Not to mention nearly every time you open a profile, swipe a profile, or do anything that requires opening something you get at least 1-2 ads if not more. My advice? Use anything BUT Grindr.Version: 8.14.0

Do not get this app if you’re closetedThis app is so glitchy even if you pay for it. I am not out and live in a small town. I pay $40 a month for Unlimited so I am able to use the “Incognito” mode and not be seen. Two days ago the app stopped letting me use any of the Unlimited functions so everyone was able to see my profile when I logged on. By the time I deleted my picture it was too late. The grindr developers need to fix this. It is not only unacceptable but it’s dangerous. Grindr is essentially outing people with these glitches. The developers need to ensure that this doesn’t happen anymore. It’s an unacceptable glitch when they’re charging almost $500 a year to use the additional features. The other thing that will happen even if you pay is Grindr STILL begging you for money. $500 a year is not enough. They keep begging you for $8 for a “boost”. This app is only successful because there is no competitor. They’re greedy. They don’t care if they out you or if you already pay $500 a year for the app. They only care about more money. No matter how much they charge for it they are still going to want more money for a “boost” or some other gimmick. Absolute garbage. “Ad free” is a scam..Version: 9.15.1

Ads in chatReally poor move putting ads into the chat function, it’s really invasive and distracting having moving ads. Gives me a headache and will use the app less now.Version: 8.1.1

Malfunction Super HeroGrindr has always malfunctioned possibly due to lack of server capacity but is getting worse by the day over last week freezing non stop messages not being sent have to restart to send. They keep fiddling about and adding new features without first getting the basic app working correctly. Jokers and only reason it is still around is that there is not another viable option but that will surely change. I have a new device and was unable to set up as they want me to connect via Apple and give them my Apple Password no way Jose. Glitchy app at the best of times and the advert synchronisation is seriously faulty and causes crashes. I want to open a new account on my iPad 4 mini but is rejecting me..Version: 9.5.1

Intrusive advertisingAuto plays adds that automatically open multiple apps and redirects. no option to opt out or close add before the redirect to advertiser’s app store.Version: 6.37.0

Paywalled and FrustratingI’ve been using this app for many years but recently it’s become so annoying to use that there’s no wonder so many people are leaving it. Every other thing you do there’s an advert and now they’ve blurred who’s tapped you and the only way to have a good experience is to spend an extortionate amount of money on the premium service, which is not worth the money and you can get 2 streaming subscriptions for that price. Still, in 2022, the developers think all gay/bi people are the same type of people and their ‘tribes’ are limited to queer/highly sexualised cultures. It’s a shame because this used to be an app you could use to find someone to meet but now it’s just about profit..Version: 8.20.0

Don’t use Grindr.After using it for years, I was banned. No explanation. Nothing. The amount of abuse I copped from people, was disgusting. Nothing was ever done. But Grindr banned me for no reason whatsoever. The people who run the app are all useless at their job. I’m not the only one who has had issues with the app considering the amount of negative reviews. That’s so bad for customers to all be getting banned for no reason and the lack of explanation or help. Do the people who run it want to have their app closed down because they’re doing everything right for it to head in that direction. Sad. Don’t bother wasting your time, money or effort on such a garbage app. They clearly don’t care about its customers, just allowing scammers, bots and bullies to run rampant. Disgusting and not surprising at all. They only care about their pay check..Version: 8.4.1

Safety is not a commodityI’ve downloaded and deleted this app several times over the years, my only issue: the safety. Users must PAY for SAFETY FEATURES. I understand the need to monetize, but there are other ways - host member only community events. Prioritize member profiles in the grid. Something, anything, but safety. Why can I not delete an address I accidentally sent? What if that person actually comes to my house or stalks me? It happened. Why do men who have had accounts deleted or removed for harassment have so much access to the app, the ability to create seemingly unlimited accounts? Grindr is transparent about their non liability in safety policies but I expect more for my community. Safety cannot be guaranteed, that is a given in any space online or physical. But why is dangerous behavior permitted? Why must I, a struggling college student, pay $20/month for access to basic safety features I can find in any other social media platform? Especially in the current climate of violence towards LGBTQ people, to trans people facing disproportionate amounts of violence. I come back to the app occasionally because I like to emphasize my effort to be a part of the community, connect with people I feel seen by and safe with in a world I already see as so dangerous to people like me. I want the community. But I’m disappointed time and time again to see Grindr devalue their users, violate and capitalize our right to safety..Version: 8.20.0

Was good. Massive glitches nowGrindr - when it is working - is a great app for meeting new guys. Recently though it keeps crashing my phone and I have no choice but to fully delete the app off my phone and reinstall it (no offloading or anything). The daily backups are not enough to fix this problem. I contacted support about a month ago and have yet to hear back about the issue being resolved, meanwhile I am paying for Grindr xtra which I am essentially not able to use. This needs to be rectified quickly for the app to got back to being 4-5 stars..Version: 8.8.0

Awful customer serviceI haven’t personally been banned (yet) but I know of many other people who have been permanently banned without any reason or way to dispute this..Version: 7.2.0

Criticisms are deservedThe ‘developers’ seem to have spent the last year actually removing functionality. You can no longer view the profile of anyone who views you. They say you can now see history of who’s viewed you for the last 7 days, but what’s the point of that when the profiles are all blurred out (and even if they weren’t, you can’t actually view them anyway)? They’ve also limited the age search to a 3 year range. All this, unless of course you pay through the nose to access these features. I only use Grindr because it still has more users than similar apps. I’ve no idea why, since almost every other gay dating app offers way more functionality - and for free - than Grindr. I suspect it’s coasting on its longevity. I just wish another app would emerge to challenge it to raise its game. (And yes, it also uses loads of cache/battery and it’s unreliable.).Version: 8.24.0

Unskippable full screen video adsYou’ve crossed a line here, Grindr. Your premium product is unconscionably expensive and your free product now has full screen video ads that force you to wait five seconds to get a tiny skip button, followed by a literally untouchable close button that always opens the link. This is incredibly disrespectful to your users and disingenuous to your advertisers. Your click through rates will be artificially elevated, a fact I will be contacting every single advertiser on your platform to advise them of. Get rid of them immediately..Version: 9.5.0

Too many bad updatesThis app could use a little of the “less is more” mantra. Too many useless updates are making it more convoluted than it should be. Also there are way too many intrusive ads, it is getting more and more expensive to upgrade and the connection seems to be getting worse and worse. For example every second message I send seems to be stuck on the “sent” status and not at least “delivered”. This leads to so many conversations dying with people who assume you’ve left the chat so to speak. I have read enough reviews on here where there seems to be a trend of people saying they were banned for no reason, conveniently straight after having paid for a premium upgrade. I can relate to this as the exact same thing happened to me on another app. Therefore I will NOT be paying a cent in upgrading until I start seeing less of these comments in the reviews. Finally, I think the quality of people are getting worse too. This is no criticism of the app itself but rather a warning to anyone considering using grindr for the first time, particularly vulnerable people. People are highly obnoxious and demand nude photos of you. Please think twice before sending nude photos, especially to blank profiles as the person on the receiving end is likely not who they claim to be. Grindr is trending more towards a porn site now than a genuine meeting, dating or hook up site and frankly I think that is sad..Version: 8.4.1

