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Great paper, app update might be offExcellent newspaper. Highly recommend it. The app, however, now causes iPhone 14 Pro to heat up dramatically since the latest app and iOS update. (iOS 17) Phone becomes uncomfortably hot after two or so articles. Cools off quickly after quitting the WSJ app. (The news is not that hot!).Version: 14.2.0

MrGood.Version: 11.5

Great app. Works flawlesslyThe app doesn’t have all the content available on the website but is a great way to get access to and navigate around WSJ when you’re out and about. Particularly appreciate the go to new issue prompt as I’m not in the U.S...Version: 12.2.3

Alt pt of viewI got a year subs with expiring air points. WSJ has good interesting articles worth a read. Balances the Guardian. Its bit USA focussed but fair enough it is based in NY. Update: App is still good after 6 months use. Much appreciated..Version: 11.8

WSJ APPGreat app..Version: 11.7.1

Excellent for building commercial awarenessI’ve just started a Law degree and I’ve found this app to be a really enjoyable way of learning about the business world. The articles are written clearly and filled with information, along with updates on the stock market being presented in a way that anyone could wrap their head round. This is one of the only news sources where I’ve been able to read and feel like the information is to be point and not bias..Version: 11.8.3

Michael ‘AL’ LagosWhen it comes to the truth in all matters business as a degree qualified international business grad (marketing and management majors) there’s only one source of true global significance I listen to that The Wall Street Journal. I’m constantly amazed. The accuracy at which their journalists break such high level stories is all class..Version: 12.1.2

Can’t forward articlesMy husband and I are life long subscribers and over the past few years, the WSJ is sadly going to the wayside for me. I live in NYC and used to receive the daily print version of both the NYTimes and WSJ. Inevitably, almost every time it rained, the NYT would be delivered in plastic bag and I’d wind up with a soaked Journal. I put up with it for some time registering numerous complaints and then just dropped it. I am now online for both publications and others BUT the WSJ has fallen behind in my reading. There are many wonderful and insight articles that I’d like to send to me kids, colleagues, friends BUT the receiver has to be a subscriber and it’s very frustrating. I think The Washington Post got it right that you can view so many before subscribing which I eventually did. It’s a complete miss that someone thinks that the WSJ would lose out on subscriber revenues from allowing forwarding - probably quite the opposite as more readers may become interested. I still read the WSJ but only occasionally and certainly not on a daily basis like I did starting in my 20s..Version: 11.9

Good content!Excellent articles..Version: 13.30.0

Good but where is the market data?Overall good though there are technical issues with cache which means need to reset often to download the paper. Main issue is that can’t see full market data - stocks, indices, etc. That is a major gap. There should be a separate markets section and then a page of data that shows key market data plus items to personally add..Version: 12.2.3

Easier to navigateThere are some great articles on the WSJ app. It’s up to date, the articles are usually of a high quality. The editorials and opinion pieces still seem reasonable, pluralistic and balanced..Version: 12.7.3

Upped to 5 stars!The WSJ remains the first Website I check (twice daily). I rank the WSJ ahead of the NYT because of superior editorial (far more objective), better video, and the focus on the market. Not to mention the links to it's sister partners like Barron's. And thanks for adding the magazine, which used to be the only feature that the NYT could claim as superior. Ps, I have no problems with latest update. Ok, I will update my comments to reflect my feelings about the ever more time consuming streaming ads prior to the videos. I still respect the WSJ by limiting both the # and length of the annoying advertisements. CNBC is definitely the worst of the bunch, where you can expect the advertising to equal 30-40% of the content you are interested in. The New York Times is not far from CNBC when it comes to force feeding streaming ads before you get to see what you hope to see on the spot. Bottom line, WSJ is solid #1 for all around quality and reading experience..Version: 12.5.1

The Five Star JournalAn unequaled news journal. In depth articles on diverse topics. A weekend newspaper everyday. NY City on my iPhone. Breaking news on SP500, NASDAQ, Dow. Leveraging technology into Sud Pacific. A treasure cache of knowledge. High definition images architecture, design. Latest styles, emerging innovations. The spirit of America, sharing know how. The benchmark of excellent news journals. Leaping barriers of distance, isolation, oceans. Storming cultural roadblocks to competition. Lifting professional performance worldwide. Broadening provincial horizons. The Razzmatazz Of NY City now. Thank you News Corp..Version: 12.4.2

Great resource for real, unbiased news.I have dropped the local paper, and I’ve stopped watching Fox And CNN on any routine basis. The Journal continues to provide real, in-depth reporting that provides a factual analysis while containing editorial opinion to the editorial page. I started following Peggy Noonan, among others from the Journal’s editorial page because of the rational arguments that they make that are based in fact, not conjecture or projection of their views upon those they profile. I especially appreciated Ms. Noonan’s article that described the lack of an entitlement mentality of students studying at Tennessee Technological University. Her contrast of their desire to learn how to do/make things better, versus the desire of students at several Ivy League colleges to learn how to use connections with other students, highlights the origin of our political leanings and self-interests. The gift my father gave me of a Wall Street Journal subscription in college has turned me into a loyal subscriber of this fourth estate publication for the past 25 years..Version: 12.5.1

Clean, crisp, easy to useVery easy to move around the app. I think the app is also well organised. My only gripe is I think there may be some syncing issues - I bookmarked am article on the web version but couldn’t find it in the app so had to search for the article within the app and bookmark it again. Overall, very happy with this though!.Version: 12.1

Wall Street journalReally enjoy reading articles about current issues and affairs. A really easy app to use with clear sections for what you want to read. It's full of information about the stock market and what is 'up' and 'down'. Recommended!!!!!!.Version: 11.0.1

I like itI'm a 77 year old lifetime newspaper reader and have online subscriptions to the Washington Post (print as well as online versions) and NY Times as well as the WSJ. I download all 3 every day and wander through them getting the flavor of the coverage and the opinions. I would prefer to be able to download the print version of the WSJ so I could see the placement of articles the way I can with the WP but the WSJ app comes reasonably close. The strength of the WSJ app is the ease of scrolling through to find and read articles in each of the various sections. When all articles are simply shown in long scrolling lines placed willy-nilly on the screen, it is harder to sort out the "news" from the "opinions." It's hard enough to read news articles filled with speculative words like "could" or "might" mixed in with what actually happened. The WSJ is making an admirable effort to keep its news coverage balanced and factual and its opinion section fair. I appreciate that in today's hyper-polarized media environment. BUT, the tech end is quirky. I don't like having an article disappear in the middle of my reading it. I don't like the fact that I then have to start over with the app to get back to where I was. SURELY YOU CAN FIX THAT!.Version: 12.2.5

