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Peace of heart, clarity of mindThis is my first audio book and a beautiful place to begin. I’m struggling to find words to explain my view of this book because what’s its left me with is a sense which transcends words. Listening to the introduction I was surprised to learn how many different translations there have been and impressed by Jacks dedication to reaching an understanding that speaks to western minds in today’s world. Because of his quest I was able to hear it’s meaning. There’s nothing “new” here because it’s where other thinking has been born from. For me it’s stripped back some of the other spiritual/new age/inside out/non duality and religious texts in a way which brings them all together through their roots. Because this has been a work of love from and for him, Jacks voice conveys the message in an engaging way which adds to the message. I’m so glad time opened so I could sit and listen..Version: 3.3.1

Well done!This book is interesting. I am not a tech type guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It takes its reader through the history and background so we can understand where all the hubbub around 5G is coming from and the influence China and other influencers have had on the new technology and telephony technology in general. China is truly a bad actor but in a way you can’t blame them, they work under their own set of rules. Because they have long strategic plans for the CCP to control much of the world. To them there are no rules to getting to their destination. But we must not be enablers in there world domination. Early on we certainly shared way too much information and we did not protect our intelligence and innovation as we should have. But the good news is there are things we can do to reclaim prominence in the telephony field by unlocking innovation by reducing regulations. One of the things we must do is put country before pure profits by having good policies in tact to better protect America. Because this has such geopolitical concerns the US and private companies need to work much better together that in no way shape or form picks winners and losers. This is our big challenge going forward..Version: 3.75.1

C+ Could ImproveLike the intelligent but unmotivated kid in high school, this app does everything it needs to get a pass mark, however having gained the C+ grade, then refrains from putting in even a tiny bit more effort. Examples of how a little bit more effort would go a long way: - Show the remaining time on books, the second and subsequent times it is performed. Currently just shows ‘Finished’ - Allow sleep timer to be set to any time. Currently only 8 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins etc instance, the second and sub - Allow a variable playback speed option via slider, or just gradients of 0.1x - Make an easy one-click option to change between regions. Currently have to log out, change region, log back in If you think I’m being hard on the app, I am, but it’s only because I know it can do so much better.Version: 2.33

You Owe YouThis was an easy book to read along/ listen to. Dr. Thomas’ intentional use of simple language makes the principles highlighted in his book accessible to a wide range of readers. This made me feel inspired to examine my own core values and create a plan for myself and my family to create the life we deserve to have. you owe you is a gift to the global community, for anyone who is looking for meaning and purpose in their life. It is an honest reflection on what I’m sure was a difficult journey to self discovery, and legacy building. When you are going somewhere it is much easier to navigate when you have a clear sense of direction. But when you are the first in your family to accomplish so much the only direction you have is your faith and your companions along the journey. You Owe You provides that clear sense of direction to cut down the time it would take someone to reach the destination of purpose. By following the principles outlined in this book and applying them to your own life you will receive the fulfillment of clarity of purpose and self mastery. Enjoy the read and your own journey to answering the question what do You owe YOU?.Version: 3.81

Love love loveI have read and reread “Yes Please” many times, but l loved listening to this audiobook so, so much. I highly recommend it to anyone, at literally any stage in their life (but, maybe 17+). As a twenty-something, this book is was an absolute gift. Hearing Amy’s story with such honesty, her humility and grace, positivity and compassion is something that cannot be compared and the lessons in these chapters are important and, for a young person, quite profound. I know that it’s the kind of book I can come back to in my 30s and 40s and still take away something important. And yes, I did listen to it in my car. But also on my way to work, on my way home from work, and whenever I needed to step away discreetly for a while. And honestly, there was no better way to spend my time than by getting a pep talk or dose of reality from Amy Poehler, in amy Poehler’s voice. I loved it. Thank you, Amy..Version: 2.29

Great selection of books, but I have a few complaintsI like this app specifically because of the variety of books on it, but there are some things that really bother me. For one, the cheaper subscription gives you limited access to the audible library, which I find disappointing and annoying. Then when I switched to the more expensive subscription I found out I’m not even allowed to get multiple books with my subscription anymore! I don’t know when that changed, but it wasn’t like that a few years ago when I first started using the service. The first time I had an audible subscription I was allowed to download multiple books with it and accumulate credits to spend on extra books. So after coming back to audible and re-registering for a subscription I was extremely disappointed and frustrated by the fact that you can ONLY use you single credit a month to download books, even if you bought the most expensive subscription. I think this change is ridiculous and I would be a lot happier is audible switched back to how it was years back when I had my first subscription..Version: 3.71

A journey of emotional delights!Having a condition like dyslexia can make reading exhausting. Audible is a excellent tool and made the experience easy but saying that I loved loved Sharon Gless reading her memoirs to me!! It gave it that much needed personal touch. Sipping my coffee intently, with a crippled up tissue in my hand whilst listening to Sharon open up, was unique. As if she was sharing every detail of her life with only me…huh wishful thinking! Sharon literally takes you inside her life, from childhood to menopause. The journey is a immense emotional rollercoaster of a beautiful classy lady. However saying that Sharon is probably one of the only Hollywood stars who has not allowed fame to distort her respect for her fans or the general public. Anyone would be lucky to have this incredible bio as part of their book collection. I urge everyone to experience Sharon’s story, you wont regret it and I can guarantee you will fall in love with the author!!.Version: 3.78.1

Rising out of hatredAn amazing account of personal transformation. I too grew up with a racist father, surrounded by all of the rhetoric in this community. Awful. I love the courage it took for Roland-Derek to challenge his indoctrination and to find the strength to cut ties with beloved community, even family. That is the hardest part. For real. He said there is guilt in the interviews I’ve seen of his regarding what he helped create. Well, that was happening anyway. The good he has created through his total honesty, vulnerability and accountability - and willingness to speak publicly about it - stands taller and provides more light than any darkness the white nationalist... movement could ever create. He is a light bearer, and it is especially powerful and illuminating BECAUSE of his history. Roland-Derek provides an example of someone to challenge and think for himself within a fear-based, constraining movement. My hat is forever off to this gentleman, a man of TRUE wisdom and bravery while surviving the very human heartbreak of leaving a beloved community that no longer serves. He and Alison are putting their lives on the line by speaking out. I am grateful to Eli for penning this book, and all the others willing to allow their names into this story. Your courage and truth DEEPLY inspires me..Version: 3.35.2

Finding MeViola Davis is incredible!! An incredible actor, person, mentor. I love love love listening to her recant her childhood, her life. The raw truth, the struggles, the pain, tragedy, disappointment, fear. The FORGIVENESS to her abusive dad. I cried a million tears because I was so touched that she was able to build a loving relationship with her dad despite it all……He knew she truly loved him unconditionally and left this life with that knowledge in his soul. It reminded me of my own dad 😭and our relationship. The courage to tell her story the good bad and the ugly. And there were plenty of ugly events that many would not survive. The love for the family despite their short comings. The sincere prayer to God to bring her Julius, the love of her life. Owning her roots and who she is, where she came from and where she is now. Not forgetting any of it. Ohhhhh, the trip to Africa. Gaining affirmation from the Mother Land that she is SOMEBODY…that we are all somebody and figuring out who that somebody is in this cruel world and taking a dignified stand. Standing tall as a beautiful, dark skinned sister, beautiful inside and out!! What an inspiration. Viola stated “The Purpose of Life is to Live It”. I’m so very inspired to live my life to the fullest, as tomorrow is promised to no one. Thank you Ms. Viola Davis….thank you. I loved it all. ME.Version: 3.75.1

Loses my placeI love listening to books and have been enjoying that there are so many available on audibles. I keep encountering problems though...I prefer to listen at 1.25 speed and it reverts back to 1.0 with every pause. I’ve learned I must bookmark frequently because I will undoubtedly be at the beginning of a book no matter where it left off (it divides books into fours and each of the 4 has chapters 1-11 or so, so book 2 has chapters 1-11 too instead of 12-21 making it close to impossible to figure out where you minimum very time consuming.) and have to listen to recognize whether or not I’ve been there yet. Also, I’ve learned to listen to what chapter the narrator names just so I will be able to find my soon to be lost place in the event that the bookmark too fails. The version of the app that comes up on my iPhone quickly doesn’t have bookmarks, so I have to hit the home button, find the actual app and only there can I reset the speed and set the bookmark or retrieve a bookmark. I find the most frustrating thing is that it keeps returning to the beginning of the “book” I was in instead of the place in the chapter..Version: 2.29

Wow! Just wow!At the start of reading the book I did find some of the terminology within it quite hard to digest due to the complexity of the words written. I found myself having to stop and reference the dictionary but did write down paragraphs that I did understand for later reference. I also bought the hardback and read it that way for a while for a different experience. By the time I got half way through I felt the need to stop for a while. After coming back to the book and using a different technique of digestion (particularly towards the end) of coming down to my alpha state and with the realisation of reality from a quantum perspective, I was able to absorb every single word. By the time you get to the end your ‘aha’ and ‘holy f$&@k’ will appear. I’m actually pretty excited for you to read this book. Enjoy xx Amanda.Version: 3.75.1

Would certainly recommendWorks great on my phone. massive choice of non fiction, and an option to request books. Expensive books, costing in excess of £50, still cost just 1 credit, allowing anyone with little money the opportunity to own books they’d only otherwise get from a library. I can’t rave enough, but maybe I am overjoyed because I have had since 2014 and didn’t get chance to use it, and forgot all about it. I’d set up a direct debit and didn’t even notice the bill go out each month, so by the time I remember to check it out I had a collection of credits to use which feel almost free. Also you can return the books if you listen to them and didn’t like them, and have your credit returned for a new book. I might also add that if you have ran out of credits, the books are also all at reduced prices. The chapters are listed in a menu, there’s a sleep timer, I can’t find anything I don’t like. Would recommend!.Version: 2.29

Wish there was a percentage numberI adore Audible, it’s kinda expensive but the selection is unprecedented. It’s so great for encouraging more reading, as you can multitask while consuming a story. I love how there is brand new and popular books on here, and you also don’t have to wait like you might on Libby. In terms of the app, I wish you could purchase through the app. I wish that you could change the timer to view the percentage you were through the book, and that the overall progress timer was visible on books that were loaded in 2 parts. Finally, I wish that there were cost effective subscriptions for multiple books per month as I read maybe 2 audiobooks a week and find that Audible gets expensive so I rotate between this, Libby (which is connected to your library card, meaning that it’s free BUT they will only have a certain amount of copies of a book and you need to wait until a copy is available - like a normal library book - which can be loooong with new or popular books but has a STUNNING app interface that I believe is more intuitive than Audible), and less frequently I’ll listen to Scribd but the selection is average compared to either of the first two I choose and the app isn’t as pleasant as even Audible. Overall, I love Audible because of the range and I would keep it purely based off of that however I also enjoy the interface and the experience of the books. Overall, I.Version: 3.4

LOVE IT!I have been using audible for well over 10 years now...before there was an Australian site for it and have always enjoyed it. As an avid reader who was losing her sight, it allowed me some of the enjoyment I used to get from books. When the sync with kindle became available, I was so excited, I could make the font HUGE...and read til my eyes tired and then listen and go to and from. The ONE issue I have with sudible, is that when you buy a book from kindle, you can now get the audiobook for a few dollars. If, however, I use my credits, and want the kindle book, I have to pay full price for it. It makes my subscription a way of wasting rather than saving money because I ALWAYS want both. I don’t want to stop my subscription however I find myself accumulating credits because it’s just cheaper to buy the book and add the audiobook. Could the reversal be organised, so that when I use my credit, I can buy the kindle book for a few dollars? I have made this suggestions quite a few times through various means of contacting audible....and always told, it’s something that is being worked on.... I’d be so greatful when it happens. Thanks audible for many hours of listening.... Lisa.Version: 3.12.1

Something was lost in timeI remember this when it came out in the 1970’s. It was different, well executed, and probably for those reasons it has been revamped here and made a lot longer than the original LP. The problem for me is that those things that made it different then have been lost. The music score has elements from the original but have been given modern processing, all that’s missing really is a rap dialogue, thankfully they did not go that far. As a radio play, audio book, forgetting the original it is ok. The story is interesting and engaging and well presented. If you are about to buy this because you heard the original, you are likely to be disappointed. I think the opportunity to use the original soundtrack (music) and extend it with similar pieces is an opportunity lost. Even given the passage of time..Version: 3.46

Then it would be Perfect ...I love the app. And all the extras. I love that I can add notes. It would love if they had “CC” closed captions. They mentioned it in a YouTube... but must be bata still ?.Version: 3.38

The book thief: great story but bad narrationI would have given this book 5 stars if it wasn’t for the rushed narration. He was racing through the narrative making words unintelligible, also he was not able to change his tone like other good narrators do to suit female characters so the voice was noticeably only male and rushed. In an audible book half of listeners experience is through a good narrator the other half the book itself..Version: 3.11.1

I love this app. Highly recommended.I have an obsession with books. I collect all kinds of books. But I really lack time to sit down and read them, especially when I’m tired. Audible gave me an opportunity to not only listen to so many books, one after the other, but I can do it while multitasking- weather I’m doing dishes, driving or painting. As an Artist, I spend a lot of time alone, so it gives me opportunity to spend time with some of the most amazing authors. I lost count how many times I’ve recommended this app to anyone who’s interested in reading but has no time..Version: 3.75.1

New upgrade horridThe new upgrade made me have to adjust my text size so I could read which chronological numbers I have as part of multiple series. For some reason now when I click into a ‘book’ with multiple separate chapters/episodes (already annoying as they stop playing after each episode and won’t play the next one) it comes up with double the chapters. One each of each chapter, one as downloaded the other not, like an inaccurate shadow. Please go back to the clearer format and please add the facility to queue books to play one after the other automatically. Most of the books are fantastic..Version: 3.18

Enroll In Drive-time UI absolutely love audible! Rarely do I listen to music any longer because I always have an audiobook on the go. In my case, almost everything I listen to is related to business or personal development and it is such a good way to stay engaged in my continual growth and education. Having said that, the vast majority of my listening time comes solely while I’m driving, time that I would have otherwise wasted. What an incredible way to work on yourself, your goals, and your aspirations without having to take additional time out of your busy day to sit down and read. I have also started using audible as a means of filtering the books I am willing to read as I tend to be the write in the margins, take notes, and underline kind of guy while reading, and that’s just a time consuming effort. Now rather than going through that process with a book that I don’t find to be quite as beneficial, I am able to listen to more and filter out only those which are going to be the best so I can focus my reading/study material on only that which will be the most beneficial and applicable to me at the time..Version: 3.36

