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TOO MANY ADSI don’t really write reviews for apps ever. I used to love this app and still use it occasionally but these ads are getting way too out of hand. I understand that the app has to make money but it seems like they are intentionally throwing ads almost every other song just to get you to buy SoundCloud plus or whatever the paid version is called. And it’s not like they are short ads either. It’s every other song a 30 second ad. I have started just closing the app out and reopening it and going back to the same song in half the time it would take for these repetitive ads to be done. I do not think that this deserves one star. I put it there in hopes that someone will see it and make a change. 2 years ago I would have given this app 5 stars but now with the amount of ads I would not truthfully give it more than 3 stars. Update: it’s getting worse. I am having ads stop music in the middle of 3 or 4 minute songs. This is not okay. Later Update: ¿ALL MY ADS ARE IN SPANISH?.Version: 5.80.0

Tragic10 years ago Soundcloud had so much promise but year by year it goes downhill. Much like the web browser, it’s full of bugs, crashes constantly, and an awful UI..Version: 5.92.1

LameRuined the app with all the ads..Version: 5.110.1

Only big problemWish the playlist limit was higher :/.Version: 5.113.0

Complete CrapWe can’t record on the app anymore????.Version: 5.110.1

The Covid-19 ads are too excessiveWe get it, there’s a pandemic. Now let us listen to our music in peace... I don’t need to hear an add every 4 songs.Version: 5.92.1

Good app, if you have money to spend on itI can’t afford premium therefore using the free version and fair enough I know that the free version has a few adverts in between songs but they really do overplay them. I don’t know about everyone else but I listen to music when I’m at my highest and lowest points, I use it to listen to when I’m trying to block out things that are dragging me down, and let’s just say the averts ruin everything. And it seems to be when your at your worst and plays extra adverts. It’s easier to shut the whole app down and reopen it rather than wait for the stupid advert to be done with..Version: 5.105.0

Lots of minor/medium problemsSoundCloud is fine. I like that it’s free. There are some songs, like Elise by The Greeting Committee, that used to be free but now require a premium for you to listen to. I’d prefer if more were free, but beggars can’t be choosers. Anyways, I don’t even know if that decision is up to SoundCloud or the individual creators. There are some more glaring problems, though. For one, when I try to scroll down quickly, the app gets really laggy, shows me one frame a second, and scrolls down incredibly slow. It’s infuriating when I’m trying to go low down in my likes songs. Another issue is finding when a song was posted or looking at its description. Both of these are impossible on the SoundCloud app. It seems that the developers only care about the computer version of SoundCloud, when it is much, much better as a mobile app. I have no clue why you would focus on the computer more. It’s not like I can carry a computer in my pocket while it’s connected to headphones or anything. Also, when someone replies to one of my comments I’d like to be notified. This one is just a small suggestion. I usually like the app, but it needs major, major polishing. Please update it!.Version: 5.93.1

Go+This app has turned into a joke for free users I have been using SoundCloud for 3 years for free and nearly every song in my 500 song playlist has became “Go+”. There is no point in me using the app anymore because I can’t listen to anything. And this is the second time it’s happened to me.Version: 5.99.0

Garbage applicationAfter a few days of listening to music it makes every single song go plus and show only previews of the songs. Not only is SoundCloud go plus an overpriced membership there are two different types of memberships that are pretty much useless unless you want to listen offline. There are many other music application memberships that offer more features for less money that $13.99 a mont.Version: 5.104.0

Good app but deeply frustrating at timesGood app but extremely confused as to why it keeps automatically removing songs from my playlist when I know that they are there beforehand. Very, very frustrating having to go back constantly and re-like songs like 5 or 6 times when it should just stay there in the first place.Version: 5.63.0

Further and further downhill.App continually keeps freezing, reposts duplicating on my profile when I’m scrolling through all my reposts, songs disappearing, it’s just not good enough. This would all be bad enough if the full streaming experience was free!! The fact I pay for soundcloud PLUS and soundcloud PRO and all this nonsense still persists is joke. Not only are these constant bugs a problem, soundcloud have decreased the streaming quality significantly, so all us users that pay with our hard earned money are no longer getting what we pay for, not even close. The design and concept of the app is without a doubt the best on the market and has opened up the world of music for me like nothing else could. However all this is worthless if the app itself can’t function. Please please get these problems fixed ASAP..Version: 5.22.0

UpdateIt now requires an iOS update that is not available on my phone 😀 so it just doesn’t work anymore and I won’t get the update, Gotta love life rn.Version: 5.113.0

Put the actual songs by the actual singersSoundcloud is a good app but the thing is that not all songs are there, they are either sung by random people *please stop that it’s annoying* or the songs are either fast or slow motion can you just put the original song by the original singer / rapper 🤦🏻‍♀️ Like for example thank you next I can’t find the whole song sung by her it’s sung by other people which is annoying Thank you.Version: 5.44.1

About appApps horrible because when you like a song and you can’t play it keeps giving you a try again prompt not only that when you try to unlike it just glitches out and keeps liking it back after the amount of times you unlike it.Version: 5.125.0

Pick your poisonIt deserves 5 stars but i can’t help but remember the days with no ads and no premium service, everything jus listening, it would be really nice if you cut one of these things or at least chill out on the ads. Like maybe not right after the first song i play EVERY TIME!! it highly discourages me from using and i switch to apple music very quickly afterwards. By including a paid subscription and ads you’ve basically given apple the advantage as it’s pre downloaded on my phone and actually has all fully mastered music. I really want to see this app thrive but i think the money your making w ads and subscription is holding that back. 100% understand that you’ve probably ran those numbers thousands of times, but i truly think your fan base would explode to even greater numbers if you were to cut at least some ads, there’s just too much in the way of freely scrolling. However I have hope and rooting for you !!.Version: 5.113.0

Please fix bug where online link doesn’t take you to appHi there, I regularly share Soundcloud links of artists on a music publication website and while I love Soundcloud I find it EXTREMELY puzzling that there is a bug where an embedded link either on a website or even though social media shares (Instagram stores for example) do not take you to the app. It either takes you to the App Store (even when you already have the app downloaded) or you just have to listen on your browser not signed in. Therefore the only way to listen to an uploaded link is to search the title within the app. Please fix this! Thank you.Version: 5.93.1

