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AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run? Can you share your negative thoughts about alltrails: hike, bike & run?

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AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run for Negative User Reviews

Dissapointment with maps!After watching all the reviews on this app and using the free version for several years, I decided to upgrade to the pro version! My main reason was to download the maps to print as it was stated by AllTrails “why pay for expensive paper maps when you can print exactly what you want”! Sure, but don’t count on the quality of these maps, the resolution is terrible and sometimes illegible!.Version: 13.0.2

Buyer BewareI bought this app a couple of days ago and tried to use it for a backpacking trip in a nearby national forest. Firstly, the app’s maps didn’t match the park’s trail maps AT ALL, so I decided to take both with me of course. As I went on, it seemed like the AllTrails version was just random gps points that had been made up. We were somewhat in the general area but absolutely could not have used it to find our way anywhere out there. I tried it again on another trail when we got back just to see and it wasn’t accurate either! Most of them have been, but if even some of them aren’t, then I cannot trust it. I planned to use this product for multi-day trips but it seems super unsafe now. The worst part is, when I went to request a refund for the above reasons, I got immediate denied (without anyone even looking into my claim) and it’s near impossible to get ahold of anyone at AllTrails. So, that’s $60 that I’ll never see again for a product that I’ll certainly never use. I do not recommend this product! The free version for simple day hikes was great. But if you want it for anything more in depth, this is not the right app for you!.Version: 10.1.3

MisleadingI’ve downloaded this app after seeing an ad on Instagram stating that it will tell you if the trail is dog friendly as I would not go on a hike without my dog. I’ve clicked on 10 trails near where I live and absolutely no indication if the trails allow dogs or not. So disappointing. I will remove this app from my phone as it’s not doing the job for me and just use Google. Other than that the app is beautifully made and allows you to see straight away the level of difficulty. There is also a weather forecast to plan your hike which is a great idea..Version: 9.2.3

Customer service lackingI have been enjoying this app, however I had a simple question about elapsed time versus ride time (you see ride time while recording but then only see elapsed time adter uploading) and I got a single sentence reply which was really rude. I have asked for further clarification and they have been ignoring me since. I have turned off ky subscription and wish I hadn’t paid for it. Customer service goes a long way guys..Version: 14.5.0

No more Topo map nowThe reason I chose this app is because its got a topo map built in with the very functional system. But now with the topo map gone the app lost its point. I’m so disappointment and felt sorry. I loved this app so much..Version: 11.6.0

Inaccurate InformationThe maps shown on this app are not accurate, since anyone can upload their GPS tracked hike and it is not fact checked! People could’ve walked off trail or onto private property where they are unwelcome and then others are encouraged to do the same! Moreover, it does not properly label trails like for example it does not offer the names of the trails on the Bruce Trail, it simply says Bruce Trail which is very misleading!! You’d be better off becoming a member of the Bruce Trail and using their guidebook! This app shows unreliable information..Version: 12.1.1

Poor regional accuracyUnable to tell where I am unless I pay for upgrade. Suggested I’m in USA no NZ. Wouldn’t recommend.Version: 10.1.2

The good the bad and the frustratingThe Good… The app works well when the internet is strong and there are stacks of obscure and local hikes for Australians. It is great for finding hikes and seeing the photos. The Bad… The app was constantly stopping and crashing when I did the Bibbulmun. So much so that I couldn’t use it and had to record each days hiking on ‘WorkOutDoors’ app. And the track was more up to date on Guthook. The Frustrating… For the Bibbulmun ‘Guthook’ app is more reliable. The offline maps of AllTrails app would not stay on the phone and the app devs advice was to restart the phone and download it again. With smaller maps it might work better but for the Bibbulmun I found it just so annoying. The watch app would not connect and often stopped and the phone app crashed. A lot could be done to improve the offline functionality of the app..Version: 13.3.1

UI so bad, you should just delete the appOther than the explore feature, the app’s UI is so broken, you’re better off just walk without the app. Privacy is also very poor; eg: profile is shared by default and you need to opt-out sharing. In planning (not navigating), it constantly nags you for precise location..Version: 13.2.2

Discovers trails very well but has issuesThe Apple Watch app is good for nothing. Each time I glanced at the watch, the app had lost focus. It still records, but having to reselect the app each time I want to glance the map, defeats the purpose of having it. There’s also a problem capturing activity. If I allow the fitness app to record activity as a workout, the AllTrails app shuts down, so the map is lost. If I don’t allow the fitness app to record activity, no record of the activity is kept. The AllTrails app needs to link with the health app..Version: 11.6.1

It sucks...It sucks because I tried to search up a trail and it didn’t show it it’s not easy to find the trails!!!! Better just finding another app!!!!! 😡😕☹️😑😑😑😑.Version: 11.5.0

