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Bleacher Report: Sports News App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Bleacher Report: Sports News app received 124 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bleacher Report: Sports News? Can you share your negative thoughts about bleacher report: sports news?

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Bleacher Report: Sports News for Negative User Reviews

Watered DownBleacher Report started off as Team Stream and it was literally a stream of news for your team. It was informative and made you feel like you knew the most about your team. It has turned into a social media platform where they have too many articles from what I can only assume to be college kid’s blogs that regurgitate information from other college kid’s blogs. The push notifications used to be great. It gave you just what you wanted. The news. Now it gives me what shoes someone wore or what prank someone did regardless of how many times I check to make sure those things are not turned on in the notification settings..Version: 6.18.0

Needs to changeBR needs to do something about the comment section because it’s full of stupid people who hide behind screens saying things they wouldn’t even think about saying in real life. And then it blows my mind that they post all this stuff about change and equality but they’re giving trolls and stupid people a platform to voice their opinion and just make everything so negative. Like I don’t get it, I really don’t get it. I hope the developers read this because comments aren’t even about sports anymore they’re about politics, trolls, negativity, insulting athletes who albeit make millions but are still human beings. Do something about the comment section because it’s trash and needs to be revised or just taken out completely..Version: 8.1.0

Horrible updateI used to love this app. I recommended it to all my friends. It was comprehensive, concise, intuitive, and most of all; the information I needed and wanted was right at my fingertips. In a recent update, that all changed. They changed the bar across the top of the home page that used to show my team’s current and upcoming games. Now it shows current games and a bunch of completely irrelevant games from sports I didn’t even tell the app I liked! To find my team’s upcoming games, I have to dig around in scores, which is inconvenient and unnecessary. I also used to be able to tap on a game to see where it would be broadcast. Can no longer do that. Again, have to find that in the scores, extra searching, and it’s no longer customized for my local market so I still don’t know where I can find the game. (I’m in Ohio, when the Cavs are playing OKC, it’s no help to tell me they’re on FS OKC, are they on FSO?) My homepage feed no longer seems to be customized to my preferences. Frankly, I’m just waiting to find a replacement app and then I’ll dump this one..Version: 6.4.0

Good app for news very bad app for gamesYeah just so bad on the go.Version: 5.0.1

CrashApple - continuously crashing since the most recent update. Wont open past logo screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled. FAQ advice followed. Still not working. Converting to ESPN.Version: 8.15.0

NBA news feed issuesI love the app it’s great to use. My issue is that nba games that have just been played are deleted from the top of the feed and replaced by games that are to be played. Take today’s playoff game between the cavs and Celtics, it ended and then the game was taken off and replaced by the next game to be played today, so now all I have is highlights and news stories but I cannot view the stats from the cavs vs Celtic game. I like the old format of showing played games and previewing the next games..Version: 5.13.1

LolVery biased.Version: 7.21.0

Try and keep up BRDownloaded the app September 2020, picked my teams, one of which are the Dodgers and got everything set up. Went to the home page and they were pushing a story about the Astros “crushing” it from two years ago. We all know why now. App deleted immediately..Version: 8.2.0

Great app but....Australian user getting awesome news and updates about the NBA and NFL... too bad all the app wants to show me is videos of Khabib playing football and dumb Champions League cartoons from 3 MONTHS AGO.Version: 8.13.0

Top to flopLoved this app and use it multiple times a day for the NBA. Now I can't even log in on the new update it just crashes every time no matter how I try to get onto the app. Even deleted it and reloaded. Good job app developers..Version: 4.8.1

CFLGood site but lack of coverage of the CFL Knocks it down..Version: 5.16.1

TrashEver since the last update this app has crashed. I can’t even get into it past the B.R when u open the app 🤬🤬🤬 Oh well, guess i will be using ESPN instead for sports updates from now on..Version: 8.4.0

Its good althoughWhy can’t you have the order of the news with the newest at the top and then a new one goes to the top etc. It gets so jumbled, and then you get an icon telling you there’s new stories after you’ve just open the app and started scrolling and it takes you up a bit with a story you’ve literally just scrolled past..Version: 5.11.1

Leaves a lot to be desiredI am a BR user and have been for years, but the platform has so many flaws that bring down the quality. There are some small bugs, for example the app has listed the same bruins players as injured for every game this season, but usually the app runs well and does what it’s supposed to. My main issue comes with the content. Not only are there so many articles that are behind paywalls, but BR refuses to give relevant news to what I ask for. I have no interest in baseball, soccer, or many college sports but bleacher report forces this stuff into my main feed, often as the top articles. I have seen a multitude of headline articles that are entirely based on one athlete’s tweet that has little meaning. There are frequent misleading and clickbait titles. There is frequent drawing conclusions with almost no evidence. All in all bleacher report does not demand much quality from its content, it settles for quantity instead. I wish I could find a better sports app because this one leaves a lot to be desired..Version: 8.16.0