Love the breaking news alerts!I never allow alerts from my apps, but this one I did and it has been perfect. A breaking news banner pops up and then I can decide if I want to click on it to read the rest of the article. If I’m in the middle of something, I can go back later and see the alerts I missed in notifications. Being able to customize what alerts I see and how often they will come is great as well. I’ve noticed on my watch I can read the headlines only, but they are color coded- red & blue. I haven’t figured out yet if that is to say what list they are from, or if they are showing what party is making those claims. One way or the other- I LOVE-finally having a way to stay up to date with National and some international news without having to listen to the continuous droning 24 hour news on TV and trying to pick out what is actually new. Now if the WSJ would just cover my local news life would be perfect. I’m not happy with any of the local news apps, but that only shows how good the WSJ is in comparison..Version: 12.7.0

Good mediaGreat.Version: 12.7.2

Great appReally like the app.Version: 7.5.1

Could be great if saved articles were available on the web browser as wellEnjoyable, easy to read and navigate. If only the saved articles could be shared through the cloud so that what I save in the app is available on the website..Version: 12.6.4

Best Newspaper AppSomeone has finally found how to put a newspaper on an iPad properly. Gets the balance right between digital and traditional newspaper feel. Beautiful layouts. Smooth operation. Easy previews of articles. Wish more Australian papers looked at this for inspiration. Especially News Corp here..Version: 13.3.1

What’s not to like?Well thought out and easy to navigate. And of course exemplary journalism and thought provoking opinion pieces. Can’t imagine a better news site than this..Version: 12.6.4

IMPROVEMENTI would like to see the WSJ SURVIVE. I suggest monetizing your advertising to your advantage. Why not utilize EVERY article as a potential for advertising revenue? Hypertext an avenue for the reader to connect with a potential advertiser ie sports a teams name hypertext which when clicked on leads to sites to buy tickets, merchandise, contact w player s sites etc. recipes connect w grocery sites to order and have food ready for delivery pick up or similar. Financial interviews connect w financial advisers, blogs, firms etc. Car reviews connect w an car agency. Even obituaries ..clicks connect w funeral homes, cremation coffins etc. You have the technologies available. Why are u not using it? Charge the excipients of each click a minimal charge or a flat monthly charge. At the current time u have captive audiences w internet connections why are you not utilizing a disruptive technology..if u do not other newspapers will jump on the disruption technology wagon.? CHANGE IN THE WIND.Version: 12.6.2

Simply the best newspaper aroundI look forward to reading my WSJ every day. Articles are professionally written and thought provoking, and the Opinion pieces are always spot on. Thank you for maintaining integrity in journalism..Version: 13.30.0

Always has the latest newsGreat app never problems downloading.Version: 12.0

Hard to cancelHad a go at an introductory rate, enjoyed the app but wasn’t using it enough to justify a full subscription. Easy to sign up, but had to call and they couldn’t find my info without giving up heaps of my personal info and they could understand English very well, took 15 min and I had to redo all my details to two different people. They need to make it able to be done online as a recommendation..Version: 12.0.1

Great app and very informativeLove WSJ and their informative articles. Much of what I read is used in decision making for stocks and my overall view of the economy. I still think that aside from the opinion section, WSJ is generally non biased when it comes to information. My only regret is that I don’t think WSJ checks on their membership much. I honestly think that some subscribers are bots who are only there to inflame readers and inject their own disgusting brand of politics. I don’t care much for politics and try to some our both parties from issues, but it seems that there are some members who consistently comment on every article no matter when it was posted which leads me to believe they are bots if that is even possible. I really wish that off someone from WSJ is reading this, you really need to check that. I subscribed because I am a young college student trying to understand the world as best I could and believed that I would find like minded people as subscribers as well. But the case is that this, most times, is no better than Facebook’s comment section..Version: 11.7

Seamless appI use it several times a day and it’s always up to date Never had a problem with it.Version: 11.2

Enjoying the contentBut sometimes finding it is an issue.Version: 13.11.0

Emphasis on impartiality! Refreshingly unbiased!Enjoy the balanced cover - little hysteria that is in other media THANKS!!.Version: 12.7.2

Always On The MoneyDon’t think about subscribing, just do it, you’ll never regret it! Insightful News coverage, thoughtful editorials and the superb facility of having the stories actually read themselves, what’s not to like?.Version: 13.14.1

ExcellentI love it. I only read the WSJ every day from Australia because I live the editorials, opinion features, book reviews etc. I also listen to Potomac watch religiously. Paul Gigot and his editorial page colleagues, in my judgment and that of many people I know and respect, are the best journalists in the world. Tom.Version: 12.8.0

Nice app, quality journalismHave subscribed to WSJ for a couple of months. Good quality, balanced writing presented in an easy to use app which means my newspaper actually gets read. I regularly use the Save to PDF feature to keep an archive of the articles I want..Version: 11.6.1

Brilliant with a small caveatGreat App perfectly blending AV and Text Based Context. And of course, content is top notch as expected from the WSJ. Just hoping for a “dark” mode soon. My only gripe is that the “Recommendations” seem to be broken, suggesting articles which are outside my usual reading topics and doesn’t seem to improve with time..Version: 12.1

Opinion pieces help shape viewsReally enjoy opinions. Whilst not agreeing with all, suitably provocative..Version: 12.7.1

For the most part reliable newsI rely on the WSJ for a good overview of major financial and economic and political news. The digital format is fantastic to read over in either a very systematic way targeted just the topics you are interested in after and skim of the front page, or in random way as you would flipping pages of the print addition and pausing when something catching your eye to delve into further. All with the benefit of no newsprint bleed onto your shirt cuffs and wasted paper left over. Useful hyperlinked cross-referenced information is simply not feasible in the print version. The main weakness of the WSJ is it is often late covering with much substance or frequency the magnitude of developing financial, economic, or specific industry trends, especially emerging industries or sub sectors of existing industries. If a trend is discussed in WSJ, it has been on most experts in the fields involved radar for many months at a minimum. Compared to 30 years ago, or even 15, the WSJ is significantly better at investigative breaking news stories..Version: 13.0.0

