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Free Tone - Calling & Texting App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Free Tone - Calling & Texting app received 91 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Free Tone - Calling & Texting? Can you share your negative thoughts about free tone - calling & texting?

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Free Tone - Calling & Texting for Negative User Reviews

BuggyStill has bugs. Messages don't show sometimes. I don't where they hide. The app crashes frequently when receiving pics and on viewing them. Battery usage on iPhone is huge. Would be lucky to last an hour from full charge to flat. I can get many hours of usage with the normal phone text messaging and phone calls. Also the battery gets very hot..Version: 1.6.8

Garbage nowApp used to be free and work so good now you have to pay! Super whack.Version: 3.17.0

Needs lots of help!!While using free version, app worked perfectly!! Then with no warning, I was notified my number had expired due to inactivity. I only sent about 20 texts out literally before this. I subscribed, and wasn’t able to keep my number. Now the app barely works. Randomly calls and won’t shut off. It’s impossible to text, without touching my phone it flashes from the login to iTunes Store! It also will just stop sending texts. I’ve emailed support several times with no response!! I would strongly recommend not using this app!! To many issues!! I find it interesting that all of this started as soon as I paid..Version: 3.14.1

So unreliableUPDATE 2/18 Thanks to the support team I was able to restore my account and credits. When this app works it’s great. Has all the features I need and better than most other similar apps I’ve tried. But as the title says (and remains) it’s been flaky and unreliable for me over the several years I’ve used it (since 2013). If it can work reliably for any length of time I’ll adjust my review again. For now I’ll add a star for the fix. REVIEW 11/17 I’ve had this app (and it’s oddly confusing identical twin app TextMe) for several years now and it’s been a constant headache. Never kept such an unreliable app on my iPad and I would dump it if I had not invested money into credits and had so much history with the phone number. Their development team seem incapable of responding to iOS updates as every time Apple pushes out a major upgrade the app breaks. To compound matters, their support staff are the most dim witted and clueless team on the planet. They can rarely sort problems out, and if they do it takes days of messaging back and forth. Hopeless. If only Skype did SMS. I’ve tried a few other text and call apps and they all seem pretty poor. After trying several some years ago I settled on FreeTone and boy do I regret it. Do yourself a favour and stay well clear of this bag of fail.Version: 3.10.1

I need help!This is stupid! It keeps telling me that someone else is using my account?? Please someone help me..Version: 0

Could use improvementI’m SUPER thankful for this app as it is allowing me to make phone calls while I’m without a phone service, BUT after a month of use I have noticed a few odd things. You get notifications for the same text even after you’ve deleted it/read it, and every time I try to delete a message or conversation it is always there when I reopen the app (kind of disturbing that your texts can never be deleted, and frustrating because I’m sick of getting notified for month old messages). I’ve also randomly had phone calls end on me with no apparent reason. But I AM still thankful for this app and will continue to use for free, just hope for improvement especially for paying costumers.Version: 3.14.1

Reply box disappearsUnsure what is happening.Version: 3.29.1

Joke app and uselessIt’s a joke app, not recommended because they can cancel ur number without notification or anything. Not clear call So stay away from this scam app.Version: 3.31.0

False advertising.Don’t get fooled! You don’t receive a free number as advertised. Calls are paid as well..Version: 3.15.4

Big bug problemsAt first getting this app was a good idea the call worked perfectly but after a year they will charge you if you want to keep your same number every year that’s not in the bad part after a while they having a of bugs problems like it will keep ringing after the the is dropped also they will be drop a lot even if you are hooked up too wifi also they have so many commercials are purpose make you pay then to get rid of the commercials not to mention this app will frozen your phone b/c it’s so much going on with the pop ups & ads very frustrating.Version: 3.26.14

Bit disappointedMy service provider doesn't allow texts out of the country so I am looking for an app that will allow it. Thought this one would but it is credit based and in 2 texts I'd used up my credit. Didn't see that info in the app details, must have missed it. It did work fine but the credit system means the app only gets 3 stars from me..Version: 2.2.5

