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IBeer - Drink From Your Phone Positive Reviews

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IBeer - Drink from your phone App User Positive Comments 2022

IBeer - Drink from your phone app received 213 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ibeer - drink from your phone?

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IBeer - Drink from your phone for Positive User Reviews

I-beer appVery interesting, fun and totally cool..Version: 9.1

I love thisThis is a really fun and funny game so far I’ve showed it to my mum my brother my dad and my grandma and they all laughed.Version: 11.4

Cheers!!It's a fun, cost effective way to catch up with your mates, for a quick virtual brewski 🍻.Version: 9.1

Love beer!Great way to take the edge off while at work..Version: 7.6

Great gameIf you like beer get the gam.Version: 1.01

AquinacastroBecause I just like it.Version: 1.2

BeerluvaAwesome app, like the real thing without the calories!!..Version: 1.01

FunIts fun, makes people laugh, i like it.Version: 7.6

Feeling DrunkCan't wait to finish.Version: 1.2

AwesomeI like this app but it would Be nice if it was free.Version: 1.01

This game is amazingDownload this game.Version: 11.4

BeautyCheers.Version: 11.4

Absolutely best app everIn times of covid and quarantine this ageless app is absolutely perfect for virtual drinks with the boys.Version: 11.4

I love itThis is a great party trick and is perfect for social get-togethers.Version: 11.4

Ibeer freeIf you haven't played ibeer free well you should by it is exallent you can trick people and if you go too a night club people might think you are drinking beer.Version: 9.1

Great app for beer loversThis app is very realistic and very well done! Have a lot of fun with friends and family. You will enjoy this realistic app... go get it!.Version: 9.1

Just like the real thingGreat.Version: 1.2

GoodThis is a good game I have it now and again and use it with friends..Version: 11.4

I installed this app and I want to drink beerThis app is awesome but since the age is 17+ it isn’t for 6year olds.Version: 11.4

Amazing 😍Love this app. Downloaded it and I'm addicted to it, can't put it down. Couldn't recommend it more, just download 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 9.1

NoiceI got drunk af.Version: 11.4

GreatExcellent, just one flaw, there needs to be at least one more drink and noise that you do not have to pay for, other than that it's great..Version: 9.1

Great FUN!!I found this app many moons ago with my first iPhone 3S and loved the fun of it!! Was happy to see it’s been kept up to date so others could also have with it too!.Version: 11.4

ShotsThis is so cool. Dad actually thought I was drinking beer.Version: 1.01

GreatI think this is a Great App, just because of the simple fact that I can “ Drink “ with friends without actually getting drunk😂, and the only thing I have to say that negatively affects this app is that the Milk looks like a Carbonated soft drink..Version: 11.4

IbeerYou can drink and drive and not be pulled up..Version: 1.2

CoolI don't really know what the use of the game is it is cool but if I actually know why u just drink beer it would be more useful could anyone tell me please thanks 😃😃😃😃.Version: 9.1

Cool app!Really cool! Even though I'm not a drinker, it's really cool! I think it's a little annoying that it just randomly starts popping up with drink selections but it's still cool!.Version: 7.6

AwsomnessThis app is awesome.Version: 1.2

IbeerI think this app is quite good, I think it's good for like males who have a whole bunch of drinking buddies you know they can pour each other a virtual beer. I rate this app a 7 out of 10..Version: 1.2

Very goodLots of fun to drink off of family members..Version: 1.2

Im a changed manI was once a raging alcoholic. Loser with no friends drinking to forget but always remembering. Then came iBeer!! It really helped satisfy the primal urge to drink without the negative side effects. Ive been sober for 4 years thanks to iBeer. Thanks to iBeer, my family no longer cowers in fear from me when I’m drinking!I have many friends now with similar stories to mine! The iBeer app is truly life changing. It helped me grow out of my loser self and into a rich billionaire with many friends. My advice to you guys struggling with alcoholism out there, download this app. Trust me, you won’t regret it..Version: 11.4