50/50App keeps crashing so many times the last few weeks (yes I do update it) but have to ask whats the point of having the ‘Who viewed me’ tab if you cant actually click on at minimum the last profile to look at yours without having to pay what can only be described as broad daylight robbery subscription fee. Let’s not go down the line of how many actual idiots use the app wasting people’s time, the lack of any human decency, respect or basic manners … Why is ghosting acceptable today? Seriously what happened to good old fashioned manners and saying “Not my type” or “Sorry not interested” if anything Ghosting and no reply envokes bad moods and is more offensive … I know some will be flooded with messages but then iust restrict how many different people can message someone in a day instead. On the flip side I have had some pretty amazing hook ups through it from the extremely small minority of genuine guys on there ….Version: 8.24.1

Crash downThe app crashes down so much time..Version: 8.6.0

I don’t know where to startYour recent upgrades now mean, I’m only delivered up to 9 guys. What’s worse, 8 of them don’t live in my country. The app crashes, doesn’t load, can’t find my location, can’t recall favourites nor looks. There is no point using your app anymore. It does not work. But you want me to pay to become a premium member. What a shocker. Sad really, because it was great, a very long time ago, but has progressively got worse, until now, when it’s basically just taking up space in my phone..Version: 9.11.0

On its way out it seemsAll good things must end I suppose but Grindr didn’t *have* to end like this. The free version of this app is so limited and full of invasive ads that it is actually difficult to use it and when I have only the free version I use the app much less frequently. Well who cares I’m not paying for it the developers surely assume. Wrong, I ordinarily pay for a unlimited subscription but I am reconsidering that now because it feels like there are just less fresh faces on the app now and discrete dl people who won’t pay for a subscription because it’s so unpleasant to use. It’s just the same old people who pay for a subscription use the app 24/7 and who I’ve already met or I am not interested in. It seems like they know that their business doesn’t profit in the short term from people finding other people they like because then those two customers may not need to use the app anymore or use it less. Sounds profitable but they failed to realize that by doing the wrong thing and steering short term profits in terms of not focusing on customers getting what they want and instead being paying customers month after month, that they would ultimately destroy the who thing when the ripple effect of their greed slowly alienated the occasional or infrequent users. The same users are most sensitive to the poor user experience they thoughtlessly deliver. On top of that it’s hard to know the app is secure they don’t even have two factor authentication..Version: 9.7.1

The Grindr experienceInstead of getting more useful features to convert non-paying users, Grindr offers less and less with each update..Version: 8.24.0

Infested with advertisementsTerrible quality experience offered. Upsell aggressive and annoying..Version: 6.36.1

Overpriced PremiumGood app but overpriced if you want premium.Version: 7.6.0

Unlimited not worthyUnlimited too expensive.Version: 7.18.0

Dev team needs workA lot of people use this app but it's pretty terrible - the dev team seems to completely ignore requests from users on the most basic functionality. It's a huge opportunity for a better app to come along - users are literally canceling their paid membership because the team refuses to allow (for example) blocking or even filtering of cis and trans women. I'm not sure why they're so unresponsive – they're literally turning away revenue. Prices are also pretty crazy - even for basic functionality. The bottom line is that no one wants an LGBTQ+ dating app - each acronym is its own community when it comes to dating. If you’re a slave to being politically correct, and you want to force them all to be on the same screen together, you have to be able to filter other acronyms out – or the whole app is pointless. You don’t open a watch store and claim to be the number one watch store, and then decide to also sell pickles and bags of wheat and hammers. How do the devs not understand this concept?.Version: 8.24.2

I don’t have the patience for this anymoreUpdate: There’s a bug that deletes all photos that are more than a couple months old… It just shows a paper icon with a slash going through it. I really cannot wait for my subscription to expire. Every time a Grindr server goes down, my app shows a “Cannot Refresh Page” error. Then, when the server is finally back up, my app becomes broken and crashes each time I attempt to open it. The only solution is to delete & redownload the app, which deletes all of my settings, blocked accounts, messages, and photos. This is an app I pay for — a pretty large sum of money too. Yet, I have had to delete all of my data three times these past several weeks. Backing up chats is cumbersome, as you’re rarely asked to back them up and it’s just weird to make users manually do it when it’s a task that should’ve been automated. I’ve already decided I’m not renewing my $100+/year subscription. If the app refuses to load again, I’ll just delete it permanently. I can’t think of another social media account that deletes ALL of your data after removing the app. Ridiculous..Version: 8.21.1

You either like this app, or have a constant pop upNot sure why this has happened, but EVERY time I open the app I get asked whether I’m enjoying ‘Extra’….there is only one option, a thumbs up, so I press close as if you’re asking my opinion you need to give me more choice than what you want to hear. Now I’m plagued with a pop up unless I say you’re great…which is immediately horrible UX and makes the thumbs up obsolete. Don’t ask my opinion if you’ve already made up your minds what my answer is!!!! I do not want to say I’m enjoying Grindr whilst I’m getting daily spam, including spam that uses my profile title, as that means the spammer has access to my personal information in the app. I put in a support ticket saying that and get a cut & paste response with some blurb about taking spamming seriously, yet it still happens and still uses data from my profile to address me in the message..Version: 7.15.1

I’ll never be backNot entirely by choice I’ll admit. But it’s time. I’ve hated Grindr and it’s toxic environment for long enough. After having my account banned countless times for no reason, no communication for explanation etc. I know there are others who have experience this. After just subscribing to extra 3 or 4 days ago then getting my account banned, because someone was rude to me, called me stupid in the app, and was upset when I then politely declined them. This sort of thing is all too common with this app. There is no other behavior or engagements I have prior to being banned each and every time this has happened. After paying money this time though for a more optimal experience, I am officially cutting my losses as I don’t expect trying for a refund is worth my time, imagining the lack of customer support. This app has always felt monitored by bots, from profile picture approval, to actual bots being in chat, and then the banning of accounts for … maybe I’m crazy… something I shouldn’t have been banned for..Version: 8.14.0

Accounts suspended in response to vexatious complaintsTheir suspension process is open to abuse - If you call out illegal behaviour the individual you report is able to get you suspended by making a vexatious complaint about you and it appears no effort is made to investigate - you remain banned. Don’t waste your time and choose another app - developer response suggests that I submit my concern for further consideration but I already did by appealing the suspension and got the regular formulaic meaningless response. Either the company needs to change its policy/procedures or employ more skilled staff and train them properly. Go back to first principals if you suspend someone provide specific evidence of their non compliance - quote the offending phrases - that way people might trust you..Version: 7.2.0

ReviewOverall using Grindr is ok. Spamming msgs is unbelievable, the amount of daily spam msgs is getting outta control.Version: 7.0.1

Catering to the hot onesI can’t blame the app for this but I can blame the developers for allowing every white male to break the conditions and rules of Grindr. How many times do you see a white male in his underwear with the lining of his penis? (All the time) or any other “attractive” male. If any other race or person does that their picture is immediately removed. The culture that Grindr calls “inclusive” is the exact opposite. Grindr has been the worst experience when it comes to advertising of sexiness in races and culture. The LGBT community and the rest of the world as a whole is also to blame for this lack of consideration. Downloading this app was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. Grindr and its developers are out to take our money and that’s it. The subscription prices are out of hand, and the amount of ads you see are insane. Scruff doesn’t force you to watch an ad to satisfy their ad experience. There are also more features and more people to see on Scruff. Grindr has been around longer yet fails to evolve into a more developed platform. The amount of times the app crashes or slows a device down is immeasurable. Fix it!.Version: 8.19.1