CrashingSince the new IOS update, AP doesn't work anymore..Version: 4.8.1

Notifications are weakPlease update the app to notify users when a game has started and ended. Also, update app with notifications for any and all scoring changes, which include notifications for when an inning/quarter/period ends along with scores. Notifications for starting lineups would also be great. If for some reason the app does offer these notification features then there needs to be an update to fix any bugs that are preventing me from receiving them. I have gone through the entire app to make sure I have all the notifications I want on but don’t receive anything related to what I’ve requested at the top. I bounce back and forth from Bleacher Report to The Score app because the latter does offer these notifications. The only thing is that those notifications come in unnecessary waves of useless info like podcasts alerts and stories that I don’t particularly care for..Version: 8.0.0

Hack CentralNothing more than a clickbait shop filled with hack reporters, hack fan pages, and propaganda manufacturing LeBron James’ fake “greatness.” Also, they are laser focused on playing their part in division and splitting America up into a Putin paradise, so for that, I say, noooooo thank you..Version: 8.5.0

Almost completely unusableThis used to be by far the best app for sports. Now the app is almost completely unusable. The first reason is when I’m reading articles they jump randomly when the ads load in. And this happen about 30 times while I’m trying to read something so I have to find and refind my spot in the article constantly. The second reason the app is becoming unusable is that some video ads will randomly go full screen while I’m reading the article so I have to close the ads the find my spot in the article again. The last reason is their still isn’t dark mode! The entire app is white and I keep my brightness almost completely down but it’s still extremely bright when I’m at the app at night. So just add dark mode. Also if the problem with the articles jumping isn’t fixed soon I’m deleting the app I just can’t deal with that anymore. And if the video ads going full screen doesn’t stop too I’m also deleting the app it’s just way too annoying. Update March 31: I’m done with this app. There are now ads in the twitter feeds. I’m officially deleting this terrible app. Bleacher Report literally only cares about money and no longer cares about the quality of their app so I will no longer support them. I am deleting the app. So great job Bleacher Report you just lost one of your longest term users..Version: 7.13.0

Poor.Rarely updates. I’ve still got stories on the feed from 50 weeks ago. Embedded videos that won’t even play as I’m in the UK...Version: 8.7.0

AnnoyingIt's definitely a great app while its working but 80% of the time it crashes as soon as I open it and the other 20% it stays open for a couple of minutes and the crashes, it would be great if you fixed it, thanks.Version: 3.2.1

Quality Falling: The worst form of addsUsed to be my favorite app, hands down. Great content, diverse opinions, stuff for every sport. The quality of content is dropping, and so much of it is outsourced, recycled material. That part would be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that so many the outside webpages weren’t so full of obtrusive pop up adds that are unclosable, and almost always fake contest malware adds. Because it’s impossible to run a pop up blocker on this app, when I click on a story I’m interested in, there’s a 50% chance I won’t be able to read it once the page loads. It won’t even let me go back to the page, either. I have to leave the article completely..Version: 5.16.0

This app is racistEVERY DAY people in the comments talk about how people with black skin are the “best race” and “superior to whites” and when you report it -NOTHING. Yet, when you respond and say “we are all equal, our skin color should not matter” they delete others and your comments. It’s sad to see clear racism not only being allowed but being supported on a SPORTS app. They are censoring anyone who stands up to the black culture which constantly (for years) torments other cultures for not sharing the color of their skin. I am not saying this is every comment section or person but, I see it almost every day and after long enough, I just have to say “no more”. I feel bullied and hated by a small but loud minority of users on the app that have ZERO moderation due to the color of their skin. I will never use bleacher report again but, I hope they start to moderate the extremists of the app no matter what their background or agenda is..Version: 8.14.0

Brilliant until the last updateI've had this app since its release and it was fantastic. I stress was because before the last couple of updates it was flawless. Now it frequently crashes and the pages load slow. It's annoying getting half way through an article and having to start over again as the app restarts. Would have been 5 stars but now it only gets a 3. Please fix this problem..Version: 2.2.1

Unable to remove NHLMy teams scores include NHL but I don’t want that did not choose that have no teams there... don’t care about it don’t want NHL scores forced on me. Why is it not possible to remove NHL from the scores.Version: 6.13.0

Sign UpThe sign up button doesn’t seem to work for me..Version: 7.11.0

You MUST agree to their agendaI actually really like the app and most of the sports news I get from it. However, you’re allowed to comment on stories but I’ll warn you, you have to agree with the agenda of B/R and/or the parent company CNN. B/R will jump pretty quick at the opportunity to remove your comments and block your account if you aren’t in agreement with their party lines. Again, I really enjoy the app but it’s SLIGHTLY political when it comes to the comment section and how it’s governed. Especially on an election year. I never used profanity or anything such as that but rather my views didn’t agree with some particular stories and I was censored for that. This review will probably get censored too but in case it doesn’t then there it is..Version: 8.6.0

Turned politicalThe sports coverage is great, but the amount of politics being shoved down the user’s throat is unbearable.Version: 8.2.0

Auto video play 👎🏻The auto video play is now truly awful. Scrolling through has become infuriating..Version: 5.15.0

Audio never worksWhy every time I go to watch a video in th app the audio doesn’t play?? Fix that and you get 5 stars.Version: 5.14.0