Apple Watch waste of timeToday I recorded a track on my watch. App ask me to run app on iPhone as well so I did before I left home . I know a lots of nice tracks but when I back home app ask me to finish on iPhone. I have done 14 km trip around my town. When I finished recording on my iPhone as instructed , saved track showed me 0.1 km of 14 km I made( Bluetooth range).14km of tracks around Gillingham is not saved. Long story short this app do not work on Apple Watch without iPhone. So tell me please, What is the purpose of having watch capable of recording all your activity if you still have to run with your phone in the pocket?..Version: 11.1.2

Terrible / Useless app if you do MTB in UKI bought that app given all the positive reviews and yet is COMPLETELY useless for people doing MTB in the UK. I paid £50 for an app I can’t use at all. For some reasons I saw many people complaining about Trailforks and the fact that it’s £20/years yet you find 1000s of trail just for MTB, it’s WAAYY better. If you don’t have MTB on your app (as I saw on your response to someone else complaining about the same thing) the make it clear to people so that you don’t scam them of £50... I would really like a refund for this app, it’s shockingly bad for MTB user in the UK..Version: 13.2.0

App great but…I’ve never been so FRUSTRATED by downloading data for an app. Download maps… No idea which map or maps. If you do ANYTHING else it interrupts the download. No idea what/which maps ARE downloaded (in Ireland right now - I did a download before in UK - which/what maps were they? Where are they now?). So / basically - chewed through a chunk of my data (cellular - which is fine - my choice) with little idea of how many times I’ve redownloaded the same things because it keeps saying - interrupted do you wish to restart. Great app to use for actually following a trail. Nightmare in terms of transparency and control regarding downloads..Version: 13.2.6

Good but could be improvedOne of my biggest gripes with AllTrails is if I am searching for a specific park then best match should weight trails in that park higher than walks elsewhere. It’s almost useless for looking for trails in a specific area unless you are already there (and in Australia, that could mean you’re unable to download the map). Please fix this issue..Version: 15.5.0

Fiddle dee deeShame GPSies is being shelved after so many years. While this app appears to be all singing all dancing and does have some neat attributes like gradients, pace etc. it's way too fiddly and clunky for an iphone with huge buttons that virtually fill the screen, and lacks the simplicity of GPSies. it's also almost useless unless you buy the season ticket. connecting to garmin downloaded two of my rides, one from 2013 and another from three weeks ago, the rest of my thousands of rides appear not to be included which is a bit odd and confusing. I always used the GPSies app as a way of studying future routes, which it did very well, this app does the same but to get to a plotted course there's a lot of unnecessary clicking and tapping. Still, i'm testing out at present and it's over use of buttons and clicks may work out. If not i'll just end up ignoring it like Garmins silly app. Update. nope, this app is rubbish. big time.Version: 10.2.1

Best hiking app - but just need 1 little improvementThis is the best hiking app out there and i use the pro version. The only improvement it needs is that when we are on trail it does show our location on the map and let us know how far we have come on the trail but it doesn’t show that information on the elevation chart in real time. Also if we can zoom in the elevation chart/profile of a given trail that'll be awesome..Version: 14.0.0

Maps on watch need improvementsThe AllTrails iPhone all is pretty much a 5-star app. My biggest gripe is probably the long load times to lunch the app. I have the latest version which was supposed to improve app launch times but instead I’m seeing some of the slowest launches to date. Today I paused a recording to take some photos and when I came back to the app it took nearly 30 seconds on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Considering the app was open and running 10 seconds earlier, with a recording paused, I would have expected the app to launch instantaneously. Please fix this, especially when re-launching a paused recording. But my ultimate 3 star review is for the watch app. I love that I can finally see the map on my wrist without having to pull out my phone, but then to shrink the map so small with superfluous information below it, makes the map nearly useless. The watch screen is so small as it is, so having the map shrink to a small square means I can barely see any detail in what’s coming up in the trail. I like that I can select what information is displayed below the map, but I want a “none” option so I can see the map as large as possible! Otherwise I love the app - mostly because it has a bazillion high quality maps and I can easily search and find a trail to hike!.Version: 10.6.1

Extremely slowCaveat: my review relates to the free version only I have downloaded this app a couple of times over the course of a year, only to delete it off my phone again in frustration almost immediately. Maps are extremely slow to load, even slower to re-load once you try to zoom in. This may be better in the pro- version, and I am perfectly willing to pay a subscription fee for the full version of an app that I like. However, the free version being so rubbish does not exactly inspire me to pay just to find out if the pro version is any better. Also, the database of Australian trails may be growing, but is still extremely limited, and in some cases just plain wrong. The map shows trails that, judging by the amount and size of vegetation on growing on them, have not been trails for >10 years..Version: 11.0.1

Good but could be betterAs far as the app goes it’s fantastic but all of the useful information is basically hidden behind a pay wall. Admittedly not too much, but information to access where the nearest roads to the trails all, or being able to input the trail into your maps on your phone so you can actually drive and find it, again you have to pay for. I feel the app could be absolutely fantastic if you could simply do that in the free version..Version: 10.1.2