May as well rebrand your name to “Greedy”With each update, you get less and less options for free users, and soon it will be unusable, unless you pay. While I don’t mind paying, these prices are far too steep for what you get. Not to mention you might drop $80-$100 only to find you’ve been banned shortly after with no explanation as to why. (Yes developers, I’ve seen your responses to other reviews on this matter, but I know too many men in my own circles that are evidence to the contrary. Bottom line is your moderation system is terrible.) Speaking of my own circles, no one ever has anything good to say about this app. They just treat it like a necessary evil they have to put up with. I’m beginning to seek alternatives, and encourage others to do so as well. I would rather pay for a platform that provides me with some kind of benefit to do so, not because I feel like I’m being squeezed in a vice and have no other choice. Just keep in mind, it’s a slippery slope. The more unusable you make it, the less users you’ll have in your base, the less likely users will see value in paying for anything no matter what the price is at that point..Version: 8.14.0

WowSo I’ve always heard about Grindr as a younger gay male, I’ve heard it was good for getting out there and also that it is a very gross environment. From what I experienced it was really good and helped me interact with people I would have never have met, I found it quite charming in all honestly. Except when I got a permanent ban a week after getting it, I was confused and went through all the guidelines to find out what I had breached but I really couldn’t put a finger on it. I didn’t send inappropriate messages, my bio wasn’t vulgar like most others, I was of legal age. Then I thought it was my profile picture, it was rather attractive photo of myself so my friend put it on their account they don’t use as a test and got permanently banned, do I look underage, do they find I’m a fake account, I wouldn’t have a clue because they don’t give any reason or explanation or warning for permanently blacklisting your number. I tried to appeal then I read online most don’t even get a reply to that. So thanks for the experience I’ll try to be less attractive in the future.Version: 6.37.0

Ruined by incognitoIncognito - in which users can avoid showing themselves as being online. The result: they can’t be sized up by anyone else, unless they approach or view someone who isn’t incognito, and even then, only that small proportion of visible ones can ever see them. As the proportion using incognito increases - and I reckon that proportionn is pretty high in my region - the app become pointless. An ever increasing number of the most desirable guys are invisible. But the invisible ones, those who use incognito, may just as well not bother to use the app, because those invisible ones can never ever see other invisible ones. How to ruin a dating app: allow 'incognito'. Congrats to you, Grindr. Your shortsightedness has achieved the ruination of your own app..Version: 7.24.1

Features under paywallContinually puts features under paywall only making them useful for those that pay for the ridiculously priced unlimited subscription. Bring back allowing users to see taps, even just on premium. Ridiculous. Will be reconsidering premium..Version: 8.20.0

I’m Refusing Any More UpdatesProgressively, grindr are reducing what’s available for non-premium users to make our lives as difficult as possible, with the view to force everyone onto the (not-at-all-worth-it) paid account. Been there, done that - too expensive and the app isn’t any better because of it. You can’t even access the majority of your photos that you’ve put on there since the last update, and albums that you’ve been given access to are now restricted as well. Additionally, you can only see taps within the past day. I’d be happy to pay an annual fee of up to $20, as I think that’s fair. Though what grindr are doing now by sneaky means is just not on, nor is it at all transparent. Leave us alone, and give us back our photographs. Get off your butts and treat people with respect..Version: 8.22.1

CrashingLike others here, since the recent update I’m finding the app crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve tried restarting my iPhone but to not avail. Note - in reply to the developer comment, I had already reached out to support. They have acknowledged there is an issue that they are working to resolve, and they will contact me when it is fixed. All the same, it’s a concern that this release was allowed to go with such a serious bug which, as recent reviews attest, has affected many users. Further note - several months on when they have been keeping telling me that their engineers were working on a fix … and finally they tell me just to delete and reinstall the app, and lose my conversations, which I could have done months ago and had access to the app in the intervening time. Have reduced from two stars to one as a result. Absolutely useless..Version: 8.15.0

Bleeding your wallet dryA year ago, this app had reach an ideal state with a polished user experience. But in order to squeeze every possible dollar out of you, they're relentlessly making just about everything paid and expensive. In such a short time, you can no longer see who viewed your profile or albums shared over a week ago without paying $56AUD a month. It's hands down the most expensive popular dating app. Before long, I'm sure you'll have to pay to see your chat history. I understand the need to cover the cost of business but offer something more affordable. At least for people outside the US..Version: 8.21.0

Crashes Every Time It’s Opened!!I can’t use the app. As every single time I open the app it crashes in less than a second. I get notifications that I’ve received a message but I can’t read them, even if I try opening the app through a notification. It still crashes!!! I don’t have chats backed up so I haven’t deleted the app to see if reinstalling will fix it and I don’t think I should have to. I’ve read reviews from people for the last couple of weeks and I’m not the only one having this problem. It started a couple of weeks ago for me, but seems to have been going on for long before that for other people. So it should have been fixed by now. I’ve also messaged the grindr help and I was told by Andrea “We are aware of the problem and are already working hard to resolve this, your report really helps us understand the scope of the problem. We will go ahead and mark this ticket as an incident related to the original problem so that you receive an update once the issue is fixed.” So I’ve been told to wait! Which is a crappy answer as like I said it should have been fixed by now with the amount of people it’s affecting and Grindr are screwing them out of their money..Version: 8.4.1

Useless9 profiles until you pay?? No thanks. I’ll stay nothing before I feed you 30) per month.Version: 8.15.0

Grindr acts like they can’t be suedAs a paid member, I was shocked by Grindr implications that all of us are raciest based on our preferences. Then the of but not limited to false and misleading advertising at the time of purchase. At some point they will try use ages since age is a protected class from discrimination. And then it will be body built types since that may fall under ADA if stocky or too thin due to a medical condition. Grindr has took it upon themselves to actually take our money and then decrease the options. Even the moderators fail to remove fake profiles, pick the photos we can post by areas, and remove bots from advertising to paid members, when that is one reason they give for being a paid member. That we get no advertisements, however there are times I have reported the same advertisement more than once and more at times tens of times, before they are removed. Do Not Purchase Grindr until they listen to the hundreds now thousands of members demanding options back and that they respect the terms of service they advertised!.Version: 9.11.1

Bad experienceWhy it banned my account randomly?.Version: 8.24.2

Grindr is rubbish nowI paid for a month of XTRA what a joke. The app is now totally unsafe you can only contact the recent people who tap you. You can’t see anyone other than the last person that looks at your profile. So even if I thought wow I would love to message that guy for a hook up or chat, I can’t. Why would anyone pay $59 US if they are the only ones that can chat and see everything. You need as many people as possible being able to see or chat with anyone around them or the app just does not work. No wonder the app is dying. Wake up and smell the roses don’t waste your money. Let’s hope that a smart person comes along with a new app with most of the bells and whistles at a value price more will pay if it is worth it. Not all people are not dumb you know.. I could be a fully paid member but the poor hot number 10km down the road can’t contact me because he can’t afford the subscription rate and he can’t plan ahead for his holidays wen he come to my town so we both miss out. Grindr management enjoy my final payment cause you are not getting another cent out of me..Version: 9.1.1