BannedI keep getting banned for no reason😂.Version: 8.13.0

Hate this update. Why is there so much white??Why have you changed the interface to everything bright white?? It's horrible to use it low light environments. Me and my friends use BR religiously but now none of us can understand why you have changed the interface to this horrible stark boring GUI. You used to have the best content now it seems to be far too many adverts. Fair enough, you have to get paid. You used to have the best interface, now it looks like any other run of the mill standard third party app. What market research did you actually do? There is basically nothing but loads of white background and black highlights. We wish you would go back to the previous app but of course you won't. Lost a few customers here that's for sure. ———————————————————— I have championed your app since it first came out, I have told everyone about it and so many of my circle use it now. It is my go-to app for everything football (or soccer as it's known to the Americans) but this last update intrusively puts a stupid NFL advert full screen everyone you open or scroll through the app. 1) Forced full screen advert 2) People outside of the USA have zero interest in American 'Throwball' Football so why are we being forced to see these ridiculous adverts. Used to be a 5 star app until now. Why annoy your customer base like this?.Version: 5.0

Terrible updateJust killed the app. I’m not sure how you feel this was an update.Version: 6.12.0

Spread LoveI love this app but I have an issue with something here. I love sports and I love the creativity with the stories. But one thing i do not like is negative comments. There are parts of the app where the story is there and you can see two comments instead of saying view comments. Usually those comments are racist or somebody talking bad about something. I think the comments section needs to be hidden and if people want to see more they will press view comments. Some have that some don’t. There should also be an option in the settings to not have comments. I just want to read sports. I’m not interested in someone’s opinion that’s a completely negative comment. Click on any comment section all you see is negative, hatred .. if you guys are trying to help then give us options to not see that..Version: 8.1.0

Sports app.It would be great if BR would stop with the politics. It’s extremely annoying trying to catch up on my sports stats and highlights and all I can find is BLM this and BLM that. Who’s even arguing that black lives matter? Literally nobody is. The BLM group is a joke, they’re basically communists and yet BR gives them more rub and tugs than any other app save CNN. You need to get back to being a place for people to watch and discuss sports. If I wanted to talk or read politics I wouldn’t be on a sports app..Version: 7.22.0

Good app but had to delete itHad to remove the app with a heavy heart. Really good for sports news and mini articles, but despite the fact I have removed the notifications from the app, it still pops up spoilers indiscriminately! That's really infuriating when I'm trying to avoid spoilers as I have to play catchup a lot with american sports like mma and my phone's just spewing them at me unavoidably! Great app otherwise and would download it again in a heartbeat if the spoilers notifications could be sorted..Version: 2.5.1

Great AppHorrible app they banned my account for chirping Celtics fans?.Version: 8.1.0

App is garbage.Have been a happy user of B/R for years, but the new trend of stuffing advertisements down our throats have rendered this app close to unusable. Constant crashing, and lack of support is leaving me little choice to use another app for my sports news. Very disappointing..Version: 5.13.1

Plagued by out of date contentSo much to like about B/R, but I cannot get rid of ‘trending’ which never updates. Utterly sick of seeing the same out of date stories from months ago. Have tried everything..Version: 8.16.0

“Get the app”I try to comment, but the app tells me to get the app 😬.Version: 7.1.0

Not a Sports AppThis is more of a social media app than a sports app. It is constantly pushing content on you that you won’t care about, and if you are trying to get highlights of a game, you have to scroll through a million “posts” that may or may not be what you are looking for. After scrolling for a couple minutes you end up giving up on even trying to find the game highlights because you are tired of seeing the fire emoji on every other article. If they want have a social media variation of keeping of with games that is fine, but for us classic sports fans, make it easy for us to catch what we missed without shifting through junk. This is extremely frustrating right now because they are they only dang app with Champions League content..Version: 6.12.0

Not Articles OpenI love using the Bleacher Report for all my sports needs, however lately certain articles will not open. Currently the two I have trouble with is LA Times and The Athletic. What is annoying is that I see the article on Bleacher Report and I get excited to read it and then find that it won’t open unless I subscribe to that company and pay a fee. Why do I need Bleacher Report if I can’t open the articles and I have to sign up for other company articles to read anything? I would just as well prefer that those articles were not there or if they were better identified as articles you need memberships for to read. Then I wouldn’t get excited about articles I am not allowed to read..Version: 6.0.0

Too much basketballWhat is this apps obsession wth basketball. I’ve turned off every filter related to basketball and I still have more crap about that than any other sport. Even in the off-season. Can’t handle it. I know people love bball but for those that can’t stand it how can we get away from it?.Version: 8.8.0

Can’t see commentsDownloaded this app specifically to see the comments and it’s a dead link. Only by reading the reviews here do I see that they’re only for US customers. I hate apps that waste my time..Version: 8.26

7.20.0 crashingJust updated to 7.20.0 on iOS 13.3 and app crashes on startup every time. Rebooted iPhone with no joy. Please fix....Version: 7.20.0

ClickbaitUsed to be a source for decent stories, mostly clickbait now..Version: 5.16.1

No nba scoresThey don’t even want to show you nba scores on a mainly nba app😂.Version: 8.8.0