FrustratingWhen you finish a hike there is no "finish" or "end" button available, so the app keeps recording forever wherever you go. The "finish" button is hidden, and it takes a number of trials and errors to find it. Once you've succeeded in finally "ending" your hike, the app tries to make you rate your hike and there is no way out of the process of rating a hike, which includes going through several screens etc etc etc. Suppose you don't want to rate your hike? Maybe you did the same hike yesterday and you already rated it? Or maybe you don't want to share your ratings, and you can well remember the hike without rating it? Well, the app doesn't give you that option. Even if you leave the app, when you go back, all you can get is the "rate" screen. The only way out of rating a hike is by quitting the app somehow and then restarting. I think developers deliberately make their app interface non-intuitive so users are forced to spend all their time figuring out how to use the app. I guess programmers think that this frustrating process will "hook" me on their app. Guess what? I want the app to serve me. I'm not here to serve the app. If the app won't let me control it with a normal interface, then I'll delete the app and find another, or do without..Version: 15.1.0

Absolute Rubbish with Apple WatchPaid $30 for the pro version because I wanted to use it with my Apple Watch 5. Disappointed that you need to run with the phone for it to work but so be it I lugged the phone with me. BUT then if you don’t continuously pull your phone out to keep the pairing active the syncing goes to sleep, all GPS functions fail, the watch app closes while using it on a run. What a useless junk app. Developers don’t advertise it as Watch compatible unless it is actually functional. My 10km run recorded as 5km in straight lines and stopped working half way through. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish.Version: 11.0.1

Basically unusableSo many ads that I was literally being redirected to a different app every time I clicked on something..Version: 8.9.1

Not well rounded.I download the free app to give it an opportunity, and then paid for a one year subscription to give it a fair opportunity. I will not be renewing all trails, it feels it is just a popular name that is marketed well. It does not deliver a quality service for the equestrian lifestyle I live. If you know the name of a certain trail in a popular area…sure it may work for example rundle mountain or junction fall. The software and interfacing with the client is well below par in my opinion.Version: 13.2.6

Glitchy as hellHusband gifted this to me for Christmas with a three year subscription and was super excited. Upon using this app within 5 min, I found so many glitches it’s insane. First, when I download multiple maps, it just saves it under one trail. All the trails have been diverted to the same map. With the same name. The app keeps jumping from metric to imperial even tho my settings are for metric. When I click on one trail to read about it, and go back to previous page, it loses all the settings I was searching and I have to start over. If this isn’t fixed, I will be getting my money back..Version: 12.0.2

Apple Watch app uselessFor 2 years now I have been putting up with the same issue when recording an offline hike. The Apple Watch app will continuously go from the map screen (the only one that actually matters during a hike) to the ‘end route screen’ all on its own. Meaning you have to constantly flick back through the pages until you get back to the map screen. Very very frustrating especially when wearing gloves. I have reported this many times to AllTrails and they just send a generic email asking for a log but nothing ever changes. I cannot understand why the Apple Watch app is set to default to the end route screen rather than the map screen. At the end of my current subscription I will be leaving which is a real shame because it seems like a simple fix but 2 years in and still nothing. I only purchased a sub because of what I thought would be the convenience of the Apple Watch app.Version: 15.0.0

Not happy ending!I have been using AllTrails for quite a while, let me makes this clear, this was my 5 star app to go with all the time! And still is, BUT! There was an issue popping up on my app, I tried to figure it out myself, didn’t work. Then reached out to the support, they told me there was no issue and everything looked great on their side! (Felt like they were blaming me) so after too many back and forth emails finally we decided to screen record the steps I was taking on the app from beginning to the end (because they thought that was me rather than the app), they finally believed me and accepted there was an issue! Phew! They wanted me to delete the app (actually I was the one who asked them if I should) and they were like: oh yeah! You have not done that yet??? So I did, and dowloaded it again, it temporarily fixed the issue! But deleted some of my saved hikes and folders, and duplicated some others at least 20-30 times, but all empty! Then I thought that was my phone being old and glitchy (iPhone 8 plus, with no technical or any other issues) so I switched to iPhone 13 pro Max! Guess what, that issue still accruing ! Oh and I am a PRO subscriber as well… so now I dont know where to get help from. Apparently AllTrails has only one person who is responding to these kind of issues, and I think we are done!.Version: 14.0.0

DisappointingTwo main features missing from the pro version. 1. I can not download a section of the map for offline use unless its an established track that is listed in your database. I signed up for pro version so that I can download a few acres of my farm map snd walk around offline as I don't have reception but wont allow me. Free google maps does🤷‍♂️. 2. Despite having multiple base map options, all are about the same in practice. I want to see a base map where the lot boundaries are visible, again I wanted to walk the boundaries of my farm but didn't know where I was. This is useful also when you are hiking inna national park snd need to stay out of peoples private property. 3. Can not navigate/record my walk in a national park in offline mode unless its a know hiking track..Version: 14.1.0