Drug dealers and fake profilesI have been using this app on and off for years. A once very good app is now morally questionable. Since returning to American ownership the scam hit ups have decreased but not vanished. Profiles are not monitored by the app owner. They rely on their customers to dob each other in. Even then the chance of an account being banned is at best 50/50. Therefore the app is rife with fake profiles, scam profiles, and DRUG DEALERS. Drug dealers are openly using the site as their shop front to sell illegal hardcore drugs. They are often openly stating they are selling drugs so any excuse the owner has for not taking action is questionable. The site is also a regular site used by scammers posing as masseuse or people hosting ‘parties’ with links to dodgey website that will hack your device. Finally, customer service is zero. If you pay a subscription, you WILL sooner or later have that account banned (I have TWICE had my account banned interestingly on both occasions just a week or so after buying a six month subscription). Getting a response from customer service is almost impossible, and an explanation as to why your account has been banned will never come (nor did my money for my six month subscription I never got). A once good app that I still do use - but with great caution. The owners of this app have to answer for their disregard of the flagrant use of their app for illegal purposes..Version: 8.2.0

BulliesBefore you invest any money and time into this app just know they will ban you without warning and take your money and not even tell you what you have done wrong. I’ve lost all the thousands of people I was talking to in chat just like that. Pre warning most are doing drugs , selling themselves or trying to buy people and will talk to you like rubbish. I have all the screenshots and will be putting Grindr on blast Because trust me I ain’t the only one who’s been removed for nothing. And I promise you after all that money and time (years) using Grindr for them to take it like that.. no warning and even wen I appealed they said they ain’t telling is wrong. Watch your self people Grindr just wants your money but it’s time people see the truth. N you want proof you’ll get it all. I got all my receipts and chats where I have been racially abused called cotton picker and the person is still on Grindr.Version: 8.17.0

BannedI got band from grinder for no reason I have been on the appt for10 so years I don’t get it.Version: 8.12.0

Never update!You know this is app sucks when every time they update it, you wonder what they removed this time and how did it make it even worse....Version: 9.6.0

Grindr is about to become Gaydar!I’ve been an “extra” subscriber for ages. The last update removed some basic features like taps and profile reach, so you can only get them on “Ultimate”. The price for that tier is £420 per year (when paid monthly)! The only reason I pay for extra membership is because everyone and their grand-daddy is on Grindr. If Grindr continues to make the app unusable without paying ridiculous prices, some other app will take the lead, and Grindr will become the MySpace of gay dating (AKA Gaydar!). Dear Grindr, you’re not a luxury brand. Do yourselves and us a favour, get rid of the delusional “Ultimate” tier. “Extra” is overpriced as it is! FYI when “premium” users pay 100s of ££ per year, we don’t want to see nagging, tacky “boost” banners everywhere. If my review wasn’t clear, I have cancelled auto-renew until you sort your pricing structure out!.Version: 8.20.0

Too many CatfishGrindr is great for meeting new people and making friends with queer people in your proximity, but it’s also an excellent environment for people to catfish each other. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you’re having a conversation with someone only for them to suspiciously ask for your number or email, or “WhatsApp” so they can scam you too. These people are very quick to block you if you show any sign of suspicion, so I’ve learned to gather enough information, and report them before confronting them. These kinds of people make me feel disgusting for engaging with them. I now must reverse image every new person just to trust who I’m talking to. This is a bad sign in my opinion. I want to have normal conversations with real people - not scammers, and not people looking for lewd photos for a quick “fix”. I have reported a dozen catfish in the last two months, and I have complained directly to grindr in my reports about this. I want Grindr to be aware of this problem, because it’s a counterproductive and toxic to a healthy queer community. Thank you for reading this..Version: 9.12.0

Gross negligenceQuite simply one of the worst cases of negligence on the internet. The app is rife with sexual harassment, catfishing, spam accounts, as well as some of the most disgustingly obnoxious people, who feel it’s appropriate to open conversation with a nude pic. They don’t protect their users, they don’t do anything to verify anyone, accounts are allowed to be entirely blank while they perv on all the others and then pop up and harass people. Yet, if you call them out, you’re more likely to get cautioned or even banned, than they are. It’s the most toxic culture, where people do things that are blatantly wrong or unethical, and just expect to get blocked and move onto the next person instead. How Grindr hasn’t been sued for negligence yet is a miracle!.Version: 8.1.0

HeadacheThis is the second time I have to delete the app and reinstall it !!!!! Which cause me to loose all my contacts and messages!! It constantly doesn’t want to open or just cuts out. Then with all the ads it’s a pain to close them. With fees going up. Grindr use to be the go to app, but not anymore..Version: 8.24.2

Worse update.Was a loyal user for many many years until the latest update. Simply atrocious. Apparently no guys matching my filters (none applied). Cannot find my location in a city centre (tried both WiFi and mobile data). Very user unfriendly: when scrolling down the page will jump as the top banner disappears and then will reset to the top of the page when scrolling up (same banner). Messages disappearing constantly, pictures sent under the last update simply gone. Constant pop up offers trying to make you pay a simply unreasonable amount of money to access the rest of the app. I’m willing to post another/change my review if these points are addressed but personally I think I’m going to dust off the old Tinder profile and be done with this mess..Version: 9.2.0

Gentrification hits cyber spaceWhat used to be a pretty great app for connecting with new people has been warped by pop-up ads and pop-up purchase pages that try to force you to buy the premium version of the app. The distance you can view people is reduced (and as a result, the actual amount of people you can see, reduced), put behind a paywall. The ability to see who has viewed you account, put behind a paywall. The ability to respond to a profile that has tapped yours, but is outside your range of view. Paywall. Oh and super fun, the ones who have paid for extra have the ability to see when you have opened a message, promoting abuse from horny old men who you don’t want to reply to. That doesn’t even get into the spam accounts who will harass you to visit their websites or purchase ‘massage services’. The app has continued to become less useful, more difficult, and is moving to put all aspects of the app that make it appealing behind a paywall. Grindr is holding on to its position as the primary gay dating/hookup app entirely on its name alone, and it won’t be long until a better, less greedy and exploitative app comes along to replace this mess..Version: 9.8.1

Wow…Not only the app is filled with annoying ads, but you now restricted the new member tab to 9 profile!? Like if it wasn’t already limited before.. I am not paying 25$ a week for a subscription. Forget it..Version: 8.14.0

SpamA lot of spammers to login to certain fake website and telling that it is safe because they don’t feel safe if you don’t register in that website and lot of fake sugar daddies to get your phone number or PayPal info If you received any thing like this block him there is no point to report the cycle continues...Version: 7.20.1

Worst appThis app takes free ad-supported to a ridiculous level. Every interaction or action tried (view, block, message) is met with a 30 second ad. Can’t even say hey to someone without wasting 2 minutes on ads. The app doesn’t even function properly anyway. What a waste of time UPDATE: I don’t need a stupid response telling me what ads are for. That’s nonsensical. The point is the inundating and sheer volume. It just makes sense that this app is so bad seeing as the developers can’t even tell what the point of my feedback was..Version: 7.22.3

Just 1 hour to see taps? What you did?Now the app just shows you the last taps and if you want to see older taps you need to pay. So unfair with all the ads that we see.Version: 8.19.2