Top class journalismBalanced articles and opinions , a welcome change from the click bait and liberal articles on mainstream news websites. Good variety of content, well worth it. You get what you pay for, there's a reason the CNN app is free....Version: 11.7.1

Much improved!This is an update to my previous rating. The previous version performed very well on my iPhone. This version, however, has a bug that prevents access to seemingly random articles. At first, I thought the bug was limited to the Life & Arts section, but that no longer appears to be true, as various opinion and news pieces are now out of my reach. The error appears as, “Unknown error. If you continue to receive this error, contact customer service in the Profile section of the app”. This would be comforting, if only I could find the profile section within which to contact customer service. TERRIBLE quality control. PLEASE fix this! My previous rating was 2 stars. Based on several months’ use of the updated version, I’m MUCH happier. The errors I was experiencing have disappeared across all the platforms I use (OS X, Win 10, iOS). The app also seems to respond more quickly, and with better accuracy, when updating to the current issue. Thx for restoring my faith in your app..Version: 11.7

Well run app with important news and ethical reportingReally good user interface and non-intrusive ads, runs very smoothly and intuitively on the phone. I really appreciate being able to easily read articles on my Phone with this WSJ app. And of course good articles, ethical reporting..Version: 12.2.3

WSJ??I enjoyed the print edition for many years. I find the WSJ readable and significantly less biased than than WAPO and the NYT. I no longer read the NYT, WAPO or Huffington Post. I watch a lot of FOX and find CNN and MSNBC to be unbelievably biased. My pet peeves with the digital version of the WSJ is the way it is organized. It does not read like a newspaper and I find it difficult to find stories by headlines and importance. I find the digital version of the NJ Star Ledger much more readable and organized. I don’t particularly like what the paper says but I can find what I want to read by looking a pages and headlines. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I just can’t warm up to the digital version of the WSJ. The other pet peeve is if I go from an aggregator like Drudge to a linked WSJ article I run into the WSJ paywall even though I’m a subscriber and must then go to the WSJ app, log in and attempt to find the article I was trying to read and I’m usually not able to find it. Can’t there be a way to allow subscribers to go directly to the article without all the rigamarole. I read newspapers using headlines arranged by importance not section by section!! Photograph your newsprint edition an use an app like the Star Ledger and I would be a lot more pleased with the WSJ digital edition. William E Musser.Version: 11.8.3

The app does not work with my WSJ subscription.Dear WSJ app support team, I am a subscriber of WSJ. I am unable to view the news on my WSJ app (both iPhone and iPad) and it is asking me to re-subscribe again. Can I please have an answer to the issue as I would like to use the app rather than on my internet browser. Thanks.Version: 12.10.0

Far awayLiving in a remove area where mail usually takes a couple days I must say getting a same day on line version is huge. I appreciate not having paper waste as our land fill is reaching end of it’s usability..Version: 13.21.0

SurprisedI can say that I’m have been pleasantly surprised by the WSJ, it’s layout is easy to navigate and easy to use. At present I’m using a fee trial but this app is definitely worth the money and I’m considering investing in it..Version: 11.8

A seriously good App for a seriously good newspaperThank you for making your excellent well balanced reporting available to me through your easy to access and use App. I rely on your newspaper to provide objective and well balanced reporting of the important news and developments from the USA - something I have not found elsewhere, especially in the UK news media. Keep up the great work. Free societies depend on newspapers such as yours being made available to wider audiences across the world in this way. Your App is at the top of class - please continue to invest in it in order to keep it in the front rank. It is a reflection of the quality of all that you do. Malcolm Webb, Surrey, England. Some time has passed since I wrote the above. My further experience of WSJ journalism and its App have only confirmed me in these views. MW.Version: 12.7.3

Excellent app but …There needs to be found a way to view and make comments. Without going to a browser you cannot see comments, and in many cases that is a lost treasure trove. Let’s make it happen..Version: 13.16.0

WSJLost in the media desert for decades, the WSJ is an oasis.Version: 13.29.0

Decent coverage, particularly of business, but app is not as good as Apple News or NYTimes.Generally the WSJ articles are pretty good (and have improved over the years, especially online), but the app is a bit clunky compared to say Apple News+ or the New York Times app. But basically one usually reads the news not so that things can be fancy, but for the content. Apple News+ includes some WSJ articles, but basically the majority (and practically all the in-depth articles) are behind the paywall and the WSJ app. The coverage on business is pretty good, a lot more in depth explanations, writes are very good. The political coverage is OK, kind of right of center, although the opinion page stuff is pretty bad, the Murdochs are a little heavy handed there, that has gotten worse over the years. The cultural and general news coverage has gotten considerably better, at times rivaling the NYTimes, but the Times is still more in depth in this area. The WSJ app reads more like a traditional newspaper, you have to kind of page through it, hyper-linking is not great, more a throwback kind of approach, for better or worse..Version: 13.2.0

Needs refinementNeeds an option to toggle night shift even during the day as I prefer dark mode. Feed needs work to bring up more good reads on similar topics from past editions. Commenting should also be supported in the app..Version: 12.7.3

Surprisingly well balanced.I’ve been looking for a non-partisan American source of news for a couple of years now and I’m delighted to have found the Wall Street Journal. I can rely on its Spread of journalists to deliver perspectives from both sides of politics. It’s a breath of fresh air..Version: 12.7.3

Great Articles on a Diverse number of TopicsI find the WSJ to be my go to source for what’s happening in the World as well as the US. The articles are interesting, well researched and so topical. On political matters my view is that the commentary is fair and without the slant one sees in so many newspapers these days. I find the articles across the board to be insightful and diverse in the range of topics covered..Version: 12.6.3

View from DownunderHigh quality opinion pieces but otherwise irritatingly excessively US centric at times to the extent of being boring - but I still read it everyday! High quality journalism- eg, Kissinger - but there is an inherent antipathy towards national health systems as in UK or Oz. So, a little too ideological at times, and perhaps overinvested in, or insufficiently crtical of, the free market. Paper has a certain ethnocentrism in that respect, which is mildly irritating. Have a look at what we are doing in Oz at present re CV-19, under the management of a conservative but non ideological government, and you will see what I mean - note the huge disparity in disease outcomes between your country and mine. Aim for less ethnocentrism, both at a country and paper level - regards, Paul.Version: 12.5.6