It’s amazing but...As a long time user of SoundCloud I always been a fan and was my favorite music platform to use as it provided mostly all music and underground for free. But recently I have came into a glitch or bug were nearly my entire playlist is now “SoundCloud Go+” when they never were before. It saddens me because I tried to look for help for this glitch but the support and help system seems to be almost non-existent because I cannot post on the help center and when other people posted about the problem SoundCloud themselves said “their engineers are working hard to fix this problem and keep us updated” that comment was posted nearly 6 months ago and nothing has come of it and no word or anything I could find to fix this issue. So overall, it’s a great platform until you run into problems or glitches and from there you’re kinda on your own as the support system is close to useless..Version: 5.85.0

Won’t workYou new update has made it mandatory to use an iOS 13 to use it and with an old phone and a minimum wage job I can’t use it anymore.Version: 5.113.0

One Big DislikeSoundCloud I hope your reading this. The one thing that is keeping me from uploading more tracks and being able to see all the people who has liked or listened to my tracks like I used to is SoundCloud Go. I know you guys are probably losing money and your money thirsty but it doesn’t mean you have to have all these aspiring music producers pay monthly just to upload more tracks or view all the likes or listeners, just have people pay monthly to stream exclusive music and nothing else. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with me on this but for a somewhat broke producer who’s paying monthly for other subscriptions, I just don’t have enough money to pay for SoundCloud Go, just to upload more tracks and other stuff I mentioned earlier. I hope you guys understand and wish to fix this problem that me and probably a few others are going through. Now, all you guys have done is rearrange some icons and make the app look somewhat cool, but you guys haven’t added anything new yet to the app which means I’m still very very disappointed. After every update this platform has made, it keeps getting worse..Version: 5.29.0

🤦🏻‍♀️This is horrible! I payed for offline listening and I haven’t gotten it! I want my money back, it’s been over 2 weeks already!! This is so outrageous.Version: 5.68.0

Erm plz readI only give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️(3 stars) because as everyone says nothing is perfect I have loved this but the only issue I have is that when I go to listen to music offline it plays robin Schulz ok (love this song😸) but I go to play country roads remix and at 18 seconds the song stops and doesn't play anything else and all the other songs are the same only robin Schulz ok song will actually play for me and nothing else will plz fix this I like a lot more song than 1 and I would like to go for a walk with out just hearing the same song being repeated cuz u have no money on ur fone to have 3G to listen online so yeah fox this thx Much appreciated Xx.Version: 5.12.0

Good app but one bug that they still haven’t fixedLove the app and the website, but when ever I try open a SC link from Facebook or any other platform like that, it will open the SC app but won’t load the song. It won’t even have anything to do with what I clicked loaded up, it will just have what ever was on the app when I was on it last. Very frustrating and hope that gets fixed..Version: 5.37.0

Why?...I don’t really understand why you have made everything so restricting on your app, why can you not delete accounts on the mobile app and you can literally not edit anything I’ve looked everywhere to try and delete my old account or change the name of it atleast. I also don’t understand why you can not remove old music. And if you can do all this and I just haven’t found it then I have another question why have you made it sooo hard to find all these things I’ve checked the Internet Version of this and it’s even worse, don’t get me wrong the songs are good and the whole reputation of soundcloud is decent, but I don’t see why you have brought this application onto a mobile platform if you can LITERALLY not do anything. there is just no need for all the tedious little things but yeh..Version: 5.43.0

Buggy and way too many adsWhen I started using the app years ago, there were ads, but not so many that they drive you up the wall. Now, it seems like you get a 30 second ad every 3 songs; it’s crazy. Then there’re the bugs, which make it take forever to change song when swiping. I’ve been wanting to change music platform for nearly 2 years, but I have way too many songs at this point. Perhaps one day....Version: 5.40.0

Too many ads30 second long video ads are a step too far. I've deleted this app..Version: 5.105.0

Why aren't you fixing this application's problems?This normally never happens before but latest versions of this app just made SoundCloud frustrating. Major issue is how this application refuses to load up a song at times, even if you restart the app and have stable internet connection, it may not load up the song as if it's having trouble connecting to the server. Minor issue is how the song abruptly ends or skip to the next song when it reaches like the last two seconds of the current song. This never happened half a year ago and it seems like they're not sorting this issue out ever since I have to reinstall this app. It's annoying and it needs to be fixed. I'm giving this application two stars because while it may be usable, it has issues and the tablet/iPad version is inferior to the mobile/iPhone version because we don't have the option to see the song's description and comments, let alone write our own comments..Version: 5.13.1

Please fix this!Sorry for complaining, but... There is this bug with iOS 11 where whenever music is playing and you change to another app, the music stops playing and the track just starts speeding up really quickly without any noise or anything. So the music stopped while the track was also speeding up so fast my SoundCloud keeps going to the next song. It’s really frustrating for when I’m trying to listen to music while drawing on digital art, so please, could you try and fix this? Thanks, and once again, sorry...Version: 5.13.1

Can’t play songs offline on iPhone anymore?I have always enjoyed using SoundCloud. It’s convenient to use when I’m offline but since the new update on the app I can’t play any songs offline anymore. Please fix this!.Version: 5.44.0

Slow Connections BufferingThis used to be good for continuous streaming of favourite and new DJ 's & other artists - but lately it has trouble connecting - not to the frequent unwanted ads though - they push through intrusively LOUD & unwanted = ANNOYED. - seems each 'app update ' is just so they can allow more allocations for these apps - not improving the streamlining on content flow - the app was initially created for ( I presume - so I'm no longer updating for fear of having more brainwashing ads annoying me ) YES -I know there is an ad free option , but not everyone can afford this.Version: 5.54.1