Security risk caused banThis apps support and security are abysmal. My profile was hacked by their lack of security allowing someone to reset my password. Support simply banned me after I was hacked and was no help in me recovering profile and they didn’t even believe that I was hacked until weeks of emails. They just said I know it was you. I lost that account snd had to make a new one but they did not delete the hacked profile. This app is full of scam artists snd drug dealers they do nothing about. The scams are run by the support staff themselves. That’s how they never get banned. My new account was banned for absolutely nothing. I’ve sent three emails which they’ve ignored and filled out the form in support to have ban lifted but all they did was resend a link for me to fill out the same form. So obviously support is just AI software and not a real human. I read online that Grindr net profit from New York City alone is enough to keep the company afloat so obviously why should they care about quality control and keeping customers happy..Version: 6.37.0

Why PayWhy are my pics in underwear censored and there others on this site which are far worse. Sort this inconsistency out..Version: 7.7.0

DiscriminativeAs a foreigner to the US, to me it’s a shock how Grindr thinks it’s ok to say I’m into feminine guys but it’s hate speech if you say I’m into masculine guys. It’s ok if you say I’m into flamboyant guys but it’s hate speech if you say I’m into uptight guys. It’s ok if you say I’m into blacks Latinos Asians but it’s hate speech if you say I’m into white guys(I’m middle eastern). They banned my account and I’m in shock. In my culture, we have enough fems and mascs so when you say that im into masc guys, you don’t specifically try to demean fem boys but just try to save everybody’s time. It’s not only about Grindr but American gay culture. American gays think that(they will never admit it) everybody should be into them just because they do something that’s not welcomed in society. (i.e. being fem and flamboyant) I don’t hate fems but just not into that. Why is that a big deal that someone doesn’t want to put their thing in you? What sort of insecurity is that? Grindr says it’s inclusive as long as you say something non traditional & not accepted in society. If you want monogamy, Grindr will ban you but if you want polygamy, it’s freedom of speech. It’s just a shock.Version: 9.13.0

Don’t pay , just put up with the spammy advertsI’ll never pay for this app ever again , the adverts look like childish spam design to distress you into paying . For a listed company on the stock market it feels spammy, scammy and low rent. I will however use it for free and make a conscious decision to put up with it beside I know that’s what they don’t want !.Version: 8.24.2

It’s Grindr…The app as a whole works and does what it should. I do remember a more classic Grindr though, with no bugs, more profiles and more options for basic members. The sub price has gone up to stupid amounts. It’s a hook up app, not a 5star dating agency, lower the price! Also, when sending messages, 9 times out of 10, they get stuck. I’ve lost meaningful connections, solid chats etc with people cos messages just don’t deliver. If anything, Grindr is hindering hook ups/ chats etc due to this. And this isn’t a new thing either! This has been happening for multiple updates now. This really should be looked at.Version: 9.4.0

AverageUsed to be better. Heaps of issues..Version: 6.36.1

With every update a worse experience is offerGrindr have turn out to be this app where business is more important than pride and connecting people. Apparently if you don’t give them $$ you won’t only be less visible to other users, but you also will from time to time experience a downgrade in the quality of the service they are giving to you. For example, the new “fresh” section now only gives you 9 free profiles, everything else is under the crea section, which of course, you need to pay for. Apparently, free users (who still pay for the app in the way of viewing advertising for them) are not users at all and they do not matter for the company. Better give them every time a worse experience so they are forced to pay for a “decent” experience. Such a shame greediness is what is leading this company. As soon as a developer understands the needs of the LGTB community and comes up with a better app, it will be the end of Grindr. We just need someone brave enough to raise the bar for all this type of apps..Version: 8.14.0

Annoying adsA Lots of annoying ads that i will never ever use 🤨.Version: 7.12.1

Too much spamEvery day I get multiple taps from false accounts trying to get me to sign up to an East Europe dating app if you sign your visa / MasterCard will be compromise Interesting that it’s so bad here and not on other dating apps also so expensive way way.Version: 8.12.0

Fun policeDon’t do anything on Grindr. They’ll just ban you for breathing, probably. There’s no humanity on Grindr anymore, and instead of it being a social media app it’s just a policed space where everyone gets reported. Waste of time, go out to a bar instead. You may actually make a connection with someone real. You may even manage to avoid fake profiles and puff and play losers, too. Don’t bother trying to get customer support; Grindr seemingly cannot be bothered with it but they very quickly respond to reviews on the App Store. Curious. It’s as if they want money from subscribers without actually caring about users..Version: 8.13.0

Limits and Ad everywhereLimits on everything; albums received, fresh page, near by page, explore search Etc. The app is just passing you into subscription so they can make more money. It’s getting out of hand. Oh, and constant ads..Version: 8.14.0

New update neededI think you need to do another update because since the last update this app crashes. All pics disappear you have to tune off the app and restart. Unable to refresh yet again another restart. Showing guys on line and when you open up the profile it says off line, some have been offline for 20 mins. Come on Grindr sort it out. I have, in the past upgraded to xtra at £9.99 a month, now you are charging almost £40 a month for poor service and you don’t get much for your money. I thought £10 a month was expensive. Now another update which is restricting the amount of profiles you can see, unless you upgrade. When you go onto the fresh page, which has also been cut back to 12 profiles, and some of them have not been online for hours..Version: 8.14.0

Don’t expect fair treatment from support.Terrible support, full of demanding headless torsos, no concern for the safety of their users. I noticed that my app was taking me a website saying that my phone is hacked etc etc (it was not) I’d disregard and close the site, then after a month or so I get banned, nothing from support, I escalated and their answer was that due to privacy concerns the reason is private, then I was banned and that it was permanent. Nothing else..Version: 9.0.0

Worlds #1 app also Worlds #1 for expensive!Can be such a good app and may be the worlds #1 app for the community. The owners pricing of memberships is just ridiculously expensive and greedy! You would be pulling billions of dollars from users with paid membership that there's no reason pricing should be so expensive with the amount of users you have. If anything lowering your price would gain more members who can afford to pay for a membership. Nearly $60 AUD a month is just ridiculous. Considering the amount of glitches and faults the app has at best of times and the possible risk of being banned without warning from some haters in the community that desire to all report so you get banned when you haven't done anything. Risk losing that $60 with "no refund" stated and enforced in your T&Cs..Version: 9.9.3

Gotta love GI have used many apps for gay dating and although not a lot of dating to be had here but certainly can’t complain, I’ve met some really neat guys and I see some on a regular basis. My world has opened up since finding this app, however now I can’t open it as my device version is 12.5.5 and this requires 13.0 and although it tells me to download an earlier version, it won’t let me 🙄.Version: 8.11.0

Getting worse by the dayI used to like Grindr, I now really dislike it. I understand that companies need to make money somehow but the subscriptions are simply prohibitive and the most basic free features are getting replaced by super expensive upgrades. Did Grindr ever considered that many people simply cannot afford it? Not everyone lives in a city with gazillion of disposable income. The gay community is made of a very diverse group of people including artists , people on the fringe. This is the essence of the community and if an iconic brand such as Grindr doesn’t get it, I sincerely hope it will collapse at some stage with a big bang: you’re killing your brand. Greed and corporatism has taken over the social importance that the app used to have. And the kids-like apps advertising staying stuck on your screen for minutes simply drive me nuts. The least Grindr could do would be to replace most of those ads by community projects. Social consciousness not greed … that would be a much more palatable agenda..Version: 9.7.1