Very GoodAlarms on news are the way I can be informed quickly on what’s happening in the areas of my interest because I don’t have enough time to read the full newspaper content. Great!!!.Version: 12.7.0

CustomerExcellent, efficient, timely. thank you!.Version: 13.22.0

Unbiased newsIts refreshing to read the journal as it seems the last bastion of unbiased news. They respect their readers well enough to let them read the facts and draw their own conclusions. Amongst sensationalized television news and opinion riddled major global papers, the WSJ is the only genuine source of factual reporting..Version: 12.5.0

Good content, app could be improvedIt’s not that user-friendly when navigating through all the content.Version: 13.6.0

Perfect. What all newspaper websites should be likeThe only thing they could work in is improving their search feature..Version: 12.3.0

Poor performance on iPadUpdate 11/18 - two years later - you keep losing eyeballs. The app is so heavy and complicated each article is painful to read. Your full screen ads between pages of the same article work poorly on ipad. If you only care about readers with the lates ipad keep doing what you are doing. But if you care about the rest of your readers who upgrade every four or five years, then stop making your app so hard to use. We read the wsj less because tour app is terrible a d slow. -----I have been using the app for two years. Downloading the daily edition over 3G and often wifi is painful, can take ten minutes to download, sometimes not at all on iPad, so I have to use the iPhone version to actually see wsj content on my daily commute. I end up using Bloomberg (both professional and consumer) versions instead for reading. Frustrating in that I have read the wsj for twenty years. I also do not like its usual non-compatibility with Instapaper which I use to catch up on my reading at nights and on weekends - this is something that wsj does not try to fix. The upshot is I use wsj content less and less, despite a premium price. This leads to further declines in readership for them, frustrating..Version: 11.8.4

Excellent newspaperI’m in Australia and appreciate the excellent in depth reporting of US and worldwide news on a seemingly endless range of subjects and issues. The opinion pieces stand out too like today’s on the poor thinking that went into foundation decisions to effectively promote socialism. There is no shortage of academic work needed to help improve capitalism rather than promote the utterly discredited human disaster that is socialist economics..Version: 13.22.0

I CANT BELIEVE ITI swore off “mainstream media”, especially Murdoch press about a decade ago after the Australian mastheads lost all of their outstanding journalists in the digital disruption. I have since really enjoyed finding and supporting independent news and journalists on social media channels. But even I was shocked recently. When the US Banking crisis hit I turned straight back to the major news outlets on that Saturday (Australian EST time) when SVB went down. I only felt sure the news was correct when I found it on WSJ. And so, for the first time in more than ten years, I have once again become a subscriber to WSJ. I still can’t believe it, but now it’s my go-to for major macroeconomic and financial news which is a daily event right now….Version: 13.30.0

Best online newspaperThe mix of intuitive navigability and intelligent journalism make the online WSJ the must have newspaper if stranded on a desert island - assuming an Internet connection!.Version: 12.7.1

Business & EconomyGreat features:) Fantastic insights:).Version: 13.30.0

It‘s a nuisance when turning pages from right to left because of the ads.I am a long term subscriber to the Wall Street Journal and must report that I am very satisfied with this newspaper as it accurately records all facts and does an excellent job in fair, balanced and objective reporting. It is really the only newspaper that I truly appreciate and respect and read daily. Its journalists are very well versed in what they objectively report and reading them always gives a good perspective on what is going on in the world. It also has not only great financial and business coverage but also does an excellent job on the arts, literature, real estate, traveling and sports. Congratulations, keep it up. You are unique. All of the above I maintain. However the handling of the pages in the App has now become tedious and problematic. I turn the pages from right go left and now, many times an add pops out, from the left margin, for Northern Trust Bank which is a nuisance to get rid of. It is bothersome and that is why I took one star off..Version: 12.5.3

Great informationIt’s really great to get good timely (hopefully unbiased) information.Version: 12.6.4

Shifting out of neutral...While still providing the most comprehensive view of finance, business, and markets, the Journal is ever so subtlety shifting away from (what I believed to be) the only truly unbiased American news outlet remaining. Since the leadership change, the liberal bias so pervasive across mainstream media has begun to seep into our beloved Journal. With the exception of the editorial pieces, which are of course meant to be biased, the absence of coverage around China’s culpability for Coronavirus, the incredibly limited coverage of the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden (as compared to the extensive coverage of the Kavanaugh allegations), and the absence of coverage of the politicization of the re-opening of the American economy leaves one to inevitable conclude that our culture’s pervasive anti-conservative bias has at last come for the last bastion of independent thought in American media. A truly free society must have a media that presents the facts as they are, provides both sides of an argument, and (outside of an opinion piece) allows the reader to draw their own conclusions. I hope the Journal can help lead the way back to that place..Version: 12.6.2

Never updatesThis app never seems to update. iOS settings are correct (background app refresh is on). The only way to refresh is change region. FT is way, way better..Version: 12.1.1

Best Paper in the WorldWhat I like about the WSJ is that it tells me the facts, not what to think..Version: 13.29.0

Well written and interesting perspectives and journalismDuring these strange times, I love this app and ease of accessing news and some fantastic journalism and perspectives of what’s going on “across the pond” and your perspectives of the rest of the worlds news and current affairs.Version: 12.6.4

Excellent content but data hungryPro: sleek intuitive interface that lets you spend more time reading and less time fighting your way past gimmicky application “features” Con: Eats mobile data like an investment banker charges fees.Version: 11.7.1

Peggy NoonanI once enjoyed reading her opinion piece each week. I felt it contained observations on society and politics that were not based on her political view, but clarifying her thoughts on what average Americans were feeling and thinking about current events. Many days I said out loud that she really understood what I and many others were feeling in our hearts about the future of our country. I felt she was shaking her head in amazement or disgust or just smiling at the same moment that I was doing the same. We were in the same place at the same time. Then something changed. Was it the Trump rise in our country or was she just aligned with the elites I wonder? I no longer look forward to her articles and think she is less relevant to what I view the WSJ is trying to provide to its readers. Her articles now seem to be a political piece that is out of touch. I can get this type of journalism at a number of outlets like CNN or HuffPost. My faith in your paper is reduced whenever I read her smug hit jobs on Trump or actual improvements in our country..Version: 11.1