No impressed with sound cloud 0 stars if u couldThis app is really not good I would rate it no stars if I could. someone should have got in-contact with me when I need the payments to stop and no one would help and I had to end up deleting my account on it so I’m hoping that payments may stop now but I’m not even sure and if they are still going through I’m not going to at all be impressed I’m not happy at all with this app and I would not recommend it to anyone so honestly i think that the people working this app need to start helping us all out on it when the customers need it but I hope that you working on this app will actually get it in order and make it more easy to use because this app was not simple and horrible I don’t recommend this and that’s is why I would put 0 stars if I could. What a disgrace of an app!.Version: 5.100.0

Needs to be improved not changedWould be good to be able to slide to a specific time of a track more accurately when playing tracks with a long runtime. Also, the new button locations from the music player screen is a hinderance and against the natural flow of things, just put the minimise button back at the bottom of the screen where the rest of the buttons are.Version: 5.17.0

Desktop app is great - mobile app not so greatI can’t believe that as of 2020 Soundcloud only just added the ability to view INSIGHTS through the iOS app. The mobile app is great for easy quick accessibility, which is what people want. But we have also been begging Soundcloud to add the ability to message through the mobile app. Personally as an artist this is putting me off use of Soundcloud, and I may start opting for other streaming platforms. Great app overall, really in need of faster improvement though..Version: 5.102.0

Thinking of switchingHave loved SoundCloud and used it for years, but the latest update demands I have IOS 12... I just want to listen to music. Now I have to go back up my ph and make space for IOS update. This Inconvenience is making me look at other apps. Why create friction for their users? This is just as much apples fault. Thinking to change phones too so I’m not extorted by Apple all the time..Version: 5.102.0

So slowA once great app that is still slowly dying along drawn out death. Still has great content t but the app is poorly designed, incredibly slow to open and seems to reset itself everytime it’s put in background for use of another app meaning you have the 15 second wait for it to open each time you wish to use it again. Surely this could be resolved quite easily as it wasn’t always the case, if only you could revert back to older versions. Edit: after the latest update May 21 the app is now virtually un useable, even slower and more buggy now unable to even scroll through my favourites, sort it out eh! Oh and maybe reply to support emails.Version: 5.126.0

One major issue...I really love SoundCloud, and I love to listen to it outside, but for a while now it’s been completely draining my battery in just thirty minutes. For example with today, my just ten minutes ago was at 70%. But in a matter of minutes, I see it drained all the way down to 61%, then went to 59% just fifteen seconds later, and then suddenly my phone just shut off, and when it finally restarted after plugging it in, it was at 10%! Now I have to wait TWO HOURS just to for it to charge back up, only for the same thing to possibly happen again. That’s absolutely insane! This problem only happens when I’m using SoundCloud, and it happens nearly every time I use it! I just want to listen to music and enjoy my time outside! But now, I’m stuck in my room waiting for my phone to charge again because of this problem! Please, if anyone holds the advice to make my battery go down slower, I would very much appreciate it!.Version: 5.44.1

Obnoxious, but usable.Ok, never thought I would write one of these, but I need to set this straight, just in case I’m not crazy. I love soundcloud, I really do. I’ve been using it for ages and it’s one of the only music apps that lets you stream underground music instead of mainstream music, of which I listen to more often. However, it was definitely better before. Not sure when, but years ago I used SoundCloud ad free without payment. It was awesome, it really was, and ads came up maybe one a day. However, one day, more and more ads came up, however I could skip them after like five seconds, so it was fine. But recently, around a couple months, I’ve been getting 30 second non skippable ads that come up after every like two songs. This is absolutely outrageous. I don’t mind an ad or two, but this many is just awe full. If you are going to throw ads at me like this, use banners. Really. And if you still can’t do THAT, at least make the ads easily skippable, and definitely not 30 seconds. No one is going to see this I’m guessing but I had to vent..Version: 5.37.1

Loading errorSeriously?? I’ve been using this app since 2013, without any problems. But nowadays where new apps have better loading response, this app is getting worse and worse. I can’t expect this from an app ranked No.2 in App Store. Why don’t this app auto retry to load the main page and next song in playlist. I had to manually retry every time while driving a car or cycling. Sometimes I need to scroll/buffer the song a little bit so that the app can start playing the track. In the end. Try “AUTO Re-LOADING”.Version: 5.105.0

Dissatisfied (Highly!)My main issue with this app is how often it crashes, especially when I attempt to search through various artist’ tracks. Consistent crashes occur on this app (my phone is brand new so I know it’s not a phone issue) and there’s barely any support for creators on this app. Creators have to download Soundcloud Pulse which is also another app that’s behind it’s times (you still can’t even check PMs that are sent to you). I shouldn’t have to go through hell and back to listen to my music, but with the way this app is set up I can certainly say that it is highly dissatisfying on nearly all fronts. Only reason why it gets 2 stars is because of the fact that it’s somewhat useful, but get this app with the times developers!!! Update: The app is still crashing every time I open up someone’s “latest tracks” section which is pitiful. However we can finally see notifications from the parent app instead of having to go to Soundcloud Pulse which is nice..Version: 5.102.0

Tracks won’t show in my playlistRecently whenever I add a song to my playlist, it doesn’t appear. I can’t add any songs because my playlist will show that it hasn’t been added. I’ve tried refreshing the app, closing the app, restarting my phone, but nothing is working. Please fix this, or else I can’t download songs to my playlist anymore and the app will be useless..Version: 5.25.0

Became trashIt was a decent app to use at one point to listen to music made by main stream and underground artists but, it seems that any song that becomes too “relevant” got slapped with a GO+ when it never had one months even a year before hand. Honestly if y’all need a reliable app for music there’s Audiomack. Lmao SoundCloud has become trash. Tell me why yet again, just a few months later SoundCloud has taken ANOTHER completely different batch of songs from their last update and slapped them with the GO+??? Y’all mf’s really making me want to delete this app and start paying for my Spotify again cause at this point..Version: 5.92.1