Reinstalled it- buggy?Twice now that adds can’t be toggled off full screen or sound altered- I’m thinking this is a bug or a feature change? Strange as there’s actually no controls at all on full screen during adds. Not normal. Reinstalling. Better not keep happening! Adds pay bills but they’re in your face and pesky sometimes. Advertisers fault. Not Bleachers. 😠 Whilst I’m here please add more sports from Australia thank you..Version: 5.11.1

Garbage appIt won’t let me give zero stars so I had to give it one. Half the time the stories don’t load or just keep refreshing over and over every two seconds so you can’t read it. Also causes my iPhone to go super hot and eats the battery life. I have loaded and deleted various versions over the years and now I give up. You should too if you can’t get it right after all this time..Version: 8.2.0

It’s okHonestly, I installed this app because I’d browse Bleacher report on my Browser and was interested to see the comments. The user base is complete trash..Version: 7.21.0

TrashThis app became overly political, with only one point of view. I was only interested in soccer news, so I only selected my soccer teams and leagues for the feed. Yet 90% of my feed was basketball news under the “trending” icon which is not a choice you can opt out of. I’ve since deleted the app. But it used to be good..Version: 7.22.0

Comments issueIt’s a really good app to follow nfl nba and mlb not so much for nhl but you’re getting better on that. Though not able to post comment so I’m missing out on one of the best part of the comment “There was a problem posting your comment. Please try again later.” What’s up with that ? On an IPhone 11 iOS 13.7, would deserve 5 stars..Version: 8.3.0

No aew awards postNot much post from all elite wrestling.Version: 8.9.0

I watch won’t loadLove this app on iPhone: but won’t work on I watch. Won’t load at all, I get notifications but that’s all, disappointing..Version: 6.17.0

CRASHHi I love this app but since today it keeps crashing and I can't get into it.Version: 4.8.1

Give me NHL SCORES!This is ridiculous that when I view this app and I want to see the scores on the scores home page it shows me NFL and NBA scores which are great sports and I need to see those scores updates as well but why on the Home page for that are there only soccer scores and if I even want to view NHL scores I have to go to your stupid slider at he top of the page and scroll past college basketball and college football, which college football at this point is basically over just to finally be able to find the NHL tab and view my scores there. If I am not able to view NHL scores on the scores page without having to go through the stupid slider bar past the others dumb sports I will delete this app and switch back to ESPN where they take sports scores seriously. Thanks a very frustrated hockey fan.Version: 6.6.1

It’s alrightI’ll start off by saying when I try to read articles not written by Bleacher report the fully loaded page turns white making it literally impossible to read. Kind of annoying and it’s only when it’s non bleacher report articles. iPhone Xs The rest is about Bleacher report itself. Annoyed of the constant click baiting when I just want good sports knowledge. Constant errors in the writing, it doesn’t seem like they have an editor. Sometimes it’s really minor stuff like a misspelled word. Most writing programs have a spell check feature so it’s really bothersome that the writer couldn’t click a few extra buttons to make the article better but I think it’s actually representative of the writing in general. I don’t think much time or care is taken with the assignments. I definitely think they are more interested in getting you to click something rather than making sure whatever they write is worth clicking. I am slowly and slowly finding myself just going to google and searching for writers who I know took time to write rather than go on the app and that’s kinda sad cause this app is really what got me into sports as much as I am. I understand you got to keep the lights on but I just want to be entertained or interested not bored or mad..Version: 7.2.0

Blocked for No reason, No customer representativesI have been using this app for about 5 years. I don’t know why but I’ve been blocked and cannot comment or interact with users and sports dialogue. I have no idea why. I’ve tried to reach out to a BR representative but I don’t think they exist. I’ve called 3 different office numbers and no one picks up the phone. I’ve tried calling these three numbers on 5 different occasions and I get a machine that tells me “Welcome to Bleacher Report, no one is available” then hangs up on me. I have emailed support 3 times. No one has replied. I even have emailed support about deleting my account. No reply. The app wasn’t even that great. The articles are mostly click bait and there’s very little well written content on here but there is some. I wish there was a better app but I’ve yet to find one. It’s such a let down. I can’t believe we live in 2021 and this is the best sports app available..Version: 8.12.0

Great.. EXCEPT THIS ONE FRUSTRATING THINGThe app is great. Except this glitch id say. When looking at a certain team or sport bubbles under the “me” section. When one is browsing the tweets and vids put up, the page refreshes and causes the reader to lose their spot where they are reading. Especially annoying when you are watching a vid and in the middle of it, POOF the page automatically refreshes to add more content, which in turn pushes anything being viewed way down. So i gotta scroll down to restart the vid. Its super annoying. Let us finish reading/viewing the content and allow us to scroll back up to MANUALLY refresh the page in order to see new content..Version: 8.2.0

Recent update made app very slowThis was probably my most used app until a recent update has made the app extremely buggy and slow. Scrolling freezes and crashes the app constantly..Version: 5.14.0

AwfulWhat is going on with this app? It's not news it's just tweets and ads!.Version: 6.0.0

Most storiesNo stories of substance.Version: 6.11.0

DecentA sports app that has decent stories but spends more of its effort trying to be social than being useful. Twitter feed updates on your favorite team is nice but the fact that it’s 2018 and you don’t have real time updates for scores is ludicrous. I should be able to have a push alert anytime one of my team scores. I shouldn’t have to go into the app and keep checking for the score. 2019 update: App keeps adding more and useless stuff. I don’t need to be bugged constantly to make an account. You want my email address to purely have it not to benefit me with an account that allows me to say sports words at other people saying sports words. Still no real time scores. Disappointing..Version: 6.8.0

