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Silk Legacy – For Older Devices – Interactive Generative Art App User Positive Comments 2023

Silk Legacy – For Older Devices – Interactive Generative Art app received 104 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about silk legacy – for older devices – interactive generative art?

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Great gameI have had some bad games on my iPad but this is not one of them it is amazing I am sooooo happy with the game it makes you sleepy witch I don't normally like but with this game it felt nice to be sleepy :).Version: 4.123

Stunning!Came across this by chance and so glad I did - it's mesmerising and powerful makes you feel magic. A must for anyone's app collection!.Version: 4.0

Lots of fun, but one flaw.This app needs an option to turn its music off. The mild, new-agey background music isn't bad, but I would like to be able to continue to listen to my own iTunes playlist while I doodle. Other than that, I love everything about this app..Version: 4.0

AmazingThis game has my parents approval and it is just so colorful.Version: 4.5678

Simply amazingly beautifulBefore the update it wasn't worth the $2.99 but now it is amazing, I love it so much, my whole family loves it!!!.Version: 4.0

An astonishingly beautiful appI am astonished by the breathtaking beauty of this app. I've created so many gorgeous images that I'm actually going to publish them. Look forward to future updates from the developer. Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Beautiful!This is such a pleasure to play with. Since the update it is just fabulous! Gillian Ruth.Version: 4.0

Really beautiful (:This app is sooo pretty, lovely to play when you're feeling a bit stressed or need to calm down. Would love to see wider range of colours on the palate but I love the option to blend colours. Everyone should own this app, go back up and get it now - you won't regret it!.Version: 4.123

Pure unadulterated FUNI love LOVE this app! I think I am addicted! Great stress relief! PURE, mindless, endless FUN! Suggestions: - add "points" up to and including 11 - add background sound options for both music and Nature sounds - add more colours.Version: 4.123

Amazing, relaxing, intuitive.It is all those things..Version: 4.0

Very niceWanted to give this a five but even though its a really slick app, it still needs a few minor additions such as when drawing on the iPad, some of the mirrored detail doesn't appear on the screen so it doesn't get save symmetrically. Perhaps it would be an idea to save it as a square image even though it doesn't necessarily have to appear on the screen. Also some more colours or colour effects would be good as the stretchy effects I think are too weak and don't show up well. Also having a white background so that saved pix can be used in other PC apps. Music is cool and graphics drawing effects are very nice. Oh yes, a pinch and zoom would be very nice so that its easier to draw non-mirrored pix or writing banners etc. Thanks.Version: 4.0

GreatBut can't find the general settings anywhere , also a red would be nice and import of backgrounds ? Otherwise lovely.Version: 4.0

GreatThis game is great works on any device new and old..Version: 4.5678

Great Job!The pictures you can make with this app are just amazing. I find it great as something to do to pass time while being entertained..Version: 4.123

GoodAnd very impressive.Version: 4.0

Some ideas for improvementIt is an amazing program, but I think it would be cool if you could change the background from just black, maybe white or grey. Second, with the new background idea, there could be more colour opportunities, like black silks on a white background. There would be so many more opportunities and it would make better than it already is..Version: 4.123

I LOVE this app!!!The app is so calming and beautiful. You can easily create beautiful pictures that you can save and make into a really cool wallpaper. It is totally worth the $2.99! The only thing I am wondering about is when You press the ? button, it says to access more settings go to the settings app and I do not know the setting app is. I've looked it up and can't find anything. But otherwise it is a great app!!!.Version: 4.123

Colours!Love this but can you please add more COULORS.Version: 4.123

10 stars if possible.Instantly loved the app! I love to get creative and the zen feel to it is just great! Even if you arnt creative this app will make you feel like it all while relaxing and having fun! Love it!.Version: 4.123

Great appThis is a wonderful app, without a doubt the best generative art app that I have found. It is incredibly fun and easy to use and has the potential to produce beautiful artwork which can be used as unique wallpapers. This app is definitely worth the money, you will not be disappointed!.Version: 1.0

