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EasyQuick and easy instructions to use from my phone.Version: 8.8.1

GreatSo easy to use everything done straight from my phone don’t have to boot up and transfer images just to quickly print something. Used other printers and apps and nothing has even come close to this.Version: 5.7

It’s better but not great. Still very clunky but at least a step in the right directionThe most recent update seems to be better and easier to change page size, certain pages etc. However the app gives no real direction on how to actually do it and their online support is subpar at best. A few tips for i-phone users, but make work for others: Changing document size: Select your document or let automatically pull up from your phone. Select the circle on the bottom that says print to pull up the print preview. Then click on the document to pull up the submenu on the bottom that allows you to resize and move. Click buttons that says resize and move to see options. When finished select done at the top of the screen to save changes. Printing page range, quality, color, quantity, 2-sided etc: Select your document or let automatically open from your phone. Select the circle on the bottom that says print to pull up the print preview. Go to the bottom of the screen to the little line above the printer name and swipe up. This pulls up the menu with the other available options for printing. Swipe back down to close menu. Hopefully this helps as the app is not very intuitive. I don’t understand why the size changing function is not on the slide up menu with the rest of the options but at least it is an option again..Version: 7.0.1

Printing from my iPad 4It is really useful being able to use my printer from the iPad. I can now scan, copy & print from it. My Mac was being looked at by a computer expert having received a blackmail email so I was without a computer. Now I can fully use the printer remotely using the iPad. As a 75 year old, I am not automatically used to being able to use all my technology without thinking, so this is a brilliant breakthrough. 5***** to the propeller heads who enabled me to do this. Isn’t technology wonderful.!!!.Version: 6.0.2

HP SmartSince the last update, unsuccessfully tried to use or created a new account to use the app. I’ll wait until something is done, I presume I am not the only one with similar problem, I will then delete the app...Version: 9.5.1

Great App!I needed to quickly scan and save/email from my new iPadPro so needed to connect to my P Smart Tank Plus 571. This app installed quickly and I was able to get this job done within 10 minutes. Brilliant! Thanks :).Version: 8.8.1

Easy to set upSet up: Turn on all the devices wifi (hp printer is on automatically, iPad, phones) Bluetooth and all you need ,one important is download the hp app. First I set up manually then I put my wifi password to the printers touch screen. As it needs wifi connectivity to be recognised and I did my first print using hp app. It was easy. Hope this will be good to me all the time..Version: 5.7

Easy as 1,2,3!Bought a new hp printer, downloaded software and selected photo on iPhone to print, so easy! Setting for printing were EASY! That’s what I want, no drama 👍.Version: 6.3.2

21st Century AppI used to work in Information Technology back in the 20th century. I used to build exchange and NT servers for IBM when the internet for most was obtained by a screeching modem call. Oh how times have changed!! I love this app I might just do a scene from “Office Space” on my old laptop because I might not need it anymore! I can batch scan a document from my iPhone. The document to be scanned I put in the document feed tray on my printer. The document feed tray scanned it and then I edited the scan all on my phone. I then had multiple file types to choose. I saved it as a pdf which took hardly any space and I saved to a location of my choice. You pay a bit more for HP printers but “Brother;-)” it works so much better than my last multi-function printer(MFC) which was a lot less than this model. This scan to phone is new because I was using the scan to email which was a bit hit or miss. This scan to app is 100 times better way to go HP, I am liking the 21 century app! Bravo Zulu to you!.Version: 8.6.1

Surprisingly good!I needed a very compact printer and scanner to replace a bulky A3 one and this hot good reviews. Only used it for a few days but so far it’s exceeded my expectations. Printing is quick enough for my needs, but I’m not doing loads, quality is good including photos and it’s quiet. I’m printing from an iPhone or iPad so print settings were limited before, I like using an app rather than trying to do everything on a touchscreen like my other printer. The instructions are non existent but the app is good, took me a few goes to work out how to scan but that was good too. I bought it on sale for £30, it would be worth more except that ink cost is going to be a factor - the aftermarket company I use has temporarily stopped selling these cartridges since HP put some sort of chip in to stop them :(.Version: 6.1.2

So simple to use!!!!!Love how easy the app is to use. Makes scanning much less of a hassle..Version:

Not the best install HP Envy 6022I only bought this printer because my previous Envy 5541 refused to print owing to my email address being discontinued by EE. Consequently, HP cancelled my instant ink account, and I found it impossible to tell HP the problem. The thing is, I liked the old printer per se, so decided to buy a new model. Mistake on my part, being an older person, I found it really difficult to install everything, and took several hours backtracking before I could actually print anything, but only from my iPhone. Time will tell if I am happy with the machine!.Version: 8.3

Quality and SimpleThe app is so easy to set up with the Tango printer. Printing from my computer and mobile devices is a breeze. The scanning function on the app produces quality pdf and allows for quick and easy business processes..Version: 8.9.1

Could not have been easier setting up my new ENVY InspireThis was, hands down, one of the easiest set-up processes I’ve ever encountered. Just follow the cues, let it do its thing, and voilà, this new printer connected itself to my secure Wifi, it visually guides you for everything, it senses if you’ve maybe skipped ahead (or forgot to remove a piece of packing material). Mine came with six free months of HP+ which is definitely worth trying. I’m eager to see if it truly does anticipate when I’ll need fresh ink so that I don’t run out. I also have no issue with using HP’s own ink for the life of the printer. My last printer, a workhorse HP Officejet, lasted for many years… until I cheaped out one day and put in generic ink. That was the beginning of the end for that printer. I don’t usually write long reviews like this but this new printer, it’s software, and the promise of years of trouble-free printing, really has me feeling like I made the right decision sticking with HP. Highly recommend..Version: 9.1

Seems to work very well.I've only used this app on my iPad for a few big print jobs (including multi page jobs like Christmas news letters and so on), but very impressed so far, seems to be simple, functional, and reliable at this point on my HP Laser M175nw..Version: 5.6