Soundcloud is okay... but could use work in certain areas!Soundcloud is great i’ve always loved it but there’s so many songs that i can’t listen to because i don’t pay money every month??? there’s other apps i could download for music where i can listen to any song i want to, all of my friends and everyone i’ve talked to about it say that they don’t use soundcloud for this reason. my loyalty for soundcloud lies deep but i’m getting really annoyed every time i fall in love with a song and can’t put it on my playlist. i know for a fact that if this changed, so many more people would use soundcloud. or at least drop the monthly price down, i bet a large percentage of people that use soundcloud are 14-25 years old... people at this age generally don’t make as much money as the average person yet- due to being in high school and only having a part time job, or in college with a part time job trying to pay off student loans. not only would it make people happy, but it might be good for soundcloud’s benefits too!!!.Version: 5.122.0

Can't use soundcloud anymore cus of updateMy iOS is under what they want and I dont update my iphone cus apple downgrade your phone. So cant use the app anymore.Version: 5.113.0

I like it for music, I guess.I think what truly ruins the experience is the same culprit that could ruin any music app, ads are one of the main reasons I dislike using this app, they’re long, repetitive, and after a while become very annoying. It doesn’t help that the only ads you get are anti-smoking, I get it, smoking is bad, guys. But can we get some different ads, maybe instead of interrupting the music experience, just do pop-ups, at least get some new shorter ads. And don’t give us the option to skip ads if the ad ends before the skip timer, its infuriating. The timer will be 30 seconds and the ad will end just before. Don’t give us the option if we can’t use it. This has become more of a review on anti-smoking ads. I don’t smoke and I find these ads annoying, they’re deliberately unnerving. They don’t make me thinking “stop smoking” they make me think “ew why, I don’t even smoke why I’m I forced to endure this”. Besides this I think there’s a genre for everyone here, and you can find some nice music here that you can’t hear on the radio, though I’m mostly here for the soundclown memes..Version: 5.60.0

Great, until it BREAKS FROM BUGS IGNORED FOR YEARSI keep all my songs under my ‘liked category’, and today i realized that MOST of my songs had been removed from my ‘liked category’ and then were replaced with duplicates of the exact same 60 songs. That’s right, i actually have several instances of the same song now in my ‘liked category’, something i previously thought to be impossible. If i try to revisit one of the songs that was forgotten by soundcloud and replaced with an older song, soundcloud immediately remembers that i had previously liked the song and then adds in into a NEW place on my ‘liked category’. This means that forever more, i will have an awkward shlump of 60 songs repeated 7 times each at the bottom of my ‘liked category’. Did further research, turns out this bug first appeared like 5 years ago, and has continued appearing since then; sound-cloud closed the thread 5 years ago, denied the bug’s existence... and still hasn’t realized that it’s a real bug. Thanks. This is great..Version: 5.68.0

New updateI don’t normally write reviews, in fact the App Store didn’t let me write this until I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it because of a glitch, but I have to emphasize the importance of this. In the patch notes, it details performance enhancements and bug fixes. However, this new version severely increases the startup time. I now have to wait a solid minute on a loading screen before I can do anything whereas before it took half a second. I don’t know what causes this, and the app still functions otherwise normally. However, this new loading screen before the app boots up takes an unacceptably long time compared to what the load times previously were, and is especially awful considering that barely anything was changed within the app, yet the load time is multiplied by probably more than 20 times what it took prior to this update. If you haven’t updated yet, PLEASE WAIT FOR THEM TO FIX THIS, because it is severely hurting the functionality of this app..Version: 5.17.0

All go+Since you guys put more than half of your good songs only for go+ I can’t listen to my favourite music anymore. Might as well switch to Spotify.Version: 5.63.0

NastyI thought this would be a worthy replacement for Mixcloud as I have noticed some of the artists that I listen to migrating to Soundcloud. I just can’t get used to the user interface in particular you can’t seem to create a play queue and the playlist isn’t played through. But the killer for me was that within days of creating my account I received a follower that was nothing more than pornographic spam. I could not see any option to block the follower and Soundcloud’s own instructions to do so didn’t work either. I don’t need this on my phone and I’m pretty disgusted with Soundcloud for not making a block option more visible. My only option has been to delete the app..Version: 5.68.0

No Profile customisation in the app!!I don’t understand why you can’t add a bio or change a profile picture through the app if you could get back to me that would be great I’ve had sound cloud for some time now and I love it but the fact that I can’t change my profile picture freely inside the app is something that annoys me everything else is good enough for me but that kind of ruins part of it. Another thing is not Being able to change the active email connected to the account inside the app I just don’t understand why not..Version: 5.38.0

Not worth using without a subscriptionGetting the same long, unskippable ad over and over again is unbearable. If that’s the point, just make it paid and stop pretending to have a free option..Version: 5.92.1

Ads!!!!!!!!!I love the music I can find on the SoundCloud platform but I cannot STAND the way you have set up users to consume ads! Firstly, there used to be a way to skip most ads after 15 seconds but that feature seems to have been completely removed. Next, you guys place an ad after almost EVERYYYYY song and not to mention the fact that you also have put ads BEFORE a song plays when you manually change songs! The app is only good because of the ARTISTS music that we have access to, but this app/platform is losing me day-by-day and makes me want to download the music and get off the app altogether!!!!!!! Lastly, one of the most annoying parts of your ad setup is the fact that when you do click another song and an ad plays——— YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE *BLEEPING* APP!!!!! You HAVEEEE to let the 30 second ad play fully in its entirety with no ability to skip halfway through or to close the app to listen while continuing to do something else on another app like most do! I guess you can just do like me and close/relaunch the app a million times but it’s getting absolutely so ridiculous and frustrating that I had to let SOMEONE who might be involved in this terrible setup know it needs to be fixed or DRAMATICALLY reduced!!!!!!!.Version: 5.76.0

ReviewA number of features that are available in the website, such as the description of the song, are not included in the app. I believe this features should be added..Version: 5.51.0

Never plays from where you left offI listen to podcasts on soundcloud, but if you pause it for whatever reason, it never plays from exactly where you left off. I could understand a few seconds/minutes, but mine will go back a few episodes, to the start of the podcast, or even back to the start of my playlist! So frustrating trying to remember where I was up to last time..Version: 5.27.0