Caution with deceptive practiceThe app works fine, but be careful of the deceptive practice to lure you to upgrade to pro. I have been receiving emails to promote the Black Friday special upgrade price, but whenever I try to follow the special offer link and logged into my account to upgrade, the special offer price disappears and normal price is there instead. Very deceptive and poor practice..Version: 14.1.1

Something is wrongWhen I search for trails nothing comes up… very disappointing as I’m paying for this.Version: 13.2.2

Good app with major let downsThe basics are excellent but some fundamentals make me regret upgrading to pro. 1. Apple Watch app is a useless marketing gimmick. It only works while you have the phone app open 🤷‍♂️ 2. You can’t select trails from the map view. You can see them right there but you can’t select them. How are you meant to find them from the list? They are not labelled 3. You cannot change trails once you have started recording a walk. Things change; the weather, the trail, my mind, but this app is too rigid for real life. I think they need a planned feature list to help out based on what I have read in the reviews so far, this is the only outlet users have..Version: 14.2.0

Great app let down by Apple Watch interfaceThis app ticks almost all the boxes for me. I've tried a number of other similar apps and this has the best feature set v price except for one major flaw - a poor Apple Watch interface. Specifically you CANNOT start a recording from the watch unless you have first gone to your phone, opened the app there and have the app in the foreground on your phone. Only then does tapping "start recording" on the watch work. At that point you could have just done the same on the phone! This is a major drawback. Other apps don't require this (eg Gaia, View Ranger, Footpath, Trails) and it's a deal breaker for me 😟.Version: 12.1.4

*****Attention*****Once you subscribe to Alltrails Pro there is NO way to cancel the auto-renew. Only way to cancel auto-renew is in there website by using a desktop pc according to there instructions. But suprise, suprise there is no option to do so on the website to modify your billing info or cancel auto-renew under the settings tab when you hover over your profile pic. Just got charged agian with NO WAY to cancel. Only way to contact them is via email and they don’t respond..Version: 14.3.1

Poor customer serviceFirst, I give all trails 2 stars instead of 1 star because the app itself is a very good app for locating trails and specific activities you can do on the trail like camping, biking, trail running, and whether or not you can take dogs along with you. It is useful information for planning purposes and understanding what is accessible around you that you just may not know. The pro status is greatly enticing as you are able to download maps and other features to utilize offline however I have no idea because I was unable to use it. This is where my negative review is derived from. I purchased the 3 year pro status however it did not upgrade my account. Not a big deal because customer service should be able to upgrade it on their end right? Wrong. They charged my account and proceeded to give me the run around never solving the issue. I did my due diligence and provided proof of receipt which displays the email in question but no dice. I had to result to disputing the charge and writing this review instead. The free app is great but just know that if you upgrade to pro status you might be rolling the dice and not receiving what you paid for..Version: 11.2.0

Comes up with blank screenI have the paid version and the only way to use the app now is to go to my browser , Google where I am going and click on the all trails heading about the trail so I can access this app. This won’t work if I am in the middle of nowhere with no service. Please fix this..Version: 14.5.0

Good but no export GPX supportApp needs the ability to export GPX. This is either a massive oversight, or a serious limitation imposed on purpose. Either way, it’s missing a fundamental feature..Version: 14.6.0

Disappointed with customer serviceSomething went wrong when I purchased pro version 2 weeks ago. It will not allow me to access the pro version. Have sent 2 emails 2 weeks ago to all trails but no response. Have followed the tips on Help page but still not working. I don’t like to give bad reviews especially as this looks like a great product but not sure how else to get their attention..Version: 15.1.0

Useless if you are hiking somewhere you don’t knowThis app is great for templated routes, example If you are driving to or are situated near one, I was hiking/camping in conwy & hiked south through Rowen, lost my bearings a few times & the app was useless, it can’t even show you which direction you’re facing nevermind suggesting a nearby route or let you navigate to a destination, I searched routes nearby & it brought up results 30miles+ away, yeah great if I was in the car, doesn’t offer a great deal more than what you can get for free, better off with a digital copy OS map & maybe ViewRanger, haven’t tried it but seems to have more features, sadly once you purchase this year subscription you have no options for a refund only the satisfaction you won’t be stung for another £30 next year, I found the developers comment below patronising as they say thank you for your input but we’re still keeping your money, don’t buy unless you know exactly what little you will be getting!.Version: 11.5.0

Good for city walks. Not for hikesI’ve been using this for a year but I won’t be renewing my subscription. Pros: Most polished UI compared to others Their own map tile is actually excellent. It’s one of the things that I will miss Easy to find hikes Cons The issues all relate to a fundamental flaw with this app. They expect you to always have great data coverage. Which is only true of you are doing city walks around San Francisco. I’ve tried using it in - Scotland (uk) - Lake District (uk) - Cornwall (uk) - rheingau (Germany) - cotswold (uk) And it just doesn’t download maps if you’re actually on a hike. It doesn’t easily render things in the Ui. I’ve tried it on my old iPhone 6s and a brand new iphone12 with similar results. I’ve tried it on VF network and O2 with similar results. Even in WiFi within Airbnb’s in the countries above, you will have similar issues. Downloading always results in starting all over again. The fancy ui is so heavy on image and data, I’ve had many moments where the app has just been useless. Multi day hikes. Forget about it..Version: 13.3.1

