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Great toolI mostly use the thought checking tool and the mood rater. But just those have had a huge impact on keeping my mood up. Including keeping me from having an actual mental break-down one day and giving me the time to get to a psychologist. I couldn't praise this app enough..Version: 3.1

Wide variety of activitiesI like the variety of activities offered in this app. I also like the convenient way the journal is tied to the activity descriptions, so I can easily make entries. Good mix of CBT and positive psychology..Version: 3.1

So simple yet helpfulThis helps me journal in a way that is actually helpful. Waiting until the end of the day to write things down can be overwhelming, but this app allows me access to journaling at any time I want. It also helps me track my mood without getting too complicated. My favorite thing is to write down a thought. This walks you through thinking it out by suggesting examples of how you might be looking at the situation with a distorted thinking pattern. Great app that has helped me a lot..Version: 3.3

MoodKitIts a great app especially when setting "homework" for patients as they can use it instead of having to print out forms..Version: 2.2

Incredibly useful for myself and my kidsI've used this app to improve my own mood long-term and I'm also using it with my kids. I've learned a lot and it's helped me recognize distortions in my thinking I was never fully aware of..Version: 3.1

Easily the Best CBT appThis is definitely the best and most comprehensive CBT app going just now. Well worth the £2.99..Version: 1.0.3

Great CBT app!A great tool for analyzing negative thought patterns, especially for those with anxiety and/or depression. A little expensive for an app, but well worth it for its quality and depth. It would be very useful for those in therapy, but also for those who don't want / can't afford therapy and need a little help, and as support to those on medication. Doctors should recommend this!.Version: 2.0.2

Fab app and definitely worth the moneyI have just bought this and spent about 30 mins reading the sections and making some initial notes. I think it's going to be really useful for me. I have been wanting to start writing some of my thoughts down but didn't know where/how to organise them. This app seems to make the process of recording your thoughts/mood really easy which in turns facilitates attempting to analyse how you are feeling/what you are thinking. For anyone therefore looking for a very practical tool, this seems to hit the spot. It also contains lots of tips for ways to try and make yourself feel better. It's well worth the money and is certainly the best way I've spent a couple of pounds recently! Thank you so much to whoever designed this app. You have obviously thought a lot about making it practical and useful and I'm so happy I came across it..Version: 2.2

Has really helped meI noticed positive changes in my attitude the first day I used this app. Only wish the mood rating could vary by hour instead of just the one day average. Great app! Thank you..Version: 1.0.3

Fantastic toolThis is a fantastic tool. So very helpful for "in the moment" thought corrections. Thankyou, thankyou has helped so much.Version: 2.1

MeBeautiful App So much to read and apply in your daily life.Version: 3.1

Highly recommend this app!I really like this app! It has been a wonderful tool for improving my self awareness especially in relation to mood. I am finding it helpful for developing healthier coping mechanisms and lifestyle choices..Version: 2.2

It’s like having a therapist in your pocketVery nice app! Many proven therapeutic techniques have been woven into the various excersies. It also has some nice mood tracking functionally..Version: 3.1

Anxious depressed controllerExcellent tool, always with me, my rigid habitual thinking is my problem so writing it down & questioning it helps me to find other healthier ways of thinking and therefore feeling. Would prefer if I could go back to previous suggestions in tips as I sometimes click next too soon, otherwise an extremely helpful app thank you..Version: 2.2

Fabulous resourceI started using CBT almost a decade ago, but I've almost always done it in my head. I find the journaling aspect time consuming and while I'm willing to do the work, I also run a company and my time is very, very valuable. This app changes everything; it saves time, it makes CBT a snap, and it's keeping me engaged in the deep work of changing my beliefs. I would recommend this app to anyone who's willing to do the work of changing their beliefs and attitude..Version: 2.2

Fantastic AppFantastic app with all the tools that you need to help you to recover or to help stay healthy in body and mind. The journal templates are excellent and having all this information on your phone is amazing! Everything I learned in treatment is reiterated and easy to use..Version: 2.0

Excellent appI use the app to help me keep track of my daughters daily struggles with severe anxiety and school refusal. I can keep a journal of daily successes or failures and monitor her state of mind which help me give a bigger picture to health professionals and educators. I really like the fact I can easily email any involved parties. I also like the secure settings..Version: 3.1

Very ThoroughI wish I could view all upcoming tasks according to date & time, but I do love that tasks can be scheduled in my calendar. I love the thought record portion. These are things my counsellor has recommended I do anyway, so it's very convenient to have in one app. Would definitely recommend..Version: 2.1

Mood kitMood kit picks up where CBT left off. It is great at keeping me on track with my goals, as well as challenging those distorted thought patterns we all get from time to time. I'm finding I use this App almost daily..Version: 2.1

Now supporting iPhone 5What more could you want. It's great..Version: 2.1

Well thought outFully featured, best mood tracker on the AppStore I've come across.Version: 2.0.2

Re: MoodkitWhat a great app. Having done CBT before, I can see how cleverly thought out this app is. It makes doing CBT a bit more interesting than just filling in Thought Records, although that part of it is included in a good way for a smartphone. It includes a variety of mood-shifting suggestions to help you to help yourself, which would even be beneficial for those who aren't having problems of low mood. I like the graph that clearly shows how your mood has changed over a period of time. Thank you for a really good app.Version: 2.0.2

