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Bits and inappropriate messagesSince joining and starting g a private group we have received inappropriate messages and also a bit joined our group. We can’t figure out how to remove them. You can’t delete and why does that happen anyway!!.Version: 5.34.1

Can't message anyone.Only one person appears in the list. Everyone has to have this app to message them so it's useless. I just want to replace the message app with a better app that I can send text via sms or internet. If I want to message people and have chats I'll use Facebook messenger.Version: 5.2.6

NotificationsGotta work on notifications, they don’t work sometimes..Version: 5.31.0

Where is the edit mode?GroupMe is a very powerful tool in the social media world, but the one thing everyone else has and you don’t is edit mode. You can not edit or delete a message from anything or anyone but from yourself (and you can’t delete that either). I want to edit a message you can’t, but you can hide it, from who? Myself? They can still see the freaking message, but I can’t now. It’s like playing hind and seek in a very, very lit room with a billion people still watching you try to hide in a football stadium. I want to remove a person from my contacts list, you can’t do it. The basic functions of GroupMe of chat is there, but one super key factor is not present in this day and time. Why the heck not! GroupMe would be a 5 star on my list, but until this major flaw is not corrected, it will remain at 3 stars from me..Version: 5.39.2

New userGreat way to send free messages. Not the easiest to use, but it's fee to download.Version: 3.3.1

BugAfter the new update....Now i cant share videos on my iPhone 6 plus...!!.Version: 5.13.0

Get rid of phone verificationI got this app because a bunch of my friends started a group with it I go to make an account and realise I need a phone number Easy right? Well except I don't have a phone with SMS! There is no option to get the pin via email so I have since deleted the app Add an email verification. You are costing yourselves users. I sincerely hope you read this and take it into consideration.Version: 5.2.6

Works well, but......that Add Location bar is taking up way too much valuable real estate on the screen. Is there really no way to remove it or even just hide it? 3 stars now, but give me back some of my screen and we're in serious business!.Version: 3.0.2

What?It’s for 4+ and I’m twelve so I put my age in and it deleted my account. And it said I’m not eligible for one what ???.Version: 5.21.0

Navigating Help is TerribleI received an email that my account was changed over to another email, which was not done by me. I clicked on the link provided to indicate that this is an issue, and their “help page” does not have any link specific to the issue. Still trying to solve the problem, I emailed their support email with a quick little blurb about what’s going on and a screenshot of the email I received from them. My email got sent back for being too large, although it had less than a paragraph and one normal sized screenshot image. This experience has been excessively complicated and my problem is not resolved. I am now sitting with concern about having some random person accessing my account. Upon redownloading the app, it is only allowing me to create a new account rather than having any option to log in with a previously made account. I’ve had to spend way more time and energy than is necessary, and still have not been able to get through the process. I’m a 22 year old college student, so I’m fairly competent with technology, but this is ridiculous..Version: 5.15.1

Awful performance issuesI am always disappointed when I am forced to re-download GroupMe for other people. It’s performance while not on WiFi is absolutely abysmal. I often receive messages in my notifications bar from other group members. Then when I navigate to the group chat the messages, they are not there. I try to memorize the message in the notification bar if it is short enough to understand how to reply. Sometimes it takes up a few minutes for them to display In the chat. I can sometimes get it to show faster if I try to force a refresh. This lag has resulted in me not only missing messages but also leaving people behind on trips. I use telegram, signal, iMessage, discord, WhatsApp, and messenger. None of them have the performance issues that GroupMe does while on cell service. I don’t understand why this app is so highly rated when it has such critical issues on a modern iPhone. If GroupMe’s user base wasn’t so large I wouldn’t have to keep downloading it..Version: 5.20.0