Dark modeDark mode please.Version: 8.8.0

Never updatesConstantly looking at the same news from weeks ago. Deleted the app got a newer version same issues.Version: 5.15.0

Ever Heard of an iPad?!UPDATE 2018-08-14: Sadly, it seems the programmers behind this app have still never seen an iPad. No improvements. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Guess what? iPads have a wide screen! And iPad users work in landscape. iPads are not large iPhones/iPod Touches: We do not work in portrait mode. Yet, the “Bleacher Report: Sports News” app only uses the middle third of the landscape-oriented screen that runs straight down the middle. So, if you own an iPad, uninstall this app ASAP, and just use Safari to go to, and sign in at, in the browser. Do NOT waste your time with this app..Version: 5.16.0

Remove Pop-upsI’ve relied on BR for many years for my EPL updates but recently, messages about accepting the use of cookies have popped up frequently. Sometimes, you just can’t acknowledge them and have to close the article because the pop-up covers the whole page. You end up missing out on half the articles on this app so I’ve decided to move on to another EPL news app without these annoying pop-ups..Version: 8.4.0

A personI can update the app.Version: 8.4.0

No longer about sportsI used to use Bleacher Report as my go to football and general sports app. Over the last year or so, the focus of the reporting has gone from reporting sports to social and political issues. I understand that the issues have become intertwined with recent stoppages if sports due to global events....but sports for me an escape from world and political events. Ill look elsewhere for my sports news..Version: 8.1.0

Better apps than thisI have had this app for over a year and i can tell you that there are a lot of click bait articles. News is not accurate and the app is poorly maintained. I would go with the goal app for better articles and information. This app is only good for scores. Honestly really disappointed with this app. Too many “fake journalists” writing articles that are not true. Sad to see this in 2018.Version: 6.6.1

Good app, but currently has a few bugsI like the content feed and the notifications are timely/good. Gripes: ‘Home’ tab is frozen (since second leg of c’league playoffs!) despite multiple iOS and app updates. The ‘Alerts’ tab also fails to load since the last update. (I have iOS 12.2). When I purchase a game stream, the game doesn’t load right away and I often have to refresh the page, press the ‘live’ button and then still fast-forward to ‘live’ stream as it goes back to beginning of the feed. Nice to have: I use a separate app to get sport schedules/table updates, team lineups, live commentary and scores..Version: 6.16.0

Notifications no longer workingLove this app but haven’t got notifications in ages, have tried uninstalling, turning notifications on/off, nothing!.Version: 7.20.0

Scores slower to updatedThe scores during NBA games since the last update have been updating far slower than previously. Sometimes the Twitter feed is even updating before the score is..Version: 8.10.0

Used to be great, but issues have crept in.My most used app for 4/5 years, as it has everything you need for sports. Unfortunately, it’s begun freezing and crashing frequently within the past year. It most recently started to randomly shoot you down the page when scrolling through the “more” area for a team or sport (Where they have smaller articles and twitter posts, but sometimes links to the best content). They seem to have fixed the MANY issues that had started to occur when reading non-BR articles by using a new browser (thankfully). Hopefully they can fix the other issues. They’re frequent and sometimes severe enough to make me just give up.Version: 7.12.1

Tired of being asked for a rating.App works fine. I gave this rating as I was tired of being repeatedly asked to give a rating..Version: 6.6.1

Rotation failGo to schedule and the ad covers most of it. Turn off ad. Blank screen. Rotate phone. Nothing happens. Rubbish app..Version: 7.21.0

Warrantless shadow bans are funMy account got banned without warning. The only thing that would even lead me to know this is that I can no longer comment on anything. When I try to comment, I get an error message that doesn’t say anything about being banned. It even says “try again later” which is obviously a lie if I’m banned. I emailed support and they re-instated my account, but I was still never told how or why I was banned. I never comment anything ban-worthy. I stick to my own team’s community and generally just comment occasionally. The only thing I can think of is if I was in a debate with someone about the team and they just reported me for no reason and I was banned with no oversight from an actual human. Just an algorithm that says “he was reported, ban his account.” Ridiculous. But don’t worry, I won’t be commenting much anymore because for some reason the app attributes your actual name (not your user name) to the comments. B/R is trying to turn into a social media platform instead of just being the sports app that it is....Version: 8.15.0

Comments no longer workingIs a great sport app to keep up to date and lots of good articles. The comments section has stopped working which was one of the best features to get opinions and debate articles very disappointing it no longer works..Version: 7.12.1

Highlight videosLive in Canada, but most MLS and Premiership/La Liga/serie A and EFL championship highlight videos are only playable in the UK and USA. Disappointed that I am unable to watch highlights of my sport because I'm located in Canada..Version: 6.0.0