Back to the same old problem FIXED👍🏻Update: the issue of switching from my hub to the printer is now sorted (please leave it alone HP) and is now working as it should. Thanks HP . Just one issue, there are two HP smart pages, one is an app, the other is a bookmark from a web page. If i use the bookmark, i can change the email address of the printer but not on the app. That makes no sense. Also i can email a print from the bookmark page but if i use the email address from my contacts list it comes up as undelivered. In all other respects the printer does what it should and does it well..Version: 8.8.1

HP Printing ReviewThis app is amazing! Here there are 5 people in my house, and only 1 working computer! As my sister is working on her Spanish project, I have to work on Science Fair, and my brother working on his Heritage project, we’re all fighting for the computer. I need to print out my graphs and photos and data tables, and this app makes it easy for my to do that. This app is very accessible and has many features provided. I will definitely be using this app 24/7! I think this app is only for HP printers (because of the app title), but I don’t think it has to be a color printer. My printer is a color printer so I’m not very sure, but if you have a HP printer, I 100% advise you to get this app! This app is free and you don’t have to pay anything to extra features. I love this app and I’ve LITERALLY had it for not even 5 minutes. I got to resize my photo and in one button press print! This app is phenomenal and it is extremely helpful for those with a single computer and struggles around their home..Version: 5.6

The best remote printing app I have used.I have tried a few apps to remotely print and although this one still needs a few tweaks it is better than the rest..Version: 5.7

The coolest printer and plans everThis the best printing job I’ve ever received . $6 isn’t bad for 100 or 110 prints ! You know would be paying more at the library or office store. I love all the little bundle printables that comes with the App and purchase. I’m a small business owner and I have gotten pretty good advice just from using the app printables. I just love all the surprises you get inside your purchase. The plans are not asking a whole lot either for prints each month. It’s a solid plan and if you don’t use all your prints , it will rollover to the next month up to 150 prints ! If you go over your print limit, it’s $1 for every 10 pages! Not bad at all. I love it ! The photo prints are free and I’m not sure up to how much but so far I have 10 photos. I’m really glad to be apart of the HP service plan..Version: 8.11.1

HP Deskjet 2624I just bought this printer today. Setup went perfectly. Downloaded HP Smart from the App Store. I was printing documents in my cloud storage within a minute. Very pleased..Version: 7.0.1

Doing amazing jobA must have app if you have a wireless HP printer.Version: 5.5

Ho printing from phoneEven in my 60’s I have managed to download app and print off my new printer. Must be easy!!!.Version: 6.1

AMAZING appSúper useful works amazingly.Version: 9.4

Easy to use, very usefulAn easy way to print direct from phone to printer. Easy to setup and use..Version: 5.7

It’s really goodYes I will be there in about a minute I will wait till tomorrow morning to go over to right back to the house and I will play you a little bit later on Discord way home from school ok thanks I’m sorry I’m so sad I’m so mad at you I can’t wait to see your mom I will play with me tomorrow ok ok thanks for you coming to the game tomorrow ok love it thanks love with you tomorrow thanks love you thanks so I love it I love Justin too much love love with you I hopefully will be able with you doing tomorrow ok ok I’m so sorry I’m so mad I am sorry I’m so sorry I can’t do.Version:

So far so goodSetting up the printer itself is pretty easy, and the instructions were straightforward. The printing quality of the document, both in colour and black and white, produced an excellent crispness and is on point. The bonus part and one thing that amazes me was when I tried printing a photograph. The picture came out flawlessly and fast! Great machine and such a convenience to print across all my devices in one tap with just a few taps or clicks away! Its ability to fetch my printing through wifi is just the best. I feel so techy, modern and brainy! LOL! 🤣🤣🤣.Version: 9.1

So far so good!Have just set up my new printer and am testing all the features out. I’m impressed so far for such a well priced printer! It was easy to set up with my phone. I’m excited about being able to print something from my phone - just take a photo in the app! It’s also very compact and sleek looking. The scanning is a little noisy but it’s not too bad..Version: 7.3.1

Auto ink replacement pathetic!Printer is always connected. Our WiFi has not been interrupted since we bought the Envy 8 months ago. Thus HP’s automated ink level feature should have been working. But as soon as we experienced degraded print quality, which I then declared via the HP Smart (not!) App, I entered a surreal world of denial by the HP chat feature. The replacement cartridges should have been despatched many days ago automatically but it’s going to take “several business days” now that HP has finally agreed they are liable! We’ve gone out and bought new cartridges ourselves. Don’t be tempted to take the one year free replacement offer. We’ve now cancelled the DD for year 2..Version: 7.0

Exceeded my expectations for features and simplicityThis is one of those apps that has to be experienced to be appreciated. From the literal seconds it takes to set the printer up through pairing with the phone or the ability to print,scan and store from a simple voice command this app is really the killer feature of the HP printer range..Version: 8.4

Je suis en amour avec cette imprimante tout en un wowVraiment facile,wow,sur tout.Version: 9.5.1

Bug needs to be FixedI have been using the HP Envy 5032 without issue until the recent software update. When scanning multiple pages, the first page scans ok but the remaining pages are all flipped so they are upside down. I tried scanning the pages upside down with the same result..Version: 8.5

Sooo Happy!Printer arrived within couple days of ordering but I hadn’t brought myself to opening box and setting up until now ( 1.5 weeks later). But I have to say it only took me about 30 min to set up and I’m one of the least tech-y people on earth (seriously, I had to google what an IP address is and where do I find it on my device). But once I got that info, the set up was a breeze most of those 30 mins was spent setting up account with HP so I can get ink sent automatically to my home. I redeemed a $20 gift card for ink that came included with my printer, plus at set up they had promo of 4 months free ink (up to 700 prints per month)!…I have already started printing photos of my kids and so far the print quality is good and printer is performing like expected!.Version: 8.8.1