Fab!Such an easy way to track my moods on a regular basis.Version: 3.1

Good appI have tried a few other similar apps but this one is awesome and covers almost everything. Well done..Version: 2.2

NiceVery thorough and helpful app. The one thing is I wish the user face was better designed, graphics beside the activities/etc kinda tacky/kitsch so maybe simplified vector graphics instead? Overall very good app well done.Version: 3.1

Practical Tool for those trying to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a habitThis tool is so handy because it puts CBT in your pocket, allowing you to work through your thoughts and worries while they are on your mind. Practical exercises can be integrated into you calendar and notes, the journal and thought tracker let you use those small windows of available time in your day to improve your ongoing practice of CBT. Very thoughtful app..Version: 2.0.2

Great, but wish there was iCloud sync/backupThis is a great app, but I wish there was a way you could sync the data to iCloud, so that there is a way to exchange data between devices. It seems that if the app gets deleted, the stored entries in your iPhone/iPad get deleted as well. This is important to me because I like to keep track of prior entries to notice patterns..Version: 3.3

Very very useful.Well thought out and helpful app..Version: 2.2

Awesome until:So I downloaded this app last week on Thursday or Friday, and started using it right away! I love this app, and am very happy with the shear amount of knowledge it has to offer as well the amount of tips and exercises it also has to offer, 200+ not including the ones that can be created by the user. But, Everytime I try and sync it with my calendar, it closes out on me and never saves it to my calendar at all! I had this happen 3 times yesterday (Saturday) within an hour. Then 2 more times in the evening. Bug... Glitch... Not sure what is going on, but not one sync has happened with the calendar. To which is this a feature I must have inorder for me to use this app? No, but I thought I'd bring it to the developers attention. Otherwise I would highly recommend this app to anyone suffering with mental health..Version: 3.2

Extremely beneficially and useful app!!Whenever I am struggling I come back to this app to journal and sort out my thoughts. It has so many helpful tips and actions to take if you are stuck in rumination. Having ADHD my thoughts tend to race and I am easily overwhelmed so this app just gives me a private place to brain dump, get ideas, and then move on. I never write reviews and I often download apps that I use only once and delete but this is the one app I have always kept on my phone and used for the past couple of years. I haven’t found a better one! The interface is simple and not distracting..Version: 3.3

Awesome app.Very impressive templates, and an excellent tool to keep me on track; very happy with my purchase..Version: 3.1

Worthwhile investmentI have both depression and anxiety. This app does a great job at helping me pinpoint negative triggers and helps me think differently. I've never reviewed an app before but I seriously reccomend this one; no matter if you're depressed or even feeling slightly melancholic, it will change your life! Thank you! :).Version: 2.0.1

Incredibly HelpfulMoodKit has been incredibly helpful in managing my anxiety and improving my ability to deal with stressors and maintain emotional equilibrium. The thought and heart that went into designing this app is remarkable and clearly with the goal of helping people. Just wanted to share my heartfelt thanks and let you know that you are making a real difference and improving lives..Version: 3.3

A+This app is amazing, simply put it uses all the CBT skills you should practice on a daily basis in such a convenient form. Commit to using this daily and you will see changes!!.Version: 1.0.3

Needs to be icloudedGreat app but would be even better if I could sync data between iPad and iPhone. I use both devices and having them out of sync is frustrating.Version: 1.0.3

Best mental health App that’s out!!I use this app to help with my mental health & it is incredible!! It honestly has changed my life and the way I view things! Best mental health app that’s on the market by far..Version: 3.1

What I neededI was looking for a mood tracker and found this. It is doing a great job of tracking my moods and a lot more. I am a fan of the CBT approach to dealing with mental issues, so this app hits a lot of what I like. I should also mention that I am not the type of person to use their phone for much more than calls, texts, and Internet access. So I’m really not used to spending time with apps. With the reminders that can be customized and the knowledge that difficult or painful patterns can be addressed immediately without looking up one of my templates or worksheets, this app is getting a lot of use..Version: 3.3

Makes u thinkJust bought it as part of my New Year's goals to use more accessible Apps with my psychology clients this year. It is very intuitive and does stop and make u think and assess how u think and feel AND how to become more positive and focussed. Thanks for putting this together..Version: 2.0.2

Love itI purchased this app after using it on my clinical psychologists iPad in session a few times. I decided to purchase it and use it myself, as I thought it was a really cool idea and I believed it was something I would use. I was right in purchasing it, it’s very helpful and I’ve since recommended it to everybody. Fantastic app! Easy to use! 10/10.Version: 3.1

Easy &convenient thought checker at no cost says all you need to knowMy therapist gives me paper work to check cognitive distortions but I lost interest after a few days. I tend to ruminate and sometimes can spend days researching something. That’s my crisis mode. My PTSD is very hard to manage but this make everything all In one place and it’s straight to the point. On paper, they would be scattered and forgotten for months until I found it again and repeated this same cycle. Thank you so much!!!.Version: 3.1

GreatVery well put together and useful app..Version: 1.0.3

Pretty goodThought checker is a great idea, helps challenge negative thoughts and provide perspective. Mood chart would be better if you could view longer periods of time, rather than only the prior week..Version: 1.0.1