Glitch Control to Major Tom!I have used GMe extensively for several years for many applications, especially small, social group scheduling. I ceased use for the last 8 months since the pandemic. Just started using it again and finding numerous glitches in the schedule forum. For example, when typing the location, there are dots in the left corner, but when typing text, you can’t see the letters unless typing a very long name. When dropping down from the location line to enter a physical address, it will not allow the ability to enter a street address. Then when entering a description, if you type out a longer description, but then make a mistake, you have to delete any text filling your typo by using backspace. You cannot just move the cursor to the mistake and edit. Like I said, these are all new issues. I’ve never experienced this before. It seems that GMe has gone the way of the neglect of a larger parent organization buying out a great platform and then ruining it by assuming it can run on auto-pilot, leaving behind the hard work that the startup company invested to make it great..Version: 5.45.6

Slow, losing connection all the timeWorst messenger app what I ever use in my life.Version: 5.29.3

Taking photos in the appWhen you try to take a picture in the app, it doesnt allow you to send it. And when you upload a photo, when you try to type in the description it doeant show what you’re typing....Version: 5.20.0

Great idea but some. tweaks neededI like this app and use it but it is a bit clunky in execution and the instructions not clear to me. I would like a more straightforward way of operating rather than commands. I can't work out how to delete a group I created and have no idea where or how to send commands. Otherwise I like it..Version: 4.2.4

IdrkI just wish we didn’t need a phone number to create an account.Version: 5.26.0

Messages Not Showing. Edit. Edit againI haven’t had a problem with this until today, but today I got message notifications for a group and could see the messages. But after a while, I was getting notifications but not seeing them when I opened the app. The time stamp shows the time of the most recent message (that I can’t see) in the group. Other than this, I have had no problems and enjoy the app. Edit: I deleted then re-logged into the app, and now I cannot see any of the messages in that group. However, I can still click on the group info and see the images, group members, etc. Also, other group messages and individual chats are unaffected by this. I would really appreciate it if this issue could be resolved soon. Thank you! Edit again: after this update, nothing happened. I still cannot see any messages in the one group (still other groups/messages seem to be unaffected). I get notifications for the group and can click on them, but it brings me to the “group chat” where it says no one has sent anything yet, even though I have gotten notifications. There have been some images sent and I can see those if I click on the button that lets you see all the images others have sent. Please fix!!!.Version: 5.28.0

UpdatesDoesn’t look like they read these reviews so not sure this will ever be rectified... the app is great and easy to use BUT there NEEDS to be an option to delete messages. Especially for business purposes. Groupme! Listen to your reviews..Version: 5.37.1

New iso 14.1 update killed this appNew Apple iso update killed this app.Version: 5.50.0

DisappointedGroups keep disappearing. Very frustrating Can’t seem to get ahold of support. Groups text and images should be editable or delete-able..Version: 5.29.2

UselessDoesn't work with network providers it claims to, support staff provide no help - good idea in concept.Version: 3.3.1

Add access to Ringtones & Text Tones please!This app is pretty nice, though I would really like to use some of my custom ringtones / text tones with it! Please add the ability to utilize ringtones and text tones in addition to the phone’s factory alert tones..Version: 5.33.2

Update still buggyStops writing if you delete, use caps lock or auto fill a full stop. Needed more testing before release!.Version: 4.3

P O SWorst chat app ever created. Makes you wish Bindle was still around. How people can use this laggy piece of crap is beyond me..Version: 5.12.3

Needs the ability to delete chats and have invitesOverall, this is a decent chatting app with some nice features. But it is highly susceptible to spam. There is the ability to just talk to "nearby" GroupMe users, even those you don't know. So I've received some inappropriate spam messages that way. If there was an invite feature, where instead of seeing their message and profile pic, it just had the message "X would like to chat with you" and you could accept or decline, that would make this app 10 times better. Of course, for those who want the ability to get messages from anyone, they could turn invites off. The other thing the app needs is a way to actually delete chats. Yeah, I see the pros of always having the chats and groups if you need them again, but as I said earlier; there is some spam that I would like to delete, not just hide. Because once its hidden, every time the app updates, all those spam chats come right back to the home screen, and I need to spend time dropping them into hiding again. If these features are added, the current abilites to send messages to people with just text or email make this a fantastic app..Version: 5.40.0

