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GarageBand app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about garageband?

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Can’t download itUsed to support my device but now I can’t get it because I can’t get iOS 13 on my device.Version: 2.3.8

Wonderful App with a serious fatal flawDon't get me wrong this app is good. But is this app is made for content creators to make and present content then it has failed. Without any prompting, warnings or options to turn it off the message ‘optimising performance’ will pop up. This renders the app completely UNUSABLE for up to 5 minutes. You cannot cancel this, closing the app only starts the ‘optimising’ again. This is frankly unacceptable, I cannot use the app to perform if it crashes randomly on playing. Fix this and the app will be fine again..Version: 2.3

Time-savingI think GarageBand is quite an interesting app as it has many different sounds you can try out, BUT extra sound packs cost money which I think is unreasonable as SCHOOLKIDS use this app. Everything should be free, because even if the GarageBand makers don’t make money, this app is for learning, not to make money. I think this app should be more towards learning than making money, because then you’re encouraging more kids to have a passion for music, even if they don’t have a musical instrument, or a talent for it. Many a day I have been on GarageBand because I don’t have anything else to do, perfecting my songs, and just having fun with different types of sounds. I think this really is a good app, but it could be better, without the price tags..Version: 2.3.8

Ok I have some problems.By: —————— So I think this app is pretty good but when it comes to making your own stuff there is a bad bad problem. I have no problem with creating stuff already made but today me and my mom wanted to create our own song on it and I used a lot of the loops. And then finally when I was about to hit record button, THE APP TOOK ME OUT OF IT AND I LOST ALL OF MY PROGRESS. (It crashed) It took me almost an hour just to get some of it done. And now all of the progress is gone and I really think that you need to fix that because if that’s gonna happen to every single time you make a new song by yourself that’s not created all ready, then you’re gonna have a lot of people saying the same thing. Maybe you can fix that bug in another update! Please do it because I am very mad at the game and I don’t want that to happen ever again. Overall i give it a three-star because the app allows you to still create songs that great so I gave you five stars for that but then I’m like im about I create my own song and then that happened so that’s why I took away 2 stars. But I still hope that you guys can make GarageBand way better than it is right now but I don’t mean that in a bad way because I already said that I like it I just don’t like it too much because it crashed. so please fix that because I don’t want this app to be on my bad app list for the rest of my life..Version: 2.3.8

So many bugs and glitches that need to be fixedDecent budget music program, however there are so many bugs that make it so frustrating to use. There is the issue where it takes 2 minutes to do something called "optimising playback" every 10 minutes, on top of it loading when you open a song, and it does this every time you press play as well, albeit for a shorter time. There’s also the issue where certain tracks randomly stop playing individually even when turned on. And also, there’s the crashing issue, and of course it doesn’t save your work either. The very recent update seems to have added a few new sounds and made some (quite unecessary) minor UI changes while failing to address any of these problems. I've been using it for a while and I’d say it’s at it's worst that it’s ever been in terms of these glitches. Please fix this!.Version: 2.3.9

Doesn’t work (crashes)Got a new 6s plus and garage band does not work what do ever, it just crashes every time, reinstalling it didn’t work and restarting my iPhone didn’t wok.Version: 2.3.2

Doesn’t workNone of the instruments show up and it won’t let me record live audio. I’ve watched 3 tutorials and followed them exactly but there is no response. Waste of time and effort..Version: 2.3.8

Apple...Why u not make it 4 iOS 13🐃💩.Version: 2.3.8

So dumbCan you make it so iOS 12 CAN USE IT AS WELL.Version: 2.3.8

It used to be super good...GarageBand used to be awesome, it was my first music program and I loved it. Even when it first started out and it didn’t have as many features as it does now. However, over the updates and all, it’s performance has definitely dropped. It’s very laggy, it’s extremely buggy, I’ve had multiple files disappear (luckily iCloud saved me from that), and almost every single time the sustain doesn’t work properly. I record with sustain on and it plays with it off no matter how many times I keep putting the sustain on and it’s very annoying. When I tap on a key lightly it’ll play extremely loud but when I play it actually with force, it’s quiet and it happens multiple times. It’s made making music extremely frustrating and I stopped using this app. The MacBook version is much better but isn’t as portable and a lot of the keyboard sounds are nowhere to be found and it feels different and I don’t use it as often. Not only does the app itself feel laggy, but when using AIRPODS, APPLES OWN PRODUCT, it doesn’t even play correctly and there’s a huge delay when playing notes. Auxy and other music apps don’t have this problem when I use AIRPODS, so why is GarageBand BY APPLE having this sound delay when other non apple products are? It used to be 5 stars but I’m giving it 2 stars..Version: 2.3.8

CompatibleCan you plz make this compatible for hawawei.Version: 2.3.8

Too long!I got this app yesterday and it still hasn’t even started to download!.Version: 2.3.7

How do I set a ringtone?I purchased this app a while ago, and when I first bought it I made a short song with it. I decided to set it as my ringtone. There were no problems. Today I wanted to change it, so I made another song, added loops and recording and then I tried to export it as a ringtone. It didn’t work and said that the file had to contain a recording or a live loop. I went back and checked that it had live loops, but it still doesn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled it but it still won’t work..Version: 2.3.4

The app is great, but...I love this app, don’t get me wrong, but, as an aspiring metal musician, there are some things that would be nice. To start, a build your own drum kit option would be nice. Also, to be able to change from 4/4 timing to 3/4 between bars would be a very helpful addition, along with other timings, like 7/8 or 5/4. It would mean a lot to me and many others if you could add at least one of those features..Version: 2.3.8