Don’t bother waste of timeI heard that this app was really good (from youtubers my first mistake!) and it’s a waste of time I brought a book to listen too. that’s a massive issue as there is no buy button you have to jump through hoops to find that option and when you do finally get that it doesn’t let you listen to it. it will only let you listen to the sample which was 3 minutes and then you must buy to get more funny thing it I already brought it... Don’t waste your time.Version: 3.19

AudibleFantastic app, I found concentrating in reading very difficult after a major illness and then discovered audible. I credit this site with helping me on the road to recovery as I was no longer bored. Now I am well I can read on the car, getting ready to go out, even before I sleep. Put on the timer either minutes then off to sleep. Can download anywhere , anytime. Always have your library with you. Still the best app. Have been using audible for 5 years. Excellent plus they do listen to us and improve the app. A year later and still the best app. A fee more years of using Audible. I paint in my spare time and find listening to books and painting are the best companions. It is great to do two things I love at the same time. Keep up the good work. 😀😀💜.Version: 3.81.3

Literally changed my lifeAnyone who knows me knows I'm dyslexic and I hate to read, I hate typing even more and have never liked it. Since graduating highschool I've probably gone threw 8-12 books as I found them to be a pain. This year I decided that my new years resolution was to listen to audio books. I've gone threw over 80 books and it's only September. I'm crushing them while I'm driving and working out. I've lost 40lbs and my dog is even healthier because we're walking more. I got a promotion at work because I have more information and I'm helping out in more ways. Honestly I wish someone would have told me that this was a real option sooner..Version: 3.33

Everyone should read or hear this book!Fabulous book full of humour and excellent points! For those with pre-conceived notions of Milo being this horrid person, I challenge you to actually listen to what he has to say. You may not agree with absolutely everything, but I'm sure if you're a rational human being, you'll survive and probably even learn!.Version: 2.27

Revisiting Justine at 70I think this is the third time I’m making my way through the Alexandria Quartet, my life’s most rewarding literature, by the exquisite wordsmith and storyteller, Lawrence Durrell, also great friend and admirer of my other literary hero, Henry Miller. Justine is the first of the quartet, and perhaps my favorite, and no matter how many times I read it or hear it, it is always fresh, literately exciting, and enlightening to me. Such insight Into love, jealousy, intrigue, life, and death. I remember when I first read it, perhaps 50 years ago, with a dictionary. It feels so different now, no longer in my years of great sexual passion, but older, wiser, and more humbled by life. I highly recommend listening to Durrell, particularly with this reader, Nigel Anthony, because I have heard other readers chew up the scenery; while Mr. Anthony has created more subtle characterizations and offers Durrell‘s literature as the great feast it is. I think you’ll agree that listening to a great book with a good reader is a very different experience than having read it before yourself. I look forward to the next three books with unbounded literary hunger and excitement. Enjoy......Version: 3.51

Terrible UXIt should not be this difficult to BUY something from a company. I should be able to make purchases inside the app or at least click a button that would take me directly to an outside URL where I can pay for the item I want. Will delete app after listening to a podcast series only on Audible..Version: 2.27

Joyce FThis is a very good listen. It gives you very good insights into the benefits of reducing internet use significantly, why it is so addictive and how to overcome it. When you learn that companies like Facebook and Google base their whole model on the attention economy which essentially means the more time you spend on it the more money they make, it makes you think deeply about the amount of time you’re wasting away to these companies and how in years to come if you continue that way your life wouldn’t have changed much, you wouldn’t have achieved anything significant. This book isn’t anti technology as such, but gives you compelling evidence as to how our compulsive use of it is impacting our lives and minds in a negative way and gives you ideas for how you can use it to benefit you rather than allowing it to take away a part of your soul so to speak. A highly highly recommended book! You won’t look at internet and social media use the way same after!.Version: 3.33

Love this appI love Audible! Audible has one of the largest selection of books that I have ever had on a audiobook app. There is something for everyone. I have been reading Harry Potter and I am on Prisoner of Azkaban. For the past 2 books that I have read, I have gotten to sleep a lot faster. Before Audible, I would stay up all night because I was bored, but now I go to bed at 9:30 at the latest! Also, the people reading the books really match the vibe of the book. Great examples include the Dork Diaries series and Harry Potter series. Both of those readers read the stories in voices that match the book. Next, like I said, on Audible there is something for everyone. I have really enjoyed reading a book called the Golden Orchard and before, I would have never imagined myself reading a book like this. After your first book, I think that Audible takes you interest and suggests you books that are like the books you like or something totally different all together. Overall Audible is a total must have if you struggle with getting to sleep. 😃.Version: 3.37

EnlightenedI found myself through many parts of this book, writing down quotes that really stood out to me. I don’t think I’ve read a book this long in years, but somehow bother the writer and reader make the story flow so easily, that even as I was coming to the end, felt as though I was only halfway through. At many points I felt enlightened by the range of perspectives from both Lori and her patients. All in all, I would recommend this book to even therapy skeptics, because it made me think, “Hey, everyone could benefit for some therapy.” Such a great book. Can’t believe how much I learnt through the anecdotes told throughout. I truly do feel enlightened after reading this these past couple of weeks..Version: 3.24.1

Bring back option to hide finished titles, for 5 Stars.I’ve been an audible member for about 20 years ( whenever the service started). I have well over 1000 titles in my library (most purchase, prior to new system, with free titles). I occasionally listen to portions of one book, before switching over to another (especially, when a desired preorder becomes available). Previously, it was easy to locate books that I needed to return to, by hiding all finished titles. Since the new system was unveiled, this has been reversed. I don’t quite understand the utility of being able to see all titles in your library that you have already completed. Showing titles that you haven’t started is if some use, but it fails to show anything that even has a few seconds played. So if I accidentally tap on the wrong title and get past “This is Audible”, prior to going back and selecting the title I actually want, it will no longer show up as not started. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!! Please fix this for your most loyal members!!! A secondary improvement would be to extend the Apple Watch Complication, so that it will permit control / book selection of titles on your paired iPhone, rather than having to download the book to your watch..Version: 3.36

Beware citizens of the worldHistory repeats and I feel the world is yet again facing a perilous onslaught of dangerous far left agendas all converging at once. Cancel culture and woke culture are amongst a variety of groups that have sinister groups backing them. How spoiled are the youth of today, a generation who have never had it so good, yet complain about how unfair life is and how unjust things can be. I say grow up and give thanks to those who walked before you that had something to actually complain about, where injustice was real. This book lays out in broad daylight how tyrannical govt can be and how easy it is to wake up and it’s... too late. Smarten up as this book should be a reminder to never get complacent. I appreciate you making this available and hope all of humanity get the opportunity to read it. With thanks and appreciation..Version: 3.47

Updated review.Still great. Still no Audible for Apple Watch! I really hope you will provide this great service on Apple Watch!Please make an Audible app for Apple Watch there are some nice improvements, but I can't focus on them as long as my chief gripe isn't addressed. At the very least, please tell your loyal customers whether you are trying to do this--or if you are even considering it. Audible is one of the apps I use out often. I bought an Apple watch so I could listen to audiobooks while walking my dog and could leave my iPhone at home sometimes. I have seen some work-arounds, but so far have not been able to listen to audiobooks on my watch. Audible doesn't show any inclination to develop an Apple watch app. I have asked. I guess I will try purchasing an audio book from iTunes, and see if that works. If it does (which I am not optimistic about) I might have to make my walking purchases from iTunes instead of Audible. I wouldn't like to ditch my Audible account to completely, as I love it. The hundreds of dollars I have spent on Audible books proves that. But I disappointed at this apparent indifference to the requests of Audible's most loyal customers..Version: 2.34

Cannot easily pause membership a second timeI paused my membership for three months because I wasn’t using the app very much. Audible charged after three months, without any reminder that they were going to do so. I didn’t like the way they did this and tried to pause my membership again, but after much searching found I had to call or email to do this, even though I met their criteria. I emailed to ask for a refund and just cancel, as this wasted lots of my time. Audible did refund and cancel, but didn’t warn about taking my credits. They took away my 3 credits (worth around $50). Asked them to return the credits and they said no. In my opinion, Audible is not good at making billing processes clear and it was hard to cancel (I had to do this on a desktop). ***Update - Audible reinstated the lost credits. Thank you.***.Version: 3.64.1

The ultimate introduction to Western philosophy (if you have 38 hours to spare)This is a remarkably long audiobook, clocking in at nearly 40 hours, but it is worth every second. Russell’s commentary is insightful (and often accompanied by an amusing dry wit), Made all the better by Keeble’s superb delivery. Offers an insight into not only philosophy, but history and politics, giving something of a roadmap of the progression of Western thought in relation to other developments. Highly recommended..Version: 2.28.1

Everyone should love booksI love the Audible app because it allows me to enjoy a good book even while driving or other activities that prevent reading a book while doing them. RIF was a program I loved in school, many of my classmates would have me pick out books and they would get them and give them to me because they didn't like reading and knew I loved to do so. At the time I was happy to get more books to enjoy though looking back I wish I had tried harder to share my love of reading with my classmates. My one real gripe is regarding two issues related to playback, the volume max can vary quite a bit from one narrator to another I presume due to production methods or settings so I would appreciate an ability to make the volume louder than currently possible especially when using the built in speaker on a mobile device. The second issue is that when listening to a book in the background and playing any of a number of games that sadly force you to watch ads occasionally to play for free it can sometimes fail to allow restarting the narration after the ads and rather default to any random music file you have on the device..Version: 3.38

So amazing👏😎💙Best app ever, I can always listen to it when ever I want and it’s just so handy! The books are ever so entertaining and I listen to them whenever I can!!! I highly recommend the twilight series fir ANYONE over the age of 10 because they are so thrilling, romantic, emotional and scary all in one series of audiobooks! I can listen to audible whenever because you don’t need WiFi or data or even service to listen to a book! The only improvement I can think of is don’t make people pay for books, I reckon if they sign in they can listen for free buy it’s understandable why you make people pay! The books aren’t expensive though so don’t worry about cost! You can listen to a range from kids fairytales to adults drama realities! I listen to audible in the way to school in the car, on the bus, when I’m out running, when I’m cooking, when I’m in the shower, we. I’m cleaning out u horse’s stables, before bed, in the mornings and basically any chance I can get! I highly recommend it and if you download the app HAPPY LISTENING👏❤️👍🏻.Version: 3.5

Thank youI just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story with the world. I had a totally different upbringing to you. I was raised in a loving family that always empowered me and always told me how special I am. I went through life without a care in the world never pushing myself. I never studied as hard as I good, I never worked as hard as I could. It’s made me soft. Over the last few years I have become aware of my own flaws and have been actively changing my life and habits in order to reach my true potential. By listening to your story and seeing how much you suffered and kept going, it has made my efforts seem minuscule and I thank you for it. Just like you say, it is when we get comfortable that we get soft, and just because I have become better than I was it does not mean I have become everything I can be. Thank you for reminding me to always stay hungry and to keep pushing myself. God bless you..Version: 3.2.1

Great but some tweaks required1) Need an option to stop seeing certain books. I will never buy a book from Michelle Obama, Will Smith, or Prince Harry so please give me an option to say not interested and for these to no longer be displayed. 2) Daily deals are great and I have bought a bunch however they are more often than not completely irrelevant. Given the large number of books on Audible there are bound to be more customised options available 3) I am often interested in series which are very old like Clive Cusslers Dirk Pitt, Wilbur Smith’s Courtney’s, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’s. All of these titles cost the same as a new book even though many are decades old and no longer on the best sellers list. I, and many others, would be tempted to buy whole series at a discount or buy one at full price and the rest 50% off, or 2 for a credit..Version: 3.83.1

When time is moneyI really am enjoying audible as I drive to and from work. It has changed my life and I feel I can benefit so much despite being short on time to sit and read. Now I love getting into my car to drive to work as I look forward to what I will hear. Extremely well read, engaging are two words that come to mind. Professional and on topic with good quality sound makes this an amazing platform. Thank you! Daisy.Version: 3.11.2

Heart changer!Lysa does an amazingly transparent, simple, compelling and vulnerable job in describing and walking out forgiveness. While so much of this book is stuff that we know the way she goes about it is very refreshing and encouraging. Sharing her own journey and experiences in an honest and raw way is Incredibly helpful, challenging and inspiring. The inclusion of bitterness and codependency is a powerful component of this book.I will read the book again. I will do the study. And I will recommend it to others. You don’t have to be going through or have gone through what Lysa did in order to benefit from this book. I believe it’s a book that everyone should read. While every part of it will be for everyone I believe everyone can get something life-changing from it. here are two quotes that I loved from the end of the book about forgiveness. “ Even the most imperfect messy forgiveness filled with hesitation and resistance is better than letting bitterness have its way with your heart.” “You don’t have to cooperate with forgiveness perfectly just progressively for it to be good.”.Version: 3.40

Not worth your moneyUnable to utilize credits to download books. At times, difficult to navigate. You are better off buying a book, or two, or three..Version: 3.30

When you hear truth, believe itHighly suggest that you read The Way of Integrity. When heartbreak finds me most vulnerable I usually turn to Dante and reread his epic masterpiece The Divine Comedy. There is kinship in that journey for me. I am no great Dante scholar, but I was given the book when I was young to help deal with the loss of a great love and his journey has served me since. I scoured the many books that my friends have suggested in order to deal with a recent bout of nostalgic longing, maybe trying to convince myself that Dante was the best option once again, but eventually came across The Way of Integrity while eavesdropping on a conversation in a coffee shop. Listening to the sample and the reference to Dante gave me the motivation to take a flyer and make the purchase. Having just concluded this book I can honestly say that I intend to make it a part of my life going forward. The way Martha Beck understands Dante is so familiar to me, and her insights are honest, concise, and often perspectives that I had not before considered. I plan to attempt her many challenges and test my own integrity. We do not know when our souls guides will find us along the road, she is right about that..Version: 3.75.1

Thank you Tim!Tim is my mentor. I am so blessed..Version: 3.69.1

SpeechlessI really am speechless, first thing I’d like to say is what an amazing difference it is when the author tells it in his own words. To keep this short and sweet. What amazing stories this man has I could listen to him forever. But one thing I didn’t expect to take from an autobiography is life lesson, he has and will change my life forever. I feel no matter what I say nothing will sound good enough for what I feel inside. I would love to talk to the man himself and thank him directly. Matthew McConaughey your my green-light.Version: 3.40