Text meText me is awesome I was talked to my friends on it but when u send a video it takes so long to sent and when someone reaseavs the video they some times cart open it or it takes to long to reaseav. All the rest of text is is awesome. The thing I like about it is the u can recourse your voice on it..Version: 1.6.8

Works poorlyThis app was ok for the first few days of use but, I experienced countless dropped calls. As well as, lag in dialing out, call quality was extremely poor, and cutting off conversations was a regular thing. Not to mention that you had to renew the subscription every month in order to keep your number? Free how? Also, when previously renewed I was charged twice for this crappy application. Whoever designed this app needs to fix the connectivity issues, used on the fastest most stable WiFi ever and still had dropped/choppy calls at random..Version: 3.13.0

Works great at first but goes downhillIt worked just fine at first, but now it takes minutes for it to connect no matter how strong or weak my signal is or if it’s on WiFi. Every call has static lately, the person on the opposite end of the phone can barely ever hear me. The ads will pop up in the middle of the dial pad or randomly cover the whole screen while I’m on a call. I don’t want to have to change to a new app and number because I use this as an emergency line for my business. I love the app, but major issues occurring lately, please fix..Version: 3.18.2

Encore un numéro de perduePourquoi je paye pour un numéro de téléphone et on l’efface encore et encore se service est un gadget pas tres sérieux..Version: 3.18.1

Calls drop!!!!!all the time!!!I can’t make a call seriously!!! The calls drop almost all the time then you have to watch some silly ad that takes 5 sec to go away then the call drops again, then next call and the same process continues. I’ve been using the service fo over 6 months it’s was great at first but now it’s just terrible. Will have to find new ap. I give 2 stars because it used to work good but now there just pumping ads all over causing malfunctions I believe but who knows!!!!.Version: 3.11.1

LOOSING NUMBER!!!!!I had an awesome phone number and I memorized by heart and I had all my contacts link to it and I’ve lost it all I cannot believe it this is the stupidest app ever!!!!.Version: 3.9.8

Ads ads adsI try and type a message just to have ads pop up none stop! To the point where it’s impossible to use the app at all! I get 1 or 2 words then A vid will pop up! Straight after it’ll start another!.Version: 3.9.7

Lies and AdsI paid for one month to try it out and it's pretty unreliable on sending and receiving texts and calls. Furthermore it stated that no credits were required to call or text US numbers but that's a blatant lie. You can earn credits for doing things like watching videos or taking surveys but it's hardly worth it. There are ads everywhere in the app and to remove them is a per month fee on top of what you already pay. Not worth the download and I'm deleting it on the second day of using it..Version: 3.6.2

Better than Ping!The whole family have this one and it works better than Ping. More reliable and no delays in delivery of messages. Having more than two people in a message would be good for the free version though! Good to have emoticons on the free version unlike Ping Lite! Keep up the good work!.Version: 0

Fals descriptionThis alp is not actually free after paying to download, it gonna asks you exactly the same amount as weekly and monthly charges as the other apps Text To Call, do. The are the copy of each other..Version: 3.19.4

It's a scamThis app supposed to be good but it's not working properly anymore.i already bought the premium but it keep asking for 32$/mo instead of 5.99$ And if you don't pay another 13$ your number is gone and there is no way you get it back...easily the worst app ever.Version: 3.29.0

Always log out for meI use it very often. But it logs out automatically approximately once a month and it’s very annoying when I cannot answer the phone when it’s logged out..Version: 3.31.0

Absolute GarbageI just wish that everyone had iPhones so I wouldn’t have to use stupid third-party apps such as this one to text androids. I’ve never had a good third-party texting and calling app for my non-cellular devices and this one is no exception. There’s so many ads! It plays one every time you send a text. No joke. Half the time I call people, I can hear them but they can’t hear me. Also, I get called by at least two telemarketers a day, which I rarely see on my iPhone. And to make is worse, my number randomly changes and the app spontaneously logs me out! I do not recommend unless you plan on paying monthly for premium..Version: 3.14.1