I don't get itGarageBand is good in some ways, not good in others, and completely ridiculous in others. It's good about keeping everything in sync, easy to create tracks, easy to mix down, and simple to use. But some things in GarageBand makes you scratch your head as to what they were thinking. One of the biggest ridiculous things I've found is dealing with segmented tracks. In song creation it's often necessary to create segmented tracks....add a part here....then another part further down the timeline within the same track. It's also beneficial to then be able to merge some of the segments into one so that you're only dealing with one item rather than several. 6his can be done easily with drum tracks (colored yellow) and touch instruments (colored green). However, recorded tracks such as vocals or plugged instruments or anything recorded (colored blue) CANNOT merge segments together. Why? I have no idea and neither does Apple support. There's no logical reason why you can't do this for recorded tracks. All tracks are waveforms. A waveform is a waveform. It doesn't matter how GarageBand categorizes it. It's still just a waveform. Drum loops are waveforms and segments can be merged. Touch instruments are waveforms and segments can be merged. Recorded tracks are waveforms but CANNOT be merged. Completely ridiculous..Version: 2.3.7

It’s notI have been trying to get it but it won’t let me get it.Version: 2.3.7

Fix it please!My iPad doesn’t go up to iOS 13. Plz make it so that it is available for the devices with lower iOS than 13. Or make it so that every device has iOS 13..Version: 2.3.8

It doesn't deleted completelyAfter long press hold, appearing del btn, and perform delete process as usual. There is still icon of mobile garage band which cannot use and run..Version: 2.3.2

So badThis app is so bad.Version: 2.3.10

All good until audio stopsI was trying to make a song and then it popped up with garage band has stopped. Then the audio stopped.Version: 2.3.10

Storage problems and free dlc loops.Ok so I have created many ‘ideas’ and songs (full length) in this small daw app for years (I do own a decent daw btw) but what I find annoying is that you can’t just have projects that are in Icloud , go into the ‘on my device’ tab - this would make it a lot more easier to mange storage. Do know of onedrive but I don’t know if you can zip files up within the app itself , would be nice if it was clearly shown maybe under iCloud as iCloud gets very full very quickly! Also since I have this problem I sometimes have greyed out projects that display an error message on them - that isn’t that great to see. Lastly I am a big fan of the free dlc content packs so far are ... 1. You can’t search by pack in the loops section. 2. Some of the loops/drum sounds seem slightly cut off at the ends - I appreciate all the work that goes into making a pack like this but reverb can fix it. 3. Please can you add a full brass pack as we only have ‘brass ensemble’ to use ! Will continue to use this app as it’s helpful to have when creating music on hopefully this is useful to both the app developer and other users..Version: 2.3.7

I want to use wind instruments, but they’re not there!I’m a beginner music maker, and I’ve been playing in a school band for a lot of my life, so I grew up loving wind instruments like flute, trumpets, etc. but as of July 10, 2019, there doesn’t seem to be an option to get them. I searched for extensions to add to GarageBand so that I may use the more traditional instruments, but I couldn’t find anything. All I have is the computerized digital percussion, some strings I don’t know how to use (yet), and a piano which I’m unable to really use because on my phone screen, the accents and attacks on the instrument are very spontaneous and annoying. It’s a good app, don’t get me wrong, but no matter where I look, I can’t find any instruments I know what to do with in a composition (i.e. wind instruments). There also doesn’t seem to really be a good way of making music box music in it no matter how hard I try (I try using the Sweet Bells on the piano setting, but even after messing with the sound settings it still doesn’t feel right). The reason I point these things out is because I want to create more traditional or fantasy-based music. It would be nice to be able to create some ethereal music without struggling to find the instruments. Other than that, the app is wonderful and intuitive. I intend to keep using it, just so long as I have access to wind instruments and hopefully a music box-like instrument. Thank you for your time!.Version: 2.3.7

It won’t let me downloadWhy can’t I download it.Version: 2.3.8

SocalThe socal drum is not working, when i play it manually it doesn't come out how i played it 😕.Version: 2.3.9

It is trashIt says I can only download if I have iOS 13.0 or later.Version: 2.3.8

Version problemsGreat app. However, it will just refuse to open if your device isn't recent enough. You can't even download an older version, it just won't let you.Version: 2.3.8

Why can’t I use this app anymore?I use to have this app on my device ( IPad Mini 2 ) but now I need a IOS 12 or higher! Please make it so you can play on this device! Thanks..Version: 2.3.7

TrashIdk how to explain it’s just so bad.Version: 2.3.10

Odd problemSo I want to download this app but it says I need iOS 3.0 or later but my iPad Air is iOS 2.4 and says it’s up to date Please help me or fix this apple I really enjoy using the app 😭.Version: 2.3.8

I am so upset..Ok garage band is a GREAT app. But now that the have updated to IOS 13 or more, I am so disappointed. I had downloaded garage band to use for a school project. I make my own beats and then because I wasn’t using it anymore, deleted it. I have to do another project and was planning on making more beats with garage band. I tried to search it up on the App Store but nothing comes up. So I searched it up on safari found the link to it and BAAM! There not he top is says for IOS 13 or more.. I was devastated. Instead I have to download it on my Mac, make my own beats and airdrop it... thanks A LOT apple..Version: 2.3.8