I Love Audible...But...I’ve had Audible for nearly 5 years. I started as a way to help me get back to reading since physically reading was somewhat limited by reality. But now when I walk my dogs, run errands, go to the work related matters, drive for a long road trip, ride my bicycle, or even work in the kitchen, I always make sure to have books to listen to. My library has at least 300 by now, and I love seeing it grow. I also love the whisper sync for Kindle which lets me read or listen. I also love the integration with my Alexa devices. I can go from room to room without wasting my phone battery, and have her keep reading to me. Here are my only two recommendations:1- this is the most important. Please for the love of all that is holy let us organize our books by subject matter/ category or whatever we call it like we can in Kindle! I need to do this on my PHONE as I cannot scroll through the ALL my books to find old books I’ve forgotten are even there. I need to put them by category. Please please please do this most basic thing for your subscribers. 2- please have more whisper sync and more affordable ways to purchase kindle after purchasing the audible. Thank you..Version: 3.11.1

Disappointed with App ChangeI’ve been an avid member for I’m thinking at least a decade and I just discovered that you have removed all my reading statistics and levels of accomplishment in the app. Naturally I won’t quit but I loved that aspect of the app and it gave me a continued sense of achievement and accomplishment. Please return this feature it means so much to me or show or tell me where you moved it to. Thanks for listening. I have now discovered that my review above is not exactly correct the statistics are still there. However, because I had two accounts, recently consolidated into one the one I have remaining shows me as having achieved scholar while in fact I have long since passed Master level. That bothers me greatly. May seem a small issue to but not I. Also, what’s the level above Master as when your records are updated I will surpass that easily. Even if you don’t make the update I will still obliterate Master level and there must be others. Anyway once I hear from you I will update to 5 stars. Finally, I wish you would find a way where I can find and purchase books inside the App if apple don’t like it so what, just buy them out and make a better policy..Version: 2.34

I love the productI love the product, I’ve been listening to all sorts of books since I started driving across the country for work. I like how you can download books and listen to them going over the mountains where you don’t have reception. I do not like how it crashes sometimes when there is not great signal. Sometimes even when the book has been downloaded to the device, the app won’t play the title because it can’t connect to the server. It’s very annoying when you straight up don’t have reception for 45 minutes through the mountains. I also wish they had a section of the search/library for “series” that would keep the books in chronological order. I was listening to a couple of series using the plus catalogue and didn’t know what the next book was. It would tell you only at the end of the book, but since I drive and sometimes didn’t have reception, it wasn’t always a option. Also, hitting next in series would usually not give you the option to listen to the title without purchasing, even when it was “included” if you did a normal search for it..Version: 3.55

The Drop OffI had the absolutely pleasure of listening to the “Drop off” by Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish. It blasts us into our diverse Melbourne and to the life’s of three wonderful characters, Lizzie, Megan and Sam who all have to deal with the monotony of the ‘drop off/school life’ but in the process, discover the absolute joy that these precious moments create. This Hilarious book so cleverly written by Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish highlights how we strive to be successful parents and try to act like mature adults but can so easily slip back into the child within, aching to be accepted, respected and loved and back into the politics of the playground! The superb delivery of the text, with its many characters (and accents ) and the connection to the emotion of each character is so beautifully handled. There are some very emotional, gut wrenching moments from Sam( Mike Mc Leish) amidst the hilariously portrayal of Lizzie’s family (Fiona Harris) and Gyton Grantley’s Rick. As a past ‘drop off’ school mum, it reminded me of the friendships that crept into my life on the morning drop off, and that developed into some of my most precious friends..Version: 3.32

Finally know what I'm here to doI've been a seeker all my life. A seeker of higher truths and purpose. Life has become particularly challenging lately making it very uncomfortable to live as I have been- Connected heavily to the external world and taken on a merry little roller coaster ride based on daily occurrences, experiences and world events. The answer is to go within. Enter through the body into your eternalness. Enter through meditation into a place of support, calm, peace, bliss, the unknown, the unfamiliar, unlimited possibility. Thanks Joe for this amazing road map to my inner place of peace, connectedness and my true nature. It's working and I will practice daily. Can't wait to do one of your week long events. I really needed this right now..Version: 3.81.3

Most used app on my phone by far!!Download Audible now and you won’t regret it!!! I have been a listener since early 2012 and have been addicted ever since. I love the never ending expanse of books on a huge range of subjects. The vast majority of narrators are superb but I always sample a book before I purchase because a wonderful book can be completely ruined by a poor narrator. I love that you can return a book but I don’t think I’ve ever used that function. Some of the new podcast are great as well. It is a little annoying that you can buy a book straight from the app but have to go to the main website, but it doesn’t take more than a minute or so. Can’t say enough good things about Audible (I have even got friends and family addicted also!) All in all is a brilliant app and the amount of free promotion and word of mouth praise I think I should be on the payroll!! Free book by any chance?!! (Worth a try!) 😉 Download Audible now and you won’t regret it!!!.Version: 3.2.1

Best app I have, but can’t transfer from my iPhone or iPad to my WatchI’ve been an Audible member for over 15 years (well before being merged w/Amazon). It’s my favorite App and I use it more than any other. I have ADHD and LOVE to read but get stuck trying to read traditional books and retain the story or information. With Audible I’ve averaged almost 5 books per month with each book’s average length of about 11hrs. Here’s the big “but”. I have Audible Apps on my iPhones, iPads and MacBook but it won’t relay to either of my two watches. I get unnecessary Apps like JetBlue but no Audible. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this I would be grateful. Being able to listen to Audiobooks without my iPhone nearby would be incredibly useful but I just cannot figure out why it won’t show up on my list of Apps on my Watches. Despite my Watch problem I give this App my highest recommendation. This goes especially for my brothers and sisters that suffer from ADHD, impaired vision or other maladies that makes tradition reading difficult or impossible. It’s an awesome subscription service and App especially if you’re more successful than me in getting it on your Apple Watch..Version: 3.5

Couldn’t stop listening!!!I have only read a couple of Nora Roberts novels before but have read ALL 48 novels she has written under the name of JD Robb following Eve Dallas and Roarke ( stunning series can’t recommend enough!!!) I only chose to listen to this because I’m up to date with this favourite series and waiting for her to write the next one !!! However, I am blown away with this book.... I didn’t want it to finish in fact I wish there had been another chapter detailing and continuing the story further so that we had satisfaction with all the loose ends tied up!!!! Actually hearing how every character ended up after the big event near the end would have made it perfect!!!!! I would love another book with Elizabeth/Abigail and Brooks story evolving . I loved her character!!!! I loved all the characters. Please Nora write another book following this one???? So sad it’s finished ..Version: 3.1.1

Handy for listening on the moveThis app would have got five stars from me but for one major hiccup, the thumbnails for the library don't contain the books number in a series. I have listened to stories that were the last in the series because of this. Many people like me listen whilst out walking, jogging or cycling. We download the series in advance and go to the next book while out. This app does not help. Other than that it's perfect. Another problem is the hit and miss way that the program picks up where you leave off listening on other devices. Typically when moving from listening via Echo to the phone. Sometimes the software recognises that I had listened elsewhere and asks if I would like to carry on where I had left off on the other device and sometimes it doesn’t and I have to search out the location physically. This can be a nuisance when in a hurry. As I said before it is a brilliant app for listening on the go..Version: 3.23

Loved it!I am thoroughly enjoying this series 😄 This is the second book of the series so far and I am eager to read the rest of them! This is Mabel’s story, who we were introduced to briefly in the first book along with her other friends, who are also referenced in this one. We also get to read a bit more about Giulia Pepper and follow on with her story a little from the first one. Although this could be read as a stand-alone novel, it makes more sense to have read the previous one first. Kasey Stockton has a truly enjoyable style of writing and all of her stories are clean and wholesome with feel good endings 🥰 I am happy to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean regency romance novels. I received an ARC of this book from the author however this in no way influenced my opinion and I am under no obligation to leave a review..Version: 3.50

Listen carefully to all samples.I love audio books. I listen to them when my work requires concentrated hand eye coordination but my mind needs stimulation and also on longer journeys. In the majority of titles the narration is superb but just occasionally you find a duff, mind numbing, monosyllabic or stilling narration which is akin to drawing a rusty saw over 200 year old hand carved mahogany. Just weep worthy! Along with this there can sometimes be other problems present, born of the editing suite but you rarely get to experience these until you have purchased and downloaded the entire title. This is where the returns policy is at its best as the refund is immediate in the case of members credits. Beware however, as there is a limit to how many titles they will refund, hence the title of my review. The classics for example have many many different versions, ensure you have tried all the narrators to get a feel for the one which appeals to you the most. I have been an audible member since 2010 and have not had to contact customer relations once! I am very happy using audible. I can use my purchases over several devices and they are quick to download. I can go off into the wilds prepared with enough titles to see me through many weeks before I return to WiFi world to collect some more. Highly recommend to those who love stories and expanding their experience of narrative story telling, biography, history, travel logs and the list goes on!.Version: 2.28

Take time out to ask the big questionsI discovered Joshua via his uncluttering online course and blog and was intrigued to see his new book and subject matter. It’s like a bit of church with some hard realities and observations. I appreciated his honesty (he gets jealous!) and his final questions to ask of ourselves. If you are looking to take the next step towards finding your true purpose then this is a good text to invest in. And via audible it’s the minimalistic way to read his book!.Version: 3.72.1

Better and better- not perfectThis app gets better and better but it isn't perfect. The app has great features and a few clunky ones. More good ones than it used to have. They are being improved over time. All in all, I'm happy with my experience. I can return books I didn't like if they are returned within 6 months. I don't read (listen to) them that quickly. I buy faster than I listen to them. Some times I finish them and the "finished" indication doesn't stay associated with the book through app revisions. Not Cool! The stories included in the titles are often well done but some presentations need serious rework - not many - but the choice for presenter could sometimes be improved. I've listened to a couple dozen different presenters by now ( a couple hundred books ). If those that were "flat" could be trained or replaced with more skilled people a lot of the stories would be better but, sometimes the story is the problem and that is a shame. It becomes easier to tell the difference between problems in story and presentation as you hear more of each. The short samples offered before you buy are most helpful ( at least to me ) only after my ear has become trained by listening to a goodly number of books by many presenters..Version: 2.27

Interesting, emotional account of one man’s struggle through American Family Court systemI listened non-stop to the horrifying account. This explains the US system pretty well. Australia has 50/50 as a requirement or, the benchmark that mothers or fathers have to prove should be altered. This was an enlightening book and almost mirrored mine, except I’m female and my ex ended up losing. However it made me understand why I was treated so badly by police, child protection, courts. It is because so many people lie and use family violence as a tool to manipulate a better outcome for themselves from court, when real family violence exists, it takes a while for them to realise. The use of statistics was a little misleading … female violence is usually benign compared to male violence. When I hit my husband it was like a bit of rain buffeting a windshield. No impact and easily ignored. When my husband hit me I would fly across the room. Although it seems like this book comes across like a war on women, the real war on women comes from rich middle class women who throw around accusations of family violence to assist their court case. They are the hidden enemy. Wasting precious resources and ensuring true victims have more difficulty being believed. Them and their lawyers are a disgrace. The US legal system needs lots of work..Version: 3.67

Just a little less than perfectFirstly, let me say that I love Matthew McConaughey (MC). I love the way he looks, the way he sounds and the way he acts. What man wouldn’t? He’s cool! I enjoyed this book. In one way, it’s an easy read - it’s like drinking warm cream: smooth and delicious, comforting and satisfying. Did I say satisfying? Well, not quite. Having just finished the book I’m struck by how unsatisfied I feel. Did I want more? Was there some unfinished business? What is niggling at me? I think it’s this. Throughout the book MC is living multiple lives, his own and the characters is plays. He is searching for himself in many ways, examining what it means to be MC. And by the end of the book, it feels like he is telling me that he has found the real MC. It’s like a kind of coming of age. The problem for me is that I didn’t believe it. Maybe it’s because some of his stories within the book are so unbelievable. Did he really do that? Did he really say that? At the end, I wondered whether he was still living a character he wanted to be, rather than himself. Nothing wrong with that - it’s a great character. I hope he brings out a sequel in 20 years. I will certainly buy it because I really want to know who he becomes. He has left me wanting more. Maybe that’s the hallmark of a great book. Can we have a longer book next time please? This book is a little less than perfect. But if I’ve learned anything about MC from his book, I think he would be ok with that..Version: 3.40

The Various Haunts of Men-amazingSo often you read a book that, despite having a good plot, lacks depth of character. This was not one of them. The book may appear to be a slow burner but that was good for me because Susan Hill is skilled at building such a sense of place and character combined with a sense of unease that I was captured from the start. I loved the build-up and I almost felt I was able to picture Lafferton clearly. It was both an attractive country town and a town with its own problems. The end was shocking and heart-wrenching but we were also left with some loose ends which I assume will be explored further in subsequent books. I am excited to see that this book was part of a series and I am so happy, despite the serial killer and drugs problems, to continue to immerse myself in the world of Lafferton for many books to come. Loved it!.Version: 3.77

Many faultsWhere is the free category? Can’t buy and download directly in the app? Seriously!?!? Work it out with Apple! I’m sure you can find a way..Version: 3.1.2

What HappenedSuch a courageous book! If you have any questions about how the most popular candidate could come 2nd to the candidate who used ‘ratings’ tactics to manipulate his way into a role far beyond his ability or competency, then listen to this but be prepared for facts going hand in hand with a barrage of questions! Not being an American, the only commonality I can glean is from being a woman, and I believe that this was probably the biggest threat the author faced in her attempt to become president! Thanks for you courage, on going drive & determination!.Version: 2.29

Updates delete current infoIt's 3:30 am. Another nightmare wakes me. I reach for Audible on my iPad to distract my mind and help me find sleep. The usual library list is missing when I select 'cloud'. The two books I had going, one for sleep, the other for migraines gone from 'device'. The last thing I wanted to do was to have to wake up, rediscover the password, sign out of into my audible account so I could sign back in, refresh, and download both books again. If it were a migraine I'd woken with (and I do frequently) I wouldn't have a hope of seeing well enough let alone have the brain power to do what I've just done. Please, please, please, please, stop making signing in and out a condition of updating the app. I thought automating updates made life easier but it hasn't with Audible. That was March 2019. Of course, once I put the login details in it worked as usual. July 2019 and Audible app tries to open but shuts down almost immediately. Was there an update? Can't say it's a password issue since it's not open long enough. I don't how to live with out an Audible book in my daily life. :((.Version: 3.1.2

