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1 feature missing...I would love to have a favorites list, or at least be able to select from a list of the last 10 accounts I have viewed, rather than having to start a new search every time I log in. Other than that this app is excellent! Thanks!.Version: 2.94

Update Works WellVery handy app. It continues to work well after update. I'm running iOS 6 on iPhone 5 Updated 10/17/12 Today's update gives full screen on iPhone 5 & works well, but it appears that landscape view of reports is no longer available, which was handy for a larger font, on the iPhone. Perhaps they will adjust that ... Hopefully! Updated 02/05/13 The Nov. 17, 2012 update still doesn't have landscape view for reports, making it difficult to read on the iPhone. Landscape view would be very beneficial especially on the iPhone 5 with it's longer screen. Funny, they disabled landscape view just when the latest hardware would have made it more beneficial. Updated 04/25/2013 Glad to have Landscape view, of Reports, back as of an update or 2 ago. It's nice on the Longer iPhone 5 screen..Version: 2.95

TechNice app,works well, be nice if you could have more than 1 station working with this.other than always changing your info or have it on another device.even if it was a paid app would be nice.Version: 3.4

Bug??App crashes when trying to access Maintenance tab. Only on the iPad, use it on Samsung device and it works..Version: 5.7.2

Works A lot better NOW, +1 starLatest version v4 works much better than previous below. So it seems they are trying to improve the user experience on iOS. Thx! With no response ever from App Support (shame!) I started giving feedback to my Stations Director who subscribes to SIMS support. Did this help, not sure, but they represent many of us versus just each of us one by one. Older version review <=v3.8 comments: Can get work done on my iPhone5, but the latest version makes it so much harder to login with no TouchID support (iPhone5) and the fact that memorized username and passwords do not work well at all anymore. Password field freezes, and you have to press login, get a failure, then renter username and password. A lot harder than before. No app support internally. App support on App Store gets error 404. For Professional Software, this is a very buggy release. Better regression testing needed before release. Maybe even a new product manager! SIMWARE has never responded to tickets entered. It looks like a black hole. Not really a professional image one would expect. C'mon guys - lets get it together!!!.Version: 4.0

WowVraiement un must pour tout technicien d alarme !!!.Version: 2.5

FantasticThis app will please many in the security field..Version: 2.70

Game changer!The sims pocket is truly a game changer in the security monitoring industry. Finally a product that empowers not only the installing company techs but also the home/business owner. Easy to use and fully interactive. Allows clients to have full access and control of there information..Version: 1.7

Best of the bestSaves hundreds of hours in time on the phone with the cs! Worth every penny.Version: 2.91

TechnicianGreat app, easy to work with and saves time. No more calling the central station for signals received! My customers love receiving monthly reports on site right to their printer. Great Work Guys!.Version: 2.95

Amazing productJust an amazing product and the time it saves my people you can't put a price on..Version: 2.1

Need to fixNeed to make it where we can continue the "out of service" status without having to actually put the account in service then take it out of service. Other than that it is a really solid app. Saves a ton of time..Version: 2.94

Great App! Saves alot of time!!!A+.Version: 3.1

Sims appWorks great! Saves tons of time and phone calls. Get it today!.Version: 1.4

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