Good but could be betterProblems with trying to add people to chats but other than that it's a fantastic app.Version: 5.12.0

Hi group me I want to join the group I don’t know how to joinHelp.Version: 5.37.1


GifsCan’t send a Gif since the new update on iOS always problems. And when ask get told to connect Microsoft. Very poor.Version: 5.19.0

Update: surely not, Aprils fool joke early perhaps?GroupMe; I have been using this app now for some considerable time and having used a number of similar apps, considered it the best of the bunch. However; that all changed just two days ago. The reason? I downloaded the latest update. I find it hard to believe that a company can attempt to improve an app and yet degrade it so much. Was no research done. After a great deal of thinking I finally came up with one improvement. It lists new messages. That's it. I can't even begin to list the failings of this app, I just wouldn't know where to start. Please tell me that this is an April Fools joke, and that you got your dates wrong! Failing that, would you please bring the old app back, as I believe that this update is beyond fixing. I will give this app one star purely because it once was the best. But I am being extremely generous One disgruntled user..Version: 5.0

Good for groups if people replyWe use GroupMe for a neighborhood chat to keep people informed. When people like or reply to messages everything works great. One really annoying feature of the app is if people stop replying or liking other people’s messages, it stops sending the group messages to the individual. They are still shown in the members of the group but they are no longer receiving messages or notifications. It would be awesome if people could continue receiving messages even if they didn’t reply or like others comments. Another annoying thing about the app is you’ll get messages that say they are from GroupMe support saying you’ve won an iPhone or whatever. They are total spam. I wish GroupMe would prevent those types of messages being sent to people inside their app. Overall the app is good. These are just my frustrations with the app..Version: 5.49.1

TerribleThis app keeps kicking me out and the connection was terrible. Made me so angry and I will try something else, hopefully it will be more reliable than this. Would not recommend..Version: 5.41.0

Date of BirthExactly how many times do I have to enter my date of birth on this app. One more request and I delete this (cr) app.Version: 5.19.0

Image qualityGreat app all round except image quality which is absolutely horrendous... I'm continually asked to provide feed back of which is ignored. I can't see why the people at groupme are dragging their feet on this....Version: 5.2.3

This app is full of crap.Okay. I use groupme for one reason: it doesn’t require every member in a group chat to have group chat abilities on their device. That being said, it’s a load of crap. I hate it. If someone hasn’t responded, for one, they may not be getting the messages. Second, if *I* set up this group chat, and put these people on it, that means I have their contact information, so if they don’t want to be on it anymore, LET US TAKE CARE OF IT. IT IS NOT FOR THE APP TO DECIDE WHETHER THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO BE A PART OF THE GROUP. Some people are also content to receive the messages and not reply. It’s a thing, believe it or not. Let the members of the group chat deal in their own affairs, and stop making assumptions, especially TWO SECONDS after I just deleted someone and put them back on FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALLOWING THEM TO SEE THE NOTIFICATIONS AGAIN!!! Honestly! Either cut that out or at least make it easier for someone to discontinue the discontinuation of notifications. This is an awful app and y’all whoever designed this piece of crap needs to get it fixed..Version: 5.17.1

Keeps crashing.Please fix this issue/bug. Every time it opens it will close again. Thanks!.Version: 5.41.0

It’s not getting any betterMake it more like Discord. And before you tell me to just go use Discord, I already do, but literally no one else in my family or community does, so I’m stuck on GroupMe for all the family and friend stuff like outings and parties and whatnot. Let us edit a message, or even delete a message we sent. What good is it to just hide the message on only my device? Another thing I want is to be able to delete a one-on-one chat with someone. That’s all. I don’t want to “hide” it. I don’t want to “clear” it. I want to straight up delete it. It obviously wouldn’t delete it from their device, just mine. And then what would happen if they messaged me again? Oh it would behave like every other messaging app ever made and just create a new chat with the person on my device. And then when we were done chatting, I could delete it again, just like that. I don’t feel like I’m asking too much, but then again I’m no developer, so maybe I am. Maybe deleting stuff is near impossible. Apple somehow figured it out. I can delete any conversation I want from iMessage. But then they are known for their “it just works” way of doing things. You guys should ask them how they do it. Send them a kind, humble email asking them how in the world they figured out how to delete a one-on-one chat in iMessage. Please, do it for me..Version: 5.32.0