5 starRelaxing. It takes your mind off things..Version: 4.123

The best game for relaxationThe best peaceful music.Version: 4.123

FingergasmI cannot begin to tell you how cool this app is. Instantly psychedelic, deep beauty rolls off your fingertips like magic. Try to create something ugly, I dare you! Can't be done with this app. It's like a field of spring flowers, it only produces beauty. Easy, effortless, enjoyable beauty. Please give us more export options (resolution and format) and layers and you'll have a professional graphics tool on you hands. Video capture would be awesome for motion graphics integration..Version: 4.0

ER MER GERDThis app is freakin amazing! I really enjoy making animals and cool designs, my friend and I downloaded it on the same day and now we are pros! I LOVE IT. It would be much better though if there were more colors. BTW red is my favorite color🖍mixing colors does not really make other colors, it just changes to the other colors. Plz add more colors!!!!!!😬LOVE THIS APP!😀😀😀😀.Version: 4.123

I am now stress free!!!!!!!I am coming to write this review not because the app told me to (which it didn't!) but to let people know that you too can be stress free if you get this app. It is so great! Stop reading the reviews (including this one) and get this app. You owe it to yourself!.Version: 4.0

Powerful, Makes Awesome PixThis app is just plain fun! Even non-artists like me can make amazing pictures. Love the minimalistic feel: Clean interface, with a small number of powerful tools. Symmetry feature makes the most random scribbles awesome. The ability to save and share your drawings, and multiple colors make this app versatile. Patterns emerge and stand out, making surprising masterpieces. While Silk is a source of inspiration and ideas for artists, it's just plain fun for the rest of us..Version: 4.0

So Sick !Perfect App , Hope You'll Add More Functions !.Version: 4.0

Relaxing, Fun,and Great for all AgesThis game is very fun. It allows players of all ages to explore their creativity. It is very easy to make a beautiful piece that any age could be proud of. This is also a very calming game and is definitely worth $2.99. When playing anyone can become obsessed with making the colorful and ornate pieces of art. It deserves a five star rating in my opinion and can entertain a person for a long while..Version: 4.123

Love this appPure simple genius, it is a delight to use and produces really beautiful results so easily. Would love to see more colours introduced and some pattern wave adjustments. But beautiful, simple and a triumph!.Version: 4.0

MuteNeeds a mute button. Absolutely amazing app otherwise!.Version: 4.123

Sooooo pretty🔮ohhhhh!Finally I've been looking for a silk app that works with my phone! When I read the reviews I was worried but I gave it a try and it works! The things you can make with it is amazing so if you are thinking about buying this app do it it's worth every penny! (It might crash it all depends, but mine works!).Version: 4.5678

FunYou can make really cool things easily, make sure to use the options tool for full creativity, and there is also a way to save it to your pictures so you can put your creation as your wallpaper..Version: 4.0

Exceptionally great generative art appThis is relaxing, exciting, inspiring, and just a beautiful app to play/work with. It's responsive and very fun! Silk has the ability to use different variations and colors. I would like to see an extended color pallet and the ability to vary line width as well as slow or accelerate the speed of the flaring effect. Being able to edit these controls would turn this into a genuinely great art app! Looking forward to playing with the updates and improvements and generally being addicted to something so killer! Great Job!.Version: 4.0

GeniusAmazing app ! Only thing I found missing is a mute function so you can listen to your own music for inspiration. Hours of fun nonetheless.Version: 4.0

Warning! Highly Addictive!!!This is by far my favorite app! I love it so much that I had to write my first ever review. There's only a few improvements i would make; - have the option to disable the new button. - wider range of colors..Version: 4.0

Brings back memoriesI downloaded and used this app about 8 years ago. It's so amazing to see what my past self was up to, when life was so different. I just have to appreciate this app so much and the person who developed this app deserves so much for getting me through such tough times without even me knowing it, it makes me appreciate so much and I feel such nostalgia!!!.Version: 4.5678

Rad.Greatest thing ever. I was hesitant to actually buy the app at first but I so don't regret it..Version: 4.123

An App Transformed!!This was an app I got but had not used much - then all of a sudden magic happened! The new upgrade is the coolest thing ever! The music is very relaxed and ambient and each new page is an adventure that you can save on the iPad! I love it!.Version: 4.0

Fantastic!Great app, very beautiful and satisfying. Showed it to all my friends!.Version: 4.0