The Wall Street Journal is wonderful.The Wall Street Journal is a highly respected, influential and informative source of news, I highly recommend it and really like to read it..Version: 13.30.0

Aesthetically pleasing to readVery easy to use and boy it is nice to look at! Great interface! One thing stopping me from giving the last star is the “define” option when you want to pop out the dictionary. It takes like a second or two for the dictionary to pop out. I’m sure it’s just a modified version of the regular “look up” option so probably some bad linking or something happening in the background!.Version: 12.7.5

The most reliable media by farBased on the correct prediction WSJ gave on many issues with Chinese government, I now only subscribed this newspaper and gave up NY times. Plus the APP is really easy to use..Version: 13.26.0

Easy access to great journalism from afarThe only gripe I have is no easy back to front page button. You seem to have to go back back and back. The quality of writing and research is excellent. Even though it's a financial focused paper it does not appear to have a conservative political bias. Photographs are relevant (not stock photos forced into articles for the sake of it with irrelevant captions like in the SMH or other Australian media). There is also no wasted white space and none of that horrible format the ABC News app uses for longer reports where there are lots of images and you're endlessly having to scroll down for the next paragraph. Video reports are concise and to the point where the visual material is worthwhile rather than 'so what'). Interesting content far beyond Wall Street news. Has not crashed on me in 3 months of use. I highly recommend this paper and the app format..Version: 12.6.4

Let the reader decideIn an age where newsrooms have been hijacked by activists and ideologues, The Wall Street Journal stands as one of the last bastions of journalistic integrity - a refuge where readers can weigh the facts and decide for themselves. Over the past two years, the number of publications I relied upon for news has quickly diminished. This summer, I allowed my subscription to The Economist to lapse. I had been an avid reader for thirty years and decided to cancel after reviewing back issues and comparing them to recent stories. The time and effort writers of that bygone age invested in each article was readily apparent back then. Such effort is clearly lacking today. The Economist is the latest in a series of journals that have abandoned integrity for political expediency. Intellectual laziness has crept into the news rooms. I hope the Wall Street Journal is able to fend off this crippling journalistic disease for a few more years, but it is doubtful. American Universities are churning out intellectually stunted ideologues and mature sober reporters are just not sensational enough for the masses..Version: 12.7.5

A curate's eggGood in parts. Annoying that you can't easily flip between the morning edition and the current edition. Not always easy to find the current version and be sure it has been all downloaded - an original version of the app had a blue line that showed how much had been downloaded. Nice that it has such clear font and graphics and is so easy to read. And best of all, the unique wsj content..Version: 11.4

Good, Not PerfectI like the WSJ because it does the absolutely best job of reporting ALL news in an unbiased way. I can turn to the business section with a feeling of confidence that what I am reading is factual; I feel the same way about world and US news. I like reading it on my iPad because I can read as much or as little as I want at my own time AND I do not have to deal with disposing of the paper product. I enjoy the opinion page because it acts as a balance to the totally progressive liberal views expressed in virtually all other media. This is why I gave it five stars because these are the things that are important to me. What I do not like is the clear slant toward the very rich in the "fluff" pages. I understand that this is because the advertisers are interested in selling their products and it is the very rich who buy them. However would it be too much to ask that you include some content that those who take home less than $150,000 a year would actually like to hear about!.Version: 12.7.1

Helpful updateThe last update fixed an issue where the app would just get stuck loading. Now I am able to read all the great content in the WSJ..Version: 11.7.1

A Former New York Times ReaderI read the New York Times faithfully for more than fifty five years. I devoured their timely, accurate and in depth articles. The paper was always right alongside my breakfast plate but sadly it developed FAKE, INACCURATE, and ONE SIDED NEWS After a considerable time I made the decision to cancel the ailing “rag”. I then went from one paper to the next trying to fill the the void. I finally subscribed to the WALL STREET JOURNAL. I was hesitant about this move as I felt it was designed solely for stock investors. Well I was wrong. I’m back with timely, accurate and in depth articles once again. Thank you WALL STREET JOURNAL! Breakfast looks a little different now as I have my iPad copy rather than a paper copy but I am happy. Sincerely, Linda Lombardo The above review was written some time ago. Things have changed since then. What’s with all the video advertisements which interrupt the reading of the morning paper? The Wall Street Journal is not an inexpensive subscription so why are we being subjected to these lousy, repetitive ads?? Secondly since when has the Journal decided to participate in the so called “woke movement” ?? I am referring to articles in which you use non binary language. They for he or she for example. If the Journal is a truly serious paper you would not lend credence to this nonsense. Linda Lombardo.Version: 13.26.0

Good way to read up although some improvementsWould be good to have the option to change between region of news to make it more relevant I.e Asia.Version: 12.1.1

WSJ is the best!News broadcasting much less the media at large has become a soap opera with writers and TV “newscasters” vying for rating rather than providing an honest narrative. A free and honest press is a necessary component to the viability of our freedom. My wife watches the soaps each week day. I am in and out of the TV room ....it may be a week or two interval before my soap opera exposure occurs....the plots are twisted, crazy but predictably illogical storylines . I really have no purpose for them but my wife feeds her were addiction to the writers’ and characters’ absurdities. She knows the storylines are pure fantasy but has come to know the various characters. Why do I say this? If the truth is told, Americans turn on daily the cable and network news as well as the printed news of many of major cities newspaper to the same silliness and political absurdities. Thank the Lord for reasonable journalism in the Wall Street Journal. Keep doing your thing...if you do, I will stay onboard...truth fuels trust, the absolutely necessary ingredient for a free and honest government. It’s about checks and balances: government and the private sector..Version: 12.1.1

Moderate and Fair CommentaryThere are many wonderful corners of the WSJ but best are my favourite columnists like Peggy Noonan who can always be relied upon to see the positive in any political situation. I so look forward to reading her every Friday. The WSJ provides excellent coverage of news everywhere. Love it!.Version: 12.7.1

