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Translate Voice - Language Translator & Dictionary App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Translate Voice - Language Translator & Dictionary app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Translate Voice - Language Translator & Dictionary? Can you share your negative thoughts about translate voice - language translator & dictionary?

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Translate Voice - Language Translator & Dictionary for Negative User Reviews

Not voice?Thought this was a voice translator. Apparently not. I requested clarification and a refund if it was not a voice translator. So far no response. Probably good for what it does, but I need a non-subscription voice translator..Version: 3.5.0

App doesn’t work anymoreThe app gets stuck while translating now..Version: 3.5.0

MrThis is worse & expensive app which is so slow . Speaker doesn't work . Cannot translate speaking voice . Waste of money . Never buy.Version: 3.1.0

Don't waste your money !!This app comes as a freebie and the full version...which supposedly allows you to listen to the translation... Its a computer generated voice that reads phonetically and does not sound real and some of the languages 'especially Arabic is Classical Arabic not Local dialect' and this is The most old fashioned way of speaking Arabic you will get laughed at !! This app is a joke and so not worth a penny better stick to the freebie !.Version: 1.9

Only 300 characters can be translated at a time300 characters is not a lot. Maybe one or two sentences at the most and I just keep getting the same error message no matter what words I try to translate in Latin. Says "Sorry we are unable to translate your request. Please rephrase and try again...".Version: 2.0.0

A bit limitedThis is great for French, Spanish, Italian etc, though my French friend told me the translations are a bit grammatically strange! It doesn't however help much with Polish or Albanian, which is a shame as I wanted to communicate better with our Polish & Albanian staff.! A good basic holiday tool.... But don't rely on it for any vaguely exotic language..Version: 1.9.3808

ReviewNeed.Version: 1.9.1

MrVery very good helped me in more ways than one being able to hear some of the languages was great I was able to pronounce the words in the correct way 10 out of 10 !.Version: 1.9.3808

Bit moreWhen i translate from english to thai , app can not find the words manytime, its come up with error.Version: 3.0.1

So far so...okayI haven't used the app for long yet, but I have purchased the Pro version and I'm experiencing a disappointment or two. iTranslate does some things better, like displaying the phonetic spelling below the target language spelling instead of making you tap a button to reveal the phonetic spelling. When there are multiple words in the target language for the word entered in the source language, I wish this app would display them all (it doesn't). I'm studying Russian, and when I use this app I'm often looking for the spelling of the target word rather than just any word with the meaning of the English word I entered. The translation of "hello" that this app provides (Привет) is not the one I was looking for (Здравствуйте). The one phonetic spelling I've looked at so far (for Привет) is lacking as well: the phonetic spelling given for this word is "Privet", while the actual pronunciation of this word would be much better represented by "Preevyet" (or maybe "Prreevyet", to illustrate the rolling 'r' sound). Fortunately for me, Russian is a phonetic language, so once I've learned the sounds of all the letters I shouldn't need this app's phonetic spellings anymore. It's also a little annoying that tapping the 'x' button to delete the text I've entered in the source language field often doesn't do that, but rather leaves the text where it is and only causes the cursor to jump to the beginning of it. Fortunately when this happens, a second tap actually deletes the text. These complaints aside, I think I'm pretty happy with the app so far. I'll come back and update my review when I have more experience with it..Version: 3.5.0

Garbage!!! App doesn’t work at all!I want my money back!! Total rip off, app doesn’t do anything!!! Save your money!! Hope Apple takes this off the App Store!!.Version: 3.5.0

Freezes OftenSoftware freezes during searches far to often for prime time release..Version: 3.5.0

This is actually....supposed to be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but I hope this gets attention. This may be silly but the logo is too busy I always pass it when I'm looking to translate a word. This is probably the best app but I always go to the one that looks similar to this 🌐 May be it's too much wording? 💬 <- Please feel free to delete this post because... I do believe this is the best app; it's simple to use, *fast* -great when you're texting- and the fact that it let's you pick the country is so great, because lets face it, there are words that may only be used in that particular country..Version: 3.5.0

Up the creakDoesn't work. It worked a bit but now it says connection error. I deleted re-installed and still same problem. Reset my phone still doesn't work..Version: 1.9.3808

Not badNice interface..straightforward to's pitty about these type if applications that 90% of them you need internet connection..but if your going use these types of applications abroad 9 times out 10 you don't have it or unwilling to use becuase the's time developers just bite the bullet and make a full application which is local on iPhone/iPod and be damned about the size of it..I prefer to have a large application size than a large phone bill !!!.Version: 0