Awesome & Can be more awesomeI second another reviewer who imagines this app with option for mirror off as well as wider and narrower brush modes. Also would be nice to have several geometric brush types, have a selectable glow level, and also have a greater color pallet in addition to the available color swatches. Very cool as is, will be excited to see any additional features..Version: 4.0

Awesome!Fun simple time waster!.Version: 4.123

RelaxingThis is a well developed app for the amateur and expert artist in you. Relaxing, surprising, and innovative. Makes beautiful screen savers and desktops. Congratulations. R Vender Canada.Version: 1.0

So beautifulThis app is stunning. Somehow relaxing and provides hours of entertainment. I highly recommend it.Version: 1.0

Lush !Tranquil , spiritual , relaxing , peaceful music , a joy to pass the time with my imagination. At last an app which can appreciate my mind ..Version: 4.0

Awesome..Version: 4.0

Meditative and beautifulI love this app! The beautiful images you make are astonishing and it is very zen, very calming. Almost a meditative act - your finger speed determines the color (color options could be broader but that's not a big deal because images would get blinding if there were too many colors). Tapping, swirling, swiping and slow, lingering movements bring out different patterns, all of which are enhanced by mirroring and lots of fractal math buried somewhere in the programming. The movement of your finger(a) on the screen brings a colorful image to life - something like Spirograph on acid! It takes little practice or talent to create a beautiful image and that's part of what makes Silk such a delight. A beautiful, creative and calming app!.Version: 4.123

Great appReally fun, easy app needs a mute button and to be able to undo more than one draw. Apart from that it's awesome!.Version: 4.123

Seriously great!I think this is a super great app ! I have it on my phone and it's amazing ... It becomes addictive and makes you want to see what you can creat next I love that you can save you silks to your photo gallery ( a must get ) !.Version: 4.123

FantasticAbility to change background to photos?.Version: 4.0

Love it!Great to unwind to. Thought I'd get bored fast but I really haven't!!.Version: 4.0

Relaxing and MesmerizingOnly recommendation is to be able to have a "rainbow" color instead of only being able to choose 2 colors, doesn't take away from the app though i really like it ❤️.Version: 4.123

Amazing!TuxPaint's magic wand got nothing on this amazing app!.Version: 4.123

Great time wasterSome beautiful effects..Version: 1.0

Makes me feel happy sleepyI like the pretty patterns... They make insomnia seem productive. Even though it's really simple, it's very satisfying and makes beautiful pictures..Version: 4.123

Non-stopFound this on the computer first. I make one design that looks AMAZING and I instantly want to make more. It always will look good no matter what you do. Infinite amount of awesome wallpapers!.Version: 4.0

Soothing Art AppThis app is a hypnotic joy to use. It will turn anyone into a creative wonder worker. The colours are limited and the repeat options could become larger in later iterations, but for now it is fascinating to see what the app will do with your finger flips! And although I won't be sharing them on facebook until I have really mastered the techniques, I do like the fact that I can download my works and then improve or develop them in photoshop. If Vishnesky develops this app further I will certainly be interested in buying, but could he ask what we want to see first?.Version: 4.0

BeautifulAbsolutely stunning drawings you can make. Best $3 I've spent on an app. Really wish we could select background colours as well though. The black gets tiring..Version: 4.123

Silk updateFabulous update. Awesome rainbow brush and new layout!! (Using app on iPad mini).Version: 4.5678

WowThis apps is £1.99 but worth it love just cracking it out for a bit of relaxing fun I do seem to draw bunnies a lot but think about it tweak the settings and drag one color to the other for even better designs love this app.Version: 4.0

Amazing and relaxing.Firstly people who said it gets old after 5 minutes you are so wrong. It helps you relax creating patterns with relaxing music to help. You can go on the app now and then to help you relax and trust me it helps a lot. It is easy to control the brush and a good set of options to chose how you want to draw and not too many which makes it nice and simple to use. The creations you can make will stun you! I highly recommend this app and is worth it..Version: 4.0

Love it!The sounds are soothing, it's like my own personal moment of zen, the gentle swoosh as I drag my finger across is just calming, especially on a stressful day. How can I not love it? the color, the music, all blending together in peaceful unison. I had played with this app on the computer several months ago and loved it then, but definitely love it more this way. I feel more connected. Thank you!!.Version: 1.0