Awesome app!!My fav psych app ever. Love the journalling component, but every part of it is great. Would highly recommend it!.Version: 2.2

Great appHave found it very helpful to change my thoughts into more positive place!! Great app.Version: 2.1

Updates and IdeasThe repeated prompts are still happening. I'd love it if we could save journal entries as drafts if we have to leave the app..Version: 3.1

So far I love it. Even brought it for my wife.Haven’t done the activities yet but the thoughts is invaluable. Wish that once thoughts session have been saved it disappears. It says it’s saved but all the data remains and there’s no way to start a new session without hitting the back button which makes you feel like something is wrong with this process..Version: 3.1

MikeMJust what I have been looking for..Version: 2.2

MoodKit reviewVery impressed with this app. It helps you organise and review your thoughts. Really useful and a bargain at £3.00..Version: 1.0.3

Mood kitGreat app, easy to use and I have found it really useful.Version: 2.1

Helpful appMy doctor to recommend this app to me to help with my depression and anxiety. The thought checker tool really helps me to see the sources of my anxiety with less distortions. I have been using it for 10 days and already see slight improvement with my anxiety..Version: 3.1

Solid CBT appI jumped at the opportunity to get this app, because I have previously used an online CBT course (Australian ecouch program), so I was familiar with the principles and loved the idea of having a similar course on my own device and not on internet. Even though it is for the iPhone, I started using it on iPad, as this was the only iOS device I had (having to use the iPhone keyboard on the iPad is a pain though). I like the very much, and it is more fun for me to work on CBT electronically than on paper. However, now I got a brand new iPhone and I would love a sync ability. I now face the choice on which device should I use the app with, iPad or iPhone? iPad seems like an ideal device to use the app, much like writing a journal by hand, iPhone is a bit too tiny for that, however it is good to note some things on the go. Let's hope ability to sync between devices and iPad version will come in future versions..Version: 1.0.1

Loving this appOne of the best trackers I’ve seen so far. Good at helping sort out your thought to more healthy, positive ones.Version: 3.3

Very useful toolI use this app regularly for individuals in my therapy practice for CBT monitoring of their triggers and situations, cognitive distortions, moods, etc. As I have become more familiar with it I am increasingly impressed with how many features there are and how well thought out it really is. I work mainly with mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy and this app has included every element needed to follow this therapy. The price point is affordable for everyone. My only complaint is that as far as I know, it is not available on anything other than iPhones currently. I have not found another app for my clients who do not use iPhones..Version: 3.3

Amazing app!I have had great results from this app so far. I can use it to plan my mood for the next day just like I plan other activities..Version: 1.0.3

A lifesaverThis little app is excellent. I couldn't rate it more highly. It is always there when you need it, A real gem. Thank you to all of you who developed it- a life saver.Version: 3.1

Already helpingThis app has made mood changing so convenient for me. When I'm overreacting to situations and can't just flick it around, I take 10 mins out to use the mood changer and get my thoughts out. It is helping me already in one week. I will say that I already know how to dispute my thoughts after years of practice, so this app is perfect for me. I love the simplicity of the layout and the options of thought distortion ready for me to just recognise + choose. It's incredibly helpful during stressful times (like now)..Version: 2.2

Probably my most useful AppI really love this app. It really forces me to document how and WHY I am feeling a certain way when I am feeling really down or when I'm feeling really happy. I don't use this app on a daily basis, but use it when my moods are particular down or happy. I just enter the 1/10 scale to rate my mood and then I use the corresponding short questions to explain WHY I am feeling that way, what could perhaps be done to done to change my view and what I could DO next time when feeling this way. You can look back and read your old entries when feeling the same way again. Very cool. PS I'm an avid reader of DISCOVER MAGAZINE and they suggested this app, so that pulled a loooot of weight in my opinion!!!.Version: 2.0.2

It's ok.It is helpful in moderating your thoughts. It's quite interesting to see there are many activities you can commit yourself to do. But I'm wondering if this tool is accurate at evaluating your mood, because you have to manually score your mood rather then letting the app ask you during the day/night. This means that some mood will not be recorded because one may have forgot to use it and that causes some bias..Version: 2.1

Like a therapist in your pocket!Tremendous app. Like having my therapist in my phone. Exactly like the homework I'm provided at appointments..Version: 3.1

Very involved... Great appI haven't been using this app long, but so far I've found it to be excellent. It's very involved too which I do think warrants the slightly higher price Range. I have suffered major clinic depression for most of my life & this app has the tools to help me carry out CBT techniques in conjunction with my Doctor. I will definitely be showing this app to my Doctor on my next visit!.Version: 1.0.1

Mood kitI only down loaded this app about an hour ago and I can already see that it will be really helpful. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression and or low mood. It's certainly worth a go..Version: 2.0.2

Life and thought changerThis app has been a complete life changer for me. I've been using the app for several years as I struggle with depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Granted, sometimes when you are so emotionally worked up, you forget the resource is here, but when I do remember, I stop, use it, and am able to re-process my thoughts and realize the distributions. I then always feel better..Version: 3.1

Good combinationReally good little app based on sound CBT principles and with a lot of the charting and journal functions offered by other less broad apps..Version: 1.0