Pro version is rubbish. Free version is brillThe free version is brilliant and even translates Arabic into Arabic writing. I thought I would like to hear it too so bought the full pro version. Wish I hadn't bothered. No sound emanates from my iPhone even on max volume and Arabic translates into gobledegook English not Arabic symbols like the free version. Wish I hadn't bothered paying and stuck with free version. Disappointed. Have now reverted to free version and consigned paid for version to the app dump!.Version: 1.9

Hate it!Totally waste ur money!!! this is completely useless..Version: 0

Just okRelies on Internet, so pretty much useless abroad unless your prepared to pay excessive overseas data charges. Would be nice to have a local translation database. The translate button needs to be moved as soon as you press it the clear button is in the same position on the next screen. because its not the quickest app you end up pressing it twice thinking you haven't pressed it right but it ends up clearing your words on the next page. Very annoying typing it again and I'm on a iPhone 5 / 100mb circuit so a issue from users environment. Still not a bad app but sure there's better out there..Version: 1.9.3722

UselessPaid good money. No instructions. On paye. Pas de mode d'emploi..Version: 3.5.0

Ethiopian language ?So where is the Ethiopian language ??? No matter what state you go into , whether it’s Washington DC in Washington state of Washington or Las Vegas Nevada you have all these Ethiopian taxi drivers and Ethiopian employees running around and nobody can talk to them because there’s no translator, so my question is why do you guys not have Ethiopian language in the translators... It is not your app alone that is lacking that particular language Google is doing the same thing so what’s up with that other than that the application works quite well.Version: 3.5.0

Poor support!!Good app but I have no speech so I bought the pro thinking it would then be ok, but still no speech so I email support Twice but to date no answer at all. App are only as good as their support - in this case none existent..Version: 1.9

Not same as above translationI purchased this so that I could get voice for the Chinese translation. Shows on the above demo but actually it doesn't have it! Just voice on the English and I don't need that..Version: 1.9

Okay but....The Hebrew to English transliteration is absolutely useless. The translator itself is okay.Version: 1.9

Doesn't work, no response from developersPurchased this for a 2 week trip to Noumea and was really excited to be able to get an app where I could hear the translation. Very disappointed to learn the the audio is not working. Contacted the developers 4 times and 3 weeks later still no response from them. Don't waste your money!.Version: 3.2.0

Very-unhappy-shopperThe app simply doesn't work! I've clearly been robbed!.Version: 2.1.0

For the monmentThe jury is out. I’ve had it for a very short while. once I have used it for a bit longer I’ll reappraise it.Version: 3.5.0

Traduit rien depuis la mise a jourNul.Version: 2.1.0

Hard to understandThe playback is hard to understand and some words are not pronounced properly - too robot like. It’s better to have voice record like some other apps..Version: 1.9.3808

Rip offDoes not voice translate In all languages I had the free app then decided to pay the 8.99 for the pro. The realised no voice translation for the language I wanted. So new paid app just the same as free one except I am 8.99 down. Feels like a rip off it should be made clear not all languages have voice translation before you pay and clearly show what do and don’t..Version: 3.5.0

Can’t get it to workUnfortunately nothing works on my app. Doesn’t translate sentences and the voice option doesn’t work. I’m bummed..Version: 3.5.0

Sweet!This is a great app. But i purchased it so I would have it for overseas but now I can't use it because it needs to be hooked up to the wifi. So a great app but useless for travel..Version: 1.9

Language translatorVery good app needed this so I can learn to understand the polish workers where I work would like it more if it had voice translation so if they speak it would translate as well only drawback is that you have to download the responses etc but good app.Version: 1.9

Not impressedThe description says that the pro has audio for the translation. I paid over $10 to find out that it only does audio for a select few languages. Not impressed. Just wasted my money!.Version: 3.0.1

Speaker doesn’t work properlyPlease don’t buy this or you will be totally disappointed by the speaker ! It won’t stop once you start it..Version: 3.5.0

What a rip!!Do not pay the extra as it only has voice for a few languages, I'll be asking for my money back as it didn't explain this very well..!!.Version: 1.9.3808

Very easy to use but to expensive.Simple to use and great range of language but AU$15 is about twice as much as it should be to unlock a few basic extra features like the speaking of translations.Version: 3.1.0

Awful JapaneseI felt very compelled to write a review to warn anyone buying this for the Japanese. I speak a relatively good level of Japanese and thought this might help with some of the more difficult translations. However, I tested it with 5 simple sentences and it got 3 totally wrong. Not only did they make no sense whatsoever, when I turned on the 'transliteration' it had the WRONG reading for the kanji. I later discovered it was not just the wrong reading, but not even a reading at all. I feel cheated out of my money, even Google translate does a better job. I cannot speak for other languages but for Japanese it is appauling. I know there is the option to submit a better translation, but that's not why I bought the app. I will be emailing the dev to explain what I've found so that they can hopefully work on it. Till then please avoid for Japanese..Version: 0