Users beware, app/site sells your infoUnsure why but my original review was deleted. This site/app popped up on my facebook because they submitted a list with my information (as per fb, go to settings - ad preferences - advertisers & businesses). I didn’t give either site/app permission to add me to the other, link the alltrails account to fb or like the alltrails page on fb. The only thing both companies have in common about me is my name. I specifically created & only use that email address for fb to avoid hassles like this. I haven’t been on the alltrails site since I signed up over a year ago. Edit: As I stated above, it’s been over a year since I was on the site to sign up. Never been back till I requested the account be deleted The site/app showed up on fb’s spam list two weeks ago. Screenshots of proof were already sent to alltrails, because I was asked for them when I had my account deleted..Version: 11.1.2

Don’t SubscribeDon’t subscribe because it’s impossible to unsubscribe so you’ll be paying for it forever. Their instructions send you in circles and they don’t have ANYONE that you can talk to. Their customer service is an email account that I’m STILL waiting to hear from..Version: 11.2.1

Dangerous routesThe app provides incredibly dangerous suggestions on occasion. The directions for the Stawamus Chief in Squamish direct you to continue down a route involving a sustained descent down a ladder attached to the rock face. The ladder is aging and parts are coming lose. As someone who has hiked all over the Rockies, climbed in Squamish for over a decade and done rigging work professionally, it isn’t something I would feel comfortable doing without a harness and safety equipment. There is no way to flag dangerous routes except “suggesting” the moderators update the route to stop sending people on dangerous routes..Version: 13.2.4

Maps do not download on proI feel like I’m the only one having this issue by reading some of the reviews - however buyer please be aware. I have paid for the pro version of the app and each map I try to download errors out or stops at a certain point but does not fully download. My phone is up to date with its iOS operating system and I have also tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app with no avail. I am disappointed as this app is so highly rated.Version: 13.2.4

Usually 5* but Recent update causing problems..Been a Pro user for over a year & loved the app, used on many trails without any issues at all. Recent update caused a few problems on my last hike - main one was app kept closing/crashing. Also location of my GPS didn’t seem too accurate (I was on the trail but according to the map I was way off/vice versa) I’d done the same route a few months prior with no issues also had the maps downloaded so shouldn’t usually be a problem..Version: 13.0.1

App doesn't workThey let someone upload a tiny bit of a trail they did and they pass that off as a full trail..Version: 12.1.1

Great ap when it was freePaid a annual subscription and it now is frozen. Very disappointed!.Version: 14.5.0

The Wikipedia of hiking apps - plenty of info. but not always accurateIn my area near the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I know most novice-intermediate hikers rely on this app as their primary (and often their only) source of trail information. While this app is a good place to start for some general information, and user reviews are sometimes very helpful to have, people should absolutely not be relying solely on the information on this app. The trail information is mostly user generated, which leaves a lot of room for errors that are potentially dangerous. According to some trail reviews I’ve seen on the app, and plenty of posts and discussions in my local Facebook hiking group (which currently has over 67k members, for reference), the information on this app often leads novice and intermediate hikers to take on trails that are way beyond their current capabilities, or to attempt the hike completely unprepared and without proper safety gear. Most of the trail descriptions lack even the most basic safety information, which is particularly important for novice hikers who are just starting out and have not yet learned much about hiking safety, proper gear, and interactions with wildlife. Over the last few years, I have been trying to do my small part to edit trail descriptions for hikes in my area to include essential information along the lines of: - This trail includes a level 4 scramble. It is strongly recommended that users wear a helmet to protect from falling rocks. - Bears are known to frequent this area. It is extremely important that each hiker in your group is carrying bear spray. - The trail is marked by ____. It is crucial for your safety that you stay on the marked trail to avoid ending up on dangerous ledges. - Hiking poles are helpful to navigate the narrow ridge, which is often extremely windy. - In winter, this trail passes through avalanche terrain. Do not attempt this hike in winter without AST training and microspikes. I have found my edits are either soon replaced by, or not published at all in favour of keeping trail descriptions including such valuable information as: - This hike is so literally so nice and fun. There’s even a waterfall! - It’s hard but the views from the top are worth it. - On your way, don’t forget to stop at [the very obvious pretty place which is half the reason people choose this hike in the first place] for photos! - The hike is kind of steep in some places but most people can probably do it. Maybe do the loop counter-clockwise instead. - It’s a pretty long hike, so users should probably bring some water. I am constantly baffled that such terrible information is published as a trail description, which all users considering that hike will read, especially when most of it is barely even useful as a trail review. But that’s what you get from user generated content. This is exactly why the most experienced hikers and rescue workers in my area actively encourage people NOT to use this app. Do yourself a MAJOR favour and buy some well-researched hiking guidebooks with accurate trail and safety information to reference as well. Many are also available at local libraries. Think of AllTrails as the Wikipedia of hiking - a decent place to start, and sometimes a helpful reference to use in conjunction with more reliable and robust sources. By no means should this app be your only source of information before you head out on a hike - especially if you are generally inexperienced and new to hiking..Version: 14.6.0