NEEDS MIDI FILE TRANSFERRING CAPABILTYI’m a bit of the fan of ios GarageBand just due to its on hand use whenever an idea pops into my head. Just a few things need to be fixed... 1). That stupid optimising issue where it optimises mid use. 2). We need folders back!!! 3). All modern DAWs are able to transfer the project through midi files, a massive issue and difference with iOS, it would be dope if GarageBand could import and export midi files. 4). Proper easy accessible sidechaining, just because it’s a very important part of music, and currently sidechaining on iOS is complicated af. Cheers apple..good luck.Version: 2.3.2

BUG NEEDS TO BE FIXEDThis one bug inside of the app which just seems to be going ignored every update is making my life as an aspiring musician hell! I was working on a song, and there is one part of the song that loops, except whenever I extend the amount of bars the song has, the loops go all funny and when you try and fix it they just delete with no way of getting them back! Thanks to this bug, I’ve lost half my song! This is not one isolated occasion either. This is repeated occurrence! Fix it now!!!.Version: 2.3.7

Didn’t saveIt didn’t save the piece that I was working on for the past 6 days.... All the hard work wasted..Version: 2.3.8

Help I cant downloadI can’t download.Version: 2.3.8

Not working to new system updateI have bought the full version of this app and been using it and did enjoyed as it was really good. But when the general update came and the system hs been updated, the system said have to uninstall the app, and can install again after the update. So i did what the system said prior to update. However, after the update, the garage band is not compatible to my ipad anymore.... What will I do with it... Its been functioning well before the update,but now, i cannot use it anymore... Pls help.. Thank you..Version: 2.3.5

A Good App... Ruined.Ok. “You can please some of the people, some of the time” etc. Yes it’s a freebie. What do I want for free? As a committed long term LogicPro user I have recently entered the wonderful world of iOS music apps. To describe Garageband as not fit for purpose is to be polite. As a sketch pad for material designed to be transferred into LogicPro it needs to be redesigned from the ground up and made fit for purpose. Midi, audio, require seamless integration in the 21st Century. The fact that devices like AUM don’t permit audio recording into the app drives me to consider buying Cubasis 2 which does what I need at a price. Have Apple just given up on business? Audio timing is way out of sync if your trying to do anything other than the most basic thing using the onboard stock sounds. If Apple want a proprietary sealed system why open it to outside development? By all means use GB if you are new to making music but you will eventually want something to take your ideas forward and - at the moment - it won’t be Apple. Apple; no more cool ideas now is the time for cool implementation and building an iOS system which can actually compete with your competitors who are currently leaving you way behind. Or aren’t you interested anymore?.Version: 2.3.2

Sucks nowIt was great but I can’t use it anymore.Version: 2.3.8

ConfusedHi so I was working on a track and closed the project to save it as usual but whenever I close a project it says ‘saving’ but the file disappears:( I’ve lost a few projects to this kinda thing now, I love GarageBand don’t get me wrong I just kinda wish you signed up to an account and the projects got stored on your account not phone or OneDrive etc, it’s a lot of faffing especially when you’re looking for a lost file :( deleted and restored the app now (saved everyone else to onedrive) so hopefully that helps but I’m kinda miffed ngl :/ if my lost tracks are still stored in any kinda system please can you help get them back?.Version: 2.3.7

Why have the guitar in the worst screen positionI love this app, but it infuriates me that when I try to play notes on the guitar the high e string is not at the bottom lower edge of the screen, this would make it almost possible to play it like a real guitar. But instead below the high e string is nearly an inch of screen with the time line and a stupid graphic of a guitar design. This would be so easy to change and make it a 5 star app. It may be that there is a setting that already does this but if there is it's really not obvious? Come on garage band if you change this the guitarists out there will be very grateful I'm sure..Version: 2.2.2

To long to downloadThis has taken over 15 minutes to download and it isn’t even quarter finished.Version: 2.3.9

BugGros bug avec la nouvelle fonction de retour sur l’instrument précédent qui s’enclenche pendant qu’on joue.Version: 2.3.8

YumI like eating.Version: 2.3.8

NamesI like to change names around. I use this app to make ringtones. I had a song named x and I changed it to y. I named another song x afterwards, but when I dragged it into garageband it plays song y. Bruh. So I changed the name of the song in iTunes before using it in garageband. Big deal. I change the names of my ringtones around too. I had a ringtone named a in the past. I either deleted it or changed its name into something else. I made another ringtone which I want to call a. “The name is already taken.” T-T-T-WHUH?! No it’s not! Where? I looked around. Don’t see any files named a. I looked online for help. Google thinks I’m trying to start a band but my band’s name is taken. I’m not trying to start a band I’m just trying to makes ringtones and name them after tarot cards! Why is it that making ringtones is so tedious with apple anyways?! Just make it so we can make songs from ‘Music’ into ringtones! Then I wouldn’t be here complaining about garageband which I wouldn’t normally use in the first place! If naming wasn’t a problem I’d give this app anything but a 1, but for some reason naming IS a problem! Now what do I name my files after? Organs in the human body??? I got a 3 in ap bio which wasn’t good enough to transfer credits for college! Why is naming files of all things what I have a problem with???.Version: 2.3.10

Ech.You know that feeling you get when you’ve worked on something really hard, and then someone comes over and just ruins it so you have to do it over again? That’s what it’s like using garage band most of the time. I’ll be minding my own business, when out of the blue the app freezes. Not crashes, but freezes. So I have to exit out of the app, go back, and what do you know? All the progress I had been working on my song has vanished! Guess I have to go back and take another 2 hours to remake that song! And this doesn’t happen because my phone has problems (it’s an iPhone seven, it’s never had problems), it’s because the app is just unfinished. It’s hard to use kits in your songs because they’re off-tempo with loops and you can’t change that. And you can’t put two loops from different genres together because again, the tempo is out of place and you can’t fix it. This app is nice and dandy and I REALLY like it at times, but this constant annoyance this app continually brings up is near impossible to tolerate..Version: 2.3.1