Love HateI have a love hate relationship with Soundcloud. Compared to other streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud offers a really good quality of the sound (it’s so much better than Spotify, even when the settings are on the highest quality). To top it off, Soundcloud offers a huge variety of songs and a lot of the songs I listen to are on Soundcloud, but not on other streaming platforms like Apple Music or even Spotify. So, is the app any good? Well, absolutely not. It’s gotten worse over the time, and right now, I don’t know if soundcloud wants me to stop using their app, but they’re doing an excellent job at making the it as frustrating, buggy and slow as possible. Going thru the songs in my playlists is a real nightmare because the app is extremely buggy and unstable, and I feel like everytime I scroll in the songs, the app might crash. For a premium sound as Soundcloud offers, you would expect a premium app, which is actually in reality the complete opposite. I started using Soundcloud back in 2012, and since that time, the app and the platform changed a lot, from being really user friendly to a complete buggy mess. To top it off, I now have, since I think now 1 or 2 years, have to listen to garbage adds every 3-4 songs. It would be alright if I listened to 10 minutes songs, but in my Lo-Fi playlist, where every song is approximately 1 minute, it’s really, really annoying. I often just close the app and go listen to a playlist on Youtube. The conclusion of my review is this : Dear Soundcloud, stop trying to be like Spotify and Apple Music, because you are not the same streaming platform and you won’t win against these guys, because they have really good apps that are way better than yours because they were created specifically for this type of streaming service. Soundcloud has a big advantage on these apps, which is the variety of music you can find; songs that are not available on the other streaming platforms, but that are on Soundcloud. Also, the sound quality is amazing compared to Spotify, which is another big advantage. Take these advantages and do something with them to exploit them to the fullest, which is not by trying to copy Spotify or Apple Music. Make something different because Soundcloud is not Spotify or Apple Music, and it’ll never be. There are other ways to support the artists than putting garbage adds every 4 songs and trying to make us buy Soundcloud Go, that will only make a small amount of songs available to listen fully. You know you can put adds between the songs in our streams, like Facebook and Instagram does instead of making us hear a goddam stupid annoying add? Fix your goddamn app, find an other way to finance it and to support the artists and now we’ll be talking and Soundcloud might be the next best streaming platform. Until then, good luck because god the app is awful..Version: 5.106.0

Sound cloud subscriptionGot the free 7 day trial and I didn’t know how to cancel the subscription to sound cloud go + and still don’t know how and payments keep coming out would love to cancel.Version: 5.51.0

Payment chargeYou guys charged me $15.81 from April 21 2017 just last week! This is ridiculous I’ve never subscribed to any sort of payment I want my money back !!!!.Version: 5.77.0

DreamI got it so I can hear dream the Minecraft YouTuber singing heather:).Version: 5.105.0

Going downhillI’ve loved this app since I first discovered it and it’s still a good platform even with the constant bugs, but the new “feature” of the comments constantly popping up while you’re playing someone’s track has to be the WORST thing this app has ever done. It’s infuriating and unnecessary. Nobody cares if someone has commented “Bro totally sik” at minute 1:32. Absolutely no one cares. Soundcloud developers, I beg you - Please PLEASE read the SoundCloud Community posts on this because it’s full of people who are just fed up with it. At least please give us the option in Settings to turn them off!!!.Version: 5.60.0

App won’t loadI love this app, but I can’t use it since yesterday because any new music I tried to look up wouldn’t load and I got a page that said “loading error”. I tried deleting and downloading again but now I just lost all my music because I can’t even log back in. I’ve tried changing to wi-fi and it doesn’t work either. I also tried to google this first to see if other people were experiencing the same problem but literally EVERY soundcloud related page refused to load due to a server error. Please fix the app’s loading issue! Thank you.Version: 5.40.0

Official songsIt was really hard to find the actual version of the song and there were so many remixes. But overall it was a good app.Version: 5.32.1

SoundCloud used to be goodBut now it's just another subscription to worry about. Most of the music is too experimental to warrant another expense. That was the strength of the platform but thinking harder now mmm.Version: 5.113.0

This is getting ridiculousI love the music on Soundcloud, have been listening for years and I'm also a paying user. That said - this is one of the worst apps I have ever used. There is always a bug. Listening offline doesn't work half the time and I have to resave the songs only for it to then not work again. Most recently I can't play a song all the way through without the app crashing. I want to keep listening but there's only so much of a terrible app a person can take. Please fix asap..Version: 5.22.0

Soundcloud+I paid soundcloud+ go and still can't play songs offline.Version: 5.113.0

Important issue with the app that needs fixingI’ve been using Soundcloud for over a year now and one thing that has been happening on an off again is a bug that crashes the app when your phone is turned off and listening to music. This was patched a long time ago, but it’s back because of a recent update. Whenever you are listening to songs and the phone is turned off, around the 0:45 mark the app crashes. It’s really annoying when you’re in the shower and you can’t access your phone. And on top of that, an ad plays every 5 or so songs instead of 10 to 20 when I am looking through songs. And it’s one of those video ads that pauses when you go to the home menu or turn off your phone, making you watch 30 seconds of disturbing imagery about what happens when you vape. I’ve hung up with it before, but at this point, I just can’t. I really urge SoundCloud to fix this. The only reason I still use this app is because it hosts some of my favorite artists..Version: 5.53.0

Could be better when it comes to subscriptions.Seems if one payment is missed it automatically cancels your subscription, unlike other music apps that have like that 1-2 week period to pay. It’s annoying cause then you have to re download everything. Probably won’t be re subscribing to the app..Version: 5.122.0

Missing BasicsThis app has the potential to be great, but currently it lacks some very basic functions. Simple, simple actions - such as adding multiple tracks to a playlist at once, or renaming playlists - are not possible within the app. More care should have been taken to ensure that essential features like these were not overlooked. Developers: please take a closer look at your app and focus on improving its usability by curating a more intuitive feel that doesn’t neglect basic functionality..Version: 5.44.0

WhyAll of my songs on my liked tracks have turned to soundcloud go i listened to them an hour before... like all my songs that normally wouldn’t be go.Version: 5.101.1

