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Liberty Mutual Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Liberty Mutual Mobile app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Liberty Mutual Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about liberty mutual mobile?

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Liberty Mutual Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Claims checkI had purchased a car battery on August 1st, I was advised that I would be receiving aReimbursement check. I have not received the check in over two months each time I reach out they say that they was re-send a check and it still has not been received. They also tell me that they will need to reach out via email to a manager because there’s noWay for them to contact him directly I’ve been sent to rep at the rep with no resolution. And still waiting to find out when I will be receiving my reimbursement check.Version: 6.0.1

What is wrong with this company ?Title says it all . Try to log on get “ don’t recognize name or password “ go to recover account , reset password logs me directly on . Do what I have to log off , realize I need to check something , go to log on using same name and the password I JUST USED , get “ don’t recognize password or name “ I mean it’s pathetic. Go through process again , get on after NEW password . Decide , let’s see if the new password works . Same thing happens again . Spend a little less on advertising and a little more on what your f’ing business is supposed to actually do ! Customer from 1989 looking for a new insurance company ..Version: 6.0.1

Doesn’t handle mid policy changes?I got divorced in June and shortly after I removed my ex’s car and her as a driver from my policy. It’s now October and I replaced my car this week. I discovered that even though the website shows correct details my I’d cards inside the app still show my ez-wife as a driver, my ex-wife’s car, and my old car instead of the new one. Literally not a single detail is correct now other than the policy number. Seriously Liberty step it up!.Version: 5.1.8

FrustratedGood rates but no service from a local agent for over 3 years despite her name being on my policy and getting some of my $hundreds monthly for home and business policies. Every call to the local office goes to 800# even during business hours. Business and personal are different departments, claims different, boat is different dept. than auto. For 17 years I had 1 agent that took care of all my needs with one call but I left for cheaper rates. Going to back to paying more but with service..Version: 6.2.0

Absolutely WorthlessThe app gets a 1 star because I can not give a minus 5 star! While there are options to add and remove cars from your policy, YOU CANT! You get stuck in a never ending loop, of choosing to drop a car and then being asked what service you want, to being redirected to the option of dropping a car! The company, The IT department and all the executives of liberty mutual should be embarrassed! I deleted the this worthless app as it cost me more time to navigate the circle jerk than to call in the first place!.Version: 5.1.3

App doesnt workDownloaded this app a couple of weeks ago and I can’t access anything. Has no update or anything. Even the customer support inside the app does not work. A lot of companies are going the app route now a days especially with being on the go and make management easy. As a new business owner I needed something that I could manage as my business grows. Will probably use another company at some point if they can not fix these issues..Version: 5.1.10

Annoying updateAttempted to login after the 5.0.1 update and was annoyed to learn that, not only did I have to submit my login credentials again, there was no integration with 1Password and I could not even manually copy and paste my credentials into the app. I use a password manager to generate long, complex passwords that can be difficult to enter manually and there’s no security real benefit to preventing copy/paste on a password field. I’d like to see this user hostile design choice corrected to allow passwords to be pasted into the field. Also, I know this is subjective, but please change the yellow UI color back to blue... it’s way more pleasing on the eyes..Version: 5.0.1

New App terrible! Go back to old!The new app is not intuitive at all. I simply want to pay my bill and there is no clear and easy way to do this. I used to love the old mobile app, but the new one is terrible! Did you bother surveying customers to see what works for us? Fix it now please or You will lose a customer! The only reason I hung on to this Trump hating company was the ease of doing business with the mobile app. Now they have made my decision easier!.Version: 5.0.4

Less than Desirable App UpdateI have been with Liberty Mu for many years now. This is the worst version of their Mobile App. Simply trying to pay your monthly bill takes multiple click. When launching the App I am always brought to Dashboard which had tiles for features I use infrequently, while the one thing I do every month is pay my bill. Overall I can get what I need from the App..Version: 5.0.4

Can’t print documents from the appI love Liberty and can’t say enough about them after 4 years of coverage they are very friendly and knowledgeable to work with. Once a year the company I work for needs proof of my insurance and usually I use to be able to to go onto the app and print out what I need and going on there now it says view/print documents but I can view no problem but doesn’t allow you to print. Library help with this issue and I’ll change my 3 stars to 5. Please make our lives easier.Version: 5.0.9

Impossible to register. Never sends confirmation email.Fill out your email and policy number and... the app never sends the confirmation email. Tried multiple times with 5 email accounts on three different providers... iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo. All my accounts are working perfectly. Checked all the junk boxes. The app just never sent any confirmation emails, period. I did everything right, even called up Liberty Mutual and trouble shot things. No matter what we tried, no confirmation email was ever sent. Hence it is impossible to register..Version: 5.1.10