Real numberThe app charges you which is the first bump because I thought it was free. Secondly, the numbers aren’t “your own” I got a message to my real WhatsApp account from the number I was using which was “my personal free number” and she was writing death threats in Arabic to me. Quite honestly I would like my money back. I have proof. I was terrified about how she found my number..Version: 3.27.1

One issue I am having.So I have been using this app for almost 2 years now, it’s great I love it but recently it has been messing up. I call my boyfriend regular on this when my phone bill isn’t paid, and he gets my text and calls off of this app but I can’t get his text messages or calls? I went to look for a update to see if it was maybe a bug but there was no update. It’s frustrating for me having to call him and text him because he can’t call me or send me a text because I can’t get them..Version: 3.13.0

Terrible AppI have written customer service several times as I am paying for this app. My text messages disappear or just never show up in the log. Sometimes I answer calls, and the other party can’t hear me. I occasionally cannot send or reply to text messages when someone texts me. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app so to see my updated message and call log at times. They said it’s because I’m sending out an unbalanced number of texts (which I’m not) and the “system” thinks it’s spam, but I’m just responding to texts I received. The app is horrible and the customer service is even worse…not helpful at all. Do NOT waste your time or money with this App..Version: 3.35.2

Doesn’t work internationallyDon’t download it if you want to use it internationally. I used it after I had paid for it but did not work!!!.Version: 3.17.2

Love itIt's really good. Works as says and it's UI isn't ugly like a lot of other apps out there. BUT the notifications are ridiculous. I keep getting notifications telling me about calls from US and Canada or how I got 10 free credits even though I paid 3.99 and have a premium membership. It even says "this subscription is active" but these ads are SO annoying and very, very frequent. I might have to go back to TextNow even tho their UI isn't the best. And that's unfortunate because I was so ready to buy 2 numbers and ughhh :(.Version: 3.9.2

It’s good but...This is a good app. I love how it can make calls and text! The little problems I have is sometimes my messages and calls DO NOT pop up in my notification sometimes. I will have to click in the app and refresh it just to see if someone text me. I’ll mis a text from someone hours ago because it never showed up in my notifications. It also happens when people call. It would show up as “miss call” but I will never get the call. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!.Version: 3.9.8

Problem with the appThis app was working just fine. But now I've got a problem where I can't make any phone calls. There's no connection at all when I try calling. It's like the system is not recognizing it as a number, because when I finish typing the number in, the “Free number” tag doesn't show up. And for some reason, the Freetone website is down, so I can't go there to find out what's going on. This needs to be fixed ASAP. I don't want to lose my free number because I unable to make phone calls..Version: 3.32.2

App no good.I updated my iPhone which is always progressing . I ‘be had my phone number for years and years with only shuttle problems. Now I cannot receive call, log in or get any answers from this provider. A complete waste of time. Do not get this. They are useless. Absolutely useless.Version: 3.33.11

Worst app everThe interface is horrible. The first time i had a call , the notice came up on my iPad , but NO WAY to answer since the accept this call notice didn't appear . I was using it for text support with another problem and they had to call me 3 times before i could answer it . I had used the TextMe app for awhile but it had so many annoying ads that i began looking for another app . I will just deal with the ads instead of this . Also i did get the most offensive spam i have ever had . A belligerent call from the SPAM IRS and FBI that i hadn't filed tax returns and was being "hunted" etc .. apparently this app doesn't have any "spam police" and gives ur number out freely to anyone . My brief experience with this app .. just download and take ur chances ..Version: 3.13.1

Not freeYou must pay for a number. Without that the app is useless.Version: 3.15.4

BadNot at all wat I wanted to use it for. Will someone make an app that u can text phones without both people needing to having the app. I didn't want to rate it but I had to 0 stars ..Version: 1.6.8