Great appI suffer from depression and this app has helped me with my thinking so much. It is such a great tool I highly recommend it!.Version: 1.0.3

Calmer in the momentThis app is a great tool for analysing thoughts in the moment or after the fact. Useful for picking apart the negative threads of a thought and reweaving them more positively into the fabric of your day..Version: 2.2

Great resourceI've been dealing with Persistent Depressive Disorder for a number of years now, and this app helps keep me motivated to improve my life and correct my distorted thinking..Version: 3.1

Great app!!!Cool!!!.Version: 1.0.3

Excellent app!I have been using this app for months. It has worked wonders in reducing my anxiety and increasing my positivity The interface is really clear and motivating too. Highly recommend this application!.Version: 2.1

Great appUse it in conjunction with a couple of others. Great for reframing negative bias..Version: 3.3

PerfectMy therapist asked me to do mood monitoring and after two weeks I had Done next to none. After downloading this app I'm doing it several times a day and making HUGE progress, there is science behind this and the content in this app is exactly what the clinical psychologist does with me in a normal session. Get it now. Worth the $..Version: 2.0.2

Definitely UsefulLove the mood tracking, and the thought checker. A powerful tool to see what gaps there are in your thinking, and how to gain a better perspective..Version: 3.1

Love itSo far so good. I find myself using the app regularly, and it also provides practical tips and tricks..Version: 2.1

Early days but looks like a winning app so farThis is very helpful for documenting thoughts and moods in a clear/user friendly manner. I've not felt this compelled to leave a review for an app in quite some time. Great work..Version: 2.2

Great for between therapist visits and in conjunction with the therapyThe best mood app by far, I would love a sleep tracker and medication log in it, though it's awesome as it is. I use it and then email the entries to my therapist the morning of our session. Before we start therapy, she reads everything and we discuss the past entries since our last session. It really allows us to make the best of our session time. It's great for when I can't remember manic phases. The thought checker is awesome too. It's a good idea to have for 'normies' too!😉 Get if if you can spend the few dollars..Version: 3.1

This is what I have been looking for :-)I have learnt CBT over the years but often fail to practice it. I recently spoke to my therapist about a CBT workbook I had purchased, thinking it would help. I have failed to open the book, preferring to read travel books. This is an app I am using daily and I feel I am taking control of my depression and anxiety. Thank you to the other users who recommended it in iTunes - I rely on your opinions before purchasing any app..Version: 2.0.2

Great for general well being and confidenceIt's the little things to be appreciative of. This app is practical, encouraging and puts you in control of what you wish to commit to and how you wish to deal with challenges. Fantastic app.Version: 2.0.2

Has helped me so much!I have depression and OCD. This program is exactly what my therapist has me do in terms of marking my moods. It’s just nice to do it in an app and not a sheet of paper I’ll likely lose. The note function with the rating really helps me think about what’s going on and how I’m feeling about it. Wonderful app. Thank you!.Version: 3.3

Very GoodAs someone fighting depression, this has turned out to be a good companion to therapy. Thanks..Version: 2.0.2

Great app!I have been using this app for about 3 months. I really like the graphing of my moods so I can see at a glance how I have been along with the notes I write. This has really helped me understand why I have moods and how I can change them for the better. I have never been good at keeping a diary but this is so much better..Version: 3.1

Buy this app - forget the restVery pleased - easy to use, range of tools and useful ideas that have helped me through a difficult time. Also helps with privacy, rather than a notepad. It was recommended by my CBT counsellor and I can see why..Version: 2.0.2

AwesomeThis app has simplified one of the quickest and most efficient uses of CBT..Version: 2.2

Thoughtful appA beautifully thoughtful app. I use every function in it and all of it is useful. I have found Thought Checker to be particularly amazing. You are taken through a series of steps to "thought check" a situation that recently bothered you. Without fail, it has given me a realigned perception every time I used it and made me feel better. Quite impressive. My only feature-wish is syncing. Would love to switch between my iPod and touch and iPad. Particularly great if I could key out some of my (lengthy!) journals on the iPad..Version: 2.0.2

ExcellentComforting, stabilising place outside yourself to calm inner turbulence. Easy to access options..Version: 3.3

Great appI am a cbt therapist and recommend the app for my patients. It's much easier and more discreet than paper..Version: 2.0.2

Excellent!It has every feature I could possibly think of! A journal, prompts, mood tracker, reminders, and lots of other things. I'm amazed that I can make myself feel a bit better by adjusting my thoughts. I can also catch myself doing unhelpful things to my mind like catastrophising, thinking in black and white (no shades of grey), mind reading etc with this app. Going through a bereavement and other things at the mo so this should really help..Version: 3.1

Great app!!!My psychologist recommended this app to me and it is great! I love how you can do the activities and then write a journal entry about it after. There is also a wide variety of different activities that you can choose from. The thought checker is also very cool. I agree with the other person who wrote a review that I wish you could go back and look further than one month to view your mood patterns. That would be a really useful tool, maybe you could change that? Overall, this is a fantastic app, I love it!.Version: 1.0.3

Life saving appI love this apps features of the thought diary and mood tracker and the journal. In the last week alone it has really been a great help and review my thoughts and assumptions. It has saved my life a few times this week. Would recommend to people with personality disorders..Version: 3.1