Very Useful AppI find this app to be quite useful as it gives me a variety of options of printing from my phone. One feature I just took advantage of was the ability to link to Google Drive. This is useful to me because my school uses Google drive heavily, and my school laptop only prints on school network printers. This app allows me to access my drive and print at home through my phone. My only complaint with the app is that when I am on the preview to print a document, it takes awhile for it to be ready to print as if it’s not connected. In a minute or two it will give me the option to print as its ready. This could be reasons other than the app though, as I have an older HP printer, and my home network can also factor in. If you have an HP printer, I definitely recommend trying this app. I don’t regret it..Version: 5.6

Very handyI like this app because it’s basically managed to fix all the problems that are related to printer-to-OS connectivity. It makes things easier and achieve the task satisfactorily..Version: 5.6

HP HP INSTANT INK? IT’S CLEAR IN BLACK & WHITE OR COLOURHP INSTANT INK I’ve never been happier with an instant ink service. Straight to your door. No shopping around. No ridiculous prices in stores. You get great quality ink from new cartridges sent to you when you need it as the printer knows how much ink you are using & always makes sure you are sent more ink before you run out. You can select the amount of pages you expect to print per month & select a package to suit . If you go into the next pricing bracket then you will pay a little extra for that month I believe. But I’m not a huge user. But the prices are so competitive & delivery is so reliable I can’t fault it. I paid a little more for this printer . But it doesn’t take ink Carthage’s that could by you a new printer in two ink purchases? I’m so glad I’ve left that craziness behind me & now have a service that’s so cheap & reliable. 5 STARS 👍 Mr Greenhill Hertfordshire.Version: 8.11.1

SatisfactionI have just bought this deskjet 3735 and it is wonderful. I switched from hp due to high replacement cartridge prices. I turned to canon I got the mg3051 goodness trying to install it! It's lack of intelligence! I thought I was back in my flat 20 years ago I has the same chew then putting discs in downloading drivers, complicated instructions, painful temperamental printing, will it print this time, won't it, it was frustrating. 3 months I had it and I'm now giving it away to someone who has already had 1 given so at least she knows the problems but is willing to rough it since it's free. I'm so happy I'm back in 2017 with intelligent technology, my hp deskjet is set up and has printed a beautiful hydrangea photo from today's walk perfect..Version: 5.5.1

It worked ! WowLol didn't expect it to work a little slow printing but awesome app.Version: 5.5

HP DeskJet 3720. Small but perfectly formed!Over the years I’ve collected printers like they’re going out of fashion. I started with a simple HP breadbin which was a good printer but nowt else. Since then I’ve had various HP, Canon, Brother, Epson and lastly Kodak printers. I always liked my HP photo smart C5380 because it printed onto CDs until one day whilst replacing the ink carts (with genuine HP) it spewed out an A4 sheet entirely coated in black ink and no matter what I tried it worked no more. I would have bought the same model again but HP decided there was no call for CD printer anymore, and so began my search for a replacement. The best up until today has been a Kodak Verite but it was a devil to format to my computers and now I’ve changed broadband provider it refuses to be recognised. So, today I did some research and found a lovely compact printer, namely the 3720. It took 10 mins to set up WiFi and print my first photo on it. Result!! A perfect photo, printed so simply and by a machine that is relatively quiet compared to a lot of others I have had. I have to give HP 10 out of 10 regards this printer, it’s compact, it does what it’s supposed to do, and it looks trendy too! If your old printers is past it do yourself a favour and grab a 3720, you’ll love it!.Version: 5.5.1

Wireless printing works well using personal devicesHad trouble connecting work laptop to the printer. Both printer and work laptop are connected to home wifi network. Automatic WPS and manually entering WPS pin failed to connect. Current work around is to email to mobile phone. Disappointed that an extra step is required to perform task..Version: 8.9

Fast and accurateBrilliantly service.Version: 8.11.1

Very slow but goodVery good but takes 5 minutes to print a photo from images but works very well 😀.Version: 6.0

Staying homeDo you to staying home I figure out away to fax information to my Dr. He would not give out email. It works Great I love it...Version: 7.2

Great for a small priceI found the online support really helpful for someone who was only using a phone and had connections to wifi issues. Once set up the app makes the printing and scanning of things a dream. I also signed up to the ink system where they send you ink as required and found that really helpful, I was getting low-ish on ink and they sent new supplies so I have them ready. A+ all round!.Version: 9.1

Nice printerSo far so good. I pick this printer because I needed one and having a hard time trying to find them online or in the store. I also wanted to try Insta ink. I dread going to the store purchasing ink so knowing it will be shipped based on usage is a win win for me. Very easy set up to get printing, easy registration for Insta ink. I like that it doesn’t have a lot of buttons pretty much a clean printer. I want to use for printing on iron on transfer and other various craft projects. I will see how it does for photos as that is important. The scan process was beautiful but I was a little confused at first how to work it but figured it out. When I was searching for printers I didn’t even look at the details for this one, glad I chose it. I will try to remember to edit after I print photos to review..Version: 7.3

HP SmartI found this app really useful for printing and scanning. It provides an option to scan the documents without the printer as well which I use a lot. Very useful application.Version: 7.1

Easy to useI enjoy using my hp printer, scanner and copier. Everything is literally at the palms of your hands. I mainly use it from my mobile app, instead from a laptop or desktop. To avoid going through all the steps of starting up a laptop or desktop. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, because I really don’t care for the company charging for papers that’s printed. I can go to the library to print papers because it’s the same amount of .10 per page when ordering HP’s ink refill service. I have to pay for my own paper and pay for my documents to be printed after paying for the printer. The only reason I might still use the service because I’m always forgetting to buy ink when it’s needed during the middle of the night. HP sends ink to your mailbox automatically when ink is getting low in the printer. Do some better about the price of paper being printed!!!.Version: 7.1