Great app. Fast and responsive.If there was a way to get audio content (like The Economist) it would be great. Noticed it uses a huge amount of data. Had to turn off background updates not to burn several GBs per month. Seems a lot more than equivalent apps..Version: 12.2.3

A great newspaperI like a world view with a financial bias and read the UK’s Financial Times, The Australian and the Wall Street Journal every day. I really enjoy the WSJ it gives me solid news from around the globe and in depth information on numerous important topics. It is a great newspaper..Version: 12.1.1

Wsj appExcellent.Version: 5.1.1

Great appExcellent content as always but the UI design sets it apart. Swipes switch the section. A simple implementation but an effective one. I wish more news organizations (*cough*nyt*cough*) would adopt this feature in their apps. It makes for a product that reads like a physical newspaper on the touchscreen. Not to mention a better setup to digest information. Unlike a physical newspaper, breaking news can always be found on the front page! Content can also be displayed in dark mode which makes the whole experience easier on the eyes. Market data is about as good as you want from a news organization. WSJ market data has a sleek presentation but I prefer the way that the Financial Times presents market data. Otherwise, an excellent broad stroke. But if you are looking for quantitative minutiae to sift through you are better off using your brokerage firm’s numbers and research. Finally, the sync between devices is an excellent feature! As long as you are signed into to your WSJ account on all your devices you can start an article on one device and finish it on another! I see no reason to stop my subscription..Version: 12.6.1

Impressed With The Caliber of ReportingSo many other news sources insert their opinions prominently into their stories, making the reader feel lead rather than informed. The Journal has always done a great job maintaining a professional tone. The app is excellent as well, with a clean and simple interface..Version: 11.1

Great app and the information wich is more important is even better.As a whole the app does everything it is supposed to do and the articles and information inside is amazing and very detailed, accurate and on point. Recommended for people who work in the political field or study..Version: 11.8.2

Great formatVery well designed and intuitive to use. Easy to browse and read, and with the ability to save stories which is handy..Version: 12.5.2

Great app, very convenientHave been using the WSJ app for a while now. The overall user experience is excellent. The editorial content of WSJ is a cut above. The only thing I would love to have is a dark mode for iOS 11 or earlier versions. Otherwise, highly recommend this app..Version: 12.2.5

It’s all about money!Even for news about corona virus, it still requires money to read where as most of the journals are offered free. Disgusted!.Version: 12.5.3

Showing others how to do itI take a number of newspapers as I have a two continent lifestyle and in my experience the WSJ app is the best of its type at this time . The ability to search for articles is welcome and the way the information is presented is the best compromise that I’ve come across given the inherent limitations of a device compared with the medium of print . It works as well as I can reasonably expect on tablet , phone and indeed watch and it’s a big reason why WSJ is my newspaper of choice regardless of where I am ..Version: 11.8.4

Good appVery good and fonts used makes easier reading. One comment is to make it like a newspaper starting from page one, page two etc... that way I know I Wong miss any news story..Version: 12.0.1

Excellent app.Very user friendly. WSJ is the pinnacle of business journalism but it also excels at covering many other beats. A must read news source..Version: 13.29.0

Good in one versionI'm not right wing and I really like the Wall St Journal; it got from the start and still keeps getting what a news mobile and iPad app needs way better than other paper-like publications. I prefer the WSJ on iPad but find that one version works well on iPhone too. Also the swipe feature from headline alerts is one of the few news apps that works every time. The version swipe takes you to is really good. Swipe used to be a bit hit and miss affair sometimes missing the story the alert headlined. Now it always works. Note that this is the version that sits in Newstand on an iPhone. So if you want to launch without an alert, go to the iPhone's Newstand folder to launch it. I don't like the other one (as they have the same name can't identify the bad one better). I just close it and go to the Newstand App..Version: 12.0

Using for a few weeksGood number of diversified articles regarding topics of interest. However I’d expect to see more global news/articles etc..Version: 13.30.0

Great for all news contentI was given this as a present & the content is right on the money. Highly polished & I found best on the iPad (landscape) fashion..Version: 12.16.0

Where else do you go?The Wall Street Journal gives you the facts and not opinions unless from experts who are qualified to make statements. I enjoy reading this newspaper wherever I am in the world because it does not disappoint You want the best news coverage written so enjoyable to read and never disappointed. I am a designer and love the arts and leisure sections..Version: 13.14.1

Maybe a dark/ nighttime modeWSJ did a video on the effect of brightness and dark mode in apps but unfortunately doesn’t have a setting to have white on black text in the app. That would be a great feature in the next update..Version: 12.1

Easy to navigate and absorbInformative headlines and limited picture graphics enables a smooth and quick read on what matters. I regularly access four newspaper apps a day - this by far the easiest..Version: 11.3

Amazingly balanced and diligently researched journalismI am from Australia. With reference to time zones and the news cycle, I now view the Journal’s key headlines at around 10:00 PM local time, and have noticed that the authoritative and reliable business commentary permeates down to local time zone published outlets, including News Corps own, the next day. Also, politically, if one is informed of the side of the spectrum the publication is skewed, it’s easy to appreciate the quality- alligned to what I’ve put in the header. Quality stuff..Version: 12.9.1

Love Kim StrasselI like the paper but it was too much. I like sitting up in bed, am and pm with my iPad I love the way you think. Love the Journal on tv on Sunday. Please look at JACHO target in around 2005. They said nurses had to treat patients by the numeric indicator, pain level 10 is unbearable and one is a smiley face. Nurses had to treat their pain till the level was a tolerable 2 or 3. We were not to judge them by their appearance or affect. “Some people are more stoic then others”. I would treat teenagers (no doubt the ones addicted now) with morphine, norco 10 or 20mg, one young girl only responded to fentanyl. I had the added bonus of treating pregnant mothers as I was a obstetrics RN. We would pour these patients into the car and they would be back after they ran out of provided drugs. We hated it but would be severely fined if we didn’t give them meds till their pain was level 2. We are not surprised by this horrible addiction..Version: 12.5.5

Great NewspaperWSJ is an excellent newspaper. It has complete details of all sorts of information. Specially financial news. Thanks Abdillahi Warsame.Version: 13.30.0

OldI want to be able to comment and discuss articles with others within the app. Also surprisingly a lot of typos in articles for America’s premier newspaper.Version: 12.1.2