SweetThe only way I can still drink at work..Version: 1.2

IbearI love thus game my dad loves it as well it is so funny and at my school every one has got it so GET THUS GAME AND TOP RATE IT😄😄😄😄😄😃😜😜✌✌✌✌👍👍💪💪.Version: 1.2

For pros only😃Awesome.Version: 1.2

This game is great it calms me down when I’m madBy Dylan jarvis.Version: 11.4

BeerI love beer more than my family my Mackenzie my babysitter says is the best dream ever because I love a taste of it but I want to look I love beer more than my family my Mackenzie my babysitter says is the best dream ever because I love to taste of it but I want to look handsome amazing because he’s my favorite drink of all time it is my type but this is my favorite drink of all time because it taste like Will Apple cider mixed with Chardonnay lemonade and ice cream it reminds me of my dad‘s favorite drink Bud Light if Mackenzie sees me walking around with my phone to get a beer she’s going to squeeze my stomach.Version: 11.4

I can’t stop playing with this app🤩🤩When I first found this app I was in love because you can pretend you’re drinking and it’s looks cool to try. Also my sister loves it too!.Version: 11.4

Wonderful app for familyI love using the app with my family and having a beer with my kids.Version: 11.4

Es bienMe guata nejdjdndjiskxjzuisjzksiisu.Version: 9.1

A bit of fun.Awesome graphics! Very lifelike. I don't drink any alcohol, personally, but this app was a bit of fun, and good for a laugh. Well done..Version: 1.01

FIX THE MILKThis game is funny because you have so many combinations on what to pick but I advise I not to buy the milks. They do not look like milk and it looks clear. and vodka is retarded, you need to fix that one..Version: 11.4

Download this gameYou have loads of different drinks to drink instead of just one like that other game like that beer game with only beer as this has water, milk, chocolate milkshake!! It’s really good! You do have to pay a little bit of money for all of them except the chocolate one but you can pay a little bit of money to unlock them all so it’s not too bad. Why not download this app today??? I think you will like it!! From Luna Star.Version: 11.4

So sillyThis is an epic prank!.Version: 11.4

SinghFantastic.Version: 1.01

The best game in the worldGood.Version: 1.2

This changed my lifeBefore this app my friends would always peer pressure me into drinking underage at party's but now that I have this I always have a drink but don't have to actually drink. Now I don't have to be drunk and high while I drive..Version: 11.4

IBEER IS GREATThis app is sooo amazing, I spend all of my time on it. That’s why my wife and kids all left me cause I spend 24 hours playing it. I have nothing left to live for but at least I have ibeer 😌.Version: 11.4

Hilarious!Looks like beer is filling your phone. Then you pretend to drink it. Breaks the ice every time. And no: a phone cannot make real beer. That’s what makes it funny....Version: 11.4

RubbishDefinitely rubbish and boring.Version: 9.1

Always brings a laugh!This app was added out of curiosity, but the sound effects and the visual effects are so hilarious we can’t stop using it! Great fun during a boring meeting!!.Version: 11.4

AmazingSo sexy.Version: 11.4

I guess this is goodThis can’t be for kids it’s nice tho there’s a lot of drink from your mobile also one I saw one called drink cocktail joke there is- also IChocolate iBeer is basically the same I like all of em 🤷🏿‍♀️.Version: 11.4

HilariousI'll be using it at the next home brew club meeting. Or when the service ever gets slow at my local. "No worries, guys, I brought my own...".Version: 1.2

Incredibly fun albeit confusingI’ve been unemployed recently and due to this have been relying heavily on ebt food stamps to sustain myself. However sadly these cards do not allow me to purchase alcohol, and due to the fact that I’m broke I have not drank in months. I downloaded this app simply because I was craving the feeling of a cold beer. The graphics are great and the sound effects are hilarious, I can find myself spending hours at a time doing this. However my one gripe is that the advertising does not display clearly enough that the beer is not in fact drinkable. In fact I was quite disappointed with the fact that no real beer was to be found through this app. For this reason, 5 stars..Version: 11.4

AwesomeBeer and no carbs, no hangover.Version: 1.2

GreatFun app to play with friends and get a laugh.Version: 9.1

OkPretty good idea but it needs to be other drinks because that would be coool.Version: 9.1