Tuesday with MaurieI really enjoy to listening to this and I have read the book and I am not really a person that reads so the aublile books and podcasts are really good for me l have listened to several autobiography and enjoy them some better than others and I always seem to have a break from them and then I go back to them that is just a personal thing listening to Tuesday with Maurie and I watch the film was something a friend got she was only in forties it’s a horrible disease and watching some one go through it is hard to watch how it effects them I found I could relate with some of the ways as it was just like the things my friend went through let’s hope some day a will find a way that it will prolong a person’s life as I don’t know if they will ever find a cure well not in my life time but once upon a time you rarely heard of it but now you see more people with it and I can relate when I see them as I watched my friend fight the disease and eventually losing the battle with it.Version: 3.75.1

Raw and realThis is own of my favourite books of this year. Having had my own business and now working alongside plenty of other owners in order to help where I can, this is probably the most real and honest book filled with the realities of what it takes to create and maintain/sustain a business. Ian narrates the book himself and he sounds like a great bloke. Honest, humble and successful but not afraid to tell you about some harsh realities. Loved it!.Version: 3.56.1

A real eye opener, and essential readingI think most of us already knew that fresh foods are better for us than heavily processed foods but I never previously understood quite why, and I was sceptical of the organic food ‘industry’ – because the types of people that generally advocate for it tend to be in my view unscientific. This book explains a lot from the scientific standpoint and it opened my eyes to why and to what extent western high carb and highly processed foods are so bad for us. Spoiler: very bad indeed. And it reframes the problem of unwanted weight gain from being one of willpower to one of us having been bombarded with bad dietary advice from both the government and food industry. It’s really rather a scandal. And finally it gives practical steps we can take to improve our health, and for us to become wiser about what we are eating. I have made significant changes right away, I just wish I had known all of this 20 years ago..Version: 3.75.1

Permanently life changingI healed from so many general ailments plus severe back problems after first listening to this audiobook 5 years ago. A thousand specialists could not do what Dr Sarno did for me and thousands of others overnight. Every other specialist treats the symptoms, Dr Sarno reveals the cause, and your brain simply hears it and gives up its grip on your pain. Miraculous book which I listen to regularly..Version: 2.33

Watchers by Dean KoontzI first read watchers when I was in my early twenties, I had read other novels by Dean Koontz, The Door To December and Strangers were two of my favorites, and he was one of my favorite writers. I bought Watchers in hard cover when I saw it on the shelf and knew it was going to be good because Dean always entertained but I wasn’t prepared for the roller coaster of emotion that this novel would take me through. It was definitely high adventure and I already loved dogs but this story really opened my heart and mind to just how extraordinary they are. Watchers, like a few other novels that I’ve read has become like and old friend that’s always there, I’ve read the story many times over the years and it’s always been one of my most highly recommended books to read but unlike others, this one is in my heart. After many years I decided to experience Watchers in an audio book and again it didn’t disappoint. I laughed and I cried and I was once again transformed by this truly extraordinary tale! I love the characters like family, crazy right? Thank you, Dean..Version: 3.82

Thoroughly researched story told wellI really enjoyed listening to this book. It taught me a lot about so many different things - geography, archeology, anthropology, navigating by stars, sea currents, diet, linguistics, how history is passed down and so on, and how all of these aspects came into play when researching and trying to understand the evolution of Polynesian peoples (from a European perspective). One thing I longed for was a map to look at to understand more fully where all the islands are in relation to each other, though it was well explained how far apart they are and how and why it was challenging for European explorers to discover them in the first place, hence the premise of the book in the first place. I also wanted to see written down some of the Polynesian names and terms to gauge accuracy of pronunciation..Version: 3.17.1

BecomingJust listen! This is the most compelling and human autobiography you’re ever likely to read/ hear. It is frank and honest and fantastically interesting. It feels as if a good friend is confiding her truth. I found myself responding out loud , affirming , agreeing, feeling it as if she were in the room telling me personally about her life experiences. The story of how an “ordinary “ life can journey in impossibly extraordinary directions is hope giving , and also challenging. In terms of Michelle Obama’s learning curve, to be true to herself, to the integrity that she was brought up to have rooted deep within her, and allow and celebrate her own voice and strength as a black woman this has challenged me right where and when I need it, to begin to first accept, and hopefully ultimately celebrate too my own voice as a strong woman..I hope and imagine that it will do the same for yes girls and women, but people the world over. This autobiography is EMPOWERING and hopeful..Version: 3.42

Jews Don’t CountI only heard about this book because David B was interviewed over the Whoopi Goldberg suspension. There are many worthwhile stories to illustrate his point and the hierarchy of prejudice clearly explained. As one who grew up in the Troubles in Northern Ireland, again it didn’t matter if you were an atheist, you were still either a Catholic atheist or a Protestant one. There was a small Jewish community in North Belfast- I believe they were expected to take a side too. When listing the ‘isms’ I always included sectarianism to cover religious intolerance although I realise now that’s not quite the correct word.( I googled it while reading the book). Still, in my head that covered Judaism. I would recommend the book to those interested or concerned about this -In my part of the UK it’s not something that comes up very often. What I want to do now is find a book that explains the Israeli/Palestinian situation. Was going to ask DB but I got a feeling he’s not interested in that so if anyone else has a good recommendation I would love to have it..Version: 3.67.1

A serious new problem (resolved) (Jan 2023)Edit: if you have the problem described below, completely deleting the app and then reloading it seemed to cure the problem for me (though initially the app refused multiple times to sign in -saying no internet-, despite a strong signal ) Original problem: The latest update has introduced a serious problem. The player seems to demand an internet connection in order to play a book, even a downloaded one. Even with an internet connection it often refuses to play a book. This can happen even after just pausing a book to change room. On trying to press play, the book position is now a blank and the app refuses to restart play, even from the library screen. Once I finally manage to get it to play something, it has completely lost the last played position- so I need to fast forward and rewind searching for the right place. Hopeless. A brilliant and essential app has become almost unusable. Please address this quickly..Version: 3.88

Hate new App front pageAudible app is definately in my top 5 apps I go for on a daily basis on my iPhone and iPad. First thing when I get in the car I select my latest book to listen to. When I'm at my desk I set my phone on it's dock and continue 'reading' while I work and the same goes when I'm cooking. I use this more than iTunes nowadays. It isn't perfect - I don't download to my phone anymore because usually I get an error message after it's downloaded the first 5-10% of a book, and then just stops - nothing will get a download past the first 10% no matter how I tweak the settings. So now I just download to my Mac and drop it into iTunes, to load up when I sync next. It's a bit of a nuisance but.... This never used to happen, just since 2 or 3 revisions ago. I can live with the inconvenience though. What I couldn't live without now is the App itself - it's so convenient to listen to a book rather than have to give a book your whole attention as with a paper book or eBook - although I read plenty of them too. My only real hate is the ‘dashboard’/home page the app starts on now. I’m not interested in whatever it has to say...all I want is my Library when I open the app..Version: 3.38.1

Please improve your algorithm for recommendations.I use this app for hours daily. The quality of sound is good. Also great you can now purchase on the app. However It would be nice to have more control of recommendations. The app recommends books I have already purchased? And the same books appear for months on end as recommendations even though it should be clear that by now I am not interested in that book. Also it would be great to be able to remove WAZE from my app..Version: 3.51

If you’re a Business owner, you need to read this book, especially if you existed pre-COVIDIf you’re a Business owner, you need to read this book, especially if you existed pre-COVID and trying to get back on track, it gives you incentive and advice on how to get back on “hustle” mode to get back to where you used to be at minimum, the maximum depends on your desired success level... I’m going to the top. It made me realize I was slacking in some areas and put my brain on think mode to not only hustle harder but yes smarter (great title by the way). Im not a hard cover fan but decided to order the physical book anyway (the soft cover isn’t scheduled to be released until late September and that’s too long to wait,I’m ready now) as I’m a physical reader and need the book to take notes which I’ve book marked throughout. I purchased it 3 days ago and have listened to it twice already (thank God for Airpods😆) and plan on listening to it again, this time making notecards... you catch something different every time. I’m not sure which one to thank, Curtis Jackson or 50 cent🤷🏽‍♀️... How about I thank him as a whole ☺️..Version: 3.51

Too many glitchesRandomly crashes and can’t remember your place. Cannot sync between devices. Doesn’t allow for varying skips forward and back. The free library app is better and the books aren’t outrageously priced..Version: 3.4

Wow, what a gem.An incredible narrative across the story of one of the world’s best groups penned by one of the world’s best drummers. I’m biased. I was a fan in the sixties, and even a member of the official fan club when I was at school. Saw them many times in a variety of clubs and theatres In London, where I used to live. And now, I live in Salford Quays - close to where Alan and Graham originated. I also had the privilege of working on the promotion of their chart topping 20 Golden Greats album, and recording an interview with Bobby and Tony - who were just so nice and amazing to talk to. When I first arrived up north, I was interviewed in Salford Lads Club for local radio - where there was some Hollies history that I was delighted to talk about. The interview was being broadcast live, so everyone in the building heard it and nodded with smiles when I was finding my way out afterwards. Bobby’s storytelling is riveting. And reassuringly honest. Clearly, the only reason to grab a copy of this book (on Audible in my case) is because the Hollies were part of my life. The same will be true for everyone else who ever liked the group. Even calling them a ‘group’ rather than a ‘band’ will qualify you as a potential reader. The Hollies music is a soundtrack to so many people’s lives, including mine. To listen to how it all happened is pretty amazing. It’s a great story and a great book..Version: 3.87

Worthy of a PhDI wondered when I bought this book whether I would learn anything new. Well, I sure did. In the 90s I was involved in domestic violence services in Queensland. The understanding now of coercive control and domestic abuse is a much better framing of what is going on that leads to the death of one woman a week in Australia at the hands of an ex lover. The author blends detailed qualitative stories from survivors, bystanders, family members, and X perpetrators. Supporting This understanding is the statistical data which is presented clearly and six synced Lee. The authors passion for her subject and for those who have been subjected to domestic abuse is quite moving. Jess deserves all the accolades she is accumulating..Version: 3.23.2

Life on a Knife’s EdgeA refreshingly authentic, vulnerable and mind blowing raw account of one extraordinary man’s reality, as he practices the art of neurosurgery. The insights, lessons, growth and ultimately humbleness gained from the patient/professional connection, renews so much hope in humanity … in that we are mostly doing the best we can in any given moment based on what we know at the time. The author delivers a reflection of his journey in a way that takes you undeniably along for the ride. The good, the bad and the not so good. It has left me feeling more empowered to take even more responsibility for my brain health and to gain as much understanding as possible to assess risk versus benefits when deciding on treatment and management options. I truly enjoyed every chapter..Version: 3.71.1

Time travel but not as you know it.I’m a huge fan of time travel books and have read or should I say listen to most if not all genres around this subject and therefore reading the reviews of this adventure I thought I would get my toe into this the pool once again to which end I was extremely satisfied with this version of time travel the author is as good a wordsmith is not better than many of the more prominent well-known and expected authors of this genre likewise the reader (this will become obvious if you read the book) performs his role superbly to which extent on occasion I thought there was more than one male voice that story is very portable and perhaps like many people who enjoy time travel one believes oneself or hopes oneself might one-day become a Time Traveler in this case it offers a more exciting and realistic proposal. Please forgive any grammatical errors as I am dictating this as I drive to work.Version: 3.4

Vivid Beach Settings and Authentic Characters Learn to Find HappinessIt took a little more than usual for me to get into the book; at first,It started off feeling too much like a cliché, but that changed after the first few chapters. After reading the book, it almost feels like that was the author’s intention to provide a stark contrast for the character development throughout the book or possibly the author became a better writer once she fully built her world. I really enjoyed the vivid setting descriptions of the “Pond” and the city(really all of the settings were wonderfully sketched through words in the reader’s mind), the characters felt so authentic that I was sad when the story ended, and the structure was also essential to the plot: going between the past and present at various stages, but also within one day at the beach house in the present. It could get a little confusing at times, but this made me pay attention more so I didn’t mind. There were times when I was so angry at the main character, and mother(s), that I literally yelled at her (them)through my phone. It was never the main character’s fault, but she made so many poor, weak choices at times. It reminded me of the human flaws and regrets we all have or carry..Version: 3.55

This should be a 5-star review-30 second rewind goneUnfortunately recent updates of the app changed what was an elegant solution to an important feature to one that doesn’t work at all. In past versions Audible app had a feature that quickly allowed you to change the rewind or advance buttons from ones that rewound to the beginning or ends of a chapter to one that changed the buttons to rewound or advance 30 seconds only. Even better you could tap these buttons multiple times and, for example, quickly replay a short passage you need to hear again. The most recent updates killed this value-added feature and made it so you have to swipe backwards and forwards an indeterminate time. This feature is value taken away! I am an avid listener and have purchased almost 600 books from Audible. The content and some of the narration are excellent. I hope they pay attention to their frequent listeners and fix their clunky new software versions to the great tools they had until recent releases. It is frustrating when an app you use regularly changes from excellent to mediocre..Version: 3.23

‘Reading’ books I would have never readI used to read maybe 1 book every two years, now I listen to up to 20 a year. Anything from Homer’s Odyssey to Harry Potter... I can ‘read’ ANY book. Boring novel assigned by uni? No problem, I can finish it in a week if I want to. I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH how amazing Audible is. Especially every book narrated by Stephen Fry .. (this includes the entire Harry Potter series.....) please get Audible. Most paperback books can retail for up to $30.. I pay half that and get them read to me.... GET AUDIBLE.Version: 3.3.2

Really nice way to hack my lifeI started using Audible a month or two ago when I realized that there are significant blocks of time in my life that I am not using as well as I would like. Specifically, the time I spend driving or exercising constitutes up to two hours per day that are necessary but not very intellectually stimulating. I had been listening to music when I exercised, and then it dawned on me that I could just as easily listen to audiobooks. There are any number of books I want to read but don’t because I have a hard time getting to them. Audible has helped solve that problem for me. Initially I thought listening rather than reading would be an inferior experience, but in fact after listening to a few books I’m finding that my attention and retention are comparable. Whenever possible I try to co-purchase the audio book with a Kindle version so I can switch between reading and listening. I think Kindle’s “whispersync” system for switching back and forth could be improved, but I can live with it. Overall I’ve been really pleased with the Audible experience..Version: 2.31.2