Update requestGreat Group app! I love it and use it for all my group work. Highly recommend. There should be a way to send multiple pictures to the group, rather than having to send one picture at a time, and if there is a way it should be obvious. This would make it easier to send pictures in a GroupMe chat rather than creating a new group in a different messaging app and send the pics that way. As well we should be able to delete messages/edit them once sent. So many times the wrong file or text is sent in the wrong group, but there’s no way to delete them. Or if I make a spelling mistake, I should be able to edit the message. Thanks.Version: 5.28.1

Latest update is the worst!!Please put it back to how it was! If it ain't broke don't fix it and your unnecessary fix broke it. The in app notifications that you can't seem to switch of hamper the use of the app, also the type bar for text fails to appear all the time and groups dissapear or become locked out until you do a force close of the app. Frankly you've ruined it!!!.Version: 5.0.3

Terrible functionality, many bugs, and lack of innovationHave had this app for 8 years. The only reason i still have it is because my friends think just as archaically as the people who run this app and refuse to change to something else. It is terrible. Every so often I can’t see new messages unless i open the app, quit and relaunch. Message very often are unable to deliver even though i have full service and can send messages and use internet with every other app. All that said about the poor functionality of the app and the many bugs, they haven’t made a significant update to the app since i first started using it in 2012. The design is the same and outdated, no new features. You would think this app was purchased by Microsoft, they would up their game. Utter incompetence..Version: 5.49.1

Painful registeringMy partner created an account and sent me a group invite so I followed the procedure and decided to use my Apple ID to register. Other options were with a Microsoft account or Google. So after 2 days in a loop I eventually created an account but the invite was expired despite receiving an email reminder 1 hour ago from this app. Deleted, deleted and deleted email. Life is too short for this..Version: 5.47.0

I can’t add peopleI can’t add people I have sent invites but none of my friends and family have seen them come through please help me!!.Version: 5.36.0

Why is it so difficult to include a DELETE buttonAbsolutely rubbish when they cannot even include a most basic function such as a ‘delete’ button for those posts/pictures which you may have posted accidentally in the group.Version: 5.14.1

Still terribleOk so now I can ad captions to images again. Thank you. It is extremely clunky to do so, it seems I have to use the meme button to get back from making a caption. Please re-release version 4. I will pay money for it..Version: 5.0.7

Multiple media uploads in one goWhy is that I cannot upload multiple pictures or any other media files at once? This is such a small upgrade..Version: 5.12.4

GeofencingPlease add geofencing or add an option with IFTTT. Please support Iphone X!.Version: 5.13.0

Won’t let me see any messages or add anyoneThe app won’t let me add anyone or won’t let me see any messages that I’ve been sent.Version: 5.35.0

STUPIDI want to log on to the full site to try and change my display name once and for all as each time I get added to a new group (for gaming purposes) my real name is displayed. I only have an ipad and every time I log on to the full site it redirects me to this bloody useless app. Why, why, why do apps have to be a crap, inferior, cut down version of the real deal? If I wanted to use the app, I would bloody log in to it, I don't need help redirecting. THANKS!!!!!.Version: 5.0.5

Glitch with Notifications :\Personally, I think this app is pretty good. However, the thing that has been driving me absolutely NUTS is that when I open the app to read the newest messages, it doesn’t update afterwards that I read them, so when I exit the app it still shows that I have those same number of unread messages. I’ve tried clicking on each message on the thread and scrolling all the way up through every message to see if either of those things would fix it, but unfortunately it hasn’t done a thing to fix it. Been SO tempted to just delete the app to get rid of the notifications showing up as unread after I have for sure read them. Please find a way to fix this glitch soon! It is driving me absolutely INSANE!! I really want to enjoy this app, but it’s been so hard to with that glaring glitch constantly showing up. 😞 Please fix this!.Version: 5.35.0