Critical for Market LeadersThere is no other publication in the world that provides this kind of insight..Version: 13.30.0

Concise and accessibleThe format allows skipping through multiple articles and choosing those of interest. Opinion and editorial are the frosting..Version: 12.6.0

Restoring PurchasesHaving a very hard time restoring my purchases even though I am a subscriber in the App Store. I cannot read the articles..Version: 10.0.1

A daily pleasureReal journalism, well written. From what is making news today to business through technology and the arts, the WSJ is always lively, sometimes opinionated and always engaging. A great daily read..Version: 12.1.1

I Am Not An American But When I want a Balanced Approach and Interesting Perspectives I goTo The WSJThis is one of the best newspapers around. I goes into depth, provides reporting and opinions in a clear manner, is a great read and overall a well balanced approach to what is going on in the news. I particularly like the in depth articles..Version: 12.0

Good TimesA good app, and great news to read although at the current point in time the subscription price is a bit expensive, and actually more expensive than the printed version. I do like the embedded videos though..Version: 0

Easy appWSJ is great as always - even though it's a bit expensive. Worth it in the end..Version: 12.0.1

Great Things all in a place - The Wall Street JournalNever again to look at different sources, search my Google, or thinking do I miss some important issue. comprehensive and do not miss details. kindly keep up the effort for 2019 and many more years..Version: 11.9

World’s Best JournalismSomewhere in the world there may be a newspaper which is as good for its country as the WSJ is for ours. On a national level, it is the only source of actual journalism-well written truthful independent coverage of events. The rest of the media acts as if they are just an arm of the Democratic Party, all the way down to having the same daily talking points. Following the money leads to the fact most are owned by companies trying to kiss up to China because it is such a large market for their other products. Due to the exceptional success of the WSJ and Fox News, small cracks are starting to appear in the Democrat/Media/Elites wall. Will all of CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, Newsweek, Time, NYT, and LA Barf Times continue to follow a bad business model? Our country still has capitalism and cream will rise to the top. WSJ, you may actually have some competition soon. Instead of training staff on “equity”, media HR departments will be training on how to successfully fire Wokies..Version: 13.26.0

Too far away to get the print versionTypically read on an iPad or iPhone. Excellent. I am a refugee from The Telegraph - something screwed up with my subscription and it got too hard.... love the WSJ..Version: 12.1

Summer 2018 update is flawedAlready downloaded content is not available when there is no network connection. Developers do not seem to be aware of situations when readers may want to read WSJ in the absence of network connection. Latest update is much better: I can’t complain really).Version: 11.8

FormatEasy to read style& format.Version: 12.2.3

App works fine, but no breaking news detailed updatesI am a long time user of this app. Pros: content the same as the paper version, recent back-issues easily accessed, slide and glide thru articles, stable performance (had some bug issues in earlier releases, but seems fine now), and table of contents/sections works fine. Cons: biggest shortcoming is that while WSJ does give you a breaking news notification (I use an iPad-mini), if you click the notification it merely opens the app, but no further details are provided regarding that breaking news item. Some other news apps, for example the BBC's app and CNBC's app, is constantly updated with breaking news details. This app is just a snapshot of the print version. Update....lately, everytime I launch the app, the WSJ white startup page just sits there, I have to close it and reopen for access to editions, sections menu. Needs fixed, but otherwise great (normally) editorial content, journalism and app..Version: 11.6

Good but you can improveThe Magazine is pretentious As is the mansions section. Who cares about the houses of multmulti millionaires Make these optional add-ones and save subscribers money. And in the clothing articles try to remember you have plenty of subscribers who are not millionaire kooks. We live and dress decently and even elegantly on middle class incomes . Try looking at our choices once in a while. In fact this goes for all but the news. Inspiration is fine but the Hermès crowd (and I wear those scarves) is limited. It does not include most of your readers. The rest of us don’t mind the Big Money crowd but we have other priorities and do not plan to join them in the Hamptons. Your art and literature choices are however superb. Keep up the good work there. But remember it is for the political and economic news that we subscribe. The wsj is the only major paper that is not run by a bunch of political shills for the Democratic Party. Cease to observe your standards and you will decline into the bracket of the New York Times and the Washington Post..Version: 12.2.4

Great and timely notificationsAs an app, I think it works great. The notifications are almost always relevant, and are now usually the way I find out about breaking news..Version: 12.1.1

Robert VincentVery impressed by the way WSJ has broadened its coverage (eg Feature Reads and Magazine) and maintained journalistic quality. The app itself has been pretty good although have had some minor issues with Subscriber only articles log in requirements if the device has been turned off Thanks.Version: 12.2.2

Different from the Main Stream NewsI like to read WSJ, because it covers different news from the other main stream Media. And topics are usually of interest to me..Version: 12.6.3

Good news but clunky appThe app is difficult. It either sits you on a historical story and makes it hard to load the new day’s newspaper, or it loses what you were reading. It should add a history function (just like every browser). They should order the history by date and then by time spent active on specific stories..Version: 12.7.3

Still sets the barIn terms of research and depth of reporting, the WSJ still ranks as a standard-bearer of journalistic excellence. It is often only in these pages that I can find an explanation or the background that supports the headline items that are given lip service in most other venues. I would rate this news service the full 5 stars except for the fact that there is a discernible, subjective bias that has increasingly crept into the nature of the writing beyond the editorial pages, often evident just in the selection of stories that are chosen for inclusion. I recognize the WSJ has always been a conservative bastion of capitalism (as have I), but I still expect a high quality journalistic institution to insist on impeccable standards of objectivity in its reporting. We have enough polarizing reporting in all other media outlets - I implore the editors of the WSJ to avoid all temptations to use their reporting for purposes of persuasion outside the editorial pages. Events in this world are fascinating and complex enough to stand on their own without any opinion creeping into the writing. Thank you for a high quality news service..Version: 13.15.0

WSJ app reviewFantastic news app. Really well researched articles, 5-star journalism and editors that know there grammar and know how to spell (or at least pick up and correct the typos) - a rarity in Australia from where I’m reading the WSJ every morning. Oh, and the app is well designed with excellent typography and UX. Well done..Version: 12.7.2

A rare unbiased news sourceOne of the best and one of the only truly unbiased news source there is. tells news as it is, no hidden agendas, just facts. have been impressed with a lot of writers at WSJ..Version: 11.4