Laggy and impracticalStarted off as a brilliant app has gradually got worse and worse. Songs I've liked have gone missing,app freezes and shuts itself down when I repost songs. Seems like the app gets worse and worse with every update. Sort it out,I pay money to listen to songs I like ,not songs I like and disappear.... SoundCloud app has really gone downhill recently,I spend hours looking for music just to check my likes and the music not to be there. Please sort it out,getting really frustrating now and I'm not the only one. If you actually interacted with customers or checked comments on your Facebook/social media pages maybe you would understand that things need to be done. Hopefully this review gets looked at and taken into consideration and something gets done..Version: 5.20.0

GO+ problemSo I was loving the app until I woke up this afternoon and came to see more than half my songs were suddenly GO+ when before they were free. I’m seriously freaking out because all of my favorite songs are now previews and I have no idea what to do. I tried to see if anyone else was having problems in the comment sections and it seems like no one else is having this same problem. I seriously do not want to switch over to another music app just because SoundCloud decided to make half the songs GO+. And I’m not just talking about 1 artist suddenly switching from free to GO+ I’m saying multiple artists songs I have saved are GO+ now so it’s not an singular artist I’m talking about. Unless these artist just happened to talk to each other and decided “Hey why don’t we make our songs GO+ for no reason at all!”. Now that’s me being sarcastic, but I’m seriously freaking out because I can’t live through quarantine without my music. Please SoundCloud do something about this and don’t just scroll by ignoring the people’s problems..Version: 5.91.0

Please read.I downloaded soundcloud as It looked like a good app but I realised I had to pay a month to listen to the normal versions of the song not covers but as it was my first time on it, it said that I have one month free trial, so I pressed it and I didn’t have to pay until the end of the month and I thought they are just going to email me that my trial is over and if I want to carry on I have to start paying but they didn’t and I haven’t realised that they been taking my money all that time since my trial ended. I am very disappointed that they just took my money without letting me know and that I wasn’t informed that my trial is over and I have to start paying now..Version: 5.31.0

Good but needs improvementPlease please please SoundCloud, add search to your likes and to playlists. I don't want to search every song in existence when I can't remember the name of a song. Also add the ability to remove a song from a playlist in app while listening to the song. My playlists are piling up with stuff I don't like because I don't have easy access to a computer + I don't want to trawl through a 500 song playlist to try and remember which songs I don't want in there anymore.Version: 5.32.0

BeNot letting me get rid of SoundCloud plus and I’m switching to Spotify cause of that crap.Version: 5.113.0

Needs an update!Since I’ve updated the app I’ve come across some problems. 1. The app won’t play music in the car automatically anymore. I have to manually play the music by going into the app. 2. The notification that appears on the lock screen while the music isn’t even playing and I can’t get rid of it. It’s becoming very annoying having it there when I’m not playing music. Please fix!!!.Version: 5.17.0

DisappointingI downloaded soundcloud years ago to listen to music. To this day I still am, but now I’m slowly letting go of soundcloud. The ads, why won’t they play when I exit the app or when my device is turned off? That’s not fair. I shouldn’t have to turn on my device or go onto the app just to watch the ad. I’m fine with hearing it, but forcing me to makes me livid. I am disappointed in many other things, but previous reviews already repeat what I’m about to say..Version: 5.78.1

Transaction ErrorsIt renewed my “free” trail, without informing me it was going to charge my account as well as auto renew a subscription it made for itself..Version: 5.65.0

Needs to be fixedSoundcloud is my go to app for music 100% and I upload my own music to it through two different accounts then have my own personal account for listening. Last night I attempted to switch accounts to find that I’m unable to sign in at all on my phone. I then got my brother to sign out of his account on his phone and attempt to sing back in and fail he was unable to access his account also. This happened at 9:30 pm on the 7th it’s now 8:45 am on the 8th and I still haven’t seen anything addressing this major issue or been contacted back by the soundcloud support team.Version: 5.77.0

It hasn't been working recentlyI love this app, but lately every time I go into it, it just keeps loading forever and doesn't work. And I know it's not my wifi because everything else on my phone works just fine. Please fix this.Version: 5.140.0

HorribleIf I could I would give it a 0 bc after a while the music that was SUPPOSED to be offline turned in the Go+ and I didn’t want to waste my money on this garbage of an app, don’t waste your money or time on this app it’s trash.Version: 5.92.0

Hours of bg Battery Drain?Anyone else getting ~4.7 hours of battery background drain? 🧐🤔🤦‍♂️ It’s at the top of my battery list... at 44% followed by Messenger at 10% with 33 min bg. o.O I use SoundCloud a lot, but dam the battery usage seems chaotic since iOS11... :/ Is it stuck in some bg loop even when a track is paused and the app is running on the bg? Hmm... Also, sometimes SoundCloud stops audio playback when I move SoundCloud to the background... only way to solve it is kill the app and relaunch it....Version: 5.20.0

Unfortunately, just not worth it anymore.A couple years ago I would’ve given 10/5 stars if I could. But nowadays, there’s so many advertisements that it makes listening not even worth it. I completely understand the reason for advertisements & for a long time, I could put up with them. However, I just used SoundCloud for the first time in maybe a year. THERE IS 2 ADS BETWEEN EACH TRACK. Back when I used to use SoundCloud for all my music, I’d have to put up with an occasional ad or two every 4-6 songs. But now it’s simply unbearable. I’m not exaggerating when I say I just logged onto SoundCloud & the first 4 tracks I played, I got 2 ads in between each. It was frustrating after the 2. Annoying after the 3rd. Infuriating after the 4th & I didn’t stick around for the 5th. I’ve been using audiomack as of late. I’d recommend that to anyone who doesn’t have music specifically on SoundCloud. I know that’s the reason I used SoundCloud so much. A lot of the underground artists would start on SoundCloud and their music would then find its way to other platforms. But I just can’t do the ads anymore. If you suggest paying for SoundCloud, why would I? The search engine all the way to the user experience is just terrible. Anyway, just my opinion. Happy listening, all!.Version: 5.144.0

