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Home Improvement Calcs app received 60 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about home improvement calcs?

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Home Improvement Calcs for Positive User Reviews

Super Home Improvement AppVery Very helpful. It teach you things you might not know.I love the sensor level. Works great..Version: 2.41

Handy AppI like this little gem of a app. Has the calculator for fractions and computes many measurements for framing and concrete so I can finish the job quicker and less hassle..Version: 2.1

The more I use it... the better I like it!I really like this app. The only reason I awarded 4 stars was because, and this may be due to my ignorance, I would like to be able to save frequently used calculations / conversions to a "short list" rather than having to use the menu..Version: 3.1.3

Soooooo HandyThis app is very good, and is always being improved. Soon it should graduate from Home to Pro..Version: 2.4

Good appGood app.Version: 2.3

Usefull!!!!!Tons of useful basic formulas & calculations. So easy and usefull!.Version: 2.1

Lots of help!Very handy!!!.Version: 2.0

GrumpyNice app.Version: 2.3

Great AppVery useful app for everyday use as a contractor..Version: 3.0

Excellent appI use this app all of the time. Sure saves a lot of time. A Great Reference. Definitely worth it..Version: 2.3

What a useful app!I have found the app to be great for my DIY projects. UK users will love the new currency feature just added. We can now use the good old British pound when reckoning costs. Not really that different from the dollar only more readable (when your used to seeing pounds and pence everyday). The calculators are very good and although it's easy to work out stuff for yourself on paper, it's really useful to be able to have it on your phone when you go to the DIY shop for your supplies. I've never had it crash on my iPhone 4s, and it's layout is very nice. Text is not too small to read and not too cluttered on the page. I also like the way you can change your units of measure on the fly and can mix and match if you like. I use both imperial and metric units depending on the job and how accurate I need to be. My only criticism is that the electrical section is a bit sparse, but when you consider that the app is worldwide, there would be too many standards to really add much more. Maybe current ratings for standard size cables? All in all, I think this app represents great value for money and that most DIY enthusiasts will find it useful at the very least..Version: 2.1

Just what is was looking for!Starting several projects around the house and was looking for an app that I could use for adding and subtracting fractions for wall framing. As a 1.0 app it's a great start. Would like to see it polished up a little more. The top menu buttons are sunk in for some reason. Also the tile calc I did in inches however it emails out in feet but the math might still be right. Keep updating to get 5 stars!.Version: 1.0

Great ap!!This is a great ap. I'm a contractor and I use it almost every day. Just love it!!.Version: 3.0

Tool manGreat so far, just got app so will try it out over time to see any short comings..Version: 2.2

Fantastic!Great App for anyone that's into home improvements! A quick and easy reference on a lot of topics. Thanks to the developers!!!.Version: 2.0

Home improvement calcsCovers a wide variety of useful calculations. Nice to open one app instead of three..Version: 2.0

Home improvement calcThis is a must have for a handyman great app.Version: 2.3

Wow!This tool is amazing. Has definitely saved me time and errors! Definitely a great addition!.Version: 3.1.0

I finally found a "home run!"This app is great, VERY useful and has ALL of the formula's that seem to slip your mind with age. I love this... there are sooooo many DISAPPOINTING apps out there and I seem to find them. NOT THE CASE WITH THIS ONE THOUGH!!! Great job guys!!! Now for all the "petty" complainers out there..."yes" I found the ONE spelling error! Still a FIVE STAR APP!.Version: 2.41

Great app.I was looking for an app to make remodeling easier and I have found the best ever. If you are not sure about a lot of aspects in the remodeling area this is a great app for you. It's shows you instructions on how to do things and it shows you how much money you will need for a particular project. I will be using this app all of the time in my business..Version: 2.3

Can't do without it !A must have for diy'r or tradesman. It definitely top tier and far exceeds my expectations. Platinum!.Version: 3.0

4+Super handy little app for DIY or contractor, been having difficulty adding "add ons" though.Version: 2.61

Love this app.This thing is great..Version: 3.1.0

Senior expert home handymanGreat app! Navigates differently, so read the instructions when they pop-up. Great calculators - just about everything you can imagine..Version: 2.2

Great reference tool for the diy'erMistakes are costly. They take up time and money. Whether you want to learn something new or confirm what you think you thought you kinda remembered. This One will pay for itself..Version: 3.0

Handyman's Best FriendThis is a great app! Very helpful and easy to use and apply to a job. Time and material saver..Version: 2.2

WowWow does so much more than all the other apps on here and then some..Version: 1.2

A mustGreat for every thing I do from labor to costs and time..Version: 3.0

Handy appThis app is a very useful tool on the job site..Version: 2.50

Incredibly usefulThis is a must have for any estimator, handiperson or trades person. Nothing but good things to say..Version: 3.0