Great appThis app is fantastic! I have an eating disorder and BPD and this app is helping me track and help with the therapy techniques I've learnt for years. I have my phone with me all the time so I can use this app to help me through the day. Thank to the creators, top job guys you've done well :).Version: 1.0

Life Changing AppThe thought checker on this app allows the user to identify thought distortions and to rethink situations after having these removed which most times takes away any negative emotions during this process. It’s based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is very effective - once you get in the habit of using the app to work through difficult thoughts you soon are able to identify the distortions yourself and to use the app less..Version: 3.1

A must haveThis is such a surprise! I love it and OMG it works like a psychologist, really helps get the thinking straight and I love that I can rely on myself with its help to solve issue and sort out what's my crazys and what's not! Really have a good look, as it's worth the money I'm even going to load as gifts to all I know!! Great app.Version: 1.0.3

New session buttonCan you add an option to create a new journal session on the last step, once a session is recorded in the journal..Version: 3.3

Amazing functionalityI'm definitely happy with this purchase. This app has very similar functions to other cognitive behavior therapy apps available; however, while it may not be as "pretty" or intuitively constructed, it has an amazing and diverse list of resources available and doesn't have an outrageous monthly fee. Further, I like the way it allows you to reframe thinking patterns and then reevaluate your feelings in order to see the benefits immediately. I can see myself continuously using this application to have more positive and stress-free thoughts..Version: 3.1

HelpfulThis app is helpful and is better than the icbt. It has a few more extras. I use it all the time and it has helped me with my cognition immensely. I recommend it..Version: 2.0.2

I'm excited to use this appRecently I had a psychiatric assessment where various activities were proposed to me to help regulate my anxiety. I was so pleased to see all her recommendations included in this app. I've enjoyed using it so far and look forward to seeing long term results . One suggestion: I would like to see a way to build and integrate my own custom activities..Version: 1.0.3

I love it!!This app is really good and the suggestions are really helpful, iv had it one day and I already feel loads better!:).Version: 2.0.2

Absolutely love this app!I am not great with emotions so this is a perfect tool to help me take control of a situation or mood and get to the root of the problem. Love that it has a lock for privacy and that everything can be added to journal, but when looking at journal, you can filter by entry type..Version: 2.2

Good appA good collection of CBT tools, easy to use. The journal is great, better than having to cart a notebook around. Recommend it to anyone who is trying to improve themselves through CBT. Lots of other options included as well, just choose the options you need and away you go. Recommended..Version: 2.0.2

ExcellentWorthy tool to improve mood..Version: 1.0.3

The creators of this app get itThey just get it. They get it with their questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. Fantastic app that has genuinely affected my life positively..Version: 3.1

MissWow this is an amazing app, I suffer from an eating disorder and depression and this app is helping me much not to mention how much I'm saving on my psychologist. Thank you so much to the creators : D.Version: 1.0.3

So thorough & evidenced-basedI rarely take the time to write reviews, but as both a mental health clinician and someone who suffers from major depressive disorder and anxiety, I'm so impressed by the practical utility of this app, first in probing the myriad ways that chronic distress undermines our real-world well-being, and second because of the myriad targeted, concrete & evidence-based strategies it suggests to flip the tables and improve our moods through simple shifts in conscious thought & action. Also love the personal commitment framework as practical strategy for real-life application. Only quibble is that the daily mood & thought journaling interfaces are clunky-looking and not nearly as intuitive as a handful of otherwise mediocre & shamelessly pricey mood tracking & CBT apps on the market. I also wished that this somehow integrated with iOS' 'health' app, which I already use for diet & activity tracking. Were developers to redress those two issues, I hesitate to speculate what I actually might pay for the result..Version: 3.1

Life saverCouldn't live without it can do it on my ipad / iphone on when I'm travelling..Version: 2.0.2

MoodKitExcellent app! Much better than trying to use cbt techniques with paper and pen. Also keeps it discreet which is great. Easy to use, good tips and examples, great value!.Version: 2.0.2

Lots of tools, and easy to customizeUnlimited mood entries per day with a detailed mood chart showing daily averages, ranges, and one-tap access to mood notes right from the chart. Fully customizable journal templates and mood improvement activity "cards." Thought checking tool with a detailed distortion list. Fully exportable journal and data. CBT toolkit in your pocket..Version: 3.1

FantasticAs a resident psychiatrist, I can't give this tool enough credit. It's well designed, intuitive and gives users a great toolkit (literally) into making Cognitive Behaviour Therapy work for them. A central tenet of CBT is to "be your own therapist", and this tool can be used on it's on or in conjunction with a therapist for effective, empirical results.Version: 2.2

Very HelpfulBeing able to articulate my thoughts and compare them to destructive patterns is so helpful! An immediate 'gut-check' to catch myself..Version: 1.0.3

FantasticThis is genuinely worth every penny it helps you to break down negative feelings and proactively plan next steps the mood chart Is good too it's nice to be able to track how your mood fluctuates from one day to the next! Very good app.Version: 1.0.3

Highly recommendI really love this app. One of my favorite things is that you can make your own templates. One thing I would like to see done is make folders or some way to organize your entries other than type & date. Overall, this app has helped me a lot..Version: 3.3