Very bad appI was using this app I pay for one month for a phone number but after they took it without any Advance warning. They took all my information my contacts i was use it in a business accounts like WhatsApp and others really I lose a lot be carful guys from this application it’s a scam and will take all of your information and when you want to contact them they will not answer you . Very bad I hope apple will remove this app from the apple store..Version: 3.15.2

Great except adsThe latest version terrible - now too slow and why do you times after ever message?! It was a good ap but a drag paying every month (99 cents) for no ads. More annoying is being unable to remove ads for a while (you can hardly see messages with the ad block) because the little trolly doesn't always show (the trolly is the button to use to start the process to remove ads). This is a flaw...or possibly deliberate..Version: 2.2.4

UselessThis app use to be great for calling. But now it’s changed it will not allow you unless you give them access to your contact so they can sell it. Don’t pay for it. I would pay for it if I could use it without giving them access to anything on my phone..Version: 3.27.2

Failing...Loved the app in the beginning- I got this for my new business. Now it’s failing me!! I am not receiving notifications when I receive texts and phone calls. I’m missing out on business which is aggravating me!! I have to open the app to see if anything has come through and I’m missing a lot of calls/ texts. It just makes ME look flakey when in fact it’s the app!!! But my customers don’t know that... The problem is I can’t take this number anywhere else and it’s printed on my cards and google, etc... this app needs a big makeover and quick! It’s a waste of $4.99.Version: 3.15.4

I need a refundI will give it a zero star. I am waiting for my refund. You his app is a scam.Version: 3.33.13

WAY TOO EXPENSIVE NowThis was a good app/service when it started, but it’s way too pricey now. To heck with you gougey buzzards, freetone! They don’t offer half price deals on credits anymore. The first year, I “secured” my number for $20. Then they upped the price to $27. Now, they don’t offer a one year - the gougers sell 3 month terms for $21. Well, they lost me as a customer. There’s no need of these giant price hikes. Freetone doesn’t even work that well. I can’t use freetone for what I really needed it for - 2 factor authentication. It doesn’t work with Apple 2 factor authentication or with my TD bank account. The security codes just never get delivered. To heck with freetone. They lost me permanently as a customer - greedy, gouger buzzards!.Version: 3.33.12

Not workingAlready pay for this app but it doesnt work.Version: 3.33.13

Paid $3 for nothingPurchased app and couldn’t even install it. It’s some bug there. And cannot even cancel my purchase. Fraud!.Version: 3.24.0

Only bother using if majorly important!This app used to be free; with the ability to change number etc etc. When they made it paid I figured I’d support the cause even though I have it for free on another account. However I paid and was disappointed to see that the ad for credit system is even worse than it once was, also they charge to change number, remove ads and all this kinda stuff. Seems like they’ve given up on the app and are just trying to milk what they can out of it now..Version: 3.19.4

They charged me even if the app is freeI want my refund!!!.Version: 3.33.12

Bad appCloses itself and doesn't allow me to pick up messages.Version: 1.6.7

SPAM CALLSThe amount of spam call I receive everyday from this app!!! I have had to block over 200 numbers in total cause everyday I receive anywhere from 2 (on a good day) to 6 spam calls. It’s exhausting! I can’t even pick any call anymore. I just block any number that calls me..Version: 3.33.9

It’s not freeYou have to pay to get a number.Version: 3.15.3

Lately app is real glitchyFrequently hangs up on calls, issues with sound quality or call connections. Why is this app so HUUUGGGEEE! Right now it surpasses the size of all my other apps including my photos and I’m one of these ppl that stores 1000+ pics on their phone forever! Please fix by reducing size of the app removing some of the ad space. I realize its a “free” app and sponsors=$ but it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous to have an app that takes up this much space to perform only one or two or text..Version: 3.23.5

UnreliableI have been using this app for years, and instead of improving it, the developer has made it worse. It’s now so bogged down with ads that it doesn’t work properly. It’s only purpose apparently is an ad generator. I no longer receive notifications at all when I receive a text, yet the developer is flawlessly capable to inundate me with ads that somehow make their way through seamlessly. Every time I send a text, an ad is in the way of reading my own text let alone a response from the other person. Then when I try to send another text or close the screen-hogging ad, I inadvertently click on the ad. Very frustrating and flat out unreliable..Version: 3.11.1