Family manYeah sometimes it’s about impossible to get a hold of anybody with family in the middle and then a bunch of fake Internet when I say fake just miss communications and nowhere to reach out and talk to people with a bad platform your reviews will be pretty cluttered up I miss typed and misspelled it now I was taking over your phone and you’re running out of time because you feel like you’re getting stepped on all the time and maybe you would understand I got a couple of formulas for a platform Siri close enough power to destroy world but not created by me created by developers of marketers on a bad platform that’s who did that I just wanted my money back I’m not angry about nothing I’m not bad I’m a good guy maybe things have missed typed misspelled due to the nature how I don’t knowWhat I’m doing I just started using a phone or a computer to do business 10 years ago like phone calls.Version: 8.1.0

Can’t comment anymoreSomeone help.Version: 7.14.1

Don’t get this app.Just use The Score app. Bleacher report just steal their headlines from there anyway and don’t relay all the details..Version: 7.14.1

Ruined by new updateThe app was great before the update as it offered easy access to all bleacher report articles that fit your interest. However since the new update, the NFL sponsorship has ruined the app as a NFL video will open on your phone over and over again (around 5-6 times in every minute you have the app open for). This disrupts reading and renders the app almost unusable. Please fix this. I am not against the use of ads as you have to make your money somehow, but ads should not open without prompt to do so, especially when they have volume and can therefore be a massive inconvenience..Version: 4.12

Keeps crashingGreat app when it works but that seems to be rare these days.Version: 6.6.1

Worst “news” appI wouldn’t call anything they post or write about as any news and the comment sections are filled with angry Facebook fans with no idea how any sports work.Version: 6.7.0

All videos unavailableReally dissapointed since the update, pretty much all videos are only available in the US. Makes the app really frustrating to use..Version: 6.2.0

App Doesn’t List Relevant Standings or ScheduleI know this is soccer so it isn’t big for Bleacher Report unless it is the Premier League but the standings are either not up to date or no longer even there. Example: Serie A, Champions League and Juventus among others. They used to be there but now that and schedules for national teams are not updated. This is not difficult to update especially since they were there. It seems it is intermittent depending on the week, meaning sometimes it is there, sometimes not, and sometimes it s the champions league schedule even if the team isn’t in the champions league, which makes the app even more difficult to navigate than it already is. Also the schedule for My Teams is skewed and it often doesn’t show up on the header and sometimes the schedules are not updated until after a match is played even on the team’s schedule page..Version: 6.3.0

Ever since the update it's crashesThis app is the most used on my phone and ever since updating I can't even use it, all it does is crash please fix this soon.Version: 4.8.1

Complete scores shown pleaseWas a 5 until you took away games complete when checking scores. Please put it back..Version: 6.3.0

Keeps crashingApp keeps crashing, freezes the screen and then restarts the iphone. Both iPhone and app are up to date..Version: 8.21

BadThe app is not working for me even after the update.Version: 7.20.0

Just like everything else, it became politicalJust like everything else these days, this app became political. Apparently it was too much to ask to just be able to read about sports on this app, because now they are pushing a massive agenda. I thought sports articles would be the one place left in this world you could go to find things that distracted you from the nonsense of politics these days. Unfortunately this is no longer true. I have had the app for many years and have loved it because you find articles you don’t find anywhere else, but now you have to sort through all the political articles just to find an update on your favorite team. I deleted the app today. Let me know when you’re done pushing the agenda and maybe I’ll get it again..Version: 8.5.0

Can’t Post AnythingMy profile keeps glitching and I haven’t been able to post or comment anything.Version: 8.14.0

Pure crapUseless app and webpage. So many pop ups and ads you spend most of your time waiting for loading. If I could rate it minus stars it would be a -10. But the only way to warn you is to give it 1 I was contacted by the app developers to find out exactly why I rated this app a -100. All you have to do is try to bring up the web page. The developers try to funnel you into using the bleacher app so they can bombard you with advertisement. The sports news is a forgotten thought. The web page takes an hour to load and then only 2 articles with only a picture and a caption load. My recommendation is these developers are more suited for selling hot dogs from a cart or shoes. Update: It has been months since i posted a review with a very negative slant on the developers of this site. They continue to fail big time. The knickswall is a real sports app. They are more interested in sports stories than selling merchandise. dump this dopes.Version: 8.9.0

Too many accept cookiesEvery time you click on a story you have to accept sharing your personal data and never opened the article complete joke of a app becoming.Version: 5.16.1

Old news can’t be removedGood app but the timeline is constantly full of old stories which for some reason don’t delete when you refresh even if for sports not marked in your teams follow page. You need to fix this..Version: 8.16.0

Great if you want to read adsThis app is littered with pop up ads. Every time I click on (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) an article to read I am either interrupted or prompted to pay for a subscribed (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) service. While the app in principle covers many (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) sports and allows you to follow your favorite (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) teams, even setting priorities for your news feed, you’re better off just (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) reading the headlines and checking scores, both of which can (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) be found in an sport-official app such as MLB app and others. App also links a lot of content (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) to Twitter, and if I wanted to use Twitter I’d just (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad is this annoying yet? Yeah I bet. And so is the app when it does it get the picture?) reactivate my Twitter account and participate that way. At least Twitter has (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad and you thought I was done) an ad blocker. In other words, for complete stories use other apps otherwise risk being (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad)....Version: 6.23.0