Simply the bestI tried many many mental health tools, in with this one you got the best of them all. I would like to see an iPad version too..Version: 3.0

Very usefulI just downloaded this app and its already helped me. The thought check part of the app is incredibly useful for breaking down moments that upset you and flipping it to see it in a different light. To talk yourself out of the negative emotions. I'm also find it useful to have a place to jot down a lot of my negative thoughts and I'm glad there's an extra layer of security..Version: 3.1

Beware of lost data**Beware: you will lose your journal entries and other data if you have to reinstall the app.** I had been very pleased with this app until I upgraded my iPhone, after which the app no longer worked. In order to reinstall the app, I first had to delete it, which erased all my app data with no choice to save it. If you have significant information in your daily journal, I would recommend copying it to some other app in order to back it up..Version: 3.3

IPad version pleaseThis is a great app but it's much better suited to the iPad. I really hope a proper iPad version is on the way - sync between iPad and iPhone would be amazing!.Version: 2.1

Fantastic!!All the extra help you need, built in to a great app!!!.Version: 2.0.2

Fantastic result in minutesI just bought this app and dove in to try it out without reading or having any idea how it worked. It prompted questions after measuring my level of (in this case it was) demoralization. I felt it at 85%. More questions and prompts were asked and answered and I was asked to rate that level of demoralization again (3 minutes later) and it was a 40%. I can’t say this will work for everyone but I’ve read enough self help to latch right onto the ideas presented and (at least today, right now) they helped me feel better. And to think, I was only looking for some way to record my daily moods never dreaming they’d improve!.Version: 3.3

Really goodReally good app. Hoping this will support we in challenging irrational and negative thoughts. Really worth money.Version: 1.0.3

Great toolMood Kit is a great tool to have with you. It is so easy to use. The thought tracker has helped me thru some really challenging situations. I find it incredibly practical and easy to use and it successfully helps me keep negative thoughts in check. I highly recommend it.Version: 3.1

Very helpfulBetter than the free mood tracker I also downloaded. The activities to review your thinking do highlight ineffective patterns, and have helped me to adjust them, and it's much easier doing them in-app than on paper, and also feels much more secure. Yes, it does feel rather dated in style, and it would be helpful to easily see an average of moods through the day, but it has been well worth the small cost so far, as it has made me see patterns of much better moods. Very helpful..Version: 3.0

Very useful appSimple to use and excellent features. I mostly use the activities section but thought distortions and mood monitoring sections have been helpful in particularly stressful times..Version: 3.1

Great cbt appI'd recommend this app. I'm using it in conjunction with a few David Burns books. one thing id like to see improved: the user should be able to write a title for the journal entries, rather than all of them being called "journal entry" with the date..Version: 2.0.2

Great appThis is a really helpful app to clear my head and get my thoughts straight. Would LOVE an iPad version though..Version: 2.1

Wow!!Wow.. Love this app! I'm hopeless at the pen and paper thing. Couple of things for next upgrade, sleep tracker and an alarm function so I remember to do mood tracker same time everyday.Version: 3.0

MINDWonderful app full of simple and effective techniques to improve your thinking and behaviour..Version: 2.1

Love This AppI bought this app because my psychologist recommended it to me and I found it sooo helpful just working out how to use it and getting advice straight away. It is fairly straightforward and I started doing the activities straight away. I have tried lots of really good apps for my anxiety and this one is already in the top 2-3 that I have used. I definitely recommend this app to anyone with anxiety or even anyone who just worries too much!.Version: 3.1

GreatThis is an excellent little app. Part of being able to write good thought records is being able to do it as close to the situation as you can. It's portability makes it easy to keep a real time inventory of distorted thinking and lifestyle choices that can perpetuate depression. Good job on this app..Version: 2.0.2

Great app for both mood improvement and mini therapyA great little app based on CBT theory and various other parts of clinical research. The 'thought checker' function is like a mini CBT therapy exercise, the mood tracker is useful in that when tracking mood, recording current mood at the time is much more accurate than a retrospective analysis, which allows for you to monitor your mood over time (obviously) plus add notes about what contributed to the mood in case you're interested in looking into a correlation/causation of factors in relation to your mood. The only downside of that is it doesn't seem to be able to show a chart based on times of the day so whilst it may be useful for a general overview of your mood changes, it can't be used, for example, if you're interested in circadian rhythm based conditions, including sleep disorders, or your general (healthy) circadian rhythm in terms of when you are happiest, most energetic, etc without wading through the journal and plotting times on a graph. But that's really specific so it's only a minor negative. The journal is useful for notes and to keep track of all your other activities on the app and the selection of small activities you can choose to 'commit' to doing to improve particular aspects of your life are wide in range and variety and are also based on solid research. Lastly, it's very user friendly..Version: 2.2

Neat and efficientIt’s always good to be able to be self-reflective-“know thyself”-in ways that matter. MoodKit does just that; it allows you to track the inordinate beats in your life, either caused by oneself or experienced as suffered from daily events. Thanks for a very practical and meaningful kit of psychological tools which can be used to administer self-healing..Version: 3.1

Very helpful!I have had depression for around two years now and this app has really changed my thinking. The guides on what and how to make things better for yourself are really helpful. Awsome app..Version: 2.0.2