Audio book is a brilliant app. Got me through this terrible pandemic.I have been with audio books now for quite a few years. Side my eyesight started to go after I got sugar diabetes and it wasn’t diagnosed for nearly a year and my eyes were damaged, I couldn’t even imagine the horrors of not being able to read. Then one more night trying to get to the end of a book, my eyes burning head banging. My son said, mum download Audiobook ‘, he did it for me, I listened to the end of that book. I have never looked back, I get a kindle n just the Audio book for a couple of pounds usually. I have about 350 books in my library and I go back to old favourites from time to time, send my friends and family a good book. I buy credits. This pandemic is a terrible thing,but, Audio has been a sanity saver lol well it has for me. Many more too I would think. If you haven’t tried it, I really do recommend it. It can’t harm to try. But, it CAN bring joy into a lonely night. Good listening and stay safe out there. Reguards. Patricia Welsh.Version: 3.51.1

Love Audible!I’ve been a fan of Audible for a couple of years now - it’s fantastic and has helped me find my love of reading again - both through listening and reading kindle and physical books. I’ve left a review before with various suggestions, many of which have been included in updates now such as the ability to sort books and see those you’ve finished grouped together and be able to purchase from within the app (thank you). However I would also love to be able to see back on my listening time to the whole time I’ve had Audible - rather than just the last 5 months and 5 days etc. I know I used to listen a lot more last year and I’d love to be able to see how much this was and the statistics over a greater period and also each year as well after monthly. Not a major thing, but if you could incorporate this is a new update it would be great! Thanks again Audible!.Version: 3.60

Amanda Lee - HappinessHQI don’t know how I’d love without it! I use audible every single day both for my personal and professional learning. I recommend it as almost an essential resource to every client I work with. It enables them to absorb huge amounts of knowledge and concepts on the go during their busy days. This would obviously not be anywhere near possible if relying on reading. The only time I’ve needed to return a book the refund was prompt and without hassle. The only thing I would say is that the set up / initial using of audible has caused issues for nearly every person I’ve recommended it to. Also some confusion arises in terms of Australian audible versus US. Otherwise brilliant!.Version: 2.28.1

LoveTbh, I keep "forgetting" to cancel it because I love it so much but basically my only criticism is when a book has diagrams or images they should show up on your screen/lock screen etc so you can see them if you wish because I've been listening to all these great books by dr joe dispenza and they are diagram heavy and every time he refers to a diagram I'm like aghhhh why I can't I see this right now? Anyway, yes to audible, thanks, will probs "forget" to cancel again this month...Version: 3.10.2

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall RosenbergFrom my first reading of Marshall Rosenberg’s book (library audio book) I gained a very helpful overview. I’m about to begin again, taking notes and practicing. The parts that are foremost in my mind from my first reading include recognising my feelings and being able to articulate these along with my needs in a manner that encourages communication between people. I’m already a believer in avoiding ‘but’ so that is reinforced. ‘But’ in my experience helps transform a discussion into an argument. The importance of giving and receiving gratitude with empathy: in detail and with feeling has stayed with me too. I’m feeling optimistic that the guidelines Dr Rosenberg developed in his book are possible for me to learn and practice if I’m committed to the process. I’m not currently a confident communicator so this is a large step in a positive direction. I’m grateful Dr Rosenberg personally read his book. His speech is warm, calm and clear. Relieved is another feeling I’m aware of. I need this knowledge to build on my relationships; to be a kinder, empathetic person. Thank you very much Dr Rosenberg..Version: 3.78.1

A GodsendAfter suffering a medical issue which has left me unable to read for any length of time, or watch tv or have too much visual and audio stimulation, I found audible audiobooks and it has seriously been a godsend! It has saved my sanity during long hospital stays and when I’ve been bed ridden, and it’s a great distraction tool when dealing with pain without being sensory overwhelming. I definitely recommend this app for its extensive library and ease of use..Version: 3.86

A Great ListenReturned to driving a truck for a living and loved enormously listening to this book being read to me on the thousands of kilometers I have driven over the past few days. It's made the journey pass well and carefree. The reader bringing both the story and all the characters to life as I have driven both through the day and night - well worth the money 👍👍.Version: 2.27

Issue with the new updateI love the app, and the selection of books, but I don’t like that the new update removes the option to sort your library by unfinished books. I have books in my collection that I started a while ago but stopped, planning to listen again later. Now they are very hard to find as I cannot just see the unfinished titles. Can this please be fixed?.Version: 3.20.1

Complete rubbishI guess I shouldn’t have had such high expectations but really you would think that by 2022 you could be excused for thinking that apps should just work. This has to be the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Why can’t you use credits to purchase in app? Why can’t you purchase credits in app? Why is there no link to purchase from search? Why do items I have finally figured out how to purchase say they’ve gone to my library but don’t show in my library in app? Why does the player freeze? If you’ve ever been worried about being ripped off through an app then don’t use this one! The selection of books cannot be beaten but this app is simply useless. I hope the designers have been arrested tied up and receive a sound thrashing every day for the pain they have inflicted on so many. Absolute asscrack. You even get forced to give a one star review even if you want to give none. Don’t use this rubbish!.Version: 3.65.1

A must listen for every human soulI have read many works of fiction in which great truths were revealed. Books like the Shack which reveal an understanding of the triune nature of God, Who Moved My Cheese - a motivational story on the importance of learning to adapt to changing environments but I have never read a fictional book (written 80 years ago) that does such an incredible job of taking some of the core messages of the Bible and weaving them into an entertaining and impactful message. To consider this book was written more than 80 years ago and so accurately describes not only the trajectory of the decades that followed but also the current state of human affairs it warrants a read by even the most skeptical of people who do not believe we exist in the middle of a conflict of good and evil. I am shocked this book has evaded my notice up until now but I am thankful it was recommended to me by a good friend. I encourage anyone who reads this review to listen to this book with an open heart and mind. Enjoy the brilliance of CS Lewis and his writing ability but do not miss the message which is rooted in biblical truth..Version: 3.76.1

Change for change sakeThe app still plays books and you can download them. Well done, five stars for that. But, I’ve deducted three stars for the new re-design - late June 2019... The app had been absolutely fine. And yet, the decision was made for the default page to be Home, rather than My Library. On the Home page, I have the option to “Pick up where you left off...” but it’s not aligned properly on the screen (I use an iPhone 7 at the moment) and chops off the title next to it. I could pick up where I left off more easily from My Library, and see more titles, to be honest. Next, I can look at “Your recent additions” but again this looks odd and chops off half of the title next to it - the alignment is off again, much like the “Pick up...etc” option. There‘s quite a lot of empty white space that you can enjoy scrolling through to get to recommendations and Best Sellers, but you still can’t buy anything through the app. These are exactly the same as you’d find on the webpage, but just fewer of them and therefore less choice. The change to the Home page default was unnecessary and brings nothing to the app. So, please, just default to the Library page. It’s all there. If I want to look at the oddly aligned Home page, I’ll go there if I need to. Please stop making it the default. It’s not a pleasant or useful place to be. It’s not difficult to buy, or choose, titles from the website. (And the Home page looks just as awful on a 2018 iPad Pro. So there’s that.).Version: 3.8

Thoroughly enjoying audible!I am loving listening to great writers and also, with the different offers by audible I have discovered new ones that I am enjoying enormously while I work on my art. The selection of spy, whodunnits and humorous writers in the special offers is excellent. A wider selection of classic authors in the offers would be very welcome by me, as well. The one thing that would make audible brilliant is to add to the special offers the large array of free listening that it offers in the USA. If you were to change the free listening around the way you do with the special offers, including classic literature, a lot of people would still be wanting to buy the books that they have listened to for free. Let’s not forget that many people read time and again their favourite books and Audible is made for people who love reading and don’t have enough time to keep on reading. Thanks Audible!.Version: 3.50

Some people think owning a restaurant is glamorous. This will make you think twice!Having owned two restaurants, I can tell you it is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have! So much about running a restaurant… all the ins and outs are in this book. I could relate to a lot of what the authors were writing about. They hit the nail on the head that's for sure! I recommended this book to my book club. Someone gave it to me for my birthday after I had seen the owners of The Grey on the Sunday Morning Show. My book club will be meeting tomorrow night and I'm anxious to see how people felt about the book. One of the things that I really liked about it was hearing their perspectives on the same situation. The other thing I really enjoyed was the sharing of recipes. I have requested that everyone bring a dish from the book. This is going to make for some good eaten!!! I'm planning to bring the cocktails. The evening will begin with the Paper Plane and to finish the evening The Revolver... just one not two😉 I live in Augusta, Georgia, which is not too far from Savannah. I'm hoping to make it to the restaurant one day soon!.Version: 3.80

Audible BooksI’ve been a member on/off for many years. You pay a monthly/annual fee and get credits based on your subscription. The fee you pay is often less than the price of most audiobooks. You can pay for the book or use a credit. There are lots of reviews, some are fake but most seem to be genuine. I like that you can hear a 3-5 minute sample before purchasing. I have gotten credits refunded for books I was unhappy with, (books I didn't listen to completely). Customer service has been great. I had to discontinue membership for a while and lost nothing during the time I canceled my membership. I kept the credits I already had and all of the books I had in my library. Starting my membership again was easy. I do wish that reviewers would add ore detail instead of simply saying ”I like the book”. That’s not a review. Why do you like/dislike the book? Was it clean, full of profanity, sex, violence? Was this book fit for the whole family? Did the story flow, was the narrator easy to listen to; did they have an annoying voice, were the characters voices distinguishable? That’s a review! A review is meant to help other customers decide if they want to purchase the book or not..Version: 3.12.1

Have No FearAfter listening to this audible with Joyce Meyer it made me understand my fears I have with calling my clients. Listening to scripture made me do it anyways- the Lord is on my side. I have been listening to Joyce’s sermons for over a decade and have purchased some of her books. “Do it afraid ,” is by far my favorite audible I will buy this book to keep on my shelves for reference. Being in sales can be challenging when you get a lot of “No’s by people over the phone, would make me want to quit! But listening daily to Joyce about other normal everyday people with their fears and overcoming them with the help of my Lord Jesus opens my eyes, to see how little my fears are. I would say to myself- just call the first 10 people - then it would be 20 people, then 50 - after my calls were made and I completed the task with the help of the Lord Jesus it would not be as bad as I thought. I would say a little prayer~ Thank you Lord that you are always here by my side helping me build my business and to keep my accountable in my daily tasks- in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Joyce Meyer for writing this book, and teaching me the scriptures in the Bible to help me daily do it Afraid but Not afraid anymore 🙏🏼 . Lillian from Los Angeles.Version: 3.85.1

Johnathan Thurston AutobiographyI would like to thank JT for his book. You are an absolute hero for a rugby league fan and ex player, albeit a Blues supporter. I loved you’re in depth insights and how you shared not only highlights but the dark times too. Right now I am experiencing some of the darkest most difficult time of my life and reading you’re book has lifted me somewhat, put a smile on my face. I have no doubt reading of you’re experiences will do the same for others. I am a Manly supporter and always have been, but now, I am also a NQ Cowboys supporter. Thank you and best wishes for you’re future. Jay W..Version: 3.83

I know what your doing The series by Zane MichaelsonWow what can I say, this was my first Audio book to listen to. I wasn’t sure if it would do the book justice, but it totally did. Jack Nobles voice had me mesmerized, I felt like I was a part of the story. This series is one of my favorite ever, it totally shattered and devastated me in parts, I cried and felt angry and anxious in other parts but overall I couldn’t switch it off. Jenna is one of the most forgiving and strongest Women I know, the lengths she went too, to fight for her Marriage and Family, was admirable. The love that both Zane and Jenna have for each other has survived a very devastating time in there lives, I wish them love and happiness always, because they both deserve there HEA..Version: 3.1.1

Read this!It is an amazing app, it helps me getting things done quicker e.g. if there is some homework I need to do about a book I can listen to it on audible while cleaning or working out. Something I found annoying about this app (although it has only happened once over the five years of me using it) is that there are some book series they don’t finish. They do the first few books but then the last one isn’t on here. Overall this app is amazing and I suggest buying it. It is a great way to save time. Getting this app also allows you to avoid the cliffhangers when you finish reading a chapter and have to go to bed. You can listen to the story while going to sleep and enjoy it all. I hope you discover some amazing books on this app..Version: 3.0.1

ScienceThis book challenges your current approach to life. Breakthrough research plus commonsense lifestyle advice lead this author to make some “out there“ conclusions and claims. He makes them fearlessly and with detailed supporting arguments quoting history, science and his own life experiences as well as the experiences of his family. It is a book filled with exhortation, motivation and a call to arms to save the planet. The author does this with great risk. Philosophers, pop psychologists and other scientists both inside and outside his field have reacted negatively to his conclusions. Despite this pushback, which will be exacerbated after the publication of this book, the author pushes on, regardless of this risk. This book could easily go down as the seminal work in the area of ageing and it’s cure. I for one hope it does..Version: 3.49

Incredibly helpful and easy to use ap!I am so impressed with this ap! I had caved on one of the ads for this ap on fb and saw that they had a free trial with two free books so I decided to try it. I listened to part of one book and then haven’t had much time to listen since and actually kinda forgot about it. I received an e mail today from audible which reminded me I needed to cancel my trial before being charged bc I wasn’t ready to pay the monthly subscription just yet and unlike most apps I found the customer service for this company was incredible! Right under settings in the ap lists a phone number and easy access to ur subscription information. I called the number to find out where I was in my trial and was impressed with how quickly they answered and told me I still had a few weeks left and she could cancel it now or I could enjoy the rest of it and call back to cancel the day before. She also returned the book I originally ordered bc I wasn’t that into it and now I have my two free book credits left! I highly recommend this ap to anyone bc of its easy to use settings, outstanding customer support, and wide section of books available! Great Job audible!.Version: 3.10.2

Bloody Brilliant.This audio book is so good, once I started listening I was gripped until the end. Keith is so honest and genuine, I love his personality coming through. Quite often when the author reads his book it can still feel like some random reading it, and it doesn’t quite feel connected to who wrote it. But Keith reading it is wonderful, and you feel his emotion in his voice, and he does really get emotional, especially when he talks about Stuart, and that made me cry. But I feel so privileged to have felt like he was actually talking to me, telling me his life story. It really is brilliant. Thank you Keith for reading it, it makes a huge difference xx. Now I feel like I kind of know him, but he doesn’t know me which is a bit strange. I wish I did have a KBJ in my life, I’m sure he would help me with my pottery, and I’d be lucky to call him a friend! Look forward to the new series of GBPTD x.Version: 3.87