Don't Pay for a buggy appI've never paid for a dating app before. A couple months ago, I decided to give a few a try. While most of them have been great, paid grindr is actually worse than the free version. You consistently have to force close the app for some of the extra features to work (the recently viewed tab for instance). The paid version has a message search feature. This has never, ever worked. In fact, it's crashed the app every time I've ever tried to use it. I don't bother anymore. I recently opened the app and found that the interface had reverted to the free version, as if I had cancelled my subscription (I hadn't). This is the second time this has happened. The worst part? I've opened tickets about most of these issues. They've never fixed any of them after multiple app updates. They just tell you to force close the app, or delete and re-download it. Anyway, I'll be cancelling my subscription soon, and I wouldn't recommend the paid version to others. You're just paying for a buggy app where the free version is much more stable..Version: 7.2.0

Annoying bug with longer messages in recent updateSince updating recently there’s something going wrong with longer messages where it stops scrolling and you can’t see what your typing. Can’t scroll up or down after that happens or use the space bar (long press) to move around the text either. Otherwise the app is as good as ever..Version: 8.16.0

Money GrabWhilst I haven’t been a paid subscriber. Over the last couple of weeks they have phased out some very basic functionality aspects of the app. I understand you want to make money from some form of paid subscription, but don’t introduce basic features like taps and the ability to see who has viewed you, only to then put them behind a ridiculously priced monthly fee. Especially when some features don’t even work, I.E. I have been blocking people only to see them appear within a minute. I’ve used grindr for years, but I will be keeping an eye out for an alternative now because it’s slowly becoming unusable..Version: 8.20.0

Banned for no valid reasonI am very annoyed because My account was banned for no reason. I did not beach and rule out policy but still I was banned. I am very disappointed. I emailed the customer services but they did not reply. Please fix this issue ASAP. I was very happy with the app when out was working but then suddenly it stopped and when I opened it back again it said that I was banned…..Version: 7.18.0

Destroys your phoneI have an iPhone 13 and their latest updates have (like many others have already reported for WEEKS) destroyed my phone. Overheating, unresponsive screen and keyboard even after leaving the app, sometimes you need to restart your phone …. I already contacted their customer service. Not only are they unhelpful but they also ask for a recording of when the problem occurs, completely disregarding data privacy and the other numerous reviews highlighting these same issues. Same feedback regarding the ads, it’s obnoxious that you pretend to need THIS MANY ads -that force us to be redirected to a download page on the app store- to offer a (terrible) free service. Free? Yeah but it’s pretty bad. Location is often unreliable. You got rid of the ethnicity filter supposedly to support BLM but as an African man I can tell you this is very inconvenient as this filter allowed me to speak to people from my community and avoid racists …. Too many escorts, drug dealers/users (“hnh” still not banned but the word “massage” is … go figure), constant bots, people who take screenshots and then blackmail you (unlimited expiring pictures should be free like Scruff does) ... and y’all don’t care. You think your users should PAY to use your app SAFELY. Your pricing and 2 tier subscription system is abusive and a complete rip-off..Version: 7.22.1

It could be much betterToo many adverts Racism Ageism Blocked profiles re appear Scammers Money boys No authentic follow up App obviously only cares abt money Poor maintenance.Version: 8.2.0

Ban for lifeVery frustrated with this silly app. They ban people for life over nothing and I just can’t use it again. Why not do Facebook and ban little by little till you are doing weeks, months years depending how many issues you really cause. I’m very disappointed and will be tell everyone to watch out they ban for nothing..Version: 8.14.0

Garbage App - BannedAfter being user for five years, often on I decided to pay a full year subscription which expires March 2021, for no just cause a reason explain to me they just simply banned my account and my device. In order to reactivate I had to write a PhD explanation asking why I was banned. In the end there was no reply back from grindr, they have full control, you have no control. I wanted a credit but no credit was given. I hope grindr sinks into the abyss , along with his people..Version: 6.36.1

More ad than appEvery update brings more ads and no added function. every time a new feature is added it reduces the usability by just being another tab that can house ads. and the ads are evermore intrusive. NO ad should be able to open a separate app on my phone. also why do we need to see who has viewed us? just so we can reject people without ever having to interact? seriously tho. give all the advertisers their money back and strip grindr back to the way it was in the first few years. if you don't plan to improve it why spend money on “developing” it?.Version: 8.2.0

Some glitches stillSo the app continues to run in the background even once you close it, because of this guys get frustrated cos they think you’re ignoring them. Also having issues trying to mute the sound. Can turn iPad volume right down and disable sound but it still sends a noise..Version: 8.23.1

TerribleLiterally so pathetic I’ve been banned for the stupidest things and when I tried to make an appeal nobody has gotten back to me. Terrible reporting system and customer service I see.Version: 7.6.0

There's just no excuseThis app should be the pinnacle of dating apps. Unfortunately it's riddled with amateur bugs: notifications come after you've read the message, badge count is usually completely wrong and you have to open and close the app several times to get it to refresh, none of the video call features actually work. Also you might want to think about giving money to an app that sells your data to the Catholic church. Seriously. They have no ethics at all and they don't care about your privacy, they are only here to make a buck..Version: 9.12.0

Needs more safety featuresGrindr feels great for what it provides - instant connections, but I rarely feel safe on there. I don’t like that I have to pay in order to have my online status hidden. I get constantly harassed by people becasue I don’t reply to them and they can see that I’ve been online recently. I can block them, but people can also so easily make a new profile. On an off-topic note, I think with how frequently photos get shared between Grindr users I think the app could really benefit from adding a “paid album” feature where people could pay a small amount to gain access to someone’s private album.Version: 9.11.1

Full of bugsConsidering this is the most popular queer dating app, you’d think they’d have ironed out all these bugs by now. Can’t read messages even though I’m getting notifications that say I’ve received them. Drains the life out of your phone battery, customer support is useless/ almost non-existent, so if you’re having problems no one can help you. It crashes your phone, location tracking is often wildly inaccurate. The app is full of bots, scammers and shady characters. I guess Grindr’s popularity has allowed them to rest on their laurels. Why offset that sweet ad revenue by paying devs who know what they’re doing when there’s virtually no viable competition? Actually it really wouldn’t put much of a dent in their profits, they’re just greedy. Clearly there are enough rich guys who can fork out for the ludicrously priced premium package that they don’t have to worry about making the basic package even functional..Version: 9.4.0

Stay away if you want to keep your sanityThis app very much feeds, thrives and amplifies all the worst of the gay and broader LGBT community. Unless you’re cis, skinny, muscular and white be prepared for constant ridicule, insults and vitriol being thrown at you in the most unprovoked ways. And if you’re black, trans or are a member of a minority group in general be prepared for constant objectification. The people on the app not only makes you feel bad if you aren’t in one of those groups they also go out of their way to waste your time. Most people on there have zero clue what they actually want or just thrive off of making you annoyed. Not to mention the people who start arguments with you for simply pointing out their hypocrisy. Frankly what makes this app even worse is that it is the only solid place to meet anyone in the community. The people who run it are fully aware of this so the incentive to want to change dynamics on the app is non-existent. This app is trash, will always be trash and the fact it is just now part of the gay community is very sad..Version: 9.4.0