Really good Product and indeed it’s smartImpressed about Envy 6000 Series. This is the second smart printer which I have and compared with the fort one which took me 2 days of attempting to connect to my router this one just connected itself.I connected my I-phone to the printer just through installing the app. I have not read any instructions just follow the steps from the printer. I can now print school material for my boys and for their activities. Really good product and indeed smart..Version: 8.2.1

Printer wifiHaving wifi printing is excellent Signing in each time, being asked to resize for reasons I don’t understand, then wait for confirmation is a process that didn’t happen originally but now I am delayed each time while this happens Jg.Version: 8.6.0

No optionNo option to change the size of the paper..Version: 7.3.1

I love my PrinterI love my Printer because I can print out my picture from instructing it from my phone. I can also write or give a title to my picture and instruct how many copies, colour or black & white. I love the fact I don’t need to go to the stationary supplier for more ink because my printer lets me know I’m running low and the HP send your ink in the post along with a return bag for the used cartridges which is very environmentally brilliant! This the best printer also it is slick in design and not bulky and sits nicely in my home. I also love it that also my daughter can print off her school work to with having the App on her phone. I love my printer and I would be lost without it!.Version: 9.0

Very handyI wish I had this app back when I was in High School this would’ve saved me so much stress! Nowadays I rarely need to print things but when the time comes that I need something printed from my phone, this simple app is really handy. Was so easy to find my printer on the app, no hassle whatsoever. There’s something satisfying about touching the print button on my iPhone and 30 seconds later you start to hear the printer working from another room. Definitely recommend especially for office workers or students!.Version: 7.3

HP AppLove it…so user friendly.Version: 9.5

❤️❤️❤️Compared to other printer brands that we tried HP is so easy to setup, what’s advertised is what you get and it’s easy to use. Not sure why we tried to change brands. Our previous HP lasted more than 12 years and two countries and is still working, just outdated with new module technology..Version: 7.1

Oh So SimpleSo easy to setup and print from from Mobile Phone or Laptop, excellent quality..Version: 8.5.1

Seamless wireless printing & scanningIt makes scanning and printing documents from mobile a breeze.Version: 7.2

Set up not clear - wasted 1 hrJuggled between the app and info on the printer screen. Instructions are not clear. Couldn't work out how to change the wifi connection on the printer when it got stuck on calibrating the printer. Had to pull the plug and restart..Version: 5.5.1

My new printerIt took me a while to set this up.Version: 9.5.1

Absolute RubbishDO NOT BUY! This is the worst organisation, no help out of working hours, non user friendly apps which, quite frankly, frustrate rather than assist. When first bought, it seemed to work well. But change you router and then it just doesn’t function. Damned thing won’t print without updated user account and then won’t function to give you codes to switch accounts. Absolute nightmare and I still can’t print. No help at weekends, except for a “virtual agent” which has only answers to set questions, won’t help with specifics. Useless..Version: 6.2

My beautiful, useful and user friendly all in all printerThis is the best, most user friendly printing experience I’ve ever had! I love this little machine. Everything is so simplistic. I never have to worry about ink, it actually tells my suppliers when it’s running low and they just send the ink to me in the mail! I love my beautiful, useful, user friendly all in all printer! I’ve done it all with this one machine! I have faxed, scanned, copied, printed, stored documents, edited and uploaded them to others all on this all and all printer. I’m not very computer literate but it easily syncs with my phone and laptop. I have gained so much confidence in my office skills, I now want to further my educational experience! Everything is online, now I feel that I can very successfully complete all of my goals! Thanks so much! Oh yes, last but not least the price is so reasonable. It will pay for itself within the first month! -especially if you like to print your own photos!.Version: 8.2.1

A1 ease of useI had bought 2 other makes of printer before this and had absolute nightmares when trying to connect and print. I was actually getting to the stage where I was stressing about having to print anything. Eventually I bought a HP and it has been an absolute revelation. It works 100% of the time without ever missing a beat. I have signed up to the ink account and again always arrives in perfect time. Why other companies cannot get there items to work like this I don’t know. I do know that I will only buy HP in the future..Version: 8.2.1

New changes make scanning less functionalI used to be able to scan, crop and save to a program (ForScore) very easily but with “upgrades” this has become infinitely more problematic.Version: 7.0

PrinterJust purchased and set up new printer, very impressed by the simplicity, speed and ease of the whole process. Well done HP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 7.2

Easy. Best quality.So easy to use. With the flick of your finger you can print photos from your phone or any kind of device. The hp printer also at first Connected itself to wifi at home. Best one I’ve ever come across..Version: 5.6

Very intuitive and easy!!!Back in my day, I used to physically walk down stairs in my mansion and get the papers. Now I can print with no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 5.7

Easy As!When the the computer would could not get the printer to do it’s job even after several attempts, this app was easy to set up and got the job done promptly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an HP ENVY Printer!.Version: 5.8

HP Deskjet 3750Amazing piece of kit, this printer scans and prints perfectly, no issues with ink or blurring on the paper, as am not computer literate person I found this printer easy to use and exceed all my expectations, I have the ink plan as well which has made things even easier, I do most of my work on a iPad Air or a iPad Pro, the apps make tasks easy to do, plus my daughter uses a MacBook Air and her course work comes out perfectly, if you are looking for an inexpensive piece of equipment this printer is the best choice by far.Version: 7.2

Wonderful easy-to-use the bestI love how it’s so easy to set up. Printer/scanner at start copier is Light to carry around. This easy app that you can use any time you want. Also when I bought the printer didn’t realise that you can copy and scan things but then when I got home I was amazed and it was the best thing ever..Version: 6.2.1