REPLY FEATURE NEEDEDWe use this app frequently enough however I think that with the option to view votes would be useful. The app is still not 100%.Version: 5.43.3

BugsI’ve always used group me and am happy with it, however, I have had a lot of trouble adding people to the groups. In big group chats that have been around a long time, people do not want to leave the group me or create a new one usually because there are good memories in the group. On multiple occasions I have been unable to add someone back to a group, either because they have left in the past or because they were removed. I have experienced this issue as an admin and a normal user in a group, and if it happens to one person, nobody in the group has the ability to add that person back. If that person is a vital member of the group, the entire group chat gallery and messages are lost because we have to create a new one. This has happened enough times for me to write a review about it. I am unhappy that our previous groups’ memories have been lost and become inactive and wish I was able to start the old chats again by adding the previous members back..Version: 5.31.0

Excellent appDoes everything it says and more. Highly recommend..Version: 5.2.3

Changes neededIt would be appreciated if when an iPad is turned around the screen did also. Ability to download longer video clips would be good. Also need to be able to add comments to a thread..Version: 5.8.0

Same as every other appI thought I would be able to connect to new people and groups out there but it’s just for my own contacts. Does no more than what WhatsApp and Skype does better..Version: 5.15.1

AnnoyingApps pretty good except that when it asked me for my phone number I didn’t know I would start getting text messages from the gc and even after I deleted my account I still get gc messages.Version: 5.36.1

Constant unwanted spamThis app is very Inefficient. The Group App control features does not allow to delete unwanted groups or spam messages. Instead, it gives a feature to “hide it”. There’s another selection it gives to block the message. However, it is useless if it is suppose to “Block” unwanted iM’s. You would think if there’s a “Block” selection It would work like a spam blocker that blocks unwanted messages from an ad or sender. To be honest, I don’t know or understand what it is blocking. I continue to get spammed with unwanted ads that I won stuff and weird messages from people that’s not in my contacts that I cannot delete or block. This app needs a huge reconfiguration. I don’t even want to talk about the time consuming process It takes to block or hide each message. There should be a feature to select multiple group messages that allows the person to actually delete the messages from the app. Also, a “Block” selection that literally does it’s purpose..Version: 5.48.0

It’s okOk frustrating that you have to manually scroll to find old messages that takes forever, to the point u give up as its laggy and takes forever for the app to load old messages!.Version: 5.15.1

It’s goodThe only issue I have this app is that for some reason I’m unable to send pictures. I’ve tried everything to fix it: updating the app, removing the app from my phone and downloading it again, signing out and signing in again, turning off access to photos and turning it on again, and none of it worked. When I try to send it, it immediately appears with a symbol and a notification indicating that it failed to send, and when I try to send it again, it does the exact same thing. Could you fix this issue please?.Version: 5.41.0

Unable to use.I am completely unable to log in to my account, I know the password and I’m able to logon on quite literally any other platform. Disappointment of an app.Version: 5.36.1

Modern WarGame is full of lags and often don’t get rewards as you should do.Version: 5.43.1

CrashingKeeps crashing on me the first 2-3 attempts takes me 4-5 turnes to finally get on. Great app overall just c if u can fix this issue thanks :).Version: 4.3.4

Why is there so many scams on this app?I am not sure if someone's account got hijacked or not, but one morning I received a message from GroupMe Support that said "Hello! We sent you a FREE iPhone 11 Pro; Congratulations! Claim now." I've read up online that this is clearly a scam much like the other I received a few months back from a random person. This could be someone impersonating GroupMe's support by going under their name and using their profile picture, but something needs to be done about it. This scam has costed some people their personal and bank information because there is no way of them knowing if this is official or not when a scam disguises itself to make it look more official, but I recommend that you all increase the security and single out any bots or impersonators. I even got a random message from a bot account that wanted to share me "inappropriate photos" on a link, seriously? I am not sure how these people even opening conversations with me as I haven't shared my profile and I don't have them added on my social media profile. It's a bit annoying to know that you don't have actual privacy from these circumstances other than to block the user. I hope the app's security is majorly enforced to prevent scams like this from going around on it..Version: 5.36.1