Cannot update iOSI use an old model iPhone for Grindr and I am unable to use it any more because I am forced to update to the latest version, which requires an iOS version that I cannot install on my old device. I really don’t think app developers should exclude people from using older devices if they wish to do so. It worked perfectly well on this device with the previous version but I am being forced to update to something that I simply cannot do without updating my entire device..Version: 8.16.0

To be honestApp works well to network. Except glitches can really kill an opportunity. Lost messages sometimes make the other person believe you are not interested- and vice versa. When a regular text comes in on iPhone- the app gets weird. I decline the text- but the app goes offline- and photos and msgs I have sent prior to message notification are lost. Sometimes when I block soneone/ the app gets frozen- I have to turn iPhone off to restart after a long wait- usually 5 minutes. If guys are going to rely on this app- it needs to work correctly. Pics and messages need to be sent and received. Otherwise- someone may become offended that you have not responded to their message- and block you. When I send error reports- when I get a notification- what happens? Do you use this ? Or is it a waste of my time.? Until grinder gets kinks worked out- guys will use several apps at once- and not trust this app. Also- location goes haywire on occasion. Someone who it says is close by- can be in reality be a thousand miles away. I use the app a lot. And wish you had customer service reps available when problems arise. Jg Un.Version: 7.12.1

Problematic since it’s inceptionGrindr Xtra has been problematic since it first came out. It doesn’t matter how many times you message them to fix something, it’s constantly buggy, things don’t get fixed. They upgrade the app without fixing the problems, and now they have a nerve to bombard you with messages and advertising to upgrade to their unlimited feature! Fix the one I’m paying for first before asking me to upgrade! Why would I pay more for a problematic app?! Seriously! You can’t even block people, so what’s the point having a block feature..Version: 8.20.0

Worst app on the App StoreI have used Grindr from the beginning, and this is truly the worst app I have ever used on the App Store. Last night my sleeping app crashed and I had to restart my phone and Grindr was the only app that stopped working. This is the 2nd time in about 2 weeks this has happened. No point to contacting support as they ignore or don’t follow up on the issues. Plus the ads are still awful and so many gambling ads! And they pop up after only one message sent. Can’t even back up chats and I keep loosing them. So many bugs.Version: 8.17.0

Poorly testedThis app used to work well, but with each subsequent release more defects are being introduced. The chat backup is another feature that doesn’t work.Version: 9.3.1

Ban and personal detailsI’ve recently received a ban - no idea why. There’s only one possible reason and that’s due to me creating a new profile. I’ve appealed the ban - TWICE. With a full explanation and reasonings. I’ve been on there for years (like over 13 years) and never had any problems. Now Grindr doesn’t reply and no one is telling me why. I completely understand they have rules and regulations but this is honestly obsurd. And the fact that no one or getting back to me is so frustrating. I’m now reading that my banned profile is still visible and all my pictures. How is this possible! It’s honestly causing so mco anxiety and the developer just isn’t getting back to me..Version: 9.1.1

It’s alrightMan grinder is alright if I do say myself but you can get banned for stupid reasons. I was recently banned and idk why. I’m 19 just chilling and talking to someone and I got the 2 year ban. I think grinder needs to work on that and how long the band are for. Me personally don’t like how fast you get banned. You don’t even get a warning.Version: 9.5.1

Going into 4th day without a working appApp crashed on Sunday, I contacted the team and have had no solution provided! They haven’t even bothered to wind it back to an older version of the app that at least opened! Incredibly disappointed by this. Shame it’s the main app that guys use otherwise I would have just moved on! Have had no updates from support team and the only response I get is they have no solution. Glad I don’t pay for this app! After this experience I likely never will pay for it! I hope they get their act together! This is just pathetic! App is constantly crashing, won’t open or load pictures. Keep losing chats. I hope someone else can develop a better app and we can leave this app to its death finally. Nothing but bad reviews lately and they do nothing to fix it..Version: 8.4.1

Being forced to download you latest version with bugs🐜 Why do you force us to download the latest Version of the app, yet it contains many bugs ! 🐜 Don’t you test it first!? While trying to view the cascade of profiles on the iPad version you get half way down the page to click on a profile, it starts to load, it then shows half of that profile but then it flicks right back to the first profile from the top of the list. 🐜 Its impossible to view individual profiles now besides starting at the top, swiping left to the next one and about 15-20 other ones to get of the one that you want to see, thus leaving tracks on profiles that don’t interest you. 🐜 The app is useless now on iPad, can’t click on profiles to start chat or even leave a tap. 😡😡😡 🐜 Your constant updates mess the app up more, bugs are your main priority these days, ever thought of supplying “Celebrity get me out of here” jungle version. 🐜 🐜 It’s always slow anyways, maybe a sloth could do better !.Version: 7.19.0

Getting worst each time.Sucks.Version: 8.12.0

They charge for everythingThese people have gotten so greedy over the years. They charge for people to see you, that was a deal breaker for me. Like people won’t see you unless you pay. Everyone here has a fake profile, been “catfished” many times. Really bad energy this app.Version: 8.12.0

Freezing!!The app is messing up with my phone! You guys have so many ads that slow the motion of your app… and that sucks to be honest; it’s to heavy! Fix it.Version: 7.20.1

This app belongs in the garbageMuch like my profile no one will probably read this review. The app has somehow become even more terrible. Ads that can no longer be skipped, hiding ALL features behind paid subscription. It won’t be long before the “free” version of the app isn’t free anymore, I’m already paying you with my time spent viewing ads and being force fed them in between chats. This most recent update reduced the number of profiles you can view with tags to 3! It used to be 9 which was, barely, tolerable, but now they limited it to force you to sub for xtra (added bonus if you block those 3 profiles, it doesn’t load additional profiles anymore). I already use scruff primarily since at least it’s free version isn’t hot dumpster fodder like Grindr, but come on, you guys innovated this, your app was novel for so long, but you caved to greed and are trying to monetize every square pixel. Your business model is trash, and isn’t helping the community like you may think it is, you’re just taking advantage of an already marginalized group, the last thing we need is our own kind fleecing us..Version: 9.7.1

Very badChat is not backing up anymore. Says I don’t have space on my iCloud, but I have..Version: 8.9.0

Unknown block limit for free users put me in danger.I had a guy come to my house because he followed my distance using the app. I wasn’t aware of this because to my knowledge I already blocked him after he said he would “find me” when I told him I couldn’t meet him. Lo and behold, I open the app and I see his profile is at the very top of the grid because he was 3 feet away from me!! I had to call the cops, thank goodness I had friends over that day. A block limit on an app that uses tracking info is very stupid and not letting us know the limit is just an outright stupid decision, I’m sorry but there is no other way to put it. This app is a should be removed from all platforms..Version: 9.3.1

MenI love the man.Version: 9.14.0

App causes my phone to crashUsed to be fine, but since late April the app crashes my phone on a regular basis. It is usually after going onto someone’s profile, after which my phone shuts down and I must restart. Upon restarting, I can then no longer access the app entirely as it crashes after a few seconds of loading. I have had to uninstall and re-download 4 times now and as a result I have lost all my chats. There is cloud backup but I doubt many people on there would want to use that feature, myself included, due to privacy and data concerns. I will no longer be using this app until the crashing issues get resolved..Version: 8.8.0