Requires iOS 13 or higher???I just upgraded my iOS to 12.4.2, but can’t install this app because it requires iOS 13 or higher? Makes total sense, Apple..Version: 2.3.8

Must add audio interface selection capability for layering acoustic instruments with built-in micsOn iPad Pro 2020 when using wired headphones via USB-C to 3.2mm converter the ‘studio-quality’ microphones cease to work on the iPad. I am aware that with a dedicated audio interface this can be worked around, however for quick recording of ideas/recording jam sessions etc. being able to choose use built-in microphone and wired headphones simultaneously is a must. Bluetooth headphones etc are unusable when layering acoustic or live instruments/vocals due to latency. So rather than have to take around additional interfaces/mics when recording ideas, demos, this functionality really has to be included to maker this program worth while. It seems like a very basic thing to have included, and renders the iPad more or less useless for recording/layering acoustic instruments. If there is a work around for iOS on iPad Pro, please let me know and I will change the review. This should be an easy fix for the next update....Version: 2.3.8

IT WONT WORK ANYMORE!!This is a really good app and i loved to play music on it, but I stoped for a year and felt like playing it again. But sadly all a sudden it won’t let me play any tracks except live loop and that’s good and all..BUT I really want to play the drums but when I go on it, it will only come up with a video recorder and no drums to play or anything to record it? Why I can’t find out if I did something wrong or not.. did I do something? I or so tried to delete the app and redownload it but it’s still the same it didn’t fix it? I or so tried taping on the help button BUT THAT DID NOTHING TOO!!? Why, can someone please help me find out what to do? I really like the app but I really want to play on the instruments. So if u can please fix it or help me find out what to do. Thank u.Version: 2.3.5

Good but a few drawbacksIt’s a good and well made app don’t get me wrong however this game is absolutely MASSIVE this takes up wayyyy too much storage, just to download the app I had to delete over 100 photos and videos and several apps. I personally think there are some rather unused features which could be removed to help with this also the application can be pretty laggy and crash at times especially for people like me who have a slightly older phone. On a side note I personally think it’s quite confusing and hard to navigate sometimes which is quite off putting for new users but that might just be me. But nonetheless it’s a pretty solid app and fun to mess around with or to make genuine music with. it works, and once you get the hang of it, it is very good..Version: 2.3.8

Good app, needs changes.I downloaded GarageBand on my laptop and my phone. On my laptop, it took about an hour to download (not including the very long amount of time it took to "download all essential sounds"). On my phone, it took about a half an hour to download. On top of this, it freezes almost every time I use the app. I will be very close to being done with a song, and the app will freeze (not crash). I then have no other choice but to close out the app, and when I open it back up, my progress will be gone. I have seen multiple people's reviews and almost half of them say that the same thing is happening to them. This proves that it is not just my phone, it os the app. Another suggestion from me would be to add key changes and tempo changes. This is definitely possible and I think it could make this app much better. Other than that, this music-making program is highly suggested from me and it works very well. There is just a little bit more work that should've gone into it during the iOS 11 process. 3/5 stars.Version: 2.3.2

I can’t download itBoi why?.Version: 2.3.8

You guys are funny as heckI have it on my Iphone 5s works perfectly fine and now can’t download it on my Iphone 6, seriously??? I have to search it on safari to at least try to find a download page or the app page because when I search for it on the app store it’s just not there. And for some reasons I’m the only one with this problem, or it seems like it because I searched on google and I had only one page where someone shares the fact that he has the same problem but he only forgot to update his phone, and that’s something I didn’t forget so why wouldn’t I be able to download it? Thanks for replying.Version: 2.3.8

Selfish and outdated Apple policy ruins a could be great app.It has some great instruments and the on screen playing method of Guitar, Bass and Strings is unique and working really well but the introverted mentality of the “closed environment” that Apple pushes destroys an app that could be great and possibly the best DAW for iOS. Clearly Apple does not follow the evolution of iOS music, GB and the difficulty that small developers have to sustain their work shows that. The iOS music community exists because of small developers that revolutionised it. Not because of GB or any other “closed environment” that cashes a brand name. A joke of an app, just entry level and nothing more. Either change it to a Logic Pro equivalent or follow the buzzards of the iOS Music community or people will start to abandon you. There are a lot of complaints being ignored. Open it and play well with others. The “closed environment” mentality does not work any more. Cheers!.Version: 2.3.8

Where’s The New Keyboard Collection Pack?The iPhone Version of Garage Band got an update it’s a new Downloadable Keyboard Collection Pack. Is the New Pack going to be on the iPad OS Version cause I like using my iPad Air more than my phone when it comes to GarageBand because of better features on the iPad version. Please I hope whoever works at Apple and updates/works on GarageBand sees this review. It would make me very happy to see The new Keyboard Collection that was released as a downloadable sound Pack for the iPhones operating System be ported to iPad OS. Thanks so much for making one of my all time favorite apps. I would really like to see a 80s hair metal/80s metal/80s glam rock inspired pack. A pack that has guitar presets and loops that sound like Mötley Crüe, Poison, Bon Jovi, Warrant and RATT And many of the other influential 80s hair bands. In this pack there would be bass guitar loops and instruments, Guitar loops and instruments, synth/keyboard loops and instruments guitar loops and instruments and drum loops and instruments. Thanks so much for whoever at Apple took the time to read my review. I hope my Idea for a gaarageband sound pack works out and is do able. Also you could have Motley Crue, poison, Bon Jovi, RATT, Warrant create instrumental loops for garage band too..Version: 2.3.10