Care notI just like notices from the teams that I follow NOT everything that goes on in sports world.Version: 5.16.1

Great app baring one thingHi. I do like the app and how it comes together however something I really find useful other apps is setting alerts and notifications for specific leagues I follow ie premier league la liga etc and also the ability to set alerts for individual matches without having to set the team as a favourite. Neither of which I can find settings for. If someone could come back to me that would be great .only thing stopping me from using it as daily go to sports app..Version: 6.4.0

Make video auto play an option.This is seriously the only thing that ruins a perfectly fine app. Please add in an option to turn off auto-playing of videos. It's completely unnecessary to have this function and it's more annoying than not. I want to listen to my music and read the news without some video starting to play. And it's not like it's just a press of a button to get back to my music, I have to switch app to the music one, play, switch back - iPhone's Control Centre being utterly useless. Uses up data and simply annoying..Version: 4.0

Great app, but...If you are into sport, this is the app for you. Oh how wonderful it was until the most recent update. The app freezes approximately every 30 seconds, which is really getting annoying. Also, adds are a major feature now, they just roll over the screen and interrupt your reading. In short... B/R PLEASE FIX THIS. As you can see, I am clearly not the only one..Version: 4.1.2

Banned for Reporting Nasty Comments...I had been on BR for over two years! There were things I liked and things I didn’t such as how poorly the support service is, also not receiving an email telling me about my account was very disappointing. I have not heard back for over a month and I don’t plan on recommending this app to anyone because of the way I was treated and many others being banned for just absolutely pathetic reasons then not getting a massage about what they did or how long they are suspended. That app is run by rats that have absolutely no idea how to filter reported comments. For someone to be suspended for simply reporting comments of people saying absolutely disgusting things is a joke and an embarrassment for that BaRcelona app. Terrible.Version: 6.7.0

App crashes in 5 seconds, used be decentI’ve been using this app for over 2 years, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. However, this app has been terrible as of late. First of all, I got banned for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON at over 200 followers. I literally never commented anything remotely bad or against TOS, but I got banned with no notice or reason. I tried contacting customer service, but they never responded. So, slightly discouraged, I created a new account. I grew this account to over 500 followers, and BAM, out of nowhere I’m banned again. Once more, I never commented anything that could be even close to something I could be banned for. I’m not sure what the deal is, but getting banned for no reason, and given no explanation is just dumb. So, after getting banned twice, I created an account again, but I only use it for viewing, I never comment anything. Its been a month, but haven’t been banned yet. But the thing that prompted me to write this review wasn’t that. Ever since I got the iPhone 12 (the app did occasionally crash on my old iPhone, it was manageable) THE APP LITERALLY CRASHING 5 SECONDS AFTER OPENING EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m about to delete the app since it is unusable, and incredibly frustrating. I would really love you be able to use the app, but I simply can’t. If this was a small bug on the new phones, it would have already been fixed by now. What is the deal BR?.Version: 8.10.0

Robert OdellI much preferred the former format. Bleacher report in it’s former format was all I read for sports. Now, I go to the NFL network, News Fusion ect. and Bleacher Report..Version: 5.16.1

Complicated Website for Mobile UsersBR never seems to work for me. When I hit the notification about a topic I know that it doesn’t land where I think it will go if it opens at all. Maybe it’s me. But I still can complain. I can open other cable news sites just fine. Just managing through the BR site on the phone is not worth it to me as I will usually inadvertently go off into lala land and never find my way back to the article I was looking at. Like if I’m looking at a football article and I hit a stray button when I hit the go back arrow I end up with basketball and I can’t find what I was looking at. The bottom line in my humble opinion is you need to simplify the site for mobile users. One mans opinion. Good articles if you can get to them..Version: 6.22.0

Good app, but also badGood concept, but horrible navigation and UI. The search bar is awful, as it lets you search for nothing. Comments are in weird places, and the overall navigation of the app feels off..Version: 7.20.0

Slow like hellThis app reminds me of browsing internet in the 90’s... slow like hell... not a very good user experience....Version: 5.14.0

Comments don’t workGood app but since the last upgrade it you can’t to read comments on articles. It’s just a dead link when you click. The good news is that they have an easy way to contact the developers. The band news is that despite trying this twice no one found the time to fix it or even reply! Update - Managed to get a reply but no progress - been waiting a year so not holding out much hope. It worked initially so backwards steps. Frustrating. Now trying The Athletic to see if that’s any better. Had a message from BR at Xmas saying stay tuned. Well I did buy nothing changed. Poor customer service. The feature used to work so it’s not a good way to treat readers..Version: 8.24

Buggy app, terrible contentThe Bleacher Report of days gone by is gone. The app has always had performance issues with the screen turning black while reading an article and random crashes. Now I can’t even open the app without it crashing. Before that happened, articles were constantly reloading. It’s totally unusable. I suppose that’s okay though. It’s helping me finally acknowledge that BR is no longer worth using. They curated a lot of articles from other sources, but now it’s mostly just tweets and their own crappy re-drafts and poorly written articles. The app has also turned into left-wing reporting that is tangentially related to sports. A feature article on the Atlanta Hawks that is actually just about Rayshard Brooks? An interview with JJ Redick on how Lebron and KD haters are racists? Absolutely no coverage of DeShaun Jackson’s anti-Semitism? Apparently BR is now just a bunch of far leftists who think we are more interested in their agenda than actual sports and who can’t even make a functioning app..Version: 7.20.0