H E L PI've been using FreeTone since 2018, and it worked fine until I purchased my number and connected it to my important accounts. Now every single day a NEW 854 calls me AT LEAST TWICE, usually more.,, and even later into the evening when we're going to bed. I report, block and mute all to no avail. If I ask them to place me on their Do Not Call List, as I use my number for my personal business, they simply switch to another number and I do believe they may be using FreeTone for this ILLEGAL ACTIVITY of Harassment and refusing to remove a business on the National Do Not Call List for Solicitors & Agents of such morally starved people. I have also attempted to DELETE my text messages because they just pile up and I can't find anything, and if I delete a number I've muted, and or, blocked.,,. It UN-Mutes and UN-Blocks them! Please H E L P❗️❗️❗️Regards, A Dissatisfied & Upset Public Figure in SC USA.Version: 3.30.2

BadDownload textme for free it’s the same thing ..Version: 3.33.17

Nothing “free” about itNot even the trial is free! Delete..Version: 3.21.4


Negative emotionsI can not register. For a long time there were no updates. You probably already abandoned the application..Version: 3.21.1

HELP!!!!!!!!It's a great game text me but I can't send my friends messages except for one the reason why I can't send my other friends messages is because they are blacklisted for me but I did not do it and they did not do it and they can send me messages but I can't and I really would like to send messages to my friends but I just can't can you please help me!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.3

App is useless now / messages failing to sendApp is useless now / messages failing to send Was one off the best apps But surely has gone the worse Either improve or lose customers..Version: 3.19.4

Annoying Ads Force me to DeleteFor the simple purpose of being able to disguise your actual number by using this instead, it works as needed. HOWEVER, the constant notices to “use it or lose it” messages if you stop using it for a week or two are ridiculous. You’ll get them constantly until you use it again or lose the number. Then you’ll get CONSTANT notifications requesting you pay & go premium. No thanks. Deleted..Version: 3.21.4

Text meI believe text me is a great way to communicate with friends and family. I think it was missing something but I can't figure out what it is. Overall Text me was a fantastic app and I use it all the time. But I hate how after it send you a welcome back message it send you an email where you can get help but if you reply they will just keep sending the same message back and that really really and that's part of were stars came down unfortunately..Version: 1.6.8

CANNOT REGISTEROnce I select my area code and new number, they next screen that loads is just blank and stays that way indefinitely 😞 Please update. Going to move on to another ‘Free Calling’ app soon!!.Version: 3.23.6

Bad famDon’t get it fam.Version: 3.15.4

Constant iTunes Charge Attempts and CrashesUsing free plan initially to evaluate app, every time a message comes in and or I open the app I get an iTunes login request popup. I cancel the request but many users don't force iTunes to confirm each request and if you have touch id enabled there is good chance your finger is on the home button and you'll touch ID login to iTunes before you realize it. The direct correlation of, for me, rare iTunes login to this app is undeniable. App also crashes constantly less than a minute or two of app usage between crashes..Version: 3.17.0

Stop asking people to agree to your horrible data agreementYour data agreement is horrible. Stop sharing everyone’s personal information with your motley crew of partners. The data you are sharing is sincerely concerning. They never used to be like this and asking long term, loyal users of the service to agree to these heinous breaches of privacy is appalling. No wonder people have their identity stolen and there are so many security breaches. Provide a good service without asking people to sell their soul..Version: 3.33.13

So Annoying to useFirstly nobody will get back to you. They send messages explaining how serious they are taking my issue. I’ve received 4 already. My messages disappear then come back, and repeat. When I log on it says I have a bunch of new messages but there just messages I’ve already sent or replied to or ones ive deleted the entire conversation to 2,3, 4,5,6 10 times and there they are again like brand new. Very frustrating ..Version: 3.22.0