App qualityHad the app freeze on me a number of times but last week it was stuck on the loading screen and I couldn’t used my phone for hours. I couldn’t even hard reset my iPhone. I was trying everything and accidentally hit my lock button 5 times, which calls the police. The call went thru but since I could not leave the loading screen and use my phone I couldn’t hang up and had to explain to them what happened. They sent people over to my house at midnight to check on us and my parents had no idea what was going on and I had to calm them down and get us back to sleep before we woke up at 4am the next day to catch a flight for vacation. Didn’t have a phone for some of the vacation until I was finally able to hard reset. I love talking to my friends on this application but I have had multiple problems with the quality. This past time was the worst it’s ever gotten and I just got a brand new phone so it can’t be that..Version: 5.36.0

Why a Phone Number?No reason an app needs your phone number. Are they seeking it to 3rd parties or telemarketers? Email should be enough. No thank you..Version: 5.26.1

App logs me out, should be able to send longer high quality videosThe app randomly logs me out every few months and when I log back in I can’t see any of my previous chats or contacts. I have some peoples’ contacts through this app alone, so it’s really annoying when that happens. However, if I delete the app and redownload it, usually everything comes back. Not all the time though, and the process is very tedious so I wish this wouldn’t happen. The last time I was logged out it was across all of my devices and it wouldn’t let me log back in for several weeks even though I entered the correct password (it seemed like it was glitching out). If getting logged out is still a necessary procedure I wish there was at least some warning beforehand. Also wish we could send longer videos through the app while maintaining image quality. Other than that it’s pretty good, sorry for the low rating..Version: 5.35.1

Requirement for phone number a deal breakerI wanted to use this to connect my family, not all of whom have phones yet. You can’t create an account without a phone number. *deletes app and closes account*.Version: 5.17.0

Dumb appKeeps telling me my login details are in use or incorrect - which means I can’t use the app..Version: 5.43.2

Poor App.I expect apps to open 1st time but this one takes me 10 sometimes more to get it to stay open. Usually I'll open it and it'll crash whilst its trying to load, this has been happening since I first downloaded it. I've uninstalled the app and unless this gets sorted then I won't be reinstalling it. I was pretty disappointed with this app..Version: 4.3.4

Update makes app unstableEver since the most recent update, the app crashes and gets very slow. It used to be much better..Version: 4.4.1

Use a different group appThis app is buggy and most importantly completely void of any security. You can’t delete chats or block people who you don’t know the phone number to like stalkers, creepy strangers, and mostly scam bots. People who aren’t in you contacts or groups can still direct message you with no way to block, only can ‘hide’ messages. Fat lot of good that does. Bots will contact you for sure, advertising porn and free iphones but GroupMe lets them do it because they don’t care about user security. You will get spammed. Even in normal use it’s a bad app when compared even to email. You can’t send audio, high quality images, video over 30 seconds. You can’t delete posts or search through a group chat. Sometimes you won’t get notifications for no reason. The app loads for a million years. You’ll even get issues logging in and creating an account ‘unknown error’. It’s just a bad app and completely ridiculous they have 4.7 stars. They must be buying reviews is all I can think of.Version: 5.43.2

RuinedHave loved using this app for a number of years. Great way for us to share stats for our fantasy football league and has a nice desktop web app too. BUT ... every time they release an update they add a host of new bugs. This latest update makes the group pretty unusable. Messages don't load unless you exit the group and go back in, viewing images sends you back about 6 weeks in the chat thread. It's totally unusable, not fit for purpose and we have decided to take our business elsewhere..Version: 5.6.1