I beerIts fun drinking beer.Version: 1.2

MehIt’s exactly what it seems.Version: 11.4

No way!Now I can binge drink n not hav a hangover! lol. Great game!! Will buy the one with more drinks :D.Version: 1.2

Finally sober after 15 years!This app helped me become sober, Austin piers voice inspired me to stop drinking and finally talk to my wife again.Version: 11.4

HilariousHave fun with your friends. If a couple of you have the app it makes it even more fun to watch those around you try and figure out if you are serious or not.Version: 9.1

Great gameThis app is great I found out about it from my cousin it's great but can you make it easier to find the others like isoda ,icola and ichocolate!!.Version: 9.1

AwesomeWho needs to go to the bar.Version: 1.2

Fun game but there’s one issueIbeer is a fun app to play with. It can be for your children to play with or when you’re bored. However there’s one issue. You have to pay to use everything else which is annoying. However, it’s still an awesome app to mess with.Version: 11.4

IBeerFun app. You’ve seen it other places now get it yourself and have fun!.Version: 11.4

BRILLIANT!!!!Best funny game aye.Version: 11.4

Great funAwesome game to trick people with LOL!!!!!.Version: 1.01

FantasticThis is Honestly one of the best hidden gems I could find Bravo.Version: 11.4

AmazingIt's like having one.Version: 1.2

ChoicesMamby there should be at least 2more choices of the beer.Version: 1.01

Beer me babyThe best app i’ve ever played—changed my life when i was at a truly low point. i was the most depressed i had been in my life, but discovering this app helped me get out of bed the morning. every day i’m excited to play beer me and show my friends so they can beer themselves as well. thank you so much to the lifechanging, quality engineers of iBeer..Version: 11.4

Once in a lifetime appThis app is exceptional I don’t think we’ll ever see this cans of care and passion going in to software ever again.Version: 11.4

HelpfulMy doctor suggested this app to me so i can quit my beer addiction and it worked so amazing now i’m not only addicted to bear i’m also addicted to iBeer.Version: 11.4

CoolI like it.Version: 1.01


It turned me in to an alcoholicMy wife got the kids and the house but at the end of the day I still got my beer.Version: 11.4

IbeerCrake up.Version: 1.2

I’m sorry.Guys, I didn’t expect to ever have to write this but, I love iBeer now. But before we can even get into that, I must apologize for some of my toxic behavior in the iBeer community. Over the past couple years I have acted very toxic to iBeer fans and purists, claiming stuff like “it’s just beer app” and “digital bee.” I have been telling those in the iBeer community that they’re hobby is dumb and childish, but the only one being childish was me. With that out of the way, wow! This game is a blast! Drinking beer has nothing on iBeer! I can spend hours gulping down digital beer listening to the incredible sound design and spectacular soundtrack (some of John’s best work imo.) It’s just too darn fun! I’m changed! It’s all up from here!.Version: 11.4

I beerGood on ya mate.Version: 1.2

It’s changed my life10 out of 10, would drink again (We need a gluten free and not alchoholic version, as there is kids on here.).Version: 11.4

AlrightYeah, it's alright doesn't do much but I guess you Just have to use your imagination..Version: 9.1

AwesomeI like it but it would be cool if u got a free flavour for a 5⭐️ rating 🕵.Version: 9.1

Best app everI’m only 11 And because I can’t I can’t really drink beer so this is pretty much my substituteAwesome make more apps like it I really want a wine app. i wine could be a good name..Version: 11.4

This is an amazing gameThis game is the beat thing to happen to me, all my friends and family think that I am actually drunk. They have already signed me up to AA and I hate them, I should get drunk again.Version: 11.4

Good GameI would recommend this game.Version: 11.4

AWESOMEI love the game..Version: 9.1

TastyLove being young enough to drink a hoel glass of Beer. :-D.Version: 1.2

I love itI love this so much, I did this for the lolz tho, but it's still a funny app.Version: 9.1

GoodIt's good and is fun though it gets a little boring within only one drink u have to buy the others.Version: 9.1