Great app.Always keeps me updated regularly with the latest business news. Highly recommended..Version: 12.7.2

Great appAd display sometimes interferes with content which you would not expect if you are a paying subscriber.Version: 12.2.3

TEXT SIZE MATTERSGreat app, great publication. Question: why have a text size slider if your options for text size are so minuscule in their difference as to be actually comical? This isn’t just WSJ, other news apps do it to, but come.on. I’m genuinely curious… why? Why don’t you have an option for people with poor eye sight to be able to read your content easily? I am genuinely confused because safari and both the ebook readers I use allow for almost infinite range in text size, colour, font, even line spacing in the case of the ereaders. It’s understandable because your content is richer and more dynamic in nature, I get it, but still, it’s 2022 and this is doable. I’m very sure. I’d like to see news apps in particular start to adopt better policies across the board on text size as poor sight is a very common problem. This is why I give your app 4 stars and not 5. Keep up the good work journalists… but the UI designers… you have some explaining to do..Version: 13.5.0

No goodPoor connectivity. I keep having to log in to my account every time I open the app.Version: 12.5.0

Pros and consBeen a reader for over half a century. Find it a good source for generally unbiased news. Lately they’ve established a really good and meaningful investigative news operation that’s exposed some really substantive issues. On the downside, if you read the Current issue of the digital version, read with caution. In the What’s News section, it’s not really all “news.” They regularly slip in about 5 or 6 editorial and op-ed pieces, without clearly labeling them as such. I find that not only disingenuous but borderline dishonest. If you’ve read as long as I have, you can spot the ringers. Clearly, those signed by the Editorial Board, those with a by-line of a known member of that Board (if you can spot them), then, those with the author’s CV rather than a web address, first person and shorter pieces. If you’re like me, I prefer to skip the editorials entirely. But you have to read to the end, or at least glance at the end, to figure this out. And they’re plunked right in the middle of the issue, under the caption “What’s News.” C’mon WSJ. You can be better than that! Where’s your editorial integrity?.Version: 12.32.0

WSJI live and work in London and enjoy the WSJs perspective on global events and business as well as its engaged coverage of US business, politics and culture. I find it a useful compliment to other information services I subscribe to - FT, The Economist, HBR. More mixed is the comments, where seemingly partisan Trump supporters turn a lot into pro Trump or anti Obama/ Democrat points, sometimes when not relevant or without a deep knowledge of the area of focus of the article. Although that’s interesting as well..Version: 11.4

Great and getting better with timeI was an early user of the WSJ for the iPad and had a print subscription (very expensive for a retired person). After a the print subscription was about to run out, I call WSJ to discuss digital only subscription and I am very satisfied with this. The app has had a few problems which I reported to the WSJ. They always thanked me for the contact and either indicated that the problem would be fixed or a work-around. The app is always being improved and is always better then reading the print edition which always left my hands black with printers ink. I also like the update capability since the news is the flow of history in the making. So keep up the good work! I use the WSJ for one of my primary sources of news. I refer my family to many article of interest. I am pleased with the content and function of the app. Thank you! You made to FIVE STARS! Great work!.Version: 12.6.3

Why this “progressive” reads the WSJ digital edition constantlyFirst class journalism, frequently covering different stories, often with an emphasis and perspective that serves as a refreshing counterweight to the NYT and WaPo..Version: 13.23.0

“Enhancements” degrading performance of the app1. In recent months, the app has a tendency to freeze or hang. The full page advertisements in particular require a determined effort to turn the page. Very irritating. 2. I used to be able to download an issue and then read it when I was off-line for example traveling. Now I get a blank screen after downloading that tells me I’m not connected to the Internet and the content is no longer available. I have discovered a workaround which is to download the issue, turn off my Wi-Fi, and not turn on the Wi-Fi again until after I have read the newspaper. It’s a ridiculous workaround and the problem didn’t used to exist. 3. Thank you for listening. Remember, it’s the meat and potatoes that are needed with this app, not the bells and whistle‘s. If it doesn’t work smoothly and easily, then I find myself going back to the website and reading the content on the web because it’s so much superior than the app. Not a good result..Version: 12.1.1

The beacon for capitalism, sometimes!While we all expect the WSJ to be a free market advocate, and a flag waving supporter of this great experiment in democracy. Some on the board are reluctant to shout it from the rooftops. Some on the board are resistant to border protection, limiting immigration and defending America from unfair trade practices. A lot of space is required to refute them on those positions. Now we must say the Journal is one of the only media outlets that has anything good to say about our country. Mr. Riley and Ms. Kim Strassel are the exceptions. Ms. Strassel’s coverage of the Trump derangement syndrome has been worthy of many awards. She is an outstanding journalist seeking truth in the chaos of modern media spin. Mr Riley can always be counted on to write and project thoughtful pieces consistent with the facts and true to the the spirit of our founders. While many expect him to write on racial themes, because he espouses conservative ideas coming from a Blackman, I find his writing colorblind very reminiscent of Thomas Sowell one of the greatest intellects of our time. Mr. Riley’s opinion on all the matters he chooses to write about are excellent. True to the facts and directly clearly delineated..Version: 12.2.0

Better than printI subscribe to several newspapers. For most of them I download the digital replica of the printed version but the WSJ is one of the few where the app is better than the printed experience..Version: 12.0.1

WSJ = Hope for intelligent and serious journalismOf all US ‘papers’, the WSJ is the most honest, searching, thoughtful, and clear about its standards. Even if you might disagree at times, it is always worth reading and thinking about. Above its competitors, it conveys an effort to live up to the ideal of clear presentation of actuality..Version: 12.5.3

Mr. ZhangI like the reports on China..Version: 13.21.0

FabulousFantastic way to access high quality new with independent and forward thinking writers. 10/10.Version: 13.22.0

Fantastic appGreat app, reads just like a newspaper but also has a strong online update section. Easy to manoeuvre around and is stable. The journalism is great too, arguably the best in the world. Ads displayed throughout aren’t overly intrusive either, very similar to how they would be positioned in a print copy..Version: 12.1.2

WSJ via TimesCame via UK Times offer (UK resident). Never looked at in depth before. Impressed by journalistic standards and presentation. I now read here daily and highly recommend..Version: 12.7.1

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