ComplaintVery good app but In the past week or two my the songs saved which I’ve saved so I can listen when I haven’t got any internet are keep on unsaving so when I go to collge and wanted to listen to music for the journey there and back I haven’t got any music to listen offline becuse of them unsaving. I don’t even press in save I just go on after a day of inactivity and find that I can’t listen to songs off line. Please sort it out becuse the only reason I’m paying for soundcloud go is to listen to my songs offline.Version: 5.20.0

Playlist OrganizationSoundCloud is great but there are a lot of glitches with playlists that need to be fixed. Trying to rearrange your songs in your own playlists is a hassle, it takes multiple tries to get the song to permanently move because it often just reverts back to where it was right after you moved it. I always have to close then reopen the open to check and make sure my songs moved to where I wanted them to. Also the icons you can upload for your playlist cover never seem to update unless you actually open up and go into the playlist. This doesn’t seem to be much of an issue on the desktop but on mobile my set display cover is never what I picked, it’s usually automatically always the same picture as the first song in that playlist. This gets really irritating because if I want people to check out my playlists, the first thing they see is the display image and I would rather them see the one I chose than of the picture from someone’s track! Lastly, please incorporate the option to move around your playlists. I have playlists from months ago that are at the way end of my profile and would rather have some of those at the forefront of my profile when you visit it. Really hope you consider ideas to fix these problems. Otherwise great app and I’ll always be a user..Version: 5.73.0

Its trash nowI cant listen to my playlist cause u guys change most of my songs to soundcloud Go+.Version: 5.80.0

Its soundcloudI can't believe you still cant check messages on the app.Version: 5.113.0

Please respondYou guys at SoundCloud are doing a terrible job with this app. I can understand the ads but there are too many of them and they’re so repetitive. Half of my playlist has become Go+ and I haven’t been given reasonable explanation why. This app has become a joke and an utter disappointment. You guys have completely disregarded the people that use this app for free. If I could get a response from the owner that would be nice and hopefully I can understand what Is going on..Version: 5.104.0

Version 5.93.1With the most recent update when you minimize the app it acts as if you’ve closed it and will not recognize you were in a playlist so you have to go reselect the song you were playing.Version: 5.93.1

Terrible on older devicesSomething is wrong with the app on older devices. iPhone 10 and older will start to freeze when you are scrolling through one of your playlists or liked tracks if it has more than 100 songs. So bad to the point where it will be running at a frame every two seconds. Fix this..Version: 5.119.0

I did not give permission to renew this APPI got a free trial. When that free trial was up, or even before it was up I removed it!! So why a month or 2 later when I buy an Apple pay card are you thieves going to charge my Apple Pay card? I don’t even have this app downloaded to my phone. I already reported it & I want my money back. This app was junk anyway. No offense but it even gives directions to go by to renew it. I never did. App is not even on my phone & they took it upon themselves to take $5-6 off of my Apple pay card. Now I have to wait 48 hours to see if they will refund my moneys? I’m poor so every dollar counts. I notice I’d 1$ is missing. I reported it & if I do not get a refund I will be contacting an attorney. Yes! Over 5.99! Why? Because I got that card to use TJ buy more I cloud, & not to pay for an app I am not even using nor is is downloaded to my phone anymore. Wanting to all, do not download this app with the free trial. Because even if you cancel it & remove from your phone as soon as you get money on any card you are using, they will take money out!!!! I want a refund & I want it ASAP! I can’t even enjoy my phone because I can’t even put cash more I cloud because of this!! Can’t even do the update on my phone I need to do because I there’s no space or GB’s to do it! Could do it if I could pay for more iCloud.Version: 5.144.0

App terrible interface but desktop great! Make them the same!The app is so terrible compared to the desktop version. The searches never come up the they do on desktop, I never see my page with my spotlight 5 tracks when I open it up, i have to scroll forever just to get to what is normally right there on my desktop.... the app gets ZERO. As an artist and some one and I are talking about music and who I like and what I sound like I’d like to be able to easily show them or find the name of the musician I was listening too earlier that day etc. I have more specific complaints but these are the ones that come to mind. The ‘usability’ and ease of interface is just terrible on the app version. I gave an 8 or something for the recommendation of SoundCloud to people but , it would have been a 10 if the stupid interface on the app wasn’t so clunky. The two interfaces (desk and app) should look and work essentially the same. A girl told me it was impossible for her to figure out how to repost my song on the app version. she gave up in frustration. In some way that reflects on me and I lost a precious repost. Also I’d like to be able to link my two accounts , even if it is just slightly more a month to have both on premium. That last note is not about the app obviously. Thanks for listening..Version: 5.37.1

Won’t let me like a song?I’m not sure why, but it won’t let me like songs. I searched how many songs minimum I can like it said 500. I have 93. So I don’t know what’s going on there and it’s quite annoying. I like it then it unlikes it with out me touching it. Two days now, and it still won’t let me like songs. Other than that the app is amazing, I really like it, no issues so far. It’s just that I can’t like any songs. I don’t know if anyone is having this problem, but i don’t know how I’m meant to fix it..Version: 5.114.0

Seriously?I referred maybe 10 friends already to this app. This last version. I took a chance and still downloaded it, it’s broken. Crashes on each song I play. Maybe you should stop running all those ads? Every 2 songs there is a new ad “please upgrade to SoundCloud go” you have now convinced me why I shouldn’t update and wait for jailbreaks to block all those ads. You want to tarnish your name so bad that you put so many ads that it crashes your app. Good job! Driving back from a outing and sitting with a girl listening to ads, awesome. Why would I do that? I already pay for other things. We normal people can’t afford to buy so many useless subscriptions here and there. I can’t believe this. Also seriously, what happened to the easy way to get to playlists? They used to be big icons easy to click now as I am driving I can barely see my icons which discourages me from using this app, if I can’t see my playlists I won’t use the app. Period. I’m a veteran user from iPhone 5 (7.0.4) to iPhone X finally and each upgrade I get with my phones your app gets worse. How is that for useless programming?.Version: 5.35.0