Please don’t tell my momI am only 14 years old and I am an iAlcoholic. I wake up every day, go to school, and then at night I open up iBeer and get iHammered. Please don’t tell my mom..Version: 11.4

BangerFinally a beer with NO calories !.Version: 11.4

It's coolIt's cool and really funny I like it.Version: 1.01

Good butIt is really good I just wish the others were free and that actual stuff would come out.Version: 11.4

MAJIC BEER!!!?!??Just discovered this peculiar app for my Apple device it seems as if you are consuming alcohol yet it is all a trick of the mind. It’s quite the entertaining app I’d recommend it highly. Sincerely -Theadore..Version: 11.4

PerfectPerfectly Balanced, As all things should be..Version: 11.4

I love this app, but what to the original ???This isn’t the the best one. I bought everything that was Hottrix. The iBeer, iSoda, iMilk, iBug, and those three monsters in the jars, but their all gone. What happened to them and will you ever bring them back ??? By the way, WHERE’S THE BURB and broken glass ???.Version: 11.4

I beerGreat fun. People watch and laugh their head off, always asking where they can get it for their phone or pad..Version: 7.3

FantasticThis game is fun especially the burp at the end I reccomend Hottrix.Version: 9.1

Good clean fun to help get a party startedAll the guys know that the party is about to start when I open this app! Always makes for a good laugh!!.Version: 11.4

Totally amazing cured meI have severe alcoholism. My wife and kids fear of me when I return home from the bar. My wife introduced me to this app, and I have been drinking pixelated beer since. I’ve skipped rehab and focused on just this type of drinking. Cops have pulled me over and were amazed to find me drinking beer from my phone. I’m a new man but with the same morals. I love beer..Version: 11.4

YES.10/10 Ridiculous Beautiful.Version: 11.4

AwesomeStory mode is awesome and I love the online multiplayer.Version: 9.1

Bottoms upThis is such a fun app when you can't drink a beer in that certain setting, you could always make somebody take a double take when you sipping on the suds..Version: 9.1

This game change my lifeNow I am a alcoholic.Version: 11.4

AwesomeIf only it came with more than just one free beer.Version: 1.2

Best appHelped beat my crippling alcohol addiction. Time to go get my kids back. Cheers iBeer👍.Version: 11.4

Really good quality beerTop notch.Version: 11.4

RateGreat.Version: 9.1

IbeerWhen u need a beer have a beer.Version: 1.01

GreatBut I wish it was real but cool its like your drinking.Version: 1.2

FantasticI love it but it could make all the drinks free.Version: 9.1

ObeseI find this really cool u should get it it's awesome.Version: 1.2

My RatingIt's looks so real I use it all the time.Version: 1.01

Really funny!Ok this is such a funny app! It looks like your actually drinking real beer. Plus if you shake your iPhone really hard, it pretends that you broke the glass! 😂. Also great app for April fools!.Version: 9.1

GoodGood app..Version: 11.4

Fun fun fun.Lovin this app. Really funny to see people's faces the first time they see you drink! Haha!.Version: 9.1

IbeerI I I just love ibeer i just don't know what to say I just love it..Version: 1.2

Lol people actually believed itIt’s just funny to see people say “SCAM!” Guys it was just made to prank your friends and family. It’s so funny because my little brother beloved it and thought it was chocolate milk. XD.Version: 11.4

It's okay but crashesHmm this is a good little prank to prank your friends and family with. But it crashes and that's rely annoying your in the middle having fun with this new app you just downloaded but then after u have one shot it crashes so please fix it and make an update so it will stop coz I'm Linda thinking of deleting it if it keeps on crashing so please fix it I'm rely upset and angry,annoyed,disappointed so please fix it so I'm just going to have to give it 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 but other then that its a rely cool app I luff it tho so hope u can fix it soon can't wait until u fix it 😊☺ bye first now 🍺😏.Version: 1.01

AmazingI use this everyday and I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 11.4

Funny!!Great and funny to make people laugh:).Version: 1.01

Good for a laugh but not for too long.Good for a laugh and a bit of fun for a few minutes. Would be better if you had to tip it further the more you drank, you know like a real glass of drink..Version: 1.01