Not good enoughIf I knew before what I know now I would have not purchased this app as it is definitely not worth £2.99. I can't believe hardly any of the languages have a voice. And why on earth are translations to languages who have there own alphabet like Russian and Persian written with the Latin alphabet. Lots of improvements are needed..Version: 1.9.3808

What a shameWell it would be fantastic if you was in a country lane in another country and you were lost or needed something, but if you have no internet connection you have no chance of using this translator, great idear but need's to be without the need for an internet connection then it would be fantastic and I would pay a lot of money if this became available.Version: 0

AudioVoices on the audios sound distorted--like they are intoxicated. I wish I hadn't paid money for this app. What a disappointment!.Version: 3.5.0

Russian rubbishCan not translate English to Russian and when you try to read the Russian it's a mixture of polish and gobledeegook. My wife is Russian and she can't understand any of the so called translations. The app. is a good idea but this is utterly useless for some languages. Very disappointing. I havn't tried japanese yet, I'm afraid of what I'll get back..Version: 1.9

Almost there but not quite.This app is one of the better Farsi English translation apps but there are some improvements that can be made especially in the transliteration. Farsi does not include short vowels but in English we do write them. It would help to have the English vowels translated instead of just dropping them. For single word look up for verbs, it would be great to have them conjugated across the various tenses as well as audio pronunciation and example word usage and or meanings for ambiguous words..Version: 1.9

LanguageNot bad at all some unnamed apps charge for each extra for eachlanguage . Still its a good diction ref aid cannot remember how much i paid tho is definetlt worth a few pound its a real pity the phone-et-ic-all sillable sounds arnt displayed as well youll need these if you cant hear whats being spoken especially symbolic languages like mandarin arabic et al..Version: 1.9.2

MisunderstoodCan I just have my money back please, I somehow understood that I could translate voice to text... But it's not the case unless I want it from a foreign language into English,,,I just wanted voice to text English to English...useless and disappointed. Myway.Version: 1.9.3808

DO NOT GET THIS APPComplete garbage do not buy this app did not download properly and you cant use voice to get a translation!.Version: 1.9.2

Don't waste your money for Asian languagesThis is useless for all Asian languages! The transliterations are horrible and the audio is only available for a few European languages..Version: 0

Arabic Rubbish!Either they got bored or had no clue. But they have one language for all the countries speaking Arabic. I was under the assumption that the type of Arabic spoken depends on the country your from etc. When I googled simple words like 'goodbye' in egyptian Arabic I got a completely different translation to what's on this app. It was the same for a lot of other words. So stay clear if you want this app for Arabic..Version: 0

Slow downHaving the option to hear the translation is great, but it's said so fast it's hard to understand. Having an option where you can select a word out of the sentence and hear just the one word would be great, that way you could hear a difficult word again and again so you can learn how to properly pronounce it. Learning languages would then be easier to understand and speak..Version: 1.9.2

English OK - French... so, soSpeaking very clearly in French “Je m’appel Edward” the transcription, repeatedly, and no matter how slowly and accurately I said it, was “Jewer m’appel Edwardh”. Speaking English to the app seems fine - would be great if I could test my usage of other languages as I learn though..Version: 3.5.0

Please add audio features to tagalog and offline use, I’d greatly appreciate it!!!!Hello! I’ve been using MyLanguagePro for a few years now and I initially purchased it because I wanted the audio and offline features, but after I purchased the pro version, I realized it was not available for tagalog. I’ve given it time because I know you must still be working on developing the app and making all it’s features available for the listed languages, but I just want to make it known that me and all of my tagalog learning friends are looking forward to these features. Especially the audio!.Version: 3.5.0

Language transliteration to English is uselessSimple to use but language transliteration from Hebrew is useless ex. hwʼ ʻẕwb wʼny şmẖ the same phrase transliteration for another translator app is hu 'atsuv vaani samakh making it possible to learn how to properly pronounce the words..Version: 3.5.0

Not working for Persian language!I want my money back!.Version: 3.5.0

No soundI downloaded this app to my iPad but do not have any sound. I have asked them the question via contact us but no reply. iPad is fine with other translation progs. Any suggestions?.Version: 1.9

Once you have Tagalog…As spoken I will give you five stars..Version: 3.5.0

DictionaryI cannot get this app to translate anything. I type in a word & nothing happens....Version: 3.5.0

SoundCannot get sound!!!.Version: 3.0.1

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