Integrated printingHP integrated printing platform is easy to use and never fails me have 5 HP printers both at work and home and really love how easy the app makes everything to print and scan and copy. It’s swaps from printer to printer with ease and the print quality is flawless though HP printer must use the HP cartridge as other copy cartridges won’t work did long and do break the printers in our experience with makes printing not cheap but worth the money for this easy printing set up and app..Version: 8.5.1

Generally Very Good.It is easy to use from my phone. I don’t know why it prints the ‘how to use guide’ every time I go to print. I suppose it’s better than not giving me instructions maybe? No big deal really. I’m not very tech savvy. Otherwise, a cool little machine that is easy to use. Cheers HP..Version: 7.1

Good printerI like the printer and easy to setup. It allows to connect and send prints through your mobile as well..Version: 8.7

Easy to useThis app is so easy to use. I can finally print my things really quickly now with just a few taps.Version: 6.3

I am back HP!I thought HP had abandoned its LOYAL customers when it discontinued the HPeprint application. While shopping today, I met an HP Rep who explained that I could continue to remote print using this new App! I can't tell you how relieved I was to learn how easy it was to setup remote printing again. I had set up a printer at grandma's house. She does not have a local computer to serve as a print server. I thought I had lost the ability to send her photos of her grandchild. This is a really big deal for so many HP customers. While the functionality is not identical, people who place printers on remote networks can with little effort continue to remotely print HURRAY!! For customers who swore to never purchase another HP product, you like I can feel better about HP. As for HP, always do your best to continue to support legacy products you have sold to your loyal customers. We buy printers for many decades. Thank you from the bottom (ventricles) of my heart. Matthew.Version: 5.5.1

Hp wireless printer,It is really lovely to be able to print wirelessly, but by the time I turn on the printer, then have the printer access the document it is about 5 mins loss of time. It would be just as quick to turn on the computer, access document and print by my old Cannon. I find this new printer very cumbersome. It serves me right for buying cheap..Version: 8.4

How do you change print quality to DRAFTI love this HP 3720, but i can’t figure out how to change the print setting to draft. Those little cartridges are costing me a fortune … to make up for the low cost of the printer. ??.Version: 8.10

So far so good.Great printer for home and personal use. Scan photos, print flight itineraries and event tickets..Version: 9.1

PrinterThe best so far.Version: 5.5

ExcellentWhen you are an old timer & find technology almost causing a melt down This app makes it so easy for printing & scanning.Version: 8.1

Decent appI like the app its fairly easy to navigate. The printer is ok it uses a ton of ink and the low ink indicator is not very accurate I threw away a couple cartridges before figuring the stupid pop up was not very accurate it will print a lot more before needing to change it out and even after I put a new one it still pops up when I print from certain devices. And last it’s not compatible with a lot devices. Not sure if I just bought an odd model or what but the model above and below this model number seem to be compatible with everything. Guess I’m just not lucky with HP printers. Last one I bought was a diff. brand but it worked with all my laptops , phones and iPad. And didn’t beg for ink every two weeks. But it did break in about a year so. I guess this one with its faults is the best choice.Version: 7.1

HP smartHP smart is a really fun machine that helps you print down any photos you want if you don’t know how to print photos from the Internet take a screenshot by pressing the home and off button at the same time this is why I rate HP smart five stars.Version: 8.5.1

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏This app is extremely efficient and literally prints out whatever you want in just a few seconds. This app is so much better than the normal way of printing because with the normal way you have to find the printer which normally takes forever but with HP it works instantly. 👌.Version: 7.0.1

It has more bugs than a termite moundI figured that I would download this app after spending £250 on an up smart tank printer. Every time I use the app in conjunction with the printer the printer sounds like it’s going to fall apart. The app crashes or doesn’t load what you want. I would think it’s because of hardware issues but on a 2020 iPad Pro I doubt it it’s just a buggy app that has been in no way optimised for being used with any of their printers. Prints also take 6-7 times longer using the app than downloading the same file and printing from safari. The quality of the print is lower too. How is it that a printer company cannot make a good app for printing especially when a generic internet browser beats it on speed and quality..Version: 8.5.1

So easy to connect and printBought this budgeted HP laser printer for home use. This was easy to set up, connect and print. I had so much hassle with the other brand last time. Well done HP..Version: 7.2

IPhone print to HP M15 Laser PrinterSo easy to use and convenient to be able to print from the iPhone.Version: 8.10.1

SetupCould have been great if it guides step by step procedure given. But overall it is good.Version: 8.6.1

Great serviceAfter 10 years of operation our HP 8600 Office jet pro plus printer stopped printing so knowing it was low in ink bought new ink , still would not print so contacted HP printer support. After completing the tests it was found to be a printer hardware fault, thfatvit would be cheaper to buy a new printer the fix the old so was offer a great price for the office Jet Pro 8020e. It arrived within the allotted time and HP tech support help set it up and we could not be happier. Great support and back up, not forgetting to mention the 6months of free ink!! 👏👏👏👏👏.Version: 9.2.1

Set up challenging.After persevering, seems fantastic!! Need phone help when directions and apps are coming at you from all directions, some scan-a-codes provide nothing ( out of date?? Or just not functioning well during covid? ). Since Tango X printer was on Apple and ordered thru them, I expected grtr ease of setup because Apple has been very good at insisting on that in past, just by nature of Apple carrying product when not an Apple product. Idea of automatically paying monthly for a printer plan and having ink arrive when I’ll be needing it is fantastic. I have no computer just phone and ipad, but so far so good. Why do we even need computers anymore for home use where we don’t do significant qty of printing—I’ll happily go to print/shop store if needed for great quantities. BUT set up definitely needs availability of someone to talk to when difficulty occurs, in part because at some point in my way past I had been HP printer registered owner, also, HP says go them to get app, I went directly to Apple for dwnload before realizing HP’s recommendation, so i was already off course to begin with!.Version: 8.5.1