Love the features. Old UI was iffy. New UI is bad.I am a generally happy all rails pro subscriber - it’s made my COVID-inspired outdoorsiness possible! But the new UI is ...oh, not good. I loved the simple Record button. Now when I manage to find the button through Navigate (which is not the right word! I’m not navigating, just starting to walk from wherever I am and want the app to capture it), and press Pause, doesn’t leave it paused. .The old version often stopped my recording when I only wanted to pause - and I couldn’t get back in and tell it Nope, so I would end up with two hikes split up because I couldn’t opt to continue where I left off. But,the new design is worse, because not only is it completely unintuitive to even find the button to start a recording, now if you don’t press and *hold* to stop/save, and simply hit pause (perhaps because you don’t care if you save the recording), it just seems to keep recording. So I wound up with a ~80mi hike the other day because it captured my entire drive for the day after I had thought I stopped the recording, and the walk itself was maybe half a mile. So now I had to delete the entire hike, which is not a huge deal but now my iPhone health app thinks I was some kind of superwoman for a single day and will forever compare me to it, unfavorably. I love this app. But please get some more experienced ux folks to review these designs..Version: 13.0.0

Limited trailsSeems to be missing lots of popular walking routes where I live. A few trails I’ve not done before but frustrating to have to use other apps as well.Version: 14.4.0

App hangs and ver slow responseThe trails maps especially paid offline trails maps have to be handy when needed. The app takes atleast 10 seconds to load a trail and forget of downloading/offline maps. While charging 30+ bucks a year, try to maintain some good backend servers, application to support users. Frustrated with app response time and not of much use in middle of trails waiting minutes to check the routes..Version: 14.5.0

Does not workI installed and un-installed numerous times. It simply does not show anything in the list..Version: 14.3.1

FrustratingGood map for predefined walks and if you want to do what the app wants you to do. But a frustrating and unintuitive interface: 1. 2 different maps- one for ‘explore’, one for ‘navigation’ 2. Navigation keeps re entering, so if you’re looking at an area somewhere else then perhaps look at a website in another app to check something and go back to alltrails, it’s recentered you so you have to relocate where you were looking at before. 3. Map creator took me 10 minutes to find then didn’t seem to be more than a way to screenshot a map and save that to you my maps area- not actually draw out your own route? Am I missing something? 4. Way to clunky interface with massive buttons everywhere trying to shove explore maps in your face. I know where they are (in the explore button), I’ll go find them if I need them. 5. Different settings menus in different parts of the app It just needs one map without lots of screen clutter, the ability to navigate around the map and draw out your own routes simply, or overlay ‘explore’ if needed. Too messy- deleted without even leaving the house..Version: 14.5.0

Software issuesTried multiple accounts on multiple devices and can’t access any hikes that we haven’t previously saved, even though we are online. It just says nothing found, even when we search our entire province. This is very annoying as we are trying to sort out a good hike for this afternoon. We’ve used the app for years and love it but this new update has us a bit disappointed..Version: 13.2.0

Was good, butLotta good this app is if the gps won’t track. Need an update ASAP. Not happy..Version: 11.5.1

It has a few good qualitiesI like this app, it helps me with planning my hikes. There are a fair amount of accuracy issues though that keep me from considering upgrading to Pro though. First is the fact that there are a fair amount of trails that are well out of date. From what I understand users can suggest edits, but only through the website on a computer. I personally am rarely on my computer so am unable to submit the edits, and I feel this is against good trail management practices because it encourages people to use trails that are closed to prevent erosion and overuse. In addition the trail names on the map are more often than not completely different from official trail names so in the event of an emergency that could cause some issues. My second issue is there is no way that I can find to flag inappropriate comments on a trail review. Saying a trail has been “ ruined by Mexican trash and their families” should be able to be flagged for deletion. Lastly for now, I don’t like how you can pick only one trail when you record. I trail hop frequently and just one trail option isn’t very suitable for me and in the community aspect it isn’t helpful with helping others plan their hikes..Version: 8.0.2