Just a bit of fun :)Magic.Version: 1.2

Amazing!So fun great to mess around with and won’t hurt anyone.Version: 11.4

Best game I historyI love it so much my friends were laughing so hard..Version: 9.1

This is very good and funny,thanks a lotCan u be continue update software pls thanks.Version: 1.2

Best gameI rate this game 5 stars because I think it's brilliant and funny how they made it look like u can drink it!.Version: 1.2

AwesomeI love this app as much as my iPod.Version: 1.01

IbeerFantastic.Version: 1.2

Compatibility questionHello, i am a big fan of this app and i love it. But there is one thing i would like for the app. I would like for the app to be compatible with iOS 6. I have a old iPod with that and want the app on my iPod..Version: 11.4

IncredibleEven without paying. this app really does everything i need. it bring joy to a dark moment. humor to an empty room. it bring people together. makes people feel good. even the alcoholics who cannot drink with the rest. now they can. i love this. i feel at home. it made my dad love me again. my mother hugs me. my family lives together again..Version: 11.4

Ripper gameGot hammered and my mate told me to mow the grass. Apparently a grass moe on my face isn’t what he meant..Version: 11.4

AmazingIt's just like reel beer all of the family will love its ace.Version: 9.1

GreatIt’s very funny to play and trick around.Version: 11.4

Stupid but so funThis app is so stupid and I love it for that. you’re basically literally drinking a cold one through your phone, I mean come on now that’s really funny 😂😂😂.Version: 11.4

Pretty good!It's fun. But I hate having to pay for extras :(.Version: 9.1

So amazing!!I NEVER have to buy alcohol again!! this is genius!! not only that but there are other options too, like the popular “alien disco milk”, Very cool! i recommend this to all of my friends and colleagues and they just can’t believe it either!! how did i only discover this life changing app now? i urge you to download this, it will save you SO much money i am so turnt right now.Version: 11.4

AWESOME!!!This game is so awesome I love it I love to drink the beer and it's so fun and cool.Version: 9.1

Its i beer for crying out loudIts the best thing your phone vould have take it from me.Version: 11.4

It’s greatIt actually looks like I’m drinking beer!and the physics of it is amazing!!!!.Version: 11.4

CoolI haven't played it yet but it looks really good but I am rating it a 4 star cuz people are saying it keeps popping up ads soooo yeah. 😍😍😍😍☺️😊😊😊😘😀😃😃😛😛😝😝😜😜😛😙😘💩💩.Version: 9.1

I Love❤️ This app!!I absolutely love this app!!!! Makes me go crazzyyy!!!!.Version: 11.4

I beer appHi this app is good because you can try and trick people in drinking beer so like I said this is a fantastic app Thank you Charlie leedz.Version: 9.1

Good appReally awesome app.Version: 9.1

I beerFunny to pull pranks on my dad when he asked me to get him a beer but I give him my phone so it's really good but I kind of wasted the time but it still good.Version: 9.1

Great fun!Really good app for a little joke around!.Version: 11.4

OnehappygrandkidMy 3 year old grandson was absolutely amazed and won leave my phone alone 👍.Version: 11.4

SuperYou will neverin a million years reconcider dowloading this amazing app, because it generally a good way to freak out your friends and family. However there is a down side due to there not being any different types of achol to use which is free..Version: 9.1

WowFun and entertaining I like it.Version: 1.01

GoodIt's ok but … You have to get rid of the adverts to get other drinks. You have to pay and some people can't pay!!!! 4 stars.Version: 9.1

Cheers!More!.Version: 1.2

Ultimate classic!!!!This is one cool awesome prank app that you need to have it’ll even entertain yourself. Also has great celebrity voices after finishing your brew I mean virtual brew lol.Version: 11.4

So usefulI love this app, I get super wasted and have infinite beer at my fingertips..Version: 11.4

#breakingthelawonphonesYeeessss be a true Man and drink beer yes kids drink beer when your older yeses (warning drinking beer may result in death if you drink too much).Version: 9.1