1 star is mandatoryI switched to LM on November, worst mistake ever. This app does not make them a good provider, it just adds to their laziness. I had an accident yesterday, my vehicle is still sitting, they haven’t taken my claim, just switching me to different agents for over an hour. And they never added rental to my coverage. Now I have a brand new car sitting, no claim filed yet, & no way to get around. They won’t even take down my DC number to start an investigation & get this taken care of. Can’t wait to actúa start this claim, finish with them & switch to Progressive. Worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with..Version: 5.1.10

Need the app to rotate properly on my screenI am using this app on my iPad and it is frustrating that it does not rotate to suit the device orientation. The UI is locked into a portrait mode. I like to use my keyboard cover with my apps, especially this app where I need to type more. So I would completely give a 4 or 5 star to this app if it were not due to the locked viewport situation..Version: 6.1.0

This doesn’t work at allI wonder if is just me having troubles with this horrible app. When I try to pay my bill it goes back to the login page all the time and is frustrating. Let’s not even mention the website because it’s worst if that is possible. And the new thing is that everytime I try to login is asking me to change the password, when I receive the email and reset it, it goes back to the login page and ask me to reset the password again. This is the worst app I’ve had istalled on my phone. I’m not recommending this to anyone. I might just switch to another Insurance company, I want an App that works. 0 stars if possible..Version: 5.1.9

NIGHTMARE!! No contact info anywhere!!This app used to be so great about being able to contact customer service, but now it’s an absolute NIGHTMARE and next to impossible! Both in the app and on the website, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a phone number to contact customer service!! I searched for a solid 10 minutes with no success. Someone needs to be fired for poor app & web development! I finally had to dig out my insurance card to find a contact number. This is absolutely unacceptable and makes me consider changing my policy holder. Badly done, Liberty Mutual!!.Version: 6.1.0

Liberty lifeI’ve had the same policy for over 20 years and they make it so hard for me to make a payment. They keep trying to get me to change my term policy which I refuse. I try to pay online and I get errors EACH TIME!! Each time I long in to pay it always says pending lapse... I make my payment on time. There is not lapse. I refuse to give up my policy and they can’t take it away... so I will pay until I die and make sure my family gets what’s coming to them..Version: 5.0.5

Liberty MadnessFinally the Touch ID is working! But what’s with the slow response? When you tap on any option on the screen it just sits there and then 5 seconds later it opens. There’s a delay on every single thing I tap no matter what I touch. I keep thinking the app has crashed but it just takes 5-6 seconds for something to open, very annoying for an updated app. I have an iPhone X and I have no problems with anything else just this app. Seems like the update didn’t do anything. Please fix!!.Version: 4.3.4

They haven't responded to the previous review.The fact that they have done updates but haven't responded to the previous reviewer, makes me feel as if they're less concerned. I just switched myself and upon reading this review makes me very annoyed. I haven't even got in a good week and I'm not feeling it. It would have been nice to have seen some type of response, which could've gave us readers some peace of mind. My opinion, I'll be back to give my honest view from my stand point after 90 days. ~Bless.Version: 5.0.8

For the 21st Century - Skip Liberty MutualI had an accident that was not, as other insurance companies have informed me, my fault in ANY way, but because I apologized to the other party during a video recording Liberty Mutual determined that I was not worth the absurd amount of money I pay them monthly to be in my corner. Liberty Mutual will NOT fight for you in the event of an accident. They will NOT have your back in ANY way. If you have a choice, do NOT choose this insurance company. It is all but a certainty that they will abandon you & then raise you rate on the following term. Thank God they have a catchy commercial, because that’s about the extent of the pride customers will have in the reliance upon an insurance company that doesn’t care about you - ONLY the money they consider you to be worth to their bottom line. Choose a better company. Period!.Version: 6.1.0

What happened????I can open the app and see the new design. That’s it. As quickly as it opens, it shuts right down. Don’t access your account. Don’t pass go. Update after several months of not being able to access my account through the app I have deleted the app. It is extremely disappointing. Whatever update that was done does not like me so I have to unfriend your app. I will reinstall it later and hope that things have changed and maybe we can be friends again. Sad to say goodbye :(.Version: 5.0.4

Prepayment warnings need to be rewrittenYour warnings for paying off the entire balance are simply horrible. There are at least 3 sentences in the warning that each make it very clear that even if you pay off the balance, the number of payments will not change and that the payment is simply an extra payment..Version: 4.3.4

Some suggestions.The app functions just fine - you can see all the information you need. But it looks like it was created 10 years ago for the original iPhone and hasn’t been updated since. The overall format is lacking. 3D touch is nowhere to be found. It would also be really nice if you could add your insurance card to Apple Wallet. Also a feedback button somewhere in the app so i wouldn’t have to post it here. Other than that it works okay it’s just not all that pleasant to use..Version: 4.3.1

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