Changes didn’t work properlyI would love to give a good review but currently the interface forces you to the first person on the list rather than the one you “clicked” on which can then mean scrolling through 20-30 profiles just to get to the person you want to message. Until this is fixed I can’t give it a good review as it is a major flaw..Version: 7.20.0

Banned for no reasonI’ve always heard of this app on one big platform just as TikTok never considered getting it cause it didn’t seem real and every video I came across seem like bait This year I’ve lost hope in finding something real but I went through many apps and I was like hey why not install this one so I did. It had me at first make account post a couple pictures boom paid features but I ain’t let that get in the way I still proceeded to use the free side of the app to find people the texts were flowing through I responded to some and others I ain’t feel as comfortable responding to cause off the rip “ let’s meet” all this big sexual gestures but no greetings such as “hey” “how are you” one day outta this week I go into the app and it’s say I’ve been banned for violating the community guidelines which I am so confused to why I did I even searched multiple videos to see what could I’ve possibly do no harassment no slander no discrimination what so ever everyone that swiped up I either responded or kept it pushing if I didn’t feel right bout how the chat started I’ve tried to make a new account day by day and it’s banning them before I could even put a picture up and I’m confused as to what could l possibly cause all of this cause at this point I’m over the whole online find a mate,friend ,lover stuff cause this experience is by far the worse and I refuse to ever experience this again.Version: 9.8.1

Grindr Boost?None stop offers to boost. It’s annoying..Version: 9.5.0

GarbageWorks until you actually want it to, then it refuses to refresh for no reason whatsoever. This app doesn’t even come close to rewarding enough to put up with constant pics or being asked for pics. Avoid like the coronavirus..Version: 7.7.0

The new grindr is frankly confusingGone are the days of simply swiping left to sort by filter. Now there are three separate lines of options on the main page (Profile, "Seen by", Filters; secondly Nearby, Fresh guys, Explore; and finally, Starred, Browse, Chat, Xtra) muddling things and making it a mess of an app. Throw in the spambots still trying to get you to visit links outside of the app, and the lack of action from reporting certain profiles that should not be on the app, and yeah, three stars is generous actually..Version: 7.7.0

Your Ban Appeal Process is FlawedLet’s start off with looking at history first. After reading 3 or so reviews on how people have been banned and had to claw just to get their accounts unbanned, I can safely inference that you guys don’t take your unbanning process seriously. The whole “we need to protect our users” is a pretty cheap line when your base function for detecting and locating users to user in FEET. For me, I’ve had to try and figure out with much confusion and barely any real support from your support on how to deal with the issue of my ban or even why I was banned. I put out an appeal trying to understand what by-law or guideline I broke but got no answer. Having worked in customer service that’s a huge deduction from me. While giving you guys time, patience, understanding, availability, flexibility, information you simply did not take me seriously. To those seeking either dating, hookups, or friends in the LGBTQIA+ community. Do not download this app. These people do not care for you, nor do the users. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!.Version: 9.8.1

Was greatGreat app but more and more functions getting taken off free app and too expensive for top subscription.Version: 8.21.0

Intrusive AdvertisingAdvertising to keep an app subscription free is understandable, however Grindr takes advertising to the next level. Grindr harasses its free members to get a paid subscription by bombarding them with ads in the midst of replying or viewing a message. I’m convinced that the ads are not meant to be relevant to most end users, but rather to annoy them into a paid subscription. The other thing that Grindr does to its unpaid members that it does not do to its paid members, is that it purposely limits the amount of people you can view who are online and in your proximity and rather shows you people who are offline and further away. The latest app update also brought with it a glitch that shows users to be within a few thousand feet from you when in reality they are a few miles away. I’m not an IT person, however I wonder if those issues are related..Version: 7.17.2

A basic review.As an 18 year old, this app can be filtered by age, body type, and much more. Throughout my experience, this is not a dating app. I’ve had numerous accounts say they’d love to 🔩 me in my house, car, etc. I’ve had to delete my profile lots of times because of these issues. I’ve also had to move to Tinder because other guys are horny for younger guys. In extreme measures, I have had to involve the police due to a person that stalked me, threatened me and would do bodily harm towards me. I always feel like an object when I use the app. Just because of my body, face, and the clothing I wear. If the app had a verified badge by the name (like Tinder does), the app would be safer to know who you are meeting with. I also fear for my safety as the men on this app are really disgusting. As a person still trying to find my sexuality, this is not an app to download if you want to date. I’d highly recommend Tinder. Overall, not a dating app. It is unsafe. At least for me..Version: 8.2.0

Full of spammersHorrible! Abide by every rule. Never done anything except be nice. And get banned right after telling a ‘sugar daddy’ who wants to do some bitcoin favours that I reported him to crime stoppers. This app is full of human traffickers and spammers. You get reprimanded for standing up to both..Version: 6.36.1

Great gay social networking app!I love your app and have been using it since the first day you launched your product. It has great features and I have made a lot friends using it. Mostly hook ups but some of them turned into long life friends! Your recent update made your app less desirable to use. Limiting only to 9 profile on the grid instead of maybe were 30 profiles or so. Also limiting the view me features as in undiscoverable, or can’t find your location when I am found, and also the favorites cannot be viewed now. Which makes it useless if I add more favorite profiles to my free account. Use red who have been using this app since the beginning what made your app successful, and now we are rejects… very limited. Also you make it impossible to subscribe, it’s very expensive. When I subscribed for a year I thought I was getting all those great features you advertise, but when paying I got limited features and not full features unless I pay double the price for your subscription. It’s very disappointing..Version: 9.7.1

Money grabTerrible app. Constantly putting features behind their ridiculously expensive paywall. Unstable and always crashes. Greedy company isolating their large user base..Version: 8.19.1

From bad to worseI’ve had Grindr on and off for years but, after recent updates, it’s become unusable and I’m looking for an alternative. The worst problem is, as others have said, the app causes my phone to stop working. The touchscreen, and sometimes home button, becomes unresponsive. If I can’t close the app, I have to restart my phone. An app this unstable really shouldn’t be in the App Store. Adds are the other issue. Using the free app, I expect adds. Over the years adds on Grindr have sometimes been barely noticeable and sometimes a pain in the **** but they’ve never been as frequent and intrusive as now. Not only do adds always seem to pop up at the worst moment, such as when responding to a tap or message, but they’re timed and then force you to go to a download page. And that’s the ones that work. There are some I can only get rid of by closing Grindr. Grindr is, surely, still the market leader in dating/hook up apps. Yet it seems determined to lose this position. It’s like it knows its days are numbered and is trying to grab as much money as possible before the shutters come down. I can’t see any other reason for making the free app so unappealing while hiking the prices of the paid for versions..Version: 7.22.1

Excessive data accessWith Apple’s new detail on what data each app is using has brought about a necessary light being shone on every app and as a result, it makes me question why they need access to soooooo much. Why do they need access to my health and fitness data (it doesn’t pull that data into the app and doesn’t write any health and fitness data to my phone)?! Why does it need access to my emails and text messages for app functionality? It has nothing to do with it! Why does it need access to my search history (outside of Grindr)? None of this is needed for the app to work... really makes me question how much data they have access to and whether I should continue using it. I’m an Unlimited member and I can not see any reason for any of this. Think they need to explain/justify this!.Version: 6.37.0

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