Good App But...This app is amazing. The only thing that would improve it is support for landscape and your own music. I would like to make patterns to my own music, but the in app music is very calm and relaxing..Version: 4.123

I love this app👍😍I have nothing to say but this app is amazing 😻.Version: 4.5678

A must have!!This app is the best!!! All 4 of us love making unique and different art! The graphics are unbelievable!! So relaxing after a rough day. Have enjoyed messing around with the settings to change the picture and it never gets old!! More color choices would be great at some point. Have nothing bad to say at all!!.Version: 4.0

AmazingStunningly beautiful app...provides hours of entertainment somehow...very addicting.Version: 1.0

Great for my anxietyIt helps me calm down and distract myself as well as being a good coping method edit: I think a nice feature to add would be to be able to upload pictures or choose different colors for the background instead of only having black as an option.Version: 4.123

SilkThis app is great! It's very entertaining! The graphics are beautiful and it's very easy to use. The music that accompanies the app is very soothing, but if it's not for you all you have to do is just turn down the volume on the ipad. The only hard part is actually putting it down!.Version: 1.0

Silk is brilliantThis a great app for finding the artist in you. Would rate it 5 however could we have a few different background colours white pastel pink, yellow and green.? Loving this......Version: 4.0

Sweet!!I loooove this app! The colors are great, not so many that you spend hours trying to pick one, as with many drawing apps. You can set it so that you can create a beautiful drawing in seconds. You can save the images and use them as wallpaper for your phone. The only thing I would say could be better is that it could let you undo more than once. All in all, amazing app..Version: 4.123

Get it now!Don't bother reading these reviews. Get it now!!!! It's not a game you will play non stop for hours but it allows you to relax for 5 mins and unwind. Stop reading!!! Buy it now!!!!!.Version: 4.0

Love itHeaps of fun, you can create beautiful pictures and it is a great boredom killer :) a great addition would be a gallery where people can submit their creations for others to see.Version: 4.0

Cool ideaSo awesome! Not usually a fan of this kind of thing, but I'm impressed with the wide range of patterns you can make. Would like maybe a little more control (eg options to snap to circles or squares when a finger is held down instead of squiggles), but overall it's a lot of fun!.Version: 4.123

SilkBlown away by this app -easy to use and incredibly satisfying..Version: 4.123

Love this app!Fascinating way of chilling out..Version: 4.0

Features request..The ability to draw over a picture and the ability to change color and line settings in draw mode. Otherwise, I enjoy the app. It's a great tool to relax and be creative during stressful parts of the day..Version: 4.123

AwesomeThis app has some crazy features and is worth the money, I had some fun making some geometrical designs! Namaste..Version: 4.0

Beautiful, intuitive & originalAll of the above. Could do with more options to undo..Version: 4.0

AMAZINGEndless fun, mesmerizing designs and fun features. Add more colours and designs please!! Love it!.Version: 4.0

Great time killerGreat app just to sit and create with. Even better with headphones because the music is so relaxing. I have one request. Can an option for white. backgrounds be added as well as more colors?.Version: 4.123

Crazy NightI've never wrote an app review before and I probably won't be writing another one again anytime soon, but I wanted to write one for this app. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing apps I've ever seen. This is truly worth a buy..Version: 4.123

This is the best drawing app! Period.This guy, Yuri, is a genius! This app gives is just amazingly awesome! I can change my wallpaper and lock screen images every hour and they all will be great looking ones! Can't wait for new version with more possibilities! Bravo, Yuri!.Version: 4.123

Saw on vsause3Great job keep providing updates... Yes, it does need some changes. Like the option to share creations with others..Version: 4.123

Addictive & TherapeuticAddictive: It's difficult to put down after you start getting used to the possibilities. The creative options are pretty much endless. As you make unique art every time. Therapeutic: Leaves you feeling calm after a while. Its a great app to take your mind off what your thinking. The nature of brilliant colors and symmetry I feel has something to do with it. Overall: I'm content with the app! I would like to see more functionality with newer versions in the future. But for now its well worth the price as is..Version: 4.0