Fantastic App, AWFUL rating system.(British Columbia Canada View) I’ve been using this app now for the better part of 4 years, and have come to love almost everything about it. It was a fantastic social like experience on it, with feed backs on trail conditions, things you might need to bring, water supplies etc. Quality maps for everything you’d need while out on the trail, and it even does track fairly well! But this app seriously suffers from a AWFUL rating system. Anything from “Moderate” and below tends to be equal to a groomed local park trail wise, “Moderate” usually just being determined by the distance. The category “Hard” has EXTREME variation within it. One hike could still have well groomed trails (as in spread even gravel) but be rated “Hard” because of the distance and elevation gain (what I’ve notice to be the difference) but yet you could still push a child in a stroller out this path, too actually doing a “Hard” hike where you have to be prepared in what you’re bringing, and walking a goat trails with potential over night stays. This App is so close for being a 5/5, I think a change to a numerical system would vastly improve the app, (let say out of 100) where; 90 - 100 would be extreme or expert, 70 - 90 would be hard day hikes, 50 - 70 would be groomed hikes but with long distances 30 - 50 groomed trails with medium distances 15 - 20 easy trail with unpaved walk way 0 - 15 paved trail They should also have something that indicated a day hike to a overnight or multi day hike from a quick glance at a trail. Maybe some icons here? Overall I do highly recommend this app, it great for getting people out in nature and understanding what is on the adventure ahead of them. I have told friends that with app is amazing and recommended it, and I personally do use it before every hike. Enjoy the Mother Nature everyone! Cheers..Version: 14.5.0

Was amazing, now I almost got lostI've used Alltrails many times in the past, and it's one of my favorite apps on my phone. I use it for trail running in Australia, and alltrails has lots of facilities for that. Today I took it with me as I always do, but the route was a bit unclear, and I needed alltrails a bit more to find my way. When I was at the furthest point, well out of range of any gsm location, alltrails decided to give up. In the past, it was possible to see at least the route you're doing, which I was depending on in some situations. Now there's been an update, and instead of showing me the map, there's now a text saying : there's no internet, for pro members, check your downloads. That's absolutely terrible to change the app like this. An app which I used to depend on now spit me in the face when I needed it the most. I've been recommending this app to most of my hiking friends in the past, but I can no longer do that now. I'm very disappointed in this new "feature", and I hate that after 2 years of happily using this app, it's no longer reliable. Tldr; alltrails gave up on me when I needed it the most, and this can happen to you too. Be warned..Version: 11.2.5

PrivacyBe aware that unless you change your privacy settings this app’s standard settings make all your saved trails available to anyone, world wide and your information will be made available to any person who decides to “Follow” you..Version: 12.1.7

Laggy, truncated route namesFantastic app but performs poorly. Button taps can be slow to respond and pages can be slow to load. Also, route names are truncated with ellipses making it difficult to find and name routes..Version: 15.0.0

Great, but could go badHave been using this for the last few months as I travel Aus, it works well when in reception. But offline or in poor reception it’s started to become annoyingly sluggish or straight up not working. I hope they fix this. I have subscribed to pro. With using offline, I have had to start manually noting down where the hike is when I have mobile reception and using other maps to plan the trip. Kinda sad as it was working. This is with Telstra and an iPhone X and Galaxy Note..Version: 15.6.1

Misleading IAP PricingThe in app pro pricing is $29.99 for 1 year, or save 33% and pay $84.99 for 3 years - 33% savings would make it $60..Version: 13.2.6

Nice walkMixed forest, a lot of the trail is on logging roads. Lots of side trails, good to have a map..Version: 15.0.0

Crashes constantly and repeatedlySeems to be an issue since at least 22 December (see reviews). But four weeks later still there no change despite a few updates since. and what is frustrating when you contact support (as suggested by developer) they seem to have no idea and they keep asking me to do the same old script. Reset, reinstall, blah blah. I have installed on three different devices with three different os’s and all crash every time in the same way everytime you open the map to search..Version: 12.1.1

Will be looking for another app...Overall the app is great! Easy to use, helpful to find new trails, pretty great tracking and mapping. The only complaint I have, and it is a deal breaker for me, the save and clear buttons are right next to the record button. When you pause, and then go to start again there is a chance you’ll end your current ride, walk, etc. Terrible placement for those. It is common we will ride, and at some point pause for water, session, snack, and then the save button is accidentally hit or even sweat falling on the phone has cleared a current ride. It’s insanely frustrating when you want the recorded 10-15 mile path for reference or whatever and it is cleared from accidentally hitting save. I feel like that is a really terrible issue to even have to worry about. Even having a “You sure?” after selecting save would be great; then you could back out of it. Started looking into other apps to use and found I really enjoy Strava. Great community with that app. I recommend checking it out and using it. The clear button does have a “You sure?”, but save doesn’t. I like that someone reached out to me about the issue, and again, the app is great overall. Although I responded, there was never a response from them..Version: 12.0.2

Really disappointed about latest changeI started subscribing to this App around 2017. Back then, I appreciated the features and stability it offered. However in the last couple of years the recent changes kept me questioning the testing they put in this. With the last change, when I tried to review a recording I just made it would not access it because of no network access. This is ridiculous and was not a problem before. Also, they now have put the picture option under a sub menu. Also, one of the cool feature was the possibility to share an image that was a picture of the trail recorded. It had detailed elevation was awesome to add to your photo collection. Now it's just a silly image image that is worthless..Version: 13.0.2