ConfusedI was hesitant in rating this app just yet, but I chose to give it only 3 stars due to the fact that I did notice this same problem on my old old iPad. So I recently purchased the iPad Pro 12.9, and from the start I was eager to play around with the app, thinking that I’d get a more pleasant experience with the new upgrade, my new iPad. But I was very disappointed. The problem I’m having, is how the sounds on the drum sets are not being consistent, in that the volume sways from low to high when hitting the snare drum for example, even though I’m playing an upbeat 60’s Rock style rhythm. Also, being a huge 60’s Rock, Indie and Punk Rock fan, I enjoy doing a lot of noisy-Rocky tough sounds, so continuously hitting the cymbals is a true disappointment. The end result in a recording is the on and off muting of the cymbals caused by the bass drum, making the drum recording sound almost like Dubstep, instead of say, the drumming on “You Really Got Me’’ by the Kinks. I’m still confused. Could it be an actual problem with my iPad, how can that be if it’s new? I guess I’ll have to get with their online tech support. If it is my iPad, I will come back and leave a new review and rating once I get to the bottom of this issue. I will say though, the clean guitar sounds amazing, I’ll give y’all that..Version: 2.3.8

Good but no supportThis is an amazing app that I used regularly. But, I use an iPod Touch 6 and it can’t get IOS 13. Because you now need IOS 13 for garage band I can no longer play. This is really disappointing. Apple should make a version to run on iPods (IOS 12)..Version: 2.3.8

Ridiculously hard to navigateThis app consistently frustrates me with its lack of user friendliness. Everything about it seems to be designed for maximum irritation. Buttons are never in the same place. You can never access or exit whatever corner of the app you’ve found yourself in. You can’t cut and paste previously existing soundtracks into new projects. Whenever you accidentally select the “drummers” you find yourself sucked into the black hole of “how tf do I get back to normal drums?!”. When you do actually exit this, it’s usually by randomly tapping all over the screen and hoping for the best. And the next time it happens you’re left as clueless as before. Please, for the sake of your users make this app less of a labyrinth..Version: 2.3.7

ConfusedThe app is good but I deleted it a while ago for storage but now I need it for something so I’m redownloading it. Why is it taking so long ??.Version: 2.3.10

RuinedThis app was everything I needed until it only supported iOS 13+. Extreme disappointed as I can’t access any of my projects that I have been working weeks on. I need to buy the latest phone in order to get this now. Extremely disappointed..Version: 2.3.8

Complaints about GarageBandI love this app as it’s one of the only things I use on my Phone but as a beginner music creator, I have some complaints about various things. First off, notes snapping to the grid when you want to record certain rhythms and beats. For example, if you want to make triplets or a shuffle beat, it changes it to a straight beat, and as a beginner, I don’t know the exact placing of a triplet and while I can create a shuffle beat by editing the track, it’s super discouraging to do so because there’s no real reason to have it as a forced option. Second thing, sounds like the Violin, French Horn, and Brass Section are terribly delayed to the full attack of the sound. So if you put a note on beat 1, the full attack of the sound is an eighth of a beat later, so in order to counter that, you have to move the track over, and move notes accordingly (if it’s in the very beginning of the song). I’m also upset that this app doesn’t have sounds like a Saxophone for jazz solos and whatever else or Marching Percussion instruments (Snare, Bass Drums, and Quads/Quints) to either create a matching piece or for a stylistic piece that uses Marching Percussion instruments as well as maybe some synths. Maybe this app isn’t amazing so you upgrade to Logic Pro on a Mac and maybe all of these problems have been solved there, but for 5$, this app is great. I would expect GarageBand to fix that first issue though..Version: 2.3.5

If I could give it no stars I would give it no starsI had this app for a short while and quite enjoyed it there are a few mistakes well 1 million mistakes but it was relatively good for a free app When I heard that you could put music on iTunes from GarageBand I was ecstatic because I love singing I went to the voice recorder and found out that it only was 15 seconds long i was very angry anyway I didn’t play the app for a while and then when I decided to give it another shot because a friend is here they made the recording time longer I went onto it only to find that I couldn’t do anything I could open the app but I couldn’t touch anything after I got out of the app I noticed that the App was gone I went to rebuy it but it won’t let me. I am very disappointed it would hurt more comes from better versions of GarageBand I hi spectating to this app and every single bit of the app failed. I expect more from you Apple.Version: 2.3.8

It NO LONGER WORKS WITH USB ADAPTERS, AND APPLE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX ITThis used to be work perfectly with a USB cable and a lighting adapter. It no longer works with USB Cable and a lightning adapter. Lots of frustrated people have left this on Apple message boards and the problem cannot be fixed. Apple does not know what the problem is. As you will see, whenever there is an update there is NO mention of fixing this KNOWN issue, otherwise it would not have remained so long. So it is of no use to you if you have a keyboard with a USB output because it cannot recognise USB cables. It may recognise a MIDI interface, but if you don’t have one, then you are not able to use an external keyboard to play; you’ll be stuck with trying to play your iPhone screen, or using their preset chords, but won’t be able to do anything of your own. The program is great apart from that, but seeing as it is a sequencer program, what is the actual point of the most basic thing such as being able to plug a keyboard and play it actually not even working? That’s like having a computer where the keyboard can’t be used to input text!.Version: 2.3.2

TerribleNot user friendly. I’ve used other audio recording apps and this is no where near the quality it should be. The operation is not logical. Took me forever just to figure out how to save a file..Version: 2.3.6