GoodI'm impressed this app is quit help full. I'd like to see more of a description in regards to mood options.Version: 2.1

Very goodThere’s nothing I can think of that I need that it doesn’t have. I’m really impressed with how it works and I’m really glad it exists..Version: 3.1

Brilliant app, very useful!If anyone practices CBT they will know that people need to write thought records down and make notes etc when distressing thoughts pop up. This app is great as a compact and portable solution for exactly that, sometimes when your out paper is not to had but your iPhone always is. There are numerous Action/Activity plans, Thought record logs and lots of useful tips to get you thinking and behaving in a more positive manner which ultimately helps to lift your mood. This is the best CBT app in my opinion and I have marked the app down 1 star as I think the reports for the Journal should be split up into their respective categories, as well as by date, and also it would be helpful if thought records could printed in column format, but these are very minor comments on an otherwise excellent app and I'm sure more improvements will be introduced with up and coming versions..Version: 2.1

It's also fun!This app is fun! It worked for me bcs I use its reminders to come on every single day and by reading them day after day, those positive affirmations started to have an effect! To motivate yourself you have to be at it all the time! The hardest bits are on those low days! I do feel nowadays! And I've been feeling like that for months now! No mean feat considering I was somewhat depressed for over 25 years! Can't see myself going back now... But I read those affirmations everyday... Thanks to this app!.Version: 2.2

Must buy for anyone wanting to improve their lifeExtremely helpful for changing your thought patterns and learning to see your triggers. Best app I've bought! It's not inspirational, it's all practical tips and moments of insight that you can start putting into action immediately. Invaluable..Version: 1.0.3

AwesomeI love this ap, especially the thought checker aspect, its helped me process some extremely challenging situations. It's almost like having a councellor on hand, when I need it. It makes me feel very empowered and I've been very happy since I got it. Most impressively, after using it over a couple of weeks I'm able to notice and turn around thought distortions as they happen just through the practice it gives me. Its a great tool for mental health..Version: 2.0.2

For when you're feeling blueI find this app really useful. I use it whenever I'm feeling blue and find that it helps me objectify the source of my problems and take responsibility..Version: 2.0.2

Worth the buyI have never given CBT a fair shot until I tried this app, now I have found that it really helps. It makes it very easy to work through your emotions right when they are happening, having a step by step guide on the go is so convenient. The little tips, mood chart and journal features are great as well..Version: 1.0.3

Thought checker is superbLots of useful activities here and am looking forward to those I've 'committed' to. The thought checker for me is one of the best ideas I've seen - it allows you to enter information in a journal - to identify how thoughts affect your feelings and consider 'thought distortions' which might apply (selected from a list), to try to reframe the thought without those distortions and see if that affects your feelings about the event. I've tried it a few times - and made only a small difference to how I feel - but that small difference gave an enormous feeling of control which in turn made a much bigger improvement to how I feel. I have some prior knowledge of CBT, I think it's fairly self explanatory but that may have made a difference for me. A great idea, a framework for immediately talking things through with only yourself and the phone without burdening other people. Probably not a substitute for therapy but a very useful adjunct. A simple idea well implemented..Version: 1.0.3

Very comprehensiveWhen compared to the single-purpose CBT app - the same price for both - this is multifaceted and deep. Very impressive..Version: 2.2

Really Like It So Far...Tried doing CBT in the books, but travel about and have no set routine, so having this on my iPhone is great. Really smart tips, questions to ask yourself. Shifted perspective better than my recent therapist could to be honest. Great tool for folks who want to practice self self help. Worth it. Cost of a fluffy latte....Version: 2.0.2

Great toolWell thought out, one can even set reminders in-App for mood logs, etc. Good job!.Version: 1.0.3

ExcellentIt goes through all of the steps you learn in therapy but it helps you to be able to focus on it during times where your mental state is unfocused. It takes you through helpful steps to calm and assess your thoughts as well as letting you record the journals to see the progress you have made..Version: 2.1

ExcellentI'm a CBT oriented psych working mostly in schools. This app is fabulous for encouraging homework that is in sync with a CBT approach. Lots of kids, not to mention adults, have iPhones. Get them to install it, then theres a neat, always on them, paper free option for completing thought identification, disputation, and reframing exercises. Also appeals to tech savvy clients. LOVE the lists of behavioral activities / experiments also for homework. Brilliant!.Version: 1.0.3

Great appA really thoughtful, thorough and well presented app. There's a host of activities and tools to help to reflect on thoughts and feelings and the thought checker I find particularly useful. Well worth the investment..Version: 2.2

Made a Difference in My LifeI don't want to go into details about the app. I will say that it has improved my overall mood, productivity, ability to deal with others and myself. AMAZING PURCHASE!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.1

Great App!!!Amazing app I love it!! Just what I needed to help me get through the hardest challenge life has thrown at me.Version: 2.0.2

Excellent appThis app has made it much easier to do my cognitive therapy work - from thought records to journal entries. It's also secure so I dont worry about the information. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.1

Life changingThis app will enable you to sail through stormy personal weather and being an inner calm when you most need it. Fantastic self help tool!.Version: 2.0.2