GreatI love this ap. it has everything. I'm building a shed and it has helped me a ton. Mostly with calculations and the roof pitch/slope. It tells you what angles to cut your wood. Great work on this ap..Version: 2.1

JoelHandier than pockets on a shirt.!! I use this all the time. Love it.Version: 2.41

Home Improvement CalcsGreat app. I use it all the time..Version: 2.50

Excellent for my present needsVersatile tool for home calculations.Version: 3.0

Quick guide to budgetHas everything you need for quick budget cost to build a house..Version: 2.1

Great!Very easy and flexible!.Version: 3.1.0

Really, really goodI really like the variety of features on this calculator. Many are really handy and really useful. Some I will never use, simply because I don't need them. But hey, for $1.99 how can anyone complain?.Version: 2.0

Best calc ever !Everyone who could handle a hammer, should have it !.Version: 2.3

Home Improvement CalcsSo simple to use and so complete... It just saved me time and money... And headache!!!.Version: 1.1

Amazing!If you are a D-I-Yer, a project manager, an estimator or a general contractor this app is for you. I can do it all, if I had to. I can do landscaping, roofing, construction, flooring and painting/wallpapering. I can do all sorts of tough angular stuff,\ and project management calculations. If there is anything I missed, let me know, because I probably forgot to list it - it's in there!.Version: 2.61

Excellent AppFantastic tool for both the iPhone or iPad. A must for the DYI person! I've used this app for over a year now, as a home DYI guy who likes to do it all, this is my only "Go To App" for all the household jobs as well as the woodworking shop. AWESOME is the best word to describe it! No go buy it!.Version: 2.50

Clever!What a great app! The calculators are categorized so they are easy to find and use, limiting human error. Handy to have!.Version: 1.0

Mac8Its a must for diy's.Version: 2.3

Worth it!This app has it all! It has been a real help for me in the field. I'm very impressed with how easy it is to use... The pictures are very helpful for me. Best couple of dollars I've spent in a long time..Version: 2.3

Great app for the budding hanumanGreat little app. Easy to use and takes the guess work and confusing calculations away. So handy and highly recommended. Would like to see a decking calculator added. Thanks..Version: 3.0

ExcellentThis is a fantastic app! Thanks😀.Version: 3.0

Time saver !Wow ! All informations I need in one app ! I feel like I can build anything! 💪🏻.Version: 3.1.5

Helpful app but missing a key function?Unless I just can’t locate it within the app, you may want to consider adding a sensor function for measuring lengths. Granted, iPhones have this capability built-in (not sure about android devices), but that requires switching back and forth between your app and the iPhone measurement function, which is a nuisance considering that this: A) is a “paid app,” and B) is a *basic function* that one would expect to see in an app of this type..Version: 3.1.3

Awesome App!!No need to break out calculators and high school math textbooks to figure out rafter length, brick count, tile count, etc. Seriously, this is a very helpful app and I saved both time and money by getting an adequate amount of materials the first time. Also, I can see how things should look as well as what & where to measure to make sure your project meets code and looks great. This app even lets you price materials needed for your project! Hey developers! Great job developing this app!!!! -Derrick.Version: 2.2

ThanksHelpful.Version: 2.50

Very helpfulReally woeks.Version: 2.0

HabThis app. Has saved me a lot of time and eliminated many errors I seem prone to make..Version: 3.0

Very niceGreat app for newbie contractors or ones who’ve been out of it for a while. In estimating installing flooring could you include installing floating laminate floors including using water-proofing with adhesive sealing in addition to under lament types. Thank you..Version: 3.1.0

Great appGreat app for the home owner or DIY.Version: 3.1.0

Extensive number of calculatorsI'm really surprised at the number of calculators on this application. From building to landscaping and gardening. I added the project calculator and cost calculator and at first glance they aren't as intuitive as the other features but to be fair I haven't given them too much of a look yet. I would recommend this for a Do it yourselfer such as myself..Version: 2.61

Not for interior estimatesAs an app I think this one is probably excellent, per many other reviews. However if you're looking for something like, say hardwood floor or interior estimates, these materials are not included in this app but appear to be items you can buy as an add on. This app is more for professional / serious builders, not consumers..Version: 2.41

So many useful toolsMust have app if you own a home (or are a contractor). If you do your own projects or want to estimate before you hire a contractor. I love the graphics that help you see what to measure. Best measurement/project calculator in my opinion... especially for the price! The 3 add-ons are only .99 each and almost double the amount of tools. Best $5 total I've spent in the App Store..Version: 3.0

FabulousOne of the best investments in building my new home..Version: 2.3

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 2.1

Diy handymanI love this app ..Version: 2.1

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