Date of Birth infoPlease can you add a DOB section in the ‘account’ info section along with name, email address, etc? I keep getting notifications telling me to give DOB, I click the link, am asked to log in online, I do so, then sent from internet to the app page, at which point it all goes quiet and no more requests pop up and there is NO SECTION to enter your DOB manually and so I can’t! I don’t want to be blocked from using this app because of this system - please can you help make it easier. Thanks..Version: 5.19.0

Good app, spam accountsI’ve used GM throughout my highschool years and so far my freshman and sophomore year of college but starting last fall around December in all of my chats even private ones, spam accounts would manage to slither in and blow up the chats with fake essay writing services. Like I’m talking if you leave the chat alone for 15 minutes all of a sudden 8 spam accounts will have joined and posted the same exact post/link. I can get rid of them as an admin but they keep joining back. I’ve doubled down on privacy and who I accept but somehow people manage to get into a chat that I never accepted. Most recently it will say a bunch of people joined a chat, but they don’t show up in the members so I can’t remove them now. They’re just there, waiting until 2 more weeks when they’re gonna explode every single chat. Help please.Version: 5.29.2

BaffledI am actually baffled by how awful this app is. It simply does not work when a chat is active. It fails to fill its most basic purpose. A user of a messaging app should be able to read messages as they are coming in, ESPECIALLY an app whose primary purpose is group chats. The app spazzes or jumps to random places in the chat or freezes altogether when other people are sending messages in the chat. When I try to type a message, my entire phone freezes and I can’t even see the message as I type it. I have to wait fifteen seconds to see it on my screen. This is definitely not a hardware problem as I have no issues like this using whatsapp or telegram. I really hope this review is seen and taken seriously because this app has some extreme problems with its most basic functionality; it’s essentially unusable way too often. Are you not using views to optimize performance and resource use??? I just don’t understand. Sooo frustrating please do something!!.Version: 5.15.1

Very slow and crash everytimeIt’s been very slow and crash often in my Iphone x..Version: 5.23.0

Contacts are goneSince the most recent update when I try to add someone to a group that I share other group with nothing comes up for names. None of my existing contacts appear..Version: 5.23.1

A good platformA good app. Had a few issues with friends adding me to the group. The notification feature seems unpredictable if using the app across iOS devices. Also, it's too easy for anyone in the group to mute all phone alerts. If this issues are fixed then it gets a higher rating!.Version: 4.0.2

Crashing????Why can I not check my messages??? App keeps crashing.Version: 5.41.0

Needs some updates.I have been using group me for over 2 years and it is pretty good, except when you try to watch a video it glitches then takes a long tome then it finally lets you. Also i will see that i get a new group me message and it won’t let me view it. The main reason i am writing this review is because of how group me logs you out. i have been logged out multiple times and it is very hard to get back into your account. It logged you out and you can’t get back in. it won’t let me try to type in my email or password. I have been trying for almost and hour and can’t get back in. i am very disappointed because there is some very important information i need to see and i can’t get to. GroupMe please fix this problem. My group me is hacked and i need to get in please group me fixed this problem!!!! i am very mad and i need to get in my group me and stop sending me ads that i won something! please group me stop doing this and fix my account!!.Version: 5.49.1

Direct message failDirect messages are not showing up!!! i’m the leader of an organizational I get a lot of direct messages,Until now I hadn’t been receiving them. I tried to figure out what the problem was, but this morning I woke up with a notification. It was a direct message, and when I clicked on it and I went into group me, it didn’t take me to the direct message. I refreshed group me went out of the app came back in restarted my phone, tried everything, and I couldn’t get to that message. Thankfully I remembered who sent it, and I went into a group and found their profile and clicked direct message, and when I clicked direct message-their message finally came up. so I did that with some other groups, and some other people in those groups, and realized I had a bunch of unread direct messages that groupme wasn’t showing me. and I can possibly do that with all the groups, because there’s just too many people, and I know that I have unread messages and it’s really really frustrating and there seems to be no way to fix it.Version: 5.49.1

Why should I report an issue with GroupMe?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of GroupMe to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a GroupMe customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using GroupMe.

Is GroupMe not working?

GroupMe works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact GroupMe.

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