Just like every over app getting greedy for moneyUntil today I noticed that before I’ve had this app for maybe four years I could easily delete your number and create a new one for free and the reason why I like this app over every other app is because they had literally unlimited minutes which meant that you could go ahead and make calls for however long you want and now they have a where you have to buy new number just got to keep in mind that nothing last forever thinking about jailbreaking😂.Version: 3.14.0

So confusedSo it seems like I did something wrong? When I created my account I didn't put my number in and I'm wondering if that was the mistake. You see the people I call say my number keeps changing but I can be saved in contacts. And I keep getting a bunch of calls that are for other people from the same stupid company. Someone help me.Version: 2.8.2

Draining battery in secondsI couldn’t able to use this app without connecting my phone to wall charger. Very slow hanging my whole phone. Really need an update.Version: 3.27.1

Helpful App indeed but serious delaysI’m thankful for this app reason being its free to use as I’m out of minutes on my main line, however there has been serious delays when on a call (I talk and the person on receiving end hears what I said seconds later) and we end up talking over one another. Experienced about 1 or 2 dropped calls also. Other than that this app serves its purpose and allows me to keep in contact with those that matter..Version: 3.9.5

This app does not workThis is the glitches I have bumped into with this app. Calls: 1. They ring and then the call hangs up. I dial back and it gives a messaging saying that there is a call in process. When there isn’t. So now I dial a couple more x’s and same message. When the app just catches up to what I actually wanna do and then the call goes thru and I continue my call, maybe about 5 minutes later. Who had to take 5 mins just to get the phone to ring? 2. Sometimes the people can’t hear me on the other end. 3. When I’m hold with, idk the power company, for over 20 mins and the app closes and just drops the call. So I have to call again and wait in line. 4. But before waiting in line again, I had requested a call back and when they actually do call me back, it rang for a micro second and I missed the call. Yea this app is annoying.Version: 3.12.8

USED to work. Now terrible. Can’t text. Won’t connect. Ads load and never let me close them.When I FIRST got this app I loved it. It worked great and the ads didn’t bother me. I’m not sure what happened but suddenly I can’t text anyone (always says “requires 5 credits or SMS to send” and despite HUNDREDS of credits wouldn’t send any of my messages), my calls won’t go though or don’t connect or crash, and whenever I open my app there’s a white loading circle that will not go away even after I restart the app. I’ve had to redownload the app three times. I feel so stuck. The number I got from this app is written on all my college applications and other official documents and I feel like I can’t get a new number now since I’ve already invested so much into it. Wish they would fix the bug. Again: it USED to work just fine. Now it’s terrible..Version: 3.9.5

Love this appI am editing this review. Beyond mad!! I paid for a number so I did not have to text every month to keep it. My payment expired last month. Due to someone hacking my credit card I could not renew right away. My daughter texted me and the jerks at this service gave my number to someone else!!! Not ever a courtesy time for a paying customer. Well they won’t get another cent of my money My daughter is in Canada and I am in the US. She has free Canada texting but could not text me. Thanks to freetone letting me get a Canadian number we can now text. You get some inline ads but they are non obtrusive and easily ignored. Thanks for such a great app.Version: 3.15.4

Not workingI just downloaded this app. For me to use in Canada to another Canadian number is requiring 5credits per text. Also for whatever reason it is asking for $32.99 per month for premium features, rather than 5.49. I don’t understand I thought this was a free texting app in Canada.Version: 3.16.2

AverageTo slow send a message 5 minutes later the other person Gets it needs fixing.Version: 1.5.1

I deleted it for same reason not free txt and charging more than normalToo expensive not free txt in Canada.Version: 3.27.2

Very poor serviceI cancelled a year ago and keep getting charged! No customer service!.Version: 3.34.13

Not goodIt used to be good, But in the last updated I got most the messages late.Version: 1.5.0

Middle manThis application is a carbon copy of “text me” except that it costs money without any extra features. Its the definition of a middle man..Version: 3.26.7