Limited Magic Keyboard supportI purchased the Magic Keyboard recently for the iPad Pro with the idea in my head of using GarageBand like it behaves with a Mac keyboards layout - the ability to use the keyboard as a MIDI keyboard to play instruments with actual physical keys - this however does not work. There is no mapping of the Magic Keyboard for playing the instruments like you would on a Mac. Quite unfortunate as I don’t enjoy using the touch keys to play any notes - I like having a physical key to press down for basic mapping and recording. I really hope this gets implemented at some point so that I don’t have to carry around a separate MIDI keyboard when I want to record a short baseline or something like that on my Magic Keyboard..Version: 2.3.10

Ideas for iPadOS updateI have noticed that when there is a major update for iOS, GarageBand for iOS is updated as well. Before iPadOS comes out, I do have a few ideas that may be helpful (and I really support) for any major update to GarageBand. A. Please add to the Chillwave loop pack. I love the loops that you guys have there, though there are too little. Also consider adding some bass loops as well. And, of course, new drum kits (preferably electronic) and synthesizers. B. I really do suggest expanding your selection of wind instruments. It would be great if you guys added trombones, tubas, bass clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, etc., because they are just as important as French horn and flute and whatnot. C. Lastly, please make the interface more user-friendly. I can hardly double-tap a loop or instrument to get access to its settings without it taking me to the recording screen. The knobs are also very difficult to adjust. Thanks for your support, the app is wonderful for splicing loops and stuff but I do believe that these suggestions I put out are quite important..Version: 2.3.7

Awesome app!GarageBand has become my best friend. I have been using it for about a year and a half now and have made over 100 songs on it. It is perfect for anyone who has a curiosity about making music. It is so easy to pick up and start using, and the learning curve is nice and progressive. To this day, I’m still learning new things about it! Such a little app contains so much power to create music of one’s own; it is truly second to none. The only reason it didn’t get its fourth star is because of bugs I’ve had to work around and one bad one that prompted this review. I recently had a bug pop up that would crash the app before it even opened. I couldn’t use it at all. I had to delete and reinstall the app and when I did, all of my songs were lost, even though they were saved in iCloud. There have also been other bugs that I had to work around in the past (most of which got fixed in the recent update), including reverse recordings not working and the recordings sounding way different than the loops they were recorded from. I do recommend this app to anyone wishing to start up in music, but beware of the bugs..Version: 2.3

IOS 11 Bug makes GarageBand TAP OUT -R.I.PAnyone with iOS 11 will NOT be able to use this app until they fix this bullpiss. Absolutely frustrating to say the least. Such a great app, or so I thought because to have not anybody around to protect such an investment must mean it’s not only a low priority concern, it means they have almost no concern for low priority apps. Updates come just like iOS 11 and apps constantly must adjust ect. But for THE company itself to have produced the error without any follow up or even remark of it is just lame. I mean at the end of the day they have the 5$ it seems at this point, I may as well have just thrown away. What is it that that is worth between the clergy and customer if there isn’t that follow up of assurance? Of Insurance! How one day even big companies like apple will rue the day of -Just- when even as far up as they’ve gone can only mean the longer the fall back down to earth back to reality to a day when they may face people at the bottom. We are waiting. Please just fix the app <\3 (1 Star until the app is something anyone on iOS 11 may actually use again.. would give it 0 until so if I could. Other then that it’s an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G app.. or WAS.).Version: 2.2.2

Quite fineGarageBand does its job well, with a wide variety of lifelike sounds, smart touch-based inputs, and the ability to take midi input as well. I think that this app could be made better so long as you could import midi files, it had support for less-common time signatures, and the sustain input on the piano roll editor was fixed. There has been many a version gone by and that thing is still as buggy as ever. Recommendable for simple music making, but its options are quite limited..Version: 2.3.3

Can’t Download!I Love It. However, It Doesn’t Work. I Can’t Download It..Version: 2.3.8

This app doesn’t work anymoreI am on an iPhone 8 and when I try to use any function it just sends me back to the tracks screen with a notification that just says ok. This is really annoying as I just want to use this app but it will not allow me to for no reason.Version: 2.3.8

Good but could get betterIn my honest opinion I like this app,it’s a fun way to make fun music and mess around, most people can be quick to judge though because they have never learnt a real instrument so they don’t really play it well. So my idea is to have a broader range so people can learn give tutorials because for example, me I love piano I know the chords and notes but I don’t know bass but I really want to lean!maybe show the people playing this what to do it would mean a lot so thank you!.Version: 2.3.9

I don’t get itI had this app a few months ago and this sound like another comment but now it won’t load I join it kicks me out bcs it’s not done it’s been loading for hours does anyone else have this problem?.Version: 2.3.8

NO 2/4 Time template/backgroundIt is absolutely amazing and astonishing that Apple provides as default time signature rhythm templates NO 2/2 or 2/4 patterns but only a 4/4 template. SERIOUSLY Apple??? Lemme guess re this UX design flaw: the designers are under 30 and listen only to 21st century white rock/pop stuff. This is where either having a UX person with some maturity can be helpful or at least a person with perhaps some actual music education - someone who not only has listened to but has studied the roots of American music much of which is based in 2/2 and 2/4 time signatures. Another way of saying this is that most of the folk songs and music every kid in America has grown up with not to mention the base of most popular music especially blues is based on a 2/2 or 2/4 time signature. Your little hot coders may have figured that mathematically a 4/4 signature can be adapted. FYI: Nope. And that’s why dearest Apple you have GOT TO RETURN TO USING PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE ARTS BACKGROUND as well as the coding chops... or just at least hire UX people over 12 years old. This is such a huge missing basic that I am using it as an example to students in the UX unit of my design and development program. FIX IN NEXT REV PLEASE!!! You have been told about this multiple times. It needs to be moved WAY up on the fix list..Version: 2.3