Good app but frustratingThe app is great, but how come whenever I try to view the comments on something it tells me to download the app? It takes me to the App Store but I can’t download the app cos I already have it, so I click open which takes me to the app, click on the comments which takes me to the App Store....Version: 7.18.0

Horrible Interface with random scrolling because of AdsI never write reviews but I have been so annoyed with this that I felt the need to share this so others can see the terrible design of this app. Whenever I get a highlights notification and click on it to watch the highlight in the app, it loads straight to the video and then about two seconds into the video, as all the ads in the app finally load, it’ll scroll way past the video I was watching. Then I have to scroll back down to try and find it. This is not something that just happens every once in a while, this happens literally every time I click on a notification for this app. Until BR fixes this I will be unable to rank this as anything other than a 1 star app.Version: 7.1.0

Bad writing for WWE pageBleacher Report is a good source, overall. My biggest criticism is how awful the writers are for the WWE page. They constantly knock the product by writing negative articles. Throughout their recaps of shows and events, they make overly biased, condescending comments about what transpired, as if they could have done better if they had wrote the show. Do they even like wrestling? Do they understand how wrestling works? It would be nice to read about what happened on Raw or Smackdown without having to read several amateur snipes about the product, which only makes them seem bitter and pretentious. I don’t even bother reading any of their articles anymore about “So and So must do “X” to stay relevant”. Again, bitter and pretentious writing. I hope Bleacher Report recognizes their WWE writers’s incompetence and puts an end to it..Version: 5.14.0

Stop showing me content I don’t wantI subscribe to the Man Utd stream. Stop putting Liverpool content into it.Version: 6.21.0

Only reason I have is because magazine costs get up thereIt’s a cool app for the few good articles released. But between the division and politics, the hate of anyone who has a different view on trump this app has become pretty bad. You glorify kaepernick and demonize those who may not agree with his stance. Your writers act like their word is the only word to listen to. I can’t read an article about football without some slander or bias about conservatives or people who think like them. This app was dope a few years back. But you guys jumped on the hate bandwagon and continue to spread division with every article. Thank you for inciting rage in young impressionable men and women because that’s what this country needs right now?? And this will get lost in the review stack as I’m sure you people could care less what your readers think. “Do as I say not as I do”.Version: 5.16.1

Great app but only if you like reading racist commentsI gave BR a 5 star review quite a few years ago when they were first gaining popularity. Since then, the app itself has not changed much. You can DM and follow other users now but that’s not what we’re looking for in a sports app. My biggest issue with the app and community, I’ve noticed throughout 2020, is how ignorant, hateful and racist a lot of users are in the comment sections. Doesn’t matter what the article topic is, the comments are usually filled with political views and racist comments towards other users and athletes. Sports and politics should NEVER even be in the same sentence and that’s supposed to be the beauty of sports: it shouldn’t matter what you look like or believe in, we’re all fans of the same games. BR needs better moderators (if they even employ any) to save the integrity of this app and community....Version: 7.21.0

Not very goodIt seems to have no regard for your favourites and I kept seeing the same stories on my feed day after day after day!! I’ve deleted it...Version: 9.4.0

Whenver i can read a full article its great..I really liked the old theme with the orange and white. the most annoying/frustrating thing is how the slides automatically switch andcit throws the whole article off. even with one page articles with no slides it automatically switches to the next article this app always had this problem but now its unbearably annoying PLEASE FIX!.Version: 2.5.1

PredictionsIt’s hard to find the epl predictions.Version: 5.16.1

Follow ur local team? Not!!!This actually is a not bad app if u want to follow a team in English prem. plenty news and gossip but one of the first things it asked me was to pick my local team to set up as a favourite. I let it select my location and it brought up my 'local team' option as man utd, man city, Liverpool, Everton and villa. I live in edinburgh- which for the support team for this app is in a different country to all the above teams! Even if it were picking teams just from English prem (which it does!) u missed out Newcastle, Sunderland and a whole host of other teams to get to my 'local team' options!! One star until this is fixed afraid..Version: 2.7.2

App keeps freezing and crashing when I open itNew update keeps freezing and throwing me out of the app.Version: 7.3.0

The good and bad!Groups what you want to see quite well, yet it is easy to tell that it is made in the USA. App is very bias and frustrating. If the team you follow has/had a player from the United States you will have to deal with links for a very long time even if they are not relative anymore. Incredibly frustrating! Does have a wealth of resources. Good and bad, trash and insight!.Version: 6.19.1

Auto video playCan you turn this off please? It’s making the app so slow and clunky.Version: 5.15.0

Political Trash app nowUsed to be sports. Not it’s all about politics. Stick to sports BR. Crap.Version: 8.0.0

Some issuesGood app, many articles. The only issue I have is can’t read comments tells me to download all transfers me to the App Store despite being already on the app..Version: 7.1.0

BuggyBuggy.Version: 3.2

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