AmazingBeautiful app. Relaxing. Enjoyable. Fun! Could do with: - Portrait mode for iPad - In-App volume control - Unlimited 'undo' - Ability to edit saved to camera roll - Background colour options, at least white - Share using iMessage Otherwise, I love this app. By a little bit of skill but mostly by the lucky swirl of a digit, something wonderful occasionally appears!.Version: 4.0

Absolutely magicalAbsolutely magical. I could not put it down after I started it. A must have for everyone and definitely worth the money. Kids would love this experience too I bet. Go get it!.Version: 1.0

PerfectDon't think, just buy this app. Now..Version: 4.0

BEST APP EVERThis app is one of the best apps I have ever come across. Do you feel sad? Then come and see the psychedelic patterns to cheer you up? Bored? Then feel like a real artist with an actual future with this perfect app. Need to waste time? Then this app will make you look more intelligent because you can out draw Picasso!!!! BEST APP EVER!!!.Version: 4.123

Most beautiful app everBeautiful.Version: 1.0

Great app for kids!My 4 and 7 year old love creating art w this app! They are very proud of what they are able to create, and all it takes is a stroke of a finger and presto they have made some really cool designs!.Version: 4.0

Beautifully addictive...Stunning app that is visually mesmerising & sounds beautiful too...so relaxing. Would benefit from option to undo more than once tho but otherwise a really addictive & appealing app. Love it!.Version: 4.0

Breath Taking!This app is so amazing. I am completely mesmerized by what the little app can do. Absolutely outstanding and so many things to try. Well Done!.Version: 4.0

Better than I expectedIf you're on the fence about spending $$ for this app, let me tell you, it's worth it. It's immersive (plays music while you draw), and extremely helpful when I get bouts of anxiety. This app is meditative and beautiful, do yourself a favor and give it a try!.Version: 4.123

AwesomeThis is a great App, would like an eraser though as you can only go back once. Having said that I find this one of the most innovative art type apps going and sooo relaxing, love it, keep up the great work.Version: 4.0

Very addictiveWhole family hooked, love it. Kaleidoscope of the tech age!.Version: 4.0

Fun appThis is a really cool app, would give 5 stars if there would be a way to take screenshot in landscape not just portrait.Version: 1.0

Great app!My daughter actually showed me this yesterday when she got home from school. She said she typed random stuff on the keyboard at school and found the website for this. Then it said there was an iPhone app, so I did have to buy it. It also says additional settings app, where might the additional settings app be??.Version: 4.123

Fun and relaxing ApolloThe only thing holding this back from being perfect is better export options. I'd love to be able to export the image as a layered image for easier importing into photoshop. Maybe the ability to zoom in and out for better control would be nice. I'd pay for an expansion that gave more options for different drawing algorithms, too..Version: 4.123

I love this!I love this! It's amazing!!! It's one of my favourite apps. Totally worth downloading, maybe more colours could be added or different effects but overall i love it..Version: 4.0

BeautifulBeautiful app. For just relaxing fun, it gets 5 stars...but the ease with which you can create beautiful images makes it addictive and so much more...and in that capacity it gets 4 stars only because I'd love to see a few extra features on that side: - more revision history stored as you draw, so you can undo more than just one step. Even just 3 steps would be great, although 10 would be even better. - the ability to reload and edit images you've saved to camera roll. - the ability to zoom in and out to make more intricately detailed patterns..Version: 4.0

Fantastic!Since the update, it's got even better, truly to an 11! I've been able to create some stunning artwork, it's super easy! Let your imagination run away, £1.49 for such an incredible App is excellent. Just one feature request, would it be possible to have an option to export artwork to a transparent background? Would allow me to do some epic design work ☺ Keep up the awesome work, Yuri! Callum Kerr - Kickstarter.Version: 4.0

For the Artist in Everyone!My family fought over who was going to create next, so I had to gift it to all! Amazing app!!!! Well worth $3, over & over & over again! Will keep my eye out for updates and new apps, look forward to them!!.Version: 4.0

It’s just a great gameIt’s just actually really good..Version: 4.5678

Very goodGreat app - Just one thing though; how do you mute the sound?.Version: 4.123

Thought I'd hate itOnly bought it because i needed to de-stress and comments were very supportive. Though it would be just another 'arty' gadget but I just love it. So relaxing..Version: 4.0

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