Recording Sections Limit UsefulnessI was told GarageBand is a great free Apple app that’s easy to use to start recording my podcast. Free, easy to use, Apple app, yes, but not that great for podcast recording. When I set out to try out the various features offered like adjustable line-in mic, monitor, and noise gate along with pitch controls and such I was very excited. The letdown came when I was ready for my first take. I wanted to make sure I could "spit my truth" for my full 15 minutes of fame. Now, I’m not a musician so I don’t think in terms of tempo, bars, sections, and time signatures. Unfortunately, GarageBand only allows 26 sections at 8 bars each, and adjusting tempo and time signature was no help at all. After ~4 minutes of recording I realized I had used almost 12 sections which gives me a maximum recording time of 10 minutes. Now I’m sure that’s phenomenal for musicians nailing down a riff, bridge, solo, chorus, or massive vocal track, and I’m not foolish enough to think that this app isn’t specifically designed for musicians. Yet, I still think there’s a slight loss of functionality, and opportunity to expand GarageBand’s reach by not allowing unlimited recording and the addition of a timer or stopwatch for those who are not adept at music’s timing system. Voice actors, storytellers, life coaches, podcasters, etc. could all benefit from the simplicity and functionality of the GarageBand app with a few simple tweaks..Version: 2.3.8

Great until......I loved this app so much. When I found out it existed I loved it. I have never had so much fun doing music. This was all fine until the iOS 13 update. You see I have the iPad Air and it isn’t supported in the iOS 13 update so I’ve just lost all my songs I’ve made when I was just starting to really enjoy it and actually get okay at it by using all the Eqs and automations and wha not. It would have been fine if I could of just kept the app on a non updated version. That would have been fine with me. But no it deletes it and I can’t re-download it because I need IOS 13. Overall great app but really annoyed. Please just let us people on old gen iPads and iPhones still use it but on a non updated version!.Version: 2.3.8

Won’t loadSo overall the app is good, there’s lots to do and it’s amazing for being free. However, I’ve found that it stops loading any of your songs and soon stops loading any tools in the app you want to use, making the whole thing redundant. This is very annoying when you spend some time making a song only for the app to fail to load it meaning you can never access it again, wasting your time and effort completely. I’ve tried all solutions to fix this as given by apple app support from a quick google search and I even tried deleting the app and re downloading but the same thing happens again. If it wasn’t for the fact the app is completely useless because it doesn’t load any of your work then it’d be really good...Version: 2.3.8

My phone is up to dateMy phone is at update 12.4.2 and it says I’m up to date but it says I need 13.0 or later. Thank you.Version: 2.3.8

Fun for beginnersThis app is great for beginners and I was very exited that they added the ability to import Logic Pro projects except if you use more than one time signature (which I always do) it doesn’t work. Because of this the app is useless to me however for the mainstream musician that sticks to a single signatures I’m sure you will enjoy..Version: 2.3.7

It takes up too much space on my ipadI need this app for music class at school but it says no space left so i started deleting things. In the end I ended up deleting 3 apps and 200 photos and it still said there is still no space left to download garage band. I mean i could download other apps but not this one because it needed too much space. I do not ant to keep deleting apps just to get garage band. Can u please improve it by making it not take up too much space. Thanks. Other than that I’ve tried it before and its a pretty good app.Version: 2.3.8

Needs to be solvedSo I have been using this app since the iPhone 5s. And I have a major complaint it is a major book for those who are using voiceover with GarageBand. It’s a book Apple needs to take care of. I am a voiceover user myself and I have been having this issue. Whenever you would like to add compression, change your EQ, add reverb, or echo, or any really cool affect like reversing the track, changing the speed so if you were trying to make those rap style high hats, or adding other great effects. Garage band will not let you, as soon as you close out of your mixer it erases all of the things you’ve done. Matter of fact it doesn’t even add DFX it’s like you never even added them. I have been dealing with this bug, since I started using this app I have never been able to successfully add any of those amazing plug-ins garage band will not even change the sound of your recording, as soon as you go and increase or decrease the amount of compression reverb or like I said any of the other affects, and you close out of the mixer and prepped play to hear your track it doesn’t add them, then you go back to your mixer and look at it and see they’re all back down to 0% Apple please please fix this issue, recordings with sound so much better when you can actually affect the sound. This bug has been going on long enough. On behalf of me and other voiceover users a like please fix this issue.Version: 2.3.7

I can’t even save my Songs!I made a bunch of songs and when I add it to something I can’t select it, so I download them but it still doesn’t save!!! 😡 it pretty good though, if I could save my songs I would give 4 star, but I won’t..Version: 2.3.7

Awesome functionality - want more capabilityThis app is a great pocket version of GarageBand for Mac, and I especially love how what you create on here can interface with LogicPro X. My major complaint with this app is that I can’t adjust volume of individual tracks within the context of the track. All you can do is set the volume for the entire track. If I could fade or isolate individual portions of the track, I would have so much more capability! I use this app most often to import and cut music for show numbers, and the ability to cross fade tracks would be huge. Also, it would be super great if the time of the track could be seen as well as the measure numbers. Difficult to know how long a section is! Lastly, could we please make it so that I can share songs DIRECTLY into iTunes right on my phone or iPad instead of putting them in “File Sharing”..? This means you have to plug you phone into your computer and drop it into iTunes from there. I’d love for the entire capability to be onboard. Please make these adjustment and I’d be happy to give this app 5 stars!.Version: 2.3.7