The best CBT app out thereI am very happy with this app. It does a brilliant job. It has many features, it’s simple to use, and very convenient. You literally carry a whole CBT toolkit in your pocket. I would however like to see some improvements. It’ll be great if you could add emotions or physical sensations to the list of feelings. Also I’d like to be able to add cognitive distortions, and maybe thought challenging. Actually, psychoeducation on the cognitive model would be very helpful as well. So, there is room for improvement but in my opinion this app is top notch compared to what’s out there..Version: 3.3

Love this apBought all of the cbt based app and this is by far the best. Well used and well recommended!.Version: 2.0.1

👍It would be great to make this a universal app and sync to iCloud for use between iPhone and iPad..Version: 2.0.2

The thought checker component is greatThanks so much for making this app.Version: 2.0.2

Moodkit ReviewI am finding this tool useful at the end of the day as a focus for reflection and to identify ways to improve my feelings of isolation. This tool gives helpful and easily practical ideas for relating better to other people..Version: 2.0.2

Wonderful appI searched through many, many highly rated apps for my son before I came upon MoodKit. After just a couple of days, I knew I’d found the right one and started using it myself as well. I had no idea how many thought distortions I’d been experiencing (no wonder he has them!) and am already generalizing by catching and adjusting my thoughts in the moment. I love the simplicity of the activities and how easily they can be embedded into daily life. I recommend selecting a few at a time to focus on until they become habitual, then gradually adding more. I love this app and will be recommending it to many!.Version: 3.3

Great!Very helpful love the mood tracker.Version: 2.1

Great CBT App for Personal use and for work with clients.I came across this app recently whilst searching for CBT apps and am glad I found this. There are other apps out there which are useful for helping in one area of improving your mood or mental health. Moodkit is the only one that has several sections or a suite built into one app. Apart from using this for personal use, I am also a Mental Health student. I will be recommending this to people and groups I work with in the future. Well done guys. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.1

Tried and tested toolsThis has the look and feel of something developed with genuine care by qualified professionals. A great supplement to help alongside counselling. Definitely worth the money..Version: 1.0.3

BrilliantGreat. Some of the preloaded templates are a bit weak but the activities were invaluable to me..Version: 3.0

HelpfulThis app has been a big help at least in getting a load off my chest. Would recommend.Version: 3.1

The app has already helped me feel betterThe 'though checker' part of the app is extremely helpful for me and helps me really reflect on my negative thoughts annnd on my anxious thoughts. The self reflection aspect has made me feel better numerous times and I've only had the app a few days.Version: 3.1

CBT on the go!I really like this tool! I like having the ability to discreetly do a thought record when I'm feeling stressed (at school, at work, on the subway etc). The commitments are also an excellent feature. It's CBT in your pocket - such a great idea..Version: 2.0.2

Mood and thought checkingWow. I’ve been using this app for years on and off. It helps me work through feeling with my students, my children, and myself. I rank it up there with meditation for calming effects. Also love the reminders. Suggestion: computer version or access to the program online. I would pay an upgrade fee for that accessibility. I’m older and don’t like typing on the “phone “.Version: 3.1

Only one issueWish I could scroll through the graph and see mood fluctuations over more than one month. Can see them on the list but not the graph. Also wish I could print the graph to show to my doctor. Otherwise a useful app for sure.Version: 1.0.3

Mental healthI have found this application very useful and have used it every day to keep tads on my feeling and actions. I highly recommend it as an aid to recovery and day to day living. The App allows for a guided look through your daily feelings and reasoning..Version: 2.2

My ratingI give this app 5 stars . I have had therapy for 5 yrs and on going . This app combines a lot of the things I have learned . It gives me options to type, record, and view my days. Their is also so many suggestions to check my thinking . Thanks Moodkit : ) if you would like some other ideas to improve your kit please let me know ..Version: 2.2

EnergizedThis is a wonderful find. I’m 77 years old and I’ve been chronically depressed all my life, more so lately caring for severely disabled husband combined with isolation of pandemic. My shoulders slumped, I shuffled, had difficulty doing yoga poses. My depression manifests as inertia. My house is a mess and I did little except the minimum needed to get by. The first day I used this app, I completed seven commitments and felt so energized. I actually began doing the things I need to do to get the house in order. The second day I didn’t do so much, only three commitments , but I remembered my commitment to be kind to myself and didn’t feel guilty about it. And I finally started the taxes!!! 😀😀😀 Thank you. I think this is the beginning of a new life for me..Version: 3.3

Excellent app -- noticing a change alreadyNever thought I'd find an app like this! Much faster than completing my psychologist's forms -- and I love that it graphs the results!.Version: 1.0.3

Buy it !!This app is excellent - you won't regret it..Version: 1.0.3

AdviceI purchased the app about three weeks ago and it stopped opening after a few days on my phone. i can still access the app on my ipad. this isn’t a negative review. the app is great, but i need it on my phone to access through the day. i have a severe TBI and my psychologist recommended the app for us to use during therapy to track the days to reveal patterns and how they affect me. moodkit is the perfect tool for it. my phone has been restarted and is updated. thank you!.Version: 3.3

Better than journalingAlthough I do daily journaling, I find I have learned so much about myself and my moods by using the ap to rate and explain them in the notes section. I’ve even shown my doctor the chart in response to his question about how my mood has been in the past weeks..Version: 3.1

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