Latest updates create app instability and failuresApp keeps crashing and has failed me with offline navigation/ maps as they keep dropping out and I then can’t reload them without internet access in remote areas … I have subscribed to Pro. This app is sadly unreliable for any navigation in recent months as I’ve been a long term subscriber and the functionality has been fabulous..Version: 15.2.1

FlawedThis app did suggest some good routes and when I started using it on a hike in the Cotswolds it seemed great... until I next checked my iPhone battery about an hour later. 100% fully charged battery when we set out it was now down to 30% (using an iPhone 6s). It was clear we would never make it through the day relying on this app. So we tried switching off the app between walks, but each time we switched the app back on there was no record of our walk so it took several minutes to reselect our route and then wait for the GPS. All this to pick between two muddy footpaths and meanwhile the battery’s burning. Absolutely hopeless..Version: 9.1.0

Concerns with updateMy overall impressions of the app have been good, however, since the most recent update, there seems to be a glitch with automatic syncing. I use my Garmin watch to track activity and it is automatically synced to Alltrails. Alltrails is consistently adding an extra mile to each hike from what is tracked in Garmin. If Garmin Connect tells me I’ve hiked 8 miles, Alltrails lists it as 9 miles. This has only been an issue since the new update; everything matched prior. This has been incredibly annoying since the mileage is not accurate. I’ve been uploading the GPX files but also new, Alltrails is not recognizing the time and pace info (even though I’ve previously uploaded GPX files with that info). I contacted Alltrails but they didn’t have much have an answer. Rep mentioned Alltrails uses “smoothing” but it doesn’t make sense that “smoothing” would add distance. Is anyone else having this issue? Hope it gets fixed, but it makes me less inclined to use Alltrails to track hikes. Update: AllTrails “addressed” my issue but ended up completely missing the point. They wrote that our phones have “noise” but my issue is AllTrails is incorrectly and randomly adds distance to my Garmin synced files. Why would they add distance to a synced file? That seems to be an issue with their app specifically..Version: 13.0.2

Good phone app with a garbage watch appThe app itself is the best I’ve found so far at finding trails. This probably because of the wider user support compared to other apps. It does hit your battery a smidge harder than other hiking apps I’ve tried but so far I haven’t had that be a real problem. However, I cannot for the life of me understand the thought behind the watch app design. All you can do is start/stop a recording and then check some basic stats. No map integration for you to quickly check and see what way you should go at the fork in the trail, which seems to me to be most of the reason you’d want this on your wrist. Most of the other options on the app store offer this. Also, still no health integration? Not vital but cmon it’d be nice. Overall I recommend it for finding popular trails and helping you get along while hiking as they’ve got pretty good user support. But man, it’s not updated very often and when new features are added they’re not very well thought out. I’m coming up on the time where I need to renew pro and I’m not sure I will. I might just use google to find the trails and use another more well thought out and feature rich app for the hiking itself..Version: 8.4.2

Has so much potential within easy reachI used to love this app and have given subscriptions as gifts but these days I am constantly frustrated with certain aspects of the interface, foremost that all trails has taken away the ability to order trails in lists manually (there is no longer a way to order trails by difficulty, priority/desire to do, length, or anything else practical - only alphabetical order or date added - both of which I find useless). I also don’t understand why they don’t add some space for users to make notes on hikes (like “do counterclockwise for easier descent” etc), why user reviews from various hikes take up most of the screen space when saved lists are viewed from the desktop site (how is that in any way helpful??), etc. etc. I don’t even know what the developers’ goals are anymore but certainly usability / user satisfaction does not rank very high. Rather than improving this app sadly actually becomes less and less useful with each update/iteration, and it almost seems intentional - like they invested in the app at one time but now are trying to pull back and provide less for the same amount of $. I wish there was an alternative app that provided similar info..Version: 14.6.0

New update is so slow.I absolutely love AllTrails and UL until this last update it was the best app in the market. I have a walking club and adventure business and I rely on this app for my club walks. The latest update is so frustrating. There are now even more clicks and waits to reach your activity, the process of uploading your photos and having to hit “high five” each time makes the job even more ling winded. Things take ages to load. I miss the previous version..Version: 13.5.0

Edit MapCan a user not create their own trail on the App? ‘Edit Map’ does not provide any drawing option..Version: 14.5.0

Doesn't work with Apple watchWhile the app on its own on the phone is great. I was never able to make it work properly with the apple watch. It would be a great functionality but the experience is so very frustrating. Downloading maps didnt improve it. And support is always the same i.e. reboot phone and watch, remove watch profile add again. A great pity as checking map on phone without taking phone out saves phone battery and is such a great idea. Execution is hopeless though....Version: 11.0.1

Inferior to the app they took overI was a happily using View Ranger for years, paying for some premium routes but able to access and download a large selection of routes for free. Along comes All Trails with its flashy visuals and poor usability demanding I upgrade for everything. At least have the decency to transfer my existing credits on View Ranger or refund me. Let me know when you have tested this app with real walkers in a lab and I will consider giving it another go. Until then I’ll try and find another open source provider..Version: 14.4.0

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