How Many Years Has It Been?I can’t remember how many years it’s been that I’ve been listening to books through this App. I was there at the beginning. Audible puts me to sleep at night and Audible has accompanied me on thousands upon thousands of road miles. This app is still doing the job - nothing fancy, it's a vehicle for enjoying the varying content in the audiobooks..Version: 3.37

My reviewThis app is really good fore people who like listening to stories while doing homework, drawing or relaxing. in general it is easy to use and the books are also very well presented. I’m always listen to it while I’m drawing it relaxes me. you can change the settings to your liking for instance the speed of how fast they read to you’re and more. Since I’m deslexic it is harder for me to read books so this app is a very useful way of making my life easier in reading I’ve had it for 2 years and have not ones regretted downloading it and if you install it I ashore you that you won’t regret it ether..Version: 3.16

Thank youI am the youngest of 4 children 2 of which have schizophrenia. The third I cannot confirm because she is estranged and does not share her diagnosis only to say if she had not had the years of therapy she had she would have been just like our brother. The irony is that she does not see how sick she is. At times I had to stop listening to the book to digest what I had heard and to shed a few tears to work through my own grief. I so relate to Lindsey Galvin in so many ways. The main difference is my siblings weren’t diagnosed until they were much older because they were not as severely symptomatic. All of this came to a head at my mothers passing in 2010. Then I truly learned how co dependent our family was. Some of us are healing the others I pray for. Reading this book made me feel that I was alone or the only one in this situation. I am truly grateful for all those who have research and continue to research on behalf of the ones that can’t. I am also relieved to know that the likelihood of my son and his children of having schizophrenia is very low. I have so much more insight into this condition now. I am now more curious than ever to learn of any new developments in treatment..Version: 3.77

Thoroughly enjoyableI’d never read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories having never really been interested in older crime solving stories. I tend more towards supernatural or paranormal romance (with the occasional mystery or crime thrown in.) But I really enjoyed Stephen Fry narrating his own publications “Mythos” and “Heroes.” His voice is soothing, warm and entertaining. He does the different characters voices so well, you never mistake a character for another. He just seems to draw you into the story. I was surprised to find I thoroughly enjoyed the different mysteries solved by the famous detective. The thing I liked the most was the relationship between Sherlock and Dr Watson. You felt the genuine love, comradeship and mutual respect between them. The sincere sorrow that Watson felt when Sherlock “died” bought a tear to my eye. The only thing I would like to have seen in this particular anthology, is the stories in a more chronological order. No complaints otherwise..Version: 3.38.1

Audio Bible is brought alive by Ronnie MeekThe tones and vocal variety used by Ronnie Meek add to the enjoyment of the Scriptures which comes alive with his voice. Add to this the music used to counter any boredom that might raise its ugly head, I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 sections that the Bible is divided into, which brings me to my first recommendation. We are constantly told that that because of the size of the download it is divided into 12 segments. The listener has to work out which of the downloads start with the books of the Bible. It has taken me many months to work out which book aligns with which book of the Bible in the 12 volumes in the download😩 I would suggest marking some of the downloads with the names of the books they contain, in that it makes it easier to find. But apart from that Ronnie Meeks voice add to the enjoyment of this audio Bible. Many thanks to the very high quality of this product👏👏👏.Version: 3.5

I love AudibleI love Audible! Listening to Audible books allows me the freedom to do all the boring things I do, while being entertained in the process. My jobs are made less onerous with the distraction of stories by the amazing storyteller’s writings of other people, worlds, places, & times. The reading of the books are brought to life through the wonderful voices of modern day bards. I was introduced to Audible by a friend many years ago who shared a book with me; that I had already read. The reader was so great that it brought a whole new dimension to the book for me; allowing me to sink into the story & deepen my imagining of the words of the writer. I have been hooked ever since. I invested in the monthly subscription straight away - it is the most user friendly & cost effective way to listen to Audible. I have never looked back!.Version: 3.8

Born of EarthBy A L. Knorr It was almost a year ago that I read this book, so when I found the opportunity to listen to it on Audible, I jumped at it. I am so glad that I did! With AL Knorr about ready to publish sequels to this book, it was an ideal time to review/listen to it. I have never reread any book as I always then knew what had happened. Life is short and books are many, but as I have aged, l remember only the basics of the story. As I listened to Born of Earth, the vivid writing came to life as if watching a movie and I was in Ireland with Georgie. I was there ten years ago, so pictures were brilliant in my mind of the land and people . i was amazed at how little I remembered of the details which brought the story to life. Listening to the reader was reminiscent of listening to radio stories in my childhood where imagination was able to “see” what was happening. So, I loved every minute of the book as if I had never read it. As Georgie grew to see the Fey and become a Wise, I wished to see Ley lines, and fairy buds, to hear the plants telling of what they can cure, and to sink feet into the earth. To read a story by A L Knorr is to enjoy a well-written book with strong characters, a great plot and a new experience unlike any other. But to listen to that same story is to experience it..Version: 3.74

A relatable life storySelma Blair, you have such a relatable story to so many women of my generation and (I’m sure) for every generation before and to follow. I saw myself in you in so many ways… childhood innocence, navigating teenagerdom, the vulnerabilty, relationships and all the lessons that come with it all. Highlighting to us all that we never stop learning and relearning throughout our lives. As an actor who has grown up parallel to me, I never realised that you were actually growing up in front us all, experiencing such similar anxieties, anguishes and adversities that we all face. You have emerged like a butterfly with such grace and composure… The message I have taken away from your story is to keep going and keep growing and learning, despite what is thrown at us in this crazy old world. The best part about listening to your story on Audible is that YOU told the story to me… straight from the horses mouth. With all of the raw emotion, laughter and tears. Thank you, and please keep writing… it really is your true calling. 🙏❤️.Version: 3.75.1

A Little Happier moreso!Having relished Derren's original hard copy of "Happy" I was delighted by the cornucopia of intelligent research and insights that were proffered in the text. I went on to listen further in the audio version on my daily commute, absorbing and mentally ingesting every topic that might alleviate my overactive thought processes on those nagging questions of my own self. How fortunate that Derren furthered indulged us with "A Little Happier" as a sweet dessert for those who wish not to have the guilt of not digesting the original. This time narrated by Derren himself and hoping that there would be no subliminal phrasing that might cause me to crash my car. Yes it took 56 miles from start to finishing the audio version, the original safely with other loved books at home, and felt delighted I chose this very day to listen to it. Now I really ought to break as many habits as I have the many ways I justify my actions, from this refresher. My dear Mother always tells me to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) and I would hope to think that this is the assurance Derren also gives us in this wonderfully neat edition of his original book..Version: 3.37

Rangers Apprentice: The Royal Ranger by John FlanaganAn all time favourite author of mine and a forever beloved series, I felt extreme nostalgia reliving the stories and adventures regarding Will Treaty, and loved how even my favourite characters have aged as I have. I loved the introduction of Maddie and as always, enjoyed the plot line in all its heartaches and triumphs. It was even better to listen to it on audible for the first time. I loved the little musical inserts in between chapters, made me feel like part of the adventure somehow. Any book in this series is always a five out of five for me. It’s a recommended book series for any book worm out there, or for those who aren’t book worms! Start with John Flanagan..Version: 3.32

OutstandingAudible is the best subscription service I’ve ever known. I’m so happy with it. I’ve subscribed for 3 years now and I find it great value with the monthly credits and excellent choice of books. Ideal for me as I’m always on the move, whether driving or walking or some other activity or chore, I rarely have five minutes to sit down with a good book. With audible I can keep my brain ticking and keep everything going at the same time. I often struggle to complete lengthy academic books ( my attention span can be limited) but with audible I’ve devoured and absorbed so many books. I’ve listened to more books in three years than I’ve read in a lifetime. I have a huge thirst for knowledge just haven’t got the time or the patience to sit down long enough. So win win for me with the ingenious idea of an audio book. If you haven’t guessed already I love love love audible :-) Outstanding service *****.Version: 3.30

I was at my wits end with how to change my lifeI literally was crying the other day from frustration at the knowledge that I create my own reality but did not know HOW. So there I was on the floor of my kitchen bawling my eyes out and suddenly I had a sense of peace come over me. A couple of days later, I searched in Audible the terms magic money manifesting and this book popped up. I honestly didn’t have much hope for it, because it seems like all of these books that claim to give a person techniques just re-hash the same old stuff. This author didn’t do that. He gives practical how to methods that explain different perspectives and details on how to REALLY harness your inner power and apply it to your life. I feel empowered. I took notes this book was so informational, I’m going to listen to it again! Don’t hesitate to get this book! It really will change your life. You can tell that the author spoke from the heart and put a lot of inspired work into this. Sitting on that floor I begged God to help show me how to use the power I know he gave us all to manifest a better life for me. And this book stood out to me. So that’s how I know it is special and must have been inspired. Prosperity and Goodness to you all!.Version: 3.51

Difficult to rateReally torn on this one. Loved the first section about the young Holly with all the 80s references. Enjoyed some of the Crispin story and Ed but caught myself glossing over sections and almost giving up before being sucked back in again. I think the sci fi weirdness just wasn’t for me but I couldn’t help admiring the quality of the writing. Although there are multiple stories they all tie together and I also liked the references from Black Swan Green and Thousand Autumns both of which I loved. Some of the weirder sections made more sense as they were explained later on in the book and what started off sounding like six separate stories did make one cohesive whole. Cleverly done but a bit too much of the sci fi for me to rate as a 5 especially as half way through I couldn’t see past a 3. Some reviewers have criticised the differing voices and accents for Holly but I thought this worked well to distinguish age, time and place..Version: 3.5

Why I like Audible booksI knit and sew, wash up and iron whilst listening, a pleasant way of multitasking. Hardly ever actually WATCH the TV, most of it is rubbish anyway. The choice of titles is huge and I am having lots of fun finding new things to learn as well as just being entertained. Unlike tv or films my mind gives me the pictures and I am not bombarded by loud noise, 'flashing images', violence, unnecessary interminable bonking, tongue tonsillectomies and most actors looking so like each other that I forget who is who. I have only come across one narrator's voice that I did not like, most are excellent and I think I prefer male voices, probably because they are lower pitched. I get through at least 3 books a month and often more. Some books are well over 20 hours long so I can have 2 or 3 on the go, listening to whichever one I am in the mood for. You can go back to previous chapters if you like at any time. I have some books I have listened to 2 or 3 times. Cost wise, £7-8 a month will give you 1 book credit per month but then you can buy 3 further book credits for £18 whenever you want. Actual full price of each book can be up to about £30. If you are not sure about a book there is usually a sample to listen to before purchasing. Would I recommend audible? You bet!.Version: 2.27

Great learning resource and entertainingI’ve used audible for about 3 years. In that time I have greatly expanded my knowledge base on a number of topics while doing menial tasks such as driving, tending to the yard and even while at work. With an extensive range of topics and multiple books on each, it’s easy to find something informative and interesting. I’ve never had a problem returning a book that I had not been satisfied with, even if I had listened to most or all of it. There is also nearly an endless selection of fiction books narrated by some excellent narrators. The way the narrators bring characters and situations to life is very impressive. (My favourite being R.C.Bray) If you haven’t listened to a story told by a good narrator before I’d highly recommend it. I’m very satisfied with audible, for the amount of education/entertainment I receive from an audiobook it’s very good value for money..Version: 3.16.1

Interface IssuesAll kind regards to the devs of Audible, I think the purpose of the website is great and it is very useful but the interface is glitching out when I try to sign in and the troubleshooting I have conducted has made no difference whatsoever. My verdict on the utility of the website is bad because I cannot even access my account..Version: 3.80

Not to be read lightlyI have hesitated to recommend this book to certain people because of the harrowing aspect of the stories of the women, each one of them. As a therapist I was profoundly impressed by the writing of Miriam’s experience, capturing the invisible torture, like watching someone drowning, then momentarily surfacing for breath, then going under again, and repeating over and over. It is something I have witnessed. The interview with the author at the end helped me take on board the idea of Hope in Hell. It felt as if I was in a ‘debrief’ following a traumatic event. When the story became difficult to hold, I continued reading because IT IS compelling. The author has such a marvellous way of understanding women and what women experience in some very difficult circumstances, yet this is NOT a ‘woman’s book’. The small details in the stories of the two main women characters were wonderful to read, like the difference the right seasoning makes in a great meal: the detail of a herb or spice. A very good book. I’m glad I read it..Version: 3.24.2

Must Read for all who seekThis is quite simply one of the best most confronting and horrific books I have ever read. I have averaged a book a fortnight for several years and this stands in the top few. If you are a fan of Napoleon Hill this will blow your mind. If you are not this will blow your mind. I have taken 100’s of pages of notes and doing all I can to implement the ideas in this book and it has changed my life on so many levels. Its horror lay in the truth that which I knew but could not explain. The greatness comes from intrinsic deep answers that come when you hear them and you will hear them. If you don’t then you are not human. This book is for anyone seeking greatness in themselves. It’s dialogue seems to be aimed at Men, but mums, wives and sisters and girlfriends would benefit greatly from this great book..Version: 2.32

Love audible but. No in app purchase! No category/genre filter.I want a one-stop shop app but... 1. hate that I can listen to a sample but can’t download from the app. My kindle lets me buy a book in the app - just want the same from audible. Including displaying the price i will pay in my country- not $US as currently occurs. 2. Sometimes I want to listen to specific genre in my purchased library like crime or sci-fi. I can’t filter/display by category/genre, only by recent/author/title. Please add this function to improve usability. 3. Hate that I can’t get entire series due to publishing rights, especially when it is the earlier eg 1st or 2nd in the series! 4. Once in a book it is great! Love bookmarking & sleep timer. Audio is excellent too..Version: 3.1.1

More creditsI have been using audible for nearly a year now and I can say it has without a doubt opened my mind up to another universe that I hadn’t known about til now, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves books but either doesn’t have the time to physically read them or even has issues concentrating on reading print like myself. This app has changed my life I recommend it to all of my friends regularly and with the subscription you get a new book each month. One suggestion I would have for the makers is possibly adding an option to buy credits in bulk for cheaper prices, sometimes I want to read a new series of books but find myself not wanting to waste credits/$15 on books between 5-10 hours as I can finish that in a day or so, if I had the option to buy more in one go I wouldn’t find myself skipping series that have shorter books at the beginning. Aside from that it’s basically flawless in my eyes, keep up the good work guys!.Version: 3.5