Great AppWas in two minds about buying a printer due to library closing and not wanting to buy it and find out it doesn’t print. But decided to go for it and got an HP 107w laser printer. Took it out of the box, removed tape, etc..., turned it on and HP Smart did the rest. Guides you through setup. It may have downloaded software. After a minute or so I was printing a couple of documents. Wish it had built in text editor or word processor as Notes doesn’t format text very well or allow you to create margins. Guess I’ll have to hunt around for something that is easier to write letters, CV’s, etc... as I don’t think Notes is designed for that. It does work with mobile broadband. Had read that you can’t print over a cellular connection but clearly you can. In the UK I’m using the Three network and it works fine. Great little printer as well..Version: 8.2.1

Printing from iPadI have a new iPad and lim impressed at how ICAN write with my pencil and print from this device..Version: 8.5.1

Honestly just a Chrissy pressey.So because of a lack of intimacy between my parent and I after the birth of our first child. I’ve given up and resorted to taking an interest in small slightly satisfying things such as; tools for work, or home, or office supplies, or bicycle parts. None of which have any correlation, other than they bring me a small amount of joy. All in all, great product to play around with when I’m not watching my little angel grow up in front of my very eyes. Enjoy your Christmas and have a happy new year. - printer guy #42.Version: 8.11

Works wellI was having trouble printing with the iOS itself photos print too small. This app lets you unlock options like fit to page and resize and works as you would expect a program like this would. It would be really cool for photos if you could do basic darken, lighten and colour correct functions from within the printing app itself for convenience but I guess you can use another app in combination with this one anyway. Good app, good printers..Version: 5.6

Pretty handy appSeeing that I do more and more work with my iPhone and iPad, it is so handy to be able to print direct from my device rather than having to send the file to my laptop then printing. Early days using the app. But so far it does everything I need..Version: 5.6

Needs to support more appsI have to admit to writing out of frustration on having been thwarted on three occasions so far today to print from web pages. In fact I don't think I've used it successfully for at least a week and do not print my own documents so your mileage may vary. But as a print utility I don't expect error messages saying 'File Type not supported' when conducting basic tasks. I am only using the app because iOS print service will only use Tray 1 on my Laserjet which requires manual paper feed. I haven't tested the scan functions, or the supplies ordering, I strongly suspect I'd have more success doing that from my Mac. Edit: Later I discover that you have to set Laserjets to accept the correct paper type (Plain, A4). There are support issues dating back years on this issue, it's a ludicrous snafu. So this app scans documents, prints from online storage AND prints. Can't fault it now. But if you want a quibble what is the point of signing into ePrint when you can't use it from inside the app?.Version: 6.0

Snappy app,An app that does what it promises. I use it all the time for scanning when working at home. It’s really fast scanning multiple pages when using the Auto feature. I recommend it..Version: 8.3

Great app, shame about the printerThe app works really well with our HP OfficeJet Pro 8620. We get lots of useful features even down to the status of ink levels. For the second time in as many months, the printer is having major issues. The first time it refused to print, I diagnosed a faulty print head following light home use. Having replaced the print head, at a cost of nearly 100 of anybody’s money, the printer worked well ... until today. No one’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop could get the infernal machine to print. Using the app, I managed to get the 8620 to print wireless network test results. Physically printing from a scan worked but that was all. It’s not the middle of a scorching hot summer’s day and everyone’s print runs are building up. Still not printing. Time to switch to a Brother laser printer, methinks..Version: 7.3

AwesomeI love HP smart because I can print wirelessly from my phone my laptop desktop and it’s so small plus it has a scanner! My printer can do all that and it’s just a little DestJet 3700 series Just a little inkjet but it’s dope.Version: 6.2

HmmI am actually pretty disappointed by this app, nit only is it missing so so many essential features but it has ruined my positive opinion of HP. I do journaling and sometimes like to print instead of writing my ideas, the paper I use is A5 paper which apparently does not seem available on the app which most likely will lead to me having to return the printer I bought as its pretty useless without that. I also noticed there is no feature for printing several documents on one page for if maybe I just need a physical copy of some notes..Version: 7.3

More than great 👍Recently I’ve been asking for a printer but my parents weren’t to sure about it so at school (5th grade) I’ve been putting myself to the limit and guess what I passed my xams!!!! So my mom and dad were so pleased I got a printer for a treat I was so good my teacher came up to the car and said how well I’ve done! So my dad had to install the app and it took him less than 10 mins I’d really recommend it and kids by the way I’m 9 and a way see we’re it gets you when you put in hard work I hope I’m a good role model for you thanks for reading appreciate it 🥰😊.Version: 6.2.1

APP to the Rescue!I have a 2year old $400 HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw that suffered a hardware failure (nothing that I did) and now the display screen is blank. I spoke with HP customer service who diagnosed this problem and said that there was nothing they could do and I’d have to buy a new machine. WHAT?! They only warranty their products for 1 year and the extra coverage that I had purchased through Staples expired just days before this happened. NOT HAPPY... I had a $400 machine that was essentially a paper weight. With this APP, I have regained some control of my machine since I can no longer use the touchscreen on the actual printer. (Btw, HP did not suggest the APP as an alternative control, I found the APP by talking to a friend.) I have given only 4stars, because although the APP works great, I’m disappointed in HP and their product and the APP does not control ALL of the functions of my All-in-one..Version: 5.8

Love it!Love it, love it, love it! The best & most sophisticated printer we’ve ever owned. Love how you can print from the app, colours are vibrant & it prints a lovely photo just from the phone! Also like the cute noises it makes lol. I’m hopeless with using printers but this just makes my 52 year old non tech savvy self super easy. Highly recommended..Version: 8.5.1