808sHello! Thank you for taking the time to read my request, as it is much appreciated. I have been using iOS GarageBand for about one and a half years now, and I must say that I have grown quite fond of the software, as it is exemplary in terms of simplicity and practicality. I have been making little beats and loops for some time, and while the features implemented are expansive, I wish to expand my creations by perhaps publishing music in the near future. I have a passion for music and would love to look to new opportunities. There are a few features which I wish could be added to the software. NOTE: if there are ways to achieve the following without updates, please let me know. So first, the 808 sound is quite lackluster, primarily considering modern rap/hip hop. Some examples of the 808 sound I have been trying to create can be heard in Meek Mill’s “Going Bad,” produces by Wheezy, and Trevor Daniel’s “Wild,” as well as “Mess,” produced by the members of Internet Money. I only have access to the iOS version of GarageBand, as I don’t have any Mac products. So if there is any way that I can recreate this sound, or if there are plans to implement this sound into one of the alchemy synth bases please let me know. I think this software is perfect, it’s just this particular sound that I’m after. Please let me know of any further changes or plans. Thank you for your time!.Version: 2.3.7

The instrument won’t pop upI found that when I go in and click on any of the instruments it won’t pop up. I clicked on guitar, nothing showed up ok drums. Nothing I’m disappointed that I can’t have a bit of fun with my family on garage band..Version: 2.3.10

Won't downloadMy iPad is only iOS 10 but this app should be able to work on an older version but it seems like every time that a new ios version is released, all of apples apps compatibility goes to that version. I really want to download this and use it but I can't because it won't download when it should because there is a version compatible with iOS 10. And dirty sales tricks won't make me get a new iPad so please fix this so I can just download the app and use it. I will give it a five star rating when it works because this app was awesome the moment it was released..Version: 2.3.7

I dont like this🤬I was in the middle of making my song when I inserted a loop then the app just crashes on me, I’m using an iPad Pro 2nd gen if that helps I’m really annoyed at this Apple I expect better from a 7 trillion dollar company😡.Version: 2.3.7

Terrible file formattingWhatever you make you won’t be able to save it as an mp3..Version: 2.3.8

THIS APP IS GREATEDIT: I just made a really good instrumental, but now its not working and its saying “not enough storage to edit” despite me having 2 GB of free storage. Please fix PLEASE MAKE MORE HIP HOP/TRAP DRUM KITS. The Flex and Flow pack did not disappoint. Please make this app more suitable for hip hop just like FL Studio. I suggest making the high hats pop out more, because it sounds quite plain unlike in other plug ins. Please fix the fact that you cant copy paste drum patterns weve made from other songs into another song. Update: THANK YOU FOR THE VINTAGE DRUM KITS! I cant thank this app enough! This app is amazing. Update: Songs dont play in certain segments of the song please fix..Version: 2.3.7

:(Wish I could download it.Version: 2.3.8

Very user unfriendlyPerhaps if you’re using this app everyday and you get to know the huge and illogical workings of this dog’s breakfast called garage band it can be really great, but it is NOT for the casual user. Even the most seemingly simple of editing a short sound file will cost you hours of your life as you navigate the poor display and seek help through the app it’s self only to still have to resort to search for answers elsewhere on the net. And it’s just so counter intuitive! For example, if you wanna duplicate a track you’ve already painstakingly edited, after some exploration you will open a window and find the option to ‘duplicate track’. Now, am I crazy for thinking it could be this easy? Yep! Turns out ‘duplicate track’ does not duplicate the track at all but merely opens a whole new track with NOTHING ON IT but has the same ‘settings’ as the track you want to duplicate. This is not your cut/drag/paste easy to use app. It is a quagmire that should be avoided at all costs unless you are a qualified sound engineer..Version: 2.3.6

Problems...GarageBand is good, but it can be really buggy. Often, I will close down the app, and try to open it later, but it always takes me back to the home screen. When I am in the track view, it really lags when I try to move across, and often lags on live loops. When it doesn’t let me open the app, I have to delete and re-download the app for it to open, and I lose all my tracks that are not in the iCloud Drive. I’ve already lost 6 tracks like this. Please fix these problems, and it will massively improve the app. Also, I think the sound library should be updated more often. Thank you for reading..Version: 2.3.3

DissatisfiedI made a beat on this app back in feb 2020, I was coming close to the point where I was tweaking it for a final mix, and went to listen to it yesterday but couldn’t find the track anywhere in the garage band app! I check most recently deleted items and there was nothing there! Now rewind back a month which was November 2020 and I was in the car with my daughter and my phone was hooked up to the car Bluetooth and she was watching Netflix and I heard a snippet of the beat I made in one of the programs she was watching! I couldn’t believe it and was so shocked I pulled the car over and had to rewind the part so just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken! Now today December 11th 2020 I believe that the beat I made has been taken and used for the purpose of apple doing what the want! I had saved it on other devices as I always do so I have evidence that I actually made the beat!.Version: 2.3.10

IOS 13!I used to use this and today I wanted to use in and I’m using an iPhone 6 and I’m on iOS 12.4.2 and now I can’t use it because you have to use iOS 13 or later.Version: 2.3.8

Why should I report an issue with GarageBand?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of GarageBand to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a GarageBand customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using GarageBand.

Is GarageBand not working?

GarageBand works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact GarageBand.

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