Mind changingThe joy of reading is that the more you learn the more you realize the need to learn more. This book has dramatically enlightened 25 years of my search for answers to the many imponderables as a consultant in livestock production and farming. It is even more poignant to me in that I have listened to many of the people that the author quotes and it is through his writing that has awakened me to the value of their teaching and endeavors. As he quotes your mind has to be receptive to appreciate and understand much of what he presents so lucidly. And so I thoroughly recommend this book to those with open minds to the profound messages within..Version: 3.76.3

Save your eyesTruthfully speaking, I have never been a fan of reading. This is a bit ironic being I hold a MSBA in business. But then after discovering Audible, wow I’m amazed with all that I am listening to. In my profession, I’m on the computer several hours in any given day. So by days end the last thing I want to do is pick up a physical book and read. Seriously, I use to turn articles into PDFs , use the computer ‘listen to’ feature, bout music in the background and write notes for my class. An occasional glass of wine certainly helped. One podcast for a required class (book was online) the professor who narrated the book was so monotone you’d fall asleep. By the end of the class session in the podcast I would have a great nap. So instead I went to the gym, Wales on the treadmill and stayed awake. The pint is that wa 14 years ago and technology as well as people’s skill have evolved over time for the greater good. I would especially live to thank audible for creating this platform and the many authors and narrators who provide valuable content. I’m constantly inspired and appreciate being an Audible ‘Superfans.’ Thank you from the bottom of my heart..Version: 3.41.1

I’ve never ‘read’ so many books!I’m a recent convert to Audible. I enjoy reading but find it hard to get through books- with a busy active life, I tend to fall asleep reading at night, but with Audible I’m now reading books throughout the day- listening to them on my walks with the dog, in the car, in the supermarket. Audible even reads books to my kids when I’m busy doing the dinner dishes (secretly listening to Audible while I do them)..Version: 3.78.1

Amazing, brutal and beautiful.I listened to the book every night before bed, and some nights because I was enjoying it so much I feel asleep without turning it off. It was an amazing, beautiful and extremely heart wrenching listen. I truely have love for Sue and her family as they are victims as much as the others. As a mother of an 18 year old boy with severe depression, it’s so important to highlight this epidemic and Sue does it eloquently and with total respect to the victims and their families. Thank you..Version: 3.51

Abominations is a breath of fresh air and sanityA recent admirer of Shriver, having followed her commentary and analysis of the Govts. Covid response (following authoritarian China’s lead into shutting down society, freedom, and everything we know and need) and assessment of Gender ideaology (creating a fantasy world and luring vulnerable children into it, against the will of parents while bullying everyone by calling them bigots). I’ve enjoyed her fiction writing very much, as incredibly well-researched, humane and clever. This book collects many of her excellent essays and articles over time, showing us how involved she is in interrogating the world we live in; for me it traces how she might translate that exploration and thinking into an expression of what it’s like to live in our world in her fiction. She has whip sharp intelligence, a strong sense of agency and the real human compassion that is sorely lacking in today’s more narcissistic world of cancel culture. Thanks Lionel..Version: 3.87

ScepticalWhen my daughter said audible was my Christmas present,I wasn’t jumping for joy, grateful but not excited. I started the Harry Potter series,bought the first two but didn’t read them, then Covid struck, fed up watching day time telly, I started to listen instead, and what a revelation, I had read the books as they came out ,only because my daughters bought them and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and enjoyed them, so having them read to me, let’s say, a ? was at the back of my mind. How wrong I was, the stories are still very imaginative, but Stephen Fry, brings each and every character to life, his verbalisation of everything within each book, lets you use your imagination to its fullest, I became so enthralled with how he changed each voice, and the twists and turns in the stories, which the movies missed had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I patiently await book 7, and I am suffering withdrawal symptoms till it’s available. Never again will I say,” I’d rather have the book in my hands.” Audible you have a convert..Version: 3.29.1

If it goes wrong, you’re alone.I spent my membership credits on some nice books. They never turned up in my library. I contacted them through phone. The guy was insufferably rude. I am still owed my books and none of the help or service pages they offer have any solutions. I’m left in the lurch and am owed my goods. For what it’s worth, Audible has stolen from me..Version: 3.8

An extraordinary soliloquyThis book is exquisitely written. I chose to ‘consume.’ it by Audible and I’m glad I did. The narrator did a superb job portraying the unwitting eccentricity of the title character (and the others). It shouldn’t be compelling from the off, the main character’s existence being at best, mundane, but it is exactly that which grabbed me. Whilst I could guess her backstory quite early on in the book, it remained totally compelling, as this character is one you feel you must nurture by at least reading to the end. This book brings the main character to life from chapter one. It is sad and uplifting, shocking and inevitable - I “LOL” on several occasions, but most of all, it made me think that behind those comments one hears in everyday life, from time to time which you judge to be inappropriate, there could very well be a reason akin to what this book ably reveals. In a nutshell.... Loved It!.Version: 2.37.1

There could be major improvements to this appThe app worked better before, after all these updates the app for IOS is very flaky. Cuts out, freezes, stops, won’t load, a whole mess of things. My rating has gone down for this app since the quality has gone down significantly..Version: 3.1.1

A good wake upThanks for the in-depth teaching on Islam and the Third Jihard. I’ve been aware and praying for people in the Middle East who are under the influence of Radical Islam. However many of the things I learnt from this book sounded vaguely familiar and pushed me into doing some research. I now know that the infiltration for the Third Jihard is is well underway in the other side of the world too, in fact here in NZ..Version: 3.82.1

Break ShotFabulous. Started it one night, finished it that night. Started it again, finished it again. I think I’ll enjoy being in this loop for the rest of my life. Thank you James. You’re 6 months older than me and we’ve had so many similarities in life, minus the hard drug addiction - yet I’m not sure that glass of white wine each evening I’d give up so easily. My family has had its troubles and now my daughter. It’s a family affair. I have those cocktail napkins that read: “Mental illness runs in my family, in fact it gallops.” So, I’d like to tell you how soothing it was to discover your book, your story, after all that music and, oh yes, those fabulous lyrics. I am proud of you in every single way and I wish you nothing but light and joy. I’d like to thank you for writing and singing the music that got me through the loneliness of young adulthood and which still comforts me in old age. I recommend your book, music and sensibilities to everyone from teenagers to 100+ years. As I listened each time to your book, I am renewed. As an agnostic person, I guess it’s as though you took me to church!.Version: 3.81.1

One of my Top 3 Apps- BUT...I love my Audible App & use it daily. There really is something incredibly special & satisfying about hearing your favourite stories brought to vivid life by a talented narrator. My job involves spending all day looking at a computer screen so my eyes struggle to cope with the added strain of reading on top of work- my audible app means I can still emerge myself in so many of the literary worlds I love. My ONE complaint? Since the last 2-3 versions have been released, sometimes I can’t get newly purchased books to download. REALLY annoying. Most of the time (90-95%) I just wait a day or so & the problem fixes itself. Once or twice now I’ve had to delete the App, shut down my phone & then RE-install the App again once I’ve turned my iPhone back on. This seems to be a recurring theme in a lot of the most recent reviews- wish they would fix whatever bug it is, because otherwise this App is the best thing to happen to my ability to keep reading for enjoyment in a long, long time!.Version: 3.42

WildingOutstanding! I thought I was reasonably ecologically aware until I listened to Wilding. This is a book everyone needs to read, urgently. It has opened my eyes wider and given me a deeper understanding of the reality of our present situation. Bought up on a farm in the 1960’s as it transferred hands from my grandfather’s old style farming techniques to my uncles modern approach, I was lucky enough to experience a little of the diversity of species, the dragon flies, dung beetles, the nightingales & turtle doves Isabella Tree talks about. I had absolutely no idea that even at this point our landscape was in such decline. It never occurred to me how the land had been so utterly altered from it’s natural state. So many of us are so keen to learn & so wanting to help in any small way we can. This book is a most brilliant introduction to understanding the importance of allowing nature to take back control..Version: 3.76.3

Listening with eyes wide open.How to explain the subtle shifts in the voice of the reader exquisite depths of meaning to the listener as his voice like a brush paints on and on creating a powerful dimension of his sight and his sound to the reader…each story is like a play ..indeed like a play within a play …developing the story and the characters is truly the best way to explore the authors creation. Listen and enjoy in a new dynamic way in a much greater dimension greater than just reading ..explore new depths in your imagination …enjoy the vivid pictures as they are created for you…beyond sight ..beyond sound ..I invite you to enter an exciting new zone of creation..Version: 3.72.1

Dear Audible, I think I love youI am a happy customer. I was going to go with audiobooks but because they are cheaper and I liked the look of potential unlimited listens (though I don't think they do that) anyway, couldn't get them because I live in Australia so I tried audible instead. A little more (very marginally) but the customer service is fantastic. The selection of books is excellent, and constantly improving. They didn't have a series I wanted to listen to so I wrote to them, the very next month the entire series was available! I've noticed they have stopped splitting the long books into parts, which is also fantastic (please keep going with that). If I ever have an issue and write to them it's solved sometimes within a few hours, never more than a day. It all comes down to customer service. They listen to their customers and improve where they can. They make it so easy! Thanks Audible!!.Version: 3.69

Game ChangingI think this Brene Brown Book is so relevant. I have a 4yr old and I’m excited by the possibility of raising my own game so that I may “hold the boundaries” for my child as a commitment to what I signed up for. It’s a privilege really. Not always easy but worth it! Thank you for describing compassion in a way that I have some work to do on :) Your definition of “play” was massive as I generally don’t feel v playful yet there are things where I lose time and am not so “purposeful”! Again, thanks for being the kind of human who not only researches but uses the learnings in real time w her family!! Keep bringing the goods as we are listening (even all the way in Australia!)!.Version: 3.11.2

Super handy, love it except for...Really not a fan of the new library storage system. I switch between my and my husband’s accounts regularly and it used to be if I downloaded an audiobook but switched to the other account I could still access the downloaded audiobook, but it no longer does. Mine and my husbands accounts are very intermingled: books for both of us, times we wanted a book but had no credits so bought it with the other’s account. Also because we’ve both been members for years we have 100+ books each so we have to scroll and scroll and scroll only to realize the book is on the other account. Please go back to the old way it was much easier for families like ours. On the upsides though the app is quick, simple to use, never fails to remember where I'm up to(which is super handy when reading epic fantasy) and the sound quality is exemplary. Very pleased with it and will stick with Audible for the foreseeable future (tho I'd love a fix for my downloading issue ;p ).Version: 3.20.1

Open book is just that! Completely open and raw!Thank you Jessica for opening up your life, your struggles, your truths, fears, and greatest joys! You are truely inspiring. I lost my mother to alcoholism and wish she could have found a way out of the darkness. You gave me some insight into what she may have been going through. I believe she had a very toxic relationship with my step dad that started her drinking, with a very fast and sad progression. You are so very lucky to have such a beautiful husband and children and group of BFF’s and family to support and love you ! We all grow and change and cannot be expected to be the same people we were 20 years ago wanting the same things. I Take my hat off to your honesty and thank you for sharing with the world what a true light you really are!.Version: 3.18

Makes other approaches appear thoughtlessMarie Kondo is a gift to humanity. Whether we keep something or not, she teaches us that we can respect things, seeing them as they are. And in doing so, it becomes apparent, with the help of her guiding question, if that thing will help or hinder us in living our best life. Her philosophy would benefit both rich & poor, frivolous and fugal, and is an essential read for every person living in a consumeristic society..Version: 3.86

Merge library optionsAs a pensioner I have family and friends who gift me books from their credits so I have books in libraries in Canada and Australia (no New Zealand Audible yet😔). Please can audible make it easier for the likes of me with multiple libraries to merge or access without a cumbersome logout process. Btw I love that you can swap back books, or return with credits given, thankyou for this..Version: 3.7

Her life was saved by Rock and RollCincinnati Ohio-where I grew up In the 50’s was like an over stuffed chair, inviting thoughts of comfort but quickly becoming carnivorous, a Venus fly trap for the soul. Across the river in Newport Ky, there were “sepia” record stores, where we could listen to “colored” vocalists and groups ,nightclubs where we, as under age kids, could just walk in and hear the likes of Chuck Berry. I was smitten. This was hope personified. Rock and Roll gave joy and connection, a perfect lens. Turning on that tan Philco radio in our kitchen as I rolled in for breakfast was a daily necessity to turn the day into a rainbow. Jann Wenner perfectly captures his Rolling Stone magazine and the culture it shaped. One could enjoy it strictly from that perspective. Of course he is a great writer. For those of us who read every single issue from start to finish though it is so much more. One could say the book is a memoir but it is a cultural bible of the times. I loved listening to every word. It is a beautifully told chronicle of a few magical decades. It is only Rock and Roll but I like it. Thank you Jann Wenner for sharing. It means more than I can say. You will never be finished ax long as you are breathing,.Version: 3.85.1

Can’t wait to get my hands on her next!This was one of those books that you not only savor, but you swap between physical and audio because you can’t get enough. The setting was perfect, the characters were hilarious, and the depth was just right. You follow Marin as she takes on a role she never thought she would be in.. PR and media manager for a rock band. But she not only crushes the position, she gains a crush on a band member. You follow along with the band and crew as they make their way all over the country on tour. You see them banter, you see them prank and you see them fall in love.. or lust. I usually have something to knit pick about whether it’s lack of charter build or creating an atmosphere you feel a part of, but Lisa did nothing for me to knit pick. This world was so well thought out, I can’t wait to dive into every single book I have of hers and also... I really need a prequel to see how Craig and Phoebe started. The only reason I gave this book a 4 rather then a solid 5 was I had a bit of a rough time with the big problem and how quickly it seemed to be resolved, I wish it would have been a little longer and we got to see more effort and what happened to.. patch things up on all accounts. I’m a girl who doesn’t trust easily and loses trust quickly so I have a hard with any story that someone’s forgiven too quickly..Version: 3.23