This app and amazing but a few issues..I use this app so much to listen to, or upload free music. I have a large following and it’s all good. But recently anytime I try to follow anyone back it comes up with “ooops an unexpected error has occurred” and I can’t upload and if they do upload, they still exist they just disappear from the “uploads” section altogether. And aren’t available without a link. And when I can’t see the comments??? I also can’t comment on public vids. I’m only allowed to reply to comments and that’s it. Soundcloud please fixed this as my whole soundcloud is screwed up. I would appreciate if you could reply and give me advice on what to do as I’m stuck. Anyways thank you for the amazing, free app 😊. And have a good day xx.Version: 5.105.0

Not horrible, but not perfectThere are many minor issue about the app, like how you cant re arrange your liked songs and have to add every song to a playlist to control their positions (which i dont understand why thats even a thing). But the main 2 issues i have with this is the amount of times the app refreshes after its opened, to the point where it becomes the norm, and the amount of ads it give. The app constantly gives me ads in between songs and ruin the vibe, i could be listening to some sentimental music at high volume then get cut off by some guy talking about a brand new car i never knew even existed, exploading my ears by how loud the ads are, and not only that, sometimes it gives me 2 ads back to back, both 30 whole seconds, making me waste an entire minute listening to ads when i could of been done with the second song in the queue. many problems occur in the app, but other than that, the music is crispy, they give a variaty of different music every week, and it can play in the background. Its a fairly good app but its not perfect..Version: 5.95.0

Serious problem with SoundCloud Go, please checkI accidentally lost my subscription to SoundCloud Go because I forgot to change my credit card details so the payment couldn’t go through. I renewed it and then discovered that I had to re-download all the songs I had saved offline. Annoying, but I can understand that. So I did that and it worked for a couple of days. Then I was trying to listen to my playlists while I was out and none of the songs would play, so I checked and saw that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SONGS HAD BEEN DELETED. I spent ages re-saving almost 500 songs and then a couple of days later they were all gone again! Unbelievable! I have no idea how it happened and I’m really annoyed because now I have nothing to listen to during my daily bus and train rides. If this is some kind of glitch then it needs to be fixed ASAP, because I will not continue to pay for this app if I have to re-save all my songs every couple of days..Version: 5.19.0

About 30 day free trialIt tells you that when you do a free trial for 30 days (one month) it tell you can cancel it in App Store or iTunes but I don’t see anything about cancelling it , they should make it more clear , or send notifications when 30 days is up of the free trial. This app is ok if you want to listen to remixes but you can listen the the proper song unless you have premium or downloads the song s for the 30 day trial like I said . To be honest I don’t think I will be using this again anytime soon 🙄👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 5.32.1

Extremely SlowEver since the new update, changing songs or adding new songs to playlists have been an extremely slow and tiring process. Whenever a song is playing and I decide to change it, the app says its playing the currently selected song but I still hear the previous song to that. This bug persists for about 30 sec to a minute before it decideds to switch. This is getting really fustrating, so I hope that this will be fixed in the next update..Version: 5.22.0

Terrible bugs but great appI use soundcloud (and have paid for premium service) so I can listen to all the underground music that I enjoy, however the app has some terrible bugs included. Bugs such as deleting 392 songs off my playlist and not playing after pressing play on the lock screen are some of the most infuriating bugs I’ve come to notice. The problem is that it’s only been recently that these problems have risen, I’m not sure if it’s because it can’t handle the number of songs on my playlist (which was capped at 492 by the app) or if it is due to me recently purchasing premium to listen offline. Overall this is a terrific app and I love how it’s great to support upcoming artists make a name for themselves but please fix the problems it has..Version: 5.46.0

It has it’s downsidesThe only benefit this really has from other music apps, from my eyes, is the fact that there is so much more content and things to listen to. There are more downsides than upsides, from my perspective. Like the ads. In my opinion, they are extremely repetitive and come around too often. the ads vary from when they pop up, but for some reason I only ever get one of two different ads that both last for 15 seconds. Not to mention that there were 2 seperate times where I’ve listened to a song, got an ad, moved to the next song literally a second later and then got the exact same 15 second ad I just had to watch. And it’s not just that, but there are a lot of songs that need Soundcloud pro, which I find annoying. I understand why, it’s just sometimes disappointing. Apart from those, it’s a pretty good app, but I would still mainly prefer something else..Version: 5.113.0

Can’t listen to all my songsMost of the songs on my playlist have been turned into Go+ songs out of nowhere. Not sure why considering the artists who’s songs went Go+ wouldn’t make their songs under that because they’re “SoundCloud rappers”. Deleted the app..Version: 5.60.0

No Option To Edit ProfileI only just got this app, and including Pulse, both apps don’t allow you to edit your profile. Not many people use a computer or laptop much these days anyway. I tried to access the site through my iPhone only to find nothing, it would lead me back to the app. I just joined Soundcloud, and this should have been an option to do..Version: 5.18.0

FrustratedI use this app everyday without fail, but there’s a multitude of problems recently such as the app won’t even load or will take a solid 5 minutes to start up and it’s definitely not my internet, sometimes the stream page is none existent just a blank page where songs should be. My favourite is when i click on a song and it plays a completely different song to what i’ve clicked on and it has the audacity to tell me i’m listening to the song i pressed when i’m not🤷🏻‍♂️ force closing the app doesn’t work, deleting the app and reinstalling it doesn’t work and resetting my phone doesn’t work either on an iphone 7🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 5.22.0

Not happyI used to love it, I probably still will when I’m felling better about this situation it helped me get out songs of mine and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately I pressed log out by accident and it logged me out. It was an account I made years ago so obviously I don’t remember the password so I couldn’t get back in. For this I would suggest soundcloud have an “are you sure you want to log out” button because that would’ve saved my account. And what’s worse is I create a new account to start again and when I’m changing the name, pfp ect, when I press save it says they’ll send me an email to verify it’s me... first of all why? And the funny thing is, they didn’t send the email now I have no account to upload music to, thanks soundcloud.Version: 5.122.0

Why should I report an issue with SoundCloud - Music & Songs?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of SoundCloud - Music & Songs to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a SoundCloud - Music & Songs customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using SoundCloud - Music & Songs.

Is SoundCloud - Music & Songs not working?

SoundCloud - Music & Songs works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact SoundCloud - Music & Songs.

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