EasyEasy to set up and start printing straight away..Version: 8.7

PERFECT!!!Hi, I am a self-employed Tattoo Artist. I have tried several brands of printers along with the apps that come with them. I have an iphone 6s plus. I just recently purchased the HP Envy 4512 for quick use while out of town. This is my first hp printer in about 10 years. Epson printer app works great for my use, well at least i have gotten use to its minimal customization. I was blown away when i tested the direct mobile-to-printer capability because i wanted to print something really small to not waste ink. I could literally manually rotate and resize the image to my specification. I am absolutely so satisfied. Wow. I always wondered why these companies make an app for the products and you cant hardly do nothing on it. Technology is how we live now days and I'm so excited about this app. This is my first time doing a real review but i had to take the time out of day to let others know. Super excited!!!!!.Version: 5.5

Present successI got my mum a Deskjet 3632 for her 48th bday and she enjoyed it so I tried getting the app but the instructions said you could setup multiple devices to printer... and it worked! Everybody else in my family said it only have 1 device allowance. Lol. And my dad thought the printer didn’t come with a power cord lol!!! Anyway lots of suprises and really cheap! I got it at BigW for literally $24! Really good! 10/10!.Version: 7.0.1

Functionality A++++I usually don’t rate things but oh my god this app makes even the most tech challenged feel capable. I love the scanner feature on your phone too. Instead of having to take photos of documents you can use your camera to ‘scan’ them and they come up perfect just like you’ve used a scanner!!.Version: 5.5.1

Not bad but I needed a little helpIt’s pretty good but I had a problem with scan to email. The emails ending up fuzzy at the recipients end ? Couldn’t find any help off the FAQ or HP help chat. Ended up using the Medium File Size for a satisfactory resolution. The Actual, Large and Small file sizes all too fuzzy to read?.Version: 8.11.1

HP Deskjet 7100 setting up problemsThe set up guide for the Printer is not very clear. Downloaded the App for the Printer opened it clicked on Add new Printer followed it then finally it asks for the Password. I entered the Wi-Fi password but it wouldn’t or couldn’t find the Printer. Looked on Wi-Fi settings and there was the Printer? Clicked on the Printer Wi-Fi icon and it asks for the Password, now you would assume it was the Wi-Fi password but it isn’t it’s the Printer password? None of this is mentioned in the “ Quick start Guide” I discovered after “ You tubing it” you print off a “ Printer Information Page” and if you look you will see the Password for the Printer not the Wifi mine was a long series of Numbers. I entered the Numbers then it connected from my IPhone. You still have to create an account to use the HP Printer. Hope it helps.👍.Version: 9.0

Hp printer appI love this app!! So easy and effective. Love how I don’t need to start computer just done within minutes from phone 👌🏽.Version: 7.1

Generally a great ideaI have used it only for a month now. Works very well and printing is generally a fun. However I have had one or two times when instant inks from hp would not work and I kept getting message that these cartridges could only be used if I sign up to hp instant ink. Of course I had signed up and inks were sent by hp. It was frustrating. The good part is that after some time the issue resolved all by itself. Hope it’s not a common occurrence. The whole thing is a joy as long as things keep going smooth..Version: 7.1

HAPPY & SATISFIED!!I love scanning my documents on my iPhone but since this! My scanning quality is way better!! I love it!.Version: 7.3.1

Pretty good appFirst off, I was never a fan of the big common printer names such as HP, epsom and the like. I felt like they gave printers away cheap only to price gouge on ink and do everything in their power to prevent the use of 3rd party cartridges. I preferred Brother and the fact I could use any ink. This tactic would trick a lot of people who aren’t tech savvy. Well I currently have an hp due to my elderly mother insisting and Its not as bad as it used to be. Hardware is pretty good, ink is reasonably priced and the app is great. The app makes using your hp printer much easier and gives full access to all advanced printer features and modes (scan, fax, copy, print). Nice to have that on a mobile device. I usually opt to use this app and my iPad over my PC or MacBook. I’ll just save the documents to iCloud and that’s that. I also love the fax feature and use it all the time. We have a dedicated fax line for our HP printer, but I always use this app bc it’s much easier to work with. So no need to get or keep a fax line. If only I could convince my stubborn mom to get rid of the line!.Version: 9.0

OfficeJet Pro 8020Just setup my new printer, easy installation and easy shared wireless printing/scanning from my phone after easy wireless network syncing, Bravo HP👍.Version: 7.3

MoniqueSuper easy to use. Love how you scan a document from your phone!.Version: 9.1

This is a good printer once you get it workingI had HUGE issues getting my laptop (MacBook) to download the HP app. I ended up downloading it to my phone (IPhone) instead, it worked really well and I have had no other issues. I would recommend this printer, it connects and prints quickly and scanning is a breeze..Version:

So far so goodYet another printer! Just bought a Deskjet 3830, more in hope than expectation. The set up was amazingly easy. Attached to WiFi without any problem and even found my old laptop without too much trouble. All this being something of a novelty I’m optimistic about it. I’ve joined the three months free replacement ink thingy although not entirely sure how it works. I have 50 free sheet to print a month but haven’t yet found out how to monitor how many I’ve done. Need to explore more - not sure why it should be so difficult. Only 4 stars because of this. Only time will tell if this printer lasts longer than the other ones..Version: 6.2

AMAZINGIt’s so difficult sometimes to connect with the computer. But this app is instantaneous! It immediately connects..Version: 8.6.0

FunctionalityVery happy with wi fi printing easy to set up and sending off my iPad is simple and quick👍.Version: 6.0.2

Easy setup and works wellSome of the drawings could have been a bit more detail to let you know where and which packing stickers were that had to be remove but after that, the setup was an absolute dawdle. Connection to our local WiFi.Version: 8.8.1