HorribleUnless you wanna get into legal trouble DO NOT USE THIS APP. I used this in the summer and found out it uses real numbers that people currently use and pay for!!!!! SIS!!! If i could give this app zero stars I would.Version: 3.17.1

Call forward not longer workAfter the most recent update the call forward feature is not longer working! Please fix it!.Version: 3.33.12

Lies false advertisement 5 credits per call/textI had this app and I was using it. All was just fine. AND THEN! I wasn’t receiving calls and couldn’t text. I noticed before I would type for a text message. It said 5 credits. 5 credits PER TEXT is now needed to send a text and you need at least 1 credit to be able to send and receive calls. I emailed them and they gave me the back and forth run around from telling calls/text are only free in us and Canada. Well I live in and was calling and texting the us. Then they said accounts flagged due to missuse too many calls or text. -ONLY THE APP ADVERTISES FREEE AND UNLIMITED CALLS AND TEXT- so how can that be misused or too many? THEN they said that my account was flagged in error and once it’s flagged they can’t unflag it. So with this account flagging I can no longer use this app even if I delete and use a different email. Unless I pay for credits to call and text at 5 credits per call and text message. Disappointed in the lies and false advertisement and poor customer service. If I could I’d rate no stars for this..Version: 3.17.1

Horrible appDon’t pay for this app. Hidden fees..Version: 3.33.13

Free call only in the USAI wasted my money and time. It only offers free phone calls within the USA. I lost my money 🤮.Version: 3.20.4

ScammersI bought credit and I never got it. I tried to email them in there support email and it is not valid. I then sent a email to a different email that I found in the web and got a response in 2 days. Telling me to email them the issue then wait 2 days again and then the person tried to insult me and deviated from the point at all time. Stay away from them. Read full story and there emails to me and vice versa online. Search text free scammer.Version: 2.6.7

Was this App becoming obsoleteWhy did you tell all app downloaders that this app was being discontinued and now it’s Remerge as a paid app again? Is it business or a deception on the part of the company.Version: 3.17.2

How this has more than three stars is beyond me.I open this app. Ads. I payed for the minutes. Ads. I dial a number. Ads. I hang up. Ads. I go to click on a section. Ads. You get the hang of it. Riddled with ads. Simply giving the developers your money for minutes isn’t enough to get rid of the things. You have to pay for the ad free version on top of the minutes you’ve purchased. Unless you like being bombarded by ads, look elsewhere for a better app. How I payed $20 for the talk time yet still get pop up ads every time I open it is beyond me. Unfortunately I’m locked in until I burn the minutes. Don’t get locked in, look for a better app..Version: 3.12.8

NOT FREE US NUMBERSIt’s not clear from the outside, but you pay to use the app, and you get a free uk number, but not anything else. It’s a scam, avoid.Version: 3.23.5

Angry!Has shut me out since middle of December 2012 very unhappy, plz fix it.Version: 1.7.1

UNRELIABLEExtremely unreliable app! Doesn’t notify you. Crashes constantly. Very slow to use. Do not download !!!.Version: 3.18.2

Not functioning.The latest update on ios wiped out all of my chats, contacts, and my number no longer works..Version: 3.34.3

Missing callsThis app is sort of working, drops calls all the time. I am really frustrated. Plus phone number price has tripled, yet calls are being dropped all the time. I am really disappointed. On further usage, the call drops continue in midstream. The app is buggy if you want to buy a second phone number I am not sure what is white this app but it does not work right. If it drops the calls it does not work, hence the. One star. I really want to like it but it is just unreliable more than not it does not even ring. Just unacceptable..Version: 3.11.1

Useless to subscribe to another numberI subscribed to a Netherlands number , Paid £ 5.49 then it turned out that I can’t receive calls or text to the number I had just subscribed. It was not clear when first subscribing that I had to cancel it. Wasted £5.49 for nothing. Great thanks. Not happy..Version: 3.19.3

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Is Free Tone - Calling & Texting not working?

Free Tone - Calling & Texting works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Free Tone - Calling & Texting.

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