Life by Keith RichardsThe hilarious opening chapter sets the feel and themes of what’s to follow and left me shaking my head incredulously. Keith can clearly spin a great yarn. Rich descriptions of his childhood in Dartford, detailed a seeming no man’s land of post war Britain trying to find its way from the old to the new. Keith’s guiding lights were the Chicago blues artists, who faded in and faded out across the Atlantic airways through the antennae of his transistor radio. Together with the influence of his musical family, and a chance meeting with Mick Jagger (who lived in a posher part of town) a partnership was forged that became the Rolling Stones. Keith rambles at times, yet he rambles with a fierce hearted loyalty and insight into the populace of musicians, women, staff and personalities, who came and went from his life; some of whom who also shaped the face of the sixties and seventies. It’s a gripping tale. I loved hearing Keith speak himself - such a rich, gravelly and warm voice - a welcome relief from the monotony of Depp’s narration and the south London accented overkill of the second narrator..Version: 2.33

Very helpful bookI have been on a mission (I am in my 40’s) to finally learn how to communicate everyday, including having difficult conversations. The author provided so much insight into how I was conditioned to respond in a certain way that has caused the receiver of the message to immediately shut down and become defensive. I listened to this book on my commute to and from work and learned so much that I can apply to everyone I talk to, both personally and professionally. I will admit, as other reviewers have stated, that the author’s voice has a slow dragging pace, so I fixed that by speeding up the audio to 1.2x and this reduced a lot of vocal clicks and made the pace more of a “normal” speaking speed without affecting the author’s message. I personally like hearing books in the author’s own voice as it conveys meaning exactly how author meant to convey the message without interpretation from another speaker (professional narrator or not). To me, hearing from the writer in their voice gives life to the message. I plan to go back and review some key areas which really spoke to me. I recommend this book to anyone, even if they think they know how to communicate. This book changed my life and perspective, and may very well save my marriage..Version: 3.86

Better than singing out loud!!Used to listen to music while I was out walking, but then often found myself singing along out loud - not good for those around, so tried listening to audiobooks and was hooked from the start. I now don’t need to worry about singing out loud, but can’t guarantee my facial expressions don’t make people wonder what I am listening to, as I get engrossed in the story line, I have even Caught myself saying “Oh no!” Or “Good” but hopefully people will just think I’m having a phone conversation. Basically what I am trying to say is give audiobooks a try, you get the first book free, like me you might become hooked. I’m have certainly listened to more books lately than I would have read, some books I might not otherwise have read and found them compelling listening.. my only suggestion to anyone giving it a try, listen to the sample first, that way you know whether you are going to be able to listen to that persons voice for a number of hours. I did return one book simply because I hadn’t done that and just couldn’t get away with the readers accent..Version: 3.16.3

Mobile Version FantasticI really like like the fact that I can download Audible books using my iPhone. It used to be you had to download a book to your desktop or laptop, load it into iTunes and then sync my iPod with my MacBook. I was admitted to the hospital from my doctor's office through emergency. I couldn't go home and pick up my MacBook and iPod. I was so surprised and very happy to find the Audible mobile app in the Apple App Store. I was able to download books to listen to. It took my mind off being stuck in the hospital and after years of living on the road for work I’ve come to find listening to an audiobook to block out annoying sounds. I want to add another great feature I’ve found. This mobile app not only knows which books I already have in my library it also knows which book is next in the series for books that are in a series. Update: At some point the Apple Watch app was dropped so I can no longer control the volume and skip forward and backward on my watch while the audio book is playing on my MacBook, iPad or iPhone. I’d really like to see thes feature added back..Version: 2.29

One minute out?Ok I may have missed it but I didn’t get the title. Normally it’s it’s pretty strait forward in Mark Greaney novels. If your a fan of the series you’ll likely be irritated by the first person dialogue for at least the first few chapters. Eventually, if you’re anything like me you will slowly grow to appreciate the first person style. Not the best and not the worst of the series by any stretch. What I like liked about this one is that Gentry was flying solo throughout most of the mission, much like the first few in the series. This seems to allow for more daring and/ or desperate missions like the one that originally drew us in to the series. A good read for sure, just have some patience with the change in writing style in the beginning or you’ll miss out on something very good..Version: 3.19.1

God’s SmugglerThis book was recommended to me and it has not disappointed. The chapters are long enough to become absorbed but if you need to stop unexpectedly, the gist of the story is not lost. At first I found the narrator’s voice distracting but over time, it became clear why he was so measured in his reading. It gives you time to take in the book, meditate on it and then move in. The Epilogue was so interesting and rather prophetic given the state of the world now, 22 years later. Please listen to or read this book. Then practice the presence evangelism that Brother Andrew is now focusing on. We can all do it, right where God has placed us..Version: 3.75.1

Frustrating despite great UII like the UI of the Apple Watch app. The big play/pause button in the middle works great. I like how I can slide the same button to the left to rewind. Good design. However, I’ve deleted the app. Why? Because it does not remember where I was and keeps going back to the beginning. I cannot stand it. It’s just too frustrating. This lack of position remembering and syncing with the iPhone completely ruined the user experience despite the good UI design. I’ll use the app again only if this fatal defect is fixed..Version: 3.0.1

Generally great, buggy right nowI’ve been happily using the Audible app on various iPhones for some years now, and it has always performed flawlessly. I love being able to purchase books from the app using credits and the sleep timer (which prevents me from dropping off and missing hours of story). However just lately there’s been a bug. If I pause the playback, sometimes it fails to play the audio. The play button is on, but the timer doesn’t advance and there’s no sound. To fix it I have to restart my phone, which is inconvenient. I am currently using an iPhone Xs, running iOS 13.5.1..Version: 3.27.1

Beautifully accessible 🥰Thank you for all the beautiful insights into what it’s like being a parent. I have three sons and love them all dearly. I feel fully in relationship with them and feel grateful how often they bring many interesting topics my way. I have also just completed my training as an art psychotherapist and believe in all the concepts that arise in this deeply moving and very accessible book. Your voices in the case studies help them come alive and whilst on my daily dog walks, I’ve learned so much from listening to you on audible, laughing and crying as my poor dog looks at me like I’ve lost it! I know it’s a book I will return to again and again, I’m also recommending it to many of my mates, without whom I could not have raised my boys. It was with their continued love and support, sharing our many flaws and knowing we are only aiming for a ‘good enough’ job, that our shared experiences have created a community for our kids to thrive in. Thanks again 😊.Version: 3.87

Worth a listen butA great idea & I think an approach worth implementing. The book itself was repetitive, slightly condescending with little regard for the neuroscience of behavior change. I wasn’t particularly engaged or motivated by the text/reader. I would have liked more details on the actual implementation of time blocking & scheduling, but maybe I just need to get started and those will sort themselves..Version: 3.2.1

Game changer for parents of young children who miss reading!A huge, and long-standing user of Audible. I used to love reading, turning pages in silence and becoming engrossed in whatever I was reading. Since having a child my reading time has become far more sporadic and often subject to endless interruptions. So I adapted. I listed to wonderful books while I drive around, do the shopping or while cooking. This app is easy to use, reliable and allows me to listen to the same book on several devices. I even have the choice to re-read from a different spot on my iPhone without losing my current place on the iPad if I feel like refreshing a different chapter. I wish all books were automatically created as Audible options. I highly recommend the monthly subscription option. It helps to remind me to keep reading and to make time for at least one new book a month. Great way to make time for yourself again..Version: 2.27

Great story - could have better Australian connectionsGreat story and very well narrated. I like to choose Australian crime fiction especially where it is set in rural settings. A big suggestion I would make to Jane is a little more Australian research. We don’t have fields in Australia - we have paddocks. If this book changed every reference of fields to paddocks that would make a big difference. A bit of geographic research too - 500km north of Melb takes you to NSW. Yes yes I know it’s fiction - but. The fire scene at the end was a bit far fetched reflecting not a great understanding g of fire behaviour in the Bush. Lastly the reference to snakes - might be safer to refer to brown snakes not tiger snakes. The latter either don’t exist in that country or at best they are rare. Anyhow other than these things I loved the story..Version: 2.27

Breaking the Habit of being yourselfFinding Dr Joe Dispenza’s work to access my inner world of the Divine has been a source of great gratitude. Through his years of study about the effects of stress on our lives and bodies he have provided scientific evidence of how we can change our reality from destructive behaviours and habits lived in stress to creative mastery over our lives through understanding of quantum physics, epigenetics and the effects on the brain. Dr Joe Dispenza write clearly the dynamics of how this can be achieved through investing our energy into this work through meditation. I look forward to meditation on a daily basis as I am finding that the more I practice this skill I am rewarded with a wholeness and energy that is overcoming years of anxiety, fear and frustration and extreme tiredness..Version: 2.33

Amazing 💖💖💖If you are looking for a an app where you can search and buy thousands of audio books this is the perfect app 👌. The audio books have quality sound and always have a tester to start, so many features; sleep timer, speed of voice ect. Super easy and what you see is what you get. Couldn’t recommend more use it every day. Thank you audible 🙏.Version: 3.2.1

A great escapeAudible turns my commutes and dog walks to adventures, audiobooks are simply great and the app is an intuitive way to experience them. I recommend the Sherlock Holmes collection read by Stephen Fry, or the Lord of the Rings books read by Andy Serkis, both will keep you busy for a good while. *There is a hefty fee per month, and I find myself cancelling frequently throughout the year to keep up with my growing collection as titles stack up, so perhaps a bimonthly plan, or a tier system which allows the subscription to come only with credits for a cheaper price, and the plus catalog separately for more per month, this would suit me better as I rarely use this aspect of the app. Overall try audiobooks, they are a great way to make chores interesting, or as a compliment to other hobbies, such as whilst painting, or even just on a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea..Version: 3.76.3

Easy to useAm enjoying the ease of use of this app and the availability of audiobooks. Would recommend getting..Version: 3.58.1

Full of all the ingredients of a top notch adventure a highly recommended readThoroughly enjoyed this intriguing exciting book. It has everything a good sci fi tale needs-mysterious deaths, abandoned spaceship, cryogenic sleep disasters, the heartbreaking loss of loved ones, weird seemingly magical happenings and fantastically scary monsters all brought brilliantly to life by Jonathan’s narration You are captured and swept along with Darius and his daughter who after waking from cryosleep find they have been asleep for 1000 years and are now in unknown space on a seemingly dead spaceship whose occupants have been mysteriously slaughtered and with no idea how they got there. With lots of twists and turns and a plot line that grows ever more strange as the tale continues you are kept on the edge of your seat throughout, ending on such a brilliant cliffhanger that you must find out what happens in the next book which I have already downloaded. A highly recommended read(listen).Version: 2.37

Like a port in a stormLove audible, can’t speak highly enough - great books for myself and my son, awesome podcasts and love how easily it integrates across iPhone and windows computer with no issues. Only thing I wish is that we could share books more easily with friends - maybe a ‘mates rates’ for second hand books??.Version: 3.46

AwesomeVery good book was really easy to understand it, you see I had an encounter with the Lord in my dream back in 2020 December after reading the book “Spirit, Soul and Body” by Andrew Womack. and in that dream Lord Jesus appeared and made me encounter my very own new creation spirit It was like a treasure hidden inside of me it was awesome to see and experience my brand new self my new creation identity, so many revelations opened up in my mind as I was staring with excitement, joy and awe at my spirit and Jesus’ spirit. There was no difference between my new creation spirit and the Spirit of Christ then my mind aligned with my spirit and experienced the mind of Christ which I already had in my spirit which was soo amazing it’s exactly what this book means by destined to reign. It’s another level! Praise Jesus for that gift of righteousness that he died to give us, it’s a truly an amazing gift, and thank you pastor Prince for this book it’s truly amazing..Version: 3.76.3

Inspirational GraceThank you Michelle for sharing your journey with such humility and grace. As a Tongan Palangi woman in New Zealand, I have been inspired by your family’s courage and integrity. You make me want to do better, to become better, and in this world of social media judgement, you have given us a wise option in how to become the person we each want to authentically be. Thank you, thank, thank you. ‘Ofa lahi atu, Sally Dalhousie.Version: 3.70.1

Barefoot investorI have bought the book rarely have enough time to sit and read as I have a full-time job, spent two hours a day driving to and from my full-time job my days off are spent keeping house paying bills going shopping etc. The audio version of this book gave me the opportunity to read this book with my ears on the two hours I have spent every day driving to and from work. As I have a book I can refer to the book I know what it’s all about because I’ve listened. There fore the Barefoot is definitely worth the money as it gives you great ideas and I’ve already saved the money I invested into both the audiotapes and book just by switching banks..Version: 3.4

Design this app for humans!!!The app is pretty bad right now! I’m frustrated and annoyed that I have less accessibility since I updated, 15 mins ago. Navigating to an author I like is not possible from a book page or my library, I have to go type the name in search now. I can’t see my credits anywhere, I think I have 2, but I can’t tell by looking anywhere and the help page seems to be for a previous version of the app as it references non existent buttons. I can’t tell if the book I’m looking at is part of a series, book 1, or book 10? I have dabbled in app design in uni, by no means an expert, but it looks like audible is taking a nose dive in user design by oversimplify to the point of being too difficult to search for a new book to listen to. Why would you give people less navigation and access to information?.Version: 3.41

Powerful quick readThis only took 2days to listen to, and it’s sad to hear woman's health and position in society has only slightly changed since 1950. Great read. If you wish to understand the gender data gap in woman's health and the world around them, how is it that there are still limited studies on biological female conditions and considerations for us in urban design? This left me with many questions to ask and ideas for research projects to help lessen the divide..Version: 3.86

Wonderful and frustratingI love being able to listen to books while i do chores or excercise. It’s true, I miss some of the detail because of my multitasking, but I’m far too restless by nature to sit down to read a book from cover to cover. This way I get to absorb a lot of books. And those that are read by their authors can be especially captivating. Wow! What a privilege! On the other hand…. I find a number of things really frustrating. Most of the books that interest me are non-fiction. I used to buy the kindle book and get the whisper sync narration. Being able to look up specific content was brilliant! I could also annotate and highlight passages in a much more natural (granted, familiar) way. However, for some reason whisper synch isn’t available for many books. Also, Audible’s books almost never have the original chapter titles, just numbers. Which is a nightmare for trying to find a passage again. I’d also like more options for navigating and replaying sections. It might sync across devices, great, but if I’d just played a passage to a friend on my iphone, it assumes that’s where I am and lose where I was unless I’ve made and annotated a clipping or changed the synch settings. Finally, I’d love it if I could set the sleep timer for a chapter, not have it fade out randomly in the middle of a sentence..Version: 3.54

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