Need more timeNeed more time to assess.Version: 9.4

Unexpected printing problemsAlthough well presented, this app has annoying deficiencies. It will not print Numbers spreadsheets directly. I had to convert mine to pdfs first. The HP printer I use will print anything I throw at it, over a hardwired connection from my PC. I would expect the same from the app. The app also had a marked tendency to “freeze up”. Eventually it was discovered that it was not sufficient to see the HP printer model number on the print preview screen. A green disc must light up as well; this can take several seconds. Press the print button before this happens and the app will freeze. This would seem simple to correct with a little error trapping - developers please note. A further defect concerns the print button. Pale blue at first, this must become dark blue, taking many seconds, before printing can be started. There is no warning about these two requirements, and reinstating the frozen app is tedious..Version: 6.0.2

Basic and good for the priceTo scan and print basic documents it is fine. To print any documents with pictures it’s pretty ordinary and the only way to scan/copy is by the flat bed so it will only do one document at a time, can’t use the feeder. Overall it is good value for money the ink it comes with is minimal so purchase more at the time of buying the machine..Version: 7.0

Superb printer!Does exactly what it’s supposed to do - and has the benefit of non-fading pigment inks! The only thing missing from this printer - and it’s fairly fundamental - is that it has no ‘through-paper-path’ to enable the use of oversized and banner paper, and thicker paper up to say 300 or 350gsm - which is fairly essential to artists/creatives. If they fix that - it’s worth 6 stars- and I’ll upgrade the second the boxes hit NZ!.Version: 6.1.1

Piss poor connection between Apple IPhone 11Pro Max and HP printersPiss poor connection between Apple IPhone 11Pro Max and HP Printers!!! So frustrating, as it took me 2 Hours to install the network connections so I could print 1 page. I’ve had mostly HP printers all my life and this one is brand new as my old HP printer stopped and HP doesn’t make ink for my old HP Printer. I bought this printer as HP duped me with their slick advertising on easy printing from your mobile devices. Had HP added Apple’s AirPrint to their printers they would be head and shoulders above the competition. I think I’m gonna buy from a different printer company next time. You’re loosing a loyal customer HP..Version: 7.1,2

Very good appIm happy.Version: 9.5.1

A pity no option to add date of photoThis is a good app, but since it is for photo printers in HP's range it ought to be possible to print a small date field at the edge of the photo - just as was possible with HP printers back in the day when you had to insert camera cards into them to print photos. The data is in the photo file, so why not? Also, I cannot find a way to put white borders on to photos. Again, that is not a function that someone always wants to apply, but it is useful and (as with the date on the photo) is offered by many competitors..Version: 7.3.1

Great Little PrinterHave had this printer a few months now for occasional use. This printer is very compact, cheap and super easy to use if you wish to print straight from your phone. Just a few clicks. My daughter helped set it up and had no issues. Would definitely recommend if you want simple and basic features only. Very happy with my purchase..Version: 6.2

Worst printer everWaste of time and money, I have had nothing but issues with the hp envy I brought. It is extremely difficult to use and set up and constantly having problems such as not recognising the ink cartridges which are the exact same as what came with it. Wish I had brought a different printer.Version: 7.0.1

Complete AppThis HP App is amazing. I can scan, modify and print all documents and photos directly from my cellphone and plus I can get ink supplies set to auto replenish for almost free.Version: 9.5.1

Finally a printer that I can rely onI’ve had all sorts of printers, single printers, multi function monster of Printers and now I have an HP Officejet 5200 all in one. When I bought this I downloaded the app and thought ok now what? I usually just print from my computer or scan from the printer. I never had an app where I can print scan fax or create things from an app right on my phone. Everyone In Our house uses the app for school, work and personal business. I think my fav feature is the ability to scan from my phone multiple pages just by taking a picture of the pages. Then I can email, text, fax save all from my phone! It comes out like I ran it through the printer directly. This app is easy to use! I also signed up for the instant ink program right from the app which is a really great deal, and it is all managed from the app. Never run out of ink again! Download this app.Version: 7.0.1

Phone and printer combo is amazingI just want to say that I think all these apps and new features on these printers are just amazing and I think it makes it easy for people like myself who uses my phone more than I use my laptop I have this really cheap laptop that is very slow and I’m kind of likeWhy should I buy an expensive laptop that I’m barely going to use because I have a printer that I barely use and I go through printers yearly no matter how expensive they are because I would have them sit there and the ink dry out and damage the printer so I only use my printer once or twice a yearSo instead of me rushing to the store to spend money for a decent working laptop I use my phone and print from my phone scan from my phone I mean my head just exploded because I was so excited I was able to scan a document that I need to really quickly and email it right away from my phone and I just think that was just amazing and I’m so happy thank you , thank you keep these new features coming.Version: 8.4

Easy as...This is a great wee printer that punches above its weight. Easy to set up and prints from any device. Great colour, no fuss printing and scanning. Ink is easy to change and we get a return used cartridges to base in a postage paid bag. Ink replacement is NOT expensive..Version: 8.5.1

Loving my new printer & this App!Extremely efficient app. User friendly. Loving that the app has all the tools I need to print from my phone. Even my Garbo-truck-driving fiancé (with zero computer or laptop skills) will finally now be able to print for himself!.Version: 6.3.1

HP has set the blueprint for other’s to mimic..When I purchased my 3rd hp AIO printer / scanner / copy with faxing, I was happy due to knowing the quality of the experience due to having been a loyal hp connoisseur for decade..s (ehhh, old I’m getting). Now when I Download the hp Smart app and begin my T. Stark advancement into the level of improvement this DeskJet has…wow! It will know when black ink is low but color is half so send you black ink in a box having return posted baggy for the tossing of old black cartridge. It is like a Jarvis (Iron-man nerd joke, 😥 ). Anyone needs a new printing super ‘SEMI-ai’ then hp is the one ☝🏼 in the game for us, the people whom still embrace company’s whom embrace us, & the world as a whole (we are green folks - remember that when they wanna tax us!). Go hp - no green tax or I’ll retract this! Haha factz..Version: 9.4

ExcellentWell designed user friendly app. Love it all the time..Version: 8.8

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