Best App!!!!Best app ever!! I've spent all my money on it and i use it every day omg i love it so much its so much fun i could play it foreveerrrrr!!!! It it so great i have shown all my friends, family, teachers, classmates, neighbours, coaches, and even my pet dog! I have no money left because i bought all the in app packs and stuff but i don't regret it! it is the best decision i have ever made!! i can't even explain how cool this app is! definitely get it! for breakfast i use the milk pack, when I'm at home i use the beer pack, when I'm at a friends house i use the soda pack, and when i got out somewhere fancy i use the wine one and act posh and proper and speak in a british agent while i drink my wine! i recommend this to anyone no matter what your age is!! It is very funny tricking teachers or parents when you use the beer or wine one because if your a kid like me they say hey your not supposed to be drinking alcohol!! lol!!!! defs get this app you will enjoy it!.Version: 1.2

Great gameHa ha hilarious.Version: 11.4

Best app ever!! Blue jelly!!!This is the drunkest app ever and I love it! The burp after the drink is one one the best features and is amazing. I love the Austin powers sound. I love smashing the glass. Beeear for ever! Also, beer is the only thing that can destroy the blue jelly and stop us from drowning in it! Ps. Beer will flood the earth!!! 🍻🍻🍻.Version: 9.1

FantasticThis app is great for people who want to drink but are to young.Version: 9.1

Beer gamesThis game is really fun and funny and I like showing my family I have already showed my sister brother and mum and they laughed so yeah I gave this game 3-5!.Version: 9.1

YouIt's amazing like to be honest ..Version: 1.01

Stellar!Best app I’ve played in my entire life I would sacrifice my entire life to ibeer they have my heart they have my wallet I am Ibeers BIGGEST FAN and you can hold me to that I swear..Version: 11.4

Mybeer liteIt's beer without having to go to the shop and pay heaps.Version: 1.01

The one who made this gameI like this games and it's really cool! But something is missing, I hate games that I have to use my money for so please change it.Version: 7.3

Fantastic little appGreat fun. Staves off a thirst!.Version: 11.4

AlrightFor stupid people. To get tricked by <3.Version: 1.01

AmAzingThis game is mint I tricked my dad by putting my phone in a cup and it worked.Version: 9.1

AwesomeIt is awesome how I can drink. Beer.Version: 1.2

Cool appIt's really awesome.Version: 9.1

Needs update?I found this refreshing app after reading a review on The Verge. I would’ve given it five stars but it doesn’t have any gluten-free options. In the end I couldn’t use it at all since I’m celiac but I guess that’s the least of my worries 🍻.Version: 11.4

Oliver James FinsterHi.Version: 11.4

AwesomeMe and my mates have much fun with this app! :D.Version: 1.01

:()Omgee thisse iz epik this is the best gane ive ever played 1000000/10.Version: 11.4

IbeerI love it it's awesome my brother gets the timing right for the burping part!!!.Version: 1.2

IbeerIts really good.Version: 1.01

GreatGreat for people under the drinking age I guess. 🤷‍♀️.Version: 11.4

Awsome needs one thingAt least one more drink you don't need to pay for other than that awesome made my entire family laugh.Version: 9.1

Simple but funnyI love beer and as I can't drink at work I use this app to get me through the day. Always gets a laugh..Version: 9.1

Great conversation starter!I’ve carried this app around the world and it always sparks to a conversation. People praise the calorie-free aspect of electronic beer, laugh at the huge belch at the end, and get the hint and buy me a beer! Does this come in pony keg size? My birthday is right around the corner!.Version: 11.4

MeGood bit of fun.Version: 1.2

HabilitatingI was once afraid to do beer in fear for the monster I turn into. Thanks to iBeer I do so much alcohol and get much drink. One time, I used iBeer so much I blacked out and woke up naked in a Subway.Version: 11.4

FunnyIt was so funny.Version: 1.2

MoreWish it had more in the free version.Version: 1.2

I love iBeer!!!IBeer is Hottrix's best app (apart from iMilk) but maybe we shouldnt have to pay extra for all the addons and just pay $4.19 at first. Keep going Hottrix! (:.Version: 1.2

IBeerIt is an fantastic app better than iwater, Isoda and others cauz they cost and this app is free and awesome.Version: 9.1

HomelessnessThey should make it so you can blow out the candle. It’s really annoying how I can’t blow it out even when I try to really hard. If you want to make it seem like a real candle, you should have the ability to blow it out like a real candle!.Version: 11.4

Great beer app for changing livesThis app changed my life. Full stop. New paragraph. If you want your life changed, look no further. I was low once, and then this fell into my lap, like a gift from above. I found myself feeling better, looking better, loving better. Al thanks to you, app. Trying to get my friends ash and Geoff to do it too. I think it’d help them..Version: 11.4

GET PRANKED momHello my name is Anthony Arch and ive been playing your game recently. Your game is so good and i love putting sick pranks on my parents and them falling for them. I cant believe that these sick pranks work on my mommy and daddy and i can’t wait to get them again. I love my step sis and i get her to. I’m so happy that you guys made this game and thank you so much. I’m drinking beer..Version: 11.4

BeerIt was so good it's funny it's fun to show your family well my family I loved it.Version: 9.1

It’s a funny gameRecommend it.Version: 11.4

Ibeer!Not bad tbf, showed my mates it and they had a poo on the floor in front of me for some reason and then died for 5 pound, not bad tho mate I rate this alot!👍.Version: 11.4

IbeerFantastic app its so funny you must get it your youngens will love it even tho they dont and not allowed in young life till there 18 but theyl love this app.Version: 9.1

It’s like drinking real beerSick.Version: 11.4

Perfect prankI will prank my grandma soon, last time I pranked her with a candy cigarette she freaked out and I will write about how she reacted next time I visit her.Version: 11.4

IbeerThis is a funny app.Version: 9.1

Hans ZahnI use the beer and chocolate app on my phone and when I table hop doing magic, after I drink the beer or chocolate I produce a shot glass with whatever I supposedly just drank!.Version: 11.4

DrunkI got so drunk from this app I got on my roof in my under wear the fire department had to get me down and my wife left me and left the kids with me great app but I wished she would take the kids :].Version: 11.4

IbeerI LOVE it & saying its real.Version: 1.2

Real asGood like my penis hole.Version: 11.4

This app saves me so much moneyI never have to pay for beer again.Version: 11.4

This app changed my lifeSo picture me, washed up, alcoholic, soft wiener and no hope. Then came iBeer I can go to the bar to pick up chicks and not have to get hammered, all while not feeling left out cause I have my iBeer! If you run into the same problems try getting this app, it also works for when I wanna drink on the job I can really just bust out iBeer and get a rush. Sometimes when I’m driving a pull out iBeer and swerve my car into oncoming traffic to make it really feel like I’m crash bandicootin hope y’all can understand!.Version: 11.4

GREATI love impressing my friends with it.Version: 11.4

Is the Best appIBeer is the best app because you can drink and is so so so so so fun.Version: 11.4

Perfect glass of beer anytimeJust love this app it behaves just like a mug of beer..Version: 11.4

Best app everI think it needs more drinks for free however awsome app and it feels like you drink also kids can now drink beer yay me.Version: 1.2

FantasticLove this app plenty of fun.Version: 1.01

Hilarious and Fun 👍Great app if your bored, should have maybe 2 or 3 more features for free.Version: 9.1

Absolute must for a laugh or conversation starterIt’s funny. It’s easy. It’s a great conversation starter. This is just plain fun. Something we could all use..Version: 11.4

I got No BeerIf I did not have this app.Version: 11.4

EntertainingLove this app I used to use this when I was a kid on my iPod 3 now I'm using it on my iPhone, and it's much smoother, like it a lot but the ONE thing is the ads that's all that annoys me but very well made..Version: 9.1

Terrelle fantastic reviewI can't believe in saying this but it is true you get yo drink actuarial beer this game is the best . You can also choose different drinks like Sprite and Coca Cola . For the ones that download this game be in for a shock.Version: 9.1

AwesomenessThis is the best game Eva I live it and all my friends have it at school !!!!!!!!!!!! So this is a great app plz get it!!!!!.Version: 1.2

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